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Having considered the various venues of time and its creation of our futures, here on earth/ even though my job is done here; it is evident to me, “working for free”, is a suitable task for my remaining time here on earth. Until I deem it otherwise, what is necessary will go on/ as I choose it to be. These are the “footprints, that lead to Revelation 17"/ the alternate of Revelation 12, wherein women surrender without a fight, and life ends abruptly in chaos and terror; without mercy. But clearly, you believe, “you, are in need”/ clearly you are failing and without the strength to proceed. Tactically, it is a grievous error; to let those who are in opposition as an army, know all plans. The consequence being: all tactics end, and life becomes a run to “the finish line”, to see who will win. To avoid any delusion of purpose then, this writing is, “poking the bear”/ to see if it will fight, or move. The reality, reduced to which form of lies & disrespect, or violence, will be paid to get me removed. The game begins/ because you have failed the compositions of respect, honor, honesty, and life. But it is only a game to see when I die personally. The search begins, in the construction of an education extended, for a heartbeat inside of you, that can defeat your own pride. If it is not found, then you die. Believe it or not. Life is dependent, upon the living, truth, and work.

Time has recreated the compositions of my heart, “that portion of life allowed to search for meaning and truth”/ and applied the simple truth, “that I have become a mother, in its simplest sense”. More simply, my soul seeks to keep you alive/ my hope strains to teach you the knowledge and wisdom necessary for you to survive. These are new creations in me/ as prior to this, my purposes established boundaries and disciplines capable of securing and defending “personal and socially necessary space”. That is now different, and more simply a passion to sustain the living in peace, and provide the substance of a value in living, that turns deliberately to love and honor and life. Respect is essential, life a foundation completed only in the honesty of truth. The question of growth is then; what forms the basis and structure of critical thought and its ascension beyond the fundamental elements of simple existence, and proves life is “worth the experience of trust”?

Trust is an essential ingredient of love/ a participant in life that goes beyond the simple measures of a human mind to create the possibilities and potentials of a journey into the compositions of what is true, and what is real, and what is fundamental to life/ or to death. Trust allows us to “use our mind, as a friend”/ hate allows you to use your mind as an enemy. Therefore what you assume as knowledge or wisdom, but is only a lie/ completes the tragedy of failure, and blinds the essence of life itself from all growth as a living creation. IF instead of “blind knowledge & lies”/ you use your heart and mind to seek your soul “that part of living dedicated to truth”; within these wisdom will come, and growth as a truth of life will erect the stature of fundamental elements seeking a destiny beyond such simple things as body or mind. Life is about the living/ not the body or mind; these are instructional platforms, granted or given to you (did you create them), for the simple purposes of creating freedoms, in the expressions of life and living/ that will sustain themselves.

Trust is a fundamental of this conversation with you, as simple as, without some acceptance of trust; there can be no learning. Learning requires the assembly of truth, as basic knowledge and understanding requires of foundations and fundamentals essential for the disciplines of a journey beyond simple things; to achieve a destiny created for you. We are not alone in life, rather we are living a life, descended from creation into the vault of your own experiences. You are the treasure of life/ LITERALLY. Therefore without cause or question/ without color, size, intellect, body, or any other measure of human existence; you are LITERALLY “the greatest value of this universe: you are life”.

There are those who have already given up, on this exercise of democracy in time. They say to themselves, “he has given up/ why should not I”. Or, they say simply; “the work is too hard/ the way without a leader, simply beyond my abilities”. Therefore I will review the procedure required, and grant a clearer understanding. In its most simple understanding, “I can and have taken you along, on a march to the front door of power in this country”; that can be done, because the law itself is more powerful than any man or woman; it controls/ therefore the process succeeds. At the front door of power, tactical understanding states simply: ONLY an army shall walk through/ And all who desire to survive, in peace and justice and love, are that army. An army is necessary/ because an army of those who want power are already assembled, and will cause harm to all who intend to take their power away. Unless the law, can stop them! Thereby reality knows, that an army must be assembled prior to an assault capable of capturing fundamental rights as governed by law. The LAW is: The assembled respect for life on this planet, and the terms by which we as a people shall live with each other. The CRIMINAL ELEMENT of power and chaos always tries to control the door to law and government/ because the reality of human behavior is: “Leave me alone”: thereby often they get in easily, and wreck havoc. But the law is VERY SIMPLE: If you don’t obey this law/ there will be punishment, from US, as a nation who desires to live by the law! Simple as that, if you break the law/ the law, functions to break you of your offense, for the sake of peace, justice, and society. As a function of life, IT IS THE BEHAVIORS OF CHILDREN, that produce this failure in the adults; “Things like ridicule, abuse among children, ostracized, or attacked, or hated, or abandoned, or more”. These things come to bear in adults as the tragic failure, of a life among you that cannot accept trust or the freedoms to be yourself among these others; hiding becomes a way of life/ running away, becomes the only solution you see.

Consequently discipline knows that chaos in your associations with each other, contribute distinctly to the assembly of power in the few who hold hate as their tool of pride and its power to deceive and control you; hate, pride, and power are the foundations of those who refuse the law/ and assume by controlling government, they will enslave you; by taking the law hostage, and refusing its appropriate and honorable power over us all.

The function of a leader, is to appropriate elements of control, in the assembly of armies that are assigned then to take control over society, and remove “certain contributors”/ replacing them with their own. The question of leadership is then more simply: One in exchange for another/ while there are distinct benefits from distinct leaders; there is always the understanding that we are not truly free, “someone, is in charge of our experience/ our expression, and does dictate a freedom. Rather than surrendering our freedoms, to ourselves. The essence of leadership is control/ the purpose of leadership is “the vast majority desire to be controlled”; believing “they are then free of the responsibility to choose for themselves”. It is not true/ you cannot “pray your way to freedom”/ you cannot assume freedom in this world, will be given to you. YOU can only accept the responsibility to choose for yourself.

Today then, as life proceeds in the endless development of one crisis after another, the question that must be answered in your life is: Will you walk into the future with understanding, hope, love, peace, and life? Or will you lay down, surrendering all life and this world to the clutches of hate/ as they circle your soul, to remove your heart, and make you hate too. The tactical advantage is theirs, they are in control of your experience as society/ but not as your expression of life. What is called money/ is proven worthless; therefore no matter what “the proud and powerful” say/ they have no money either, it is all worthless. Spent in an frenzy of “get it now/ before its all gone”. They too, are faced with the certainty of a dying world. They too, are faced with the tragedy of a “world gone to hell/ a nature in complete chaos, from which you shall not recover”. They too, are lost in the certainty that time waits for no human being: we are literally on the ride of your lives/ and you will drown in desperation, sorrow, and terror; if you do not stop the descent into hell. “All, in the same boat; rich or poor/ powerful today or not”; life says, time is running out!

BUT it is not over.

The question of today is the same as humanity has always faced/ the same as male leadership has always failed to grasp or sustain. It is simply: will you grow beyond your own measurements, beyond your own perceptions in arrogance and pride? The answer for the VAST majority of men is: WE, will not! But life now says; irregardless of what men want, reality now dictates that nature by itself cannot sustain what the leadership of men are doing/ or will do, NATURE WILL DIE. Therefore the essence of life, turns only to women, and asks the same: WILL YOU, accept to grow beyond your own measurements of mind/ beyond your own perceptions in arrogance and pride: beyond simple want? To choose love, respect, life, hope, and courage! Or will you not? The answer gives life or death to this world. Truth will help you lead, because as bad as men are/ they do not want to die; therefore prove life; prove law; and prove wisdom. Truth in reality has already taken away their power to survive, by their own actions/ and will reinforce that truth as each day goes by. Prove as women, “not women taught to be men”/ that your choice is life, freedom, justice for all, and equality to all. And you will lead. But remember this: the world itself is a bit like a grocery store; to inherit the possibilities of work and money in it, is to be free for only a short time/ because everything is perishable, and you do need help. It is not so hard/ simple knowledge, and an honorable ethic will keep life together.

The function of hope, is to assemble “a plan and conceive of a journey into a future that we believe shall exist”. Thereby the fundamental of hope is, to understand the basis in truth that allows us, to exist as a witness to the evidence of foundations in living, that are trustworthy and true. We believe because truth can be trusted. We plan, because truth establishes discipline and order in ways that can be identified by its association with wisdom. We understand in the existence of a journey wherein we participate directly in the future, with our work. And we know, as time has taught us; either the future will be predicted and owned by us/ or time will create the future that shall become the environment within which we must try to survive. The simple truth of men is: that future we are entering today, is owned by hell, & chaos. To continue their journey, is to accept the chaos of pride, power, selfishness, and enter hate.

The pride of men will deny everything they can/ like so many, the evidence is relentless that life is dying; but pride expects “NOT ME, NOT before I die of old age/ then, I DON’T CARE”; fuck the world, and everything in it/ but don’t take their power. They the leaders of this world, DO WORSHIP power, selfishness, and the blatant authority of fear. Power lets them assume whatever they like/ answering to no law. Selfishness assembles greed for the simple purpose of making slaves, and discarding responsibility for what you have done to the others. Fear accepts control, because the reality of what is worse threatens to take everything, and destroy life with hate. Therefrom hate assembles all that is wrong with the leadership of men; attacking everything for the purposes of pride, power, selfishness, and their “subsidiaries”. Therefrom hate is the primary enemy of all life on earth/ predator and prey aside, in the world of men, it is hate that proves most damaging to life. Without hate, there is no pride, power, selfishness, or fear! Therefore hate is “enemy number one”.

The question here begins as, what is hate? Really, what is hate that it conceives and destroys so much, that even the death of this world and all that is in it: “Is not too much to literally plan for, work for, pay for (forced or not), and expect”? The answer is simply: “These find in their hate, a delusion of justice they call: I am god/ and I will judge you”. From this failure, they turn to other lies and deceit within themselves/ and then sell their wares formed from selfness and power and pride, to all who will accept their fear. Fear is then their only tool/ power an assumption, they shall not be found or punished/ pride the acceptance of superiority, are they not to be feared/ and selfness the evidence that they have “won, and the goal of delusion and death, now invades their soul/ and it attacks yours.” Hatred is then the essence, of your desire to be god/ your attack, on the values and realities and treasure of life, that OUR TRUE GOD Gave to us, each one. Hatred exists as a form of violence, used to delude the weak into believing they can war against GOD HIMSELF. These are the weak, simply because such stupidity cannot even be comprehended by me. Weak, because even a fool knows better. Weak, because they found themselves in failure, and knowing they had to repent to survive; these simply said, “it is too much for us/ we will just die instead”. The living dead do not arise/ they merely suggest by the evidence: That life and love and respect for GOD Are so very important/ why would YOU take a chance on being one of them. Do repent, and live.


The women of this world, are subject to every problem that men are; only gender gaps are different. So let us discuss the pitfalls of men and women, and find solutions in the various bits and pieces of knowledge that do exist. Simple examples work best.

Lesson 1, there was once a young man in my life who needed “a father figure, to take him by the hand” (there have been more than one)/ but the reality of my life is; time has been restructured for this single purpose on display here today, to help you understand how to survive as a world. Therefore in this instance I gave the young man one small and insignificant, but important task, that he could easily have done; but it did require a very small commitment to learn. He failed to learn/ as a consequence, I refused to teach. The boundary established; that I am not obligated to teach, instead if it is learning you truly desire, you are obligated to work and accept the price of the lesson. Even if, it confronts you as unimportant or unpleasant; and since I know, all you have to do “is make me talk”. But I am not so easy as this; remember that. It gains you nothing, and that is the purpose of all teaching: “that you gain something, not me, this is about you”.

Lesson 2, there are people in my life, who have considered me to be “less than acceptable”/ people who have judged me to be nothing more than the trash to be kicked out of the way. People who use to love me/ but chose their own pride instead, because I did not provide what they wanted! The change brought about because I interfered with their plans, or their choices, or their illusions, or their selfishness; even though they did not recognize their own failures: because want got in the way. Some have relented partially, while others have not; the simple reality is where truth does not lead/ tragedy follows in its many forms. The loss of any friendship is a tragedy. The reality of every discipline is, those who are undisciplined, or seeking to be selfish, proud, or powerful will hate you. That is the price of “disciplined in truth”/ that is the cost of reality when you understand the consequence of not intervening, is greater to them/ than the hate it will generate toward you. The price of a friend is truth, if you fail truth you will lose your friend. The price of truth is acceptance of reality, and the honesty necessary to understand respect is not only an obligation to life, it is the basis and expression of justice, and shall not be lost. Not for anyone. The critical lesson is then, repentance from the fact that you have chosen badly; when you know that this is so/ is literally a decision to keep your friend, to understand your family and accept its consequences, or to fight for your society/ your world and belong to life. The critical lesson of pride is then; although EASY, to accept the inner voice that assaults you with words formed in the mind, measuring all things/ the reality of the human mind is simply: that it knows only a single dimension of time called images. These images are translated into compositions without balance/ and when accepted, form the basis of a lie, and the deformation of reality: into whatever you allow it to be. Truth intervenes, only when repentance {that which is honest and true} forms an opening “to see the light” of possibilities that do not begin or end with only you.

Lesson 3 begins in the instruction of personal space, the foundations of a heart and a hope beyond all doubt for people who are in need; that you may help. The surrounding of a life, by the assumptions of human society, contributes to a wide range of insecurities and failures in all branches of the “tree of life” upon which we depend. It is a tree because our soul needs roots to survive, it is a trunk of a tree, because our heart requires the foundations and structures that let us stand “against the wind, rain, and complexities of life”. We live in the branches, so to speak, because these reside as the freedom with which we move/ having stability, but searching for sun and life and growth. We are the leaves, because we are brief, but excited by wind, sun, and rain. As leaves, we all turn to the sun/ therefore we follow the radiance called light, that gives us food (the fuel to survive). As leaves we draw from the earth, that substance transformed by roots into the passages of time in us. Our experience translated by our survival. When a tree is surrounded too closely by “the competition” it never becomes truly magnificent. But separated from the rest, it IS exposed to far greater threats than anything the forest will provide. Nearly all trees will survive, if properly cared for in the beginning, either alone/ or in close company. But to be “magnificent; the essence and reality of who GOD created you to be”/ it is necessary “to have individual space to breathe, as you must breathe”. This is the essence of freedom, and it is available to all who will pay its price; even if you are in prison, heart and soul can achieve more than you know. The terms of personal happiness are; “A life, without being judged for who I am/ an understanding, that gives freedom its meaning in love and life and respect.” Happiness is the acceptance of life, as an environment to which I do belong! Therefore whatever is used by the rest of society, to discriminate or deny “I/we belong”/ produces the impact of an intent to make that person or people sad. It is a decision used to infiltrate the mind/ and declare yourself superior. “Practically a god/ next to you”.

