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Not a game/ not a figment of human imagination/ a reality defended by law. Whosoever controls the law, controls the nation: you simply have to defend the law. The reality of this as a truth is: there can be only a few laws/ taught to every person, and understood by the masses without fear of being wrong. That means the new laws must copy the base reality of the ten commandments: meaning as few words as possible/ direct, clear, and to the point; and no more! Every additional word, is another tool to be used by “the smart people” to create subversive tactics to dismiss it. Simple, plain, & few are the foundations of law called democracy. As WE THE PEOPLE in democracy, meaning simply: THIS IS OUR NATION, and no employee shall take that away. The question of big government or small government is NOT in the hands of an official either; as the proven owners of this nation, WE CAN CHOOSE, how much money shall be spent for employees/ we can choose what specific interests we shall support and we can do this very simply by delegating a defined percentage of the GDP to each specific purpose or category: ourselves, by simple educated vote. We can elect to provide independent auditors, instead of governmental employees to do our work/ and we can establish control, by informing those employees or contractors of various parts and purposes: there will be no more “$10,000.00 hammers”. Anyone caught stealing from the american people WILL go straight to jail; if you collect the money/ you acknowledge you are stealing; therefore the courtroom time required is minimal. Jail for all criminal conduct in government is basically “breaking rocks with hammers”/ don’t do it, no food. Don’t do it for a week, no water; fail to do work then/ and you dig your own grave. In other words, by taking control of the law within the constitutional guarantees of democracy and justice, we can remove those who constantly prey on the majority. We can stop the extortion of government; even in such little things as parking tickets and threats against our right to drive, or the excessive taxing over cigarettes or whatever is unjust and unfair. “Just because they want the money” doesn’t mean our employees can act like predators, just because we can be targeted individually; there is no justice, no fair play, and no equality in anything that does not functionally assist with a better society. We can be free/ within the demands of duty. But the law is NOT ours to do with as we please; respect for those who created our past must exist/ and respect for those who are the future of our consequences must never be forgotten/ and respect for the reality, that our truth as a peaceful and happy society is dependent upon in justice, fair play, and equality must be evident and real in all that we do as law. No excuses allowed. Liberty is the existence of a duty in freedom, that cannot be dismissed; it is the price. Law means such things as: you shall not lie/ you shall not steal/ you shall not kill/ you shall not cheat or bear witness to things that do (such as the experts who declare lies, to thwart reality and truth; where even the blind can see). “Your turn”. BUT remember this, there are no laws about sex, apart from leave the children alone. To condemn anyone for doing what you do, or want to do/ is nothing more than anarchy, and you are being “satan’s tool”/ you have no right to play “master and slave, over their life”; its their life, NOT yours. “Good or bad, freedom is freedom; and that is our gift from GOD”. YOU have no right to change it/ the choice is personal and alone. Only love changes that! As to the children themselves, they will choose for themselves, and you cannot stop them; just how it is. You are traitors to your children, in sex too/ you steal their future/ you steal their resources/ your failures leave them bankrupt; and more. And you give 11 year old children condoms because you know that many are having sex/ and when catching any having sex, you put them in prison for having sex. A more bigoted disgrace and disease of society the whole world has never known. Its like your abortions/ one side of the aisle you kill 5 month old fetus’s and pretend they are nothing/ while on the other side of the aisle, you pretend a 4 month old premature baby is “the most precious thing, and spend millions of dollars, that you don’t intend to pay”. In your righteousness you make children have children/ in your apathy and pathetic foolishness, you let adults pretend abortion is birth control, it is not. How true the biblical prophecy of you is “before you reach to take the spec out of my eye/ take the forest out of your own.” Only knowledge makes a difference in sexual freedoms. The question of freedom, becomes the simple truth that what you do to yourself, is simply your business and right. That is what freedom means; “it doesn’t matter what you think/ as long as no one is hurt but me”. That means even drugs can be used personally, but NOT sold to others; because the consequence to society is very clear/ and we do not accept the damage you cause: but for yourself, free means free. The reality of sex is not so simple as your rules/ the reality of your rules, a fight to prove ownership; BUT YOU DON’T own anyone but yourself. Protecting a child, is fundamentally choosing their life is equal to yours/ and proving that with your time, honesty of choices (stop selling them for clothes, cars, houses, and playtime; grow up). The reality of a teenager is: “Making my own decisions, whether you like it or not”/ that includes sex. When I was in high school, a young pretty teacher came; just getting a divorce/ and she went out with a student or two. Not one of the “young men” in that school are likely to have said no to her; a fact that the “young women” hated. But the reality is: young men don’t care about your rules. Young women are or can be “highly sexual” as well. In other words, what is consensual and HONEST, between two sexually active people who choose to do this themselves; CANNOT be so simple as “we made a rule/ and now you are going to pay”. That is a conspiracy to degrade and destroy someone else’s life, without a cause. Just another game of “I want to be god”. “My life, is my life/ it is not yours; is that not true for you as well”.

Having watched a few minutes of “planet in peril on CNN”/ species devastation; begins in a pathetic display of propaganda and disgust. The intent of this, was clearly to make you fear/ inform you the task was too difficult to stop, and in general be as stupid as possible; let the experts handle it/ give them more of your money, and get out of the way. Just like the illegal drug problem for so many years now; they have no answer at all. The common “rich man/proud man” syndrome. Throw a bastard [a generic term, for those reporters who believe their job is more important than a truth that will get them fired. reporters that blatantly and with apathy and arrogance lead the public to lies, and the witchcraft of “brewing the disease of money”. Which then leads to the singular truth, if all journalists, etc band together as in a union for the protection of the people, planet and life; then the money fails, and so does the power to control the news. In other words, STRIKE and demand autonomy in all things important. no editor, a selection determined by the reporters through vote. Learn, to be plain and simple, instead of a propaganda tool.] in the sewer, and let him fish for stupidity; and teach the others to fear what could or is going wrong. So they don’t do nothing for themselves. The correct answer is to highlight the reality and create a forum for the discussion of solutions among all the people; you cannot tell who, will come up with the answer. “Look at me”. Although all help in changing human behavior is welcome/ the reality is, a continuation of the same basic “flat line heartbeat” will help no one.

There is only one way to stop species decline, as best we can: ANYONE caught with an exotic species/ with a portion of an exotic species/ or in any manner acting to destroy the creatures of this earth; Will simply lose everything they have. Every possession, every bit of money/ every bank account around the world they may possess will be attacked : “to the foreign governments: you take half/ we take the other half”. And so on. We will attack your trusts/ we will take possession of you work, or business, or whatever you have; if it is proven you are a part of this problem. When in fundamental doubt of a true conviction, but clearly a participant in some form/ you lose half, first time only; second time its 10 years in prison. BE HONEST AND FAIR. In other words, “those who support the business that must end, with their money” will be targeted. Instead of those who are trying to collect that money, and don’t care how they get it/ or in some cases, simply have few choices but death or complete poverty.
As to other issues, the reality is; as with the drug trade/ you get nothing by attacking the seller/ you must attack the money itself. In other words, for instance when the rain forest is cut down for soybeans; then the price of soybeans shall double/ the cost of real estate property taxes shall rise by 1000 percent beyond the boundary line proven by government and established by the GPS system; so everybody knows. If you harvest or plant, the property is called yours, and you pay/ if a landlord is involved, he or she pays the same. The government taking the increase for various ecological honesty. The price of a ship to dock for a load of lumber, raises 10000 percent/ and every load is inspected with penalties arising if the age of the tree cut down is too old or too big; “suited to replenishing nature”. In other words; don’t use guns to go after “drug users or drug pushers”/ the people who collect or pay “ the real money” are the people who cause the problem, and they are the solution. In drugs, you simply let the user point out the seller; take his drugs and give them one days supply at a time to the user (his or her reward)/ and leave the seller on the street, after you collect any money or possessions associated with selling drugs called illegal. The question of freedom applies to the user, they can indeed kill themselves if they wish/ but the answer to liberty is: YOU CANNOT make us a part of your problem by creating crime and distress and distrust among this society/ thereby the seller becomes responsible.

The reality in every instance of need across this world is consistent with population growth; that is primary in every aspect of the ability to survive; nothing else matters as much as human population control. Like it or not. Those who do not become sterilized after two children will be put in jail, until they do. Unfortunately, this applies to women; men are nearly worthless for population control. They cannot have babies/ their contribution is too small/ women shall have every opportunity with respect and honor, to use pregnancy ending contraception within the first 40 days. But not longer, unless true evidence of a health crisis exists for woman or child. If raped, the woman shall surrender the man, and he goes to trial. On the other hand, if they force any woman in any country under any religion to have children, even two; these men shall be put in jail/ or they shall surrender every possession they have. The religion that refuses to surrender to the need of life to survive by the conditions of reality and truth, shall be disbanded, and removed from structured social life. You will give them full opportunity for change as that is in their best interest; but if they do not accept truth/ then their buildings and their possessions as a religion shall be ended, and the money returned to the people of that religion to do something else with. That is their penalty. This is not religious persecution/ THIS IS REALITY, as governed by truth; we cannot have uncontrolled population growth anymore, without complete catastrophic results. That is how it is/ and whether you like it or not, simply could not be less irrelevant. We live as a planet by this decision/ or we die without it/ make up your mind.

