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This device is based upon the very simple truth, that people can be victimized; in particular women can be raped, (men too). Reality proves women, especially young women can be forced into cars/ can be murdered without even a call for help. And the world cannot help you, if they don’t know! The use of a gun, is favored by most “I don’t want to stop him/ I want to kill him”; but the reality is, being hunted by a predator means, YOU will be at the disadvantage initially, and getting a gun is likely to be impossible for you/ NO opportunity. Therefore it is clear, the primary responsibility YOU have to protect your life is to call for help, even if partially restrained; the fact that jewelry in various forms is already in view/ already known where and how to grab it and use it with minimal thought (necessary in a panic situation)/ and smells, can be and are used in nature to identify, track, and repel . (Can you not identify cinnamon rolls baking when passing a bakery/ can you not tell what is cooking, without seeing it/ can you not tell which door to go in to find them: INDEED YOU CAN). Therefore the use of chemicals specifically designed to identify a woman in trouble (it can be as pleasant as a “loaf of bread baking/ or as bad as a skunk gassing, or can induce vomiting, etc”) its up to you/ so long as it is clearly identifiable by the public “this means a woman is in trouble/ or it can identify a child is in trouble by a different smell, etc. The use of chemical tags in the chemicals spewed out, can be used in court to identify an attacker; This specific chemical is found on both! And just as animals do, people can track you and find you with their nose if the aroma, whatever it is allows it; if you live in the country, YOU KNOW, it is possible to not only identify a skunk in the area, you can determine the exact direction and substantially recognize the distance the skunk is away from you. In other words, although you don’t have x-ray eyes; you will know, if someone is trapped in a trunk or closet or other; and be able to summon help or offer assistance.

This idea has been promoted before, and failed because fantasy and delusion were preferred. This idea returns because fantasy and delusion are not enough/ and the reality is, the world will soon become a more dangerous place, particularly for women. That is not said to scarce you/ it is a truth applied by the discontent that is coming upon men, as their world is dismantled by the simple truth: THEY HAVE BEEN LYING about all the things they do, and the truth is going to show, as deliberate decisions must be made to compensate for the lies and salvage life on earth. THEY HAVE BEEN CHEATING each other, with lies and treachery; pretending to pay, while NEVER expecting to honor that agreement. THEY HAVE BEEN STEALING, promising things and destroying trust throughout the world. That means: life among the liars, will get harder as they face their reality and truth. When men get caught in their lies; these types of men get mean/ cruel/ and extremely unfair/ others get withdrawn, depressed, and unable to function. Therefore it is necessary to use this time in human history to repair the damages done to the environment, replant, and recycle, and so on; DO NOT simply be lazy, or failure will spread like a disease. Consequently, either as women you will prepare and adjust to your own needs; or fantasy and delusion will cost you very dearly, even with “too many lives”, as frustration in men changes from sexual aggression, into a demand for revenge against other men/ or a desire “to take theirs away, with war”. It is NECESSARY to understand the majority of men are not as described above; it is hate, that separates those who will be violent/ from those who are not. It is NOT a participation in being male that creates violence/ it is a failure to be men, and the resultant descent into the chaos of evil comes from the deceit of want/ sexual frustration/ and revenge. Plainly you are being told: Prepare and make decisions that protect your lives/ or suffer badly, because you did not. Participate when someone else is in trouble/ because it could be, or may yet be, that you are in trouble instead: do you not expect them to help you. GET OFF YOUR ASS, and do something!