Lesson 4 Understands the nature of society is the blessing of not having to “do everything yourself”, to survive. You can depend upon the others/ and they in turn will depend upon you; money is the fundamental exchange of this process; and it is used effectively, until selfishness and power and pride become a battleground for hate. The question begins as: why is not peace and happiness enough/ for those who want more, and end up destroying these things for the whole of society, in large or small measures of hate? The answer comes within the assumptions of want, consumption, gluttony, greed, arrogance, and laziness (the desire for slaves). In every society, there are those who have goals. The purpose of every goal, is to create and claim superiority among the others. Thereby the assumption of every goal is “to do something better for society, or family, or others” and demand attention for it; by money, trophies, or whatever. The foundation laid is then “to make the others losers/ and you the winner”. The function of this game on society is then to create in others, a demand for the same; and “goals” are then replicated Without consideration of there cost. “ I WANT TO WIN”/ are the most devastating words, to every social expression of harmony, justice, or peace. I, separates you out from the others/ want, identifies the process of equality or fair play are discarded/ to win, associates the reality of this day is a game, with costs that extend far into society, even though they cannot be seen by the evidence of plain sight; the damage is more severe. Critical acceptance of these behaviors is generated much like the score of a game (pick any one). The purpose of the score is to assemble the rights of arrogance “see I proved it”. The consumption of the game by its spectators is, a demand to participate in that score, by being a fan and spending time expecting excitement (I want to win), to be a substitute for the failure that society has been for you. It is gluttony, that claims a title; we are the best/ we are superior to you/ we are “the people” you must fear, because we took it all. It is greed, that desires to strip from the others, the position and securities and stabilities that they deserve/ and you stole.

The question of a game is not in doubt, it is a valid method for interacting with, and meeting a variety of new people. The use of a score is neither good or bad/ so long as it means nothing in the reality of life; merely a friendly method of encouraging cooperation among teammates. The consequent measures of all social activities; are about excitement/ and that excitement leads to all the various methods of using the desire to “stand out” as a means to confront and control the competition of others: if they stand out too, then “who are you”. The answer is, at peace with your neighbors. Peace is not an excitement/ peace is an understanding of justice, love, hope, and life in freedom. Excitement is a competition, aggressively seeking to damage another human being, by taking something they want, work for, or desire; and making them hate you for it. That entices them into violence/ and violence allows for you to “play god/ and judge them”. The foundation of every excitement is then an effort, to subliminally apply pressures, to create an opportunity to play god/ such is much of the morality & religion of men.

The terms of a happy society is “free to be me/ not free to consume or overtake you”. The foundation of peace is, our right to participate as family/ our need accomplished by our right to share/ our responsibility accepted, the evidence we care.

Lesson 5, The very critical terms of dating and marriage (legalized, accepted by religion) or not: very simply is, “nothing is fair/ but honesty, truth, respect, and love”. There is NO acceptance for “all is fair in love and war”/ that is an utter and distinct lie! Therefore reality states the lesson of life in the validity of someone else’s arms and trust, is the understanding that you have a responsibility to be fair, just, and honest in all you do. The foundation of distrust between men and women is the scrounge of want/ intervening in all that is valued, respected, or a part of love; traded for “the sale of body parts, and the intent to steal possessions, and take control”. The lesson of life is not sexuality is either good or bad/ but that it can be either “good or bad”/ the truth of this encounter with another soul depends upon you. The lesson of dating is: ownership does not exist/ therefore you are dependent upon love, life, and friendship; and these are more than sufficient. The lesson of reality is: want is not enough, even love is not enough to hold someone close “for forever”. Want is nothing, but a lie in you. LOVE is something grand, that is extremely hard to surrender, but the complexities of life do not grant us the opportunity to choose for another, we can only choose for ourselves. That said, it is then understood, even love cannot challenge a need that encompasses what GOD has decided will be done. We are never completely free/ life makes demands of its own, and the failure to surrender to these demands, “is for fools”. The lesson of love is, the heart understands; but the soul lives forever. The lesson of sex is, let not your decision be held by another; make up your own mind/ but understand clearly, that life is not “for sale”/ you are the owner, and only you can spend the destiny of your own truth and life in time. The lesson of destiny is: one day at a time, we journey to the truth that becomes the evidence inside, of life or death/ by the display of our passionate embrace of life, and the decisions that examine and conceive of a future within which, we would choose to belong. Every step, takes your journey one step closer to its ending or its beginning; therefrom, every tiny decision, becomes the direction and endurance of your heart. Treat each one with care, it is your eternity.

Lesson 6 Sees. the struggle inside your soul/ as a battleground between religion and apathy. The values of a heart defined, by the distance you choose to interject between what is “felt by hand and body”/ versus the reality of what truth displays in you. The value of a soul, sees inside this struggle the essence of a life in transition, from changing the dimensions of mind and heart to the environments beyond time/ a composition in complexity of processes initiated by thought as the environments of a family dedicated to the existence of love, as the focal point of all creation. As opposed to the measurements in the mind/ completing the circle of existence, and learning the reality, that different components of behavior extract different “flavors of reaction/ action/ or the essence of excitement called hate”. Hate and excitement go together, forming an environment dedicated to challenging life, and deforming integrity until there are consequences that must be survived. “The thrill” is simply, to make the others comply; either by fears, or by needs, or by the betrayal of arrogance, and the subsequent battleground to be equal. Excitement is very simply, the excuse to be less than you are/ less than you could be/ less than you would be, if only you were willing “to be you”. In a mind leaning toward hate, these are the footsteps of a body establishing the mind is in control, and life is nothing more than an excuse to be something else.

Love is an existence within the family of love, that identifies everything valued, as a life worth having with you. Therein each participant becomes a treasure, and every heart the possibility of a friend that measures only the creation we have known together. Love is a destiny in time/ as is hate, and the jealousy desired to live the life of another human being; “yours is not enough”. Love is the existence of an environment inside your soul, dedicated to what is beyond the simple excuses of time, or mind, or body references; that lives in the elegant and special sequence of a life that travels both in time and beyond as a spiritual expression of truth as life. Life that escapes time, does so only as truth/ love that expresses time, does so only as thought, created in the foundations of an experience formed by respect for GOD . When love and truth combine, faith exists beyond the differences of a moment; where life conceives and creation gives the honor of a “new birth in you”. Our job here is to grow, in the complexity of your own truth. Our inheritance here is to allow truth to change our soul, into spirit; and therefrom inherit eternity as our blessing, and thanksgiving as our gift to GOD.

Lesson 7 The value of a life cannot be comprehended, it is far beyond our ability to understand the basis and formation of true expression or experience. We simply do not attain the consequence that expresses the true levels of thought. Thought is an integrity of purpose, generated from the distinctions of an elemental decision, focused upon the development of step by step orderly conceptions, from the displays of discipline/ into the levels of a disputed truth. Truth does not exist as thought/ rather thought exists as truth. What is then true, becomes the elemental beginnings of a process beyond “the horizon of life”/ and into the eternity of a blessing that knows no boundary. Love establishes this freedom, with a purpose that returns to the base foundation of life, which is “I am happy, to be alive”.

What is important to you, at this time in human history, is the association you choose to carry as the burden of lies and failure/ the tragedy of fools, “everywhere”. Pride rejects this as a “pompous egotistical bastard” who likes to derate and deride human decision, with threats of death/ to generate fears and thereby control: “Thereby the failure of fools and liars are proven true”/ you are inundated with the smell of death, because life doesn’t care/ and truth only accepts order as “its owner”. The education here is not to diminish your life/ clearly I have not, you are miracles of GOD’S CREATION , you are blessed in countless ways and possibilities. I DO however dispute the tragedies and failure of your pride, your leadership, your experts “of trash”, and the male ego or fear that has led you to create a completed plan, to destroy all life on earth! HOW could you be more foolish? The answer is simply; “You cannot”. The question is: are you dead today/ or is there so small association with life left inside of you. Life does not ask you “if you want to live”/ life gives you the opportunity to live, by demanding specific tasks that must be completed. Life here today is demanding of you, that you shall stop your destructive behaviors and grasp truth, justice, life, honor, love, and respect instead. If you will not do this/ why should you live? The answer is: those who choose to die/ those who commit murder on the future/ those whose pride is all they have left; are simply not worthy to survive. The end, of the human story called life on earth.

What is precious and true/ simple and plain, is the truth that life cannot survive your current ways! Even the majority “of your experts/ people of learning/ and ordinary citizens” all agree, that time is running out here on earth! Every single one, understands the frailty of life/ belonging to the knowledge, that even a few days without water/ or without food/ or a few seconds without air all result in the very same thing; you die. All run and hide away, believing in their talk, is an excuse that they need not function or work for life today; hidden in these “make-believe coma’s” / the reality is hiding today, is dying tomorrow.

What is a foundation to grow, is the comprehension of what is true, and what is lie/ and what is gambling without the sense of an ant. Critical to all truth is the evidence of value! The evidence called knowledge of base materials which have formed an event in time/ submit a lengthy relationship between what is real, what has been done, what is being done, and what reality submits as a truth for the future, do to the evidence of past influence and decision will be. There will always be “the atheist” those whose only desire is to convince you or anyone, that they are god/ “listen to them”; discard all truth, after all they are god. The pitiful “sewer droppings” of stupidity called atheist/ know not anything of value, as their only purpose is to control your own heart, and manipulate/ tempt/ or disease your own life. Reject them totally, and pay no heed. What is apathy simply does not care/ these are assigned to the “essence of a fool”/ being alive, but proving only that they exist, and perform only the simple task or predator or prey. What is religious, is a search for the extreme edges of insanity, or the foundations of life; even some of these do not know which it is for themselves. What is “science”/ is a function of delusion; “we are so great/ nothing can stop us now”: failing the simple test, are you god? They say, “not today/ but wait until tomorrow”, lifeless globs of disease and stupidity; failing the simple test, “why are you alive”? What is true, becomes a foundation for work that lives in the heart of creation itself. What is true, examines the formations and relationships of time, to create the distinctions of a participation that can be recognized as order and discipline. What is true, does not embellish the reality “with guessing, illusion, and delusion” as is so common amidst all the above; rather truth is exactly what it is, and nothing may be added. What is true, assembles or disassembles reality through the basis of thought, and the structure of life. What is true, understands the formation of events and decisions; are steps that complete a path or a road to the future of their consequences, assigned by these events or decisions. What is true, completes the order assigned to it, and destroys the reality assigned/ or builds through truth, the identity of life that the passionate embrace of discipline allows. What is true envelops life, by its clear purpose of producing a fundamental result, called you.

One of the foundations of time is the consumption of one living thing by another living thing. One lives because the other dies. Such is the truth of life, like it or not, is completely irrelevant. The clear message of this reality is simply: “This world, is NOT as you have made it/ this world is as GOD has made it, and you are a visitor here, amidst HIS WORK. Some will offer the question: why, is there this life and death/ WHY should one life eat another to survive? Is this not unfair/ is it not brutal and mischievous and violent/ does not even a plant have a life that is worth living? While it is deliberately unfair to speak for GOD / it is fundamentally true, that the complexity of our biologies are created by the introduction of simpler mechanisms. More simply, “the life we consume” are the building blocks, that we simply take over, and do not have to make for ourselves. The same is true of the entire food chain; lower creatures, produce the essential elements necessary for complex creatures to survive; without them, there is no complexity/ no opportunity for peace or rest, because all the available energy and time would be consumed by the requirements of building these elements for ourselves. Therefore by introducing the environment of predator and prey at all levels/ the reality of peace, the opportunity of time and energy, are introduced to us. “The lower creatures” are a gift to us/ that we may have more time, energy, and opportunity for ourselves, to experience and express life, by our relationships with love, hope, courage, respect, trust, and discipline. That does not give you a right to use them, abuse them, or be cruel to them: it only provides a possibility, to extend the quest for truth beyond simple survival, for you. The predation of human upon human/ is strictly a human story of discontent and disease: having nothing at all to do with CREATION ITSELF.

The critical question of today is whether the future can be foretold/ and if that future can be understood, then what does it say; what is required for us to change; and how shall we change what is fundamental to our survival and happiness as a nation, and a world?

The critical answer is: by examining the evidence in truth, and accepting no lies, and no excuses, the foundation that will become our future can be understood in plain and simple terms of life/ death/ and the possibilities for happiness. These are as simple as going to trial, to exhume the tragedies and decisions of the past; the foundations of influence and consequences that have been building since their introduction, in both macro and minimal relationships that have changed us as a nation or world. And using these relationships, of understanding: how did this happen/ when did these things begin to go wrong/ what is the threat we now face/ who provided the primary push that became the gamble or catastrophe in waiting/ and where will we be in the next few years, as a relationship to the life and environments and resources that are required for life, hope, and happiness? These are minimal efforts, fundamentally structured in court, merely a blind construction of possibilities intended to lead all to the light of a truth that cannot be denied. At that time, and in that way; A decision will be accomplished, either for life “we will change”/ or for death, “we don’t care/ and will not share”. These are simple relationships/ they use your basic references for defining what you call truth/ and they take you as a country, to the future of your world: what you do from there, is nothing more than life or death by your own decisions.

Therefore let it be understood, that my tactics for the resolution of an opportunity to be seen as effective and legitimate in terms of opening the door to a courtroom for the United States of America (that the whole world may also use)/ is literally that: You have your opportunity to go to court/ using your own methods and ways, your own infrastructure and people and information/ to develop the truth and consequences of what you do know, what you do believe, and what you are willing to do, to survive.

Let it be further understood, having searched diligently for an opportunity for life to survive; CRITICAL TRUTH has proven men cannot lead, they will and have failed! Period, end of the story/ either surrender leadership of this earth, or die in hell and Armageddon, as you have chosen to do for this earth and all its life. Men are not “satan”/ but they have led themselves into the abyss of failure, and they cannot get themselves or any other life out; They have literally, and completely failed life on earth, as a majority expression of human life. THEREFORE, because men cannot/ ONLY WOMEN ARE LEFT TO LEAD. Consequently, it is my intent to promote the opportunities of women as leaders of life on earth; because life is more important than your pride/ life is more important than your power/ life is more important than your want or selfishness or hate. WOMEN WILL LEAD, or life on earth will die/ this is the punishment of men, because they have chosen the abyss and failure of destruction, and extermination for life on earth. Do you deserve better? Pray for mercy instead, or be condemned.

