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TRIAL # 06 MR 726

Dated 11/27/06


it is hereby declared; THE ISSUES OF THIS CASE ARE TOO affected with a public interest, to sustain a single person as the litigant against the state of IL. Therein and therefrom, request is made to establish the citizenry of the state of IL as a joiner of the lawsuit in question; that we may all investigate, examine, and decide what is clearly "A, we the people" case. Financial realities touch every single citizen/ therefore we are all involved, and we all have a true stake in the truth. There has been hiding, cheating, and stealing; therefore it is a matter for the court/ a reality of money; and cannot be dismissed as a "political issue".


THE EXPANSIVE POWERS, of a situation that threatens the very state of IL, such as is the financial burdens placed upon us, by those in leadership positions; the potential depression/ and the cause of human suffering, the intent to lie, cheat, and steal; hiding the very information necessary for our safety and livelihoods . IS NOT LIMITED TO SIMPLE FINANCIAL PROBLEMS! THE FOUNDATION OF TROUBLE, is held in a vast number of critical to life situations/ that are a literal threat to every citizen of this state of IL. Such as the weapons of mass destruction: and our only defense is "our leadership, and theirs, and the terrorists, and the mistakes" KNOW BETTER, than to use them. They know better than to cause the conditions that become financial depression too/ but that did not stop them.

ON A WORLD STAGE, and within this country by other means, the human insanity to "re-create the sun's energy here" called fusion; IS LITERALLY A MASSIVE THREAT, to all life on earth; THE CITIZENS OF IL as well. Fusion is atomic fire, meaning everything atomic is fuel "look at the sun". Available information supports the theory that C.E.R.N. Is now the closest to assassinating the world, by setting it on fire. THERE IS AN ABSOLUTE NEED, TO INTERVENE! To those who say, "just an ass-hole who doesn't know what he is talking about/ fusion is good". LET'S REVIEW : in America, the texas particle accelerator that was thankfully shut down; advertized in "smart people publications" that they fully intended to consume the energy of 2 or 3 large atomic commercial electrical plants at one time for one event; by taking this amount of energy, "pushing it into the accelerator" accelerating it all to speeds as close to light as possible with the equipment of the accelerator, and then [causing this energy to cross the line; and collide with an equal amount of energy going in the opposite direction] . They "the satan's of this world", in more simple terms intended to use all the electrical power required to run the city of Chicago; pump it into a small circle at millions of volts, half going one direction "like 240 volts in your house" and half going the other direction, and then "having a train wreck of about 30,000 freight trains all having a head on collision at the same second". THEY KNOW, its going to have an effect/ they know it will ruin everything built for them/ and they intend to do it; BECAUSE THEY WANT TO PLAY god. Think it can't be done: take a look at your big power plants/ does not all the electric come out on "little wires", to run millions of homes? Still don't believe a problem "then touch two electric wires together, and multiply by one trillion times."

WE THE PEOPLE OF IL need to do something about all these problems NOW/ because the consequence of their truth is coming if we don't; And that consequence is HELL.

Can't believe any of this could happen/ or the rest/ "probably don't believe the holocaust happened either then do you"? Today is the day to stop it/ because one day to late, is the end of the world.


THE VARIOUS TRIALS, of which I have been a part; clearly demonstrate a failure of the american courtroom to deal with any part of any complaint that references the constitution/ justice/ fair play/ or simple law. The abstract in, and case fronting www.trialforlife.info witnesses to that as fact, in nearly every case.

Therefore I am suggesting to the court for this trial; that all formality should be dropped: and simple justice, constitutional law and understanding, and the basis of fair play in a courtroom: which is examination of the evidence, investigation of the facts, and a decision made from truth; SHALL BE THE ONLY JUDGE NECESSARY.

A copy of each of these motions, as written has been sent to each of the litigants; the defense/ at the addresses listed on the original trail submission 06 MR 726 / by placing said copy in the US mail.



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