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One of the most critical realities we face is the simple task of working, as a product of what we need to survive. The invention of machines, has taken over a large portion of useful endeavor, and replaced the need for workers to such a large degree; that frivolous, useless, extravagant, and foolish work now employs a large number of people. The main avenue of this type of work is in the numbers game; people without a sense of duty or responsibility, or pushed to the wall with no escape often turn to gambling and in america it is an epidemic. The result being, that instead of a working capitol grouping of assets; the stock market, and a wide host of others have all turned to gambling, because greed destroys the sanity of life by replacing it with a focus so small that nothing even has life, it is little but numbers. This is easily proven in the damage done by the stock market endeavors of the recent years/ wherein lives are destroyed, businesses are lost, the nation is sold to foreigners, and treason exists: all because the foolish leadership of the nation today and in the past, are desperate to hide the lies and the reality of debts that cannot be paid.

Those who are greedy, and intent upon “making money” will of course disavow this as “rubbish, etc”/ because it interferes with their desire of greed, to make the others slaves/ to demand authority, and worship/ glorify me. The question of money, is a question based within the foundations of what is real/ what is true in this place and this world today/ what is needed, and survivable, and valued by those who will or can pay? Money is not a reward to all/ it is a reward to those who do something of honor or value for the society they share. But it is a reward expected, to be used with honor, for the benefit of society/ by sharing the values of reality that brought the honor to you. Greed consumes all value, and turns to selfishness as the means to “grind you, into submission”. The true focus of every single one, who demands money as the “need they exhibit for life”; instead of the life they give to earn the money/ is recognized as, a fight against hate, a surrender to the possibilities of hate. Every person who has money will say they “gave life for & earned the money”; while it is true for most that they did spend their lives for this “money, today it is nothing but numbers”, but as you will continue to play until the game is over, the reality is you did not spend your lives for money. Money is, the transition of individuals into a society of respect for each other, by recognizing that trust in the efforts of work, can be traded efficiently and pleasantly, simply by choosing to expand the question of work, into promises kept and paid. Money is never hate/ hate is the transition of promises destroyed, work turned into slavery/ and the existence of an excuse to call someone “master over you”. Money turned into hate, is the failure of respect/ the foundation of all selfishness/ and the expectation of lust, because where hate exists, the intent to prove domination comes quickly. The focus on money, is not a focus on business. Money has little to do with business, unless thieves and robbers and con artists abound. These predators, exist as vermin constantly attacking any front unguarded, any possibility of a lock undone, a gate left open, or the owner taking a vacation, even just for sleep. The predator waits for your weakest moment/ unless he is hungry and desperate; which then simply becomes an all-out attack: the purpose is to keep himself from being damaged.

Business that is real, understands that promises will be kept, and lives will be respected; the people helped will respond in the same/ and the money that is transacted, will be fair to all. Those who do well in this business of fair play, become wealthy simply because the people of the community understand: “things are better, when he or she is in charge”. Money allows some authority, if respect for all, travels with it. If it does not/ only jealousy and hate, is bred into the result. These focus on revenge, even though it is intended to be a rape; this aspect of revenge is more literally the expectation to make you sad, or sorry that people are a part of your life. In america, revenge has worked very effectively for a rising percentage of the population. Of course, the rise in hate corresponds to a rise in the reasons people hate, thereby multiplying the reality of why people hate. A never-ending circle/ simply because people refuse to get out of it/ by choosing truth and defending justice. Just too much trouble for the majority, they would rather “fight, than switch”.

The question of a focus on power, is in effect the decision to make real money, into a game that is governed by rules which you can manipulate. The foundation of real money is not a number, or a game/ but a respect for the people of your society or world, and the result of justice, governing the actions of life, for the benefit of all: fair play. The foundation of power, is the game that removes respect, justice, and life from the numbers called money; and reduces those numbers to the power to manipulate the game in your favor/ or if not for you, against them. This by itself is not effective enough to intertwine an entire society in the game of numbers/ gambling must be incurred; because only in the pyramid schemes of “you can play too”/ are the numbers of people turned into toys, and failures, and slaves. Power causes the gambling, because “I am being crushed here/ I have wants to/ and they are taking away the people of my life, and changing everything without a cause; just by numbers”. Therefore the people gamble, and the game turns to hate even more, because the majority is now forced to play. The question of a focus on greed, is the change in psychological behavior and mental decision that turns from respect for anything/ to a demand “that I will win/ they will lose, and I don’t care who suffers or dies; to hell with them”. In america, this is an epidemic. And when societies are turned by greed to desperation, they either choose civil war and die, or they turn to politics as a solution; and when that fails, turn to civil war/ OR they go to court as a society, and find the truth, live by the reality, care about each other enough to accept the law is justice for all, and rebuild a society; If not, it dies too.

The question of money and politics comes forth as a declaration of who wants to buy this election the most? That reality is then surrendered to the media, owned by the propagandist and the greedy; and the political arena is transformed by the excretion and failure of power, and a people who surrender their nation, due to lies and liars and power. There is only one option for a democracy or any other nation to proceed as a society in respect for each other; they must have justice. That means the laws must support only justice/ not trash and failure. That means only the truth can be defined by the politician, and what is necessary to be said is created in lists by organizations for the people: to be a written description of what the truth in this person would say to the people themselves. Written, instead of spoken because it allows a focus on what was actually said. In a world of justice, none of the other candidates are allowed to attack any of the options or statements made by the person seeking election. Only the person making the statement is allowed the option of changing, or rearranging, or rescinding their own statement. One written statement on each subject of importance, at different times of the election cycle; so they do not interfere greatly with each other. Every candidate is then allowed to defend him or herself as they are offered, required, or desire. In a land of honesty and honor, there is no purpose in attacking each other/ there is no purpose in attacking the plans of each other; and should never be mentioned. Instead of politicians discussing why the other politician is wrong/ it is the job and the right of the public to discuss what and why this is wrong. It is the job of the politician to discuss why his or her plan is right. I am in essence here, a teacher/ not a politician; do not come here, unless it is to help women in their search for political success: that they may do the work of helping life survive.

The problem of course is: there’s nothing left to say/ as most negative talk is filler, for a lack of substance in yourself, or a lack of confidence that you are indeed supporting the correct plan and purpose for society. Listen to me is fruitless, if you have nothing left to say, or simply keep repeating the same. A fight, people come for/ because they expect entertainment, and nothing more. Entertainment requires NO commitment, therefore it is the perfect source of politics for the majority: don’t have to do shit/ can complain forever, or until the nation itself dissolves, whichever comes first. Our true relationship to the politics that are real and substantive for our lives, is formed in the laws that are examined for reality and fact; and applied to the truth of what these words do to us, or for us. The understanding of law gives people the right and the source of government known as we the people. Without truth there is no law/ without law there is no government only liars, or anarchy. Therefore it is the law, that creates the foundation of our society and world, it is the law that will determine if any plan or policy is worthy of our lives. It is the law, and the people who enforce it, that becomes the civilization we share. The politician is a valid tool for life with government, but the law is the government, and that fact must never be overlooked or discarded. In america, liars rule (for decades now) because the truth is too hard to accept; DON’T WANT, no damn payment for what we have done/ let some other son of a bitch do it; I REFUSE! And of course that became the children, and then the world, and then life on earth: and the debt is still growing, because hate will see to it, “that you pay me in full/ even if it is extortion and disgrace, hate will insist; and the game being played will let them, because the alternative is truth.” Religions are like this too/ the price is too high, let us agree to lie!

The majority of all business is based in discipline and order. Without discipline and order, every business fails simply because they refused to accept that foundations are first/ refused to understand, that want is an irrelevant and hurtful disaster/ refused to be disciplined in the acceptance of debt/ or refused to understand that an accounting will be made by society, and if they do not behave in a disciplined fashion, society will look for someone else. The first foundation of business is to protect the money you already have, not from legal rights or duties/ but from stupidity and want. If you want something, that then removes your time and your possibilities of earning money in the business you have formed/ that time spent on other things interferes with the purpose of your business; to make money in this particular way. If you do not care, how you make money in business/ then it does not matter; but you do need to understand if you choose to participate in things that make little money/ instead of protecting and improving the things that do make considerable money for you; then you are being foolish/ unless you simply want out of the first business. If so, look for something else, and then get out/ sell the business if possible so any employee shall not be hurt. Of the many examples of business to be discussed; one of the most simple expressions of value is this: if you do not keep the roof over your head closed from the rain/ the rain will take your building away, and put you out into the street. Or more simply, the failure to support the people respectfully who give you business will cause them to look elsewhere/ leaving you with none. Likewise, if you do not keep your foundation, that supports the building you need from being washed away, or breaking down the walls, the value of a building declines accordingly and the business fails. Or more simply, if you are not competing money wise (value added to their business)/ then you will be replaced, because you are an expense, not an asset to be remembered and taken care of. Likewise if you take out structure and fail to recognize that structure holds the building together, it is only a matter of time before the building fails and expenses soar, throwing you on the street again. Or more simply if you do not spend the money that needs to be spent on your tools, on your labor, whatever it is honestly, including the work for someone else; you lose everything. You have to compete in quality/ and you have to compete in expectations as well; its life/ get used to it. If you do not protect the entrance to your business, and it fails/ you are done, how can you have a business that none can enter, not even you? Or more simply, the welcome mat must be out to everyone; establishing respect and a friendly atmosphere: “thank you for coming here”/ or they go elsewhere; would not you? The foundation of every business is very simple; it does not matter what you decide to do/ it matters what you do, do. More simply; want is deadly to business, do not want more than you need honestly today! Let the business produce the money, and then spend it wisely for things that will pay you back. Do not expect the business to pay for your “things/ wants”; it may not, “then what do you do? The answer is go broke”. Thereby it is understood that to invest in things that have a limited return for you, because a very significant amount of time is involved before you can get this money back: or you just don’t need it/ YOU WANT it; is foolish. The foundation necessary in business is, before making this investment get the money in hand. Before deciding “you must”/ understand clearly that there are other ways to do most things; and sometimes they turn out better than your way. What is necessary, for working a job/ is a job to pay for the tools or labor you intend to spend; don’t sign anything, until that happens for real, all the way/ signed sealed and delivered! [don’t forget people die, get sick, get divorced, are sued; etc/ what happens to you then?] But before you step into a contract that you must deliver, get all the information/ contracts arranged, money aligned, and tools predicted; with extras for what you did not count on first! The difference is, your signature; get it ready; get a 30 day promise this contract can be signed within or an extension if you need it/ and when the money IS IN YOUR HAND, due to a contract that can be verified by the bank; then sign for what you need. Want is for after the profit is collected/ NOT before. Don’t be stupid about need, understand first: for instance if you were going to sit outside for months in the cold on a machine/ a cab for the operator isn’t a luxury, it is important. A debt represents “for the years that you have to pay”/ and until paid off, you have no real money; it belongs to them. Want is unnecessary/ reality decides what can be done, and when. Caught in a trap means something will change; wisdom allows some decision in this matter, but only if you are willing to accept what is true, and not “make up stories”. Respect reality, and everyone you touch. One of the most serious mistakes of business is to assume nothing will change from today/ tomorrow will change, unless true stability exists in all of society; it is the unstable that cause change. It is the wealthy, that believe they are stable; who then fight change, because they want everything they have, and intend to get more; don’t care about you! So every change in society that is for something better comes from the people who are in need. And every change that is against the grace and peace of society, is from the people who call themselves wealthy; as greed, jealousy, selfishness, and power turn upon the liars who support them. Hate multiplies, violence follows. The business in america changed from successful, to collapse; because business in america went from pay as you go/ to believing in “debt is good/ let someone owe me, is better; I can make them pay interest”. That led to disaster, because only more and more and more debt was created/ and now none get paid, because there is no real money. The stock market, is the bull and the bear/ leading the way; a bull because it doesn’t care about you, simply wants to prove he is in charge and can make you do something. A bear, because friendly though he may seem, if he gets hungry; and you are standing there: you get to be his food/ unless you can defeat him, without weapons and warning, “it ain’t likely”.-
The common disgrace of society is: We demand better, make this go away! While this sounds “reasonable and necessary”/ it is not; because we demand is a sign that we did nothing wrong, and we won’t take responsibility for what is wrong, and we don’t want to learn what is wrong: or more simply; WE DON’T CARE about nothing/ make me happy, or there will be trouble. So the “disrespect and dissension; open the door to the violent”/ and such things as the “Nazi and Japanese devils” come to your rescue. “We can do it”/ just let us take the power, we can do it! Of course like a disease, these types of people merely concern themselves with controlling the weapons; so that once in power, none are expected to stand against them. Genocide is next, because power is nothing without fear. Real power, that is honest and true; is the foundation upon which people understand life and fully create a life of their own for peace, happiness, hope, and love.
So, the questions of business are more serious than most expect, simply because the needs of a society; are not realities that give time as their respective demands/ instead needs take time away, and make demands of their own. That limits the ability of humanity to respond, and that turns people to more violence and hate, because “death is at the door”.

Therefore we begin in the quest for an honest and honorable business, by understanding simply: you don’t necessarily get to do what you want, or even trained for/ life requires what it needs first. Only then, do you get to decide if there are options for you or the lives around you. One of the lessons of the little girl who fell down the well a few years ago is: the job you do, must be its own reward to you. In other words, if you know in your heart/ this is something that I must do, for life; then you are honored inside by life, if you did not turn away/ even if no one remembers you. The other lesson is, bad things happen from little things left undone. The lesson of today is this: the failure to respect foundations that keep you alive, keep this earth alive, function and work for society, or keep society itself alive; Must not be discarded or lied about. These are the precious reality upon which truth builds for us a life in peace, happiness, love, and hope. Greed has stolen every foundation of the american nation, and much from the nations of this world/ lies and propaganda, have kept the people from recognizing reality. And now, everything left undone/ every bill left unpaid, that was earned honestly, will be paid; and only then will there be an option for something else to do.
The question is: “But the people demanded, we had to do something; THERE WOULD have been rebellion and discord and hate, had we not done what we did do!” And this is true, but filling society with lies, failure, and multiplying hate until violence is ready to erupt was not an answer! Instead it is the evidence of those who did not care enough, to accept the truth; sometimes people cannot have what they want. Because reality says no/ and the truth that has been discarded to get you to this place: must not be avoided any longer, because it only returns as a tragedy multiplied. Lies are the fertilizers of hate, hate is the tool of violence/ and greed produces the desire to lie!

If truth had led, we would be a very different world today/ in the past/ and in reality. Truth is avoided like a plague by men, because it does not allow want to do whatever it likes/ and it is want that ultimately rules this world. I WANT/ is the single most destructive phrase of the human experience. Want is an excuse, to take something you do not deserve: don’t care/ just take it, who can stop you? As such everything is destroyed, because competition and aggressions erupt, and everything is attacked; if not for you/ then to keep the others from getting a possibility for the same. Want is a decision, that your desire for life, is not as life/ but for “these possessions”, whatever they may be. [For the majority, a husband or wife is a possession] The critical question comes down to a more simple reality; “They have it/ why should not I”? And with that: crime and violence and jealousy is formed.
Therefore primary to all social peace, happiness, and hope; is an understanding, thereby acceptance, that life in every situation and in every possibility MUST COME FIRST! No excuses, life is first/ not cars/ not want/ not pride/ or all the rest: life is first, or you will fail to survive. That is true, because your world has changed; nature can no longer defeat you/ therefore YOU must quit attacking her, or you die.

