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Our reality as life is society is; all social foundations are in place when we arrive, and change comes slow/ in most cases. Therefore, the work of living is directed/ by the business of staying alive until that change can take place, or is accepted as an honest and true foundation of peace and harmony and happiness. We do not “get to choose” our beginnings/ we only get to participate in our lives, as best we can.

Life is a business/ just as you understand when the body is in need of food or water, the reality of society is; that we must do certain things to survive as a nation, community, or world. The same is true of all organizations/ be it religious, sports, or other. The consequence of this is a compromise between: what each believes is necessary, and becomes willing to do/ what some will believe is unnecessary, and fight to avoid/ and what is challenged in ways that present an opportunity for honest and real change in life and society. Of the various realities we face today, these opportunities are real: we not only can change in dramatic and real ways, we must. The business of change is not a compromise in this situation/ it is a demand created by so many compromises truth was left “outside the door/ and lies, cheating, and stealing took control”. We must now, regain truth; and let it decide what our reality as life will be. Every business interest runs on money and power/ therefore the primary enemies of change, are money and power; because change means new opportunities for those who have nothing/ and lost opportunities for those in power, position, and pride. The consequence is, those who hold the wealth, always fight to support “no change here/ or lie to deceive the rest with promises of change that never happen”. The question presented is then: given the truth, that those in power will never willingly surrender that power/ not even In life or death situations; pride won’t let them: how then is that power or wealth taken away? The answer is today: “this is not a problem, the money is gone/ all that is left is the numbers, and they have only a meaning to those who will accept the lies. Reality says “a claim of $400,000.00 four hundred thousand dollars” in assets exists in the numbers called money for this nation/ PER EACH CITIZEN, babies and all. The money is worthless, the wealth is gone/ they have no power, only tremendous pride.

This is a BAD thing for society in every way except two: first the changes that need to be made, are now possible, because we are all equal. Second, the reality of change is dependent not upon money, but the acceptance of the people themselves as to whether they will accept new ways is a decision they will make; because the old ways are dead. But even so, we are lucky beyond measure, that the numbers have done this/ because to continue on as we are, would be the end of life through the consumption of resources, and that means the death of all who would otherwise live in the future. At the current rate of consumption/ critical resources cannot survive 20 years; therefore be glad, unless you fully accept the reality within 20 years you would rather be dead. The very old will say “yes, yes, continue on as we are; I need these things, I want them to remain”. But reality and truth agree; they are assassinating the young, with greed and selfishness and pride; therefrom as they have been doing this very thing for the last 30 years; to abandon them is clearly appropriate. This is a choice for the young/ as it now becomes your turn; because the nation itself has been trashed by those who preceded you. All will say/ NOT TODAY, we are doing fine; we have everything/ we are the richest nation in this world, and no one can take that away. But truth disagrees, and finds you have stated “buy now/ pay later”, with literally no intent to pay. Truth declares you have abandoned life, and raced to your deaths, by consuming as much as you could. Today; as you have done/ critically exists by your own hands: you have driven life on earth to the edge of catastrophe, by stating “we don’t care/ we cannot stop this/ we want everything, and you cannot stop us”. So it has been, but now truth is stopping you, as your numbers crumble into a heap of nothing; and your reality of weapons and threats come to take you to the home they built: hell and Armageddon.

The business of life and society clearly declare; today is the day you must act/ because tomorrow it will be too late; all that will be left, is the dying. The business of determining what is true, is held within a courtroom battle of life or death for this world. The reality of knowing, believing, and accepting what is true/ what is lies/ what is fair/ and what is justice are all held within the possibilities of a time for controversy: as governed by the intent for harmony and peace. Failure to choose truth/ is a demand to choose war, strife, conflict, and hell. Failure to be involved in the understanding of the people, “all of us”/ and even the world, is an end to life on earth. We are all at risk, and this business of court, is our answer to avoid civil war/ and retain some degree of honesty about who gets what/ what are we to do/ when and what and why will changes be made; and so on. You can of course go directly to civil war/ you have guns and ammo aplenty; mayhem and disease and pride will all see to the day quickly when half the nation is dead or gone; but who cares? Pandemic’s will begin/ rotting corpse’s are good for that/ polluted water with dead bodies an ideal situation for one crisis after another. No water/ more war, even after everyone says “please no more/ I surrender”; but when there is not enough resource for everyone; well, someone just has to die. The world is full.
So reality gives us the choice, go to court/ or go to hell; take your pick. The work of a courtroom in justice and fair play asserts: what is honest and true, Is fair for me, & it is fair for you/ therefore the standard of law, work, and reality that is allowed to you, is also allowed for me; and it becomes our law. The issue of justice is, what is honorable and respectful of the contributions made to life/ must be balanced to achieve what is a blessing and a faithful work to help the others be happy in their lives. Justice is the balance between what is harmony and peace/ truth and life/ and the existence of a need to survive, a right to participate, and a will to express our own sense of freedom and worth, in our own ways: Without harming the others intentionally. Justice is not more or less/ it is about life and the business of society in peace and harmony, because we chose it, and continue to choose it for ourselves. The law of life! What is judgment in a courtroom is the law/ nothing else matters, but the laws of men are intentionally corrupted, to evade and distribute power; to steal, kill, and abort all justice and fair play “more for me”. Therefore the laws that govern must be carefully chosen, protected, and elected within a fully educated public participation. They cannot be “many”/ they must be few, and direct with few words, and no true potential to be challenged: law, must be for life, and never for less.

