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STATE TRIAL - Champaign Country Court 06 MR 726 State of Illinois


Dated 1/2/07

CRITICAL TO LIFE, Are the foundations which keep us alive! We cannot live without certain realities that keep us alive. CRITICAL TO THIS STATE OR NATION are the foundations which establish national unity, trust, & honor; the things which keep us as a nation rather than people fighting for an advantage. CRITICAL TO THIS WORLD, and IT'S LIFE, are the foundations nature provides/ yet humanity is CRUCIFYING NATURE, Because the genetic code is nature! Can you survive without nature/ can you survive with nature in chaos (discipline lost)? NO, YOU CANNOT. It is not a hard concept, even you can understand this! Can't happen/ not in your lifetime: remember A.I.D.S./ remember Vietnam & Iraq: "the answers of men, the answers of science" in plain view. Nature WILL FAIL, if the tragedy of arrogance, pride, disgrace, and failure are not stopped immediately: just one day too late/ and you, life, & the future are dead. Therefore the leadership of men HAS presented us with critical choices: let nature die, thereby us/ let them keep their weapons of mass destruction, thereby KILLING US/ let them continue consuming for nothing, resources critical to life, in a very finite world, thereby leaving us with nothing but war/ let them finish killing the water, the ocean, the climate, the air, and more; thereby bringing hell. Or even just letting them finish off destroying the money of this nation/ giving the nation itself to foreigners/ destroying by bankruptcy your future: and making you exactly as the Palestine nation is today: OR NOT.

A trial HAS been placed in Champaign County Court 06 MR 726 State of ILLINOIS. This is your beginning to change. This is your beginning to the discussion of WHAT does the evidence say to us/ regarding "these suggestions of media and science". That purpose of trial is then SIMPLY TO KNOW THE TRUTH, AND UNDERSTAND THE REALITY; that we may decide what to do. A secondary public examination of the facts in conjunction with the legal (let there be NO lies/ let there be true consequences if there is) courtroom, as a public discussion and media trial of political and social influences "as the courtroom enlightens us all" is planned to occur. This media direct examination by WE THE PEOPLE, The true government of America! Will then determine and decide what is critically necessary "For the citizens of the USA" to do! The foundation of true government & true ownership of our nation, and our critical participation in this world, are then legally, assigned the responsibility of defending this world and this nation, and our reality as life on earth. Without doubt, this is in recognition of this day in the history of the world itself: that we will mean literally LIFE OR DEATH for tomorrow/ for the future of life on earth as well. Our decisions today, will determine "heaven or hell" for this world. Therefore WAKE UP, & PARTICIPATE just start talking. Gives the information filed in court/ along with some of my own "attitude adjustments" in this matter of change for us all.

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