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The foundation of “little things” such as the mind, translate the consequences of measurements that give us our relationship with a life in time. The mind theorizes “it is a common description of men, that life is a set of rules and values/ therefore it is controllable, by measuring that value. The rules establish vulnerability and the venue called leadership, wherein one becomes master of many; thereby measured, we the leaders are superior beings.” These things are bordered by the understandings of love, hate, pain, loneliness, and death. The avenue of existence, simply an experience measured by the expression “winner/ loser”, and what you can get or do, before you die. Of these 5 primary influences on life, they all have weight; which means, they all have power to push and shape and control or create a world of expression and experience that demands your decisions. The relationship we have with love, conceives of a blessing in time and in life and in hope; that literally knows no bounds; we are given to the essence of grace and beauty in life, that believes in miracles and rejoices in life; through love and its own essence “the spirit of rebirth inside”. On the opposite side of this wall conceived by living in happiness/ is the reality of death, and the distance hate must travel in fear to escape the pounding beats, of a heart that will die. Pain enters into every world, expressing reality as the truth we are not god, and we are not in charge of this world. Pain thereby exists to remove pride, and establish fundamental peace in this world, by demonstrating life is not so small, that you shall judge it. Death establishes very simply; life is not a game/ do something with your life, before it is gone forever! Only loneliness consists of a development of our own humanity, challenging us to express what the others want/ instead of what life inside would choose. Loneliness clarifies two distinct human decisions: that people want to live as a herd, and therefrom push any that do not live in harmony with the herd, OUT, where the predators live. And two, where individuals exist, the reality of a relationship between you and me; is a vital and wholesome need. Loneliness pushes each one, to accept the other, even though it is clear “no one is perfect”. Without loneliness, we would face no need for each other/ with loneliness, it becomes the acute reality of our lives. Therefore we search, and hopefully find that single person or more, who makes our lives worth living.

Examined by the definitions of control, reason is the essence of superiority; I have found/ therefore I will control. The process of evaluation merely a footnote, in the assumption of want. Want becomes a theory accepted by measurement/ that if I control this one simple thing; then everything else I want will come with it; and I will be god, over my life and theirs. They will come to me/ and I will be great in their lives. Want desires friends, or servants, or slaves; because want is the assertion that I can play god; therefore someone has to be “less than god”/ or the game is ruined. Fear enters in, wherever those who are intended to be “less than god”/ are not cooperating as desired. The word reason assumes a payment for services rendered/ if that payment is not received, then god will fight for it; “Won’t you? Of course you will, how can you be god, if not righteous and controlling”.

The conscious existence of the reality “action and reaction” examines life as a decision, based upon the fundamentals of design. In every action, there is an intent for authority over something/ someone. With every reaction, there is an expectation of patterns and behaviors that distinguish a more basic authority, to conceive of relationships, and explain a security associated with the fundamental question called why. This is the defining of borders, the intentional creation of self, for the purpose of more complex examinations. Critical relationships deliberately refine limits/ critical thought comes in the existence of honor. Critical honor fundamentally decides, if you are alive. The expression and experience of true life begins. A journey has been formed, into the relationships that can be perceived, as the consequence of what must be chosen as RESPECT. Here in the inner world, of life, the foundations of your existence adhere to the reality of your identity, and truth guides the honor of your reality. If you have no true honor, or fear takes hold, and removes your honor; the spirit world will remove you, from a guide to life and beyond. To the reality of your truth, and what it is that you have chosen instead of truth; to play god. Dependent upon your soul / the reality of your world has been changed. Dependent upon mercy, and repentance, some never leave the psychotic environment of their own making: TO DO SO, requires you to quit playing god. To do so, requires you to accept you are in need of mercy; demands your pride shall be removed. The body is not a part of the spiritual world/ but it is your house, the place you are allowed to live, and it may serve as a visual reference to your life. Every journey into the spiritual world, that which exists beyond simple self; is an opportunity to learn; you are the pupil, it is the teacher, and what is true about you, the limits of your love, and the reality of what life means to you, are all part of this journey. The cost of entry, will be your identity in this world/ because you must trade it, for what the spiritual world will reveal. You are the lesson, and you are the answer. The question is, who do you desire to be?

The words are fair and true: ask and it shall be given unto you/ seek and you shall find/ Knock and it shall be opened unto you. To which I add, BELIEVE IN MERCY.

The expression and experience of love, is more than a behavioral trait, it is the honesty of your soul in freedom; the creation of your own identity, in the translucent existence of a life whose purpose is to share with you, an honesty that cannot be bought. You must possess it, or you cannot share it; you have nothing to share. Love is the honesty, of a soul without doors or barriers or faults. Love is the treasury of a life without ownership, a transparency of value, that never needs compensation; life is the reward, but the opportunity to love, a gift shared beyond existence. Therefore as we enter a relationship that is not limited by environment/ we build together, what is called mercy, forgiveness, truth, and a life inside soul. Mercy is the understanding of disciplines and order, that did not become life/ it is the opportunity to help, the reality to “try again”, and the possibility called forgiveness, when your truth has become a problem for me too. The lack of honesty, is the single greatest defeater of life; you failed to accept the price of life/ and chose something less; which then continued as a burden that could not be dismissed, unless you do pay the price. Failure becomes pride/ and pride leads to less and less life, because truth is dying in you. The mind uses pride/ because pride is a measurement, and the mind only knows how to measure, or make the body respond. Therefore pride is fundamentally a part of the mind/ while truth and life, are critically aligned with soul; the environment beyond self, where love is born. Love cannot measure/ but the law will judge, if no mercy can be found. Truth is the building material of soul, it protects our lives, identifies our family, and honors us with hope. Truth is “a lovely gift, created through respect, and earned through honest reality, and the honor of careful thought.” Love is an acceptance of the truth in you/ a decision to allow life to share experience in the hope there will be more. Love is a treasury, created from the descriptions which identify the true desires and purposes of the heart, and its companion soul. There are two, inside of you; because happiness needs the experience “of a friend, and companion/ that will not fail”/ unless you do. Where the mind intervenes/ the reality of love and happiness do not dwell. The existence of heart is, your own creation, formed in the honesty of what life means to you. The reality of soul is, GOD’S creation in you, that teaches of love, hope, happiness, and respect, as a beginning. When heart and soul join, they form a journey. When that journey is into love, they become family and home for one another. When that journey becomes lost in the spiritual world; very bad things can happen; wait without fear/ PRAY without stopping. JESUS will answer; if you search for truth. “Others; that do exist in the reality of spirit, will answer you instead: if you lie, or fear.”

These are the colors of thought, as they form the cross which depicts our decision for life. Everyone enters decision as the variables that exist to explain our life as desire, purpose, truth, or hate. Desire forms the path/ purpose, grants to you the options that seek your heart/ truth examines your soul, to open or close the gate into life/ and hate forms the consequence of a life lost to mind, body, or revenge. Religions operate in all 4 of these venues; sometimes helping/ sometimes killing.

The quest for mental understanding intensifies in all aspects of spiritual travel; there is a need for greater intensities, a reality of energy and focus more complete than a simple life in time. What divides life and time is not your inability to enter/ but your honesty to expand beyond what is simple and plain and self; to become what is possible in thought as a dimension created by truth. This is beyond mental dimensions, and must be entered with absolute clarity as to purpose and desire. The failure of truth in you, or trust in the truth you believe and have faith in; becomes a depository for every doubt and fear in your soul. Thereby according to your own truths, inside where no one on earth sees but you; the reality of a spiritual journey is to test everything you are.