Of critical matters, the waters coming off glaciers needs to be damned up and held on land. All the tankers that are not double hulled are needed to transport water that will not be otherwise used; for use in arid countries, to underground reservoirs for the singular purpose of creating vegetation in the hopes of reclaiming ground. It is not for use by human populations, unless they create minimal usage environments to conserve water and create the possibility for sustaining life here. Every culture that is suffering from water loss, or lands suffering from water rising must go to raised bed farming such as is seen in aqua culture, lettuce growing, etc. If necessary, they must build over the water, so that the ground can be for food/ and they will simply “be the visitor”. Or where water is very scarce/ to drip bed agriculture/ including shading where necessary. The fundamental desire for cooking fuels can be dealt with on a community basis by raising weights of some sort, and using that weight to generate electricity to create heat. Jacks or people walking across a platform that “teeter toters” / animals used to pull ropes, etc. A fundamental reality of fish farming must be employed wherein the fish are basically trapped and fed. The dead bodies of humanity, apart from children; would be a suitable food source, but only for fish. The reality is we need this resource that is not otherwise being used/ we are too many, to be less than real. The question of coral reefs getting too hot can be offset by wave motion machines/ solar/ or wind power machines pumping water from deeper areas onto the coral thereby cooling and retaining area’s of the coral in good condition; they will then help to maintain the rest, and keep the fish alive. Help the coral by replanting yourself. The reality of climate change is; Too much heat is generated by humanity, a bigger problem than the gases; you love energy more than life! That means you now have to choose, either you will quit driving thousands of miles a year/ and you will quit heating thousands of sq feet of individual housing/ quit cooling considerable areas/ stop selling anything that is not at peak efficiency/ and start giving away insulation to the poor first/ and more. You will stop using nitrogen in quantities that escape into the water; and you will monitor the drainage ditches and penalize those who do not. You will stop irrigating beyond what can be maintained. You will stop taking water for ethanol/ and quit driving instead; that water will be needed, and it is the difference between war and peace. You will take back this world from “the rich, powerful, and proud”/ and you will give it to the leadership of women, that those men may to lost to history; and the women will change life on earth, simply because they are different, and we must have different.
The common rich man/ proud man syndrome is: you cannot touch me/ I am a god to you, and I do whatever I want to do/ you are nothing. “Its what money is for”. The reality and truth of WE THE PEOPLE IS; that our ability to rule our nation, and contribute to our world, is understood in the relationship we share with law. The law decides for us/ and neither position or money, shall not matter. Therefore if the law says everything will be confiscated, literally every possession and thrown in the street homeless. Then the law will enforce this penalty, and there will be no alternative allowed in the courtroom. A 6 month opportunity to return these species to the zoo (for instance)/ and other appropriate places for re-habitation is enough to establish “you had your chance”. The same is true for many things/ you steal, we take it all.

WE THE PEOPLE, means we have the right to choose what our nation as law and truth will be. There is no employee of government that controls; not the president/ not the supreme court: THE LAW CONTROLS, and all will obey the law. That means the judge in a courtroom, the police, the military; all will obey the law, there is no immunity for anyone. That means when the people control the law/ the people are in charge. That means, in the case of people who are contributing to the extinction of this planet; you will demand your law shall protect our lives and our planet by producing penalties that are appropriate to people who absolutely don’t care. There is no freedom to destroy anything but yourself.
A case in point applied to appropriate penalties; I am a spiritual person, having lived that life; only once did I “have a little temper tantrum/ playing games” with GOD if you will; {but not in the sense or reality you would expect, spirit is different}; at any rate, HIS answer to my tantrum was a half second later “like a lightning strike”; It did not fundamentally hurt me, but I will never do that again. It was a clear message that could not be misinterpreted.

To change the law today, you are required to assemble at the door of your officials; and make certain they do what is necessary: MAKE IT EXCEPTIONALLY SIMPLE, and don’t listen to the garbage coming out of their mouths, YOU tell them what they will do for you. To change the law tomorrow; You may require a vote among the people & if there is any portion of failure among those hired to do the job that you assign them; it is to prison they will go. Take pictures and remind anyone who stands in your way; to be on the wrong side of the law has consequences. There is NO allowance for following leaders/ THERE IS ONLY THE REALITY, EITHER YOU ARE FOR THE LAW, JUSTICE AND LIFE, OR YOU ARE WORKING AGAINST THE LAW, AND THE PEOPLE. From the courthouse to the presidency, either you do your job as told to do it/ or whatever portion of traitor and disgrace that applies to you; will be a punishment given to you. Simply don’t take no for an answer. But do be careful with any vote of importance & hold the election judges accountable: do provide means for yourself to be certain it is a real and accurate count. Make your employees do the job they were hired to do: MAKE THEM obey the constitutional documents as decreed/ obey the people in their search for justice, fair play, and equality for all life/ BY obeying the foundation of life, which is respect. These are the things of a respectful, thereby peaceful society, and nothing less will be allowed. But if you depart from justice, fair play, and equality for all/ you will die quickly, as this world now requires cooperation and friendship among us all. This particular demand is a test of your resolve to live for life/ or let the planet die; because every species is important, every law is important, and every life is fundamentally important; and if you don’t start quickly every chain of life will be broken. Simply put; you die too. It is not to much to ask to protect the species of this earth by controlling the tragedy of these blind failures that are less than a pig called man or woman; those who take what cannot be replaced, just to prove they can/ how pathetic. These dregs of society are unnecessary, and simply removed from power is appropriate; cast homeless into the street “a suitable penalty” for destroying any portion left of this world; especially those in crisis. Life has changed/ humanity is killing the world, and it will stop; or you too, will be dead soon.

Don’t like this new reality? Go ahead and die! The truth about humanity is; as soon as they can, they control access to everything the individual is allowed to control; it makes money for me! That leaves the others without control, and without options for life apart from fighting for anything left; thereby much of what is done in disgrace and disrespect for life/ IS DIRECTLY the result of those who control the resources for life; demanding money they have no right to. We are humanity, and we deserve to be equal. Equal means realistic and truthful access and opportunity/ AND THAT MEANS WITHOUT DOUBT, that there will be limits placed upon all individuals and what they can control. To fix our problems for life, this is a reality that shall be applied to every government across the world. No more you get it all/ we get nothing but the social disease you brought and infected us with. If not surrendered politely/ then these parasites will be dealt with in court, or in war. The secondary but equally important reality is “pay attention to me”/ and in that consequence enormous problems are created. Learn to be friends/ and then be friends. Learn to be polite so you may have opportunities among the others, and not be avoided because what you have used to keep them away at another time, not keeps them all away. We do not live our lives without a need for companionship; remember that, and make a little room in your life, FOR ANOTHER LIFE. Just do it, unless there is a real danger to you. Insanity occurs much more in those abandoned by society, than in any other group. Desire a better society, then let all participate, until it is clear prison is more appropriate.

Can’t accept a problem exists? Well lets see: for instance, although a lot of debate exists as to how many people are living on earth/ essentially majority agrees we are 6 billion people (no one disagrees we will soon be 7 billion if not already). At 6 billion people, with over half under the age of 26/ that leaves the earth with roughly one and one half billion females capable of having a child. Or more simply; by next year this time we could easily have 1.5 billion more children to feed. Think about it; just one year.
Can’t believe america will go to civil war/ because of all the lies? Take a look at California today at least 19 major fires. No lightning storms, nature does not light itself on fire easily/ unlikely cigarettes or other acts of carelessness caused them all. More probable they were set on fire by those facing foreclosure; “If I will be homeless/ then so will you”! Do you think there are no consequences to ridicule, lies, cheating, stealing, scamming, hate, disrespect and the rest? The pitiful disgrace of thieves with social acceptance, and a courtroom in collusion with the official that hides their lies, by allowing scam artists to operate without concern. “Just call them bankers, and it will be ok”. THERE ARE COMPLICATIONS to those who war against the others, whether that war is for money, or property, or rape, or death; revenge is a plague called men. Irregardless even if it is wrong, even if it is revenge for failure; IT WILL send you to hell. BUT, to the rest; do you see how fast you can be driven into HELL yourselves? Into poverty and the blight of having nothing; By so few. As to fires/ there must be breaks, such as every so often all the houses that represent a fire line shall be made only of stone or concrete, with clay roofs supported by an all steel structure. Multifamily structures must be built with as much sound-deadening materials as possible to keep the population together and reduce energy consumption. But everything needs a fire break; Such as fields shall be planted with different types of plants that mature at different times, to insure all cannot be burned, by those who represent the devil called men and their pride.

