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The critical truth is: that men desire women, and nothing more is necessary to get them to like you as a woman; if you are sexy, they will desire you sexually as well. It is a fact of life, but I have met many women who did not appreciate just how sexy they were; life isn’t about a face or a body/ the primary factor in every relationship that matters is loneliness. The honesty, that I am tired of being alone/ and ready to participate in your life, if you will in mine honestly and without harm to me. Pretty is a face and body that “shouts woman”/ because then you are also a trophy to men (some men are simply honest and find you lovely, not a trophy but a woman/ BUT these will also treat every other woman with respect as well. If they do not/ then you are a trophy first, a person second. ) To men, it is important to be seen as a winner; if no man will doubt “he is talking to a woman”/ then he is a winner. But that will also mean a small percentage will be angry jealous/ another portion will be plotting and planning to intervene because of jealousy/ and another portion will hate, because in their mind; they believe they can take you as their trophy. It is jealousy, that shows the hate that hides inside; men and women are both guilty of jealousy, both plot and plan, to destroy a part of someone else’s life/ just because of jealousy, even if they don’t carry through with it. Jealousy is two-fold; those who want to own and thereby control you/ and those who feel “a little” inferior, and believe they must do something to get some attention: so you don’t forget they exist too. STAY AWAY from those who want to control you. Those who feel a need to be included, are just asking to be a part of your life. If any man makes you afraid by seeking you out, get a name/ get identification/ get a picture first/ tell someone they are around: and above all be calm and deliberate. They may be “the man of your dreams in happiness/ don’t judge, unless there is cause to be afraid. If so, stating very clearly that ANY TYPE OF A real or honestly perceived THREAT, is in fact an assault of the criminal kind/ and a warrant can be signed and issued for his arrest. If he knows you have taken his picture, and sent it to another, it is probable he will leave you alone & attempt to seek out another. But not always/ sometimes if you are wrong, men go away in fear/ never to approach a woman again! Don’t measure/ don’t judge the person, judge only the actions that cause you to be concerned; when in doubt, find real support by surrounding yourself with people. To surrender to someone who wants to control you/ or to accept that his threats could kill you or hurt you badly, OR someone you love; is to sign up for tragedy, and the disease he will become to your life. Don’t do this, not even if threats are against your children! The fact is, if it is necessary you may just have to leave. The fact is, that someone who is violent, and intent upon murder or harm will carry it through no matter what you do/ if you cannot stop them first. It is a fact of life/ the purpose of the game he plays; is to prove he can be god over you/ the more you give in/ the worse the game will become. Fight first, remembering clearly that anyone who is clearly and deliberately assaulted you/ threatening you with serious harm or death; or the ones you love; etc/ will sooner or later go to sleep, AND THEN ITS YOUR TURN! Be deliberate, but be real, use a weapon (lots of things work/ attack his balls first severely, several times; it is guaranteed to disable him if they are real); put them in prison first, if you can/ but if its life or death, let death be his. If he takes sex from you/ let him have it AND MORE, wearing him down, so that you will have an edge! Don’t be “a girl”/ don’t be a hero; but BE what life demands you must be; a fighter for your life! When your moment has arrived, and his balls are exposed, rip them off/ or crush them hard. Attacking the “adam’s apple in the neck” will kill him if you hit it hard enough (over 30 lbs (the weight of a bag of groceries), with direct force)/ BUT do not do it, unless you must; attack with less force than this (it will disable him, unless you miss), if you can then escape. Unless the true reality is you are held and cannot escape without his death. Be truthful and real/ but not afraid or panicked. And do go directly to the police; and do as an organization of women protect your own.

A beautiful woman, is the one who believes in herself honestly, not as this description of what men or women value; but as the reality of a life that has chosen to be herself, and seeks honestly to be that self, without the introduction of what other people think. Beautiful then means, “as GOD has made you to be/ so you are”. The reality of weight, or other characteristics of measurement by people are not an issue in what is truly beautiful, YOU have a right to make your own choices, even if they are not in your best interest. But the honor of discipline that is a sign of honest respect for your own body, by choosing what is healthy for you; are important. Therefore it is also a sign of your beauty as well, that food is not as important as life itself/ that your choice is for life, and not for simple things. Life is a discipline in every real man, one that has given his life to respecting others, and examines himself for love, courage, hope, and a caring heart/ always cautious because a heart is involved. These things can be gifts, only if you have found them in yourself first: Otherwise, they simply are not yours to give/ few can accept them either. They will want them, but the honesty will die/ and then they will use or abuse you trying to steal more, or intending to make you like them “why should you be so happy”. For women, it is clear that feelings supercede disciplines in most things, and that transforms every relationship as a discovery of what means the most to our lives, when we share as one? Women commonly question every relationship, and describe the distance between hearts, as the place where they do love to search. A beautiful couple, joins in love; and shares the same need and direction in life. Sex has nothing to do with this/ because no relationship is formed in sex! Sex, is what happens when the search “for life inside each of us” finds nothing/ but neither person desires loneliness, so they simply avoid the discussion, and stay together for the chemicals. The reality of true sexual behaviors, is the understanding of a caring relationship that has presented feelings and disciplines that have formed themselves into bonds between man and woman; therefore within these bonds they share. It is a life opened and a world conceived by both to be known honestly and without pretense, I for you & you for me.

No man is bought with sex! You can keep him around for the chemicals in his own body for awhile, but you cannot buy him; he doesn’t care enough. Sex acts are either “mutually agreeable; therefore a benefit to two lonely people/ or primarily to one, because the other cares”. OR, they are acts of slavery, and fundamentally prove you can be bought, sold, manipulated, tempted, used, abused, or simply a tool for his or her purpose, but not your own. Loneliness creates all types of acceptance “that this is necessary for me to do”/ but that is never true! No honest or respectful man wants a slave, only the “criminal and selfish mind does”/ and that means YOU are in danger, just because you are participating in his tragedy of life. Don’t be a pawn, if you need sex/ simply ask for sex, accepting the price is without compassion in any one who does not care: it is a high price, understand it before you submit to this need. When you have sex with a man/ it is common for women to believe “the man will remember ME, now”! But that is not true, men quickly forget sexual experiences/ they are not that profound in him, unless true love exists. True love is the awakening of a life that desires me in woman, a possibility to share the experiences and expressions of being a man, with someone who can and will appreciate me, for who I have chosen to be. Sex is none of that/ rather sex is about the chemicals, and when the chemicals are through, the experience is over. It takes time, to experience true love/ love requires patience, love requires the time to understand the needs and desires and purposes of the other person, “to get to know you/ us”! Love demands that there shall be trust, and love rejects anyone who does not honorably respect both people: you and him! YOU MUST respect yourself, as well as him, or there cannot be true love; it is a price that must be paid/ or no foundation exists to build a relationship on. If no respect for all life exists/ all life/ then there can be NO true love, it simply does not exist. Respect is not what can be sold to you in deceit/ respect is every moment of the day or night, for every life, a balanced existence that gives the same to all; unless a fight is absolutely required. Even then, if you strip away the minimal respect for a man or woman who deserves little/ you will make them a true enemy; because it is all they have left. Don’t “make a trophy” of anyone/ do, what is necessary and leave them alone. Walk away/ don’t run, and don’t listen to tongues that choose disgrace, commonly it is a worthless thing to do. Let them talk however they wish, it is empty UNLESS, “you fill it with your own tears”. Why do this?

Men do remember your tears, although they may avoid them in the future/ or they may crumble and support your need, it depends on their interpretation of the truth, and their desire to help you. Or they may be dishonorable men, and find you weak, vulnerable, and take advantage as the proud, selfish, and hateful do. Men do remember needs, and if you made them feel honorably like a man; for letting them participate in your life, as the man you choose, and you need; if there is honesty, they will remember you. But remember this: when you immediately ask any man for a lifetime/ IT IS LITERALLY A LIFETIME you are asking for! WHY, do you believe this is an easy decision? Why, do you not understand a true answer has nothing to do with sex/ and everything to do with the life you have proven you actually are. Consider yourself, do you want to live with someone who is angry, combative, demanding a lot, and so on? No, you do not; It is very hard to commit to someone who is angry a lot! It is hard to commit to someone who has too many needs, and little happiness inside. It is unpleasant to think about committing to a woman who spends or wants to spend money beyond what is reasonable and fair to us both. It is not acceptable, to believe sex is enough/ it NEVER is. Instead if you get married for sex, because loneliness or a desire for things or children “make you”/ then know for sure few of these marriages last. One partner or the other fails to continue to support these needs: I paid/ now I get to reap the benefits, or leave me alone; and it falls apart. Causing serious harm to any child that must live with parents who are not yet grown up themselves. Nor is it acceptable to believe that weight does not matter (too thin is the same as too fat; you are not respecting your body); when you do live with someone, your body & your life become a part of their life. It is your freedom to do what you wish/ but it is their reality to live with a different person than you claimed to be. Simply because those who are disciplined will find fault with those who are not/ and those who are not as disciplined will find fault with those who are too disciplined for them; even if you like each other. Although this is dependent upon the level of independence each one is able to provide. It is still true, when one is not being fair to the other/ there will be complications.
The most common problem of every relationship is “what do we do, when the sex is not as active/ when the conversation is already done/ when there is a difference worth fighting for, but there is no answer/ when love is the answer, but life is not willing at this moment in time/ when the past comes to interfere/ when the ability to gain money “lets you down”/ when pets mean more than you, than me/ when life is not exciting anymore/ when religion gets in the way, or becomes the way; but not for you. Etc.

The base foundation of answers to these types of questions or relationship dilemma’s; is the very basic description of whose right to decide this question is it/ this is a male expression. And the very basic description of how do we make this relationship feel right to me/ a very female expression. Both matter, this is not “either/ or”. Life begins with the understanding that a discipline, is simply the duty, and the right to find order and pursue the conclusion of a decision, by understanding the foundation that exists in truth. Therefore when truth always decides/ because life ALWAYS does better where truth leads; how can we not do this my way? Life however in love, begins with the expression, that a feeling is more than a description of you or me, it is an experience of us that becomes the foundation of our lives, the expression of our love, and the happiness that lives in our hearts together as one; how can we choose anything less? Therefrom reality says to both sides; it is not what is inside of you, that decides; but what the love that lives inside of you both answers, that gives the directions to find and build the home you seek. If you seek not a home together/ you have a friendship, but not a marriage. If you seek a home together, then truth will decide the direction, but love will decide the method and the way, as truth allows it can be done. Shared, because we care.