Some say spirit is nothing more than self-image/ becoming instead of a journey beyond the mind; a reality of how you accept the mental images you create for yourself. The mind theorizes “I am what I choose to create/ the path I assemble is my spirit; as this is the evidence of who I am.” They are wrong; instead these are the assumptions of an order identified as human/ the difference is, what is spirit is not human/ but is conceived not as a mental journey, but the evidence of what is not human, but consists of life itself; rather than the distinctions of humanity. The question then; what is life, if not human? Repeats as what is life, if not an animal/ fish/ etc? Foundation says, it is the very existence of freedom; assembled from the differences we believe exist, between us and “say a rock”. These differences are not specific to type of life/ they only decree, “this is life/ this is not; so far as we know”. The comprehension of this as fact, is determined by the intensity of thought that is present and free to choose its acceptance of truth. What is true then becomes the dividing factor/ between us, and all that is life with us on this earth. All things life present thought; nothing but a virus which imitates life, are less than able to create thought; life requires an acceptance of existence/ and the use of the tools available to you. Therefore we begin in understanding by the relationship of truth, to the validity of thought/ and ask what then is the mind, if it does not exist as thought?
The mind comprehends basic dimensions, as pleasure, self, pain, and need; the understanding of measurement describes its job, and its impact upon your life. But the mind designs for itself, the basic decisions that create a choice in simple life for you; thereby giving you “the freedom to choose, even as life or death”. The mind compiles experience and expressions learned from moments in time; sensual expression develops an emotional base from which to identify yourself, and these become “the voice inside”. Which whenever you believe yourself to be forced to do something/ then appear in your mind, as an alternative to existence without freedoms. The essence of the choice is not “right or wrong/ not even good or bad”; rather it is a choice that recognizes discipline, and refers to order as a need to survive. The failure to learn discipline, or accept the basis of order that allows us all to complete the work necessary to our survival; becomes a temper tantrum, wherein the lies and focus of a reality that you do not wish to contribute to, overwhelm the individual and become their translation of “YOU cannot make me do this/ I refuse.” It is not a refusal of the mind/ the mind only measures and offers the assembled decisions of your past: instead this is the life inside of you, that is discarded/ for the decision to play god, and disassemble order in someone else. Thereby removing the threat to your freedom/ or irresponsibility and disgrace. The energy assigned by life, is the opportunity and capacity to choose for yourself, what truth will be to you. The reality of a temper tantrum is the fraud, “I am like god”, winning in you. Want appears, as the foundation that then delivers wisdom, understanding, truth, knowledge, and happiness: because with the advent of making your own decision heard/ demanding, YOU shall not be “told what to do”: seems inherently like, you have won/ therefore it is the advent of disassembling someone else’s command or order, that appears to have made the difference. I therefore want, to continue; because I have proven myself superior. The question why, is irrelevant to a life of want/ it is only then necessary to prove yourself superior, and you win.
The mental structures found in man and woman and child are then formed in the basis of body images, and assigned their respective jobs, by what has been received/ what has been rejected/ and what has cemented the words: “I am/ or they are”. Therefore we walk within the energy of lessons learned; as man or woman or child. Every lesson contains an energy; because every lesson contains a truth that becomes an avenue to all that is desire and the critical foundations, that literally do present: wisdom, understanding, truth, knowledge, and happiness. Lessons in truth, are not lies/ not a fraud/ but the basis and fundamental entrance into life itself. Life is an energy! And more. But the lessons that separate ourselves, from our reality in time, to become a participation in thought; do give us the essence of an invitation to enter into that thought, according to the truth we have literally accepted. What is true, is as different as day and night/ from what is real in the spiritual reality. The consequence being; that if you enter within the spiritual dimension, you will enter into a reality that is formed from darkness to the essence of light; dependent upon the truth you have selected, to believe and have faith in; for this journey beyond the boundaries of time. It is then also true that in death, according to your own truth, you will enter into “light or darkness, by the degree of reality in truth, that you have earned.”
Here the questions of love and freedom and power ascend to translate your honesty and honor into “the pictures, and voices” you can understand. These are not to be interpreted as “from god”/ but instead exist as your interpretation of these things, and form the basis of your desire to be or do or challenge the things that are life. These are your introduction, prepared by you; asking life, for an audience to prove “how great you are”/ OR to ask for permission to learn, as best you can from life itself. This is a choice/ the spirit world will make; not you. Therefore to open the door of communication commonly called spirit, is to understand that desire is an accomplishment in love, hate, or power. The reality assigned to you, is developed according to your true desires.
The question called love is a builder. Because of this all things of value to the essence of happiness exists as a result of love. Freedom, truth, honor, courage, everything that is “a treasury called life, is from love”. Hate is the essence of what destroys love, for the simple purpose of playing god. Therefore jealousy, violence, aggression, pride, want, slavery, abuse, lust, temptations, manipulations; and the rest. Hate is a violence to the soul/ therefore if you insist on choosing hate; love will vanish from you, and leave you empty inside.
Love respects all people, until violence and the other evidence of hate demands these must be left alone. Love respects the needs of life, such as resources for the rest, and for life itself, beyond human beings; you have lost these. Love finds happiness, and shares the living inside; accepting friendship as the evidence of your own contribution to love in this life. Love gives according to needs/ not wants. Love provides all hope, there is none without love; there is no lack with love. Love honors our humanity as body, mind, and spirit, we are alive/ and we know it. Love listens to your own heart, and theirs; to add Joy. Love is not sexual, rather love as sexual relations between a man and woman adult (I understand, because time has taught me, life is not simple) is the introduction of a willing surrender to each other; finding hope inside, is the essence of a desire to find each other as soul. Happiness here is an environment you share with each other, that is literally separate from the world; you are the experience and expression of life for the living inside each others life. Of examples; JESUS as written of in the bible, gives meaning to the world, about all things called love. He called himself the light of this world, because he brought the evidence of love, honor, courage, duty, hope, destiny, discipline, spirituality, truth, respect, responsibility, and more; to the reality of our lives. Therefore he did change humanity, by bringing these things as a message that could be repeated and understood by all; even today.
There are things called power, commonly associated with hatred because it can be used to destroy life and this world, consuming it like a meal before the starving. But power can be used for love as well, providing that meal and saving a life; irregardless if that meal is literal or in some other form. Hatred like temptation WANTS something from its victim, the mind says “I deserve, and like the predator, enjoys the meal of its prey”. This mind conceives of a victim, by deploying its compensation for the act; it devises an inner voice to tempt you. Therefore it is accepted; to do this is justified, “because I say so”; playing god again, just a different form. Consuming you from the inside, because you are able to discard justice and choose self. The constant of life is, that we are not truly alone; but surrounded by living plants, animals, etc; we are not on “spaceship earth; as if it were built by humans”. We are living life, within the environment of a living breathing existence called “miracles”. Common human mental environments compete to destroy the evidence of miracles, because it suggests: that we owe our CREATOR. And they prefer to believe, “they are the creator/ thereby playing god is not forbidden”. Lust is a predator, removing the essence of your humanity or even gender; so that perversion can exist to blind the perpetrator and control the victim. Lust removes humanity, and makes you “a meal”/ reducing you to less than human becomes the excuse to do anything I please; “you are beneath me”.
The concepts and realities of pain, produce the intensities called fear. This question is the most commonly used description “of a god, who does not care: therefore I owe nothing”. The intensity of pain is harsh/ the finality of death is extreme; therefore the question is: WHY? The answer becomes assigned by the integrity of what pain does do for you? The reality is; pain is literally the best teacher around/ it leaves no room for doubt, it performs flawlessly to get your attention, and it makes life the most important reality of your existence in time. Therefore it opens the door, to more important relationships; such as what happens when we die. The question of fear enters here; the relationship we share with time. Time knows there will come an end to our existence here, time knows; the body will deteriorate and end. Therefore fear says: WHY? Reality says; by the descriptions of truth, the body cannot endure forever/ therefore it must be discarded, or eternity cannot come. This is a simple truth; what part seems unclear? Fear then asks; how do I know, that eternity will come/ the only evidence I see, is a destroyed body and mind: how can this be “comforting to me”? But the reality of human existence is “people WANT to take the easy way out”/ thereby if death seemed “like a good idea”, there would be those who entered in, just because they are lazy. Consequently you are instructed not only to stay until you are called; but you are not allowed to pervert yourselves by “playing with the dead”. You are pushed into life, and you are held there to learn if you can indeed survive eternal life, in harmony. A job, that requires discipline, order, hope, truth, and desire; love builds everything required, mercy adds in the opportunity to “try again”; and life itself waits for you to believe in truth. You are removed from time, to give room to the next generation/ that they too, may have the opportunities given to you. Fear then asks: BUT WHY, is there violence/ why not simple love without hate? Why not remove those who truly don’t belong? The answer is; because YOU are a part of their failures. YOU are to learn WHY you are not allowed to do certain things in eternity, and why you may do others, only when truth has proven this is acceptable. Fear complains: but what about freedom? The answer is, there is death in eternity as well/ but not within the boundaries that are being taught to you. As is true of life here, freedom for one is not enough; should that one be allowed to kill, or other vile things: of course not! Therefore order is above freedom, because life needs order and discipline to survive, and survival is greater than “playtime”. Pain alters your ability to know why and why not, it teaches; but it also makes some a victim/ while others go free: WHY? The answer is like violence in every other form, those who are victimized are not chosen by GOD/ but by people. MORE SIMPLY; the things we do, are the things we become responsible for; including the choices we make for others. Humanity demands “to be free of influences by GOD”. Only returning by religions, to grapple with delusion and influences of men; and search hard for a greater understanding; therefore separating from the herd. To be free, is to be free; you as a human being have demanded it/ therefore you will pay its price. And if no change occurs in this day; YOU WILL pay the full price of your desires to play god. The religious will ask: if I pray, does that not mean I am searching to be a part of GOD’S LIFE? The foundation of this statement is true, if indeed you do pray to GOD / instead of what you want god to be to you. There is a wide disbursement of what people and their religions expect GOD to be/ nearly all are wrong; therefore your prayers to the wrong god, are not heard.
The foundation of what we do know about GOD is created from miracles first/ and religious text as a description of the things people believed from history next/ and then what the reality of our present day teaches us about life personally. Miracles demand “a loving GOD , who has provided for happiness, hope, and love inside our souls”. History in religious text, must pass the test; that it is still current and real today, therefore not just a story. JESUS exemplifies that type of story, wherein the purpose is not common to men/ but clearly for human existence and a desire that is beyond mental experience. HE TEACHES US. In this present day, reality is demanding your attention; or the evidence says, you will die a horrible death because of your apathy and failures in every form. Truth says, the opportunity to understand this need to examine reality and understand a need for change; is not owed to you/ this message is then a gift to you. Simply for your survival, and the hope of life to remain in you and this world/ it is a gift to women, that they may not be pushed “over the edge into hell and Armageddon; but will have the last say, in life or death for this world”. These things are caused by humanity; NOT by GOD. This is a gift, because you are loved, and because you are desired to survive, as life on earth. It is not less than that. Have you never stopped for even a minute to examine “colors, and what a wonderful gift they are, hearing and the honesty of a life being immersed in the essence of time where we are not only the beneficiary of time, we are a part even if not directly invited. Have you never considered touch honorably, including that of your own body, and that of another; the wind, and grass and everything; life grants to us a very long list of relationships which we may enter into.
We do live in a time of loneliness here on earth/ not because we are alone (we are roughly 7 billion people; how can we be alone)/ but because the reality of friendship is suffering from the competitions of want, pride, power, and selfishness; among others/ such as air conditioning, entertainments, various temptations and so on. The consequence is; a decision is made, “not now, I am busy”/ instead of the simple reply, “be a part of my life”. Loneliness is a question; where is everybody at/ why am I not allowed to participate as a person valued in time? These are situations in time of looking, wanting, & believing you have been refused & isolated without a justifiable cause. It is much like being too poor, the world walks by and refuses to notice; “you are human too”. One of the realities of loneliness is personal, do you understand what people expect from you; are you willing to pay the price, even if you do understand it? Many are not. Refusal to compromise is like a tree that refuses to bend in the strongest winds/ it may break. Honesty says; do your best, do not keep account of the others, do your best. Life teaches, those who try hard, often give up just before being accepted; don’t do that/ understand the changes you are making are important to you, or don’t make them; move on. But if they are important to your life/ then why are you not embracing them as your life? One of the aspects of friendship and “getting along” is, if you have something important to say; then say it and be done. If you honestly feel you cannot stop, “too important”/ then say what you must, and leave the others to their party, It is unfair to assume “they must hear you”. The question commonly exists; “my life, is a question of my time/ and I have a right to spend that time as I desire, even if it means some are not met in friendship.” The less common existence of a demand that exists inside life itself, expands reality to include a spiritual distance that is not free, but must be met in time itself. More simply, sometimes life has a plan that you do not create inside yourself; which then limits access to friendship. The question of my life, does not exist as loneliness in the essence of its definition as time lost inside. Instead there are moments where love is not met with “humanity”; and as a consequence, once in a great while the battleground that is time in human experience asks, “if there is no one for me/ do I need to continue”? The answer is always; life needs this effort/ love needs this support, even if not for me. This is not a suggestion that I am in need/ I am not; my reality is I am challenging all that is called “a leader of this life”/ as a truth of insanity in people, it is not fair to include anyone here but me. Life is life, it is not a goal, it is a relationship you create in time through participation and hope; love envelops a life only, when the honesty of “same” becomes our existence together, as one.
There are those who argue, differences make for growth/ they establish conflicts that must be resolved, and then compromised; realities that extend resolution and respect to the understanding we need each other. The problem here is; we do not need each other/ instead we NEED the honor of being accepted and respected by each other, LOVE creates the happiness that lives in the bonds we create. It is our communication with each other, beyond ourselves as humanity; love is the essence of spirit and the purpose of existence/ therefore need is a reality of desire, the truth that I have built my world inside of you, and you me. There is no dimension in life that allows true differences to do this/ as there is no you, where I exist instead. Rather love applies the honesty, that we accept each other as the same, and in that honor, we are then free to begin the journey that becomes one with the other in soul itself.
People come to participate with you, only when they see in your life something they accept as true/ OR something they can use. The question is then, what is true in you/ because to be used for any reason is not “being friendly/ it is stealing”. What then do you desire your life to live for? What is valued and valuable to you? This is a question that you must decide/ but remember if people are not a part of that reality, then there is no place for them to meet and greet you as a friend. Truth allows for happiness wherever honor is set free/ therefore if you choose honor, happiness will follow; but honor is a lifelong commitment, not a momentary excuse or temptation; be careful, not to be a liar. In life, it is necessary to meet a lot of people before you find a true friend; look around at “your town or building or whatever”/ how many do you like or want to spend time with: keep meeting people, if for no other reason; than to meet the people they know. Be kind, be polite, not righteous (I can defeat you with words, etc), don’t hide; listen to each other/ and do not accept the stupidity of a first impression; if you never meet again, then it is unimportant/ if you do, then perhaps time will allow a possibility to get to know each other. Simply live always as if you will meet this person again; because sometimes you do. For the truly lonely; honestly, JESUS as a spiritual reality, has been my friend always. He can be yours as well/ the conversations from the words left to us in the Christian bible are valid and appropriate for this day, and if you choose to: they will have meaning to you, for your life today. Not in the common consistencies of religion/ but as the truth that love provides for our hearts, a soul to listen to our words and exchange the blessing of life, for the honesty of who we are. Do not be so shy, accept bravery; and participate; we are truly all equal in every important way. Do not be so afraid, you will not die; just because you participated. Instead understand that life’s harsh realities found in the tragedy of children and adults who not only don’t care/ but use, abuse, and threaten other lives: are doing you a favor/ WHY would you desire to be among them? Look elsewhere/ let them die. Do not judge them, simply do your best to live up to the words: I desire to live in peace, happiness, truth, mercy, forgiveness, and love; if you do not, then we simply have no purpose for each other/ but if you do, then am I not just as important as you. Be at peace, love yourself; are you not a miracle created by GOD ! You are indeed, unless you reject that miracle and choose lesser things. Be friends with yourself/ be friends with life itself, living in the wonder of Creation itself; it is enough. If there simply is no one else, to share your world or your own experience with. I have studied “the inside of loneliness”; to find it a place highly determined by want and pride and to a lesser degree selfishness.
The question of want is a complex association of simulated disciplines/ meaning instead of actual order and the discipline that goes with it; want is the desire to follow someone else, and let them do the work, make the decisions, and provide you with everything: OR you have a right to be upset. Thereby want is the essence of surrender/ without the decision of actual acceptance, that this is necessary; like hiding in the bushes, waiting for life to go by/ and then complaining “why did I not get everything I could have”? then: it must be “your fault”. Such is the reality of want; the purpose is to lie about why you will not make a decision about change, or anything truly important to you/ BUT instead hide or run away to “simple things”, and pray to false gods (various deflections of the truth, you are trying to avoid); just because you do not accept the duty of your own responsibility. We are life/ and that means we are responsible for our decisions, even if we do not desire it. You cannot escape this/ you cannot blame the others/ you cannot hide or run away, from the simple reality that life is asking you a question, and you must answer it. Choosing an excuse; IS SIMPLY, the creation of a lie in you!
The question of pride is again, a reality in understanding that life is not so simple or so plain as you have decided it to be. The reality of human life is simply: what can happen to others, can have/ could / or would happen to us under these conditions; therefore SAME, or EQUAL. Many believe, “not me/ not ever”, and assign judgment accordingly. But the truth of life is; that when faced with true abuse, absolute need, critical violence, or complete loneliness: “things change”. Consequently the relationship we share with each other, is NOT one of complete understanding with anyone; we know NOT, what they have endured/ NOT what they have needed and could not attain/ NOT what life means to them personally: WE CANNOT JUDGE! It is wrong. Pride assumes “not me/ therefore I can judge”. But reality is different than pride, and truth accepts it not. The consequent reality of pride itself, is then simply: if you cannot accept the truth, that there are situations which force people to be and do what they are and do; if you cannot understand, that violence is a tool and a weapon that conceives of life or death questions that will be answered; like it or not. Then your pride is consuming you/ and your soul is not free to accept truth as it must be known. There are no issues of color, anyone can be born in any color of skin; it is irrelevant. There are no realities of sexual behavior that you may judge; simply because it is not your life. There are in this world, only the true differences of love or hate: and what you personally decide to be, within one dimension/ or the other. There is no actual middle ground/ it is a fantasy allowed on the grounds of an education, that your soul, your heart, and your life may decide for you: what eternity will be. What is otherwise important about the end of pride is, YOU have chosen to “let life be life”/ thereby harmony and peace offer another way to live your own life. The questions of reality, are not so simple as “who do we get to blame/ who do we get to curse, or jail, or condemn, or judge in any form: the law does that”. Instead the questions applied by truth are, having dissolved pride, what is then in the best interest of society; and how do I make a decision that contributes to this peace? This is the foundation you are building, by dispersing pride and want; this is the reality of a desire to build properly, and the need to learn of greater things than self. The introduction of spiritual existence, now may be entered as life. If that is the true decision you have made.
Greed is one of these decisions, in lesser things. A reality based upon the desire to take from another what they need or want/ for yourself. This is a demand to control their lives and take authority from them, and give it to yourself. There are questions in greed, authority, and control; but they all remain the same question: is this because you want power through hatred/ OR have you simply given up on love, acceptance, or life? Argument will arise: “I have a right, irregardless of the truth; even if society allows this/ it is not a right; you have taken with a purpose to destroy.” Do not other people have needs/ do they not have a right to freedoms and authority over their own life/ you are controlling to prove superiority; you are playing god. Religions call this action to steal from another their rights, “an evil thing”. Argument will extend: the others are doing this too/ they took mine first/ or I am going to die, I deserve this. What is truly evil, attacks without cause, to harm without an identity for the purpose of fears. The question: are they even human/ elicits the answer, “they have sold their soul; therefore only animal in the form of human”. The question: can they get their soul back? ONLY GOD can answer that! Let them ask for themselves, do not pray for them if it is truly heinous what they do, or did.
One of the fundamental descriptions of love is; “I will pay according to the values of my own soul, the things that honor the needs of every life”. In other words, love is not so small, that it encompasses only you; life has needs, not just you. Therefore the question for everyone who loves is: are you willing to do what you can? The consequence of reason (the accounting of payment due or expected) is that friendships have a price that must be met/ or it will be abandoned. The reality of love is; that there is no accounting/ we are loved, or we are not, and the reality of life is a truth that we enter into as the evidence of our decision for love. This is then the only test of love; that in good times or bad, “I can be certain you, will honestly be my friend, and allow me to be yours”. Money is not an issue/ but it is not an entitlement either. More clearly, love does not surrender everything, rather it shares everything that honor allows; if one is lazy, or careless, or whatever it is not fair play to allow them to continue, let them learn reality. In the same way do not be so lazy or careless yourself, as to let them fail and suffer/ just because you are selfish: help each other honorably, and honestly, and be truthful to these things.