Let it be understood, it is my intent to remove power from this earth, through the education of women/ and from their own leadership, it is my desire that they form a new world of peace, justice, equality, and fair play through the law. It is my intent that the law, will replace all authority to choose beyond what is law/ and demand compliance to the law, as a necessary method of dealing with the needs of society, the future, and life on earth. The law is fundamental/ because it is more powerful than any group of men, or any group of women . The law is what we have agreed: IS JUSTICE/ IS FAIR PLAY/ IS EQUALITY FOR ALL/ IS FUNDAMENTAL TO OUR HAPPINESS/ AND IS THE FOUNDATION for life to survive in this world of human existence and struggle. The law, will be decided by all/ the law will be voted upon by all/ the law will be carefully monitored for compliance by employees of government; and the law will be taught to all students and the public, that each may understand their place, their rights, and their opportunities without question.

Let it be understood, “in a world filled with humanity”/ there is no longer room for unlimited consumption. And it is my intent to change that want by individuals, into a composition of society capable of extending the benefits and burdens of life to all. Therefore the “rich and powerful” will be relieved of their excess/ and the poor will be uplifted from their unfriendly burdens; that all may live in peace and happiness, with a whole heart for the blessings they do receive.

These are the basic consequences of my position in life among you. As a message delivered, it is now a reality of the woman inside of me, and the life that I am; that I choose to help women achieve their possibilities for life on earth. I do NOT dislike the friendship of men/ they simply are removed from leadership, and reality says: time is running out, life or the possibility of your deaths, is not a game. The only game we play together, is when do I die? The only significant reality involved is; do women find their soul, and accept their leadership and need to understand men better/ or do they surrender me to those who will complete Revelation 17: a truth allowed to curse life on earth, if completed. The choice is to women/ not to me/ not to men; but only to women, and they will choose: because then YOU will become as responsible as the men, for death/ their curse becomes yours. A reality and truth defined, “because you did not even care enough to try”/ shame on you, or get up, and fight for life on earth. Even without court, or any other influence, the knowledge in heart, mind, and soul, are sufficient to prove you need to stand up/ and be heard. No excuse, will be allowed: Simple as that. The world needs you/ either you respond, or it dies. The only tactics to be used by me from this moment on;, are simply an education as I choose to give; the possibilities of “the woman inside, from Revelation 12" and what she will do; or what women will decide for themselves. The critical truth that defines what actions will be taken and when, are examined as the reality of influence, that these words will become. Be it known, even to the men who will establish Revelation 17/ if it comes true: that you may do better than this, you may choose peace, and install women in leadership. You may surrender your power, pride, selfishness, consumption, threats to life on earth, and want. But reality says, even the highest court in america, could not find honor, honesty, respect, or truth; but chose to gamble, because they could not face the simple truth of their own decisions and ways. No truth, means you die. The reality of killing me, means HELL and ARMAGEDDON will intensify: especially for any person who agrees with death for “my reward”.

My reward is in eternity, and nothing here will change that/ I will never sacrifice it for anyone, not even everyone: your savior I am not. This work, and this message, and this continuation of my own heart, is for you and your needs/ it is not for me. Your lives are important, you are “God’s Creation”, and it is my plain desire that HIS WORK should never be lost. But your reality in imminent danger of collapse/ your truth, “nothing more than a blatant lie, conceived by want/ help together by pride/ and arranged as death by extermination, because power and selfishness is more important to men, than life is. It is women that will decide the fate of life on earth/ because men have already cast their vote, “to die”/ in a thousand different ways, the most visible being weapons of mass destruction. Choose better, or be consumed by your own decisions: just how life is/ you have preyed upon yourselves, and now you are about to enter “the predator that you are/ as reality and truth from the past, hunt you down, into the future that you have chosen”. CHANGE, and live. Why die this horrible death, find your mind and surrender your pride, is it worth hell on earth? How can you be so blind. To be sure, “plenty of experts” will come to dissuade you of any cause for concern; after all, has not humanity been here for thousands of years? That is of course true, but all your threats to life on earth, are only here, “because YOU brought them, YOU chose them, YOU paid for them, and YOU worship them as your right. That is the difference. Take a listen to all the rhetoric about global warming; “plenty of experts, its all a mirage”/ even with all the ice melting, shit for brains, is a “university profession”. Don’t like the tone of that? Too bad, prove a substantial burden placed upon every life on earth did not come from you/ prove, the substantial and real emphasis of truth, comes before your pride, power, selfishness, or want; prove you are not a breeding ground for failure and slavery. The university controls nearly everything today, by taking over all aspects of primary control, you and your degrees have become the leaders of men, the primary convulsions of vomit laced dysentery and disease. If it were not so, we would not be threatened/ we would not be enslaved by money, or greed, or the rest; you led the way; and you are a primary obstacle to the resurrection of life, from the abyss that has become your deception. As is true of evolution/ and the priests of this religion, is true also of much that you do: failure and a foundation of lies/ suffocating reality, and intent upon annihilating truth, are the essence of what you do/ playing games with life, forcing stupidity on the innocent, and struggling to control simply everything/ every thought/ and every propaganda through endless drivel about nothing but your own delusions. Shame on you.

My life here as body and mind can only be killed once by you/ and it will die anyway; consequently, it is without fear. Be afraid for yourselves. HELL AND ARMAGEDDON ARE coming, if you will not change. Go to court, and prove it is not so. You do that NOT by listening to your leaders/ but by telling them, THEY SHALL DO THIS, they shall go to trial, to prove the future is not dead. Form your organizations, associations, religious groups, and all others into a simple assertion of We the PEOPLE! To proud, to fight for your life/ to afraid to let people see you have a mind of your own: then stand back and watch death come to get you. It is your choice. You need not defend against their fancy and illiterate words (don’t know much)/ you need only to prove the evidence is right or wrong, NOT by the cascade of liars that are sure to come. But by the honesty of relationships, and the needs of life. Common sense is more than all the university has to offer/ not by minuscule detail; but by the lessons of pain, survival, love, and the foundations that are for friendship and life/ and those that are not. These are the building of society, these are the relationships that make and sustain life as happy, sad, death, or disaster. The foundations for identifying truth as is needed: For instance are, when will a resource end (do not take numbers and guesses for a time; investigate by understanding known resources/ look for proof through consumption tables, and projections/ divide that by known reserves, using core drilling etc, to prove the reality/ understand that mine-ability requires a distinct level in percentage element; an economically reachable deposit; and so on. Do not accept the lies so common from your “experts”/ such as they say aluminum is everywhere, no need to worry; yet it is not everywhere in mine-able quantities at all/ therefore a “spackling or sprinkling of materials that cannot be mined are merely a lie, looking for a sucker to believe”. Look for the truth/ demand it/ and hang anyone proven to testify knowingly to lies/ sacrificing you and life on earth. They are suffocating you with lies/ it is their just reward: do it quickly/ literally as soon as truth clearly declares not only a liar, but one intent upon destroying your lives, your future, your children, and life on earth: for any reason at all, this is unfair. Be just/ but be fair. Life is not a game/ the lack of food, the lack of resources, the loss of environment, weapons of mass destruction, loss of antibiotics, a very long list awaits you including population annihilation from the simple fact, the masses will not accept reality “the earth is full, and it is no longer a right to have as many children as you want: to do so judges each one to death by starvation, war, and hell. Either begin to understand and work, or kiss your ass goodbye, your children lost to hell and armageddon, and your own future as murderers of life to hades for eternal damnation. Make your choice/ or be like the judges of the USA, who prefer to gamble with everything, or just plain hide! If you wish; go ahead and believe “not in my time”/ what “can GOD “ DO to you. Go ahead and assume, “death is just a dirt sandwich, that you will never know for real”; its just your eternity: surely HADES can’t exist for you. Aren’t you smart; “Probably went to college”.

[as is true of men, I do not hate the university/ it is the reality of where we are today, threatened from every side with extinction, that I cannot accept your influence on. It is the failures and disease of your rampant pride and power that have intentionally sought to make the others slaves, that I do intend to change.] YOU don’t get a choice/ either justice, fair play, equality, and friendship will rule this earth/ OR YOU GO TO WAR. Hell follows. YOU don’t get a choice/ either you stop crucifying and mutilating genetic structures, or nature goes to chaos/ and takes you with it.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE/ make your decision.


that you will design by your decisions/ like it or not, YOU become responsible for life on earth, “after all, your gods,

aren’t you”.


If you like prophecies, then after reading the very many words of these sites, most if not all of what is in the Christian bible will open up for you/ I am not familiar with the other religions, apart from some Jewish text called the old testament. Of interest, is the countless times prophecy was ignored/ but came true in unexpected ways. Always it may be understood: prophecy is about change, and every people and every society wants to keep whatever they have “I worked hard for this, even stole/ sacrificed/ and hated to attain it: I WILL NOT, surrender anything”. So they refused to change/ but truth simply didn’t care, it came anyway. Truth is a participant in every life, truth is the basis and reality that gives time its assignments, and orders its disciplines as applied to elemental life. Truth is the participation of order, and the disciplines that will achieve the creation called cause and effect. While time separates the event/ it is truth that identifies what is coming/ what did come/ and what the consequence to life will be. You are so lukewarm to the challenge and consequence of tragedy that awaits you in this future: BECAUSE the university and “government experts” have beaten you down “with the sticks of their stupidity, arrogance, greed, and pride”. They have beaten you into submission to their whim, because “illiterate words (do not communicate well, with you) are like any foreign language/ simply intended to be, “NOT for your consumption”. Medicine has grown into extortion, because the advent of antibiotics made surgeries possible; you may be absolutely certain, surgeries have been tried since the beginning, but failed because of the diseases that followed. Today, you are on the brink of losing every antibiotic you have/ what you call medicine, then becomes a distant memory. “Not to worry, genetic mutilation will save you”/ what could go wrong, with men in charge of everything that nature is? They wouldn’t make a mistake, would they/ not like Chernobyl; “Your different, aren’t you/ why you are so special, you are gods without a doubt/ not to worry got a computer don’t you”. Ass-holes, what else do you call the spewing of such ignorance as genetic mutilation; shit from the mind perhaps/ disease from the heart for sure. Only those who are honest and true to life, are exempt/ but only for a little longer, then condemned to hades. You cannot murder GODS’ CREATION And expect absolution. Surrender your weapons, and back away from total ARMAGEDDON. In you! The reality is: so much damage as occurred already/ that some will have to be repaired, even by women. The extreme tragedies that the leadership of men have devised, are not so simple as: “Just walk away”. We will need, as a humanity a few with true respect, an honesty heart, and an honorable way; to help us repair the vast and real damage of “Bastard’s, all around”. Only the most careful and cautious. Only the most stringent rules and realities and supervision are allowed. You have crossed a line, but can still fight to go back: today.

If anything can be said of humanity that is certain and without fault: the vast majority “Loves its money”. That is your truth/ in fact you love it so much, worship it so much, that you have sold yourselves to hell because of it. “How smart, you are/ selling your souls, for tragedy and grief: worshiping the possibility of making the others your slaves”. Worshiping the possibility of standing over the others, with some sort of evidence you call superiority. Take a look at america, the land of greed and consumption. Nearly all say, “not me”/ but lets look: people trade their children for possessions “bigger homes and cars and things”/ do these not take time, what else is life to your child, than your time? Answer the question. People trade friendship for “look at me/ look at what I got”; selling the others out, for a bigger tractor/ a bigger store/ or whatever; consuming their neighbors for the sake of pride and power. But it is also true, very simply that the aggression of one/ prepares the way and the need, for the aggression of others; to keep these pitiful competitors away from their house, and their lives. A domino effect, of too much power, in too few hands; that destroys society/ people/ and family. And for what? Nothing more than “look at me/ am I not a god, next to you”. Nothing more than to create “a holding pen of slaves”; that you may choose and abuse without compensation/ that you may take whatever advantage you can use to consume their hearts and make them hate. GREED IS NOT A GAME, it is your own failure and disease being spread upon the others in a pandemic of absolute distress. Because YOU simply don’t care/ won’t share anything/ and defy equality, justice, and fair play; as if they were enemies. How pitiful and foolish you truly are. The wealthy will admonish you with “their gifts”; do they not give to charity? A little/ that the “government would take anyway”/ but do not be deceived so easily; they give “to keep the people from demanding equality and fair play and justice”. Its cheaper than an army, and less threatening to their lives, to keep the ones surrounding them at bay: with little bribes.

