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This is a mechanical version, of a sign that warns drivers or pedestrians of a coming train. Its purpose and design are simply intended to be easy to install/ cheap to make and maintain, allowing there distribution to be widespread/ and dependable in the basic elements that make it work. The foundation reality depended upon is, the train represents its own energy, and we will use that energy to operate the sign/ thereby needing no other form or expense to generate a useful and clear warning.

This can be done by a wide variety of methods not shown, such as an “air bag” which operates like a common foot pump to inflate such things as an air mattress. This would simply be placed between the rails, and an operating ramp would be driven on by the train wheel, pushing it down to create air pressure. That air pressure would operate the sign, being dependent upon pneumatic pressures for its energy. A simple upside down leaf spring, such as is used on trucks can be a simple ramp, used as well to create a flux of electrical energy/ that could be pulsed to the sign. A hydraulic pump can be functioned by this simple method of causing the train wheels to apply force, and use the result. The simplest method is to run a strip of conducting metal in the middle of the track and use a conducting strip from the train for a power supply/ a simple motor and spinning wheel would be enough to draw attention. As designed in the picture; it is a more complex method. In this case the actuating lever by up and down impulses operates a gear and gearbox to push and pull a gear rack for linear travel using a piston in a cylinder to create a gas or hydraulic pressure for usage: by piping connection with the sign downstream at the crossing. The sign itself would incorporate any of a variety of methods for swinging arms, blowing a whistle/ and creating a light display, by friction or electrical generation or whatever. Another base element would be the use of a line of magnets along the track that will generate a signal, to a computer generated sign at the crossing; sufficient magnets could generate all the electricity needed.





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