Loneliness itself, is the consistency of an invention to replace the lack of people in your life “that share love with you/ create an opportunity to be friends with you”; that then becomes “a room for your tears”. The question of tears, conceives of an expression developed to prove in the understanding of others/ that you are in need, and they must help, this is important. The room within which loneliness exists, “believes, no one cares/ no one will help you; even though the others are helped”. Thereby Rejected, alone, and without support for life. Or so you think. This reality of many lives, fundamentally asks the questions: WHY am I not valued/ WHY are the others valued/ & WHY “does life, hate me”? The mind measures all things/ therefore it assumes, the problem is: “not pretty enough/ not smart enough/ not rich enough, etc, or the opposite; irregardless of the reality, the mind seeks to blame something”. The questions of mind and body are in fact irrelevant, simply because “others are equal/ and they exist in happiness and friendship; same, not different”. Therefore the question of loneliness; begins and ends in the definitions of life. These are for humanity: what is your purpose for friendship/ what is your desire for life/ when do you say “this price is too high”/ how do you define your existence/ why do you judge the others/ who is worthy of your time/ where do you state, “this is enough”/ and what does sex mean to you. Of these conditioning responses to life, the question of loneliness responds when: YOUR conditions have not been met. Each one of these conditions has a measurement created by you/ each one has a dedicated response by you/ and if you fail to achieve these goals, you do enter loneliness. The depth of your despair dedicated to the number of goals unachieved, to the preset level you have desired.
Of questions that deliberate the foundations upon which humanity conceives of these emotions (every goal/ dependent upon a preset measurement you have made, is an emotion). Every emotion is a roadmap to the kinds of things you have declared are important for you to experience in life. Therefore the foundation of all loneliness is the assumption of a controlled way to search each critical crisis of life, by entertaining emotions to allow the expression and experience, WITHOUT struggling with the truth. When this does not work as planned, life is based upon the lack of excitement in your life/ and the fact that you have NO courage to step beyond your securities and live to the extent your soul demands. The mind reels from the possibilities that can be imagined/ and the demand is made; either pay the price of what you desire/ or get out of the way and hide; where loneliness exists.
In this moment, a decision is made/ to change goals and achieve something safe to you; to abandon securities and search for the truth of what life is to you; to enter fantasy and delude yourself into thinking money, sex, power, or pride can be everything ; or chase excitement, by creating trouble and controlling the people who surround you, or depend upon you. The question is yours to answer/ the answer is a division of life into its four basic truths. These are: 1. that to live life honorably, you must search beyond yourself. 2. that to live life to its fullest, the only path is truth. 3. that to live without truth, simply using life to sustain an expression or experience of yourself in goals does not deal with your reality. 4. that to accept hate/ is to enter the demand to harm or hurt others, because you call them worthless; next to you (playing god).
To be alive, enters within the living measurements that offer and understand value and truth, and relationships that present family, friends, love, and the essence of life. The essence of life is not excitement; it is the wisdom, that enters within the thought that becomes the existence of a freedom that blooms as happiness and the hopes of a home beyond ourselves. Life is not a list of goals/ life is too important. Life reflects its living, and living reflects its relationship with motion, truth, reality, and thought. At the extremes, are life itself because “it is”/ and death itself, “because it is not”. The question WHAT then IS LIFE ? The answer; the opportunity to be who you are. Simple as that/ insofar as human experience is concerned. Therefrom the question that returns is: WHO do you desire to be/ it is your destiny! And only you can answer this question. You are the “author of your life”/ and you do have the freedom to choose much. We then begin again at the fundamentals of your own description of value: apart from need, EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that exists on some level, or dimensional plane of existence; is attached to the single truth: this is a choice either for love, or hate.
The recognition of miracles, is the first understanding of a world without selfishness. Love is a recognition of vulnerability and thanks, for the happiness of an honesty that completes both our lives, because you are here, sharing experience/ existence/ and expression with me. Love is a thank you, for your life in mine. Life is a discipline, held within the understanding of basic sensual grasps, and the foundation of a relationship with existence that shares the fountain of your soul and mine. Soul “spills forth living water”/ the energy if you will to accept the challenge and understand the meaning of what family means to you and me and eternity. Those who fail to enter into soul, fail to enter into truth as life or eternity as love. This is a direction in love, a path inside of you that distinguishes the “footprints of your own truth/ the existence of your own love/ and the foundation upon which you do build as life itself in you.” We are the evidence of our past/ the patterns in love or hate are the descriptions of a life being given to love/ in serious need of truth/ or lost to love, because you are being swallowed by hate. The people who love, DO share and care and respect; finding hope and happiness and truth wherever honor takes them; they are all, physically involved in our needs, our future, and life (the miracle of our gifts from GOD ). People in serious need, are to be helped/ BUT only when they stop judging; only when pride and want have been conquered enough to hear and accept truth. Do not sacrifice yourself or your body for them/ “THEY ARE SAVED, BY JESUS “/ their only obligation is to accept that salvation; that is their job, it is not yours. Salvation here means: given the understanding necessary, to believe love is their friend too/ the hope to accept a journey into eternity, rather than a time simplified by death/ and the honesty of a life lived in truth, is one with many transitions from what is believed today, to what is faith in life itself. These are things never to be gambled with. These are realities of life, that are searched beyond the mind; where soul is guide, heart is a destiny found, and spirit is its own creation into thought itself. There are costs here: the first being, what is time becomes irrelevant. The second being, what is love, must trust in truth. The third explaining, the body is a tool, not an alter to be worshiped upon. The fourth examining, the foundations of everything happy or needful/ are the basis of an understanding that becomes wisdom. The fifth assigning the mind its simple tasks, and letting heart and soul decide what life will be. The sixth designing sexual existence in the honesty of adulthood, an opportunity to help with needs (that are fair, and real, and necessary) and even worship where love truly exists. The seventh LIVES where the spirit begins, in the order that extends our soul, beyond our lives here; to be held within the cascading relationships of a life destined to GOD .
These are disciplined trusts, that prepare us “for the journey beyond this life”. Those who doubt, are reminded: life is a miracle/ can “you do build anything of life”? no you cannot/ nor can any other human being; only mutilation, disease, and destruction. Therefore do not say to life itself: “how you know, everything”/ obviously, YOU know next to nothing! This is literally, the truth.
The methods we choose to extend our bodies, into descriptions that the others see and hear and experience/ ARE our behaviors. Everyone selects their own/ everyone is influenced by the environment and social experiences they have found. Everyone uses their behavior for the express purpose of gaining some aspect of social communication or favors or work. Behaviors do include, facial expression/ physical attitudes and even attributes in the form of opportunities/ temptations/ manipulations/ and the intent to control. Work is a social and real need, and is developed from the possibilities available to you/ they are not a true behavioral response/ work is a need, and you are required to respond, rather than allowed to choose in complete freedom of life. All behaviors function to increase our happiness, by removing an impedance to the process of obtaining something, that is not free, and will not otherwise be given to us. This is a level of life, measured by the mind/ and does not constitute fundamental happiness; but merely the recognition that something exists beyond myself or for myself, that is perceived as beneficial to my own life. Do you hear “all the I’s , established”? or “me/ me/ me”. A true treasure to the experience of living is real happiness/ this is something of great value; and participates directly with us, as the gift of love. In more simple terms, the reality of love is something you give to another/ that then becomes their possession; and they may then return it to you, or give it away to another at their own discretion or purpose. You gave them love/ it is now theirs, and not yours again, unless shared. This particular gift called love, is then a comprehension in life, that your greatest possessions in life, are vulnerable to someone else; you can be “left in poverty, when there is none left for you”. This simple truth then becomes a battleground of self-worth/ self-reliance/ self-destruction, and/ or, “I am valuable/ I can do this/ & I will do this: reconstruct love for myself”. This one is a decision to live/ and it requires an exploration of “our own inner world”.
The question develops: if love is only a gift, that it cannot truly be owned/ then how is it possessed, and how can we return love to our lives, when hurt has taken control? We begin simply; in what has value/ and what has little, or none? By the mind, this is a deliberate association with body and life in time/ becoming the price you are willing to pay with your body, your mind, or with hate. These are questions : will I pay/ will I change/ or can I force someone else to pay for me, and take their love. These are questions then that explore the truth of who you are to be/ asking directly, what does love truly mean to you/ why is life important/ and when does your relationship with love end, allowing you to be lost in hate and futility of purpose and hope? The answers establish the path that destiny will take/ the reality fundamentally explains the distance you will be allowed to travel within truth. Sex enters within these things, as the opportunity to steal love/ by encountering someone in need, that you can then manipulate by words or other expression; and then when trust allows, enter in as hate, to ruin their lives too. The body has needs/ therein the possibility of a life that has failed, becoming a reality in yours; extends directly from the truth, that you are willing to accept, see, or live. What is sexual in honesty and need opens a door for love (love is not simple)/ what is sex, for the purpose of control and manipulation establishes “me/ not you”. Although you must understand, a life in frustration does not see or speak clearly, instead want has appeared and the necessity to say “I am in need of a life, to share with”/ becomes their words. Instead of sharing with you, they are waking to a decision; and they must enter within that decision before their life will change. Consequently the question of this need, becomes the reality of what is honorably fair? It is not fair, to simply leave someone in need/ it is not fair to be used yourself/ it is not fair to change someone’s life, by intervening in the process of a decision that will change their life {you must wait for the decision/ although to witness and warn is essential, if the soul allows} / it is sharing gentleness that believes love will heal/ it is caring, to allow the honor of a touch that strengthens the heart, and hears “life will be ok”. To enter within a decision means: to examine all that you are by the evidence of the love you are grasping and struggling to receive; and then recognizing that to belong to love, is to remove the struggle, and accept the reality as it exists inside your soul. Soul is a difficult creation to enter within, it is GOD’S TEMPLE in you/ and you will not be allowed, unless your truth is honorable, respectful, and real beyond any doubt. Only what is genuinely true as love will enter soul/ anything less, and “mental insanities” appear in you. Therefore do not try/ do not ask/ do not seek; until love itself controls you. Here the question of freedom and life ask directly: how can love control me/ it is a free gift, it is not allowed to control: is it? The answer is simply, for love to give to you all its values and all its treasury called life/ YOU must be willing to accept it on the terms that it presents to you; love is then in charge/ not you. It is when people take charge of their love, that it can become lost; this is the reality of “love GOD first”. So that love may only grow, and blossom as life itself/ as truth beyond this world/ and as happiness, where joy is the essence of your world. The question of love is then more complex than an association with your life, that lives to bless and hold you in happiness/ it is also, a relationship with life that conceives of new dimensions and new ways of living; and will ask you to join. Love is an honesty that opens your heart to hear the essence of soul, and understand that sharing enters a new dimension dictated by the honor and respect of truth. Love is an expression of GOD that enters within our lives, as an experience dedicated to HIS WORLD/ not to ours. Love is in this world, an opportunity “to taste GOD’S bounty” and believe HIS WORDS. The issues of sexuality, as an honor and respect for the order HE GAVE TO US / are then fundamentally important, because they are our closest encounters with love or hate, as a human being. Love in a spiritual sense as a human life/ does exist as a relationship beyond time.
Sexual existence has a need/ therefore mental reason establishes a list of applied purposes that need must service: they are, I have an obligation to my body, my senses/ I will get old and die soon, what good is sex then, it must be now/ I have been abused, used, and manipulated, therefore am owed my right to compensation/ and I am curious, that too is a gift, and I have a right to search for its conclusions. Sexual existence transforms fear into manageable experiences; “I almost, or could have, or did suffer terrible loss or death; help me forget/ help me dissolve these memories by taking me within you.” Fear allows hope to search for sex/ fear allows discipline and order to be perverted; because the mind no longer controls, fear does. Sexual existence sustains the expression “NO one cares for me/ I am abandoned, in a world filled with humans having sex; what about me”? the easy answer is, “I will care only about me; lust thereby becomes an answer, to the question of how does hate begin”.
One of the measurements of existence is happiness, as an understanding of expression/ survival is the second, as a relationship to experience / the last is thought, by the assumption (the mind assumes) or the truth, that we exist. The question of beliefs enter in, as the circumcision of what is to be the definitions of your life/ by the removal of what you don’t need to survive; this, by the essence of your own right and body. The question of life as a human being begins as a child; “unimpeded by the need to understand”/ and grows to the questions; of definition, direction, and guidance through time itself. The answers of life, are not found by assumption and theories of men. The answers that are important and valid as life, are found in truth. Truth is a dimension, that conceptualizes eternity, by removing that which cannot sustain itself. Truth therefrom is a witness to the past, predicting the future, by understanding the expression of this moment is sustained only by the honesty within which you will keep truth pure. Truth is a reality that does not change/ it is then a description that demonstrates the relationship you have chosen with life. Truth experiences the “length, depth, and breathe of love”. Truth convicts or justifies our own relationship to the law of this universe/ and it is this fact that measures your lies, and decision to lie. Love is an opening of the heart in humanity/ an exclusion of the fears of failure, and a description of trust so distinct that you can see this truth in others. Love is “like a spiritual heartbeat”, wherein each person visited by love, has indeed expressed truth, honor, and respect/ gaining in return the opportunity to receive the same. A cherished recognition of “the same, my life revealed in you; not simple humanity/ but life itself”. The question of who can be “a light to my own truth”/ examines your own intent for love; why is this important to you? Only when the answer is, I belong to love, can the same be known/ in each one.