The disciplines of understanding here, is not un-similar to that of business: if you don’t appreciate the order required to maintain your business/ you fail. If you don’t do what is necessary to accept the discipline required of you by your business, it will fail. In this concept of business: reality states, that you may not accept the price of a major tool unless you have the job, that will pay for that tool already in hand; a real and honest need for that tool; and it is going to have value either for the money it generates beyond its cost in that job/ or it will have sufficient value to continue to the next job, or be sold to generate money for your work; sometimes it is necessary to rent. In other words, you cannot want a major investment; you do not earn a major investment; it earns the money for you, and pays you for the privilege of the work. In more simple terms; buying agricultural property for the purpose of farming is NOT about what you want; it is not about the money involved; it is about the money it will generate to pay for itself. If it does not pay for itself/ then you must spend your time and your life to pay for it, and that is self-defeating. These are things of discipline/ but you must understand these types of businesses that require major investments, before you begin; by working in them/ so that you know, the things you otherwise cannot know, properly. The question of businesses that require more labor than money is a simple matter of understanding “what you must NOT DO”/ learning as you go, is functional if, you do not pass the limits of your knowledge; if you do/ something will go wrong. What you do not know, can hurt you/ or someone else/ or “the money, someone else’s business”, etc. Pride is an enemy, it will try to kill you/ if you choose pride instead of truth; you will lose. Just one bad investment, or decision; can ruin a life’s work/ change your world forever. Follow the truth, understand what you invest in: BEFORE you invest, learn; and be true to reality! Remembering, that tomorrow is another day, and another, and another; or your dead/ therefore treat your customer with care, but more importantly, treat your job with the respect it deserves or better; and be fair. If you know your business well, and are fair/ unless you volunteer objectionable materials about yourself; they will call you back or recommend you to others, letting the business grow. Such as this site; and the fact it is distinctly not so simple as “kind, friendly, and respectful to all”. What you say WILL come back, so don’t be objectionable to anyone; they know others! Don’t be the one, “who does all the work”/ be the one who is respectful of the work (be disciplined and orderly), the others, and yourself (let all do their share, teach them instead of doing their work) as well. Learn to say no, rather than using someone to say stop asking him; a reality I still regret in one situation I refused to deal with. People just don’t listen well, is not excuse enough. Let the job pay for the tool, if it won’t pay, either rent or don’t do the work; all work is about the money. There is no charitable work at all, that takes care of you, that is not the purpose of a charity. Therefore if you do charitable work, you must earn your own money first, only then can you work for charity causes. If you do charity work, let everyone understand, “it ain’t what they want/ its what they need; and the simple most effective, cheapest solution decides; not me or you, but reality and truth.”

Collecting money is always a challenge, in today’s world the court is a disgrace; built by the wealthy, and judged by its position to enforce what the wealthy or the businessman with the most money wants. It may or may not help you, it is a whim and a disgrace in many ways. Thereby it is fundamentally necessary to deal with work in two separate ways. First is the issue of payment for the materials and other costs, that are not labor or a reward to you. That is done by letting the customer pay for his or her own materials; take them to the store/ let the store deliver and pick up a check/ let an escrow account at the bank pay [but understand they will give your money away in a heartbeat, if you don’t follow their rules]/ the court has time limits for everything as well, and are fruitless when it comes to justice or honor or the honesty of a work. Get used to it/ its life in america, the land of greed, a place of lies. In other words protect yourself as best you can from everything that must be paid for your work to exist. Argue only about what is to be paid directly to you, and accept this in increments so that problems can be dealt with while there is leverage on your side. If the person you intend to work for cannot come up with the money for materials, etc; do not start the work, let someone else have the trouble/ move on. If there is doubt about whether they can pay you, and you need the money yourself, go on to the next job/ establish a trade if you can/ or accept the possibility it may be your loss, and accept the truth you knew this could happen; gambled, and lost. Move on.

There are arguments about whether you must be dressed a certain way, drive a “fancy vehicle”, etc; otherwise clients won’t respect your ability or give you a chance. I find that not true, as I use none of it/ and work instead with speech and the understanding of a job that translates my ability and knowledge of this work as substantial and real; all that is left then is the price. And the money will decide/ OR the knowledge and foundation of belief that you will not make them sorry, they chose you. Respect both of these, as they decide the work/ respect them anyway, because it is honest and true to do so. The question of sales is then simply: first you MUST get some access by listening or advertizing or searching as best you can. No one to talk to who needs the work/ and you have nothing to sell, because they are not buyers. Know your target customer, in the case of home owners and construction it’s the 30 to 50 year old. 30 year wants to remodel/ 50 wants a new house; recently speaking. So find the people who need this work, and start talking, or start listening for people who do need the work or know of someone who does, make it a part of your conversation: business is a way of life/ if you don’t like it, then you are an employee/ NOT a business person. Once you have the attention of someone WHO CAN make the decision about hiring you/ sales then turns to the descriptions above. If you get one out of every three bid submissions, or work possibilities you are doing very well. Too many and you’re a very good salesman/ or you are way to cheap and will probably go out of business. Too few, and either you cannot sell, and need someone who can/ or you don’t know the market, and are not competing; living in a fantasy world. Not everybody responds to you/ doesn’t matter who you are. Expect rejection, its not personal: YOU are there asking them for trust and MONEY; Expect some resistence, don’t you do the same! Learn the answers, then make the sale/ if you don’t know the answer, that will soon be apparent, and you go hungry. Some time back, I remember a gas station that hired “people who needed a job”/ and they did a good business. That business was bought by an outside firm, who put everyone in uniforms, and offered window washing etc, “the standard, we are going to do this right”. The second business, went out of business quickly, because they did not understand these particular customers were there in support of the people who needed that opportunity, that job; and when the new business clearly closed out these people, the customers who supported them left as well. It ain’t the same/ and you need to register that in your thinking, “better to you/ isn’t always better to someone else; believe it or not”. -**- It is easier to lose a customer, than gain a customer most of the time; respect your customer/ BUT REMEMBER YOUR HUSBAND, WIFE, AND CHILDREN. One of the many disgraceful diseases of today, is the incessant demand “hurry, hurry, hurry”. It does not help for work/ it takes family life and throws it against the wall “for later”/ it disrupts a good job, and destroys a bad job; it is a pathetic excuse for control, by people who care nothing about life. It is a very poor substitute for life in society. Divorce is common, IN EVERY MARRIAGE that forgets your partner needs you too! Divorce is consistent in every marriage that chooses money first/ stop worshiping money/ stop wanting pride! Be happy instead. But remember, Divorce is predictable in any marriage that loses its money, by not doing reasonable and honest work for life, fired/ or just plain spent it on want, didn’t care. Instead of the current for money, business must be rebuilt, for life in society/ NOT toys or pride or want; for life. Limits on income, do this very thing. If you cannot make anymore money, why do it for free? Thereby the competition lessens, and the opportunity increases for others, a happy society is a pleasant and honorable place to live in peace. With competition comes a decrease in wages, therefore limits work the wages downward: UNLESS there is wide spread acceptance that we all work for wages that are not so different from one another; roughly 3 times the difference between those at the high end & those at the low end: 10 dollars an hour versus 30 dollars an hour. Let the upper scale compete/ let the lower scale be happy with their job. The scale is decided by vote once every few years/ by the public majority.

If the work needs something, then the work needs something; just do it. It is not unlike you need something for yourself/ it is required, just get it done/ pay the money/ do the work/ whatever it is. If you cannot/ then go to the customer and say: I can’t/ but this needs; and if we cannot agree, then someone else must finish this job, because I cannot. The money is open to argument at that moment, and it depends upon the reality. Don’t cover a mistake of consequence up/ if you do, it will haunt you for years, in a variety of ways. If you do decide to do something “not quite right”, as did I once/ then when life affronts you with that remembrance, your choice, is a need to go back and put it right, even if its small. Just take your medicine and do it, even if it is not life-threatening it is your work, and it should represent how you work/ not your “need to get out of here”.

Don’t believe in things/ don’t believe in people/ don’t believe in governments, or their courts/ don’t believe in religions/ don’t believe in tools/ don’t believe in business: all of them can fail you! Believe in GOD ! Believe in Creation! Believe in JESUS if you wish/ I do. The evidence is; that the love established is for you too. Love is not to be trusted, unless it is tested and true; except for GOD IS FIRST ! Love is the evidence of a truth that is worthy and invited to be with you. If not worthy, there will be a price/ if not invited, then there is a need that must and will take something from you, whether you wish to pay or not/ accept the price or leave. Believe in life, but not as a blessing without a cost/ it does have a price. Life is a blessing because of the efforts people put into living it; if you don’t participate, its your fault! If you do participate, but no one lets you in/ its their fault, but loneliness won’t care whose fault it is. Loneliness is the existence of a demand for more, that will not be met. Therefore it is your demand, and it is your failure, because you did not meet your own demand/ change something about you. Loneliness is the existence that describes life as “without”/ love is the existence that describes your life as, “I am here, I will help you”; thereby love increases your opportunities to find a friend, by being a friend. Society should always be encouraging friendship, should always live to create friendship, and happiness. It is your job. Do not give up/ in general everybody has to meet at least 50 people to find even a minimal friend; usually many more. The tragedy of this day is; meet someone, find a friendship; only to have them move away. It is not a mobile world in america/ it is a nation on the move to nowhere, so they do not have to face themselves.

I worked in retail display, for a while; and learned simply, the order that is necessary for a better business is to display the items that compliment each other together; less desirable on a lower sight line. While it sounds uncomplicated, it does require a very deliberate learning of what does in fact go together; it is not so simple as what you believe goes together/ the customer decides what goes together, and you put it where they want, and do Find it. Not so hard, once you understand what they are looking for. The internet is about access, but the reality is a massive attempt to “cover all the bases”. That limits the access for everyone/ which of course is exactly what the wealthy want to do; nothing is really different. There should be a law limiting the internet to one site per business, or individual; and no more. There is a directory on the internet called search engines/ but the wealthy can tie them up, making it impossible to get in the door for most; therefore it would be wise to separate search engines into “only big companies/ only little companies/ and so forth”. That would remove a great deal of multiplication, and make it accessible to many more. It is a public need/ and the public must insist, because the money people are not going to help you. The last thing they want is more competition/ or any competition actually. Advertizing is then a harsh reality of american business; cannot get attention unless you don’t really need attention. Can’t compete well, unless you can find a way to “get in the middle of those who do get attention”. The only way around national advertizing is; “To remove national advertizing and the business that is beyond one store, at one location, period/ no more.” Simple as that. The reward is, a vibrant community. The result is, there must be an organized acceptance of pricing guidelines: in other words, we comply with the pricing schedule “Number 3, or whatever”. Nothing in the store, has been marked up over this one percentage for the entire store. That returns the neighborhood store, and allows them to compete honestly with each other; don’t need much advertizing, the people who will come, will come.
Bigger is not always better! One of the things that is absolutely clear to me today, is the fact “breasts come in all sizes, and if larger means more chemicals, or higher pressures, etc; thank you for small, on me ( a reference to earlier writings). More chemicals would not be a helpful. More pressure to change my life, like it or not, would not help me.” it is my job, to learn about women today, to create a balance that does not already exist.” Do you need to know that? The answer is, I am not your leader/ not your savior; just doing the job given to me/ and you do need to understand that. Look to women, to be your leaders/ your saviors of life on this earth; it is their job, not mine.

There is a lot to be said for a small business, that you might have/ there is freedom if you can make money, there is time if you are willing to live cheaply, there is limited investments if you choose wisely, and there is limited competition if you do not attempt to compete, but merely do your work, when you are able. If that is not enough for you/ then you do not belong in a small business. Small business does not mean; put it off/ rather it means do it now, so the customer will call you back. Small business does mean do more than one thing, and do it well, that you may not be threatened easily. Small business means the opportunity to include others, such as family, and teach a little as well to those who will benefit and may remember you. Perfection is an enemy, that grinds everyone it touches; leave it alone, or you will be alone/ but do understand, there is a need for accuracy and efforts that discover your talent to such a degree, that it is obvious; you were a good choice for this job. The difference is knowing, everything is not about you/ not about your pride, or your wants; let the others have a say too. Contrary to your potential belief, “that you know everything about this”/ it ain’t likely. And even if you are right/ if you are alone in life, does it really matter? Love is better than perfection, love is a life beyond work, beyond simple things, beyond self; where laughter gives us hope, and life sends us the message; happiness is the place where we all must visit, because those left behind are important too. Family means, “me too”. Peace on earth means, all are invited.

On a more simple scale; the demand for work multiplies with a bigger business/ the things that can go wrong, multiply in scale with how big the business is, the reality of “the customer”, takes on a more critical meaning for more people, in times of crisis. A bigger business does not mean a higher profit scale/ but will usually produce a smaller profit line that must be dealt with carefully, or it will evaporate. A bigger business comes with greater control by employees, thereby reducing freedoms and compounding responsibility in those who understand honor or discipline or duty. It makes bigger thieves out of the others. A bigger business must have a sales force and advertizing that extends their reach to become competition for others/ thereby reducing the work force by consuming their work; that leaves you with more work, and as others do the same, that leaves you with less money in the end. Every major investment means MORE WORK must now be done, to pay for it. That means more competition must be put out of business to accommodate this need. Every business that is making good money, will be competed against; and there is never enough room for everybody. Consequently someone has to quit. Farming is an excellent example of this; when many people farmed, ruled communities were built to provide them with services and materials needed. The advent of chemicals changed that; now one person can do very many acres because the chemicals removed the labor needed to control the ground/ and made the equipment much bigger, so that now only a few pieces need to be sold. The result is rural america is dying or dead; because there are so few farmers left. Want it back/ take away the chemicals, and it will return. As is the case above, scale matters with regard to the consequences and pressures of the “business at hand”. In business the more or bigger it is, the higher pressure scale of what goes wrong, can go wrong, or will go wrong, as you deal with the reality that your decision matters, makes people nervous, angry, or upset. So much so, that these things always go to the government crying for handouts to protect me, from the possibilities I have created for myself. Some is necessary, but not for the large scale operator; you made your decision for money/ take your loss, or get out and return the ground to those you stepped on. These are the things of men, where greed demands the “execution of others” as payment for the games they play. Like gambling, it ain’t no fun if someone can’t be hurt! So the purpose of the games of men in society, is simply to prove who can play god the best/ the purpose of playing god, is to prove you can.
Nearly Everybody is willing to give ideas and demand to be heard, or take money from you/ but very few are willing to pay the price of their ideas, put up their money, or do the work required without being paid. So you get to be the boss, so you can make the decision; for them/ and they can now blame you for any problems. “Lots of stuff”, just means lots of stuff to go wrong/ or push you in directions that cause trouble to others/ or just plain ends in the expectation of greed, which then transforms your life, to what is not life or eternity........! We have to compete in this world, doesn’t matter if you want to or not; we do have to compete/ this is the society designed by men, and failure puts you on the street, to live as best you can. It is not a good thing, but it is our reality.

Every city should have small sections set aside for a few very small buildings, that people can use for survival. A Heated insulated, 7 by 8 room, in a row, a small window facing sunshine if possible; with a public restroom. Don’t let the irresponsibility and disgrace that is zoning or building supervision get in the way; do what needs to be done. They can be movable buildings/ it can be a work-site restroom: with pumping guaranteed. Anything less, is a failure to respect life. You are free to demand some, “city work”/ free to demand responsibility for cleanup/ etc. Treat them as if it were you.