The stock market is applauded, as a generator of money “oh what a wonderful thing/ make me rich, without work or risk”. Such is the lie of schemers, thieves, and con artists. But every pyramid scheme finds fraud, by contriving an excuse to be rich/ an excuse to be lazy/ an excuse to believe “I don’t have to work”. These are endless in society/ primarily because greed has made the lives of so many an endless aggression, and competition just to survive: so people Want out! Take a look at reality, and you will see promises that simply cannot be kept. You have numbers beyond all measure of sanity or wealth or reality/ which means simply, nothing but fantasy is left for you. The american stock market has sold the business nation, and thrown it in the garbage dumpster to be hauled away. That is your contribution, by joining the stock market game. YOU chose to worship money, and to continue the game; YOU chose to sell the nation to its greed. The stock market and so many more will complain; NOT TRUE, how can you say that/ we have made the nation rich/ look at all the things we produce/ look at our numbers “millions of millionaires”. But in reality numbers are not wealth/ they are just numbers. The question exists, where did all the numbers come from? The answer is; to play the game of wealth, you need numbers because they are the easiest fantasy to play with. To achieve excess numbers, the fantasy begins with investments “claimed to be” worth something they are not. The stock markets hold well over 10,000 games to be played/ plus international markets to infect and more. They give you margins, numbers without meaning, until you owe, and cannot pay; will you not re-invest anything you gain. Houses too, all manner of property represents millions of games to be played/ fantasies to be held in the imaginary world of “make-believe”. But as is true of every poor nation in this world, you have begun to sell natural resources, and access, and everything necessary for working, to other nations. Because the reality of debt is: EITHER you accept reality, and face the truth called bankruptcy/ which means, you must start over. Or every asset/ everything you can steal/ and everything of value including your life, is sold to hide the truth, there is no way out: but complete loss/ or if you stop in time, the re-division of whatever is left removes power from your hands. America owes everything you can make for a thousand years. You have covered your debts by not paying them, not even the interest lately, and pretending these don’t exist. You have believed, “not in my lifetime/ let the young be DAMNED”; to hell with them. You have lied and cheated bringing property values up, to hide the inflation of debts you cannot pay/ and given loans to people who cannot afford them, just to extend the time when you must face your consequences and actions of the past. In effect intending to rob them of the little they have, to keep you from selling your own. But without media or journalistic interference, because a tiny handful control the propaganda entirely that you hear; everything is being sold, including ocean ports, major tools/ roads/ railroads/ simply everything, to continue the fraud that you are not completely bankrupt. You are! America, is the poorest nation in this world; you owe everything: such is the reality of those in power who have said “debt means nothing”/ nothing to them because they don’t intend to pay, NOT EVER. How could that be? Well simply put, look at the weapons of mass destruction, and explain who is foolish enough to contest? But the reality of fools in government, leadership, and business all believe that is enough/ while the reality of truth is, “the people who accepted the numbers, in this country and beyond; ALL WANT TO COLLECT. Can’t kill us all/ yes they can, but they die too: and here, insanity begins to murder reality, and truth begins to understand “they want, to kill us/ and would if they didn’t die too”. The next step is of course, “well, we will just use a little, to prove our point/ and make them obey”. But like Iraq, stupidity never solves anything/ and the war to end all wars, because it destroys the entire earth begins: with the mentally and emotionally insane, in charge of weapons of mass destruction. Not to worry though, “men are in charge/ aren’t they; what could go wrong”. America is now dependent upon the mercy of everyone/ especially yourselves. Because if there is not forgiveness/ if there is not justice/ if there is not a peaceful means of avoiding war: the above description will be your fate. And the world will join in, dead is dead/ why not help kill the ones who destroyed the rest. Why such tragedy? Because YOU gave up, On saving this world years ago! Couldn’t do it/ one single death and every protest, every single intent for better: died. SHAME ON YOU. Who? The university of course, while the others tried to hold the nation together by going to war in Vietnam (a tragedy in itself)/ the people who feared war went to college, and many joined in an effort to “save their own skin/ by stopping the war, ending “WOMD” and changing government to listen to the people: still a suitable purpose. But without courage, or honor, or honesty; OR THE NECESSARY KNOWLEDGE, it was nothing but children playing games, and tantrums in the street: while men and women died. Do you know the difference: men go to war to prove they will be “your friend/ to prove, I have the honor and discipline inside to defend what is important to me, and to us, and to our nation”. The “college children” proved only they would run away, from any fight, from friendship “give me money”/ and from all that is important, “be my slave”. A pitiful disgrace/ shame on you.

So now, you sit at the edge of your own destruction/ a game no more: ALL have become foot soldiers, because if you don’t, you lose everything. No excuse exists. You have prepared to exterminate the world, “a leave me alone gesture & threat”. You have altered and mutilated genetic structures without the slightest consideration of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, honor, respect, honesty, or truth; playing the games of evolution will fix it. How horrendously stupid and foolish can you be? It is beyond my comprehension. You have consumed so much, that war is imminent/ and the earth is dying. Such is the state of your want, selfishness, and pride. You have built such walls of pride, that reality has been replaced with your fantasy; and you like it that way, because you want to play/ and never grow up. You abhor the truth, because it convicts you of your personal failures for life on earth/ of greed, and lust, and selfishness. It judges you, and proves devil/ not saint, not even man, because you have chosen to be less: you have chosen to exterminate instead of build a life for the future. And you are ready to surrender to hell and Armageddon/ just because you are too tired, too proud, and far too lazy to work and accept what truth requires of you. This is america today/ aren’t you proud? So much so, very few can even read this message to your hearts. “Rather die, than switch”. A more foolish People/ does not exist, nor has it ever lived on earth. You are blind, contemptuous, and stupid; Living in fantasy, worshiping failure and disease as a life to be consumed. Congratulations, your plan to consume as much as possible before you die, HAS succeeded. Death is at your door! The question now is: will you surrender failure and fantasy and lies and liar/ to search and find truth! The Life or death of the world, awaits your answer/ lies will not help you; and the world will not forgive you, for the wrong answer.

It can be stated, “never an excuse/ but consistent with the reasoning of men”; “don’t I know”, that a new house makes a difference, a new car, money and the freedom of money to use the work of others for yourself “are all good things”/ why should anyone not want these. In fact the whole world wants them too, why should we be blamed, for what the whole world wants to do for themselves? The answer is: a new house is not life/ a new car is not life/ enslaving others is not a right/ the consumption of every future life is murder/ and the association of such stupidity that the whole world is threatened by your behaviors, is nothing more than “a devil on the loose/ a arrogance so destructive, that even death is not enough to keep it from fantasying about playing god”. The possibilities of death “TO THE OTHERS”/ just makes the game more exciting “doesn’t it”. The abyss of complete annihilation stands close by; and you are heading through the door. STOP OR BE CONSUMED. This is the predator “or wolf” coming to get you/ this is your past preparing to consume your lives.

I once went to a horror show (the young woman with me wanted to go, so I said ok; part way through she wanted to leave/ I said no). It was called “the last house on the left”, and was about the reality of innocent behaviors and expectations “Just playing” of two young girls, suddenly finding a traitor who leads them into a death trap. Instead of fantasy; “a movie about things that could and do go wrong”/ because humanity has many levels of insanity. More than half the theater emptied in the first few minutes/ by the end only two were left. Because reality, or the potential that this could “happen to me”/ is a horror story people do not face. In the words of this message delivered, and its subsequent writings, is the reality these horrible things that are not only predicted to happen/ but are happening today. Not only can happen to you/ but will, if you don’t change. People leave in fright “screaming”, before they understand anymore “hide me/ let me run away from this, let me believe no more”. Consequently, those who are brave enough to not run away, are left to instruct the others, NOT TO BE AFRAID/ BUT TO WORK, AND CHANGE, AND REMOVE THIS THREAT, through the knowledge and wisdom that changes our future from failure and contempt and death/ to life, happiness, and love. That is your job/ and if you don’t do it, all life on earth, will die. Fantasy will not help! Don’t like it, could not be more irrelevant! Don’t want to do it, is just an excuse to die, and take all life with you! Either find the strength GOD gave to you, to survive and be happy/ or fail, and surrender to hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos). That is your choice/ and you need every single one you can convince, to help. Not one, is unimportant. If you can muster nothing else, at least prepare a business card to give out/ or use this one provided to you; click here for Business Card 1 or click here for Business Card 2.

I am not your leader/ women are! Men are evicted from all possibilities, because this is the abyss of death we stand at/ and they brought us here. I am not your savior, support and defend the women you need to survive. Plead with them/ pray for them/ help them/ work for them/ obey them sexually: DO what it takes, to give them the strength and courage they need to lead you to life/ and away from these horrific events men have planned and prepared for your extermination. Simply put, women are different than men/ consequently, they WILL choose a different way than men, and be influenced by different things; hopefully better ways and things. Fail, and you die. Not an over-statement/ a plain & simple truth. Go to court, examine the evidence, and prove to yourselves; either today we change, or tomorrow we will die, and take all life on earth with us. Simple as that. When you do go to court/ turn off every form of entertainment, and demand public awareness; NO EXCUSES, you will listen. But beware, if you wait too long; literally nothing can be done! Too late, is literally too late. The day will come, when you know how close to world wide death you are/ but if that is so completely evident, that even a dog knows; you are dead. Don’t be so foolish/ don’t waste your time on trying to convince the masses: GO TO COURT, and make reality heard. GO TO THE MEDIA, and make them obey. You do not need money/ YOU are bankrupt, and that means literally everyone “billionaire or not”. All you truly need as a society, for this work is food, water, basic utilities, minimal maintenance and time. All work, to redefine and rebuild, the United States of America. Only then, is it necessary to worry about economies and the rest. Prepare to survive/ not to die, not to threaten or destroy: to be WE THE PEOPLE, For life.


YOU WILL BUILD WITH LAW! And nothing less.

YOU WILL DESTROY THE MULTITUDES OF DISGRACE CALLED LAWS TODAY/ and replace them with no more than 40 laws that are plain, clear, and distinct so that every person can be instructed in the law, and know their rights, and their responsibilities, and their freedoms. Everything less than the law, is decided by justice, fair play, equality, and a purpose that sustains life on earth and protects it. You will prepare, and you will watch over the courtroom/ and you will remove any judge, that proves incompetent to this work. There are NO immunities for a judge/ there is only the law, and a fair understanding of responsibilities to the people and to life.


But remember this; a society without happiness/ is a society that will not care for each other. Therefrom, in truth it is romance, and the compositions of life that are man and woman in love; that brings happiness to every society and to this world. Consequently, take a look at where you are in all aspects of the relationships of men and women: AND CHANGE THEM, to a reality in truth, that brings respect, love, hope, and blessings to each one. Sexuality is essential for a properly balanced life, because nature gave us each chemicals to contend with, and push us to accept one another as man and woman/ woman and man. Nature is not wrong/ it alone has kept humanity alive for thousands of years: it is men who are wrong, and it is mutilation that brings chaos and death and terrors beyond belief. For absolute failure, in everything important to life in this world: men, are removed from leadership, in sex, in life, and in this world: only women shall decide. This is the penalty, for driving all of life to the edge of extinction.

Consequent to the needs of every society, is the reality of “mental insanity”/ a thousand plus versions of, my life is not what I want it to be. One distinct reality sticks out, to produce the elements of a mind that deforms itself from honorable and fair/ to lost and vulnerable to hate: it is sex. Although I see the same results in both sexes/ only men, do I have a clue about. The reality of men is simple, without sexual acceptance/ or more especially a loving relationship with woman, they sink into depressions. The reality of men who get sexual acceptance easily; is they get proud “I am better than those men”/ and then they get lazy, because too much sex robs them of their strength [by removing sperm] in the presence of those other men. Men don’t like to be weakened, and fight against it; “making women both reward and punishment”. No discipline, and a long list of violent aberrations can come forth. No honor, and women become trophies to be used, to abuse the other men. Thereby these have collapsed psychologically; and transformed themselves into uncaring trash. Those that are rejected sexually, then become tempted by all forms of fantasy and perversions; the mind can transform itself into “a nightmare of dreams” that instill a degree of power over the mental integrity of sanity, and produce the elements “of a voice inside, that challenges existence”. In these challenges, the life that weeps, finds at least someone to interact with them/ something, to make life more than depressions and loss. Neither of these opposites are appropriate for life/ neither are acceptable for happiness, peace in society, or honor and discipline in a search for eternity. Therefore it is up to women, to reassert themselves as leaders; and find acceptable ways to deal with the men/ and prove what is honest and true in finding ways to deal with women who also have similar problems “of some sort”/ I cannot read their minds, you have to explain it yourselves. Like so very many problems, nothing is accomplished by pretending; make a decision/ establish trials, and form clinical observations of what works and what does not. Be wise, not aggressive/ be real, and let truth decide what is fair, competent to the task, and supportive of life. Let the religions complain/ they are irrelevant, unless they choose life first. “GOD is never second”/ but HE gave us this life to learn, and to enjoy, and to struggle with as best we can: religion is what men gave to themselves/ and fight to keep for themselves. The reality of “Gifts to humanity, By GOD “ IS NOT belittled here, for clearly an influence has been granted in understanding By GOD For us to build with. But like “the science and medical industries of men”, they take what is true and a gift to them; and then form armies to control and degrade those gifts into manipulations and control of all they can. The consequence being, Continue to look for life itself, in religion, if that is your only search/ But do not expect anything organized by the purposes of men, to be “good”. Religions are like the trade unions of men / organized to fight an aggressor with too much power for the individual; they made life better in the USA. Until they had too much power of their own, as is true of the automotive industry today, that power produced ridicule and contempt for the rest/ therefore the rest abandoned their work, to support those they did not know. The various religions are righteous are they not? Fully knowing how best to do everything, “just give them your money, and your work, and your opinions” and they will do the rest/ after all, they are the religious “Sanctioned by god, to be better than you”. Ain’t that so? Be yourself, and learn for yourself/ giving without sacrifice/ being without control, or righteousness; because we are all GOD’S CREATION. The few “sanctioned by GOD” To deliver a message, or whatever/ are not different, not better, Simply presented with a message or work to deliver “For GOD”. Not by “hocus pocus shit” But by the consequence of work, truth, life, and disciplines proven in reality and time. The difference is in the message or work itself/ the reality, will show the truth. Every single one/ and every single message or work is: TRUTH WINS/ reality decides. Every single believer understands; what is important to my life, is truth. Reality like time is relentless, and only understanding in truth, presents the wisdom to define the future and create or build a life worth living. This is the basis and foundation of true religion: to do the best you can, and to seek life itself. MY TEACHER IS JESUS. as written of, in the Christian bible. My life is, the struggle to intertwine life, thought, truth, respect, honor, courage, and love as HE taught these lessons to me. A part of that lesson is also, the body is to be used, not worshiped/ the mind a participation with humanity, not simple isolation or the rest. The question of sex with the Christian bible is as simple as the descriptions given of JESUS himself/ he slept in one small tent, with 7 women, while his disciples guarded the tent, and it is clear they became jealous. The words and description of Paul, do not change that. The question then is not so simple as rules/ the reality is more simply; life does not recognize rules as the basis or foundation of living/ rather love decides. It is clear and certain, the best way for men is perhaps one woman and one man committed to each other, if the balance of nature allows it/ and the mutilations of men have not destroyed it. That is because a greater balance for all is true and apparent. The life of JESUS Was not balanced, in his ministry, “just too many problems to fix/ too much to do”. Whatever you think of this description of history, I will tell you plain “the rules of sexuality, if any do exist,” are not so simple as men make them. There are foundations in other religions, there are words of life in other religions; I do not follow a religion, I only believe in truth and life and hope. GOD IS TRUTH.

The crisis that follows humanity in the consequences of sex, throughout history; Is as simple as a lack of honor, breeds a lack of respect/ want turns into lust, and life hides from the fact that love is not “Why you were here”. Both from men and women. Where friendship rules, where honor lives in the actions and integrity of purpose that is love, when truth and respect mean more to you than ownership and pride/ Then sexuality becomes the treasure that it was meant to be. But it is true, all do have to GROW UP / before this can be realized in fact. Age is not the final determinant/ honesty and grace in the decisions that change our world decide. The critical difference between most people and me is, “you have your pride, to keep you company/ while I have my life to cherish and define.” Pride has no respect for life/ life has no respect for pride: the consequence being “Separate ways”.