The business of life on a more personal level, today; means that you must fight for your share of the work to come! We are now involved in the restructuring of society, because we cannot continue to use and abuse resources as it has been/ therefore what was, cannot be. And what is to be, must be decided in a courtroom, so that we all may share the rights, the duty, and the needs for our lives in equal understanding of a possibility for happiness to each. The question of work comes to mean less hours for each one/ that demands of society: NO you cannot compete with me fully as you wish/ we must share this reality, NO you cannot remain selfish, greedy, about lust, pride, or power; we all have needs. That means wants too, will be left behind, and life itself will take on a new meaning of friendship, and a happiness in that friendship: therefore BE KIND to one another! Or there will be war, simple as that. If you lose the battle to be friends/ you lose the battleground of a courtroom, to a gun, and bloodshed beyond compare. It is your choice/ and you will remember: to help your police/ contribute your time/ and surrender what you must, until life is firmly placed on a new foundation and working for a new life in time. As you proceed in happiness and the understanding of a life that gives you the opportunity to share with each other: instead of compete with each other, using and abusing each other, and preparing to kill each other. THEN, a decision will come to isolate the “other side/ be it for good or bad”; and drive them into their own reality separated from you. This nation will be divided, but not for long. One side, or the other side will win/ and all will reap the consequences of it.

Business means: I have done this, and am doing this to survive, and participate in society/ it is necessary, not only for me, but for us as well. Therefore the business of a new beginning in life as a new society of law; IS to control the employees of government, and make them obey the law, and enforce the truth that is the law. If you do this, demanding definable purity in the understanding and execution of the laws decided by the people of the land/ then those who do not belong will find their way out/ or become entrenched by the law, and then punished by the law according to the definitions provided by the people themselves, for their prison system. You will not make examples of anyone/ each is responsible ONLY for what they personally have done.
The business of law, does NOT allow for the tragic consequences of people who want to control the money: such as “the war on drugs”. Just an excuse to hire, spend, and assault more people. Instead solutions will be sought and implemented accordingly. That solution for illegal drugs is: you will turn the addicts against their suppliers, by offering them the drugs you confiscate from the dealers, free! They will then turn the dealers in, and those who use will be required to sign away their right to healthcare, so long as they use drugs; quit or die, it is your decision {until the age of 21, they will be assisted with life (the opportunity for help) and healthcare}. The community decides after that. As to prescription drugs for deliberate purposes such as muscle gain, the reality is not personal escape/ it is personal pride, and a lust for power or fame. Therefore it has none of the critical realities of simple addiction/ these are decisions to ridicule the others who “look like you do now”; as such, it is clear : “HUMILITY IS what they need”.

The consequence of “a business war” in life and survival means; “people do feel a need to do whatever they must to survive, and / or make money”. That has led to all forms of prostitution, and other deviant sexual pursuits: “have to make some money somehow”! That becomes a step to more violent and eternal damnation consequences “for those people who participate in any way, using, abusing, etc: kidnaped young women, or girls, for sex/ or for sale”. If you don’t rescue them immediately, or do the best you can literally do (as if it were your own life/ because it is)/ eternity will eat you alive, very literally, and forever (spewing you back out/ and doing it all over again). This is not a game, and this is not an idle threat.

The business of sex, is for the individual to decide; is a woman over the age of 21 decides to sell herself, as a body/ it is her right, (or man.) It is their own body, and YOU have no rights over it, Apart from parenthood, until the day comes when they won’t listen anymore! You will accommodate them, not because it is a good thing/ but because freedom allows. But you will require of them what is fair and just for society, and that is a record of reality and truth; so that every possible person who considers the same will know for real and for sure the reality that does exist: and hoping they will choose better. In the hiding of it, questions and lies are formed that become fantasy and not fact. In the evidence of reality, the consequence of why society does not sponsor this becomes apparent and real. Young boys will be taught, about each sexually transmitted disease/ informed of the reality that is “of this community today/ and the nation or world” and instructed about how this happens “to you”. Life in the real world, is better suited to learning; than the pitiful excuses of a prude. We are bodies/ we are sexual/ we are alive and critical knowledge that is not taught, “is gathered in other ways”/ sometimes with grave consequences. Let the whore teach this aspect of life, who knows better/ but let reality prove she or he is not hiding the evidence and facts. If they lie to the children/ they go to prison.
The business of politics, is assigned by the understanding, that there are needs to be met; possibilities to be described; and potentials in life to be dealt with as best we can. People are needed for this work/ they are welcomed to help; but they are not required to “make laws” for the people. The term lawmaker is invalid, and corrupt! The saying, “for the people we will search for the truth in all things”, is their contribution to society and our well-being in life. The politician is then essentially intended to be a “branch of the law”/ not a lawmaker, but one who understands the obligations required by the law, and uses a government owned position, to instill the necessary, realistic compliance with the laws, provided by the people. A part of this job is then to insure that all the people know these knew laws created by the people/ and the other part is to insure in real terms, that the people obey their own laws, each one. The question of government is not housed in “buildings in washington”/ the question of government is created in the street, by those who are responsible for the law being accepted, changed if necessary by the people, and helping the people by forums and controversy and meetings, that display the problems and create the answers by public participation.