There are questions about buying a business from someone else; in general it is always a bad idea, unless clearly accounts receivable prove it is going to make you money and pay the cost back within a year. Rarely does this pay, because if you know the work, it is your skill that is required to continue the business; if you have this/ build your own, why pay for customers that have no loyalty to you. To buy a business LITERALLY MEANS, to buy their customer base! That is what you get, the people who call for work to this phone number or these employees. Nothing else of interest. If the customers quit, you bought nothing/ but paid a lot for the lesson. The only reason to buy a business is “location, location, location”/ because there are limits to the available good locations in business, and without a good location in a world of national advertizing with big budget flair: just stay home, it will probably make you more money. That means in the real world of society: those who are retiring should not be allowed to control the property. Just like farmers should not control the land once they retire (it is the food)/ the retailer should not control a location or business once they retire, it is for the economic good of the community. If you are not actively doing the work/ you don’t deserve a say; the young have taken over, move out. Let the price fall, and the competition decide. The amount is actually irrelevant, when truth governs reality: in other words its all relative/ and will balance itself. The three things that are important to any location is dependent upon the type of business you do. If you are a retailer dependent upon lots of traffic; you have a need to be where lots of people see your business everyday. Some will then stop in. If they cannot clearly see your sign, without guessing or intentionally looking, it is unlikely you will succeed. Won’t stop/ if they don’t know your there: look at your business from all angles/ pay attention to the businesses you do notice/ those who fail, and learn. If you have a business that is dependent upon car traffic, YOU NEED a place that has sufficient parking/ but equally important is a means to get in and out safely and without fears & a place that is not only seen, but is away from “major danger zones” so the people can relax enough in their cars to notice you. Major intersections are bad unless you are very big, because unless they know you are there, attention must be paid to the road, and they drive right by. Small towns appreciate a business that hires from that town, it shows you care about them. Particularly if you are a small business! People who hire outside help, prove you only want the money, and care nothing for the people who will be your intended customers. Like every other business reality “hire from within, to keep the people most affected, happy”. There are problems with ethnic difficulties/ doesn’t much matter what group it is; if the majority customer or worker is of one ethnic type, the others from his or her ethnic group will tend to come. Unless you are comfortable and happy about this, it may be wise to sell quickly before attitudes crumble, if it ain’t your group. If there is no compassion for each other/ there will be hate and discontent; the holocaust is a good example of people who separated themselves from the others. Don’t like them, is just an excuse not to know them. Don’t care whether they live or die/ becomes a cause to let you die. I do consider it wise, that certain sections of a city be for one ethnic group or the other/ therefore only that ethnic group can own a business there, or operate a service there; and there are limits of no more than 45% or so of a different ethnic group allowed on a regular basis/ or the police may be asked to remove them: it is up to the business owner, either way, good or bad for business; it is his or her money. It is fair, because ethnic means literally, “just a little different”/ and all people congregate with “same, for the inherent safety of understanding the behaviors, and knowing what to expect”.

On a more personal scale, the buying of a house or car is all the actual business most people will ever get in on. It takes a big commitment, and money to start a business; therefore most have no opportunity, because they want other things instead. Otherwise you would learn what you need to know/ save what you needed to save/ and do what is realistic to do. As to houses, the fundamental respect for all parties involved is simply: no money, no house/ you will rent. That is not because “poor people” are not worthy of a house/ that is because, houses cost money to maintain, and can fluctuate in price. So you must know how to save some money/ and you must be committed to the money you have spent, so the house is not condemned to degradations, and everybody lose, including the environment and resources. Not everyone is committed to a house, nor should they be. Rentals do not allow pure freedom of choice, or you get into trouble/ keep it in mind. The current debacle in financing houses in america, has nothing to do with business; it is only the greedy stealing money from the poor, as always. They collect the up-front money, and then take you to court to clean out anything left. Devaluate the property to consume it from the original lender, and spend that on further gambling and disease for society. The government looks the other way, because it is stealing in much the same way on a much bigger scale; america is being sold to foreigners, to keep the lies hidden, just a little longer. Prove it is not so. If you do not know anything about property or its maintenance; DON’T buy a “fix-up” property. You can easily go broke. As in everything else, don’t invest unless you know what you are doing for real. Case in point, many years ago I spent some time in Las Vegas with the intent to lose money: it is a bad thing to win, “it is a temptation”. After a hour or two or three, I Chose to play a game I knew nothing about, they took my money quickly: and because I knew nothing of the game, they could easily have stolen it: “how would I know”? The same is true of you and any business or property that you might buy thinking you will learn. Most lessons are very expensive, and most people learn nothing except they lost money. Most don’t even know if it was their fault or not. As a consequence in a balanced society, the city itself would be wise to hire old contractors for instance to help with teaching buyers/ and hiring contractors for those who have no clue. It would be a blessing for many.

Buying a car is another opportunity to lose money; I participated only once as I had seen many others buy cars/ just went in blind/ took basically what was offered: and then totaled up the event after it was over/ and NEVER did it again. That is because like housing and the rest, without some knowledge of what you are doing, you are at a very big disadvantage and will suffer for it. That said, it is important to remember, “we all have to make a little money”, be kind/ but not unfair to yourself. There are three basic things to know about a car today: mileage does matter, but it is not everything. Warranty does matter, but it usually isn’t what you believe it will be; so don’t count on it. A trip to the mechanic first is not a bad way to start, but many will not be able to diagnosis a lot of parts successfully; so its iffy. That means you are essentially on your own. If you can afford a new car, buy it/ if not look at the cheaper versions, or leave it alone. If you are doing all city driving, or lots of stop and go, like a mailman; then a hybrid is potentially ok; just remember replacing the batteries in 5-7 years is currently $5000.00 so I am told: find out before you buy. If you do long distance driving, you will be very disappointed in a hybrid; energy recovery is about stop and go. Down the road is constant/ therefore in need of continual motor running. If you are looking for a used car, the question you need to ask yourself is can you afford a problem? If you cannot, then look for a cheaper car, so that you can afford a problem. A problem is any amount of money you cannot put your hands on within 2 weeks; a small repair is $200. A large repair can easily be $3000.00 Or try to do without a car. Partly because the attack has started in cities to steal your money by using parking tickets, speeding tickets or any other venue, where you are at a disadvantage/ and they believe you can be attacked. Expect every used car to provide at least $500.00 expenses in a year, you had not counted on. Be happy if it does not.

NO BUSINESS operates successfully for a long period of time on credit! The object of business is to make money, it is not a charity; charities are something else. Credit is pissing the money away, and for what? The answer is nothing but your pride, and pride buys nothing but the disease of jealousy and greed, and contempt for the others. It is an enemy. Make your money, pay your bills, and keep what is left, without being stupid or transient in your understanding tomorrow will come; do you want to be broke? Credit is only useful as a comparison to medicine and disease itself. If you truly are afflicted with a sudden illness, or illness in the family that must be dealt with immediately/ then like medicine, credit must be considered. For any other reason however, it is not an acceptable method of doing business. The alternative to that is a specific tool for a specific job/ wherein the job pays directly and completely for the tool in less than 1 years time, or the job is secured enough to go longer or be permanent. Only then is credit suitable/ and only if you understand that people who hire, also go broke/ and if they do, they can take you with them; so beware, and do the best you can. Don’t sustain yourself, by borrowing every year/ if you cannot make enough money to get ahead; then you simply do not belong in this business; find something else/ or learn new behaviors or knowledge. Learn to do “without the luxuries expected of you/ without the pride”. Learn to buy only what you need/ learn not to buy, for a future that may not materialize/ learn to buy what is required, rather than what is being advertized to you. Learn to understand the difference between buying what you need, and buying more is the freedom you will enjoy. Learn to understand the difference between buying only what you must have for a business, and spending the rest on luxuries for yourself, will simply result in the loss of workers or worker interest (don’t care about me/ I won’t care about you either)/ the possible business itself (you need a cushion to survive, problems) / and the people who depend upon you, will learn to hate you, if you will not share. Everybody has needs, don’t forget it.

One of the more critical realities of business is understanding the difference between what you need and what you want. What you need, is to complete the job in a realistic and expected fashion, according to all necessary codes, as you were paid to do. Do not add extra’s without consent/ do not change the format of what you are expected to do, without fair and legitimate cause/ do not ask for more than you agreed to, unless it is fair to everyone/ do not seek court, unless it is necessary. If the customer is wrong, walk away, if you cannot teach them better. If the customer is stupid, try to enlighten them without being proud, it will help them; if not, then go ahead and do the work; everyone has a right to be stupid, if no one else is hurt. The primary need of every business is “to get the job, or get the opportunity for a job”. That means you are competing successfully, and if everyone is being fair: a contract is not necessary for small jobs/ get the money up front for costs, and get paid if necessary for labor in increments; or at the end of the job. But be sure they know, payment is to be made at the immediate end and inspection of the work. I work under the simple reality, that if there is a problem during the job; either party can choose to walk away. If the person who hires wants someone else, pick a rate of payment that is commensurate with the work done, in favor of the one not at fault/ and walk away. If the person who hires has run out of money, or expectations are pathetic, or you just can’t get along/ pick a rate of payment that is fair, or in their favor; and walk away. If there is a problem defining what is necessary to be paid, get outside help. The issues of what has been done, is largely regulated by materials expense; you can prove what has been bought or used. This is not for everybody/ nor every situation; but the enforcement of contracts requires a lawyer generally, and they take 25% or more of the value of the contract/ and even if you win, unless the money is available, you cannot get it/ but the lawyer will want his. If the contractor for instance will not do the work/ there is little you can do to make him do the work, and with no contract, the answer to this problem is simply; goodbye. The alternate to that statement is the contract that allows for “extras”/ which can then be used in court, for countless inclusions that should have been included in the price. Again, if someone gets out of line with their billing, without a contract its goodbye. Do not let any extra ride: if you are not sure they can be trusted; demand current billing practice, demand to know what the cost will be; or you have to trust, and some cannot be trusted. Just like a number of people who hire, cannot be trusted. People do talk on both sides of the line, and it can hurt you either side, to be unfair; tomorrow will come/ or you die.

Of the various truths, applied to life and business is the simple reality; what you want does not matter/ what you do, decides the future; insofar as it can be influenced by you, or someone else. When you do work well, there is usually a job for you somewhere. When you do learn, the possibilities for advancement improve. When you do remember your family as equally important with your job (no job, no food: but no family or friend, and you may not care) / and they treat you with respect, it is worth the price. If you choose money over family/ family will largely choose to use you, and life separates into yours/ mine/ and what we fight over. When you are unfair, to people or your work; the day will come when you regret that; do your best, but respect the reality of your work, and your business associates; they need money too/ they need opportunities too/ they have desires too, and so on; be respectful and expect the same. It is a reality of life, that you must not fight over things that are basically worthless; but you must fight for the simple things that make life worthwhile to you. It is not necessary to create a divide over how to do the work/ unless it is proven one way is definitely better; it may not be yours, let a little freedom exist/ take a little instruction, and prove your point if you can. The demand to do this a little later, is just a way of saying I need a little space here, I have things in my life that I wish to do to/ don’t push: unless the need is real, in which case this should never be an issue. The discipline to get the job done, is as simple as knowing what you are doing/ and then doing it as best you can. It is the people who cannot, or who do not do the best they can/ that cannot finish. If you do not understand how, then you need a teacher; go learn, and come back if possible: don’t pray/ that is not what prayer is for, and it is your Freedom to choose That brought you here, so it is your responsibility to learn. If you fail to do the work properly, as pieces go together, you will learn later “this is not working well”/ and then either you have to go back, and do it all again; or it just keeps getting worse/ in which case no one wants to pay, and everyone is angry;; a good reason not to finish/ a bad reason to start. Do your best, learn what you need to know/ and if you are wrong, or don’t quite understand, go ask someone; or just plain stop before it gets any worse. Estimating time and costs comes with experience/ experience comes with mistakes; if you cannot accept “the price of learning”/ you should not be in business: or learn Adequately first. Lots if things look simple, and are; if you know just a little/ if you know too little, everything goes bad. NEARLY ALL, work is mostly real, fundamental work! Get used to it, its why you are being paid.

Depressions come, many times because the price of life is “too high”/ I just want, what I want, and nothing else; thank you very much! Of course in reality that is not life! Life is a requirement to do for yourself, as it is required of you to do for yourself; it does not matter if this is fair/ its reality. The depressing part is then: “but I don’t want to”. Life is not an option/ it is do or die, and this reality must be faced, or you lose your will to live and suicide looks you in the eye; so to speak. The question of eternity/ the reality of religion is NOT enough to change the fact that life is; do or die. Therefore the expression of your life is the essence of what you have decided life is worth. Those who believe life is about love and life/ choose to help people in some form or fashion, and there are many avenues that present the opportunity for expression here; organized or not. Those who believe life is about hate/ choose to hurt people, play games so they can demand the pride of winning, or the violence of revenge for losing; all crime comes from them. Those who cannot accept the experience of their lives is about the love they choose to cherish/ or the hate that will consume those who choose it: instead “the middle group” searches for fantasy, and relief in the luxuries that say: look at me, I am playing the game, I am doing ok/ I am happy enough to survive. Each of these groups, has found a way to survive because life demands it; those who fall into depression and suicide; understand only, this is not what I had wanted/ this is not what I had expected/ woe is me. If you are someone who loves, you can be in business and it will work for you, if you are not greedy, and do know what you are doing. Those who choose hate can be in business, because the game and the revenge keeps them going (money buys a lot of revenge; even if its just in your head). Those in the middle, do not make good business people UNLESS they have a goal, in which case it is the goal that becomes their life/ and unless the goal is achieved, it keeps them “pulling the wagon, until the carrot or the body, is gone”. If they achieve their goal/ they must find another goal, or they will fall into depression and suicidal thoughts. Business is not a fantasy, consequently the reality pushes these too hard. The question in each of these things is not, why should we live/ it is a relationship we accept that life is necessary, to get the things we do desire/ therefore the will to live, is divided by “the things you desire from life”.

The question of love or hate is about desire; those who love have experienced life as love, and desire more love. Those who have chosen hate, believe they are righteous and worthy of their hate/ and should be god over “Some lives” because they are so righteous, and should be the ones in power. The more they enter inside/ the more life becomes worthless, simply because their focus becomes so very limited, that nothing else exists but them, and their want. Those who love, expand the dimensions of their lives by choosing the essence of heart, the place outside ourselves where we invite people freely to participate in our lives with openness, honesty, honor, and respect for them and ourselves. This heart leads to the door inside/ but only trust and truth are allowed to enter within. It is home, and you must earn the invitation, and be invited in because you care enough to share of yourself as well. The consequence of “middle-ground”/ is the fear of being anything more than what you are right now; it is dangerous to invite people into your lives, even though that is how friends are made. It is deadly, to exclude yourself from all of life, because it focuses on death in the end/ because this is inescapable. Therefore those who choose the middle do so, because they will not face death/ and cannot let themselves be friends, to anyone who is “Not safe”. This limits all freedoms, loves, life, and family; and consequently they hide in fantasy and goals. The real question is: how, do the people in the middle get so scared? The answer is something has gone wrong, and the pain experienced in the past; has inflicted an injury that just won’t heal. These are people to people injuries, resulting in humiliation, ridicule, loss, body injury, and various other results of people who do not care about you/ and do use you for their own purposes that have no love: but you participate too, in some form or fashion. Reality then turns to courage; and asks, HOW do I surrender this fear/ and move on?

The answer that is courage, resides in the foundation of your life. Every foundation is the result of a truth that you accept is the basis of your search for what life has to offer you. Truth is a foundation, the builder of life/ and it demands do or die; but you must accept it/ because truth is the price of life. The second foundation in reality that is value in life, shares the expressions and experience that is love; because you have chosen to care/ you have accepted the respect necessary to believe life is a miracle, and we are so loved that we are miracles for life, it is/ we are, a blessing, and therefore a value given to ourselves. It is a lovely foundation that brings home as the place we are destined to share. The question of life or death is then replaced/ with to be loved and loving; or not. I choose to be love, and loving as the only quest in my soul; therefore death is not an issue, because Miracles are the evidence and proof of GOD ! Only fools, cannot believe in the evidence of truth. Only idiots and the hateful, make up stories to shit on truth/ it is the evidence of their death inside.
Courage is the truth, that when death no longer matters/ it no longer contains fear. Fear is the certainty, that I could die/ things for me, could go bad; I must do something. The end of fear is the certainty, that you will die if things go really bad/ and the end of the body/ mind, is the end of that pain & that reality, and the beginning of what is new, what is true, and what is love. The question of proof; why should we believe death is nothing more than the end/ even if there are miracles, in evidence of GOD ; there is no proof, that we are not abandoned! Unless you believe in JESUS Too. I do.