Within this world, we are forced to deal with and acknowledge who we are/ even if you won’t admit it, you do know. Destiny is held within this knowledge, but if you wish it to be, life will allow you to change according to truth and love/ or even hate and revenge. It is your choice, if mercy can exist for you. The questions of hate and revenge/ are held simply by the damage and destruction YOU are responsible for, or could have prevented, but did not. PRAY, or face Hades. We are miracles/ we are not accidents, even a worm has enough intelligence to understand this; what happened to you? The answer is, you are herded by wolves and violence and fears. All of creation works together, as one destiny fighting to sustain our lives. Every part of creation does something special for us, for this world. Every creature, every plant, everything has an intricate part to play in our futures. Examine your own existence and know, that without all the working parts that complete your body and mind/ life is very harsh or impossible. The same is true, of this entire world; even if you do not understand this/ you must accept it as true. Nature needs you to defend her/ nature is being crucified, and that means you are next. Unless you change your reality, and redefine with honesty and respect, your truth as a world. The recognition of value that our bodies and our world is to our existence/ cannot be underestimated. It literally cannot, these represent our opportunity to be here, and remain here as life/ failure means we die as a world. There is nothing that we can replace, where the leadership of men have surrendered life to be mutilated into terrors and horrific consequences; genetic tragedy must be stopped. There is no price that can be paid/ no price that can be measured for the order that is genetic life: fundamentally called nature. These are realities and truths, we neither understand/ nor have a right to interfere with; this is NOT a hard concept, or decision/ it is live or die today? What is your choice. Gamble and you die. When you understand this truth, you will also acknowledge your own blessings, and surrender your arrogant disrespect of this world; only then have you begun to change for real. If you want propaganda, you can go to any news organization around (edited for your consumption/ and cleaned of “anything we don’t like you to see”), experts will lie to you as fast as the professors can delude them. “your news”, is little more than diffused of content/ and used to ridicule “child stars, and cheer greed and lust and selfishness/ trapping every person they can; how proud you must be. If you want information about life and death and this world, you must look for yourself in the places that “news” don’t touch; reality and truth! Do not be misled or lied to about genetic crucifixion anymore/ search your soul, your heart, learn with your mind, and seek with your body the right to witness to a truth you have found. Save our world, or you die too.
The honor of a journey in time/ is you may choose to enter into the journey that is life itself. Time is a measurement/ life is a reality defined by its destiny and its truth. The difference between these individual journeys, is the decision to become a participant in thought. Thought is not your mind, mentally we simply measure and store. Thought is your ability to enter within the truth, and discuss with that truth the essential elements of life. An element is the separation of participants, into the creation of individual expressions/ based upon the composition of each one. Those that are the same, establish mass/ or the concept of environment. Those that are not, tend to be excluded, without some form of attachment. What is essential to truth is the evidence of similarity/ and the composition of a bond, which then discusses the question; what keeps us together/ how strong are we/ and why do these others fail; can we be next. Introduction, is the inquisition of who we are as the bond, that holds together the creation that is our body and mind. Questions arise in elemental theory, as to the process of recognition/ and the foundation of energy that produces the control of elements which we neither form nor bond/ but still have a working comprehension of. Thought intercedes, as the basis of an interdiction with that energy, and succeeds as our relationship with recognition of the facts. The question of identity becomes, the honesty and honor of how “our own truth”, becomes the motivation and reality of a life in control of existence. Every life identity, controls existence by conceiving of the freedom, to make a choice/ and comprehending “that some form of work”, delivers that choice to the experience of the whole. More simply, the consequence of a decision or the ability to understand that you can make a decision/ conforms the rest of existence, to the reality and truth of your decision. In effect, “making you like, children of GOD”. The critical question of this ability to assume a right to choose for others/ becomes the consumption of an intent, “I can play god”. The critical reality or truth of this ability is: other lives have a right to their decision/ just like you. The foundation of harmony and peace is then in your understanding of boundaries between the existence of a freedom/ and the right to use that freedom in any way you decide. The formation of critical understanding, is then left to participate in the relationships: justice, fair play, & equality have on our lives and experience as time.
The formation of fantasy and illusion, is created from a lack of willingness to participate/ and a fear that understanding will remove your ability to control other lives; therefore people run and hide from “the light of knowledge/ the wisdom of truth, as our leader/ and the understanding, you may not play god”. Turning to want, these establish the foundations for failure. Fantasy is the acceptance of a possibility not formed in truth/ these are all lies, truth controls us all. Illusion is the understanding, that taken out of context, the world can be remade “in human images”/ and thereby avoid the necessary respect for life, that truth demands. The liar is born. What is evil, is the attempt to destroy truth in any form/ that you may play god yourself. There is little mercy for this/ repent early, and do not repeat it.
The questions of a life are all held within the reality: am I alone? This is a question laced with the exclusion of others by a body and mind they simply cannot enter; without the exception of sex, for a woman/ the understanding it is man. The possibility of man, limited to the expression of an action. The true question removed from body and mind/ to surface inside itself as life. We are alive, means what in truth? The answer is, we are assembled within the foundation of honesty; meaning simply, the levels of truth we accept as our identity, becomes the creation of ourselves as life. Therefore life is the direct result of disciplines in order/ but the reality of concentrations in truth, as these conceive of “alive”. From these glimpses of eternity, the foundation for thought arises. Thought translates the existence of a level in reality/ as the communication between truths, of a commonality “to us all”. Thereby the disciplines necessary to achieve order/ are held in the response that is your communication with the “next level in life”. Thought is not a complacency with life/ thought is the expansion of life, into the broader existence of an environment that separates us from mass and exists entirely as energy. Mass is easier to control/ energy is fundamentally valid as life; it has the option called expression/ and exhibits the truth called experience; even if it has no recognition. Recognition is the foundation of facts, [ information removed, due to the pitiful nature of men]. Alternately in more simple terms; entry within the spirit world, if you do not become accepted/ is extremely dangerous to you. Instead of instruction and learning/ you will receive the evidence of your own failures and lust/ and be separated from life, by the illusion of your existence beyond time.
The question presented by a spiritual world; wherein energy is life/ and life is the ascension into thought; asks the question, “where does the weight of mass go”? as this is time in humanity/ and time is the essence of mass, in a world of energy {every participant in mass contains energy}. Discipline says; heat expresses the essence of the energy/ but is not possible without the mass; therefore in heat, we find the consequence that is gravity/ or more correctly; the contributions of energy when released as volatile “bits and pieces” of mass flowing through an environment of boundaries. Weight is the essence of mass containment/ gravity is the essence of expression between the “container, and its expansion or contraction of the product”/ vacuum as is evident due to the volatility of what is called “free electrons” moving in a defined space, is the communicator of energy. Energy communicates within itself, as the process of action and reaction delivers fundamental flows to the environment of an existence in space. {This type of communication is not discussed, you have been traitors to life, creating threats from every direction.} That which is larger in mass controls by the evidence and reality of an action which produces “a tiny explosion (these are the creation of impulses called electricity)”/ due to boundaries being passed through; becomes a reaction that must do more than equal the action, or deformation occurs. Thereby weight exists, as gravitational pull.
Our relationship with reality understands a need, to grip and hold on to the truths of our world; our own ability to endure depends upon knowledge, and the wisdom to survive/ failure and death occur because basic realities are tested/ and prove you to be unworthy to continue. The reality of more simple “human death”, is demonstrated by the consequence of a test imposed by humanity or time, to prove the body cannot continue. In religious text, a common theme is do not tempt or try “GOD”. Another common theme is; you will be tested/ but not tempted or tried by GOD. The spirit world adds, if you come to test here/ it will be your own deficiencies and problems that will be destroyed, by the tests you created; or your life in time and truth may end. Meaning to life quite simply; to enter the spirit world is to enter the fire that purifies you, of what is not true in you. Therefore the price of an introduction to spirit, is something you value in time/ that is not acceptable to life itself/ YOU will surrender it, or may not live to regret your mistake. Prayer, that is honest and true, is the evidence of faith in the possibilities of a life beyond time. If you survive the testing of truth/ love will grow in you as your reward: but only when “the refuse” is fully removed. The development of sacrifice/ is the creation of a human attempt to “influence the court”/ you cannot {truth will decide}, and this introduction of your failure to accept “courtroom justice/ in lieu of your refusal to learn and live the law; will not be accepted. The body and mind, are your blessings for a life that you may measure and use to your own purposes and desires; don’t throw this away. It is beyond insane/ it is a curse unto yourself. The foundation for committing sacrifice, is simply a fear of being left behind “cast adrift/ or refused entry into the description called heaven”. Learn this simply; we are not perfect/ we are not worthy, none of us/ we are dependent upon love and mercy.
In the foundations of love, there is time to understand the difference between love and hate; that means, you have the opportunity to change as love requires of you to do. GOD LOVES YOU/ US, this is a fact of life in creation itself; therefore mercy exists. Do not be blind or foolish, be grateful and hopeful, and loving as respect for all that is life demands of YOU. This is the door of mercy/ the fact that although we are not able to achieve perfection/ and need not try; it is fundamental to the desire of love, that reality should know “you did, do your best”. It is enough/ repent when you fail, begin again and do better.
Every life enters death in surrender/ you cannot escape, time is over. Therefore every life will enter within the spiritual love that exists from birth by the creation of GOD in us/ or spiritual hate, as these gifts were given away/ or simply destroyed, and without desire for you. It is your choice/ none can take the last little bit of love from you/ not even you: unless YOU throw it away, demanding GOD must surrender you. If you have love/ then in your last breath you will show your trust and soul surrendering that love, to the fate GOD shall show to you. Mercy allows an opportunity beyond time; life allows an opportunity to be sorry/ imprisoned for repentance instead. The critical identity of a “treasured soul”/ the evidence you will survive. There is no one else you can be/ you must be yourself; no liars allowed. Learn, accept discipline, understand as best you can, and you will know a joy to living/ where lesser decisions cannot survive. My own teacher throughout my life has been JESUS, as written of in the Christian Bible. He is worthy of your time.
Lessons in prayer are; ask to learn honor, seek honesty, and give respect/ these are the things that search well in you. DO NOT; ask to win/ for ease/ for animals, pray only for people/ not for fortunes/ not for miracles, GOD ALONE decides; simply be thankful. Do not ask to survive, seek mercy instead. Do not ask to be someone else, learn and do for yourself. Do not ask to change the others, encourage them, and witness to a better way; life is their decision. Do not worship your own body, mind, time, or someone else’s/ it cannot survive, respect and appreciate your time. DO REPENT, and then begin again honestly changed. Do seek your own courage. Do use your own love, and do accept that love begins in GOD , not in you. The foundations of eternity, are not entered without an understanding of “who brought you here/ IT AIN’T ME”. KNOW FOR CERTAIN, I would not be alive without JESUS HIMSELF, and his love for me. Mercy means; like me, your opportunity comes not because of anything you did or earned/ it is not a right, mercy is simply a reality of love.
Of religious text, there are a number of important passages used to describe forgiveness, and other things; if you lose your faith, and find it back/ it is because mercy sent you the time to heal from your sorrows. Do not witness to “death”/ witness to the life returned to you, in joy and honesty. The majority of all religious text is written in examples of this physical life, and our trials within society and the expression of our humanity. What was true of physical existence thousands of years ago, is still true/ a lion still acts like a lion/ a man still acts like a man and so on. Wisdom is still the difference required, to separate fact from fiction. As wisdom increases by any form, things of human life change as well. There has been little wisdom since JESUS came here to earth. The evidence of his teaching, is listed here, today because of his work in me. Therefore some things are given to you, as “changed”/ but in reality it is simply wisdom that expresses the opportunity to say yes,, I will change.
If you are willing to work for change, in your heart/ then pray in your soul. This is necessary, or whatever you do will have no meaning of value. Do not surrender to fear, it is unworthy of you. Instead understand that knowledge is the basis of an opportunity to choose, the right to trust; GOD IS GOD. To do “HIS WORK”/ requires not only your participation, but your preparation as well; it is necessary to understand, before you change lives; including your own. As you grow in wisdom, your strength to change lives will respond; as you inherit the right to participate as “loved, by GOD”.
JESUS WAS A PROPHET as well as a healer. He predicted a “banquet” or last supper, in the days before humanity made its judgment upon his life. This information is “your banquet”. The disciplined response to this is: to receive the information, and understand the need to acknowledge what is order, discipline, and wisdom; and then accept these foundations as your path into a better and peaceful future, through the existence of truth, and thought and respect. If you are to survive, both men and women will do this, NOT following me/ but looking to truth, and applying wisdom to your own lives, for the sake of life on earth. It is/ you are, threatened from every side; if you refuse change, literally you will die. It is your choice as men to support and encourage women/ it is their choice to support and change life on earth, and save it from extinction. If they refuse/ then you will die. There is no grace or mercy in avoiding the truth; no possible reason exists to remove the threat of death from your time/ unless you change. It is that simple. Make your decision!

