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Welcome to a list of miscellaneous inventions that are free of charge to you; WITH THE EXCEPTION, these are provided for the singular purpose of advertizing this web site . Therefore to use them without that attached advertizement would not be allowed, by the terms of this agreement. Many are drawn in rough form, as they have no monetary value to me/ simply relating the idea is enough. The question of foolish or whatever is attached to them; is not worth fighting to me: I believe the world is in grave danger, and the reality of that belief transforms itself into the actions that have at least the possibility of keeping the world alive. Believe what you want/ but remember dead wrong, is still dead. There are no second chances when killing the planet we live on, if it dies; then we die. Simple as that. If we don’t truly change, all the preparations of men to exterminate the world shall come true. “Can’t believe it”/ well you don’t have to, but as you gamble with all life on earth, every child, and every eternity; the fact that you are willing to gamble convicts you to hades; the end of life in death eternally. I have produced at least a dozen simple to understand real world threats, each of which can kill this planet, or will set the stage for a domino effect that will then kill the planet/ there are many more. Prove me wrong, surely you can disprove at least one threat is less than the extinction of life on earth/ go to court, and prepare the evidence that can confute and disprove all the threats that are presented in these works. COWARD! Or are you less than a coward, and just a fool; believing that the extermination of life on earth will not affect you, or your eternity? Pathetic does not begin to describe this choice. Don’t even think to tell me “its too big a task, to save this world from ourselves; we can’t change the world”/ asshole! Either we change the world, or we die; take your pick/ as for me, I WILL WORK. If you fail you fail/ but I will work, and with that work, I will produce what I can do to help life survive. It is my choice/ and it is literally the least I can do. How can you do less!

The list begins with traps; as they are a means of reducing pollution and poison.


As is true of all inventions, some understanding of the parameters under which they work effectively must be known. You do have to study inventions, to refine there usage. In the case of these traps, cockroaches live in large rocks over 1 inch (small tight rocks keep them out) ,with open areas they can crawl into , they like it damp but not wet, migrate to lights in the dark/ use of the trap built for cockroaches was effectively trapping a useful number; but one night when it rained; it was very effective. Cockroaches remember/ and so do rats. Thereby as a rat trap in an apartment building truly in need, a series of piping with one way doors is necessary to let them run and get use to getting out; to entice the rest/ probably for about 3 weeks: only then “close the doors” add the rest of the piping into a steel container, and let the pipes drop them in. Be certain its big enough/ use gas. Those in the basement will need special conveniences to hoist them into the container. Leave the entire arrangement in place for about 3 weeks in the hopes of collecting all the young.

This series of traps was done for the purpose of protecting a patent; the associated claims are missing, and too much trouble to find if still here. Some drawings were done by a professional drafting person “a witness, I was the inventor”. I hold a copyright on an invention contract if you wish. A method to avoid the money required by the patent office (a pitiful thing). These were done roughly 25 years ago, and fully intended to be patented, but as I was finishing; I suddenly realized that if truly successful, it would change the earth/ massacring countless insects and animals. I could not finish it/ even the pollution and poisons seemed less. Today, it is a simple matter; we must change/ or it doesn’t matter anymore. So use what you can honestly and with respect for all life. Remembering this simple story; the cockroaches being very bad very suddenly; became a cause to wreck anything that slightly resembled a cockroach egg (even knowing better/ not taking any chances). But the result suddenly realized was the extinction here, of a beautiful large moth “desert painted” who came and I rescued/ and returned each year more, each time”. I will never do such a thing again. Be careful what you do. Life on earth cannot stand another major failure of human intervention, it may give up; thereby you die too. The chains of life are not known, not even studied so they can be known; break one completely and everything dependent goes too. Remember that, and do only what needs to be done/ control those who “dynamite a river or reef for a single fish meal”/ and kill everything without a care. Abused, this can become the same thing. Learn first/create legal controls, then provide the tools.

