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This is a fundamental reality for all people/ we all desire to be happy; therefore primary to every resolve “to get happy”, is the need to understand what happiness is. And more importantly, to understand what it is not.

The primary role of happiness, is to remove the yoke of being in a flock, or pack as “a bunch of animals, who cannot think or act for themselves. Because peace has come, the opportunity for freedom and life has emerged”. More complex than it sounds, the foundation of all happiness is credited to peace; anything less is just momentary and cannot last. Therefore happiness is the creation of an environment within which every life therein has become free, at ease with themselves, and thereby learned to express themselves as a function and a hope and a blessing to life. Less than this, is the end of peace, thereby the end of happiness. The consequence of this knowledge is then the learning, that YOU as a participant in society (environment) are equally challenged to do your best for us/ as are we challenged to do our best for you. These simple things ascend from the landscape of selfishness, to the integrity, disciplines, and dignity of love, family, and friend. What is selfishness is left behind for the sake of the others. What is integrity, understands that our blessings as society are dependent upon how we follow the truth, and what we do to experience the blessing of our reality in truth; these things are identified with specific teachers and witnesses who have found their way, and teach us/ show us the opportunities we lack. However the disciplines required for learning and for life, are held by each individual hand; if you will not accept the price of learning and life/ then you fail the test of truth; that asks of you, can you survive and be alive on your own. Those who are found worthy of the title alive in their soul; have dignity.
The reality of a life: is not dedicated to us, it is a reality of “I”/ that then performs the basic services of living for itself; BUT finds in living, that true happiness is held only in the composition of what it means to share and care about “the living”. We are participants, in the expansion of relationships that grow into the family we create by our decision, to not only lend a hand to their growth/ but to lend our very lives to their experience and expression as well. We participate, because life is important/ because life is important to our own experience and expression/ because reality conceives of sharing, and our souls prepare in caring, to enter the creation of another, and be pleased with respect: as our invitation to each other, to be friends. The critical understanding is not; what, or why, or when, or how, or where: but who, are you? The answer to this question reveals a relationship we can share in, or care about; and this in turn gives us the freedom through acceptance, to begin our journey with you, in the peace that love will guide our paths, and life will give our souls, the pleasant exchange of two or more people who believe “the solution to life”, is as simple as being true and honest friends. The quest for happiness thereby ends, when friendship exchanges time, for the distance we may travel in love for the purpose of life itself.

Life itself is, an energy released into the maze of barriers that become an environment established as time. This simple statement recognizes, that your lives here on earth are so deeply jeopardized by the threats of your own making/ it no longer makes a difference, that these simple words are a key to “genetic horrification”; mutilation beyond the recognition of life [is not the beginning of this already coming, children born with a face/ with 4 arms, and 4 legs; how many more? Is this not mutilation/ is this not the promise of your evolutionists, is this not their “god” in full view, and your desire to believe in them? Go ahead, lick the monkeys ass “your priests are waiting”. Why then are you disgusted, why do you not cheer for the reward you so richly deserve. Where are your geneticists, to take credit for their work? Armageddon is coming; PRAY for life]. Because you are so extremely proud of your arrogance; so pathetic in your pride; and so deranged in your wants; you have no “smarts”, the future is a dead thing to you. Meaning it is as nothing, to your mind or heart/ only arrogance and hate live there, the apathy of gluttony and sloth: or you would have started for life, by now. So we approach the ends of your life, all life on earth, by allowing that not only are you condemned by your ways; but you will be helped into the coffins you have designed, and held accountable by your own bodies for the failure of all honesty and honor. You have chosen to play god/ and soon the games will end, and if you are not god: you simply die. Think you are god, prove it. And yes, I have prayed about releasing it the key above/ and yes I have prayed “PLEASE, don’t let this be used, by what is satan among them, until the gates have sealed them inside the hell and armageddon they cannot escape”; that every chance for change may be given, every life that can be saved is found. Every hope given its possibility to work for life.

So, the consequence of unhappiness begins. The reality of what is male in me revisited in the truth of what that means. In the above statement, “the woman inside” stepped aside for a little bit of time; the consequence of being, returned to “if we cannot agree, and it is not possible to turn away/ then we will fight”. What is male in me see’s all that you are not, all the cowardice, mental disease, destruction of life and future and creation, all the pride and apathy of a people so pathetic you are beyond words because you just don’t care. What is male in me, I thought “had adjusted” and was more philosophical about your fate/ but it is not so. What is male in me would still “slap you all around until you either woke up and stopped killing everything you touch; or were at war with me or as a consequence of understanding in you. What is male in me, IS NOT HELPING! What is woman in me, is clearly the only possibility of help for this world. We simply cannot fight; because it leads to war. We cannot war, because it ends life on earth. But we cannot leave the weapons of mass destruction alone; or the thousands of disasters of a male dominated world in place, to kill the world just a little slower either. We cannot, it is life or death for the planet, and no one escapes “to a different world, this is our home/ or we die”. But instead of looking at these things as a man; IT HAS BECOME PERFECTLY CLEAR, the balance and the purpose of woman must decide what can be done/ not what is male, but what is female. I am saddened by it all; but more than anything, it is your apathy that causes you to be dying. You have given up, and hide in blatant disrespect for everything. Instead of accepting your duty and responsibility and life; you cower and disease the future with want, and the certainty “to HELL with the rest/ I will get mine”. Let them be dead, I don’t care. You do not even deserve the title of a “flock of sheep”/ you are more a worm hill of deceit, each crawling after what you can devour, before the next one gets it. And so I fight with what is male in me/ and learn that absolutely nothing can be done to help you survive; without the woman inside. She is compassionate, fights for your education in understanding and knowledge, lives for your opportunities and the possibility of your souls, by recognizing it is GOD That will change your hearts, and give you the possibility of change and the hope of life. What is male in me, understands this, but the reality is; “Like watching a murderer kill the children/ what is male, wants to intervene”.

The question is: what benefits the possibilities of life? The answer is, only the woman has a plan for survival and life on earth to continue, only what is woman has a way of dealing with this reality of life or death for this world; that has an opportunity to succeed! What is male has nothing but war, and war is exactly the opposite of what he desires. The end result is simply, what is male needs to die inside/ so that what is female can finish the work that has been granted to her. I do not know if you will survive/ but I do know with honesty and truth, that what is male in me; cannot even give you a chance to survive. That means simply; the fight to remain “male”, ends; surrendered, because it has failed, and to continue will only become a war. Whatever the woman inside desires will be given to her; and I am honestly working to stop interfering and let her have complete control of everything, as best I can. The “male parts and pieces” are hers/ whatever it is she desires them for is accepted; the reality of life as male is surrendered, that part of the mind that demands a fight, I am doing the best I can to surrender and remove. But it is a strange experience, believing I must become woman. This is a reality I have NOT looked forward too, fully knowing the woman inside could simply take over. But her choice as a truth, was to let me see the male again, that she has controlled, and recognize it is only war that comes of it. I am sorry, to have been “less than on the side of life”/ more concerned with myself. The selfishness dies, & makes woman my choice, my hope for the future. It is a true surprise, to find this even possible; I cannot imagine or guess how it will turn out. But selfishness is simple, and I desire no part of it. But the question is, WHAT is BALANCE in this reality of choice so simple; but with so many possibilities for excess? I am not woman enough to know. What is male in me searched for discipline in life, and found order as the blessing that gives us truth to follow, and trust in the evidence that gives us knowledge and understanding, to be wise about what our future can be. What is male, searched in religion for a time; because it is man’s first and real evidence of an attempt to create balance in life, by recognizing life is more than we fully understand. What is life searches in love, and lives in peace; because the blessing of balance understands, that we are in need of thought and the dimensions of a destiny that is neither body or mind. What is forever, believes in the sanctity of creation, because we have nothing else; and with clarity and truth, the love that is in evidence, the heart that beats within our ears, is the honesty of a love that cannot be denied. Until the day, “that I am woman enough to know”/ what is balance, is up to women; this is a sign to you, my life is in your hands.

That is me/ This is however, a fight for life on this world, fail and we all die, every single one; we cannot survive without “her ways/ we cannot survive in this time on planet earth with mine”. What is man has failed. We are critically in trouble, and I will tell you true; there is NO possibilities for a second chance. It is even worse, than you expect; just the ozone layer itself is a question of life or death for the planet. Because few planets have an atmosphere, the question becomes although common expression of molecular composition will release gas, what holds the gas to this planet/ all planets have gravity. The potential for ozone to control the spread of gases outward into space is not unexpected. Once gone, does the atmosphere go too? We cannot be wrong/ we must be protected against being in error. “go ahead, ask your experts/ its just your life, the future, everything”! There are millions of things genetically expressed, that are mutilated “because your smart people claim evolution is the answer; what can go wrong, evolution will fix it”! We are threatened from every side. The “smart people, leaders of men” are a pandemic of arrogance and pride without sense/ a disease that eats your very soul. But “the cheerleaders are loud, obnoxious, degrading to all of life, and found in every conceivable description of old age”/ far less in the young, because they do not yet fear death. Nonetheless their cheer is never-ending “give us a day, we don’t care/ condemn them all to Armageddon and hell; what is that to us: FUCK THEM HARD, and beat them senseless”. So says every breathe that states “mutilate the world”.

I need to be woman, by the reality of my heart and ways. Because anything less is not an opportunity to help you to survive. I need to be working, because so few are, it is not a choice; the future of life on earth needs us all. YOU TOO. How on earth, do I finish the job of at least mentally becoming a “completed woman”? I have no idea, unless it is simply GET OUT OF THE WAY! The consequence of changing places with woman, and being vulnerable to their desires, as if they were men, and I cannot significantly refuse; conceives of a lesson, that teaches more than I would prefer to know (the reality is simply, I am doing the best I can, I am committed to life). This is NOT a request for sex, rather it is a discussion of possibilities and the relationships they possess. The intent is not to ask for sex, not to ask for “help in changing”/ not an excuse to overlook “not pretty, not young, overlooked for years for a reason”: this is just a reality that is now simply; I am doing the best I can, what more can I do. The question is not, male or female to me/ but life or death to this earth; the possibility of truth that erases “the fight” and proves in peace and life an opportunity to be free in hope, love, honor, and trust is a journey into new and different expressions of soul. New and different environments I do not understand. The quest for happiness, a personal understanding shared in the heart called peace. Which means simply; I hope in the expression and experience of woman, there is everything necessary for this world to survive. I do not know, I am not a woman; how can I know. The spirit of women inside, believes there is; my life as a man knows that men too have an inherent ability to choose love, peace, and life; but our reality has surrendered life on earth. Therefore it is up to women, and I am doing the best I can; for life on earth. Women will decide for life or for death, literally and without doubt they will decide. I will help you, if I can.