In the more simple specifics of an answer that defends each side, for the question and our relationship of life: what is happiness? The answer is, our relationship with peace, reaching out from within, without aggression or competition; it is the reality of who we are/ accepted and defined by who we have chosen to become. Happiness is then, our personal acceptance of a destiny we choose for ourselves, and the opportunity to live that choice in the world of hope that is our freedom to be “you/me”. Freedom is more than a word, more than a governmental promise; it is the essence of your own decision, to be who you truly desire to be/ it is the reality of your own life given to the passions that define you. Honor, is the understanding, that we live here together, and I do affect you/ as do you affect me; and I choose to be careful for your needs, as well as my own. Remembering clearly that freedom is not enough without duty, and desire is not enough without truth. Love builds a bridge, but life must pay the price to walk that distance, or it ends in nowhere.
Therefrom the reality of so much unhappiness today is defined by the reality of people who are not found to be free, they are not who they believe they have chosen to be/ but are in fact, much more simply, fighting against the influences of others who they believe, have interfered in their existence in countless ways, making this person believe they are trapped by these influences and cannot escape: the humanity that imprisons them. The reality is held above by the truth that is clearly seen: the truth of your life, is the evidence of how you have chosen your life to be. The people who do interfere, find a door only where want opens it, and the lies change your existence because of that want. You can change, it is your decision/ even if someone else has trapped you; you can make changes, and do your best. One such way, is to gain from this web site, the reality that we are a democracy, and that means WE ARE IN CHARGE of this nation/ NOT the employees. We own this nation/ the laws will be changed/ the reality will be changed/ and the conflicts will be resolved by WE THE PEOPLE.

The consequent truth of happiness and unhappiness is then defined by the honesty: that YOU must travel inside yourself, to find the truth of what and who you desire to be. YOU must search within the honor of your own heart, to understand what is your purpose in life/ what can bring you to a passion for life that is not found in any other soul. You are an individual identity, and none can make or interpret you/ it is your job, to find yourself and accept the price of life that you demand by your truth. You cannot be what you are meant to be/ unless you pay the price of it! You cannot be less than what you are meant to be/ unless you surrender that life inside, to the endless tragedy of being less than you are. YOU CAN choose, at any place in time; to begin again/ but you must then surrender all that does not belong; or you cannot enter into the trust of a life that you accept, belongs to its CREATOR. Simple as that. Belonging to your CREATOR, is not an assumption or call to slavery or the lack of freedom/ or a listening to voices: rather, our Creation as time and body, clearly asks us to be free, to choose for ourselves what it is that we desire to be/ to choose for ourselves, the price we will pay to be what it is as a truth that our identity desires to be, what purpose and passion this will become in us. These invitations beyond simple time, express an opportunity that is beyond ourselves, and joins into something much greater than we could ever be. Therefore when investigated and reviewed as to what can this be; the answer of truth, love, life, thought, and family comes forth. Each of these, are foundations for a world of existence, that we as humanity can only just barely describe. Such is the poverty of the human experience/ that so many are lost in so much want, pride, and selfishness/ they cannot see beyond their eyelids. But more simply, happiness is not bought, by possessions, or sex, or money, or even freedom: because without honor, courage, hope, truth, and love, Life is just an existence/ and stability is just an excuse to escape from yourself, by applying excitement in some form that lets you play god to something else; whether that is a thrill, a violence, a ridicule, a tragedy, some type of power, escape, or a pride that bottles you up and sends you to hell (you will never know, until the bottle breaks/ and life is over; without thought). Thought expresses life, thought begins the journey as heart, and lives its existence as soul.
What is critical to the dating world, is an understanding of life that states: nothing can be bought in happiness/ it must be earned. More simply, sex will not make you happy for long, if at all, because it is only chemicals; without love, honor, or respect. Therefore the path to happiness exists, where woman and man become intertwined in the honesty of a relationship that respects each other, hopes in each other, desires each other in friendship and truth, and loves each other because trust has been formed. These take time, and the honesty of lives shared within the creation of a relationship that cares about each other. Sex only interferes in this, because it causes the relationship to continue/ but it does not allow for the relationship to grow or expand or bring joy to your lives; until love is formed, and respect is truly shared.

What is critical to our reality is also: that “wolves” are merely predators who stalk their victims, chasing them into the ground, by wearing them down until the fight is gone. If you are so very unlucky as to become trapped by them, search for a way to summon help by such things as breaking a water pipe/ whatever you can do. If not for you/ then the next girl, that this may never be again. Therefore if anyone stalks you, DO NOT play the game/ find a way to expose that stalker, and insure everyone knows he or she is not hidden! But DO understand, not everyone who “hunts for happiness” is a stalker; the difference is, a stalker hides, lies, and clearly becomes a threat/ a stalker looks for control, and will demand obedience, sooner or later. For simplicity here, it is ok “to look for a woman or man, that you believe could be happiness for you”/ BUT it is not ok, “to hide, or fantasize, or in any way not ask to be included in their lives once you find them”. Did you search to be unknown? No/ unless, it is not love you desire/ but a fantasy you worship. Do not do this. In this same vein; I once delivered a flower and a poetic message to a woman who had clearly spent her life working instead of developing relationships/ and by the description, was now stalking someone already married, to see if she could not steal them away: clearly lonely. I do have sympathy for someone who had given their life to a useful work/ so the purpose of the flower and message was to say: LOOK BEYOND the past, and enlarge your search to include others your pride has overlooked/ beyond me as well, to life on earth. Therefore, I say to you honestly, do not assume someone means you harm just because they are not in your little circle of support; be clear/ be open/ be visible to everyone/ be surrounded by things that make you feel secure; and listen to what is being asked of you by someone knew. And if you have any courage at all, then go ahead and ask your friends, family, and others if they know someone who might be a friend for you or more. People meet people, therefore to meet one new person, is to also meet those they know; and the search enlarges very quickly, if you are not afraid. Simply pick places and opportunities that are safe for you. Be kind, be gentle, be careful with the feelings of others/ but be deliberate about your boundaries {this will keep the people who are seriously lonely from fixating on you/ and make reality a message of your life, rather than fantasy a plot against you}.
In a more devious reality, the “coyote” has a cry that sounds in the wild, a lot like a child in need: “if the voice does not answer you back/ do not go”. The coyote is deceitful in many ways, including: to induce a pet dog off the property, they will pretend to be hurt or afraid/ because that will induce the pet into believing it has won, and therefore finds its courage. But when far enough off the property to be away from a gun/ the coyote turns, and the game is over! But its most effective means of hunting is by far going as a group, sneaking into the middle of its prey/ and then together, they all create a panic in the prey together, to see who will run scared/ and be eaten. The human coyote is little different in men; they pretend, to gain your trust/ only to lure you away from safety. They gather together in a group, and then find a way to make you fear, or tempt and manipulate you into believing that nakedness or sex is something you should or must do/ and in this arena of predators; women will then believe, you will need them to protect you “from themselves”: it is like running into the arms of a snake. Stay away/ RUN AWAY QUICKLY!

In the case of wolves, it is the group of potential victims, that protects you from harm/ in humanity, it is the light that shines on any potential stalker that makes them run away, or finds them no threat at all. In the case of coyotes, it is the lies that prove the reality; for there are no lies in an honorable man/ and respect needs no description because it will prove itself time and again, even every single time! Because that is what respect does. Love is found only in honor, honesty, and respect; because without these, no foundation exists to build any relationship upon. No foundation means/ no possibility.
The critical question of dating life especially, then becomes: because we both female and male, live in a body of chemicals that demand some attention will be given to the opposite sex; HOW does that experience translate into honorable sexual expression, in a safe and friendly existence for both? The foundation of this question asserts, no permanent relationship has yet been found/ therefore the reality of feelings and disciplines and hopes for the future are searching beyond themselves, in places un-secure or dangerous. What can be found, is a situation that can be only one of three distinct experiences: simple animal expressions that search for toys and live for chemicals/ simple needs, that are a part of growing up, and are a natural foundation meant to introduce the reality of female to male in such a way that it conceives of more than a simpler friendship: than female to female/ or male to male can be/ or is the beginning of true love, that honestly exists, but cannot be fulfilled simply because time has not yet allotted the opportunity (other needs exist too)? If not these, then you have found true love, or true hate.

In the experience of an animal, the reality is strictly chemical/ because nothing more important exists/ where hate rules, control demands. Under a building, I was watching as a young female skunk went into a hole she had been using, and was attacked suddenly by a large male skunk, who had been waiting/ the male grabbed her face in his jaws, and held her in apparent pain until she surrendered. [the only means available to intervene was to put my face directly behind the female skunks butt, and I did not]. Therefore understand this simply, that animal means: there are all kinds of possibilities available between male and female/ some are gentle, some are violent, all are for chemicals. That is not to say that sexual activity in some species is completely without happiness or friendship/ but more correctly, without the sex, there is nothing; what is male separates from what is female and desires no part without the sex. Therefore animal is not about friendship if it is only about sex/ the reality more simply is a trap or an abuse, or a need to parent. Where there is gentleness a simple friendship will occur/ where there is violence, only hate can belong. It is clear and true, that what can be sexually done between male and female is acceptable so long as neither attempts to degrade or use the other; if mutually acceptable, it is your right to do this, if you so choose. It is even your right to have multiple partners at the same time, because it is your body, if you have chosen this. BUT DO bear in mind, that nature permits time and again that many females can use the same male/ but time and time again, it does not allow many males to use the same female; the consequences to the female are too severe/ and she is too vulnerable. It will be tragic on too many levels for her. As a prostitute is used by men, her life is torn apart; because love cannot survive, and she must be rescued, or she will die because of it. As a young person seduced into sex, the tragedy of dying, is a believing you must, you can’t, its over and so on: “does become, a little more real each day”. The fighting to prove it is not so/ the little wars, to prove this is your own choice rather than your fate as inflicted by men, or a bad choice; are useless, because the dying inside continues until your reality has changed. Women especially are not meant to be used/ they are vulnerable to feelings, and every feeling is a relationship that lives or dies. Men are less known, because they have never been used beyond what is chosen by them, and their lives are about discipline (a truth or lie response to everything)/ the reality of a penis is more tool, than anything else, therefore it does seem apparent they can be used without significant harm. There parts and pieces are outside/ not inside; so you can tell if it is physically necessary to stop. In every way, a life of one woman to one man is better for both; but our existence in this moment of time is tragic, and whatever must be will be. We stand at the door of extermination/ a place in time where “wolves and coyotes and skunks” exist in numbers that must be culled/ by law, and by the introduction of women in charge of the courtroom that will decide sexual crimes; no man is allowed.

