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Traitors, and reality

Of the basic reality and consequences to life, are the consistent truth; that men and women and children will sell you, for nothing more than selfishness or pride. How many percentage wise/ and what is their true price, becomes the life or death of every community & every nation.
Of basic perceptions, a traitor is not so simple as one who brings the enemy “ammunition” to be used against you. It is far more clearly recognized in the basic living of day to day reality. When you decide: “ someone else is for sale”, be it so you can be “the winner”/ or cause them to fail in their search for happiness, giving you greater control and access/ or you choose to manipulate, tempt, abuse, use, consume, hate, disrespect, or dishonor; YOU become a traitor. Intent upon destroying some part of someone else’s life, just because you can/ a more devious desire is most often associated in kind with this activity, but it is not necessary; a traitor just the same, only the level of violence is different.

As to relationships, common to all households, all communities, and all nations is the ever present threat: do what I say, or I will make you pay (doesn’t matter what). The consistent excuse is “I don’t like what you do/ therefore you must change”. The question that erupts here is, what is the truth/ what does reality say: because those who steal, abuse, kill, etc ARE NECESSARY to stop/ while those who merely exercise their own freedoms and ownership of body are free by GOD’S description of life here, To do what they desire/ even what they want, whether you like it or not. Therefore truth controls the honesty of what is fair/ reality controls the honor of what is done/ and time establishes whether these actions or reactions were “good or bad”. The foundation of intervention in someone else’s life, is determined by the evidence of their personal effect upon society/ but that does not mean they don’t have a right to effect society somewhat given they are free to be who they are. All issues of intervention are created in “the damage done”/ all reality that crosses the line defined as: NOW YOU MADE ME, literally participate, and did actively alter my life, my freedom, and my responsibilities. Even so, life is not so simple in society as “You changed a minimal opportunity of my life/ just because you are alive”. Instead the boundaries form, based upon true damage done; such as, the use of drugs to alter the conscious state of mind, as SO MANY do/ with prescription’s or by illegal means: CAN AFFECT SOCIETY BADLY. Not the adult usage, “its your body & mind/ YOUR reality of consequence”/ but the possibilities of influence upon the young, and the intentional lies to tempt others into such a disgrace and disease as living with lies is. The proper resolution of this conflict is: DON’T touch the young, or you will be killed. 2, you will allow yourselves to be a lesson to all, clearly displaying the results of your activities and its outcome, as the public chooses to use it for educational purposes. 3, as there are many conflicts with injury and potential death; all medical assistance is lost, you are on your own, {one chance for help/ but after that, you can be left to die}. It is your choice in freedom/ it is our choice as a society, not to pay for your freedoms; they are yours. The question of simpler things such as nakedness, is an issue graded upon the single reality are you intending to touch; such as being in a place where touching is inevitable or clearly possible even without intent. You are not allowed to do that; simple penalties for obvious mistakes; public penalties for those who attempt to overtly force fear upon another ( such as tying them up naked on the city square, with a sign stating the cause). Ostracism or shunning, is not a solution of society, it separates and alienates but does not bring resolution to the problems at hand. The problem at hand is freedom, and who owns the right; to live your life! The answer is YOU DO/ they do not. But the question then asked is: although they are free, do we actually have to put up with them in their freedoms/ WHY can we not force them out, make them pay for their decisions, that we don’t want; prove we are not free, to make them pay. The foundation of society is: that we are in this together, one and all. When people begin to divide without criminal convictions to create the cause of that division; they allow the righteous to lead/ and they make rules, upon rules, upon rules. A leader means, “some rights will be taken away/ some decisions are not yours to make”. A rule means, “I will control you, with this rule/ I will take your life, and make you obey me.” Is this what you desire for your community? Some say yes/ because being part of the herd is far safer, than being an actual human being; in charge of yourself, free to learn and do and live as life defines you. People will demand: “No one controls me, but truth offers morality as one set of rules/ propaganda as another forcing you to believe lies/ countless behavioral conditioning, to establish “what we are allowed to believe is good or bad”/ political conditioning, to establish that liars will vote for you, and not against you/ and so on. Just look at your law libraries, endless books on “the law/ or more correctly to rules to provide, WE are going to make them do what we want”. Discussion is largely pointless; EITHER you desire your own freedom to live life as you please/ OR you accept being a sheep, surrounded by wolves is in your best interest. Make your decision. But be aware, educating yourselves on “not hiding anymore, requires work”. Living together within respect and honor and honesty applied as justice and equality/ through fair play for all, Is not without an understanding based in love, life, and caring by sharing with others a life they too may find happy, as best they can. The constant of human herds is: get away from me, I have my own herd, and you cannot join. The constant of human reality is: I am alive, but learning grants me the knowledge to know, that love is essential to all lives on earth, therefore it is only fair that you should learn to be human too. We are not the essence of our heredity/ we are not the training of our behavioral or environmental training: we are the reality of our decisions, and the truth that exists behind these decisions, or before them in plain view. Opportunities matter, possibilities to learn “different ways and different views” in the clarity of truth matter: but in the end, the greatest evidence of life and who you are is decided by: WHY, and what is your truth that it makes this decision possible in you? Again in the composition of mental existence, everything is decided by one of three realities: love, hate, or need/ since need is strictly survival, it is essentially not a decision, apart from suicide or not. Those that risk everything for very little thrills; do so because their lives are unhappy with the result of being alive, they want more. Those that believe they cannot survive without their “rules”/ are simply afraid to be themselves “people will hate me”. Those who are afraid to learn the rules of others, and fight consistently to “be somebody”; merely believe the rules have made them losers/ didn’t have a chance.