Love is the foundation upon which we build a new experience for our lives. Love is the essence of family, the acceptance of a decision that we are true, and important, and valued as life. Pride has no place here. Want has no place in society. Instead life is “the epiphany” of a value, that we could never create, the acceptance of an honor we could never earn; and therefore the essence of a life that lives within respect for each other, even eternally. The difference between “me and so many” is simply, I just keep following the path I trust to be truth, that is set before me in spirit. You hide, and pretend; choosing fears instead of life; it will not save you/ today, you will change, or end life on earth.

So we have looked at happiness in the treasury of friendship, hope, trust, love, life, honor, truth, and courage; and find ourselves, and the lives around us are the most important ingredient. I explain the reality of unhappiness in me, a consequence of what is plainly evident in the tragedies that are in evidence all around, and the destruction and intent for more destruction that has literally disrupted and changed my life: because of what the leaders of this world have done, and are doing. And I find a solution to this unhappiness only by ending what is personal to me; and depending upon GOD and what the spirit world asks or plans for me. Surrendering the decision of what my world would be/ to the consequence of what the spirit world provides. I am “happy with that, whatever it is”/ my life belongs to GOD but adjusting to this much change is hard, and truly unexpected. We have no choice in war, it will end life on earth; but war is coming. We have no choice but this planet, but it is dying; and we have no second chances in life; death comes, once the line has been crossed; doesn’t matter what you do after that. YOUR fate changes too/ all the things that are at war with the planet must be surrendered. All the expectations for your own life must be weighed against the reality if this world dies, there is nothing left; not for you or any other: you die. I DO NOT say to you “believe this is true”/ rather I insist you must go to court, and decide what is true for yourselves. This is your life, and if you are not worthy of it, you will simply surrender it. YOU DO have to work to be heard, work to provide an opportunity to survive; you do have to learn new ways, that are not of the leaders of men; and you have none at this, at this moment in time. Because your leaders are SO GREEDY AND FULL OF LUST, that they are willing to sell your souls to hell, “for a little more candy, pomp, ceremony, a little more slavery, and a little more power & pride; even though they realize war and the end of life will result.” Take a look, even though they have known for months, if not much longer; of the tragedies that are waiting to destroy life on earth. They still choose to HIDE, and run away from truth/ by doing so, they also have become your enemies, as they have made a choice for your own life, and condemned you to death; they have decided the price is too high/ and they are willing to gamble everything that life on earth is for us all; “for what? Just a little more want, lust, greed, hate, and then violence”/ because it is clear, that is what comes. They don’t want to stop, they don’t want to change, and they don’t care; because power and pride and want control them. But the majority of people are the same. Which is why, my presence in court on your behalf ended with “welding the door open”. Without your honesty, and truth in you for the decisions necessary from trial, it is worthless to begin the reality of change. YOU are proven blind, deaf, dumb, lazy, gluttonous, and in contempt of life itself; TOO PROUD to survive, TOO ARROGANT to accept personal change in you, unless “you can continue to be selfish, and lazy besides”. The hope of life on earth is pointless and futile, unless you change. So proud today, not a single word of life or death touches your ears; instead you must be hand fed, “with ridicule and assumptions of sex”, used to spread the material until it became to much to deny. If you surrender or pretend your lives are not in true danger, the world dies soon; and you with it/ just how it is. These are the decisions men have made, and they will come true. So many “fight for the money”; but truly spoken, it is among the least of your worries and threats to life on earth. It is only money, the tool of men, to exchange promises and work. The work is up to you to continue or not, but the promises are lost forever/ and will never return. You can whine, cry, hate, or turn to violence/ but you cannot receive lies and deceit, except for the things they create; “the tears, hate, violence, disrespect, distrust, disease, and disgrace”. This is what you wanted/ this is what you chose; why are you upset, it is your truth.

IF you do work; there will be innumerable conflicts between your religions, each arguing “they are the best/ they are the people of god”. Therefore they should lead life on earth. Every religion of men, will declare as they have always declared “that it is women who make men wicked”. Thereby absolving themselves from their own decisions/ their own evil, and making women a target and a contempt. Demanding it is “the religious men” who should be in charge of life on earth. Thereby making sexual existence and women a reality by their suppositions, “a thing despised as wicked; but only because of women”; the men of religion always declare themselves tempted/ therefore not guilty. This is taught, it does not come naturally/ the assumption that nakedness, or any part thereof, is an invitation to sex, is also taught, it does not come naturally. When tempted at a young age, my reaction was simply “you are wrong to do this/ because sex was a problem that I could not avoid: I was required to make decisions. In this case, I was instantly sorry and tried to convey that without saying so, because it could have led to sex; which then often ruins the possibility to “know each other as friends”. Sex is a powerful tool, but not a positive environment for friendship; rather it is a passionate embrace, a simple truth that passes friendship by; you have to work at friendship, you can just “fall into sex”. The reality of life is simply “men need flowers too/ or sex is a game that brings heartache and failure.” One takes, one gives, one says enough, and the other knows loneliness, because it is not a game! The consequence of sexuality is not; Men get to blame their failure, contempt for peace, life, or religious law on women; they are responsible for themselves; even if women come naked and intent upon sex, men are still responsible for their own decisions; you cannot blame women for what you chose to do: judgment will be “YOU CHOSE”. The trap, set up by men and accepted by women is: if a woman “does this or that/ wears this or that”, then she can get a man to do anything she wants him to do. This gives younger women a “feeling of power”, and as a consequence do what the majority of men want them to do: this behavior then becomes “your fault, not mine”. The reality of sexuality is simply, it is a tool of life and living and the future; a happiness and a blessing wherever honesty, honor, truth, and love grant that men and women have chosen to be friends. The truth of sexuality is; that nature gives us male to female an honesty that believes “you can be what completes my world”. As men, We need no temptation to desire woman/ only the honesty of your being woman is enough. The simple truth is, “the more you look and act NOT like a man/ the more desirable you are”. Doesn’t mean men don’t like “tomboys”, we do; but it is necessary to see the woman inside, to find the possibilities called marriage or sex. Friendship is about the opportunity to share an experience in hope, more than it is in life/ for hope gives you the freedom to express the essence of living, to the honesty of your heart, and my soul. In the intensity of a purpose that leaves the door open for what is male to join/ or you to join him, honor is formed “that I am invited” into your world, and if respect is your answer, we have found in each other a friend. If you will not be friends/ you will not survive as a world; like it or not. Sexuality WILL play an important role in your destiny as life; because as want is dispersed into the reality of our future, and everything life needs; that we have no right to take, the honor of being friends/ the reality of honesty in the relationships of men and women, will be needed to fill this gap. Not like today; where in one form or another men buy sex/ but as women will decide is fair to life, or at least to them. Women will NO LONGER be cursed by the excuses of men, no more “used, abused, enslaved, or treated badly. WOMEN WILL BE IN CHARGE OF ALL SEXUALITY, or men will die until they are; by GOD’S intervention. They will be leaders of life on earth, or you die. So says the spirit inside; but only if women are honorably working for life and survival of this earth! If they abandon their duty, and surrender life on earth to simple death by fear or apathy/ then they will be the ones slaughtered and cursed and sold as worthless or for degenerate sex, and for meat. So says the evidence of hell. And you are quickly approaching starvation, thirst, true social upheaval because of money, and so much more. Such will be the ways of men, if they remain in charge; not because men are worse than women, but because insanity and fear will reign, and tragedy will increase with every day. Seen as your future, because HELL will demand “too many people/ and men will decide as they always do; this is the fault of women; and they will seek your death, as their answer in how to save the world; CAN’T have children now”. True insanity will follow. If you doubt this, just look at genocide anywhere in this world; “Too many people; somebody is going to die”/ and a minority, or someone, or some group expected to be an easy target is prejudiced, degraded, maligned, and judged with bigotry and contempt until the day comes when violence is now the answer, because these have been devalued to the point of “simply garbage/ therefore it doesn’t count”. Too many people for the world, and women WILL be blamed. Do you think religions will be fair to women; most have sacrificed “the prettiest ones” as proof the failures called leaders of men are giving up what they covet and lust for the most; a disgrace beyond redemption/ a judgment of eternal hades on these men. And a complete lie, for they do not respect women and live for love, proving they are the most important realities of their life/ they kill them, hoping to save themselves; nothing is more selfish than this; they love only themselves. Do you think, when poverty and tragedy are certain to come, men will treat women as equals, or with respect, or compassion? Or any one else in society? Grow up, and understand the majority of men want trophy’s, this buys them things: and if they can get nothing else, or they lust beyond their capacity to control it; they will take from women whatever violence can demand; history proves it will be so. If you will not work as women united, you will fail as women without hope, the possibility of life, or the desire to live. We as a world are quickly approaching HELL AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos)/ and the consequences are extreme. Wake up, don’t whine, cry, run away, or hide; and help me keep life alive on this earth. You fail/ you die. But understand clearly, I CANNOT save you, not a single one. I do not say any of these things to you lightly, they are harsh and unfriendly and hold the possibilities of fear; but if I refuse to tell you what the future holds without change; it is the same as making these decisions for you/ I cannot do that, it is your life, and your decision. As to fear/ please be calm, GOD Knows your needs, and this world is not yet lost/ we will survive, if only the majority of women choose to save us all. I am here to help women save life on earth; not by leading them/ but by helping them, do what they choose to do for themselves, and for this world and its life. You are free to refuse my help, but you must not refuse this world; hell will come.