Beyond this gate, is the reality of what does it mean to have or be a true friend to each other? What does it mean, to live a life where love intervenes in sadness or hurt or just because you are honorably important to me? This is then, the moments of a friendship that listens to the heart, and lives the understanding that to be friends, is to share the truth inside ourselves, & even the body we exist within, because we do care. As is true of so many things, rushing to aid the dead is worthless/ when today decides the fate of a life, it is today that matters; what can be done tomorrow is irrelevant. “Coyotes” are everywhere today/ therefore beware of the liar, dressed in “sheep’s clothing/ using crocodile tears/ or pandering to your secret fears or insecurities or needs: this is a common trap”; male or female. Understand that respect does not rush in, where reality needs time to clarify what honor really means. Understand, when a choice must be made between two people, one who will be hurt by this choice; you must be careful for both. Accept the truth, that simply by giving sexual compassion honesty, this can and will become: “the easy way”! Therefore it is likely a desire or want to continue this sex will happen, unless you both look into the future and decide this is either ok, for each of you, and any other involved: or there must be something more, including the dating of others with a purpose of finding someone else. In most sexual relations, where passion and compassion exist within you both; the reality is, someone will cry later. This is a reality of life/ because loneliness rushes in, where a true friend leaves. Friendship is not so simple as “rush in where sex is needed”/ rather friendship is, being responsible enough to understand what the future needs will be. To understand, what is “fixing the problem now”/ will only create problems for the future; because if you cannot be permanent in this life/ the reality is, someone else must be sought. Consequently tears will come again. It is important, to be Friend enough, to accept the responsibility for a life that needs you now; even if there are tears later. Every life experiences reality in a different way/ and every reality means a different thing to different people; ask, do not assume. There are real tears in life/ there are real needs in life too. There are opportunities to share friendship and love/ but there is only one chance to honorably share “a lifetime” with someone else. That means that there can be friends who are important to your life/ there can be lovers who are honest and true to your heart/ but there is only one lifetime per each one; and that means simply that to join forever as one removes friendship and abandons lovers for each other to be one. It is then only at the request of the one you have chosen to love forever; that you can share anything but hope and life. If you “other one” has compassion for another, then you may sexually help someone in need/ but if not, then you choose against them and that breaks the bonds that join your hearts together. This is said to true and real lovers/ not the couples who pretend this is enough. These are hard choices of life, because there are no easy answers: it is my belief, if there is any kind of temptation applied to you; the need is not severe enough to intervene. BUT, if the reality of suicide is too great, or the tears, loneliness, or hopelessness are weighing heavily/ then please consider what can be done. Know this honestly, that sexual intervention changes lives/ sometimes for good, sometimes for bad; but if you are a friend, and your actions are as a friend, and the need in them is real. It is my belief then, the moment is more important this than body, a life in distress more important than being righteous. But not at the cost of a disease for life/ not at the cost for serious complications/ NEVER for the liar/ and only if in truth, no matter what happens you accept the price, because it is a choice you have made. Let love decide/ but do not discard the truth.

The relationship of “sexual fun” to a dating life, is up to you/ if you have found a friend, and honestly desire it. Someone who will not hurt you intentionally, not use you in any way, not abuse you or become a threat to you, or become anything less than respectful (as he or she treats ANY other, so will they treat you); which means, sexuality requires some level of honest trust/ or don’t do it. Sexual fun is anything that does not produce a child/ do not lie, do not tempt or manipulate; this is a sin, to men and women! In other words be very careful not to harm an innocent life! This is abusing, or using, and it is selfishness at a minimum. Sometimes reality says, “this is not a choice you are allowed to make”/ therefore pray honestly and be what must be. Do NOT listen to, or use “crocodile tears” either/ the people who do have been listening to you; but only for a means to control your life. It is a sign of coming tragedy. If you are so unlucky, as to be persuaded by these to trust anything/ then understand this as well. That if you cannot leave “cleanly”/ then you must prove, that the fault is indeed theirs, because of the things they have done; otherwise fantasy will begin to plot and plan against you/ how to hurt you. PROVE this is their fault, so your future may have peace. Do not tempt or manipulate/ do not use sex as a bait, to then claim a child “got you now”. Do not abuse and present someone with a disease no one desires/ it is a criminal act. But you may each do anything you wish up to these elements of reality; if you are old enough to understand that the decisions you are making will affect the truth of who you will become/ will affect the reality of others. Sexual chemicals are to help you find, or aid you when you find a mate for life/ they give female and male the happiness in sexual honesty to surrender the things they want, just to be with that person they have chosen to live life with; it is a lovely thing, that heals wounds that would otherwise fester or not heal. BUT IS LOST, if sexual behaviors abuse the life you live before this person/ this happiness is found (someone to live life with forever). Therefore be brave/ but be honest. Be truthful and honorable, understanding respect is the door that opens into a life of happiness and hope/ through love. Sexuality just enhances and brings joy to this relationship in your heart and soul. Know for certain, love cannot be bought with sex. Sex for men is just a tool for his toy, or a desire for his own chemicals: until the days of friendship, where you matter more than anything sexual does. If you choose to buy a man with sex/ the day will come when sex with another looks better. Not because you are not acceptable/ but because the male animal simply works that way. Call it what you like, but its natures way of saying move on; this is not love. A harsh reality, if the woman is not ready/ but an honesty in life that says: we simply are not meant to be a lifetime/ at least not today. Are you not better off, knowing this sooner, than later? The issues of sex are in fact these: that YOU personally OWN, your own body/ and you can do with it as you please. Sex need not be applied to the rules of any other person, not any religious doctrine, not any social edict; nothing, because the body is yours alone/ and NO ONE “owns, a single hair but you”. That means its your decision, what you do sexually or not! But it is also your own consequence and reality as well. If you tragically harm any other body, such as rape: your soul will be removed from you/ until the day that true repentance exists, and you have returned from the dead. And did what you could to repair the damage you caused. It is the price.

My own life diligently searched for an answer to what is real, in terms of body; where is the line drawn between what is owed to GOD Because this is HIS GIFT to me, and what is simply mine? That reality was answered, by immersion within the truth that I had two front teeth that were false, implanted after being broken out playing basketball. The question was; is this against the body, a disrespect of the gift of body that forms the house of my life: they are not what GOD made? Have I then damaged the relationship so important to my soul, for this simple thing? The answer after, “its introduction in spiritual context was learned”, simply became: let there be no illusions, the body is ours, it is our gift for life in time, and we may do with it as we please, we are responsible, and we may choose: so long as we do not hurt any other life. The reality of a question so simply unimportant then, was a worshiping of images/ rather than a respect for the life given to me, and the love of GOD in me. I REPENTED!

What is honor, understands that our one gift of life, love, hope, “simply everything we are allowed to directly understand” as an individual/ is a cause and a definition by which we grow up within ourselves, to express our own happiness and love by the gifts that we do honestly choose to return to our CREATOR. Honor allows the essence of our own gifts, to be true respect for our CREATOR , the evidence, that we desire to return as our lives create love, to GOD. So I say to you honestly, that although the body and mind are yours to play with as you like/ there is no honor in using them in ways that are disrespectful or damaging to yourselves or others. Respect yourself, and respect each other including needs that are real. The real issues of sex as age sets in, is not so much about the respect we have for each other as “life-partners”/ but the reality that the body is dying, and this is our life in time. Therefore if one does not desire sex at all basically/ yet the other longs for it endlessly or desires it honestly for happiness in life; then it is true and real, that love should surrender these boundaries and let each one decide for themselves sexually; irregardless of marriage or other arrangements that are not fulfilled. Marriage promises sexual compatibility/ but if not found, if not honored honestly and well, then the contract is broken. A life commitment to each other is about love, not simple sexuality; sex is the intimacy of a life shared beyond ourselves, that creates opportunities within ourselves. Love is the destiny of a creation discovered between ourselves, that we build together on the foundations that are soul. Yet few, can accept the price of time/ because the fear that results; therefore marriage exists to command “that I shall not fear another, taking my place in this life/ I DEMAND rights and ownership”. Even though it is an assault on love, hope, life, and friendship; trust is the essence of a lifelong relationship/ if you do not trust love, and the existence of your friendship; then you have little, and much less than what is the spiritual element of marriage. Marriage is a contract devised by men, with some value/ BUT MUST now be redone as women will describe, by their values and their desires or needs: but be fair/ what you demand, must also be given. It is a woman’s choice, what marriage will be. BUT do understand this; revenge and jealousy and hate are all products of fear. If you produce these fears in the other person, where respect does not live, either depressions or at least one of these products will come. Depressions will exert “you don’t love me anymore”; even if that is not true/ hate will search for a reason for revenge/ revenge will search for a cause such as jealousy, and if its found, lie or not; penalties will come to them and you. Marriage is then a reality where ownership expectations should be resolved as null and void/ exchanged for, where the honesty of love and truth will blossom instead. Love is an expression beyond time/ but time is an expression that experiences death, therefore time overrules love here on earth, because love reaches beyond life in time, to become eternity inside our soul. Therefore it has life, even if time does not. Do not hate/ do not be jealous/ do not search for revenge or violence by any means: because these destroy your soul, and thereby your eternity. Instead of these, either meet the needs of your partner in life, or let them find time and have compassion, to be what they need it to be for themselves. We love whoever we choose to love/ it does not matter who, it does not matter what the past has been. Love is a choice! If you have honor, respect, love, and friendship inside your soul, if you are the essence of heart, by being truth as a lifelong friend; there will be no real issues. ALWAYS choose the one you are committed to first/ ALWAYS LEAVE ROOM for any time they wish to return; always be real with yourself, we get only one body and time takes it away. Therefore reality allows experience its needs. The consequence is: if you are not friend to yourself; life is a battleground, and it is your choice to be friend or enemy to each other or yourself. RESPECT EACH OTHER, BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER, BE ALIVE in the search for your own truth and your own way, because eternity demands truth and identity: nothing else will do.

Returning to the question then, what is to be done, when the sex is not as active/ when the conversation is already done/ when there is a difference worth fighting for, but there is no answer? The common occurrence is; one loses while the other gets what they want. But, Want is a deadly thing to relationships, it tears the other apart, while you lie to yourself about what you believe is your right in life. Want is a voice inside that convinces you, or tries to by the arguments you have heard in your life, that you now wish to try for yourself. Want is the destruction of respect for the other person, because you have decided for selfishness, and are looking to power and pride to decide how can I get this for myself/ and what must I pay against them; how can I lie? Do you hear the tragedy! Instead of want/ love and friendship search in very different ways. Love recognizes a right to live the life you have been given/ the right, to a freedom that is not judged by another, but given room to experience hope and trust and truth as you choose to do. Friendship understands very deliberately, that as you choose for yourself, your friend has a very similar right to choose for themselves, the very same thing or more so. Friendship does not judge, but cares. This too can easily become a battleground, as insecurity and fear erupt into a game of who can have more, who can have more, and who owes more. A fear, that you or they are escaping the bonds you have shared; and will now leave you without care; in a world without friend. The essence and element of a decision to adjust your life to the needs or desires of a body and mind that believes in the happiness created by intimacy in sexual recognition; becomes then, the reality of a truth, that you choose this sexual expression willingly. Fully knowing the possible costs to all/ and have accepted the price. Because sex is a very important reality to you. It is your body/ you do own it fully/ and no contract of men, religion, or women can take that ownership away; to do so is slavery, and it shall not be done. The bonds of love are strengthened by sexual response to personal needs/ but if that is not for you, the love that exists otherwise, is not damaged by sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere; unless you refuse to accept you do not own! The body is a gift of GOD a reality of time/ NO where does life say, you can own another! Love is a choice, that you make based upon the friendship and respect you are willing to be. If there is no love, no friendship, no respect/ it is because YOU have made this decision. Judgment is a choice that you make based upon want, hate, jealousy, and revenge. If you choose this weapon/ you have chosen against love and truth, and now sit beyond the boundary that is eternal life in love. Do not do it, even if there are tears. Do what you can do/ be what you can be. Search for another if your heart must, but do not choose any part of hate/ your eternity is far more important than this.