The blessing of love is “you are valued by me”/ the blessing of life is, it is not so simple as body or mind; life is more, therefore GOD is still here, in our lives, and in our souls; we are alive in GOD . Is not an illusion or a misstatement/ it is our truth. Truth never dies, it remains eternally, as it existed when conceived. The consequence of that ingredient in eternity, establishes a degree of trust in the compositions of our lives; and introduces thought to the pulse of life that completes our soul. Thought then becomes a destiny, a journey, a hope, a desire in itself, and the meaning or method, of an existence shared. The disciplines and order of thought reference a long list of realities, that are beyond the purposes of this work/ it is unnecessary. The reality of this work to me, is like any other work; it is necessary, it is useful to the people who will benefit, it is my job/ therefore it is my responsibility to continue it, until it is finished. After the work is done/ then the opportunities for personal development or growth or desire is a right, a hope, and a desire to be filled by your own purpose for life. The consequence of work, as it develops into the various facets of isolation due to the work, are simply to be endured; it is your job, life demands it, quit complaining and do what must be done. Simple enough.



That social life is determined by who controls the power to choose what can and will be done/ and what will not be done. The consequence of this is business, and the governing body instead of war, is politics. The foundations of both, are then tied together, as both struggle to control the power and direction that is society. What is then critical to the public, as a human endeavor of life and hope and strength, are the decisions that represent that power, and overcome the responsibilities to life; by destroying our relationship with honesty, honor, respect, or duty.

As is common and necessary in all aspects of human life, is the relationship analysis of critical structure that determines the outcome of each decision/ and the future that it will become, rather than the promises that are illusionary, or delusional, or just plain lies. Critical structure means: that you have identified the fundamental needs of the business/ you have clarified the critical costs associated with the work/ you have participated in the foundations that will make your understanding of behaviors and needs fundamental to your decisions/ you have established a base of needs, that you can and will service, as the work that is your business/ you have expressed a true interest in the work, behaviors, etc, that are coming if you do this work/ you know, without doubt or excuse, what will be expected in time and effort for this application of your freedom to choose, but your enslavement in reality as time declares this to be a structure that must be built, rather than simply accepted. And do place your future in wisdom and truth as determined by reality; instead of prayers, or any other such excuse. A prayer is NOT, about the things you want; but your relationship with GOD , and a critical and true NEED that cannot be met in any other way; Or it is your worship and thanks, prepared in respect and truth. It is NOT, your crutch, your “shopping list”, etc/ it is your life, blessed by an opportunity to be heard.
What is critical to big business is “the competition”/ and any change in the structures that employ the needs of the company, and how these are met. Big business is literally just a small business enlarged to consume the identity of the individual, and turn that work and reality into something sold, rather than something serviced. While big business “services people”/ that reality is not from a personal “you can depend upon me relationship/ it is the understanding, that you will be treated exactly the same; or expected to be.” A simple “this is good enough, I accept”, is your customer base. Or, I have no choice/ this is not my decision, I am forced against my will: reality pushes me. The critical compilation of details for both, are very similar.

The 3rd factor of business is the labor, in every small business this is a simple creation of who can and will do the work. In every larger business, this is a microcosm of who gets to choose who will do the work/ a battleground for the failure of who will be in charge. The work itself is often completely irrelevant to the vanity of pride, power, and selfishness. Anyone can be ignorant and stupid and lazy. The foundation of all business/ thereby all work, is the simple reality; life will not give us time, unless we provide our input and struggle for the wisdom, strength, and skills to succeed. That said, predatory practice seeps from every crack and crevice that men have made. The question of labor is not based upon who gets the most money/ but on the creation of a relationship based in respect for all; including your customer. Those who are not respected, or can be convinced they are not respected, even if this is wrong/ will fail the business, and cause their own failures in the process. Respect, and that does mean “with the money too”/ is primary to every business that ever existed. If not respect/ it is essentially slavery, and if slavery “the whip does not build anything but enemies”. The failure to be fair, is a whip. The demand to take more than the company can stand/ merely a weapon to kill the hand that feeds you. Critical understanding allows: there will always be fools, even today “millions believe, nothing can go wrong/ we can do ANYTHING we want, and there will be no consequences”. When the idiot rules/ the nation falls into crisis; “welcome to america”. When the people fail to take charge of a crisis/ civil war breaks out. When the crisis of war, can literally take everything away across the world: the failure to intervene, and DEMAND THESE PROBLEMS SHALL, be faced plainly, directly, and with honesty, BECOMES THE DEATH OF A WORLD. When this is proven beyond any doubt, true/ you have become the living dead. Life is not a game/ you are on trial as a world.

The 4th factor of business is the available resource! It makes no sense to “wish upon a star”/ to be a lumberman for instance, when you live on the ocean or in the desert; it is not going to happen here. A resource is anything that can help you survive/ a request, is anything that can help you be happy with your life. The resources available to most are found as rock and dirt, as these can be used for building houses or supporting plants and animals. Concrete helps for simplicity and support; therefore even in the poorest countries, simple assistance provides a large percentage of jobs, for a significant period of time. Taken as an example, the use of these resources then requires a realistic awareness of knowledge and usability for the product/ AND the necessary TOOLS, with a fundamental knowledge of their usage and the manufacturing base that provides support. A wrench is useless, without a bolt so to speak/ a tractor is worthless without fuel, oil and the tools required to use it. Therefore if you were going to help a poor country provide for themselves in a different way/ because you support them with different tools than they are acquainted with; then you must also teach them how to use the equipment/ what to do with the new consequences of that equipment/ and maintain a level of support that is equivalent to sustaining the work, particularly at critical times. An example would be the agricultural base in america, that does fundamentally support the farmer with parts, supplies, fuels, and anything else he or she needs quickly: that the season may NOT be lost to these things. Plants and animals require “time based help”/ or it becomes too late. People require knowledge, or they fail to understand the limits of what any resource can actually do. The critical question beyond supported sustain-ability/ is then how do we understand our work, and our world, and NOT destroy our future?

The foundation of human activity in all 4 factors of human society called business is the critical levels of competition to each one. Too much competition for the small business person becomes a need for more aggressive actions/ often becoming the sale of sex in some form or fashion; which then becomes a raid and a rape of all things when critical loss is established as potentially near. Women sell because they can/ men cry, rape, steal, and kill because they can: both gamble and risk, as a means to retain some level of hope and safety, for life. What separates them from their sanity/ destroying honor and respect along the way is the critical consumption of their lives by the fight to survive. This is “easily alleviated” by the simple truth: you will always have access to a living wage job/ a respect and value for your life assigned by us, to you.

The foundation of competition among larger business is an ever increasing aggression, leveled at any flaw/ or any condition that can be manipulated, tempted, or conceived as a target of value. The fundamentals then become “consume, or be consumed”/ and the reality moves from one level of concern for life, or respect, or environment: to increasingly lower levels of concern, respect, or damage to environment; this is our power, pride, money, and selfishness on the line/ and “no damn people, no damn thing, and no damn efforts to kill it will be allowed; “playing god” means you cannot be defeated”. Therefore when reality attacks/ truth is the first casualty of war. The second is politics/ the third is the court system/ and the fourth is integrity, dignity, and then all respect for life on earth. “Doesn’t matter/ I am the important one”. To combat these things, the reality is: either the size of business must be controlled and limited in their scope of power, to influence reality and change society; THE BEST WAY! Or, they must be influenced by society itself through the introduction of rules and behaviors, in exchange for protection from the competition; a fact that use to exist in the USA/ before greed consumed this too. The question of social “communism/ socialism/ monarchy/ or democracy” as a “government” participant in business: is no different in one than it is in the other. ANY INTERFERENCE, is a bad thing! The question of social constraint over business is fundamentally a social example of: this is our world, this is our lives, and we are equal in every sense to you. Therefore if we allow you to do business here/ then we expect specific results for ourselves; we have a right to protect our lives, health, environment, homes, and future: WE ARE PARTICIPANTS in this business, and you cannot refuse our influence. Therefore the difference is: where governments depend upon the official/ “social constraint” depends upon the community, the state, and the nation of people themselves as we the people. No possibility exists that these things can be dealt with in “little groups”/ aggression and competition will defeat you. Thereby, the consequence of business in society is: that as a society, we ourselves must make the rules and pass the law that controls the outcome of our work, and our world. It is not up to business/ they are not in charge: WE THE PEOPLE, are in charge. Our reality cannot be left to employees; what is government must be decided by the people themselves; being fully educated, informed, and by vote then, and not before. Fully understanding, that all business exists to make money, and all risk must be shared/ or it must reward accordingly. Critically understanding, that mistakes will be made/ but where they are incidental or unintentional clear warnings without legal results are sufficient. Defects that must be changed, are subject to a shared responsibility between customer and manufacturer; such as we provide the part/ you install. Legal predation is the end of every society, it is baseless and critically damaging to all forms of social benefit as a society/ and must be removed entirely; NO more ravaging society or its citizen, just because you are a vulture. Political predation is the assumption that to promise whatever the people want; “is somehow a right”/ government is NOT ABOUT what people want! That is their own responsibility and intent/ “not ours”. Instead government is about what people need, that cannot be provided for in any other way; such as a foundation for the preparation and prosecution of laws, for WE THE PEOPLE. There are NO issues of healthcare in government; because government is not a business; nor should it ever be! Instead the issue of healthcare is the promotion of critical factors that benefit healthcare to the people; such as the laboratories and patents that become medicine and drugs/ these are foundations that support what will become the business of selling of these drugs, etc. The difference is; what is fundamental to a happy life, such as healthcare is; cannot be an extortion, wherein one individual or entity has control over any means that is literally life or death for an individual. Where this question exists/ the people decide for themselves. To sustain and protect this right, such things as drug patents or this type of machinery are owned only by the people themselves. The price of a drug is dependent upon the competition/ which is dependent upon how many choose to compete in manufacturing the product and the resources required. We give patent rights as a nation/ and we can change patent rights as a nation; no questions need to be asked, it is our right as a nation, by educated vote. But the reality must be recognized as fundamentally NOT controlled by the official/ rather the consequence of the evidence, as defended by the truth and assigned by the reality determines who is rewarded with the work, and by how much they will receive. You will set up a schedule of opportunities, with their respective reward; and by the honesty of a consequent reality, they will get their money; recognizing basic science is always done first, because without knowledge there can be no understanding or wisdom.

The foundation for the consumption of resources, IS WE NEED THIS TO WORK! Thereby the world itself is lost, because you refuse to accept the cost of your personal decisions to “make more children”. Are you not one of these children? YOU are involved, and YOU are the answer; the earth is full. Even so, our reality as a world is literally; we are now such efficient consumers of resource/ that the world itself “shall be empty” in a very few years; nothing left/ all gone! Therefore you have a choice/ EITHER FACE YOUR REALITY, or die. Because without resources we cannot live. Therefrom the critical assertion is: all must learn to share! The critical reality is; if you do not choose to be friends with each other and the world/ sharing will not happen. The critical truth is: to accept the price of caring, that you may respect and understand the need to share; you must accept that those who have led us to this competition and aggression and consumption and its ultimate disgrace as our human indifference to life and earth and each other/ MUST BE CHANGED. Women will rule, NOT because they are better/ because they are at least different, and the consequence of that is at least their decisions will be based on different perceptions and understandings of life. Women are in fact, “way more different” than men realize, certainly more so than I ever expected. It is our only chance for change, because the hidden organizations and networks of men are used to control any change these men of power don’t want/ men have ruled thousands of years; and we know what they do. We know, it is not a guess/ we know: and the end result of all that threatens us today is, men will war. Simple as that/ they would try to avoid it, but pride and power and selfishness will not let them succeed. The pride is; “We are in charge/ the power is, we will kill, starve, or make you fear/ the selfishness is, whether for life or for death, we will never surrender control”. The reality of selfishness is; “You cannot come/ because I believe you are not sufficient to be part of my world”.

The consequence of all these things and more is a group of people who are forced by circumstance and reality to “be slaves to the rest”. Life can force any person into situations they cannot avoid, realities they can only endure. We are equal, means this is a reality that must change now. The question presented is simply: people are forced by the need to survive/ money is used as the primary tool of manipulation and control. “I have control/ and if you want or need these things for your life or another, then you must pay what I demand”. Whether that is sexual, demeaning, violent, hateful, aggressive and destructive to all life, or the rest. Such is the reality of power, derived from money that condemns society to repeat itself in war, and social calamity or catastrophe. Money is NOT the problem/ people earn their right to make choices for themselves apart from needs; this is realistic and fair. What is not realistic or fair/ is the power allowed to a few/ that then destroys society for the rest. Power rarely exists without pride/ and pride always insists upon the games to be played, lives to be toys, and trophies to be displayed. Pride knows nothing else, wants nothing else, accepts nothing else. Therefore the structure of society that fundamentally robs everyone, is the allowances made for pride/ that then become power, & rapidly turn to hate. The truly odd part is, most everyone wants to join the rich; instead of working for life for all. But the reality is “the rich” control the court/ control the propaganda/ control the government/ and control the outcome by using “their hidden armies of hate” if things get out of control; and threaten, extort, kill, or whatever is necessary to keep their control. “It’s the way of male leadership; as carefully conceived over thousands of years”. Can’t let them take the power away, so wars are started for redirection/ weapons are prepared for theft, rape, and mutilation of rights, hopes, and love/ opportunities are stolen, lives taken for the simple purpose of power and pride. Why? Because ridicule is a very powerful tool, allowing purpose to declare; you are nothing/ I am god. Lust, greed, failure, and the rest; simply the game played to prove it.

Our critical reality based upon the need to share the work, and retain the resources as best we can: IS HELD WITHIN THE SIMPLE TRUTH, you cannot continue to destroy so much, we & you, will die. Neither can you continue to drive everywhere you can. Work MUST BE held within a community distance/ the needs supplied by your own community businesses, both for work and for supplies that can be done on a community basis. Because these things take the vehicles off the road, the pollution out of the air, and the fuel from burning; oxygen content of air is far more critical than you assume. Every fire consumes oxygen! And so on, every community needs to search for their own solutions to public transportation in real terms; not the failure of buses/ but the foundations that cut the need for buses as well; such as the delivery of groceries. Community business must be held to account; and to do this, you will instigate a registry of percentage accountability: everything in this store, is not more than “____%” above its actual cost/ with penalties for failure.
The critical reality of the individual is then put to the test/ as all the consumption, and all the driving, and all the waste, and all the aggressive competition is real; and reality means there is a truth behind this evidence and consequence of human society. Consumption is about ease, and the demand to feel secure “I have more than enough”/ driving is about separating yourself from your environment “can’t make me/ don’t have to listen now”. The waste, is simply because you don’t care/ could care less, don’t give a damn, let someone else; life be damned. “Except yours of course/ or those you select to live with you.” Playing god is fun, isn’t it? YOU are going to decide, if you can be a grown up/ YOU are going to decide if life has enough value to you, to pay the price required to survive. If not, lies aplenty will invade your head/ and you will fight to support ANY lie that does not confront your world. If you do/ then work is required of you to IN FACT support the world of life, by making decisions and doing what must be done to keep us alive. It is your choice/ but without support from the majority, you will fail. Therefore take a look around you, understand “if all these won’t do their part you die with them”/ and begin the journey that brings understanding, knowledge, and wisdom to their lives too. Murder will end as murder always ends; the end of life!

