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Our reality is governed by the acceptance of those who lead society. That leadership has proven itself unwise and unbalanced/ and are formed out of the base elements that compete for pride, want, and selfishness. Balance is the creation of a moment in time and beyond time, wherein the truth has come to believe the end could be near, because the evidence for death is becoming equal to the weight of life. Therefore in this day of possibilities the consequence is change or die/ because time is shifting towards death, and life is being assaulted sufficiently to die. Those with feelings suited to life, are then forewarned, either you will come to fight with all that intends to destroy us/ or you will hide/ run/ lie/ and leave life to its death as a coward and a disgrace destined to hell and Armageddon. Feelings are the life of this world, by their discovery of love, friendship, family, and hope! Feelings are the essence of life, because they bring happiness, courage, and all blessings called joy; making life itself, easily worth its price. Discipline knows that time is running out for this earth/ but feelings understand clearly and simply, that our existence is in the hands of our Creator; and we will not die, unless HE so chooses. To that truth and reality, the spirit world says to you all: that men are finished ruling/leading life on earth, they have chosen extinction; paid the price of it/ created the reality through work and decision for it/ and have decided inside to accomplish it; because they have pride instead of shame! WOMEN WILL RULE THIS EARTH, by following the truth, and letting the law decide. Or there will be no life on earth, because men are through leading; and that does include every sexual reality or truth; women will rule, or life dies. Make your decision.

Some men will say, “women are not strong enough to rule”! GOD SAYS TO YOU, if men truly get in the way, and women are working honorably, honestly, and with peace their intended purpose; it is those men who will die, quickly and without compromise or mercy. Women are the difference between YOUR LIFE, OR YOUR DEATH! Therefore they are given power over you as men/ because YOU chose to abandon life on earth. Men have chosen to destroy this CREATION , THAT GOD HAS MADE! And if women choose to protect it, and bring the earth back to life; no man shall ever rule again. So says the spirit inside! By the hand of men, the words of every religious document were forged and interpreted/ TODAY, by the hands of a man those words are changed in every religion to demand that women shall be in charge of this world forever/ as punishment to men for their decision to destroy GOD’S WORLD !

These things do not suggest women are now responsible for “fixing everything men have done/ men don’t get to blame them for anything”! Instead, the NEW LAW that each society and the world shall make, will take the responsibility assigned to rebuilding the possibility of life on earth. The courtroom will prove it is necessary, and the men and women assigned to enforce these new laws, WILL do their job/ or be sent to prison. It is that simple. Not a hard concept, obey the law/ or be punished! Neither does this return to sanity, represent an end to all “good things”/ rather this is the return to all “good things”; because your lies have led you to the door of hell and Armageddon/ and these are horrific. Choose a life of hope, happiness, and harmony, in peace and love/ OR DEATH by the most horrid of means, the choices of men. It will be one or the other. DO understand, that although prophecy gives you to 2010 for women to decide, if a majority can be found/ the REALITY is, if you are not fully working and functioning deliberately to achieve this truth before the final day; you will simply fail, and die. “No free pass”/ for the next two years, instead either participate or the balance for life or death on earth will shift to death instead of life. This is not a game/ start controlling the fishing fleets of the world, and give sea life a chance. For a minimum of a year, no fishing at all; the fishing fleets will be employed to collect garbage out of the sea, and paid by the ton for what they deliver to be recycled. Start by cleaning up everything (clean out the jails, except the worst offenders, and let these help); and putting barriers in place to stop further trash from going out to sea. NO more nitrogen fertilizers allowed above a prescribed limit/ and NO more nitrogen applied at any time BEFORE 4 weeks to planting/ and a reduction of 2 weeks before the next year, and then none before the field is planted the 3 year. Start by understanding why this is your last chance/ because just like you, “other creatures have needs, that cannot be avoided beyond specific time limits: or they die.” Start by recognizing, that one million dollars represents 100,000 people owe one single person $10.00 each/ “doesn’t sound like much”; then consider the reality that with money it is like a troll at the gate of a gigantic sports stadium; and he won’t let one single person out without surrendering that ten dollars. Don’t have it/ THEN WHAT will you trade; your wife,, child,,, going to be raped yourself; what will you trade! “Not like that/ we have laws”; more correctly you have lies, in money, in court, in justice, in business, in everything; and lies are just another way of saying “your trapped”. Think about it! Think about one billion dollars too; one hundred thousand people owe one single individual $10,000.00 ten thousand dollars each. What’s left for you? How many believe they literally own you; “they got the money, don’t they”? Web sites say there are 8.9 million (8,900,000 people) with at least one million dollars/ by head count, it is one in every thirty three people is a millionaire (300,000,000 million people). These people believe you owe them tremendous amounts of labor, and that does not even include how many millions claimed/ this is just individual trolls, “standing at the gate”. So if you look honestly and divide 33.7 people into one million dollars you get a divided up expectation of every millionaire IF they actually claimed only one million dollars or every one of these 33.7 people are expected to be slaves who will produce $29,673.00 EACH [EVERY FACE/ NOT EVERY WORKER], for the sole benefit of one individual!!!!

By 50 million workers/ slaves divided by 8.9 million owners/ masters= one million dollars owed by every 5.6 workers! Or $178,571.00 apiece to a single individual. multiplied across the nation 8.9 million times. And that is just the claim assigned if everyone of these was just one million dollars, and no more/ THEY AREN’T.]

Multiplied across the nation 8.9 million times. And what did they do for their million dollars/ that you did not? Next to nothing, or less! The actual fact is You are expected to pay much more than this, we haven’t even touched the billionaire list in this debt column for slavery. The actual current tally of all debts accounted by the federal reserve would be roughly 2 million dollars, per worker today. Do you think the court will protect you? If they were going to do that/ these numbers would not exist against you; either you control the court/ or the numbers will. Think about it; “You or me/ when bankruptcy comes/ you or me, when people are thrown into the street”. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS JUSTICE; FAIR, TRUE, AND A PROMISE MADE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE USA. It ain’t poverty for all/ and slaves for the few! Everything built by the men who lead you/ have led you: IS unfair and unbalanced/ everything, including how every life on earth is treated; GREED, CONSUMPTION, SELFISHNESS, LUST, TRAGEDY, VIOLENCE, POWER AND PRIDE, MUTILATIONS, WAR, HATE, AN EVIL WITHOUT END are all found, in evidence and testimony by the reality of this world they are ending/ the lives they are ruining/ and the dead that you will soon be.

It isn’t so simple as men are bad, or this time is evil; pride, selfishness, power, want, and hate are complex mechanisms used to evade law/ and demand to be god instead. The law is friend or enemy/ it is not both, because the law is forced to choose for one or the other; only mercy is allowed to find an exception, if desired. Lies and liars exist to confuse the law/ but truth knows better. It is the people themselves who surrender to lies/ it is the people themselves who discard justice, by letting power and pride play in their lives. It is want and selfishness, that turn governments and society into disaster and disgrace. The law properly cared for/ fundamentally written/ and judiciously protected, that is the life blood of peace and harmony. Think about it/ and work for peace, harmony, life, happiness, and love. Or very simply, if you don’t care/ you will be abandoned to your deaths; convicted by the ways of men/ but abandoned in your need to survive by women: all become judged, and there will be no mercy. Only the law of truth and its consequences. The earth abandoned means: the chains that hold the various parts and pieces together will be broken, and then everything dies without exception. Very similar to your own body really: YOU are not what you conceive yourself to be/ rather the body and mind are formed by many tiny organisms that are integrated into the same space by creating peace and harmony between them. The failure of peace and harmony between any of these parts and pieces by any serious means is death to your body. Heart and soul and identity, and their truths: are then released into eternity; to be whatever it is you will be. When peace and harmony between all that is simple and complex on this earth ends, “the body, and mind die; complete insanity first/ then cannibalism, until there is no one left; not even an insect. The earth itself dies too. Is this a game? Choose to live/ prove you can/ work for life; or die because you didn’t care enough. Take your pick.

Our world is severely out of balance/ our lives have entered the ring: that will decide for, life or death/ dependent upon the choices we all make; and the work you actually do. Therefore fundamental conversations require a distinct conception, of the possibilities called truth. The reality of truth, as it applies to human existence is held in the balance of your choice/ in court: for life, or to gamble with death, and lose. There is no choice but this; either we change as humanity choosing love, peace, harmony, and life/ OR you die. There is no game, there are no odds, there will be no other options; either you work for life honorably as best you can, until the day when it is clear and certain the earth will survive. Or you lose everything! As you read this site, understand this clearly; time is running out/ but I am not allowed to publicize this, BECAUSE THAT IS YOUR JOB. If you cannot do such a little thing as this/ simply put, you will not survive; even if an advertizement reaches the whole world, it will do you no good. Get off your ass/ and do whatever life leads you to do. Learn and change. We stand at the crossroads of life or death/ we stand looking death directly in the face so to speak; and if women do not lead us away from this; to the full destiny of Revelations we will go/ back to where men will be given their due. By their own choices, to play god/ to the reality of they don’t care/ and to the disgrace of LIAR, DEVIL, AND DESPAIR : TO HELL AND ARMAGEDDON you will go. There is no reprieve from this, no mercy, and no life will survive; men have led the world, and chosen extermination of all life on earth/ and so shall it be.

Are you young? RISE UP OR DIE, it is your only choice/ your only truth and reality! Decide, but remember you will decide only once.

The world your elders called men have built, is nearly dead/ the reality is, you will build a new and better world, under the leadership of women/ or you will not survive. It does not matter what lies come from their mouths, the evidence is clear, certain, and without doubt; they have taken everything they could/ and fully intend to take your lives with them as they gorge themselves on one final act of absolute violence, the death of this world. Not because they are worse/ because they WANT more than life is worth to them, and refuse truth because lies are called easy/ and if you die, or they die: surely then, “they don’t have to pay”. And consequently, have chosen to make you pay for their pride! They do intend to kill themselves, letting excitement define their last days; don’t have to face death that way/ “going to be a hero, or dead in the dirt: can’t get me now”/ got a gun! Who the fuck cares about you: worship me! They believe they will go free/ they believe evolution guarantees them NO PUNISHMENT! They believe they grow crops; they do NOT/ nature grows, men only plant and curse. They believe they heal/ they do not, men have only learned to stop a few tears; they have sold antibiotics as nothing/ when in fact it is the antibiotics that did indeed build your entire medical industry. And antibiotics are treated with scorn, as nothing important/ or it would not be so abused. The list of tragedies coming IS very long/ either you will stop it; or your elders will feed you into the meat grinders. Like rats in a maze, they will send you to war/ take your women/ and when dead, or mutilated for what they have done; you will be eaten. Happy now? Take a look at your world/ stop being sheep, and demand an accounting of what is real, true; and fundamentally certain, because history proves what men will do! There isn’t any doubt, thousands of years of evidence is absolutely clear. The world is not the same, not even as it was ten years ago/ the world is nearly dead. Make your decision.

NOT going to surrender a damn thing/ got more wants than any of them ever had; more expectations in excess than you can even describe? The others ain’t got no damn choice/ but to be your slave? Then hear this simply: you get to be god/ and every man among you gets to be god too. You all get to have power and pride and selfishness as if nothing in this world existed but you. You get to rape, pillage, murder, castrate, destroy, mutilate, cannibalize, and disease everything on earth; for roughly 7 years. By then the women and children will be gone/ the world of life will be dead/ and you will be so horrifically insane, you will eat your own arms and legs, leaving only the few maggots left to eat your brains, while you watch them. While the dead become an army inside your mind; all raping you, all murdering you, all determined to crucify and mutilate the reality of all you have left: a fire that cannot consume you, a reality of burning you cannot escape. This is your reward/ “pleasant dreams”; you earned it!

