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THIS is a trial for life itself, here on earth. The decision to be made is simple: either we choose life first/ people first OR the continued path of money, power, pride, selfishness, and hate will end our existence. BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE SAYS IT CAN! Therefore the fundamental demand is a true and accurate investigation of all matters that threaten us, from greed and the tragedy that is the economic status of this nation and world, to every threat & every means of extinction that is gambling with our world today. Life is not the same as it was/ we are 7 billion people, resources are running out, science is at the door of chaos to our world, nature which is genetic structure itself, nothing more & nothing less here in time is under siege/ being crucified as your read. And the world of men, is getting ready for war.
The price of life is to care enough, to understand the reality/ and decide to let what we believe to be true, and for life first/ NOT money. Life first, to lead us back to sustain ability, a life in peace and harmony with nature, not at war with it. This is a US supreme court case that you will defend, and you will work for and with. That is your job, not mine. If you fail, the money will fail/ leaving this nation to Civil war. And further failures to gruesome to describe.

This is a simple thing: what is most important in this entire universe is life, the sanctity of life, the participation in life, and the hope, love, honor, and responsibilities of life. Therefore it should be an easy decision for you. But there are many who "covet only money, power, pride, or hate"/ and they will be against you. The old will see the results of life first as the end of their money/ because they are bankrupt. The young will learn to understand this is their life, their future/ because unless these changes take place, your lives are lost. The women will divide from the men/ because there must be change, and that change can only be women, because change means different/ and it is only women who can offer different. Fail, and the men will turn this world into hell ( rampant insatiable insanity) and Armageddon (nature in chaos, and cannot recover). Children are completely dependent upon us. Simple as that.

Taken from www.justtalking2.info , and increased; The critical relationship of life, to the realities of men, and their "big science/ and greedy ways": IS NOT measured by excuses. Instead, these are questioned by the consequence of what happens, when the gambling goes bad. "Your, best and brightest" gambled with our money, and tragedy faces us squarely in the face. "Your best and brightest" are gambling with every imaginable relationship we have with nature, life, earth, environment, & energy: TRAGEDY will be greater here! It is not a simple tool as is money, and the consequence of angry men. INSTEAD, "big science" is a weapon aimed at everything we need to survive/ and any portion of failure, MEANS life on earth dies! No excuses are allowed, learn something/ do something/ work for life/ and USE the law, and our reality as WE THE PEOPLE.

Of the endless tragedy and disgrace that you/ humanity, are to life, comes the proud believer of anything science has to say. It must be right, hell: it says so right here. Dumb ass. On the long list of failure, comes this very simple explanation of your stupidity: you worship E=MC squared / as if it had some actual value to you. Yet the formula here is energy is equal to mass, times the speed of light squared. Or more simply energy is equal to mass times speed; a common kinetic formula, taught and known by humanity from the first moment a stone or something fell on someone's foot. The idea, that you can describe the speed of light, multiplied by the speed of light; is hardly a "great find". Energy is not kinetic! Rather energy is the creation of motion itself. Rather energy is the organization and therefrom discipline of an opportunity to create mass. YOU DO NOT even grasp the true question/ and yet you claim "how great we are"! Pitiful, stupid dumb ass instead! The alternative to the truth of what energy is as kinetic motion however is resolved by the possibilities of this equation; or more simply "need more energy/ then speed it up, because that will enable the consequence to spread farther, and faster, thereby including more potential energy". That is the basis used by men to grasp, the decision and make a reality out of defeating the disciplines that hold atomic clusters together (an atomic bomb)/ not their fundamental bonds: as in the understanding of what is a proton and how does it retain the discipline to hold itself together/ but much simpler bonds that produce elements: these bonds are, the atomic bomb. The people at CERN, desire to destruct the proton and cause the base level bond to disintegrate, that is the substructure of all mass in known time. And thereby create an "exact replica: of the most destructive event in the history of the known universe. This is the want, to unleash the disciplines that hold our primary connection with elements and atomic structure together/ and let it go free. The "best and brightest" want literally to create a very tiny "big bang" as a toy. But these fools, failures, and literal satan's of destruction to this world, have created a machine: TO UNLEASH, the most elemental of all energy/ and they have ONLY THE EVIDENCE of what this moment in time, this kind of reality did in history, IS the big bang/ an entire universe changed. AN ENERGY KNOWN THEREBY, TO BE UNCONTROLLABLE, because of the speed with which it moves through all atomic structures. But not to worry, HELL what could go wrong, with completely insane devils in charge of an energy that could literally destroy the world, in an instant? You tell me.

Since you will undoubtedly refuse, I will tell you instead. IF, it does not completely vaporize this world as it did the known universe: got the evidence to prove it, called a big bang! Then it will surely create a pervasive explosion that will decapitate the mountains above it/ laying waste to most if not all of Europe. Can't happen? Really, trying to recreate the "big bang"/ tore the known universe into shreds, bits, and pieces: bringing that here, to play with. Using the power generated by multiple nuclear power plants: and what will they gain: their excuse is, "we played god"/ or more correctly they played SATAN. Nonetheless, let us suppose the very worst does not happen, and the propagation of an explosion using the single most dense energy packed substance in existence stops short of complete annihilation: just Europe gone! The impact of such an explosion WILL pump the inner workings of this planet, and the next event immediately following WILL BE, The super volcano at Yellowstone park in Montana. Can't happen? Really, they are speeding up protons, the energy source for all atomic structure; to the speed of light in opposing directions/ so that they can "train crash" two crushed together lines of protons into each other at twice the speed of light, and then multiplying that collision with exploding proton energy. They do expect a big explosion [take a look at their collider sections] BUT WHAT IF, the explosion propagates, as if a "super atomic bomb"? Prior to this date, the protons have not been sufficiently "crushed, or crowded together, to accelerate the energy itself. BUT that problem has been fixed"! This machine increases the density of protons FAR MORE significantly than in an atomic bomb: because they have removed the electrons, and what they call neutrons, to put the protons together "like marbles in a row: NO ROOM, to crush one, the result is to simultaneously crush them all". They are now, Gambling with the entire world of life.

Neither do you grasp the consequence, reality, or truth about how or what the sun does or is. Playing as if this type of energy were a toy, for you to play with; what a pitiful SATAN you choose to be. They, the university says: "We know"/ but you know nothing, and assume everything, playing like greedy, spoiled little children. Just because this planet has a molten center that you assume is caused by pressures. the diplomas are suggesting the sun also has a molten center/ which expands so tremendously as fire on the inside: it creates a molten outer surface IS JUST PLAIN STUPID. Children should know better. If that were true, then why is this earth not on fire, the increase in pressure is not enough? If that were true, then why are not volcano's; pillars of fire, that mimic the sun? If that were true, then why is not Jupiter, where gravity and therein pressures inside GREATER than the earth: not portraying any sign of volcano's the evidence of a molten center, or heat? If indeed the sun is molten inside and outside, then it has expanded to allow that process to continue, as you know for sure: that significant heat rise requires expansion. If the sun is merely an expanded ball of gas or liquid as you therein suggest, why is it not simply deforming at various times/ because heat does that; instead of remaining the ball shaped sphere we clearly see, through the centuries. If the sun is an expanded ball of gas or liquid, then it must be burning at a tremendous rate: and over thousands of years there WOULD be evidence of this change in the size of the sphere; do to the heat impacts that it would create; and its effects on the planet earth, yet there are none/ history proves little has changed. If it were burning from the inside out, then the entire structure is on fire, and that means fuel consumption will be identified over time. If the sun were molten inside, entirely consumed by atomic fire, then it was bigger a thousand years ago/ and bigger means life here would have been considerably warmer; and unbearable for life just a few thousand years before. If the sun were molten inside and it burned from the inside out/ then a dying sun would become smaller and smaller and less dense at all levels due to the consumption of materials. Instead a supernova expands the sun exponentially when it is dying, and the intensity magnifies and multiplies until it explodes. If the sun were molten inside there would be cooler and warmer fissures all across its surface, similar to molten iron. As temperature rise would not be absolutely equal across all area's, thereby allowing thermal's to rise, that would be identifiable. These would be destabilizing, and end with the destruction of the sun itself over a shortened period of time. None of these things are true. Instead the surface of the sun is on fire (the atomic bonds, that create elements), and the inner core of the sun is not. PROVEN by the fact of a supernova,wherein during the last moments of a sun object, the interior core has lost its ability to restrain the heat from the outside, and the entire object physically expands because the inside does become molten and without the discipline to sustain the order which created it. A supernova expands exponentially, proving that sudden and real change has occurred inside. The ONLY possibility of that change is, the mass inside has surrendered to the heat, and the interior of the object expands, because heat requires it to do so. When critical temperatures are achieved, the entire object explodes; because all discipline is lost. And the national ignition facility wants, and is bringing these actual conditions here to earth, to play with the power to cause a supernova explosion "want to study it": HELL, WHAT COULD GO WRONG! If this ain't satan/ then you are just a fool. They are simply trying to play god. GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH AS FOOLS, AND FAILURES, AND DEVILS.
Every application of "BIG SCIENCE" IS THE SAME/ a clear and literal attempt to destroy the laws that hold this world in time from chaos. Every application is not science, it is an attempt to play god, WITH THE CONSEQUENCE, LIFE DIES.

EVERY GENETIC MUTILATION, is also a similar attempt to destroy the disciplines that give life here its body, its structure, its concept of life, its everything. The last few decades HAVE BEEN SPENT BY THESE SATAN's exploring, hoping, crucifying, and developing the machines and possibilities to DESTROY the disciplines that hold genetic structure together: "so they can play god", and create their own mixtures of human, animal, fish, and whatever. Genetic structure is nature, nothing more in physical terms, & nothing less in real terms that assign everything we are, can do, can understand, and can hope for. And these SATAN'S play with nature as if it were a toy/ begging for the day when they can play god as if life were " a mister potato head, for them". What you will get is ARMAGEDDON, nature in chaos. Religious words or not/ they are a perfect fit for your insanity. AND THERE ARE MANY MORE, big science projects around this world; to end your world/ your life/ your future/ your sanity/ just to name a few.
And what do the people do? Like sheep, they worship anyone who appears stronger "save me/ save me" is all they know. And who leads, if not religion and university; making the people believe they have no choice, if not these? Obviously the rich and powerful buy whatever they like, tempting the religious/ threatening whomever they like/ buying the courts and governments/ and like rats in the food, controlling media to produce a press core of mice. YOU ARE NOT SHEEP! LEARN THAT. You are humanity, you are the possibilities of LAW and ORDER that control through the organization of truth, reality as leader, and thought as the governing ascension of LIFE FIRST! No more gambling/ no more destruction.
But what do you do? Nothing, because the mice don't tell you/ the rich and powerful don't like you, "they wish to be god"/ and the government, and its courts are sold to the highest bidder. Where is religion? Playing with perverts; because you are selling your children to HELL.
GROW UP, and recognize this IS ALL "ABOUT MEN"/ who want to play god, and a few women who believe they are men. They want to be god, and make you beg them for an arm or leg; if they control genetics. They want to be god, and make you believe, they can destroy this entire world/ therefore beg and bow down. They want to be god: and that means simply, they are demanding life or death decisions over all life on earth. WAKE UP OR DIE.

