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In the fundamentals of time, there is pride/ it is a source of excitement, expecting competition or forming competition for the mere purpose of devouring compassion and creating aggression. Pride is also, the primary ingredient in “internal voices, that deliberately lie”, to support an assumption you need not learn or obey the passions of heart. The collective reward of pride is, for translating human games as a division between “me and them”. It is pride then that assembles a companionship known as “I am, or I,I,I,I,I,...”/ roughly translated, it is the source of believing you can play god; or the expectation no one is as important as you. So long as there is an I am inside/ there is a perceived companion. So long as there is a companion/ whether by lie or not, loneliness becomes a war separated from you, “you control/ thereby people must obey me”. Therefrom pride is the quieter of fear/ the prince of lies, that helps you believe “life is good/ irregardless of the other people, they can be used, abused, sold, or even murdered, because they are less than you” superiority then gives the right to believe, “the trash, need not be considered equal or even the same”. This is a terrorist let loose upon the peace and hopes of every society/ because when measured and judged, “the law according to you”/ makes them god over us all. We are mere pawns, intervening in their grandeur. Our death, or anything less merely collateral damage to their goals; who cares.

It would seem, “the quieter of fears” would be a good thing/ but like want, you cannot discipline a fear; it must simply be surrendered. This is most easily seen in “overweight people”/ who cannot defeat their consumption to overeat, because they have wants. If you do not literally surrender the want itself/ only disciplining it, sooner or later it will return harsher than ever. Want is the assumption, “if you lie about this; whatever it is”/ then you can be happy. Every lie only multiplies the consequence of your unhappiness. If you do not accept what you cannot have, at this moment/ then day will come when it rises to attack you; when any vulnerable moment comes. Therefore while it does quiet the fear in calm times, and through simple expressions/ it lies in wait, pouncing on you when things are more serious. The essence of fear is the assertion, you have no control; the lie of pride is, that you can give yourself control over things which you cannot. The lie of aggression that then follows pride is, that violence and making the others fear, will give you control over the fears that refuse to die. It will not. The people of pride will say no, they are not afraid “they are the great I am”; who can threaten them? But reality knows better, and when the front line of their defenses are crushed, the battle is over. Depressions come/ suicidal thoughts arise/ critical disciplines are lost; and you lose. The people of pride will say “the voice inside my head is me/ I know who and what I am; this is called a conscience, and it is a good thing/ I like it, it justifies me”. This is my mind talking to me, about whether I should or should not do something; it is my honor and existence defining my thoughts for me. In reality however, the mind knows everything it is entitled to know, or has learned; therefore it need not “talk to itself, in a human voice”; this is a quaint but foolish heart. The question of pride here is then simply; if not self/ then who? In actuality, truth declares it must be, “the lessons of history, family, society, etc as the rules within which we are taught we must abide/ combined with the punishments we would like to avoid/ or the conceptions of what freedom to aggressively confront all who have damaged your own freedoms would be like.” Some act on it/ following the introduction of violence, with the follow through of actions without regard for the consequences. Until it is too late/ all because it “seems right, by the liar or voice inside”. Liar, because the words represent an assemblage of critical memories without the function of critical truth. Liar, because the assembly of voices recognizes the critical truth, you are trying to avoid making a decision in life, by yourself, or for yourself. Using past presentations, expectations, opinions, or rules as a guide/ so you don’t have to accept the penalty for being wrong. It is not true, irregardless if you follow, lead, or decide for yourself; you are guilty of making a decision, and you are responsible for that decision, whether you follow “like a lamb” or not. Pride says, if I follow the rules or the leader/ THEN it is their fault, not mine. Pride says; if I pray to god, irregardless of what I do/ then it is gods fault, not mine. Truth says, LIAR/ did you not demand a leader, do you not accept the rules as your decision to comply; clearly it is a decision for each one; and that decision makes you punishable by law. Like the one who drives the “getaway car”/ so is the follower.

Pride is the existence of an attempt, to assign reality and control to the mind, instead of heart. Pride is the assumption, that a measured existence is better than a vulnerable reality. Pride is the umbilical cord, between the growth of lies/ one lie leads to a bigger lie/ which leads to a bigger lie/ etc. Pride is the creation of a measured potential, wherein all the people of your life become, “the steps, upon which you trod, to attain your goal, to be god”. Pride is the tool which slices into your heart, to leave you wounded and afraid/ without pride there is only life. Without heart, there is only control or fear. Aggression is the weapon; used by the mind to kill heart in you. Aggression is profoundly dangerous, because it is the cause and reason murder exists. Aggression unlike pride is intended to remove heart, and make it die/ it is the passage beyond expression of the mind, that turns to fear as a means beyond control, to be god in lies. A reality that takes over the life of another, and consumes it, as the test of violence/ and the assumption, I have defeated/ I win.
The question of heart is equality. That simple, and that plain. What is heart identifies reality within the terms of a life that exists in the translation of love, and the hope and disciplines of peace. Therefore what is love is the identity revealed in heart/ just as what is hate, is the identity revealed in aggression, as it is being formed by pride. The extreme happiness of love, hope, peace, truth and life, grant joy to the heart and its identity reflected by these things. The extreme jealousy and greed or lust identified by pride and aggression, choose hate as their justification to demand judgment, and take revenge; for what these did not choose in themselves.
The answer of a heart surrounded by love is: “I will choose justice, and complete our world with caring/ I will choose fair play and compassion/ I will choose equality, and thereby share.
The answer of hate (pride crowned by aggression and temper) form a battleground of violence/ using failure and the tools of fear to assume life is better with these dead/ or enslaved/ or as toys.

