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We have now come to the finite reality of just talking. So much has been written for you, that no possibility of an excuse exists anymore. You have options, women have decisions to make; men too, only less so. The purpose of this message is clear, the reality has come to the degree of your understanding that it is possible for you to work with. And you must now decide the fate of your world. As women you will choose for life or death/ but as men, you will assist them in their efforts for life, or reap the reward you deserve. But even so, the women have not yet contributed to the experience and expressions of this work, therefore men are free until they do.
While it is possible to continue writing, all that is important to this world, HAS been said/ therefore it truly has no value to continue at this time. It is up to you to write the future of life on earth, it is up to women to conceive and give birth to a new life and a new possibility of society for this earth. Failure is death, because truth doesn’t care; truth carries out the law, and the law finds men guilty of intentionally planning to exterminate life on earth. Therefore if women do not change this plan, if women do not come to the forefront of life and leadership and truth as this world needs; the plans of men shall be carried through to their completion. Whether you believe or not, is irrelevant, the evidence and your reality will prove this is true; will prove, there are NO second chances/ this is your only one. Women are in fact your saviors, and they will without doubt or exception or option, decide the fate of life on earth. They have been “required to ride the vehicle called men, to its destination”. But since that destination is death for the world; it is now the turn of women to lead, and decide if they will or will not turn the vehicle that is men away from death; and become saviors to life on this earth. It is not an easy task, but it is completely within the grasp of women! You will not die, without this decision/ but you will never run away from truth; therefore face your reality, and make your decision for life, or for death. Do not look to men, they have replaced you/ just as you have replaced them. THIS FACT OF LIFE IS FOR WOMEN TO DECIDE, AND PROVE. It is your choice, men have no option; women will save them, or they cannot be saved; time will end.
Do not fear, instead be grateful and happy, because these things that are before you; are the evidence and truth of what kills society and life on earth. That you may examine them and define a society that will never fail again. What you will build to replace them from the leadership that is women, seeks to be FAR SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY. All who desire love, peace, truth, life, and harmony will be pleased; when the work is done, and life becomes as it was always meant to be. Be happy, “the meek” are about to inherit the earth.
Or the simple truth is, you are about to die/ because you refuse to surrender your pride, want, selfishness, power, and hate! All will choose for themselves/ but only women have a vote for life. Protect them, support them, honor them, and give them true hope for a life that will be love, peace, and happiness.
Surely then, it is time to say goodbye, at least unless women come to organize and participate for life.
1/21/ 08

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