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The question of human existence is not limited to a simple expression or experience or even mental decisions without the complexity that forms them. That complexity exists as an environment separated from the 7 base interests of the human reality: these are existence/ experience/ the mind/ body/ our individual identity/ heart as defined by the relationships which influence decision/ soul, the experience we share with life inside: and the eighth is, “ the influence of others that does change our own lives,” through living in this world.”
Complexity in the existence of human behaviors is a deliberation through the influences of the seven principles, & the one alteration to our world the eighth, that we have very little influence over. They do what they want, (just like you) and you have to react, or act because of what they have done; many times the issue becomes who controls who. This transforms the simple basic comprehension of life, from what is my own desire and purpose and happiness; to the endless existence of what other people choose that then becomes a principle or “extra” experience of their life, inside of you. The simple expression of “my identity” is then translated not so simply as, “what do I want my own life to be”/ but more correctly, as what is the purpose of my own desires, and how does this interference establish the heart or help/hinder the soul. The consequences created by outside forces thereby consume some things that are not fully formed as “my own decision, my own truth “. Altering the influence of others in a response to their reality. Personal truth and reality that exists today because of “this one, or these”’ no longer contains the options and rights that were my life, but exist as our lives together instead . Life has become a relationship with all that exists in the form humanity or relationships that change our own personal world. These are decisions that makes us all equal, establishing the basis of love/ or consume those who will enter into hate. The difference is; what you choose to believe about the lives that are human. To do less than accept love and equality, translates existence into a game or battleground/ and the consequence of that becomes the inevitable reality; that the people in your life, are considered to be enemies or worthless to your own life. If they do nothing to entertain you or worship you or be enslaved by you; then they have no value. Because your whole world is you. These are incredible bad decisions, for the sake of humanity/ therefore they do become the foundation that leads to animal. That then lead to every function of insanity revealed to be evil or less; predator and prey/ hate and violence/ etc. There from the influence of another human being critical reality forms, the opportunities to abandon your own decisions and life, and “turn here, to go in a different direction (to follow or to lead); than what is life by your decisions”. It is absolutely necessary, to establish your own decisions in life and let no other claim responsibility; because this is an excuse to allow evil into your own life. Your decision, is always your decision/ and you may not excuse it, to the behaviors or actions of any other person or life form. Life is not a game. Life is the essence of your own creation, called a moment in time. It is your participation in the freedoms of heart, soul, mind, and body!
The question that presents developing the context of what is an influence from another human being on our lives? Is divided into 3 basic parts: why would I be a friend/ why would I be an enemy/ and why would I choose either, when a focus onto selfishness can be my world.? These are fundamentally developmental, because they identify new dimensions to your own existence. The addition of a friend demands that what is simply yours, will become ours, to some extent; that is the requirement of friendship, that each must contribute something for the others benefit. So that in sharing the experience of life as myself “for real”/ the reality of our lives will be, together we have found a way to care for each other. The opportunity presented to a friend is then, I have cared; will you believe that I have value.
It is here at value, the question of friend or enemy becomes real/ for if you have no value “to me”/ then are you not nothing? So says the mind of humanity/ mind means; nothing but measurements, or memories. Secondary questioning then applies the concept of thought as a fundamental to value. If value is something measured/ then is it only human? As a reality, true value simply exists and is recognized “for its beauty”. The consequence of beauty is the acceptance of an order expressed in the brilliance of a discipline that was not altered from its own direction/ but held in perfection as a truth come to light. What is beautiful is then fundamental to life, because it is recognized as a path to existence and eternity itself. In the simple existence of what is humanity, order and discipline are measured by the mind in its assessment of what can you do for me. Rather than life first/ this is body or mind first, and the impetus to choose strictly for personal gain, instead of the honor of life in you. The message called life, is not “a fleeting example, of possibilities surrounded by possessions”. Life is the intensity of a freedom surrounded by you/ a possibility gained from the existence of order, through the understanding of discipline as expression of the freedom to choose, becomes your own personal experience as an identity in time, or as truth. The measurement of truth, is a human thing/ not a reality, but an alteration to the beauty of a path that leads to the brilliance of an opportunity that can only be stated as free. The perfection of a truth so dedicated to the disciplines of order and life, that it is eternal.
The mind called human, understands very little of what is real, what has value, or what is order and truth/ called animal, it has the function of delivering experience and expression to the body; and participation through the mind as relationships born in the simple truths of want, pride, happiness (to a limited degree), or survival. The question of friendship then asks from these 4, what can you do for me/ if the answer is “not enough”, your reality becomes “less than valued”. The mind then measures itself as “selfish”/ what can I take from you, for myself. Or the mind measures you as: what can you take from me, that I would hate you for; enemy. How these answers are formulated within the mind, determine the answers of what does your behavior mean to me. Those things established as a behavior of humanity without these basic relationships are formed from an unstable mind/ that is searching for answers without order, grasping for concepts or experiences that will lead to survival and happiness. The search for happiness is inherent in all of us/ therefore it is a primary factor in the determination of how we perceive interaction and its value as humanity. Once the search for happiness is over/ what is left, is little more than a pause between enemies or selfishness to assess the next victim. The desire for happiness is the primal to the function of life that gives us “our humanity”/ without happiness, what is animal simply becomes predator or prey.
The human question of behaviors, stem almost entirely then from the descriptions of what is happiness/ how do we find happiness/ why do we desire happiness/ and when we find happiness for real, is this enough for you.
Happiness is, the base response to an opportunity in freedom and truth, that lets life breathe. More simply, happiness is “the inhalation of moments” that represent the honesty and honor of being respected for who we actually are, and not for descriptions that we are not; it is an acceptance without judgment, that lives in respect. Therefore happiness is dependent upon the life of another, being willing to believe that we are more valuable than measurement allows; that we are not defined by the mind/ but by heart and soul, the combination of living breathing experience beyond this simple place. Happiness is then a participation beyond the mind or body, that lives in the experiences of truth, as they become translated into thoughts that comprehend the fundamental dimensions of an intensity inherent to life, that is simply “miracles exist in me”. This in turn explains; that our barrier to greater things, exists in fact as this body and mind/ that a foundation exists in thought through truth, for the function of a path that begins in order and extends through discipline into the farthest reaches of “what can life be”. The answer to that is: life is a freedom, that cannot be explained without the opportunity to express an experience so dramatic and real/ that it must be called eternal. Humanity now begins the questions; that ask of eternity, if I were to enter here/ could I be happy forever, or will there be a day when nothing is “good enough”? More simply, can there be too much of anything/ would I desire life eternal, and why? These are simple questions, with complex answers; that then determine a range of disciplines called passions. Passion is the existence of a purpose so fundamental to your own desires for life in you/ that they become the focus of an expansion beyond what is you; into a happiness that can consume what is not a treasure to you. Our lives are given to us as a human body/ our souls are given to us, as an invitation to a future beyond everything we can recognize as life, but love. It is your heart that decides whether humanity or love shall be the passion of your world. The question is not why/ rather the passion is; why not, shall love dominate my life & my world/ or why not give all life to humanity itself, and take everything you can get?
Those who choose humanity and thereby selfishness, or the limited measurements of a mind that understands only the base elements of a life among creation. Will never achieve more than the simple meanings of a life without the sanctuary of soul. These simplify life into the single category of time, and lose sight of eternity. Because they will not accept the price, of being more than a mind can measure. Soul provides the basis and environment that allows the comprehension of miracle means CREATOR, and the evidence of human life contributes “it is not us”. therefore a search inside love, reveals the moments inside miracles, that give us faith in the expression and experience of a happiness that cannot be measured or valued without the definitions of family and home. The honesty that allows Creation to be recognized, gives life to the disciplines that seek order in the words “OUR CREATOR”. The word miracle conveys “because love provided this”. The words happy inside, understands that love is more than a miracle (the possession of a true gift of beauty, through order and discipline); love is the existence of a path between “you and me”. Therefore each quest or journey into the passages of eternity ask simply; “is this the place that I should be, to honor my Creator”? The answer compliments your search, by understanding the truth we seek, is inside ourselves. Even today. The reality being that love lives inside of truth/ therein if you are truth, the path that leads to GOD is inside of you. The consequence of being truth as best you can (never enough to truly understand), is respect shall grow, love shall bloom in the simple faith that life shall not leave me alone, and hope comes to bring eternity as an inheritance received. Love does this, because it can. Life chooses this, only when love is the most passionate reality of your own truth as life itself. The mind and body are merely tools/ but the life inside of you, is created as the truth you will build for the simple purpose of defining what is treasure to you? If you answer is less than love/ then you are less than true to the life inside of you. If your answer is without order or discipline/ then you have chosen humanity as your life, and not eternity.
We begin here, in the quest for an understanding of existence; more simply, why are we here/ how did we get here/ and where are we going? Existence is the assertion, that I not only have a place in this possession of time/ but I have a right to my participation as an equal in this experience as life through the inherited claim of freedom. Time is a possession/ not a right; thereby it can be stolen, lost, bought or sold. The question created as time is then if I can possess this/ why should it not be simply mine; the four players that make life a game, should not be in charge. the answer here is simply, life is not a game/ YOU must choose to make it so, and begin the game yourself, or it cannot exist in you. That by effect makes you a participant in this experience of life that you do choose, and does give you a right to play the games/ or simply refuse to be involved. We begin as equals in the game of life/ none can take that away from the soul that it inhabits; you are equal, until you give this right away and enter into the games of others. Therefore freedom moves either “to the right or to the left; directionally”; as your decision to play the game or be removed from the game comes to be the truth that is your life. Those who refuse to play, become defined in the disciplines of what can life be without the influences of a distraction simplified to establish life is only time in body and mind. Those who search for order, find discipline. Those who find discipline also search for truth, and in that truth there will come the knowledge and understanding that becomes wisdom. Therefore as these become wise, reality becomes their truth, but evidence becomes the path they will take in accepting what life shall be. The foundation for those who choose to play the games of human life, is the simple reality: I don’t believe/ my body & mind are everything to me. Thereby without a foundation that seeks truth, the next step downward; from creation to self, is the inevitable definition of “how much am I worth here”. This is a call to judgment, and asks “compared to what”/ thereby making all other participants in creation measured rather than equal with you. We begin equal/ but the experience we share as human life, is not equal, therefore reality comes to convict one and all of being “someone, or being no one; or whatever is in-between by your own definitions and purposes”. The composition of time, does come with benefits for some/ and problems for others to compete with. That is not fair, but time is not fair; it is a relationship created within the environment of cause and effect/ and suffers no resolution or complaint that opposes these things. Thereby people chose to lie, and say to themselves and others; that if only these things were true, then I could oppose truth and evidence and I would then be god; “in control of life on earth”. But lies are not based in truth, thereby the evidence that suggests “it could happen”/ is a manufactured lie as well. And those who follow these lies, end in the multiplication of errors by tragedy; the combined expression of failure to accept two or more truths that then become as a storm to your existence. The mind rebels in this knowledge forced upon it, and the heart which lives as the decision forced by passion to comply with your mind, dies (at least a little). The mind assembles reality as the distinction of people who have helped or hindered the relationships you have had with your lies. Those who have not supported your lies, are now deemed to be enemies; and those who did support your lies are now deemed to be worthless, because the lies caught you and treated you to truth. This leaves the passion with which you have made a decision to be a liar/ and play with lies as the participant you have not dealt with. The reality here is, most never deal with this; because it will force change. Those who do, must then choose to heal from all lies and do the best they can/ OR the reality of a liar, will fill your existence, and become the experience that you will live until the day truth takes you away from life itself. Repentance is possible, but unlikely, because it means you must reduce yourself to truth; and what liar would honestly choose that. The consequence of the liar then becomes an environment limited to self and selfishness and hopelessness; because without truth, nothing exists. You are alive because truth knows you as a liar/ but when you die, you are nothing, or you are known as an enemy of life, in which case you will go to inherit what all enemies shall.
This is then a description of body, without the compensation of mind. The mind measures and performs the truth that you assign it as a body. But the body establishes that truth as the descriptions which give you pleasure or pain. The question being, what does the body have to do with the reality called death? The answer is; all that you fear, is held within the body that can be damaged and destroyed by the influence of others, or nature, or energy and mass. Therefore as an enemy of GOD you will take with you the experience that threatens you; and be terrorized, by the understanding that you have no control over anything at all. Whatever you have done to multiply this fear in others will be multiplied in you; there tragedy and horror will be shared by the degree that you are responsible for creating this, in them. You will be the god held within terror, as this in the environment you have created for yourself; but you will have no control, not even a little.
The issuance of a personal identity, is the acceptance that you have detailed the passions that give you a life to live, and entered into the truth that will create them as your life, to be lived in eternity. To achieve identity, you must follow truth within the disciplines that give you life. This is the acceptance of order, and the fact that evidence cannot be “a middle ground of lukewarm indifference”. Every factor in the determination of what is true, is and must be held to the intensity of a need to know what is real, with clarity and certainty, that each path in decision, is a direction that brings life, and not death. If you have no passion/ then you will believe anything, and be continually lost in your life. If you are passionate without the certainty and proof of evidence that lives without interference by the mind; then you are a blind leader, without conscious or the intent to help, merely a traitor in “sheep’s clothes”. What is real, is the message to every life that you shall believe this is true, and begin your own journey here; that you may live to inherit life itself. Life is a gift here, it is not a right; you must inherit by the truth you become; or you shall not survive into eternity. Truth is the basis of law in this universe, and truth cannot be deceived; either you belong to truth, or you will be discarded as “waste”. The passage beyond mind and body is simply the expansion of a focus beyond self; into the light of life itself, an opportunity beyond description.
This brings heart the honesty of a job to do, the reality of relationships that forge a happy experience defined only by love. That is its job, and heart does not participate in anything but love, or the hope that this new relationship will become as love, at least in part; even a small part. Love accepts every other person/ until that person has proven they are not worthy of love in this moment of time. Love does not discount behaviors as the primal decision that affects the possibility called love/ but rather recognizes that behaviors are an environmental influence instead of a true decision. Remove the environment of influence and you change the behaviors. However changing the environment cannot change the decision to participate in these behaviors. It is that decision that defines whether love exists, or the potential for love can exist, and is worth the time needed to create it as a fact. Love is a gift held within creation/ it is ours/ yours, from the moment you have been given to life. But if you do not honor love, if you are not honest with your life, if you refuse to accept the price of life is your acceptance of reality in equality; then you can be sold to the failures of your mind, because you didn’t care enough to stop delusion and fantasy in time to be alive. “sold” is then, from the time you began to choose, it is the reality of time/ instead of life, that you became. The consequence is, you have been sold to time, instead of life. The price is, “the heart has moved aside/ and blocked the door called soul”.
Soul is a direction defined by your decision to participate/ if you do not make this decision, then you cannot participate because you are “locked out”. It is your choice, and no one else can make this decision but you. This door leads beyond your decision as: a relationship with Creation that leads you to a life with your CREATOR . that is the purpose of soul, to create a bond/ that will exist beyond time. To enter through this door, requires not only the door to be opened to you/ BUT YOUR ACCEPTANCE that only truth will be your guide. There is no religion allowed, only truth. Love is the passage, but respect is the vehicle that brings you closer to life itself. It is life, that intervenes and asks for eternity. It is JESUS that grants HIS FOLLOWERS , the opportunity of his help in this spiritual dimension of soul. I will not argue religion with you/ JESUS is the one who walked with me. And I do owe HIM much. The religious will fear “he is deluded/ he is deceived; fear him, he will lead us astray”. But the truth will declare; look in the testimony of your own religious doctrine, and you will see this is the very thing declared to you, that you too would receive. How then can I live the life of the doctrine you preach/ but still be called these things? Are you not a liar!

