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A LETTER to the court, describing the intent, direction, and purpose of the trial designated 06 MR 726

A description allowing the court, to be fully prepared, and "friend or enemy" to this case.

DATED 12/ 04 / 06

I choose to pose this question to a world that readily accepted "the trillions to one possibility/ of a trillions to one possibility or MORE; called evolution". What gamblers you are!


1. WHAT HAPPENS, in a finite world: When fertilizers/ irrigation/ increased radiation from ozone depletion/ plant mutilation & disease from genetic alterations/ the end of ocean life, due to human causes/ animal insanity (trapped by our predators, with not even sunlight as a friend)/ climate change & drought/ the ocean currents stop, due to human causes/ and much more occur. A time line can be drawn for each of these occurrences; and it is not far into the future.

The common american says: "shut up/ cause it won't happen till I am dead; let the children pay/ I HAVE WANTS". YOU will see the beginning of all these things in 7 years or so: prove me wrong.

2. WHAT HAPPENS to humanity when the water is gone/ sucked out for ethanol. Answer, the earth will become so dry that the plants will die/ including all the trees. Then the people will stop the rivers, causing the animals and birds to die; and you will have only desert upon which to live. Going to move/ where will half of america move to? Where will your food come from. When the aquifers collapse/ the land is done.

3. WHAT HAPPENS to humanity, when WAR COMES. Because resource loss has taken away every job & every possibility for life? Can you build with nothing? Or are these all critical resources/ "the world is no longer an open pit, for you to rape & raid"/ humanity is the one who will adjust or die. You will carefully construct your future, or you will die. Prove me wrong.

Let the children pay means literally, YOU have chosen to SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES/ for your gluttony, and greed.

4. WHAT HAPPENS when leaders or terrorists assume fear is their only true weapon? As is clear today, where the american leaders invaded Iraq/ "because they were so scared of weapons of mass destruction"/ that they let the insanity of "shock and awe" consume their mind. Believing in ignorance that a few bombs would turn terrorists around the world away. COMPLETE IDIOT/ or just plain fool? You decide. This type of cowardice reeks in the halls of every government/ and it is consistent with every generation of men; and that means a war of weapons of mass destruction is not only inevitable/ but coming soon. Prove me wrong/ and remember if you fail to be correct; the world itself dies/ because you chose to play the fool.

5.WHAT HAPPENS when starvation starts? Will not every man & woman decide: "I DON'T CARE, If it is the last fish in the sea/ I won't starve today; thereby ending forever the possibility of life on earth to survive. Roughly half the people on earth are fed from the sea/ do you really think being inland with half the world starving to death, will keep you safe? DO YOU BELIEVE CANNIBALISM WON'T COME? You are wrong/ and people particularly the young & the women will become "Dinner". Because nothing else is left.

Women will lose their status, because the population count will be blamed on them/ right or wrong, among the insane is irrelevant.

6. WHAT HAPPENS when humanity adds another BILLION PEOPLE IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS, many are at the age capable of giving birth. Will there be food/ water/ resources or respect for work or for life or for housing/ will there be ANY CHANCE the balance of life on earth can be sustained? NO, all will be lost; and WAR REQUIRES, at this time [2 million new births a week= 2 million new deaths a week/ just to remain constant] "The biblical rivers of blood, WILL arise".

7. WHAT HAPPENS when NATURE (LITERALLY THE GENETIC CODE) HAS BEEN DISASSEMBLED? The BLIND have literally led you to the door of HELL/ and these few "satans at work"/ will give you Armageddon: man as god/ to bring terror and the horrific signs of what you chose to do to the sanctity of life. HOW FOOLISH YOU ARE. Literally the least generation of men in history/ because you have taken what is literally SACRED TO LIFE on earth, and made it your toy. BLIND FOOLS!

8. WHAT HAPPENS when 7 billion people DON'T care about the pollution they create. DON'T share the wealth. DON'T RESPECT each other. REFUSE to honor life. REFUSE to be honest about their own debts/ or the lives and future of their own children? Answer: "The future is DISCARDED"/ because these are very LAZY & CORRUPT/ filled with selfishness and disrespect for life itself.

9. WHAT HAPPENS when humanity worships fire? And consumes not only the oxygen required for life/ but the very plants that produce the oxygen; "To build their pretty little coffins/ called housing"? Answer, "They are dead people/ living in the lie they will survive."