Our feelings, or the disciplines of a heart walk in; “when love is the answer, but life is not willing at this moment in time”! It is life and happiness, wrapped in tears. Why can we not “get the timing right”/ why can we not be everything we need to be, in each others arms? The answer is, “there are unanswered needs that stand in the way”. My own reality in these matters is identified by the simple truth; that when I was married, we did have different needs. As life wore us both down, to the point of change; it became clear to each of us that our futures were different, and could not be the same. That moment became clear and divided, at the demand from her to share what was important to me. I did, but each of these moments when true, are questions answered that do change your world. The simple description of a spiritual possibility; caused her to fear/ and it was completely clear we could not share this journey at all. So she went about finding another, and I encouraged her, because “fun/ happiness, is important to life/ and it was her decision that she could not come with me”. It was her right to find someone else. It was our reality, that tearing the bonds which held us together for years; was hard. Even so, true needs cannot be abandoned or surrendered, they are a part of life/ and true needs will not accept anything but death as an alternative. So understand this simply, where passions describe the soul does exist, the reality of truth and need also exist/ and until these needs are met, there simply is no other choice but death; or that need will be met. We must each one, live the life we are given/ you cannot live someone else’s life, you cannot live my life/ I cannot live your life; nor can you choose for someone else. If you direct them, instead of let them or help them choose for themselves, it is a sin to you.

In every life there is a past; when the past comes to interfere with the present, it is because you have judged. What then is fair? Does not the past count for something/ should there not be payment for a life that has not been respectful or honorable or trustworthy or disciplined or violent? The answer is “every soup is made from the ingredients that have gone into it”/ some soups are good, and some are thrown away. Some have many ingredients, and some are few; but the list of ingredients does not dictate whether the soup is good or not. This is more “the quality of the chef”. Therefore beware of who you judge/ do not deny those who have repented; their due of a rightful place among the “saved”. Saved being simply, the people who have chosen truth, love, hope, friendship, and life above all the rest that is called life on earth. These are saved from a life of tragedy, a life of mediocrity, a life of gluttony, laziness, hatred, power, pride, fears, or selfishness; and if so, they deserve the place they have worked for in life. It does not matter to you, what they have done/ the law decides when punishment is enough: and YOU are not the law! Therefore let the past be past/ and let the future earn the trust it deserves. I will remind you clearly: to the religious, it was the apostle Paul who was a mass murderer/ but none did more than he to establish the Christian religion. And the world did benefit for the most part. {JESUS is not a religion/ HE is a witness of love, and a testimony for GOD that we are NOT forgotten}. To the proud, your own trophy chest simply indicates and testifies to how many people you deliberately tried to make a loser/ how many times, you chose to be less than a friend to life on earth. Let the humble in, be thankful for their witness to you, of a life worth living beyond or before trophies or arrogance. NOT “as good as you”/ do you judge yourself “worthy of GOD” ? Shame on you. To the righteous, the prude, and those sexual predators who want to condemn the others with their judgment: shame on you! The reality of every life is more than such a simple thing as sex. Not even the porn star, can be judged by you/ because you are not god; and every single person owns the entire property that is their own body! It is theirs, NOT yours! And that means they are free to do with it by GOD’S DECREE whatever they so desire. YOU ARE NOT free to judge anyone, as this is specifically expressed as prohibited/ unless the law, or the reality of intentionally doing significant harm to another human being is apparent and true. If GOD so chooses to judge by HIS LAW, then HE will judge/ but it will not be by you. And to arrogantly step inside HIS COURTROOM, and make judgments proclaiming HIS LAW AND HIS RIGHT TO JUDGE as your own; is an extreme disrespect of HIS WORLD! Don’t do it! To the rest, where do you really think your apathy and disgrace of a life without passion or purpose or true desire or happiness or love or friendship, etc, etc, etc. Is going to take you? Make your decision, and LIVE YOUR LIFE! Drop out of fear, stop being afraid, learn truth and live the life you choose. Or to death you go/ without friend or even foe, because you chose to be less than you were born to be. Find a way/ STOP WHINING and go searching as if your life depended upon it: because it does.

I should add, that in my lifetime, I do remember this; that I saw only one x-rated movie in the sixties (hardly a g-rated movie today)/ and one tape that was left behind that had a name not suggesting any x-rating; I did not watch long. So I am no expert on pornography. Rather it is plain and clear and taught to me, that we own our bodies and may do with them as we like/ irregardless of what the others say; so long as you are willing to pay the price/ and do NOT harm any other person. Anything deviant, is HARM to that other person/ although you may do it as your personal life. BUT ANYTHING that harms another person by deviant behavior/ or surprise/ or does not stop when a person says stop; IS A CRIMINAL ACT, and shall not be shown in any personal or private or commercial venue anywhere in the world. The price is prison, or more. But the simple act of sexual want, is not a sin/ if it does not function to deliberately harm or rape/ is literally like scenes in your other movies (which you clamber for more of) then it is not pornography, even if it is not wise or honorable or useful to society. If you choose it for yourself, after the age of 21; and it is without “anything but what nature provides to man and woman by their own bodies”; it is your right to do it, and you may sell it, if people buy. It is the right of others not to watch, but it is not their right to stop you. It may be, that female to female sex is within your right/ I am not a woman; and this is entirely within the domain of women; I simply cannot say. Because my spirituality is not fulfilled as a woman, therefore I have no right to understand. Even though I strongly suggest to you, life is more than this. The price is higher than you think.

The reality is: when the ability to gain money “lets you down”/ and it affects everything you believe you want to be? The decision that is life on earth, requires you to choose whether you will sell your heart, and maybe your soul for this money or the possessions you worship. You must decide, whether you will accept your reality and turn inside, to the dimensions of your own heart and soul, to search for and find this truth called you. And believe that life is worth more, than any money or worldly thing. It is a choice/ and those who search desperately for money or possession, lose their opportunity to search for themselves; until the day they stop, if pride has not consumed them. This is a terrible price to pay/ eternal consequences exist. The body/ mind, is very important to life, as it presents freedom and opportunities to you; but eternity is more than body or mind, life is more than simple treasures or ease. Where there is enough money to obtain the honesty of a choice that you can and will make for your life; it is enough/ freedoms are important as well; money matters to freedom, but it ends there. As money is not happiness, but merely pride, want, and selfishness given a name, and description from your heart or mind that encourages you to believe the others can be your slave. Life, is the expansion of every single heartbeat, into a truth that makes you feel and be alive. Money is nothing more than a tool. And tools cannot make you happy, although they can ease your work/ but the cost can be pride, and pride is an enemy of life.

There are tragedies in life, where people become less important, than the value or life of a pet. When pets are considered more important “than I have feelings, or needs too”. Or when you turn to a pet, instead of a husband or wife, brother or sister, friend; there are problems inside that need to be addressed honestly and with respect. In every case, it is the human that deserves your respect for his or her life, more than any other living thing. While it is true, that every life is important/ it is more true, that every human is more important than a pet; even to the point before starvation, that you eat your pet. Those creatures that are near extinction DO NEED all manner of special considerations; they are equal to humanity/ because their need is so great. Your pet is NOT more important than your humanity to each other, or the humanity of compassion’s that allow any other living human being, to be first/ do not for get that. It is approaching failure and insanity to do so. Which means simply, that the humans that are being forgotten have also failed at some important event or by some measure that this has come; and have not been forgiven. Or there is something in this past, that will not be surrendered because pride will not allow it. Sometimes, it is pride over the value you place on the life of an animal, that forgets the human needs of us all, are even more important. We cannot save the world by saving every pet that exists. It is the people who must come first, it is the people who must share existence between themselves first/ all pets come a distant second, even if their death is involved. This is not to belittle any life on earth/ this is a choice between humanity and a different species of life. If you save an animal from honest torture or death, it is your life to keep, even if another person or business holds claim to it. Death ends all claim/ torture is cause for criminal intent and action/ and if you honorably save a creature from either, that creature then belongs to you.

When life is not exciting anymore, this means you have turned away from the miracles that life reveals, to wallow within the self pity of a life that has turned to selfishness and want. Pride then says “everyone but me, I am left out, abandoned”/ or I don’t care, won’t share, or life is without meaning to me. The foundation of all these things comes from one of two directions: either you have chosen to dissolve respect for life/ or you are failing to exist in the respect that belongs to a life with an open heart and mind, do wake up. Instead of life, it is a dazed existence without hope, because you have chosen to believe life has left you behind, in some aspect of experience or expression, and there is nothing left but to surrender this want. Many times this is caused by sex, or its lack of. Remember the miracles, expand your existence beyond yourself, and understand the greatest expressions of life are held within the relationships that mean the most to you. GOD LOVES YOU, it is a relationship that exists to all who honor life and miracles and hope, with respect.

When religion gets in the way, or becomes the way; but not for you/ and your friend has become different. The reality is, that he or she is experiencing a renewal on some kind of true level of desire in their heart or soul. It is for most, some level of love or discipline or direction that is lacking in their lives/ but for a few, it is a new level of hate, looking for an excuse to be violent and a disgrace. Where life leads, the reality of every religion will be to direct them to some type of new understanding, which then expands the direction they hope to travel in, as they search for a new beginning to their lives/ or a rebirth of happiness in “the old one”. Where it is hate, there is little to say but goodbye/ and if sufficiently disrespectful of life; a trip to report them to the police for surveillance is required. It is your duty to protect society/ not your right to avoid confrontation, just because it is unpleasant or unfriendly: where true violence may occur. As you expect of others/ so must you do, for the sake of others who would otherwise have peace or even life stolen from them. Do you not believe that violence must be reported/ especially if it is happening to you! This is a duty/ even if it is family. Pray for them, if you can.

