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The creation and purpose of any dialogue, or conversation is the deliberate attempt to communicate something desired to be shared; for any number of reasons. My reason in creating this work, and every other is the simple truth; that an education in reality and truth are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to sustaining life on earth. The words and impact of statements, are designed with this specific purpose in mind. There are always questions/ and as such there must always be answers to establish an understanding; but the truth here and elsewhere as written, searches for the knowledge necessary to survive: the wisdom in you, critical to change, hope, and in reality life itself on earth. We face many threats/ very many problems/ and change beyond what all but a few consider possible. But reality says: either we do, what life itself needs us to do, or we will die/ because the evidence and choices that have been made; are going to kill us. We cannot live without nature, not without food or water, cannot stop war, if it is live or die; MUST do our fighting in court, or the resources lost even in common war/ will be as a plague to our lives.
That said; some portions of this book are used to identify me, as a simple man with his own set of complex problems. A reality in me, generated by the book of the bible called Revelation 12; and the consequence that has been to my own life. Read the beginning, if you like www.complexdestiny.info . It is “quirky at best”, as are these chapters about me; but true in me anyway. Just a reality of my own life/ not yours. You can tell the difference, “keeps the conversation of my own intentions here, plain”. Nothing hidden, nothing plotted or planned; separate from you/ I don’t lead, you decide for yourself.


Chapter 1 a discussion establishing there is no end to this work, until life is either going to live, or die
Chapter 2 simple things
Chapter 3 distinctions applied to me
Chapter 4 the herd and its predators
Chapter 5 belief and reality
Chapter 6 questions & definitions about me
Chapter 7 surprise, to me
Chapter 8 balance & freedom
Chapter 9 what is real/ you decide
Chapter 10 what women can do, & a bit of revelations
Chapter 11 money & time
Chapter 12 eternity
Chapter 13 choices
Chapter 14 questions in me
Chapter 15 a different world
Chapter 16 democracy and you
Chapter 17 women and men
Chapter 18 about slaves and the people who prey on them
Chapter 19 for clarity
Chapter 20 a question for women
Chapter 21 simple life dreams
Chapter 22 a more complex view
Chapter 23 relationships
Chapter 24 curent events
Chapter 25 changing things
Chapter 26 things in life
Chapter 27 reality
Chapter 28 a lesson
Chapter 29 learn something
Chapter 30 listening or not
Chapter 31 interpretations in living
Chapter 32 Passages in time
Chapter 33 an expansion of details
Chapter 34 democracy and a vote
Chapter 35 the final frontier
Chapter 36 simple observations
Chapter 37 Just because
Chapter 38 Simple fundamentals
Chapter 39 Stop this too
Chapter 40 Economic realities
Chapter 41 Replacing governments
Chapter 42 The safety of women
Chapter 43 Living
Chapter 44 Friendship
Chapter 45 Disciplines
Chapter 46 Happiness
Chapter 47 Life is not a store
Chapter 48 Miscellaneous
Chapter 49 Our reality
Chapter 50 The end
Chapter 51 Wars don’t end, just because I am tired of it
Chapter 52 financial realities
Chapter 53 Its not here (no chapter)
Chapter 54 Why, do we hurt each other for sex
Chapter 55 why do we hurt the people we love
Chapter 56 Why, do we hurt each other with hate
Chapter 57 Poor baby
Chapter 58 Just because I am tired of your lies
Chapter 59 LEARN something
Chapter 60 Learn more
Chapter 61 Feelings
Chapter 62 Just things
Chapter 63 Simple situations
Chapter 64 a different focus
Chapter 65 Youth crisis
Chapter 66 Lets review
Chapter 67 Lets review again
Chapter 68 Leadership
Chapter 69 Liars, and lust
Chapter 70 Challenging stupid
Chapter 71 Future of life in society
Chapter 72 The essence of hope and happiness
Chapter 73 Plan, promise/ and backups
Chapter 74 Today is the day
Chapter 75 Bankruptch
Chapter 76 Plain talk
Chapter 77 Plain
Chapter 78 The foundations of true freedom
Chapter 79 The foundation of all happiness
Chapter 80 Finding direction
Chapter 81 Tidying up
Chapter 82 Finishing
Chapter 83 The conclusion


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