The religious will proclaim: GOD will save us/ life is free, we don't have to give NOTHING back/ NO duty/ NO responsibility/ NO honesty/ NO discipline, or law, or justice, or dignity, or honor, or respect: NOTHING, DAMN IT/ EVERYTHING IS FREE, TO CURSE HOWEVER MUCH YOU WANT. Ain't that right? The religious say, HELL YES, damn blasphemy to suggest life has a price, at least in respect. But as is constant in humanity: reality demands, THESE THINGS ARE A CHOICE. And you the humanity of this earth are being required to make that choice. GOD, has given this decision to YOU. And it is humanity that will accept the price of change: which is honor, duty, discipline, love, truth, happiness, hope, RESPECT, courage, trust, strength, peace, harmony, and women being in charge of life from now on/ because men are rejected from leadership.

The men have led you to the gates of HELL AND ARMAGEDDON, and will push life through it, if they are not replaced with women. Women, because they are DIFFERENT/ and they have had little say, in how this world is run. Women because we know not what they will do/ BUT WE DO KNOW, they are different, and that means different will be the world they create. Women, because they will have the last say; before humanity is allowed to be destroyed. They earned it! Men shall NOT, stand in your way/ those who try, shall be destroyed: because this decision: is life or death for this world, and a few, or many men shall not decide if life or death to GOD'S OWN CREATION/ THIS EARTH, shall continue to exist. That is a promise to women/ but only if women come forth and do what is necessary to allow this world to survive. The law is your tool/ honesty, respect, justice, and truth are your weapons. Use them wisely, and choose ONLY, as Life first. Wisdom is not a decision/ not an understanding or knowledge: instead wisdom is the essence of justice combined with the reality of life, in a search dedicated to eternity. Because it is eternity that fully functions as hope, it is a search that illuminates the possibilities and fundamentals of truth, it is life itself that identifies Creation as the blueprint for learning, it is reality that assigns the ascension of honesty and honor beyond want, pride, power, or selfishness, and it is justice that begins our journey past the elemental understanding of self, to become the passage of time in a journey beyond the limits called hope. These things are not bought with anything but truth, and life, and a desire beyond rewards that are anything less: Than being with our GOD .

Fundamental truth allows, that the only law that cannot be broken: are those which demand justice for the people! Critical understanding allows, that any contract that has legal binding terms; shall be null and void, during bankruptcy/ wherein NEW rules of conduct and merit DO apply. There are NO contracts, that do not submit to justice for this nation or this society or this world: any suggestion otherwise, is a DELIBERATE lie.

The critical relationship between government and its people is: that we are one people under these laws of governing called the constitution in this country/ proving and providing for WE THE PEOPLE, An opportunity beyond the rich or powerful/ beyond selfishness, or blatant want or pride THE RIGHT to change, THE RIGHT to control, THE RIGHT to protect ourselves with justice, truth, and law as provided within the constitutional documents, and THE RIGHT to submit those employees who have proven to be LIARS, THIEVES, DESERTERS, AND WHORE'S an opportunity in court to defend themselves: BY DEFENDING THIS NATION. We are not powerless, we are millions to one.
The same is true of healthcare, blatantly extorted for money/ lied to about rights and realities and obligations: THE EXTORTION must stop. That means, the money will be removed from healthcare, and the business of extorting money and enslaving people shall stop. The medical professional will complain bitterly: but they will not be heard. Only the student will have their bills paid, otherwise "it is a new world order, where reality will rule, and business shall become a shared responsibility between public and medicine". Those doctors who do not like this news, who choose to leave this country or refuse to work, as needed: YOU CREATED these problems/ YOU are obligated to help, until these troubles are removed by educating "millions". The fine for refusal is prison. ANY MEDICAL professional, who chooses to leave this country, and desert its needs at a time of crisis that is clearly coming: SHALL NEVER be allowed to return/ shall NOT be allowed to remove their money or claim to possessions here: we will take it, if you don't stay. WE WILL search for justice in medicine together as a society; NOT you or us/ BUT WE.

With regard to the court, and the below assertion of millions of lives in jeopardy/ the warning to a clerk of the court that she or he too, has a responsibility to this people, our nation. This is their reply. My reply is simple minded also: you have made your bed, NOW sleep in it, as time and reality prove what fools you have been.

As to this nation: either you grow up/ wake up and choose to live, or the disasters chosen for you by the men who have led you will arise, and consume you forever/ laying this nation destitute, before the world. TAKE A LOOK at the truth of your reality: the claim was 13.7 trillion dollars GDP 2007 if I remember correctly. Divided by 50 million workers= each and every worker averaged out, did produce the equivalent of $274,000.00 "OVER EXPENSES ?": by each one. Did you produce yours? EVEN THOUGH, the primary sale of goods was "financial materials"/ not true goods. Today we see only the beginning of what American greed was selling: NOT THE AMERICAN WORKER, but the american greed in the hands of a few liars, failures, and fools/ graduated out of university. No honor, no honesty, no discipline, no respect, no truth, no courage, no responsibility, no duty, no integrity, no dignity, no nothing of value to this world: JUST GREED. The lies and liars and fools have invaded every aspect of american life; because they control american business, medicine, government, university, and the courts. They took everything they could, from an entire world: and now the obama administration says "the law cannot make them stop their greed". At 170 billion dollars to AIG, "after taxes"/ divided by 50 million workers= every worker in america has contributed $3400.00, plus taxes, interest, penalties, etc assigned by this debt: to this company, because its bankrupt from fraud and criminal activities. Their bonuses totaling 165 million dollars to a handful of people, represents every single worker, giving these few: $3.30 out of every single one of our pockets, to people who ridicule and steal from our lives.. Doesn't sound like much until you multiply it by 50 million people, who won't get a single penny back "mine, NOT yours, a meal to the poor"/ and a theft to have it stolen. JUSTICE IS SIMPLE: not words, but truth! The contract that matters is for justice to the people. Liars and their swindle, have produced a criminal contract that needs to be resolved in prison, until dead.

As to the world nations, that sit assuming judgment/ you are no better: and what is coming will reduce each and every one to the cancerous growth of terrorism, starvation, and civil war without end. YOU chose it/ YOU earned it/ and YOU will change, or live your decision to die. For this moment in time, in aid to the nation called America/ that they may NOT fail completely. INSTEAD of giving them credit/ you will insist on food supplies primarily. Because if you choose anything else, their ability to sustain a government without civil war will end. Such is the state of affairs in America today, NOT because I say so or will in any way NOT work within the law: but because the evidence is, A great many people are about to lose their life's work, their dreams, and their hopes for the future: Causing anger and hate all directed at those who they believe failed, tricked, swindled, and stole their lives in time. Obama, has had his time "in the sun"/ and proven unable to respond to anything. From debts without end, that are known "CANNOT be paid"/ to social agenda's that are irrelevant and irresponsible in every light. NOT, We the people/ Rather us the government, & you the slaves. To promises that will NOT be kept as is evident in passing the omnibus bill, without removing a single earmark, or even looking at it: JUST wanted the money, because money is the current road to pride, power, selfishness (I am the important one/ nothing matters but me), and that's all. The lesson here is: don't vote for someone else on important or critical issues, to "vote for you"/ RATHER vote on all of these ourselves, as a nation. It is NOT hard, a different organization is simply required.
We now go to solidifying the US supreme court case, as an intent to establish NO POSSIBLE EXCUSE. And unless real undeniable, can't escape, tragedy lurks in plain view of all/ it will be denied, regardless of content or law. Criminals have conceived of the courtroom, for their purposes/ and thereby taken control of America. After, the US supreme court case is finished, to my satisfaction: The promised engine, that was expected earlier, will come soon/ as I have been distracted from that work for a time.
My promise to you is: EITHER, you will advertize my work on this site and others, FULLY INFORMING the people of this nation/ OR, The patent will be sold to any other nation that promises to legally confront you at every level, so that NO PART OR PORTION of that work or machine shall ever be allowed in american manufacture [you will not outlast the patent]. There will be an additional cost, assigned in payment to the women of individual nations as do share in this work, and desire a better life for women of all nations.

In the constant, that is male domination of this world: there will then be, an expectation "KILL HIM, before he can do this"/ the plotting and planning will begin, here and now: because whether any believe I can provide the machine; sufficient cause has been generated to prove "I might". The gamblers, will arise. The door to the US patent office will be guarded/ for the purpose of theft. The possibility will be identified: if you can guess, when the work is done sufficiently, to allow you to finish without me/ thereby my death, does not matter: unless the second engine is even more valuable? As to other possibilities called force, I guarantee you will not force me, even at the cost of lives, body parts, or other. I have substantially cut all ties, as are possible to do; to insure this will not be.
And behind the scenes: women will ask themselves what shall we do, because the tide will turn/ too important to be wrong. It is up to you/ not me, how this ends. The question of who wants me dead, prior to the possibility that I may well have a machine that matters to this world: and thereby force the conception of "greed will die/ we the people will rule/ and penalties shall be enforced". The list is long, of those who do not want this as fact & the reality is certain/ that information such as is this site: IS NOT, what many, many people desire. Because it is MY INTENT, to crush "money first"/ and replace it with LIFE FIRST, FOREVER. By helping women reestablish life and society, here in time. If they choose it not/ then you are abandoned, at such time I believe nothing else can be done.
This is not a game/ I am not playing. Reality matters, and reality proves it is life on earth that must be given first respect, the honor of choosing it rather than individual creations! Or more simply individual needs or desires are not an excuse/ life on earth will choose the direction and the need: NOT you. Man HAS done that badly, the option is not whatever you want/ the truth is, what nature does need to survive and return to hope, love, and survival as best we can. Women are required, that is not a game either!

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Their response

DATED: MARCH 6, 2009
from district case 08-CV-2262 central district of IL / this petition arising from appellate case 08-3954, 7th circuit, Chicago IL case decided: denied February 4, 2009

2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E.