To any and all who would destroy so much for so many; the spirit says to you: that you have no cause/ YOU are condemned; unless you go “directly to jail, for your failure/ and repent with the rest of your life”. If you do not/ then hear the judgment against you, in HADES You will be as a worm, who swallowed a nail, and was driven into the ground; where all the creatures you destroyed as well will shit on you/ step on you eat you alive/ and never let you die. Work in the law, do not destroy; life can no longer stand it. To find true violence/ you need only identify true hate.

Of things known, in government and society, religion has always played a part. I participate today as “the reality of Revelation 17"; as women are no where to be seen/ the possibility we will bypass Revelation 12 exists. The question then having opened the first door of hate, for the powerful, rich, and proud to respond to: the question is how long before murder, torture, and humiliation shall be expected for me? “Don’t forget, I hold the key to two new engines/ and I don’t’ play or lie; the evidence of my work here, does strongly suggest it is very possible”. After they are delivered is more likely than before/ but that makes sense, and we are talking about pigs who believe they already own the world; so who knows.

Irregardless of this, the evidence of Revelation 12 is appropriate to the considerations of what is to come. To look, to search, to ask; requires an open mind, that is willing to change as things become more clear and certain. So we will extend the understanding as it becomes more clear. Other descriptions are given in other places to this prophecy.

Questions are the evidence of a mind that is not tied to the reality of social or religious moralities, or expectations as is commonly indoctrinated into the young/ if you succeed in recreating yourself as an independent mind; then you may ask the questions of your heart and soul.

One such question in Revelation 12 is; what is heaven, in this description of biblical prophecy? The answer is; it is an understanding that is beyond simple things and enters within thought as the environment and preparation for eternity. The question of the red dragon itself, is simply that the fears generated by the woman described are consuming this portion of the population and the red assigns that their decision, will be clouded by the intent of harm, murder, or tragedy/ instead of life. {the black horse, shows that any decision that could be one way or the other/ shall be given to judgment and not mercy}. The question of the 7 heads of the dragon= the 7 doors of hate, that each potential solution in life and society will open: “a simple WE DON’T WANT TO”/ AND we will fight or kill to keep this from happening. The ten horns are the weapons (you are familiar with them all; revenge, government, the court in defiance of the law, etc) to be used; by which these people intend to keep life from attaining survival and peace. The seven crowns, are their assumptions in hate (you are familiar with them all, hate, corruption, an so on) of being god/ YOU CANNOT make me surrender, and I refuse. The pregnancy is spiritual, or more correctly destined by thought; and male child are questions that seem inappropriate to me/ as my days since the beginning of this spiritual woman inside dedicated to learning about what it means to be woman; instead of remaining male. Otherwise it would seem the child would be me, but ruling the nations has nothing to do with me/ and being snatched up to GOD, would suggest eternity. Which has nothing to do with ruling the nations, unless the words left behind do so. {it is now a little later from this writing, and it seems more clear, that the male child is what leaves me/ to be replaced by what is “female”, as the spiritual woman designs} The woman who represents our spiritual relationship with GOD “from a woman’s point of view”/ finds herself alone, or more correctly given to those who invite her inside their own sanctuary of soul. These things ask the fundamental question: what does it mean to be “the male child”? If me, then surely it is the changes that have occurred, from descriptions of leadership without any inclusion for women/ to the consequence that only women may rule, because for things to be different; those who lead must be different. What does it mean “her child was snatched up to GOD”/ more clearly becomes; this change in men, or me; is held to the light of wisdom and found to be true. Women shall rule. “Fled into the desert (a place where she has no rights/ no say/ and no options)” as has been determined by GOD. “ a desert in reality, is truly a place of limited options, it decides for you, because without meeting the requirements of body, you will die.” She is dependent on the women who must take care of her/ because enemies come.

The war in heaven a foundation event between pride “the essence of devil, want “the expression of destruction, or satan”, and selfishness the fear of not getting everything for yourself; all come to fight inside yourselves; to decide if these things are more important than life itself. This prophecy suggests you will choose life/ but not without a great battle within yourselves. This reality will be decided by those who have belief in GOD “therefore the possibility of an eternity”/ and the understanding or testimony that JESUS did bring that it was so. The consequence being, that actual and real faith must then come. The questions that will be presented, are literally is life on earth worth dying for; because the people who say no, will choose to kill you, threaten you, and abuse you, because they fear eternity and want nothing of it.

The question of the woman pursued is correctly assigned to the women who have accepted her spiritual and physical contributions and devote themselves to leading this world to peace and harmony/ by making their own decisions for life. Or it may be the body of me, and the woman taking full control, leaving nothing of what was male; or simply taking away everything mental, or spiritual, that is part of an identity called male: I don’t know, it is her decision, not mine. The wings are those who desire spiritual growth/ and those who desire physical authority; they grab hold of this destiny, and become entwined with the woman; they become as one body. The great eagle is a symbolism that creates the opportunity to “survey the whole”, as if it were the property or potential of all women. The time, times, and half a time do represent battles/ but not necessarily with any bloodshed; far more simply political and legal. The serpent spewed water, is literally the use of guns in an attempt to retain power with violence. But the earth helped by opening its mouth; references the idea and the reality that as time goes on; it will be more and more clear, that the resources are dying and we all literally have no choice but to do the best we can for life, or we die. Thereby even the violent begin to accept the reality and truth of our lives and this earth, and the extent of violence ends quickly. Women gain control, and life is governed by their ways. But the reality of male want and pride continues to search for ways to regain control.

The tragedy of life is; few respond to anything good or bad, until a great loss is felt inside. Usually someone dies. The reality of life on earth is: today, you must understand the consequences of your actions before YOU die, because none would care enough to help. Selfishness, bigotry, prejudice and countless critical problems are all coming with a vengeance, because life is changing whether you like it or not; and people will look for someone to blame. The easy target is someone with fewer weapons than you/ and less power than you in political or legal arena’s. In other words minorities and immigrants are first on the list, of who will be blamed for the calamity and tragedy of american hatred. They are enticed to come, they are easy to blame; but they are not the problem/ THE LIARS ARE. The reality of life as humanity is. One of the first and foremost certainties of human behavior is: when in doubt, fear, or failure, the next consequence will be, more babies are born. That means we will soon enter another baby boom, not planned, : “just to ease the tension”. That of course will multiply the problems and make people even more ready to consume anything that they can, including people. And the problems will multiply even further.

The question of immigration is not actually about the people themselves; “its about I am losing my good life/ or you are taking my good life from me; and I hate you for it”. Nothing to do with actual skin color or the rest/ just a matter of economics, position, pride, and the reality “I WANT MORE”. The question these represent is as simple as truth: only what is real, can be done/ fantasies do not work for long; take a look at your money, its all a lie. Today I see many people considering guns to be their own personal solution, but reality agrees; guns can only make things much worse/ ending all hope of peace and life on earth. The law is our only recourse/ justice is our only true friend/ and fair play the simple truth that we are in this together and respect will keep us alive and happy, far more than any other thing. But our reality is; we will be living different lives/ with less possessions, and more friendship, or we will fail and die. The question of immigration is as simple as; everyone deserves a chance to live, with a decent wage for their efforts. Is this not true for you/ then it is also true for the others as well. That means, you must share the benefits and reality as is realistically possible.

Our critical reality and truth is: every nation on earth must accept the responsibility for helping each other, so long as the population count does not increase in that nation. If it does/ they die, until the population growth is under control; YOU WILL help them and assist them, and reward them for their work in dealing with this problem. The next step in a healthy world is appropriate irrigation methods, etc that will provide a reasonably stable food and water supply. The next step in a peaceful world is the opportunity to work, for things that aid and are pleasant to life; most of these will be found in community; such as sharing tools/ sharing a ride among many, instead of only one/ and all the rest. You cannot keep consuming, in fact you cannot use any resource that is not found in the garbage; it was your decision to give the garbage dumps to your children as “their gold mine”/ consequently, it is you that shall dig through them, it is your gold mine; the future needs theirs. Education is necessary in every sense, because knowledge does make a difference in the living of life, in society as well. But knowledge without honor is life a knife used like a weapon/ take a look at your university, and professional services; “extortion and greed all around”/ mafia without the disgrace and markings of death; but still the same, just hiding in the disrespect of all others. A selfishness and pride that accepts no one, but those who protect their own power.
You can choose to be friends, and act accordingly for life, if you accept the price you must pay to keep the planet alive as well/ or you can choose to be enemies and war, and die. The choice is yours/ but the reality is for real, and there are no second chances. You can listen to fools, and let the earth die, giving away its last chances to survive for your pride and want. Or you can realize, that this is not a gamble/ this is our lives, and we simply cannot be wrong. WE LITERALLY CANNOT BE WRONG! With the life or death of this planet. How can anyone argue this is wrong/ they cannot. This argument is not about truth as you see it, our reality is about life or death, yours too. The fools and failures and buffoons of life argue only about the money, power, pride, and want: they don’t want to change, let the children deal with these problems; I just want what I want/ and will fight to keep from losing it to anyone for any reason; the end. Life has no real meaning to them/ they want possessions, luxuries, and selfishness; period.