There is no one coming “to die for you”. That has been done. If GOD allows, then I can help women to achieve leadership of this earth; that is my new job, if women desire it to be so. I am not your leader/ women are. Cherish them/ help them sustain the courage necessary to believe life will not abandon them/ nor will they be overrun. As men, it is your job to insure they believe this/ and as such, it is your job to “trade them places, and obey their desires sexually; not slaves, but not in charge”. This is a constant in male dominance of life on earth; providing confidence and the strength to try and be brave. Although not significant in reality, the simple fact is: everything on this earth, is on trial! What do you believe, “should be held back”? the only answer is nothing/ life or death comes by your truth. The testimony of miracles was enough for me to begin my search/ there is much more here to add, if only you too, will search. GOOD PRAYERS TO YOU. BE BRAVE, life needs you. As was true of world war 2, it was not simply the soldier that helped the allied forces win the war/ an equal partner was the manufacturing and willingness of the people to commit to this need. The reality of the day was quite simply: WITHOUT the depression that came first/ none of this would have occurred. Be grateful, for a time to remove pride and want from destroying you all. It is a gift, to keep you from dying. OR a reality that begins your descent into hell and Armageddon; “your choice”.



The foundation of “source fundamentals” for the mind, are not simple demonstrations of : what do you want/ not who do you think you are/ not pride or power or selfishness in or of themselves. Each of these are a direct relationship to the consequence of order and discipline that exists within your life. You do decide, based upon your own intent or challenge to life/ but the “source documents, of inner voices, fundamental ethics or morality, critical violence or revenge are all dependent upon the reality and truth of the order inside your mind. That has invaded and displaced the reality that is truth; an understanding of miracles, and the glory of life/ or assumes the critical links placed by your own decision to abuse this order by replacing it with mental descriptions and images of the human world instead. Discipline displays, but order removes, uses, or abuses the mental development that comes before you; to be chosen by you, in the assumption that the mind is in charge of you/ not just the body. And the supposition that you are in charge of your mind.