DC 20500
Mr. John Paul Stevens Mr. Antonin Scalia
Mr. Antony Kennedy Mr. David Souter
Mr. Clarence Thomas Ms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Mr. Stephen Breyer Mr. John G. Roberts
Mr. Samuel A. Alito Jr.
Mr. Antonin Scalia
Mr. David Souter
Ms Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Mr. John G. Roberts

THE US ATTORNEY GENERAL Mr. ERIC HOLDER, dept of Justice 10th and Constitution avenues NW
Washington DC 20530

Springfield IL 62706

Dr. John lindl chief scientist, national ignition facility lawrence livermore national laboratory 7000 E. ave
Livermore CA 94550
And General mailing, as desired



2191 county road 2500 e. St. Joseph IL 61873

dated: March 6, 2009

ANY "clerk of the court" who assumes to take command of this legal action/ falls within the jurisdiction of contempt for the people of this USA. By acting without direct information and participation of the litigants named: YOU ARE STEALING, the rights and laws of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and its people. Constitutional law is a contract with the people, and it shall never be: a toy, for the fool. This first amendment redress of grievances, is the law; and no judge controls the law. A judge is required to enforce the law. The law does not bow down to a rule! Justice for this nation is not a game. The lives of millions, as is defined by information at the end of this filing: more than sufficient cause, to discard a frivolous rule. The price of treason, is not less than your life in prison "forever". You are warned, your fate is thereby your own!
As you ridicule and claim, "what can he do"! The answer is nothing, for I am not the law nor the constitution. That however is not true, about your actions which criminally conflict with both law and constitution, and both of these are stronger than you. You fail to respect them, or this people; at your own peril. You are a tiny few citizens employed/ we are millions, and in jeopardy of losing everything. This is NOT a game, MANY lives will be changed, one way or the other. This is neither frivolous or an assault on government, THIS is an education for the masses, explaining to them the value and the ways of law, society, constitution, and democracy. These are things that bring power and honor, to WE THE PEOPLE. A society capable of understanding, is a people capable of bringing their employees to justice. What they will learn is, you are "common ordinary people, employed by them, to do what they tell you to do". They will then learn, you are a tiny few, and they are millions: the law as written, decides all the rest.

1. THE POWER belongs to the nation, as WE THE PEOPLE/ therefore what is intrinsically in the best legal interest of the people: IS A DUTY BEFORE THE COURT. If a duty/ then a desertion of that duty to hide behind rules, and flagrant frivolous and incoherent actions designed only to retain power, and strip the authority of the people. THE POWER OF LAW, IS NOT A TOY, for any judge to play with/ THESE ARE THE LAWS OF A NATION, THE RIGHTS OF ITS PEOPLE. You have been given evidence of lies by the employees of this nation, the evasion of truth that is or was the accounting at www.federalreserve.gov flow of funds. The entire nation is awash in financial debacles, the people have lost their savings & their trust in government, the nation swings to absolute destitution, do to the amount of borrowing that is currently going on. Life in this USA, has turned to pain and suffering do to the lies & failure of our leaders/ our employees/ WHO LITERALLY have no concept of debt, or math, or duty, or discipline, much less honor and truth. Instead we have spoiled little children without the sense or integrity of a prison inmate. The failure of OUR COURTS, to protect us, or our laws, IS LITERALLY ON DISPLAY, as the words and realities of this lawsuit, and its predecessors: clearly outlining not only a defiant court, but a criminal court as it persuades itself, that a judge is more powerful than the laws of this land. It is NOT true. The outright disgrace of those who are assigned to protect us, as employees of government to watch over government/ banking/ industry/ and every other aspect of business: clearly found not only in complete disgrace, BUT A DISEASE to the nation instead, literally attacking the people, and attempting to kill us all. We have leaders in every academic field, who have grievously raped and ravaged the people with their greed; and taken upon themselves that they can GAMBLE with our lives in any way they wish. IT IS NOT SO/ WE WILL now decide your fate, as you have attempted to cancel and defeat ours. These are facts, well known and displayed before the court and the nation/ and cannot be denied: THEREBY REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, is an absolute right/ and cannot be denied either! How do you plead, remembering: WE are now your judge, just as you have been over this nation/ so shall we be to you. It is our constitutional guaranteed right.

2. The FOUNDATION, OF WE THE PEOPLE, is the constitution of this USA. EVERY LAW, every authority, every official, every power, every concept of what can or cannot be done, by an employee/ ANY employee of WE THE PEOPLE, is assigned through the constitution. AS IS EVERY DUTY REQUIRED OF OUR EMPLOYEES, EVERY GUARANTEED RIGHT TO THE PEOPLE, AND EVERY INTERPRETATION OF DUE PROCESS in the form of justice that is our ownership of this nation. The court stands not only in opposition of the constitution, BUT HAS clearly orchestrated the treason of lower courts that so blatantly and with prejudice deny a first amendment demand for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE: with incoherent, frivolous, rules, and various diseases as have been transmitted through the court system as an organized crime fully developed and intentional, to rob and ruin this nation by the traitorous act of causing our ownership of our nation to be trampled upon/ ravaged/ and raped, by our own court system, and the employees who have invaded, terrorized, and intentionally sold this nation to the highest bidder. Through the court, redress is the people legal answer to avoid rebellion/ and REASSERT THEIR OWN RIGHTS AND OWNERSHIP. When our own nation has clearly been tragically lead by the insane (people without merit, without honor, without honesty, without duty, without courage, without the possibility of trust or discipline or anything resembling the purposes that are described in the prelude to the constitution of this USA. We have been sold to liars, thieves, con artists, devils, murders because that will be the effect of this, traitors because selling this nation for greed and power is literally that). It is INSANE to take what is valuable and necessary for life, nation, peace, security, hope, and life: and gamble with an entire nation or world. The evidence is clear/ we are led by liars, thieves, gamblers, cheaters, murderers of our future/ killers of children. And this must end. The power of the people to stop this insanity, to stop, punish, incarcerate, withhold taxes to demand trial, and take responsibility for our lives and our nation before it is too late is absolute. The leadership has failed/ including the newest version, who simply cannot understand, that people actually want to be paid. The court is informed one trillion dollars= 50 million workers x $20,000.00 EACH. The court shall understand, all credit from other nations will end, due to this absolute arrogance. Leaving nothing left to pay the people with but empty numbers, and anger. Thereby pushing the people to civil war. And the court says, "We can't do it now/ too busy butt fucking anyone who comes near". YOU WANT RESPECT, then earn it, with reality. Respect the law/ respect this nation/ respect this people/ and respect my right to due process and the integrity, duty, and honor of law.

3. A fair hearing adheres to the supposition, that I need not be a lawyer, to claim my rights under the first amendment of the constitution. DUE PROCESS IS NOT, a matter of binding the words of OUR CONSTITUTION/ OUR NEED for justice in a book. A fair hearing is ridiculed, under terms of rules that are in-genuine/ prejudicial/ biased against the needs of the people/ and an outright lie: NONE of the courts' request has anything to do with the law or the constitution/ it is simply BAD BEHAVIOR, at best. The court uses a clerk, and a pitiful rule to discount the first amendment. The court uses a clerk, to apply vomit and diarrhea, to the first amendment and the people. The court lies, with regard to original jurisdiction: the constitution IS RULER and LAW/ not the judge. The first amendment is OUR RIGHT, it does not belong to the court. As is true of the constitution itself: THIS IS OUR PROPERTY, and as an employee, you have no right to interfere or take possession thereof. The court Demands time taken for frivolity (NOTHING regarding law, but lies), a method of false pretense, demanding nothing more than an attempt to incarcerate this pleading "in jail"/ to remove this pleading and trial, from its truth, and its DUE PROCESS.
That I have presented you with information that can result in the loss of millions of lives and property in this USA and beyond/ even an entire world. I HAVE ESTABLISHED a law: that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. Have pointed you to the national ignition facility: and quoted their own words (pointed you to www.justtalking.info for greater insight) and reported a magazine which claims the power used by these people/ WILL create a tragedy by their assault on life; here on this planet. IT WILL be beyond anything you can imagine. Yet arrogance, deceit, apathy, treason (your duty is to protect this people), and utter failure is your naked reality. I am not directed to "make a little book, and create little type" for any reason other than malfeasance by the US supreme court, and its judges. You are named litigants/ as is the president, and attorney general. Thereby you have no excuse; no clerk to stand in the way: you are on trial, and found liar/ TRAITOR/ and conspirator. Because wherever a gamble so great in terms of potential destruction exists/ there is an absolute right for the people to be informed, educated, and allowed to make their own decision/ IT IS THEIR LIFE! And if you make that decision/ YOU ARE THE MURDER, just as guilty as the vile devils who have produced it. Every other aspect of this trial presented allows for slight contrivance of the details/ BUT THIS MANDAMUS before this court, establishes and extraordinary circumstance regarding the lives of millions or billions; and a time table of weeks or months before it is too late. You have achieved therefrom "the accusation of an accomplice to murder". Because you hold, "that a coming terrorist act, literally establishing the detonation of megatons of nuclear explosive in San Francisco" , is not of interest to the court: TO YOU/ to the nation/ or to the world.. It is malice aforethought/ it is treason. How do you plead?

4. The RESPONSIBILITY OF A COURTROOM is to the people of this USA. That is your job/ not your option: it is your duty, assigned and sworn to uphold without regard for any lesser interest or intent. The culpable intent to be ignorant and blind/ where such large interests before the people are shown to warrant examination, investigation, and trial wherefrom ANY SIGN of the possible tragedies already seen by financial disaster is clearly in evidence: is not less than MALICE. "An act done in wanton and willful disregard of the plain and strong likelihood that some such harm will result". Is obvious and plain. At a very minimum you are required to assign legal help/ do to the nature of this litigation, so that such frivolous and purposely fictional attempts to destroy this trial could be seen as mediated. But you chose not to/ even though I reminded you of this option. The guarantee of THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION IS: MY GUARANTEED & INHERENT RIGHTS, AS DELIVERED BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA. You stand in naked defiance of these truths. You stand in criminal composition as people who have taken the law/ and used it for your own purposes/ rather than for the people. Good faith is the toilet under your feet/ having soiled the intent and purpose of the constitution itself.

5. DUE PROCESS IS A GUARANTEE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Due process is a guaranteed right for murder trial, allowing that the miranda law: establishes fair treatment to all. In other words, as the authority in question/ YOU are required to assist not only my understanding: BUT MY STANDING in a court of law. Wherever you find it lacking! The assertion of rules in this case, is as we both know, merely the abortion of process/ and the intent to abduct my guaranteed right to claim protection under the first amendment redress of grievances GOVERNING THE COURT. You are not in charge of the court/ YOU are employees of the law, and the law governs you: or proves you criminal. IF THE DAMN RULES are so very important to you, with regard to print type and binding, and tiny infractions of punctuation/ THEN PRESENT ME WITH A LAWYER, who will comply with your directions: because you OWE THIS NATION that much. I STATE and do describe the truth, that no matter how much I pay or comply with your rules: based upon the weight of evidence that you have presented, your verdict is already in. TO HELL WITH THE CONSTITUTION, fuck the prostitutes and whores; who pay you to destroy this nation. My future has been affected by the tragedy of leadership that has been this nation. My possessions are attacked, by absolute failure to obey the intent of the constitution; and therefrom the allowance of gambling, lies, deceit, and theft as is clearly before us all. My liberty to move in a courtroom of law, within my absolute right and guarantee by this government has been raped. And as leaders of this nation both past and present, you have violently raped and ravaged the people of this nation. And endangered countless lives, as well as the nation itself. Fundamentally fair, is an absurd and vile turpitude of the judicial members of this court/ which cares nothing for truth, life, nation, duty, or honor. There is mutual agreement/ UNLESS it is proven otherwise, by concrete action. There is no reasonable doubt as to the intent, the foundation, the purpose for the people, or the method used in defense of this nation/ as that is the law, compiled and presented within a courtroom of JUSTICE FOR THE PEOPLE. Neither is there reasonable doubt as to the method used to disgrace and the purpose of a disease to alter this lawsuit from that purpose of life and nation/ to the garbage dump, as is consistent with each and every court that has been passed through. This is a writ of certiorari: in every trial created by James F. Osterbur and seen in www.trialforlife.info abstract of trials. This court has criminalized itself, with regard to the first amendment of this constitution of the USA. This court has evaded the first amendment without cause. This court has fought against the law and the constitution it presents to the people as their right.