In this world, that is our human existence, the reality of behaviors extends from what we are taught/ by those who have influence over us: to what we have found, in our own ways and means: to the massive attempts to tempt and manipulate us: to the consequence of pain, misery, loneliness, and love that produce options for a new direction in life itself. All of these are expectations that form a directive: “if you don’t know what to do/ then do this”. Therefore behavior is the isolating medium that combines “I don’t know what to do; with I will do what I want, and only use what I choose”. Here temptations and manipulations form the basis of a directive inside that attempts to learn “what I truly want”/ from all the consequences of what is expected or learned from the past. Behaviors are then in simplicity, the compilation of what has been taught, and the destructive behavior of “I want to do this myself/ I want to make this choice; but I don’t know how”. Critical analysis allows, that the people who truly become lost in the maze created by human experience; do to the influences of others/ are those who feel the most lost, become suicidal, or fight with society and cannot listen (I have listened enough/ I hate you). The common relationships of someone to talk to honestly as a friend; have been lost for these/ and that means no one can be trusted. Seclusion becomes a trademark of life, and reality becomes a demonstration in I won’t believe you ever. This is a psychotic (not good for you) behavior because it blames the world for personal grief, and does not understand the base element of life which is, you must make your own decision/ to live your own life. The reality of a human world that preys upon people, to build themselves up in ridicule “as a god over you”/ is the psychosis of a society wrapped like a snake around the people that are only trying to be themselves. Tragedy is not a big enough word, for those who steal a life without even a single thought about honesty, or honor, or respect, or duty, or anything that has to do with life: being an animal, who preys upon another, is just predator and prey, and bears no resemblance to human life. It is a degrading of yourself, a beginning of the drowning that will become your life in time.

The next series of fundamental behaviors are built upon the distinction of individuals that realize “someone is in charge here/ why not me”. Therefore they begin to assert themselves as “the person in charge/ follow me, which then becomes worship me, as pride comes to kill them, and destroy their lives.” Pride is the functional description that solidifies these people as leaders. A leader disturbs normal behavior by accomplishing the simple reality: you don’t know what your doing/ follow me; I know what I am doing, and even if I don’t, I am better than you/ follow me; and pride seals the association by challenging any other concept for life by attacking any who would object or state another way. Every behavior is then recognized as a disturbance initiated by doubt, established by influence or demands of others, and is confronted by the fact “this is not my decision”. Therefore if I follow/ I don’t have to take the blame. The consequent mental measurement is, if I don’t have to take the blame/ then if they tell me to rape, kill, steal, or whatever; it is not my fault. Therefore IF I can make this leader tell me to do what I want to do; then he or she is responsible for what society calls evil. Or if I refuse to do what he or she leads me to do/ and do the opposite because they are wrong in my own eyes, then they are still responsible, because I wouldn’t have done this; without them tempting me. Therefore the leader becomes the scapegoat/ and the reality becomes one of intertwined deceit among all parties, who participate. Behavior is the message of a mind, that translates human society into an experience designed for the others; because they are too strong for me, and I don’t know how to live with them or without them.

Needs are not behaviors, they are fundamental participation’s with the experience that is your own life. You know how to respond to a need, if there is simply an opportunity. Life choices which are love or hate, are not behaviors, they are freedom and chains: the reality of a relationship that expands our world beyond ourselves to new and different heights of awareness and hope/ or the excuses to which people chain themselves as a means of hate, so they don’t have to accept anything called truth or wisdom; they enter “their world, and shut the door”, crying I will get revenge for this. But irregardless both experiences are not behaviors, because no one needs to tell you how to be free/ or chain yourself inside a hole. Each can do this on their own.
But everything in the middle or outside needs, or life choices are behaviors; because they must be learned according to what is true, or you must follow your leaders/ and they must follow their want. Truth or lie is then the basis of behavioral formatting. The need to socialize, the foundation that presents predator or prey/ an animal like descent from honesty and honor, to the excuses that bring failure, hate, lies, evil, disrespect, disease, and death to our lives through the discovery of pride. Pride is, the means to contort or confuse someone else’s life, just because you can. Pride is, the foundation of ridicule, and the intent to humiliate, because it allows you to pretend you are a god to them. Pride is the failure that becomes “might makes right/ and kill the opposition.” Pride is the discovery, that people can be bought and traded for their needs. The reality of a medical need, for which you have a little knowledge/ can be traded for sex, for a lifetime of work, for business and all manner of possession; because the pain works against them, and for you. Pride uses this like a mob, to create the compulsion and the desire to remove this pain; even if it is not fair; the pain is worse. Pride extends this knowledge into every criminal aspect of life, because the thief, mobster, leader, etc all prey upon behavioral acceptance by using pain as its right, or its demand to rule over you.

This now becomes a misery; you have given over your life/ to those who have preyed upon you, to become their slave. As these are chains in time/ rather than chains in life as is hate; time says, “I needed it/ BUT THIS AIN’T FAIR”. And so behavioral links to the common aspects of how do I/ we get rid of these yokes of power over us, to live honestly and free again? Governments are formed by this behavior/ politics are assembled to create a new behavior in the “organization of us”/ as opposed to them: we need an army/ and government is about the army that works for us, or is working against us. Misery expresses the comprehension, irregardless of knowledge or understanding; that we must organize ourselves against the others. That makes the world, either friend or enemy. Pride forms here too/ becoming the exercise of prejudice, bigotry, and other methods of making people do your will instead of always having to obey someone else; these things are about “I AM in charge too”/ and fears are generated as a means to prove “you better respect me”. Even though nothing exists but the evidence of a crime.

Loneliness is the single behavioral expansion that does not allow others inside. You cannot be trusted/ therefore I give you and all, NO access to me; not even a possibility that is honest or true. Loneliness then exercises the only aspect of greed that it has; and uses sex, or more correctly the lack of sex to establish “no one wants me”! That leads to behavioral decisions allowing for deviant excuses to be employed as a means of defeating loneliness and complying with the need to be social at some type of level. That leads to realities of sexual exchange that vary from excessive sexual compulsions, to fundamentally violent feelings toward the opposite sex for NOT helping you defeat your enemy: “YOU”. The composite sexual behavior of loneliness then extends on both sides of the aisle of life/ all the way from extremes in violence to others/ to the extremes in violence to yourself as a sexual object instead of a life. The fundamental failure is, that you have closed the door on trust, and refuse to allow even the possibility called love. When love is abandoned, or the possibility of love is refused/ then these behaviors are found as a release to the isolation of being evicted from your own base desires. We are not meant to be alone/ our need as life, is to experience and express happiness: “and rocks, just don’t care”.

Love is the expansion of behaviors, assembled to invite and introduce ourselves to each other. But love is far more than that/ therefore the behaviors of love, are merely “the tip of the iceberg” so to speak. It is called an iceberg metaphorically speaking/ because it takes more than a behavior to search out and find the true meaning and expression that is love itself. The desire to show people “I have value, please accept me/ the desire to be valuable, please understand my intent/ the desire to be free, as every expression that trust allows/ the honesty to be an experience that is more than simple use or abuse or need/ the reality of a gift, just because we have found each other and my soul needs to say thank you for that/ the truth of life expressed in the intensity of a heart opening beyond ourselves, one life respecting another in love: and far more.” Love is the existence of patience, kindness, gentleness, hopefulness, forgiveness, respect, honesty, honor, courage, hope, discipline, duty, responsibility, trust where it is earned, and truth in the acceptance of life as a need to follow, only where truth will lead. Truth is the essence of life/ therefore by necessity it is a foundation in love. But love is a feeling that expands the relationship of one life to another by joining those lives in a bond that will not be easily broken. Therefore two, or more against those or that which cannot be trusted. Two or more searching for truth and the understanding that brings wisdom and knowledge for all.

The assembly known as behaviors, are then compilations of the various efforts of humanity; where fighting with their world, has resulted in realities of doubt/ followed by predators who believe they can play god. The people called lazy, are those who cannot assemble sufficient truth to be what they want to be/ they choose not to be leaders (too much work) or followers (fools without much sense); therefore the plot and plan and assume that “being smarter” than the others, will keep them alive. Who cares. Each of these behavioral assumptions of a life designed by others, falls into the trap of an isolation from truth/ because lies have intervened, and when the lies stop working: the reality has a price to pay. The consequence of this price, leads then to a wide variety of “lets all lie together, that will make it work”/ but in the end the price goes higher; and the tragedies multiply. Truth does not care/ time is relentless, and life has needs that must be met! Therefore as the lies begin to consume its consequence to society, the people revolt against their leaders, and follow anyone with a plan who will tell them what they want to hear. That inevitably becomes a war/ because truth does not listen to lies, and it will not be turned away. Time is relentless, therefore all the problems that have been hidden in lies continue to multiply until the reality is addressed honestly, or the people are dead, or enslaved in some fashion so they can no longer choose their life, but must respond to their needs. The slaves then revolt once life returns to “can survive”, and the whole process of lies and liars begins again. Therefore the behaviors of leaders always becomes the intent of rule by force/ to keep those who can survive, away from those who will follow, because they know not what else to do.

The behavior of the media, is held in check by the editor and owner of the business; they hold the paycheck, and the securities of a job in their hands/ and as a consequence the news is, whatever the owner wants; and has hired the editor to control. If he or she deviates from the demand of the owner/ they are removed from their job. Simple as that/ so it is the owners of the media business who transform and control public sentiment. It is the owners of “public information”, who decide to incite/ or confuse/ or discourage/ or disease/ or degrade/ or disrespect/ or rape the public by the vomit they portray. The question of who controls the news: does not someone have to control it? There is no place for everything/ therefore choices must be made! Someone has to make these decisions/ is it not the right of the one who created or owns the business to decide? If not them then who/ the public has a very limited patience, OR NONE. They want only what they can use or abuse! The consequent reality of these things is very simply; the news is critically assigned by the severity of the story/ nothing new here, except in today’s world, there is nothing more severe or news worthy than the end of life on this world! To this, the common editor replies, “I have a responsibility to the public/ not to scare them”/ therefore “the end of the world, the end of life, the beginning of prophecies fulfilled in the bible (revelations revealed) and other religious declarations from other sects, or types of religion coming true: JUST CAN’T be real! But the evidence is real/ can you reclaim a desert/ can you put the water back once its consumed by ethanol and corrupt farming or social practice/ can you fill the ocean with life once its destroyed/ can you eat what does not grow/ can you restore nature once it falls to disease/ can you keep the livestock from dying once pandemic’s occur/ can you give yourself life back; can you stop a war/ can you stop cannibalism once there is nothing else to eat/ can you remove pollution once it has crossed a threshold; just what can you do, but take everything there is to take? Can you keep the others from Eating or using the very last one? No, you are going to hell/ and NO, it is impossible for you to fix genetics once the mutilations begin to multiply: you will be the living dead. Because you will have no choice but to die/ that opens the door to nuclear war, “its us or them”/ that will finish even the possibility of a remnant that could survive, even in a desolate earth. But hey, “lets all wait/ cause fear and death sell news!” Don’t they? These realities trump every single other story, as if it did not exist. Therefore, the reality of excuses, or innuendo that suggests by any means that it is not/ or that more evidence must be exhibited is nothing more than “Satan, demanding death must come first/ so that fears can be fanned into terror and hysteria”. Those who help, are of course the “henchmen and women” involved in the game of trapping all life into a cesspool of deceit and disease. You have lived your fantasy/ and now your reality has come to declare you dead; if you will not change, if you will not accept the price of life is honor, courage, love, truth, discipline, respect, and more like it; then you do not deserve to live a second chance. And will descend to hell and Armageddon. You have prepared everything needed, and will soon enter therein. Take a look around; what is lacking to keep you from destroying every possibility of life on earth? The answer is nothing lacks; men have chosen extinction, and the end of life on earth. The evidence is everywhere. The “retarded fool & paid devil” says “we have plenty, don’t listen to this”/ yet look closely at reality and find something, find anything that is not about to “run out” of everything. As with the american dollar, you steal from the children/ from the grandchildren/ from the world, and never put anything back but empty promises. As is true of your money, it is true of this world; you have spent your last dime, and if you don’t face the truth; YOU WILL go to war! Because nothing else will keep the masses from attacking the leaders. As you thirst to death, you will remember the prophecy “he gave them wormwood to drink”/ as you drive your vehicle to the empty store; you will remember what cannibalism truly means. As you understand, there is not enough left to rebuild life with/ it is the dead themselves who will come to terrorize you! Still can’t talk about it/ going to make the decision for others; so they don’t have to be sacred or change their lives: then they die/ and it is YOUR fault, and you will pay the penalty of their lives on your soul, In HADES. There is no escape, this is a reality without end. Choose for yourself, and do not stand in the way: so that others may also choose their fate, and the fate of this world. It is, a tremendous sin to take the life of another without proof, it was necessary. Those who stand in the way, so others do not have the opportunity to make a decision to defend themselves and their lives; have taken these lives, and you will pay. The male mind says “fight or change”/ but the female existence says, “learn and change”. We cannot survive a war/ there is then, only the female way left. Fail, and you die.