And so the simple lesson is, that sexuality is a distance between what is desired, and what may be found today. The constant of this day is the extreme competition that women are finding amongst themselves, “fighting, for the same men”/ because they discard the others! Look past the face/ find the heart, and be at peace in life/ like a beautiful mountain scene, a face and form can be pleasant, but it does not make life more than it can be/ it simply helps a little at times . Even so, the competition among young women is a result of numbers, and the demand I will not be left out/ but more importantly it is a result of constant moving by society. You/ we do not get to know each other as lifelong friends anymore/ not even from the same community any more, many times not even for a year; which means that reputations are left in the dust/ just as people are left in the distance, whether they were treated badly or not/ whether they loved or hated. Because they have moved, all start again; and as people continue to move, the reality of building a friendship becomes mute/ as no one expects you to stay; all “are a tourist”/ looking for a little excitement, and a trophy to proclaim “they won”. This too is a tragedy, for life. It is necessary and very important to female life, that you stop playing the games of men/ stop believing that sex means anything more that “the useless men are winning”. The competition has worked to convince women “the must do more, to capture or entice a man; and that means more sex”: the useless men simply encourage the game and demand more. In the end/ it is the women who lose respect for themselves and each other. It is the women who lose honor, and the life they have chosen to be; because they played the game of being what some men and competition with women have seduced them to believe. It is not true! Regroup and rethink your reality, prove among yourselves what is honest and real; and then change your behavior to make the men be real, honorable, respectful, and honest with you; or leave them alone. They will come to their senses, but only after they become aggressive and compete with each other; for your sex. Stand above it/ protect each other, particularly use cameras and phones, and “have a back up plan that includes women; hire them if you need to”. Learn if not how to make men respect you/ at least learn how to control them without sex, by becoming a team of support against being used, to each other. Don’t sell your life or body, to useless lies! Sex is useful as a means of control over men, but only as a last resort. “ women and sex combine in fact, to be like any other drug addiction”/ and every drug addiction damages life! The drug addict is often violent or depressed when deprived; and without respect for life at all other times. You “cannot win”/ you must heal them back to life. The leaders of this tragic reality of life for women is the black community of men/ NOT ALL (I have known most black men to be “honorable enough or better”); they are by no means the only ones; but as a representative majority, they are in fact its leaders. IF AS A BLACK MAN, you don’t like this description/ THEN WORK TO CHANGE IT! Where are your leaders for life, for respect within the community, and the rest. Where are the other variations of men, where is your respect or your leadership, or the simplest things of destroying all the games and songs and things that are NOT respectful to life? WHERE ARE YOU! SHAME ON YOU! There is plenty of shame to go around! As women, it is important for you to boycott and penalize all who accept this disrespect of women in life, videos, songs, and all the rest. HELP EACH OTHER/ PROTECT EACH OTHER, even if you don’t like each other; as women it is necessary, because you are more vulnerable than men.

This very simple reason consists of the primary cause that it is necessary to teach what consists as male sexuality, by its elements and essence. That you as women may know the truth about how men act and react sexually; no more secrets for them. Not a simple thing, one that requires “the things women know/ the things man knows/ the things the body will reveal/ and the reality of what works, and what does not; compared, investigated for truth, and assembled for other women to learn. That YOU may accept the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom YOU need for this life/ and learn, to be far less vulnerable to men. You are losing the battle, “to be the women you are”. You are fighting among yourselves, and failing.

It is perhaps the realization of vulnerability that I do feel about women and my life, that convinces me; it is worth the reality, somehow. But in truth, this is far more complex than a simple decision. It is, A reality I cannot actually grasp by any means/ do not “look forward to at all”. It is however a truth I can understand, as conceivably valuable; even though no promise can exist! My life has become “complicated”, as my own body and mind have been changing (not the same), and I seem to be “getting remodeled”. I will do the best I can, but that is mostly, “just not interfere”. Life has become a strange experience, really. I would never have guessed.

It is clear and simple in me, that I have become a gift to women, and her purposes for life. This is more a reality, than a decision for me/ but it is also my decision to participate as best I can. Because life is so threatened with extinction, that I know not how else to help you. I know, that men cannot stop themselves from exterminating the world; and that leaves only women to save this world, by accepting the task, to learn, to be, and to do what needs to be done. That complicates your lives too, as it means that as women, you must make a choice to accept the gift provided, and what it means for you in this life/ or turn away, and abandon the words, the life, the love, the respect, and the truth that has been presented to you..... for this world, this work, and for your own lives. It is your choice/ but you cannot change your minds. It will be too late, or it will be a disaster beyond imagination; because hell and Armageddon are coming/ if women will not change life on earth. Go to court, and prove it is not so.
I will simply do what I can do for you. That is my only personal promise/ but you must work for the world, & for life; that is the promise I need from you.

The essence of life accompanies the foundation called love, love examines the heart {your reason and reality of life} as if to say “is there room for me?” True love never seeks to change or rearrange “the home you call love/ this is the essence of family. Neither does love claim to be the “owner of this home”/ instead love decides according to the truth discovered in reality. The question of giving willingly or demanding “your expectations” are all that matter here, creates the divide that becomes the difference between family and friend, friend and don’t care, and don’t care all the way down to enemy. IF freedom does not decide in truth, reality will prove; you cannot be family.

Truth declares, LOVE IS HAPPINESS/ love fills the soul with blessings gleaned from the wisdom of understanding we are a miracle; for there is nothing we have done, to be alive: this is a gift. Happiness then is shared in the true blessing of honest love, wherein we get to “see inside, the values and truth of an honest and honorable friend: when time turns our blessing in time/ to loneliness when apart. Here we learn the truth, that we desire each other in life, because our hearts have been led to understand what it means to be apart.

Love says; the world must wait, we are alive only because happiness gives us the will to survive/ therefore it is crucial to life. Those who have lost their love, or sold it for their mind, or their wants; are those who become a tragedy to life, to themselves, and to us all. Hope says; there will be time for us, in this life to understand in discipline, what we have sacrificed to the world. Sacrifice is a statement of reality, defined by an understanding, that although we are alive/ we are not completely free. Therefore to live beyond ourselves in the presence of happiness; is to lose sight of survival, and belong to destiny itself.

Of the many words that establish life, only love explains it! Life is then a true definition of love; beginning with the words/ our happiness together identifies the single purpose of our souls, to accept the single dimension of existence, that ties and adheres, one soul to another. The presence of love, is the identity of our creation/ and the meaning of its purpose. Even though we build our experience as life, one person at a time, the reality of our work, is to accept the presence of a home, that already exists in our lives. Love is that home, do you feel this destiny in your heart? If you do not, then your work here as life will fail, because YOU DO want something else that the presence of love, more than anything else. It is your choice. The world exists without much love, in the evidence that is human; because it takes each one, to share the gift/ before another can accept it. Therefore the majority survive, but fail to find true happiness. Do you share? Do you care? Human life is a display of various things/ each has its meaning; and every person learns to read the other; EVEN if they are wrong, they will believe what their eyes expect; whether that is real or not.

A happiness shared, is a word called BEAUTIFUL, meaning to live life as it was meant to be lived. This requires and escape from the others, into the freedom of an expression that is your ownership of time;; the expansion of your truth, into the journey that lives in eternity. Love builds a home, but truth creates the identity, that is allowed to live there. The purpose in your soul, becomes the path that creates your desire. Energy is a source of life/ but it is not life. The question to you is then, given freedom to choose; is your life about energy/ or is it about love? Energy questions every life, and approaches every boundary; because it can. Therefore the essence of energy is the discipline required to keep order from changing; and reestablishing you, in some other form, than your own truth. The essence of love , is a question asking who you are; is it mercy and forgiveness, the blessing of hope, and the struggle to express what can only be called beautiful? Do you see your future as “viewed in the light”/ or covered by the darkness, so that none can see “what is inside”? Your own freedom to express yourself, takes the blessings that are yours/ mine, and applies the simple truth that then creates the environment that is you. This reflects, the inner sanctuary of your soul; it is a place where the world cannot come. It is a place seen, but not heard, except with the heart.

Within ourselves, time is not a simple reality, rather we become transparent in time; revealed by the knowledge, seen as the purpose, and displayed as the body; but understanding belongs only to those who are willing to live beyond the mind: where life exists as itself. The mind only measures, and reflects the things which you have been influenced by; it is the heart that decides love or hate. Our physical departure from body to soul, reveals: that as our spirit says, I AM ALIVE, the body and mind knows only “I have life. Wisdom beyond time, examines these things and explains; life is NOT a product of “who am I”: or “I am” ,,if it were, why would the body die? Life also understands “I have, or this is mine” is defeated by our temporary reality: we do die. This asks the question; WHY am I here? This understands the question; if built by GOD then why must some lives be so hard/ why is there pain and heartache; “are we not suppose to love? Why must there be tragedy! Understanding knows, without the mind, the body is useless/ without the body, the mind is worthless. Wisdom says our lives are a gift/ but our survival is up to us. Our soul accepts “being alive” is the playground where happiness becomes life itself. Therefore the meaning of hardship, is to design the structure of a life; that will survive eternity. There is NO true happiness without a friend, happiness within the soul means literally, “I am not alone”. My own life has known very significant periods of isolation, by various realities; but even so, I have never felt alone to any degree, because “GOD is with me”. This is a statement of reality and truth; but cannot be understood without the sanctuary called soul. That is up to you. Life is a miracle, simple as that! Your own journey in time, becomes the tools, and “supplies” to build your own destiny in life/ that then becomes your eternity. What you do “with your tools and supplies” is up to you. YOU do participate in their selection, and their abilities to change your world, to change yourself.

The question of strength of life comes to be; the masses say strength belongs to whoever can achieve power over the others. Wisdom says; whoever stands, when others fail is strong! Drugs and hatred are a measure of failure! Life, by the decisions which you accept and create, are the evidence that your soul is not ashamed; you will be seen. Love says; strength is he or she, that can open their own heart, even when hatred fills the world; is strong. Because hatred is a battleground, and only love can defeat it; but only if the people involved can be truthful enough to accept it honorably. Otherwise failure will attack you. Wisdom says, love produces strength, because love can conquer fear/ but honor says, no one who hides, can be strong. The reality being, you cannot accept “what you cannot see, in your heart”. The heart that lives in fear, deceives only itself. Wisdom says: it is a great strength, when love creates the courage to die, for the life of another. Because it is a foundation in life, to live; you cannot discipline the desire to live/ you can only surrender it. Courage says, remember your blessings, because the strength to be free, is inside your soul. There is no strength, no courage, no honor, and no love, in our sacrifice; because it will change nothing of importance. If you have been sacrificing, it is because you want something you cannot have; because you are refusing to pay the price required, from your heart or soul. A life free of all pain, is not the blessing it sounds; pain teaches a wide variety of truths, one being a friend that is true to your need, becomes as family; if there is honor. Pain teaches us what we need to know, about keeping the body whole/ it teaches us “what we must not do”! a very important lesson, that wisdom translates into other area’s of our lives.

The single true decision we make is: to love, or to hate. In this physical world, to believe is to accept the truth, that is your belief. But if what you believe is wrong/ then what have you done to your life? Search for truth, learn do not hide/ always seek the evidence of life in support of what you believe/ always understand first, create knowledge in your heart, soul, and mind; only then participate in your belief. Because to do what is wrong, is a tragedy to you. The questions of need and want are realities of time & place, and therefore require an appreciation of life and those who live it, in environments somewhat foreign to us. Death requires a decision too/ it is the single moment in time, when our lives, our identity as an individual must choose its destiny; by revealing its truth. The question is; do you desire life as an integral part of creation/ or does the want for power and pride, consume you, ending in the destruction of you? It is your choice/ and you will make it.

Death is a passage that removes “the package of body and mind”/ revealing the inside truth, that then forms your eternity.

The touch of a woman, for man is neither size, shape, nor skin color, rather the existence of woman is found in the essence of life, the common ground that we are meant to be whole; one to the other. The comprehension of whole, is an expression surrounding the experience that lets us travel inside the heart of each other; both man and woman, believing in the boundaries that identify us/ accepting “the gate” which transforms us from self, into happiness “together we are one/ in soul, we share the same life.”