The question of order, is then narrowed to the understanding of a base of recognition from which we draw the pleasures and purposes and desires of our lives. Order defined is, the recognition of a step by step process in truth, that becomes an event; or the descriptions of a process that leads to a specific type of journey; or the acceptance of an authority greater than you. What is then critical is your own relationship with this order, and how/ why/ when/ and what are you willing to conceive within yourself to establish that order through the disciplines of your heart and soul? The question of discipline is a critical lamination of the various levels in the dimension of a physical presence, as in energy. Energy conforms to the basic development of a mass, but must also expand beyond that mass to achieve its own reality. Energy is not complete in the simple sense of structure, but must exhibit its own specific essence in reality. The result is a disciplined combination of the two; as is atomic or molecular structure. Biological structures are far more complex, but based in the same substrate of fundamental structure, as things associated with the mind. Therefore the question that seeks an understanding within mental definitions, is the relationship that exists between what is mass/ what is energy/ what determines the base elements of their interaction with each other. Order is the essence of this interaction, as it is clear and certain without both order and discipline, no combination or structure can exist. Why, is then an application of the fundamental source of instruction, and a composite of the base elements of discipline to these instructions. How, becomes the definition of fundamental essence that leads to the examination of basic thinking. The critical question here is; what then will men try to do with this information? The answer is; as clear and certain traitors to life (look at all your threats of extinction) / you just can’t be trusted with anything really. Not today.