The biblical prophecies point to women taking control, but the men who write cannot conceive of women in control; so they do not write what is true or complete, of these prophecies. They did not know how, and would have been crucified for blasphemy if they had tried to complete this properly. That is the way of men, the leadership that has entangled the world with destruction, and the ways of death. Pray, believe, hope, and live with honor, honesty, and truth: and every door will open for women who are going to lead this world; or it dies. But the question of prophecy then asks of Revelation 17, will it be the women who use and abuse me, and call me worthless a disgrace to life; kill? Or is this prophecy as written, simply the men attempting to regain control? [do remember, that every prophecy is based upon the failure of people to change/ therefore they fall into their own hands, and receive the violence of their own ways. But no prophecy is settled, until that change has failed; the biblical story of “Jonah, in the whale” proves this if you believe/ suggests this, if you don’t]. The foundation of all power on this earth, in the hands of any man; comes from being hidden “by the money”/ or comes from being hidden by the weapons of an army trained and told to obey, or be dead. A very simple democratic option takes away the money, and reduces the powerful to equal; just choose for life, honor, and hope through equality. THIS IS LAW, and what it can do for you! But BE CAREFUL, because every addition to law; is a way to deceive and control and manipulate YOU. TRUE LAW, is minimal words, as tightly bound into an accurate description as is possible to do. With no more than about 40 of these in place; “So, ALL THE PEOPLE KNOW, thereby all the people can enforce and insist upon behaviors that uphold these laws. The days of the fascist pig society “such as is the american city scape; of every little group can make rules and demands and judgments for the others to follow/ can make fines and even take property, and more” are nothing more than “devils in the dust”/ can’t walk through life without stepping on them, breathing the trash they produce. You have no right, to play ruler/ no right to suggest “you know better than me”/ no right to insist upon things the rest of the nation does not accept/ no right to attach anything to me, to pay for your indulgence or stupidity or wants/ no right to assume we would accept or desire your demands; you are not “the pretty police” or anything else. The foundation of so many minds is: “I want/ I need/ I hate/ I, I, I, I......etc”; in other words what is true or real, is nothing more than garbage to you, and so very many more. Should we blame it all on the university, which began so much destruction/ in a thousand ways? No, but from honored leaders; their role is be recognized as minimal; gather the information, make it available to all/ and stop spending money on leeches and lies. Don’t like it; well, I ain’t happy to be threatened everywhere I turn; what is fair about that. Life in society is not about you or me/ it is about the truth of what is honorably fair, justifiable correct, and equal treatment for each one; with dignity and respect. The job of running a city is to be fair and use the funds collected for the purpose to which they were collected; is that really so hard to understand. Let the people own their lives. Neither life or society is about the will of the majority/ because all life is about the individual. INSTEAD life and society is about the freedoms that we inherit and deserve, the respect we are all entitled to, and the foundations which keep the others from interfering in our lives/ and we out of theirs. Society establishes, “you shall not damage and destroy/ others need this too”. Life establishes and demands, “I am equal, and deserve my life without your interference; and that includes work shared.” Rules, and little groups are about taking these away; MAKE THE LAW OF THE NATION decide what is true, and what will be the demand important enough to control our lives. Nothing less; apart from the simple truth that separation “like fences” make better neighbors when over-population is evident and becoming severe. More simply, let freedom be/ but such things as those who desire to live naked can have their own section of the city; and so on. “you move into these borders/ you have no cause for complaint.” The reality of freedom allows for a minimum of nudity in every other part of the city, just not all the time. And no, I am not a nudist/ its just a freedom, in a world that will have a need for freedoms. We cannot continue to use, abuse, and throw everything away; there must be other avenues for expression, such as theater, or arts, or whatever would be pleasant and fun for the masses; NOT “a minimum of expression through a few badly overpaid people/ but expressions, taught to, and suited to the vast majority. There will be interest and fun/ if the ridicule does not come.
A more deliberate and fundamental choice of society, the rights of the people being governed: is that they will insist and create the fundamental RULES OF THE MILITARY SOLDIER! “Their assigned behaviors, when tested by law or the authority of a superior: the law decides. Therefore be clear, be certain, and be absolutely true to the demand: when this is over/ to prison you will go, both your superior, and you. These are simple, to be adapted and honored and understood, by every citizen and every government official, and every military soldier; EVERY ONE. These rules govern, every internal conflict/ see to it they are sufficient.
1. That the right to carry weapons among us, comes with the obligations and sanity of those who believe in the law that we live by. YOU have not become outside the law, by being a soldier/ YOU Are more clearly responsible to the law, because of your weapons.

2. The right of any official to order a soldier, a group, an army, or a nation to abandon the laws of society, and “follow him or her”/ does not belong to an official, but can only be conceived of as an implement of true justice; and every nation shall put forth and vote on what they believe constitutes this form of intervention: the law, then decides/ not a single ruler, not a single military official. THE LAW.
3. The foundation of every society, is the function of order by which it complains within itself/ and disciplines itself through the actions of the majority and their constitution, to make their own problems disappear. The law, is critically fundamental to society! Thereby the law, will be as lenient as possible to the voice of the people; that they may be heard, and not simply trampled upon in disrespect. That means, in ANY DISPUTE that can affect the majority, THERE SHALL BE A NATIONAL TRIAL, with full & free media coverage and review: and a vote by the people themselves in judgment of these matters. In matters of lesser importance there will be a free and full trial, with media coverage of the principle arguments and how they will affect justice and life. This assumes of course that “the local liars club” is not in charge of the news; but not to worry, so long as they don’t want to steal something, or control your mind, “you don’t have anything to worry about”. (How gullible you truly are.) The military shall not interfere/ but if called to be a shield against proven violence, they shall follow the rules provided by their society. Or be guilty of a crime.

4. The right of refusal, to obey an order of any superior officer; is not simple or benign. Rather that right exists whenever the law is not obeyed/ and it is the right of the military soldier to arrest his or her superior, and charge them with this crime if it is so warranted: BUT NO MILITARY COURT, shall hear this trial. The public trial of any military person that disobeys the law/ and seeks to break or contort the law “finding or suggesting a loophole that does not/ or ought not to exist” is for them to decide. Society itself will determine the punishment, and who is guilty.
5. The failure of the military to obey the law, and intervene when your nation is calling to you “help us all”/ shall not be taken lightly, but held up to the light of day. To determine if treason, or traitor defines and decides. No allowance is made for fear; either a soldier or a traitor will be applied to you. You will stop the insane, or to prison you will go.
6. The failure of the public official to respect the people and obey the demands of law, supporting the law, and defending the honor of the nation, by respect for the people is mandatory. That means, it is not your right to determine “what is in the best interest of this nation”/ instead the law will decide; and anything that is not fully decided by this law, will be voted upon by the people themselves: THIS IS THEIR LIVES, THEIR PROPERTY, TAXES, FUTURE, RESOURCES AND CHILDREN; and they will decide for themselves.

7. The failure of the citizens of any nation that decides war is their only recourse; does so, because they have refused honor/ discarded honesty/ defined respect as a liars game/ driven pride to the edge of insanity/ and held themselves above the law, above the life of others, and above the responsibilities and duties and decisions required of them. IT IS UP TO THE WORLD AS ONE, “UNITED MILITARY”, TO PROVE THESE PEOPLE WRONG! Either pull back from the disease of war/ or let the bloodshed fall. LET THE WORLD, be against you, and life be your choice to do better, for yourselves. Help them where they must be helped, WHEN they have honorably acted with responsibility and duty to life.

Neither a vote, nor a democracy will give you happiness! Instead, truth provides and reality defends if it is armored in truth and honor and respect. A vote MUST be for the law, as defined by the citizens/ the law then rules the people; not any official! A democracy, is for changing the officials, but that is worthless unless you know which official needs to be removed, punished, or imprisoned. Media is the simple link to this information/ but today, it is simply sold to the money, and the power, and the pride; a gang of liars/ not by the simple things of an intent to harm; but by the reality, that there is no freedom of the press: it is owned, by those who bought it! As is true of every failure of men/ it is the intent to control and manipulate and tempt; or kill if necessary: to gain the right to play god. The official sells, or is dispensed to “nowhere”/ because the editor controls the content of their world. Do they not take bits and pieces at will, and show you whatever they please; like the tabloids. The owner feeds you whatever he pleases, and you eat like dogs fighting over meat; shame on you.

There from, the reality of a true quest for happiness begins in the soul, where life exists in the completion of a discipline that is learned. The opportunity of a foundation in truth, that lets you be free. Freedom is the clear and certain invitation to be yourself, and find in that understanding of the essence that is you; a life worth living, because you chose the quality of an honor you created within yourself. Quality means: a decision in respect for life, as you would accept life to be, for you. Quality is then, the understanding of order combined with the honesty that gives you a true respect in your own heart, for who you are. Happiness is the mixture of hope, life, honor, and truth that blends in love with the opportunities that are family; and turns existence into the creation of our home. Happiness is the place inside, where GOD makes us whole, each one within ourselves an invitation to be HIS FAMILY. Happy is the life, that shares this faith. Happy is the soul, that learns this truth. Happy, are those whom GOD touches with life itself; a blessing that cannot be denied, or taken away. Family is in essence, the life where pride, nor want, nor power exist; instead love explains, and peace decides, because truth is more important than self. Happiness is, the eternity “of a smile, that warms the heart”, because love has chosen to bless our souls.