The business of policing and other city type jobs, is best held to the fundamental reality: that you will take the public with you, either by reality or by camera, that they may see what you see, hear what you hear, and experience the job that they are paying for as a reality of your life and theirs. Understanding is the best defense, to all questions of behavior/ reality is the best defense to all questions of why. The failure of those so prejudiced with their own lives that they can see nothing else, simply requires patience/ but if necessary, you will ask the general public for their support in defeating his or her madness; to jail if necessary.
The business of democracy demands, that those who are the employees shall accept that freedom of speech: is a direct relationship with your association with a position in government. YOU have no right to complain/ YOU are the person who has accepted the position, and within democracy, there will be complaints that require your patience: IT IS YOUR JOB! And the failure to accept the requirements of your job/ means you do not belong in the position or employment of your government/ our home. Penalties are obvious and demanded, where failure exists and demonstrates anarchy and division and the criminal prosecution of free speech or any other freedom, that is demanded to be a right among those who hired you for this job. “Don’t like it”/ then get out, or be fired; and benefits removed.
The business of chemicals and all other pollutants is simply; what is UNNECESSARY, shall be stopped/ what is necessary but uncontrolled such as farming, shall be regulated to a usage level roughly 30% less than today; as life dictates/ not money. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO fertilizers or none pesticide uses for lawns, golf courses, shrubbery, etc: ALL will go to the production of food/ NOT for pride, or unnecessary pollution’s.

The business of sharing the tools and treasures and education of our world, nation, or community shall not be determined by competition/ but our need as people to learn how to provide for ourselves. That means we all need to know, how to survive and prepare and sustain our individual worlds, you will learn life/ you will learn money and need/ you will learn friendship and the honesty of being helped, and helping someone else; for the sake and life of society. No whining, you will be protected in food, water, and fundamentally in work; more is up to you to provide/ within your responsibility to share with the others.
The business of caring, understands reality can change/ and our lives suddenly become chaotic and out of our control; you will remember that, and help. BUT, you will also remember that society cannot conceive of helping the few/ by sacrificing the rest. Old age in particular comes to mean; “It is a time to prepare for eternity/ not a time to become a leech and a disease to the children”. There are realities of both body and mind, that do not conform to the needs of a life here on earth; to assume otherwise is not fair. The consequence of these things to an individual is also literally not fair/ but our reality does not honorably allow us “to play god, even with medicine”. We are what we are/ and we are creatures born in time, with a need and desire to survive. Our future is bleak today, without dramatic and real change. Our lives are at the edge of what we can do, to sustain ourselves; even though few understand it: hard and consequential choices will be made. Don’t believe it can be that bad? You didn’t believe “buy now/ pay later; easy credit, make them slaves”, would kill everything you worked or planned for either, but you will very soon. Either truth will lead in reality, or you die/ it is not a hard concept to grasp.

Perfection is not a blessing, it is a stupidity of life/ causing the assumption of an understanding to become the tragedy of a demand to control. We all have a right to our decisions and ways/ those who compete for perfection/ work only to change their opinion of the others, defining them as “insufficient for the job”. That is largely untrue/ although reality knows a reasonable attention to detail, Is necessary; just don’t overdue it, because that causes friendships to fail, in wives/ husbands/ buddies/ partners/ and more. Simply understand, a different way is not the sign of a poorer way/ its just a different way, and may even be more appropriate. All that truly matters is life and death, and the things that help us to survive and be honestly happy; everything else is merely a pride, want, or selfishness, when it controls the life or potential decisions of another. Don’t do it/ leave them their freedom, and let them participate “just like you”. But remember one and all/ those who do the work are not slaves. What is business is business/ but what is optional is my right just as much as yours; those who will be doing the work, may decide with an understanding and respect for the people who benefit. Be happy, why fight for nothing. Be fair, one way that takes twice as long as another/ with no real benefits; is not being fair to the worker. Cherish each other, an honest and real friend is truly hard to find; in today’s world. let tomorrow be better, find your soul, and live within your heart; “be worthy of it”. Or you live alone.



With clarity and concern, the aspects of american business are essential to the understanding of society and its harmony in sharing life, and its responsibilities. With simple truth, the foundation of failure is want/ the foundation of success, is follow the truth, and be fair; to all, including yourself.
The primary trial of what is fair and true about business is held within the “Selimi trial”/ by the evidence provided as a base of examination as to what is, and what is not fair in court. Business is a social experience, and thereby must primarily be decided by the society involved. The questions: in contract, in the presentation of a problem to be decided for either side, the expectations for a courtroom and its requirements set by the people, and immigration, the understanding of competition and our responsibilities to ourselves and to this world of human beings just like us. This is located in the abstract found in www.trialforlife.info “The danville trial”.