Time and truth declare, that such information as this will only lead to manipulation, temptations, and other forms of enslavement that I refuse to participate in; consequently it ends entirely. And proves some slight “delusion” has existed on my part/ believing a more intense educational process would be of benefit, it is clear to me that this is indicative of an acceptance of minimal desperation (the assumption, that I can change something in you, without GOD’S help; your deaths are not “happy” to me; your apathy and hiding as a society and even world, are so functionally suicidal that it simply is hard to bear”). Having encountered that, it is abandoned as unnecessary, you are fully capable of survival; but it is your choice, even if stupidity (I don’t want to learn or do anything I don’t want to do, irregardless of the consequence), laziness (let someone else, I “just want to have fun”), or just plain fears (if I hide from the truth, it “can’t get me”) are the only things you cherish. You do have a right to live without truth; even though it will kill you, and even the world; if the majority won’t care/ then these simply sacrifice the rest; it’s a human reality.

In contrast to this tragedy and disgrace, a different order is reestablished. Beginning with the religious prophecy of Revelation 17, the order represented here is; in a very few years the reality of tragic distress will bring women to the forefront, as hatred by men and their judgment “that it must be a woman’s fault/ that we are too many people to survive”; turns to the tremendous sin of killing. To combat them failing weapons of another type/ the women turn to sex, learning there is some control over men in sex; they use it with some minimal success. But then men learn how to cope/ and what women will do and when and simply turn to abuse and use and kill them; allowing religion to give them the courage of criminal insanity, their plight will grown worse. That is the functional prophecy of Revelation 17. Revelation 12 in contrary is the understanding that the possibility of change is occurring, whether the powers and fears that be “like it or not”. The reality of the enormous “red dragon”, is literally the fears and powers of the “baby boom generation, with the elders”. Specifically these men in particular; having created all the real threats that exist against life on earth/ with the help of male leadership around the world do have a great deal of responsibility. They are, or will be VERY angry; because change means they lose their power, pride, selfishness, and are left with hate; or the surrender to life that causes healing by truth. That will be assumed by the majority, as a tragedy; because it “is a result they cannot avoid without surrendering power, pride, selfishness, and hate”. Even if they understand, “the dragon represents fears”/ they have little courage. So their intent as controllers of society is, to simply to HIDE and RUN AWAY, therefrom devouring the right of life to change, and survive. Even so, life is not surrendered in this prophecy and those who want to destroy life on earth, are thrown out of power, by those who accept truth. But like all terrorists, they refuse to surrender to peace and harmony; worshiping lies as their own power/ tragedy as their own right to play god over the others. No one makes a terrorist/ they must choose for themselves. The difference in this prophecy and Revelation 17 is; for Revelation 12 to exist, women must achieve power and leadership; because true change requires nothing less. Although the leadership of women does require sexual consequences, the reality of leadership is not sexual by any truth; sexuality is a blessing when interwoven with respect. The leadership of life on earth requires knowledge, competency, disciplines, truth, wisdom, and a lack of pride or want; So that life, may be first! If you fail to grasp this/ Revelation 17 will come quickly, and life will fail on earth. Revelation 18 is the end of american power; that is unavoidable and beyond any doubt, you are bankrupt and cannot return as you were. Therefore what happens during that process of after the depression hits; is also dependent upon women, and the reality called a courtroom of justice and fair play. If women prove worthy and show they are in charge of change as justice, the simple and real differences between what is male and what is female will produce a different reality for life on earth. If they do not, and men remain in charge; there will always be “the hidden army” of men without honor, courage, respect, or honesty that will seek control over anything they can get. These operate because they know men/ and what men will or won’t do; thousands of years of practice! The hidden army knows nothing of importance about women/ therefore they will be blind and make mistakes that can then be held to the light. Without honor or respect, “the common denominator” of terrorists everywhere, the tragic results of these the criminally insane will be difficult to deal with. The more honorable and honest and respectful of all life this leadership of women can conceive of/ the less trouble the hidden army will be.

That is the basic order that you as a world must deal with; if you can find the discipline and respect necessary to face your truth as soon as possible [BEFORE it doesn’t matter anymore], then you live. If you do not, nothing in this world can save you from yourselves. Too harsh for you/ but you are in charge; you are following the leaders of men, by choice? Too bad, these threats are, the reality you left behind as the evidence of your own choices/ your own truth: it is “the wolf you created” that comes to prey on you. The “wolf is used as imagery (the creature is innocent of your troubles)” because it runs down its prey, before it attacks/ to weaken and disorient and destroy its confidence to survive. Your failure to accept your reality and use lies and cheating and stealing to continue on has weakened you. Your intent to focus on everything stupid “such as little girls, and their struggles to grow up” have disoriented you. Your failure to accept the responsibilities and duties needed to reconstruct your world of humanity, will cause you to die; Because YOU are destroying the very things you need to live. It is a pathetic, but real foundation upon which you have build extinction/ by extermination. It is your “road to success”/ you get to be god; YOU get to terrorize the earth. If you don’t stop the landslide before it begins. Don’t work? Ok, its your life/ but do remember all those who come after you, or would; and the fact you are choosing to assassinate them. Truth will call you a murderer/ this will not be forgotten in eternity. No eternity for you/ well, “your god aren’t you”, how could you be wrong. I know, “just keep pretending/ just keep lying about everything that is inconvenient to you” after all humanity has survived thousands of years; what could go wrong now? What? Well, a people that are not scared of their own shadows could go to court and find their own truth/ even if they lie to themselves, at least they can be declared LIARS/ instead of COWARDS IN DISGRACE. Choose, life or death is in your hands.

Contrary to religion GOD Does NOT threaten any life on earth, HE sends you the knowledge and understanding necessary to survive and do well in your new lives. It is men who have created the threats to every life on earth/ but it is women who keep the men alive, by giving them something to hope and live for; it has been men who kept women alive in a very harsh world of men. But no more; What is man cannot lead any more: to threaten extermination of all GOD’S CREATION is truly enough to believe and understand this is true. How could it not be? How can anyone be so stupid as to give back another opportunity, to be threatened with extermination again? Even so, life on earth is on trial today, your refusal of change will be your deaths. Because all your threats are real/ and this is the outcome of your decisions to this date. Life on earth will be decided by women/ because men cannot, therefore only women are left. This world is going to change; the only option provided to women, is to participate in this change and lead it; or suffer the consequences if you don’t/ and they WILL be extreme and harsh. Religion and all that is called morality or ethics among the vast majority of leaders will claim that all issues of sex are “for the closet existence of men and women”/ not even the bedroom. What is real is real/ there is no room left for failure, everything that makes a difference must be used. And that means sex will come outside, in plain view; for honor and respect/ or dishonor and disrespect: but outside to see the decision you will make. Like it or not, the world is on trial; sexuality is not, it is your gift to do with as you please. Even if it is a horrible example of stupidity and disrespect and disgrace among those old enough to consent; freedom still allows it shall be so. But That does not mean you won’t be judged by GOD For disrespect of life and HIS CREATION/ it just means in time, the body and mind, is yours. We are on trial, because men have created numerous threats to exterminate life from this earth; simple as that. Not only have they made these threats, but fully intend to use, abuse, and kill us all/ because they will not accept truth must lead instead of them. The opportunity for men to continue leading, is over/ you have led us all to the edge of extinction/ you have failed! The price is; you will never lead again.
Playtime is over
You have to grow up now.