6. As I have made it perfectly clear, that I am not a lawyer: the fundamentals of rules that are applied to lawyers, CANNOT be applied to me. Any suggestion that this is untrue, depicts and creates an boundary and a clear devise to obstruct justice, by applying UNFAIR forces which abridge and deny the privileges and immunities of a citizen of this USA. The state of IL is further in addition to this USA, as a participant in the same types and methods of an invasion and assault against the people of this land. By destroying the value of the money: YOUR JOB, AS EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT/ you have deprived us all of our means and stability to keep this nation at peace and work. You the employees of government, are gambling with not only our very lives, by playing with experiments far beyond what is sane or justified and threatening not only our lives, but our world. You the employees of government are gambling with every aspect of nature; every genetic discipline upon which we depend for life itself/ mutilating and devaluing life exactly the way you did with the money. Only we cannot survive the loss of nature. That makes you "satan, for lack of a better term". WE DEMAND AS WE THE PEOPLE TO BE INFORMED, EDUCATED, AND GIVEN A VOTE IN EVERY MATTER THAT CAN POTENTIALLY END LIFE ON EARTH. Every single citizen, let the parents vote for their children, up to the age of twelve/ after that puberty comes and ready or not, they will make "adult like" decisions. IT IS OUR LIVES, not just yours. OUR SACRED RIGHT, where no gambler has a right. The law is: We have a legal right, to the first amendment redress of grievances. And we demand it/ no opportunity exists to suggest the evidence does not declare this is true.

7. This court has taken a hostile possession of the law. This court has acted illegally, discarding the intent and purpose of the constitution, and disavowing their sworn oaths. You have no excuse/ not one, because you are listed as litigants, and what clerk would be so arrogant and vile not to inform the legal officials of their own trial. This trial is established as ORIGINAL JURISDICTION:
As created within previous documentation: this is a demand for redress, relief, and remedy from the travesty of leaders who have proven outright: to be devoid of the necessary duty, discipline, honor, or courage as is necessary to recover from this time of accumulating, & desperate need as will soon be seen everywhere. The critical reality is: You the employees have failed, pitifully and with lies, power, and pride that turned a nation into a pit.
That reality/ the long and horrific possibilities that threaten not only us, but an entire world: JUSTIFY AND DEMAND, that your ability to contain this mess that you, our employees have made, is so fundamentally corrupted by your failure. THAT WE THE PEOPLE MUST NOW TAKE CONTROL, AND BECOME THE DEMOCRACY THAT THE FOUNDERS AND TRUE FREEDOM DEFINE. We will decide what must be done. WE THE PEOPLE, it is our debt/ our nation/ our future/ our children/ our everything, YOU as "is termed the government": Are merely employees.
WE ARE THE OWNERS! THIS IS OUR HOME! WE WILL DECIDE AS A NATION, BY VOTE; and that will be applied to your fate as well.
Your job in redress of grievances, IS TO FACILITATE our understanding of the possibilities, establish any and all evidence in truth, and identify the necessary steps to achieve a real, adequate, and true education, so that the people may decide. It is the constitution that subpoenas each of you/ it is the law of this nation that demands you shall answer: how and why such tremendous failure as is plainly seen in the evidence exists.
This is NOT rebellion/ this is NOT ALLOWED to be a riot (people do whatever they want, because they can)/ this is NOT a rampage, wherein hate does whatever it wants to do. THIS IS THE LAW, and the leaders of government shall obey, the guaranteed rights of a nation itself. RESPECT THE PEOPLE, AND OBEY THE LAW. To each of these eleven, you will add "the leaders of science, and medicine"/ as reality decides: we begin with Dr. John Lindl at NIF. That they too shall answer for their gambling and work/ a real and very significant risk to this entire world. What if you are wrong. And the requirement: to establish WHY WE ARE SO THREATENED, that even a world can end do to your arrogance and pride. I do, suggest you take this seriously/ because as life changes in this USA; the anger of others, will increase. When your failure, becomes their death, weapons of mass destruction will fall.

This is not a question of me or you. This is a question established before the people of this USA, and it is their own decision that decides the fate of this world. Humanity itself must change, literally and forever/ if not, then you die. Simple as that, because this world will soon collapse; a reality of the things men do, and have done. The parameters are now set, the base entry level understanding has been displayed, the foundation of law and constitution has been understood, and the reality of a decision establishing WE THE PEOPLE: shall either exist, because of your tremendous need as a nation/ or you will fail. Not a hard comprehension: you have no money/ soon you will have no credit/ then you will have no resources from other nations, and the world will come collecting/ then your doctors will leave, as the majority are foreigners who came strictly for the money/ then food will begin to disappear, because the oceans failed to survive/ then the people will begin to revolt, because their world is crumbling at their feet/ then guns will be drawn, and civil war has occur/ then the world outside, will see you as a very real threat to them, and weapons of mass destruction will destroy this nation, and this world. Not to mention a thousand other threats, equally as bad or worse. But not to worry, hell just type in your computer; "Your god aren't you"? I am quite sure, every religious leader will follow, on their knees. "They think your god too/ cause anything else requires work, faith, hope, and all the things they lack".
One last warning is simple as well: to each and every single one, who stand and declare the people should not be told such things as this/ we will decide. Hades the eternal torture for a life of hate, will be yours. The more victims, the worse it will be. Go ahead and laugh if you like/ life, and death; will prove it to YOU. There is no place to hide, life or death for this planet is real/ because the plain and simple evidence declares it to be so.

Along with the standard filing, there will be a registered letter (requires a signature) sent, to the business address of each individual; to demand from each of the 12 defendants listed, a reality "you were informed/ therefore no excuse will be accepted". Because you have provided no address by which a subpoena may be delivered.

For Dr Lindl, a question in preparation for trial, that you may be prepared:

The purpose is to surround the atomic environment of hydrogen so that the materials cannot escape. It WILL work, unless one or more lasers fail. So the probability of fusion is actually very high. A fire that will burn the earth itself/ which we cannot put out: want to gamble? Can you stop a known fire here by throwing gasoline on it? No, you cannot because the gas is fuel! Regardless; to understand better, we return to a well known physics law: for every action there is a reaction. That is a fundamental in time, and it is true. So when all this energy is focused onto hydrogen which is an atom that cannot morph into something else: the question arises, what will the reaction be? The answer is a reaction that is the same size PLUS the energy allowed by the hydrogen itself will arise as a result/ the law of action and reaction insists. That will make the reaction event: not only fusion, but with the effects of a multi-megaton nuclear bomb going off in San Francisco/ particularly if fusion itself is not the result/ the only possible result is a bomb. The alternative to a volume that can react: is less simple to understand. With a smaller volume of hydrogen confined and reduced by pressures to an infinitesimal spot because it WAS forced to react into itself instead of reacting outward in atomic fire or force. The result WILL be, a black hole here on earth. Incredibly small/ but with all the energy focused upon it and contained within that tiny spot: making it on an sub-atomic scale, essentially turned inside out. The end result of that multiplication of density will be: that energy when finally released, from an environment of perhaps a billion pounds per square inch or more (as it turns from reaction to internal destruction): elemental atomic structure will be crushed/ but a little will stream out of its center; in a directional ""beyond extreme"" laser type of effect. The physical law of action equals reaction/ actually changes into an action, created by an alternate dimensional state: where atomic structure no longer exists. Because to implode and create this density in response of all the energy applied, all internal structure must be forced out. Or more simply, that which is described as a neutron in the arrangement of an atom is discarded/ and the protons are welded together, while electrons are essentially discarded or swallowed. Do to the immense pressures used/ the ascension of heat is altered from a force/ to a receptor of energy. The environment of a black hole will then be accelerated into multiples of the energy provided and used. It reverses energy in opposition to the law of an action and reaction: creating the opposite effects, of an action/ when it could not react, by changing direction: heat and force turned around; becoming an increasing action inside/ instead of a reaction outside. Thereby the black hole increases in mass and motion so long as there is energy to consume/ it is a ""perpetual motion machine"". ""It will suck energy in, and because as with all consumption there is a bit that will not cooperate with the whole: thereby the ""laser effect"""". One wanders if it can literally bore a hole through this earth? More importantly one wonders, if indeed there will be a complete alignment with the center black hole of our galaxy in 2012: if so, then it is apparent and probable that this ""laser effect"" will be encountered by us. The answer potentially radiates within the possibilities of what has happened to other planetary objects: but without life as a mediator of reality, we cannot know. The ""elemental physics"" result; of every black hole is however, the Making in effect of dark matter/ because it is the opposite of what we see in real life existence, as the disciplined order called time. The question is: even though this newly formed, BUT densest possible material in the universe, although infinitesimally small/ as a black hole with extreme energy applied to it is: Will, IT WILL accelerate the energy focused upon it, into the elemental mass of its center, and thereby create the effect that humanity describes in space as a black hole thereby sucking in its neighbor planets, stars,/ us etc? Making a black hole here on earth, even if you cannot see the mass itself? If so, It will not be survivable. Not for anyone. The question asks in reality: what is the energy contained? Because that is the determinate factor? The answer is: without doing the math/ that anything which can create MORE ENERGY; [as described in their own site at nif] by describing what they say will be far more intensity than a physical star exploding into a supernova in space: IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO CREATE WHAT A SUPERNOVA CREATES, a black hole in space. Therefore dependent upon the exact configuration of what happens; you get either a multi-megaton nuclear explosion ""the least violent""/ an earth on fire we cannot put out/ or a black hole that cannot be controlled and will eventually suck in this entire planet, because the laws governing time and order, will be changed. Not a guess, these are the laws of physics/ the reality of a changed state in energy and dimension that are going to be used in this experiment. From the web site http://www.justtalking2.info a companion site to http://www.justtalking.info Where all legal filings are listed.

TO: IL IRS This is their letter


Public listing of delinquent Illinois taxpayers

a letter of libel, establishing harassment and a conspiracy to break the law.

YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, to pursue this matter until it has completed its journey through the court system of this USA. It is in appeals at the US supreme court at this moment; and you have been notified of this action more than once during the course of this process for fundamental guaranteed rights. The consequence of that is: Because you have been made legally aware, by responding with such information to your office as indicated by the address you request all correspondence too. The fact that you now threaten me with printing a false and malicious publication for the simple purpose of defaming my name. The fact this is more than once. The fact that you have been given access and all information with the inclusion of the web site www.justtalking.info wherein all legal actions have been listed in this matter with full disclosure: means regardless of how this trial currently at the court is finished/ YOU have broken the law/ by illegally trying to extort money from me without the legal right or basis in fact

In the matter of harassment, wherein the exercise of your authority has exceeded the boundaries of law/ I find it malicious to be assaulted with this or any other threat, while in the process of establishing a legal remedy to the same, in a more constructive state redress of grievances. I AM FORCED, to restrain the money/ because I have tried other methods in the past/ and this is the only way "my government employees" will heed any portion or part of the law. Therefore any penalty you have described or interest has occurred simply in the pursuit of guaranteed rights/ and ought not, be cause or conduct from your office, without the law. As you are aware of law/ as your employee was told to contact their superior in this matter prior to this date. It is you, that breaks the law/ it is you, that owes, for your threat. I am working within the law, and demand respect. This too, will be posted on the web site above.
In this matter of libel/ the amount sought against you will be ten thousand dollars, with penalties and interest/ with court costs and lawyer fees. I will however simply let it slide for your statement disavowing all debts, and the removal of your lien against me. Otherwise see you in court.


I have an economic plan for you: instead of giving one trillion dollars and more, to a few rich men and begging them to give credit, or hire workers. Take that twenty thousand dollars $20,000.00 and give it to each of the fifty million workers who are expected to pay this debt: equally, same for all. We are expected to pay/ this is debt you are giving to us: THEN GIVE US THE MONEY! I guarantee, no more problems for a while with the auto industry/ no more mortgage collapse for a while/ economy all fixed. EXCEPT for that one little problem, someone expects to get paid. I say, instead of letting the rich get paid, for all the damage, heartache, and treason they cause: we just give this amount to the worker, and let the rich pay instead. So lets review reality: we the american worker, 50 million of us, have just given 17 billion dollars to GM. That equals every single worker 50 million people, each writing GM a check for $340.00 so they don't have to face "foreclosure". Keep em going for 3 months/ and then they need more. Every single worker 50 million of us, have given the bank owners and wall street 350 billion dollars, with begging and pleading and crying "oh please help these people"/ and they kept the money and did nothing for the people: it's a fact/ is it not, and of course our "special people/ employees in charge of protecting us, didn't demand a thing in return "we can trust them/ isn't that right". So that is a check for $7000.00 seven thousand dollars each and every worker provided by debt, 50 million strong, your employees of government have given to these bankers and owners of wall street in the last 3 months: got nothing back here either. And they are going to give them $7000.00 more/ for nothing; but failure, treason, disgrace, disrespect, and the disease of greed. Stop spending money for me/ stop making debts for me to pay/ stop deciding what is in my best interest with your ass: stop giving money to the university and others who gamble with OUR LIVES, THREATENING OUR VERY EXISTENCE, in a thousand different ways. IN OTHER WORDS: take back HONOR, return to THE SANCTITY OF LIFE, protect OUR EARNINGS FROM THIEVES AND LIARS; and obey the truth! AND, if you are going to have an economic stimulus, THEN GIVE ME THE MONEY/ NOT JUST THE DEBT, all of it, not just the shit that overflows greed. DON'T hire no more damn experts/ take a look at the University of IL, and see their disgrace: 121 million dollars lost, just so the BASTARD proud can spit, and shit down on the others for less than 40 hours a year in their piss ass football stadium. The state of IL, drowning/ and still with no sense at all. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. The job of government is to help me understand what I need to know for myself, to survive and work/ and provide justice, and protection from all those who seek to do me harm. That's it. DON'T make decisions for me/ work with me, for peace, happiness, and life!

Read as filed in court proof of services and document.

Court responce


An appendix to trial sent, and returned, with original filing.



The only element of law provided by the US SUPREME court, IN THEIR REPLY Dated, February 17,2009/ received 2/ 21/ 09 Is hereby answered with truth.

RE: James Frank Osterbur v. United States, et al.

Descriptions are sited below the legal argument; regarding useless rules and conditions that are plainly NOT allowed by article 3 of the US CONSTITUTION, the intent to provide a courtroom for justice, fair play, and equality in this USA!

DUE PROCESS IS NOT DEPENDENT UPON "check your miranda laws": perfection! Rather due process is understanding the claims and intent for judicial intervention against you/ your rights & mine! AND THEN going to trial, with sufficient representation to be heard in the manner and ways that are necessary to be understood. YOU DO, UNDERSTAND FULLY! The law, then decides/ not the judge. The purpose, the integrity, and the desire of a nation called WE THE PEOPLE. Conceived by constitutional documents, but upheld with the power to decide: BY THE DECISIONS OF WE THE PEOPLE, THAT ARE NECESSARY. For the survival of one individual, one state, one nation, one world; and the future of all life on earth.
This is "our trial". IT WILL, be decided by truth.
And become life or death of this planet.

INSTEAD of due process: "what was sent is utterly a disgrace, nothing more than the trash". That does not comply with the intent and purpose of judicial power as was provided by the constitution over the people of this nation/ AND ITS EMPLOYEES: MEANING YOU.
The law sent with judicial certainty by the highest court in this land, Was this: please note that "This court does not have Original jurisdiction under article 3. The original jurisdiction of this court extends to suits between two or more states or a state and the United States." .
The rest simply a disrespect using rules as an avenue of abandoning justice; Can be viewed at www.justtalking.info and my summary is below.

IN RESPONSE TO THE LAW ABOVE, that was SENT: THE LEGAL definition of original jurisdiction is: the jurisdiction of a court to hear a matter in the first instance. In other words, the right of a court to hear a matter without going through a different court first: as in a writ of Certiorari. [this trial is about redress of grievances according to the first amendment. This case takes the employees of WE THE PEOPLE TO COURT: DEMANDING ANSWERS/ DEMANDING OUR RIGHT TO BE INFORMED OF ALL MATTERS WITH "SPECIFICITY" THAT WE INQUIRE OF: AND then we will, CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES, who and what will be paid, or criminalized. AS IS THE RIGHT OF ANY OWNER, OVER THEIR PROPERTY AND BUSINESS and NATION. This cause has NEVER been tested within any court in the land/ therefore it is literally first instance]. THIS CAUSE AND THIS CASE DOES NOT BELONG IN ANY OTHER COURT IN THIS LAND/ and it is here by the right of Certiorari. The right of the US SUPREME court to deny this claim to be heard/ as designed and incorporated into the first amendment is a treason to the people: OBEY THE LAW! IS OUR CLAIM AGAINST YOU. There are no excuses/ its our guaranteed right. There is NO denying the state of crisis we find ourselves in. And there is NO DENYING, "the best and brightest of the university degrees, are those who sold this nation to greed and to despair: an accounting is due!

And it is necessary that this portion of the trial be presented as original jurisdiction, because the prior courts in disgrace: DID NOT HEAR THIS CASE/ but hid from the law, and from an accounting for the people! They chose to be traitors to the people of this USA. Because they had no right to call the suit frivolous or incoherent/ no law of merit exists to fight over: therefore at trial, the US supreme court becomes "first instance".

Legal definition continues: "for example the US supreme court has original jurisdiction to hear cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers, and counsels, and those in which the state shall be a party." U.S. Constitution Art III, sec 2, CL 2. [this trial is between a state and the first person plaintiff: James Osterbur/ regarding the fundamental rights of an accounting wherein my life has been affected/ MY DEBT because of governments both state and federal so extreme, that only bankruptcy can fix your failures. And my future is degraded because of errant, listless apathy, regarding how much debt I can or am willing to support, by employees of government who took it upon themselves to give the money away for nothing. [a case in point, the incomes of degreed state university personnel: they are failures, threatening us from every side]. The state of IL is in complete failure/ and a redress applied for, "the people of IL" is fair and appropriate even as a separate entity from the nation. It is: GRANTED in a dispute involving the first amendment, which the state is obligated by law to obey.] Therefrom the state and nation is fundamentally ordered to comply, as there is NO EXCLUSION, for employees to disrespect the owners, within that definition.

NO WHERE IN ARTICLE 3, CLAUSE 2 OF THE US CONSTITUTION do the words allow, that original jurisdiction the hearing of a trial in the first instance shall be undone, by the US SUPREME COURT. INSTEAD article 3 cl 1 states: the judicial power of the US SHALL BE vested in one supreme court....: This means: they can and will hear ANY TRIAL, they choose to hear/ without limitations! This court LIES, "suggesting it is limited to suits between two or more states, or a state and the US governing body". It is NOT SO: and is refuted by the following words directly from article 3, cl 2 : THE JUDICIAL POWER SHALL EXTEND TO ALL CASES IN LAW AND EQUITY ARISING UNDER THIS CONSTITUTION; THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES...... What is unclear/ you have no excuse, and are hiding in the vomit of rules? Clause 2.1 continues.... and between a state or the citizens thereof..... Clearly identifying THIS IS INDEED HELD FOR TRIAL WITHIN ARTICLE 3 CL 2 OF THE US CONSTITUTION. And you the court have disobeyed the constitution/ thereby the law, in refusing the demand of this first amendment trial/ THAT YOU DO, fully understand. Your rights as an employee, are to do your job/ you failed. Your rights as an employee, are to demand a fair and just hearing/ regarding any and all matters of contention: this is your trial. Your rights as an employee, are to quit if you so choose/ our rights as an owner, include coming after you with criminal charges should they be proven true and necessaryl.
Article 3 CL 2.2 It continues "in all cases affecting.... and those in which a state shall be party, the supreme court shall have original jurisdiction." In other words: don't have to go through lower courts first/ which I have done, and was denied the law, the constitution, and my guaranteed rights as a citizen of both state of IL, and the nation of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. By a tiny handful of people, who are NOT greater than the law/ they are just like me, except for their job & their oath. THE LAW, applies to us all EQUALLY! But good behavior is applied only to the judge/ and decides his or her fate under the law.

Treason consists of levying war against the people of this USA, or aiding or adhering to the enemy. The FOUNDATION of this nation is the constitution: that the law will decide/ NOT the judge. And you, as well as the courts under you have disobeyed the law/ and disrespected the constitution by doing so, you disgrace the American people. The oath of office is: you will obey the law/ or there will be consequences. The constitution IS THE LAW. And failure regardless of the trash that is dumped on my doorstep by traitors, is literally: a war against the rights, privileges, and promises to this people and to me: provided by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: WE THE PEOPLE! Prove it is not so.