The critical competition between life and death/ love and hate is fundamental to our existence; because the leadership of men has not been able to defeat hate in themselves. They have carried it throughout the generations, giving it shape and purpose; by accepting the concept of death “kill it or them, and they will never bother you again”/ as a creed taught to men and boys, without end. Is this not true? The answer is: true by degrees rather than by life. While it is true death removes an identifiable witness whether to love or hate. It is also true, the cause and purpose of that love or hate need not die with a witness. Instead these remain alive in the foundations that create them.
A witness of love, is the essence of growth in the happiness that life has given to them; and to the existence and expression of that experience in happiness that gives notice of joy, hope, and life. It is a truth “unfolded”/ to give meaning and identity to love, by its own truth.
A witness of hate, is the essence of destruction, clamoring for excitement to heal a dying world. Hate is the foundation of violence/ violence is the essence of a decision to destroy this world, because you are unhappy; why then should any other be happy: did they not do this to you? Is that not why you hate them, because this is their fault? Is that not cause and reason enough to declare REVENGE: and make them be the same: so say men.

Contrary to the accepted lies of men, the foundation of revenge is not justice; it is more lies. The foundation of justice is fair and equitable laws, known by all, honored by all, protected by all: that they may remain “pure for the heart, and establish peace”. The foundation of lies forming the distinction called revenge, is an expectation of fear in their hearts too; “Will protect us, or me, from further descent into death itself: their fear is my salvation/ my proof hate will control life.” It will not. Instead hate breeds hate, failure breeds failure, death mutilates life into the destruction of itself.

There are many realities and variations of pride in life, from little to large/ these invade for the purpose of intervening in happiness. “If I ain’t happy/ you can’t be happy either”. There are many instances of hate in the reality of life; if I am being destroyed inside/ then why should not you: even though it is your own choices that cause destruction. There is always a maelstrom of “I want”/ and with that comes “I don’t want”; leading to the edge of ridicule, gossip, and shunning of each other for the sake of your pride. There are rules, to avoid decisions and blame the others for your failure; the beginning of hate: “Its NOT my fault/ its theirs for pushing me, tempting me, manipulating me, or just not being honorable or trustworthy enough to be true to your words, or my feelings.” But did you not choose to follow the rules, the leader, or your own wants? Only true needs or pain can push people to do what they do not want to do/ everything else is a distinct choice, and you do make it, whether that is to blindly follow whatever it is/ or is a distinct choice and personal acceptance of reality or not. Truth does not care/ you made a decision.

Here, the question in truth of “Real judgment” arrives, as the consequence of every decision/ and who we are as the life assigned to govern ourselves with truth, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. If there is judgment/ then there is a judge. If there is a judge of life/ then we live not completely free, but by the terms of law that are set into place, to govern our existence; and set boundaries upon which we may not trespass. If these things exist, then life is not about the simple expressions of body or mind/ but of soul, “the existence of life as a foundation built upon truths that inhabit our experience/ expressions that alter our reality/ and freedoms that enter our relationship with time as heart and us, “a combination of living and truth”. What is love embraces these things as a composition conceiving of the desire in purity, “to expand beyond ourselves and enter the environment called life itself”. What is hate, conceives of these things as a prison/ diligently telling them what to do or think; and they constantly plan and plot “ their escape from reality and this truth”. Hate refuses to learn/ because the acceptance of schooling, is a surrender of control. It is control, that forms the tools to create fears/ it is the understanding of control, that forms the desire “to be god yourself”; as foolish, utterly selfish, and stupid as that may be/ hate forms it as the basis and relationship that brings decay to their own souls. Truly there are no real words to describe the total insanity of hate, it is far beyond stupid; and does not exist in the universe apart from men, and women, and children.

The real beginning to this question that introduces life to its descent into the “living dead”/ is WHY DO YOU REFUSE to learn something of value and of life? What possible reason is there? Religion becomes the first clue; asking not simply for a relationship with GOD But, demanding the right and the duty to worship GOD As if HE, “Lived here on earth with them”. That has been tried, and humanity failed. Irregardless of that, because only thought described by truth, and held by respect is allowed to communicate with “Life beyond this one”; the men who declared ownership of every religion “embellished and maintain, they know; how to please god”. But of course it is the god they made up, so as to worship what they wanted in this life, and get it.
Why is learning so restricted as to require levels of respect or discipline rarely found in humanity? That answer belongs to GOD And we are allowed to understand only; that GOD IS PURITY ITSELF, And we are not. Learning is not absent from our lives, it is simply held within the embellishments of men, and the purpose of their own hearts; that must be discarded before we can learn life. Those few who do pay this price bring back knowledge/ but it is the history of men to disapprove of any and all who would strip them of their power or pride; consequently little has been learned. The vast majority of men throughout history surrender to power, pride, and lies/ until disaster forces them to understand what they did choose and accept was lies; and they must change now. Why? Because want is also strong in men/ selfishness creates slavery and allows lust to rule over women/ and greed forces the desire to dominate the other men, and “claim the prize of superiority”. These establish war, these form the backbone of every religion (behind the scenes, where reality is hidden). These are the base realities of men in society/ that cannot be changed, so says history: THEREFORE Only women shall be allowed to lead life on earth, and rule over sex; from this message onward, men have failed/ and are removed. We must wait to see, if women can do better.