One of the critical realities to be discussed, was not included in the trial documents filed; [the case was not held in court/ but filed in court, and you can read the reality]. That is, a competitor and I were asked to bid on the dinning area, the place people eat at this restaurant under construction. We both did, I won the bid. The reality of this point in the discussion of consequence is: the owner, it was recognized later/ DID NOT understand at the end of bidding, that both of us were only bidding on the dining area/ NOT the kitchen area, which is a separate entity when it is asked to bid on the dining area. We were given plans of the dining area/ asked to bid, but the owner selimi still did not understand. That became apparent later, when he expected more than we had bid for. Neither was there a bid or a work contract, nor a payment for the installation of the 24 feet of restaurant hood; did not understand that either. He was an immigrant/ & I still don’t know if he could read english at the time. Either way; it became clear after the fact, that he was stretched far too thin/ he had made predictions of money he needed FAR TOO LOW, for the job; even though I had told him better, he still believed he knew better, and was more than wrong; he very nearly went bankrupt, and that was evident. The reality if I left, or insisted on more/ he would go bankrupt. So he had his own problems, is fair to say/ its what he did with his problems that become hate. The end result was, a need to decide whether to go on with the work, knowing in advance the money was not there. BUT FULLY EXPECTING to be paid at least the material cost; and was not. The issue was personal, my nephew was battling “his demons, so to speak”/ and he needed this job. So we continued.
So now I have created a real world situation for you/ and the consequence of what is fair/ what is failure/ who is at fault/ what does money have to do with work/ and why does business demand society must control; Is for discussion.

At the top of the list is the misunderstanding of one party that leads both parties to contractual dispute. In every situation of work, there is a discussion of what are you going to pay me/ and what am I going to do for this pay; what exactly do you expect me to do? Society says write this down, so that no misinterpretation can exist. We did that, plainly writing down, what was to be done and for how much; in a very specific part of the restaurant construction: the dining room. We bid/ lowest bid by $2000.00 dollars was me. But plainly, the immigrant selimi did not understand/ did not want to understand, he wanted cheaper; as do all immigrants, and most others. Most believe we do owe them, after all we were here first/ we had it better than them/ and we should be “handing them money”. Its ok to steal from the american/ after all, he has had it better than me. So says the greedy immigrant/ while the rest of the immigrants work very hard, for very little, and do deserve more.
So the battlefield begins from the very minute real money is discussed; one wants, the other responds, but the reality to come is based upon how well did you understand each other/ how fair and honest are you being with each other. The critical reality in this job became: not so much the contract or the money, as the second contract signed could be interpreted to include the kitchen area and hood under the minimal labor and materials clause/ BUT THE FACT, selimi did not have enough money to finish the job, and almost immediately became in trouble financially. He of course blamed me/ even though he was there and knew better.

We now come to the truth, that people who are not in the business, rarely understand the full extent of what they are getting into. We add in, a decision to only bid half the job by selimi/ even if he thought he was getting the whole job bid/ that is not what was asked, consequently that was not the bid he received. Within two weeks of restarting the project/ it was clear he was in deep money trouble, and clarifying the problems at that point was mute, and of no value at all. So the interesting problem is: how do you read someone else’s mind, to know what is in there! I thought a contract was enough, when plainly written: to avoid any confusion, I did not discuss it with him, to avoid any possibility that he mis-interpreted words; and told him go to his friends, banker, etc and sign only after he was sure he knew what was written there. I told him, he must take a week to decide/ thereby fully expecting an understanding would exist; it did not. So not talking in depth about a contract/ letting it do the talking, does not work either. If you discuss the contract with the other, and there is a problem later, you may be certain they will have heard something they insist changed everything, whether they stated that at the time or not. Just human nature for very many people. People hear what they expect to hear/ the read and see what they expect to read and see/ and so on, reality does not play a part when true want appears. Want hears, whatever lie it prefers to make up, or hide within. The real problem is that whenever want decides, reality and truth are thrown away. Only after they re-appear does reality confront, and people run and cry. Such is the case of selimi, he chose want/ he depended upon his want, and created numbers that he needed irregardless of what he was told/ and his lies very nearly bankrupted him. I did literally save him from bankruptcy or very substantial losses, in this job. But if you were to ask him, he would surely say “I was depending upon you to keep me out of trouble”; its all my fault! But the reality is again that is not the job I signed up for/ he made decisions that were against me that cost him/ he didn’t listen to anything within a battle/ he didn’t show me any financial information; although I knew of some of his holdings/ so I expected at least access to the money; which in the end he did get/ but only because I didn’t push the reality of only a half the restaurant bid. He got way more than he bargained for/ I lost money, and 6 months of work for free. Whose fault/ or does it matter to society? That is a question, expected by society to be answered in court; “Justice will prevail/ this is america isn’t it”?