The understanding of sexual relations in men and women is limited to “what does it benefit me”; because you don’t care enough to live for the value of life. The value of life, is not simply to take your fears away/ not to solve a problem called loneliness/ not to be used, abused, possessed, sold, or ignored. The value of life is found in each heart, the place inside where love is the answer because life reaches for soul. Soul is the greatest treasure there is, nothing compares with the honor and honesty of a life. Your life, is not bought with words or sex or hate or evil or even miracles. Your life is the essence of your freedom to conceive of a reality and truth called you; it is your identity in creation, the possibility called time, the expression called thought, and the potential experience called eternity, that express our boundaries. Your life is where happiness forms the essence of living, and finds the bonds that become heart and soul. Every bond that grants to self, the possibility known as love (the opening door) is an expansion of purpose that includes the order of life intrinsic to that opening; that asks “will you be my friend”. Every bond that forms as a reality called soul, answers yes I will, care and share with you from the honesty and truth that is my life. Therefore if you never ask the question, you never form the relationship that conceives of home or family. Every bond that creates a decision called truth, defines in creation the possibility of a heart that lives from our soul, this is the love that trust creates in us; the place where I never need to ask for life shared, it is ours to believe in forever. Sexuality as a gift of life, is one soul to another/ because our hearts are worthy and our souls have met, it is a treasury of what love gives to life. Sex without friendship, is little more than an excuse to avoid friendship, and believe “the chemicals are enough”/ it is not so. Sexual honesty, wherein as a friend honors the needs of a life in distress; where honor lives, is a blessing/ where lies have plotted and planned, a curse/ where reality is, “only one cares”, it becomes a theft/ and where truth states both lie, use, and deceive; it is “the selling of souls”. [ The desire to escape relationships, and close the door to life].

The opportunity for women to lead life on earth, is potentially a happy one/ wherein peace is the essence of their ways, the opportunity of their love in respect for life on earth. But leading is not “ordering people around”/ truth does that, reality decides how, when, where, and why. Leadership is about the value of every life, and the justice we all deserve; just because we are alive. Equality and freedom walk hand in hand, because they are friends; you cannot be truly free, unless I too am free/ neither can I be truly free, unless you too are free. Therefore leadership says; let the law be clear, let life be friendly and fair to all, let the punishment be understood, and let us live in a society that argues in court; for the things we must share. War is not an answer, it is an excuse to not accept your duty to life on earth by the people of this place. But duty is NOT a choice anymore; we are simply “too many for any other way”. Duty will be accepted. And that does include every participant in the medical profession,{you will be fair, no more will you extort, deceive, destroy, manipulate, and curse life on earth with your greed, lust, and pride; do you really think when a simple afternoon of work is the equivalent of a new car, no women have lost their breasts, their lives or their limbs for the money? You are wrong.} no more “legal deceit”, callously destroying lives for your want, and power and pride ; etc. No more deceit in business, government, or life; such as buying carbon credits/ just an excuse to do nothing of value for life. That does include every nation with weapons of mass destruction; and the demand to remove them in conjunction with the rest. Forever.

Happiness is not found, in the travesty of a world of liars who have stolen all the money, the resources, or the world of life itself. In the simple terms of society, as it is bound up in lies and threats; on a personal scale; it would be wise of you, to gather some food and prepare for the worst. As to money, there are so many numbers, the stock market itself is irrelevant; a handful of people have enough numbers to play with you for a significant amount of time. What decides is simply: the price of oil (it stops the game, reducing options to survival or loss) the price of gold & silver (so many numbers means as they are called worthless more each day, what people believe is money will rise) the comparative price of the dollar (as it falls, your entire business structure is sold to the foreigners; and you don’t have a say). The ability to maintain credit is next, meaning the entire american economy is based upon credit/ the entire ability to generate more credit has been based upon claiming the housing and property are now worth more; just as it is with the stock market: nothing changed really, “But the desire to steal, BY PRETENDING, actual business doesn’t mean a thing; all that matters is the ticker price”. There is no turning back reality/ there is no hiding from the truth, like a house on fire; either you put the fire out, or it consumes your home. The question presented as court: to stop the process of disintegration, and deal with your reality honestly; is the fire extinguisher/ fail to use it, and civil war is all that will be left. Crying won’t help/ the fire is already burning, and the longer you wait, the less you will have left to save. The common statement among so very many is: “Well, if it all fails, then everyone is in this together: so it doesn’t matter”! This is what you say; nearly all, that you may pretend and not deal with your reality. But what do you suppose happens then, “Everybody going to share with you”? Not hardly, instead of starving/ instead of sharing, people will get their guns; so says life in america. Facing tragedy all around; they will then begin to blame the foreigners, the minorities, and anyone who gets in their own way; because it is easier than killing those you have known for life, same, or family. And if there is a little time, where it is not this bad (not likely): but if there is, it will be very important to you; if you have something left to buy what you need, or if you can keep a job, a house, etc. When things go bad/ that is when “it really does matter, what options are left for you”. Oh wait I know, you can eat your pride/ or wait to be consumed by your want turning to jealousy & hate. Or you can just wait for thieves and murderers to come; as they surely will. Go to court, and accept the price of your failure/ grow up, and be responsible enough to save this world. Before it is too late.
Simple as that. Want is irrelevant/ merely the description of what has caused so much grief. Want is an enemy. Pride “the devil in disguise”; Won’t let you live, because you want too much. Think about it/ you will live your answers.

The quest for happiness begins in truth, the reality of happiness being a foundation built in truth, the hope of happiness is essentially completed only as reality can define it; and you particularly in america, have sold everyone of these to hell. You live by your lies, and refuse to surrender them because you don’t want to pay the price/ so you hide and run away as the cowards you are. The foundations of your business, university, and government exist in such corruption and propaganda that even the liars believe in the lies/ because truth has been called an enemy by you. Your reality has been sold to weapons of mass destruction/ your resources sold to destruction in a very few years, before it is all gone (nope/ won’t stop, their problem we will die before then; so they believe) your environment simply NOT important to you (going to die/ don’t care, fuck the children/ they don’t deserve it anyway), not water will you defend (money more important), not health will you defend, (antibiotics are worth money, and we won’t give up this power, not even to save them or a single life: its GIVE ME THE MONEY) , NATURE is a joke to you; are you not whoring your way from one mutilation to the next; all because you want to play god: without a doubt, or an excuse/ you play to destroy, so you can play god over life, and decide who lives and who dies (they actually think and do intend; pay me, and I will let your child have an ear, or an eye, or a hand; because I hold the genetics and you do not. It is the perfect extortion/ therefore the most coveted game of the human mind) you are satan; and so is very many people around this world. Not because of some religious expectation or whatever you think/ but because your ways and methods, decisions and greed are selling creation and every life, every possibility of life, every future, and every discipline of life to HELL, AND TO ARMAGEDDON! That is who you have become/ and that makes you “the image of satan himself.” You are pathetic, so blind, so deaf, and so arrogant that you do not even see “the back side of your eyelids”/ just too busy wanting everything you can steal. Every attempt to teach you better is met with; “get away from my money/ I WANT EVERYTHING”: every attempt to teach you truth is met with; “get away from my money even if it is lies/ I WANT EVERYTHING: every attempt to teach you that reality has consequences is met with; “Get away from my money/ I WANT EVERYTHING, AND THE LIES ARE GETTING THE JOB DONE! I am truly ashamed of you/ either change or die. Either way your destiny and truth is literally in your own hands. The religious will pretend “oh my goodness, god has abandoned us/ let us pray to our gods of money, pride, selfishness and power; asking them to save us”. The believers will pray, “thank god them damned bastard’s and whore’s are getting what they deserved; if I were god, I would have killed them long ago”: they paid their dues you know, went to church or whatever/ so they have a right to judge. The few who are honest, and live within truth are asked to PRAY HONORABLY, for this world; honest TRUTH held within RESPECT will be heard.
Prove you are not destroyers. Proof is: supporting life, in truth and reality! To the rest of the world/ are you really any better? Tell GOD not me/ show us all, LIFE FIRST/ TRUTH FIRST/ REALITY DECIDES, and let women lead; because I tell you honestly men are abandoned as leaders of this world. Either women rule, or life dies/ men have sold this earth to hell and armageddon, and the price is: NO MORE shall you lead. If men continue to lead/ life will be abandoned. So says the spirit inside.

