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The short paragraphs, words contained within this border or background,  now represent “the summary titles or, table of contents” as various excerpts: from the site itself below. 

If you copy any segment of the test within a paragraph, using [ctrl and f on your keyboard, at the same time is “edit or find”: paste it there], that should take you to the corresponding text on the site below (no links will open, unless you click on them).  The design of this site is then refined to give you more control, by requiring less time: to find what interests you.  For a true limited  summary of these sites, click this.
The range is from life to death/ love and hate/  freedom to slavery/ economic reality to experimentations that are so extreme, we can literally die, “at any time”.  And more. The primary site is www.justtalking3.info/ all secondary sites, that I provide, are linked there.  The most current is www.trialoflife.info
I remind you, “all treasures, require a little work”; whether its in people or not, the reality that is simple and easy, is called common, and not a treasure.  Therefore, the wise choose to learn.


The world will only end once/ therefore those who say ““can’’t happen, or hasn’’t happened”” are simply fools, a failed disease of life: because as is fusion, simply by looking at the sun we know this can happen.

People say: ““Men just wouldn’’t do such a thing as light the whole earth on fire; but what is cautious about a machine that is expected to generate an energy pulse of 500 trillion watts, in a suburb of San Francisco [take the heat in your hand of a 100 watt light bulb and multiply that by 5,000,000,000,000 more bulbs]. Their stated purpose, ““popular mechanics June 2008 page 13.”” Their words not mine,

FUSION is the fire you see on the sun, no one argues that. FUSION operates on the sun at about 12 million degrees F, no one argues that. FUSION EXISTS AS A NUCLEAR FIRE, no one argues that. FUSION burns atomic materials, by consuming the energy inside; that is real, and fundamental to the process going on that we see on the sun.

Or how about evolution whereby ““microbes or whatever you wish to call them all make decisions/ all preform complex chemistry without knowledge or understanding or wisdom: presto or poof ““here we are””/ thought in any form, well that’’s just a given isn’’t it? Or are you trying to say, a robot is alive?

The simple facts are: your university scientists, military, and government employees have developed a machine that they guarantee will produce 180 million degrees/ focusing that energy upon a liquid hydrogen sphere with a pressure of 1.47 trillion pounds per square inch

. You don’’t get a second chance either/ nobody does.

TRUTH IS, a critical respect for the reality that we face. Truth is Creation in its fundamental existence, as nothing lives without truth. Truth is, the foundation we share, the evidence of our souls in union with life.

Only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the BIG BANG, when the universe was born in a primordial fireball; the interiors of stars and planets; and thermonuclear weapons

Our relationship with genetic structure, the base and foundation in reality with all life/ the truth called nature itself. Is also under attack in the same ways, that the earth itself and atomic structure are under attack.

The claimed generation of 500,000,000,000,000 watts is equivalent to 670 billion horsepower

so, lets compare values a bit with water turned into steam/ by increasing the temperature of water from 32 degrees F at a pressure of .088 psi (pounds per square inch of pressure)/ and increasing the temperature of that water to 705 degrees F, the pressure increases to 3,208.2 psi. Beyond that temperature pressures multiply rapidly and uncontrollably.
Hydrogen bombs of more than 50 megatons have been detonated

The formula for kinetic energy/ the energy of motion is E= mass times speed. Therefore Einsteins big theory is nothing more than energy is equal to mass with speed given as the constant called ““the speed of light squared””. It is simply the kinetic formula, with a number attached/

It is completely true, that what you don’’t know, CAN hurt you!

Continue to kill off this earth, and what does that leave you with? The answer is NOTHING, but cannibalism and hate

THIS IS A FIRE ALARM, NOT an attempt to scarce anyone/ it is a necessary warning, that traitors are preparing your destruction. And YOU need to stop them, because this is about life on earth.

In a world of 7 billion people/ growing in population by 2 million more mouths to feed each week: YOU HAVE NO CHOICE/ but to be VERY CAREFUL WITH THE FOOD; or all kinds of tragedy will come.

This is the most optimistic site on the internet today, because it allows for the hope that the entire world can be changed with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, it believes in the honesty of a fundamental truth, that without respect, we are literally nothing; and it asserts that we all deserve respect.

This site is about pushing YOU, into an understanding of critical realities that define this world, our lives, our responsibilities and options as a society, and the relationships we share as life on earth that shape our world.

We live upon the foundations that we build, or within the realities thrust upon us, as best we can; or we are dead. Because tomorrow comes, and truth will not let us escape the consequences of what we do or do not do.

The question given to this writing is: HOW do we the people enforce the law/ when the people hired to protect us by the law, refuse to obey? The answer is

the law is stronger: it is all of us/ bound together, for the common good””. FOR JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, AND EQUALITY! This is the purpose and the reality of LAW, as a tool of life.

Understand this clearly; either you fight for your life, and your nation; or you fight to see life die! There are no other choices.
6. The existence of a right to challenge the powerful, is fundamental to the american constitution; right there/ needs no introduction or explanations, it is the purpose of the document.

GOD DOES LOVE YOU, But you must grow up, literally and find respect, truth, and honor, through love;

The ascension from time, to space; exists as the variable applied in the understanding of life. What is simple and plain is the decision to accept the consequence of value, and apply the essence of truth.

such as allowing one man to control 50 billion dollars (and all the rest) which actually equals the work of 300 million people at a compensation rate of every single face in this nation owes that man $166.66 dollars/


Instead look upon the world you do live within, and recognize all that life is: NOT “the MALE”, damn desire for money/ BUT LIFE. Look at all that lives and recognize the beauty and grace and balance of everything that men have not yet completely disgraced. Look at the perfection and purpose of countless different things, whether they are for you, is NOT the only thing that matters. Look at bodies, the elegance of design, the foundation of separations that give each its own little piece of life and earth, that the competition may not be too severe. Look at colors and shapes and how everything has its own opportunity, its own relationship with this world (where men have not yet destroyed it all). Consider the sea/ and understand it is being exterminated. Consider the air, and recognize how blessed this world has been. Understand how much it takes to survive; and remember, it is primarily the actions of men and their ways/ that causes so much grief among the human population. Hear the essence of time, as it washes away existence, and says to you; “this was truly important/ or not”. Feel the existence of body and life and sex and happiness, as time heals the failures of men, by remembering what is woman. Touch reality and understand life, is truly a precious gift that women provide in time/ a precious description that genetics produce one piece, and one part at a time; in order, structured, disciplined, and prepared for life when time and freedom provide. Understand the participation in freedom does NOT give you any right to intervene in another life for damaging it; but accept, the chain of life, gives to each participant more than it takes away: it is life, because the elemental existence of complex food sources are required. Do you not understand the possibility of standing up, movement in any form is a relationship with time and space and dimensions within the body itself, that require a mind. Do you not understand speech or hearing or any aspect of freedom and presence and purpose or desire is an effect of the life and body that you are. How dare you throw it all away. While it is true, that disease is bad/ and many things are unkind; the alternate reality is without these population increases over the thousands of years humanity has been here would have killed the earth/ and you would not be alive yourself. What is unkind, is either a “genetic mutilation, likely caused by human infliction of choices not wise/ or unwise choices of individuals, to defeat themselves.” Regardless of these failures, every life is important/ but NO LIFE is important enough, nothing is so unkind: that all life on earth shall be risked “just for you”. If life is that unkind/ then we will help you enter eternity, at your request, if you can offer it. BUT NO ONE, will risk all life on earth: without paying with their own life. Stop and repent, so that this may not start now. You are not god/ and we will not let you play god with our lives.

The question to human life on earth is again: STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Stop this madness now/ before you enter hell and Armageddon. Stop the assassination of all life, the future, and you. FIND SOME PASSION FOR LIFE, SOME RESPECT FOR REALITY: or you DIE. The essential ingredient of time, is the opportunity in freedom to live. If you kill the things that support life, truth, freedom, love, respect, and discipline; how then will you survive? Look carefully at the ingredients below, and understand these things are not a game, but respect the reality within which we live. The option here, is not “I know/ rather the reality here is: we must all know the truth, before it becomes our grave”. There is no turning back from reality, what exists, simply does exist. There is no turning away from truth, because the consequence of that is to die, as all things/ all chains, environments and realities do have a point of no return. Dead is dead/ therefore either do your own research, or depend upon the courtroom, and punish any liar who intentionally becomes a traitor: Life or death, is not a game. Everything men do, has a consequence. The world will only end once/ therefore those who say “can’t happen, or hasn’t happened” are simply fools, a failed disease of life: because as is fusion, simply by looking at the sun we know this can happen. By looking at a poor child through no fault of his or her own, we know genetic mutilation can happen; and both of these things are made toys, in the hands of men. They cannot return the world to you “un-dead”/ you can only stop them from killing it, before they do. It could not be less important to “be right”/ all that matters, is if life survives.

3. The fundamental description of life in this world is: a fight among primarily men, for control of everything. Money is a principle weapon, in tempting the others to help you. In that quest for domination/ the demand to play god over the lives of others & control sex with women: the following reality is true. The ocean is nearly extinct of life, because men care more for money than its life: “got a damn new car to buy, etc”. The food supply is about to prove starvation to many people, because without the billions served by the ocean; there simply is nothing else/ that means every animal, everything is about to undergo massive attack, leaving no possibility of recovery for tomorrow; leaving you with no choice but death, or cannibalism. The water is being wasted, disgraced, pummeled with toxic pollution and simply destroyed or about to be destroyed in the event of an earthquake; but you don’t care, “got a damn lawn in the desert to water/ got fucking bugs; and you don’t like it” so to hell with the world; selfishness rules your mind, and death to others your heart.

4. Got a world filled with angry fools, each trying to get more than everyone else “going to get mine/ going to be goddamn rich”; and don’t give a fuck about nothing else. Gee, what could go wrong, as troubles across the world continue to multiply? Not to worry, you got your saviors, “thousands of weapons of mass destruction; good thing you only need about 25 to end life on earth” / got biological weapons too, good thing only need maybe just one. Killed em all.

5. Got a world ready for complete economic chaos, because you have been lying for years/ proving “we can have as many numbers as we want/ so long as they stay in savings”. But alas, GREED has burrowed into your lies like an enormous poisonous snake, that now intends to eat you. Billions of people suddenly aware, they have been treated and ridiculed “for being a fool”/ got nothing left, but HATE.

6. Every resource the future needs has been attacked for all you could get. Not a damn thing left from it; Had to hurry and throw it all into the garbage to insure “nobody else could get it too: we win”. So without concern for life/ cannibalizing the future of your children and your soul; you sit ready to declare war on each other, as life and time prove: You are the worst of the worst, a failure on all counts; because nothing was important to you, but playing the game of pride. “You win/ the history of this world, has never seen anything like you”.

7. Every disrespectful thing the university disease can bring to you; you swallow and digest as if it were your savior. Evolution, your guide to hell has brought you genetic mutilation (it will fix itself/ we don’t have to care)/ allowed for weapons of mass destruction (cause well there ain’t no god, right)/ stupefied your religions (lets go along)/ and brought you to a complete war with GOD your CREATOR. But alas you cannot win, because there will be no war/ instead, if you fail to stop, you WILL be abandoned. To be god yourself/ until you die (not to worry though, “a computer will fix this”). Ain’t that right.

A change means, “NO MORE OF THIS”. That is what the heart says, when it accepts “I have been wrong”. Your soul stands ready to assist you/ or abandon you, dependent upon your decision: and YOUR WORK. You are free, isn’t that right! That means: life or death is up to your decision/ and that means, you will literally inherit what you choose. Pay attention to truth. The consequence of lies brought you everything ready to attack you: this is NOT “About GOD “ and you/ this is about men in particular, and what they chose for this world. Men are thereby discarded, from leadership; because they led all life on earth to death. This is one last chance for WOMEN TO PROVE, THEY WILL DO BETTER. And it is women who will bring change, and lead this world: or all die. What you want is irrelevant, the hammer is ready/ and if you are one single day late, this world will be lost; because of everything men have done. Support your women/ demand they save your life. Or to hell and Armageddon, or the biblical lake of fire you will go. Simple as that.
As to the place of women in this fight for life or death of an entire world, it is plain and simple to see: “That they are indeed different”. And it is that difference that gives us another chance at life/ because without the influence of men changing their ways and methods: they WILL choose a different life for this world. That is not a guarantee of happiness/ it is a guarantee of different: what the women choose will decide by its acceptance of truth, what the world will be. Happiness is a description ascending from peace/ peace an acronym for “without threat”.
You are the open door, or closed wall; that decides if others shall hear the question that is life or death for this world.
That question is: what about the risk, of assuming that fusion/ the fire that is literally causing the sun to burn; can be controlled, extinguished, or survived. This is not a small question, the simple truth is the National Ignition Facility in livermore California has in fact built a machine expected to create fusion here on earth. And it will be either a big bomb going off within a suburb of San Francisco OR it will light fusion, a fire we cannot put out. That is a threat to all life on earth/ because we know that fusion does exist, we see it on the sun.

People say: “Men just wouldn’t do such a thing as light the whole earth on fire; but what is cautious about a machine that is expected to generate an energy pulse of 500 trillion watts, in a suburb of San Francisco [take the heat in your hand of a 100 watt light bulb and multiply that by 5,000,000,000,000 more bulbs]. Their stated purpose, “popular mechanics June 2008 page 13.” Their words not mine, a thousand times more electrical energy than all the electricity generated in the usa in a year according to the article. EQUALS a megaton + nuclear bomb. All to generate a fire just like the sun on earth/ that we cannot control, cannot extinguish, cannot even get close to; that will never run out of fuel, because fusion burns atomic bonds, and everything here is atomic material.
The reality is very simple; “Your big brains” have decided the sun is made out of hydrogen, and getting hydrogen to fuse into helium is what they believe to be fusion comes from. That is largely because they look at the sun through a chemical spectrograph, and it burns with a chemical signature of hydrogen, with an apparent helium in the mix. But what they don’t realize or recognize is what they see is the residue of fire/ rather than the chemical element of fire, such as what hydrogen would be. As it is here on earth in a chemical fire, if you start wood on fire or countless other things, the residual effect within the flames after the chemical bonds are burnt are not wood. They are the effects of the chemical bonds that burn as flames on wood, and turn it into something else. In atomic fire, bonds are also burnt, we know this simply because the fire is so intense that an explosion it is not; as is true of You are the open door, or closed wall; that decides if others shall hear the question that is life or death for this world.
That question is: what about the risk, of assuming that fusion/ the fire that is literally causing the sun to burn; can be controlled, extinguished, or survived.

The reality is very simple; “Your big brains” have decided the sun is made out of hydrogen, and getting hydrogen to fuse into helium is what they believe to be fusion comes from. That is largely because they look at the sun through a chemical spectrograph, and it burns with a chemical signature of hydrogen, with an apparent helium in the mix. But what they don’t realize or recognize is what they see is the residue of fire/ rather than the chemical element of fire, such as what hydrogen would be. As it is here on earth in a chemical fire, if you start wood on fire or countless other things, the residual effect within the flames after the chemical bonds are burnt are not wood. They are the effects of the chemical bonds that burn as flames on wood, and turn it into something else. In atomic fire, bonds are also burnt, we know this simply because the fire is so intense that an explosion it is not; as is true of chemical fires. And if not an explosion/ then it is a fire, if the fundamental element being is changed. Consequent to this very simple fact, that you can understand/ the fire we see on the sun is in fact atomic, because the length of time and btu’s established by the fire cannot be less. And we know it is not an explosion, because nothing has caused the actual structure to collapse. The sun is still in one piece, it simply is on fire. That leaves us with the very simple conclusion/ based upon the fact that nothing points to hydrogen gas as a composite material for the sun except the residual effects of what has burned. The sun is a very dense material, which burns only on the surface; if it were internal, it would explode from the heat that could not be contained; such as is a supernova/ when the internal structure disintegrates because of the heat and it must then expand, do to common thermal dynamic laws well known here on earth. Instead of being actual hydrogen, which nothing supports. Hydrogen is a single element described as a single proton/ and two electrons. IF you accept that the sun is a dense material which allows it to retain its size after all these years/ and you allow that the nuclear bonds are what is in fact burning. Then we recognize for real, that as a nuclear bond is broken from a dense material/ what is released would be “single protons, with two electrons if you like/ or it picks up the electrons on its way out of the fire; take your pick”. That would be a fundamental conclusion, and the evidence is in the fire itself; as we know what fire is, and we know there will be residual elements coming from that fire burning. We see the residual elements from the fire as hydrogen, with some helium “two protons”/ and do understand where atomic bonds are burning, THIS IS what that kind of fire would release. Simple as that.