The question of life in society then becomes entangled by 4 distinct demands: that needs must be met or we die/ no time to fight for truth, must abandon hope and truth, and fight for life. That means for change to come: 1) every life must be supported in their needs for food, water, and realistic subsistence; that they may fight for a better life. 2) every life must be educated to the problems and realities they face/ and understand the choices that are being made, and the options that exist in reality. 3) the foundation of true change is based upon equality, which then becomes a relationship based in friendship, which then becomes a respect for each other, for life, and for this world; fundamentally changing society forever/ if you protect your law and its courts. 4) you must as a society abandon want and pride and power; creating instead a government of the very least power over you possible. This done by creating the laws under the constitution yourselves/ deciding how the money will be spent “a percentage basis, basically”/ and governing the employees of government, instead of them governing you.

There is a variety of simple things that can be done in government. There is a variety of simple things that can be done individually, a simple start to these; a clear reality is “if the bank says you have the money/ you do”. No more, two weeks later “you don’t”. If the money is posted in the account, the money stays in the account. Check washing can be stopped simply by making the ink on the prepared checks wash off too. Does this not function for both?

Another simple reality is a lot of heat ducts are in the attic of a house: that attic gets to 180 degrees in the summer (which means you are running all your air-conditioning through the furnace before it gets to you)/ and that attic gets to 20 below zero in the winter (which means you are running your heat-conditioning through the freezer before it gets to you). Insulated ducts only have 1 inch of insulation Cover the ducts with at least 2 feet of insulation and make sure they don’t leak air to the attic (use caulk or tape). Insulate your attic well/ check your furnace and UNDERSTAND what the flame and operation of it looks like; so you know when something is wrong. If you see yellow flame instead of 90% blue flame; something is wrong. If you see any type of flame evidence outside the heat exchanger such as fire, soot, or melted wires etc; shut it off. Natural venting of a heating appliance allows for down drafts to occur if the flue is too short or various tree or building arrangements create vortexes above it, these then end in carbon monoxide in the house/ and a poor flame that chokes the furnace causing a yellow flame because of soot buildup inside the heat exchanger. Understand how to turn it off/ the gas off too; don’t touch the controls. If you have a fire extinguisher, you can make a difference; even if it is just to clear a path to the door. If you have a vehicle fire especially, a fire extinguisher is NOT effective from the top down/ lay on the ground and spray directly under & into the fire, in spurts from the bottom, letting the fire suck it in. The one thing all emergency medicine kits fail to contain is; a bottle of oxygen/ oxygen is a very useful tool in first aid, and the recent addition of oxygen in “small handheld propane type bottles” with a simple valve and tube on top IS a very effective, simple, and cheap way to achieve this help/ sometimes the only thing that will really help is oxygen. Just some hints. Are these too hard to understand?

The reality of air-conditioning is that by afternoon a building can get hot in the summer sun/ by “watering the roof” for a few minutes, just enough: once or twice in the afternoon you can keep 10 degrees or more out of the house. I spray my 200 sq ft roof in 2 minutes on a 90 degree plus day/ just the part in the sun. It is enough to make the house comfortable in the evening instead of hot; without air-conditioning. Flow meters, timers and so on can do this for you/ attached to a temperature control to insure it is necessary keeps water usage at a minimum; and if your inclined, a cistern can collect the water used. Be realistic/ check the benefits as opposed to the costs and decide if its for you. Look farther and expand your thinking. An idea suggested years ago; simply use pneumatic cylinders to close and open drapes in a building; “insulating the windows at night automatically”. The cylinders are cheap, a block and tackle system can be used/ one small pipe & one small air compressor and an either or valve/ or a spring and the work is basically done for a whole lot of windows.

There are those who will tell you; food isn’t going to be a problem “we are genetically altering food production, and gaining much higher yields”. PROOF “we as scientists know” what we are doing. While it is true very significant studies are occurring in crop plants, the reality is: even if your studies included what these mutilations did to the worms, bugs, birds, animals, fish, and humans who consumed them; it does not. The reality is at best, you are stripping the protections of the plant; the ability for it to survive in nature with its many virus’s, germs, and a host of other calamities that can come. As you achieve greater specification to the plant/ you ruin all chance of diversity and the opportunity for the plant to survive if attacked; what will you do if “a plant pandemic occurs”? And on and on and on. Animals called livestock are still being abandoned as a living example of life; relegated to “money”, and no more. They will go insane soon, and never be domesticated again. Creatures DO communicate; have you never seen a flock of birds in close formation/ the pictures of fish swarming together; they are communicating with each other, it is impossible otherwise; ask the pilots who do air shows. You fail everyday, in every way, by not respecting life; Not to mention all the drugs and antibiotics fed to “nothing but food” everyday, is feeding your “superbugs”/ you won’t have medicine soon either; have to die, nothing left to use. But you don’t care enough to stop, do you? Many will accuse me of being wrong, “can’t prove it”/ but reality says to you clearly: I do not have to be right/ it is YOU that must not be wrong; or you destroy life on earth! But even so, there is no cause to believe I am wrong/ animals communicate too; once fear takes over, they will simply die. Disease mutates and then becomes even more deadly; what human decision can you point to and say honestly “thank GOD men were in charge/ look what greed and pride and power did for us”. I can point to countless deserts formed strictly because of human touch/ wars/ pollution/ environmental disasters/ economic disasters, which are in fact so simple they have no excuse but greed, selfishness, and consumption. Be afraid of science, they can kill you. Such is the case of fusion, and on and on.

Be skeptical of media, they can “play with you/ ridicule you/ and be used to curse your life by keeping you uninformed”. They do not represent your interests, they are the pawns of money “do what you are told/ or be fired, and black-balled out of the business”. Just how it is. Not even the little, but important stories get by such as they dug the channel deeper around niagra falls; effectively opening the drain bigger and draining 6 trillion gallons of water so far. You would think with such a simple solution, action would be taken; but then “the smart people, would look dumb wouldn’t they”. So much for life, environment, eco-systems/ pride wins. Idiocy is rampant, lies are the norm, failure the blueprint of “experts”. Even the tiny things are too much; such as while the lakes in the south are all dried up today/ DIG THEM DEEPER, right now! Put out media threats immediately; if the color of your lawn or landscaping, measured scientifically is more than 7% higher than your average neighbor, it will cost you thousands of dollars per acre. We need not catch you watering/ the grass knows. Wake up, “zombie-ville” isn’t endearing/ stop listening to your experts and news, they have made you stupid. Too harsh/ you are about to go to hell and armageddon, WAKE UP NOW. Or you die/ this isn’t the play ground, even though the college idiot never woke up, blind and stupid; the people as a whole do have common sense, the reality of learning based in the truth of consequences that cannot be denied: start using it, and throw the “fast talkers” off the podium/ find your own solutions. Find your life back.

You do have to deal with yellowstone, you cannot just ignore it/ and once the gas is relieved it is fair and real to use the geo-thermal energy for electrical generation; like it or not is not an issue, we are too many people to throw away this much energy and discharge that much pollution. Simple as that. Our new reality as a nation is that fire breaks will have to be cut in forests, not simply clean cut/ but reduced in spots, removed in spots and fundamentally prepared to avoid losing the whole forest instead of a part. Critical reality demanded of those who fell the trees, in other words the very best specimens shall be left to repopulate the forest, a minimum stand of the best of every species and no touching a species that is not flourishing; anything that looks “too good a tree” coming out will be confiscated and the lumbermen penalized; their names published, and everyone’s right to work in this forest in jeopardy. Of necessity, the following story is added; a person I knew cleaned out his wood-burning stove of 3 inches of ash and set it on his porch, in a paper bag. I immediately told him “BAD idea”/ but he assured me no fire had been in there for 3 or 4 days “perfectly safe”. I set the bag several feet in the yard on “green” grass/ the next morning a trail of burned grass extended from where the bag had sat, to his front porch. In other words ash holds a lot of heat that can become a fire days after it was lit/ even when it feels basically cool on top. A little breeze in particular causes problems to occur. To extinguish a fire, it is absolutely necessary to move the ash around in such a way as to cool it/ or use considerable water over the entire surface of ash, because it can reignite. These same realities of too many people needs, also demands the american falls at Niagra should be closed; the tourist industry will do just fine with the Canadian falls/ the additional energy put into electrical generation is necessary. And on particularly high consumption days, the Canadian falls will need to be cannibalized for water, instead of looks or tourists, as required.
Just for the curious, I do use alternate “clips of information” in non conforming locations; because those who choose to read one type of thing/ commonly turn away from the other points of interest. Thereby the introduction of such clips as these, leaves you without an excuse.

In support of business itself, simply understand an assumption is not a “business idea or foundation”. If you kill your customers respect for you, by displaying greed and a lack of concern for their well-being as well as your own/ they will go elsewhere. If you decide “tomorrow I die or retire, etc/ therefore today doesn’t matter”; You are burning the bridge to any possible reconciliation that you may need later. There is no such thing as money/ believe it or not. Our reality as a truth is: that I will work for you and your needs, if you work for me & mine. As a consequence of life, there is then the others who provide different things, and we share the life that is in us by working and by caring; or as a society, people turn to indifference and choose to hide in numbers. “Simply, I don’t need you”/ and then I can simply buy you or what you need , to prove revenge exists in me. Want is a catastrophe to society, producing more hate, and less respect for life, than any other single thing. The question of want is then, WHY does this exist? The reality simply is called “adultery”. Adultery is the decision, “I want to trade lives with them; him/ her”. Adultery is clearly evidenced in the people who want to trade bodies: “I don’t want to be a woman/ I want to be a man, or I don’t want to be a man/ I want to be a woman”. For whatever reason, they have abandoned their own rights and gifts as a body of life/ and chosen to believe in the illusion that “those are better”. Want is then seen as the removal of reality, to assert “IF I had control/ I would be different”; and the end result is a life that worships control, and blends images into the lies they create as worthy of their efforts in time. Only miracles can change reality/ my own life “simply, a miracle decides”. Everything else is work and understanding, or some type of gamble that allowed “one in a billion or so” to have something attached to them, rather than owned by them. To own your life and your existence requires you to accept the reality of your position/ and build as best you can, with all that you do have. What you do not have/ what you are not/ what you have no legitimate access to; are all symbols of what does need to be changed in society, and are critical relationships that you need to work with or at least support in changing your society. The difference between wanting to be something you are not/ and accepting who you are is: understanding that life is not about the periphery of images displayed/ it is about your acceptance of the basic order that is your life, and the fundamental disciplines needed to change whatever you feel is unhappy to your life. A large portion of adult unhappiness is cradled in an honest and fair sexual relationship with the opposite sex; the rest fundamentally a division caused by the lack of justice or fair play. Life teaches patience for a reason; the reality is/ unless prepared properly, no matter what you do gain, it will not make you happy. Therefore life begins in miracles, happiness begins in understanding that being a miracle GRANTS TO YOU the concept and truth, “that you are precious beyond belief/ you are valued and of value, more so than any other thing in this universe; you are life, and more importantly you are “a child of GOD “. How can you be so sad.

You will never be judged by what life forced upon you/ it was not your choice, you have no responsibility except to pray that you may not fall into violence and hate inside yourself. Do not judge yourself, it is not your job/ survive if you can. The question of eternity for us, a human being from earth; is not so simple as the human mind believes. We are life, and from that life a body and mind is formed that becomes the influence of our decisions, and the reality that is our teacher and friend. We are life is not a misstatement; the “we” is our reality, an understanding that we do not control our beginning or end/ we are an energy inside created from life and from self; that forms and stays without our comprehension or knowledge. “We” simply use our reality as life, and our truth, as the acceptance of an identity allows. It is that personal identity that is eternal when accepted by life; this is the growth of a creation that you personally have formed; and it is entrained by the expansion of thought into the identity of an energy that is completed by the life which gave us birth. This combination of all three, gives us soul by the definition of eternity; life/ energy/ and “I created this truth”, the discovery of order and discipline is formed by truth.

I know, I have wandered away from business again/ it is a reality of my own life, that I am tired of talking to you about less than truly important things. You are pitiful listeners, always looking for an angle to prove “you are the smart one”/ when the reality and its truth as provided by me are nothing about being “smart”. What is true is true/ but liars are everywhere, “saying to themselves, we can change this; just focus on something small, and live without comprehension of anything else”. Writing is used, because at least it provides a second look, a definite source to consider the intent or ask about what was meant, or intended to be considered. Everyone does make mistakes, my own reality includes a dependency upon an electronic boiler ignition/ that proved to be invalid and wrong. Believing “surely, if anything goes wrong internally, the worst case scenario cannot occur; surely built properly, instead of with ignorance or failure or disrespect”. Wrong, people care about the money/ never forget that, and you will rarely be wrong. Fortunately for all involved catastrophe did not occur. It’s a never again moment/ but a critical concentration of truth, that the electronic ignitions used in heating appliances are less than honestly safe. This problem was created by me, using a similar part for a rare boiler, with a slightly different but same basic function; no part available for a week. As to business, this application of reality is intended to show: although critically aware of all but one principal involved “the internal arrangement of the electronic part, and what it would or could do”/ I was depending upon the honesty of manufacture that says: “If you know this type of sequence will be a disaster to all/ then it cannot be allowed to exist”. I was wrong, because this principal component was not built to my expectations/ I was wrong because I believed in what others were expected to do, instead of what they did do. The reality of failure in this device was; correctly operating a fan comes on for about 1 minute, then ignition sequence starts and must recognize a source of heat sufficient to light the gas occurs/ and then the gas is released and ignited immediately. A week after installation, the sequence changed; the fan and the gas came on together, one minute later the ignition sequence started with the chamber and flue full of gas. Fortunately for all, the owners were just coming home to see a fireball coming out of the flue and shut the gas off. The gas shut off by the controller when the thermostat finished calling for heat; which means simply the sequence simply changed: A VERY BAD DESIGN. The failure of this part and its potential consequence to life, required that a suitable description of the event, the cause, the reality, and the need for change was created/ and sent to the various attorney general offices in each of the primary heating states of America, to the manufacturer of the part, and to the business that sold the product. Information made available to the owners of the house as well.

Insullation for the Poor

Governmental purposes; are not about who controls what/ RATHER it is about what benefits society as a whole.

The issue, “far too complex for the average politician, fire chief, or other graduate of “simple town university”; IS turning primarily “paper garbage” into cellulose insulation, and giving that away to the poor; for use in their own houses. Bring the recyclables in to the city facility, and get cellulose insulation: paper ground up/ treated with fire retardant/ and then blown into the cracks and crevices of buildings in need. Too complex an idea for the common public official, can’t understand its only a “ball grinding machine”/ minimal expense, a little electric; and a maximum benefit package to the poor, to the environment, and to the ecology by reduction of garbage; they laugh and ridicule/ I guess if it doesn’t come out of the package at a store, with a label on it; well how can anyone understand that, its like you knew something without being told. No university wants that.
Again the list of basic benefits
less landfill space
more money for citizens to pay for their energy bills
less energy wasted
more energy for the future
less pollution of every kind
an improved environment
less or equal tax burden, because those who save money on their bills, do not need money assistance.
employment opportunities, at a minimum skill

a substantial benefit to the poor, otherwise unable to insulate their homes, making their lives better, and happier.
HONEST resource management.


Shredded paper

Of the various products available for use, shredded paper or plastic that is bio- degrade able (plastic not protected against uv rays of the sun does decompose fairly quickly) . The price allows shredded paper to present the possibility of protecting fruit and vegetable from freezing by distributing the product “like a light dusting” over the trees and vines when a freeze threat if imminent. Wind and rain removes the product, and it is allowed to decompose/ or is collected by the placement of fences and such for the wind to do the raking so to speak.
Of other such uses, in farm fields in early spring, worms and bugs often search for plant debris to warm up in/ shredded paper is a perfect product, and they like it. Therefore lines of shredded paper in a field could be used as a trap to entice them in, and then “reduce the population by reasonable means”. You will remember not all worms and bugs are undesirable/ understand the target and be careful what you do.
Heavy infestations of insects or worms in trees, can be removed by blanketing the tree with plastic and pushing smoke or other gas into the area/ or just directing a concentrated smoke into the problem area to force the insects to fall, onto a prepared surface “blanket on the ground”. Dispose of.