Approaching several attorneys after a period of 45 days or so/ time was needed to establish work. They said “too late now, time for a mechanics lien; to simply get the money owed for the work by contract was over. So much for a friendly court/ already an adversary. Testimony involving several pages of “filed in court, sent to selimi/ thereby sworn to statements of fact”/ were filed with the intent for a “bigger trial”. The kind of statements that can be used in court against you as well. The day came for a motion trial: its purpose is simply to make sure that selimi KNEW what the charges were against him; and of that there can be no doubt; he was there, and he knew exactly/ and the papers were clear, and he had a lawyer. My presence was there in absolute clarity, as the papers filed/ the money paid for a courtroom. But I did not go, because it was completely unnecessary; did I not pay for court/ did I not testify as to the complaint, the penalty and all other necessary details/ I did indeed. I was there/ but did not appear physically. The court through out the case/ as they have thrown out cases for others I have met, when a vehicle breakdown/ or just couldn’t find the correct courtroom in time/ or were directed to the wrong place, and so on: becomes an excuse not to work for justice/ and just suck on the ass of the defendant until he pays the bribe. “Too much”? Maybe, but society depends upon justice to stay sane; and justice so pathetically distributed and warped/ and lost in arrogance and deceit, that it cannot accept testimony and payment is in fact a standing in court; is just power consuming fair play, an extortion against we the people. Is this what “we the people, accept as justice”? Do we not pay the judge for justice/ if he or she does not provide justice in their work/ then they physically extort the money called their salary; because they do have force on their side; and they do make us pay for what we do not want or desire in our lives. Justice is the foundation of our lives in society/ fair play is the burden of the court to provide, in all disputes between men and women. It is the courts job, to establish equality between the litigants/ NOT power over them. The reality here is no equality, because I gave my testimony, and paid my money and this was to insure the defendant selimi understood my statements, which I fully did intend as courtroom documents. I provided everything the court required/ selimi provided nothing; yet he goes free.

So let us review, this portion of this particular moment in work history; clearly work is not about fun! Clearly the business person who runs the company, small or big, has problems and a potential for problems far beyond what is normal or expected by the average worker, just doing his or her job. Clearly the need for an understanding, no matter how careful you are in written words, spoken words, or legal words are “just a shot in the dark/ as far as the courtroom of the USA is concerned”; We do it our way/ we are lawyers, and you are nothing! So the fight, that exists as business in america today, is led by the biggest bastard bully, as is true of every school yard in america: the american courtroom, and its children of the mule, the american legal system. Like every potential for theft and violence/ the courtroom has been violated and raped by the legal profession. “A you cannot come here/ we control the money, and we won’t let you”/ foundation for collecting extortion, graft, and greed. Where society needs an honest person protecting life, liberty, justice, hope, and fair play through equality; Failure, disease, and abuse present a courtroom mired in dysentery, diarrhea, and just plain disgrace.

The question begins for society, not so simply as how or why to fix a business situation wherein the participants need assistance/ BUT how to fix the foundation of society, which is the courtroom of the USA, so that society itself consists of peace, life, happiness, and hope; in the freedoms and liberty that make our lives whole. This is the necessary platform, for fixing business and life in america, as it is in every country. Where there is no law/ there can be no justice. Where a “billion tons, of law are written”/ there is only scorn for life, abuse with a thousand different ridicules in hate, and the arrogance of failures whose only intent is “to play god”. These are then terrorists, for they try to dissemble a nation “one little bomb” at a time. Every failure to provide justice in a nation, through the courtroom, feeds anarchy and hate. Thereby every failure of a judge, or the law to uphold the honesty of fair and legitimate understanding and methods and ways among the people; produces the swindler/ the thief/ the LIAR/ the greedy/ the pimp/ and all the rest of the swine that grow because “nobody cares enough”. Are we perfect? No not one. Will there not be mistakes made? Yes there will, so you go to the appellate court, and find the same basic apathy and hate that swills in the septic tank of human contempt for justice and fair play in the courtroom of the USA. Are they all bad? NO, they are not. Therefore the first aspect of how to fix business and life in america is to remove the tragic pandemic of failure in the court/ and find those who are in fact FOR US, as we the people.
How, do we rummage through the court, and find justice/ fair play for all/ and equality, irregardless of skin color, etc; and that means NO excuses black or white or whatever. It is the reality and the evidence and the law, that matters; NO more simple “he or she is one of us/ let them go free”. This is not a question of voting/ like all voting, unless truly and HONESTLY informed and understood about how and who and what and why you are voting, a vote is merely a tool for swindlers, liars, thieves, and traitors. The flaws are; apathy (will not accept duty)/ don’t care (selfish, leave me alone)/ don’t believe (liars everywhere)/ don’t want equality (greedy, and not willing to share)/ despise justice (no power, no abuse, no pride, no winners)/ & hate fair play (don’t need friends, more excitement in enemies). The question is, how does society make of itself, a place to live in peace and happiness; the answer is a valid and justifiable courtroom of fair play, and honest hope for happiness. The question is, how does society produce a judge and a courtroom, and whatever lawyers are needed; that are only respectful of life; that let the law itself decide, not the judge, the law. How does society respect itself, and choose to be friends?

