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This lawsuit 06 MR 726 filed in Champaign county courthouse: 101 E. Main Urbana, IL 61801

Dated 12/ 27/ 06


1. IF the nation or the state is in danger of collapse, or civil war, DO WE/ OR DO WE NOT, have a duty and a responsibility to intervene by investigating the evidence, examining the truth, and doing the work necessary to insure WITHOUT DOUBT, "the safety, sanctity, & security of the people, this state, & this nation shall NOT be abandoned to such a fate?

2. IF the world is in danger of total collapse & extermination, then DO WE / OR DO WE NOT have a duty and a responsibility to intervene by investigating the evidence/ examining the truth/ and doing the work necessary to insure WITHOUT DOUBT, "the safety, sanctity, & security of all people/ and all life in this world" SHALL NOT meet this fate. Even if we must lead or walk alone/ do we not have a duty beyond doubt or question: WE MUST DO THIS! Yes or no?

No allowance is given for whimpering or crying "its not our job"/ THIS IS EVERYONE'S JOB AND LIFE. There are no excuses.

3. IF life has truly been attacked in such virulent and deadly ways; that the fate of a nation, and even the world itself, HAS INDEED become threatened by the behaviors of the leaders of any nation with extinction. THEN DO WE, OR DO WE NOT, Need to replace all these leaders, "their roots and branches" for this leadership with "someone different: WOMEN are the only option". The evidence allows/ history demands; men will always return to their historic ways. Women are unknown/ but clearly NOT the same.


The cause of all fundamental problems with the economy of america, comes down to LIES (they the leaders, and the people) refused to pay for the "Vietnam war"/ thereby rebellion occurred. The STEALING (the people of that day, learned HOW LITTLE, "We the people" meant to leadership)/ and they turned to money/ WANT, & consumption. Arguably because they no longer believed themselves safe, from a country with weapons of mass destruction. The CHEATING or reality of removing the currency from a gold based standard/ became the ONLY excuse necessary, "to play with money like TOYS". And therefrom the degrading, slander, tyranny, and attack of traitors and terrorist began.

(A) therefore the question of TRUE & REAL limits arise? Shall WE THE PEOPLE Not choose to present ourselves with equality? Shall WE THE PEOPLE Not choose to examine justice as a truth divided fundamentally to all the people? Shall WE THE PEOPLE Not choose to limit the damage of any part of government employee or practice/ by becoming the voice of government itself, in our vote For the important laws and matters of government! WE ARE THE OWNERS/ they are the employees. Yes or no?

(B) shall WE THE PEOPLE not choose, to educate ourselves with regard to every matter to be decided by vote? Shall we not insist upon an educated survey, taken prior to every important vote; to determine if the vast majority fully understand exactly what is voted upon? Shall we not imprison and then deport anyone who interferes or lies during this process/ that it may be fair, just, and true to the needs of the people? Shall the employees not do our bidding/ at the risk of their job, or even their lives if they are found to continue to be traitors? Yes or no? The constitution governs, but the people rule/ through women. NO MORE shall we be refused the right of governing ourselves? Yes or no?

(C) the critical state of the economy is: "thieves, liars, & traitors have found a way into the vault, so to speak". THIS cannot be avoided anymore/ therefore WE THE PEOPLE shall make our decisions/ and live the fate we choose. Money is the "people's promise to themselves"/ but your promises have stolen from the children and grandchildren; therefore they should hold your own fate in their hands. Just as you took theirs and held them in yours; it is fair. Yes or no? Shall we not also Seal the money INSIDE OUR LAW, which shall NOT be broken into anymore/ by making it a constitutional mandate and law/ not a substance that can be tinkered with by such minimal things as employees. This is one of the foundations of a nation/ and it shall not be subject to personal failures. Yes or no?


1. Who owns this state, this nation, our lives, or this world? DO WE THE PEOPLE/ Or do we not?

2. Are the government employees critically confined by constitutional documents, or not? And do we not pay them to work for us/ or do they pay us to work for them: CLEARLY it is not even a question.

3. THE COURTROOM BELONGS to the people, of this state, this nation, and the world: and is subject to the fundamental rule: In America first by the true intent of CONSTITUTIONAL / BLOOD SOAKED/ documents provided by the people to prove their intent for life in America. THEN extreme majority of the people shall rule, through the laws they create. Then the rules of the court, and "other riffraff" of procedural decree shall be considered. Is this or is this not for the consideration and respect of all the people for the purposes of JUSTICE, EQUALITY, AND FAIR PLAY throughout society? Is this or is this not the removal of the excrement that "power peddlers and the influence of money can buy" from our legislators. Yes or no?


1. What shall we choose for our future to be? Either death by weapons of mass destruction/ resource depletion/ or one or more of the other critical threats now consuming our world and nation? OR, SHALL YOU WORK, AND ACCEPT "WORLD LAW" and the critical means of intervention required to limit militaries and organize world peace.

CHOOSE one or the other/ because no other options exist.

2. What shall be done, to those who threaten NATURE, AND THE COLLAPSE OF EVERYTHING NATURE, including life itself: Because they are so foolish as to attack genetic structure and force mutilations on the world?




YOU WILL "leave life alone"! Or you will die/ THIS IS NOT A QUESTION.

3. THE FUTURE Has rights and needs/ that you will accept, and recognize? Yes or no/ There are NO excuses! Either yes you will respect them/ or no you do not deserve to live either. Take your pick.

Trial will begin with these discovery issues:

Are these questions and realities NOT critically important to the people of Illinois? Truly they are life or death issues, and no argument can exist upon the legal implication of whether the court must act.

The critical resolution and determination expected of this court is simply: YES, THESE ARE FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT TO THE PEOPLE OF ILLINOIS! Therefore a legal environment for investigation, examination, and determination of the facts MUST be made! Either here in this courtroom, by the people of ILLINOIS and their "friends and patriots"/ OR shall instead be sent directly to the US supreme court; should they fail. Time is precious/ do not play.

The legal status is: WE THE PEOPLE, OF ILLINOIS, do hereby state and believe: the possibility exists that our very lives, our economic future, and our children's lives are all under threat. Therefore we have every right and need to instruct our employees of the court to instigate and demand the truth; within our sight, and by all means/ to attach to the evidence its reality. And to determine by the truth and our support; what shall we do? These are all severe and important matters that shall not "be watered down".

All are reminded: the foundation of WE THE PEOPLE IS LAW! Therefore to court we shall go/ and through court we shall remedy these problems and search for their answers. Because any other way is fraught with disasters/ do not do so! To court we must go.

The court is reminded: YOU WORK FOR US/ do not stand in the way.

The people are reminded: this is the way "we walk, hand in hand" for the purposes of your life and all life on earth!

(You may consider the civil rights marchers, as a preliminary guideline/ but we must do far better than they did, after the fact: the real work begins)

When life is safe/ THEN you may pursue happiness. When happiness is safe/ THEN you may pursue LOVE.


Although prepared by me/ this is your trial, "the people of Illinois, and the women of the world"; if you fail to do your part What then happens to your world? I remain the plaintiff, and can represent you in court, because it is my life here in time too/ but your life is critically on trial, and I cannot represent your decisions; YOU must help.


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