The last composition of influence is the lives of those others who by their own determination, hopes, expectations, work, or needs are a part of our own lives. What is family here on earth, is an assignment of care; should these not be helped first! Only if there is enough left, do the others receive a benefit. Not because our humanity of life measures family here different/ but because care is consistent with those who are known as a foundation for your own love. Therefore to help them first, is to help yourself survive the influence of what is not love, and continue on. Life is a precious thing, it is not intended to be a game, it is a value without a price. Survival has a price/ but life itself is more than that. It is necessary that your own life comes first; if you do not survive, who can you help? If you die for someone else, will they do better than you? Every life contends with the reality that some, will die. Thereby every life makes a judgment that becomes the truth of what you are willing to do, to intervene and stop that death from tragically interfering in our reality.
The question is: does freedom give us a right to intervene in death, or life? More complex than it sounds, the reality of life and death is not our decision/ it is only allowed to be a judgment created from your freedoms in life, to believe that you can intervene. In belief, the opportunity exists to comprehend that a decision can be made/ work can be done; and your own life expended to achieve a solution that will change the truth that is currently in place. Truth is an order that cannot be changed. But this is a truth that will be changed, because the order can be rearranged. The complex nature of changing order understands “like the deflection of a comet for instance” the slightest change early on, becomes a wide area of probability and potential later/ whereas even a large percentage change at a later date, may make no real difference at all. That is true in human life as well, if we intervene early on in the health and welfare of another, then even a little can create very substantial change in that life. Whereas if reality has determined a course that is substantially committed to a single decision; there is little that will change the outcome of that chosen discipline. The question of life or death or change, then comes down to the alterations in order that must be dealt with; and the wisdom of why or why not should this order exist. Reality then asks of you: are you trying to play god/ or are you attempting to rescue HIS CREATION? The answer is more often playing god, than anything else. The critical question; do you then believe that you are “wiser than GOD”/ or more compassionate/ or more loving? Just because you believe that you can rescue a life, for a day or two? It is the absurdity of the question, that relates the power conceived by the question itself. The critical question is more clearly: if you were given the opportunity to make life and death choices; then by what venue or purpose would that decision be made? The critical question is not desire, as this is fundamentally not a quest for truth, but a relationship dedicated to love. Instead purpose explains that order and discipline require a price, to achieve the consequent truth described. We see that in our own lives, wherein study, or physical exercise, or savings, etc are all needed to achieve a purpose in life that we have chosen for ourselves. A purpose is not a goal/ a purpose is the path required to find acceptance for our decision, even if it is just within ourselves. A goal, is the reasoning of humanity, that “this trophy” is all we need to be happy; it is not true. Our relationship to purpose is then documented, as a path described; for the clarity of a decision we believe will bring happiness because order declares it will be true. The power of a decision that changes order is, it will change lives. Thereby the wisdom of that change in order; becomes a decision and a judgment for or against the lives that will be affected. Every judgment is “participating as if you were god”. Therefore every judgment that changes order must be conceived as if you were standing before the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE. And saying to HIM, that life here needed our intervention; with all the respect that we are able: we do thereby pray, that our decision to change is acceptable and true.
There will be those who describe this as “religious anarchy”; being that the reality of religion by men cannot make a decision such as this. They prefer to be slaves to their own decisions, and describe the world as “let us all be slaves/ let us all sacrifice, and pretend to buy salvation by forcing the others to do our will: its for god you know”. But do they learn anything, have they grown at all, in a thousand years? No, not really; still the same as recorded history, men have not changed anything: still war/ still poverty/ still consumption and disgrace and threats and religious persecution or pompous declarations of “obey me”. Religion has failed.
The question that is wisdom asks: what is the basis of this truth, that we should intervene to protect GODS CREATION IN US; or that we should not intervene, in this gift of life, even if we know through the essence of wisdom that we can understand a future that is death, and change it to one that is life? The foundation of such a question asks: how did we get to this reality, that we must make a decision to change or die? Truth declares, it is our own decisions as humanity that brought us here/ and now threaten to kill us all. Therefore clarity and truth understand it is not our intervention to change what GOD has created , that we seek to do/ BUT it is the need to change our humanity and the things we have created that is required to keep us alive. Thereby the reality of change, is a reality of us. Consequently it is not only a right, but an obligation to intervene with ourselves to change the order that we have described/ that we may NOT, destroy GOD’S OWN CREATION in us. Stupidity and arrogance, pride and power and selfishness through hate, has presented us with hell and Armageddon to come. These are the things we have brought as humanity to this planet, this earth; and it is ourselves that we must judge as needing change, it is ourselves that shall establish the foundation to survive; because we destroyed the other, that GOD created for us. It is ourselves, that will judge us. We have made decisions that changed the order and disciplines of this world; and threatened extinction, even for us. It is ourselves that will make the decision and reap the reward by making the decisions for change that will or will not keep us and this world alive.
The issues of a right to judgment; that the world and its life will die, if we do not intervene are mute: what can be done as life, once you are dead. Life must be first, therefore we have a right, for we are alive! Therefore what we decide honestly as in support of life, must be conceived of: as GOD’S DESIRE FOR OUR LIVES! HE CREATED US, and it is certain and clear and true; that HE did not create us, to let us destroy HIS WORK. Therefore change is warranted and real. The failure to change, is a decision to enter hell and Armageddon, because we didn’t care enough. Is life not worth more than this; change is required. Not simple change/ not hidden change (we will change back)/ not run away from reality change: but true, honest, and real change based upon the wisdom that conceives of a peaceful and harmonious world. Failure, or less, and the world dies.
A question of prophecy exists; as the truth, that GOD does send messages to those that listen; prior to disaster. Therefore the question exists as to what conceives of a “message from GOD”? What can we choose to believe, is not simply from “a human touch”? the answer returns to the simplicity of truth; that indeed truth cannot be changed/ only the order and disciplines that perform to create our future can be altered. That understanding allows, that truth is a message from GOD , simply because it cannot be changed, it is real and it is absolute, and it is without doubt. Therefore what is true, in this our time here on this earth? The reality of threats from over-population, weapons of mass destruction, resource depletion, ocean devastation, environmental collapse and more are without doubt real and true/ each of which clearly dictates that we ourselves have intervened in order, and changed this world by human decision: it is our reality. Therefore a message that focuses on this truth, and searches for ways to change the order and disciplines that will exterminate us, without change; functionally becomes a message from GOD. Not because any human being says so/ but because it is clear and certain that GOD does not desire us to die/ clearly in JESUS the opposite is true. Whether you believe in the story of JESUS or not, HIS STORY fundamentally defines all that is good or bad about this human world/ and suggests by testimony and the reality people don’t pay attention to anyone, unless they benefit in some way; therefore miracles are to be believed. Thereby it is fundamental and real, that a message and a reality of truth in wisdom would appear for our benefit in this time of trial. Our truth is, human leadership has led us into a pit from which we cannot escape without real and immediate change. Take a look, we are dead, by the consequences of a future that cannot survive as it is, by the order and leadership of men. They have brought the world here to destruction and death/ and clearly have no answer for life. Thereby it is true and fitting and real, that only a change in this order, and these disciplines can provide that. And the ONLY OPTION that lives on this earth, is then women. Literally because they are different, there will be change; when they lead this world. Men changed the order of life on earth/ women must change the order of death created by men, or life ends; and men must help them do so, or they die/ or women fail. This is our reality. This is the difference between hell and Armageddon, and life.
Biblical prophecy agrees, as this message and these words come to you from the consequence of Revelation 12 in me/ until that moment of intervention; none of this was inside. There was no decision for education/ no decision for helping you/ no decision that included women; and would have been a simple demand to admit YOUR DECISIONS as men, were going to exterminate life on earth. “the spiritual woman of Revelation 12 changed that”; believe it or not. The reality in me, a demand to learn and accept what is woman had taken over my own life; much like a husband ruled over a wife (only I was now the wife). No matter how strange this sounds, it is none the less true. Therefore while I tell you it is true, that my education comes from the spiritual dimension wherein JESUS was my teacher and friend/ the reality of my life here, has now become a critical relationship with “the spiritual woman of Revelation 12 inside”. The question of a right to present “a message to you, about life or death by the evidence of men” is determined by truth. Is it not true, that all your threats can kill you/ is it not true, that your current path has no alternative but to lead to your death: it is indeed. The question of “by what authority” do I claim the change from leadership by men/ to the demand that women shall rule this earth? The answer is; until Revelation 12 became the education of your world; so that you could survive and find a new way/ there was no solution, because there was only the leadership of men; and they will not change, unless leadership is taken away. The woman of Revelation 12 gives you this challenge: to accept her ways, and work for peace and harmony and life on earth! The men of earth have established this warning; if you fail to change truly and with conviction/ you are certain to die, descending into horrors and tragedy beyond comprehension, because the earth itself is dying by their hands. The GOD OF LIFE has presented this truth to you, by sending knowledge which you can perceive/ by creating understanding in the consequences that are called humanity/ and by using wisdom to understand in you, that it is women who will lead. Not because they are better/ but because they are different/ and we must change and live differently, or we die. In the freedoms that are the gift of life in us/ we are each one required to choose for ourselves; none are free/ all will choose and work, either for life and women/ or death and its creator “you don’t care/ you want/ you are a winner/ and you won’t share”. There is no question “called me, the writer”/ this is only a reality called you, and your choice for life or death. It is women who will save this world, by accepting the decision to intervene and create a new working order and discipline for human life on earth. Or if they abandon life, to shrink away, or whine or cry or fear or whatever it is they will do to escape their own duties to life; then it is all of humanity that performs the task, of executing life from this earth. Women are given the right to decide; BUT IF TRUTH does not declare that they are a true majority in favor of life, willing to work and live by the price that will be paid; you will die. Not even one less than a majority; make NO MISTAKE, GOD WILL KNOW!