The first issue is a simple one; the desire for friendship is inherent in us all/ it is the reality of friendship that disturbs and destroys the confidence and trust of one person for another. So the true question becomes what destroys confidence and trust/ and why do people choose it, in opposition to friendship? We can return to selimi in the above case represented here; he was happy and productive in the beginning when pride and want controlled his actions/ he was apologetic and afraid when financially he was in trouble/ and he became hateful and aggressive, when he believed he could in fact lose everything he had worked for, sacrificed for, and stole for [to control and enslave a worker, is to steal a portion of his life]. Therefore we return to business, and ask the question; What role does business have in the foundations that cause friendship and trust/ or enemies and hate? The answer is: whatever the court system allows it, is what business will have! In america; lawyer swine interfere/ fighting for greed and destinies in hades, they can and do destroy equality and justice in america. The judge commonly believes “they know better than the law; they just know/ they can read people like a book”, irregardless of the evidence. But that is NOT THE LAW, that is tyranny and oppression/ and many if not most of the time in error. Therefore in so doing they “kick society in the ass”, and destroy faith in the concept of fairness, building apathy and disgust instead. The people have no say/ but the court, nor its judge has no say as well: It is the law that decides/ whatever mercy is available, is for the court or jury to decide; not the verdict/ only the mercy, but it too, is by the evidence and the reality of destruction. The courtroom functions to preserve peace, by intervening in a dispute/ to allow different and peaceful methods of justice to decide what is fair. But when it is the court that is not fair, and justice is merely a ridicule and a scorn “how dare you play like a lawyer; this is our turf; and our gold mine/ you are shit: to be flushed”! Throughout the court system of america, it is basically the same; absolutely no respect for the citizen/ no respect for the law, where lawyers are no involved/ no respect for the constitution, or we the people; “They choose power/ pride/ and greed”. {a few are honorable, not many} As such every aspect of society has been diminished and is being destroyed. They play games, of “who gets to be god this week”/ and who do you bet: will win the game today.
What leads to this behavior? The answer is: no one seems to care/ I work hard, but never does anyone thank me, for being my best; they just complain at every little mistake, just to complain; its pathetic. And so the leaders say, be it in a court room or other government official: Why should I enslave myself to the law/ I will have fun/ I will give them what they want, so they leave me alone/ I will play too. Some are just plain arrogant and choose evil for the temper tantrums it allows, the lives it will scarce and sacrifice for hate. But the majority feel and are alone/ and fall victim to failure, simply because they don’t know how to find real friendship. Not unlike society itself, is it!
Here then begins the journey into society itself, one person to one person at a time! WE ARE SOCIETY, each single person/ doing what you choose to do, and causing what you choose to cause in your relationships with other people. YOU are the essence of society/ YOU are the protector of life and law/ YOU are the foundation of business, and the creator of equality and fair play, by the things YOU choose to do. Where there is justice/ more justice occurs. Where there is hate and violence/ more evil occurs. Where there is depression and a foundation without hope, life drowns in ridicule and helplessness; eventually turning to sex, and degrading themselves with perversion: then comes murder and the turning of life, to the living dead.

Discipline says: the foundation of order, starts early in life; in other words, the children are where the trouble starts/ because the adults allow the perversion of friendship to become “the sacrifice of someone; to make the others winners”. Every aspect of WHAT IS NOT FRIENDSHIP/ irregardless of where that is found, displays contempt for life/ contempt and ridicule for justice/ contempt, ridicule, and shame for society/ and contempt, ridicule, shame, and failure for life on earth. Just how it is/ YOU cannot treat anyone with less than honest respect, and not affect society itself. Such is the fuel of revenge.
Every action has a reaction, so says reality here in time. The failure of friendship brings loneliness “they don’t like me”. The reality of loneliness brings depressions, “the whole world gets to have life and happiness/ but me” ,and the need to find a way to deal with life without friendship; simply I must go on. Some choose revenge: you hate me/ I WILL hate you more! And the struggle for life and society begins.

The first question is WHY do people, even children NOT choose to be friends with everyone? The answer is selfishness; if another one comes/ then I must share this other person, I must share myself as well: and I don’t want to! Thereby the reality of efforts to destruct the competition; is in reality a battle to control someone else, and use their friendship or talent for yourself. Being used, gives cause to feeling abused; therefrom friendship dies/ but as it does, the price goes up; until one or both decide enough is enough, all done. Now all three, are without a friend. So they wander in and out of relationships, wondering who will abuse/ use/ or try to destroy me next: can’t be trusted. So selfishness begins the descent, but the lack of duty (didn’t fight for the one who needed me), the lack of respect (we are equal, we all have needs and rights/ and must be taught at times), the lack of honor (you played the game, with their life), and the lack of honesty (ridicule, gossip, & pride defeated you/ and let you form lies, and use them). The question of why do we choose selfishness, is as simple as want: as in the above description, the child wants to control the friendship for their own purposes. But in that want and the resultant control, what is friendship disappears; because it is not true friendship, and it is not real. Friendship build on trust/ control and want through selfishness destroy trust, and remove friendships. So every society is dependent upon how many friendships are built/ rather than destroyed. Pride enters in here, and suggests: I am the winner/ I built a friendship; meaning someone else did not/ I control, I own, I have the option to sell this friendship if I want, or use it, or abuse it; It is my trophy. Pride does not care/ will not care/ and will sacrifice to prove “winner”. Which brings every relationship where pride is alive, into the gambit of “How much are you worth/ To me”? Here, life divides into “me, and your value to me”; WHAT do you do for me, that I cannot get somewhere else? This is the dimension of humanity established by selfishness, that intents “to make a profit/ that is the business of life as a human being”. Therefore it is not about friendship/ has no comprehension of love or respect or even life, and does not want to learn. The real question is not why do people make this decision, to sell their soul, and make life simply a mental game. The real question is how did life get so cheap and so worthless [it has become, a mental game], that you can put a price tag on it; and claim superiority: why would you want to?

