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So ends the appellate case of #2299/ with them destroying all evidence that it existed apart from what I control. It is their choice, and dictates no tax will be paid by their mandate “no verdict will be issued”; they had control of the taxes, stated unequivocally both state and federal taxes would be decided by them, and as long as the taxes for 2005 do not come back to target me again/ this matter is done. FOR CLARITY, this is not a verdict/ this is a refusal to provide a verdict in this case {but the public door is welded open to the supreme court, therefore it is an irrelevant matter}. The consequence of this failure being “if you don’t do your job properly/ then I don’t owe.” The consequence of a tax question regarding 2005/ returns the matter to court, and public view.
If YOU want a copy of this case, from federal court records/ you have until September 26, 2007: before the stated day of expulsion of all evidence occurs.

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