The question of money, a largely irrelevant waste of time. There will come a time when my writings are published; that too “a relationship governed by the end of time”/ as you discover the words and warnings are correct; you will search for answers. Even here/ but past the point of no return, there are no answers; and you are the living dead. Your liars say; “Not for decades”/ I tell you plainly that everything will change severely within ten years; and when the evidence is clear and certain/ it is too late. Not because I am trying to scarce you/ but because population pressure will not lay down to die; every hand will grab anything they can get, and the battle will be lost. The only option is death by the billions, literally/ but death by the billions will destroy every resource, creating plagues and pollution beyond imagination. You will use your weapons of mass destruction. You will empty the sea, taking enough for yourselves that the chains will be broken that keep sea life alive/ starved to death. The water will disappear. Not because I say you will, but because survival requires specific things/ and when too many creatures exist, the population pressure will explode. Like the story of Adam and Eve who couldn’t protect just one last fruit, from the only tree of its kind in the garden; for the next generation, for life to go on for that tree too. You will kill yourselves with lust and greed and selfishness; or you will change. Waiting for me to die, to use the words and warnings here are less than a fools’ game/ it is your choice to participate in the assassination of this world. In ten “Christmas seasons” it will be all over; but hell and Armageddon! [ten years is another billion people on earth; and you cannot survive your ways now]. Prove me wrong, go to court and make your case or disprove mine. COWARD.

THIS IS NOT, whimper and whine and cry and carry on like fools and idiots/ NO cutting yourselves or flogging yourselves or pretend praying or all the rest; NO hiding or running away, this is reality at the door “like a wolf” to eat you. Either you remove the threats honestly and with respect for each other, or you fail and the world is abandoned; simply because you “love lies” more than life. This is not a game, the evidence is real, and that makes the consequences true. Like a murder mystery, you get to solve the murder before it actually happens. That means in real life, you can stop the murder from happening, IF you so choose. If you do not, then life on earth will die/ and no amount of sacrifice, tears, or prayer will matter. YOU ARE GOING TO DECIDE Life or death for this world! YOU created the threats, YOU will choose to let them occur or remove them before they destroy you, YOU will reap eternally by your decision, and by YOUR WORK! Is that not fair?

The question presented by inventions, or ideas that benefit society/ which in turn benefit the inventor; are simple enough. Over the years, a large number of crude or patent ready inventions have been provided for consumption, and mailed or shown to a variety of people and institutions. Such as the oil water separator shown here, was mailed to EXXON when the Alaskan oil spill, from valdez occurred. They sent back, wanting a legal release to own/ my ears being bad at the time just could not tolerate the idea of having to respond with help. Not taking the idea immediately, meant it would be of no use to Alaska/ and end up as a reward to Exxon. So I did not send the release. If they did not try to steal it, in any other way; fearing a lawsuit, they were just being ridiculous; patents are owned by the lawyers, and foolish judges, far more than the inventors. Irregardless, some ideas may or may not be “fresh”/ but that does not mean they did not originate with me. The University of IL was provided with a shelter trap for insects and animals/ including a model some years back; “Too complicated I guess”. The reality of that attempted gift was, for advertizing initially; but was traded for the simple truth, the invention was far to effective; and could badly impact non-target populations of nearly every insect and animal alive. Therefore although it could eliminate considerable pollution and problems/ it also represented a dramatic problem for animal and insect life on earth; I felt like more people should make this decision; they failed. People are NOT honorable, NOT wise, with anything they want; and few consider long term consequences. Therefore it returns to me. Some diagrams appear to be stolen, or lost; some papers are/ were taken.

These illustrations are simply meant to assert, that I am aware and mechanically inclined to the possibilities of inventions I say that I can produce. This is simply a selection of basic elements that do suggest an opportunity or better is provided to women; if you will accept working for justice and life on earth. I will wait for 3 weeks before continuing to add more lucrative devices, that are worth money. Reminded you, each one that disappears as a free gift, is less money for you. I personally have no regard for money beyond my needs; it solves little. Take a look at your governments; all they know how to do is spend/ all they have fixed in the last few years is NOTHING, it is pitiful, and money just made it worse. Consequently, it is the decision to be involved for life and justice, that matters to me/ if you are not, then the work is irrelevant.




Deep water oil water separator

Grain Spreader

Trap Series 1

Trap Series 2

Trap Series 3

Trap Series 4

Trap Series 5

Trap Series 6

Trap Series 7

Trap Series 8

Trap Series 9

Trap Series 10

Wave Motion

Ember Curtain

Sun Heater

Plain Brake

Physical forces

Human Body Protector

Human Body Protector 2

Sail Pump

Ocean Wave Energy


Tsunami warning


The machine investigator

Mountain energy

The gas furnace exchanger



Cliff energy

Useful changes for vehicle accident prevention


Ocean cage fishing

Energy Recovery in Trucks

Tree Leaf Pickup Tool

Sewer Auger Safety

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