The problem is your university doesn’t understand any of it. They don’t accept the risk of bringing the same fire as is on the sun today here to this earth/ and they don’t know how to control it or extinguish it: they just expect to learn along the way; experiment a bit. But what if they cannot? What if bringing the same fire that is on the sun/ consuming the sun actually acts the very same way that the fire on the sun does act. What if, what we see on the sun, comes here to earth/ and as a consequence simply consumes everything on earth. It consumes the entire sun/ why not here? chemical fires. And if not an explosion/ then it is a fire, if the fundamental element being is changed. Consequent to this very simple fact, that you can understand/ the fire we see on the sun is in fact atomic, because the length of time and btu’s established by the fire cannot be less. And we know it is not an explosion, because nothing has caused the actual structure to collapse. The sun is still in one piece, it simply is on fire. That leaves us with the very simple conclusion/ based upon the fact that nothing points to hydrogen gas as a composite material for the sun except the residual effects of what has burned. The sun is a very dense material, which burns only on the surface; if it were internal, it would explode from the heat that could not be contained; such as is a supernova/ when the internal structure disintegrates because of the heat and it must then expand, do to common thermal dynamic laws well known here on earth. Instead of being actual hydrogen, which nothing supports. Hydrogen is a single element described as a single proton/ and two electrons. IF you accept that the sun is a dense material which allows it to retain its size after all these years/ and you allow that the nuclear bonds are what is in fact burning. Then we recognize for real, that as a nuclear bond is broken from a dense material/ what is released would be “single protons, with two electrons if you like/ or it picks up the electrons on its way out of the fire; take your pick”. That would be a fundamental conclusion, and the evidence is in the fire itself; as we know what fire is, and we know there will be residual elements coming from that fire burning. We see the residual elements from the fire as hydrogen, with some helium “two protons”/ and do understand where atomic bonds are burning, THIS IS what that kind of fire would release. Simple as that. FUSION is the fire you see on the sun, no one argues that. FUSION operates on the sun at about 12 million degrees F, no one argues that. FUSION EXISTS AS A NUCLEAR FIRE, no one argues that. FUSION burns atomic materials, by consuming the energy inside; that is real, and fundamental to the process going on that we see on the sun. FUSION IS very efficient, because the sun still burns; no one argues that. FUSION produces flame bursts on the sun between 6 and 12 miles high (close enough). FUSION produces more heat, or BTU’S per atom, than thousands of barrels of oil. FUSION IS WHAT YOUR SCIENTISTS AND GOVERNMENTS ARE TRYING TO BRING HERE. BUT WE CANNOT CONTAIN IT/ WE CANNOT CONTROL IT/ WE CANNOT EXTINGUISH IT/ WE CANNOT “SHIP IT AWAY” ONCE ITS HERE/ WE CAN ONLY DIE FROM IT, BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS FUEL! IT IS MORE THAN LIFE CAN HANDLE. The national ignition facility HAS built a machine, capable of igniting fusion here on earth/ currently doing live fire testing. they are trying to play god, and will kill you instead.
The world only dies once/ there is no going back.
Want to be wrong? REALITY HAS BECOME, LIVE OR DIE, because the experiment Is scheduled to run in 2009, if not before. MAKE YOUR DECISION.
Unlike the theories and innuendo of people who “Suggest the world is ending”. Your scientists, whom you worship as “saviors and gods” Have stated they will create fusion. They have now built the machine that can create fusion, and set the date for that event. The world no longer has a “Suggested going to end” ; it has a date, when it will end. Fusion is an end to life on earth. PROVE ME WRONG!
PROVE you can contain it, extinguish it, control it: and if you cannot, because that is impossible; to survive Either way, it is death to this world; take another look at the sun, and ask yourself: Do YOU really want that here? Dumb ass. TELL THEM NO, WE THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO LET THIS HAPPEN.

The most likely scenario at NIF is; if the timing is perfect, a plume of fire will extend above that site, “fusion has come”. That plume of heat will rise using oxygen in the air to a minimum of 12 miles high/ causing an enormous tornado effect that continues to pull in atmosphere gases from all over the world. I am guessing about 3 weeks maximum before we have NO atmosphere at all. The rate of progression as to fusion enlargement is irrelevant, but more than fast enough. Going to throw water on it? How you going to get close enough/ and water is an atomic material, which means its fuel. Throw rocks at it? Their an atomic material, which means its fuel. Literally once ignited and sustained life on earth is over. As to the little satans who cannot be bothered to think about such things as “what happens when it is lit”! They expect “to work with it”/ well we will just take away the electricity or pressure or something, and it will just go out. HELL the sun has to be restarted everyday, “right”. As to sustaining that atomic fire, the USA has built the perfect containment area, inside a mountain; where it cannot escape “until its good and ready”. Has not CERN in Europe done the very same thing. The fundamental process of necessity begins with the delusions and stupidities regarding the sun. It is not a ball of gas/ it is not fueled or ignited from the center burning outward. Your assumptions are absurd/ based upon the single expectation that because you have identified evidence of light elements hydrogen and helium from the light generated, that the entire mass must then be the same. Is hydrogen or helium a solid? Only in super-cooled state/ obviously not the sun. Instead of blatant failure to understand the realities seen in a thermonuclear explosion; that there are the evidence of “light elements formed” by the explosion of massive elements; the assumption is made the sun is nothing more than a light element compressed and controlled by gravities that pull the gas inside and contain the structure with minimum densities. Density is the key to controlling nuclear fire, without density, the flames enter inside and destroy the entire structure. That fact however does not preclude the destruction of this earth/ because it will simply burn up quickly and disintegrate into nothing, instead of retaining structure/ the earth will simply disappear. The center of the sun IS NOT “On fire, as is the volcanic earth”/ because the relationship clearly seen in a supernova star expression is one of internal heating, that then expands the whole, and that means the dense atomic materials of the sun mass have reached their critical temperatures, and lost the necessary disciplines to sustain themselves as a structure. The sun is NOT “made of hydrogen or helium”/ these are by-products of the explosive property that affects the nuclear environment when it reaches critical temperatures and operates in the same basic environment as does the supernova explosion on a more massive scale. It is the same reality/ just different scales. The proof, that the fire that is atomic fusion: rests only upon the surface of the mass is functionally described, by the fact that the size of the sun remains essentially unchanged “in human terms”. Historical evidence does not produce any description of a functional change in temperatures associated with the sun/ different than planetary changes. If the sun had been bigger 10,000 years of written history would show it. The sun is made of dense atomic materials/ not light elements. If it consumed itself from the inside, the violence of that fire would be evident in caverns and troughs and horrible lines of massive flames surrounded by “lakes of smaller fires”. The same effects you call nebula/ are associated with the expansion of atomic materials that are overcome by the heat: because that is what happens when the inside becomes involved: it expands from the heat/ space is required. The assumption of internal pressures holding an internal fire together is easily disputed/ right here on earth. The heat radiates from this core to a ground temperature of 55 degrees just below the surface. Assuming the entire structure is basically the same temperature/ OR that the outside surface “is the cool stuff: as required by an internal fire”, is completely absurd. And if it were, then a supernova could not exist/ because as it cooled from fuel exhaustion it would collapse upon itself, creating the various dark stars that do exist/ where this occurred. If it were nothing but a light element, there would be notable reductions in size over time; and we would simply not be here, because the light elements would have gone out. The assumptions that fusion can be controlled here, because “tremendous pressures” have to be maintained to keep it going, hold no evidence in truth. Like fuel from an oil line, the energy flow from a nuclear fire needs nothing more than its match. From there, it does whatever it will do. We know this because energy is energy, and once released as in a kinetic reaction/ or an atomic one: “the energy does whatever the energy will do.” A molecular fire is controlled by retaining methods that limit the fire, or the oxygen that is required/ it does not extend beyond this boundary, because the physical process cannot and is not supported beyond that line. It does however show the two different methods of consumption: as either by fire/ or by explosion. The same is true of atomic, except that you have NO METHOD of any kind to control the fire/ nothing/ no possibilities/ dead and done with life on earth. “These people who CANNOT understand such a simple concept with proof and evidence under their nose: SAY TRUST US, WE CAN BRING THE SAME FIRE ON THE SUN, HERE TO EARTH/ and nothing will go wrong” !
WAKE UP; an Atomic fire is a vicious reality, take a look at the sun/ nothing comes within the possibility of extinguishing it except more energy. And that energy cannot be found here on earth, unless it is a thermonuclear bomb/ and because of the atmosphere here, a bomb Will only intensify the explosive nature of the fire, and control nothing. If reality would allow for those who are true believers to simply burn with their “part of the world”/ so be it, who cares: you bought exactly what you want; enjoy. But reality is not like that here, setting atomic materials on fire, is setting the entire world on fire./ every nation, every plant, every creature, nothing lives/ nothing escapes: “just like the sun”. Want to be wrong? The clock is ticking/ and you are about to burn. The experiment is scheduled to run, in 2009. The above are excerpts from text within this document/ further ongoing discussions by me, are found in the public forum. A return to the US supreme court, may be a possibility in the near future/ that too will appear therein.

These are the most powerful words ever written, because tragedy for the entire world is the content therein; whether the world lives or dies, hinges on what YOU DO in these few days between “its too late/ or we will follow truth”. There is no middle ground: either fusion will start, and end with the world on fire/ or it will not! Take a look at the sun, before you decide. Even so, they are not the most important ever written, simply because eternity will always be more important than anything, or anyone else. To the religious who commonly ask “where is the prophecy”; I remind you clearly the biblical prophecy is “satan comes; and the result is “humanity engulfed across the world” in a hell of unquenchable fire. What is different about starting the whole world on fire? Answer the question/ is this NOT “the prophecy about to be fulfilled”!.
To those, who believe themselves to be NOT religious/ I suggest to you, that you are one of the most religious people or humanity that has ever walked this earth; I find you true believers in any concoction of stupidity your university can dream up/ they need not even try, you consume their diarrhea without complaint. You believe in “america, can’t be wrong”/ even though you stole yourselves blind/ bankrupted yourselves for weapons of mass destruction/ and are currently prepared to light this world on fire: you are true believers, in every nonsense and every lie that comes along. Never once asking is this true/ simply believing and doing nothing, but to get angry with those who dare to present you with a truth that exists in hard and real evidence. This is a land of images, idols, and lies/ a place where the university is your god, and their image shits on your soul every day. But not to worry, “they provide trinkets”/ and you sell them your heart: how smart you are/ how special.

Of course there are the dissenters, zealots who believe “can’t say that about my god/ my religion/ my demand in pride”. But lets review the obvious: your university says “the entire universe of matter was born out of a speck of sand”/ prove it! Go ahead prove it. You say the sun is made out of hydrogen gas, it burns from the inside out: that means the inside is much hotter than the outside, and since there are no visible signs of “cracks or crevices” to indicate the heat has found a way out/ apparently its all that hot in the fantasies of these minds: what then causes a supernova/ what then allows for the substance that is the sun to burn with relative intensity for billions of years/ your claim, not mine. Prove it! Go ahead and prove that a chemical fire signature is the same as an atomic fire signature: but don’t risk the earth/ just stick your head up your ass, and pull out another turd “quite a good trick for a clown/ oh wait, I mean religious zealot; so sorry”. Or how about evolution whereby “microbes or whatever you wish to call them all make decisions/ all preform complex chemistry without knowledge or understanding or wisdom: presto or poof “here we are”/ thought in any form, well that’s just a given isn’t it? Or are you trying to say, a robot is alive? Or maybe your defense is “well life is without reason or identity; poof, the robot came to life: DUMB ASS”? Oh, and did I mention magic “now we can divide, or have sex (whatever the hell that is)/ or whatever delusion these religious zealots demand. Can’t think of a more ludicrous religion, so we will just have to go with monkey butts, spewing waste; hell, that stuff has got more brains “than microbes” doesn’t it/ you should be pleased. Or we can go to Noah’s flood, a prime target for the university for decades; got geological evidence beyond what is sufficient to prove it. The coal and oil deposits could not have been without it/ the stratification of layers in the earth’s crust could not have been formed without it. But that doesn’t fit their design, so they make up anything they want; and with control of the government, well hell “just shove it up the peoples’ ass/ they got no say”. They just don’t know it/ cause they’re sheep. But who gives a fuck, how much can you consume: life’s a game, “winner/ you fuck-up loser you; here have some revenge”. Oh wait, I know; “to all you superior minds out there/ why don’t you tell me, how you would control fusion; just what are you going to do, if reality should create the same fire on the sun, here on earth; hum, what are you going to do?” Answer the question, and define just how much your pride and want are worth; everything, or not? Got a “yen to be satan”/ or don’t you. Hades is waiting, but we all know atomic fire can’t hurt you. Isn’t that right?

The simple facts are: your university scientists, military, and government employees have developed a machine that they guarantee will produce 180 million degrees/ focusing that energy upon a liquid hydrogen sphere with a pressure of 1.47 trillion pounds per square inch (1,470,000,000 pounds per square inch). With the simple purpose to bring the same fire as is on the sun, here to this earth, a fire known to be consuming atomic fuel/ which means everything here is fuel. There are NO METHODS of containing this fire, NO METHOD to extinguish this fire, no method to do anything but cause the entire earth to burn: And you call me “the fool”/ denounce me, in countless ways, simply because you refuse to understand “anything different”, than what you are told to believe. Arrogance and pride will proclaim “he don’t have a university degree”/ but I will tell you plainly, no one goes to college and gets more than a degree: its up to you, if you get an education. Everyone has to work, if they choose an education, and I have worked my whole life. Thought has nothing to do with degrees or a university, it is life expressed, knowledge endured, and understanding conceived without prejudice. Wisdom then follows truth, truth leads to respect/ and all respect leads to a life created by GOD. LOVE points to JESUS, And HIS LIFE allows for the search that is called eternity, a journey and a destiny found. The press would rather gamble with the entire earth, than even suggest something could go wrong; apparently the pride and power and money are more important/ but then a slave who revolts will reap accordingly. And your university, military brass, and government are only good for throwing worthless money at those who will destroy us all. Not to worry though, every religion is hiding in the bushes, “peeing in their pants/ shitting down their leg” cause heaven forbid they should actually do something to protect life on earth. SHAME ON YOU. Shame on you all. You will die, if you do not stop being satan’s helpers.

But this is just one of many threats currently facing you as a crisis of life or death. Just one of the things that must be changed, or life will die anyway. Which is a big factor, in why people don’t want to listen to me. All the tragedy that lies can bring/ all the failure that men have made; have consequences that are coming true. We do have to rebuild/ we do have to face our reality and its truth. We do have to change life and living here in this USA, and around the world. And we do have to be honest with our future, and the fact that we cannot assassinate the children/ and YOU will in fact assassinate yourselves, if you do not stop. These are things people don’t want to hear/ but either you will in fact grow up, wake up; or you will in fact soon die, because the evidence is certain/ and truth is inescapable: in every single circumstance truth wins sooner or later. Lies only survive, for a short time. People will argue/ but this is said of a greater reality than simple human expectation, it is a law of this universe.
Time is running out, every single threat has an expiration date beyond which there will be no turning back. Make your decision: to gamble and fail/ or to pay the price of survival, which is simply: to choose truth, respect reality, understand that love and freedom brings happiness/ justice supports us all, honor defends us all, and fair play has nothing to do with gambling my or your lives away. Stop them, or truth knows someone is going to die: either millions/ or the world itself. One or the other will happen, if this machine continues: are you ready to be wrong? Stop and discuss it at least, stop being damned proud/ or die.
We are running out of water/ food/ resources/ patience with each other/ options and time. Either reality will rule by the terms of truth, or your lies will die, and we will face that truth, and do what we can do to change the destiny that is clearly in view. Doesn’t take an intellectual; just like your money, NEVER put anything back/ and pretty soon, you have nothing left/ pretty soon, none will every loan you anything again/ and that means poverty will come like a scar on your heart that takes your life away. The ocean feed billions, and it is ravaged and very near complete ruin. The oxygen for all your fires, is consuming more than the earth creates; even without you breathing. A half billion people are starving or near starvation, with many more to come. Weapons of mass destruction are simply waiting to humanity to stop caring, and seek war. How many starving, thirsty, out of work people do you suppose that will take? It takes twenty minutes for nuclear bombs to end life on earth. It takes the release of only one biological agent to reduce life on earth to a few hundred people if that many. It takes only a little longer, and the ocean will never help you feed the world again. It takes just a little more callus disrespect of water and resources to end all possibilities that do not include war. Work for life first/ or die. Its not hard to understand.

