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This is book 3 “Your news”.


The intro

Subsequent to the reality of thousands of things that threaten us in countless ways, IS THE NEED: to provide an outlet for each and every person that does have something to add/ that we as a society, and a humanity must respond to.

Therefore “book 3" on this site is strictly for those who have necessary news, regarding a distinct, provable fact with backup evidence; that the world, and in particular the USA needs to look at and understand.

The foundation provided is access here in book 3/ I will not edit: however “keep it short”/ or it will be sent back to you for you to edit. Unless you request editing, from me or someone assigned by me. The news must be in an “electronic medium”/ find someone, if you cannot. There is no payment to be made/ no charge to be assigned: this is a news format, and it is up to you to decide if you are willing to do the work. It is up to me to do the work and pay for putting such information up. Put your name, address, and signature on it/ state if you want your name included or not. BUT DO understand these things will be kept for the court, if that should become necessary. DO understand, that some things are not acceptable, and you may be turned down. DO understand it is NOT my intent to monitor or open this mail myself; keep that in mind.