You cannot convince them/ you cannot overtake them with a gun/ you cannot avoid them: BUT YOU CAN use the law to defeat them, by controlling the law/ we the people control the government. By enforcing the law, with critical punishments for anyone who refuses to obey the law, including judges/ police officers/ military, etc. They then go to prison for breaking the law, after the event for which they are imprisoned. If the nation desires/ the nation rules, and the people who claim power do not. Simple as that. But if you are not about justice, fair play, and equality for all/ then it will fail. Because a peaceful and harmonious society includes us all. You cannot kill them/ therefore you must do the best you can, and work within the law for solutions as best we can together. Throughout history, that involves manipulation of the poorest/ which then leads to all the problems of humanity. Tomorrow, you will invest in a reality that shares the most and cares the most and expects “your respect too, the most”/ or you will fail.

The essence of human male behavior is; “that I must be somebody/ not just nobody”. To achieve this, a narrow path exists; to find in yourself the essence of creation, and the miracle that identifies you as a possibility beyond all thought that is human. The majority, “choose the wide road”/ I will descend upon someone else, and make them admit I can defeat them and take over their world. This is consistent in every generation, but comes in a wide variety of exposures in society, from games that give only pride/ to women used as a display and trophy/ to business that becomes the tool for control of the others/ to power, and the words of propaganda that change lives and wreck societies/ to mutilation of nature and the demand to destroy “whether you like it or not”. There is violence to prove you cannot control me. There is power to prove I will control you. There is pride to explain, “you are nothing compared to me”. There is want for all who will enter inside, and take from the world everything they can get, irregardless of the cost to life itself; “these are the successful”. There is selfishness, wherein people are discarded “like trash”/ just because you want to, and for no other reason but hate. And more.
Our reality is very simple; having sustained men in charge for centuries of resource depletion and tragic actions/ our reality now depends upon whether change comes quickly enough to save this world. Failure means the chains of life, the ecosystems, the environment, the ocean, just everything will not survive; because you ruined the reality, and lied about every need you refused to meet. It is a steep grade, that cannot be stopped once you have reached the point of no return; you simply become “the living dead”.

As to the constant demand for all things, all power and pride, everything men do; our reality is, you will surrender this/ or you will surrender the world, and cause it to die. The liars say, “decades/ don’t worry, its their problem”. It is not so; truth gives you less than 30 years for an end to all life. Less than 12 years for the war that ends all possibilities for life. Less than 7 years for great turbulence to be seen in the reality of men; and hell plus Armageddon (nature in chaos) in less than 10 years. The evidence is plain, in the reality of decreasing food supplies/ mutilations/ water shortages/ and the chaos these things bring to human society. The economic chaos will not compare to the reality of how much damage you have done to nature itself. If you start now, you can change many things and survive; but only if there is true difference in the leadership of human life on earth. There is ONLY one possibility for truly different leadership, and it is women; like it or not. They think differently, and therefore they will lead differently, if not corrupted by men. You can argue, moan, cry, beg, pray or prey, or choose hate, revenge, jealousy, or the rest of the failures of men: BUT YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE LOSS OF NATURE, the loss of food and water, or the wars that will result by hiding from the truth. Remove the lies, go to court and convince everyone they must help; and change or die.
If you believe you will lie, cheat, steal, or kill me to find solutions to your problems; or simply avoid the respect that you do owe to GOD / then clearly you are a fool, and a disgrace to life itself.


In america, every foundation of community is changing. Trust in government is failing, trust in law is dying, trust in humanity is being sold to pride; truth is reduced to what do you want/ and who can you steal it from. Think not? Search a little harder, and you will see a government in crisis/ they don’t know what to do, are scared to do anything, and sell themselves to the highest bidder; because that is what it takes to participate in power. People & politicians continue to try, to avoid the inevitable collapse of lies. But they are lies/ and every day simply increases the loss, and disability, and dementia; of a nation that refuses to pay the price of their decisions. You are bankrupt, and ready to blame everyone but yourselves. The courtroom is completely visible in the relationships they chose with regard to each and every personal occurrence that is represented on this website and the website www.trialforlife.info. “You can see them dying”. Pride rules this nation, do you not want everything/ irregardless of the harm you do! This is because of pride; otherwise you would search for life, happiness, love, and friendship: instead of want. But the others fail too, and that means at every juncture that people would turn back to honor and respect/ someone is there to steal it through greed, lust, pride, power, want, hate, or selfishness. That is your consistent truth, with few glimmers of life still lighting happiness, as the blessing of you being alive. Instead of life in love, peace, truth, & honor/ You are content with luxuries, and “I win”/ or the revenge allowed, because “I lost”. Shame on you.

The common bonds of community are sacrificed, to the blatant excess of “I want to be more/ I want/ I want, I,I,I,....”. An endless parade of adultery. Instead of happiness, the search and expressions of a friendship found, “you have buried yourselves in front of television, video games, and the people who tempt you constantly with university help; as if you were to be hunted, and killed as a prize for their wall.” Shame on you. Instead of a life built upon the foundations of family, or a history of friendship together, or community; the university sends every graduate away, to search for a life that does not exist/ and thereby destroy the bonds of family, community, and history in a dozen different ways. From stealing jobs, and rightful inheritance of position/ to just simply forcing children by debt, to take their lives and spend them chasing fantasy. Removing honesty and life, with such slavery as a drive for money. Shame on you. Everything you do, has a price! Everything you surrender, has a cost to your future! Everything you bury yourselves in, with a focus on wealth or excitement or entertainment; is just a road to selfishness/ as you become the only individual that matters, until your life falls dramatically apart/ because there is no love. Then it is a quick trip to religion/ for stability; and then a fast retreat, before anything can change in you. Shame on you. You have succeeded in burying yourselves in your houses/ got air-conditioning, don’t need no damn neighbors; got the best TV and cable money can buy, don’t care about nothing. You play witch-doctor with your lives or other lives dumping in chemicals so you don’t have to face your life/ or so you can play god with others: didn’t die, ok then try some more. Arrogant/ foolish/ and blind are your identities; GROW UP. On and on and on, you choose to rid yourselves of life, and accept loneliness instead; making your children the inheritors of your grief. Don’t think so; LOOK AND SEE, what you have been doing to their world/ YOU have even planned their execution, for the sake of your fears: which makes you a murderer, of your own children! You have drowned them in your debt/ because you hide in your lies. What pathetic leadership of men/ what a disgrace the vast majority of men have become! Don’t look at me, I won’t fight for life: I want the money too/ is your flag and your battle-cry! SHAME ON YOU. Corruption and the disintegration of community, dating, and life are all attributable to the leadership of a community and its failure to accept the law, and live within its boundaries, or work for friendship with each other; shame on you. Even to the reinstatement of slavery; by those who call themselves pimps; blatantly bragging “we own them, and give these women nothing”. Where is your enforcement of the law? The thirteenth amendment says NO SLAVERY, where is your penalties for this behavior in men; is not twenty years in prison more suitable than their freedom to enslave and torture for gain? Find your law back/ and use it honestly for society. As to the women who can be so used, that they accept this fate; it can only be because they believe: Society calls me worthless, and I must be valued by someone, even if it is so bad that I wish to die, at least it is not “the box of worms”. The disgrace of male, the failure of a life sinking into the sewer, is the acceptance that vulnerability is somehow a sexual turn on. If you “are sexually aroused”/ because woman or child has become vulnerable, the reality inside of you is hate; the compensation you expect is lust; the reality is deviant, and the consequence is violence even if you do not act on it/ because you have generated a cause for fear. What is vulnerable in life, needs help! If you do not help, then you attack. Be brave enough to live your life/ but not stupid enough to fall for anything. {It would however seem clear, the cause of vulnerability does not apply to me, and women; as it comes from the spiritual existence of women themselves. This is different.}