{sent years ago, but perhaps worth repeating is the observation: sudden infant death syndrome is likely to be associated with lung failure. The small newborn is very weak, and in poor control of under developed muscles for breathing. Any slight disturbance requiring much greater lung performance in this small group: such as too much play time/ nasal passage congestion/ or sickness can cause the child to “run out of air”. You can easily recognize this danger on a personal level by blocking your nasal passages and laying completely flat on your bed, especially on a soft mattress or cover; after a few minutes you will note a need to move (experiment to see what helps you) the child cannot, especially if too tired. The reality of which direction to lay a child is a problem, basically if the child is simply too weak to control his or her own movements, some type of assistance would be best. Breathing without a nose, does require a lot of extra effort. Some simply die.


The development of a question that asks; can we lose the atmosphere of earth just because the ozone layer fails: or is that simply wrong? Discipline admits to the simple truth that gravity will retain the basics of our atmosphere, whether there is ozone or not. Order asks instead; if this shield were removed/ considering the fact that it is sufficient by nature and design to withstand significant radiation from the sun; does it then not do other things? Question occurs in its simplest sense; does this shield have anything to do with the chemical composition of the atmosphere itself: such as would oxygen then escape at a faster rate to the endless vacuum of space. “Its called a vacuum for a reason”! The first concept of order asserts that oxygen is slightly heavier than nitrogen by atomic weight/ and nitrogen makes up 78 percent of air by composition; therefore it should rise less far, and less fast than nitrogen; but it is still dependent upon gravity to stay within our atmosphere, and gravity exerts less force as oxygen rises into the atmosphere/ thereby accelerating. We know that oxygen rises to this level, because we know that ozone is a description that includes the elements of oxygen. One of the questions of atmospheric pollution is, why does CO2 rise to the level of ozone, at it is significantly heavier than both nitrogen or oxygen. The answer of course is CO2 does not enter the atmosphere in its natural state, it is heated by men, so that it rises above the influence of gravity on it/ winds then multiply to push it further.

I have abandoned chemistry, math, and various other studies to pursue the education of you, in more significant matters; we are about to die as a world! Therefore I say to you simply, these issues are not small or insignificant/ and must be examined to find what is true or not true for the world: its your job, not mine. We can make ozone as a humanity, and it would be wise to start doing so, to avoid all the castrophy: every person or business that contributes to green house gases pays their share of the cost to replace the ozone they have depleted; every single one/ no exceptions/ no excuses, every one.

One that note, it is current and necessary to consider the “envirotower” or whatever it is called being designed as a solar tower reaching very high into the sky/ as a means of generating electricity. While a good idea in and of itself. The possibility of creating a tower too large and too tall, will defeat you and your purpose. You do need to rethink a single tower that is fraught with problems/ and redesign into smaller towers that are more effective and more efficient. The constant demand of men to “prove I am a giant among men”/ is utterly horrendous, and a constant harassment of all life on earth. Do it well/ don’t do it for pride.


There are a thousand excuses, for not letting someone be free enough to express themselves honestly; at least. Every single one of them begins and ends within the words: “I want to judge you/ I will judge you/ I do judge you”. So much for freedom; “The gods have spoken, and you are ridiculed for your life.” Contempt says: I have a right. Reality says, YOU are a disease to society, by inflicting it with your own brand of dissolution and hate. Your own brand of pride, from which no one is allowed to pass beyond the rules you have created for yourself. Or those rules taught to you by parents, life, religion, society, or whatever. The discovery of freedom, is life released to be whatever reality will allow. The foundation of human ridicule is; NOT HERE, you don’t/ we have rules. Therefore the essential ingredients of a life that is free, IS the removal of an expectation that rules can control your life, or theirs. Consequently the decision, that is a rule applied to you or someone else is of importance within the reality and distinctions of a happy and peaceful society, is a free and respectful society of people, who do not “play god” over each other. Not even your children, because as they grow/ they do have rights of their own. And if you do not assist them in being free, they will learn not to believe in your friendship/ but assume instead, that you are simply “an asset to be used”. Beginning with pride and ending with want/ a rule is the decision to wedge your own decisions into the lives of other people, making them obey you. The one thing you can depend upon is, “the rule maker has rules”/ and that means you are intended to obey, or you will be ridiculed sooner, later, or with violence. That of course is not enough most of the time, so endless hours are prepared in religions and in governments to prove “I CAN SO, make you do what I want you to do/ be what I want you to be”. Of course its not reciprocal, because if it was, “you can’t play god”. And to play god, there must be threats! So in society, religion, government, and life, THERE ARE many threats all designed and instituted to insure that a penalty can be applied, “if I can’t play god over you”. A system for military induction, into obey your leader/ or you will be sorry.
So the reality that is the life being ridiculed at the first stages of abuse/ and penalized or killed at the latter stages to prove violence is an answer; is the decision by some, to include authority over others, as their primary purpose in life. Somebodies got to make THEM obey, don’t I/ of course you do, society is in chaos without your rules, ain’t it; its damn hard to be god, without threats. So truth applies your decision, to fear, and fear becomes the thread that holds society together until something “burns the thread”/ and war breaks out, because as god you failed. The critical question is: like a vacuum in space, just because this reality does not react to a physical threat or energy of any kind/ does not mean, the dedicated environment is not without some type of experience you cannot measure or see. Like rules, just because you such out the happiness with your violence/ does not mean something does not exist inside.

The question then of a vacuum in space, and how can that possibly be anything at all; is asked the simple relationship: if it is nothing/ then how can it be cold? To which is answered heat is not there, or the expression of energy without the radiant energy released from atomic motions. But that does not answer the base element of what is cold, if it is in fact nothing at all? Life is a base element called freedom, without freedom thought, nor motion, nor options or opportunities exist for life/ freedom then is a primary relationship, from which discipline gets its start, and reality gets its feelings. The relationship of cold to the universe itself is simply; energy begins in the form of order known as separated cold. It has no place to go/ therefore it remains in place until a “door opens up”. The question is then; what is cold/ what is a door/ and what is a motivation to cold that it becomes convection and moves forth. The answer simply is “cold is a palette waiting for the colors, of a display that will call this home.” A door that opens into the experience called cold, graduates into the meaning of what the expressions of cold shall become. A motivation to move is expressed by the distance of a discovery that is different from what now exists. These three combined, then becomes “a formation in environment” that can be defined. The resultant reality, a condition known as a dimension in time. By that simple definition, each solar system is its own dimension, because each solar system completes the answer to, what is “this environment” in its own way. The question of gravitational influence is then regulated, by the creation of time versus energy. The distance needed to create an energy that influences dimensional mass. Every dimension has its own energy and mass, or it is an “empty palette of cold”/ and awaits the intrusion of an influence that can change what is cold/ to what is defined by distance, time, mass and energy, in that order. Distance is a change in state, noticing the placement of time that exists between what is mass and the energy it has presented. When there is a change of state, there is a condition which means an action has preceded a reaction. We now have the 7 distinct elements of a dimensional space. Distance, time, mass, energy, action, reaction, and a change of state or influence if you prefer. Gravitational evidence then indicates, that what is cold is an influence on what is less than truly cold/ or convection has occurred. The question of convection, or disciplined existence of a variable that translates distance into a communication by the use of energy and its associated mass, asks the simple question itself: why is cold separated from heat? The answer is not so simple as, they are different. Instead, the translation of cold is; an energy that is not in motion, as opposed to an energy that is in motion. Cold is an influence, “it takes heat away”. Heat is also an influence, “it takes cold away”. Therefore they exist “side by side/ but separate”. That leaves a medium distinguished as the primary zone of influence. This is a participatory wall, that gives and releases the evidence of an energy associated with both cold and heat. Or atomic area of influence. The question erupts then, is energy not simply the physical attribute of heat or mass? The answer is obviously no/ as cold too has energy in the vacuum of space, and it cannot be denied, even though it is not referenced by the measurement of men: it is clearly energy itself. The true question is then if energy is not simply associated with heat and mass/ WHAT then is energy itself? The answer to that opens the door to massive abuse by human failure to respect anything at all. You are not worthy to know/ simple as that. Perhaps someday.

As to rules and humanity, the foundation of a dimensional influence that exerts a profound effect on the realities that are individual experiences in this place we call home; are not to be taken lightly. Freedom is not free, if people do not let you be free enough to express a resistence to their own participation in this environment we all share. Stop with all the rules/ you are not god, you will never be god: YOU do not have a right to influence existence, just because you want to play god. “For every action, there is a reaction”/ I strongly suggest you remember that, because like cold, just because you cannot measure the effect; doesn’t mean there is no energy or influence. If you have come close enough to matter, YOU have an influence.

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