I strongly suggest you reconsider! As your assertions are neither the letter of the law, the intent of the law, the spirit of the law, the purpose of the constitution, NOR an attempt or purpose which includes protecting the people of IL, or this nation of WE THE PEOPLE. Neither is it DUE PROCESS according to your own rules: YOU turn murders loose, for nothing more than a failed Miranda notice. And if a murder can find protection under the constitution, THEN A COMMON CITIZEN will find greater protection and leniency in the court. THIS IS SEGREGATION/ BIAS/ PREJUDICE AND A PURPOSE THAT DOES NOT INTEND TO DEFEND THIS PUBLIC from those who have attacked it with stupidity and greed. These are issues of Civil rights among the people. This trial is "clothed in the public interest, with a direct and positive effect upon this nation, under the subject of public control, the demand of public ownership, and the first amendment". It is your rule that seeks to stand in the way of constitutional guarantees and legal grants: to this citizen of this USA/ and thereby to us all, as no possibility exists to claim the nation is not in distress or disgrace! You, are in violation of the law/ because a law is NOT limited by a rule of procedure. Crandall v. Nevada (1867) "To come to his seat of government....and transact any business he may have: you have set a roadblock, and a tax, as have the courtrooms under you: that is not respect to the citizen/ it is tyranny! Powell v. Alabama (first Scottsboro case, 1932) the right to be heard would be of little avail if it did not include if it did not comprehend the right to be heard by counsel.... the failure of the trial court to make an effective appointment of counsel was a denial of due process within the meaning of the fourteenth amendment.". You were allowed to appoint counsel, should you believe I am unable to represent this trial effectively: in this a first amendment right of this nation! And did not. Youngstown sheet & tube co v. Sawyer (1952) "the supremacy of law"! Will decide, OR deserters have let the nation be overrun with enemies! The law is, NOT you "the fuckers" in charge of tragedy and failure. We the people, are tired of tragedy, disgrace, and disrespect: the evidence is more than clear, and needs no other assertion to be correct: and I/ we, demand change, by our own decision, for our lives and our nation! Not another fool, lying, cheating, and stealing: MY VOTE/ OUR VOTE on how to change and correct all these problems created by OUR EMPLOYEES/ after a full and complete as needed investigation through the court about our reality. An accounting of everything, so that the nation itself can be repaired and sustained.
You, the employees, have failed/ both state and nation! WE THE PEOPLE, ACCORDING TO LAW WILL NOW DECIDE!


The response of the US supreme court is now in hand: the court rules are here. In summary the rest of the page said"the papers you submitted are not construed to be "a petition for writ of certiorari". Even though they clearly are.
The most common disgrace used among the court, "blame it on the rules/ leaks out like so much diarrhea, to dissuade the litigant from continuing". Law, constitution, and reality simply don't matter; so says the court. Like tiny spoiled children who simply change the rules/ they degrade the American nation by these following points as sent in memorandum with their statement of denial. Original jurisdiction is demanded/ along with a writ of certiorari examining the courtrooms of this USA.
1. Page and type size "not right. Sent on common 8 by 10 copy paper, found in every office/ every school/ every business throughout the country. "Can't use that".
2. Front and back covers shall be white. I used clear cover on the front to allow the copy machine to shine through.
3. They say "no questions were presented for review".

So here are your questions:
(i) WHO owns this nation?
(ii) Who is employed by the people of this nation?
(iii) Who is responsible for the state of this nation/ those who led, abandoned the rules, allowed fraud, discarded reality and lied, created threats far beyond money: Or the people who pay ALL the bills. And are shown their future as extreme poverty, war, and death?
(iiii) Who has the right to choose, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
(iiiii) Who has the right to threaten us, from money, to food & water, to life on earth, to extinction? All of which are plainly in evidence AS, a threat that does or will exist soon?

4. Parties listed not quite as precise as required.
(both past and present as required under the law, for the purposes of trial; by their participation in these troubles).
Currently Mr. BARACK OBAMA
1600 Pennsylvania ave, Washington DC.
Establishing that branch of government that decides and leads direction, debt, distribution of environmental and future threats.

Mr. John Paul Stevens Mr. Antonin Scalia
Mr. Antony Kennedy Mr. David Souter
Mr. Clarence Thomas Ms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Mr. Stephen Breyer Mr. John G. Roberts
Mr. Samuel A. Alito Jr.

Establishing that branch of government that decides and leads JUSTICE FOR ALL/ FAIR PLAY in all social organization and structures of society/ and EQUALITY, the demand for DUE PROCESS, and guaranteed inherent rights according to the constitution. As established in law.

Establishing that branch of government assigned to INSURE AND OVERSEE: all governmental entities are acting and obeying the purpose, the letter, and the spirit of the law enacted, for the preservation of the nation/ as well as all finance, business, agriculture, industry. And WE THE PEOPLE.

5. Numbering requires the use of (i), (ii), (iii) etc.
6. Order of the appellate court not included; they couldn't read/ didn't want to contact the court or use the internet; just plain lazy I guess. It is your job to establish a case has gone through your court system/ not mine.
7. Documents not on paper 6 and one eighth by 9 and one quarter.
8. binding allowed; (used, "staples along the left margin covered with tape") but not accepted. Must be the duct tape?
9. Docket fee $300.00 sent as a money order to the court/ returned. Resent with this document.

10. Can't provide a certificate of service, without the proper address: since this is government employees notified at their formal business address/ how is that not sufficient? Regardless the court must provide this address, as it is "the legal representatives of justice/ legal representative of the executive branch/ legal representative in charge of legislative branch/ and the governor of state of IL." GIVE ME THE ADDRESS, AND I WILL SEND THE SUBPOENA.
11. Didn't include a word count, how many words in this document. IS THIS LAW? You are not allowed frivolous and without merit.
12. I have ninety days to reply/ I replied in less than 7 days; don't care.
13. Rules "got to be in book/ with word count" : terribly important. Or is it not vomit and disgrace to the people of this nation. You may pretend with lawyers/ but I am a citizen without legal diploma: and I demand treatment with respect for that fact. Respect here is: What is important matters/ nothing less.
14. Precedent without merit included, regarding type size. You cannot dismiss or discourage any legal case based upon the size of the lettering. DUMB ASS.

In summary, even though the us supreme court itself is listed as: defendants! According to the first amendment redress of grievances/ allowing the legal requirement for our employees to give account for themselves TO WE THE PEOPLE. They push the process into the hands of a clerk. Using rules without merit, to push this reality OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, out of sight. THEY abandon the law and the constitution as provided to the citizens themselves/ and to me: into the trash can.
Happens all the time, regardless of merit, regardless of law, without obedience to the constitution as required by oath, and is for the purpose of power & control regardless of what the law does say they must do. Never mind the lives of millions if not billions are in danger. Never mind the state of the nation demands an appropriate and timely redress of grievances as the law allows. The purpose here is to control the people, by the illusion of a courtroom and a constitution: but is not obeyed! A simple public citizen in ANY JOB, given/ voted upon or not: Is allowed by the people of this land "to be, in charge". IT IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT!
Thereby WHEN the law does not govern/ or the law is buried under "frivolous extensions without merit to disrupt and disrespect the law/ or any purpose that is power, establishes organized crime. The development or desertion of duty, and allowance for criminals in greed, terrorists in science, and LIES IN GOVERNMENT all do construct the essence of traitors and thieves, and treason to our lives. Stealing our nation and selling it, with our future; to death.
Who stands for this redress of grievances by the people: not the court? Is not the president and attorney general informed as well? These three individual decisions by "government", asserting the law is unnecessary, and we won't obey.


[the use of vulgar language illustrates, the opportunity for those citizens without significant education, to be involved. The courtroom does belong to us/ not a judge or group of judges, but to WE THE PEOPLE.] It is the law that rules over all of us, not the judge. The law does not care about language that is less than "perfect"/ the law cares about justice. But it is the people of a nation that must demand the law will rule/ or it shall not be so.
That is the first lesson of this test, called WE THE PEOPLE! The second lesson is an understanding of critical truth: that we are approaching true crisis in this nation/ a time when guns, murder, and death can invade our lives: do to the tragedy of choices that your leaders have made. The only real damper upon all the tragedy coming: IS THE RIGHT, AND THE DEMAND, THAT WE WILL MAKE THIS DECISION FOR OURSELVES. We will not be forced to accept any more tragedy, unless we decide to gamble with our lives, our nation, and our world. The opportunity to see every debt, is fundamental to any economic decision, and they talk only about federal debts: which do not include financial, business, agriculture, state of IL( above current taxes paid, requires an additional $1,355.00 per each and every worker 6,640,400 of us), industry, personal, and more debts that are stacked on top of federal debts [every trillion dollars= $20,000.00 per each of 50 million workers]. WE OWE, Over $2,000,000.00 PER WORKER. The opportunity to assess every real asset, including the vault at Fort Knox to understand what is left, if fundamental to our decisions. We must know everything, without lies or liars getting in the way. Then we as a nation will decide, and the court shall establish our decision. It is OUR courtroom, not theirs.

In addition to that, EVERY THREAT that could exterminate us/ shall be eliminated. We begin with the national ignition facility, immediately establish nature is too precious and sacred to gamble with, stop the threat of weapons of mass destruction by establishing a world law, court, and policing force. And move immediately to issues of food, water, oxygen, and more. That is the purpose of this trial.
As to the validity of current efforts, the parameters and levels of participation have been touched upon, SO THAT YOU can understand the ways, means, and methods required. If my cause and case are abandoned by the court/ THEN YOU can critically take the words and create your own case before the court as a person/ city/ organization/ state; or whatever is appropriate to you. The words of the first amendment are: "congress shall make no law respecting ...: or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." For clarity, this legal right does NOT specify "what an assembly is" other than peaceful or according to law. To petition the court is what you do for any lawsuit, and this is a legal right. For certainty: WHEN THE LIST OF GRIEVANCES IS EXTREME, as it is today/ this truth cannot be denied! All that is required for a redress (an accounting of facts by government officials, as the public demands): Is someone to initiate the call to rights given: to WE THE PEOPLE of this land. By the constitution.

It is your turn now! You will decide, to stand up for yourselves, or not. The biggest threat you face: IS THAT they will throw me out/ and some other person or group will take over. Because then they can try to control the lawsuit, the accounting, and the response in their way; even though it is your lawsuit of WE THE PEOPLE. Once to trial and done/ the only simple means left to "ourselves" is by revolution: because they can then close the door to law. INSTEAD of that, work peaceably with protests that narrow in on the court system across this country/ the president & congress etc. Demand more from your media. Bring it back as a major crowd, bring it back as YOUR RIGHT, NOT THEIRS. But remember this, time is running out for this earth, and nothing like certiorari will do/ there isn't time to play. Learn this in reality. Learn you are living on borrowed money; and when that dries up, if you have not started this trial/ IT WILL be far harder to survive. Services will "melt down", unemployment will multiply, hope will die; and that means the food and utilities required for rebuilding will threaten to disappear. Do this now!
Therefore regardless of my own death: YOU are fully capable of carrying on this work. It is real, true, and correct to say, that upon trial becoming active/ THERE WILL be those who see me as a target to be destroyed. You have no excuse, "I have laid this work on your doorstop, prepackaged and prepaid"; if you let the world die it is literally your fault/ because you didn't care enough to carry it through. Don't do that/ it does have eternal consequences for you.
Regardless of that, after 2 or 3 weeks, if the court is not heard from; I will be seeking "the proper method as declared by the court to present this case; NOT because it is appropriate to do". Rather because there shall be NO EXCUSES. least of all, a pitiful little book.