The question of biblical prophecy, does extend to the various other chapters following revelation 12/ as the work divides here between the consequence of men being in charge the first chapters, and the potential for women to take charge and determine the final decision that becomes life or death/ the last chapters, and the impact of men on their decisions . chapter 12 itself, is a reality of both men and women, in determining whether women shall indeed even try. In 12, it is simple and plain, that those in power hate the reality that has come and fight against it because of their many fears (dragon, represents fear). As time increases the understanding that something must be done/ some decide that to kill the person who starts this action “would be in their best interest”. That which is called male/ then disappears from this earth/ but the woman who brought him to this life remains on earth, but must hide because of her enemies. It is the young, who will fight for life on earth/ because it is their own deaths that they fight against; it is the old and powerful that will be thrown from their positions of power; and become so angry and deceitful, they will destroy whatever they can because of it. The question becomes: if those in power no longer rule/ who then can stop the lawbreakers, from doing anything they please? The answer is; all who choose the law to represent themselves and our lives in society. The story continues, in 13 with those who have lost their power and pride, removing their fears, and changing into a beast (an animal/ that cannot learn what is value or life; it simply exists). That means without a comprehension of life, or hope, or value, or love; the reality of a predator with many weapons appears. These weapons become threats to all life on earth, and the people who do choose life, begin to fear; and fall away, because they don’t want to die. This is going to be a test, the reality simply of all those holding weapons of mass destruction: WHO WILL BE REQUIRED TO SURRENDER THEM PEACEFULLY/ some will demand, “we will never”/ and they seek to prove it. Apparently for a period of 42 months or there about. The prophecy declares, that no one will take the weapons from their hands during this time, all who try will fail; consequently all who desire life must be patient and endure. This simply emboldens the people of weapons of mass destruction in their threats, and they find someone to lead them “with a liars tongue”/ the text finds this liar using a “weapon or two” to prove the threat exists, and no one can challenge their usage. Dependent upon fear, the people of these weapons try to control all life on earth, by controlling the food and water. The number 666 merely stands for their intent to prove none can challenge them.
Prophecy changes in chapter 14 wherein those who have made their own decision about life, eternity, and death are now gathered to live a new life in faith for GOD. They reject all threat and fear/ and hear only the truth that life can bring into their lives from GOD. A question is presented “did not defile themselves with women”? which asks first: because women are GOD’S GIFT to men, the blessing that makes their own lives worthwhile, and indeed gives man his life: what could be meant by defile? The answer is clearly; this is not about what women are doing/ but about what the men in this time are doing by themselves for or against an earth led by women. It is then certain, the reality is, these men did not do anything to deter women from being their leaders. They have chosen to let GOD decide.
The angel flying in midair represents the “144,000” who proclaim life, hope, and love to all the people of this earth. The second primary event of change is America falls into bankruptcy. The third primary event is an understanding grows among the earth inhabitants, that this is not a game, and they must work for life/ or they will truly enter into death. Again the people who choose life, are warned not to fear, but believe. The harvest begins, when “one like the son of man” is conceived within humanity; to be “from GOD”. The people are then separated into those who will work for life/ those who will work to keep men in charge and thereby cause the earth to die/ and those who are “worthless, because they just don’t care enough; their own lives are not valued, not even by them”. The prophecy states, that the numbers of those who want “life to remain unchanged/ and will work against women and peace on earth; will be high.” But they will not stand, and if they do not change, will be trampled and crushed by the horrors they have created for themselves.
Chapter 15 suggests, that humanity has lost its battle to survive on earth, the people who sing, are the people left behind to finish the last attempts to give the others their chance for eternity, “before the lights go out” forever. The seven angels, are truths that exist on earth and cannot be denied, the gold sash means they cannot now be changed and their reality will be “the terrible consequences of men” shall come true. The list of what and when is given in chapter 16; the mark of the beast “is the reality that as animals you chose to destroy the foundations that keep life alive on earth/ therefore by the things that you destroyed, killing your own selves; you shall forever be known. The ugly and painful sores, are cancers, tumors, etc/ but are caused by the ozone layer completely disappearing, and the consequent intense radiation from the sun producing radiation that is equal to being micro-waved on low intensity: but people refuse to change (even little things, such as putting air-conditioning in the trunk of a car to keep the gas from being released; just too much). The second bowl is clear; and is defined as the very large fishing trawler fleet, as is now running in the sea; continues to consume entire schools of fish/ killing the other predators (starved to death) and the few left over that depend upon numbers to survive. {everyday, these trawlers scourer the ocean/ from all nations, a line that never stops. Literally seeking to destroy entire little societies of ocean life in “one efficient pass”. They WILL clean out the ocean soon, and there is no going back.. The third critical trespass of men is the water on earth dries up, and every person knows, without water we die/ this means WAR, without mercy for anyone. “its you or me”/ take a look around, and see your water is disappearing in many ways. Ethanol, irrigation without end or right, pollution, “many things”. The religious will “pipe in, they deserve this trouble”/ even though they are just as guilty. The fourth trespass of men comes from the reality of all the fires we create as humanity, intensifying our reality by global warming to tragic levels of heat/ this creates many problems; “but men refuse to stop their desire for fire, and continue on. They love their machines, and even little things like not traveling miles to work, or more efficiency; are refused. The fifth trespass is the release of biological weapons, that then change this world in terrifying ways. Do you honestly believe this won’t happen/ stop them or die. Refusal here is the reality the men did not exterminate these things when they did have a chance to do so/ now it is too late. The sixth trespass is genetic mutilation takes over the whole world, creating horrific things, that make people simply want to die. The world now knows it will die, and the people assemble hoping to kill each other, that they may endure no more, because of the terrible consequences of genetic chaos in nature and themselves. It will be “beyond horrific and terrifying, a new reality beyond description because pride was more important than life. The seventh reality is from GOD, and not simply from men and their trespass against life on earth. It reads the Yellowstone volcano erupts with great violence.
{while little things are mentioned/ only true change and big things are going to make a difference/ and men will not do it. Women, as a world, are the only leaders who might. They will save this world/ or it cannot be saved; even if you don’t believe/ it is true}.
Chapter 17 comes with a different ending, thereby removing the above transgressions and begins again in a different way.
This begins in chapter 12, and recognizes that the people of earth will condemn me “as the woman”/ who suggests that sexuality now belongs to women, and they will choose what life is to be for men sexually on this earth. For this she is called a prostitute, because liars rule. Within these writings are also the words that use sexual realities to redefine a relationship between men and women/ that men will not like. Therefore the men of earth unite to declare their hostilities. Instead of accepting the challenge to women; that they are indeed responsible for saving this earth from men/ the women hide instead, and run away. , the example of what is about to happen to all women on earth. The men then come to me, believing that I am causing trouble, and should not live because of it: THEY WANT to control women, and they will not accept anything less. The consequence of this is although men found the words and ways of this education and message of value/ so much so they began to believe they would benefit. The reality of the day is; I am abandoned by all, and left to survive “with a violent animal called men”/ sexually attacked and violently torn; by men who did not care, but live only for hate. For ridicule they do “dress me up”/ and proclaim the spiritual woman of Revelation 12 gave me great things/ but now, all belongs to men/ and my gravestone will read as only they decide, they then crucify me with hate. The “blood of the saints”, are those people dragged before me to be killed; because these men know it is what I have worked and fought to stop. Proof they are in charge, and I have lost. The battle for life on earth is over.
The witness “looks back in time” / the beast is the violent men and all their expectations from the past; these are now thrown into turmoil, because none know the extent to which the words women shall rule, can be applied to them. They choose It is not so, and refuse to believe that hell and Armageddon are coming (they are wrong), but for now they have convinced themselves not to care about anything ,but regaining all control over women. The seven heads of the beast the woman rides( she does not control the beast, but must endure the reality; because this is the power on earth) , are seen today it is the truth of those who lead humanity. The ten horns, are the weapons they use to control life on earth, through power or hate. Those astonished, are the people who have felt safe and protected/ but now realize they are only moments from their own deaths. The seven heads/ or seven hills, are the physical obstructions, and mental battlegrounds of mankind; placed by the powers that be, that must be conquered by women, for this prophecy not to take place. That means an army awaits all who do decide to take on this battle for life on earth; the kings, are their generals. In this prophecy, women did attempt to control life on earth, and succeeded in defeating 5 of the primary demands that men create sexually, the women now control. But because they are losing sexual influences/ the men begin to fight back with absolute evil, and confront women with deviant and horrific acts to make them fear, and keep sex away. In this prophecy the one demand of men they have not subdued, confronts women and they do not subdue him/ because it is homosexual deviation. The one who comes, is the attacker, he will use what is horrific and evil; against society to demand the war is against women, not men. In a short amount of time, the battle is over. The eighth king, is the assumption by men “that all will be the same, only more so, because women surrender/ and men will rule over life and women as never before; and nothing can stop them”. The ten weapons used by “the generals of war over women”/ are new, they represent wickedness as a disgrace beyond anything ever seen, that means it is genetic mutilation. The truth that men become horribly deviant against women, causes them untold harm and humility and damage to their body and mind; “is the treason of a serpent, a mind and body thrown into hell/ and terrorized by what is male in life” But it does not last long/ terror fills the hearts of these men, and they surrender their prize to the world of men, because mutilation consumes them. These men now attempt to demand all authority shall be theirs/ and women will be their eternal sexual slave, from this moment on. They lose, because the people of GOD , come to aid the women EVERYWHERE. However, Critical mental Insanity has crept in, because of the mutilations & violence and is now the way of the whole earth. Every nation makes a decision about where they stand, deciding for or against the reality created by these men/ by these women. What is described as a beast of history, are the men who will not be changed; they worship their power an pride and do not surrender. They make demands that very many women be sacrificed to prove men control, and never will there be a woman in charge. these do intend to instill fear in women, and consequently are as violent as they can be toward the lives of all women everywhere. The purpose is to remove all possibility called mercy. Therefore this prophet believes the women shall lose, and the earth shall die in hell and Armageddon. It is not necessarily so/ for every prophecy is a description of expectation, and every expectation can be changed; they are not truths, they are relationships of time and place, based upon the behaviors and expectations of men. Women are not considered important, in any prophecy of men (revelations is a prophecy of men, but guided by GOD ). The last verse is “the woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth”. Or more correctly describes the relationship that knowledge, understanding, and wisdom contribute to life in humanity on earth: these are now destroyed, and only insanity, horrors, and terror is left.
Chapter 18 is America in bankruptcy/ the result being a civil war with terrible consequences for life in this USA. The call to leave is heard, in another scenario; wherein the reality is, for your tragic contributions to revelation 17, and its eternal effects for life on earth GOD HAS chosen to destroy America for its deceit and failures, and for leading the world into destruction. The fire, Yellowstone erupting.
Chapter 19 is simply judgment day has come for the world itself. It does not have a clear beginning, unless that judgment day is created in Revelation 12, and is assigned by this. This one simply asserts “the world is judged abandoned, and life will end here”. It is a separate reality, unlike any other prophecy here. And states, By the power of GOD and the laws of this UNIVERSE this world will be dismantled. The great prostitute here is America/ because the men here tempted and chased every pleasure and luxury of life, every slave, power, and pride; and knew no wrong that would keep them from it. BUT BEFORE that will happen, “the wedding of the lamb has come”. It is not as expected, to join those who have sacrificed their lives to GOD/ it is a wedding, and a bride. IT IS about women, or woman, and eternity. People are invited to join in the joy. Some begin to believe the messenger of these things is “more than he is”/ and are told to stop, “I am just a messenger”.
After this the rider of the white horse comes. White stands for granting mercy wherever it can be granted/ but the horse explains, this is not a friendly reality. Faithful and true, are words that give this one authority/ therefore he is in charge. “the eyes, see through everything that is a lie, the fire is a demand to consume these lies. The crowns, represent many jobs to do. The name means, he belongs to GOD ,and no other. The robe of blood is pride stripped away, the “hardness of heart” torn, and bleeding from the lives of humanity. He lives by truth and law. Therefore the people of earth are given “the courage of angels.” The sharp sword, are words that will defeat the people of his day. The iron scepter simply means there will be little discussion, only truth will lead. All who stand up to defeat him and his army will face the fury of GOD. Power is given to him.
The second part is rebellion on earth/ those who have been defeated primarily with words, now seek to remove this one in battle from an influence over their lives. All those who want this one defeated from around the world, join. But they are defeated easily, simply by turning truth against animal instinct, and lies are defeated easily once the beast is dead. All the people surrender to the truth, that the world shall never again be the same. Therefore all war or potential for war dies with the lies that can no longer be supported. The birds, simply represent the reality that power and pride are now gone/ and the possibility of equality allows all who desire it to take from the rich, and give to themselves.