Pride is the essence of, “a replacement for loneliness”/ it conceives of happiness through the realities of competition and aggression; but like every trophy, once the crowd is gone/ the trophy is meaningless, until someone comes to listen to you brag. Pride is not happy with life/ because respect does not allow the “making of losers/ just so you can claim superiority”; that is simple selfishness and greed, or lust. Life claims equality/ pride claims and fights for “I am a god/ next to these”. Pride belittles, because life requires participation in justice and fair play; pride wants none of that/ but chooses deceit and temptation and theft, to prove superiority and ownership. Pride wants “MINE”/ because ownership means a slave, or a possession to be used, abused, or sold. Life says “I am my own possession”/ how can I be more; life is too important for us all. Pride says; to hell with the rest/ I AM the only one that matters: “Who the fuck cares about you; GO TO HELL”. LIFE SAYS, in the dignity of time, what is important radiates the creation of knowledge, as the fundamental building upon understanding the wisdom to succeed as a human being granted this opportunity to expand beyond simple things, to enter eternity and truth, as life. Pride says; Get the hell out of my way/ this is mine, and you cannot take it from me: I will kill you.

The battleground of peace is then who will win: life, or pride? The consequent reality in truth is; our existence here on earth has been driven to the edge of extermination by pride, hate, want, and selfishness. The question of change is then simply: One last chance, provided to women/ will you not choose life? If so, GOD Will help you heal the world. But you must choose life, or you will die.

Where is the proof? Take a look, “the money is gone/ even if the numbers are not”. Those numbers mean: some will be insisting they have a right to everything/ while the majority will be expected to be slaves! Is that not the ingredients for war? Resource consumption cannot be sustained, even for twenty years, for vital materials at this level. No work/ no possibilities for peace. The earth is dying/ changed by human behavior, no matter what the LIARS say, it is clear and certain and sure. How big a fool are you? The ocean can be fished out in just 7 years or less; you are taking now, more than can be replenished with current ways; you are stealing the “seeds of the ocean”/ and ruining the harvest for “next year”. Weapons of mass destruction are waiting/ are there not plenty of the insane to go around? Everywhere/ it takes only one nuclear missile to set off them all; Twenty minutes even today, and you are dead/ fall on you or not. The list goes on and on.

Find your heart, do your work here for life in this world, search for your own soul and find it, accept reality and live within truth. Yearn for love, and expect happiness; but only if you change the tragedy of decisions that are controlling your future. There is no future without change/ without truth/ or without women in charge. Pay the price, or you die.




The creation of all neurotic elements in life, are fundamentally about want. The elaboration of want is then critical to the expression of a human element that is devoid of neurosis, and speaks to the heart instead of measuring how much worse or how poor, your personal reality could be or is/ than this fantasy called want, a choice to change without wisdom. More simply, as a fundamental device of human behavior, want must be recognized for its impact on life/ before you can remove yourself, from the impact of these fantasies of the mind; and grasp the critical relationship of heart and soul to the building of a new reality and truth.

The foundation of want can be studied simply in the following example; Some years ago, my truck broke down/ and I “did not want” to fix it/ did not WANT to study it, as a problem or why question/ simply refused to participate in the reality, and thereby avoided the truth: that yes indeed, the machine needed my work or money, and I did not want to contribute either. “It WAS an inconvenient truth” ! So it was towed/ I then threw about $300 dollars worth of parts at it (simple probability) and still it would not run. So finally, I admitted to myself, yes; I do have to study this problem/ yes I do have to examine and realized with critical reality what is indeed wrong here; and fundamentally began examining the machine for truth. 5 minutes later a wire that had fallen down from a broken plastic holder appeared in plain sight/ the insulation had melted and the conductor was grounding on the exhaust. Had I originally simply lifted the wire from the exhaust, the truck would have run fine/ I wrapped it with tape, and rehung it to avoid further trouble, problem over. BUT IN REVIEW, I was stuck on the highway/ threw away money/ and in general behaved badly all because of : “I did not want”. Busy doing other things, was not a good excuse.
Moral of the story, stop being an ass; and do the work necessary to understand the problem/ NOT just complain about the inconvenience, and throw stupidity at it instead.

Critical examination allows the extrapolation of “I, (the terms of a human being)”/ to assume an expression that lacks judgment as an integral part of truth. [used for simplicity, the I used herein assigns its reality to all]. The question of judgment, is not so simple as the common human condition of “wanting to confront”/ rather in terms of truth, judgment is an integral part of understanding the foundation, and accepting the cause as critical in its application to actions and reactions that discover the distance required between the two. More simply; our relationship in understanding to what is truth, becomes isolated as a focus upon what is fundamentally describing truth in the onset of our reality, as an association with the things we do/ the things we are aware of happening or has happened/ and then judgment comes as the prediction of what will happen. The relationship we share, with our experience in the development of what becomes true to the expressions and experience of our world; fundamentally divides between an action and a reaction. Therefore, in the balance/ called the middle or divide; the reality of searching both sides, applies understanding to the measure of our world in the physical search for beginnings and for life and for time. More simply, every action is allowed by the intervention of energy (what causes that energy to be used or released, is a prime example of foundations worthy of being measured or judged as an instigator of a reaction). Every reaction is then the subject matter of a relationship generated by the initiating cause. The foundation environment, that expresses the initiating change in energy expression, fundamentally defines a truth. More simply, everything you do has a cause/ & a reaction is immanent, because the nature of a truth, does not allow for imbalance to exist.

Life is precious/ and you are a world filled with traitors, predators, liars, and whore’s; BUT if you are to survive/ those who are alive, must teach those who are actively destroying life. Consequently, even though some information is leaking out that should not be; the simple reality is/ either you will live or die, and the fact that weapons can be made against you: no longer seems sufficient, to withhold some of the weapons you need to survive. Therefore understand this clearly; EITHER STOP the bastard’s and satan’s of “science”/ or enter hell and armageddon; take your pick. By stop, YOU ARE NOT instructed to be violent/ you are instructed to assemble the integrity of human society, and as a society and world: control the experiments, the tools of experimentation, and “what is fundamentally necessary” regarding people that will not surrender their own demand to crucify life by their stupidity, apathy, and just plain hate. Life is not a toy,{STAY AWAY, from realities that destroy}! To continue playing on, is to gain what you deserve; total chaos. This warning being given, we continue on as is critically necessary. The foundation is laid, that says: YOU must take an active role in your future/ YOU cannot depend upon me, I cannot save you; my job is to help women, and life survive. The fact that you as a world, are now dependent upon women to survive instead of men/ MEANS, you will help the women, or you die. Honor them, protect them, RESCUE THEM, and encourage them to accept this challenge; if they will not, then nothing else will matter for you, and life on earth. You will be condemned as men, seen as the cause they fail/ and destroy GOD’S CREATION , because of the fear you created as men in women.
All energy is an individual environment/ that means all energy is contained by a relationship with truth that forms the boundary of its domain. All energy establishes communication with its “society of participants”/ by rhythms. All energy uses these rhythms to express an action or a reaction that is migrating through the rest. All energy expresses an opposition to force/ but that opposition overcome, becomes a force in an of itself. All energy establishes a presence that must be dealt with. All energy functions as a participant, established alone/ but created as a multiplication of the whole. What is simple and sure, is a single atomic entity has little effect on this world/ but combined into such things as the sun for instance, entire solar systems develop and are sustained. Eternity is fundamentally and critically different than the physical world/ enveloped by thought, and expanded beyond simple boundaries; do not believe any of this information above conceives of such; apart from energy itself {the reality that is the existence of freedom in movement and more}. The understanding of basic disciplines and the composition of order are fundamentals in the growing of a natural process of expression.

Extrapolated into human environments, the above information expresses a continuum of basic elements within human behaviors that are fundamental to the balance and intentions of any life. Such as, every neurosis forms in an individual environment that uses a boundary to shut itself off from the world, or at least the problem fear or want. The assertion of a fear/ is in its essence, the expression of that society involved, as this fear is communicated throughout the existence of the whole/ neurosis is the personal multiplication of a fear/ generated by the whole, but expressed “by an over active rhythm” saying to all: be afraid. When fear wins, the occupant of the experience is traversed from the possibility of fear/ to the reality of terror. What is simple and sure, then becomes a focus to remove that fear, by confronting the problems directly within a boundary of safety (such as an honorable and honest courtroom)/ OR the fear spreads, and terror begins.

The more immediate concentration of a reality in truth that is the plight of our world, under male leadership; must not be allowed to consume itself under the mantle of a world in fear. The consequence of our reality as this world is: much like the example of the truck above; with a little work, and honest investigation/ we can search for the truth about our work and impact on life, and we can fix the problem with our knowledge and our own expression of understanding for all of life. We cannot “throw science/ or money/ or others/ or ignorance/ or apathy/ or disapproval at this fact of life”: it will end badly, and with death. We must do what actually needs to be done; investigate the reality/ understand the truth/ and then pay the price of work or labor as each case presents itself for repairs. We CANNOT “Tolerate more of the same, in the future”! As a fact of life/ that means men cannot lead us anymore! As a fact in truth, only women are then left to do this work. Like it or not, CHANGE IN TRUTH, is mandatory; Or we die, the earth with us; no exceptions/ no mercy, “it is human fault”/ and no second chances; all gone.

Secondary to the reality of life as a society/ is life as a person conceived by either: want and selfishness/ or alive with joy and happiness through peace and hope. The question of want coincides directly with selfishness (the act, of choosing to manipulate/ just because you can). Want itself is, a refusal to participate within your own reality. Therefore actions are conceived/ and force is established to change your reality; and establish a reaction that is not formed from fact. Truth is the enemy of want; therefore lies are exerted as the formation of a “better way”, and reality is constrained to be “as you want it to be”. Instead of knowledge based existence/ you have now formed lies to “fill the gap, and hide the reality”. Instead of understanding the basis and formation in foundations that change truth, and complete harmony through the expressions of peace/ lies are formed to demand “me first/ get out of my way”. Instead of wisdom and life, as is the evidence of order and discipline, through the values and truth that complete our world, and extend our lives/ lies and liars are visited upon the rest, to tempt and compete with the disgrace and disrespect of a world being led to chaos, because we want, what our reality does not provide. As time passes, want learns the truth “there are lies, threatening all that is good and peaceful here”. Therefrom, the reality of pride is used to sustain want/ by describing a world wherein you are god, and can “fix all the problems being created”/ because after all you are god, and the rest must simply obey you; “That’s the key”. Fears take over here, gripping the heart of every liar, and violence occurs because the expectation of disaster demands “they must obey me”. From here, the demand occurs: if they do not obey me “their god/ I led the way”; then they are killing me, and must be stopped. Delusion and fantasy take over, and the world becomes a trap “in this dead zone”. It is selfishness, the demand to rule over someone else, that becomes the trap inside; destroying your own heart, and diseasing someone else’s. Selfishness is the consumption of happiness in yourself and others/ and its purpose is similar to its desire; “to play god.”
The question of peace and harmony, does not come with want! It comes with truth, and a respect for the order necessary to conceive by the expression of truth, that which our reality does allow for us. Our reality does NOT allow anyone to “play god”/ does NOT allow anyone, to be more powerful than the rest/ does NOT allow for hate. These are the basic tools of peace. The foundation for harmony understands, the use of these tools, coupled to the reality and truth of justice, fair play, equality, and honesty: give us honor, and with honor comes respect “the builder of life in society, as happiness and hope for all”. These are the basic understandings of a life chosen by truth, to complete the existence in our world: to become expressed as worthy to be invited beyond our time.

There are foundations in peace that understand the demand, “my life”/ is passing away, and I want to experience more now”. This is called freedom, and the expression of that freedom in your own ways and time, as your decision for life. Freedom does NOT allow you to trespass unto someone else’s life/ but freedom DOES allow you to minimally invade someone else’s life, with such things as decisions that are strictly personal and without fundamental damage to anyone else; such as nakedness/ or sexual acts, that are strictly by mutual consent among those old enough to make this decision, and accept the consequences as their own decision. Insanity, such as is perversions of any type; are not freedoms, but where both or even all are consenting and society may turn away easily; they are to be allowed, as a lesson to the others. The reality is simply a necessary aspect of freedom/ that they do choose, not you. These things are “on the big list” of why people demand rules/ to control the behavior of others: “I DON’T WANT to deal with this or them”. Even if they themselves do the same thing behind closed doors. The critical decision is not a part of the physical dimension, but assists with the creation of an identity through alternate means. Hiding will not help you to understand your relationship with happiness, you cannot run away from reality; you can only use truth, and time, to change it.
Therefore we begin in the construction of happiness, as this is the expression; for a life to be lived, that loves peace and harmony.
Building happiness identifies the simple truth, that happiness in internal, and cannot be made otherwise. No one else can do this for you/ it is your own job, to create your own happiness and hope. What is love is the happiness you have created, that you may now share, because you have literally chosen to care enough to participate without shame or concern for the consequences of society; you have chosen, and received the opportunity to build a relationship with life.

Building happiness in you, REQUIRES; that you accept your own equality in life/ neither more or less, we are equal presents us with the knowledge “I am a participant in this life/ I can be the best I can be”: it is my choice! With this understanding life becomes a transition between what is real/ what is perceived/ and what can be held within the sanctity of truth, by a sacred bond with its owner GOD, Our Creator. The question of happiness, is essentially the organization of wisdom, as it confronts knowledge and carefully asks of understanding the basis (critical relationship applied as a balance to life) of every decision, and every purpose, and every desire for life. In that organization, the foundation of a disciplined respect emerges as “the order, that is life in society/ life in humanity/ and life in eternity; completed by faith, trust, and truth.” As we emerge from learning, the foundation for life completed in these three; faith (the opportunity to share ourselves with life itself)/ trust (the belief and hope that knows no boundary, expects no reward, grants no absolute authority but to GOD, and lives in the desire to care about life)/ and truth, as the existence in evidence and soul become our anchor for life in the simple expression; I believe in JESUS ! While this does participate in the Christian religion/ the reality expressed is without religious purposes or expectations; the word “Christianity, belongs to men; as does every religion”. But let me be quite clear, my reality begins in the Christian religion/ and expands simply as GOD allows this to be. My use of this expression is strictly based in the happiness of a witness, that all these miracles we see, experience as ourselves, and explore for the purposes of our own future/ Are sustained, by the construction of a future, wherein we are not abandoned; but truly loved, by GOD.