We now come to the end of what I can do for you! I have opened the doors, with words that instruct you within the law. Words that clarify: "It is not the government that I or you will fight against"/ instead it is the law that we will work with to achieve what the law describes as our right. Be aware, the media is absolutely important to this work; because the end result is: without understanding, no decision can be made. Work with them, it is necessary.

As to me, I have made it clear, in more ways than one; I am not your leader/ not your savior/ not "friend or enemy" in this debate [thereby I shall NOT be the deciding factor in what you do, or do not do. IT IS YOUR CHOICE/ NOT mine. It is your life or death/ mine has been decided. IT IS, absolutely necessary to work against sexual slavery. To accomplish that, you must take it out of the shadows/ regardless what you believe it is necessary, and give it only to women (if that is their decision/ let them). But to rescue the others, YOU must know where they are! To rescue the others: the fine to any man hiring a prostitute or "any such thing/ in any way". ANYWHERE BUT HERE: will be a severe fine the first time/ at least 50% of any and all property he owns the second time/ and years behind bars the third. ANYONE caught "selling a girl or woman for sex or the potential of sex slavery" will be killed: for the first two years, you may give two year prison time as a warning to all/ but then, NO MORE . They may sell themselves within the area's provided / but you shall not make them, nor allow them to be forced in any way! The violence of drug addiction is also a major contributor to sexual slavery and degradation. Therefore as you have been told for years now: REMOVE THE MONEY! That is simple to do, simply inform every drug addict: IF they show the police where the drugs are/ the police will "go get them/ lock the criminal up" and give the drug user their drugs for free. Simple as that/ don't need no money if you are a user/ the criminal provides. When there is no money, there will be little crime attached to it. You will demand, "every user, sign a waver no medical treatment for you/ to receive the drugs". You will do your best to help them MAKE a better decision, if they can.
This is not a game, this is life or death of a planet! Make your decision.


The critical loss of understanding/ or just plain fraud is: that in all the government spending plans, it is the rich man or woman that gets bailed out from all their debts, all their failed plans and stupid mistakes/ and it is the poor men and women that get their bills.

The simple reality is, "that government" is nothing more than a collection of people who have assigned a few citizens to make decisions for them/ to keep life simple. The simple truth is those employees of the people in this day have made very bad decisions/ sold themselves for greed/ failed to understand anything/ hid every bad decision they made with lies/ intentionally stole everything they could/ made us all losers, by allowing the gamblers to win a game that in the end cost us a nation. As in every gambling game/ some one wins, and that means every other person there lost. That is our reality, with the addition: our employees allowed "play money and fantasy" to rule this nation, believing they would never get caught. The false image, that a government is more than its people/ has assets its people do not have is a delusion. We call democracy "WE THE PEOPLE" for a reason. Inflation is real, not the fantasy of governmental figures/ but the reality: the numbers used by the common citizen must is required for our existence, for this nation to survive (as is needed to keep us alive as slaves)/ the numbers of the rich and powerful however, bear no resemblance to their contribution to society. They steal, by causing their numbers to multiply without a basis in truth or reality/ retaining the numbers of the masses at tremendously lower levels; and they use our government as a toy. Creating a weapon against the public that Says: "we must pay/ and they will play, laugh, and ridicule our lives". Our existence
Every economic crisis is the same: the rich men who won the gambling game/ now control all the money, because everybody else lost/ they were fools to play the game, but they did, and now they are broke. BUT "the surprise is", when the "rich" multiplied the numbers exceedingly: they made their own numbers, their own claims as dollars, worthless as well. If there is no value left in one dollar/ there is no value left in one billion dollars. And that means in truth, we are all basically equal, because there is a limit to how much debt can be paid/ and not one thousandth of the numbers they have amassed can be turned into anything real. Therefore a worthless dollar is a worthless dollar/ regardless how many you have.

Let the banks be sold at auction: divided up into individual locations & sold only to one individual buyer or group/ limited to one location only, so there is community control from both directions: its called take our money back, take control of our banking and finances at the community level. Let the industry be sold. The housing be returned to the bank & sold. Whatever is debt/ reduced to, "a potential purchase ability (it has no cash value, outside a mortgage)", given to the individual homeowner (the person living there/ one house only) : based upon the percentage you had actually achieved of ownership against the loan: 10% of $100,000.00= $10,000.00 paid. So, you the home owner have ten percent in capital investment collateral, against the new price of a house, to be auctioned off. Not ten thousand dollars, ten percent of the purchase price, because it represents the bulk of your decisions, due diligence, decision to be honorable, and your basic work input/ not how much you made in dollars (which are clearly an unfair/ unreal, assessment of loan repayment). The demand here is: "whether you were good for the loan." As to investments, etc the very same is true: you receive your capitalization (cash property for auction/ NO cash value, except for mortgage purchase) as a percentage of value represented by the companie(s) you owned. That description of a companies net/ actual worth: is based upon REAL property ownership (based upon property values in the year 1998), assessed or aligned with property taxes paid. Added to property ownership(not loans, actual collateral value), plus a fair appraisal of all equipment and supplies, plus the actual sales of the company in real generated profit, averaged over the last ten years/ averaged out as "this is what the company produces as value". All are treated the same/ with the exception of financials. These have made no money/ but engaged in swindling and deceit until proven otherwise. NO discrimination or classifying of assets or loans or any such thing shall determine what you take to auction. Instead regarding a loan that will or can be made: the percentage you have obtained from your "due diligence, and previous decisions" represents how well you can or cannot make business decisions, and you will take that percentage and it will be your collateral at auction for down payment/ along with REAL property that you have completely paid for, including gold, silver, and the like. Doesn't matter if you owned a tiny house or a big house etc, your percentage is the same. But if that percentage is over 50%, you must sell your house at auction to have the opportunity to trade for another. There is no collateral down payment over 50%/ unless you trade REAL property as described above. You then have money with your percentage of not more than 50% collateral at auction. NO ONE is allowed to buy more than one house, and one business property: if they can/ you are limited. You cannot divide collateral, what comes out of the house you actually live in, is house collateral. What comes out of the business interests you have accumulated is collateral for one single business to buy and no more/ or you may transfer it into a retirement account instead. Retirement will be "community oriented, and decided". The highest value business claim is the percentage you own, that means if some of your business claims have negative value, these will subtract from your collateral. This is about loans/ and whether you know enough to pay, and choose correctly; not how much you tried to control. Companies will resell stock after all the current stock value has been taken out: they will RE-ISSUE STOCK/ the old having no value at all. The government owns the company, until enough money has been raised so that all the lenders, vendors, employees, etc: have been paid. Pensions are going to be assessed at NO MORE THAN 20% of the company liabilities at collateral assessment. This amount will be divided among the workers, as the company is able to pay/ if it cannot, they lose. Government employees lose their pension plans: YOU created these problems/ YOU share the responsibilities. Cities will invest in the equipment that is used to create jobs (if their citizens, provide collateral for this purpose)/ cities will NOT buy the company, just the equipment, and possibly the building and grounds: they will then resell to "cooperatives among the people themselves", for the purpose of jobs, if they are the successful bidder. ONLY CITIZENS are allowed to bid or buy, and must own for a period of not less than 7 years. No trading either, you made your deal: work! The credit you have taken in every other way shall also be valued: if you have a credit card loan, the percentage you have taken against your income will be averaged against your home and business collateral/ whichever you wish. It will take, subtract from: not more than 25% of your collateral base. If you have no house loan, your credit card debt serves as an indicator of your ability to service a loan, perfect credit, always "realistically" on time with less than 5% of income, on a credit billing at any time/ and you are granted an additional 5% collateral against a purchase. Greater than 10% of credit card (all elective loans) debt in opposition of your income means you start to subtract from your collateral percentage; under any other condition, but medical. Elective medical is discarded as an influence in debts: they don't count/ and will not be paid. Extortion has a price/ fail to accept it, and criminal charges can erupt. The "government will support medicine as needed/ until this is through". Vehicle loans are based upon similar conditions: if you bought a vehicle in price not over 10% of your income; with a proven payment record; then you are granted a 5% raise in your collateral base. You decide how much to subtract under alternative conditions. No money, don't worry, prices will be cheap/ and with the entire nation in bankruptcy, they (your employees) must "give the citizens something for their work", because if they don't, the nation dies/ and they must give the immigrants something less. Be fair with each other, and life economically can return within 2 years. Use this information without the truth that you are bankrupt/ and you will die, because this is only a tiny part of the trouble we face. As with this economy, you will not escape it, unless you accept what is necessary and true.
Gold and silver will both be confiscated at the end of the auction/ you can use whatever amount you have only one time (but it can be divided between home and business). Regardless of the price, all the gold or silver you put up prior to auction: [IF you are the buyer] will be taken, and returned to the nation; to give value to the money system of the USA, and grant a return to normalcy for the country. You may however divide that amount between home and business (what is not used for one/ can be kept for the other) before it is confiscated, at auction. Records will be kept (you CANNOT find "more gold or silver" than you first put up at auction)/ the retention of all gold and silver by the nation shall occur. Anyone holding these beyond the last days of auction, will be considered thieves: stealing from and against this nation.
The Bankruptcy of a nation, is the method of taking the rich man or woman's dollars away. They played the game and won/ BUT THEY CREATED THE GAME to be played: and on account of the game, WE LOST. HOWEVER, Life is not a game, THEREFORE we demand the fantasy and divisiveness of that game shall end. Returning life and work, for life and work.

If you have bonds or treasuries, you will wait until this nation proves to be viable again/ NOT less than 3 years. Critical calculations will then be defined by the unemployment level of the nation: if there is an average 10% unemployment in the year this is decided/ you will lose 90% of your claim. If there is 15% unemployment you get nothing. If there is zero unemployment, IN REAL TERMS you will retain 50% of your claim. A CLAIM is represented, BY REALITY, not by numbers. The dollar is broken and has no real value/ therefore society will decide what is fair appraisal on the day this is done. Based upon what was realistic & true in 1998.

