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Book 4
“Recipe’s in the foundation of life”

We are the essence of our world, the value and right that enters within the treasuries we ourselves create, for foundations and living the life granted to us.

The life that is real today, is one of thousands of consequences, from decisions that leaders have made; always “taking the easy, selfish, power hungry, or prideful way out”. The decisions made by human leadership have all been about want, consumption, and inevitably hate: because that is what these things do. The decisions made by human leadership have been completely infected with lies, and are sick to the point of death for the entire world, because when they make bad decisions, “there are so many”/ all that is left to do is lie, or tell the truth and pay the price for your failures. And how few there are who accept responsibilities for anything. That’s how it is/ and there can be no pretending. Life is life, reality is what truth brings, after the lies/ or if the decisions had been better, our potential reality would be better also. But truth is a fantasy to your leaders, reality nothing more than a delusion because they believe “the lies are working for them”. And the propaganda machinery of university, government, and media intends to make you believe: so that they do not have to pay. But as all lies do, reality is sacrificed/ truth has been abandoned/ and the consequences are coming to claim their prize from you. Which simply means, the lies are dying/ and if you do not abandon them, you will soon be dead or dying; Call it a law, because the function of truth is, to assert no lies shall exist. Including you.
What is important in every aspect of life, is what you actually do when confronted with a situation that is critical and necessary to life itself. Most run away and hide; just how it is! That leaves the work of reality and the living called truth, to the few that are left. I am, trying to adjust “to the ways of woman”/ but it is a hard thing to do; really different. Although I cannot speak for any woman the reality here is: we must mediate and negotiate through the reality that we are faced with in this life, at this time/ and being a woman is the only venue that can be applied in discipline to the consequence that is man’s confrontation with this world. There is no negotiation or mediation with immediate and real threats that can easily destroy the entire earth and all its life: these will be met with confrontation, and success/ or we all die. Just how it is.

However, if successful and we do not die; the next reality is how can we honestly and honorably meet the demands that will come upon us as this world struggles to survive in real terms with the consequences that men have tragically created for life on earth. The list is long/ the reality is severe/ the consequence of not paying the price, or not paying the whole price for life in this world, is death. Fail to pay the whole price, and you get a little more time/ but still die; killing all life and the future with it. Most will tell you: “We are fine/ nothing is wrong/ he is just insane; some will add: kill him, that will solve this problem”. BUT that is not what the evidence states is coming/ that is not what an investigation of reality can conceive as truth. Instead these confidently and clearly state, reality will be limited to who will share and who will not. Truth will commit to the consequence that is friend/ or enemy; and our human reality will be defined by those who are in the majority as friends or enemies of life.
Our fundamental existence is threatened severely (apart from the immediate threats from nuclear fire, and genetic crucifixion, weapons of mass destruction, and more), but also VERY DISTINCTLY by a dying ocean, wherein all the seafood that has sustained billions has now all but disappeared, and IF YOU DON’T STOP NOW/ it will be a dead ocean, never to return. That fundamental truth is very simply: ALL none essential agriculture must stop/ all efforts must extend to food growth in gardening and more; to feed an additional 2 or 3 billion people: and that means there can be no more cotton grown, no more anything farmed but food for the world. For at least 4 years, while the ocean fights for its life. It also means you must assist the ocean, or failure will come instead from all the damage that has been done. Ocean farming is necessary/ feeding ocean life with dead human carcasses is necessary (you need everything else to survive)/ and understanding and accepting the limits of irrigation and water usage are mandatory or you will fail. Fantasy as is the trademark of the university diploma/ and delusion the consistency of male leadership: ARE OVER. Instead of these things, all schooling will be developed within reality/ all students WILL have hands on exposure to life or death issues, the consequence of food and how much it will take to survive; and lessons in every reality that matters/ every work that invites freedom and hope.
This is the beginning of a new day, and a new way, here on earth. If you cannot accept the price/ then you may as well panic and do anything you wish; Because soon, you will be dead.