The essence and reality of life is: I AM ALIVE! The question that comes forth, in this reality is the truth: “Now what”? The answer that exhibits a foundation in truth is “this is a freedom beyond my true comprehension/ therefore to learn, is to live and respect this opportunity.” The answer that exhibits a foundation in time is simply: “What can I get”? The fundamental of sex answers, “with hope, for a life recognized with value”. The gender roles produce expectations that will be met in time, therefore the child finds his or her life “waiting to grow up”. The critical contribution of body is then, the possibilities in time for change and the excitement of new beginnings/ new experiences/ and new expressions based upon the influences of others, conceived by the possibilities of environmental realities, and understood by the essence of that change, experience, and expression on the variations of mental stability. What is stable, understands life through the recognition and deliberate acceptance of truth. What is unstable, is caught from time to time without the recognition or abilities of truth; and therefrom accelerate into the abyss of perpetual doubt. Doubt is the relationship shared with confusion and the assumption of a penalty involved; without the penalty, the reality is not taken seriously. Dependent upon the severity of a potential penalty, critical consequences including “a sinking into the mire”, of fundamental disciplines that control the rest of behavior and mental measurement, causing a breakdown in basic order and fundamental concentrations that allow a decision to be made. If a grip is not anchored into some form of inherent truth, it is impossible to “save yourself, from sinking/ until there is”. The critical resolution of an anchor is not in your mind/ but in your heart. The difference is, the mind only measures/ therefore as you sink it continually estimates how much farther you will go; if doubt increases, the end result becomes “to the bottom of your soul”. If you have sold your soul, the reality becomes violence and hate. DO repent, you know not if GOD Will grant you mercy/ do not make judgments for HIM. As to the heart, our fundamental breakdown as a human being rests upon the ability to use truth to sustain our lives; the heart aids in shaping life, by providing the resolution of a desire. A desire conceives in hope, the value and placement of what we believe to be true, and where we allow that truth to influence our decisions as life within the understanding of love. What is hate, deceives itself into believing the heart no longer matters, or even fails to exist; it does not, the heart remains/ just as life in time remains, until death. Heart is a translation of the basic elements, defining the critical resolution to desire life itself, understanding the basis of why, is the reality of wisdom sufficient to recognize “this is a blessing and a gift.” Therefore we do learn to seek truth, as a relationship to this blessing and gift/ and become acquainted with soul thereby. What is soul, understands body as the basis of time/ recognizes knowledge as the formation of basic parameters and boundaries of mental existence/ and asks the heart when all things are prepared, to be a messenger for love inside the expression of life itself. These fundamentals exist to prepare you to be included in the expansion of experience by the creation of thought in you. Thought is the spiritual transaction between what is life, and what is time, in you. Beyond this basic introduction, is “the spirit world itself”.