The more critical relationship we share with life is then about the liars and fools who demand attention, temptation, and control. Change is not about behaviors themselves/ but about the knowledge and wisdom of life, hope, and love; and how these things translate themselves into peace, harmony, and happiness for life on this earth. Our decision, then becomes the truth of who we are, and what we shall be. Our reality then becomes the result of what we have done/ and the end of what is simply talked about to avoid doing the work. There are no substitutes for honesty/ there is no exception to honorable decisions/ there is no life outside of respect for everything. Therefore find truth, or you will be dead; and very soon. This is not a game/ not a lie/ not a religious cry or fear: THIS IS THE EVIDENCE TALKING TO YOU/ THE REALITY SCREAMING AT YOU, FOR RELIEF, from your insanity and disgrace and disrespect for life.

A lot of writing has been done on these very topics, spread throughout each web site, and dedicated to the knowledge necessary to understand the consequences of each choice that people make. The wisdom of life, is to understand the relationship we share in time here, is an invitation to expand ourselves as the evidence in truth, of a love that can endure the discovery of freedoms. Our decisions, create our identities. Our truth defines the possibility that will become the environments of our lives. Do you not see that in evidence here on earth? It is here, but there are always lies trying to consume life. There is always violence, trying to consume hope. There is always hate, warring against love. And that is because eternity needs you to prepare against these things, that we may all know and cherish freedoms, and never break the peace and harmony of a life beyond time.
The foundations of eternity are not for the simple minded individual/ they need not be, it is mercy that will decide if you truly belong; by not judging you, and letting your own truth decide in heaven. The foundation in belief, or faith in the possibilities of a life that we cannot “physically see”/ but must fundamentally accept through the wisdom of life itself, and the miracles it does present. Is a relationship, that asks of yourself; how could this be? The honesty of truth, and the honor of respect, will then lead you into discovery and hope, and then life itself. The foundation of sexual intimacy between true lovers, honest miracles of more than creation, an intensity of life itself. Distributes the destiny described by love, as a miracle beyond our imagination/ more than creation, our own development of life. The critical reality of a life called JESUS as written in the Holy Bible (Not as simply the Christian religion, but the man described) assembles for our review, the possibilities and potential that we are NOT simply given life and abandoned/ but in fact, are loved more than we can believe. The disgrace of all religion, is that they use the possibilities and potential of this knowledge, for the benefit and purposes of man/ NOT as intended by GOD !

Some always argue, if GOD is here/ why is there violence, hate, tragedy, and so much more; surely this is not the evidence of a GOD who cares or loves us! But life is not so simple; and our human reality is; people believe whatever they will believe, and freedom gives them the right to pursue their own purpose and want or desire. We cannot be free to choose/ and then punished for choosing it; that is not free to choose; that is a trap. Therefore time allows for humanity to be whatever each decides to be/ while death takes what is true, and judges what is not. The critical question is then, WHY are people so violent, and without sense?
The answer is, because they want to be/ or they would not be! The critical relationship of change is then a discovery that the leaders of this world are not worthy of their right to lead/ and change means, that others will be required to lead; or the end has come. Those who have led this world are men/ those who are required to save this earth from its end, are women; simply because they are different, and there are NO others. Women will lead, and life will be different. Or the tragedies prepared by men, shall indeed consume this entire world of life. It is that simple. It is that plain, whether you like it or not/ either as man or woman is irrelevant; BECAUSE men have prepared to exterminate life on earth/ and they will, if allowed to continue leading life. Women shall lead, or life dies! Simple as that. But understand this, it is your want that defeats you/ your pride that is your enemy; and if you cannot surrender them both, you will never enter this world, as it was intended for you to be. But if women lead honestly, you may survive.

Want is the essence of “I don’t care”/ because want designs a behavior to get what I want; not what life or truth allows, but the decision to take what I choose to take, and disavow the truth that this does not belong to me. Pride is the essence of envy, thereby the price of a lie, is the decision to believe “this should be mine/ and you are in the way”. This is the beginning of murder, and all that is violent. So we look at the world designed by men and see: want in every corner/ pride under every pillow, and design. And discover the simple truth, that if women are to rule this world; it is men who will surrender more than women. Women will rule sex/ because tremendous amounts of pride is generated in men, from the simple expectation, that women are intended to be their gift to life/ instead of men being the gift for women to appreciate instead. The pride of women, will collapse in this change as well/ because they are trained to believe their value is dependent upon how men treat them; they will then have to adjust, and hopefully not fail so badly as did men. That leaves want, and all the issues of a life that demands the creation of more, instead of happiness from within: Or, the honesty of a life in balance with the world/ instead of a life seeking to control nature and society, rather than live with nature & society. The creation of knowledge, and the designs of truth give us the wisdom to acknowledge and accept our limits and our opportunities. The honor of searching for values and life, in the descriptions of respect; give us fundamental opportunities beyond whatever this day has to offer. It is up to us, to accept the challenge that learning is/ to understand the basis of a heart in rhythm with life, rather than living a fight against time. The creation of more understands only; “I WANT”/ therefore life is “just in the way”, because reality does not surrender to I want, it only accepts what is true. When your truth is nothing but theft, lies, rape, and destruction/ your reality will become death, disassembly of peace and harmony, and the end result called extermination. The assembly of truth & balance seeks the wisdom needed to believe that life will survive, if only we seek it with our heart.

Of the many descriptions of vile and worthless, disgraceful and disgusting examples of what life in america has become are the consistent media events that degrade and disease men with their own insanity. Examples are easily found in mainstream media, even during prime viewing time; of men digested by failure and lured to be humiliated and ridiculed in every conceivable way by actions viewed strictly for animal content/ not even honorable animals, for they are more respectful than these men. The fact this exists points to the obvious reality that some people watch, because they gain some sense of superiority over the tragedy of these lives. The foundation of all such activity is to tempt and manipulate people into believing that men are nothing more than animals or less. The purpose is to call them as a group, little more than fools/ therefore nothing lost if they die. These are judgments, based upon the temptations that have already existed to confuse and degrade the human mind into measuring failure as some sort of trophy to be displayed. To assume, that degradation is actually a humourous thing/ rather than a tragedy in their own lives; it is apathy that watches/ or a fool, that uses the dying of a life, as fuel for the fires they choose to set in society itself: judging and condemning all, for the sake of a few. It is the same with violence/ judging and condemning all; teaching all to expect treachery and deceit. Suggesting to all, that “the hero” fixes every problem with death/ murder and mayhem just another day in the life of a hero. Tragedy and blood, and mutilation just a game to be played, where life does not matter, and tears are simply the evidence of who won and who lost, instead of life. You are a tragedy of life/ you are a disgrace to humanity; because YOU have been stealing from the living, from life/ to rape, pillage, and destroy the world! “But not to worry though; YOU got your worthless numbers”! Didn’t you? Of course you did, numbers called money, that won’t buy you a thing, because nature by your own hands will soon be dead. And so will you. Change or be damned/ grow up or be dead.

The heart in rhythm with life means: as life pushes me, it is understood by the boundaries of energy, “that I will swing back the other way”. That understood describes the basis of mental awareness, as an opportunity to study the extremes, and learn of methods that do not commit the peace of a life to be pushed “so far away from center”. Described further, the basis of all true study is then found at the extremes, which become the essence of knowledge by its search into the unknown. The critical stage of reality that is insane or stable; is then knowing how to survive the extremes, for the sake of learning/ by remaining within peace even though life is thrown against the wall, “so to speak”. That wall is the evidence of what is known/ NOT the reality of what is beyond the knowledge or influence of men or women. Peace and stability are the foundations of truth inside, that give control over to faith. Faith is the assertion in knowledge, that I accept this truth, and believe that within its association with me/ its relationship with my life; that I can indeed search beyond myself, and not fear. For me; the life called JESUS as written of in the bible, is that description of truth, that became faith sufficient to enter life beyond time. It is NOT for everyone/ it is not for many/ it is “moving the mountain” of all that is an influence upon humanity, and searching only in truth. Discipline is required of men to do this, respect is absolute and will not be disallowed; no respect, and you die, or become swallowed by insanity. As to women, I know not what is needed/ but since the essence of a life that is more than time for woman begins in feelings, it is a possibility that “truth will come to those, who live their lives for love”. We are different realities in time/ we are different beings in eternity; but we share the essence of life, because we are “made for each other”. It is the intensity of a happiness, meant for sharing each others’ world; through respect. No respect/ no life in happiness or hope. The value that is one life to each other, cannot be measured; we are life to this world, how can that be anything less than immeasurable? Would you rather play with rocks/ or numbers without meaning; what would you be alive on the moon by yourself? That is the difference between life and no life; be honest for a change/ and be truthful, about who does not matter!
The tragedy of human existence is; people look around, and decide they can play god, because another life is struggling/ or something exists to rape, pillage, or destroy. People look around and decide they can steal, because another life is struggling or unaware you are a fool, and choose to believe some possibility of honor or honesty exists in you. People look around and believe, since there are others/ this one is unimportant, and can be trashed by them (don’t need you), because they want to prove they can play god for real (in their imagination). People look around and decide their lives would be better, if this one was dead/ because they would have more things (they can take yours). People look around, and believe they are insulated from disaster, simply because they are allowed the freedom and health to make choices; and the lies to hide behind an illusion of “same as you”. Liars are liars, end of the story, and if they hide behind you; then you are a liar too.

People do not accept the limits of a life are placed upon the simple relationship of love, and the happiness it brings to each and every life it visits. People do not accept that possessions are not happiness, because they want all their pride can grab and control; therefore want and pride control them: and these are lies, which then consume their lives. Therefore in the dying, more is required to buy the happiness being consumed from you/ but in the end every lie will lose, and every happiness be consumed; unless you turn to truth.
Truth is the essence of an environment called life, to enter within this life, it is required of YOU, to enter within truth/ that you may find its value and accept its price defined as harmony with life itself. The failure to find harmony: the essence of a decision that life itself is more important than selfishness/ is a failure in respect. And that failure is destructive to truth and the environment of life/ therefore you are evicted until or unless, you learn better. The quality of a relationship with truth, is the decision to enter and accept the honesty and honor of love, as designed by our CREATOR HIMSELF. Love is not the essence of a freedom. Love is the reality of a freedom that has entered within the essence of you. Thereby the relationship that is created, is the one you accept as life in you shared with the life or lives you love. The open door of trust, is earned by the destiny you have chosen to be within yourself. Where love is real, and the foundation is pure, hope will share everything that lives as our lives together.
Where is your praise, for such wondrous and beautiful experiences as these? PRAISE GOD HE IS WORTHY.