Of the critical questions applied to human existence, sexuality is clearly one of fundamental importance. Nothing else so dramatically interferes with our own existence as the consequence of someone else who will join our life intrinsically changing it, simply by being there. Sexuality is used to force the issues of change in human existence, by bringing opposite genders to the same circumstance; “That we want to have sex together”. The reality that sexual existence allows a critical boundary to be removed; forms the basis that this is a real and important test of decisions, that then change your own life and theirs; recreating a future assigned by both. This truth is not friendly/ unless you are friends to each other. This reality is not love, unless you are more than simply lonely and in need. This trial for life in hope, is the surrender of control; allowing body and mind its simple truth. And giving the heart its opening to ask “if I am vulnerable to you/ will you still be my friend”? The answer yes (as truth, not just words) begins a journey inside, where love works and life responds with happiness. The answer no, illuminates the tragedy of games; that there is no happiness in playing: to be real, requires more. What then is the difference between those who choose love and friendship/ and those only interested in playing as a child, or simply demanding to destroy? Reality says, every heart understands two separate things: “self, and life”. The composition assigned by wisdom, creates love as the barrier surrounding our association or acceptance of self and life as wonderful within ourselves therefore equally wonderful when joined as life united, and selves understood in the creation of friendship. The composition denied by a refusal to learn about life/ and use only self as a substitute for learning, establishes hate in the formation of a purpose that is not “for love”. It is the state of existence that remains as the primary example of an individual in reality that decides what they will do, in terms of a decision for self. Those who refuse to grow up, and remain children expecting or desiring only to play with their toys; are simply satisfied with their toys, clarified by simple existence is enough, and searched to be without meaning in their lives. Those who decision is too hate fully and without compassion, lead active lives in search of people to damage or destroy/ finding compensation for their decision to die, in the measurement of “lives without value/ and tools to be warriors with”. A warrior, need not care. A warrior, judges life or death/ because he or she can. It is the gift of mankind, to itself.
What is women and sexuality, is to be their gift to life on earth; as they decide, what the future holds in a decision regarding sex. It is their right, sex has been decided by men since history began; because protecting from the threats and violence of other men, requires a distinct and valued reward. TODAY it is women who must protect us from the threats and violence of a world that has become vulnerable to men and women. It is men who have accomplished the truth: THEY DO intend to destroy this world! And for that cause, CLEARLY they can no longer rule over life on earth. Women must remove these threats, by becoming the LEGAL GUARDIANS OF LIFE ON EARTH. More simply the LAW HAS POWER OVER MEN, and the law will decide, if they can make us all extinct, or not. Men have had use of the law since history began/ and have chosen whether follower or leader, to destroy is all and reject the law for their pride and their power, and their aggressions. Women will learn to use the law, or they fail.

Men will boldly say “these weapons are our safe-guard against war” opposing reality and denying truth as the mentally insane always do. Men will be asked: what about all the other threats/ what about the genetic crucifixion of life (the mutilation of nature); environmental loss; resource loss; and so much more/ all the way down to money, “Not even simple toys, can be played with without squabble and diaper disease”. Prove you as men have not cursed this earth/ PROVE the disaster of all this evidence that you are destroying life on earth is not real. OR SURRENDER TO WOMEN. Let them try, or we surely die.

A consequence of pride is all those who do ridicule me, believing I am “something of a fool”. Refusing to accept the instruction of life, and hope; To deny their own fears, and pretend “just let him keep talking/ so you can steal what is given to you, instead of learning what is life. Shame on you”. All life on earth is on trial; so said, because the punishment of failure is death for this world. The reality of fear, the understanding that you must change, therefore “out of control/ WE DON’T want to”. The reality of truth is: truth doesn’t care, “if you want to or not”/ ORDER says, you will change/ or you will die. Change is your only choice.
A consequence of pride is; the women who must take possession of this opportunity for life to survive/ DON’T WANT TO, because with men in charge; they believe they cannot be blamed, they are free from the punishments of men/ and free to believe GOD Will treat them differently. They are wrong. Instead this is your chance to be different/ this is your opportunity to understand life is more important than your own failures/ LIFE requires your assistance, to fail, demands you are equal to men in every action that becomes hell and armageddon on earth.

A consequence of pride is: that when threatened with losing their power and pride and leadership, the arrogance of both men or women, causes them to measure my life as “NOT WORTH, the loss of these things/ even though sanity knows, without a world to live in, power and pride and possessions are nothing.” The reality of lies and liar inside is, “to believe, in the history of war; that we will survive/ irregardless of the lives that are lost”. [can you survive a world of weapons of mass destruction, YOU AS MEN declare yourselves to be more than one thousand times greater when released than that required to destroy the entire earth; and that is only in america/ how many more exist]. The liar however is unconcerned with truth, Therefore “let him die, but take what we can get first”. The reality of men is, “We don’t want this/ therefore tempt, manipulate, or control conceives of death as the ideal method of removing his menace to our lives. WE CAN CONTROL these weapons and fates of death: We will die first by natural causes/ DON’T HAVE TO PAY; let the young, be condemned to hell and armageddon/ they are NOT worth my penalties. I will not surrender, my stolen property or power or pride or selfishness”. Those who think this is not so, are hiding in their own fears. Those who assume “some messenger, so-called from GOD “, has a right to take away all I sacrificed for ( prophecy fulfilled or not); deserve to die themselves. Such is the way of some men, and some women/ even some children. To be a child is not to be simply innocent. Instead, to be a child that is making decisions for themselves, in manipulating their world and ours; is to have inherited the curse and disease of men; and to assume truth will not care. Truth waits until “every tee is crossed/ every i is dotted/ and every period is in place”/ and then it comes as order demands it will do. Neither care or mercy exists at this point of time.

A reality of pride is; if you do not accept truth as your true leader, and reality as a friend you must listen too: but choose simply; to exchange women for men/ and follow “your eyes”/ instead of your hearts; then you fail. The quest for life, the understanding of true needs, and the valor necessary to prove life is worth fighting for; are not found in such simple things as these. Consequently, you are warned NOT to be simple; But let life itself teach you as it is necessary for you to learn how to be better, than you currently are.

