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This lawsuit brief,

along with the lawsuit itself is found at www.justtalking.info / and does include some companion descriptions as I choose them to be.

The purpose is quite clear, the reality as simple as the news & science reports of this day. We face a consequence of threats to this world, and life itself: and as such WE MUST debate and define these issues and challenges as a world/ but we start as simple as possible, in one simple courtroom, and expand from there. The court has not set a date, or made any decisions as of yet. Therefore this particular quest is for public participation with the court in question, as is necessary for critical developments to occur.

Some minimal reference is given to the book of Revelation in the companion descriptions/ HOWEVER these are irrelevant as to the legal aspects of trial; they simply exist, and are used to expand & intensify the relationship of our decision as a humanity, to the consequence of failure, which is to do nothing and simply die because of it. Only the most stupid and worthless do that. Are you stupid or worthless? The purpose of this lawsuit is then quite simply to end ALL the threats against our world/ to end the demand to man's control of the extermination of this life on earth. NO MORE male excretions/ NO MORE PLAYING GAMES WITH LIFE ON EARTH/ NO more gambling "it won't happen."

Before you laugh, at the possibilities of a trial so small impacting life on earth, with world wide consequences. I strongly suggest you think of the world wide consequences already in place/ and the reality of your death. The critical truth is man HAS prepared & executed all the realities necessary to exterminate us from the earth/ in a hundred ways. THERE IS NO ESCAPE/ UNLESS WE CHANGE. There is no true change, unless we discuss the evidence with as much truth, honor, and honesty as humanity can master. We MUST then examine the realities/ and let truth decide: NOT men or women/ but truth and reality; no excuses. Simple and plain! America is chosen for this trial/ because WE THE PEOPLE is the proper and true format for this discussion and change. The value and intensity of that discussion and its apparent change, is up to you/ up to us. This is then a LEGAL discussion and decision, with legal & governmental consequences beyond politics or business. This is to be "the voice of the people" and the consequence is, you will decide the fate of life on earth: AS WE THE PEOPLE!

Every participant is given this warning: if you come with lies and false documents/ THEN every effort will come "as best I can" to enforce the legal effects of perjury/ and then move legally to imprison, impound and remove every possession you have/ and subject you to trial as a terrorist. "You will be before the world/ before video and audio recordings" and these are literally matters of life or death for this world: believe it can happen to you/ because you will be charged with treason. You are allowed, a relationship with your evidence & purpose/ that is honorable, honest, & true: meaning NO intent to harm, subvert, or lie existed/ therefore no harm done that is punishable for cause. But you shall NOT assume, you shall prove and do your best.

Every participant is given this message also: this is a legal, social conclusion of law (that this is the best way)/ and there will be conclusive evidence used to establish: REAL & CRITICAL CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT/ INDUSTRY/ AND THE PUBLIC. Or not. There is no middle ground/ this is literally YES OR NO! NEITHER will there be bargaining/ this is YES we will/ or NO we won't. Therefore the issues of religion and other consequences of judgment that are considered personal by conviction/ are NOT to be used in actual trial. You may however state whatever you wish outside of trial; not associated with trial in any way/ OR by association you may in fact call for a "public court, defined and controlled by media/ but with exception, that the speaker shall not be cut off from his or her statement". If you so choose/ and can get them to participate with you. I WILL NOT, ask for such a media trial/ nor do I intend to participate in yours; unless the lies are too blatant and suggestive to not remove.

This is "the trial of life". It is the only one you get/ hell comes if you fail. I DO NOT ask you to believe this statement/ I tell you plainly it will be proven to you. Come and "prove me/ us(whosoever joins) wrong". If you are religious/ if you are atheist/ if you are anything beyond the intelligence of a dog, Come and defend your world.