Borer infestations in trees create small holes and tunnels inside the tree which are perfect for the introduction of steam heat. Simply create the steam, hook up your delivery hose to their biggest hole, and wait for steam to come out of any other hole that they have made throughout the tree. Done properly it should not harm the tree, to any functional extent. Alternate methods would be the use of gases known to kill the insect and be acceptable to society. “A lot, of problem insects such as lawn grubs” can be killed with steam as opposed to chemicals and pollutants. Re-sod if necessary. In the case of lawn grubs, the critter called a mole, eats them; can you not figure out how to work with a mole? Grubs are in small identifiable patches of dead grass/ mole ridges are easily walked back down to level. Like the woodpecker, who eats only borers & similar insects in trees, thereby protecting the tree/ not killing it. The human reality is; “You are screamers/ simply demanding: listen to me, I am god; rather than learning anything of life”. Just too smart I guess.
The foundation of public transportation is the car or bus in america. In simple definitions, the installation of a cable pull system for 3 or 4 wheeled bicycles/ with a simple cable attachment to the public provided line; could remove a substantial amount of cars, in small and specific areas/ and provide realistic freedom of mobility; particularly with battery backups for vehicle assistance. There are also the possibility of lifts and ramps to help with hills or just give a little boost to the rider of common bicycles. And so on.


A claim was made earlier as to “never wrong about critical realities calculated to the extent I was certain of the results, does not hold up under this situation. But no intent was meant to suggest “without error”/ instead that was intended to mean, where the studies and preparation of all consequent variables were understood to the extent of not less than a very small percentage of potential error; I have not been outside that percentage of expectation that was allowed for/ therefore not wrong. This error in judgment or fundamental accepted as respect for our lives; was a major participant in allowing the introduction of this “Not quite right electronic ignition” it was not built to anything resembling expectations. That reality is: to the extent only one or two or three percent of the possible unplanned events would create” (every degree of doubt, represents an unknown that can damage the whole, potentially destroying as well) a shutdown, or simply burn up the part itself, without further incident. The principal of this decision, that represented a potential sequence not fully understood in the electronics; was accepted as “believed”/ rather than known. A very critical mistake (believing that “business, manufacturing, and government protected us from the worst things that can happen), that acceptance; existed outside my usual realm of discipline. The critical reality of failure in this story is mine, because it was not a “defined an sold part for this particular purpose/ but the truth is, every single electronic ignition must be designed NOT to fail in this way; that is completely irresponsible. Irregardless, the point of this story is: that the “end of the world potential” that exists in a wide variety of sequences that will be born in the various threats that confront us today, MUST NOT “be believed” as substantially corrected and safeguarded by those who only want to play and get the money/ is in error. We must know, that these things are critically resolved as best we can. Not perfect, as best we realistically are able. My life has taught me, “too cautious, spells disaster, MUCH more so than “realistically safe”. We must connect with an understanding and wisdom that conceives of an order that critically disciplines our own consequence “to guess it will be alright”/ and underscore the reality we simply cannot be wrong.

Another story would be, “a lovely couple” who tried to rent houses called one time, “to hurry and come over, at 5:00 o’clock in the evening/ they needed a floor fixed/ because tomorrow the government would not pay the rent for their renters, because the floor was not yet fixed. I did not go/ but told them it would be all right. Said because the renters caused the bathroom floor to be drenched so badly that it ruined the hardwood floor in the bedroom; their fault/ not the owners. Even so, we fixed the floor the next day, and the owner “ran away” and consequently lost the money. The “moral of the story” was, sometimes you just have to fight for what is realistic and right; even if it is a government employee. This same couple owned another house where the backyard neighbor encroached onto their property and stole by fencing a large portion of the yard. A fact easily remedied in court/ but a reality that needs the courtroom, and often brings threats and the assault of words or more from those who so blatantly steal. They did not fight. The question of life in society is not about peace unless society fights for you; the reality of this society is “fight for yourself/ or be run over”. At a different time, I was bidding on a job for them and presented a reasonable and fair contract; expecting to talk to them further I did not specify an exact kitchen layout of cabinets/ they used the contract, hired another and were surprised by a dishonorable contractor in regard to those cabinets not specified. The reality is, you must understand the work, even if it is a contract by talking to the people presenting or writing it, so nothing can be a surprise to you. As best you can. Still another time, I put in a used gas stove, and to my surprise found a burner that didn’t work properly; I went ahead and cashed the check fully intending to buy a new burner which was then far more than the price of the stove/ so I was going to look for a used one; but that was Saturday 9/09/01 and with 9/11/01 I completely forgot for a year, as I have worked on this project since that time. I went back/ but they had moved, and it just got lost in time. The moral of the story is, if something is not correct with your work, call or do something friendly to find out why this happened; it will be better for both of you.

The reality portrayed above is simply “not perfect”/ I too have a variety of things on my mind; and consequently do not always lend more than a small percentage of time or talent to simple projects; “my mind is then busy with other things”. I Am not always correct in details or assumed risk; “Just like you”. When critical energy and intent exist for a project of real need, I do study, research, and; do the best I can/ is this not your way as well. Anyone who comes here for perfection will be disappointed; “not me”. Instead if you understand need defines the passion, and reality creates the truth; then you will know simply, that not participating in this trial for life on earth is not an option, not a perfection of purpose or desire or whatever: it is simply the truth of life in me. Who then are you? My own reality simply; I have lost interest in all but what is important to life, small talk has left, because life is simply too important & the severity of what I have studied in detail simply too real to do otherwise.
I am aware, that I can and do write harshly regarding certain issues, BUT the walls you build inside to protect yourself from the others, are all about pride. It is the pride that demands “I will not be treated this way/ and closes off the world, to play with yourself as a god”. The only way inside, is to “tear down these walls”/ unless you are willing to open the door; and that is rare. Therefore if you become sad, it is only because life is asking you to change and rearrange your belief’s: to let truth protect you, and honor defend you, through the honesty that gives us the right to be ourselves. Don’t need to do this “your way”/ I will do it mine. Don’t need to be punished because it is not “your way”/ I am free to be me. Sadness is the end of pride/ the surrendering of the walls that separate us from our lives, and keep us imprisoned behind the walls that others have formed in our hearts. Understand then simply; that to remove sadness, literally means to embrace your new life, and build your new hopes on a destiny that lives within your own truth, as life on this earth. YOU DO have to build this experience of life, which means you DO have to express and experience new things in your life. But when you are through, life will be reborn in you; a happiness that your own courage and respect for all life is now the evidence of your soul.

There are the realities of people who live on the brink of starvation and failure, because people do not treat them fairly. Across the world, poverty means “we don’t have enough, to fill our needs/ because someone else will not share with us: they simply don’t care. This is a consequence of numbers, a reality based in resources that simply confronted with the numbers of humanity cannot survive/ thereby the humanity cannot survive/ the reality of over-population for a specific area; where most are afflicted/ the reality of greed, where only a small proportion are afflicted. Over-population can only be fixed in one way, the world is full, and women must accept that 2 children or less is all they shall have; critical and permanent changes are required. Again, simply put “a thousand women can be pregnant from a single man or more/ while a single woman with a thousand men will probably not even be able to conceive one”. “Fixing men”/ will not help population control. Only then can support be given. The reality of today is, even if you save the children/ you only save them for war; thereby hate will take many. As to greed, the fundamental resource of law decides the basic reality of justice for all/ form the law, and you remove the problems. Even so, resources are now scarce/ because the future has needs too. That means literally, only so much fuel for you/ that means literally no more “elderly pomp and ceremony”/ need help go to a retirement center and stay there. Go back to heating or cooling one room, and the rest stays cold or hot.

If not billions, countless numbers of people “want to be rich”! More clearly, they want to have everything they can immediately; “just like those other lucky bastards”. Jealousy is a blind and contemptuous whore. Never mind the slavery/ who cares about the inequality to others, “make me rich”. Money is the labor and resources necessary to do the work/ that is not a number called money, it is a number assigned as people and their lives! The stock market as has been proven again; is nothing more than a liars pit/ using greed to plan and play a gambling game. Using numbers to steal lives and jobs and securities from an entire nation; the money they claim is nothing more than lies/ the business, and its workers, they assume and suggest they support, lay in ruins across the nation; because greed consumed them, from all who gathered like vultures to eat the carnage and not care about the lives involved. It is the greed and lust that cannot support infrastructure or the needs of life and planet. The rest of business not yet lost, are primarily games; because they play with numbers, not truth. No more, The stock market will surrender every option, every credit strategy, every margin, everything that is NOT “real, honest, or true”. No more pyramid schemes, no more worshiping “the legal execution, of business to steal and destroy ”. Pride adds “but if I am not a winner/ then I must be a loser; and worthless; so I will seek revenge”.

Critical analysis indicates the top 12 richest people in america control $304.3 billion dollars in assets today. With the stock market option to invest in margin at $10 dollars per each $1 dollar actually invested= these 12 people could control over 3 trillion dollars of market impact. Or more simply in an american economy said to currently be $13 trillion, 768.8 billion dollars/ they hold almost one fourth of all the work done in america in a year/ or more simply; they control with the possibility of the stock market, the work of every american for about 3 months of their time. Who can doubt that is too much influence? As to almost 14 trillion dollars of declared activity by the american workforce GDP : divided by a workforce of 50 million people, that means every single worker is generating an amount of work equal to $280,000.00 two hundred and eighty thousand dollars each. Every janitor/ every clerk/ every single worker; “Could it be a lie?” Another question is; the government employees declare no real inflation has occurred/ but in chained dollars; “as if it were the year 2000"; the above amount $13.768.8 billion dollars/ would read only $11.520.1 billion dollars/ or more simply 13.7 trillion verus 11.5 trillion/ difference of $2,248.7 billion dollars or more simply 2.2 trillion dollars lost to inflation. $2,248.7 billion divided by 300 million people= $7500.00 seven thousand five hundred dollars per face lost since the year 2000. Add in currency devaluation/ housing inflation during that time/ utility raises/ tax increases/ etc and the average american has lost considerable. Not to mention the debt increases, which of course “your leaders assert, no one has to pay”. Could they be wrong? Could they be lying about everything? No one desires a depression/ but lies just multiply the consequences. You desire a better future than the financial catastrophe built for you; then go to court, create justice for everyone as best you can; and accept the cost of what you have done.

LLL2 DO you see the error? It is important for you to understand that you cannot simply follow me. You MUST inspect every statement or need as best you can, so there can be no mistake in accuracy of intent. In that way, YOU decide for yourself/ and you are then committed to the reality one way or the other, “lukewarm is removed”/ if you understand and make your own decisions. The error is simply in the above figures; is reflected in the decision to suggest it’s a worker wage loss/ when the reality of its division is as every face per 300 million people instead of the 50 million used to represent workers themselves, or the loss to each individual worker is 6 times higher, and equals $45,000.00 dollars per worker, in reduced buying power, since 2000/ not including the other factors

No more realities to make the others jealous, a reward is justified, but not extremes. No more electric everything, or battery anything you can think of, no more throwing it all away. The day of the “rich person” is over/ it is not a blessing (the biblical tale of a rich man cannot enter heaven without true mercy/ is based entirely on the pride that consumes them), the belief everyone is out to steal “my money/ or use me” etc, is not open to friendship or truth. There is nothing more important to happiness, than an honest and real friend. We face a reality in this time, that declares either you will be friends in truth, or you will be enemies in war. There will be NO “middle ground” soon. The crisis of over-population, and all the rest will not surrender to fear, not to want, not to pride or power or selfishness; only to truth and the actions that warrant the honesty change has occurred. If you refuse to live within the parameters life will set for you/ you will die. It is not a hard concept. If you refuse to surrender your hate and contempt and ridicule for each other, you will fight creating hell on earth from which you will not escape, because there will be no end. If you refuse to surrender genetic mutilation and crucifixion, you will enter Armageddon; “nature in chaos”/ and terror beyond your comprehension will rule your existence and your eternity. If you run away or hide, you will simply die like a small child hiding in the closet with the house on fire; “What is your prognosis for his or her life”? If you change honestly and with respect for each other, surrendering leadership to women; because men brought life to this crisis and they are abandoned. Then you will work, as best you can, to clean up the mess men have made. You will remove the weapons of mass destruction; one country at a time if necessary, by war/ you will join together as a world to do so, and depend upon world law to control your future destinies; no more weapons to destroy the earth. No more destruction of nature, no more “lots of things”.
Someday, maybe the composite definitions of how and why business itself works may be written/ but it is not today, the world is far more important than what you want to do “with your excess money”. First the world must survive. Go to court and prove to yourself, to the others; that you are not wrong. Listen honestly for a change, and let life decide in you.

Since there are still no women organizations, to accept the possibility of leadership/ or the clear desire to support life on earth. The inventions will be released; the most lucrative will be patented/ although I have not decided if they will be protected to any degree or not. Or when these will be released, but not long. The patent office is barely authentic, and not afraid to give “lots of things away”. The question of who will own the rights, is determined by “the advertizement of this site and its purposes”. At this moment, [since american business and its propaganda machines are without any honor or purpose beyond greed and selfishness]: that can be any country in this world, I am not “picky”/ I DEMAND an appropriate advertizement; and unless women come forward honestly do not care about the rest. There are two separate engines, not the same; but you will understand them once explained. I DO suggest, the competency of this writing and work sufficient to describe “a clear probability of potential”. For simplicity, those who are my family will be disappointed if the money proves real, but they have been given countless opportunities to prepare and learn; all choose pride or running away. It is their choice, and they must live with the consequences. The same is true of the area I live, state, country, etc; you have been given all the opportunities you could stand/ and I accept NO further responsibilities. Not for anything you will endure, it is your choice and you will accept the consequences of it. Without the leadership of women, the reality of money represented here is of no real value; you will be dead, long before they mature. But a little time will be bought for the young; and that is enough. Patented simply to keep some of the stealing down. I will not “buy assistance” from women/ if you do not care enough to come without the money; you do not care enough. Money will not decide the fate of this world, women will; it is up to them to find the honor, courage, respect, and love they need. Because I am a man “mostly”/ My help is for “simple things”. Reality and truth agree, “Society and women have found me both fearful and insane”; fearful because too defined to cast aside/ insane because “of spiritual things, and writings not common to man”. What then can I say: But again, I am not your savior/ not your enemy either; just a messenger, and the message is delivered/ even if I do nothing more, it is delivered. Therefore understand truly, “That the message itself has nothing to do with me, it is about you, and life on earth”. If you let your own lives and survival, “be dissolved into me, anything”/ you are being deceived by yourselves. This message is about your life and survival, and that is all/ it is not about me. The work aligned or suggested with women by me, is a result of the “spiritual woman inside”; she is in charge, strange to you though that may be. I failed to find any possibility that men could keep us alive/ not even one. Therefore she is in charge/ and a blessing to me; as until that moment in time, the idea that women could lead never entered my mind or soul as a possibility. She is responsible for what has become a clear and determined effort to help you survive. My original intent was simply to make men admit they were going to exterminate us all; they cannot save us, but to let them go without a complaint was too much to ask. This spiritual woman of Revelations 12 changed that, and provided the work you see today instead; I am grateful, even if you never understand/ that changes nothing in me.

As to this writing, apart from some inventions the education is over; either you separate from your pride enough to search for your lives and stop the madness / or you don’t. There are limits to what knowledge, understanding, or wisdom can do; without a real and proper decision, in truth: they are a fruitless waste of time. It is your turn/ it is your life.