Life is a teacher, the body and mind are mere tools. Sex is a defense against loneliness, a foundation to explore the “inner worlds, of a heart”/ but a reality in vulnerability, that makes both men and women at risk, to the effects of the other person. It is not a game, it is a decision to participate in someone else’s life. If you enter that life in hate, for hate, or become influenced by hate because of it; Those responsible sin a great sin/ enough for an eternity of hades. But if you enter in honesty and honor and truth, fundamentally respecting each other for the value and life that you each are/ CLEARLY intending that love shall be the purpose of your experience and expression; then as an adult, understanding the consequences of one life to another, you are expanding the possibilities of life, hope, and happiness for each other. It is a good thing/ unless you do not understand discipline, order, or the boundaries that friends accept simply and freely for each other, because of the sanctity of a friendship and what that means for life. The sanctity of friendship is not bound by sexuality; because that would mean ownership exists over another person and their life. Instead sanctity is a word used to understand and appreciate that respect for life, is respect for the needs of every life. That although some things could be done/ because of respect for life and the honor of this friendship, I will direct you to other options and responsibilities and possibilities that are equal. It is not a body or face, that frames a desire; these are subject to want, although reality proves we are driven by nature to choose those “who display characteristics of body or mind, that are more desirable; it is FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN. But it is also, a description in inequality of life. A”pretty face or body” has nothing to do with heart and soul; Therefore whatever you do, MUST be driven by truth, life, respect for all involved, and the understanding even friendship and the concepts of marriage partners and family, all have needs. Choose wisely/ or as best you can.

The understanding of “ mine”, suffers from the dimension of insanity known as delusion; it is an assumption called right, irregardless of the arrogance displayed as wrong. We do not/ nor can we own another human being, there is NOTHING about someone else that belongs to you; therefore it is never “mine”/ it is always theirs, their own possession, their own values attached, and their own decisions; this is THEIR LIFE. It is not yours! Consequently, you cannot be an owner/ you cannot control or declare this is mine; you must accept it is love and nothing more that bonds you together as one. Without love there is no bond, no purpose in your relationship other than greed, selfishness, or power. Without love, you have nothing to fight for/ nothing to live with each other for, unless it is merely efficient by agreement. Without love, all sex is nothing more than sex, two bodies working for the chemicals and ignoring life itself; which is lust. The power assumed in ownership, is not valid over another life/ you have no rights here. The value of friendship, does not mean you must obey their demands. The value of friendship means, you are important to me, and I will consider your needs, your passions, and your purpose in this your request, or your existence. I will remember/ but you must remember life is free, and love has needs. The composite of love and life is then two fold; while the reality of life is it has needs that must be met/ and the foundation of love is “freedom”. The truth of love is the creation of a need that must be met by friendship and the honesty held in every heart, by the honor and grace (it is your own life, to do with as you please) of every soul. Life then becomes free, and love becomes the possessor of need. The question arises, if love is a possessor of need, what does that mean; is not possession a form of MINE! The answer refines possession “as your own personal needs”/ not the possession for or about any other, but yourself. Therefore what is mine personally, as a need, becomes what is mine in the choices we are allowed to make for love in heart and soul. The question here is; what does allowed mean/ are we owned by GOD / are we not free? The answer refines our lives here, as “the children of GOD “, not free in our entirety; but held by love to the lessons that bring us closer to life eternal. Therefore we are allowed, to make decisions for ourselves as all children must/ but we are also to adhere in respect to the fundamentals that do not harm each other; unduly, or unnecessarily. Sometimes, people will not listen to reality, nor will they accept the truth of fundamental freedoms in life; that means they will try to own you, either by force, by tears, by threat, or by manipulation and temptation. Some people will begin in freedom with a purpose to want change for themselves/ but lose the battle, and die in the causes of revenge; they trade life, for hades if violence destroys another life, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. It is a terrible sin, to cause anyone to lose their faith in GOD / it is “guilty, and sentenced to terror” in eternity. Do not attack your friend or marriage partner for any reason; leave them alone and walk away, if you must. It is your right to walk away/ it is not a right, it is not a freedom, it is not “a decision in religion/ not any religion”; to choose violence against anyone. If life on earth under women honestly and honorably chooses respect and love for this world, and actively works for this purpose and this true desire; then GOD WILL intervene, and judge those who choose violence against the majority, here on this earth. But you are a long way from this level of respect or love, as a reality in time.
The question arises; but I spent my life on her or his behalf/ I am entitled to something, for my efforts/ I am entitled to the things I expected in “my contract, called marriage, or just between friends, or as a working agreement for sex, etc”. What , about the children, a business, a house, or the other things we call ours? What about, being abandoned for a different lover? What about my own legitimate needs, marriage is a partnership; “An ownership, of certain rights; because people cannot be trusted to do the right thing”. So there are rules, and penalties: “RIGHTS & WRONGS”!

The answers are: When you choose to live with someone with or without sex/ the reality is you made a choice, and that choice is your agreement; there is no contract of conduct or ownership for that is slavery or incarceration; therefore it does not exist. Consequently, you are entitled to keep what you bring to this relationship in possessions; you are entitled to keep what you earn in this relationship to yourself, unless you have a literal contract regarding the specific items you share. You are entitled to a salary for work that is other wise unspecified; such as laundry or cooking or cleaning, if you have gained nothing else of use for the value of these services. But you are not entitled to be lazy, or sell your sex for possessions; if you did not work for the possession clearly supporting the person who did do the work; then you do not own the reality of a reward for that work, you gain what being lazy earned for you. But it will be remembered that “company; the displacement of loneliness has a value; the honor of friendship although not physical by possession, does have an impact on our ability to attain other goals and possessions” and that has a value as well.