BALANCE, the assembly of reality and truth into its primary creation of peace and justice.

Simple is the mind that believes, tragic are the ways and methods of forcing one group against the other. We now begin in the search for justice, by combining the law with the evidence to understand in the creation of a balanced perspective; what is fair/ what is equal/ and what is right for humanity to do.

Being a believer means, that it is enough what I do understand in this day, to accept the reality of proof in my heart that means I shall search for its definitions and ways/ methods and foundations of life; to establish truth in me. This is a simple matter assigned by the need to understand more, and the assertion that my need is primary to the existence of my life/ therefore I will take what is not yet enough proof, to convince all the others, and identify the things, words, and realities that not only establish truth, but clarify me, and make me whole.

Being a believer IS NOT “looking at the color of skin/ and making believe you know the truth”. Evidence is required, as best we can/ life is required to witness who will receive justice, and who will be blatantly excused for criminal trespass. Evidence is required, where money is expressed as a criminal act of selfishness; where greed undermines society, and proves slavery does exist. But it is not the evidence of a few words, it is the reality of damage to society; and the relationship created by lies, stealing, & cheating to protect and defend against justice. There is no defense against choosing injustice to society/ there is no defense against choosing to lie, that you may have the upper hand/ there is no defense against stealing from society, wherein you and your greed are simply exposed as a tyrant or terrorist to the others.

Justice is the creation of foundations in law, that make us equal in law and life/ and provide the opportunities to defend ourselves, from those in powerful positions. Justice is not an excuse for the tragic consequences of a mob/ “going to create our own justice/ nothing more, than traitors to society”; the law protects us all/ or we have nothing as a society. Justice is the formation of a credible truth, that we are one for all, & all for one. Not the hiding/ not the running away/ not the whining “give me more”/ not “the same” for everyone, do you share the same risk, do you work at the same levels of competency or skill or patience, etc; no you don’t! Justice is the opportunity to understand life is what you make of it, but we will not interfere in that process; apart from limiting your influence on our lives as well: we have rights and needs too. The foundation of justice is always LAW, if you are not working for the law/ then you are working against society, against peace in society, and bordering on anarchy. The LAW is simple, and it must always be simple/ the law is fundamental to life, and exists because the truth of life has formed it, and reality has found a way for this truth to form us as a society. We are not animals, forming herds to trample or deceive/ we are intended to be human, created by the words of a greater authority than us, formed from the existence of an ability and acceptance to use thought to assemble our lives into an authority of law, working for truth in society; and nothing less.

Balance is the assertion in truth, that we stand between life and death/ and understand the basis of a decision meets the consequence of a destiny towards one or the other. Balance understands, that life is a truth; but death is a reality; and where these meet in your soul, becomes the existence of fair play and equality in you. If your decision is for truth, the life and law establish you as an identity in truth. If your reality is formed by the expressions “I am going to die/ I am afraid”/ then duty, discipline, and honor will be lost in you: but if your reality understands this is part of living in time, and grace allows you to “see and experience and express the blessing of that opportunity”/ then death is merely the price of being alive. And must be accepted as truth, the possibility in you, of a life given without any comprehension or action on your part (you just simply came to be) therefore what is next is also beyond the scope of your reality, and must be honored as beyond your ability to decide; we are at the mercy of life itself, even in death. It is the body that dies, the mind that ends; but when life began, neither were in evidence/ therefore life is not from them. For those who choose to lie, and pretend life nor death matter to them; balance does not exist. They will form the path of a circle constantly returning to what they do not want/ constantly demanding to consume what they do want/ deforming society, as a method of acquiring whatever they can take; to their shame/ and the shame of their society.


Balance in society, is the work assigned by the need to understand and communicate life and truth in the relationships that move us as a unit one direction or the other. To achieve such a uniform understanding of purpose and desire for ourselves and our society/ we MUST understand what is truth by the evidence/ what is JUSTICE by the acceptance of reality and truth in fair play, equality, and freedom. We must form the reality of community decision/ NOT LEADERSHIP decisions; but these MUST BE about the law, its foundations in hope, and our existence as life on this earth. You cannot have “choice without consequence”/ therefore you cannot have whatever you choose to want, irregardless of that consequence. Life goes on, because truth and order and discipline allow it to continue. Life goes on because nature took care of us/ because it was greater than us in influencing our lives. That has changed, and humanity is now a greater influence on nature, than it is on us. That means we are in charge of our future; and any gross mismanagement is to our doom. There are no more games if you want to survive, humanity itself must grow up. It is the anarchist that flames the fire of discontent; refusing law, despising justice, and pushing the “believers of whatever propaganda says” into the fire. It is the patriot, and supporters of peace, that prove law was fair; and grant peace in society because equal justice has no color, and no ulterior motives. You will learn to stand up for justice/ but that means, it is the law that controls your behaviors. You will learn to stand up for fair play/ but that means, you will be assaulted by those who want an advantage, and in no way believe in equality or fair play; selfishness, hate, and greed or lust are their way. You will learn to stand up for equality/ because without equality and fair play, you will end in war/ and war will kill you, the nation, and the world; therefore if you choose failure/ you choose to assassinate the world, the future, and yourself.

One of the most primary of all influences on society, is the simple truth; we are going to die/ we are going to get old or die first/ we are going to live a life that is governed somewhat by money (the work we owe, or the work people are willing to do for us)/ and we are going to need many things, including the company and compassion of others in our lives. Balance in each of these is essential for balance in society and life. The question of death forms a boundary that we cannot cross or avoid. Therefore it is a matter of courage, an understanding confronting us; that we are not the owners here in this our life/ but more simply “renters”/ or free in time for only so long, and then removed. Courage is the essence of a decision, not to be influenced by fear/ but to accept what cannot be changed, AND to understand that life is honorable, desirable, and worthy of love only when fear does not own it. To accomplish courage then/ you must surrender the fears you hold instead. To surrender to the unknown that is death, simply means to grant yourself mercy; and not be concerned about what you have no right or option to control. Some will tell you, “be afraid”/ it will keep you alive longer. Maybe a little while/ but do you really desire life in fear? I do not/ and it is inevitable you and I will die; therefore it is without honor, to make fear a determinate factor of your life. As to growing old, and facing the loss of what has kept you happy in time/ the abilities and hopes of body and mind; these are simply the signs and gentle guidance that directs each human being “it is time, to surrender your fears/ and face your reality”, it is time to grow up now, and understand you are in the hands of CREATION. Repent and stand up in respect for what you were able to receive.

As to the issues of money/ society can decide for itself what is fair and balanced; the problem is, under the leadership of men, they don’t want to. Because an advantage means, you get more/ and they get less. You get power and pride and selfishness/ and they get to serve you. You can take everything good/ and let them experience everything bad about humanity in society; because you don’t care/ and you won’t share. The rich man always worries about who will rob or kill him/ or he plots an plans how to get more. The poor man worries about who will be his friend, because without friends, life can be much harder. Love lives among friendship. Hate kills those who live among greed, lust, selfishness, and the rest. Do not look to the greedy and say “I want”/ Live among your honest friends, and understand what can not be bought, has far more value than money. What is reality and truth, are found where life is lived everyday; not gluttony, want, consumption, and all the other failures of human disease.

All the issues of need, arise from the simple truth; that if we share what we have among all life on this planet/ then we all have enough. If we accept the reality of our lives, and do our duty with disciplines and respect for each other/ then we will all survive and do well. If we work together as lives in search of the same truth: to be happy and free, and in love. Then there is no reason to believe it will not come for us. If we cherish the world we live in, its life, and its needs as well; then we will live a very long time here yet. Ours is the generation of life in time that decides for all future existence on earth. Ours is the decision that forms “the creation of woman & man, as a life that can be sustained on this earth. Ours is the tragedy of failure that threatens extinction/ BUT WE ARE THE SOLUTION for these threats, for a short time only longer; and we will produce “heaven or hell” with the consequence of these our decisions. I say our decision/ even though it is women who will decide; because without men in support of their work, it will be far harder for women to find the necessary courage to confront men, and rebuild this world: for life, peace, & justice.

The battleground that is coming between specialized work and training as opposed to generalized work and training; is as simple as “we control your food, water, sewage, access to healthcare (because we are your transportation), and much more”. Either you accept equality, or we will throw you out of the country/ and never let you return. Make your decision. Freedom is not a right to control the others/ democracy is an institution predicated on the assumption, that justice and equality is for us all; and if you refuse/ you don’t belong here.

The battleground that is coming between men and women; is as simple as/ men have had their turn, and failed miserably; historically forever, as the circle of violence and social decay never once stopped in all of history for long. Women are different/ they will have different ways, so long as they are free to be women. We cannot as a world continue in our reality/ we will die quickly by the truth of what men have done as leaders of this world: either women rule/ and control sexuality, or you have indeed Surrendered life, to HELL AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos). If you wait to long/ or refuse honesty in what you do; the balance scale of human life or death will tip, and you die.

The battleground of truth versus liar/ is as simple as your mind allows it to be. There will be those who say “follow me/ in every variety and every corner of life on earth”. It will be easy to follow them, to death. But if you desire life, you will follow only the truth, and you will not choose the easy way, but find justice. Women are to be your leaders, but truth and the understanding of reality must form their foundation, in honor, respect, and love/ or they will fail, it is just a matter of time.

The battleground of every religion is to decide what is real? The rules you love so dearly/ or the truth that searches for GOD AND LIFE AND LOVE, And grants to each one, the freedom to be as you were meant to be. Or the struggle and demand to search until you understand what that means. Life is life/ not religion. GOD IS GOD, Not the mechanism of your religion/ or the crutch for your fears. Truth is the essence of any decision to search for OUR CREATOR, AND INTO THIS CREATION! Is that not so? Therefore irregardless of your religious rites or rules/ it is truth that is intended to lead you: IS THAT NOT SO? Thereby learn the truth, and be blessed by the freedoms that are yours/ and surrender that freedom to the others as well. You are not saviors of this world either; we are simply human. BE FAIR. Use the law for your wants and needs and desires in justice and equality/

Do not USE YOUR GOD For an excuse!