Review of this reality is then akin to THE FACT, that in nature itself, a review of animals and their defense mechanisms that we can replicate for ourselves/ reveals that the skunk is in fact capable of deterring predators much greater than themselves. Their defense is a chemical release, that operates to repel the attacker, because the reward for continued aggression is less/ than the reality of punishment for attempting aggression. A skunk is virtually defenseless without its chemical spray/ but take a look at any human situation, and you will plainly see: “humanity too, wants nothing to do with that chemical spray; and it is hard to remove”. Which means it is VERY HARD TO HIDE, from the reality and evidence “you have been sprayed”. In review of these truths, a chemical defense is the perfect protection; not because it is desired by humanity/ but because it is not desired by humanity. But like all other things we use with a little danger for misuse/ if trained and understood properly it can be a blessing. It is an identifiable smell that is important/ if you want to include “vomiting/ or whatever, you can”/ if not you don’t have to, but discomfort and a punishment is what deters more than the knowledge someone else knows. If you are alone, and separated by distance: be it known, it is the deterrent that saves the skunk. If you are scared to death and about to get attacked; you can simply release it upon yourself, and keep the attacker away.

The foundation of critical understanding about any and every attacker is very simple: they have made their mind up/ to do “evil”. When attacked, they have stepped across the line that separates them from their desire to be human/ and that means, it is the trouble you represent, that keeps them from attacking you. It is fair to say: if anyone presents a gun or other weapon, demanding you to do anything/ if you cannot run, if you cannot fight; THEN FAINT. It demands they do more than they intended, and you become trouble! Do not fear the gun, or the violence from fainting; it will keep you out of the car/ keep you safer, because “something is wrong” IN PUBLIC VIEW. Anyone who threatens with a weapon/ HAS already decided if they are going to kill you! Your potential to change his mind is minimal if a murderer; YOUR BEST DEFENSE IS TROUBLE/ But not a threat, TROUBLE applies the possibility of being caught and punished himself. If dragged into a car/ if dragged by the hair: get their balls if you can/ DON’T try to hit them, GRAB THEIR BALLS, AND PULL THEM OFF. LEAVE the penis alone, grab only the balls/ one is enough; if you do, and they are real, you will control in less than one second. Trip them, for a distraction; you do that by interfering with the foot going forward, even a little resistence, once the foot “swinging forward” has past the center point of travel, WILL cause a trip. The mind assumes unfettered movement forward, and your decision/ produces an attack on him. You cannot outrun a gun/ GRAB HIS BALLS IMMEDIATELY AND CRUSH THEM, OR RIP THEM OFF. Be prepared to make these decisions before they appear in a panic/ because panic means “no time to think”; YOU must be prepared. But remember this, do not be unfair/ most of the problems women believe men are today, are more about you than about them. Fear helps no one/ it is a fantasy, and a delusion. Decisions matter, LEARN, do, and apply as necessary.

This invention therefore seeks to duplicate for members of the human race, the benefits of an emergency use, “skunk smell” capable of deterring an enemy/ even a very aggressive enemy. Sounding an alarm in the process to society. And marking the predator in such a way, as to provide positive criminal court evidence and the ability for all of society to track, even from the inside of their house/ even as a car goes by/ even when nothing else is possible. We can find you/ and will. If you do not believe this; then test it, Find a group, put a strong perfume on one person, and ask the rest to identify “the strongest smelling person”/ go ahead and let this person hide in a building, if the smell is strong enough; and prove, you can indeed find them, even if they are behind a locked door. It is all the evidence you need/ for the police to break in. For full benefits, the chemicals and devices should be registered with the police/ to the individual, the registry should contain the chemical composition of the specific weapon/ and other descriptions of type, kind, identification number and so on. Women should have their own scent/ children another.
An alternate completely different smell can be incorporated in vehicles/ etc. For instance if the ignition switch is jerked out/ the chemical is released, clearly identifying it as stolen. A “chemical gun” mounted in the front of a police vehicle could be used to mark a car in motion/ but if the car is missed, it becomes a projectile for harm. These are secondary, and only barely worth mentioning to protect them from patent theft; this is FREE/ except for you must advertize the site www.justtalking.info For the price assigned by this otherwise gift to society.

