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TRIAL# 06MR726

Dated 11/ 17/ 06

Re: the refusal of information in regards to the probable bankruptcy of the state of IL/ thereby a personal and dangerous situation to me/ a situation which profoundly affects us all. A question supported by information from government officials, and the media. A reality that can cause tragedy in many forms for every citizen of the state of IL, a consequence that cannot be ignored, and thereby a demand to know the truth. A fundamental DUTY of every citizen to investigate, examine, and determine the facts; BY LEGAL METHODS, before it is too late and a complete depression is formed. IT IS A FACT, the court can insist upon true statistics, and accurate information/ and open doors that I a citizen cannot. Therefore that duty and responsibility of all who stand up for life: states simply, "Wherein all can be affected by the efforts of a few/ it is the right of the many, that they may know what these few are doing. The protection and efforts against the worst of these potential consequences may begin/ ONLY when every citizen is confronted with verified truth, and critical information such as the court can provide. Bankruptcy of a state or nation, is essentially treason [by the dictionary meaning: 1. the betrayal of a trust; treachery. 2. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance..] . The foundation of interest is then having trusted these governmental employees to protect and defend our state and our interests, reality has shown a true need to investigate and determine if this trust has be upheld or destroyed. 2. By examination of the facts, and the understanding of the decisions involved, the question becomes did these employees, fully knowing the consequence of financial failure, seek deliberately to hide their failures/ and subsequently do damage to us all; even to the point of producing a state of anarchy? Treachery by dictionary meaning is: 1. Violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence; treason. 2. An act of perfidy or treason. Perfidy by the dictionary means: 1. The quality or state of being faithless or disloyal; treachery 2. An act or an instance of disloyalty. In every instance it is the apparent demand of the people involved as employees of government: to CHOOSE THEMSELVES OVER THEIR DUTY, a reality called "let the others go to hell/ I GOT MINE". The court must investigate; in full view of the state and nation. NOT WITH, THE DAMNABLE little commitees (filled with those who have contributed to this mess/ NOT WITH "THE SMART PEOPLE" WHO ARE IN FACT, those in charge of government (their single common denominator is: "the college diploma"): but before every citizen involved. THIS IS ABOUT THEIR MONEY, AND THE DEBT THESE EMPLOYEES OF THE PEOPLE , HAVE LAID AT THEIR FEET! THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH! The state and the nation does have a covenant with the people, NOT to betray the people, but choose even the difficult path, if the other leads only to death and destruction or anarchy for society itself. Therein it is the absolute right of the people, not only to obtain this information and the means to an end: which is the possibility of "paying the bills, the reality of stopping the disintegration of society" without bankrupting the citizens in real and true terms, where that is possible/ within a timely manner and method of authority, as is their very right. EVEN IF THAT MEANS, taking the last of those government employees pensions, to pay for the time required and expense of investigation and change; for the citizens to survive and make new plans/ and produce a new "official in charge". A simple; Prove the possibility of bankruptcy/ does not exist; and prove how you will avoid this very thing. IS THEN A PRIMARY DEMAND OF THIS LAWSUIT.

Senate Evidence

Illinois Senate Republicans - Governor's Pension Diversion

Illinois Senate Republicans - Record Spending, Record Debt Characterizes Budget

http://www.senategop.state.il.us/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=170&Itemid=122 as provided evidence # 1

The issue of merit providing this opportunity to complain and state a need and a right to go to court and a demand before the state of IL: is the simple reality of being, what the senate gop has claimed to be, "RECORD SPENDING, RECORD DEBT, RECORD HIGH BACKLOG OF UNPAID BILLS" (should they not know) and financial raids upon pensions, property, the sale of state run business, etc. Even though this is a political party site/ they are just as bad, just as worthless as the other: this is no political action/ this is about reality and truth. But these are in a position to make statements and claims that we must now investigate; did they not sound the alarm? Are they not saying "the state is in BIG TROUBLE": do these have an answer, obviously not! We live in a nation past bankruptcy" as shown clearly in table L.5 total liabilities and assets of the United States. [THIS INTERNET SITE www.federalreserve.gov Flow of funds table L.5 has been closed (only opens to a blank page where the information is intended to exist): THEREFORE having directed significant numbers of people through the use of my own sites to theirs/ they have obviously chosen to "change the numbers, to prove it isn't so now/ or just plain hide the evidence". HERE THEN, to the people who did visit their site, YOU WILL PROVE if the new numbers are not different than what existed before/ YOU WILL PROVE, if criminal acts of sabotage and subterfuge have been committed. YOU will demand they go to justice, for their crime.] Wherein the numbers as they did exist are simply proven to be government established by a federal job force, filled with liars, filled with deceit, and of a purpose beyond the simple understanding of government: it is a matter of treason (adhering to the enemy, of the people: WHICH MEANS choosing those who want slaves, and do so with numbers, claiming to be rich by making all others their slaves with money. By making all others a prey to credit, and choosing the predator.). Is this justice/ is this equality of the people/ is this fundamental to constitutional demands? The answer is no, And ECONOMIC DEPRESSION creates a potential consequence called civil war/ the possible end of the nation itself. That page links here. or HTML FORMAT