Happiness is an understanding of acceptance in families, for who I am/ not simply because I was born here. The foundation of most unrest between family members, is the simply truth one or the other does not believe “this one belongs here”/ or more simply, it is the belief inside, “that if I had not been born here, these would simply not accept me as equal to themselves”. These are simple things, but an amazing number of families suffer, because pride and power will not surrender to love. It is a tyranny, to believe you are somehow better. It is your failure/ not the people you judge. As always, none listen; all believe they are gods, “compared to someone”. The same is true of society, “a billion heros, so say the tongue/ but not one worthy to live with me, close to me, etc”. You are liars, & fools. You believe without question, whatever the news media tells you to believe; zombies given to the control of idiots. Ask yourself today, “WHY, was it necessary for every tv station to declare the “aqua dots” scandal, was necessary to be described as “filled with a date rape drug”/ Creating in the minds of very many pitiful piles of male shit, a desire to “get me some of those”. How many girls and women, do you suppose the news media caused to be raped, with this simple thing; 10,000? More? Is it just stupid, or are they trying to destroy society itself, by creating hate. “Couldn’t think to say “filled with toxic waste” or some such thing? Just too much to ask, well; they were college educated, so “they’re perfect”. Why am I so hard on you? It is because, if you don’t change you die! Should I leave you alone to die? Only when I have decided, or the spirit inside has surrendered your lives; until that day, as is true of every dying person/ ALIVE, until alive no more. YOU have an absolute need, to find equality and friendship among yourselves; or you will war/ and surrender all life on earth; because you chose not to care. If you cannot find in your hearts, enough compassion to accept your own family members with understanding and hope; you will never succeed. Open your hearts to love, or you die/ surrender your soul to respect and life, or you will fall into hell & Armageddon. Then you will pray/ but then NO ONE will hear you; lost eternally, sold to your pride and worthless power forever. This is a choice/ and you will make it, and continue to make it, until the day you fail/ or choose life with your heart, mind, soul, and love. “Too smart” for me, not going to listen to anyone or anything, got your own self to rely on/ don’t need nothing? Go ahead, the message sent to you is not “you shall (except for the part women will rule, if they work)”/ rather it is you must to survive. If the price is too high, you can die; it is your choice, and it will be soon. If you prefer you can accept “the bad people have all the fun/ as does the media present to you”/ after all, responsibility, honor, honesty, truth, love, courage, hope, heart, soul, and much more “is for suckers”, ain’t it? You can quit pretending if you desire it/ you can go to court, if you wish; the door is open; “walk right in, as a people, and tell them what they are going to do for you”. You can search diligently on your own, for what is right, and what is true. Nobody blindfolds or chains you to make you stop, your leaders simply refuse to help you; as always, their own interests, gluttony, greed, and selfishness come first; but you are used to that aren’t you. Wonder why the war cannot be stopped? Pride just won’t admit to being wrong, it truly doesn’t matter how many die/ lives ruined/ families torn to shreds and hopelessness. But hey PRIDE, “that’s the important part”, ain’t it? Pride is; the demand to believe I am better than these, I am more: particularly I AM SOMEBODY/which simply means they truly believe “we are nobody”. Power simply wants more of pride; “I am more than them all/ is their dream”; and these are commonly willing to sell your soul, body, sanity, or anything else to prove they are more. Such is the way it has always been in male society; take all you can get/ and when you can force someone to be your slave “quickly take advantage”. Don’t think there are slaves today? You are wrong/ with numbers they stole your lives; how can it not be so, when one has 50 billion dollars/ but the majority make literally nothing in comparison. How can it not be so, when the medical society takes a years salary for many, in a single afternoon. How can it not be so, when every university graduate believes, they should be entitled to at least 3 times more than the others; and for what? Because you memorized a fool; it is foolish to surrender your life, for money. It is foolish to believe money is all you need. It is foolish, to “ransack and rape” your society, and expect peace and happiness even for you. The foundation of all this misery and theft is; the assumption that they deserve more than you? For what, a few years in college “best time of their lives, for most”/ for this, I must pay you a lifetime, LIKE HELL! We all work together as a society, and every job is important/ or it is unnecessary. If you are doing what you desire to do, pleasant conditions, and easy work; why are you worth more just because you are so extremely greedy? The answer is, you are a thief/ and have no right, just the means to extort. The consequence of this greed is seen simply in the various lotteries; are they not aimed at the poor/ they are indeed, used because the poor have truly given up on any other means to “be equal, to you”: but like everything else the university and leaders design, it is another trap, another disgrace because it is so futile; and you laugh at them, because you know they are your slaves. Equal is equal, YOU have no right! And the reality is, we paid for the school/ we paid for your lack of work while you were in school/ and we pay for your failures and disgrace, even more than you. You fail as a doctor, whose life is lost/ you fail as an engineer, whose life is lost/ you fail as a lawyer, whose life is lost. Take a look, roughly one hundred thousand dead both Iraq and american; but sanity and purpose of life are still missing: because pride and power rule. The people of war, are the people of greed! Because what can be gained by another’s death or loss of body or health, is more important than the lives being sold for that greed, or pride. It is not war to them/ it is a “business opportunity”; but what they sell for this money is death and destruction. This is a hate of each other, that wants to make slaves/ wants to control and subject the others to power and pride; not simply in Iraq “just another playground for greed and gluttony; because you don’t care about them”. Throughout a society led by men/ you don’t care, and an equal minority of Iraq men don’t care about anyone but themselves either. Shame on you. If hate and pride did not control war/ then it would be over just as soon as, “there was room for all to survive”. Hate is a horrible thing, hiding in all manner of disguise/ waiting for an opportunity in revenge, jealousy, violence, abuse, and to use or rape or enslave. Want to know what went wrong in Iraq/ behind the military honor of people who thought they would make a difference, and a nation called Iraq who believed they would; very simply, the greed rushed in, and tried to steal everything/ throwing people out of work, breaking down doors, making lives harsh, and threatening to control everything. / it is a fact of human life. A few generals/ and or president; in the american military are trying to restart the cold war with Russia/ threatening them, by setting up missiles on their borders again/ but hey “the media tells you everything, don’t they (or did they forget to tell you, in the Cuban crisis for example in the 60's was about, the USA putting missiles in Turkey. Is this not propaganda in the land of the gullible and stupid; “you believe everything the editors allow/ do you not”. The USA caused it themselves)/ and well thank god for a vote; don’t you think, after all it makes you equal doesn’t it/ gives you control doesn’t it; or is it not just an illusion”? Or is it not, just a vote for the people who do what the money tells them to do. Today a dozen people or less, control your primary media news world; and still you believe every word you are told. Would you be different, if you got the entire story? Or would you take Power/ pride/ money/ & more just to do what you are told; a war against you personally if you don’t (fired/ black-listed), with people who don’t care if you die or not? Its about the money, the power, and the pride. I tell you true there is much to be done to rebuild a world for life today, much to be learned. No excuse will be accepted in this day; this is life or death of the world. You have your opportunity, and you will live or you will die by the decisions you make. You will learn the truth, that life or death for the world is here; the only question is if you learn in time to survive/ if you change enough, not to be abandoned to the tragedies you have created. There is no excuse for wanting or remaining a “prude, or can’t talk about sex in any form”/ it is a part of life, and thank GOD for it; except for the tragedy of human failure, it is a blessing: stop condemning reality and truth. Neither is there an excuse allowed, because the people who did know of this message, did not do their job and present the message to you. They are just like you, are they not/ and out of thousands who have read enough, if none produce your option to learn/ then they speak for you all. Like the story of the “little Holland boy, who stuck his finger in the dike to save his community, and stayed there until help did come”/ those who read this can see the danger, and if they walk away, their community drowns. But, because so many walk away, none will be condemned separately for walking away; you will simply drown too; it is your choice. It is fair that none are condemned, enough know to carry this message around the world; therefore enough know to make the decision for the world itself. They represent you/ can’t care enough anymore, means simply, “trial is over”. Judgment begins.

Just won’t believe it could be true, that life is ending, the world is dying/ just won’t take a chance on learning what the truth is by going to court (have to change then)/ just going to hide and run away? Not for long, agriculture will soon run out of water for aqua-culture, gone to ethanol and unwise irrigation; destroyed by the constant pollution pumped into the ground/ dumped in countless ways directly into everything/ from the air and everywhere: but hey, you don’t need water/ there’s more where that came from: isn’t there! You will run out of fertilizers, sooner than later as you throw it away on lawns, and golf courses, and failure. Quit soon or the ocean will be dead/ tragically over-fished/ used for dumping everything/ oil and fertilizers released to kill anything in its path/ every beach over-run, no place left for the next generation; etc. And all because you have a desire to throw it all away; proves “your rich”, doesn’t it/ the poor can’t throw this all away; oh wait, yes they can, “just fall into the credit trap”/ and lose your life, by selling your freedom to decide. Much of the food used in america is thrown in the garbage (40% of garbage is food)/ a large portion more is thrown away in fat (didn’t need it did you/ but the fishing industry, restaurants, idiots in government; take a look around “ Stupidity and ignorance control everything” ; aren’t you smart. Your recall programs for food are stupendously arrogant/ the blind and bastard too scared of giving food to the needy, for “a hundred good reasons/ could get sued, etc”/ scared of taking from many other people even in new sealed containers “don’t need charity/ don’t trust them”. How many of you are not locked in your houses for fear of guns, violence, and hate/ demanding the children lose their own childhood, and sit doing nothing because you are scared; and won’t do anything about it. YOU are Running out of money, because you lived on credit for the last 30 plus years; did you not! Your debts don’t lie/ you do! The tragedy of numbers will soon consume you, the wealthy fully intent and planning to destroy everything the poor and middle class worked for all their lives; no problem there, well unless its bloodshed and hate; couldn’t happen here, or could it? But that’s ok, cause being rich is all you ever wanted; so what if thousands pay with their lives; YOU want to be rich/ what could be more important than that! One bad weather year, and you begin to starve; one biologic disease in corn, beans, or wheat, and a tremendous amount of the food you depend upon disappears (can’t happen, “the Irish potato famine” wasn’t a dream/ nor were all the other tragedies of human decision in history). One, just one single bad crop year/ and how will you recover; 2 million more mouths every week. The answer of men WILL BE, “kill them”/ but that is just to sustain a population that cannot be sustained so more must be killed. But that leads to war in men; so the next answer is “it’s the women who are causing the children”; what do you suppose men will do then/ its you or me, someone has to die. A few short years, and without change you will starve anyway; millions of acres lost to urban sprawl, droughts will come, and you are as foolish as the day and night is long 24/7, to use your version. You will plug the rivers killing the fish and animals that depend upon it those options end, as you begin to fight for water war will be everywhere, and water will become quickly so polluted that nothing is left, but machines to clean it so the insanity and violence will increase. The options of returning nature ends. You will increase every demand on this earth, because you can, its what you do every day (2 million more mouths to feed each week, over deaths), by your will and decisions against life itself. You have prepared weapons of mass destruction by the thousands or 100's of thousands; when it is expected only 25 atomic bombs are needed to end life on earth. Only one biological weapon to remove 90% of the people on earth, and make the rest sterile and diseased. The only problem is, a dead earth is a dead you too; gambled and lost, who cares. You are “so smart/ its hard to believe”. But hey, soon your geneticists will begin making creatures for you, won’t they; things like spider men/ or monkey girls, or heads sticking out of your back; or whatever they like, what could go wrong? Go ahead put in your order, just don’t expect perfection, or survival, or anything but insanity. “You get to play god, and if you fail as god (we all know you will)/ well you get what you deserve, hell and Armageddon” and then HADES for an eternity; destroying GOD’S CREATION has a price whether you wish to pay or not. Not to worry though, “you got a big powerful car”/ no air to breathe, but got numbers for some, and more pride, arrogance, and want than the entire history of men. A world of all you can take by force and hate and violence and mutilation for the rest. “Men”, congratulate them; got what they worked for didn’t they, get to be god over earth. Got what pride, arrogance, and power deserve, death all around, mutilation without end, insanity beyond description, and souls murdered every second of every day for those who are left behind.