Contrary to the consumption of everything including the people doing the work/ or the consumer; the reality of business is very simple: how do we share the burdens of our survival? It is NOT by surrendering everything to a diploma/ it is NOT by surrendering government to a diploma/ it is NOT by propaganda and rhetoric to confuse and diffuse public understanding, such as is done in the USA [never since the gestapo, has there been so much blatant propaganda against life]. There is NO SECURITY in money. There is NO opportunity in “ an open world market.” There is NO value in experts. And there is NO value in being the best employee there is; because if the bastard’s know you can and will do the work of two or three/ they will push you, control you, and manipulate you, until you quit; or literally become their slave.

Critical awareness understands, that as 7 billion people, and growing by 2 million people a week/ with over half the people on earth under 26 years of age; “Ready to have children”; therefore growth WILL multiply faster. We cannot consume anything we don’t need to, for simple survival. We cannot take anything the future needs, unless we literally put it back, in some form of recycling, replanting, or foundation (last for 500 years work), the earth is no longer able to tolerate it; and war will come, life will end: If you do not respect your truth.

Critical truth knows the health care crisis in america is NOT ANYTHING the propaganda machines blame. It is the greed of the medical profession! Who else is charging you; “the dirt/ the tree/ the plant: who the hell, do you think is making up these numbers and charging you? It is the medical profession/ and they are no better than you; do you not feed, clothe, house, transport, heat, and everything else for them? It is just, a different form of work. The problem is, in medicine, because the body dies or finds pain; EXTORTION is very easy. Take away their ability to extort; END insurance/ control individual cost, by telling them “too much/ it is time for you to die”/ payment is made by a percentage of income; period, voted upon by the public/ and shared by every institution. The people provide the buildings and the products necessary, by national bids/ by local bids/ and by community decisions. NO more extortion/ no more stealing, on either side/ NO more authority over life and death decisions, let the public decide and pay for exactly what they need: NO MORE “sticking it up the children’s ass; no more old age queering/ no more old age perversions/ no more old age whining, or crying, or failures; YOU ARE A TRAGEDY to your young & you are going to die, ETERNITY STARTS, therefore another day could not be less important: get use to it! All drug patents belong to the government of WE THE PEOPLE/ we will own them, & we will do the research needed as a people. No more genetic patents/ no more genetic research: you have no right to crucify the world and everything in it.

Critical reality knows, the foundation prepared in countless ways by the university; is nothing more than death, “dressed up like a queer/ and flaunting its perversions”. They are not your saviors/ these are the perpetrators, who have prepared nearly every threat you face; these are the traitors who have created the tools of your extermination/ and led you to the edge of death. You will get control of their influence over you/ and push it back in their face, as your control over them; or they will finish their work, and make you extinct. Do it now.

Take a look at where you truly are, every day will show you just a little more/ until the collapse comes. This is due, to the tragedy of money; thereby the swindlers/ cheaters/ thieves/ male prostitutes of government/ and the rest of the swine in banking and industry whose only benefit of a college education was how to be as GREEDY and SECRETIVE as any human being could be; since the beginning of the world. It is the pride and power and selfishness, that controls the government; they buy your representatives, and they own them, because if pride cannot stand to surrender the power of a position/ then want determines everything; and want is for sale/ to the highest bidder. Always, and for certain! Marriages breakup largely because “the bid is higher over on the other side of the fence/ for the moment”. Politicians are no different/ if the bid to move to the other side is high enough; nearly all “have a fire sale, and move”. The only cure is to take away their power/ by establishing laws only by critical public vote/ controlling the number of words and the number of laws that can be created/ and letting the employees of government do what they should be doing: and that is making sure business is doing what the law says it shall/ and nothing more.

The foundation of corruption is excess money, in all government/ and in every society. Because money buys slaves/ creates mobs/ and forms intrusions into every life it can touch, by transforming what is needed by someone; into what is owned by another. Thereby creating power and pride in the owner; who becomes tempted by selfishness and control/ and creating WANT in the rest, because they have no control, over their needs. It is a pitiful system, devised and sustained by men/ to control each other, and enslave each other. The critical connection of money to society is: the PROMISE, I will do something for you/ if you do something for me; the money allows a third party to intervene, and say “I will do that/ if you do this”. Therefore money is a promise of fair play/ but excess money is a promise of corruption and greed; because it opens the door, to buying what you do not need, and owning what you have no right to own. The critical reality and truth of every society is: without an earth to consume at random, all gone/ all dead; our reality has become, we WILL share, or we WILL WAR. All dead! Therefore the assertion, that money can remain as it is; is not only suicidal, it is an attempt to assassinate the future, by consuming their world, and their lives. Even if you are young/ are there not children and babies following you too! The concept of reality, is going to change; or you are going to fail! The concept of money is going to change into, our relationship with each other, is more than a promise/ it is our guarantee, that we did participate correctly, and we do have a right “to our share”. The difference is in ownership; those who have money today, believe they are owed the right, to claim possessions, time, and lives. They are not/ money is merely a tool, it is not more than a tool, and it deserves no more respect than a good tool deserves. In other words, sharing the future/ the present/ and our lives, means: access to what you need, is a given/ YOU HAVE A RIGHT, to what you need; THEREFORE work will be provided to all/ shared by all, and open to all who qualify themselves to do so; NOT by diplomas, but by reality and truth: more commonly called the “lessons, of common sense”/ and more detailed specifics of evidence, as required in the search for justice (even in work); this is correct, as best we can do.

The foundation of all business in america & no doubt the world, is the intent and efforts of men/ trying to control the competition of other men/ trying to control the other men themselves/ trying to tempt “give me your money”/ trying to manipulate “trust us, we know better”/ trying to deceive, “its not really for us, we are going to help you, or them”/ trying to get an advantage “its not really selfish, after I get a billion dollars, I’m going to buy YOU everything: sure you are”. These plots and plans coincide with deception in every other aspect of business, including forms that are not clear/ subversion in penalties, interest, billing, purposes, theft (just take our loan/ give us whatever money you have/ and we will come then for everything you ever get, cause you fell into our trap. OBVIOUSLY NEVER a loan, an intent to trap, mutilate, and “eat the flesh, while they are still alive”.) Banks/ lenders/ housing/ hospitals & medicine/ etc; all use deceptive tricks, to gain an advantage; but not to worry, pay them all you have, and then you can go whine to “the government” so they can give you one or two pennies back; not from the thieves/ but from the other workers money. Why do you think the “government” needs and takes over HALF OF YOUR PAY? They have bills to pay/ bribes to collect; you wouldn’t want them to spend their own money, letting the others rob you/ would you? Do you think the employees who are given the job to protect you/ CAN’T insist upon a form for each and every business; such as buying a house: THAT EVERY SINGLE HOME BUYER/ LOAN SIGNER, DOES NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE GETTING INTO? Clearly they can. Deception is an integral part of american business; DON’T TELL THEM NOTHING/ keep them stupid; CONFUSE THEM; so they cannot defend themselves: “That’s how we make money”/ and so practically everyone else becomes convinced its necessary. A nation yelling “steal, steal, steal/ that’s how its done”. Don’t think so; when was the last time you fully understood your medical bill/ when did you fully understand your tax billing/ when did anyone tell you the details, or if it is something you need, when did those details prove to be fair; such as the deception and thief associated with bank charges; it cost you nothing/ why then does it cost me $100.00 dollars? America IS, the land of steal ,steal, steal; don’t tell them nothing, until the trap goes off! Every deceptive contract, is deceptive for a reason! They intend to steal/ they intend to manipulate/ they have been tempting you/ and they want to control you; end of the story. “Until you get into court”/ do you believe the money does not control the court? How stupid and illiterate can you be. Do you believe the “USA government” does not lie, about facts and figures/ just like they did in Vietnam; every week 10 of ours dead/ 1000 of theirs died; in fairy tales! LIES AN LIARS go together/ it’s a firm deal, you get one, you got the other. Think about it, and investigate for yourself.

The only purpose of a world market, has been to open more credit for the USA/ so they could avoid the reality someone does expect to be paid. The TRUE IDEA, is to die first, of old age/ before the children understand, and rise up to stop it. They have lied about the numbers/ lied about the idea, “debt doesn’t matter: its just numbers, and these numbers are put into savings so they don’t count; in fact we can use the numbers to make more numbers, for more credit. Never mind, 120 trillion dollars of promises “this is worth anything/ so long as no one finds out, no one cares; until it all fails at once.” But what then, if not civil war? The answer is bankruptcy court, as a nation/ or war; take your pick.

But the world is involved too/ and the USA owes them a great amount of money as well as the vast majority simply to its own people? What now? The answer is, we are no longer a world, dependent upon consumption of resources/ WE ARE a world, that is dependent upon conservation, and the dedication of humans, in preserving what is left, of this world. Therefore money is useless as a debt form. WE ALL MUST CHANGE. We all must find a different perspective/ a different method/ and a different purpose; or we will die. The only possibility, that is different than men/ IS WOMEN! Like it or not/ they do hold the keys. Men will do everything they can, to keep what they have; even if it is proven worthless. Men will do everything they can, to continue on in the ways they have known; it is “their way/ their design as a group/ and their authority over life”: but each of these things has led us to tragedies just beyond this moment in time. Each of these things of men, will simply become the tools of our extermination/ the insanity of a dying world. Pray for women, and hope they can choose better. But the only guarantee you get, is they will choose differently! The only truth upon which you may depend is: GOD does NOT desire life on earth to die! The only reality in truth is; if you do not let women lead, men will cause this earth to die: this is a guarantee! Make your decision.

A few will always insist: “That gun doesn’t have any bullets/ it can’t harm me; I am invincible besides”! But this is not “Russian roulette”/ this is reality, and the threats that will exterminate life on earth, grow in strength every single day. You cannot evade the reality of food or water/ these are under attack/ you cannot evade the crucifixion of nature, it will destroy you unless you stop immediately; how can you doubt/ take a look at your reality; and YOU “the monkeys, of human history”, believe you can play god. Your insanity is literally beyond belief; if I did not live here, truly I would not believe you could be so insane. Your weapons/ your impatience/ your pollution’s/ your environmental damage/ your ignorance and stupidity; don’t understand a pitiful thing except WANT. Are you without a brain? The answer is no/ YOU just WANT, and that means, you left the truth behind, to “play with toys”; like bad little children, you have also played with life. And it will die, unless you grow up: AND DO SOMETHING TO STOP THAT. Start with women/ HELP THEM/ encourage them/ support them, “take a damn close look at what men have done”/ and tell me what you have to lose? The answer is nothing; with prayer and help and life and respect; GOD will help you survive. IF NOT, then you die. Death is a repeating theme/ because it is your future/ it is literally what men have led you to; and it will be HELL on earth/ just as crucifying nature will give you ARMAGEDDON here on earth; nature in absolute chaos, order lost! This is the gift of men, this is their decisions for life in society in action, this is your reality; and you cannot escape it, unless things and leaders are truly different. Men CANNOT be different than they are/ THAT MEANS ONLY WOMEN SHALL RULE! There are no excuses/ there are no defenses/ there is no refusal: there is hell and armageddon; or there will be women in charge/ and change in men. Take it; or leave it, and go to HELL/ and then HADES, for eternity! It is your choice.

The experts will say: No way, we are doing good/ leave us alone! Sure you are, now beyond the edge of bankruptcy and looking down: your homes are the only credit for millions of people/ there is nothing else. And they are dropping in value/ which means no more credit, ever. This nation runs on credit, you have nothing else but numbers/ therefore no credit means a flood of bankruptcy/ creating another flood of bankruptcies; like dominos, your economy will fall. “But numbers don’t lie”/ lets look, at roughly 100 trillion dollars in debt; 2 million dollars per every individual worker; Do you have any value owed to you, as a nation: in these numbers? Do you? NO you do not/ you have spent nearly everything/ and stand to lose the rest very quickly. You are through financially; why should any worker, work; when these numbers prove, they have simply been made slaves! How so; Think about it; a few have “millions of numbers”/ the rest owe them WHAT? Is their lives more precious than yours? Is their GREED and thirst for POWER and realities in SELFISHNESS “the builder or the destroyer of society”? While it is true, LIES AND LIARS, do cause some business to be created; It is only because, they never intend to pay [do you believe anyone in government or university intends to pay? NO, they intend to be kings/ queens/ perverts/ and whore’s. You can pay/ you can be slaves.

Do you think the “experts” are not the people who helped them lie their way to stupidity and death threats upon every life on earth! Their experts/ and their media; “it is controlled by a handful, who choose what the baby will be fed”. Not a baby? Says who/ you eat whatever they spoon feed you everyday; and question nothing/ how is that not a baby; look where you are/ VERY NEARLY DEAD. Because they taught you not to care about anything/ and they taught you to be confused: “just let me take care of this”! And they robbed you blind/ naked/ in poverty/ and threatened with death: Are you ready to thank them? Then thank yourselves the same; cause you let them do it/ and insisted on it yourselves. YOU ARE GUILTY, same as them. Have you not chased them saying “me too, me too/ please me too”? Have you not looked the other way/ and pretended you don’t care, even if you do. Apathy and pathetic are NOT survival methods or tools. WAKE UP, or you die.


The question of real business, can be seen in the tragedy of Iraq today. FEAR kept the americans from employing the Iraq people from the beginning. FEAR caused the americans to tear down the doors of anyone suggested by anyone. FEAR OF weapons of mass destruction caused this meltdown to begin. And FEAR of, “these foreigners” are going to destroy our country, and our lives; WITH THEIR MEDDLING and stupidity; we must fight: is just another way of saying, we will not change/ we are men. And men cannot be men/ by submitting “to the enemy”.


You cannot survive, by controlling the work; YOU MUST employ all the people/ by controlling the hours and conditions of that work. You cannot survive, by fearing the competition will eliminate your jobs; YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT, to yourselves [by destroying your money and your credit/ by consuming your resources, only to throw them away/ & by surrendering your government as we the people; to the money and power that controls it today. YOU did that]. Today, you must act and react, to what is REAL, AND TRUE for today. If you whimper and moan excessively about “the good ole days”/ you will fail, and enter hell and beyond. GROW UP. The tragedies accumulated, from the leadership of men and their experts; ARE ALREADY IN PLACE/ you cannot wish them away. They are real. “The destructive weapons, used against environment, and every reality men have touched/ HAVE already done their damage; it is too late, to fear the possibilities/ TODAY, you will learn to fear the reality by its truth.

The question of this day is not: “how to keep men from losing control”. The question of today is how to keep life on earth alive, including men. The answer is: to remove the leadership of men; they brought us here/ to death’s door.


The issues and functional realities of business and the sharing of lives, through the honesty of truth, and the reality of understanding the basic premise: that justice, equality, and fair play, IS LITERALLY, the only bond that we as society can share. If we do not do this work for survival together/ then you will war. If you war/ THEN YOU WILL DIE. This is not a hard thing to comprehend; weapons of mass destruction/ resource loss/ rampant disease/ starvation and cannibalism/ etc, etc, etc. As men you have one choice/ either help women to lead you; or die in HELL AND ARMAGEDDON. LIKE IT OR NOT, WOMEN HOLD THE KEYS. Not because I say so/ but because they are different than men; and the reality of today, as well as the historical record clearly shows exactly what men will do; “they will argue, fuss, and fight over little things and important things; and then they will war/ its what they do”. Their leadership, held to the fire/ always says; let us not let these people focus on us/ let us fight someone else, that will distract them from us, their leaders/ that will solve our problem, not only will many die; but we can take someone else’s work and resource from the other nation as well; “Its all good/ behind the lines, and out of danger”.