Life itself, is the existence and motion of “free energy, for us to use”. This is different than soul, which is the essence of love revealed to us, as an opportunity and invitation to be “family”. The existence of soul, is an expansion beyond the measurements of mind and body; therefore it is impossible to consider this “an experience of time/ it is not”. Instead the foundation WE ARE ALIVE, becomes the transformation of an experience “beyond the gate” as the moment happiness becomes conceived by the words, and reality; I do, trust you! It is trust that belongs to soul, it is trust that gives you love to share.

Life then becomes the treasures of our soul/ the message passed between our hearts, shared; that creates the new journey into creation as one. Creation means; from the beginning, we are defined in the innocence of a heart conceived for soul, in our travels we become a destiny comprehended only by soul, in our breath we become the intensity of our own truth; living to find the essence of our reality, the identity we share with everything alive. Love is conceived of, not found in the destinies of a search for family, joined to the expression of trust, the boundary of an experience called life is shared. Love is returned to us, not because we earn it/ we do not, it is a gift! Rather, love is the relationship we inherit, when we choose the same path as those who have given it to us. Therefore we participate in love, we do not create it. We share the experience of love as family shares the expression of trust, and the relationship called “I am home”. Love is never a debt/ it cannot be, it is a gift; but it is a gift that gives something of you, and if not returned, then lost to you: you chose to give it away! This reality is the basis and foundation of “a heartache, known to so many people”. While it is true, that this can be harsh; it is also true, as a reality, it is the understanding LOVE is not for free. We have a responsibility to those who love us, we have a duty to those who honor and respect us enough, to share their trust and their truth for a gift to us. These things are a reality, just as the pain of a life that steals these things, is also a reality and a truth that cannot be accepted. Consequently “the door to heaven” is NOT open to all!

There are those who laugh, when they feel like crying; they believe it makes them “tough, or invulnerable”. Reality and truth say, not only are you hiding from them/ you are hiding from yourself first, which means you are a coward. Tears are not a sign of weakness/ tears are “the army inside” which defends the soul against those who are attacking your own love, your own soul. Tears are the visible war, between happiness (a blessing of the soul), and a changed life, because someone else/ something else has been harsh; demanding of you, more than you can pay. Tears are the last barricade protecting you from being what you did not choose to be/ when hurt and pain have reach nearly inside your soul, and there is nothing left to say; only fear and hatred to remove. Tears are the expression of love, that holds the pain on the outside, that the soul may grieve for your happiness, on the inside; remembered, and yet unharmed by life. To grieve means; to accept “a part of my life is gone/ a part of my heart and soul extinguished, like a fire gone out”. The understanding of loneliness, and the expression “I am glad you have found your need”/ identify a special recognition of life.

To love, is to accept change as a blessing remembered with life, not forgotten/ but the creation that grows and then dies, because nature has planned it that way. The cause is simply; to prepare your own journey, for the need of love. To understand the reality, that love is truly the only thing that makes life worthwhile. Life is more than love/ but love is without doubt, the greatest treasure that will ever exist; life would not, without it. Therefore to understand the basis and necessity of love in your heart, is to understand in the truth of your soul, the destiny you desire, the purpose you live, is written on your spirit. True love “let’s GOD, be GOD” in your trust, love, and life. Stop interfering and learn life is a reality, that exists only in truth. Therefore learn life is precious to you/ learn love opens the heart and soul, bringing happiness with it, it does not hide, or whimper, or cry. Love accepts the price of life, and participates.

Failure means to hide or run away, because it will bring hate to you. Pain produces in humanity, the opportunity to grow in wisdom, learning the price of life, is not a game. Sadness inside says: “let me be a child again/ let me be, without the authority to decide what will only prove to hurt me.” Sadness exists, because want removed your truth, and made you a liar. Loneliness exists, because the love inside that needs a home in someone else, is not shared. Help each other, and be free of both in truth and honesty and trust.


Where there is love and marriage (a commitment that is true, irregardless of society or its expectations); there is also sexual realities and truths. That said, the foundation of every sexual experience is respect/ or it is lust. Lust is a purpose that simply removes your presence as a person, to use or abuse your reality as a body. Therefore it is a composition, either of NO respect for you/ SIMPLE chemicals are wanted/ OR, there is an intent to control and manipulate you by using the power and pride of selfishness to inform you; “I am taking your body, invading your mind, and stealing as much soul as I can.” Soul here is the honesty allowed to you, in an appreciation of life, to understand that not only are you loved, you are loved so much “that you are indeed, a true miracle itself”. You are treasured as life, created by GOD. Evil is the intent to destroy this value, and its consequent truths that form your life, from you. The question of lust, brings the reality of enemies. The reality of a need to fight for yourself, establishes the right to conceive and understand the basic weapons available to women, for their protection. Such as, the male testicles are VERY delicate realities; a 10 pound squeeze will disable a man in seconds/ a dramatic crushing or pulling, will drop him in less than a second. BUT DO remember like every other weapon, it is to be used only on an enemy; are you sure, you are enemies? If you are being raped, his testicles/ balls, are vulnerable, “play with him, to insure you get your chance”. But do understand this, unless you are a murderer/ he will recover, and could be very angry; consequently as a group of women, you need to protect each other by using the law and what is fundamentally useful. The second round, so to speak is the reality; that if you drain a man of enough sperm, usually more than twice; OR when he starts to ejaculate, intensify what you are doing so he continues “he won’t like it, but is in NO position to stop you”. Take away enough sperm, and he will slow to “half speed/ half strength”; and his ability to protect himself or do you further harm will be greatly lessened. As women, you need to understand these basic realities of men; for your own defense/ but understand this, “if you make men afraid, who will give you sex”. As humanity, respect requires the opportunity to make mistakes on both sides/ as life, only the intent to destroy or damage beyond repair; is significant as a criminal act. The expectation of evil, to remove your right to be innocent, and happy and free, and safe inside yourself; IS an intent to destroy or damage beyond repair. It happens as a result of want, the demand to take what truth says “not yet/ not ever/ or not you”. Pride then intervenes and says; “I will show you, I can do this”. Power then comes to aggression and says; “I deserve a reward/ I deserve revenge, I win”. And the disease of life begins, to eat the soul and devour every chance to survive by consuming every opportunity for love. Do NOT attempt to “love these who choose power or pride or lust”/ they are dying and diseased: make them discard their disgrace and disrespect, and then help them return to life as best you see fit. There are those “confused with demons”; they want/ but they believe through morality, rules, and religions, that what they want is BAD; therefore they cannot have it. Yet they cannot stay away, the consequence is a mind in turmoil. If it is sex these want (always is), one method of dealing with their sickness is to tie them up, and then continue in front of them naked. Until such time occurs, that they no longer react to the mere expression of a naked body. This is NOT always appropriate, because some are lost and will not be found; if they never recover from their lust, over time once the clothes are put back on: then they are dangerous, and must be dealt with by others. Consequently this is an effort best done by groups; unless you are certain, a man or woman exists inside that is worthy of your life and work.

Since a majority of women are likely to open this link called love and marriage; more so than any other part of the writing, it is suitable to state again: this work is about changing the world, and supporting women in their authority to lead us all; including sexually. Very significant threats not only support this reality, but truth demands change, and there is no one but women alone/ that represent true change here on earth. The inventions link is applied to inform, that an opportunity exists in inventions, “to collect money”. There will be an invention to replace all piston engines/ a reality that conceives of a great deal of money. The fortress of rulers, written of in Revelations 21, is paved with streets of gold. “I will suggest to you, these inventions will do much to provide you with this gold, for the purposes of your walk, to bring justice and hope to all life.” If you come for money/ you will not even get to spend it, to any degree. Because the world is dying, and before you can be selfish, and consume greatly; hell will come, bringing Armageddon with it. BUT, if you honestly come, with the honor, intent, purpose, and duty of changing this world for life, peace, respect, and love; then you will gain much. I give you no guarantee; you must pray to decide/ I merely show you the evidence, and the possibility. As in life, YOU must choose your own future/ you must accept your own risks, hear the heartbeat of your own soul/ YOU must acknowledge the need for change, and be willing to pay the price of change: or it will not happen, and the reality of this day will decide. Truth declares: hell is coming/ and Armageddon will crucify your lives. CHOOSE BETTER, change this reality, and become a better truth; FIGHT FOR YOUR LIVES! Make your decision/ but recognize this: as time progresses, the list of my own enemies grows by the day. If you desire my help, then you will choose according to Revelation 12 {as women, YOU SHALL look to the whole earth as your possession; and you will work to take control}. It is my reality, that I must help you/ it is my truth, that I desire all life on earth to survive; and you are my only helper, and I am yours: I can do nothing without you. THERE MUST BE CHANGE, and you as women, are the only possibility of change that truly exists, because you ARE different. You have my word, I will never seek you harm. But if you are not honorable or honest to this work, I will abandon you. I will NOT help you consume, or abuse, or choose evil/ you must choose for life, justice, and love. A peaceful and happy earth.

I am aware, this is frightening to very many women; being told you are the difference between life and death for the world. Being introduced to a man who is “not exactly the same”/ being told I am not only spiritual, but as predicted by a biblical prophecy “having the spirit of woman inside; and in control of all that is male in me”. I cannot help that, the world is in trouble, and reality has become the existence of a spiritual woman inside. Therefore I have sought by education and the demonstration of words, to teach you not to fear; to help you understand not only am I here to help, in all honesty there really is nothing I can do to harm any woman. EVERYTHING is literally in the hands of “the woman inside”. The question is then; what can honestly be trusted, about a spiritual description; in this life of time? The answer is; simply, life is more than body and mind, it is literally the existence of a spiritual reality and truth, that forms our relationship with the energy that keeps us alive. We are not “batteries”/ being chemically born. We are souls, being alive by the containment of energy, in such a way that our expression of life, understands freedom, achieves the ability of thought, and accepts the consequence and liberty of respect, love, happiness, hope, and joy. In these possibilities we all have spirit inside. The only difference in me, is the simple truth; I have studied harder than you/ I have trusted more than you/ I have searched for the truth in life with all that I am, with everything that is life in me/ and I have given my life to the treasure and value of love, in a life called Jesus. All these words given to you, reveal this is true. The issues of a spirit inside, are then questions for prayer, if you believe in GOD . If you do not, then ask yourself: is the spirit of woman “your enemy”? if not, why are you afraid. You are in control of my life, because you are woman, and the woman inside owns what is male in me; I am not in control of your life, I am here to help you. You are very many, I am only this one; there are no tactics/ no lies/ no intent to lead/ and like it or not, no control over what happens to this body sexually, or even what it can do; in reality it simply is not mine anymore/ the woman inside, controls it all; and there is nothing I can do to change that. Nothing I can do to control it either; whether I like it or not; “I do not”, what is male is defeated. Not my life, not my soul, not even my body or mind; just the reality called male. The woman inside does, whatever she chooses to what is male, and has given me breasts, a woman’s ass, I don’t know what is next/ and I have no say at all. I am fully aware “at how these words sound”/ but honestly no one is more surprised than me, really you just can’t imagine.