The reality of being a lover, has nothing to do with who you live with. Either you love each other willingly and with honor, or you don’t! There is no in-between. The foundation of reality is very simple: we have this one life in time, it is ours (my personal experience)/ not yours, and it is mine to do with as I desire. No exceptions, mine, not yours; there is no other truth that matters; This is my life in time, it is thereby clearly and certainly and without any authority of anyone else, my responsibility to myself, and my right to decide irregardless of anyone else, MINE/ NOT YOURS. Therefore sexual intimacy is a gift, not a right; and you may not make assumptions, references to ownership; or in any other way interfere with my authority over my life. You may choose for yourself, as truth and reality decide. Love will choose happiness/ therefore be loving and fair. “Ownership” is the delusion and insanity of jealousy and violence against each other/ the assumption of ownership, the most violent of all male behaviors. Therefore not only wrong, clearly defiant and destructive to life on earth; because it is the excuse, to measure and judge the others. It is the basis and foundation of superiority; therefore it is the disease of greed, lust, and disrespect. Possessions can be owned in limited quantities determined by society, for the benefit of all; you did the work, you deserve the property or possession. NO HUMAN BEING IS A POSSESSION OR A PROPERTY! NOT EVEN ONE. Therefore no authority exists to claim any portion or part of ownership, not sexually, not physically, not mentally, not spiritually, not at all. Love decides/ or hate robs, and liars steal.
Children have needs, if you physically intend to have children then you DO need to go to court and declare the responsibilities and the rights of parenthood together in a courtroom of law, PRIOR to having children. You will deal with all the values of raising children/ all the rights of visitation regarding a change in your physical realities/ all the responsibilities for the money, and the conditions to be met during your time together as a married couple raising children. You will surrender your pensions and social securities to the children if you split apart unfriendly, and without acceptance for the other; both sides/ and the children will take your “old age money/ for their needs in life”; leaving both with nothing but their children to help them in old age. You will not give this money to the parent who attends them/ but will pay as life requires “a necessary infusion of hope”. If the court decides both parents are doing enough, it may choose to leave this money intact, or not.

As to people and sex, needs, trust and other things that cannot be depended upon as if it were a possession of entitlements and rights: the reality is, life is what life is/ if you do not wish to gamble on these things with another human being, then don’t! If you have hope and love to share, and a life to give to someone else who you believe in, then what better is there for you to do? Go ahead and try, do your best, and be blessed.
Life teaches these things, as the peaceful existence of time in the confrontation of freedom, in the environment of needs. To believe otherwise is delusional and wrong. The basis of life is a knowledge and a reality that clearly distinguishes us as individuals/ and in that understanding and truth, is the right to choose for ourselves/ the right to be free as ourselves/ the hopes of an identity governed by the laws of life, {they are those truths which carefully define life and environment and freedoms for and in society/ and the responsibilities we all must bear.} there is no right, to own a slave or be a slave; we are free. A few of the religious will demand “this religious dogma” gives us the right to claim slaves! To them declare simply: if you want to be a slave then go ahead, and be a slave/ but do not come here. What is necessary in life, when times are bad, is sharing and caring about each other, nothing less will survive. Only pride refuses, power comes from pride, and selfishness comes from want. Greed comes from the insurrection against the law and life itself. Lust simply consumes someone else’s life, to prove you can.

The critical realities of expression as a human being, is not what you possess or own; it is what you choose to do, because you desire love or hate. These are opposites/ therefore it is an easy direction to conceive of for you; there is no middle ground/ only love or hate or true needs. People contend, they want love and hate and power and pride; and everything, it is their right, and they claim it. And history proves, the middle ground of human experience; the right to test it all, and pretend it does not count has existed for our previous forever. But today, the reality is that we are now in control of nature itself, we are now in control of environment, we are now consuming resources beyond our ability to survive the outcome, polluting, threatening, causing extinction, and destroying the links in the chains of life that keep us alive. You are free to lie, you are free to hide, to pretend, to run away, and to die/ BUT YOU are no longer free to survive, unless truth leads the way, because nature no longer defends you, and that means: either you choose properly, or you die. This is “not a hard concept for you to grasp”/ neither is it a negative attitude, THIS IS YOUR REALITY, IT IS YOUR TRUTH, whether you like it or not. There is not one thing about our survival that is “man-made”/ your work is a gift to you, because your body and mind have very little to do with anything you prepared, all is a gift. As is every single aspect of nature. The fact is, we owe our lives to our CREATOR. The ignorance of countless false and poor religions such as evolution; are simply pride explaining, “you don’t want to obey or learn anything about life/ you simply want to abuse it, use it, or sell it.” You want to play god/ so you make excuses out of anything; evolution is merely one of countless others, worshiping the sun/ worshiping everything from shit, to hair, to illusion and images designed by your own fantasies. Evolution is a fools failure, and in the case of the US government; It is the intent to control competition, and prepare to crucify the world. Your assumptions of grandeur, are nothing more than an association with the devil; the devil is your pride/ satan is the power to destroy/ and life itself is what you play with, and threaten: be ashamed, you are blind and pitiful and without an excuse. Life is worth more than this. The tragedy of your leadership in particular has been a blight to this world. You are deceived, and so is the world itself. Critical to understanding that life is more delicate, and yet more real than all your dreams, fantasies, and illusions; is the simple truth, not only must a body and mind be built, but it must contain the knowledge necessary to survive, from the very beginning. How to breathe, how to eat, to find food, or even recognize the need to drink are all fundamental to all life everywhere. How can there be evolution, without thought/ how can there be evolution when they themselves say; “Anything resembling thought, could not occur until billions of years after a body was formed.” They are fools/ their own words defeat them, without even a contest, not even a possibility. As to the rest of their religious doctrine; tell them to gather rocks, dirt, water, sunlight, & air and form a body/ make a life, “go ahead, after billions of years, you have a brain; how can you be less than no brain at all? Did your evolution make you stupid! Not to worry, surely you are up to the challenge; just gather a few sticks and stones, oh wait, a stick is part of a living creation/ you can’t use that; and glue it all together, oh wait, you have no glues; well “just use your fantasy, oh wait, you have no brain”. As to the evidence of idiots, some fossils are real/ some fossils are of more than one existence in time/ some fossils are imaginary/ some are hoaxes/ some are lies/ and some simply don’t exist.