Don’t believe me/ go to court, look closely and for truth at the evidence of where life on earth is headed; do not be so blind or gullible, and make your decision based upon the facts, and sufficient wisdom to understand what these things do mean, in the years to come. Coward! If, You are so certain you are right, prove it, with your own research, your own evidence, and your own decision; prove you can survive your coming reality, in truth. Prove you are not assassinating the lives that are the future of life on earth, with nothing more than greed, selfishness, and literal evil: you cannot take their lives, you cannot destroy the future of life on earth, and claim anything but an evil, or more correctly a dead heart. And then prove you are brave enough to survive your needs, prove you are responsible to life enough, to pay the price required. Because if you will not pay, or too coward to try, you will soon be dead. Incentive enough, wrong means dead; no second chances? It is for me. Make your own decision/ do your own work/ accept the truth of your own consequences; this is YOUR life/ but it is also the future, the children, and every life on earth as well.

America, is the land of ten thousand wants, more pride than any nation that ever existed on earth; because you were able to “open pandora’s box”. The place that began the reality of weapons of mass destruction/ the people who threatened an entire world with their arrogance, when they alone had an atomic bomb. You are pitiful. You taught the world “to throw it all away”. You taught the world, to believe in evolution; and from that moment on, genetic mutilation of nature began. You are the people most responsible for the ridicule of honor, honesty, and respect; take a look, your university is called your honor, pride, and forms the bulk of your arrogance/ but you cannot survive anything you have built. You cannot survive your water usage and disgrace. You cannot survive how you treat nature/ not your cars/ not your housing or roads or money, or military, not your professions (just thieves, enslaving the others), not your courts (they sell your very soul as a nation, few among them care). You lie about everything, especially the money. And that means, you have respect for nothing, not even yourself/ because respect is dependent upon truth, and truth is lost in america. You are now poor/ but your lies hold the tragedy together because there are so many hands reaching out to help sustain the lies; shame on you/ it simply steals the last breathes of sanity and discipline and order. What you fear, IS going to happen. What you hate to surrender, is already dead unless change can stop it. Even if the whole nation were to attempt to support these lies you have made/ and nearly all do, they will still end; because greed will never surrender, it has to be evicted or killed. Greed intends to take everything you have, and make you “as nothing to them, or a slave”. Do you really think revenge doesn’t exist?
Somehow, it became my job to instruct you in your failures, hoping the reality would become change; that you may survive. It is clear and certain, your failures are your destiny without clear and critical change. But I will hope for you until the day I know you to be dead/ lost to eternity, murderers of an entire world of life. May you do better than this. May you learn life is more important than your want, pride, selfishness, and all the other evil you charge the rest of the world with; never once looking to yourselves, shame on you.


There are relationships that breathe life into happiness/ and there are relationships that destroy happiness from life. The consequence is, people are extremely cautious; because too many are designed by hate, “or we don’t care”. Using you for ridicule or gain, or just plain slave.
Our existence as “feelings of value” for each other, govern our decisions in life and in every relationship of happiness, hope, or love. Therefore existence is a terminology for the display of what we feel. Happiness is a feeling, generated by the introduction of what we believe, will become our lives in this environment of ascension beyond ourselves. The existence of feelings, is then a creation expressed by the value of what we believe will be grand, exciting, and beautiful for us. The expression of feelings, is then the value of what we understand to be the change in us, from loneliness, to the basis and experience of friendship as it holds our soul; from the abyss of hate and failure and foolishness. Feelings are the vessel within which we experience each others lives, for better or worse/ it is our connection to life, as the discovery of meanings and values that are not the essence of me; but of us. Feelings give us the dimension of love, as we travel outside the disciplines and order of life, into dimensions in thought beyond ourselves/ beyond our limits in time or the presence of this world; to become a participant in the creation that is soul in us. Both men and women have feelings/ but only women are born to inherit a “greater portion” of feelings that identify with life and love; men must protect, and that requires a discipline not allowed by truly free expressions in love or life.

Happiness is, the formation of our relationship with life, above the worries or concerns of existence, as the place inside where safety is not a concern; for we are at peace/ and know we are free. Therefore all that is life, is for joy/ not a threat, but an honesty of miracles that display the potential of a life beyond time that is so much more. The steps that create this discovery of values and hopes and life, through freedom; is found in time as the opportunity to decide life is worth living, and hope is worth having, and love is a decision that surrenders all judgment to become a way of life. Love is the single blessing that removes the heartache of living, to believe through thought in a relationship beyond touch, as the existence of a destiny that becomes the center of our world. Having found center, it is balance that becomes the expression of our experience. It is balance that becomes the foundation for our growth as human beings in love. The essence of love, then transforms the path we take, into the soul we receive.

Our relationship is held by the thoughts within which we give the freedom to express or experience our soul inside the dimension that is our time. Thought then becomes the experiment/ or the foundation of discovery, that initiates identity and discloses truth, as it redefines us; into the truth of who we will choose to be. Every path has a meaning, but every purpose is a destiny described by the essential elements which you provide: do you desire love? Or hate. Within discovery, are the participants allowed to be accepted by you, as your reference to life in time. These participants exist as your relationship formed to life, by the value you have attributed to them; they then exist “in line, so to speak”/ as the reference of your mind, that you enlist to help you decide your fate, and your action or reaction here on earth. Time becomes a memory/ but thought, is referenced within the feelings that have been created. Feelings are then, your own foundation for eternity; as you begin to build your life, from the feelings that have touched you in thought. What is eternal, is the existence of truth, as it is held by the reality of thought, in a world or universe that demands your decision. Discipline and order enable us to make a decision/ by presenting peace inside the search for life. But feelings establish the heart that learns of happiness by the installation of love, as a blessing from GOD . Love is not a simple thing/ rather love is the foundation of our relationship with GOD HIMSELF. Love, is the introduction of life/ beyond all measurements of time; wherein happiness is the only expression needed. We are safe, we are held in Creation by the effortless example of courage and strength, we are a soul set free to experience GOD within our lives, and within ourselves. A creation called soul. Thought is the discovery of a communication beyond judgment or time, it is the essence of an investigation allowed by the spiritual dimension of space and time: the place inside energy that gives us life. The place inside energy, that forms our union with Creation; by the essence of an environment that must be formed before physical existence begins. Happiness is the place inside of us, where respect governs our lives/ that we may know the freedoms of life as truth. The discovery of truth, is elemental to happiness. These are found in the development of respect, as life teaches us that balance means “an understanding of both sides/ held apart by life; but understood as the consequence of your decision”. The closer we come “to the center of our universe”/ the more deliberate and true our decisions must then be: because the teeter toter of life or death is revealed to be within our grasp. While death exists “a GREAT, LONG WAY from the center of life”/ the reality of approaching life to the decisions that design and balance the whole is not a small matter in any sense. Therefore those who are allowed even to see GOD Must be cleansed of all that is not truth, love, or life.

How can you fail to see, with RESPECT, how much is done for us.
The quest for happiness cannot be understood, without the knowledge and truth of a GOD who loves us so very much, that HE GIVES TO LIFE Everything we are.

These things grant to life an honesty, that wells up “as if we were drinking from the fountain of life”.

In the definitions that are expressions in happiness as humanity here on earth, the experience of love as is defined sexually between a man and woman in true love for each other. Sexuality is not love, nor does it provide love/ rather sexuality does provide an intimacy or knowledge of each other, that is not found in any other way. Thereby the intensity of love, when combined with the intimacy of knowledge about each other; combines to open the doors into a passage between souls that spirit uses to understand the meaning and desires of a purpose called love. The discovery of a truth, that lives to be blessed by our souls united. True love, is a friendship that marries the possibilities of life and survival, into the creation of an environment that not only exceeds survival, but expresses the potential of an experience beyond anything ourselves, as a single experience can ever expect or find. Love is a meaning beyond one, an experience beyond two, an expression combined as both life and the intimacy of lives joined forever. Therefore love is not a little thing, truth is not a small thing/ rather happiness depends upon each as the message between our soul, that love is our choice and truth is our way: therefore we search the destinies of life together as one.
Until you have claimed these things, there is no marriage; only hope.
Gender roles, are the separation of truths into duty as male/ and love as female. In that way the paths we take search both sides of a balance between survival and freedom, becoming a passage as one, only when truth allows. Joined, means shared because we care for each other. Alive, means turned loose in freedom; one life inside the other/ because trust through love and truth, has made this possible.
The passage beyond ourselves into eternity, is not held by one; but by two: you and the one you love and trust, in truth. If GOD is not first in your heart/ then who will become your eternity? If truth does not live in your soul, then “how close can you come/ before you must stop, or be destroyed”. NO corruption is allowed.

The message of life is simple and sure, in exchange for miracles, gifts, love, and freedom/ RESPECT is required, duty is desired, love is needed to survive, truth is the discovery of a difference each decision makes, and trust begins the journey that becomes eternity. We are free, to choose/ but we are not free of the consequences our decisions will become. Time is the opportunity granted to you. Love is the invitation into possibilities and meanings beyond yourself as life, or in life. Sexuality is an experience in trust, and it teaches the need for truth and for love first; or there will be penalties. Sexuality between man and woman also teaches happiness through the intimacy and intensity of that trust, and that love, where openness creates a home inside of each one. Death is the meaning applied to the consequence that is your life here in time/ the possibility of reality, as it invades your existence beyond time.


The distance we separate ourselves from life, is fundamentally a failure allowed because freedom has been given a cost, that is not earned. More simply, it is the ridicule and humiliation caused by others in your life, that becomes the price of this association with people and failure. The opposite side of the line (the one taking substance and freedom from your life), then becomes the proud, and powerful. Proud “because it isn’t me”/ powerful, “because I did this to you”. The compensation of power & pride is selfishness; I gained from this, because I took power and pride away from someone else/ I took their life, and used/ abused/ and played god to them; as if they didn’t matter. Therefore the message of humanity to each other is: cannibalism or violence, comes in many forms. Cannibalism because some of the people you consume, by the violence of ridicule and humiliation that has been caused; NEVER recover their lives. This is the birth of evil, in you!