The devices that constitute an invention, as the physical mediums presented in this case are then as follows;

As is true of all jewelry, each device is presented with an access either free of clothing, to grab with a hand/ or as an integral part of clothing, to establish chemical release as a participant of grabbing the clothing and using it to activate the device intended. The list includes, but is not limited to rings, arm or leg bracelets, necklaces, head bands, panties, other clothing, or a “chemical gun, in this case shaped as a fountain pen.” Each is activated by sudden strike or a pulling pressure, releasing the chemical or a propellant activating or dispensing a charge of chemical. Each is intended to apply chemical to both criminal and victim due to the activity of actions involved, and a fundamental intent to create a wide dispersal pattern. When attacked the victim is to strike the criminal, ground, something with a ring for instance, or themselves; [the amount of pressure required can be varied to individual preference]. Once opened, it is the chemical that defends.
In the case of imminent danger a necklace for instance could be pulled apart, releasing the chemical/ and eliminating the attack. A trace of tear gas, or pepper spray could be included. Necessary neutralizing chemicals should be kept at the police station. Flourescent dies could also be added.
The invention of figures 1-4 is a ring intended to be worn on a finger and activated by pressure applied to the center stone 2. Finger band is 1. Decorative retaining ring 3 holds the mechanism in place. 4 & 5 shown in fig 2& 3 are holding the trigger tabs, normally bent toward the center stone 2/ they along with 12 and others as needed, hold the center stone in place and provide pressure adjustments as desired. When sufficient pressure to the center stone is applied, to alter one or more trigger tabs into turning downward, it penetrates sealed chemical bag 11. Thereby releasing chemical 10 as seen in fig 4. Depicted by the lines indicating chemical moves around the center stone in-between the retaining ring and the stone and out into the environment. Trigger tabs 4,5, 12, etc are held on a band as seen in fig 2. Normal function is to go from a convex Shape to a concave shape thereby puncturing the sealed bag by the function of the metals involved. 7 represents one of several slits cut in band 6 allowing more aggressive movement by each respective trigger tab. 8 is a slot in the band itself to adjust tension inside the containment area. The style of the triggers can be {points, blades, rotating devices, or hooks, in general}.

Figures 5,6,&7 represent a ring of the same purpose which functions with a single valve. 13 is a decorative or not, retaining ring 14 is the center stone. 15 is a hole in the center stone, properly sized and fitted with sharp inwardly protruding points or needles. 17 is the chemical sealed in a plastic or other bag for safe storage. When 14 the center stone is struck pressure is applied downward forcing the collapse of cushions 18 & 24 and causing 20 to become too large for its container. Bag 20 therefore pushes up into hole 15 and is punctured by the needles 16 releasing the chemical through the upper orifice. 19 & 23 are piercing points, used to puncture the bottom of bag 20 as well, these chemicals come out under the retaining ring as in the other design as shown in fig 7; or other openings to direct chemicals away from the ring can be cut into the surface of the containment area if desired. Fig 6 is a top view of the ring although almost any shape or size can be adapted for the purpose, dependent upon the strength of the chemicals involved.