You are not gods! You are not very bright intellectually, how else do you explain a people who have designed their own deaths in hell and armageddon (chaos in nature). You are not superior to anyone! You are going to face the tragedies you have created and do stand ready to consume life on earth; accepting change, respect, and truth to rule over your lives/ or you are going to die, and take the world with you.
Turn to women, and let them pray for you; as men you will not be heard. As a world, you will turn to women for leadership and life, or you too will die and take the world with you. This is not a game/ the reality is, this is a punishment for declaring life is not worth your efforts in peace; you surrendered to death/ and that gives life itself over to women. You will obey them sexually/ you will let them lead you, or all the things you have put into place to threaten life on earth will be used against you. You have prepared yourselves for hell on earth/ and you have chosen to destroy life on earth by mutilation and crucifixion of genetic structures: and you will receive you “just reward”/ unless women can find the strength and the honor to save you by taking over leadership of this world. That is your punishment; and it will never change/ men are removed, never to return, without condemning the world itself to death. Help them to be, what they must be, to save life on earth.

The consequence of all these words written to you, is some will declare “he is negative about everything/ do not listen to him, think only positive thoughts”. But this is rather like shouting warnings to a group of children: do not play so close to the edge of this horrible cliff, you could die. Like children do, a leader among them will scoff, and all the little children will join in ridicule, “just because the herd” is more important than truth or life or knowledge. You will scoff and scorn at the concept life on earth will die; believing instead of the evidence, that nothing can go wrong, simply because we have lived here on earth for thousands of years; and are still here! Therefore can’t die. This warning; about things that have truly changed, about the threats from a “hundred different human causes/ and millions of individual threats, in pollution, mutilation, insanity, and so many more” have given humanity control over this earth itself; you took control, and are busy destroying as much as possible. We now control it/ we now have access to all that can destroy it. And men are so foolish, they built machines and mutilated life so they could multiply the destruction to prove they can “play god,” hiding in the image of a warrior, so that none would see the fool. We must have a new beginning with completely different ideas and purposes for life. We must let women rule because they ARE different; because history and reality prove men cannot do anything different than what has already been done. They refuse, and their social structures will return anything of change to the consequence of their power, pride, selfishness, and want: because they have internal structures & gangs to force the other men to obey. They cannot rule, from here on they can only destroy; we must have women for even a chance to survive. Men have no answers, take a look; can’t control the money/ will use violence anytime fear is established/ choose insanity, instead of simply demanding “come to court, and defend yourself”/ are beyond stupid and vain, an absolute disgrace and disease to life on earth: are you not building machines to kill/ machines to bring atomic fire to the earth/ machines to recreate the most destructive explosion the universe has ever seen/ mutilating everything you can find, with absolute carelessness and an intent to destroy “got to destroy it, before we can learn how it is made! TOO BAD, worms for brains can’t understand kill all life on earth instead. Sending us all into biological chaos and terrors; there are no words for this insanity, except DEVIL. Religious or not, it is fundamentally correct. We must have women lead by truth and honor and love and respect, or we simply cannot survive. It is not, “a hard concept, it is proven in history over and over and over”. War is a death trap for us all/ that is over, and it is the only solution men have. Life is given, to the decision of women; a majority in truth/ or a destruction of all. It is not “negative to say, you are approaching starvation in a very short time, because of the things you do”. This is only reality trying to warn you to survive. It is not negative to say, either you will surrender the weapons and realities of war; or you will use them, because it is the easy choice/ and it is historically proven, men will use it. It is not negative to be correct/ nor is it negative to depend upon the evidence in truth to prove it is correct. This is a warning of truth, trying to keep life alive on this earth. The biologic warfare is a doomsday machine, capable of complete human extermination, by a number of means and collateral damages: the military, the science community, & the universities all tell you this is true; one man, one country, released and the world dies. According to “these experts” only 25 nuclear bombs, and the world goes to nuclear winter, and 90% of the population of life will die, just from these few bombs. The tragedy of chemical weapons, either from the social communities, or from the military, will be devastating; and these are just the easiest things to see; many more threats exist. All because men cannot control themselves, they choose to play like fools. They want to be superior, and they have proven to be superior fools, and a failure; you have designed death, you have participated in the creation of realities that will make the earth a hell, you have created mutilations that will terrify all that lives on earth. WHY? Because these want to play god. Your day has arrived, your death is imminent and filled with horror and tears without number; but you do get to play god, for a few minutes, on your way to HADES: eternal punishment for destroying GODS CREATION. It is not negative to tell you this, it is your life, or your death and eternal punishment/ or it is change, truth, life, respect, honor, and women in charge of life on earth: take your pick.
It did not have to be, your leaders of men chose it/ and your majority followed it, worked for it, paid for it, and made it real. Should you not receive as you earned? Indeed you shall, one way or the other/ there is no middle of the road/ there is no compromise possible; there is only give all leadership of life including sexuality, to women/ or die.