The picture shown in the popular mechanics tech page is the actual machine focusing chamber. The little circles are the lenses to each of the 192 individual lasers in use. The lasers being used are similar to the most recent one developed at Michigan state U. Their quote: “if you could hold a giant magnifying glasss in space and focus all the sunlight shining toward earth onto one grain of sand, that concentrated ray would approach the intensity of a new laser beam made in a University of Michigan laboratory”.
Links to this one and more are provided at the web site www.justtalking.info
here are issues with C.E.R.N., described in detail on the homepage, the short summary, and in the forum pages on that site. Depicting problems and apparent lies. There are issues with genetic mutilation; like any other disease/ CAN’T put it “back in the bottle” is a critical and real reality the very same as these physics experiments, and other deadly experiments around the world in countless arrogance and extreme stupidity; a world under assault by people trying to be god, play god, and destroy life on earth. Not inappropriate, they care gambling with everything alive/ everything life can be or is/ absolutely everything the future will never be, simply because of them. Sounds like a description of satan to me/ but I am not religious. Don’t like rules, choose truth and reality.
As have all “the leaders” around here, you can choose to dislike me/ not have anything to do with me; who the hell cares: not me! But, like me or hate me is irrelevant, because the earth dies regardless of me or you; Therefore I continue to bang on your door, simply because until life is dead, or all these tragedies are stopped: every single person has a right to be informed, a right to their own decision about people who gamble and can be expected to destroy life on earth within the next few weeks or months. So, within that reality, and because of that truth; Your attitude has no interest to me/ either help me, help this world/ or be cursed for your failure to help the world, or at least inform someone who would. You don’t get a second chance either/ nobody does. Either you dig your head out of your ass, and find some courage somewhere; or you die the coward you obviously are. But take the world with you/ and I tell you true: ETERNITY WILL REMEMBER YOU. Still too smart to save life on earth, HELL “isn’t that a description of a fool so insane, it is literally beyond description”. Or you? There are no second chances with a world on fire/ or a disease running rampant; just death. And while your at it, imagine in real terms what it would be like with men designing your body: do you really think they intend to be anything less than god. While playing with nature, changing DNA and in charge of you: how much do you suppose a foot would cost? How bad could it get, shit coming out of your mouth, leg growing out of your ear, tongue in your eye? Just how badly could humans playing like god corrupt a human body or any other life form: HELL their perfect aren’t they/ oh shit, last on the production line it’s a holiday, look what happened to that “what do you think it should have been”! Absolute tragedy, and complete chaos in nature is all you will get if genetic mutilation does not stop. Stop everything, or the food, the lives, the bodies, ,,,,,,everything is less than a maggot. That is what will go wrong.


While no one really knows how high the flames will start on earth/ the net effect of fusion on the sun/ the ENTIRE SURFACE of the sun on fire; causes that heat to expand exponentially. But it doesn’t really matter does it. One observation that is applied however: if this heat has overcome the gravitational pull of the sun significantly/ then the energy that exists; is even more aggressive than we think. And men, are about to bring it here! Stop them; are these things not “satan’s guide to hell”. How can this be translated in any other way: “than a biblical lake of fire”? There is no going back. This is NOT “trusting your scientists, government, or men”/ this is gambling with all life on earth. This is literally trying to play god. This is literally inheriting the only god you can be here on earth: satan, the destroyer of worlds. Religious or not, it fits. Either you are for life, and will work to stop them/ or you don’t care, and will inherit your reward. Make your decision.

Everything below this line is sealed, that you may argue it with confidence/ the links are sealed, except for the public forum, which I am using as well. The initial reading on this homepage is however opened, because this is a struggle for life/ in direct opposition to, the death of this world; as men have designed it to be. Fail to help, and your grave is opened.



TRUTH IS, a critical respect for the reality that we face. Truth is Creation in its fundamental existence, as nothing lives without truth. Truth is, the foundation we share, the evidence of our souls in union with life. Acceptance of life carries with it three separate things: the duty to be alive in truth/ the responsibility to be free, without destroying others/ & the love required, to understand the value and treasure and loneliness of what life in others does mean to ourselves. Life is not a game, the body is not a toy, the mind only measures, but a heart provides passion, purpose, and desire; and in these happiness appears, homes are built, and love itself is expressed beyond ourselves as life even the possibility called eternity. For in love we find more than just ourselves/ we share experience and hope.
But we live in a world of liars, thieves, & people who just don’t care about anything but themselves. And that has brought us to the edge of extinction. We cannot live without truth; therefore the exertion of all these lies, brings death.
Our choice is: to remove the lies, and the liars from power. To take away their pride, that we may all be equal. To discover the law as our truth as WE THE PEOPLE, thereby devouring their selfishness. And to conceive of the future, as a place where children are not massacred, because you took & destroyed what they needed to survive: the end of want, and the creation of human responsibility. Either you do this/ or your own lies and apathy will kill you. Its not a threat, it is your reality.

the question of fusion on the sun is understood by the apparent violence of the reaction look here, and see. ask yourself if this is what the earth needs.

For a simple summary in plain truth , minimally detailing the most severe realities of human decisions; that WILL soon affect your life, (click here). The year 2010 is still set, as a final date for women to decide; but if none care, if none work, if none accept fact, nor evidence, nor the demand for investigation, nor that life first is more important than pride and/or want. Then “really, what is there to wait for”? You will decide the fate of life on earth: Read and learn reality.
{By cutting the electrical lines/ the physics experiments stop. That is something you can do/ but without public support, the reality will be as if you did nothing at all. Even so, stopped is stopped, because we do not know what or when/ therefore days do count. The religious are certain to balk [ they are far too righteous, to accept evidence or truth, as enough so far]. They demand prophecy: so turn to “biblical” Revelation 18, and read the first 3 verses; and discern reality in terms of (the bomb that has been built, or the fusion fire ready to begin) that is in fact, set and ready to happen in San Francisco. Stop it, or Revelation 18 comes true. As is true of all prophecy, it is a choice; but repentance is required. Or you could continue worshiping your images or power, pride, selfishness, and consumption; but who really cares? Answer the question, is life worth fighting for?} yes, you do have to use your mind, for a change in prophecy.

To join public discussion.


MORE TERRORISTS FOUND. (www.justtalking.info)

[from popular mechanics , June 2008, page 13 tech watch: titled “brilliant beams”] not a game

the NIF (national ignition facility) they study atomic explosions. Tiny targets are placed and blasted by 192 lasers . Quote: the blasted target generates 500 trillion watts- 1000 times the electrical generating capacity of the United States. Quote: “currently undergoing live-fire testing, and expected to be operational next year”. In other words they are testing their lasers/ developing software/ and preparing in all matters to create that amount of energy focused one a single hydrogen filled ball. They intend to produce 180 million degrees Fahrenheit / (more than the sun).

One of their distinct purposes is to create fusion. Web Search [national ignition facility] In other words: they are attempting to create an atomic bomb, far bigger than any detonated yet/ in full disgrace and rejection of all treaties NOT to detonate atomic explosives. It is the only way, they can get the power yield they, quote: “expect”. They have fully committed to the destruction of site and machinery paid for and built: one time, site dead forever/ state blighted. But what they do not expect is the truth that instead of an ignition that becomes an explosion/ they are going to get: fusion, the ignition point of atomic matter, wherein it turns to atomic fire. Because an explosion is defined by the sudden escape from a confined mass or element/ to a released state of energy. This is a massive attack directed into the disciplined structure of atomic nuclei, essentially melting it, and instead of detonating/ the discipline will be destroyed, and the consequence of that energy will become fusion fire: “just like the sun”. You can’t put it out! Not a chance. AN ATOMIC FIRE burns everything that is atomic structure/ everything on earth is atomic structure! Fusion is the end of this earth. “The sun does it/ the earth structure is atomic/ same!

Taken from the official NIF SITE they expect: “temperatures of more than 100 million kelvins (180 million degrees fahrenheit); densities of about 1,000 grams per cubic centimeter; pressures more than 100 billion times greater than the earth’s atmosphere; neutron densities possibly as high as 100 septillion. (10 “with 26 zero’s following it”)per cubic centimeter. Only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the BIG BANG, when the universe was born in a primordial fireball; the interiors of stars and planets; and thermonuclear weapons. Nothing within orders of magnitude of these extraordinary conditions has been available for laboratory experiments until now. It is not a “laboratory experiment” at these levels, its real! The temperature of burning hydrogen in the cores of stars for most of their lives: is 10 to 30 million Kelvins. Supernova explosion simulation or 18 to 54 million degrees fahrenheit- much lower than the temperature expected to be achieved in the NIF target chamber. Their stated purpose is to create higher temperatures than this: it’s a goal! This phase of stellar evolution occurs at a density of some 100 grams per cubic centimeter, also well below what NIF will achieve. NIF’S high pressures will permit planetary astrophysicists to study conditions at the cores of massive planets such as Jupiter and to understand why they are planets and not stars. The extreme neutron density at NIF is considerably larger than that in a core-collapse-type supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.” this is a summary from chapter R book 2 this site.

A kiloton of nuclear explosives= 1 trillion calories or 1.2 million kilowatt hours. At 500 trillion watts / the intended yield output of the national ignition facility above. That equals 416,000 kilotons of nuclear explosives. Or 500,000,000,000,000 divided by 1,200,000,000= 416,666 kilotons if the energy release lasted an hour. 416,666 kilotons divided by 3600 to convert an hour to one second= 115.7 kilotons/ actual energy release. An atomic bomb of 115.7 kilotons going off in the San Francisco area: Or in 20 megaton nuclear warheads, its 5.78 of them all going off at the same second. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

C.E.R.N. another very large particle accelerator in France and Switzerland, whose stated purpose was to recreate the “big bang”/ the most horrendous and destructive event the universe has ever known “right here on earth”: what could go wrong with that. Has now quit bragging about that and simply states they are going to smash protons together at speeds that will accumulate “the train wreck” into about 1,000,000,000,000 volts of energy release ( ONE VOLT is equal to the energy that will cross a distance measured as one ampere at a power level of one watt= the energy release over the period of one second is 1,054,852,320 btu’s of heat. The equivalent of 737,560,000,000 foot pounds of force over a period of one second. Or in electric horsepower its 1,340,000,000 horsepower focused on as small a spot in reality as they can: by using only primary atomic mass, accelerated to light speed by computer, from all the energy 2 or 3 nuclear atomic power plants can generate. And they anticipate running it for hours. They will not / like the other satan whores of the past; they are intending to light a fusion fire (vaporized atomic materials, sustained in disorder long enough, to remove all discipline))/ or is this just to establish a bomb big enough to destroy the earth by other means> it depends upon how soon and how intensive the experiment whether you get fusion or get “a big bang”. Both, will end the world as you know it. Don’t think so, look again at the heat to be generated and prove this is not a bomb/ that these are NOT true terrorists! Don’t think you can get fusion under the descriptions described; well when the world is on fire you get a few seconds or maybe a few minutes to watch the flames before you are in Hades. (this year, and soon they go on line ; scientific American feb 2008. This year, you find out if HELL is worth gambling you ain’t wrong.
Can’t be true/ well for sure “the gamble is worth being wrong: isn’t it? #####) can’t be the end of the world, cause this has never been? Wake up, or die; yah complete idiot/ the end of the world is the end of the world; you are not coming back from it! A thermo-nuclear explosion travels outward: THIS IS BEYOND INSANITY, IT IS AN EFFORT TO PINPOINT ENERGY, AND DEMAND IT WILL COLLIDE IN TREMENDOUS HEAT, WHILE ELECTRICITY CONTINUES TO POUR IN MORE HEAT, TO THAT LITTLE SPOT: so it cannot dissipate any energy! YOU TELL ME, WHY THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TO CAUSE FUSION (AN ATOMIC FIRE THAT WILL CONSUME THIS WORLD; VERY QUICKLY! YOU TELL ME, WHY IT IS WORTH THE RISK TO BE WRONG! WHERE YOU GOING TO HIDE THEN. FOUND AT WWW.JUSTTALKING.INFO home/ current events
MAKE YOUR DECISION: FIGHT, OR BURN. This is an exerpt from current events.

{the assertions of energy given in the above regarding the intentions of those at C.E.R.N. Do NOT include the reality of energies multiplied by atomic structural collapse. These will be greater than the intensities of nuclear fission/ the absolute destructive force is then a multiple not known, but a relationship beginning with the physical energies that are listed; which are then multiplied exponentially beyond anything man knows how to calculate. They want “a big bang” and have devised far more than it is possible to survive. STOP THEM or die.}

Our relationship with genetic structure, the base and foundation in reality with all life/ the truth called nature itself. Is also under attack in the same ways, that the earth itself and atomic structure are under attack. The LIARS who have suggested to all that the physics experiments “are ALL GOOD” above/ have prepared instead to kill us all. The geneticists LIARS who have suggested “ALL GOOD”/ trust us; have also prepared Armageddon, or nature in chaos instead. 6 billion chained and disciplined instructions in a space not bigger than a pin head: but not to worry, people can play god. What could go wrong? Not to you/ think again, just like cancer can invade you without the slightest interference by you; so can the constant tragedy of people playing god. Or even playing with chemicals, because changes occur in the human body with as little as one part per billion chemical instruction. Want to end significant problems with health/ then learn what chemicals are killing you; altering genetic structure; and mutilating babies. Don’t simply destroy all life, by reducing it into slime. Slime is the state of life that has no disciplined structure. Stop them, or prepared to be horrified. Tiny little successes, do not make up for threatening all life on earth with absolute destruction of everything good.
And there are so many more.



Because the reality of the documents found in both popular mechanics and scientific american: feb 2008; are in fact evidence of a criminal insanity, much like those who hold mutated diseases, and nuclear weapons as a threat to kill the whole world: this distinct evidence particular to this site have been taken and reproduced here/ to aid the people threatened with life or death. NO intent to steal, or misrepresent exists/ and every single person is herein advised to go to these magazine sites for themselves. These reproductions are in essence applied here, “like a fire-alarm pull station”/ and do indicate “tragedy ahead”. This is only for those who feel unable to do for themselves: the first three pages, are the most clear to the average reader; of pages 38-59 / you should read them all/ AND BE ADVISED of the next article called “the unquiet ice”/ it too is important and real. That site is www.popularmechanics.com And is www.SciAm.com . And in case the NIF decides to kill their own “science at the extremes” site that site is also here/ BUT you are advised to GO TO THEIR SITE, it is linked above : if denied access, then use this.

Popular Mechanics Page 1
Scientific American Page 1
Scientific American Page 2
Scientific American Page 3



More likely to be used are these below

If you could hold a giant magnifying glass in space and focus all the sunlight shining toward Earth onto one grain of sand, that concentrated ray would approach the intensity of a new laser beam made in a University of Michigan laboratory.

It has become clear, the fallacies of human existence are as extreme as their insanities/ a problem that spreads far and wide. One of the most corrupted groups “would be the christian believer”; let the world go to hell, I don’t care. These very righteous people, are also very sure “their ticket to heaven is certain/ and they need not do anything worldly”. In other words let GOD’S OWN CREATION be destroyed/ they don’t care. That is the opinion they share with me. They say “nothing bad can happen here on earth, because they believe GOD would not let it happen/ therefore things like machines that are intended to create never before seen expressions of energy, such as either the nif or c.e.r.n. Are nothing to be concerned with, cause GOD Just won’t let this happen. While I accept the premise of GOD will not let HIS OWN CREATION be destroyed without HIS PERMISSION: without doubt or compromise! The assumption that humanity on earth can “do no wrong” in this matter/ is beyond absurd: they already have!
The reality of energy being conceived of, is beyond anything men can control. Beyond anything that can be considered to have no consequence. It is beyond insane, and fully describes what can only be called “satan on earth”/ it is that bad, and it will be that destructive. 500 trillion watts is the equivalent of 473.5 trillion BTU’S/ or 430,210,000,000,000,000 calories, gram/ per hour. All to be released on one single basketball sized hydrogen spot on earth over the intended period of about 1 second. They build a machine out of “the star wars military program” of the Reagan years. They have taken 192 of these lasers that were suppose to be powerful enough to bring down missiles thousands of miles away. Focused every single one of them on one “basketball sized sphere” filled with hydrogen/ and intend through lense manipulation to create an environment of no escape for the atomic materials inside these 192 pinpoints of light. The only possible way to claim 500 trillion watts (their claim NOT mine), is with a consequent nuclear explosion. that is the plan being enforced at the national ignition facility/ a military installation built into a tiny mountain range in a suburb of San Francisco, CA.
For a more distinct understanding
total energy received from the sun on earth is equivalent to 232,000,000,000,000 horsepower.
[The claimed generation of 500,000,000,000,000 watts is equivalent to 670 billion horsepower or 1 horsepower released at the national ignition facility per every 346 horsepower received from the sun here on earth]
v. solar radiation reaching earth’s orbit is 1,400 watt’s per square meter (W/m2) as measured at right angles to the sun (ie, Solar constant) 19% is absorbed by the atmosphere. Clouds reflect 35% more. The accepted standard is 1020 W/m2 at sea level.
. In North America it is 125 to 375 W/m2. (3) [or the 473.5 trillion BTU’S expected by the NIF is equivalent to all the sunlight and radiation reaching the earth at the north american mean latitude of 250 watts per sq meter= 2 trillion square meters of land and water surface.
Sources: www.timeshiftedenergy.com ( not in italics, here in small print is/ Borrowed from this site)
1. New elementary physics- Ginn & Co 1936
2. www.es.doe.gov/emeu/met Energy overview section 1.2 production by source.
En wikipedia.org/wiki/solar_energy