Life needs women to survive, I need women to help you keep life alive on this earth; in my soul, there is no other way. Consequently I do say to women, find your courage, and come help your world. There is no temptation intended here, not in any form; this is simply reality, by the terms of truth, and I always follow truth. Irregardless of the consequences, it is my way. The men who will try to stop you cannot; their lies, cheating, stealing, and tragedies/ failures/ and foolishness are too extreme. The damage done to society to tragic; people will reject them, and that leaves you to lead. Or chaos will come. I have delivered the simple message, choose justice, honor, respect, and love; and life will be good. But if you will not, then to hell and Armageddon you will go. Simple as that/ not a curse, just a reality. Women will make this decision; GOD has given that choice to you. Not because I say so, because the woman inside is a prophecy of Revelation 12, “the gift of leadership to women”/ and the reality: Men have brought us/ brought you to terrors door; how can they be trusted? But, women will open it, or you will walk away into truth and justice and life through love, respect, and honor. Respect for you as women of earth, demands this shall be so; you are loved/ and shall not die, without your own decision. In the year 2010, by prophecy; your decision WILL be cast. The battleground of life, is inside yourself; it will not be the others that cause your decision, it will be YOUR decision, good or bad or indifferent; YOU will decide. The truth has already come, because the evidence is real, and you can search for it yourself. Don’t believe it/ can’t accept personal authority; THEN GO TO COURT, and prove what is true. The reality of living, waits for your answer; life or death for this world depends upon it. Can’t do anything; simply means WON’T do anything/ “go ahead then, just nail the children to the wall, skinned alive and left to die”, cause you don’t care. The reality is what you do is important individually/ BECAUSE there are 7 billion more people just like you, “doing anything they please, every day/ every year/ for a lifetime”; 7 billion times anything, is a VERY big impact on everything. Like it or not/ change is mandatory.

James F. Osterbur

The foundations of this reality are; the simple truth that want has been sacrificing this world, by human endeavor for a long time now. Want destroys without a single thought to the consequences that “are not about me”. Pride adds in, the creation of critical stupidity, a relationship between want and the demand to prove “I am equal/ superior/ hateful/ jealous/ and all that fundamentally says, I am god/ respect me”. Pride is then a discipline representation, of who we are that other people have made us. Not by their direct influence/ but by your own desires to control their mental descriptions of you. Don’t care about the others, that is unlikely since nearly everything that is not associated with need, is directly linked to how others are expected to think about you. The truth is; that humanity has learned to be a herd/ by using ridicule, gossip, hatred, and lies to transform the truth that is we are all free and equal: into the transgression, we will control your life. The critical question is not how/ the fundamental venue is not important, it can be anything you will react to. The critical question is why/ and why do people allow themselves to be controlled. The foundation reality is, “because some things do make a difference to our personal lives”/ therefore in an attempt to protect them, we react to the things people say and do, and some also act to challenge any other person to be like them, or be used, abused, or simply discarded by them; as they attempt to prove “I am god over you”. Pride forms wherever the game allows/ aggression forms, wherever the game or the need changes lives/ competition forms, whenever the risk of losing is greater than the need to be accepted.

In the more simple associations with time, is the reality of my own life; being surprised with a “woman’s chest”/ was quite a shock; it changes things, how people conceive of you/ what work is available to you/ the number of people who will even talk to you, and more. When they got bigger one day, prayer ensued; because that adds to the complications of life among human beings. The majority simply prefer gossip to friendship, or respect. These are “control by the majority issues”/ rather than personal, they are illustrations of things that do make a difference \ things that put you “out in the light” where it is not even necessary to do anything else; “ready for ridicule, and the disease of human disrespect”. What was more important to me, are the issues related to gender; same is same/ if not same then how can life be considered male or female; and WHAT does that mean? These are all questions I never expected to deal with/ consequently I was truly unprepared. In the same way, others are unprepared for “unexpected problems” in their lives. The first value of understanding life is then; do not expect! Live the life you are given, and be grateful; although unexpected, the entire gender issue does not compare with the loss of legs, does not compare with issues of true poverty; etc. therefore what is it that you believe is so tragic in your life? A pimple? Critical reality asks you, can the consequence of being human not grant you worse? If it did, would you not be grateful to be where you are today/ instead of what could be tomorrow? Be honest/ and then be friendly and respectful as life allows to those who are afflicted with more than you. Then take a look at the world that exists, and the reality life on earth is dying: and be honest with your participation/ and what you are doing to save it. As to me, I have adjusted to breasts, and all gender issues; they are unnecessary questions, what will be will be.

The critical facts are; irregardless of what you want, resources are being destroyed; you can’t live without them/ the environment is changing; you can’t live without it/ the ocean is being depleted, its source of new life being crucified/ you are growing as a human population far beyond what you can support, even 10 years from now/ you are killing nature, and it is everything good; because genetics are life/ men will war, “its what they do”. The list is long, and your life at the end of it says goodbye; whether you like it or not. Change or die, it is our only hope.

The fundamentals of coming civil war are; that people are “comfortable in their numbers, they are happy with their wants;” so they will not want to be discouraged or contend with a dollar that is in fact, worthless (the treasury claims are roughly $400,000.00 per face, in America; thereby worthless); they choose to lie, and be lied to. The people will contend, the stock market [Dow Jones average of a few large stocks] is going up/ therefore we are doing well/ BUT the reality is you can have as many worthless numbers as you want, worthless is worthless; and those who control the credit, control the numbers, and will make whatever more numbers they wish; so long as you accept them. To that they will contend; if I cash these numbers in, I CAN BUY! But again, the question is not about the lies, they run until truth dissolves them/ the question is when will truth destroy the lies? The answer is held within the currency valuation of the dollar/ as it falls, as people particularly foreigners simply spend their dollars and return nothing of value to replace them, the dollar dies. As citizens claim what they believe is their right to buy with dollars, and people refuse to sell, because they now know the dollar is meaningless, “they got theirs, but you will not get yours”: the American economy ends. Are there not millions of retirees or soon to retire people who intend plainly to spend everything they can? These surely expect “they are millionaires, they have the numbers”, & they will take every resource they can get, throw it away as they have done all their lives; and leave life as the future of life on earth to die, all gone, nothing left. “ its you or me, you know”. The leadership of American men is quite clear; nothing matters, but their toys/ their power/ or their pride. Did global warming matter/ pollution/ resources lost/ threats of extermination/ money/ anything? No, they are concerned with their toys; & believe in the sacrifice of souls, thereby they have planned and carried out the assassination of billions, by destroying the future: for a few to claim “we are super power, we are god”. Men did this to life on earth, the leadership of men, sold the nation being taught by Reagan, “that fools don’t have to pay their bill/ just don’t tell the citizens.” Even today, Russia is being pushed to restart the cold war/ by “American military terrorists”, and NATO insurgents; because they like the money, the power, and the pride that comes with threats. “you need me/ or I will kill you”; where else can you find such power and pride as this? It is only when the cancer of death lurks in every heart. Pride does this, and the search for power to prove “I am god, over you”.

Neither is America “the land that gives to foreigners so much money, as they think”/ instead the reality is “Americans HAVE given much/ but behind closed doors, the THIEVES AND LIARS, HAVE STOLEN all but the tiniest bit to use for propaganda, and more lies. Your money, and your heart, are being beaten to death; by liars, and frauds. The leadership of men/ the propaganda of media/ the failure of life, all a product of greed, lust, and lies. “it’s the American way, being led blind, deaf, and dumb”. “not us”/ then go to court and prove you are not bound, gagged, and raped; got enough courage, or are you just going to hide, and run away? Look beyond the rhetoric/ look beyond their references to experts (they will say anything, if you pay them). Look to your reality, and future, and believe the answer that knows no preference, but simply speaks the truth.

There will be a revolution in America, it truly does not matter whether you believe that, it is coming; either with guns, if men are in charge as a civil war; “you cheated me/you stole my dreams/ and lied to my face”. OR there will be a revolution in LAW in America, whereby the reality of law, held in honor by the governing bodies of the USA {the constitution, bill of rights, declaration of independence}. If this occurs; as the governing body of the citizenry becomes true/ and the employees of government are changed to understand they will obey the truth. Every government employee, is then forced to accept the law/ or shown to be breaking the law; therefore the law convicts them, and the people can insist their laws shall be upheld. All power is then in the law; It is superior, over the government employee/ it is LAW. Therefore the law shall be obeyed by every employee, and every employee enforces the law, or becomes an accomplice to criminal action and retribution of the people by their courts, through the law. A gun has only the power to destroy. The law has the power and the right to change your world, and your rulers. The law governs everybody but the lawless/ therefore, the military, police, and other bodies that “enforce government will”, will either obey the law/ or turn against themselves, defeating the very laws that control their own lives. And for what? The consequence of law is; that justice and fair play will be served, that life will be equal, and people will be free; or master and slave becomes your reality, failure and greed your enemies. War and hatred, the end result of your truth. Every official knows the law rules, every official knows that LAW IS STRICTLY FOR THE PEOPLE, and not against them. Every official knows, that the police, judicial system, and penal systems are held together by the law. Therefore every failure in government begins with corrupting the law, and corrupting the court/ and making these for themselves, making the law “for the money, power, and pride of a selfish few”: THEREFORE only the people can change the law/ only the people can vote to assign the law to government and themselves. Today, As the people become oppressed, the law or the gun, moves to “cure the problems of society”. The only question is; which one will be chosen? Men always choose war/ history proves it, don’t have to admit anything; “kill them, that is the answer”. Men always return to war/ history proves it; don’t have to change/ the dead can’t say no. The gun solves nothing, because the corruption returns as quickly as it can. The only real possibility to change this cycle of disease is to choose differently! The only possibility of choosing differently is to hire and be led by; those who are NOT men. That consequence is women, there is no one else. Truth rules by the law/ leadership helps life by always believing in truth, and always listening to the reality, so that wisdom can decide. Harmony is the essence of life without the struggle to compete; a shared work to survive. This is a consequence of peace, whereby fair play, equality, and justice are the ways and means of life/ understood, because they are real. These are the true gifts of law/ but as always, there are those who want to control the rest, by making rules to live by, and oppressing the others by religion or other means. As a consequence of humanity, it is thereby fair and true to say; the absolute minimum that can honestly be done, to control each other, must be maintained. Freedom defends happiness/ happiness defends harmony and peace and sharing through caring. Whether you like how other people choose, is none of your concern; so long as they do not fundamentally hurt anything but themselves. Gossip and ridicule are used to secretly attack the others, and change their behaviors; it is intentional, and it is wrong. A blight on society.