Chapter 20 begins with truth that affects the world (the angel), being able to defeat power and pride totally (devil and satan). For a thousand years, that reality of human life is removed from human existence. But like want that is not surrendered, it still exists, and returns for a very short time. This is then a prophecy defining the future for those who do survive this time in the history of human life. Since it does not apply to this day, the questions and realities that it does suggest are not worth considering. But more simply than that, it is a warning to life, that the future will return a day “in a thousand years or so”, when all the problems of men and women will return with a vengeance. This is when resources have now failed completely and there is no further chance to survive. The people come to fight with those who have promised life; because their faith has died. And when every decision has been made/ it is a fire from GOD that divides those who will enter extreme torture, from those who will now enter eternity, and life.

Chapter 21 this is a prophecy of both now, and the future. It extends from Revelation 12, and avoids all the problems in-between. Being a reality of very significant change as only GOD can truly provide; the opportunity of women is to be leaders of all life on earth. That does represent a “new city, and a new way, and a new bride that has chosen for herself both GOD AND Jesus. The dimensions given, “mean even from the ends of the earth, people can see the potential for change, that exists”. The earth is thereby changed, because only women are allowed access, and they will change the world. The thousand years of chapter 20 discuss the reality of resource loss, and a life that starts to unravel when our relationship with this earth has come to an end/ only then does the true reality of absolute change by these descriptions take place. But for today, “everything new”, is for women to be in charge of life on earth. Because the people find GOD and Jesus in their hearts and soul. Fears die, and life is good. A judgment has been made, upon humanity and their future, some will go to life eternal/ some will be destroyed, never to return as life.
This chapter continues with One of The seven truths that threatened the whole world of humanity comes to reveal instead of death/ the possibility of a new day, joined to the one who has educated and led us all JESUS . HE educated me/ I educate you! In this education for life, a new experience of community comes to live among humanity, bringing many new and precious thoughts, that no one on earth believed could ever be known. This city revealed, is measured “by a man’s measurement” because it is humanity that will begin to understand what all this knowledge means. By its measurements it is stated as being impenetrable by the men of its day; a very mighty fortress! There are “pearly gates”/ because they are spiritual gates, and if you do not belong to this spirit, you shall not go through into the inside. This is the spirit of women/ because this is the fortress of rulers, and women will now rule this world. The gold and precious stones represent the value of this knowledge, because it will become precious to all life. What is religion, is removed or changed by women; they are now in charge: because men brought us to the door of hell and Armageddon and would not turn away; they had to be pushed from leadership. People now believe in GOD instead of believing in sacrifice and rules and religions and men; they believe in truth, love, life, and hope. There is a limited belief in Jesus as well. The world accepts knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for its own. Those who do not/ will be condemned.

Chapter 22 the quest of every life is “like a river flowing”, the water represents power, as all life in time depends upon water as their source of survival . the people begin to understand, the purpose of their lives, is not simply about time; but about eternity as well. The possibility that is LIFE WITH GOD becomes clear. Finding balance in existence, humanity goes in search of balance in the lives of both male and female, and finds it “yielding happiness for all. The leaves “those things that gather and cover, for the sake of beauty and life”; are shared with the world. No more do people choose hate/ for friendship has enveloped them, because their lives are about their eternity, and they trust that GOD will be their GOD. Fear has left/ for they surrendered it.
The question now begins across the world, if everything JESUS promised is true/ then is HE not coming back to claim his people soon? The answer is; to continue doing whatever it is that you have chosen in your heart and soul to do, and let GOD decide that. The answer is; that yes JESUS HIMSELF will come, but only when all people have been decided for love, or for hate. There is a new invitation to everyone, to surrender what should never be done, and accept this new offer of life and hope and happiness. There is a warning, not to play. There is a promise, we who believe shall never be forgotten.