If the humanity of this world were happy and whole, at peace in life, truth, and hopes; would it not be a much different place. The differences we feel, the disciplines and order we need, would all fall into place as the perfect harmony of time and place, bringing to life immeasurable worth; in every heart. We are not simple beings by birth. We are simple beings by the division of life into its simple foundations, which then become lost as complexity forms walls and barriers between what we are/ and what we have become. A simple foundation such as survival, establishes a need to work together/ but excess or failure causes that togetherness to separate, when there is not enough for all to survive. Consequently all manner of failure arises as “its you or me/ how can I survive, if you do not die/ and then a cascade of I will take yours, if you die; suddenly the world is an easier place, for me”. These situations lead to prejudice, hate, bigotry, subterfuge, and so on. And the reality becomes; do you respect me and my life, and my contribution to your life enough “to work together until we die”; do I choose for you? The easy way ends quickly, after you have consumed what was taken/ in a world that no longer allows “moving on to the next place; because every place is now touched by men”. What happens is without direct and determined change, time ends anyway. The expression, what is a life; enlightens us to the movement and grace of what is a beautiful freedom; nothing like a rock or energy focused upon an action or reaction; but an opportunity for the creation of time and place, in an environment designed and developed by the freedoms of thought, wisdom, purpose, and desire. Love intertwines in these to become our appreciation and acceptance of another life, that is precious to me/ granting that all the universe, is not as important as the life that lives in my world. We are not alone on earth by the grace of GOD . What if you were? Would you be happy among the rocks/ happy when attacked by energy or time; the understanding of distance, without the comprehension of love. You would not. Instead of life itself, as the foundation of a happy and peaceful world. It is another life to share existence with, that makes survival the precious reality it is. Instead of death to take that away, it is the understanding of miracles that opens the door to eternity. While miracles cannot be understood in the simple heart of humanity/ the complexity of spirit aligns the evidence of miracles as the path to greater complexity in you. It is the foundation of complexity, “to go beyond yourself, and enter new and different dimensions, that gives us insight into a greater acceptance of the values of life.” The treasury of discipline and order, assign the values of a dedicated search within the understandings of freedom. But the values of an expression that goes beyond ourselves, as a part of our experience in life itself, is the foundation of a meaning to life itself. What “I feel”, is the essence of who we are. Not because discipline and order, are not the truths we live by in existence; they are. But feelings are the consequence of a life accepted as true, a life discovered in the meaning of love as our presence within the environment of family. The relationship we share, the foundations upon which we care, the purpose and experience of a heart, a soul, and a life dedicated to peace, harmony, and happiness are all expressions of what happens when love leads the way. Love and truth must be united, to experience life; because love gives life meaning/ but truth keeps life alive. This complex environment, is not an existence as much as it is an expression in thought; the foundation of all complexity and purpose beyond ease. Thought is the exercise created between truth and love, where happiness is formed by the simple excursion into the freedoms we have learned. Where love expands/ truth focuses. Where truth expands/ love experiences, and learns to express the development of who we are. Where life expands, the discovery called creation waits, and thought becomes its partner where dimensions allow the introduction of peaceful co-existence. Therein we learn that life not only has a meaning, but a desire to create the steps from one dimensional existence/ to the next association of creation with this universe itself. Creation is the building block of inter-dimensional existence. Creation is the fundamental truth, that searches for the next level of love. Therein hope is alive in that love, and hope reaches within thought to expand the boundaries of our reality, in new and different ways. These are things which bring honor to every life, because they are honest and true. The elemental relationship we share as humanity with existence and experience is then held within the foundations of a simple truth: that we do become the evidence of our truth, as identity reveals. These are decisions, the place where we vote on what is important to us, what we will choose for life.

In our time here on earth, we are also subjected to chemicals, and a relationship with the mind as it measures all that is necessary to keep us alive, and let us perform the beautiful acts of a body at peace with its world. My own body is being overrun with chemicals that it is not familiar with/ the effects have started to accumulate. These breasts that should only belong to a woman {but were given to me}, produce chemicals that are literally taking over my life; the impact is extensive, and I may quit writing for awhile/ until they hopefully settle down. They are not being friendly; “the female chemicals are not getting along with the male chemicals, again”.
Your turn to study for awhile, if I do. The opportunity to learn is simply that. The reason people do not learn, is they begin with “I know, particularly in the old”; which then prohibits anything new, from taking the place of anything old. The purpose is, if “you in fact, didn’t know/ what you believed to be true: then what of the rest, that ;you know”. This reality forces people to search only for truth, or fall back into disgrace as a person to uses lies to hold onto the ownership of what is their disgrace. Most choose lies. The consequent reality of this statement is: I have been entertaining you too long, and therefore will quit for a time, because you must do better; you must grasp the truth of your situation, and accept the decisions that you will make. I will begin soon/ because we cannot wait long.

For your own sake, I will remind you; that when the talk about the federal debt/ they are talking only about the debts incurred by the federal government itself. Not the state debts/ not social security/ not personal debts or home mortgages or business or agriculture or lots of bonds, some of which are never reported or tracked because they are not federal and so on. Further don’t forget when they say a person owes to pay off this debt/ it is only the worker that actually creates money, children do not/ etc. More clearly, if a worker does not accept your numbers, to do work for you, but turns you away instead: then what good are your numbers? Going to eat the paper, or gold? The government figures effectively hide the employment numbers, but it seems that about 50 million actual workers are a fair assumption. 50 million workers, divided into 1 trillion dollars debt= $20,000.00 per worker. [$1,000,000,000,000.00 divided by 50,000,000= $20,000.00 twenty thousand dollars] Per each and every trillion dollar debt you have. Add it up/ you are bankrupt, and had better make plans, if you are wise. It doesn’t matter what the liars say, reality is reality.

The foundation of world society as has been created by men is: the more materials we can use, the better off we will be. More material consumption, means more people working, more people happy because they “got something for their efforts/ or the want something, and thereby give their efforts for this purpose or desire”. The reality is as 7 billion people and growing, consumption has reached its pinnacle, and there is nothing but devastation and war left as every people in this world begin to fight over the few resources not ravaged and raped beyond compare. The answer of men, has been to create wealth: or more correctly, play the game of king of the hill, with money as the prize. The answer of this future for life to survive, is to remove this game, by containing the prize called money to a minimal level, and making everybody essentially even. NO more classes/ no more wealthy/ no more poor; instead a people working for life, sharing what is needed by all, but free to use their own talents and resources as life allows for their own designs and purposes. The difference is, the day of rushing to control everything/ and make the others pay is over. The reality is, nature has needs too/ the future has needs too/ and what is left, will be grown carefully, used carefully, and not abused. In other words, you WILL put back what you take/ you WILL not consume, but build instead as is useful and necessary for society/ and you will share what is personal in an effort to understand that everyone has needs, desires, and a right to equal or more correctly, expressions in happiness and hope. The games of “its too dangerous for you/ pay me; must end too”! If it is too dangerous, you will stop doing it entirely; and whatever must be done, will be done with the minimal possible danger; no more “standing on the hill, saying look at me/ worship me”. No caring, WILL equal no life. No more games to give men something to do instead of fight and war. The reality is, either men will learn peace and harmony and hope through living a life for love and truth/ or those who refuse will be separated into environments that are not allowed to influence the world. The only alternative to this is for women to “do the work necessary, for continual removal of their sperm, and teach them a different life”. The prude, the righteous, the moral and ethical mob, the politically correct, the legal society of men, and the religious and government organizations will all object proclaiming “wrong”! BUT REALITY SAYS, either we learn to get along in peace and harmony/ or we separate those who cannot/ or they must be taught, and the only way to get the patient attention of men long enough to teach them anything, is to remove their sperm and make them patient enough to listen: whether they like it or not! The failure of peace and harmony, is the end of life on earth/ because nature has been defeated, it can no longer continue without human decision. Therefore either you accept the cost of your life, one and all/ or you die: IT IS YOUR CHOICE! But it is life or death for this world.

Gamble, and I guarantee you will die/ life is not a game, nature is not a toy, and want is nothing more than an enemy that you will conquer: or it will kill you. Just how it is, men have made the earth a game/ but the game is over, because nature cannot overcome the impact of men, and that means change or die. It will be war/ because that is how men react to stress; thousands of years of history cannot be wrong: like a dog to its vomit, men have returned to the same ways over and over and over. There is no solution in men, fear will make them do differently for a short time/ but then they will return to their ways, as history proves beyond the slightest doubt. BUT THIS TIME, nature cannot tolerate their ways anymore, just too many people; and that means WAR. We will never survive it! What is women will lead/ because we MUST have different ways, methods, and leadership. There is absolutely no other option to this, we MUST have change, and it is necessary to hope that what is truly woman will lead us to friendship and love. If they do not, it is not their fault; it is our last hope for life. Whether you like this reality or not/ whether you are “too macho, to be led by women or not”; irregardless of how much you hate the idea of women in charge. OUR REALITY IS VERY SIMPLE, we are so many, that only war or peace is left! If humanity falls into war, and they will as environments, resources, and competition clearly will demand, we die. We are growing at 2 million more mouths to feed each week across the world/ that means for war to work for you: YOU MUST KILL 2 million people each and every week, just to maintain this population count, which we cannot survive as it is. To reduce the population to a point that men could survive as leaders of this world requires less than 3 billion people on this earth; and even that would not be enough. You have plundered the excess/ you have taken and consumed everything easy and available to you/ you have thrown away massive amounts, polluted beyond belief, killed and manipulated and mutated; and what has kept you alive for the last hundred years of growth is GONE. And the bill, for that is due. That means as men, YOU MUST KILL 4 billion people to continue on: 4,000,000,000 people to have any opportunity to continue as you do. And even then, because of resource and environmental loss, you will be required to maintain a continual war to keep the population from growing. It ain’t going to happen, without complete destruction of life on earth. You will not survive even without war/ unless you quit immediately stripping the earth of natures ability to revive itself. The end has come for the disgrace and disease of men in leadership, and the men who follow them. Either you RESPECT THIS EARTH, and accept the price is: NATURE RULES, because it KEEPS US ALIVE! And every truth that does not comply with what nature needs, IS GOING TO CHANGE. OR you die. Like it or not/ YOU can see this is true. Therefore lies, or truth; take your pick. The liars and the fools are everywhere, pushing for every little selfish purpose. One of the new lies going around is ethanol production does not consume as much water as thought, or used in production. It is not worth the argument/ but what is worth an argument is no matter how much water is required to add miles to your trips to nowhere; if we run out of water for life, you won’t care how far someone else can drive to shoot you dead, for the little water you have left; you will probably meet on the road, as you go for his. Prove you have enough left for any frivolous purpose/ PROVE THE WATER WILL NOT DISAPPEAR, there is NO we will make more.

Women will decide for this population on earth/ they are in charge, and as men you have no say! Interference in this will buy you hades for your personal eternity. The women are in charge/ as men, you have failed all life on earth! Tragedy and disgrace are your legacy. Pray the women find their heart and soul, and learn truth with honor, so that they may lead life and give hope to the world itself. If not, HELL AND ARMAGEDDON come very soon.


It is easily understood, our relationship with body is a strange and wonderful thing/ but it can also be a trial, and a tragedy instead. Feelings, are the essence of a possibility that can or could become real. Disciplines, are the measurement of realities that fundamentally decide what is real, and what can be changed. Truth is, the display of discoveries that give us life or death/ the distance away that is love, and the hope of a purpose and a possibility through love, that is home. Love is the honesty of our desire, to be alive in peace. Trust is the definitions of honor upon which we give our lives, the possibility for new and “exciting things of learning and life and hope through love”/ where there is no love, there is no trust. Within these descriptions of life, the body comes to give us opportunities for experimentation in the possibilities that are “the decisions we shall make”! They are our decisions, and the body translates the values and consequences these decisions shall accomplish for or against life. The body is a framework united by living organisms, in one single environment for the sake of your life here in time. It is a living thing, because “the living” have united into that single environment of time, in harmony and peace with each other. It is a dying thing, because time has consequences that will not be denied/ but also “if war breaks out, between the different participants”, such as is sickness or violence.

Feelings, give us a need to continue in life, even though reality may not treat us kindly. Feelings are a gift to life, of participating beyond ourselves, because we search for love, life, and hope. Disciplines enable us to experience decisions as the participation of order/ while feelings grant decisions as the welcome mat to enter inside our own heart and express or experience the joy of life inside. With feelings we are love. With discipline and order, we do survive. Both are needed in the realm of each environment called truth. When expression and experience unite, to form a definition in time or eternity; that reality is an environment unto its own. Thereby every truth is completed by its composition of expression and the experience of what participates inside. The truth of each and every environment is as simple as; what is your purpose and desire? Identities form around these decisions, and reality asserts: there will be signs and elements and expressions, that give these experiences to you.
What is female and male, are some of these signs, elements, and expressions that bring life to the evidence of time. I have female breasts, and what feels like a female butt to me. But male penis and other identifying parts as well. I have chemicals from both female and male inside, and they do not get along when what is female demands attention; she has won. The consequence of this is, a “more balanced”/ but strange look at dimensions representing “both sides of life”. Feelings, are more valuable than discipline; when life is at peace. Life becomes treasured when peace and love establish the essence of a life cherished because of its relationship with love. Thought expands these things to include happiness, hope, joy, and the opening of a home that is more than simple things; it is the value of everything given to love: where love is pure, happiness is whole, and joy cannot be confined.