For fairness to the understanding of all/ the people at popular mechanics have made something of a mistake with their claim a 1000 times more than all the electricity generated in the USA. According to www.eia.doe.gov Table 1 in 2007 total electrical generation for the year was 4,159,514,000 but this is in thousand megawatts. So the number is actually 4,159,514,000,000,000 or 4,159 trillion watts for the year in the usa. That means the actual energy pulse expected to be generated by the NIF is all the electricity used or created in the United States of America over a period of 43.88 days of the year. Again more clearly: consider your electric bill, add 300 million people using electricity, add 50 million illegal immigrants, add 50 million tourists, add all industry and agriculture and business for a total of 44 days and then you arrive at their expected destination; a one second energy pulse that equals the amount of power that all of america will use in those 44 days.

so, lets compare values a bit with water turned into steam/ by increasing the temperature of water from 32 degrees F at a pressure of .088 psi (pounds per square inch of pressure)/ and increasing the temperature of that water to 705 degrees F, the pressure increases to 3,208.2 psi. Beyond that temperature pressures multiply rapidly and uncontrollably.
These people at NIF want to take liquid hydrogen and increase the temperature from 0 degrees F for simple understanding/ to their stated expectation of 180 million degrees F. That is their intent/ and by directing the energy and effect of 192 lasers into one small pinpoint of light, they intend to create an enclosing effect on that hydrogen (same, but much more intense; just like they would in a thermonuclear bomb) read about it at bottom of page. If you expand hydrogen by 180 million degrees “its got to go somewhere” doesn’t it? No point in creating numbers about acceleration of materials going to go from 0 to 180,000,000 in a second/ HELL, you can just stand right in front of this energy blast and stop it: right? After all the baseball size nuclear materials in a 20 megaton bomb, at a few million degrees/ can be stopped right? Who cares if you multiply by 10 or so. What doesn’t sound like a bomb to you? How did the sun “light on fire”? What happens when the earth lights on fire? You, going to put this out? How, everything is fuel.
The temperature of the sun is estimated to be between 18 and 36 million degrees F . Not good enough for NIF they intend to create 180 million degrees F. Whether you believe they can do this or not/ YOU SHOULD BELIEVE that the possibility to create a thermonuclear explosion does exist, because it is a proven fact. YOU SHOULD BELIEVE that the american military brass (your leaders), who in the past dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan within 2 days (August 6 & 8/ 1945) DID SO, “hurriedly” so that Japan could not surrender fast enough, and stop them from dropping the second bomb. “They didn’t have to drop the second one within two days did they? THEY HURRIED/ and didn’t give those people a chance in any form, and of course these same leaders then went to blowing up pacific islands. Not here? Does it matter? Wouldn’t hurt you/ take a look at the damage done by all atomic work done by the USA. Research it, and find aquifers destroyed, trillions of gallons of water contaminated and much more. “But hey/ YOU don’t need to drink”/ do you.
So lets look at the implosion they intend to create “100 billion times the pressure at sea level of this atmosphere 14.7 lbs per square inch” Or increase the pressures on your body to 1.47 trillion pounds per square inch: what could go wrong/ HELL, you’re a weight lifter aren’t you? But lets look at the velocity in an atomic reality of constricting hydrogen from a basketball sized liquid, into a much smaller area than a needle point. What could go wrong? Do you suppose there are consequences? DUMB ASS!
WAKE UP, OR YOU, are going to die. Stop them, or the world ends for no less than the entire San Francisco area; nothing left. And in all probability fusion fire, what consumes the sun, will come to earth/ and create the “biblical lake of fire”. MAKE YOUR DECISION, and do whatever you can; to find a voice called WE THE PEOPLE SAY NO! You cannot do this. Want to be wrong?

It is the “professed Christians” I have met who don’t consider this a problem. The others are either “too smart/ or believe in government/ science/ media or whatever; to even consider “WHAT COULD GO WRONG”! Some, hear the possibilities and may or may not do whatever they can do. So the reality is: can’t get through to “the extra special smart people”/ they cannot help you. Can’t get through to the extra special religious people, they just don’t care. The news media has held this story for two weeks now; so the only appropriate conclusion is: a) they won’t use the story because it will scare people/ they won’t trust us anymore: “let em die instead”/ or b) they believe they can stop the disaster that threatens an entire earth “behind closed doors”/ or c) keep it quiet, “everyone involved is too smart to let this happen for real: yet here is the evidence/ and it says death to the whole world”. So it comes down very simply: to any and every person that is willing to make a commitment to educating the public as fast as possible/ before it is simply too late. And demanding WE THE PEOPLE SHALL SAY NO/ YOU may not do this thing/ WE FORBID IT! The risk of failure is death to this earth, and there is nothing to be gained, but death and destruction: PROVE US WRONG. The failure to do this, to demand this/ to take this facility and more apart so they cannot in fact be used/ is the invitation to turn the world into a fire ball just like the sun.
The proclaimed Christians are not worried “they have heaven, “and GOD” ; locked in their pocket, so very righteous are they”. They proclaim nothing bad can happen, BUT LETS REVIEW : although I purposely reduced the effect of 500 trillion watts (the energy pulse of an instantaneous explosion/ not over an hour of time) to a more controlled 115.7 kiloton explosion for the sake of people being introduced to this reality; so they could grasp it, without complete panic (there are people to point out the error). The reality of 500 trillion watts is still 416,666,000 pounds of chemical explosive going off instantaneously. Or more correctly a kiloton is equal to 1000 pounds of chemical explosive/ a megaton is equal to one million pounds of chemical explosive or this 500 trillion watts is equal to 416 megatons of bomb= 28 twenty megaton nuclear bombs going off in one area. What do you think “end of California, then the end of the earth/ or fusion, earth on fire”? Take your best guess! Even christian people die/ even christian people lose limbs/ even christian people end up homeless/ and so on; a distinct part of this world, and what happens within it. Even christian people lose battles/ isn’t that what the crusades proved? Even the christian people that began by following JESUS HIMSELF, were crucified and murdered for years after the death of JESUS/ is that not so? Therefore to say that “men can do no wrong/ men would not be able to hurt this earth or you: is just another form of insanity/ just another failure in the belief of “ghosts and goblins and fairy tales”! There are prophecies in the bible; “never heard of the lake of fire/ hell come to earth”/ the match to do this hides in plain sight, in California. Another hides in plain sight/ in Europe. Here is a philosophical question for you: suppose a christian man puts a loaded gun to his head, and pulls the trigger. By the assumption of idiots, “god is suppose to intervene and stop the bullet apparently: so you don’t get hurt/ cause your so special right”. Now lets look at reality, do you really think tempting GOD to stop the bullet you choose to ignite by your own design and foolishness/ literally trying to tempt GOD into stopping it for you: do you die, or do you live? Go ahead put a gun to your head and pull the trigger/ what could go wrong. DUMB ASS. Do you not have some responsibility to NOT put the gun to your head? Do you not have a responsibility to the world itself and to your Creator, to stop people who are deliberately trying to destroy that Creation? WHY NOT? Answer the question! Look instead of lies/ to the truth, believe instead of righteousness in the value of life and creation, and work to protect it from those who are willing to destroy it! Is that not more sane/ does that not honor GOD more than the baby diarrhea: “Ooh I am so special”. Do you not die of starvation? Do you not die, when men kill you? Wake up and survive.
As to fools and failures and idiots/ the reality is: the earth has not come to an end yet/ because no possibility for man was created, by men; to cause this to happen. The nuclear bombs/ the weapons of mass destruction/ the biological weapons/ the genetic crucifixion of DNA (nature itself)/ and these scientific experimental machines are all enough to end life on earth: ARE THEY NOT? LOOK AGAIN. Therefore understand this very simply: the earth can only end once/ YOU can only light it on fire once! And the keys, “are in the monkeys’ hand”. Either you stop them/ or you die, and all life on earth with you. Its not a game, it’s a fact.

the HYDROGEN BOMB OR H-BOMB, weapon whose enormous explosive power results from an uncontrolled, self-sustaining chain reaction in which isotopes of hydrogen combine under extremely high temperatures to form helium in a process know as nuclear fission (q.v) . The high temperatures that are required for the reaction are produced by the detonation of an atomic bomb. (See also index: nuclear fusion) a thermonuclear bomb differs fundamentally from an atomic bomb in that it utilizes the energy released when two light atomic nuclei combine, or fuse, to form a heavier nucleus. An atomic bomb by contrast uses the energy released when a heavy atomic nucleus splits, or fissions into two lighter nuclei. Under ordinary circumstances atomic nuclei carry positive electrical charges that act to strongly repel other nuclei and prevent them from getting close to one another. Only under temperatures of millions of degrees can the positively charged nuclei gain sufficient kinetic energy, or speed, to overcome their mutual electric repulsion and approach close enough to each other to combine under the attraction of the short-ranged nuclear force. The very light nuclei of hydrogen atoms are ideal candidates for this fusion process because they carry weak positive charges and there is thus less resistance to overcome. The hydrogen nuclei that combine to form heavier helium nuclei must lose a small potion of their mass (about 0.63 percent) in order to “fit together” in a single larger atom. The lose this mass by converting it completely into energy, according to Albert Einsteins famous formula: E=MC2. According to this formula the amount of energy created is equal to the amont of mass that is converted multiplied by the speed of light squared. The energy thus produced forms the explosive power of a hydrogen bomb. (See also index: relativity) deuterium and tritium, which are isotopes of hydrogen, provide idea interacting nuclei for the fusion process. Two atoms of deuterium, each with one proton and one neutron, or tritum, with one proton and two neutrons, combine during the fusion process to form a heavier helium nucleus, which has two protons and either one or two neutrons. In current thermonuclear bombs, lithium deuteride is uses as the fusion fuel; it is transformed to tritium early in the fusion process.
In the thermonuclear bomb, the explosive process begins with the detonation of what is called the primary stage. This consists of a relatively small quantity of conventional explosives, the detonation of which brings together enough fissionable uranium to create a fission chain reaction, which in turn produces another explosion and a temperature of several million degrees. The force of heat of this explosion are reflected back by a surrounding container of uranium and are channeled toward the secondary stage, made up of tritium or other fusion fuel. The tremendous heat initiates fusion, and the resulting explosion of the secondary stage blows the uranium container apart and causes it too to fission, thus contributing to the explosion and producing fallout (the deposition of radioactive materials from the atmosphere) in the process (a neutron bomb is a thermonuclear device in which the uranium container is absent, thus producing much less blast but a lethal “enhanced radiation” of neutrons) the entire series of explosions in a thermonuclear bomb takes a fraction of a second to occur. A thermonuclear explosion produces blast, light, heat, and varying amounts of fallout. The concussive force of the blast takes the form of a shock wave that radiates from the point of the explosion at supersonic speeds and that can completely destroy any building within a radius of several miles. The intense white light of the explosion can cause permanent blindness to people gazing at it from a distance of dozens of miles. The explosions intense light and heat set wood and other combustible materials afire at a range of many miles, creating huge fires that may coalesce into a firestorm. The radioactive fallout contaminates air, water, and soil and may continue years after the explosion: its distribution is virtually worldwide. Thermonuclear bombs can be hundreds or even thousands of times more powerful than atomic bombs. The explosive yield of atomic bombs is measured in kilotons, each unit of which equals the explosive force of 1000 tons of TNT. The explosive power of hydrogen bombs, by contrast, is frequently expressed in megatons, each unit of which equals the explosive force of 1,000,000 TONS of TNT. Hydrogen bombs of more than 50 megatons have been detonated, but the explosive power of the weapons mounted on strategic missiles usually ranges from 100 kilotons to 1.5 megatons. Thermonuclear bombs can be made small enough (a few feet long) to fit in the warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles; these missiles can travel almost halfway across the globe in 20 to 25 minutes and have computerized guidance systems so accurate that they can land within a few hundred yards of a designated target. Edward Teller and other american scientists developed the first hydrogen bomb, which was tested at Enewetak atoll on Nov 1, 1952. The USSR first tested a hydrogen bomb on aug 2, 1953, followed by the United Kingdom in may 1957, China in 67, and France 68. During the late 1980's there were some 40,000 thermonuclear devices stored in the arsenals of the worlds nuclear-armed nations. This number declined during the 1990's. The massive destructive threat of these weapons has been a principal concern of the worlds populace and of its statesmen since the 1950's.
Also see www.uscoldwar.com


What the people at NIF, the national ignition facility of the US military are doing with their lasers “leftovers from reagans star wars” Is very simply: they have arranged 192 of the most powerful lasers known to exist around a sphere. Using adjustable lenses which they hope to start at a beam width of 16 inches / they intend to isolate a basketball sized sphere of liquid hydrogen within all these 192 laser beams all working at the same time (lasers cut steel you know/ therefore energy is being forced)/ and with computers they intend to reduce all 192 of these heat producing beams into the smallest possible focused spot they can; fully expecting the lasers to quantify that basketball into a smaller size than the pin head on a sewing needle; collapsing it with the energy of lasers, instead of an explosion as is done with common thermonuclear bombs. By the power of these lasers/ and they have tested them: they expect to get 180 million degrees Fahrenheit / and a 100 billion times the weight of earths atmosphere. The purpose is to contain the explosion long enough and with such force: that the atomic nuclei cannot escape/ therefrom fusion will be generated. Atomic matter on fire/ a fire that cannot be put out, because it burns atomic matter, and everything here is atomic material. If not a massive bomb/ then the end of this earth, by fire.

3 things are worth noting:
1. A thermonuclear bomb has not yet created fusion fire, because they cannot contain the nuclear materials long enough to cause them to light. That problem is now remedied with lasers. It will prove true to the purpose, and they will generate fusion fire which will consume the earth if not stopped.
2. The 50 megaton bombs that were detonated, were without doubt the last tested in the USA, and if you go back in time to when the treaty was signed, the USA DETONATED THESE within about a month or so. At their most southern site on the Mexico border/ Within the week they said they would detonate, the Mexican volcano erupted in that time. Within a week of the next one detonated, California had an earthquake. Within a week of the last one “I no longer remember, but it was something equal” Do check it out.
3. Einsteins formula E=MC2 Is read energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. The formula for kinetic energy/ the energy of motion is E= mass times speed. Therefore Einsteins big theory is nothing more than energy is equal to mass with speed given as the constant called “the speed of light squared”. It is simply the kinetic formula, with a number attached/ not energy at all, in its truest sense. While bombs have been built because of the directional statement, rather than wisdom; it is still little more than a grade school math equation. In other words “they ain’t so damn smart as they think”/ PROVEN in a billion ways at least.




Read thisCurrent Events (Chapter 24 of Book).Click Here

accounting 2004, from federal reserve.gov flow of funds total liabilities 75.9456 trillion dollars [divide by 50 million workers] : total assets 96.257 trillion dollars [divide by 300 million people for their expectations]

Is life not worth more to you, than this? Is there nothing in all of creation, enough: “to believe life without want, is happy”? either tragedies end, or you do. Either the games fail, or you do. There is no coming back from this terrorist threat, 911 was nothing in comparison/ world war 2 was insignificant in comparison to this terrorist threat. Open your mind, or you die. Open your heart, or it will fail you: and hate will become all that is left.


Disclaimer: I, James Frank Osterbur do state and certify: throughout the writings of this site and its associated sites listed in the left column/ I am the only writer. The only person in any sense of the word, that works and promotes these things in a direct relationship with this site. I have paid the price, of learning/ I have paid “the going rate” to each and any business that has provided me with any service/ throughout. {there is no intent to suggest that others have not been important to my life or the basic realities of work and living life, including technical help, with the web sites}These things are my decision, and I produce them solely for the purpose that I have declared: that life on earth may survive/ and be given this chance to change. IF, you BECOME “LIFE FIRST”, so that survival is possible. If not, it is your fault/ and your failure has no reflection on me; I have done what could be done for you. IT IS YOUR TURN NOW, I do suggest this is as simple, as work as best you can: or die. It will be, one or the other. Communication, and education is key/ do what you CAN do. The lives of millions in the greater San Francisco area/ lives of millions in Europe, AT A MINIMUM are dependent upon “we the people, interceding/ and telling these terrorists NO”. These governments, HOW DARE YOU BE SO BLIND! Even the entire world is at stake, and you can tell it is true; look at the numbers, stop playing, and grow up.