Happiness is not dictated by power, pride, or selfishness/ it is the reality of a life worth living, because love becomes the essence of your soul. Heart is the identity conceived by purpose, but led by desire. The question of heart is then; why do you exist in the message of anything less than love? The answer examines pride as the images you create inside yourself, either as the creation of GOD, Or the belief you have created yourself. If you believe in GOD Then HIS WORK, in you grants an understanding that you need only to accept the truth that life will give to you. Accepted is the value of life, accepted is the treasury of love and friendship created by life with others, accepted is the understanding that growth of life and spirit are one in the same and we must participate with honor and honesty and respect to show that love is our way. Accepted is the faith provided by our own breathe, we have come to be/ we continue to be, as we were given to be. The foundations of a life complete the understanding “one moment at a time, one heartbeat after another”; that is time in me. Accepted is the essence of eternity, that presence in life, that is the energy confined; the reality that moves this body and mind into dimensions called living/ the power applied, to allow a search in me for what is life itself in us. The application of energy, gives us the ability/ the body gives us time/ the mind measures and translates for the body/ but the soul understands the possibilities that are beyond these gifts, as the opportunity of life in ourselves to become as our Creator. If only we care enough to do our best. The question of energy amplifies the question of creation, by expressing the transformation of critical control as order and discipline. The relationship of energy to order and discipline excites the possibilities called thought. The question of eternity asks what then is time, if time does not matter? The answer is, a beginning. The question of every beginning is, what comes next/ what is this creation for? The answer is: reality comes, in the presence of truth, to clarify and create an identity of life. These foundations begin the journey called eternal, as the basis to claim existence forever by truth. The consequence called existence is “up to you”/ you are free, therefore it is you that must decide what is to be done with your life in existence. The reality of family is, NOT everything is permissible here. The descriptions of this world, as created by GOD Do, give us clear and true comprehension of a world beyond our imagination: look honestly at the world HE CREATED Everywhere there is life, using every influence in nature, every opportunity in time, every structure and hope/ and every one with a purpose even if they do not understand it, or recognize their reality in time. As humanity, we are given more freedoms than any other living thing; we are alive within the assertion that wisdom IS within our grasp. But we must reach for it, in respect and with appreciation; or it is lost, and we are empty. Wisdom believes in truth/ wisdom prepares life, by becoming the essence of truth, “so that reality may bring fruit” to our lives. Gender is the evidence of “fruit; the expression of delight and happiness in the experience of a blessing provided by another living creation”. The understanding of gender is; that we were born to be matched together as if created for each other. The reality of gender is, that with freedom comes excitement, and excitement needs understanding to survive. The truth of gender is then, that we live as “an action in men/ confronted by a reaction in women”; that balance and truth may be achieved. The question of gender is; why do you sell what is so precious to you/ that life literally cannot exist without it? The answer is, because excitement leads you to want, and want becomes an alternate experience to life itself. Want is the human creation of a plan “to pretend to be god/ playing with the possibilities of fantasy and delusion as if it were real. The reality of want consumes the discipline of order and respect, and becomes the seed of hate, jealousy, and all the rest that is tragic. Excitement therein is identified as both lovely and transparent in its effect, to give life happiness and new growth and much more, all because it is a blessing understood in wisdom. Or excitement becomes the abandonment of order and discipline, creating want and therefrom challenging GOD for authority of not only your own life, but all life itself. Excitement is not evil/ it is a good thing, just as gender is a lovely blessing in itself. Excitement is more simply an opportunity for you to learn, and time is an experiment for you to live; that in eternity you may survive. All are not the same/ nor are we intended to be. A pretty face is not necessarily a “pretty soul”, it is merely a body in time, created for understanding the simple truth, that every difference is not equal/ that some of the truth in you, will become what is your eternal presentation of life as you have chosen to create your soul in time. Soul is created in you, by you/ as freedom allows you to change it/ NOT own it, for it is not yours, until GOD Gives it forever to you. Such is the world of life, and your participation and purpose in yourself.

None of these things of life, are about pride. Pride is the simple expectation, “that I am god/ be my cheerleader”. Pride is the simple truth in you; that truth means nothing, because you are so proud. People want a cheerleader, because the players of “the game” want an applause. People want a cheerleader to distract them/ that they may not return to reality, until forced to do so. Players want a cheerleader, to prove they are not alone in their fantasies; “see these others do it to”. The catastrophe called pride is responsible for countless human souls lost, on both sides of the fence. I am winner, declares life is less/ a disrespect and dishonor to your Creator. I am loser, declares I don’t want my gifts as life on earth, I am sad because I believe these have more/ a disrespect and dishonor to your Creator. The responsibilities of body and mind, for your child, or as a parent are largely yours; do you not pick “the genetic materials”. These traits should not be aligned with “God’s choice” for you/ they are your choices for your child. The question presents; who then is worthy of being “the genetic materials, for children”? The answer is; “a thousand different people, offer a thousand different genetic combinations most of which cannot be seen”. I believe you simply have to search your heart, and let soul decide. It would seem clear, that inheritable disease, or the like would not be in the interest of the child; but none are god, who can know. It would seem, those who would be the parent of a child is equally important to what genetic materials the child could receive; this is critical to the life and environment for growth and love/ but who can judge, certainly not most, as over 50% surrender to divorce and of these the children are the last to be concerned with for most; hate rules many. We as a society can present equality to each child in economic realities, if we simply choose to do so; but of course that eliminates superiority and pride: what human being wants that, it ruins the game. We as a truth of life can choose to love anyone we desire to accept as a friend, the reality of parenting has nothing to do with genetics/ it is only pride and power that measures “mine”. There are, nor will there ever be “no perfect specimens”/ no perfect this one or that one in male or female, we are all imperfect/ we all have flaws. In life, a child should not come until you are fully prepared to share with the child what YOU have accumulated in honesty and honor and respect for the child. If you need a child/ you are not prepared, you are not able to share with this child/ you are looking to steal from your child, what you need to feel happy. It is treachery, and does not work, every baby & every child has needs for you to meet/ not to support you, you support them. We are given an opportunity for life, we are given the possibility to inherit (not earn) eternity, by the truth that we do become. These things are important/ these things are a gift from GOD To our world, and to ourselves, and it is important that you do not disrespect or dishonor them. Do not use children as your excuse for doing nothing about your world; it is your job, to work for a society in which they can join and be happy. But remember this, in a world full, Of people: it is your duty NOT to have more than one child per one adult “all done”/ because to bring a child into starvation and crisis, is to hate them. Let life prove, today is the day they will survive in truth and honor and love. You do owe them this much.
Of the countless ways body and mind affect us all, the reality is we affect each other more. Discipline is the path between resistence/ not the path of resistence, for there are always at least two directions that will pull or push on you. Discipline is then the method most clearly assigned by order, to achieve balance. Order is the lesson most likely, to present happiness and peace. Truth understands reality, but cares only about discipline and its order. “Human is” the acceptance of these things, as truth becomes the door to thought, and life becomes the path to love, happiness exists. “Animal is”, the rejection of things called learning, to live existence in time; hurrying before you die. Thereby always afraid/ always self only/ always without comprehension, simply measuring experience as life.