Where are the women who will help, or men/ even if the reality is so severe as a life being used, abused, violated and enslaved; we are each one, LIFE ON EARTH, and deserve the respect of being a participant here. Find your soul. The respect of any life entitles each one, to believe; “If I have changed, or if I have learned, or if I believe someone could be my friend again: or just because I am here”/ please let me have another chance. That honor, because we are all life, MEANS; someone needs to accept this challenge and be a friend. And how many more, need help, the honesty of friendship or at least companionship for a time? The list is very long. Wake up! Do not judge, help those who need you; when GOD Allows it to be so. A simple mistake, a simple reality, and your life can change in ways you can’t imagine too. My own life has changed beyond any description I could have imagined, literally. No one knows the future, only truth knows that, but because thought can reveal the probabilities through the evidence of time and spirit, the possibilities can be known. UNLESS GOD Intervenes! If GOD provides, because life on earth is threatened, then spirit knows too. We, as am I, simply are given the opportunity to listen. Please listen to each other for the sake of life, listen to your heart & soul, and change what can be changed for life. Every life is more valued than any possession on earth. Every life is a treasure, because “without life, what is there but rocks and energy”. Therefore understand, that only real law can decide a fate/ only clear and real evidence without interference or bigotry can convict/ and only the truth: YOU can no longer be among us, because of this violence is a judge. We, represent mercy to each other/ not judgment, the law does that. But do remember this, the LAW only deals with very serious truth, for the sake of life itself; there are “no little laws”. Therefore everything that is not definable as a serious truth for society, is a freedom to be enjoyed and respected. The possibility of rules, is minimal.
People get used and abused by sex, and by life! That’s how it is, because some people are greedy, seeking their own freedoms/ BY ENSLAVING THE OTHERS. That is how wealth is built, in nearly every case. The anonymity of the stock market and other sources of wealth building without a cost to you/ are nothing more than hiring someone to steal for you. The respect of an institution dedicated to business is long past/ the stock market has become, merely a tool for the thief. And so on: wealth in america, “ is a witches brew”, FOR THE PURPOSE OF CIVIL WAR! Don’t think so/ wait and see what happens when the economy fails completely, and sacrifice/ expectation/ and GREED take over everything. Anyone of courage, would go to court/ BUT ALL I CAN FIND, ARE COWARDS!
Shame on you!


Those being abused and used sexually, are a vast number of the young: especially tricked and tempted to enter sex at an early age/ because they are abandoned for money OR for most, they are the children of slaves who have no choice/ by their own decision, or the very many traps and cages of men! The traitors of children (those who tempt, manipulate, & control or abuse and use) continue to pummel them into submission; causing one child to tempt another; another child to grow jealous “why not me”; another child to believe it will fix their world; another believes it will be love; a long list of failure. WHY? Because greed, and the leadership of men don’t care! WHY? Because the public citizen is so focused “on selfishness, want, power, & pride”/ that they cannot see past the numbers they call “Life”. And with the mirror so close, their entire world is lost to the fantasy: “If only I were rich”. Irregardless of the cost to others: Shame on you.
Those who are left out sexually as they get older, often get desperate; and as a result begin to do things “they would not have done otherwise”. The reality of sexual lust, has entered community, and spilled out, as the price of sex becomes the cost of your date. The reality of sexual lust, has defied respect, and sucked the romance out of life. The failure of sexual lust is the inevitable anchor that seeks to drown the life out of love, and send it away. Lust is the bandage, of an empty heart. Lust is the disgrace of a life, that refuses the discipline or feelings necessary to survive being alive. Lust is the decision to use the body or mind of another, irregardless of your impact upon their lives, the damage you will do. Lust is the intent, to take from another their joy; to make them like you. That makes you a thief, “of GOD’S WORK”.

JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, AND SEXUAL FULFILLMENT are all participants in our relationship with soul. If you have abandoned soul/ then you have abandoned the life that lives with soul; you have abandoned being ALIVE.
The question of soul, finds “Alive” to mean; a heart that brings love, a discipline or feelings, that asks for honor to be shared and respected in us each one, an honesty dedicated to truth and life, and a relationship that builds a bridge beyond ourselves for the purpose of life itself. Life’s purpose is, a foundation for eternity. Alive then means, to express the foundations of a life given to the understanding that GOD CREATED In us/ love is our blessing, life is our freedom, and truth is the way. Soul is a search beyond discipline/ inviting order or feelings to conceive of a journey that is not simply of ourselves, but defined by spirit as the message between life and its CREATOR. Only truth finds soul/ no other is invited but love. If YOU are able to be true inside yourself/ and live accordingly, it is your decision; and thereby your decision cannot be taken away. No matter what you have done, repentance is the first door, to a better life, a new hope, and love; because forgiveness opens your own heart, or someone else’s for a new life, a new beginning. That too, is mostly a decision you must make/ as no one else can repent or forgive, for you, or choose to decide to ask for mercy. An HONORABLE truth, dedicated to honesty for the rest of your life. If this is too much for you/ then simply “don’t touch, GOD’S CHILDREN” ; And live the life you wish until death takes it away.

In the latest turn of simple events, where threats are traded like comic books/ and lives are assumed dead until proven otherwise. The rhetoric of “Strike the Iranians first”; has proven to be too explosive to sustain/ therefore instead of presenting strength and power in foreign policy; reality now opens the door of escape, let someone else. You may thank the reality of Iraq, and numerous other problems for this reprieve from the edge of disaster. It is highly unlikely, there is any “new information”/ this is about how to get out of stupidity. Be thankful for it. The composition of Iraq is such that the battleground of the Iraq people, appears to be largely “you are not like me”. The reality of that existence in prejudice, as a form of building hate; is simply, a pre-existing condition that is not worth fighting. To exist in peace, happiness must appear. To accept that “we can be happy now”, in a place where hate rules too much/ a division of the people is realistic and fair. Let them divide/ let them have equal parts in government/ let them be “states”. And let the people trade houses themselves, demanding you shall move, to grant the others peace. Put the buildings up on computer, and let them trade until the division is complete. It will save lives, therefore it will buy time to find better ways of living together. Why kill more. ASK THEM by vote, IF 70% say yes, it is a fact, for life. Ask them, for alternatives in truth/ whether america shall stay.
Making them the solution means: getting them to talk to each other. By dividing, the risk of insurgents goes down; “all together now”. By governmental representation the talking continues.


Its not my fault/ I didn’t make this mess/ I shouldn’t have to pay, for what the others have failed to do or be! I AM INNOCENT, Leave me alone. So says the public citizen of every single nation/ particularly the men. {Women have had very little impact on leading this world to the door of, Hell and Armageddon. Therefore “innocent until proven guilty”}.
Ask any man among them, if they would accept the money or luxuries or gluttony or power or pride; that those who did fail life on this earth have used: and they will all say yes, “GIVE IT TO ME”. That means simply, you share; “the same”. Reality has brought us to this day of judgment/ a trial like any other, complete with evidence/ testimony/ witnesses/ and a verdict to be handed down by truth. Unlike human trials, this one will not accept lies/ this one will not be manipulated by men or women; either you live, or you die by the consequence of your own decisions. The reality and truth of trial, is as simple as: proving without true change, we won’t die/ when all the evidence says: clearly we will. Thereby judgment will be given, as to the truth if you will repent of your ways and live/ or sink inside your lies and hiding places to gamble you personally will not: going to beat the odds, and “rest in the ground/ didn’t have to pay”! FOOL, as you came to life without a clue how/ so do you go into death, with little more than a clue; HADES is waiting for you!

Our relationship to life, “feels like, it cannot be defeated but by death, only time”. But that is not true, we are dependent upon the environment that supports our world/ we are dependent upon the reality of resources/ we are dependent upon nature/ we are dependent upon numbers that can be supported by the nature that exists, or nature is destroyed by human consumption, and then we die too. We are dependent upon water, oxygen, and processes beyond our imagination. We are dependent upon GOD ! For you know not even where life comes from, much less the miracles which surround you; how can you be so foolish as to believe in lies? How can you be so blind, as to follow men not only to extinction, but to complete stupidity as well? The answer is want.

In this world of men, want is the defining creation of men: the vast majority chase it as if it were eternal life itself/ fully knowing it is not. What is man, if not the expression: I want mine/ I want more/ I want to win/ and I want you to lose. This reality drives society into competition, aggressions, and failure to do even the little things of putting something back from all that you have taken. Instead of truth, you LIE! Instead of work, you search for slaves. Instead of help, you cheat and steal and lie beyond imagination; hiding from the truth, so you can live gluttonous lives of selfish disgrace. Some of the best among you go to religions, but they do not worship much/ instead “it’s a party, without a price beyond the dues to be collected”. Some of the best among the rest, go to work; but are quickly lost in a world of greed, lust, and hate. Revenge is common, in your heart if not your actions. Violence is given “your community spirit”/ as your media, games, movies, and the rest all proclaim war is the answer for PROUD PEOPLE. Sex is your answer, for “animals in heat”. You are cowards as well, hiding from the truth/ refusing to go to court and prove what you do understand is true. Because you don’t want to know/ because that means you must change or die: THERE IS THEN NO EXCUSE/ it is your decision! Therefore judgment is true and served by the law of life or death.