The relationship we share with each other, is then defined by the reality we are to each other. Those who are consumed sometimes turn to hate, while those who are violent to others, find hate in their heart when people do not obey or respect them; whether they deserve it or not. The distance we live from the truth that is of life/ is the distance we must travel to find the truth back, and learn that life is a blessing to be shared. Freedom is a message from the heart; saying, happiness is the essence of my soul, released to find its mate in life; because we are meant for each other: “I can in freedom, see the reflection of me: same, in the honesty of a desire and a purpose that cannot be denied.” Every life has a purpose! Every life is allowed its true desire! Every single soul, is invited into eternity; because you are loved. The relationship we share, is the evidence of heart! The purpose and desire of that heart, is the truth that can become soul. Religions all say: do this, believe that, or don’t do that; and you will have everything you can imagine “in heaven”. It is not true! “Heaven, is NOT a great big shopping mall, or brothel for the selfish purpose of men or women”: HOW can you be so blind! “Heaven/ or more correctly a life with GOD IS about your relationship in love and family, with GOD And HIS FAMILY. To be allowed to join/ means freedom has taught you in truth; what love means, why respect must be, what is duty and responsibility to life, and has given you “the seed of joy, to grow as best you can”. What you do with this knowledge, and the wisdom provided or shared with you: IS the reality, that becomes your truth.

Life can be hard, a creation disturbed by the realities of a life that has been given to loneliness and a search for happiness. These are feelings, with a harsh consequence of people who will not care about you. These are feelings, that discover and display the reality of people who will not share with you. These are truths, that experience a need to survive/ and a reality that has no love for life. Creation, as is your life, must now find its own solution in discipline, hope, honesty, and need/ or it will sink into depressions, and find hate or the descent called failure. Our existence in this life, is as a relationship with body and mind through time. Time gives us a relationship that we can measure, and the mind uses that information to create the possibilities that become what our bodies can and will do. Those who are wise, will build their bodies and mind early; and use them for the rest of time, allotted to them. Feelings connect us to body/ but disciplines conceive of mind; therefore we are both discipline and feelings, in each one. Chemicals however, are very distinct in their intent of what behavior should be. Both male and female are the result of chemical expressions designed and built for the sanctity of a life, separated by gender and truth. But held together as one expression of love where male and female, find a bond that commits their relationship to a love that builds a bridge between each life, and the truth of a trust accepted by both, that does not die. Our bodies communicate/ but not as friends; as chemical expressions of our ability to participate in each others lives. Our minds express that communication in the measurements of a body that is expressing chemicals that can then be measured. Our heart (the dimension we create for friendship with life), only reacts well to love and the meanings we associate with happiness, wholeness, and friendship; thereby heart gives us the meaning of sexual passions, that are not measured “but felt” inside the definitions that we call love. These are the expressions and experience of a bond created, a purpose defined, and a desire held by the essence of a body given to the passions of the one you do love. We are not measured as life/ we are experienced as a body & mind connected to life. The difference is discovered in the meaning of a dimension called time. A dimension is the difference between what is real/ and what is accepted as the possibility of a life. The opportunity that is time, exists as the exploration of many such differences. The reality of body and mind then represent what is real, physical, and confronted by the truth of energy and mass. The possibility that is life in its relationships with life, love, thought, respect, hope, courage, happiness, discipline, order, feelings, and many other expressions of creation itself; confront us all, with the essence of an opportunity beyond this simple existence/ and teach us, through love, of desires that we can share. Sexual expression is found in the disciplines of a feeling, that translates life into the passions of a purpose that is beyond yourself. A reflection of what happiness is meant to be inside your soul. Soul then means; I have come to visit the essence of my “son or daughter”, to distinguish them in love, as the “people of my life”. So says GOD Inside our soul, the place we share existence and learn life. It is a spiritual saying/ not a verbal one.
Discipline is the distance we create, between what can influence us/ and what we accept to be true. Discipline is then in essence, the boundaries erected that keep us apart. Truth as defined by your mind, body, and heart; establishes who can be trusted, and what can be done. Order then creates “the steps” used to enter into trust, and become invited inside. This reality is a male trait, distinguished from female by the need for steps. Feelings are the essence of female, a decision that exists to believe in the expression of life as a vital and critical need beyond ourselves in the form of freedom and hope. Love works between these two definitions to create a foundation upon which male and female experience the shared joy of knowing each others lives. Discipline believes in truth/ feelings believe in love; both are necessary for life.

Hope is a relationship with life that believes caring is the path that creates eternity. When we care as life, only then do we find the truth that brings us into the foundations of thought that surrender goals and all their trappings; to become the expressions of a home given to destiny. We are fundamentally created with destiny inside, as the place hope is given to live. We are critically designed as life, to understand love is the experience of a life worth living. We are demanded, to adhere to respect or die, but we are allowed in freedom to cherish the fundamentals of a choice that is our own. Hope and home are the blessings of a life committed to experiencing love. Hope lives in the expression of caring, because it is our expansion beyond ourselves; where life is given the opportunity to believe in things we have not yet seen, or felt, or been in this life. Hope is a relationship with home, because in hope we build the destiny we search for/ the place where we believe happiness exists for us. Home is a description; of where people who have loved us exist.
Honesty is a declaration in time; that I am a participant in truth/ it is my way, it is my life. Happiness is found in the decisions that are true, because these experience a decision that creates value inside the understanding of a knowledge that changes life, and our world. Truth then declares of honesty, that it is friend first, because we participate together/ but as life second, because apart from the disciplines of truth and the order it creates; love enters into honesty and forms the doors through which other lives are found. Beautiful is the dimension that hears in love the transformation of heart into soul, joyful is the heart that lives in the expansion of honor transporting our souls, into the places that are of GOD . Honesty is the first passage beyond ourselves, the place inside where life is learned to be Creation, and we are separated from body and mind; as the passage inside ourselves, “the environment called I” that believes in GOD . Because we can. It is a gift.

Need is an understanding, that simple things are not enough/ like sex, it does not last. Instead, reality comes to declare time is not over/ life is not dead/ and the relentless invasion of need begins again. Our relationship with need teaches eternity is not a small or careless thing! Instead, it is a relationship that continues in the space of an environment that we create within the disciplines and values of a life that has only one separate choice; it is to end life, and live no more. As this is not happy or joyful/ it exists only in theory, and shall never be tested. Therefore what is more important than a choice to destroy yourself, is the happiness and hope and truth of a world that can and does live in peace and harmony. Time is a melody, that lives in the rhythms of a feeling, being alive translates existence by becoming the essence of an energy created in mass fundamentally controlled. It is a dimension discovered by the boundaries of time. Need is then the symphony altered because of a displaced boundary, that needs critical care.
What is the critical decision of a desire to hate and descend into destruction is; the fundamental opening of a boundary that will not be repaired. Either by what you do/ do not do/ others have done, or did not do for you. It is the surrender of freedom, the sacrifice of a life that builds/ for a life that destroys what is built, because it is “too much effort for you to continue”.

In the destinies of human life, there are many environments that do not accept or deliver the happiness, or freedom, or values of truth. It is because men have stolen them, or women have used them for their own purposes that are not of love or life or truth. You will never satisfy lust, by having sex. Therefore deviation comes, to enter destruction by playing god with body, mind, and life. Since it is not enough to ruin or destroy only yourself/ others are sought as the instrument of failure, the disease of fundamental death by assuming that life can be bought, if only this could be used, sacrificed, or abused in violence to pretend fear will take away the distress of death. People do, “strange things”/ because their fears, can consume their failure by redistributing personal destruction, to the fears they create for themselves. It does not last, nor does it remain the same! Like sex or drugs, “It takes more after a short time, to experience the same effects/ until even tremendous amounts cannot kill the reality of a life that has been sold to its destruction. What do you gain (by selling your life to this)? It is moments without feelings, disciplines, it is THE tragedy (you are now the god of your own failure), or revenge. A simple, quieting before the storm.
Life, business, family, or society do require a patient endurance of the things which try the purposes and desires of our lives/ if you surrender your passion, you have surrendered hope. If you surrender your purpose of life through love, happiness, and truth, through respect/ Then you have surrendered the expansion of your world, for the selfishness of a focus on time. If you surrender your desire for life, you have become the bait assigned to predators; and they will hunt you.

Life is not a simple thing! Life is a reality that must be dealt with as it exists; or you die. Our relationship with happiness is very critical to the understanding that life is worth the price it demands. Therefore happiness is a critical value that must be allowed and given and shared among all people/ because as life, we each one have value. Even the most tragic disgrace, has a value to prove to the others: “see, and learn not to do this/ think this/ or be this, it is shame; and a disease that must not be allowed to spread!”
Happiness is an acceptance, of the reality that is you. Happiness is, the truth accepted inside as the hope recognized in the miracle of life you truly are. Happiness is, the shared expressions of an understanding you do belong/ even if none accept you; you belong, because life is in you; it is your gift from GOD , that proves none may deny you its right and its opportunities. Happiness is, the experience of caring, felt inside the blessings of a heart that has formed in the passions of an interest in supporting life itself, as your gift in return to GOD . Happiness is, the blessing of a life that sees in you; the freedom of honor: the place inside that cherishes the possibilities of peace, harmony, and love. Happiness is, the cherished existence of someone/ some life, that understands your identity as the place they share in peace, love, and life. Happiness is, the foundation in truth that gives life the independence to seek experience or expression by the decisions that are, “our own”. Happiness is, the moments we know, even in tears “that life has value”/ and we need to cherish and protect its moments in every life, because every single life is important. Happiness is, the understanding that duty, law, and responsibility require us to do what must be done/ instead of our own judgment, it is the law that decides, it is the reality that demands, it is the other lives that will be affected by this decision, that need our support: therefore we are innocent of what life has done, we simply need to do our best, and understand no one is perfect.

Happiness is, the creation of forgiveness in our own heart and mind; in these moments we find the meaning of family/ because without forgiveness, there is no family. Therefore if your family here on earth, is not whole: find a way to make this better. Every failure is a heartache that someone didn’t see, or didn’t help, or is demanded to take the blame; because it hurts too much (even if its not your fault). Humanity fights, people are wounded/ and the cancer of revenge or hate, begins to consume life. Ridicule deepens the cut, and humiliation divides the whole[: if you do not surrender your pride]/ even if not your fault. Forgiven is the moment, when the truth doesn’t affect you anymore. Forgiven is the reality, although not forgotten; I know, you are worth more to me than this! Forgiven is the decision, that life has a meaning more than me. Forgiven is the knowledge and the truth, we will begin again. Reality is a decision based in knowledge, understood by the foundations that are true; only here does wisdom enter in, and make your life, the answer that becomes heart and soul, as love allows.
As is true of all america in particular: YOU WANT, what you cannot have/ a life without truth, where fantasy rules, and you can make up your own lies, and be your own god. “You have lived that dream”/ and now stand in the abyss that leads to hell and Armageddon. You have passed by the first signs, and continue on without the slightest wisdom to be seen in your lives. Forgiveness waits for you, but it will not save you if you pass the line of no return. Choose better quickly, or its over; every day matters! Every life matters/ but only women will choose.