My own body and mind are changing, greater influences are being exerted to pull and push and exchange the foundations of knowledge, for greater balance “and beyond what is balance”/ to understand both action and reaction and love, as a dimension shared by man & woman. The relationship required is to understand the foundations of woman, I seem to have crossed a line somewhere recently. It is a strange life, the foundation for telling you anything; is not for me/ it is for you. The understanding necessary, for a new relationship between men and women DEPENDS upon a greater knowledge for happiness and respect/ that is not granted, by hiding away, or pretending. Therefore what will be will be, and you are the beneficiary, if you so choose. The fundamental expectation is, greater respect for women, and more understanding of men. May you learn peace, hope, life, and friendship for each other; much is lacking in you. Believe it or not. The measurement of each other, desired to end in the understanding that life is more important than anything the mind can comprehend. Some will argue, “if we cannot comprehend with the mind, or measure what life and death mean; HOW can we understand anything at all?” The answer is simply, “Inside the sanctuary of life itself, there is room for anyone who can climb beyond mind and body into heart, soul, and spirit.” Those who cannot, are trapped only by their own measurements and wants; it is your choice to abandon these and enter into greater things. It is your choice to turn away and be forgotten by life, for the sake of body or mind. It is your choice, to believe in the evidence of truth, or not.

Pride is the factor, that interferes with truth and demands to play games; “Don’t have to obey the laws of life, energy, or whatever/ I am god”. All aspects of my own writing, apart from court documents to some degree, are supplanted with tangents capable of misdirecting you from a focus so small, you get lost and confused and begin to follow. You are not allowed to follow. All aspects of my own writing reflect the critical truth after years of trying to communicate with you, it is clear and evident that you cannot stand “much truth”/ you simply run away and hide, therefore you are capable of only minimal basic conflicts with sustained evidence / and must be redirected to “fluff pieces”, or you gain nothing at all. All aspects of my own writing are laced with facets that preform the simple task of looking for the one thing, that will touch one reader out of one hundred/ because the next reader will not accept that one thing, but needs something else; consequently, “gossip/ ridicule/ anger/ hate/ sex/ behaviors/ money/ methods/ and more are used to infiltrate as best can be done. The message of life or death for this world, is more important than me/ or you. Pride will assume, because he is “not one of us”/ whether that is by diploma, or by religious doctrine, or by morality agreements, or by social etiquette; or just plain “no man would write like he does/ no woman would allow her own teeth to go bad”. The reality of each argument is: the truth and reality of a world in trouble is not “about me/ it is about YOU”! Therefore the excuse is worthless, the reality is you die, IF YOU don’t change/ and that has nothing to do with me; it is your choice, not mine, and I don’t lead.

Pride says; “I will make excuses/ you can’t blame me then for not doing my duty; for not being responsible: I have an excuse”. So lets see, what is a true and legitimate excuse for not participating in saving life on earth from destruction, HELL, ARMAGEDDON (chaos in nature)/ AND ALL THE TERRORS THE UNIVERSE CAN BRING? What is your excuse? I cannot think of a single one/ but go ahead, its your life/ your eternity/ our future/ everything, without question or possibility to return. Go ahead, cry like a baby and die/ go ahead hide like a “coward”, and be afraid (like hiding in a closet in a house fire, surely you will be safe)/ go ahead, head for the hills, with machine guns and the rest, biological warfare and nuclear devastation can’t reach you there, “right”. You don’t need water/ food/ anything “your special”. “I know”, just believe in fear/ that will do it; like the leadership of america and their fears of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists: you can create more Iraq wars too. Millions dead, dismembered, or changed forever, all because of fear and foreboding and the intent “to make them fear us, MORE”/ THAT will stop them. Too much for you to comprehend/ therefore you refuse, let the others do something “your too busy/ your too married/ your too special”! Sure you are/ the grave is ready, jump on in. Too much for you to demand a trial in public to prove yourself correct; “just too much trouble/ and besides I WON’T PAY, for all that has been stolen from the world, the children, and the future; its like a penalty, or prison, or something BAD”. I won’t do it/ I will die first; but alas “it ain’t a dirt nap”; your destiny will be HADES, the place of eternal punishment. WAIT, OH WAIT, I know, you don’t have to go/ cause you don’t believe in such a place; nothing can get you “out of the ground”/ dead is dead, gone, nothing. And you are god, so you don’t have to prove this is true! Do you?

Well lets’ see? When you instruct the children, and alter their future; making them believe and accept what you tell them is true: surely there are no consequences for that/ is there. Nope, not you, why you were evolved, or reincarnated, or “poof, just appeared out of nowhere”; who the hell cares, right! There are no consequences, “if you are god”/ right. Lets pretend, “Lets just get on our little mental treadmills, and live the fantasy, going around the world; nothing can harm us”. Like ass-holes, just a spewing away. Your too fast for truth and reality “they can’t catch up to you”. Too perfect to.
The foundation of tragedy is failure. The foundation of failure, is to refuse the truth, or be blind to your reality. “The players” believe in their games; I HAVE TROPHIES, I can prove I am right!” The foundation of life is truth, and reality proves it is right. Since these are divided by those who play god/ or the law that controls life on earth: you be the judge/ who is correct, the players in fantasy, games, and delusion/ or the law that literally controls life and death in this world? Think carefully now/ don’t make any instantaneous decisions “it’s a tough one”. For fools.
You can pretend/ I cannot! I know better, life or death for this world is being decided for real, in these very days; YOU are making that decision/ both women who will actually decide, but also the men they need to give them confidence and strength to make their own decisions without fearing reprisals beyond their ability. GOD can keep them safe/ but reality knows how little true faith there is, consequently there are limits to HIS involvement; “So you do not piss HIM off”, More than usual. You stand in a world of failure/ literally having cast off the reality and truth that keeps you alive. You stand in a world men have cursed to death; because they refuse to accept life without pride, power, selfishness, and want. You stand in a world, that must turn to life, honor, truth, respect, love, courage, hope, and happiness or it will cease to exist. Make your decision/ do it now, or be castrated to eternal damnation. “ without the ability, to change anything” simply condemned, and abandoned.

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