The existence of breasts, have become a “pleasing thing, recently”. They mirror the existence of what is more than male; a sign that the feelings of love can exceed the disciplines of life, and what is true in me can become the expression of love beyond what is “simply me”. Therein the boundaries of an environment limited to disciplines have opened some, and order is assigned a new dimension in thought. My relationship with them has changed, to express a new understanding in giving, a new opportunity to share the existence of my life as happiness would experience love and life in a dimension free of the differences between male and female/ but aware of the possibilities that are at least in part; female or male. We are the same in our relationship with time, each one being held to the same rigorous test of life or death in our struggles to be free for happiness, peace, love, life, and with courage through honor and responsibility. They are the same for both/ only with different expectations, and somewhat with different enemies. We are the same, in many ways, in the essence of sex; which is a chemical expression of body/ but a fundamental expression of life as your own identity. The chemicals assigned, make us female or male; but the heart allows us to love/ or the mind causes us to hate or fail: dependent upon what you do choose. We are the same in heart, the same possibilities of hope, love, life, truth, and need accepted to share love, care about life, and experience trust in the hope of a relationship that is true. We are the same in “chemical needs”/ for which sex is a cure for the body, but not for heart or soul. It is believed, the possibility for selfish behavior is essentially the same in sex. It is known the reality of selfish behavior erupts in men, because as boys “learning how to deal with these new chemicals/ most do not encounter: the damage they can do to your life or another, until much later in age”. Therefore it is “just a toy/ with a big impact. And toys don’t matter/ do they; don’t hurt much/ do they; don’t need to be disciplined, it’s a toy!” “Its my toy/ why can’t I play with it as I want: its mine!” These are realities that must die in men and boys; and the consequence and methods of that are new and distinctly different ways of teaching them a penis is not a toy/ and a woman is not a playground for men or boys. Instead, life and sex must be a shared experience in the expressions that bring caring to life in us all.

Having breasts, is an interesting experience/ and I am becoming more aware. Even though they are small, they are real and able to “express themselves”. Not at all what men would expect, they are very different; fragile but resilient/ hopeful but not proud. Treat them gently, with kindness; and with respect, because they are a sign of woman. Life and body has not taught me more, the journey is long “to woman”. The reality balanced strictly as human, instead of personal because “I come from a different place”. That is said because I have moved away from male, and stand between male and female in this life. This existence however is not strictly limited in consequence to balanced, as the chemicals involved are very personal in their effects. The question of men would be why; how could the possibility of woman even be considered? The answer to men is, this is not my life in so much as “I have given it to GOD “! Therefore I walk and live, where I am given to do so. What was discipline, has been traded for the more important reality; that women are the future of this world and must be supported as best we can. The reality as well, is very simply; I have lost every single battle with the spiritual woman inside/ everything she desires is done; this body she owns, as if it were her own choice. Literally anything sexual is not my decision to make, nor can I refuse: BUT there is no deviant anything, as GOD made it to be used, and no more. Her desire is for life and for love and for truth, and she knows better than me what is necessary or important, so there is no war, but peace between us. The question of women: will I be a disaster to them, for them, or as a reference of them? The answer to women is simply; I am doing the best I can, with respect, with life, and with the honor given to me, to find a way to help bring peace, hope, and happiness to this world. IT IS YOUR JOB TOO! I will not, be a disaster to you; nor will I give secrets away that are inherent to your safety or freedom or personal decisions. Instead, I look only for life, happiness, hope, love, and trust as the intensities of living that make us whole. I have and do provide words that clearly identify this is true. But; The values of living must be translated as the purpose and desire of changing this world for life. Or, If not, it will die.

The values and purposes of women, for the sake of life on earth are necessary to the understanding; that men cannot lead anymore. If they understand nothing, they will revolt and rebel; because it is not “their way”. If they do not accept, our reality in this day is the decision of men to exterminate life on earth; they will do battle against you/ therefore the truth of their decisions, the reality of their ways must come forth and be proven true. Our relationships as women and men, must change in ways that bring peace. Our relationships sexually between women and men must bring harmony between the sexes, that love may blossom and life see the glory of miracles and love. Our decisions based upon truth, as women and reality see them are the foundations upon which laws will help to govern us in life and society. It is every voice that gets to choose for the law; we must live it/ therefore it is our right as citizens to choose it. Even with children as young as 13 years of age, shall vote; it is their future too/ and it is plain, proven, and apparent the elders cannot be trusted. Not even with antibacterial soaps: just another excuse to say “we don’t care about your future/ we want everything we can take today; to hell with you”.

The reality of fear, is a deafening display of failure; take a look around, “don’t care/ don’t care/ don’t care: give it to me NOW”. Because none but the children, believe the future will survive! Therefore our relationship with fear MUST be changed, into the competency of a society and a humanity that believes in truth, the truth that gives life a second chance because the decisions that brought us here to the abyss of hell and Armageddon: HAVE BEEN REPLACED, “WITH DIFFERENT”. It is women who will save you/ because they are different and will choose differently because of that fact. Or you will be destroyed by your own fears; as men have planned for, paid for, and intended to do from the beginning. There is a question here about why? An answer supported by the reality: WHY do I have to be the one to die/ shouldn’t you die too, if you take my life! Its only fair. Therefore it is violence that makes these decisions, and it is violence that becomes the base of a fear that uses hatred as an excuse to “kill them all”. To abandon the future and its life, for revenge. The question of violence, is held by the voice of power/ pride/ selfishness/ want/ hate/ greed/ and lust. These things bring human society to its knees; worshiping anything that promises “not to me, PLEASE”. Many then join, because it is the one who is, “not the same”/ that is most easily attacked, or abandoned by the others. Instead of bravery, it is the organizations of hate that secretly attack all who have discipline and hope. These things are common among men/ but are initiated by only a few; who then lead the others to destruction. Evil is the decision inside that says: I no longer have to work, or care, or anything/ with power and violence I can take what the others do.
Therefore we begin in the honesty of a new life on earth, through the leadership of women, as LAW DEFINES, and reality proves the truth of who is violent and who is not. These are critical questions of hate! Because hate removes life, with the purpose that you should fear! The possibilities of hate are enlarged through power, pride, selfishness, want, greed, and lust: therefore by removing power from governing employees and letting law decide by an understanding of the benefits and responsibilities of all people, by all people; who then fight for justice, equality, and happiness through peace/ hate dies. The possibilities of pride are assigned primarily through the games of “winner/ loser”; thereby to remove these games or their titles as winner or loser, is to remove the foundation that begins the descent into hate for very many people. To include all life in sexual opportunities by employing an education that does not allow for people to be left out, is fundamental to ending the game of winner/ loser: it is critically necessary.

Selfishness is the assumption, that your own efforts will get you something that is more, or valued more, or going to be valued more/ than the rest will have. Therefore I win, not only the prize, but your life as well. How dare you not choose me, I am more than you! The consequence of this is abuse and destruction of happiness and hope. The remedy of this, is a penalty in life that does not allow fear or abuse in any other person. To jail, or to death you will go.
The essence of want is selfishness, thereby the reality of an end to want is the understanding that to remain so; is to sacrifice not only your life, but every other life that needs these things. The relationship with each other that must be maintained is: what is fair to all life, is fair to me too. What is justifiable and free is my right to be me.
Greed is the reality: I WILL make you pay for my life, with yours! There is nothing fair about greed/ nothing acceptable about control over another life/ nothing allowed in justice by the manipulation or temptation of others. What is fair in life, is fair for all to share in. What is fundamental in life, is that we care about each other, that there may be peace and harmony and life for us all.
Lust is the foundation upon which men employ their expectation with the penis as a toy/ used against women with the purpose of a tool without feelings or expectations of life, for anyone but you. It is a failure of the mind, which controls the body of both, for the simple purpose of a chemical excitement that does not last. The existence of lust, is the excuse surrounding rejection; “What is wrong with me/ I am just as good as them”. But the reality is, “look in the mirror, BEFORE you reject those who do not reject you/ AND ACCEPT the fact, that you are not acceptable because you have not accepted them either! You want to use them instead/ you want to play with them instead of “love with them”. I cannot answer for women.

What is then evil, or the decision to take through violence and hate, instead of provide for yourself or using any other method of peace to achieve a solution to survival or want/ is the reality, that you have measured life, and found it unworthy of your need to play god. A toy, rather than an equal. A toy whose excitement comes by using or abusing the others. The existence of evil is the excuse that surrounds the rejection of others, with the simple truth of purpose: I will be your god/ and you will be my slave, my excitement, or my proof I am your god. These are not feelings or discipline or order or anything called life/ these are the decisions of the damned, whose purpose will come to be; the destruction of all life on earth. As reality proves : you are condemned, without the possibility of mercy. Remember this Only GOD is judge of mercy or not Therefore do not assume/ pray, repent, and long for life; do not surrender to lies. PRAY AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED UPON IT/ because it does.

Separated from all that is man, is the common bond of women; the understanding “that we, are all we” have in the fight for survival among men. [men group together in the struggle against other men/ not against women, whom they believe cannot truly harm them]. This is not a small thing, because of the reality called strength which makes a woman more vulnerable than men. It takes many more women, to defeat fewer men in a struggle for who controls, or who dies. That means “there are payments to be made, or lives to surrender”. That means hate will arise, and reality will conceive of temptations, manipulations, and violations of love; even violence in some. The question that is strength is then paramount to all that is to be leadership among women for life on earth. The reality of who will survive, and who will pay the price of survival, a fundamental truth of position. It is men who have set upon this world, the disease and disgrace of weapons of mass destruction, and all that terrorizes the majority of them. It is men who have found themselves unable to find the strength, the will, or the stamina to resolve these matters: and have surrendered life on earth, because they have NO answers at all. They cannot be trusted among themselves, and they know it. That means the position of leadership has been surrendered to violence and the inevitable destruction of life on earth. They are dead/ and many know it, proof of all they have done will convince the others. Hell is coming/ and nature is fully at the door of chaos/ crisis/ and death; because they have taken too much, and failed to put anything back: as thieves and rapists, they have torn the earth apart. But there is still the possibility that life will survive, until the point of no return has been crossed: it is very soon. Irregardless of this fact of time/ the position of leadership is open to women, because it is absolute and without doubt; Men have failed! PROVE IT IN COURT! That reality leaves only strength as the determining factor of who will rule life on earth/ who will decide sexually, what is your place, and your responsibility to us. Your opportunity to please the ones who hold life for you, in their very hands.