{the introduction of the page linked is; copied on January 15, 2004 from the www.federalreserve.gov site What you need to understand is in L.5 it runs as the totals of all accounts in the US government accounting of financial undertakings. At the left column are the totals from 1998 indicating in the year 1998 from line 20 on this table, America held a debt of $55.993,4 trillion dollars, (the site is listed in billions, meaning a 1 in the column is actually 1 billion dollars. The last 7 columns on the right, are split into quarters for the government accounting year/ the last column on the right is for the 3rd quarter of 2003 financial year for the USA. That being $75.945,6 trillion dollars. At the bottom of the page is line 33 the total assets listed as applicable to the debts of the USA. In 1998 the assets are (left column) $76.184,7 trillion dollars claimed/ on the last right column the claim is for 3rd quarter 2003 $96.257.7 trillion dollars. Of particular interest is the association with numbers that these represent: 75.9456 trillion dollars of debt divided by 50 million workers equals $ 75,945,600,000,000.00 divided by 50,000,000 workers= $1,518,912.00 dollars of debt per each of the 50 million workers in the nation. Again that is one million, five hundred and eighteen thousand, nine hundred and twelve dollars per worker of debt. A ridiculous sum of stupidity and arrogance/ it cannot be real; look at the average worker income for the USA, and understand the only breaks are given to the very rich; they don't pay hardly anything but lawyers and politicians. At the other end of that spectrum is the claim for 96.257,7 trillion dollars in assets. $ 97,257,700,000,000.00 divided by 300 million people: Represents 97,257,700,000,000 divided by300,000,000= $324,192.00 dollars per face in America Or three hundred and twenty four thousand one hundred and ninety two dollars per face: baby, prisoner, who cares: EACH. IF IT were divided equally, which it is obviously not. This too is a complete fantasy, and does not exist. Period, there can be no mistake. Of some interest is the relation these numbers on this table have to each other, a very linear scale/ surely intended to give the blind an association called "debt to asset allocation". What is purely fantasy is not an asset/ but what can be taken into court, and demanded for property, work, or other is clearly not a fantasy, it is an expectation in the minds of all who do control these numbers, and they are going to come after you. "To get their money". But these are just numbers/ when exposed: and they are not money, which is the lives and resources of time, energy, and work. People are the money/ numbers represent the expectations of people; and those expectations are going to change: one way or the other, they are changing either in depression and hell/ or through the courtroom as whatever the people decide is fair. This is an older table, but it clearly shows the rise of debt in just 5 and three quarters year in the USA: from 98 till 2003 represents a rise in debt of $19.9522 trillion dollars. Or the increase of new debt in that period of $399,044.00 per worker. For the same period the new assets grew by $20,0730.00 trillion dollars or divided by 50 million workers, per worker an asset growth of $401,460.00 four hundred and one thousand four hundred and sixty dollars. 50 million people earned $401,460.00 in just 5 and three quarters years. Did you get your share? Someone believes they got theirs, and yours besides; GREED at its most ludicrous. If you are so delusional as to believe this is business/ then just consider the foreign trade debt; what we could not pay to foreigners, because we don't have the money. And the tables from more recent years, that have been removed go much higher. To accomplish base lies and hide these things, the liars must go back several years to cover their tracks: this table provided from the past will inform you of their behaviors/ YOUR tables from the present or recent past will establish the swindle if it appears.} evidence #2. That we are in this together/ we are in trouble/ and we are bankrupt: is absolutely undeniable. The evidence of accounting both state and federal is convincing and clear. The relationship established with the state of IL is simply: are we the cause/ or the contributor? The reality of "this is our home"/ represents a consequence that we cannot ignore. Therefore the court has no choice but to intervene for the sake of the people/ the sanctity of our lives/ and the truth of their duty.

As to the state of IL, the list of expenditures they are willing to admit to, are readily available/ however all access to income statistics/ debt/ the relationship of bonds to the consequence of payments and so forth; for the state of IL are inaccessible, or so it would seem to me, having spent a few hours investigating without success. To the court, the request for information comes again; kindly insist these employees of our government {WE THE PEOPLE} provide the information/ prove the site or opportunity to claim the information as requested to apprize the necessary understanding/ and then distribute it to the people in whatever form is useful to them. For the purposes of media information and distribution, and more. It is expected, that professional accounting help will be used/ and professional legal counsel will be provided, for all other citizens of the state of IL; as we are all truly involved. At the states expense/ independent auditors who will put their work before the people; on cable tv, as it happens. An informative broadcast using media and narrative to disclose the truth in simple terms for the people to decide, and the vast majority to understand in clear and simple english.