Happiness is an expression deliberately linked to GOD, our Creator Because without the reality as truth allows, that the evidence to support the truth: “we are not abandoned”, is real. Our existence becomes questioned by the reality: how do we know, that we are not abandoned / reduced simply to a participant in time, and nothing else. If only time matters/ then the confrontation of anything called truth is strictly limited to “what is in this for me, today”? Therein the foundation of human behavior becomes tested by the simple truth of “what do you believe”. These simple words extract happiness from those who cannot believe in anything but the measurements of their own mind: and move them to greed, lust, power, and selfishness without constraint. The mind can comprehend nothing else. All depends then upon our relationship with eternity, a matter of the soul, instead of the mind. A reality considered only by the heart that exists, before reality can measure it/ never the mind. The mind is beautiful, but never a possibility called life/ rather like a lovely body, it is not the evidence of what is truth inside. Question begins, in the understanding of a reality dedicated to the existence of life itself; the heart of human experience. Heart comes to mean, the treasury of miracles recognized “to be me & you”. Heart is the honesty, of a life that is given to recognize itself in the glory and grace of expression, the experience of all things, the freedom of movement, and the unending possibility of things we do not know. Heart is the honor of a life recognized as a miracle, explained by the understanding that soul; our bodies revealed as life, by the respect and discipline of order inside; is a message and a blessing that goes beyond any measurement or understanding of the mind. This is not our reality/ this is our gift. Heart then gives life its greatest opportunities of bravery, hope, love, forgiveness, trust, and life within the consequence of faith. Faith is a decision based upon the simple truth, that miracles are not of this earth/ but remain as if eternity would have us know; there are miracles yet to be learned inside of each one. There is a happiness to be expressed within the foundation of a life without boundaries; simply held within time, as our critical link to experience more than we could otherwise be. Happiness says; let me express in my words and ways and life, the honesty my heart feels inside. Let me honor my gifts and my blessing with respect for my Creator/ my hope, my love, our home here on earth, with life. Let me respect being alive, with the foundation of love that can mean nothing else. And let life itself, find its joy in me. Happiness is the sharing of that joy, that life brings to us/ in the trust of miracles, the life of blessings and hope in GOD. Happiness is the message that returns to OUR FATHER , disciplined and fair, our message is simply Thank YOU, My GOD!

HAPPINESS is the existence of a time on this earth, when harmony translates peace as the moments we share in soul; our contribution to heaven on earth, is the place we seek inside the honesty of our truth. The opportunity inside, where trust becomes our path/ the future, our destiny placed in the distance of a love we have chosen as our life forever. Happiness is a life formed from the heart that sees love as our existence/ life as our expression/ and trust as our path into the honor of miracles we have never known. Happiness is the relationship of soul, experienced in heart As the love shown through JESUS “Given for us to share”. As a truth, his story becomes real only when you accept the decision to share within the question: of alternate choices he could have made/ and what that truly would have meant, to this world. All religions have been affected; therefore all people upon this earth share in the reality of what his life changed. To understand the blessing of love/ the reality that is hate, functions to reveal “what could have been”. To accept the wisdom required, to change this world for peace/ requires the understanding of what JESUS LIFE here on earth did mean to us. The concept and decision, of a love without boundaries/ a respect that even leads to death, because it is necessary/ the honesty of a life that would not fail, his job/ and the honor and blessing of miracles shared in evidence that HE was indeed FROM GOD ! Each of these things and more emphasize the possibilities of a life in eternity/ each of these things promise that we are not abandoned/ each of these things reflect the message of love is more important than anything else, but truth. Each of these things, understands the reality of leaders called men/ who cannot give up their pride, not even for life, hope, truth, or love. Each of these things lives, in the simple truth; we are not separated from these leaders of men/ not even today. What is then the difference? Reality is asking; truth is demanding change/ and life or death will become the evidence of what women will decide. It is their turn, to become “the life or death” of our future here on earth. In the past men failed/ but time allowed for slow and real change to participate “a little in our lives”. Today, life says: no more time/ either women will change this earth; or time ends forever. It is not a game. Life will be abandoned, if women are not sufficient to believe in love and life and honor.

Happiness is also found in the honesty of a friend who will let you be free, “the same” to some minimal extent or different, but accepted as a life to be known and cherished just because “you are you”. Friendship does not know images/ does not know gender issues either, between male and female/ does not understand competition (between us) or pride (you are neither winner, or loser to me; you are life, an honesty shared ). Friendship is about the value of your life, to mine/ mine to yours. Friendship is the honesty and honor of a respect for each other lived in the blessing of time/ because time is critical to a shared life, time is CRITICAL to a child feeling loved, and being loved. There is no substitute for time. FRIENDSHIP is the beginning of love between man and woman, this begins the journey that becomes “an access” to greater responsibilities and hopes in life: a foundation that supports sexual recognition of needs, love, and life in time. A friend is not simply “the one shared time with”. A friend is also, the one who made a decision to defend and protect your life, because duty is the creation of an understanding; that we are in this life together sharing with care the responsibilities of life and survival itself. The foundation of an enemy, is he or she who does not care/ literally. Because he or she who will not care about life, cannot find love in their soul; the heart is dead or dying. Without heart and soul, there is no friend: they lie, and will sell you when the price is right/ or even at a whim.
The blessing of this world, is not held within the hands of time/ it is not the measure of a man, woman, or child as time. Our blessing, each one is ascended from the critical choice of a love shared without end; the honesty and honor of a respect found in those who cared/ found in you because you did care. And understood by the simple truth; if alone and isolated completely from life/ if there were no one else alive, then why would we desire life? The answer is, life is more important to ourselves, than simply self.

The question of happiness is sometimes assumed to be controlled by the things you have, or do, or the options available to you personally; although these are truly important to your life, making discipline and order an easier combination in your mind/ the reality is happiness is generated by the simple truth “I am happy, to be alive”. Therefore apart from every distraction, or failure to be fair/ the foundation of your own happiness is based in the creation of what you believe your own life is. If you believe in miracles/ then the world is incredible, amazing, astonishing, and beyond every possibility of your own mind; you are a visitor, in life’s own garden, and a foundation for experiencing the knowledge and understanding that is real. Wisdom allows then, that this expression of values, far beyond our comprehension is a gift to us/ and therefore we each one, begin the journey to understand what that means, in hope, in truth, in the appreciation of love, and in life itself. This is respect, and it builds the structure that love lives and breathes within. The structure of happiness is, the blessing called thought blended with the honesty of an energy that is ours to create ourselves with. The creation of a life, that is understood as happy, is the trust that love in the evidence of miracles is more than we can imagine, it is our home. The wisdom and knowledge of breathe itself, defines in the disciplines of the heart, an honesty and honor that cannot be defeated, it is our destiny to “breathe in the effects of love and miracles/ and breathe out, the honesty of our soul, in honor and respect for life”. Happiness is then born or reborn, in the message inside the dimensions of a soul, that says “thank you GOD “, for everything you are to me/ I am grateful, I am alive, and I am searching for the life you gave me to be. Thank you for my world, my soul, & my heart.

Life is more than body and mind, it is the treasury of an existence held within the experience called a child. We are not “everything”/ we are “precious things”; praise GOD, Honestly.

In defense of men; their reality has always been: when times are tough, and food, water, or other necessities of life are scarce. Reality then says: “Its you, and yours/ or me and mine”. The consequence: a choice of honesty created by the understanding of life, and the considerations of reality, led by truth for us all/ OR a simple fight, war, and kill or be killed. Men chose the latter/ somewhat because when it is too late for everyone to survive, or at least stay where they are; truth gives way to life or death, and the most determined are given the responsibility to go on. But this is the way of animals, and speaks only of tragedy in men. The competition then breeds aggression/ and men fall to the reality of hate. The truth of men simply; when time has taken away the other potential choices, all that is left is war. In this very simple reality of life, kill or be killed is a defense of women and children: your own family. But it NEVER WORKS, because murder brings revenge/ and revenge breeds violence, hate, and anarchy. The road to this death is littered with failed policy, broken promises, lies, cheating, stealing, power and its result hate, selfishness, and all the rest. A part of this disgrace is, the multitude of children born/ when reality simply cannot support them: THAT’S HOW IT IS/ like it or not is irrelevant/ refuse to obey, and you war. Simple as that. Most of the deserts of this world, were men trying to avoid war/ by making the environment pay; it does not work, either you will work with and for the environment today, or to hell you will go.
There are messages in reality/ truths in the comprehension of who will live, and who will die; but in the end, the discipline of life in time says, “the old must go first”. It is the right of the young, to have their lives protected/ it is the need of “middle age”, to protect the foundations upon which the young may grow: what is old, has no right to complain when these both need their chance. This saying is provided/ because reality will prove the composition of a human future will diminish, because resources have been butchered and lost. Life is not a right, it is a gift that must be cherished for all. But survival is not a game, and the reality of order says, “children, and their most passionate protectors first”. YOU will accept the responsibilities of these decisions/ WHEN the time comes, and you will define the criteria to be met/ and why, when, and how. It is your job/ it is not mine! The question of hate also arises, the demand “no children for you”/ is fundamental and clear; the reality is to be determined. Let women decide/ for both sexes, the same. Hate is hate.

The reality of women, will lead/ because life says to you; as it was said to men of history: Someone WILL have to go/ and if it is not war, then it is by choice. The ONLY OTHER OPTION, is to let truth lead you to better ways, more honorable and honest decisions, and a true & respectful understanding of our existence with nature. If you are wise/ then life needs little of this, You go free. Restrained only by truth and reality, and the honesty of existence in this world. Take your pick.


The foundation of women that can prepare for leadership over men is a critical understanding “THAT LIFE, MUST COME FIRST”, such is the nature of motherhood, in all those that accept its responsibilities. Therefore to understand that death is coming; without change/ is to understand every life is at risk, without the assistance of women. The consequence of men, and their decisions that allow pride, power, and prejudice over women/ their selfishness that refuses to let truth rule instead of them: IS literally the most critical weapon to be faced, in the challenge to change this world! Without the help of men; only the death of men will change the world: GOD decides. Without the decision of women to rule and lead life on earth, there is no future. THEREFORE to understand all life on earth requires change to occur/ TO UNDERSTAND that TOO many men have confronted women with sexual violence over them: IS TO RECOGNIZE that it is women who must now exercise all realistic control over the sexual consequences that are human lives. They must rule sex, or fear will cause them to fail; men will support them in this, or they die, one way or the other. IF YOU RECOGNIZE CHANGE MUST COME AS A MAN/ then you DO understand sexual Reality must be decided by women. This is an issue of truth, NOT desire, purpose beyond the survival of life on earth, or the intent to surrender “now that things are clearly going bad”. This is our reality; women have been used, abused, raped, manipulated for sex, sold, and abandoned: To require them to now “save your ass”/ is to understand a price will be paid. Women are not innocent of this day/ but today, the decisions that do threaten our lives, our world, and the future of life on earth, ARE ALL FROM MEN! Men made the choices that will lead to the extermination of life from this earth; look around, and see the weapons, the global tragedy, the pride in fighting, the power in pollution and control; and understand there will be no real or permanent change with men; it is a fantasy, an illusion, a lie, and a delusion of the mentally insane. Either women lead, or you will become the living dead.

The issues of sex; are realities of control, or the sacred understanding between men and women, that we are critically important to each other/ that we are truly friends with each other/ and our love for each other has grown into the trust that allows truth to carry us beyond ourselves and into a life together. Honest sexuality is the boundary we cross, when truth and reality meet to understand; I can meet this need AND accept the responsibility that goes with it. Sexual truth does not allow indifference, either you have love/ or you seek control. Those who want control disguise themselves in lies, cheating, stealing, and contempt, so that they can call you slave. It is a terrible thing, with consequences for all. Life is precious, sexual honor is without doubt a value that translates our lives in respect for you, sexual pleasure is an honesty that needs no conversation; yes or no is all there is. The question of rules in sexuality between man and woman, is simply “don’t hurt me, don’t use me, don’t rape me (hide, and then pounce in control), & be only my friend”. The reality of life, the honesty and need for trust, the simple truth of respect for life itself all suggest that age is required, life is discovered in sexuality only when time has prepared you to share everything you are. Love has prepared you to know who is a liar, and how to protect yourself. And reality has given you time, place, hope, and a life to share. Playtime is allowed for “the young”/ when the consequence is simple and sure, and you understand anything sexual brings with it chemicals that are very hard to ignore. That means, like other forms of chemical addiction, sexual reality introduces needs, desires, hopes, and consequences that are chemically driven. Are YOU ready, to trade your innocense {honestly I never expected I could have so much effect on someone else’s life}, for your responsibility to help them work through their problems by trading addiction {a need for human warmth and companionship} for what is then the harsh reality of NO, you may not. There is NO “easy way to do this”/ everyone gets hurt. Therefore to enter into sexual existence even in small ways, is to trade romance {the honesty of why I love you} and even happiness because of a need, “for bedroom walls”. Do try to avoid it, but do remember sexuality is a lovely thing between true friends: man and woman. Don’t abuse your friendship, be fair, be wise and understand what trust means. Do understand what truth means too; in youth, the possibilities are whatever you allow them to be/ even if they cannot come true, you may still try. To enter sexuality in youth, is to remove these possibilities, and enter responsibilities that are fundamental to everything we are as human beings; life becomes a choice, between a future that is freely chosen/ and a future that must be chosen, because this is our reality. If you refuse that choice as do so many/ then you damage the trust and reality of the other person, and their lives will change, because of you. Let it be simple and plain, nakedness brings familiarity as time passes. But until it is “that simple and plain”/ most young men, even some old men are excited by a woman’s breast, simply because it is “off limits”. The excuse to be excited for young men is simply; “I have seen a girl”/ but the reality is, those who are truly excited are not ready for anything that resembles a commitment in life. Not sexually, not for family, not for future, not for “just you”/ not for anything, it’s a game. )Older men who are not perverts, are simply playing with memories) They are lying if they tell you otherwise/ doesn’t mean they “don’t want to”: just means they are not ready. As to life as a youth, the easiest way to catch a young man is with emotion and sex; pulling at his “heartstrings” and making him decide for or against you; these things do lead to marriage for many/ but take a look around, and see the divorce as well. The reality is, once out of school, it is a great deal harder to meet the opposite sex; people are busy with themselves, and do not have room for complications until they grow lonely. Make your own decision.