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It is completely true, that what you don’t know, CAN hurt you! As is evident by the rest of this web site/ the reality of attack, even if unintended as to the majority believing no harm will come: is critical and real. The question is: how much damage can ignorance do? The answer is: in terms that invade the basic and real foundations of all life and existence on earth/ stupidity and arrogance and apathy are capable of exterminating the entire planet. Therefore this site is not a game/ not an intent to scare: but a critical and necessary warning, that “all is not well, with human behaviors or leadership regarding this entire world. We have people working and abusing everything there is/ people threatening every life on earth/ people preparing biological threats that make the worst horror stories look like “children at play, on a Sunday school ice cream social with their parents all around”. There are clear and deliberate attacks on every resource on the planet. There is an outright denial of responsibilities, whether it is money, population duties, water, poisons or any other decision that humanity makes: all of it is bad/ because the primary leadership of today, “is a toddler, with shit in his drawers, candy stuck all over his face/ and a scream for more that is heard throughout the world”. Such is life on planet earth! The human element, has not yet recognized the extreme danger of absolute stupidity and denial/ much too busy being proud, selfish, and wanting the world to bend over so they “can fuck em”! but the day is coming very quickly, when either you die from catastrophe as men have created it/ or by hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos) as men have invaded and designed their own destruction. Without true change, nothing can be done/ you are dead. BUT with honest and real change/ humanity primarily being led by truth itself, being educated by reality itself, investigating honestly and honorably for the evidence of what must be done, and why it must be done/ and letting women make these basic decisions for life on earth; we will continue to survive. Men, the leaders of today/ have proven they are completely incompetent, and must never lead again. Look at your reality/ look at the evidence, the whole world is about to die: MEN WILL NOT lead anyone again!
Second, to the reality of C.E.R.N. and a world lost to nuclear fire, in more ways than one/ are the consequences of biological attack. The world of weapons of mass destruction, one mistake, one insane act and none recover, not even those who believe they can be protected by “a vaccine”/ it is a lie, that merely multiplies the pain: pray it is not proven true to you. The genetic massacre of DNA STRUCTURE, is beyond the scope of any words to describe it; the human complaint is “we WANT to know how to combat disease/ WE WANT TO PLAY god, AND INVADE LIFE FOR PLEASURE AND EXTORTION/ we want to cause genetic collapse, because “they think” they will learn something: they will, they will learn nothing can be done; the world of life is now going to end in “beyond descriptions of horror terms, and insanity will be like a pacifier to a baby: descriptions in quiet, compared to the terrors coming”. The reality of genetic structure and human crucifixion of that genetic structure is: although you can do mutilation, and impact tiny conditions/ you cannot fix anything you cause! Like a pandemic in any form, a disease is merely the result of a failure in discipline/ a mutilation of body (not done by direct violence) is a failure in order, most caused by tiny chemical alterations in the environment, induced by men. In other words, order and discipline are complete unknowns to the comprehension of geneticists, and millions are working to destroy that very order and discipline from DNA structure; without the slightest clue how to get it back. “they believe, DO TO utter beyond belief stupidity in evolution: doesn’t matter what we do, nature will fix it”. No words exist to describe this arrogance, apathy, and anal exertions of “their big brains”. Scientist has become synonymous with asshole, and brain dead/ the university a sewer, spewing disaster. Take a look at your reality: “one little thing”/ has turned into one fool after another! Life is a relationship of billions “of things” all working together as one/ nothing is “just one little thing”; only an idiot would assume such ignorance.
Let us review, what the professors say: they claim we are “special among life on earth” because of our big brains/ BUT we don’t have the biggest brain, by a very long way. Measurement proven false. They claim, that DNA structure (the blueprint of life, HOW TO BUILD A PERSON) is just held within 6 billion little combinations of 4 chemicals in a long chain of individual commands: BUT they also claim rice, has a longer DNA structure than humans do! By their simple measurements of 4 chemicals; should not rice be superior to us? These two things all by themselves prove a relationship of absolute BLINDNESS, and INCOMPREHENSION of the possibilities that exist. A mental awareness far beneath “a monkey”/ and probably beneath a worm. And these people, are tampering, mutilating, crucifying, and pretending they can be gods: and they are doing it with your food, your life, your everything: AND THE ENTIRE EXISTENCES OF EVERY LIFE ON EARTH! Does that NOT sound like an impending catastrophe? Or are you less than the intellect of a rock? It is one, or the other: make your decision.
There is NO ALLOWANCE, for humanity playing god over GOD’S OWN CREATION ! you desire less maladies in your life/ YOU CHANGE THE THINGS YOU ARE DOING! Because of your own interference, there are things that invade and disrupt nature at work; you are the destroyer of value and life/ NOT, and NEVER WILL be a god over it. NEVER!!!!!!!! Therefore you have one choice in genetic sanctity of life: EITHER YOU STOP PLAYING god/ OR you are going to die, as a result of Armageddon: men and women getting what they have chosen, you want to continue playing god: THEN you are going to be god over yourselves, over life, and the HORRORS WILL BEGIN. Make your decision! PRAY IT SHALL NOT BE SO/ WORK, to remove this horrendous threat from life, and keep it away! “the power lines”, are the tools, the hiding away from view, the propaganda media which protects only the money, and a runaway government without a clue. Those who come with tears demanding; are the little devils/ prying open “Pandora’s box”; shame on you! The issues of tragedy are unpleasant/ unfair to many/ and a fact of life, that we must deal with: WITHOUT ENDANGERING THE ENTIRE LIFE MASS OF THIS PLANET/ YOU have NO right, to endanger all life on earth; can’t stand it/ then get out! Let society open this door, and do what they can to assist. The issues of death by old age, are unfair to none: this is a preparation for departing time, so that the last possibilities of a better relationship than you have forged with eternity could be changed; for your benefit. Time is nothing, compared to eternity! “there is no eternity/ just dirt”? PROVE IT! YOU are living in a miracle of design and discipline and freedoms/ prove the thought beyond any human comprehension that built these miracles; has simply abandoned you to dirt. Prove, you are wise enough to condemn life, to your decision! Fuck head.
WE HAVE/ YOU HAVE, ONE LAST CHANCE ; to change in ways that will allow you to live, and keep living for a very long time on this earth. IF YOU FAIL/ YOU ASSASSINATE EVERY LIFE the future holds ready, for a chance to fill your shoes, and be alive in time. Do you believe NO punishment would exist, for failure? Really, why/ does not an mass murderer deserve punishment! Prove it ain’t so. Eternity will remember all/ think eternity does not know who you are: you know everything, you ever did/ don’t you! Therefore no matter what you believe/ if you enter eternity, you enter with every truth that exists in you! Either change and be honorable/ or reap your reward.
GO TO COURT, and prove that life can be gambled away by fools/ that hell and Armageddon are not simply the result of leadership by men. Prove you will not die, because human science is so stupid even a worm should know better. Prove you can survive the disgrace of your garbage/ your pollution/ your oxygen consumption/ your environmental damage on every side/ your weapons of mass destruction/ and a few thousand more: prove it / OR DIE : IF YOU WILL NOT CHANGE! THERE IS NO MORE MIDDLE GROUND/ either you will do what life needs: what honor, love, peace, and truth requires of you/ or you will reap the reward you deserve. Time is up/ trial has been formed; and your judgment awaits and assigns the reality that will come. Whether you believe anything is up to you/ but remember this: truth does not care about you it follows the law, only love and mercy care enough to offer change, and the time to “correct your truth”. Truth rules, & reality is relentless, which means even though you don’t want to “wake up”/ you will or you will die: because reality continues with or without your permission/ there is no going back. Continue to kill off this earth, and what does that leave you with? The answer is NOTHING, but cannibalism and hate! PROVE ME WRONG! GO TO COURT, and investigate your reality/ your truth in this moment/ and your future without change, by the relationships you have created for yourself with time. Use you head for a change/ just try to dig it out of your ass; I DARE YOU. Want to kill me/ go ahead, but what will you gain? Time and reality decide/ and every evidence, every testimony of fact, DEMANDS “hell and Armageddon” are coming very quickly. CHANGE YOURSELVES/ killing me, will only buy you more intense catastrophes, as you wallow and suffocate, in your grave: “the skin, of the one you killed”.
You can only kill me once/ a billion years from now, how many times do “you think” you can die? Which brings the question what could the maximum level of terror be? For you!
This is not a temptation for you/ this is not a defiance of you: this is a reality created by the decision of what you are willing to do/ and the punishment assigned to those who are willing to do the worst they can; and reap a reward, for all the earth because of it. GOD IS LIFE AND DEATH/ which, do you choose to be!
Neither is this a war with the educated, the university, the government, or the rest: THIS is a dedicated attempt to remove the pride, arrogance, apathy, lack of discipline, failure in order, and just plain “don’t care” attitudes that have brought us all to death’s door. Do I sound uneducated? This is not a war on education, or the benefits of knowledge/ this is a war on stupidity, and the vile diseases in all phases of existence that have been created by those who could not detect a relationship between life, reality, and their own stupidity. This is not a war “on those who call themselves smart or dumb”/ what has that got to do with life or death. THIS IS the examination and introduction of evidence, and the foundations upon which these realities react/ and create a future for us all; “because that is what truth describes” not me. The courtroom is used as a funnel for what concerns us all/ and the deposits required in information that clarify the details, and understand the consequences “as best we can”. The foundation law, to be discussed within a courtroom IS: YOU CANNOT GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES/ YOU CANNOT GAMBLE WITH ALL LIVES ON EARTH/ & YOU CANNOT LEAD US INTO HELL AND ARMAGEDDON WITH LIES. If humanity decides they don’t care/ life be damned; so be it. But you will have your day in court/ OR you don’t care enough to even fight for your life; thereby NOT enough to keep it. The courtroom is for truth/ KEEP IT THAT WAY, and be serious in your penalties to “purposeful liars”; doesn’t matter who they are/ but be FAIR. As is true of me/ “the list of experts” includes all people who have something to say; NOT just a select few, controlled by their memorization of what others have told them. I am a high school graduate, and otherwise self-taught! And I do have something to say/ KEEP IT IN MIND! THE WORLD, and your own future/ the future of your children are now up to you! If all these things are not enough to motivate you into a courtroom/ then nothing else will do either; so we are done here. The courtroom has your answers/ not me: YOU GO THERE, AND PROVE WHATEVER YOU CAN PROVE, keeping in mind; if you cannot prove “NO RISK TO LIFE HERE”/ then you cannot proceed/ because life is not a toy/ nor is it a game.
Personal issues, are a personal test; for me or you! They are realities that will be faced alone. Everything that is not personal to me listed herein, IS A SOCIETY, A HUMANITY PROBLEM, and they will be faced together as one decision: win or lose/ it is the decision of women, who will decide! They hold your lives in the balance/ and their decision as a majority will lead this world, or you die. Make your decision now/ because time waits for no one. Reality continues every single day. The decisions of men, stabilize women and help them reach for life; therefore be kind/ be gentle/ be fair and more/ and don’t forget to care. Good prayers to you.

THIS IS A FIRE ALARM, NOT an attempt to scarce anyone/ it is a necessary warning, that traitors are preparing your destruction. And YOU need to stop them, because this is about life on earth.

So, today you have a choice; either draw a blank wall between your reality and truth, to hide behind/ or accept the responsibility and duty required of you for life on earth, and defend life. The question of “who is right/ will occur; they will argue: can’t happen/ we know what we are doing.” And you must express the truth: that if the experiment is to “find what you do not know”(a stated purpose and goal)/ THEN HOW can you know what is going to happen? THEREFORE YOU MUST prove what will NOT under any conceivable circumstances destroy this world! If you cannot/ then you MUST NOT gamble with the world! And your whole standing, IS YOU DON’T KNOW! issue will arise, as to the validity of my own knowledge and understanding/ BUT THE END RESULT IS, “I am unimportant” to this decision/ YOU CANNOT GAMBLE WITH THE WORLD. (whether I am right or wrong is irrelevant, YOU must not be wrong/ YOU ARE ENDANGERING THE WORLD, NOT ME, I can be wrong/ YOU CANNOT). And if you cannot prove the relationships of such extreme energy WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, that assume “nothing bad will happen”: YOU SHALL NOT PROCEED. I say, “this is a bomb strapped to the back of every life/ it is driving in a car head on into another car with the world inside at light speed/ multiplied by the speed of the other car involved to more than light speed: 50 mph crashing into another car 50 mph is the same effect as a car doing 100 mph. t The key to removing death: is to stop this experiment before it goes any farther.” Prove me wrong/ because the world will only end once.
This is not about scaring you/ this is information about your own life, about the things that people have never done before; that can literally take that life away. The loss of discipline in genetic stability IS the end of nature as you know it/ the loss of disciplines that control the chains that are life on this earth, IS the end of chains that sustain all life above it/ the loss of discipline in such a little thing as money, means war or justice in court; and you do have to choose: ALL HAVE HUGE CONSEQUENCES. Either truth and reality will come, and you will participate in that truth and reality honestly; or you die. Just how life is. “interferes in want & pride, etc DOESN’T IT”! SO, go ahead build a wall of failure and do what you want/ be as proud as you can be; but remember this, there are no second chances/ and 7 billion people are making the same decisions that you are! What could go wrong? Really, what could go wrong/ where neither truth, nor reality, nor discipline, nor life has a say: ALL LIES, all the time/ but who gives a damn, right? Hell, your god/ you can do anything you want; “just like the other 7 billion people”.
As to this writing, and my own ways; they are not yours/ and your judgment is not needed. We are living on this world together today/ we are living in this time on earth together, whether you like the reality or not. We are choosing for the future of life on earth, the very same as if it were on trial/ because the judgment or decisions YOU make today; decide if there will be a world tomorrow. Can’t go wrong/ always had food, always had everything we need; just go to the store and get me some: isn’t that right! But like a bank account that is never refunded/ or a car that is never refueled: the end of the road comes. Whether you like it or not/ the end of credit comes too: because you cannot pay the bill. Lies have only one ending “if you are caught/right”. But no one can catch you, cause your too smart. You have lied about your money; “extra special smart to get this far, don’t you think; a whole world going to be up in arms, cause the smart people stole their money”. Just a really special smart you are. What could go wrong. The end of this world is a relationship without discipline or order/ insanity all around; and that is what you have built for yourselves.
There are issues regarding women and me/ there are issues regarding the fact I am not polite with you. Each of these are summed up in the words: to establish change in this world, YOU MUST BE STABLE, in your acceptance of the work. If you have not encountered the challenge of words and accepted their cost; you will fail. If you have not accepted, the expansion of ideas that are not common or simple; you will fail. If you are not willing to examine life in a new way, irregardless of what you want/ what you expect/ and all the rest that exists today: you will not change/ and that means you will die. There are no options for want (7 billion people have needs, and they all take from this earth every single day: DID I MISS SOMETHING, is the earth infinite/ nothing can run out; is life unable to die, from thirst or starvation; do people not go to war over resources and needs: WHAT DID I MISS!) either truth will lead us all, and life will choose a reality that can be sustained; or the consequence of what men have built for you comes true, as it is; NO second chances. Dig deep, and find “your big brain” and prove this is not true: your life/ your children/ and the future of all life on earth depends upon it. There is no place to hide/ but in your own lies: “like a child hiding in a burning closet, with the house on fire/ so then are you”. You want someone to lie to you/ NOT TO WORRY/ plenty are coming; after all “they have wants to/ don’t give a damn, going to get mine: to hell with the rest/ I WANT”.
You can die in want/ or you can live in truth; but the middle ground of pretending what you do doesn’t matter is over. We are 7 billion people/ there are “smart people” all over the world doing what they want; and the world is dying “look around” beyond stupidity. There are “dumb people” all over the world doing what they want; and the world is dying “look around” and see every hand that reaches out for MORE. Go in search for how many acres of green earth there are/ divide that by 7 billion people; and understand just how many people live on each acre of ground/ I dare you. Go ahead and lie/ but reality isn’t a game: and there are no winners. Either truth decides what can sustain us all, or we die. Period.