INITIATING THIS CASE is the matter of a personal decision to be aggravated and ridiculed by the internal revenue service/ to become a target of hate, because your failures are their loss. By not paying the tax for the year 2005/ and demanding throughout several exchanges of intent by both parties. The opportunity arrives to go to court, and insist upon the only method by which I may take the government employees who are in charge of these failures into a situation where they must answer the question: I HAVE INSISTED, the state of IL, take me to court/ therefore to get the money, YOU MUST OPEN THE DOOR!

From the internal revenue

phone number 217 785 2698 The phone call introduces itself as the internal revenue service

first call 11/13/06 not home, message left to call.

Call returned: 11/14/06 left this basic message

I would be happy to pay you the money and resolve this tax billing/ that part is irrelevant. However I do demand legally usable documented information regarding the state of bankruptcy that the employees of my government, have placed upon me as a citizen. Simply provide the documentation, even if it a "bold-faced lie" and I will pay you. But do provide sufficient information to determine the level of theft, lies, deceit/ or if you can prove it, the foundations upon which you believe the financial health of this government can be sustained. These will be used in mass media efforts/ therefore do be careful what you declare.

11/14/06 a lady named Jo Ann called back said: that is not our department, and refused to provide information. Suggested I contact the governors office; I have done so/ no response, along with the attorney generals office/ "not their problem". This IRS employee stated plainly and with no uncertainty: are now, determined to allow the process to go to immediate collection/ and therein the opportunity for court does arise. Because there are issues and promises made by the constitution of the United States of America, to all citizens: as declared herein.

Fundamentally applied; at least 2 letters about the economic situation, and human situations clearly shown in all these words, were sent to the governors office of the state of IL. They are the problem, with the legislature/ and if they cared both current and past, honestly; there would be no problem. They provide no response. The attorney general for the state of IL's job: is to fight any and all corruption and graft that may be created by the officials in charge of running the operations of government for the state. Their job/ her job is to investigate, examine, and support the constitutional mandates of the people; otherwise the attorney general is a mock institution of lies. The word attorney stands for legal matters and their enforcement/ the word general, indicates a "military necessity" to take actions wherever "the enemy of graft and corruption are found". The IRS is the single source of accounting for the income of the state or federal governments. They are the accounts of merit, when income statistics of the government are required/ they are the employees hired by the state of IL, to keep accounting records. Whereby THEY, THE IRS , is clearly the avenue of choice and record in all matters of income! Prove that is not so. As to the employee of disgrace, within the IRS: it is her job to initiate a proper response to questions she may not know or be allowed to discuss/ it is not her job to function or declare: "she is the roadblock, that has determined I do not have a constitutional right to information". THE IRS FAILS, AND SUPPORTS TYRANNY, as a consequence to her actions/ and the court is demanded to redefine and examine the actions of a department of government that interferes with constitutional guarantees.

Legal arguments:

DUE process of law, or the applicable understanding that in questions of whether the state or federal government has or has not made me bankrupt, and does or does not fundamentally steal from the people by providing promises in the form of paper money, or any other forms of payment that may be in fact worthless! Is absolutely critical to the working of society, this is not a game/ and the reality that government, as is being run by past and present employees; can be sustained, only by trust. Fundamentally proves my right to seek critical redress, and review, and penalty if the facts do prove : LYING, CHEATING, THIEVING, AND FAILURE. A government proven to be liars and failures cannot then be trusted; The result is anarchy, and a failed state: thereby for the sake of the nation and state, change must come. THEREFROM the foundation of the nation declares, matters such as these cannot be avoided: THEY ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO THE PRESERVATION OF THE NATION ITSELF! Penalties must then come In the form of new safeguards for our future, THAT ARE PROVEN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BY NATURE, so this does not happen again; as the last depression proves, and various other economic hard times declare. WE THE PEOPLE is more than a statement to be "honored like a flag waving to some"/ IT IS A LIFE TO BE LIVED, AND A GOVERNMENT TO BE SUPPORTED, by removing the liars and thieves, and DEMANDING JUSTICE, EQUALITY, AND FREEDOM. None of which can be found when government employees have reduced the nation to anarchy. The critical judicial opportunities to reform the infrastructure called "money" by a people's court/ through the legal court system. IS CRITICAL TO TRUST, nothing less will do, than honorable legal opportunities to find a better way/ and secure it from the damages of time. If we are bankrupt/ then we all are bankrupt; and we must all support the nation by gaining a foothold in reality, and returning to truth. It is not too much to ask, of any nation: to know the truth. It is not too much to ask: no matter who you are, there are limits to the physical reality of what you may take from the rest of us/ or hold us from taking the liberty to achieve for ourselves.

The power and purpose and actual government of the United States is the constitution/ and its preamble clearly states what the people expect: quote:

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

The end

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