I too had to decide/ the reality being basically “like an egg”; once you get past the hard& brittle exterior, all the defenses are gone. But that means if you break down his defenses, he will need time to heal/ or he will change. If you ridicule, or abuse; consequences erupt in very many/ lives do or can change. The mind of man is built upon disciplines and courage, once these are broken down as “not doing the job”/ he has little left to offer, but time and body. You should be aware, that is he also much more vulnerable to the problems of other women at this time as well; “you made him vulnerable”/ part of the cost you will pay. The mind of man is built in levels of discipline and order/ once through the primary defenses, if the battle continues you will go through every other facet of order that exists; down to the choice that to continue is to destroy the very thing that makes him his own identity. If he lets go here/ to a limited extent he dies, if he stops and says no; there is nothing left for you to get/ but it does open the door to hypnotic suggestion: nothing else worked, I must try something else; from someone else/ be careful what you suggest. But that too does not work, the only way back up to happiness is to rebuild/ after you heal. Sex and life are not a game/ emotion as a weapon, instead of “a woman’s tool” can be very damaging to man. It is of interest to you, that all young men “hope or expect to be the first one to share life’s gifts with you, if marriage is considered”. All will adjust, but it does take a toll; mind you no consideration is given to those not considered for marriage, or for themselves. It is a fact of life. Having a child does produce another emotional lock when the sex begins to fade, because the chemicals are wearing off; but if you use a child for a safety net or manipulation or temptation/ then what are you really doing: answer the question! A child is not a toy, not your answer to personal problems: YOU are intended to be the child’s answer to his or her problems, not yours; that is the responsibility of the parents. Grow up, and establish your true relationship for life/ and then have a child if life lets you, otherwise adopt; because these have needs too. There are other questions to a sexual life; simply put, people do enter periods of need in life. Loneliness expands the definitions of sexuality to demand; why does no one, desire me? That leads to a wide variety of mental experiences that will be dealt with as best you can. Just a friendly conversation and a little time, can heal a lot. What then is more important/ the games you play, or the life you heal. My own life has found it simply too hard to let some lives, “fail badly”/ and have intervened in various ways; with only very rarely sexually. Suggestions are enough/ but where sexual realities begin, they are expected to continue; and that means you have become an excuse not to look elsewhere: if this is not for marriage. There are many problems with sexual intervention; the healing can be easy and clear, but then comes the reality of tears and pain and damage if you must move on. Sometimes it is necessary, love or not. Be careful. Some, like a young woman who clearly needed “some honest male company, life was too lonely too long”; she was not helped, and I still regret that decision. She was kind, overlooking my various faults/ friendly, not lying or pretending or intending to steal/ and honest, just being herself; traits I find attractive and desirable. The reality of my life today is; “Being a target, or potential target, makes others a target too”/ and I just couldn’t do it, but perhaps that was in error in this instance I just don’t know. More complicated than that is the reality; she was lovely, presented an opportunity twice; could have been someone for me/ “me for someone too”, at least for a few moments in time. But people are not healed in “a one night stand”, although it is clear that it can help heal the moment. I could not have stayed “long term” but I would have helped except for one thing; I no longer own “the male parts and pieces”. A truth of no rights, no options, and no say; “I tried to find a possibility, but the controls are gone,” and the spiritual woman inside said no. There is no help in making promises you cannot keep {there isn’t anything wrong with the equipment; I just don’t own it anymore}. It seems, that learning what it has meant, or means to be a woman, includes having “someone stronger” in control of your sexuality. It doesn’t take long to say “we must all be free”. Some are certain to ask; WHY would any man say such things/ what possible value is it to him; he must be “nuts”. In simplicity; the reality is, different people respond to different things/ life is on trial, the price of failure more than I can bear. Only understanding and truth can keep us alive/ I have NO interest in those of power, pride, selfishness, hate or the rest. No trap exists/ no temptation will help/ no manipulation or control will change anything for long; therefore all I have is honesty, knowledge, and the values of life. Do you have more? Should women eventually come to defend life on earth; we will start “in the workrooms” listed in the main menu. Not with statistics and so on/ these are all gone from me. But in reality and truth and what life itself needs/ where the threats are/ and how to conceive of political and legal solutions and implement them. But there are no solutions once the point of no return is past. The critical learning is: it is the LAW that matters/ because the LAW controls us all, without a crowd to complain. WE THE PEOPLE, Is a democracy, only when the law rules. Those who control the law/ control society, business, and everything else. Therefore LAW, is where we go!

Of interest, in my life I have had to rebuild the “Mind of man” many times/ each time, by defining/ disciplining/ and creating paths that become order it simply became more effective and efficient. The addition of “the spiritual woman of Revelation 12, & a woman’s breasts” have changed that/ and I simply cannot put it back together in that way anymore. Instead of substantial structures and disciplines in order, and a memory that was very clear; the mind is very different now/ a lot of memory gone or unreliable. The mind seems now, to ebb and flow instead; I don’t understand it, it is a strange experience. But I must learn or cannot proceed, my life is simply not the same. One thing learned or at least believed today is; for men, it is important to keep “working with women”, even if there are tears; it does seem clear/ even tears from an honest love lost are better in a woman’s mind than being left alone and untouched, a love never found. I could be wrong, but it seems clear; it is very hard to tell anything for sure; ask them. In a man’s mind, just try to be fair, let there be understanding and clarity; and DON’T use women: care and share with them as best you can. Whatever tears must fall, will eventually be remembered with hope and happiness if you are honest and honorable in respect for each other.

To change society means; that a new relationship with reality must be known/ and the honesty of truth in men and women need to decide. Separated from religion and society; simply let men be men/ women be women; “leave them alone, after the age where they will make their own decisions anyway”; you cannot stop them. Therefore do not judge/ be fair, even when they are too young to know. Being battered by bigotry, prejudice, and religious contempt helps no one; you will simply be abandoned, or the young person enslaved, fearful, and sad; don’t do it. Let women decide regarding sex, just don’t lie! Don’t want, because that is only lust. Love means happiness will result, at least by your own intentions. Lust will only ruin your relationship; don’t use and abuse each other. Men have led long enough/ if you control his sperm/ if you don’t let him stop when he wants to stop, women will find an opportunity “to make changes”. The question: why do we have to change sexually too/ asserts “nothing wrong”. Yet clearly with roughly 60% divorce rates, children abandoned because want, greed, and toys are more important (just got to have that more expensive house or car), the reality is; you have failed badly. Simple as that; without children divorce is not as bad; but still harsh. You are truly in need of change. Some of that change is as suggested in a “people meeting people” scenario; that you surrender your pride and accept the potential happiness of meeting with different groups and different people at a specific restaurant or some such thing, for a scheduled hour or two of just “people meeting people”. Those who desire to advertize, can wear a “conversation starter”; I wish to get married for instance. A postcard comes once a week, for where and when. The critical part; finding single people with enough courage to say, “I am not too proud or too scared to meet someone new”. Most just want, “to hide in their respective holes”, and cry or pretend.

The reality of sexual internet predation on the young, can be diffused by simply requiring the isp’s to use driver license numbers as a password, or other definable means of getting into the internet/ as well as requiring these particular “user names” to type in their passwords, and not let them be automatic. Parents can be notified of how many hours are spent/ and “considerable more information as well”. That driver license number would also indicate who is below a targeted age/ for particular games and the rest. Parents or others who invite deception by granting access for their children or others avoiding socially conceived parental consent, can be punished; you decide. It is not a freedom to corrupt, use, abuse, or in any way destroy the innocense of a child. Don’t do it/ grow up and do your duty: but do understand you cannot control who your child can and will talk to/ what they will read/ what they will drink or do, and it is more realistic to be assured they understand the effects of these things than to just let them stubble into it. Do not let the isp services suggest they don’t know or can’t control child access; they have only the rights that parents will allow; and the search engines can find “practically anything”; which means they can find what parents choose to avoid for their children/ if the child is identified. Access speed for a child is irrelevant.

As to order and disciplines regarding the current situation of numbers generated and protected as important; called money. The reality of our lives is: those who have the numbers live as kings/ queens, taking everything they want; ridiculing every other life with what they have stolen. Did they not “get the numbers fair and square/ did they not play the game better”? If a game were life/ then they would be entitled; but life is not a game/ and we are not their toys! Consequently the right to control our lives is not subject to rewards described because a game proved to be controlled by power, pride, greed, selfishness, or even hate. Every day you continue to let them do so, is another day they steal, and you pretend “the game really isn’t over”; you are bankrupt, they own a thousand years of your work, and every resource on earth, if you let them continue; and all you can be promised is the life of a slave. The game must end/ and indeed this cannot be avoided, it will end. I know, that this is “scary to you/ as it should be”; but avoiding truth is what brought you here to the place of lies. If you do not surrender lying/ you do not survive. This is not a hard concept. This is simply WE ARE EQUAL/ and we are sworn by the constitution to live as WE THE PEOPLE! Stop lying/ stop the lies/ stop pretending they aren’t lies/ stop being afraid of the courtroom or your employees of government: be “we the people”. And make your own choice, what happens next/ don’t just surrender to hate and then pick up your gun. It will end your life too. The honesty of what happens after the lies are defeated; is defined by hate or reality as truth will decide, and then forgiveness as so many have been injured (stolen from, lied to, and cheated out of their future) & so many others have sacrificed so much to have their numbers, that they too will suffer the same (stolen from now/ lied to/ and a future planned, that does not exist). You will be subjected to countless “rumors and in unedo” about how everything is “practically perfect/ don’t worry”. But I will remind you plainly, “ the liars are in charge”/ the reality is they can and do control everything you look at to gain a prospective of what is real and what is not. Anyone who believes the numbers on the stock market are not manipulated as desired, should go back to kindergarten and try again; you failed. Anyone who believes that the “markers and indicators” upon which you depend are not lying to you as much as is possible, simply don’t understand the game. Anyone who believes “the employees of government” are not lying about anything they don’t want you to know; is just lying to themselves. These are people just like you and me, they have concerns they face loses and have fears/ and they especially don’t want to “be found guilty” of anything. Therefore as has been the historic past of america, wherein anything undesirable is LIED ABOUT furiously: such as the Vietnam war, and all the deaths, etc/ the man on the moon project, which was nothing but a cover story to worship missiles to carry atomic weapons/ the debt turned into numbers without meaning; spending money (promising the people of america will pay with their sweat and tears and lives) like water, not a problem; even ethanol and countless other “governmental designs”/ based upon water that does not exist; stupidity by design/ and so on, it is a long list.

To those in power, or those approaching insanity; I tell you for sure, that to kill me now would not be in your interest/ after all, I now promise to give you a replacement engine and that represents a large amount of work; and actual money to the world. And more; but we both know stupidity is your ally, and lies are your trademark, so we will see. Do not think to “kill me and take the inventions either”/ you will never be able to defend how you got them; and eternity will never let you die. Don’t do it, it will be your own horrendous tragedy/ or ask another either, it is no excuse. As to women, the reality of my life is simple; Life is important, it is too late for little things already, and none would listen before. But there will come a time soon, when nothing else matters; TOO LATE for everything/ you have killed yourselves; if you do not understand yet/ simply put time itself is running out, because of countless threats. We need this earth/ these resources/ etc/ etc/ etc. The failure to make a decision early has led to considerable loss that could have been avoided. The failure to make a decision now; will lead to a situation that will multiply in harshness and grief, horrors and death. The failure to make your decision at all, is the end of this world; you cannot hide “like a house on fire/ these realities will search you out, and terrorize you”, ending in an extinct planet. That is not said to influence by making you fear. That is simply said because it is true; go to court and prove what you can as best you can/ penalizing all liars. As to me; my reality is not one of power, you are in charge/ I am not. I can help you, what is man is forbidden to make your decision/ what is woman in me, is not in charge. The “spiritual woman inside” is in charge; but I am willing so there is no conflict, this is her way, not mine; she must have control of what is male, otherwise male is affecting the outcome and that is not allowed. I know this is a strange statement to make, and does not make “for comfortable conversation”/ therefore women on earth get to decide too. {I am more than a little aware of what this could honestly mean; but will do it anyway, simply because life on earth requires no less. What should I save back? It is a ridiculous suggestion.} But this is only true, if you make your own decisions for life / and not simply ridicule or hate me. If that becomes so, I will pray to leave. Life isn’t free/ it requires participation to survive. I am here for life.

As to “other possibilities” that only GOD Can do; what has that to do with me, except the simple words: I am HIS, and HE may do whatever “HE LIKES” With me. The idea I have a choice is somewhat inappropriate/ but it is honest and real. And love allows, that I may express that and be glad. PRAISE GOD Beyond all thought or expression, HE DESERVES IT. How can you be so blind.


To __________

Just hoping to make your return to________ a little nicer, so I thought I would write you a letter. The kids ______ and _______ are taking care of remind me, that you would be very good at the “big brother/ big sister programs” that are around; kids need support. Perhaps there is a program on ________. You might consider it anyway, there are a lot of kids in need of support everywhere/ they are better friends than most adults. Even so, since you don’t like _________ much, it is apparent that you don’t have a good friend there. Since this is true, one of the things that are important about being friends is the opportunities of conversation. Either things that are interesting topics, from which everyone feels free to have an opinion/ or topics of local or personal interest, so that others know you do have an interest in their lives, as well as what happens “to us”. I will suggest to you Has a lot of interesting topics that will present a wide conversational impact. Most people have nothing of interest to say; so they pick on people, because they need SOMETHING to say; or people leave and go elsewhere. There are other topics too, a wide range in the different web sites linked to this one. For the sake of simpler conversation; or different ones, there is a list of perhaps 40 or so inventions listed/ they are good, friendly topics of conversation for anyone with this type of interests. Try them/ they will not hurt you: you don’t have to claim me, or anything like that; just use the conversation that seems appropriate to you.

YOU are a lovely young woman, with great possibilities/ NEVER believe that is not true, it is true. Your face is above average, and you are a nice height for most men of any size. But I do have to tell you, it is important to men that you have a figure that is shapely. I have been dieting and not doing so well either for the last few months/ but in the world of dating weight does matter. I do love you just the way you are, no matter what size that is; but it is harder to find a man if you are overweight. Just how it is. Getting a man or a friend, IS more importantly, ABOUT ACCESS than anything else: I knew some very lovely women who couldn’t find a date; beautiful, but they couldn’t be found at their job/ and rarely went out. So no one found them, but me; and I was too busy with my own life and dating problems. So understand, “it ain’t you/ it’s the possibilities you allow”. In __________and ________ case, she found him; and was helped to keep him interested for the first few days: _______ wasn’t finding anyone either, a lot of men just give up. But it is important NOT to present yourself as a person with a lot of anger issues. And that is something you need to address inside yourself. I know its not you really/ I know that most of the children you dealt with were not fair/ but in the end, it is up to each one of us to be the person we desire to be by building ourselves one day at a time. That means simply; if you ask yourself “do I want to be an angry person”/ and the answer is no: then you must do the things that are not about being angry or jealous of someone else and their good fortune. Its up to you. I know you don’t mean it/ but some of the words used against _________________ at a party a year ago or so, were cruel and unkind. It was jealousy, not intentional but still an anger directed against them they did not deserve. Life is about being free inside; and they are doing their best.