The relationship of strength to life, is a very simple who can endure the cost of staying alive. As is a bull to a man/ so is a man to a woman. The bull is stronger, but if the man is wise he will win the battle to control, IF he understands the bull and does not surrender to stupidity or apathy. A bull demands attention, will fight for the right of access to an escape route, will not pay attention to anything but chemicals, if sex is on his mind. Apart from that, feed him/ don’t neglect to watch out for mood shifts, and stay out of his way. All done, a simple animal. In the case of men reality understands, “They will not be discarded as the trash/ they want a say”. Hear them well, NOT with “I know what he is going to say/ BUT WITH YOUR EARS”. Understand this simply, that men are not going to be slaves without a fight/ therefore do not attempt to control them, manipulate them, or tempt them; it will not work for long; they will turn away/ or turn against you. BUT LET ONLY TRUTH DECIDE, AND PROVE THE LAW IS SUPERIOR to them or you! All men who are above what is a simple animal, live beyond the simplicity of aggression, competition, or sex. These live as do women, searching for life, love, truth, hope, and happiness and need not be considered any less than women. Instead these are friends with life, companions with sex, love with happiness inside, and the possibility of souls united wherever love and truth combine in trust as a fact of heart. Law is stronger than men or women/ the law is friend, or enemy as you decide: wherever justice and fair play rule. It is the area of sex that gives women the most power over men. It is the assumption of women/ and the reality of “the male mob”, that has taken this right away. Therefore two things must occur before this can and will be corrected. One is an understanding of true male sexuality, how it works/ what its limits and desires are/ how to establish control/ when to stop: and what then to expect. The simple physical aspects of sex are all chemical generated, therefore the body and mind are fundamentally a tool. It is heart and soul that bring love to life, it is feelings that create an opening door inside of love where truth and trust may enter that becomes our souls united. But for the purpose of leadership, that life may survive; only the tool called a man’s body and mind shall be considered as a weapon to be used. CHANGE requires acceptance among all parties/ and sex is clearly the tool men used against women, to force them into submission; therefore it is justice, that it becomes the tool women use to regain life, under their own rule. Love, truth, and trust all belong to the ascension of life beyond animal; and where true men exist, it is all you need. The other is how to disband the male mob/ and destroy the male ego {we are superior/ we are better/ we will decide}. These three are all expected do to physical strength! But sexual strength is a completely different matter! {I have no idea, how to endure “being used to teach you”, its not up to me! Chemicals also create the pain used by the body; I will simply do the best I can, that is all. Where pain extends beyond what life endures, spirit takes over. The spirit in me is now woman; the reality I may face simply beyond my ability to expect, prepare for, or adjust too. I do not know what will happen. But you are warned in advance, and will make your own decisions}. The ability to endure the chemicals and keep the body working is very different between men and women. Prove that you can keep them sexually vulnerable, using them as you desire long after they are ready to stop/ and they will understand who is weaker sexually. Control the sex, and you will prove they must submit and surrender or/ run away/ or be aggressive, or violent {if not sufficiently weakened}. The reality that is male sexually: can be driven down to critical weakness, and when this is proven they will know who is in charge. If they choose limited aggression, it is up to the woman. If they choose violence, it is up to a jury of women to decide if sexual demands will be made/ or penalties are applied in jail, or in jail among the homosexuals. No man will decide/ it is the choice of women. The reality of women “seems not, to be driven down”, as it is clear by prostitution that they can continue on. It is the reality of the male mob, that functions to control women/ and makes them vulnerable and without fight. It is the mob, that ridicules the man for choosing women. It is the mob, that worships lust as their right to control women and prove they will submit. It is the mob, that believes in religion as the ultimate source of superiority over women; and by using religion they can enslave or even destroy women. It is the mob, that creates the tragedy of religion/ and destroys its disciplines and its order, by achieving through lies the destruction of what is valid and true. It is the mob, that functions to create violence, apathy, disease, and hate. It is the mob that assembles to do harm to all of life, saying “ WE WANT, give it to us”. It is the mob that goes to war, and takes all the others with them, because there is no exit where peace does not exist. The mob, is man’s way of establishing position/ man’s way of establishing strength will control here, by taking power and using violence and fear to batter one at a time all who confront that evil. It is the mob who comes in the middle of the night, to torture, rape, and destroy; when they must hide from the majority who would otherwise kill them. It is the mob that intends to destroy all conversation, all intent for justice/ by murdering those who would act, and thereby silence those who would join. One/ a few, at a time are needed to create fear, so says the assassin; therefore when anyone stands up for justice, protect that woman or man; and when you find the assassin, with real and proven truth, the evidence says he or she shall die quickly; by the means they have chosen against the others. If by torture they kill/ then by the same torture they will be killed; let none escape. Either you have helped the enemy/ or been friend to society; there is NO “in-between”. That includes the people who have known, by the screams they have heard; YOU share this guilt and its punishment, if you do not do what society and humanity, needs for you to do. Your duty to society, IS SUPPORT JUSTICE EVERY WAY YOU CAN.
The reality and truth of every society is then: HOW DO WE DEFEAT THE MOB? When it is clear, like serpents who hide in the tall grass waiting for a victim; they cannot easily be seen/ or known because they will not stand up. They hide, pushing the others in front like rats who sacrifice the young to insure themselves against being caught. In hiding they are “warriors, demanding blood/ action/ and rights”, in reality where the light sees who is doing evil; they are hiding, pushing the others where they are too afraid to go.

The answer is: a critical and real ascension from passive observer/ to the development of recognitions that are the same. What is same, is identifiable! What is real in every mob, is the consequence of hate! Hate is a very definable thing/ it has distinct decisions, and fundamental realities of existence that can be summoned upon your request. Hate is NEVER found in those who love/ always found in those who are violent. Hate is the foundation of every mob, the reality of every leader of every mob, and the assertion of every demand to “give us what we want”. Hate can be found “even in the tall grass”/ it requires only a little time, and a fundamental truth to discover it. That truth is literally, the difference between anger and hate! Anger is the assertion that I, or we, have been wronged, and change must occur in society and law. Hate is very different, and secretly expects to change your life/ by consuming the law and defiling society; hate demands that violence will make you fear/ and fear will make you prefer them as your god/ to the violence or death they will create around you. Anger uses the law and society for change. Hate uses violence and fear to control society, that they may pretend to be god over you. Open your ears and listen for the difference. Prod and poke, and find those who hate/ removing them from society; and making them be only among themselves. They will form an army/ but they will lose. Because hate can only promise rewards, and life in society that is your future is about sharing everything of value/ NO selfishness, because life demands it. This is NOT what hate wants/ it is what hate loathes. Therefore you will NOT “disarm the public”/ but leave them ready to confront any who would make them return to hate. Disarming the public Is always a possibility in genocide/ but changing the bullet to registered owner of the bullet, “non-lethal/ chemically tagged for use in court”, is a good-measure toward justice for all. As time continues and reality proves it is dangerous for anyone to hate; the mob will disappear.

Our relationships as women and men together in this world and on this planet, must be changed. No more shyness/ no more winner or loser/ no more lost or cannot find a friend; women will apply an education that is clearly the removal of dating as it is known today. A world described as no need to hide. And replace our current reality, with a life responsible to society, but dedicated to happiness through the inclusion of justice for all; with a true opportunity for each one to find their mate and live a life that is honest and true. That is done, only when everyone believes they are not going to be rejected, crushed, ridiculed, degraded, humiliated, or in any way kept from being free. Freedom is personal, it grants rights to you personally/ but NOT ANY rights that can be taken directly from any other body or mind. It is the right to live as happiness allows/ not the right to hate, among those who choose peace and harmony. All hate is directed to the others/ therefore it is not personal at all; it is the insanity of a mob, hiding inside. Every gathering of people voicing an opinion against something in anger, is not a mob! Only those voices that demand hate instead of justice, are the people who do not belong. Rarely do they stand up front/ like all serpents “they prefer the tall grass/ or the branches of a tree”; from which they only occasionally look, or push the one who herds the sheep/ instead they smell and search for fear.

Balance in society, is the opportunity for each one to experience life as they see fit on a personal level/ without needless controversy. That means in simple terms, “all your rules, your morality, and your attempts to control every behavior or purpose of society shall be terminated. Instead critical law shall become the demand of all. Letting the courtroom decide what is left, and then determining how best we may all live free. If it is personal, and does not physically harm life or environment; you have NO say. Life is personal/ and you may not enslave it, to your whim or desire. That means simply, you may not exclude anyone based on a personal freedom/ but you may demand “minimal personal space”/ as is needed for happiness in society itself. Balance is then not a public demand/ but a personal existence within yourself, that allows expression because it is your own means of communicating within yourself. It is not necessarily fun for the others/ you may not ridicule or humiliate; you have no right. It is not necessarily even acceptable to the others or you, rather it is a function of existence to search as best you can. If you cannot be free as a person/ then you will not be happy as a society. Unfortunate at times, it is a price that must be paid; because want and the other excuses of pride have dissolved into the resources and environment you threw away. You must search in freedom/ you cannot “buy your way to submission, to avoid thinking of death”. You will face your truth, and learn how to survive instead. May you find love, hope, friendship, and happiness along the way. In that order.

It is now necessary to say to women; that YOU must now create a time, place, possibility, and opportunity for yourselves as a group organized to participate in leadership and life for the survival of this world. I have provided two such opportunities, and all women avoided them both. Therefore I am through; it is your turn to create, decide, support, and define the possibilities you are willing to work for. The difference is, If you invite me honorably and with honesty/ I will come! BUT HEED THIS WARNING, if it is not enough/ then it is useless! The consequences of reality, are determined by the truth upon which they will participate in time. The truth is, your economic numbers are lies; and that means two things shall occur. The american dollar will be worthless, including the stock market numbers / and tragedy awaits nearby. It is simple and easy to understand this is true/ just divide the numbers the government and business gives to you: every 1 trillion dollars, equals 20 thousand dollars of work done, by 50 million workers. Do translate that, into an understanding of those who hold all these numbers, “and their intent to make you slaves”. THINK FOR A SINGLE SECOND, and answer this question: do you honestly believe the bureau of economic analysis in their claim of 13.97 trillion dollars of gross national production GNP as it relates to 50 million actual workers (remove the children/ the retired/ the imprisoned/ the sick/ the unemployed/ the student (you produce nothing for society until you join the workforce; school is just for you, not us, until you join)/ and the part time minimum hours people) 50 million workers divided into 14 trillion dollars production for this year is $280,000.00 per worker! Did you create over a quarter million dollars of actual work or product this year/ did the one next to you? The federal reserve says, 980 billion dollars (980,000,000,000.00) exists in just credit card debts. The “federal deposit insurance company” is not the federal government/ and they don’t own one millionth of the numbers necessary to cover what the banks would owe. Projected actual american debt (everything) is about 100 trillion dollars/ by federal reserve numbers; and they are liars. Understand when they say “federal debt”/ is just what the federal government/ not the states/ not the business/ not the people/ not all the bonds; just the people in DC/ who promise, you will pay their bill. There is NO social security, YOU spent it all! There is no money, just numbers; you spent it all; only lies, and the fear that supports them! It ain’t “they want to lie/ IT’S A hole so big, the price is too high”/ consequently everyone in america accepted the lies “lets’ pretend”. But the bill has come due/ before the entire nation of America is sold to foreigners, and you have nothing; you must face your truth, and accept your reality: or you go directly to civil war. Be thankful for your economic disgrace/ because if you continued consuming everything you can touch, quickly you would have nothing at all; only war, hell, and Armageddon. You have been given a second chance/ be wise, or you will be dead. Do you honestly believe there is no end to resources, even the important ones that are not money? {they are the difference between life and death; not simply what luxury can you buy}. The ocean is nearly cleaned out; the fish catch proves it, and if you don’t stop there will be no possibility of recovery. YOU MUST feed the fish/ with the only resource you have not being used; dead human bodies! You must stop fishing, and start “farm fishing” in the open sea; and much more. Be wise, or be dead: Is the earth infinitely everything you can consume forever/ or is there an end; when 7,000,000,000 people live here on planet earth! And what happens then, if not war and cannibalism, and hell? There is soon to be a critical crisis in starvation around the world; and if you don’t start with restrictions on food today, and let nature heal itself: there won’t be a solution/ because even war will just take the last of nature and destroy it. Men are taking everything as they have always done, and putting nothing back, as they have always done as a majority it is their desire, and their way: leave nothing behind/ make them come to us. The population of this world is increasing by 2 million more mouths to feed than deaths every single week. And agricultural land is being consumed “for the pretty little coffins” called suburbs. You are running out of water/ threatening everything, challenging the environment/ and have prepared to exterminate the world: it is an undeniable fact! If women will not come to the aid of life on earth, all will die. Not because I say so/ because your truth demands it will be so. Look to your reality/ go to court: PROVE hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos) is not coming. I dare you, COWARDS. Prove you will not eat your babies/ terrorize everything on earth with your insanity/ or lay down to eat the filth of a dead world you caused. This is not a game/ this is life for the world by true and real change or death; because you didn’t care enough to stop “the devil inside of you”. A pride that hides inside, that worships lies/ and pretends to be god. A focus so small, and deliberately detailed; it shuts out all of life: to pretend you can play god/ you can be god, and seek revenge through the only power that exists in humanity violence, and abuse. Do you fail right now? Pick up your hatred and throw it out/ lift up your head, and see life “the miracles that we are”. Is your hatred worth your life/ if you answer is yes, then you are drowning in the abyss that has become your decision in death: “hate”.
To the religious, THIS IS YOUR WARNING; stop whining/ wailing/ crying/ screaming/ sacrificing/ playing/ hiding/ worshiping demons/ & playing the devil. And start working for life, love, truth, hope, courage, respect, & GOD ! Irregardless of your particular sect of beliefs, there is no more room for stupidity: FIND THE TRUTH, and then do what needs to be done for life/ including letting women lead life, sex, and religion. They are your future, or you have none. The failure to do this, is your ticket to HADES. Because you stand in the doorway, DID YOU NOT ASK TO DO THIS, “for the people/ let them believe in you”: between heaven and hell; and if you choose hell, PAYMENT WILL BE MADE! The keys to life or death/ heaven and hell is in every hand; and what you do with these keys will decide your fate.