The reality defined by these things is: that no matter how much you hate religion, there are some things that can be explained no other way “than by the presence of GOD “. Each of the prophecies are really quite good, for being written thousands of years ago. The imagery used, is fundamentally to reveal the future without revealing the future; by presenting the information/ but not providing the interpreter until the time has come. The question that submits life is about to end on this earth, unless change comes/ is clearly and literally protected as true, because of the evidence of this day. Just the fishing fleet that now captures entire schools of fish, destroying these little ecosystems is enough to kill the ocean/ if the predators that were part of it survive to find another group, that doubles the predators and the prey are in very great danger. There is nothing balanced about human activities in nature, all male decisions among the leaders of men are to “strip it clean/ and leave nothing behind”. In a world of 7 billion people, that means you have attacked the very “seeds of nature” that provide next years crops. The ocean will soon be dead. That leaves only grain and livestock for food. Drought is going to be a fact of life, and you are attacking the water supplies at a rate far beyond what replenishes them; which means you war or die. Won’t decrease your fires, (the consumption of oxygen is very high, beyond what can be replenished)/ and you cut down forests without the slightest regard for anything but money; where will your oxygen for life come from without the plants that produce it? Not your problem? Think again, until the day you die, you too have needs to be met. And these are only the beginning of your disgrace and disease as the people led into the abyss with no way out; unless you abandon the leadership of men. There MUST be different choices/ and that means women. Men are men, and that means they WILL continue to choose like men; it is not a hard concept to grasp.
If that were not enough, you have lied, cheated, stolen, and tempted your way to complete economic chaos. In America if they would open the books back up at the federal reserve, they would read over 100 trillion dollars of debt (2 million per worker). Added up with all the hidden debts in municipal bonds, most are not recorded anywhere but the city they are created in. and all the rest of the debts promised everywhere, some estimates present this as 400 trillion dollars= take every face you see in America, 300 million citizens & present them with a personal debt of $1,333,000.00 one million three hundred and thirty three thousand dollars. Not every worker/ every citizen. Every worker is roughly 1 in 6 people, so added to the worker debt load, each one is expected to provide 8 million dollars, “before they see a dime for themselves”.
“just can’t be”/ we would all be broke! We are broke, inflation is tremendous, but hidden under the covers/ the numbers presented by government are lies/ the reality of GDP cannot be supported by the truth that 13 trillion dollars represents a production of $260,000.00 per every single worker. All the numbers used by the stock market are just that, “nothing but numbers”. It is not money, money is the people who labor and the resources they labor with; numbers are a game.
What is clear is: NO ONE across the world, want the economy to fail, so they just keep looking the other way/ hiding behind obvious excuses and fantasy/ and simply “don’t care, leave me alone; I will get everything I can, and don’t screw this up for me”; to hell with the future!
What did you gain by this? Every problem multiplied/ and every weapon of mass destruction stands at the ready. Because as men find themselves in trouble, they turn to war. Not simply to kill the others/ but more importantly to them, so they do not kill each other. That is the purpose of war/ let us kill them, don’t kill me.
How can the economy continue when the numbers are this bad? Really how can this be? The answer is collusion among all the major players to hide and conceal the trouble. To gain acceptance and attain denial “promises do have to be made/ don’t they; won’t do it for free”. Therefore all the laws the restrict the liars, thieves, cheats, and tempters are laid aside; and the prey are cornered by propaganda and want. Inundated with useless rhetoric and lies, the majority are reduced to games. The biggest game in town is, the endless social travesty that “money is free/ all you have to do is play my pyramid game: in America its called the stock market”. The assumption is that because people invest in any given company it has attained more value. That of course is not true, the actual company has done nothing to gain in value; only the numbers have changed. But like candy to a small child, those who want wealth need only the assumption of wealth, to become gamblers and lose their sense to want and greed. The stock market created numbers did they not? Lots of numbers, for which they are very proud. But again, does the tree demand numbers before the man cuts it down? No it does not, but without the man who cuts it down, those on wall street would tell you the tree has no value unless we use it. Therefore it is the man’s labor that has the value of numbers/ but it is the tree that gives the man his value as a worker. Or more simply, without resources there is no work or worker/ and all the numbers generated by the stock market DO expect “a man or woman” to do the work, demanded by another human being. When those numbers do not reflect an honest distribution of numbers, therefore an “honest days work/ for an honest days pay”, or more simply representative of a fair and equal pay scale for everyone. The reality is, it is the numbers that make people slaves/ it is the numbers that have stolen the people’s savings and working lives/ it is the numbers that seek to destroy the nation, because they are lies supporting nothing but hate. Hate ends in war.
We are working as a society/ because this is a nation of cowards: YOU refuse to accept truth as your leader / and continue to demand lies are all we want. So you continue to accept the numbers which make you slaves/ because “today, I have enough/ and to do less means tomorrow will be worse for me”. To continue the lies, demands the slavery increases each day, as more and more become subject to the tragic loss of their ability to sustain themselves; so the rest of the slaves work harder, praying don’t let this be me. But reality is reality, and giving your future to those who could not care less about you, is simple suicide. So we wait, for the day when the majority or simply enough people have been trampled underfoot, that they get out their guns, and start civil war. At that point, not only have you lied your way into the beginning of hell, but you have lied your way beyond the possibility of intervention through the courtroom of law: no one is willing to listen anymore, blood will flow/ until the desperation and insanity of the trampled has been killed & the failures and fears of the “blind traitors to life, called the rich” have been destroyed. Too bad nothing will be left to salvage/ because there are plenty of guns to insure the blood runs high. The key ingredient to all this theft: IS, you can have as many numbers as you like in anything called “savings”/ it doesn’t matter, until someone spends them”. As in every pyramid scheme the world has ever known; some people get big rewards to tempt the others in/ this continues until, “too many want their share too”, and then the scheme falls apart; there is nothing of substance, and there never was; just a game! America now has millions of baby boomers, who do intend to spend everything they can; make a note of it, because they are coming to consume everything they touch. Making the kids their slaves, not a problem “they earned their reward; didn’t they? They played the game.” The fact, this decision to lie, cheat, steal, tempt, and lust assassinates the future, leaving the children with nothing but death, hell, and Armageddon for their future; “well”, its ok, because without resources there is no future. “so world war 3 “is really just helping them out: isn’t it”! there are just too many problems, the kids are dead anyway; so it don’t matter. Killing them with war is in their best interest; cause, we won’t let them live anyway”. Its all good, “we got ours”!
If you continue to lie, cheat, steal, and tempt; you will have this civil war. If you find some tiny fragment of courage somewhere “perhaps you could borrow it from a child/ since you don’t have any.” Irregardless IF you do find a tiny bit of courage somewhere/ then go to court, and find your solutions there, as one people/ one nation: BUT NO EXCEPTIONS/ life first, equality second, limits third, and freedom with duty. The judge has no say, he or she merely represents “the referee.” If you continue to refuse courage, and keep your lies; the competition will turn against every minority, as they will take the brunt and blame for what is clearly NOT their fault; it is your lies, cheating, stealing, and blind pride. Irregardless “who the hell cares, about justice”/ the reality is, people are in trouble, and the only way the majority find to remove this trouble is to remove the competition: “nothing personal”, just somebody has to leave, and ANYONE who can be separated from the controlling group, can be considered the enemy. To increase the possibility of injustice, the majority will begin to persecute with bigotry, prejudice, hate, and violence, intending to create a moment when they can justify removing these others: something to point to and say “its your own fault, you did this to yourselves”. Which of course is a lie/ but liars lie, and that is how it is. The only real protection for any minority group is “the group”. The only reality that can keep the aggressor away is the gun or other means of violence that says, “it will cost you more than you care to pay, to come here to us”. So the gun is both “protection, and brutal force against you”/ but the reality is, if only one side has a weapon; then there will be genocide. Look at human history, and you know it is true.
As for what can you do personally; the answer is that gold and silver are the primary investments when everything else goes bad. They are the historical equivalent of money since recorded time began. Consequently they will survive as the only reliable form of money that exists: primarily because they are limited by their amounts. But do not get excited, if the possibility to survive is established/ then these will be confiscated in some form or fashion; you will get something in trade. Put them in a bank lock box/ not because its safe, but because it is fundamentally as safe as it gets; just how it is. We will find our solutions together, and blend back into equality and fair play for all through justice; or there will be war/ then world war/ then extinction. I vote for justice and for life! But if you as a majority do not, then “my vote won’t count”. Don’t believe you can gather “real estate” either/ the money has to come from somewhere, and taxes will be harsh. Either we go to court as a nation/ or you will go to civil war as a nation; “its take your pick/ but no second chances”. Start now, or you lose. Where are your leaders? Hiding behind the excuse “I don’t want to do this/ vote for me”! where are your religions? Running away as fast as they can. Where are the people who care? Crying, whining, arguing, hating the fact we have no real option here: either truth decides and reality rules, or they let the lies consume them. To date, “the lies are winning”/ soon you have no further choice.