The question of “who deserves to pay for this reality”/ is not fundamentally necessary. Instead our relationship with life is not as we design it to be/ but as reality proves it shall be. When lies lead, reality dies. When reality dies, nature follows; as does humanity. Men have chosen lies/ men have assaulted nature with growing terror. Therefore because our reality is built on countless lies, and fundamental failures as has been given to our existence by the leadership of men: the truth is, either we change severely, or the lies win: You die! The foundation of our immediate future is then clearly: if you want to live/ if you desire life, then go to court and prove what is true for your future and for your life: and change what must be changed. One of those things is the leadership of men! Is this too much to ask? It is not.

Here the fight begins. Wherein those who want the lies to remain hidden, conceive of ways and means to destroy anything that might suggest they be revealed. Murder and mayhem are tools common to men/ because “these will not be back”, is their purpose and their decision; so says all who wish the truth to be dead. Truth however will not be destroyed, and as it has always been, so shall it be/ that truth will remove your lies and make you obey the reality you have created. That means war/ for it is man’s only true answer. But this is life or death of a world/ life or death for the young; and they will not give up without a fight. Why should they, just because you have decided the earth is not worth your effort; AND you have decided therefore to play god with their lives. So the question is; what is a legal fight, that protects life/ irregardless of the consequences to those who have participated in creating the impending disaster? What is the answer of money that is nothing more than numbers to enslave the majority? The answer is a courtroom, where truth and the evidence of reality form a decision that is not “you or me”/ but asserts, FOR LIFE, WE MUST DO THIS! Beyond that decision are the laws that will govern the actions that will be taken. Beyond that description of what justice demands society must do, are the issues of fair play: wherein all receive, share the burdens, or care about the outcome as if their own lives depended upon these decisions!

The question of fair play, is a relationship with the experience of sharing the work, sharing the benefits of that work, and sharing the freedoms that bring happiness and hope to life itself. Caring is about the others affected by your decision for or against this one. There is no sanctity in releasing a criminal to continue in their crimes/ there is no honesty in withholding needs to those who starve/ there is no honor or courage in looking the other way, when life is on the line. We must all participate in law, by converting these decisions into a courtroom of justice for every single one/ there are no “examples” in life. There is only the reality of truth and its consequence, without lies or embellishments. Hate is the essence of revenge, the battleground of liars and their search for defiance in things called violence. Those who continue to find cause to hate, a tragedy to create, or a life to consume descend by their own will, into the destruction of their heart and soul. They judge themselves, and continue to prove to themselves that they are god, and righteous in their judgment of HADES shall be their fate. Having accepted that fate, violence becomes their way. Therefore, unless this is your decision as well/ the reality of forgiveness WILL govern the consequence of your courtroom decisions. If they are not/ weapons and blood will begin to consume your society and its greed. People have sacrificed their heart and soul and time, “for the money”/ and now they are told, “it is no more”! If you do not fight for justice, hatred will consume them/ and they you. Let them pray for themselves, it is not your job. YOU, pray for this world/ that it may survive and be reborn as a place of life, miracles, hope, and happiness.
One, of the very many problems facing this world, is the reality of vast unemployment! It is a man’s way, to cause war; by gathering in the streets and demanding change where there is no possibility of change. Therefore to create a distraction so they don’t tear down their own society/ war is declared on someone else. This ends the social turmoil, by demanding “do your job/ and don’t make trouble”. The bloodshed and mutilation are merely “the price of complaint”. Look into history. The reality of massive unemployment is, we WILL all share the work, and the benefits of that work respectively according to what is “fair play”/ or you will war; Bringing guns and destruction to a world you can no longer rebuild without damaging the environment and resources even more. That means any war, is merely the evidence of life judged unworthy and unfit to continue in time. Nature and environment are EVERYTHING, that gives us life here/ that we participate in. Therefore if your participation is for death/ then death is what you deserve.

The relationship of human existence, to the work of human society is a very simple one: the more resources used/ the less future exists for every single life form that comes after us. YOU KNOW, THIS IS TRUE, therefore it will never be on trial; only your right to use a resource will be defended or attacked. It is simply true! The second part is, if you share the work and its benefits honestly, and with fairness; then you will have freedom in your life, and the option to do what life allows, and you are willing to pursue; including raising the children already here.
The ability to share, the reality of “if you care”/ is decided only by you. If you will not accept, there is a need to participate as friends/ then you will be enemies. If you will not accept the truth, that the world needs you to care/ then the world will continue to die. If you will not search for love, life, hope, and truth among the greater blessings of living/ then you will fail in want, trying to resurrect gluttony, selfishness, laziness, consumption, disgrace, and disrespect, among the many tragedies of life that men have led human existence into already. If you do not care, you will continue to destroy! If you continue to destroy, very soon there will be nothing left for you to care about: “The living dead”/ and no more.

The opportunity of women here is to rebuild society in their own ways. It is their right, because men have abandoned society to extinction; therefore no say will be given to them! The honor and honesty of a decision that changes the world, DOES require RESPECT! If there is no respect/ then there will be no peace. If there is no peace, there will be no happiness, because harmony does not exist. Respect for what is male, shall be much like what is male considers respect to be for female today. They are not abandoned as worthless/ but they are not given due respect or leadership, because men say “we built this society/ and we do not share it easily with you”. Therefore respecting men does not apply to true equality among leadership or justice or sex/ because what they took for themselves; will be returned to them, in full measure! Respecting life in this world however, requires the fundamental acceptance of what is true shall decide/ what is real shall determine the way/ and what is honest and true is the path to freedom and therein the consequence that is happiness. Freedom is a two-edged sword however/ as is the case of nakedness; where no one wishes to see, it is still a freedom. The case of drugs is still a freedom/ but so is the right to say, if you choose to commit suicide, we will not pay the bill for you. What is freedom comes with the reality that a personal choice is a personal choice, even if you don’t like it: so long as there is no violence or harassment of your own life/ it will be tolerated. Because the freedoms given to your own life in society, will be worth this price. Having children is not a freedom, it is a responsibility to their lives and this world/ as a consequence, you will make decisions about children that respect your reality/ OUR TRUTH. Some minimal rules are allowed.

The reality of this opportunity to rebuild the world as women decide also comes with the truth of a fragile world in need of immediate response. No more want/ ALL must accept the price, that LIFE MUST BE FIRST! Nothing more and nothing less/ life must be first! After the earth has been healed, and nature fundamentally cared for; only then is there options for playtime and wondering what next. We are going to starve soon/ unless drastic measures are taken on very many realities that exist as men have made them. We are running out of fertilizers, running out of water, and without irrigation as has been occurring crop production will falter. Humanity is attacking the ocean as if the failure of ocean life meant nothing/ yet it is food for a large percentage of people; and if you take the very last little bit/ THEN YOU ARE DEAD! Because the ocean will never recover in your lifetime. There are diseases coming, YOU built them, by the tragedy of male leadership in countless ways. There is mutilation coming, because men believe there is money in genetics/ and they sell the soul of nature as a testimony to what is evil inside their lives. Weapons of mass destruction are coming/ one little problem, one little mistake, and your world is dead; leaving you to cannibalize each other. Think not/ then what happens when the store shelves are empty, and you will starve/ or “you will eat something”/ no animals exist to feed you in nature. One serious disease and your crops or your livestock in confinement will fail. Your crops you have genetically altered, making them “the same”/ as such disease will easily destroy food expected to feed an entire nation. You have pushed your livestock into confinement and tortured them by removing their ability to live as life; rather than food, and when your antibiotics are through, they are dead. A thousand threats, and so far “just one man showing”, to ask for an accounting before it is too late. You want to play/ DON’T WANT NO DAMN RESPONSIBILITY/ I want what I want, and I don’t want NO DAMN THREATS IN MY LIFE! Those who say “LIE TO ME/ IS THE COWARDS WAY!” You have no choice, just as I have no choice; this is our reality/ this is our time, and our choice to live or to die! If you desire life to continue on earth, for a future, for everything life is or will be; then it is impossible to stay silent. Today is the day/ because tomorrow will be TOO LATE! EITHER YOU WILL GROW UP, or you will die/ gamble and it is a certainty time will end quickly. DO NOT look for any help from the elderly, few among them are concerned with anything but “don’t change nothing”. They are more vulnerable/ they are reaping the benefits in this life from stealing and sacrificing the very lives away from the young. They believe they won’t have to pay, whether they are religious or not. The religious will say: we “Paid our dues in the church pew, synagogue, masque, or whatever: THEY EARNED THEIR WAY”/ and they deserve everything they want; liars never want the truth! It is, a fact of human life. Either you will stop this insanity and disease against life, & do what you can to help life survive and women to succeed/ or you are A LIAR, a failure, a traitor, a coward, a disease, and a fool. The satan you are/ becomes HADES ITSELF, as everything you fear invades your existence/ and grows in terror “as if it were your breathe of life”: no escape allowed. Either you as the young and middle-age will take the reins from your elders, and recreate society for life: or they will drive you into the ground with them. Not all the aged are so selfish/ but nearly every one of them has considerable to lose; simply because they are not young anymore, options are not “plentiful”/ and the severity of death causes them terrors. Take a look, half the nation in america is drugged, to keep themselves from recognizing reality! Do not condemn them, you have no right to judge; but understand their future is different than yours, and that fact makes both eager to “have life their own way”. They want to die quietly with ease/ supported by every single medical luxury they can find; bar none, give it all “to me”. Sucking the life out of children, for nothing more than a lie: “that a few minutes more, matter to eternity”. A pitiful example of human debris, a disgrace of selfishness and pride and the worshiping of power! You are not told to believe life is about to fall apart in this message: you are given the message of evidence that supports a world approaching true crisis, and all that will come to mean you. Thereby with knowledge, and your heart, mind, and body; YOU may choose better! You may choose according to truth, what is necessary to survive!