Then do the work, and give women the lead and right to rule. Give them their demand sexually; did you as male not take it from them/ today you will give it back. True change is mandatory/ take a look, EVERYWHERE is the death men have led life too: a threat for everyone and everything all because they chose lies instead of truth. They are through leading anyone! It is the price of deciding/ working/ paying/ and preparing, to exterminate GOD’S world. Look at what you have done; by your own information. Take a look at the liars club that forms around every single bit of evidence to propagate failure, stupidity, and the consumption of life. Every movement to truth is confronted by an army of liars, and their lies. Every option to create a possibility of survival is destroyed by the army of numbers, the elders hold against the young; claiming its money/ but proven to be, its slavery and lies. They LIE about their own social security and yours; it is and has been bankrupted, for many years. Only the lies are left/ as is true of most pensions and bonds, stocks, and the rest. If the bill cannot be paid in a thousand years of labor by the entire workforce/ THEN the money is nothing but numbers and lies! And you cannot pay these numbers, which are simply promises the young will work for nothing.

Life or death is now up to women! If they refuse, you will die the death and its consequences men have planned for you. If they will not do better than men, at least hell will not be as bad for you. GIVE THEM THEIR DUE/ the women of earth, every single one HAS LITERALLY been given the right to choose for life or death of this world; men can only support them, help them, or make their world better/ that they may understand it is safe to do this work for life. If you are even one woman short of a majority “for life, in truth through respect for all”/ to hell and Armageddon you will go!
Honor your women, they are life or death for you! And there is absolutely nothing men can do about it, except choose death, or hell for themselves. Contrary to religion; life is no longer “what do men think”! Fundamental to life on earth is the truth: “The destroyer reigns no more/ or your dead”.
That leaves women to lead and to rule, no exceptions.

The reality, of taking control over society from the elderly who have lied is very simple! Prove they are liars/ prove they have stolen everything they claim to have! And they are removed from power; leaving only selfishness, greed, want, lust, and pride: in the form of HATE! To contend with! The relationship that must be formed, between young and old is this: NO MORE LIES, ONLY TRUTH WILL LEAD, only reality will decide through the decisions of women! It is simple and fair to remove liars and thieves from power; all who refuse go to prison! The rest, will work for life first/ because you WILL PROVE the evidence of truth demands this from us all. If they do/ then they have a right to benefit from their own works. If they do not work, but continue in support of lies and death to all life on earth/ then they have become worthless; and reality itself will judge them, because you will not share with the worthless.

Society is built upon the choices people make, support with their work, and the justice demanded of those who are workers for the people, in charge of fair play and the supervision of others. It is the law that controls every society/ but where the law fails, society fails as well. The critical truth of american society is: PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH, because the truth has penalties for bad judgment and failure and hate. In particular, the Vietnam war created the desire for lies instead of truth/ because it was a war, a few powerful men chose for the nation; and the only way found of influencing this decision, was to withhold the money! That became the foundation of absolute failure found today/ whereas the nuclear threat, and other weapons of mass destruction/ and environmental catastrophe that was occurring could not be stopped! Therefore all hid inside themselves inside greed/ all became selfish, so they could avoid the reality of what they could not change, and who they had become! Do you judge them different than you? They are not! Instead, life declares “same”/ it is fear that built the world that surrounds you. Fear, that consumed everything it could, as fast as they can; working very hard to “get it all”: because the “bastard’s and devils and failures” are going to kill us all.
Today is DIFFERENT! Because today, unlike the assumptions and ridicule of life and environments in the past/ THE REALITY of what you have been doing, has become a visible evidence and knowledge of true failure and deceit. Instead of selfishness/ the reality of death has surfaced and become a recognized testimony of the future, and all can see it coming; whether you hide or not/ there is NO excuse allowed. Therefore one last chance is given to you/ to remove the liars and the leadership that caused the door of hell to open (so that you could see it coming). And change life on earth, through the leadership of women/ and the efforts of the young, with the support of men and the old; before you die! If you refuse, you will get the reward men have chosen for you. This is No game/ this is YOUR reality and truth.

Our relationship with life is very simply, life first, is for every decision you will make or you die! Our relationship with war, will ascend into laws that govern the nations/ without any excuses: NO “security council”/ and NO option to refuse, IT DOES NOT MATTER what nation breaks the law: THE LAW OF THIS WORLD, AND ITS SOLDIERS WILL COME, to remove that leadership and replace and repair the damage they have done; as best they can.
Our relationship with power in society, will ascend to social justice and the work of a courtroom and police dedicated to fair play and equality for all/ LIFE FIRST, not held for ransom to money: LIFE FIRST! No exceptions. These laws are a reality given to every society and every nation to define for itself; and they shall be few, short and specific so that all can understand; and they WILL RULE the land, with women deciding on anything they lack. Women will rule the courtroom/ men may work there, but they will not rule. The law rules, and where a decision must be made/ it is the women who will decide.

The tragedy that is the failure of men such as is the Vietnam war/ weapons/ and all the rest; is a composition of want, fear, and money/ immersed in the filth that is pride. Pride shall be removed from men, because it is the foundation of their failure/ and their purposes in rule. Sexual expectations by men, on women are a primary display of this pride (the demand to be “winner”/ therefore to women, “loser”) . Therefore women WILL rule over sex/ because anything less, will cause men to come back and attempt to control life on earth. IF THEY SUCCEED, the earth dies! Because they have judged this world with extinction/ and because of it, are removed from leadership forever! Don’t believe it? PROVE IT IS NOT SO! You have taken it upon yourselves to kill all of GOD’S CREATION , to end life on earth; because you cannot trust each other enough to allow peace on earth. You could not even stop building nuclear weapons until so many exist that today, you can destroy the entire earth thousands of times over! YOU HAVE JUDGED LIFE, and declared life DEAD! You have chosen extinction for yourselves and life, because YOU cannot conceive of any possibility for peace, “with men in charge”! Therefore you have plotted and planned, and intend they will die too! If you do not help women/ if you do not trust women in charge/ if you do not remove these weapons: EVERY SINGLE ONE! Then why should GOD let you live on earth? The spirit says to me: as men, You shall not survive this decision to not give women leadership or your trust, a majority of men shall die instead / that life may go on!
Today, you will move to re-create society; as the people themselves who will vote on every major issue that confronts them/ you shall vote for “Someone to vote for me” NO MORE! Instead you will be educated, and you will be informed with truth, and you will be given a choice that is fair to all/ within the guarantees of a constitution that protects each member of society! And you shall build a society that has harmony, peace, and happiness for all. These are demands, and it is not negotiable. Life as friends/ or death because you chose to remain enemies and a vile reprehensible description of hate. Failure at any level, at any time; will have consequences.

It is a simple thing to understand, if the people can eat and drink during this transition of power “To the people themselves”/ AS IS FUNDAMENTALLY THE PURPOSE OF A DEMOCRACY! There is no power left, to make them surrender/ except war. Is not your military, “your own people, who will benefit the same”? ANY general or officer or soldier, will be removed, imprisoned, or killed; if they interfere with the rule of this people over themselves/ by the leadership of women and law! There is no purpose in fear. UNDERSTAND the message, and live the reality of a courtroom before the world that decides: Who shall rule this nation! Who is liar and thief! And who is not! Therefore you will begin by examining in society, and then in a courtroom the trials given to you for this purpose of true democracy. You will dedicate yourselves to finding truth, and the means to recover as a world, by working to fix and change every threat that exists, and find peace and harmony. You will then use the trial prepared for you, in in your pursuit of healthcare for all; and make your decisions. Then and only then shall you move to the Selimi trial that I have presented: to distinguish how working life in these United States will be. BE CLEAR AND SIMPLE; these are the rules to be applied to you too! What will the court do/ and what is demanded by the people, of each participant, including the judge and lawyer; in the simple matters of business and society will be discussed in light of the other trials in conjunction with those presented in the abstract on that same site. And any you may agree to add. When you are ready for trial to begin, BEYOND these primary social demands/ then you will include discussion that will control the slash and burn policies of the banking institutions/ telling them in no uncertain terms: the interest rate they can charge/ the penalties they are allowed to make/ the late-fees and for every other aspect of lending you will tell them what they may do. It is a privilege to do business in America/ not a right: “shove this up their ass”. And when you have done the more important things; you will take the pitiful existence of those who demand to destroy privacy in this USA, particularly on such things as: food is twice as expensive/ IF YOU DON’T LET US SPY ON YOU! And charge them with identity theft, in court; telling them plainly; if you collect a name irregardless of your right to know, such as simple information in warranties, or for loans. YOU WILL pay the people on that list roughly $1000.00 each; in other words the penalty of a thief. If you cannot pay/ we will sell your business, your home, and put you in the street. NO MORE trampling the intent of the bill of rights, or the expectation of a TRUE NEED to know by the constitution. If you don’t have a legal vested right; “this could steal from me if not known/ or terrorize me, if not investigated”: then you will NOT do it! Period.
THIS IS DEMOCRACY IN ACTION, don’t let them steal it! Speak up, get off your ass, do the work necessary/ and don’t give up. It is your life! AND THIS IS OUR NATION!

UNDERSTAND this message that says; it is not lust, gluttony, power, pride, want, selfishness, hate, violence, or evil that you are “buying for yourselves”! [you will remove these things]. RATHER the price of a NEW SOCIETY in peace and harmony: is law/ justice/ friendship/ truth/ life/ love/ honor; and the reality Of women in charge instead of men! This is not negotiable, you will choose these things/ and do the work of repairing all the tragedy men have wrought. That you may survive! If the price is too high for you/ then go ahead and play; you will long enough, “to wish you were dead”/ it will not be long.

Your elders, and the majority of your men; threw away this world, because they were defeated very easily; “went away crying like little girls, because a mob meant nothing”/ couldn’t make the government during the Vietnam war or Korean war, or Cuban crisis; or cold war: do what they wanted, so they just quit on life. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN of men HERE! To ease their mind, they chose selfishness and greed/ finding in lust, a toy to use to their disgrace! And apathy, even atheism the means to surrender without admitting they lost! [to the world: DID YOU DO BETTER!] It is now your turn: the women first/ the young second; because you had no real opportunity to choose the reality you are faced with. It is now your turn to fight for life, and change the direction and destiny of this world, BUT you do have the advantage of seeing what is coming soon; that you must fight against/ or turn and flee, hiding as did the men before you. YOU are given NEW TOOLS, because you have no leader to keep you from making NEW DECISIONS. You are given a NEW CHANCE to remake society and the economies of women instead of men; thereby the blessing of numbers without meaning, is they should have NO IMPACT, and NO value affecting your decisions. If you want nothing new/ then you get what men have done. If you are not willing to work for your survival, understanding with heart and mind that this is life or death to you: then you deserve what is coming, HELL AND ARMAGEDDON. Make your decision. This is no game, this is not a gamble to be considered. This is life or death for this world.