The reality is: that women must step forward and accept the leadership role that has been prepared for them. If they do not/ then you are left with the confrontations of men, and nothing but war will come of it. If you survive and stop them from creating nuclear fusion/ the end of your lives in “the lake of fire”/ then with men, you simply inherit their decisions, which have already been explained, and will be the essence and the reality called hell and Armageddon. Believe it is true/ because without food, all you have is cannibalism. Without water, all you have is death or war. Without the “calming effect of money to men”/ which is currently “hanging on by a thread”; there will be rage, and horrendous tragedy as men disassemble reality to prove they are discontent and unhappy. The insanity, will never end, only life on earth instead. Therefore as women, simply do NOT believe you can avoid this duty! If you even try much longer, the end will come, and nothing can stop it here on earth. DO NOT tempt GOD ! Do, what you need to do, TODAY, and prove that life will go on.

The men you fear, WILL fail to stop you. The reality of life or death, has already defeated them: they chose to be fools. That means: every day forward from this one, will prove it is women that must lead this earth. If you simply believe “men will be cautious, and protect you”/ it is simple and real to state: look at my own past, my own words; because there is confrontation in them, and I am a peaceful and quiet man who bears no intent to harm anyone. However, the reality of so much destruction requires the words, the work, and the decisions that are necessary to stop that destruction, and henceforth comes the confrontation with all who have led us here. The lesson is, men WILL confront each other badly, and war will result. The only alternative to that is women, who have grown up learning negotiations and mediation and NOT war. Therefore it becomes their job to intervene in the consequences of what men have already done/ and establish “fair play, equality, and justice”. If you do not/ then you die. But IF YOU DO THIS and create happiness and hope; friendship will respond and reality will grow truth, work, and life. After the reality of life on earth and environment has been healed/ it is then, the final decisions separating hate from love will come.
Women are “the preparer’s of food/ the fountain of new life on earth”, therefore the job is known to you; the reality in evidence is before you, and the consequences of failure have been presented, and are real to you: “they need no further descriptions”/ women already know the pain and consequence of male insanity. Therefore the decision to participate in reality and truth are foundations that have entered within your own mind. The question is: will you pay this price, to lead life away from danger, and into a new and different future for life on earth/ or not? You will answer this question! Because you have no other choice. It is yes, or no! There is no middle ground/ no half-way opportunities: YES TO LIFE/ or no, you won’t help, life can die. I tell you true, eternity WILL notice your own decision. Life here on earth will know your work, or lack of life, “because you threw it away”, from the inside.

I, have been given to women for your own purposes; it is a test to you, rather than a right to you. What you do, is up to you. What you learn from a body, is up to you. Whether you can keep body and mind alive, is up to you. Whether men kill me, or even women; is up to you/ because the day will come, when enough gather themselves together as a pack of wolves, to attempt to take my life: “these are things, they will grow to hate”/ because power, pride, selfishness, want, consumption, aggression, and hate plus more; will all be taken away. THEY CANNOT SURVIVE AS THEY ARE, and they will know it! But as soon as they can believe “we could now”/ they will try to regain leadership, and return to rule life on earth. That means women MUST prepare in advance/ but make NO mistake GOD WILL be on the side of women, and you cannot lose this war IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Believe it is true. Because it is true. Even so, there will be a struggle/ and a price to be paid. As is true of every reality, will also be true of that day. In its simplest sense; this is like the question that follows: given the choice, to go naked, or to eat and not starve or die/ WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? Reality says, only a fool refuses to go naked/ because life is more than clothes, reality is more than simple expectations or fears. Choose early, what you must do/ that you may not be defeated in any battle; nor in your heart. Believe in life, not in bodies.
The religions of men are nothing. The reality of GOD Is everything. Those who fight for and protect HIS CREATION Will be remembered with life. Fight for truth, justice, equality, and fair play for all/ and the very few men who are left to confront you, WILL FAIL QUICKLY.

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