It is a simple truth, “fools and idiots are leading America to its death”. That’s how it is. The latest round of “throw the food away”/ is beyond sanity/ beyond insanity/ and confronts “the religious zeal, of people who don’t care if you eat”. Some pitiful disgrace for a human being “who has no doubt celebrated and given themselves a million dollar bonus for being so smart, so in defense of animals: that they threw away 145 million pounds of meat”. What a smart thing to do, an entire days worth of food for 300 million people/ just 364 times to go and you don’t eat for a year. Not only did they throw that much food away/ they threw the carcasses of all the animals who died away “FOR NOTHING”, BUT THEIR OWN #####; DUMBASS! Figuring 600 pound yield per carcass/ that is 241,666 animals YOU KILLED for nothing; and 241,666 animals needed to replace them at the slaughterhouse DUMBASS. Not only that, you took a company and bankrupted it/ you took their employees and removed any chance they had for a raise, or a pension, or a healthcare plan, plus tax benefits to the community and THREW IT ALL AWAY; and your “superiors” either let you, or helped you; DUMBASS. Not only that, you threw away the energy spent to haul, process, refrigerate, and are now requiring more energy and the pollution it causes to be generated in taking this meat away; NO DOUBT some of which will end up in the feed of cattle/ because with this much, it will be free: THEREBY CAUSING the probable cases of mad cow disease that are sure to come: DUMBASS. In a world of starving people/ in a place with tumbling grain supplies because the world needs them, and you are too stupid to protect them from yourselves by sacrificing them to ethanol, with all the stupidity you can muster/ in a world that has seen a dramatic seafood loss: you are throwing away enough food for 300 million people for a day; DUMBASS. Do you think cattle don’t need grain/ don’t use energy and pollution to raise them; WAKE UP DUMBASS, before you kill us all. Do you think wars are not fought for food. Pitiful disgrace. Think farther/ understand better/ do what needs to be done; and don’t be so damned righteous: and surrender your job, or throw these out, because they don’t belong here! I saw the little clip on the news, the single cow that “caused 300 million people to not eat for a day/ that had their prices of food go up significantly because of this failure. That cow showed every sign of bloat, a “gas problem of the stomach that makes them listless and not want to get up/ she had a very full “tit bag”, which meant it was driving her crazy with discomfort; and she was on her way to be slaughtered and may simply have known it on the inside as well; add to that the fact she was walking on slippery goo, and may have sprained something in a fall; animals do fall.” The people on the forklift did not treat her badly/ she had to move “YOU go out to that feedlot in the slippery shit/ and show them how; butt head.” The fact is: being a predator isn’t a pretty sight/ and we are predators with regard to animals. That is how it is/ and we need to eat them, because we are built that way in large part/ they forage on ground that will not grow enough grain to count; and that makes them important as a food, whether you wish to count yourself as a predator or not. In a world of 7 billion people/ growing in population by 2 million more mouths to feed each week: YOU HAVE NO CHOICE/ but to be VERY CAREFUL WITH THE FOOD; or all kinds of tragedy will come. How can you be so completely blind. The problem is of course “the maggot field” from which all leaders of this nation are found/ in the university, where professors embark on their own “special little religious crusades of pomp and ceremony and worship me”. What is seen here, is the reality of people who believe life is reduced to “ONE little thing/ that is all they need to know”; and as is clearly seen here, that one little cow, was enough to remove the food for 300 million people and cause terrible harm to so many; “very righteous though/ practically a religion of its own” DUMBASS. Life on earth is about everything at once, and the assembly of relationships, the understanding of truth as applied to reality, and the need to recognize “the collateral damage for our future and beyond” is NOT a simple “one stupid, insane, ignorant, blind bastard idea, to be pursued as if it were god”. Find someone who understands/ yes, the cow should have been “swung the other way” in the slaughterhouse, just in case. But the reality is “the conveyor belt has to keep running”. Like it or not. GROW UP! And learn this as well, instead of killing dogs and cats and throwing them away “they are a food source” not to be overlooked. Instead of pumping people with poisons and throwing them in the ground; the sea is dying because of human activities; and we need to feed the fish, and other aquatic life: the only thing you have, not being used/ is human dead bodies! There ain’t no going back/ either you work with the reality you created; or it kills you. Make your decision. If you grow tired of the work/ if you go insane/ if you hide or run away/ or throw up your hands “can’t do it/ won’t do it”: go ahead; but remember this, once we cross the threshold of no going back, nature is dying and there is nothing we can do: YOU HAVE BECOME, “the living dead”. You have become the assassins of life on earth/ prepare for your reward. DO THE WORK, PAY THE PRICE FOR LIFE ON EARTH, MAKE YOUR DECISION FOR CHANGE; AND HELP ME/ US, KEEP LIFE ALIVE HERE. It ain’t no guarantee, you have to work, or you lose all life on earth. Don’t matter, if you don’t like it/ truth does not care & time is relentless. Which means simply nothing stops unless you stop it with change/ you can’t do this with war, you will lose everything instead. YOUR DECISION is what matters, each and every single one! Because that is what change means. Do not fear, what value is that/ there is no place to hide/ no place to run; either true change comes or everything men have led us to in this day continues to its reward: the extermination of life on earth. Work and pay the price for life, with is truth leads, and reality decides/ and women will determine what that truth is, and how reality will be defined: because men have done far too much damage/ and are removed. They failed completely/ the evidence proves it. Make your decision/ and understand there is NO going back.
I cannot stop all these problems by myself, neither can you/ that means we need an army of people who choose to pay the price of life on earth. That price is a demand for truth, a demand for justice, a relationship with reality that does not choose want, pride or the rest of hate. That price is, “you will hope, you will work, and you will live for peace and happiness on earth”. Understanding clearly, unless we remove all this destruction and death, apathy and arrogance, failure and the diseases called hate, pride, want, selfishness, and the rest; that is building into complete catastrophe; we all die.
GO TO COURT, AND FIND YOUR TRUTH, it is the only battlefield that will sustain life/ do not be lured; but do understand where greed, power, and pride all insist upon gambling with life: it is necessary “to take the power lines down”. Because no matter what they say/ THESE ARE KNOWN LIARS, or they would not do these things that risk all life on earth.
I am not your leader, women must do that/ because change means change, and if I were your leader; by killing me they kill you; a pitiful and arrogant plan, a failure. So choose women, GO TO COURT, where the battleground can be fair IF YOU DEMAND IT! As to me, having reflected on past “dreams of a different future”/ it is clear they are no longer valid, time has past, reality has changed. So given the reality “I have the dirtiest job in the whole world: reaching up the ass of all the liars, thieves, killers, etc/ and pulling down what they hide from you”. I will be happy instead, with the life I have/ if you simply survive, and the future is sustained for life on earth. The children need us all/ don’t give up.

I am irrelevant, the information is in your hands/ I have accomplished all that I can do in this matter, the spirit inside of me says: its up to you, as “we the people”. You do have power as humanity says: “yes or no” to all these things and more. Fail, and truth has consequences; all lies have endings. Make your decision. You are then asked to spread this message in an attempt to join together as one world: saying NO, the risk to life on earth is far too great/ CHANGE! That is your job. Summary of the site at the “above, click here, link” fundamentally collects the perspectives associated with this reading, and provides outside sources for your investigation. This site is now sealed, except for the book 3 public discussion forum that is open to you . If I add anything in the future, it will be at this book 3 site, on its own link/ but that is highly unlikely. YOU SHALL now discuss this, as you wish; the subject matter will not change further throughout the site. So that you cannot feel attacked. It is not my job, to enter this discussion/ and I have NO expectation of doing so. I am not “open for your discussion”/ your problems far exceed any “trinket interest in me”. The quirky aspects herein; of my own life, simply exist/ only time will tell how that ends. This is “my respectful contribution” to your world/ I leave it to you to decide if it is indeed “more than that”. From this point on, it is your work, not mine that will make the difference: in your future. The reality that can be, versus the reality that will be, hinges entirely upon you. DO THE BEST you can, at least do something! Do not worry about what you cannot do; you cannot do that/ why then worry? Life is first.


This is the most optimistic site on the internet today, because it allows for the hope that the entire world can be changed with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, it believes in the honesty of a fundamental truth, that without respect, we are literally nothing; and it asserts that we all deserve respect. The question of truth is the most fundamental question in this day, therefore “pure optimism” is unwarranted and unwise/ but in contrast to previous intents to undermine selfishness and pride and power, as is consistent throughout the rest of this document. The following relationship questions apply only knowledge and understanding that you may learn the fundamentals that do determine truth in your own hearts and mind. This is a change in me. If you would like to read more of this click here for relationship questions 2. The primary portion of the rest of this site is then dedicated to the more primitive understanding of human threats, failures, and how they affect our lives and our future. The understanding necessary to intervene in this struggle for life or death of this planet, is then held to the light, and asks you personally if you will work for life.
This is also the most pessimistic site on the internet today; understanding through the basis and reality of knowledge, that are very lives are in danger, and without change, these threats how the key to a description of living called hell & armageddon. Balanced between these contradictions is the certainty, that it is our decisions each one, that will turn the key to life or death for this planet, this world of life, and ourselves. We begin in the simple terms of talking truth 2, for some examples of what this writing is like.

Therefore the purpose of the writing and its grants in aid of women, are to achieve the distinctions necessary to question our truth, and organize our reality in new and different ways: BEFORE we have no choice but the consequence of what has been done, is being done, and will proceed without change to destroy us all. We are fundamentally able to survive and change the world into a far more beautiful place today, than at almost any time in the history of men: because it is possible to change the leadership of this world to women, “and let them try, instead of men”. If we do not do this however, the entire history of men clearly proves “war is the answer of men”/ in every situation of trial, and this cannot be changed without generations into the future. The assumption of a war on men, university, or government by me, is not wise or correct; however the war against: reality of pride, power, and selfishness as these control our destiny through lies, is without doubt. Time is running out/ the question to you is: are you running away, hiding, too fearful for anything but cowardice/ or will you fight for your life, this planet, and life itself? There is no war here, this is a battleground of law, understanding, & truth; it is, the right of democracy as WE THE PEOPLE, and through our understanding of justice, fair play, and equality, we do have the law on our side/ and cannot be defeated, because the constitution does not allow for selfishness, the destruction of the nation, or power by its concept in equality and justice for all. Therefore, The choice is yours,but the reality will be yours as well; either we stop the critical destruction of everything, or we die. Quite simple really. If you are wrong/ your dead. If you fight for this earth and life, you gain your own survival. This site is then written for the blatant realization of what threats exist, what answers can come, and the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom required for life. You will not be bored; but there will be tears, fears, happiness, hope, and honesty, even in you! If you don’t run away. We are, at a moment of crisis in our lives on planet earth; optimism/ pessimism/ neither lies, nor fears will help: ONLY truth, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and hope will change anything/ it is your choice. The reality of being wrong about planet change/ resource denial/ over-population/ or the other numerous threats we face is very simply: gamble and you die, because being wrong is being dead.


This site is about pushing YOU, into an understanding of critical realities that define this world, our lives, our responsibilities and options as a society, and the relationships we share as life on earth that shape our world. It is a confrontation with all policies and people that threaten our extinction as life on earth. It is a belligerent examination of the pride and powers that have become our executioner (the future will prove this statement, without change)/ and seeks to demand both pride and power shall stop, or we die. The purpose of these things is very simple, as you read you will learn how many things do threaten us all. You will see, the courtroom in a different and pathetic light. You will understand the basic foundations of what makes us human. And you will begin to perceive what is fair and just/ if only you can defeat pride, power, want, selfishness, and hate; inside of you. We are one person, one life as far as this planet is concerned today; meaning, unless we literally find cooperation together and share, and care about life first; letting truth itself lead: the future is lost to war. Summary says; “The words bite, and dispense pain to attack the arrogance of people who just don’t care; or simply refuse to learn: the reality intended, grow up before you die. The rhetoric is not ridicule, by its essence “it is merely a slap on the face, to wake you up”. It says: do something to help.

There is knowledge, understanding, and wisdom here; but only if you have the intensity of soul and heart to bear the consequence of our reality, and accept the burden of your own responsibility to work; otherwise you will run away and fail to learn the lessons required to survive. A small portion is dedicated to spiritual definitions, that you will understand only, if you enter within the thought and destinies they portray. Do not expect subversion or leadership/ it is not here. This is a gift of hope, the opportunity to change and survive. But it is also a warning, if no change exists/ then no possibility for your future exists either. Pray, if you do/ read if you can/ work if your heart allows it/ and live in truth, that no matter how the world reacts; your own life will survive into eternity and love. Such as these, are the ways and purposes of this site. It is long, to give ear to all who will demand conflict/ it is real, rather than pessimistic, because that is what is required, to survive. The lies and the fantasy are over, either you grow up now, or you die. Either you take back the world from those who have decided you can be exterminated, because they don’t care; or the world itself ends.

We live upon the foundations that we build, or within the realities thrust upon us, as best we can; or we are dead. Because tomorrow comes, and truth will not let us escape the consequences of what we do or do not do. The critical questions of this day, decide what tomorrow brings; unless you die! Therefore the expressions necessary to build a future that we can survive: are literally the purpose of these works.
Hope lives, but life says: either we change, or nature dies because of us; life follows, your life too. Investigate/ examine/ and then with truth and knowledge, one person; one vote we shall decide. WE THE PEOPLE One way or the other.

The question of time surfaces, in the debate of why must we accomplish anything now? The answer is; simply, time exists because truth allows us as life to recognize it as being alive in this body and mind. Time is a human element/ because without the humanity, time does not matter. Therefrom as a human element, it does matter what we as humanity have done/ are doing/ will do; because we are the essence of time, in our lives. More simply, when we die/ our time ends; when genocide occurs, their time ends; when the earth fails, or when weapons of mass destruction or any of the other severe threats that face our lives because men choose to threaten; and go insane: then time is over, and so is our humanity. All desire to “wait and see”/ but life is not like that! In an instant death comes, and life is over; and you know this is true. We cannot reverse time, “and do it over”. We cannot recreate a world to live in, after we destroy this one. We cannot stop insanity or the consequences of war, once it starts, and seeks to consume us all. The constant human condition is; “I am afraid of change/ I am powerless to confront my enemies, whatever they may be”. The reality of life says: courage, is the decision to let truth decide/ knowledge and wisdom guide our ways/ and discipline establish the best that we can do. There is nothing else, called human that we can do! Therefore both the tragedy and success of being alive, are found in the decision of where you will live inside your heart. All spirituality is defined, and displayed inside of truth! All that is life is held and determined by those thoughts that give you hope, peace, love, and destiny. What then is your own choice, your own place in the eternity that is truth? Your answer, is your fate. Your soul is, your decision.

How Great You Are


CASE # 07-2299
Titled: the facts are, constitutional law is sovereign as defined by constitutional documents/ WE THE PEOPLE are immune from being excused from the court in matters of an accountability by the employees of government: so says the 1st amendment. “Redress of grievances”/ a legal right/ not a political one.

My jurisdiction is the 1st amendment of the constitution of America. My right, IMMUNE from being trampled upon by the employees of government: no matter who they are: is the foundation of America, guaranteed in the words ...”to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. Unless you can dispute these words, and destroy the first amendment of the constitution of the USA; you have lost, and owe me a trial to investigate, examine, and decide: Exactly where we are as a nation: According to the accounts of this nation and this state of IL. Where we are as to the possibility of extermination due to weapons of mass destruction. Where we are as to the extent that we will die from the reality of population expansion, resource loss, pollution in real terms, the death of many ecosystems, the reality of global debts, the loss of an ocean to feed the starving, civil war due to the stealing of employees and their failure to do their duties properly, and many more.
It is not my job as a citizen to “sit back and let you handle what is clearly absolute corruption/ as you steal us blind, and sell the nation into ruin and death”. It is my duty to demand an accounting, formally defining what is true and what is not true/ that we as a nation may do, and decide for ourselves what must be done. With clarity and concern, I am telling you plainly: the door to OUR COURTROOM, AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Is welded open for this purpose. And I believe, the people of this United States will prove it to you, if you refuse to do your job; and accept the task of Respecting truth, and our need as a nation to find it/ before we die.

Bringing ORDER, to this world

This site is now changed from the introduction of law, to be the primary instrument of government, instead of people, called the officials of government. Wherein; The court systems both state and federal/ by the trials located herein, have been proven corrupt and without acceptance of law, as their fundamental ruler. The government official simply discarding law, for the sake of power, pride, want, and selfishness; becoming the compromise of lies, cheating, stealing, and hate: the enforcement of the “status quo/ instead of liberty and freedom and equality for all; or even the safety and securities of the nation itself”. The question given to this writing is: HOW do we the people enforce the law/ when the people hired to protect us by the law, refuse to obey? The answer is held within the basic format of this writing, and its related links: every solid foundation built by natural means (before the use of concrete), was done by the use of rubble strewn along a line, which then the structures for human life were built upon. In this case “the rubble: critical facts that must be recognized and faced in fact, before the building can begin”/ have been strewn: placed without opposition, as they did not represent a threat as single issues without direct support/ along the line that divides what is peace and harmony, from what is the armies of hate. Pride, want, selfishness, and corrupt power; are the four armies of hate, as these attack each from a different direction/ for the single purpose of controlling life.