This question of want, isolates who is making this decision against the miracles we are/ it is you. Want is a decision, to remove the bonds of life, and display the freedom of a life without order. Want assumes that discipline is unnecessary/ that learning is a waste of time “I can grab this/ I don’t need to learn why or why not/ that your need, is less than my want, therefore I discard your value and choose my lie: selfishness has appeared.” And the miracle that is life, a reality born in freedom, established by truth, is fundamentally without understanding, and cannot be denied as anything less than “a gift of GOD” ; is abandoned, by you. “Your want is more important/ than life”.
Here in the simple sense of your participation in life as society or self/ the reality of happiness exists; or is denied, sold for the mind that plays the game, and discards existence as merely “time to kill”, a body to use or abuse or control the others with. In this very simple decision inside your soul, people choose to destroy themselves/ and turn to mind, measuring all things. When measured, life has a value/ when worthless, then you can do anything you want with it, “its trash/ why should anyone care”. When destroyed, revenge comes to take away your happiness/ and consume your peace, and your society. The demands of the religion evolution, and all its false prophets of stupidity and ignorance, measuring life as a toy/ using genetics to consume the rest. The reality of threat, in so many venues and truths, simply intent upon stealing your peace and happiness: because selfishness is more accepted in this generation/ than ever in the history of men. What pitiful leaders they are.


A FORMAL NOTICE, TO CEASE AND DESIST, as declared herein/ or face legal actions
Dated 10/11/07
With clarity and the intent to be certain, you understand this is not a game; the opportunities and obligations connected with the unnecessary and irresponsible actions of this potential defendant ; . Begins with the fundamental and criminal trespass, of those actions to intentionally inflict harm. And will include, The foundations required to assign the relationship of society to its government and court system, by assigning class action status: are all realities under scrutiny, for this lawsuit.

To in plain and simple language:
I, James F. Osterbur, am not attempting to control your life/ not intending to take away your freedoms/ not attacking your life: you are doing these things to me!
Therefore in a plain and simple attempt to tell you directly and without excuses: WITHOUT going to court/ that some things need to change. Or a courtroom battle will erupt.

