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A decision to express a more deliberate examination of simple things/ and things beyond simple. And the end of war on Earth.


WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

THIS is trial 06 MR 726 filed in Champaign Country Court, Urbana IL 61802


That freedom shall be our truth, and life will be our way. Defined by the existence of our own voices, we are the reality of our purpose & the essence of life's desire. TO BE, a nation of equal's/ a nation designed by the hope of independence/ a nation where liberty believes in me, each one. From hope & life, and purpose; our intent is happiness for all. From discipline & life & duty, our demand is repeated in the very simple words: let justice be for me/ for us! From respect, the essence of responsibility and the destiny of fair play; WE THE PEOPLE, becomes a pledge to each other, that the value of our lives, & the treasure that is our future.

James Frank Osterbur versus State of Illinois & the IL IRS


TODAY, we are threatened from every side. Today, those who rule over us/ not govern us, HAVE set such things in motion, that not only our nation lives under the constant threat of true & real extinction/ but the world as well. This is the reality we must change/ or we die.


The web site www.justtalking.info is a trial filed in court, and currently awaiting its day, and your judgment. The development of disciplined and easy to understand information is offset with deliberate attacks on just about every aspect of American society. This is balanced with descriptions from which you will find information to attack me as well: making the fight, one of more equal dimensions/ thereby eliminating your need to be defensive first. This trial is about humanity and life on earth/ a description of whether we live or die. Therefore it is necessary that your primary focus MUST be upon the truth, the reality, and the consequence of these words/ rather than you or me. What happens if the gambling ends in failure/ do we really want to die? It is a guarantee to you, that you will find something to be angry about. It is a demand of the conversation, that you will also search for things to confront me with, and I have provided them: or other problems will erupt instead. The reality of life on earth, however hinges on the evidence that is necessary to be displayed as this trial establishes itself; and the decisions that WE THE PEOPLE shall make therefrom. These will either save this nation, & preempt a world crisis/ OR let the world be destroyed: simply because YOU didn't care enough. The conversation about me is irrelevant to this reality/ the conversation about you is irrelevant to this reality/ BUT the consequence of all this trial conceives and asks to be determined, shall become a destiny for life on earth. It is live or die/ I can prove it, this document examines why! The text is long/ the companion links are also long/ but your life is worth a few moments: "isn't it"? In exchange, YOU WILL LEARN, far more than you expect; about life, reality, eternity, and much more.


FAIR PLAY designates a clear & certain reality SHALL extend from one side, as a consequence of respect for the other side. The opportunity for Honor reciprocates, and only then does the battles begin. This TRIAL is designed as a confrontation by conversation/ thereby a war, by the simple truth lives will be saved or lost; and it is a fight by definition. The battleground of fair play and conversation is "NO hiding/ everything on display: make your decision". The outline of battle plans are simple expressions: developed in a legal courtroom, to establish a clear & concise understanding of the threats we face as a state, a nation, and a world; the courtroom primarily to establish truth, and penalty to liars. From here a public media courtroom is intended to examine & determine the public, social, world, and life consequences of these realities and truths that have been investigated within the courtroom, to experience our reality, by the words of those who defend us/ or threaten life on earth. A series of "soft targets" are used, and will be used as necessary, to dispense with the common ridicule and fundamental arrogance of humanity/ by wearing down the ammunition and intent of blatant despotism, by discovering no one is perfect: NO ONE has a right to rule. Only LAW & JUSTICE as decided by WE THE PEOPLE together as one, deserve to rule. Thereby we the people, do intend to rule our state, and our nation, and present the world itself as a true possibility of law. As you read, you will be pushed out of complacency/ because significant change must occur for you to survive. Therefore "new comprehension's about the journey we participate in as life are presented," to undermine your composition, and disturb the lies. Spiritual existence beyond the control of man/ is defined, and you are going to decide what is true. The foundation of critical interest is assigned by fundamental truth, NOT social influences/ thereby the reality of soul, comes as the evidence defined within "NOT of society, or its purposes; but of life"; and you must decide for yourself, not from what someone tells you to think. A balance point comes, when the failure of human intellect meets the stupidity of human reality and truth; thereby law becomes critical, and reality ceases to be "a mutilation of selfishness and power". The foundation created to do this work, is created therefrom by a true and composite reality: that defines our situation, and DEMANDS, if any of the evidence presented CAN be developed to prove LIFE ON EARTH is nearing extinction, or can be exterminated by humanity: THEN these things shall be changed, IN SUCH A WAY, and with all necessary speed; that these threats no longer exist. Truth decides/ humanity does not. Humanity learns! Therefore by summation, we will create a decision by the purpose and desires of our lives/ that will fundamentally decide our fate, our future, & our lives. Like it or not, "TOGETHER WE GO, either for life or death/ because we are too many, for any other way. We cannot escape reality/ and if reality is going to kill us; then change must occur, or time will end life on earth. DO NOT hide, today: the world itself is our own courtroom/ and humanity WILL decide its own fate, in this very time and place. COME, AND DEFEND YOUR WORLD! COME, and bring your evidence, your heart, & all that is needed for truth to survive: the battle is life or death. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON. CHOOSE! Mail evidence for court, directly to me/ the address is listed herein.

Truth agrees, I am not your leader/ I am not your savior/ I am not your enemy, prosecutor, responsible for your mess or the fact you have made decisions that will cause you to enter hell & Armageddon if you do not change. I am the plaintiff/ because it is necessary, and because if I must I will cross-examine whosoever I please: period. YOU will bring the evidence, and you will present and explain/ YOU will decide if you live or die, NOT me. My reality is quite simple: most will blame me for causing the lies to fail/ find me guilty of their religious nightmares; making themselves believe it is then "ok to kill me". That makes you the people who desire life in peace and love; responsible for making this trial happen. Irregardless, I will never change: GOD DECIDES, not me. Pray for yourselves/ you need it. I will pray for you too.

I know those of you who want peace and honest happiness, are waiting for someone to "just swoop down, and dry every tear: changing the world in an instant". What you forget is your own personal freedoms: without an honest and honorable heart and soul, nothing of peace and happiness will survive. Therefore it is your own decisions that allow this to happen. Reality sees you dying/ because YOU do not care enough. Truth visits you, to assure and help you understand; if YOU simply turn to respect and honor, if you truly change and live for love and choose for life; then everything that is lovely and beautiful will become your world. But if you do not/ if you hide/ or just whine, then everything you are today will intensify until you die. You are no longer sheep to be led/ you are a decision inside yourself, that will become life itself, because you did care enough/ or death because you do not care enough: your decision not mine. This trial is important, because time is running out, and nothing else will come; only death. YOU must choose life/ because you have prepared for death, and the men who lead you will accomplish it. This trial is a seed placed among you; what you do with it, now becomes your future. YOU are responsible, because life is not a game/ and eternity is not benign, you must learn. (Colored statement is Not a part of this filling ,it is a statement from life). I am through writing to you and to the court/ and will only respond as I see fit. Good prayers to you.