YOU are told to go to court and find your future, before nothing is left but death! You don’t get another chance/

THIS IS THE ONLY CHANCE YOU GET, because when nature is in chaos, the resources are gone/ or the population has increased any more; the war has started and hell has begun: it is too late! That means, SURRENDER your insanity: you will get off your ass. You will drag yourself out of your holes, your failure, and your lies: or these attempts to believe you don’t care “if you die or not”/ will bury you in the tragedy of your own pride, selfishness, and want! You will quit lying to yourself/ or be Consumed by your own greed. Cause no matter what you think; if no one cares enough, instead of all said: “let some other fool do the work, we are too smart”; YOU are about to learn what truth really means! Your video games and media have prepared you for “the diaper head” of those who choose civil war; like any other terrorist, they come to kill! Irregardless of the excuse/ you will die, be mutilated, raped both male and female, and cannibalized. Are you ready? It is what men have prepared! You will have your war, upon economic collapse in america, or you will be in court. Make your decision! You can laugh, but you will never escape the truth. It survives, even if everything else is dead. Either court and the sanctity of truth will come; or war will happen / cannibalism will come with it; because food production will end. Do you really think hate will die so easily that your lies can control it; it will be horrific, that is what you bought with your lies. Why should you not receive what you paid for/ this is the choice men made with their lies and liars and propaganda and traps! Are you big angry men/ you are pitiful little girls, whining about their dolly, because you can’t play the game you want! Prove you are not insane, and step outside the darkness in your heart/ and prove life will not die, and prove you do not have to change: in court. Prove all the evidence is a lie. PROVE: Where only truth is allowed/ and the liar is sentenced to death! This is life or death for a world/ no second chances; and there will be NO tolerance for lies.
LET THE WORLD LOOK IN; and testify! It is their life too.

But remember this; that it is not a sin to be wrong/ it is a sin to intentionally try to direct people into lies and traps and snares/ to let them die, because you were too afraid, too gluttonous, or too evil to stop it when you could. Therefore do not let the liars in; and if any come/ such as those stood to lie for the money and power predicting “don’t worry, global warming doesn’t exist/ or not until you are dead! And countless other lies, propaganda, and manure shoveled into the nostrils of any who complained. They are LIARS, pushed by the liars who have control because the numbers grant them power; therefore take away these lies/ and all the rest that brings tragedy upon you”! Do this work; you WILL put them in prison/ or you will kill those who will not surrender to LIFE FIRST! Not selfishness/ BUT LIFE FIRST! AS IS NECESSARY to bring life back to the possibility of a future. Bring the evidence/ let the people decide for themselves. Report the reality, but do not let stupidity and lies inside. UNDERSTAND, and then decide as best truth in you will allow. LISTEN for the sake of life/ LISTEN as if it were your own life or death in heaven or hell: because it is! Then do what it is that you will do. The consequences are waiting!
Remember this: throughout history, when men wanted more than they had control of; they join in a mob, they create a minimal violence to prove they must be heard/ and when they fail as they always do without rebellion; they look for a leader that will promise what they want to hear. “Lies for everybody/ LIES in exchange for your life”. Where want becomes bitter/ people sell their soul. As was hitler and all the rest of history, so does it remain; the only solution of men is war.
The solution of women MUST BE TRUTH, LIFE FIRST , NOT selfishness, LIFE FIRST. AND THE LAW RULES US ALL, no exceptions/ justice proves we rule. The majority of men want these things to be true/ the reality of men is so ingrained into the social structures, that the liars have their “little hiding places, spread throughout every hate, power, and pride”/ they have failed, and will reduce life to hell and Armageddon. It is their way. CHOOSE WOMEN OR DIE.

The reality is; if women do not lead and demand life will survive because of these changes. Then men will continue to hide in their lies and struggles for power and pride/ continue as traitors and mercenaries against life/ as assassins, and then cannibals, against everyone that moves. It is the judgment they have given to the world/ it is the reality they deserve; and if women can do no better; “Even with GOD’S HELP” / whether you believe me or not: BELIEVE THIS, That GOD does not want HIS CREATION DESTROYED! Only men have chosen to do that/ but they shall fail, if and only women let them! Therefore it is the decision of women at this time, and this place in history, to decide if life shall indeed die; or they will save it themselves; with GOD’S HELP! You shall not be disappointed, unless you are not true and real to the purpose and desire of a life in peace, harmony, justice, and love. It is a woman’s choice/ man has made his; and is done. Either help women or die/ either surrender control, or go to hell and Armageddon. It is your choice.
Every complaint is mute/ what is real decides; and what is truth says: unless there is real and permanent change/ no possibility exists for you to survive. Death is imminent, and soon. “A thousand threats cannot be wrong”.

GO TO COURT COWARD (its dictionary meaning, not a slur to those whose last name is coward), and prove me wrong!

Revelation 17 is simply, “the end of mercy, for those who live on this earth”. The reality of torture, the consequence of an opportunity lost, because there was no one who cared; are all about failure/ and the end that will be hades. It is a terrible thing, for you to be taking this path; DO repent, find your soul & work for life. Pride will only buy you horrors and horrific reality! Don’t do it. Wake up inside.
The description of Revelation 17 is the people recognizing the truth of tragedy that awaits them (without change) gather in disrespect of the “woman described”. They call her a great prostitute, because she is used, and abused for nothing more than sex/ she is not “ loved, respected, or even used for knowledge: lust has judged her, instead of life or need. Water is power, the possibility of life on earth. Adultery is not sexual/ it is the demand or dream to live someone else’s life instead of your own. It says the people of earth do begin to listen and become drunk from the realities they cannot control. “The wine of her adulteries” is the possibilities of a life she represents; that the people want, but cannot accept because pride, selfishness, and want has consumed them.

The next part begins again, where life can only barely hang on to survival. There a new vision of the woman is imagined. Someone sitting on an unruly animal, that is causing damages to the body of life on earth., this beast of men is yelled at, for the tragedy of what it has done/ but it still holds weapons, and tools for calling others to help. Focus in then held upon the woman described, as dressed in the clothes of royalty. The gold cup represents the things she has brought, and given to the people/ but it these are described as “abominable things, and filth, and adulteries”; which means the people would not accept what has been given to them. Instead, they describe this event as follows: who knows how this could have come, it is a mystery how the evidence of the gold cup, could have become the property of this woman. They then fall back into their pride, and proclaim themselves GREAT/ who needs this damn example of change. In disrespect for her life; she is described as the one who causes women to fall into disrepute, the leader of women called whore/ the tragedy of all who are expected to be attacked by men, for not following the rules of men. And should be put to death; so say these men.
It then states, this woman has attacked “the saints (more correctly the religious) of this earth”. Even attacked those who are called Christian/ by not giving them honor, and refusing to bow down to the church itself as her savior.