The answer what can you do as a minority group, is the same as the majority group; IF the minority is “too expensive”/ they will turn on themselves: the only real choice is the courtroom. But the reality is, “you do have to find some courage to choose justice”/ you can fall into death; but you have to choose justice. For the young, your elders didn’t curse you to death simply; “they just didn’t care enough to pay the price demanded of them; that is a reality of less, a composition that does not allow pride or power or want”. Even so, they lost control of the nation, their lives, their future because they did not know how to pay the price, therefore it was too high/ and they ran away to hide in the money, pretending it was enough. {do you the children not follow distinctly in these footsteps? DO NOT JUDGE, change the world! But do understand, if you surrender as did they; all will die. This is NOT the life I would have chosen to live either/ this is the life we must live to survive, the decisions we must make to find a possibility that is not death.} When it wasn’t bribes had to be made, when that failed, the future of all life on earth was sacrificed so they wouldn’t have to face their fears, and make the necessary changes. This leadership of men, is over. But The same will be required of you, you must accept the price to save this earth; even if you don’t want to pay it. Instead of a time to wallow in self-pity, and self-indulgence to pretend you didn’t have a choice; you will die, “time is up”. If you desire life; this time it is women that will lead, for the men are abandoned as leaders. As men our reality as a majority is; under our leadership as a group, the world is sold to execution. The world is dying, and only true life support can save it; that literally means no more “you are all that is important, to you”/ simply selfishness must end, and life must be for friends and for every living thing. The reality of living is very clear, “no more of this”: instead of lies and all the rest that can only be called evil/ you must become bound to truth, reality, honesty, honor, respect, love, and life that you may be “a friendly participant” in the real world, demanding change, and working for life. If you are not, then you will continue on as you are, the options, rights, and opportunities to change will disappear quickly, in 2 or 3 years, there will be little chance that you can survive/ it is absolutely important that we start now. Earlier would have been better/ BUT ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WOULD LISTEN, they all “had plans”/ and none of those plans included making changes they did not want to make. So today, we now have pictures of life that soon will be nothing but a memory; realities that form our existence with soul, as we live within the miracles of life that are disappearing or dead. Take a look, in the last twenty years of genetic mutilation, we have had a tremendous increase in major medical trauma, people unexplainably getting sick/ 400 percent increases in allergy patients/ large increases in autism, breast cancers, and everything else. The bees are dying, “they just pollinate our world”; couldn’t be genetic mutilation of crops, or is it all the poisons; you tell me. Don’t worry though you can go to any “scientific expert” you want/ and they will tell you exactly what the people who pay them want you to hear. Go on down to the FDA, genetic mutilations can’t hurt anybody/ only fools suggest something could go wrong; after all, “they shoved somebody directly in it; and they didn’t die immediately”. So its good/ or if hidden well enough; the money will be spent, before anyone catches them. Or you could go to the scientific community so they can come “and weigh critters, and watch for sex”/ but don’t get involved, after all feeding the last few creatures before they are extinct, is against their rules; never mind it is human involvement that brought them to the edge. Or you could go to emotions, and whine/ play pretend/ and tear your way to extinction yourselves; it will pass the time, and you can have sex besides; once in a while. There are lots of “play/ pretend” things to do. BUT IF YOU DESIRE LIFE TO SURVIVE, there is only one way: either we take back control of the LAW, and fight to truly become “WE THE PEOPLE” or we are dead. The constitution rules, because it is what is best for us all/ and obstructs selfishness and greed. But the reality is truth will decide the possibilities that we must engage with our work/ reality will decide the opportunities that exist and how we can benefit the world with them/ and women will take care of the relationships that are “people to people”/ men have no say; they brought us to extinction, and threaten us with extermination as their solution. They are abandoned as leaders, they are removed from power, for this very cause.

As to me, I am not your leader, I am not your savior/ I am the messenger delivering this message that life on earth is at the crossroads of live or die. Because of the decisions that humanity under the leadership of men have made. The spiritual woman of Revelation 12, has provided her own message, that life on earth will choose women to lead and rule: because they ARE LITERALLY DIFFERENT THAN MEN, and will choose differently, if not corrupted by the influence of men. She says; life on earth will survive, if you do so. As for me, I have looked long and hard for a way that life on earth could survive under the leadership of men; and I say to you with certainty and conviction, it is NOT going to happen with men. Therefore either we choose women as leaders/ or we die. We must have change/ and nothing will change unless the fundamental structure of the decision making process is destroyed and rebuilt, as women will design. The critical truth of that statement is fundamental to our reality; either REAL AND FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE is coming to this world, or the realities that exist today, that men have made, are going to exterminate us. Even YOU can understand this is true, just let the evidence decide. The process to be destroyed is; the hidden armies that control the outcome of all decisions, because money, power, pride, selfishness, greed, lust, jealousy, and all things that care not for life/ but are the essence of hate; must not rule.
As to the validity of Revelations revealed to you, the question is: can you not look at the reality of a message written thousands of years ago that does literally predict things that could not have been known when written; and pretend this is not important?
My own actual job here is done/ this message of life or death is delivered in reality; therefore it is now up to you to expand or deny/ to live or to die, because you DO care, or you chose, “ just didn’t care enough”. MORE SIMPLY, what that means is; the job of extending this information, accomplishing the work required for people to understand, and accepting the decision for change: is now in your own hands, NOT mine. I have done my job, now it is your turn; and if you turn away, it is because you did not care enough to do, what YOU COULD DO.
I know not what life brings for me now, personally; there are many possibilities defined by revelations, but I have no idea if I belong to them. I am not certain how the prophecies of Revelation will participate in my life; except to say the spiritual woman of revelation 12 will decide; she has made it perfectly clear “I have no say, no options, and no rights”. She will decide for my life, and I believe and accept she knows best. I also know, that she will choose life on earth first, “me second”/ but it is by mutual choice that this is so, as it is my clear desire too. Just for clarity, the only real difference between me and those who are not like me; is the fact, that I do pay the price to continue learning. Unlike others, I do not know what is fundamentally important to our eternity; apart from the obvious relationship with GOD ! what I do know is important to me, is that I participate as best I can in this life, for the purposes of GOD . the primary difference in me is simply, most are very certain of what they don’t know/ I choose to listen and learn as best I can. The primary difference in how do we learn is; I accept life must be lived, to understand its meanings: not as want, etc/ but as the intricate relationships conceived in creation itself; you cannot know them, unless you allow the lesson. That said, it is clear LOVE is very high on GOD’S LIST of things we should be; respectful, hopeful, honorable in “HIS EYES”, honest and with courage are simple things that can be done. Life is not, what do you think about this/ life is the decision “I make for me.” The path I choose to follow is simply “my best effort” to be what GOD would have me to be. Wrong or not, it is my best effort; I repent and go on. This is not a religious thing, this is faith in the truth I see. This is a comprehension in time, that there is no time left simply for me; the world will soon be in crisis.
YOUR DECISION about life or death for this world, IS REQUIRED: life needs you!
YOU WILL GIVE YOUR PERSONAL ANSWER, because truth is asking you what you do believe/ and what you are willing to pay. Asking you to do what you can do/ NOT what you cannot do. “you cannot do that/ thereby it is not expected of you”.
Whether you like it or not. It is completely irrelevant what anyone else chooses, this is about you, and it is your decision, your reality and your truth. What is relevant, is what happens if you are wrong/ all life dies. You may think of me as you wish/ but you cannot avoid what is true, either change comes or life ends. This is not a game.
And eternity will judge you for it! Is that not fair? You do believe in being paid for what you did/ do you not.
Just how it is: we were born to this day, and we will make our decisions each one, because we literally have no other choice; the world and every life in it, is calling “save us all”, to you this day. Every person is important/ every woman particularly important, “make amends”. Your answer will be given/ your eternity sealed, because you did or did not care enough to try.
Good Prayers to you.