The primary lesson for women today is; how to challenge the leadership of men/ you must know them, to defeat them. As life has taught me, so will I teach you. This requires more than simple “it all comes down to sex”/ it just ain’t so. Men are not so simple, or so stupid; you must learn their realities. One of things you should know about me is: that I built a “tidal wave machine for a Christian research group” once. They said, we will go forth and fight evolution/ producing evidence of Noah’s flood. So I built it for free/ and when I was done; the two in charge immediately began discussing “how they were going to hide/ so the University wouldn’t find out, they were against evolution; and risk their jobs”. NOT what I built this for/ so I tore their plans apart; to make them rebuild. Instead, “their leader ran away”. The machine discarded by all. The consequence being; I am not playing a game/ this is for the life or death of the planet, there is no place to run except death/ and if you run there, you will do it without me. The lesson is; Make up your mind first, to live for life, or don’t bother me. To play, just makes us both a target/ to work and quit surrendering without a fight, simply makes Revelation 17 come true. No fight at all, is Armageddon and hell at your door/ walking through your life, to destroy you one tiny bit at a time/ or in great and terrible horrific events, that will terrify you. I can prove, you will war/ if you don’t change! You have your own information about weapons of mass destruction. Can you prove you will survive starvation, because the evidence is clear; you are going to starve, and that reality is very close. {just for clarity, Noah’s biblical flood, needs no other evidence that already exists; all the coal and oil reserves found are there because massive quantities of animal and plant bodies were buried at depth, at one time/ nothing but a flood explains it. The grand canyon is NOT a result of the Colorado river; that little piss ass stream, could never have cut the gorge, not in a billion years, monument valley is a direct result of water flows of monumental portion without a doubt, no river could do it, death valley is a dried lake, explain this reality; where did the water come from, and what changed.}

Life gives another description, from the Selimi work. Taking down a heavy weight from the ceiling, after calculating and determining the method and the risks/ I became complacent about the last 3% or so of the variables; “and just threw a remedy in place/ instead of the work to know. A reality, I have had to discipline with a lot of effort: the last 3% can require as much work as the first 97%. None were injured/ everything occurred exactly as predicted; I simply forgot lives were involved. But the reality of 2 lives in danger, was unacceptable; did not need to be: did not become real, until the risk had already been endured. Therefore I tell you plain, although never wrong so far/ I DO sometimes forget, I too can be wrong; once the calculations are done. YOU NEED to watch out for yourselves/ YOU NEED to tell me, if I am overlooking a danger to life, or any other reality that requires a “second look”. This is your job/ as it is with every worker; SPEAK UP, if you see something dangerous, be specific and refuse where it is important to your health or life. This is a part of your job, learn it/ do it now; not after it is too late, suggest something, your boss will be tolerant or happy; or you need someone else in charge. Is this not, also your reality and truth in this life today/ there are many people doing many very dangerous things to life and earth itself; if we do not stop them, “YOU too, will die”. Is this not enough, to work, live for life, and stop the destruction? If not, you do deserve what is coming; you simply don’t care/ and if you don’t, why should mercy come to you?

The last description is about my ex-wife, since this is expected to be of interest to women; because relationships are about trust, and being cautious about danger. Of things not written, is the simple truth; that after a “tumultuous dating experience” life would simply not let me abandon her; not an issue of love, a reality of destiny. To change the circumstances, by changing the environment; we got married. Both skeptical if this was a good thing to do. The reality changed, but I needed time to heal from all the lies/ they were more simply “the expectation, that all is fair in love and war”: it is not, nothing is fair in war/ only truth is fair in love. She did not understand the need to heal, and moved on. But she did try the first year, when I could not/ I tried the second year, when she could not; life took us different directions. Had we not separated, things would have changed/ we did separate, because life demanded change, and she could not accept the price of a life not so simple, for me. The reality to you is, do not expect “great things just because circumstances or environment changes”. Instead wisdom knows, time will be required, life will be challenged, and what is a marriage of needs will blossom only when your education becomes real. Only when life demands it must; if you leave before that moment has arrived/ we fail. Do understand, it is not female over male that I choose/ but life itself, and the children that cannot defend themselves. More than that is up to you/ all sexuality is up to you as well; unless the spiritual woman inside (described in earlier writings) intervenes. I can only do what I can do/ you are not asked to be “my everything.” Instead some respect is required, honesty is necessary, and when you are done with me, freedom is my request. You will learn I am true, to the words I write. But you, as women must make a decision/ I cannot lead you, I can only help you. You must see with your heart and soul, that the world itself is in desperate need of your help, and will soon be in extreme need: go to court and prove this reality, if you do not believe it. Plenty of evidence exists to prove the potential for extermination; absolute evidence exists to prove we are in trouble. Therefore you do have a right to intervene and be brave for life on earth. You must accept, that GOD will help you, and make you succeed, if you do not run away/ or abandon hope. Men will not stand, because they are responsible for our reality; women will rule. Men have failed, you will prove that in court. Men need you too; because they have no answer other than war/ and war will destroy us all. We cannot go on as has been done, we cannot wait for “the answer of men”/ life on earth MUST CHANGE, or we die. Men have built this world of threats and disaster; they cannot save a single one, they are through leading this earth. Life says: today, it is a woman’s turn. Repect understands this is GOD’S WAY of giving women their chance to rule and do better/ before they must submit to the consequences of men. It is fair, you have this chance/ it is fundamental, that you will be given what you prove by truth and justice, you will do: even men will agree, if you can solve their problems, you will lead. The reality of proving they are in such distress; BEFORE, it becomes so obvious nothing can be done to save life on earth: is for the courtroom, go to court/ grow up, and face your responsibilities.

The question of purpose. The function of life in creating eternity is THE ORDER, controlled by truth that establishes the presence of life, and eternity. Our reality in this day is to stop the destruction of that order, and return to truth, that we may indeed survive.


In humanity, a mental process of doubt, is transformed by a decision. The consequence of a decision chooses one direction or the other; in this case it will either enclose yourself within descriptions that limit life to the simplest possible dimension, “your body, mind, and me/me/ me” or your decision will open the door to examine life itself as a preliminary experience on a journey into eternity. It is your choice.

The human process of development, exists in the single question; what happens when we die? The answer is each person defines/ decides by their own truth. Those who have limited life to simply me/ enter an “enclosure in the human body” where the experience of existence comes only as a result of sensual measurements. These produce an assumption of power, because the individual made a decision. Those who desire more power continue to make a decision based upon manipulation “to get more: lust”. The mental process of human sensuality does not allow “the same level of entertainment” from repeated exposures, and when the mind takes over; the worst of mankind will expect a greater thrill “from the unspoiled”/ or will simply choose power or violence as their chosen excitement.

The opposite of these experience life as an ever growing possibility of happiness and joy. By expanding beyond the simple measurements of mind, and entering the universe of truth, the outcome of respect and honor is love, “the place where soul comes to share our world inside”.

In the middle of these extremes, are the majority saying “ predators can’t get me here, if I am in the middle of the group; someone else will die first”. This is a flock mentality or “sitting on the fence”. People join the flock, to avoid making mistakes/ they believe as a mass we will survive “can’t get us all”. These fear a situation they cannot control.

People who desire love, believe in truth, therefore they search for truth wherever the possibility exists; many choose religion. If love is the reason, and honor is in your heart, truth will help you survive. Many people believe they can have the best of both worlds; “I can have love/ and power, hate; who can stop me”. But love is about freedom, and control is about inflicting your decisions upon the others. These are opposites, the cycle of living and life, allows only one truth; which means only one direction/ the distance you travel in either, defines the reality and truth of your life.

Some people say “power and pride are friends/ we should worship them as wonderful for society; we are doing things great things with them.” But without examining the destruction and grief that comes with their reality; as is today, the consequences do not allow truth to be anything but a threat to your very survival as a world. Pride did not care/ and power, simply uses and abuses everything it can; unless honor and respect and love are first. The word evolution is about power and pride; the power to do anything humanity wants, without concern for our CREATOR/ the pride that nothing matters, because life is called a result of physical and chemical chaos. Their evidence “no one can prove what happened billions of years ago”. “Their truth”, a fantasy of “a piece here, a piece there, and suddenly there is life.” A few quadrillion pieces that magically dispense themselves in order, and its today. In other words, “they want a toy, and make believe they can be god”. So with real contempt for the reality of life in the real world, they tempt you with: “we can genetically mutilate their way/ to make you young again/ take away your pain/ and rearrange life on earth as men and women want; god !” they have nothing but ignorance and blatant disrespect, and if you don’t stop them, they will be pretend gods; and your world of biology is going to crucify you. In return for this terrible curse.

Reality knows, all life is a description of order, defined by the existence of truth. Chaos begets chaos; when was the last time something good happened without even the possibility of thought; can’t recognize it, even if it does. When was the last time your governments “having big brains in charge” made a good decision? It ain’t often. The evolutionary priests say; order is just a result of billions of years; when was the last time “your house cleaned itself”/ same thing, they expect debris to collect and become life; why do you believe them, did your clothes get up and walk away;;;; there is little difference, except evolution starts with much less possibility. Fools and idiots proclaim “they can’t hurt life/ it was formed by mutilations, so we are just hurrying the process; perhaps you would like to volunteer your arm, just have them cut it off; what harm is there in that “who cares”?

Truth establishes order as the necessary progression of interactions and relationships that are capable of a sustained environment, with the addition of life. Life is a reality that leaves the body in death; thereby the question exists: if the body still exists, where then is the life? “batteries, are just chemical reactions/ they are not life”. When was the last time your car battery was alive? The physical body is a result of a multitude of interactions and relationships coupled to a shared environment, the reality of an environment sustained by orderly, disciplined, and specific functions and purposes, and very dependent upon each other. Can you have a heart without blood/ can you breathe without lungs? How can a body exist without all it must have to survive? The answer is it cannot. Knowledge states, complex organisms die, if any critical function fails. Complex organisms require a “controlling mechanism like the brain”. Complex associations do not “join randomly”/ they are disciplined and specific to the needs involved. Complex organisms become life forms, only by the successful exclusion of “the outside world”/ yet fully functional, only because the outside world exists, to sustain them; they must have food, etc. all life forms that exist, are structures that include “a foundation, supports, plumbing, utilities, interior and exterior protections, emergency protections, sensory alerts, articulating formations, processors and linear controllers, energy mechanisms, regulated re-growth, transformation compensations and training, complex chemical generation, and sexual desire; just to name a few. Piecing this together out of thin air, is insane. Food and water are primary requirements of every body. These must be sought out/ recognized/ captured/ consumed/ excreted/ and dissolved; and then transported throughout the body in useable forms. These are not small issues, even many people struggle hard, with mind and body in place. Reality proves life exists as an order that becomes intrinsic to that life, a discipline achieved within the relationship of all things that allows it to exist. Understanding will recognize “A CREATION” such as a human being requires everything such as a heart to pump blood, muscle to function the heart, nerves to control the muscle, a brain, mechanisms to make blood and blood vessels, healing to survive trauma to the blood system and others, ingestion of oxygen & energy to sustain life, repetitive capability and movement, growth and at least a few trillion more individual elements to be human. Which poses the question to you; what don’t you need, to be life?

Life is a battle against mutilations, NOT a result of it! When was the last time you saw a person afflicted with a birth defect or accidental catastrophe and said “I wish I could be them”? when? You soon will be/ if you do not stop genetic crucifixion!

Look at your hands, and know they are not accidents! Look at yourself, and tell me how it is “you are better/ superior/ or in any way deserving of more than some other human being: we are the same, created as life. What we can or cannot do, does not compare, with the life that we are. Who then deserves “countless more” rights or privileges than another? Who then is not simply human.


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