The rest is given by the angel of truth, to the people to decide; for their future. Therefore hear this clearly; the world is going to go, in one direction or the other. That decision will become your future, the future of life on earth, and the foundation of either hell/ or heaven if you are honest, honorable, and true to life by changing as you must. You are not given to the prophecy/ you are living the probability of what humanity has decided since the time the prophecy was given: BUT KNOWLEDGE is power/ and decision is the right to change your life, and its consequence, as you decide. The right of judgment is yours/ you are not condemned yet; but you are descending/ and you will enter hell and Armageddon; if you will not successfully change all that is demanded of you; and remain within that change forever. There is no “saving your economies”/ particularly not the USA. It is going to fail, and your money dissolve into nothing. That is the prophecy of Revelation 18, and it is clear and true. Beware of the power that is prophecy; for very much has been declared/ and proven true. If you gamble, you are guaranteed to lose and enter hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos). If you change, allow women to lead life on earth, including sexually! Then you will find the means to survive/ and if honorable and honest with yourselves, you will gain true happiness, hope, and love. If not/ then you will die, and soon.
KNOWLEDGE IS GIVEN TO YOU/ what you do or do not do with that knowledge, is the evidence of your participation in heaven or hell. The reality of where your eternity shall be. Because YOU stand between the door to heaven or hell, and it is YOUR PERSONAL DECISION, that matters to life. There are NO EXCUSES, “important or cast aside”/ what YOU choose to do for life or its death, Is your choice/ and YOUR consequence. Start talking, and continue on until life knows you care. Until it is plain and simple: YOU DID your part for us all!


It is time to quit writing and entertaining you for awhile/ that you may gather into your respective elements, and make the decision that will be life or death for this world. This has never been intended to be an entertainment. Instead, KNOWLEDGE is the power to change the future, through wisdom/ the failure to change your direction, and the decisions of men, is your choice. But the consequences are coming even if you run away. The fires will burn, even if you hide in the closet. There is no escaping truth, either you WILL choose wisdom while it matters/ or you will die. You can hate me, you can hate the realities of your life, you can hate the truth of what men have done, you can hate the potential of a future that you do not know; but if you do, it is only because you love the lies more than life! You worship your pride more than truth. I bring you only the possibilities of life and a future in peace, harmony, and love: AND YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE! Therefore look outside your own hate, and choose your destiny; remembering, there are no second chances/ life or death will be chosen. Heaven, & life/ or hades & hell will be your reward. Just how it is, nature is being crucified; and once past the point of no return, there is no solution but death. How long will pride feed you/ “it depends on cannibalism, believe it or not”! How much longer can you live on lies/ not long! Stop, work, choose wisdom and truth; and you will live, with women in charge. Make your decision.

Since women are failing, the reality of invention must be limited to “patented”/ although many thieves will quickly appear. To retain the money for women, as they have not come forward; a patent is the only option for money/ but who the patent is awarded to is a powerful thing; as it is money in a time of lies. The line of thieves will be ready, and the assault will be massive; therefore if you will have this money as women/ it is women who will protect it; because the court and the process of government will fail to the want of men. Either you demand what is necessary as women, or it fails, legal or not/ just as the federal and state trials were blocked; so will be this invention. The fact, the court had no legal right/ is completely irrelevant; power and pride will steal, unless you prove them liars and thieves to the world. What I will be asking IS PUBLICITY FOR THIS SITE AND ITS PURPOSES! And if you think you can hide it/ I tell you instead, there are many nations on this world; and if you believe the reality of publicity is not more important to me, than work in this nation or money to me is: YOU are wrong! If women gather honorably for this work, AND to protect the money, they will negotiate with the world/ not me. But there is no negotiation about “publicity/ or more correctly, LIFE FIRST, NOT selfishness”. I will sell to any nation on earth, that presents the maximum publicity for this site I seek.
The question now moves, to those who want me dead: is it true, that I can produce a machine of value that will remove all piston engines on earth? Time will tell/ but the design is real, and fundamentally correct. Therefore to kill me, is to lose this opportunity for change. If you think to protect the revenue of oil instead/ then remember “without a world to live in, what good is your money or power: the mob will only attack you!” I WILL NOT negotiate anything; not lives, not family, not body/ mind/ or torture: this is simply “the world itself and every life in it lives or dies”/ and nothing compares to that. I WILL however CURSE anyone who attempts to use violence as a weapon against me, for this purpose or any other. The question of course; is this enough to protect me: from the insane/ the mob of men/ the macho men/ the mob of elderly/ the mob of liars/ the mob of religious extremists/ the mob of power and pride/ the mob called university/ the reality of women “who like life the way it is, don’t change nothing”/ the delusions created in the young/ the military desire to play god, from around the world/ the government employees who fear for their job; and all the rest? It is time to find out/ if hate is going to rule. Do you think it is “funny”/ I suggest someone might want to kill me? After all, what do I seek but change, life, love, peace, and harmony: How could any sane person assume that is a cause for death? Its your question/ its your lives/ it will be your answer. UNLESS GOD intervenes!

I will produce the work and design necessary for the first engine in a few weeks of months; if you think you can steal, and fail to guess correctly/ you lose everything! As to writing, I may continue at some point; I have not yet decided. It is my choice, not yours. Do not mess with this site/ or to any other country in this world BUT THE USA, the engines will be sold. TO WOMEN, I have produced enough information in the invention part of this site to prove “I do have the potential to create a new way of doing things”/ therefore it is your decision, to come forward to collect the possibility of money for women, or not. I will give you full ownership, if you are organized for life on earth, and willing to work for peace and harmony, honestly and honorably! I guarantee it/ and you CAN use this statement in court, to prove it is so; and legally take the money away: if you are “Sufficient numbers to begin”. That means an organization of not less than 100,000 women! I DO require an organizational statement that declares without the possibility of change: that all money collected in any way, from my work; shall be for all women, and NOT for a few. That means, the salary or other compensations granted to those in charge of this money attributed to my work: will be no more than the average worker wage across the nation in any given year. You will not live or work in “palaces” / you will work for women, AND BE COMPENSATED fairly. Don’t like the wage or conditions/ DON’T apply for the job. Understand this; that many nations do not honor international agreements or did not join these agreements about patents and their protection; and it is necessary for a few, to go to these countries and file patents independently. Therefore if you wish to protect them all/ YOU will have to protect some. IT IS YOUR MONEY, if you come/ it is your potential for wealth, not mine. Make your decision/ but do not wait long. You must then intervene, BEFORE I patent here; to protect them all.

If I am killed/ DO continue on, the message is yours; and I am not your savior. Simply do the best you can, if you are honest, and women lead; you will survive. IF, YOU begin very soon; past the point of no return is simply PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN! Believe this can happen, it is happening now: AND IF YOU DON’T STOP IT; you won’t live. Do not believe me; GO TO COURT AND PROVE YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO DIE! PROVE the resources, environment, money, weapons, nature, emotional instability of men, [all of it] is not a threat you cannot survive! Because if you will not do this one small thing; your pride is going to kill you. Because if you are wrong on even one of the major threats to your life, you will die. There is no gambling: either you will live and change/ or you will die and enter hell, Armageddon, and then HADES for an eternity. Don’t be wrong, IS A TRUE UNDERSTATEMENT. Don’t be late, or hide, or fail; is a true warning against all life on earth, the future of life on earth, and your eternity. This is not a game, you have sold the balance of ocean life, for gluttony and waste; having no respect for anything but money. You have sold your ground for growing food, to gluttony and waste and pride and selfishness; to get away from yourselves; because pride and want make you enemies of each other. You have sold your livestock to the destruction of antibiotics and their lives/ for your ease and entertainment through money; leaving both at the edge of destruction. You have sold your world to weapons of mass destruction, for your fears/ and a pride that knows no bounds; for the sake of power, you are driving all life to extinction. Because you want to play god, you are selling all of nature to extermination/ as chaos and crisis replace balance and hope; proving in your disrespect and disgrace how insane you really are. You have sold your money for foolishness, your lives for greed, your nation for want, and your soul is at the edge of extinction, because you have consumed it yourself playing the game of winner/ damn loser. You have sold your future, because you hide, run away, or just plain don’t care. You have sold the environment, because you cannot resist playing “I got more than you”. You have taken your children and sold them to the slaughter you have designed by removing everything they need for the future, and throwing it into the garbage. You have sold your nation/ to hide behind your lies; and you believe in guns rather than peace. And that is not nearly all. YOU are insane/ delusional/ schizophrenic/ a disease/ and a disgrace!

Don’t look at the others/ don’t hide inside your hate, by focusing inward: LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE/ ARE DOING, AND UNDERSTAND CLEARLY WITHOUT CHANGE, WHERE YOU ARE GOING! Make your decision.

You can believe anything/ but you will never defeat truth. Lies are temporary deaths, and the disease they create will always attempt to consume those who stand too close. Its life.

If you want only to believe you can wait, look at the site www.criticaleconomics.info It has not been updated for years/ but it retains an interesting look into a variety of things you have not considered. Every site linked by me, to this one has critical information within it; bottom of the left side under the index files, on the main page. Suit yourself.
I am not your prosecutor/ not presenting in court, I have done my job there/ not savior/ just a plain messenger and that’s all. But apart from that job, it is required of me, and accepted by me: to be an aid, and a help to women; if they work for life, peace, justice, and harmony. If they do not/ then I am through. Not your savior/ a messenger who has delivered the message.

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