In the simple truth of our reality, the consequences listed in these writings are very serious, and as such must be heard with all means of investigation, examination, and deliberate thought. To be wrong, in either direction; that the evidence is not as substantial as indicated is important to know/ BUT, to be wrong and assume that all these problems and threats to our very existence on earth are lies not worth investigating: IS BEYOND STUPID, IT IS HEINOUS, that even the thought you could be so foolish can exist. We are 7 billion people “roughly”, and growing at a tremendous rate/ and we are an impact upon this nature, this world, and our own lives that cannot be ignored. Men have prepared to exterminate all life on earth; reality has prepared to let us starve because of our own decisions, and thirst to death, because men cannot refuse themselves their lust, greed, jealousy, pride, power, selfishness, violence, or hate. They just won’t do it, for the sake of this world; history proves they just keep on doing what they are doing, until the bloodshed pours out, and they have no choice but to kill each other, and steal all they can get. THIS, has been the way of the world, since men became its leaders. Remove them from leadership or you will all be extinct very soon. This is not a game/ without true change, the world of life on earth is dead. Look at the evidence, and extrapolate the future through the relationships common and true to men; and it is clear, not more than 30 without doubt/ not more than 20 with little doubt/ probably not more than 12 from today, and every weapon of mass destruction will have been used. WHY? Because you are destroying the very “seeds” that give you life/ you are killing the ocean (one third or more of the food you eat)/ you are killing the seeds of plants by genetic mutilation, the coming radiation (ozone depletion), desertification, and a host of problems. You are running out of water across the world, and following “the people of the anus,” by not respecting reality. Everywhere there are massive problems that will come to curse you with death, because you didn’t care enough to respect life, and choose for your future. With whining, crying despicable crocodile tears, and fears that even “little girls shouldn’t have”; you have built a world that is about to collapse on you. “all praise the university, and the men that brought you here”! what a good job they did, to lead you into the abyss, and close the door. Either you will wake up/ or you will die: you have no other choice. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE ME RIGHT, OR WRONG! DO IT FOR YOURSELVES! WHY DIE, JUST TO PROVE HOW FOOLISH AND STUPID YOU CAN BE? Don’t know how? Just start talking, and keep talking until you are in court; IT IS that simple.

It is without doubt or question, that some will point to me and say: HOW CAN YOU LISTEN TO THAT INSANE FOOL! Shut up! And they can indeed point to many words that are not common/ and they can point to time spent in a hospital for “mental problems”; and say “he is nothing”. But I say to you, this is NOT about me; but the words of this message rests on the truth that you can perceive, and you can investigate and examine, and the understanding through knowledge that gives YOU the possibilities of truth to make your decision: for LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS WORLD. I am irrelevant to your decision; it is your life or death, that you will judge.
As to me; simply to confute the words intended to distort and ridicule you, for listening; to keep you from a path to truth, that is not about me, but the evidence! I provide this; It is true my own journey has taken turns that proved wrong; had to pick myself back up, repent, and go on. There is an issue with letting my own teeth come to ruin; but in simplicity I cannot understand the question without following the path; and this is such a different request than anything before it simply must be followed to learn. Learning comes with reality, life learns with opportunities, and I have spent my life learning what it means to be alive/ learning what it means to error and fail as well: these teach too, if not about me, about you. The question of “the spiritual woman from Revelation 12, in my life”; is a spiritual reality that I cannot explain beyond what has already been written. Just how it is, and that’s all; with the exception, it is the fulfillment of one part of the prophecy of Revelation 12. The consequence to my own life is the demand to enter into an understanding about what it means to be woman myself. This is one of those things, JUST WAY BEYOND anything I could have expected. This has been so different and so extreme that I have a hard time grasping what it really means. BUT without this invasion of woman in me; these words that have become this message to the world, would never have been written; so the reality has been to benefit you, not me. The consequence of it to me; as a reality is really just beyond my grasp. I am caught inside by what is woman/ or she owns the reality of me: and she controls; and I have no say. That is how it is. You really just can’t imagine how vulnerable to this spiritual woman, I have become: she owns me. Its not “bad”/ she simply demands change; “learn to be woman”. This is the strangest thing, “anything woman I can have for thoughts (I choose very little)/ nothing male can I keep; its not mine”. And I do have a premonition that she is about to overrun me completely and remove male at her whim, my choice is irrelevant. Sounds strange/ is strange/ can’t help it, (beyond strange really); but, I have no say. No one is more aware of how absurd this sounds than me/ but that does not change a thing, it is my reality. You can read the story in about how this came to be. You can look for the interpretations that have followed for the book of Revelations. But in the end, I will live the reality, of what the spirit of woman decides for my life; I have no choice. Not as bad as it sounds, there is nothing wrong with being woman: “just not what I had in mind/ not even a clue, it could actually be a question”. This is REAL change; how it ends, I don’t know/ perhaps it is just a sign to men, or a blessing to women that they understand men have lost the right to control. Like it or not, If women don’t rule, we will die; take it to heart, it is reality: because we must change as a world; and men don’t like change/ they always return to the old ways as quickly as possible. We must begin again with different ways and methods, to create a world that can sustain itself. A world of women in charge so that at least, we will not return to the ways of the men who led us into this abyss (without change there is no way out). Not a matter of want/ a reality called truth.
If this is too much for you to understand; that is alright, YOU don’t have to deal with it/ I do! YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE REALITY; YOUR LEADERS HAVE LED YOU TO THE DOOR OF HELL AND ARMAGEDDON , and if you don’t turn away, soon YOU WILL enter therein. Believe it or not. If you refuse to hear the truth today, tomorrow won’t care about you either. A dead world, means you are abandoned to the choices you have made; no mercy left/ it was your choice, and you made this decision. Go to court, and prove it is not so; the evidence is massive/ you cannot deny it exists at least as a question/ you cannot deny going to court is your way to intervene and ask for, demand, and get the truth; that Is necessary for your world. If you refuse, it is simply because you didn’t care enough! The consequence; you are abandoned as life. You had your chance, and made your decision.
As to the religious; you have been preaching of this day for a long time: now you run away, because it is no longer a game you can avoid. You will make your decision/ but because you are better prepared to hear this call for help for life; YOU will be judged harsher for your failures. The reality of evidence and words created, IS MORE THAN SUFFICIENT TO PROVE the potential this is the beginning of the end for this world; therefore you have NO RIGHT to suggest a message would not be given to life on earth. The fact “I am not what you expected/ nor the interpretations of Revelations what you desired, is no excuse. The world is on trial, and if you don’t choose to help, the true and real verdict against your own lives will be severe. Choose your fate! I am irrelevant/ choose by the evidence and by prophecy and by truth: these are on display, FOR YOU.
I do not write for you/ but I do not write against you either. My beginning is in the Christian church; but my life is a journey toward GOD, that is separated from all religion. I believe, simple as that; you have rules and expectations, simple as that, I do not. Every possibility of an eternity, IS a relationship with life that does not end; therefore what is important to me, is that very relationship with GOD . I simply don’t care about your religion. You will choose accordingly.


The foundation of every hope, begins in the knowledge of what can be conceived as truth. Therefore truth holds every key, to every behavior that is not hate. Hate worships lies, liars, and evil/ because hate is the death of hope, and the assumption nothing more can be gained by life; but misery. Therefore lies “will help them get whatever they can/ before they die; because of you”. Hate is never about, what the liar did/ after all, that would be against what liar means. When hate has consumed them to the moment they know the truth is, “devil inside”/ they are dead. Yet for some, repentance can still make a difference in their eternity and life here on earth; but everything that is life begins and ends with truth.

So the foundation of truth in human society today must be recognized/ a reality that has been diligently catalogued in this site; “So you can see the lies in yourself, AND REMOVE THEM”. So you can repent of such want, pride, greed, and selfishness; that you may back away from hate/ devil/ and hades. The expression of truth, is then used as a fountain displayed for the world to see; an opportunity in hope/ and a reality that comes to consume what is not true: either by death or change. The choice is up to women. The reality of men is either they will help women save the men/ or they will not survive. Hope is a destiny revealed in the truth that can be compiled as knowledge. The knowledge of this day is; men have brought us here to the edge of death/ they have proven without doubt or real possibility that they will choose anything but war: they will not/ it is their proven response to any challenge of size (as a majority). Even in me, before the introduction of “the spiritual woman now inside of me”/ I had intended to war against the lies and liars, and demand they admit to the truth of a decision to exterminate this world. I had searched diligently and hard EVERYWHERE, and not a single possibility of ANY KIND exists in men. If men are not replaced as leaders of this world/ you will die in hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos). Simple as that!