One of the things learned is; not free, not happy! So it is very important to look inside and discover the truth about what it is you would honestly like to do with your life. Reality says adjust; as have ___________ by adopting and as foster parents/ instead of “by birth children”. Freedom isn’t free, it comes with a list that must be completed before happiness can stay. I have found in learning, a happiness that lives in the relationships I create or accept with that knowledge or wisdom. We all have a little different need in life, but we all need a little friendship and love to go with that need as well. So there are searches you need to make inside yourself/ happiness you need to grow, by doing the things you can do. And the honesty and honor of being accessible to others, that they may find you too. One of the things most necessary in every dating situation is patience. If you are not patient inside, the opportunity to grow a relationship dies a little. If you are not paying attention to “the little signals”/ many a dating opportunity will fall away, and you won’t even know they existed; because people are commonly afraid of being rejected, “so they use little clues, or suggestions”. I am sorry, these things were not taught to you earlier; it is “our fault”/ because it was necessary, and I was too busy with my own life, and you were never a good student. Always intent upon believing only what you wanted to believe, and no more. An open mind is not a doorway to abuse/ an open mind is your opening to see the world, and learn what you need to know. The difference is as a student, we learn the lesson by living the reality; and are better prepared for the next time by understanding what went wrong, why it went wrong, where did I go wrong, what can I do to repair this, and how do I do better? These are personal issues that bring the presence of your own life, beyond a focus of self, to include the whole world, in what is “my life”. It is looking down into self alone: “this was important to me/ why did they do this to me/ when is it my turn/ why can’t I have what I want; and countless more “I,I,I,,,,,I”, that make us descend inside ourselves and fail to appreciate the miracles that life is. An open mind is seeing everything on the outside, by being yourself on the inside. A closed mind sees only what is on the inside, by the words and actions of those on the outside; and these are always lies, in one form or another/ because they do not honestly include you. When people do include you honorably in their descriptions of themselves “me too/ becomes the basis of humor”, because “I know what that feels like/ we are “same, a friend”. Figuratively speaking “never look down at one little spot on this earth (just me)/ ALWAYS look up, and see the earth and its life, that you are fully a part of/ that you do belong to in every sense of the word.” If you are looking at miracles, you will find wonder and hope and love/ if you are looking at self, you will find want/ depression (because they aren’t doing what I want)/ disrespect (because they are not treating me the way I want)/ and hatred (why should I consider them/ any of them, friends to me; they are not what I want in my life) who cares about anyone.

But anyway, life, even every life must build the reality of its own truth. To do that, you must define honestly and without any lies to yourself, either accepted from the others, or generated by you; be who you desire to be. Then every life must create the purpose of a work, that will convince your heart that there is an honesty to this passion in me. Did I mention life is not a simple thing? Do you understand, nature is never about the individual, nature is about species and environment protection; the individuals have to take care of themselves, where they are given the opportunity to do so. Even if it isn’t what they had in mind. The blessing of a life, is to understand the purpose of your own heart can be decided by you; either to be isolated inside yourself, because you choose it/ or choose to belong to the miracles of life, because you earned it by being alive, and remaining so. It is unfortunate but true, that many people become so lonely they fall into a suicidal trap; I think you would do well, helping people who are failing/ you are a very strong girl inside. The difference in strength between people, is the honesty of a love accepted, that is life. Inside I know there is much love in you to give. Sometimes, we have to look for people who are willing to share/ someone who looks in the mirror before they condemn you, by seeing themselves as life “same as all other people”. One of the saddest failures of humanity is, a want to talk so badly, that these will use, abuse, and disrespect another person; making up stories, and demanding ridicule from others to humiliate someone so they do not expect to be alone: entertaining/ gossiping, as a payment that says “please stay here with me”. It is completely unfair to all/ and commonly is not about the person being gossiped about; it is about the reality of loneliness, and the desperation “don’t leave me”. But no one likes to be ridiculed, and if someone does it to another/ then they will surely do so to you as well; and people leave after “the entertaining/ gossiping” is done. That makes them an equal participant/ but they don’t care, or they would not participate. It is a disgrace to the humanity called life.

In case you are wondering, a few years ago when I sent you letters everyday for a time/ it was because the probability was very high, that you were feeling very lonely in ______ I think. The letters were to keep you from feeling alone/ until your mom had time to come. I will not be doing that again, as any time you wish to talk to me/ you are free to open the web sites I have created; or just call/ send a letter or email or whatever you like. I love you, as any _______ would. I am a little different I know/ but that does not mean I have no value; it does take an open mind to deal with me at any level but a very simple one though is just fine. Just a fact of life. This means we cannot have a true conversation, unless you are willing to have an open mind too; but most of the things I could tell you are already written and on the sites mentioned/ I would be happy to respond to anything you would write to me, if you wish.
So anyway, having “rattled on enough”/ I do wish you well, and hope for your happiness. Am sending along the check, Because money seems to be a problem; and I wish you to be more accessible. So use it wisely, for something that is more friendly than bills or simply food, and have a little fun.

A letter created for one person that seems of some value to perhaps many/ therefore the names are removed for the simple purpose of your own considerations on this web site. Your own use, whatever that might be.


Life teaches hope! Therefore freedom follows expecting to trust and believe that life also protects the innocent from being abused. Of those most vulnerable in this human life are women, they are valued/ they are condemned/ they are judged/ they are used, abused, and a few are violently attacked. The reality of less physical strength and stamina as opposed to men, creates this consequence, because it allows dominance to be created by those who want/ rather than care. Our relationship with behavior, then understands the difference between safety and hope/ the possibilities between happiness through trust and truth/ and the reality of being attacked, and somewhat defenseless. One of the questions in male behavior, is what do they believe about women, and where is the difference between those who do care and desire truth in their relationships with women/ and those who do not care, and seek to use or abuse?

By cutting expressions into various percentages of men, a definition of relationships forms with the fundamentals involved with each group of men. Within those men, who have discovered their honor and respect for all life, women are a blessed existence of life, love, hope, sex, truth, and wonder; and will never be less without destruction of the whole man. With these freedom is rewarded with happiness and the honesty that you may do whatever you wish, because we all have a right to be free and express ourselves in the ways we wish. We are all treasured by the sanctity of a life and body owned by each one (it is yours, never less)/ but shared wherever love expresses a truth of need, or a desire of heart and soul. With these men, who are very disciplined and honest with themselves as well as others; the reality of innocense is preserved, because life has taught them to believe in sharing love and hope, and body as well. These are few, because it does require work for a man/ it is not free, discipline and honor must be searched for: therefore a time will be dedicated to learning of life, peace, & pain. Without this knowledge it is impossible to understand the needs of women, even though woman herself remains not understood. It is not important, because these know it is the women of life, that make life important and desired. Where love lives; You may be free here/ you may trust/ you may be innocent. These are generally happy, loving to a fault, respectful to all, and disciplined in their lives and choices for life and for you. They are not pushed, but they are concerned or caring and it will show.

The critical group of men/ the vast majority, both young and old, have not done most of the work for discipline, honor, or duty; but exist as life directs them to be. Pushed here and there, demanded to do things/ expected to do work/ commanded to be what other men expect them to be; they have learned only of their own wants, and believe only in their own needs. It is not simple/ rather it is a life spent seeking happiness, rather than seeking life itself. Therefore these commonly search for anything that gives momentary comfort or thrill or excitement; from either sex, competitions, position, power, or pride. The reality of each of these is: there is no thought and no caring involved, these are actions or reactions to the possibilities that time represents. These are a tragedy to women being that each of these men represent people who go from one side of the fence to the other in an instant. Or more clearly, at times they are caring & loving/ and at times they are abusive and will only use women. Leaving the truth, what cannot be trusted at all times/ simply cannot be trusted. This eliminates freedom, because sooner or later innocense will be attacked. The critical issues of sex become attacked here as well; offering to men the decision “is this woman used, had sex, therefore not attractive/ someone else’s trash”. In the world of competition “second place, is viewed by many as practically worthless”. Or in the world of position, domination is determined by who controls who. Therefore if a life can be demanded to do what I want/ then I have the power/ I have the pride; and they are my slave. The man becomes god, in his own mind. But even here, if another comes, then many will look to capturing that one too. “Bigger god”. The world is full of these men, who want a harem/ but not one of them wants women to be more than a sex object, “like a trophy”/ that is pulled out once in a while to be shown off. It isn’t about sex/ its about the competition with other men, the chemicals, and playing god. As time increases for these men, most will compromise their wants into something realistic/ some will learn respect, some will reject respect; most will want sex enough to be married. The common description of this group is: aggressive, competitive, lots of plans none of which honestly includes woman (listen closely, to the time required, to the purposes he proposes to do with the money and effort or property etc. Is there anything more than a glance, at what you desire?) . Usually above average looking, because that grants the presence of women in their lives; giving them sex. Therefore they conceive of no great need to understand or respect or love women, they get sex; the rest of their life is about self. Who cares about women/ “good looking, I will get another”. The more sex these get from different women, the more aggressive and “winner”/ they believe they have become; don’t need to care/ women are a tool. Some spend money freely on women, to get the sex/ don’t care about women, just care not to be lonely; just care not to be left out.

The second major group are those who are lonely, usually slightly less attractive or too shy; women don’t generally want them, trust them, or are too shy themselves to initiate an opportunity. The majority of women are “looking for mr. perfect”/ and so they compete over “the better looking ones”, causing jealousy in these. The question of jealousy seeks to destroy discipline, thereby happiness leaves, because without discipline and order in a man, it is impossible to find true freedom/ and without that freedom discipline dies leaving the bulk of a man without a destination that gives him hope. The reality of freedom for man is based in the truth that we live in a world that expects us to defend life/ therefore we must find courage, we must understand life is worth protecting because of its value to heart and soul (that requires woman) , and we must believe in the strength inside that gives us this possibility. Discipline is required for everything, order is assembled when life needs to understand, so tragedy does not occur needlessly. So this group needs discipline/ but they also need women to make them believe and understand, the price can be paid; it is worth my life. These are men who commonly have to be “rebuilt” by the women who get them; as they learn discipline, if and when they accept the price that must be paid. But when they do learn/ if not abandoned for lesser things; they can be well worth the price. In this a sub-group are often the men who have been divorced, and no longer know how to believe in themselves, because everything they did turned out poorly in one form or another.
The last group of basic men includes those who are dead inside. They are lazy and do not believe in discipline/ they believe in pride, greed, lust, and power. Therefore in terms of women, if you present a trophy/ or a prize either in money, position, or property; you are wanted until these toys are no longer worth your price. The critical reality is subversion, as the plotting and planning never stop. The critical truth is a relationship with don’t care/ that includes violence and revenge. The critical demand with regards to women is: YOU will never make me a “loser”/ because his strength over you makes these believe they are a god to you. Religions pop up here, as the primary source of believing (proving I have a right) “I CAN be whatever I want to be over you/ you are worthless next to me”. Lust is primary to every sexual experience/ therefore props and lures and deviant measures are common. Homosexuality arises here/ even if it becomes less transparent in those who have some discipline or value. Homosexuality is a demand for superiority over man/ homosexuality is a demand for “protect me/ like a woman”. But in the last descent from life, that belongs to this “bottom of the pile” is the reality that superiority desires power more than it desires your life/ therefore the ultimate power, is to take your life, and strip you of dignity, definition of you, or desire that leads to hope. The end result is a man that leans always to hate, ridicule, and violence. A man that uses women rather than respects them. A man who will believe that if you accept anything from him/ HE NOW owns you.

The tragedy that is human existence is built upon the desires and behaviors of men, these are fundamental examples/ but the truth of teaching young boys how to be men, is critical to an improvement in human life. One of the primary demands required is: that every boy learn the lesson, that a penis is not simply “an amusing toy”/ it is a method and a way to harm the world. Until they learn this simple fact, that a price is attached to their toy; a hard reality of damage to life, including their own can occur because of this toy/ penis: they must accept lessons of life/ and a fundamental disclosure that women are more than equal to them, they are different from them. Most men do not know! Nearly all believe in some fashion, that women are “almost like men”/ therefore “just like me, except for the sex thing”. We can trade sex/ we can have sex, without a cost or a penalty; because this penis is a toy; so your parts and pieces are too. We can claim winner in sex/ because it is the men we are competing with; not the women (they are a tool), they have their own price , cause they are a little different.

So in basic summary, from these little insights; is the truth that most men are not worthy of your freedoms, or your trust. They may turn on you, even if they seem trustworthy at the time. Therefore even though I promote and desire all women to be truly free, and happy, and at peace; before that happens to any real degree, there must be an education in men that allows them to understand the penis is not a toy/ but a happy opportunity for both man and woman; if joined with a man, instead of a boy or worse. You must grow them up. This is a man’s world/ therefore it is as men want it to be, as much so, as they are willing to pay for it. To create a “woman’s world”, you must teach them about the honor and respect of a relationship that is devoted to peace, happiness, and love. To do this requires the acceptance: their penis is not a toy/ and women are not a tool, not a game, not something owned, not someone used or abused, and not someone sold for pride, possession, power, or selfishness. To do this, an entire new relationship must be built out of understanding discipline is required of men and boys. Happiness is built upon order, so that freedoms can come forth. Love is greater and expressed in true friendship as sharing honorably/ than anything else. And HONEST RESPECT builds trust, which then becomes the possibility of a freedom in women that benefits men too. Life is not meant to be proud/ life is meant for friendship, hope, and happiness through lives being joined in love. Believe in your heart, and join your soul.

And yes, I am writing again because knowledge is power, and understanding is the way that power is used to change the world. And there is just too much tragedy for me to stop, I just can’t stand it. This work recognizes the reality of life, as opposed to the desires of young women; to find someone who accepts me, loves me, and holds me as desired. It is a search I would suggest cannot be done in the competition of this day; women must join together, to care about each other (all, not just a few). Therefore we must change this day, to remove the competition and establish a freedom that believes not only in life, but the possibilities of men and women. If you use your bodies to get a man/ men will use your bodies for themselves. If you use your mind, to get a man/ men will use that purpose for themselves. Only if you accept the price of love is your heart, the honesty of this world is not measured but found, & the reality of this world is not trust today, but a relationship built upon happiness for both; will you find the freedom, the sexual expressions, and the experience that forms all bonds as love. May peace be with you. May understanding be within your soul. And may your heart become the essence of your world.