The building of a wall, to defeat each of these attacks, is formed by the understanding of individual facts forming an alliance with wisdom; thereby using individual “treasures of information”/ as a tool, to ascend from being attacked; to the disciplines of an order that cannot be challenged by little things, requires a very significant change. Therefrom the honesty of history, and the reality of life dictate WOMEN must lead/ because the failure and the corruption of men in leadership has become so pervasive that they have indeed threatened to exterminate us all. Do women currently rule this world/ that we should blame them? NO, they do not have but little voice/ and few options. This world, has proven men, provide only one answer for society it is war/ and war has proven throughout history, never to solve any real problem; it only destroys: to remove a few leaders and the thugs who keep them in power. [The reality to be defeated here, is pride] Thereby a world court to replace war, with world laws/ a world police to drive to the door of corrupt and dangerous leaders, and simply “get them for trial”; [NOT fight with the nation, IDIOT]/ and a trial before the world, to convict or deny leadership as is necessary: is that change. To change the corruption of governments, [the reality to be defeated is power], you must change the possibilities of control, by limiting the exercise of individual wealth [ did you know, that 2 microsoft owners; represent “$100 billion dollars in assets”; not to mention their ability to turn that into credit and multiply the amount by at least 10, or 1 trillion dollars of control? Just 2 people. One trillion dollars is equal to= 300 million people, every single citizen in america owing $3,333.00 dollars each; that would be every baby, every prisoner, every sick person, every single face in the whole nation. PLAINLY beyond corruption/ BEYOND justice/ BEYOND the possibility of anything called fair play or equal. Reduced to workers/ because only workers represent money: does a tree fall down if you throw dollars at it? No it does not, money merely moves the people to do the work/ the people are the money, their labor the deciding factor if the money has value {unless there are no resources to use}. The numbers are in fact irrelevant; because the resource and the labor are the money of every human society. Even so today in a land of about 50 million workers, 1 trillion dollars is equal to = $20,000.00 dollars of labor and resources each. Do we owe 2 people the work and resources of 50 million people, at a rate of $20,000.00 dollars each/ is this not corruption that just 2 people can command the workforce of an entire nation shall do this much work? Are there not many more/ do you not see this very few, can influence the stock market/ politics/ and the media, so dramatically; that they literally play with you, laugh at you/ ridicule you! Are the little groups of bankers, etc, no different? Take a look at your universities; simply can’t throw money away fast enough/ its your bill! NO this is not Democracy; not liberty or freedom, it is blatant and true corruption and a disgrace for this nation! Those who claim a billion dollars and more/ merely play the game they have designed; but do so for power, pride, and selfishness: over we the people. ] There are people who applaud “the billionaire”/ saying to themselves and the world, “that’s the american promise/ that’s the american way”; YOU are fools, take a look/ not only do they obtain the right to remove everything you want or need or desire for yourself/ these can and have moved to change the nation itself. Tremendous wealth has nothing to do with Democracy (WE THE PEOPLE, this is our choice/ our nation/ our decision). Instead tremendous wealth is merely the advance of an enemy inside, a traitor destroying democracy for the purpose of what does become hate. Your numbers are foolish and blind/ extremely arrogant & lacking truth or reality, therefore America is now bankrupt, because of true greed; these took and do control, what every other person needs; including access to information, by your own permission: and now we have to take it back! Or we die/ or we become slaves, and then die. Look at yourself, if you hate the billionaire, etc as well: hate is merely the evidence in this event, of someone whose own want, threatens to destroy them. They are not to be hated; these are human too, and most would gladly trade them places; how can you threaten those you wanted to be yourself. Instead recognize the disaster of what giving anyone this much power means: “literally, they can destroy the resources, the possibilities, the opportunities, and the future for you and your children; because you let them”. The truth is, that such consumption is an assassination of those whom the future brings. The consequence to be defended is: The reality of justice, FOR ALL/ or civil war will come. The issues of business are not about money/ the reality of business is about fair play, or society fails and becomes filled with murder, lies, and deceit. The issues of society are not about money/ the reality of society is about equality for all/ or there will be war, as one becomes slaves and prostitutes and worthless to the other. Justice decides these things, and we adjust accordingly, by the foundations of peace and happiness; or you won’t survive. The world is no longer simple: YOU must make decisions that share and care in respect/ or the pressures of over-population, resource loss, and all the rest will consume you too.
Therefore the question of a demand, as WE THE PEOPLE, to intervene in OUR SOCIETY, and change the relationship of money to OUR LIVES; is fundamentally without even the possibility of a complaint, it is our right.

The critical response to change by the determination of people is developed in the understanding of male psychology; as men choose to compete/ thereby they are always “looking for an edge, or way to win; life is a game”. Men will disagree contending “it ain’t no game, if I am homeless, starving, etc; because I didn’t play to win”! But the truth is: this is the game men created for themselves; the fact you must play your own game is your fault, as a society of men. YOU chose & you do support it/ by not ending the game: and changing it to life, and happiness. Because so many “want to win”/ the reality of survival is irrelevant for most; these are demands for superiority and the pressure to control others. The critical reality of society is: if not all “winners, by life and peace”/ then all are victims of aggression and deceit. The leadership of men, are plainly aggressive/ the reality of money to corrupt the political and legal processes without doubt, known to men as the “real avenue to corruption/ is to control these, and then you do what you want”! These diseases are so entrenched in men/ that a generation will not fully erase them! ONLY THE LAW, can intervene and make men obey; “doesn’t matter how much money, power, or pride you have/ the law is stronger: it is all of us/ bound together, for the common good”. FOR JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, AND EQUALITY! This is the purpose and the reality of LAW, as a tool of life.The question of enforcement of these primary laws {NOT the corruption of pitiful and bastard rules; bought by power, pride, selfishness, or want: BUT THE LAW OF LIFE}, is determined by “who is watching me”? All must watch men, as some will expect subversion and traitorous acts to society: “will win their positions and power back”. To this end, women must be given real control, even over sexual decisions (the same men have taken throughout history/ reality is reversed): additional personal opportunities for defense are added to women: by understanding “the adam’s apple or bump in a male neck; forward, and center” is a very sensitive device/ becoming the second weapon for women to use: a 10 pound thrust hitting this device will cause suffocation to begin/ a greater thrust can cause death; use with caution. The third weapon understands simply: do not bite men where it will not do you any good. INSTEAD, bite their finger/ thereby disabling that weapon against you/ it is far more effective. FIGHT, don’t whimper and die/ prepare in advance, panic is the enemy! Choose, and then pay the price. It is not necessary to “win”/ it is only important to prove life will not surrender “to them”. Death is better! Very few, will continue to attack/ you will go free, or die {but truth says; these have already decided to kill you (those decisions are made prior to an attack), therefore it is irrelevant: GOD will decide, IF you belong to HIM}. Color is not an excuse for anything/ get over it. When the police are watched, they perform as they must to survive and do their job. When the court is watched, they perform their job, because they must or society will remove them and find another. In america today and throughout the past; “the court removed their obligation for responsibility, by pretending: we are immune from the law”/ THEY ARE NOT “immune from the failure to honorably do their jobs”, but instead MUST BE held to a higher degree of accountability. And removed if not found honorable to the nations need. This is mandatory, as the judge and the court are the primary tools for a nation at peace, and filled with happiness and life. When they fail/ you fail; THEREBY YOU ARE to be on guard, watching your court/ honoring your judicial officials for justice, fair play, and equality: AND BEING A HARSH judge (let their own verdicts determine it) in your own right as WE THE PEOPLE, upon those who fail and take the nation to hell: the devastation of having to live with the decisions you actually made. The politician is owned by the wealthy/ get used to it, that is your current reality; the wealthy want, he or she provides/ it is the price of election. The rule applied: I WANT, but aggression says; “for a price”/ that price in terms of this economy today is: credit without end/ until the day all numbers called dollars, are found to be meaningless. The bankers and lenders in collusion with “the smart people” create inflation by simply burying it in “the price of a house, or business, or property”: a flood of immigrants to control any question of reality: work harder, or lose your job. But still not enough to pretend we can have all the credit we want/ and never pay: someone has to pay, that day always comes, and you know it; we will pay later, is not never”. There are phases to bankruptcy; anger is next/ but if you do not redirect this anger to the courtroom in search of true justice/ honest fair play for all; then, IT WILL become civil war. With terrible consequences. Because the numbers of humanity, who WANT everything they can get right NOW/ is so extreme; the reality of your ability to survive, is without doubt less than 50% today. The expectation of entitlement so ridiculous; THE ONLY OPTION for survival of the nation is to learn the realities of failure, discuss the options of survival: and grow up or wake up, by throwing fantasy away/ AND CHOOSING LIFE. No longer can you simply survive, you have attacked the earth and nature and everything of value, including each other; NOW you must choose to survive, repair these things, and literally change; or you will die! To aid in your understanding of life, what is a book now exists as chapters under the heading “main menu” to the left on this site/ other sites written by me, are also provided for slightly different views, intended to accommodate the variations in people. The end result is simply, if you will not learn/ if you will not work for your lives, and your children’s lives, and the future of all life on earth; then you will enter a new world by the definitions men have created. VERY SOON, a hell of consequences including weapons of mass destruction, this is a choice for women/ and they will make it for all life on earth. Selfishness, want, and apathy have combined to create a 2 million more births per week/ than deaths; which means we as a life on this earth cannot possibly survive all this coming need: it does not matter what liar comes, with their expert stupidity/ we cannot survive these numbers of people, and will starve. Today, every resource on earth is being attacked literally, because someone wants the money; more than they want to survive. Because the game of men says: DO IT, or die. Therefore tragedy in pollution, environment, and resource loss is absolutely going to end the possibilities of life on this earth. When you consume the seed for next years crop/ what will you eat then? When you consume the “ocean seed” for next years crop/ and cut off their food supply by changing the ocean currents upon which this life depends/ what will you eat then? The answer is yourselves! The consequence of genetic mutilation, WILL be beyond horrific and horrendous/ even beyond the meaning of terrors; you have desired to play god; and you will reap your reward. Starvation means cannibalism; and it is going to be “women and children first”. Like it or not/ that is your coming reality, because you are consuming the ocean life, and destroying their ability to revive populations or even at all. Tremendous change is coming; the only question is whether you choose literally; to survive or to die in hell and armageddon. Women will make this choice for life on earth/ because the leadership of men have already cursed us to extinction. Believe it or not/ they are removed from this decision, except as a helper to women. Men have proven extinction! If women cannot find the courage, or love, or honor/ we all die.

The questions of selfishness, want, pride, and power are all in women too! They will be our leaders of this world, because it is decreed: since men have made their decision/ it is now up to women to save this earth, or agree to die. The reality of a social and political structure that gives them the diseases of men, particularly the failures of aggression and competition like men. Are not in place, to remove the possibilities of justice and peace through harmony for life; at this moment in time. These will come, as time goes on/ therefore it is critical if women lead, that the law be formed and taught to all the people/ changed only by all the people through an EDUCATED vote. Critical that power is limited, and pride held away by the truth that will lead instead. Critical that reality is the format of a decision/ that changes the opportunities for everyone, or anyone. The consequences of want; are your most serious enemy/ as want, is the tragedy that controls so many lives. But the damage caused by pride are equal to want, and harder to destroy. To destroy Want, you are demanded to surrender that want; it will not be disciplined, you must give it up, this is literally the only way! To destroy pride means literally; even the “very worst” descriptions of what you don’t desire for your own life/ must be accepted in another, because nothing else will allow you to be equal. Violence and hatred are not acceptable to you/ therefore they are not accepted here either; only those personal realities that are not “evil, by violence”/ the rest you must have tolerance for. But remember freedom and liberty do not mean destruction for the world, not for society, not for the nation; just personal liberties and freedom become our right: but even so, that does not include consumption of what the future needs without cause/ or even a callous disregard for what is a need to someone else. Living together is not free; but understanding equality means I have a different view, and an opportunity to live it; is a right. The failure to be equal, will become the death of this world; hatred cannot be defeated by prejudice and bigotry. Today, we are 7 billion people, and it matters what each of us does; 7 billion times, every day/ every year! Because GOD created us all; and we have no right to judge, what we cannot do for ourselves. But because reality demands your right to reproduce must be controlled/ or the earth dies, and all of us with it; there is no right to refuse. Children are not the product of their parents/ they are the reality of a genetic gift called life, a gift that is being crucified today by men; all clamoring for pride and money and power. The foundations of friendship, hope, love, and courage; produce the structures of sharing, caring, loving, and respect. If you find these honestly, you will do well; all is not yet lost/ BUT YOU ARE IN GRAVE DANGER OF LOSING EVERYTHING if you do not begin very soon. The saying; time waits for no man/ woman/ or child, is true; if you don’t change, you die, the future does come. The future is hell and armageddon; change this, or enter you shall; because that is what the evidence in truth says. Gamble and you die/ go to court, and prove this is not so, by the evidence and the reality of life in truth.

I will be changing the chapters on the main menu of this site from time to time; “edit or find; LLL” / to go to new additions to the work/ a number will appear beside the title, as each addition is made. What is set as the new beginning of a discussion link, has no further reference, except a new number reference on the link. The Letter “L” in a series simply for finding the bookmark. L, simply for love, light, or life, take your pick.
The trials are here for you to read, commentary is below/ more links provided by me, simply for your convenience and education. You must learn, or you will be subject to lies/ and as time goes on, the lies get easier to accept, because someone is always there to tempt you to accept them/ ridicule you for being honest and honorable/ or just plain steal the truth from you, if you let them. Like every other type of terrorist, the liar constantly assaults from the inside/ hidden, and scared until the bomb goes off. Then Excitement is their “god”, as they say “I did it”/ their entertainment is playing god over you. The critical tragedy to you is “they live among you”. The question is: how do we remove these? The fundamental answer is; to educate and define justice for all/ fair play and equality for you too; thereby challenging their failures and delusions, with truth. Or if they refuse “this new truth”; then you must define who has hate, and who is merely angry. Hate is the source of every violence, and every cause of destruction; hate is identifiable/ but requires diligence and honesty, or this search for justice too, becomes corrupted by power. Work for women/ obey them sexually; because if they don’t save you: all life on earth will be abandoned; HELL & ARMAGEDDON will take you to extinction. It is your choice, BE WISE.

Necessary Words

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In conclusion

Just For Friendship Purposes

The military strategy for an assault on the rebellious is: establish a parameter, and let them come to you. Therein the reality of an offensive move explains; the reason and the method are formed from the discipline surrounded by the question whose side are you really on. Do you assault the nation/ or are you simply upset with the reality of your world?

It is the court in this action that is rebellious having established a sizable barrier to the allowances of constitutional law. Their assault, both in state and federal district court are about keeping people "like me" out/ thereby protecting those in power/ from those who would seek a better reality for the nation itself, a more pleasant and friendly world, based upon truth. The question of this lawsuit is quite simple: it exists because of the lies that have been formed by the employees of government/ the laws broken by officials in charge of "the day to day reality of governing this humanity". Truth applies the law/ and a lawsuit is born.

The parameter being set up, is one of law/ the reality of constitutional existence as the basis and foundation of the nation/ and the constant expression "we cannot be ignored". Therefrom the court hides, and plays games/ because to be fair and obey the law requires them to remove the barriers to an honest and honorable look at the reality and substance of this our nation. Therefore an offensive looks like "a behavior without substance"/ but is in fact, a relationship with the critical moves; " to sustain a developing baby, it is necessary to feed and burp it once in a while." That baby is you. And it is necessary that you understand the relationship of all the threats that exist, from so many places and things; as critically hazardous to your own life. Or you will be complacent "like a baby", and fall without any possibility of recovery.

Borrowed from Illinois Senate Republican Site... November 2006.

An alternate introduction, or basic short summary..
To date, the appellate court says nothing/ it may refuse as is often the reality; legal or not. [therefore an informal notice to the court/ not sent, let them come here] To them I say, and to the state court the same: until you send to me the verdict owed to me/ I will not be paying the taxes used to create this fundamental question in democracy and duty! It is your duty to provide these/ and if you do not do your work/ I will not pay you. We will fight, if you prefer. Feel free to pay the tax yourself, to end the matter/ or simply assign the money as “legal expenses in support of democracy or whatever/ I no longer care; BUT I will not be paying penalties or interest on your failures/ and the reality that I must withhold taxes for 2005, to do my duty, to support the people of this nation. If you take what you want, or if either tax revenue service comes to take whatever they want, etc/ there WILL be penalties: meaning the political process can be used effectively. And the means to money is not without true possibilities. Otherwise both are instructed to finish this matter of tax; one way or the other, I don’t care how/MY JOB, is done. If you abandon the case/ simply be certain to tell the tax revenue dept. It is your decision/ make it, and be done.
Understand this clearly; either you fight for your life, and your nation; or you fight to see life die! There are no other choices.
Taken from www.federalreserve.gov Flow of funds table L.5 total assets and liabilities of the USA from the year 3rd quarter last column 2002; as a beginning work, to evaluate “changes” that will be evident; should the employees of US government return the site to the public. Click here.

A Legal Gift

The site www.soultalking.info is now finished/ and is of interest to you.
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Because it is complicated and time consuming to electronically save each individual file here/ you may order a disk; filled with primary files, for simplicity. Most information is included/ some is duplicated; I simply selected probable folders, you can sort. Most of the files are written in WordPerfect 9 but Microsoft word will open it without complications, most include html copy, view able in internet explorer. Simply start in word, and then open each file from there. The cost is $10.

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The facts are:

1. We are in charge of our fate, here on earth: it is our choices that make the difference in environment/ our choices that decide the levels of freedom, safety, peace, and prosperity that we will have. OUR CHOICE/ OUR DECISION!

2. The foundation of our future rests upon what we choose today/ what we have chosen as a society, and a humanity is simply: to destroy our world, by choosing to not care "its not my job". That all by itself has allowed the money to become a lie/ the nation to hide in the insanity of "Hurry up and get mine"/ because we are going to end in bankruptcy; all true, we are bankrupt today, so says the federal reserve by the numbers they have published/ but now restrict from view. That led to massive credit demands, and will become massive foreclosures/ personal bankruptcies/ and is fundamental fraud. Because the money is meaningless, by the numbers. Every worker is 2 million dollars in debt/ divided equally; can't pay it never will.