Figure 8&9 are representative of a necklace or bracelot to be worn on the ankle, wrist, waist, or neck/ it could be an earing as well (although, not without risk to the ear). The function of this device is to release chemical when pulled, or if brittle (the container itself simply breaks: same for all designs/ the problem with brittle is it will cause cuts, if not surrounded with a membrane to control the dangerous types of fragmentation), then struck. This is a pull apart device with a simple sealed stem that is pulled out to activate the chemical. 26 & 37 are the necklace itself, this mechanism is basically intended to function as the clasp, or as a pendant for the necklace. 27 & 36 are eyelets for attachment. 28 is the chemical container, shown as a cylindrical/ but could be almost any type of container; this is simply a “pull the plug/ and drain the container arrangement”. Shape of the pull apart pin 40 and holder 30 are shaped to open the hole; allowing chemicals to drain through the sealing area, when pulled apart/ {not shown are plungers that effectively move the chemical to each end with pressure due to the pulling action}. Barbs 40 interconnect with friction into socket on pin 38 . Socket area 33 contains barbs 32 as well if desired to multiply the pull out strength. Therefore pin 41 and pushes into the back area and locks, or is shorter to remain before the extra barbs for less strength required to open . As shown the pin 41 is expected to pull apart completely. If a plunger (not shown) is installed on pin 41 to force fluid out, then the necklace remains whole, but lengthen to allow drainage. If the jewelry is collapse able as shown in the deformation at 43 it also contains draining hole at the end of pin 41, called 39, and forward pump area 29, that uses seal area 31; to allow hydraulic force to open the chamber. Containment seals 42 & 35 keep the chemical contained. An extended smooth surface on the pins 41 & 38 give a measure of safety against accidental opening; must move a specific distance to open. A waist chain, of this type may prove the best, as the man may grab the chain himself to jerk it off/ without knowing what will then happen.
Figure 13 shows panties with a restraining belt that must be opened to take off the panties/ if not/ if pulled off without release of the belt/ then chemical packets would open up. These can be as simple as a type of “zip lock approach”. This type of disposable/ washable packet could be sown into almost any garment; with or without “secret pulls”. But does take on a greater risk of opening accidentally.
Figure 14 is a more simple necklace with a pendant that is essentially a “squirt gun, in simple terms; disconnect it by pulling it off the chain, and it is directional intended to be hand held/ or if dropped then stepped on.

The “skunk gun” is basically a device intended as a direct replacement to the handgun/ with the exception its use would be far more effective/ without being fatal. Safer, because it cannot be used to kill you either. This defense weapon is about the size and shape of a pencil or cigar, it fires a projectile filled with the appropriate chemical/ by using a “CO2 cartridge” which causes it to be essentially a small missile and launcher. Once fired at impact it releases chemical/ even if you miss, the smell will summon help, it still means “someone in trouble”, and the wind or air-conditioning systems will spread it. Fig 10 is a loaded missile launcher. Fig 11 the empty launcher. Fig 12 the missile itself, having struck an object 73. This device is expected to be registered with the police and every missile numbered for identification as to who bought it. It would be well, that a small packet of the same chemical open onto the person firing the weapon as well, for court identification/ and a deterrent to misuse. That can be a small sealed packet placed between pin 44 and CO2 cartridge 53 (not shown). As shown the device contains a safety mechanism “do two things” . First plunger 44 must be pushed or struck against a surface collapsing rubber lock 45 and piercing point 47 breaks open the foil membrane 69 of CO2 cartridge 68 releasing gas 53. Propulsion is from left to right as depicted. Barb 70 keeps plunger 44 in place. Seal 46 retains compressed gas, as does seal 51 until trigger released. 54-59 represents a trigger mechanism. 54 is a sleeve which slides around cylinder 50. 54 holds down firing pin 58/ being held by a leaf spring 57 retaining clip 56 and slide head 55. 55 slide head may be ribbed or so to require additional force to move the operating sleeve back to stop 52. firing pin 58 sits into projectile cup 59 (or slot, groove, etc) until 54 is slide off of pin 58 where leaf spring 57 pulls pin 58 out of cup 59, releasing projectile fig 12. 48 & 63 are “ gun sights”. The skunk gun can be easily fired in one motion by a person forced to the ground. simply grasp in hand at sleeve 54 and strike pavement with plunger 44. 72 is the “gun barrel”. 65 is the projectile, seal lock to prevent accidental problems due to moisture, etc. 60 is a ball valve, whose only purpose is to leak chemical onto the person firing the weapon for “identification purposes”. Once the projectile has extended past the opening ball 60 flies out leaving small hole 74 to spray out chemical 67. 61 is a perforated half- moon plate fitted with porous shock absorbing materials. chemicals escape.

The simplest method to protect a car ignition is to replace the bolt holding the ignition in with a hollow bolt filled with chemical.

If you must ridicule the name skunk gun/ grow up. If you are not aware that some miscellaneous small problems are worth a life being saved from violence and evil; wake the hell up/ and throw it out of you.

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