The “woman inside of me” is a spiritual reality (detailed in past writings), and consistent with truth in every way. We as humanity born in time, are separated from this world; visiting if allowed, but subject to its laws and consequences if not properly prepared. Revelation 12, is the prophecy that allows this separation to be broken; becoming “her life and mine”, here in time. Thought is the fundamental conversation, but only if allowed inside. This is a freedom of expression/ this is a reality that you find hard to accept; but that does not mean I am subject to your rules, or should in any way seek to be what I am not. The most visible evidence apart from the change in writing of her existence in me, is probably the “woman’s chest, added to my body and life”. You just can’t imagine what it is like to look down, and see these breasts on me; I adjust/ and adjust/ and adjust, it is necessary. As a physical force, they do affect me everyday. As a reality, they have feelings and do whatever they please; lately they are doing something inside I can feel it, but I am yet to understand what. Actually that is not quite correct, I never understand exactly, just confronted with the evidence of what they do. “It honestly feels like they are about to get bigger/ or want to get bigger/ or something; I don’t know; it is a “communication, by consequences”/ but I understand very little, a reality without escape; but my desire is also for life on earth to survive, so no intent exists: she knows better than me. This is then an explanation of human existence & the spiritual world for you/ describing a reality in time, that exists for our benefit; to aid in helping women lead this world. How or why exactly, I personally fit into that is a mystery. But where love leads, and truth proves worthy, I do follow. What is necessary for you to understand is, even if you are acquainted with spiritual existence through the evidence of clear and deliberate thought/ the consequence of entering therein is “up to the spiritual world/ not you”. Those who watch over you in the spiritual world, control your fate. It is a very dangerous place, unless You are invited through love, respect, honesty, and honor. Do not go, unless you are/ or your life may be given away to those willing to take it from you. The woman inside is love/ but she is also deeply committed to working for women on this earth, and I am not allowed to do less. So ends your lesson for this day.

In the relationships of people we now begin to look at the realm of the traitor/ as a reality of people who refuse love, or confuse pride with the consequence of selfishness, and become a traitor to life, because expectation in humanity allows them to believe life is just a game; greed is just winner /loser, a simple thing; or lust does not evict the honesty of a desire for life. Each of these has consequences; the most simple explanation comes with the broken down teeth I now have, considerable damage. My best estimate based upon known facts is roughly a cost of $25,000.00 dollars to repair them at this time [no, I do not intend to get them fixed/ no it is not about the money]. Details have been written previously. I do currently charge $25.00 per hour for the work that I do/ that means 1000 hours or one half a year of labor in simple terms to obtain twenty five thousand dollars: but that does not include taxes, currently running roughly 52 percent or so including sales tax, property tax, federal tax, state tax, social security tax, and others for most. That means realistically for the work of a dentist “a college graduate”/ who would need perhaps 8-10 hours of labor at the outside/ plus roughly $500 dollars in possible misc expenses: I must work a year. Other medical doctors/ lawyers/ and many, many more are equivalent “so its ok”. It has gotten this bad/ because the insurance industry made it “painless financially” to go to the dentist or doctor, thereby eliminating the basic function of money, which is a fair exchange. It is truth to allow the basic description of a person who will charge you a years labor/ in exchange for a days’ labor for them as a traitor to society, and to life; Many, many people among the poor are losing their teeth/ and subject to other realities that are harsh. Why? Because “well, I have a diploma/ and am entitled”/ so says the university, and compliance is expected among every graduate. But lets review: ask any graduate a few years later, and they all say “best years of my life in college; and why not, a place to play/ a place to choose whatever you want to do with your life/ a place and a time to be with countless other people of both genders in your age group/ and it is more true freedom than these young adults have ever known before”: WHAT is not to like? But we have to pay for this/ those of us who must do the work and pay the price of society; for your lifetime! NOT A CHANCE. This is lying, cheating, stealing; and YOU become a traitor to society/ because you share nothing, and you care for no one, but yourself! But wait, does not the university charge a LOT of money, to each and every student? Indeed it does/ and does this not have to be paid back? Indeed they will certainly try to collect without doubt; “They’re special you know”. But the question that properly defines “special” is what did you do for society, REALLY? The answer is; prove the basis and foundation for every threat that exists to exterminate humanity; except for over-population. We can pay for the student education as a society/ we can prove, the university is primary to critical decay in our abilities to survive. We can submit and challenge anyone who claims to be “special” with the honesty and honor necessary to prove respect, instead of just plain greed, and remove them from their arrogance/ as society itself decides. YOU led the charge against society/ therefore it is only fair, society should judge you as a group or an individual for the reality of what has been done. The reality of subjugating the majority, into what is clearly a slavery: fundamentally exists as traitorous; because life is life, and you are not special/ YOU are equal. The reality of work, is based upon time and risk to the health of the body and its life. The consequence of “who gets what at birth”/ does not entitle you to anything more than what society is willing to let you have. The reward of life, is enough.
This is not “picking on, the university”/ this is demanding equality and justice for all. The list of people abusing their positions, power, or responsibilities to life, and to society, and to this world; are very long indeed. “Plenty of options/ no shortage of those who take advantage, and who just don’t care”. It is the legacy of the leadership called men.

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