Happiness is, the blessing of those who accept our lives as an equal/ these are the messages of a potential friendship, even if there is not time or possibility. Happiness is being a friend, because no matter what anyone else does/ this is the decision we make for our participation in this world; this is the reality of who we are/ irregardless of any other factor or person: “I choose, and do the best I can”. Happiness is, the passion inside that sees in the opposite sex more than life can be only as self: therefore we create a need inside “to wonder, and to live a life that seeks these possibilities and hopes”. Love is more than a happiness, it is a joy that must be shared. Happiness is a creation of love, becoming the steps upon which we build a relationship that can become love! Therefore if life with the opposite sex is not working, please give happiness inside yourself as the gift of healing; that those who do find you, may know life with you will be ok; or much better. Happiness is, the transition from a complete lack of trust, to the beginning of a life that believes in friendship as our contribution, our beginning in love. Happiness is finding in yourself the disciplines or feelings that give life direction, the honesty of a destiny created by the meaning of you. Happiness is, the decision to measure no one/ to understand that every life stand alone, because we need to choose GOD FIRST in our own lives/ that we may survive into eternity. Until GOD is first in you, the possibilities of eternal life are mute/ therefore until you recognize by loneliness or love, what it means to be “left out, not family”; it is impossible that the preparations in duty and life should be met. Eternal life is MORE important, than life here in time, eternity is forever! If you truly put GOD FIRST in your life/ then even if no other comes to share your existence here; GOD IS “enough”.


Food is never a replacement for happiness, it is merely the decision to hide from your unhappiness. Excess food, is a search for meaning, in a life that is dissolving due to the existence of realities in your life, that you have no answer for! It does not stop, until you have reached an answer, and done the work that accomplishes your resolution to change. Every addiction, is very similar to the consequence of choosing to “bury something you want inside/ so you don’t have to deal with it”. In my life, I chose to not date, because the tears created by not being available to stay; were just to serious a price to pay/ no solution could be found. So I buried that desire, because no good answer existed. That worked ok, for a significant amount of time/ until one day when an opportunity presented itself. Want then came to attack me/ frustration set in, and my reality of life changed to that want for a few minutes of time, without the means to see happiness in a behavior that allowed patience, therefore the opportunity of a relationship to begin. It was a new experience/ and not a good one. The story says to you: that every addiction is a want, that has been buried, only to come back as a frustration that begins with no patience for the truth that allows you to accomplish an honest desire. NO WANT can be buried successfully/ they remain inside, and when an opportunity presents itself: they do come back to attack you! Therefore as was true of me/ must also be true of you: every want must be discarded in truth. This is a surrender to the reality of a decision that you must make, and a truth you must live beyond that decision. A further illustration of the same basic reality is found in what was dating and marriage to me; “We both wanted what we could not have at that time/ but neither would give up”. So we tried harder/ but that did not work either. Reality says, want can be surrendered but need cannot/ I needed to do what I am doing; she needed to be “the same” as the others. Understand the difference. In the countless stories of dating, is the fundamental truth; that want interferes in everything. So much so, that the hurt and pain we cause each other does not heal in very many. Most who go back to live with their parents do so to avoid the pain caused by their dating reality; not “losers”/ simply hiding from the dating world, not accessible unless you truly choose to be. Thereby the roller coaster ride of dating to so many, is not as severe. It is not a good plan, for anyone who desires a family/ because it is too easy, and then life becomes “too late”. I have lived, on the same place with my parents, returning at about 28 years old or so, too/ but it is more complex, in that my life has lived the lessons necessary for the work I do today; and it is simpler, cheaper, and thereby more free time for me here to pursue my studies and work, than anywhere else. That does not mean, “dating, etc” was not desired; it simply means, I have committed my life to other things at least for now. Others also return to parents, for similar reasons of business or education or a need for love that simply cannot be found; not losers, simply the people who are harder to get to know, because they are less accessible to “the dating public”/ and almost certainly hurt by someone including parents. That means simply, the price of living with parents; may well become the reality of a life without your own mate, because you chose different things/ because you gave up trying, or failed to recognize why dating did not work for you. That means simply the price of dating can be much higher than you expect. Expand your world, to the people who are “not on your list, of perfect”. But live your life as freedom decides/ no one gets to have everything, you must choose. Every life is important/ therefore respect each other honestly. Understand your want is an enemy that requires your decision in the honesty that is your relationship with life/ so that you may defeat it, by choosing the path you will take in life, and by accepting its price. Until you do this/ you cannot be truly happy, want will search you out, to take it away. This is why people trade their lives for debts they cannot pay/ luxuries that give a day, in trade for a year of work: Fall into sex, and cannot get out. The reality of a want comes to steal your happiness in life/ it is a dangerous thing; if you do not bury it, it will eat on you/ if you do bury it, it will come back to attack you. Only if you make the decision, that you clearly do not desire to make, can you escape the truth of what you want. It is not a need/ therefore it can be discarded. An addiction is not a need either/ it is an escape from reality; to defeat it, you must accept reality and its truth in your life: change what you can. As to me, since it is clear I desired women to be a part of my life earlier/ and it is plain: some aspects of having women become a part of my life again has been suggested: but will never be demanded. There will be those who will say, he is “wanting women/ and has an elaborate plan “to get some women and sex in his life”. Therefore want remains/ and he is lying to himself, about why he supports, and presents : women are given so much power and control for this world/ even over his own body and mind. The truth states; I have never come to women demanding sex, that has been available in the past it is not an issue; and if sex was desired today, sex would be found. Therefore I say to all in truth, this message has never been about sex for me, not once, not in any conceivable way. It is not about children either/ as death lurks at the door of all life; WHY would I desire to bring a child into the possibilities that exist? I DO NOT. As to the descriptions of what is needed for a child genetically, or the demand “for same”. It is clear to me, that the body of any child is more precious than a few years of “same as me for the parent; we love anyone we choose to love/ same is not a factor”: the child uses their body for a lifetime, body wins. That is my statement to you! Rather this message is about life or death for the world/ if you consider it as a reality for only a second, even you, will understand this is true. As to women in my life, woman inside my life; I would suggest to you plainly it is NOT the plan of any man to be controlled or invaded by female/ NOT the plan of any man to be immersed in women until his own identity is lost/ NOT the plan of any man to be available sexually to all women (as the spirit of women would allow), for study or use. Ask any man/ as to me, it is simply beyond my ability to understand all the potential consequences. I believe in the spirit of woman inside that I have come to know as truth, she is about love/ and I have proven not to be as wise as she; therefore truly, my life will be her way, for there is no cause I will accept “to throw you away without everything that can be honestly done”. Otherwise in the foundation called me; I do, simply rely on GOD , that this will honor HIM , as best I can. This is my gift of hope back to GOD , and to the spirit who gave this hope back to me; by giving hope and a message for life to you. These purposes are very different than “common to men”, and they do service the reality of lives in need, rather than any particular life itself; such as is mine. You will decide what is true to you/ but this is true in me. As to spirit itself, there has never been a time when “I was right, and spirit was wrong/ instead of, this just can’t be wrong it was/ instead of , BUT WHY, the foundation for a new or better understanding was created. Time expresses an impact on dimensions past its presence/ therefore the essence of time, becomes a look into the future, by understanding the possibilities/ truth becomes a guide. Here, beyond time/ but not within eternity, the spiritual world exists. By listening within the environment that is truth, the spirit world “talks”. Do not believe in voices/ believe in GOD . As you expand beyond the limits of time, this reality will change in you. The relationship that lives; understands the words, “truth must lead”.

So returning to want in your life, in any life, the answer to turning it away is to recognize the decision that you are avoiding: BE TRUTHFUL! And deal with the reality in truth, by the decision that you make. Live your decision/ be your own truth! Do not lie, especially to yourself. Do not avoid this decision by throwing yourself into work, so that no time or energy is allowed for the others in your life, or you. Do not avoid this decision by lusting after anyone you can find/ if it is sex you truly want, and cannot escape it: then go and be a part of the pornography people/ or whatever it is that you believe you must do: time will then teach you why, and lust will die: or take you prisoner, unless someone comes to save you. It is your decision/ because it is your body, and your life; just remember disease comes too. If no one finds you “sexy”/ then go ahead and buy some; it is a failure/ but it is your life. BUT look first in the mirror honestly, and KNOW THIS IS TRUE: if you are accessible, someone will find you, or you them/ if you give them a chance. Therefore BE ACCESSIBLE, be kind: do you wish to live with someone who is not kind? DON’T sell your life for looks/ if it comes with violence and abuse or to be used; WHY would you choose that! Let your heart decide/ and understand “the heart is blind/ it sees, and searches only for soul”. Let your life be fair! Your way to truth! And your own heart open to life, love, and truth; through the respect that is entitled to us all. Live your decision/ be who you are, and happiness will find you/ even if no other does.
We are the heartbeat, to each others lives/ we are the moments that conceive of eternity in each others breathe, because life is not enough when you are completely alone. Find your soul, and help your GOD Be love in this world. I, am not a good example of this, as there has been so many times I should have done better/ should have made better choices, or been wiser, more free, or listened better; many people that could have been helped or loved so much more. I have been passionately busy, it is a need that has cost me much; because nothing else is as important as sustaining life on earth. You have been busy too (most at dishonorable things)/ and our reality has paid the price, but we must all do better now. Before there is a world no more, no life on earth.
Do the best you can. Do not accept the blame for what you cannot do/ you cannot do that, neither can I; leave it alone or work as best you can. Do what YOU CAN DO!

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