BUT, with the introduction of a spiritual recognition that women are in fact different/ comes the hope and knowledge, that there are options allowed to us as a humanity that do not end in extinction. That hope is called women/ and it is the only one GOD Allows. Because men have made their judgment against life on earth/ to destroy all of GOD’S CREATION, just because their pride and addiction to lies, is so arrogantly severe! Men are removed from power over life on earth; for these very truths/ and shall NEVER be allowed to return, because of this judgment, and this verdict to kill everything alive here in this world. They have built their weapons/ they have destroyed everything they could touch, that life needs/ they have searched high and low, for the means to destroy by every military of “scientific possibility” they could find/ they have instituted the crucifixion of nature/ established lies and demanded worship of lies against miracles and truth (the hate mongers of evolution, are nothing more than the same as people who believed they were right in keeping prejudice, a part of life in america, didn’t need no damn proof; they were right! The same as the “boot lickers” of the SS, in nazi germany; they don’t need proof, “they were believers of their right to rule over you/ take your life if necessary; since you refuse to be a slave to their decision”. The religions of death and destruction, must have their high priests and preachers too, evolution has nothing else to stand on, not even one single thing; liars abound do they not? Come out of your closet, and prove it ain’t so! I will be there for the fight. Come up from beneath the snakes belly, and quit eating its shit; and prove what you say before the world. Loser gets killed/ for blasphemy; because it is proven a disease contaminating the earth.) / they have sought to destroy the money, the lives, the food, the water, everything that hate could touch; under the power of men has found them devil inside. And they are at the edge of disaster in every conceivable way; because they are so arrogantly proud.
That leaves women, whether they like it or not.
The hope of life is that women will arise to accept the responsibilities men have thrown away/ and instead of continuing in the death of this world; shall in fact work to rebuild and re-establish the possibilities of life in this world. If men will not help them/ it is the men who will fail and die; because this is GOD’S WORLD And HE will not surrender all that is a miracle here, to the tragedy that men have become; YOU will die instead. Look around you at reality/ understand the truth of where this future leads! And demand the consequence of change that is women. Like it or not/ TRUE AND REAL CHANGE IS MANDATORY, and men cannot be that change; they simply are removed from the ability to try. Men have judged life as a majority/ by allowing life to slump into a state of disgrace so severe, it is “like an abyss”/ which will soon close around you to blanket all hope that lives; and prove you are in fact now dead, breathing or not.

Turn to women! Because they are different/ and because they are not judged without a chance to survive. Women will save you as men; but only if you help them do the work that must be done. If neither believes life “is worth the effort”/ then you are abandoned for dead; and that is exactly what will come. I have been laughed at and ridiculed by men, within the words; “what are you trying to do, save the world”! Or more correctly the liar inside has already condemned the world, and is waiting to consummate the reality in death; “another I am dying/ why should not this world”. Think about it, already dead in the mind of men/ while the others hide and run away sacred. Should I not be actively working to help life on earth/ to keep them out of hell and Armageddon? How pathetic is the mind that does not understand; “This is your job too”! Where are you?
The answer is: hiding in your greed, want, luxury, selfishness, and hate!

But guess what: there are no resources left for your greed/ there are no possibilities left for your want, because your credit is gone, and you have no money. There are no realities of extreme luxury going to happen anymore/ because the life you have created for yourselves, has been built on slavery and lies; and the hate is ready to consume you and everyone else. There are no possibilities of escaping selfishness soon/ because as life becomes live or die; the selfish will turn to cannibalism, and the reality is they will believe you are nothing more than “livestock, to be herded, confined, and consumed.” Got a gun/ so do they! There is no possibility of life in hate, not even one/ because hate demands if I am going to die; so then are you, and with weapons all around/ with realities of biological mutilation to invade the fabric and foundation of every living thing, the horrific realities soon to come cannot even be imagined. But hey, “your men right”/ you don’t have to worry, after all “you can eat your pride, can’t you”! After all, what is more valuable than pride, power, greed, and selfishness? Oh yes, for many; it’s the trophy called women/ isn’t it? After all, if sex isn’t for sale as a trophy/ what good is it. Pitiful disgrace/ failure and disease. You have wanted to be god/ soon you shall, without any possibility of life.

As to the reality and composition of women, the decision for life or death is in your hands; and your hands are letting go of life today, because you care more about “your hair”/ than you do about the reality of wisdom and truth. You are living in want/ hiding in fears/ and destroying life with your apathy and failure to accept; that no longer can you hide behind men, blaming them for everything. No longer can you excuse yourselves from the decisions that do have consequences, that do make life better or worse for everything alive. Today, you have moved to the front of the line/ YOU have become the important asset, that makes the difference between life or death. You are the warrior/ BUT on a completely different scale, than were men! YOU are responsible for peace and harmony and truth in life, in hope, and happiness, love, and sex. YOU are in charge of this world, believe it or not/ because the men know they are in trouble/ have prepared weapons because they know they have no solution to these problems/ and have judged life as dead, because it is dead if they continue to lead. The reality of why there has been no solution in men: is a long list of greed, want, selfishness, mistrust, disrespect, deadly actions and reactions, a failure to communicate or understand or care or share, or anything else that comes from a commitment to peace and harmony! Too few with honesty or honor or respect, is corruption in all the rest. Therefore the only hope they shall have is from you; the women of this world! There is no other hope, for survival of this world. The religions will all say, “NO, not so, we are the ones”! But take a look, and see what the religions of men have done! This is it! A world at the brink of death! That is what the religions of men have accomplished. Take a look at america; where Christianity rules more than the others/ a place of greed, lies, disrespect for life, environment, resource, and the rest; how proud you must be. Take a look at the middle east/ where the jews covet, steal, and kill to prove “they are holier than the rest”; so you kill GOD’S CREATION Claiming possessions lost thousands of years ago. Want to claim the old testament, then claim it all, and pay back Lebanon for all the wealth Solomon stole from them/ pay back for all the death Israel caused. How proud you must be, for your decisions that lead to Nazism and its end result. And the Arab nations, is terrorism all you got/ is that it! Clean your house, how dare you pray just so you can go out a minute later and find hate in your heart. How dare you assume nothing is sacred but what you declare it to be. GROW UP! And all the rest, choosing animals as gods/ choosing stupidity in every land instead of truth. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, PRIDE STANDS EVERYWHERE/ pride and arrogance and selfishness have risen to new heights of praise to satan and his devil called pride. LEARN AND CHANGE OR YOU DIE!
A death deserved by so very many men, and many others as well. PRAY to survive, choose to work for life, find your mind so that you may understand this is a decision you are making for extinction/ and there is NO second chances; dead is dead.

In the simple side of life, the humanity of everyday survival; the existence of hope extends to the honor of a decision that each one will make inside themselves. Are YOU going to do what you can do, to keep this world alive/ OR are you not? That includes being a bit hungry/ as the need to keep the ocean alive for its future benefits; and because we are now responsible for its life, or its death; demands that WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH/ must make this choice, or the whole system fails, and the ocean will be dead. Too much to ask of you? You don’t care? Can’t be proven without “the shadow of a doubt”/ and that shadow is your ace in the hole, to cheat and display arrogance? Welcome to the worshipers of death/ satans little helpers! For it is not the shadow of death that decides not to do something/ IT IS THE SHADOW OF DEATH, that surrounds you everywhere, that DEMANDS YOU SHALL DO SOMETHING, and gamble here no more.

But wait, “the media” is not telling you what to do/ and you can’t think for yourself, can you? Of course not, that’s what the media is for/ they take care of the thinking/ they search for the evidence; that’s their job. Why should I care if they don’t? It ain’t fair/ obviously the media doesn’t want to die any more than do I; so they wouldn’t lie about such things as this. Obviously we need not care/ but can consume the mind, to believe whatever they say. Obviously, propaganda is just for Russia, or China, or other places; not america “we are too smart for that”. Just because propaganda comes from the media in other places doesn’t mean it can be used here: AFTER ALL, IN THOSE OTHER PLACES, “the media is controlled by the government, its not free like it is here/ over there just a few people control ALL THE NEWS”! NOT like here, where a single individual can know control SO MUCH MORE. Asshole’s wake up/ and understand, that media is about money/ and the money is controlled by a very few; AND LIKE GOVERNMENT control. If the owner doesn’t like what you report/ you are out of a job, and out of a career; because he owns the next one, and the next one, and the next one. And you are done/ unless you bow down and worship his decisions as your own. Couldn’t be a program for propaganda: “One man’s voice, without complaint or actions by the rest/ the only voice allowed”. Fools’. It is the money that edits your mind; it is the money that controls your thought; because the money owns the words you believe. And it is the money that controls your leaders, and everything else in america. What is this money? It is the liars who claim every american worker can owe $2,000,000.00 two million dollars apiece: BUT YOU AREN’T BROKE! Get a life/ and stop lying your way to hell and Armageddon.
GO TO COURT, and prove me wrong!
Or accept the words, “you are just lying, cheating, stealing bastard’s that don’t deserve to live.”

We all have needs, that must be met to survive! But we do live in an environment that will allow this reality for a year or even more; if you care about each other at all. If you do not, care enough; you will fail the entire process of digging and searching and understanding what is or is not true! Therefore it is up to each one to decide if civil war will come to america or not. Don’t want to live within the truth/ then don’t; you can die instead in your lies! Its up to you. But I guarantee you; YOU WILL NOT KILL THE CHILDREN AND STEAL THEIR LIVES WITHOUT PUNISHMENT! And that is exactly what you have been doing. YOU WILL face your truth, or hades will eat you alive/ spit you back out, and eat you alive again forever and ever. Its your choice.

Therefore we come down to what is extreme? Is extreme a fight for life, as is this message for life on earth! Or is extreme, the disgrace of a fight to keep death coming, to disgrace yourselves with any available excuse/ so you don’t have to face the truth; but can hide, in the luxury of a dead mind/ and a body used for nothing more than sex, greed, hate, or violence. LIAR! How dare you call that a life!

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