10. WHAT HAPPENS when people "wake up to the fact" THIEVES & LIARS have cleaned out your house and your life, and left you with very little? Do you believe anger & hatred will not arise? Do you believe the future of this or any other nation is not at stake? They you are wrong/ because greed, pride, & arrogance ALL worship POWER. And the failure to intervene successfully, only adds fuel to hatred, and will ignite the desires for power OVER YOU.

11. WHAT HAPPENS when people turn to religion/ and religious leaders say: "WE CANNOT be the ones to die"! Obviously, we have a "god-given right to kill the others/ because we are "god's people". Think this won't happen/ look better, where do you believe the terrorists get their followers?

12. WHAT HAPPENS when your CREATOR Is tired of you? WHAT HAPPENS when you either change your ways/ or become abandoned by GOD ? The answer is; HE gives you (by this messenger) the means to kill yourselves. IF YOU WILL NOT CHANGE.

It is a bad sign for you, that the second key to the door called hades, is given to your genetic warriors.

The question called life explains dimension as the proof of an existence that has escaped from absolute discipline, into the consequence called freedom. Freedom assigns the distinction of an energy held within the bonds of a creation called thought, and it is that thought, that recognizes truth and assembles life itself. Idiots wish to believe "thought is last/ everything else comes first: because the SIMPLE MIND, builds with simple tools". And these have only delusion to work with; even the very simplest life forms are build of a few hundred thousand genetic instructions; which then need the materials, the environment, the teaching to assemble and use, the food to survive, reproduce, and so on: BLIND IDIOTS! IGNORANCE is bliss to them, because stupidity wallows in the disgrace of lies, "that cannot be proven in their mind, as a lie". Therefore NO consequences exist to them, just "the pleasures of games, fantasy, and delusion".

WHAT IS LIFE? Is a question found throughout history. THE ANSWER is "TRUTH DECIDES, AND TIME DIVIDES, thereby creating a destiny from which human is born". You will get no more.

The assumptions "we can be our own GOD" is as big a lie as any conceived by man or woman. It is as foolish, as sticking your head in an operating wood chipper; only the trash belongs there/ why do you insist on being less than you are? Dead is dead/ your mind lost forever, "your big brain removed"/ but your life will then be turned over to its truth, and that will become either heaven or hell to you. You are not so simple as body & mind/ YOU are more. BUT YOU WILL CHANGE, AND FIND HONOR, DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, COURAGE, AND LOVE; OR YOU WILL DIE.

It is fair and simple and true to reassert, that I am NOT any part of your decisions to intervene in your future, or not to. ONLY THE EVIDENCE MATTERS/ ONLY YOUR ABILITY TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH WILL DECIDE YOUR FATE, OR YOUR DESTINY. Instead of me, as described; "I am merely sent to give you the message/ that your future as life on earth is in jeopardy." What you do with this message and your needs is strictly "Your concern/ your work/ and your right to live or die, by the choices you do make." Be CLEARLY aware / there is no place to hide! Be CLEARLY aware, you cannot force 7 billion people into doing anything; the vast majority will elect to care/ or you die; simple as that. Therefore an education, an investigation into social decisions for happiness, and a reality that accepts fundamental freedoms with respect for each other; is critical to your survival. Women will rule/ because men WILL return you to the exact same place you are/ only worse, because as time progresses, everything becomes critical to your survival. If you do well, and progressively fix as much of the damage you have created/ as you can; then life will reward you will an honorable existence. If you do not/ then what you get, if women rule; is what you have earned for life. If men continue to rule/ you will get hell. If you fail to intervene in all the tragedies of genetic crucifixion/ all the terrors of consumption by fire that will be caused by "the intent to create fusion": then Armageddon is yours. Make your decisions/ there will not come another time, THIS ONE, is your opportunity to do better! If it fails/ federal court will give you one more chance; to remove a judge, a courtroom, or the arrogance of hell consuming your soul. But do not plan on this/ Make your decisions now, and let life begin again/ or death come as you choose it to be; beyond your wildest imagination/ you are god. Only all life including your own is now your responsibility, every touch will have a conclusion in truth, every law of life will convict any discrepancy in truth, everything called mercy, grace, or love REMOVED forever.


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