Conversation begins with the understanding, that I know you are alone/ and life can be hard; something to do/ something to think about/ even something to fight with or about; are all factors of life, that ease the pain of loneliness. I am also aware, as the end of life nears; it is harder to avoid thinking of the people we have lost to death in our past. There are critical realities with “voices for some”/ fears for others/ & there is a wide and diverse association with obsessive and compulsive behaviors for most. “Your reason”/ is not under scrutiny here/ your actions are. WHY, you insist upon running your grain bins [at least, 3 to 5 times more] than anyone else in the area/ every single year/ for the past 20 does come under scrutiny today. This represents a reality long past any need or necessity of farming and establishes this case is more than just your concern: IT IS MY LIFE you are affecting with these decisions, that have no basis in business or need. And I do have cause for complaint. YOUR DISTINCT actions have affected and controlled my life, costing me money and pain. Yet I have not complained until today; because in the past, you have understood, and at least “caused this noise primarily through the day, for several years now”. Since you have changed from that, and now have run these fans for 4 nights straight through, out of the last 7, it is clear you have changed: and either a mental condition exists, OR do to something you have decided, fully knowing without doubt that you can do me harm; a criminal intent exists to batter and assault ,me. A reality that extends to criminal court, beyond civil court. If so: This is then a step to more violent actions, from you, a copy of this will then be sent to the sheriff office, as a means of clarifying potential problems.
As you plainly know/ and have politely understood in the past; that my ears are damaged by tinnitus, and your bins are a major problem to me: I will repeat simply, thank you for the consideration of years past/ when you did at least not run them at night. For that cause, and for that consideration; I have left you alone over these last 20 years. As that consideration has now ended; for whatever reason: you believe it is necessary, “to now attack me”. My considerations for you have ended too. The mind is a wonderful thing/ but it can also be a trap, those who consider violence in any form, fall deeper/ unless they turn away. Take that as advice, and change back to respect. Any form of violence WILL turn out extremely bad for you, take this advice to heart, if you are failing in this way/ change.
Even if you don’t like the fact, that you were informed of economic realities that have nothing to do with me/ apart from the fact, I simply give you warning to prepare. No intent to make you fear existed: instead, As you are a part of my extended family, you and yours deserve a warning; simple as that. Or, in the alternative, if you don’t like the reality of my work in court, web site, or whatever it is that has caused this change: there will be a court challenge/ if it does not stop entirely. These excuses are insufficient, to accept the assault and battery that is occurring to my life, by your hands.
Again this is NOT a question of farming/ as there is no possibility of need. You and I have both grown up farming/ and we both know for sure and without doubt, that you have no cause for running these bins in association with farming. No lie will do/ you have no excuse apart from a need for therapy. [ in addition to this year; you are the only one in this area, county, etc that “has to run bins 3-5 times longer than anyone else]. Obsession or compulsion or other mental deviations, are NOT farming/ that is a personal decision, or a mental instability that needs to be addressed. Take your pick. If not mental by nature/ then criminal by action/ if not criminal by intent/ then: it is long past time to buy the tools and obtain the schooling necessary to understand the operation of those grain bins and the drying and maintaining sequences necessary, TO KNOW, and not simply “better not take any chances/ and run them without cause”. LEARN/ BUY THE TOOLS, SUCH AS embedded TEMPERATURE SENSORS, probes and inserts so you can just take the temperature from the ground, or whatever you like: JUST GET IT DONE. Apart from learning and understanding/ there are options to buy new fans “such as the quiet one that Bill & Randy Loschen own” ask them. There are options to look and obtain quiet used fans, from the old grain piles; and I will help you change them for free, including any labor for electrical work/ and parts at cost. The costs for such changes, are depreciated for business/ and that leaves little excuse, as it is clear and certain the money is NOT an object of concern for you anyway.
Should you believe I cannot prove how much time those fans run in comparison to what is expected/ I can subpoena your electric and propane records, and prove substantially and in fact, the fan rate of usage, as compared to actual drying time. The only question that goes beyond needs for farming/ is then are you trying to rewet beans or corn? This is illegal.
I am not telling you how to participate as a retired farmer. I am telling you plainly: I don’t care what your excuse is/ YOU CANNOT CHOOSE to criminally trespass onto the property where I live/ and attack me, by introducing an assault that has the consequences of battery to me. Tinnitus produces a squealing in the ears, that must be dealt with by removal of the noise/ or my moving away from that noise. And you are aware of that/ which presents a criminal intent. At night this is particularly trying/ and pushes me into the cold/ the realities of living in a truck, or paying huge sums of money for motels, that are not realistic for me. If I stay and endure, the squealing and pain created by my ears, does, can, or has lasted for days/ and can be at extreme levels. Not your problem? True, it is not your problem; but like other realities of life in society, you are free “to do your own thing”/ BUT YOU ARE NOT free to trespass and inflict damage on me. If I were to glue loudspeakers to your bedroom wall/ and turn on “very loud, punk rock music/ or whatever offends you badly”; you would begin to understand. This is not a small problem/ it is my life. And society does have an obligation to legally protect my life from a literal assault. I will swear out a complaint/ and I will take you to court or let you go to jail; if we cannot be friendly.
There are other options; simply release the operations of the bins to “your farmer”/ hopefully he knows better. Simply run in accordance with the neighbors, stop when they stop/ don’t run at night unless 3 or 4 more bins are running in the neighborhood; I will be gone anyway. LEARN HOW to do this work PROPERLY/ and quit wasting resources; quit polluting “way beyond any need”; quit killing the children of the future, because you took what they will need, and threw it away.
Do bear in mind; I am not unfamiliar with the court. Do understand, I AM GOING to enlarge this matter to suit my need for change in society itself; IF I AM FORCED to confront you in a courtroom. This is a reality that I don’t care to repeat; therefore “one time” is better. Do accept the reality that trial lawyers are expensive and usually worthless; therefore I say to you plainly; if we go to court, understand the matter and simply let the judge decide: the failure of the judge must be proven; this is my way, and it will be as simple as you allow this to be. I have no interest in hurting you, simply DON’T batter me anymore. My advice to you is; Keep it simple to avoid lawyers/ leaving the reality a simple: lose, and at a minimum you replace the fan blades for noise reduction or buy new fans, or even perhaps use the large 5000 pound blocks of concrete directly in front of the fans, to dampen noise/ I lose, I will continue without you; in conflict with the court itself, through appeals, as this applies to needs for change in society. Don’t keep it simple and if you need to appeal at $400.00 per hour for a single lawyer [plus more for the “helpers”], pride will quickly not be worth the cost. Enter into appeals with me, and should I lose; there will be a day, when the lawyer cost will remain with you/ because I can’t pay. Should the judge not apply any sanctions/ judgment; the lawyer billing remains entirely yours. Do consult with whoever you choose, as to the validity and wisdom of this advice/ it is your decision, not mine. This is a plain and simple matter, of have respect for my life/ have respect for this earth and the future/ have respect for the resources you are consuming without merit/ and understand, the courtroom is rarely fair, “the whim of a judge decides”.
As a last measure of reality; do look at my web site www.justtalking.info and understand, I lost not one case in reality. Instead the judges each one, failed to obey the law/ and hid in the mutilation of law and procedure instead. They may not prefer to give me opportunity to do it again/ which means they will choose against you.
I DO NOT wish to go to court/ but I am not going to be assaulted continually or periodically without a fight. Take this to heart, and believe it.

A copy of this will go to my web site/ without your name; as this is a reality, and all realities teach.


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