3. The human population refuses to believe "its their job too"/ thereby the complacently blame "the government", and discard the reality of their own decisions: because life is hard, and want is so deeply ingrained in america/ that the majority of these people never look to life; they have only goals.

4. The question of life is: HOW will we survive, "when the ocean is dead" (we are literally killing it, and care little)/ can't kill an ocean? There are 7 billion people on this little bit of earth/ each one wanting/ each one discarding "their trash"/ each one taking as much as they can get. Can't prove it? Yes we can. A tremendous amount of food comes from the ocean/ are you ready to starve, or war?

5. The list is endless, seems like/ but our reality is less severe if we are willing to change; if we are willing to change from being threatened, to accepting life is more important than all your wants. Can you do it? Of course you can/ but will you do it is the difference between world war, and life. If you understand the relationships of where we are/ and where we are going: then you can make an informed decision for yourself; that is the real purpose for a courtroom as is demanded here. The employees fight to keep the status quo "the people in power in power/ the money in the hands of the powerful/ the right to choose away from the people themselves": because men have always done this, and it is no different today. Limit the competition, and you get more for yourself, nothing more heinous than that until you get to "I will make them/ I will play god". The end result of all pride out of control.

6. The existence of a right to challenge the powerful, is fundamental to the american constitution; right there/ needs no introduction or explanations, it is the purpose of the document. But fear and failure and the disease of selfishness and then apathy have taken these rights away. Don't think so/ when was the last time justice/ or the participation of society honestly rather than greedily occurred in your lifetime? America has slid into the waters of a churning society/ a life without direction because there are too many, with too much power. They gave themselves the power, by transferring the money to numbers without meaning/ and holding weapons of mass destruction over your lives. Don't believe it is true? Then remember this: the difference between peace and war, is a life worth living. Without your credit/ in bankruptcy and foreclosure/ pushed into the street, or commanded to accept your slavery: do you really think there will be peace? It will become civil war/ and worse than any nation has ever seen.

7. How many resources do you think there are? How many resources do you think we use? How long do you think these things will last/ and if we use them all; do we not destroy those who come after us? These are some of the questions of this lawsuit/ this battle against those who don't want the public to know. Because it will mean change. Because it will take the power, the money that is not real away, and because "we have bills to pay". If you continue in fantasy believing in nothing/ and wanting everything, you will die, because we are killing ourselves. Don't believe it/ then come to court, demand court to prove yourselves correct/ or accept the decision: you simply didn't care enough to survive. You lied to yourself/ because the fantasy was more important than your life.

The foundation of tears is, “I do, or I don’t, WANT to do this. Therefore the struggle is not about truth, but about life as you believe it should be for you. Therefrom your beliefs decide the ascension of your hopes, & create the level of your fears. The question of belief, IS NOT “so simple”, as the religious teach/ NOT so stupid as are the common descriptions that conceive of it/ NOT found in “the smart people”, who dig in their own dung, to find arrogance and hate! Do not listen to any of them. Instead, IT IS YOUR HEART, that understands hope, life, honor, honesty, respect, truth, & love! Therefore only your heart can give you peace/ only your heart, that can lead you inside the essence of yourself; to find the descriptions of your soul. Heart means: “I have felt the moments of time ebb and flow in me, I have know the existence of love and truth as the constant relationship of life with me, I have cherished the happiness and existence of friend, family (if you are lucky), and creation in the treasury of an honest desire to share and to care/ and I have struggled with every description of failure, because life demanded it. What is beyond failure, “that becomes then hatred, violence, & fears/ are NOT mine”. Instead I surrender to the truth of an existence with “the life inside”/ because it is the beat of my heart, it is the purpose of my life, and I give it my all. These are the relationships that become a life with soul. Soul then becomes my own belief defined by the truth of life, as an identity known in time, and I become its “messenger”. Not its owner, because no one owns the truth. The foundations of love, truth, & joy all begin here.


Consequent to the message of very serious realities that we face as a nation and a world, is the reality that none desire to face these problems. Therefore instead of truth, the foundation of tears has been set, and the reality of failure has already begun. Even so, if you do face your fears & tears & failures today, all will be well. If you do not, truth agrees: there will be substantial tragedies, in economics& critical failures in foreclosure and bankruptcy, within the next 3 years, causing civil war/ fundamental armies formed from their mutual depressions. The past has been dealt with by “increasing property values, thereby increasing taxes; a secret agreement with lenders/ we won’t charge you with fraud”. But today with roughly 120 trillion dollars in assets equally the equivalent of “120 million people believing they are, millionaires/ or $400,000.00 dollars per face (babies and all) in america”. What they have really done is create a large segment of the population who believe they own the rest “virtual slaves”. Do you not recognize the difference between the numbers of the ordinary/ and the numbers “beyond belief, or reality”. We remove the yoke of slavery/ by demanding reality in the numbers! Therein those who would be King or Queen over us, will become equal with us again. To continue the lies, is to wallow in the abomination of “worlds apart”. IN america, the promise is equality and justice/ is it not? Wars will also be fought over water, because ethanol production will make you thirst literally to death; and what is worse, dry up every stream/ killing all the fish and animals dependent upon that water, and make every “beautiful land” a desert; which will never recover (because in simple terms, plants bring rain, by creating an opportunity for rain drops to form, and then become heavy enough to fall). Within 3-5 years at current expectations of usage. You will soon kill the ocean/ leaving at least 1 billion people without food: you cannot survive a growth of 2 million new mouths to feed each week. You will soon kill nature with your genetic crucifixion of the genetic code (take a look at reality/ and these same people are mutilating the genetic code; truly do you really think horrific mutilation in everything will not come? Then you are a fool!); on any day/ and at any time reality of life could die, from this absolute arrogance and disease of the human mind “I can play god”. You are facing ever increasing world problems, and with them ever increasing threat of world war. Within 7 years, without change, you will have nuclear war, and every disaster waiting will be released, that is said because, the loss of water, food, economies, nature, and all the rest; will be the end of patience, and the beginning of rage. There are many more/ this is not a game, go to court and find out. If you survive all these things, what comes next, will be worse. All because you have run away from the truth, and live in the arrogance of your lies and pride/ wanting all things, consuming all things, and thereby destroying your right to life: because you don’t respect anything but money, which you have destroyed for yourselves. The time has come, FOR CHANGE! If you refuse, you will die/ and you can understand the realities involved. You can see the complications and the risk; and you can recognize the gamble to your very lives, by not accepting the duty and responsibility required of you.

I am fully aware of the consequences of your reality, every lie has a price/ and you have an entire sewer system plugged with shit, and the disease I don’t care about anything but me. But if you don’t fix these problems, the reality says, the world itself shall not survive your failures. Don’t whine, “people tell me all the time, the price is too high/ they won’t listen”. They defend their pride, not the honor of their lives. I will tell you simply, either you will do the work, for yourself and for your life/ and for your world: or you will die. Even you can understand this/ a trial is simply to confirm it, it has no other value. Make your decision/ but understand simply, beyond a certain level of destruction, life on earth is over; we cannot survive, even if you truly repent. You will become “the living dead”. But do repent individually anyway, because eternity will come. GOD DOES LOVE YOU, But you must grow up, literally and find respect, truth, and honor, through love; or “time is up”. If you “wait to see/ and I am right: then you are dead”. You must use your ability to comprehend life, and truth, and reality; you must use the court where any doubt exists; you must find your heart, and believe life is worth fighting for peacefully. YOU should then believe in the hope and truth, “this is a potentially good thing/ because if life changes, the world will truly be a better place for us all”. Do believe without doubt, it is up to humanity. Do believe this is going to be “the choice of women”/ but men must do their part. Either way, change is coming: for good, or for bad. Do what you can do/ no excuses, life needs you. Do believe, I have now represented a threat to many of the most greedy and powerful people in america, if you desire to keep me/ it is necessary as women, that you do make a decision. Your choice/ not mine, do as you wish. Just how it is. This is about your ability to lead/ not my desire to be maintained/ used/ abused/ or owned by you. I am here for change/ and you are “change”.

JustTalking.info... the writings and filings regarding the state and federal trials of James Ostebur.

The demand now moves to the US supreme court/ the reality of fundamental respect, and a renewed sense "to be more careful/ there are lives at stake"/ understands that the change from a battleground/ to the honesty of a citizen in need, supports the framework, for working together instead of fighting. Therefore what is coming to the ussc will be different than the other filings, because my fight is over/ and your fight begins. I wish you well.

The day is coming soon/ when the value of a life, will fail. Therein the simple truth of life or death, also becomes cheap and without grace or mercy. This is a fight for the life or death of the nation and the world, just read it and you will see, this is true. This is the disgrace of your ways, your hopes for selfishness, wealth, and the constant disrespect of pride. I am doing the best I can for you/ simple as that: but if you simply choose to die, I cannot change that. I cannot save your world or you, and won't try/ simple as that. This job is to insure enough understand, so that judgment may begin/ that has been done. If you read this trial document, you will find cause to be concerned for life on earth. If you don't, its because you have chosen to die in ignorance and rebellion/ rather than live in love or truth. I cannot change that, only you can. If you have a mind/ you will find ample cause to use it herein. If you are just "blind, deaf, and dumb"/ it is no longer an excuse. The world needs you, and you are failing. The truth is, you are dying, and don't care enough to stop it/ you simply fear instead, and hide or run away. I will not work forever/ the spirit inside says "a little more/ and then done". I cannot stop you from cursing yourselves either. Just how it is. Your fantasies are your holes to crawl in/ your reality nothing more than the numbers you worship. And you have destroyed them. Economically you are finished, and that means civil war. It will not be like the last great depression/ the people will not simply allow the thieves and liars and cheats, anything more than they get/ and you all participate. Therefore bloodshed all around/ did you not bankrupt a nation/You did indeed www.federalreserve.gov produced numbers to prove it, until they hid the numbers, to keep you from knowing .If you work a little, by reading/ you will learn considerable; if you continue on with the various links and such you will learn much, even if it does chastize you appropriately. Pride is defeating you/ your pride threatens life on earth. The conversation is clear enough, the reality you cannot choose me: substantively proven. Www.justtalking.info Is the web site you as society must keep open for me/ it is your right, it is your need: just do it. Have you never heard of a protest/ without doubt you do know how.

ADDED TO:this site www.justtalking.info is the federal trial; case # 07-2040 James Osterbur vs the United States of America and the IRS. All trial documentation will be court filings and court responses, and begins with the original filings of this day. To avoid confusion, the state trial still retains the majority site/ as written. The link above will hold all federal trial information, and you must choose this link to save or look at the information. Or you may download the federal trial zip file by choosing this link; federal trial.zip or you may choose to go to the court site http://www.ilcd.uscourts.gov/. Download all files except links and Federal Trial from above (Zip File) HERE

A Threat Arises

The ascension from time, to space; exists as the variable applied in the understanding of life. What is simple and plain is the decision to accept the consequence of value, and apply the essence of truth. In this reality of our experience, the expression necessary to conceive of change, is locked within your heart as the honor and duty of your soul. Life or death is at the door, together we will choose, and live or die the consequences.

Therefore start talking, investigating, examining, and defining whether you wish to Apay the price@ for peace and harmony/ or just accept hell, damnation, and Armageddon: BECAUSE change is coming to this world, one way or the other. There is no middle ground. Either as life requires, because truth reveals it to be necessary and important/ or as the consequence of death, because that is literally what men have chosen; and applied to our reality as the decisions of weapons of mass destruction, genetic crucifixion, pollution, an ocean/ climate/ eco-systems/ ozone/ and more; crisis, and impending disaster. There is no returning from a dead world, either we stop the mass-murder of our planet, or we die too. We are threatened with extinction/ therefore we must act legally and with determination for life. Such is the purpose of www.justtalking.info

From: James F. Osterbur

A foundation has been laid to "disturb & counter" the american insistence upon entering civil war inside itself.

YOU WILL SNEER at the above words.... But let's REVIEW:

1. The media has reported for the accounting year of 2006, that the USA had incurred 8.2 trillion dollars of NEW debt in just the first 4 and a half months of 2006.

2. The employees of government, then stole (can't pay back) 1 trillion dollars from the government and railway workers pension fund, just to keep the "nation running" for the remainder of this year.

3. Making the debt $9.2 trillion dollars for the first 5 months of the year 2006. Divided by 50 million workers = $184,000.00 dollars per each and every worker in the United States workforce. This is personal debt/ are we not the government, somebody going to pay for you? It CANNOT, and it WILL NOT be paid back/ therefore all the numbers collected by business and held today as "a stock market success" is simply a fairy tale of stupidity and corruption/ that like a balloon stuck with a pin, will evaporate into thin air.

4. That means we as a nation are bankrupt! The state of Illinois, is declared to be "the biggest state debtor" in the nation/ according to media reports. Therefore it is the perfect beginning format, to address bankruptcy before the nation and "work out the detail" on a smaller stage/ before tackling the nation itself. There is NO HIDING/ truth doesn't care, and reality says bankruptcy is the only way out; therefore like it or not, CHANGE IS COMING.

5. Economic collapse is not only predictable, but completely inevitable, as these numbers prove [can you continue to add 184 thousand dollars to each workers current debts in 5 months again?] you cannot and you will not. However by raiding the governmental pensions/ it would be possible to retain one more year, as a possibility to use the state of IL for educational purposes/ and fundamental development of the coming financial battlegrounds. If you fail to go to court, then it is unlikely your economy can survive the year coming. Added to the numbers above is the table produced by the www.federalreserve.gov flow of funds table L.5 total liabilities and assets of the United States, describing fantasy and illusion, by admitting to the lies over a year ago of 87 trillion dollars debt= $870,000.00 per each of 100 million people + $184,000.00 for the first 5 months of this year= $1,924,000.00 per worker / and the 2005 year is missing. This site of the federal reserve claims $109 trillion in assets/ another lie, unless you actually believe one and a half years ago every single face in the nation 300 million people/ divided equally would have $363,333.33 in assets each. Do you not see all the expectations for your work? Do you not see, the money as a number is worthless!

Do you not understand, government employees do not raid their own pension plans, unless there is literally NOTHING ELSE LEFT.

6. YOUR current projected federal trade deficit is $784 billion dollars/ divided by 50 million workers = $15,680.00 per worker/ that we did not pay the foreigners who support your lifestyle, and give you services and goods. Do you really think they will continue/ and if they do, will they not own the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA entirely when you are done giving the nation away? Check now, and you will see the selling of america is "going well".

7. The insanity of your consumption and fears/ your pollution/ you failures in equality & justice/ your failures in children/ your failures in resources and respect and government and every other place of importance: such as allowing one man to control 50 billion dollars (and all the rest) which actually equals the work of 300 million people at a compensation rate of every single face in this nation owes that man $166.66 dollars/ or more correctly the amount of time and resources necessary for them to make $166.66 dollars/ not to mention his ability to gather credit/ and all the others. Leaving the common citizen without all things in your reality. There is then neither justice, equity, reality, freedom, liberty, honor, honesty, discipline, or anything else this nation is suppose to stand for. Sold to the highest bidder/ and traded, for the disgrace of your garbage/ and the disrespect of your universities: who do control all these things.

8. The insanity and corruption and failure is a truth that has consequences. Those consequences are the deliberate plundering of American citizens, and the nation itself by all who can conceive of an excuse to extort and control the rest, using propaganda and media controls, the assumption is "we got away with it this long/ why not keep going"? The reality is; these employees are selling your jobs, your resources, your properties, and everything else they can get their hands on/ just so you cannot know the truth, and see the damage they and their predecessors have caused. The answer to why is cannot continue is simply: 1. You are stealing from the children and you know it! 2. Once the balance tilts, and credit is no more [because your houses and properties can no longer be used to hide the inflation required to continue: the price is going down: therefore NO MORE CREDIT] then those predators who have eagerly been waiting for you to crumble and surrender everything to them: ARE going to run over the masses like "a bulldozer runs over an ant"/ and they won't care. 3. No matter what you believe, the reality of your work is simply "you will never be paid, for the money in the bank, so to speak"/ it is a fantasy: therefore the sooner you begin with real money, the sooner reality gives you the honor of a security that you deserve, not one you steal from the children. 4. The reality of life, is no longer a game, if you won't deal correctly with the problems facing you in the immediate future now/ then world war is all that is left. 5. You have run out of money and credit with the world, or very soon will. 6. Your resources are being consumed at a rate that will destroy you within a very few years. 7. This environment cannot survive the reality of what you do. Do you really believe the world can add another billion people in 10 years or so, and not starve, war, and end the world with weapons of mass destruction? If you do, then you are deluded and disgracefully stupid. This is your last chance to survive/ I strongly suggest you take it, and avoid all the problems that life is bringing to our world; as best you can. The balance of life or death for the world hinges on you, and your decisions/ because world population explosion, resource loss, climate and ocean change; and all the rest is coming "like a tsunami" and if you don't prepare/ you won't survive. Prayers won't help you then/ mercy will be over.

Make your decision.

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