The simple mind says: I WANT, and that’s all that matters! NEVER looking beyond that want to see the damage and destruction that comes with it. As is true of everything done in the USA, the cost to an environment, ethanol for instance (you will die of thirst in the desert); the cost at a later date of not paying your bills and living a lie (you are bankrupt, the whole nation; numbers don’t matter/ reality does); genetic mutilation “not a problem for those who want”/ what can go wrong, gods aren’t you! The list seems endless. Fools and failures in charge, but that’s ok; as part of the herd, its not like they are leading you to SLAUGHTER. Its not as if, you are being herded into the chute that funnels you to death. Or if you believe in truth, rather than in herds; where else do these things go? The answer is to HELL and ARMAGEDDON. As predicted by the bible and other religions. How could that be? Does it matter, You will still be in hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos, a crisis beyond belief of tumors and everything that can go wrong with a life form; things like a head growing out of your ass (why not, its only order that decides)/ things like your arms literally falling off (why not, its only order that keeps the ligaments and muscle attached and working). Beyond all fantasy, you are gods: it is your demand/ and nature will soon prove you will play NO MORE. I know, the computer will fix it! But oh wait, it is your universities that you depend upon; and they brought you this terror and traitorous felony assault on life.


As to the fundamentals of sharing the work, the realities are somewhat complex; there will be a determined effort to get “MORE than my share/ been doing it always/ and I WANT”. Trained in lying, cheating, and stealing; the reality is temptations, manipulations, outright theft, extortions, mob actions, tantrums, tempers, and more will surface easily and quickly. To contain these people; it is absolutely necessary to understand: let them have what they threaten you for/ then go to the police, and insist they must investigate, and remove this person from society. “To a work farm (grow your own)”/ where they will work for free, or they will starve literally and without mercy; until they do. To accomplish this, it is absolutely imperative you support each other in justice for all/ fair play for all/ equality for all/ & respect for all. Fail, and you fall apart descending to destruction.

There are rules in business for the employee and the employer, they are:

1. Don’t assume/ know what you are doing, or do not do it. The primary assertion of knowledge is; you may learn as you wish, IF YOU CAN PAY THE PRICE OF FAILURE, NO EXCUSES/ and MORE importantly, IF you know for sure, what you MUST NOT do. Failure to understand this basis for survival/ and failure to accept the responsibilities of your decisions; means you are not only risking your own life, but the others to some extent as well. Somebody pays/ and “sorry” is irrelevant after the fact; what can and will you do, what does society demand, are the only issues left. As is true of this entire world today, dead is dead/ if you fail, sorry won’t buy you anything. PRAYER, is not an excuse; IF you are praying, because you don’t know what you are doing/ then you are asking GOD to excuse you for knowing; that you are being intentionally stupid. You won’t be excused for that/ this is a decision, you are making; it is your decision/ and it is your consequence. Learn honestly, and then proceed, or do not go.

2. The money involved matters; don’t be greedy/ don’t be selfish/ don’t be foolish/ don’t want: apply truth to your lives, and accept reality means, we will share the work, and we will share the rewards. Business means, the distribution of money and authority is dependent upon what is best for the company/ not any single individual. Follow only truth, and let reality decide/ if you choose to lie directly, or if you choose to lie indirectly as in want; tragedy or disgrace awaits. Only truth knows, only truth protects. Be honorable and fair. Be happy, life is important, and so is happiness; you cannot buy it/ you can only share it.

3. As a worker, there are three basic things you need to do: be fair with your work/ be honest with the person paying you money/ be careful, NOT to hurt anyone, including you!

As a worker, there are 7 basic things you need to do for yourself: (a) speak up when it is important, people make mistakes or just plain focus on little things or big things instead of the whole picture; speak up, if something seems wrong. (B) do not do the work of someone else, let that person have their job; if you refuse to share the load even though you are pushed, the burden of your job will simply increase, and you will lose more than your fears or life can handle/ causing you to quit. Would that be better? (C) we are all in this together/ that means if your contribution is lacking, the rest will have to work harder, or better; just to fix your laziness and apathy. Stop it/ and do your share. (D) NO ONE benefits by being part of theft or disgrace or consumption or destruction; thereby you owe it to your society to report the problems that are criminal to society; you owe it to yourselves to NOT be a part of that crime. Let society reward the people who report such crimes, with a better job, or the opportunity to search with greater ease, for a longer period for their own job. (E) your duty to family and self is the same as to society; do your job/ and quit complaining “that you are equal”. (F) the search for better work, is dependent upon you/ not “them”; if you desire to learn, then do so, as best you can/ but remember this, every job is a reality of work; I have had many, and they are all the same to me; you are doing something you would otherwise not do, just for the money. They are all repetitive/ they are all tiring to some extent/ they are all boring, or they become stressful when every decision is another possibility to be wrong; if it concerns you. But they are also essentially equal, dependent upon the risk to life and health; because they all simply consume time, effort, and the reality “only indirectly, is this for me”. Life is dependent upon our work/ equality and justice and fair play is dependent upon your work. (G) the truth of money is; excess will not buy you happiness/ but too little to meet your needs, WILL buy you unhappiness and grief. Thereby understand that a job is important/ that our reality in society is “a job for everyone”; which means competition has primarily ended and society will decide: That means YOU! So prepare to decide what is important in society/ and then make it happen for each one; not simply you. The exchange of promises, called money is essentially about needs! Therefore if the needs are met with or without money, the reality of money itself is simply about the freedoms you are allowed, and the possessions you share/ the realities for which you care/ and the fundamental ownership of your own decisions, as they become your life, by design. What can be done is up to you/ what influence society has on your working life is up to the leadership of women/ the truth of your reality at this time/ and you. Understand the composition, define the responsibilities and punishments, and create a new world.


Critics will proclaim “this is communism/ socialism/ democracy beyond its intent/ or something else”. None are true, this is simply the definitions that survive, in an over-populated world, where resources are ending, where the environment is dying, where men are going to complain because they are no longer in charge, and where the foundations of the societies you have known have been crushed, and are no longer functioning; men did that with their lies, cheating, & stealing; of economies and everything else. Do you have a better plan? Good, lets hear it! If not, then this is a “bare bones” structure for building a life in this time, and keeping ours alive, while it learns to survive. If you refuse reality / if you deny truth, what you have left is more lies! Your lies are going to take away every security you believed in! You believed in money/ men took it away with lies. You believed in weapons of mass destruction/ men will exterminate you with them, just wait a little longer and done, no more. You believed in the environment could be discarded and disrespected/ men didn’t care, and the earth is literally dying because of it; how will you survive, if they are wrong. How can you believe liars, are not liars? You believed you could consume anything you wanted, and did/ but there comes an end to all finite resources; and you have destroyed much; what will you do without them/ but die. You believe in medicine, but without antibiotics there is Little medicine/ because surgery will go back to “dead by infection/ can’t do it”. You believe in doctors, and they extorted you for everything you had, and everything you could get. You believe in science, but they led you to evolution, a more ludicrous lie is hard to imagine. Science even now has prepared experiments to set this earth on fire, the whole earth/ prepared experiments to create the biggest bomb ever known to men, but they don’t care “can’t see a problem with that”. Idiots and fools and devils have entered your food, your bodies, your life in every aspect called nature; and are playing with it like toys/ fully intent upon destroying the order “so they can learn about how its put together”; take a good look at how men do, and explain to me how a damned humanity today (you will be exterminated unless you change); Can believe it shall play god. I don’t understand how fools and monkeys and devils in human bodies, are supposed to convince me to believe “they are god”/ they are worms instead, simply doing their best to destroy everything that exists. And they will, stop them or the rest won’t matter. And on and on, do you teach anything in your “lower schools” worth knowing? Not very much. Do you do anything at all, that compensates even a little for all the damage and tragedy you have prepared? Not very much. Because you hide and run away / or you just don’t care enough. Just how it is, or more correctly, how it has been! Your opportunity to change is not “forever”/ you will be judged in the year 2010, and if even one woman short of an honorable and honest majority is lacking; to hell and armageddon you will go. Like it or not, this is the prophecy and the message that was delivered to your leaders, and your media, and to a variety “of you”. Look at your reality, at the evidence of your truth, and understand: what it means to be wrong. You gamble, you lose. Simple as that. Make your decision.



One of the foundations of my own life is; I have learned to do it anyway, when the reality cannot be gambled with. When I must learn, it is important, and there is no other way; I go like it or not. The consequence is, a life of learning. A life explained by My relationship with JESUS From the bible. And a reality that knows, too late is too late, today is the time to pay what must be paid.

I too, am a long way from “perfect”/ that is irrelevant, just get up/ repent of it, learning why and why not/ and begin again; as have I countless times. Good prayers to you. Life ain’t about what humanity thinks about you/ life is the journey you choose, if the others refuse to come along, that is their right. You be true to yourself!


In all aspects of business is the potential for greed. Greed is based upon “the time we live/ because life and health seem fragile and short to most; they want everything possible for them/ and the easy way, is to take yours”. There is little difference between a criminal who sneaks in to steal/ and a business person who controls everything, in order to control the people who have needs. The reality of money, has been that control. The reality of limits to control, by limiting money/ and returning all natural resources (not man-made) to the control of society, removes the power over others. The demand to make others poor, enslaves them to their need; they will die, if they don’t obey, starvation etc; will come. Reality knows however, there is no real difference between rich or poor, except power. It is the rich, that make people poor/ in a world where there is otherwise enough. It is want that makes people starve, because these refuse to allow truth to decide; letting reality become over-population and so forth. The foolish, have been whining and crying over the starving of this world/ intervening in the process by nature of keeping enough for survival of the majority, by removing those who are simply too many to let even the majority survive. It is then war/ to remove the mouths to feed/ the competition for everything. Reality knows; it is critical to understand every life is important/ BUT IT IS EQUALLY CRITICAL, to understand population control comes before the children can be saved. Limited birth rates, period. Refuse, and there can be no help. This is reality, “fair does not always count”.

Wealth and society, are under control of the majority. Wealth is a description of resources, and the opportunity to use them; it is the cause and reason for America’s success over the last few years. Society is our bond, created by our acceptance of a foundation upon which we do agree to live; as if by law. These laws of rights, liberties, and freedoms in society, one to another; become our existence/ and design our behaviors, for life as a nation. That is the basis of our experience as a society/ in every nation. While government is the basis and foundation of our control as a society. Surrendered to fools, life in society becomes an enslavement, a tragedy of idiots who believe in power/ pride/ and selfishness, giving opportunity to those who worship the same. Government controlled by the people, is a failure of want, constantly dissolving in the whining and tears of a foolish and blind disobedience to respect or life or reality or truth. Only Government controlled by the law, survives the constant battleground of want; the demands of people who don’t care about anything but their own trophies or toys/ their own failures, arrogance, & perversion of life. The LAW as designed by the truth, in a true human embrace of what is beneficial to life, and to human society, and to the future understands the right to rule, is governed by the process and purpose that becomes peace, harmony, and happiness for all. Protecting the future, for those who will live it/ and demanding of the present, that they WILL pay the price for their lives today. Education is not an assembly line/ not a grade/ not an excuse. Education is the value set out in the honesty of those who have come before, to help the others in their own quest, for a possibility that exists for themselves and for society with their aid and effort. The tragedy of schools is the utter failure of respect! You do nothing for the student/ you choose to control and manipulate them; turning freedom, into a flock “obey the master”. This is a catastrophe for society/ a measured and planned assassination of freedom and the right to think as life gives you to think. The question of government is NOT control! The question of every government is WHAT IS BEST, in harmony and peace, for the people and this world? Those answers are NOT found in a slavery/ NOT found in a manipulated student, without the liberty to examine or believe in life as they desire/ NOT found in “marching footsteps, driven by a leader”. Answers come from the ability to approach and consider life in your own ways and for your own version of happiness, and with the competency of laws demanding VALUE; but if there is no substantial reason why not/ then freedom demands, I can and I will. the question of reality surfaces as the demands we must meet to survive as human life on earth; it is NOT a game. People die/ wars are fought/ people are enslaved, raped, and wounded; because truth did not control the reality of our lives. Therefore true education exists only as the foundations that are literally proven in truth, to be critical understandings of our world, of our lives, & of peace on earth. These MUST be taught, NOT AS THE FOOLS AND FAILURES OF THE UNIVERSITY, but as the critical truths that common sense and reality prove. The bastard’s of hell, those without the common sense of a monkey; such as the evolutionists/ the geneticists/ the physicists/ the psychiatrists/ the chemists/ and the rest of them ARE FAILURES. Look at where you are, the DOOR TO HELL and TERRORS beyond belief. Do you want to thank them, what good shepard’s they are/ oh wait, that’s the job of religion; “Better thank them as well/ such a good job they have done; pandering to every whim/ scrambling to be included in every want and disgrace of men”. The false idols and images of your wants, the imaginary gods of your mind: “going to save you/ going to give you a better life”, are dissolving into disaster. Want is a liars game, allowing a simple lust to become the essence of your life. Truth leads, or life dies.

The evolutionists have led you to be a fool, believing sand and water and sun becomes life by accident; Even a baby knows better, and would tell you so, if they could talk. ASS HOLES, spewing disease. The geneticists are commonly made up of people who want to play god; life is nothing but a toy/ ARE YOU A TOY, for them to play with? They are playing with your life, your future, and your soul/ mutilating your children and destroying everything. A few honestly hope to help life; but these only give credibility to “hells’ devils”. The physicist wants to change the world; playing as god with energy and order, trying to outdo reality and be god, they have very nearly set the entire world on fire, with nuclear fusion; CAN’T PUT IT OUT, if once started! Trying to create a bomb so big it mimics the destructive event that changed the universe itself; even shit would know better if it could talk! The psychologist collects data, to change the world/ by giving the propaganda machines the opportunity to control the masses better than ever before; devising plans and making propaganda to infiltrate the mind and transform common sense and an opportunity to participate, into the mindless drivel of “experts”. The chemist wants money/ don’t give a damn, give me the money! The rest just want pride; I DON’T CARE ABOUT SOCIETY/ I want, to be their master, I want them to be my slaves. Who the fuck cares, “about anyone but me”. Of those not in “academia”/ your excuses have run out too. These are your words, the law is your power, and the reality is the same for you; either you WORK for your lives, or you abandon life on earth to destruction. It is your decision, and you are going to make it, and receive the consequences accordingly. You too, have no excuse/ either pay the price of life, or die.

Your reality is as bastard’s and whore’s; because your purpose and your pride is as failure and disease. The foundation of life is not conceived by your pride, it lies to you/ building the weapons of death. Look around at what you have done; look beyond the moment, and see what the future holds. How pathetic you are; trading life, for YOUR lies. Ignorance is not an excuse/ your want, is your reality! Therefore the question of WHY did you want such things, that you did not care how they came to be; Is the description of your lives. The answer returns to fear, and foreboding/ and cowardice! Instead of continuing the fight for peace and life, against the powerful, with law and truth: All, went hiding in their want/ and now instead of an opportunity to live; YOU are facing an opportunity to survive, and avoid death. The difference is “playtime is over”. Either you pick up your ass out of the sewer; wash off the damn brain, that destroys you; and make the decisions that will save your life on this earth: OR YOU WILL G ET, what you do deserve! If you don’t change what is clearly evidence, of hell and armageddon at the door; Truth will open that door, and soon. Do you believe in “wishing it away”? The insane do. Do you believe in “praying it away”? Without any work on your part/ do you believe GOD is your slave? Is this not blasphemy on YOUR PART. Maybe you think you can just lie, and hide, and pretend, and “oh yes, have sex until you cannot think”; that will surely fix your troubles/ right? Like worms in your heart; you will die a horrible death, for abandoning life on earth; MAKING THE DEATH OF THIS WORLD, Your fault, because you didn’t care enough! The simple reality is; it no longer matters who caused the problems; because if you don’t work together/ if you don’t find the honor and honesty in being friends with all life on earth/ if you don’t respect your truth; you won’t survive.

Don’t believe THE WORLD IS DYING? Then go to trial, and prove it is not so. PROVE you have a right to gamble with EVERYTHING! PROVE you are not completely INSANE.

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