To stop the game from returning: There must be limits applied to all. Created, with adjustments to be voted upon periodically, for income maximums and minimums. So that no game can be made out of the numbers made available later. There must be limits applied and voted upon for property possessions. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT MAKES US EQUAL. That is the basis of WE THE PEOPLE, and a society of justice (the law we chose as a nation, IS our protector and friend) and fair play (I had a right, and the nation contributed with honor and honesty that I cherish my place here as freed, to be equal). Equal accepts that we are all the same, as citizens here/ as humanity on this earth. This is: Still capitalism, still make your own way and choices; but for life first/ not the game of greed. No more playing, no more deception or buying government: everything important WILL be decided by the people after a time of critical education/ by their own vote. Not voting for people to vote for me/ NO ADVERTIZING OR PROPAGANDA: strictly truth and reality developing the intent and sense of understanding, as best we can.
People will say this can't work/ because we need rich people to employ the others. But that simply is not true. It is need that brings jobs, and every job created is due to the people who need that resource, or want its result. Need and want will never go away; and that means business has nothing to do "with the rich/ they merely control access". But when they control access, the people become angry. And when the people become angry because they are controlled: then hate arises and power comes instead of peace. It's a choice, to accept the limits resources can provide for us. It's a choice to choose for the future. WE THE PEOPLE will control access, and make choices for the future. It's a choice, to control the hate before it turns into the need and desire for power over people. It's a choice, to demand to be fed, during your decision for change/ using the money that is your tax burden: while the employees of government are required "to come clean/ and their world is changed by us".

All elements of society, including healthcare are to be returned to reality and truth. What can be charged by medicine will come under control by government. What will be owed and paid by people will be a direct link to a percentage of income, decided by periodic public vote: everyone will pay a minimum to control the difference between "rich and poor". Make a decision.


It is necessary to keep this site open and useable. Thereby it is necessary that you participate with the law of free speech and not allow any intervention in that reality by those who would tear it down. There are debts to be paid in the running of this site. I have & will pay the base line funding for it: But if the volume of people who desire to use this site increases dramatically: THIS LINK WILL OPEN to reveal the actual accounting/ including volume transfer, etc: applied to maintaining these words for your viewing, on this site. This is your bill/ Its up to you, to participate as necessary. DON'T need more than enough/ its not a site for making money. Just what is required will do.

The evidence B provided to the court is:
an accounting table from 2004 www.federalreserve.gov

The evidence A provided to the court is: a short description of the national ignition facility, and the tragedy awaiting us. Link here It WILL become a motion to the court for cease and desist against this facility/ and a demand for this military installation to be guarded against anyone failing to honor that demand. For a basic understanding, of why this is so important. For additional information go to "recipe 7", the forum here, or a wide variety of information as is spread throughout this website and others I do provide. Links are on the left.

Actual pdf files presented, trial pdf & proof of service / or simply read this




from district case 08-CV-2262 / this petition arising from appellate case 08-3954, 7th circuit, Chicago IL case decided: denied February 4, 2009

2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E.



A writ of original jurisdiction, because NEVER has the court granted the legal right or recognition of the first amendment redress of grievances by the people. That right of trial arising under the constitution as provided by the first amendment. The judges of the appellate court acting with distinctly proven bad behavior against a citizen and his right to the law as written. The intensity of public need, a proven right to avoid any delay by motion to file. It is the US supreme court that has true jurisdiction here/ therefore you will decide. The US appellate court, refused to certify this question of proposition of law/ thereby abandoning due process and proceeding to an illegal and improper decision. They refused to acknowledge this controversy that arises as the same (THE STATE OFFICIAL STOLE OUR MONEY, OUR LIVES, with incompetency and we the people of IL are suffering because of it.), against the state of IL. They seized my right to proceed and took possession of the constitution of the US without the authority necessary to decide a redress of grievances case.

A writ of certiorari; developed from the tragedy of pride and unworthy power within the court. The 7th circuit appellate court having departed from the accepted and usual course of judicial proceedings that does call for the supreme courts supervisory power. The important question being, a constitutional guarantee held in contempt by this court.

The elements of rule 14, do not apply; as there is a crisis in this nation of such magnitude and imperative public importance that it justifies this statement without comment from the court. THIS CASE IS : distinctly and directly ties to that need. The supreme court being well informed, as they were listed as appellees, along with the president, and the attorney general, representing the United States of America. With the governor of the state of IL. Therefore argument and brief are submitted instead. YOU are aware. THIS CASE, is submitted pro se, and demands whatever assistance the court deems necessary do to the crisis we face, shall be provided by the court itself. BUT THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY, I will be removed from this case, or my right to be heard hijacked by lawyers. We work together, or not at all, and I will decide. Your job, is to protect this nation/ your reality is to prove this is not being done here and now.
As this petition, brief, and argument are being sent to various news, religious organizations, and others: it is only fair to the court, that the demand for brevity is dismissed. "Equal STANDING, with those who can confront you/ rather than uninformed".


2. DOES ANY COURT IN THIS LAND, HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXCUSE THEMSELVES FROM THE LAW/ remove a citizen from due process? Did not these, WITH ABSOLUTE CONTEMPT FOR THE LITIGANT? As has plainly been proven, here by the district court and the appellate court, and the "supreme"state court of IL ! OR, instead of contempt: MUST THEY OFFER TRUTH, IN CONNECTION WITH APPROPRIATE JURISDICTIONS OF LAW, CRITICAL UNDERSTANDING to the foundations displayed in the case presented AND WITH COMPREHENSION, such as any "common citizen" would have. These lie, and state "can't understand" what even a grade school student would.

3. DOES THE US SUPREME COURT ACCEPT: THE EXCLUSION FROM THE LAW/ THE DISRUPTION OF DUE PROCESS/ AND THE CONSEQUENT TYRANNY OF A COURT: that pretends it cannot understand/ uses language that is NOT familiar to the general public/ and in direction association with the needs and desires of the public at large. ARE YOU AN INTERPRETER OF THE LAW/ OR ARE YOU NOT? If an interpreter in truth and law for the people, and for this nation, THEN WE ALL UNDERSTAND. No "foreign language" allowed/ that means "as the citizens use the language; so must you.". And that includes the need for you to explain the law used to deny a pro se litigant/ the assumptions of trial references are not enough. The basis of justice as is known through the trial references indicated, are required. Yes or no?

4. DOES THIS SUPREME COURT HOLD AUTHORITY OVER THE LOWER COURTS, AND IF SO: THEN WHAT, are you going to do about contempt, disrespect, disgrace, and various other realities as are presented by the court cases of James F. Osterbur/ where the law is Meaningless/ because the court, "doesn't like the law it must obey". And as a consequence fails to respect or obey the law themselves? Acting in defiance against the constitutional intent for justice and hope by the people within their courtroom. NOT yours/ OURS!



7. DO YOU ACCEPT OR DENY A RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PEOPLE OVER THE OFFICIALS OF GOVERNMENT IN EVERY BRANCH FOR JUSTICE. These employees have bankrupted us, stole our money, and fundamentally created grief and despair/ and more. THEREIN THE QUESTION OF TAXING THIS PEOPLE ARISES, because the people who have bankrupted us, THEY HAVE intentionally LIED TO US. And the numbers HAVE destroyed the security and purpose of our working lives. Thereby either we will return to truth and reality with the numbers called dollars and debt/ or our payment as tax simply supports a criminal organization who works and acts against the purposes and demands of the people who are called this nation. EXPLAIN JUSTICE TO THIS NATION, APPLIED HERE TO OUR REALITY TODAY! How do you plead!

8. THAT WE THE PEOPLE DO OWN THIS NATION, AND THE COURT SHALL DECLARE WHAT LIMITS EXIST UPON THAT OWNERSHIP. THE COURT SHALL ACKNOWLEDGE, WHETHER THERE ARE MINIMAL STANDARDS, that the employees of government MUST adhere to. OR THEY SHALL NOT BE PAID. The court shall determine, what constitutes a criminal action by said employees of government, and indicate who is exempt/ and for what purpose. The court shall declare what constitutes reimbursement for the people, and identify the means.

9. The US SUPREME COURT shall state: exactly what constitutes a right to dismiss a civil case from its docket/ and prove how this is its right, when the constitution says DEFEND JUSTICE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, and instruct them in the law! The demand: WITH WORDS THEY UNDERSTAND, needs no explanation. For nothing less is an instruction or respect for the constitution or the people is required to uphold justice for this nation/ how can the people obey if they do not know the law. Where that exists, the "law" becomes a trap! According to article 3: It is your job "to extend to all cases in law and equity, under this constitution". To settle disputes between a citizen and a state, where failure is obvious for that state. Prove that is not so. Prove the failure to provide for the people, a relief from injustice called the law, through its courtroom: is not a desertion of duty. And if you can't do it/ then get out of the way, and establish REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES for both state and nation/ that we the people SHALL decide our future, and resurrect our states, and nation by the decisions that we will make for ourselves. ESTABLISH MY VOTE FOR THE LIFE OF THIS STATE OR NATION/ Not, my vote to vote for someone to vote for me: who then sells my life to greed, disgrace, apathy, and failure.




Rule 33 is abandoned as unnecessary/ and as pro se rule 39 is noticed, until such time as the court proceeds to obey the law, and moves forward to trial and thereby to redress before this nation.

CONTENTS: petition and beginning, pages 1-5/ the complaint page 6-7/ the brief and argument pages 7-23/ table of authorities, and summary explanation of value pages 23-25


RE: A CASE DEMANDING THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AGAINST THE PROVEN FAILURES OF BOTH STATE AND NATION. A case respecting the nation, and its people in their time of need. A case accepting the inherent rights provided by the fourteenth amendment "......deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." the court was allowed the opportunity to provide "lawyers for the people"/ in this case of redress against the employees who have done this nation so much harm: but they refused. Therefore no opposition, NO STANDING in reference to "citations to supporting authority" can be viewed: BECAUSE THIS COURT SYSTEM HAS NEVER honored this legal clause, this first amendment right to a redress of grievances by the people. No citation exists: this is new, and original jurisdiction as established by the constitution of the USA. THE SUBJECT MATTER, is a failure by all branches of government in protecting or defending or supporting the people: as is clearly proven through this current economic fight, in both state and federal terms. The people in charge of the money, IS THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL. THE PEOPLE, in charge of the processes and methods of banking, credit, loans, and all other aspects of financial security as is defined by government intervention for the people: are our employees. The people currently giving away, what amounts to an expenditure under all federal (not even state) categories of over $250,000.00 IN NEW DEBTS, per each of fifty million workers/ just to keep the federal government working for the year 2008: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO US/ you have indebted us, before this world/ and made us all liars to the world. The american government employee steals our nation, our honor, our respect, our dignity, and our future/ because they don't want to pay their bill, for failure. We DEMAND to know what is true, regarding our money/ the numbers/ & the debt! It is our money/ NOT yours. We demand, NOT DEBT, BUT RIGHTS AND REALITY AND TRUTH. And we will demand just as you raided social security for all your fraud as officials of government/ we do intend to legally raid your "pension and social security plans of government employees": through this case. You took ours/ we want yours.
The internet site www.justtalking.info contains much more information/ with the presentation of this case on it as well. It is protected by free speech, just in case you don't understand that either/ and it is presented as evidence for this trial; protected for the people.

IN BRIEF: as a worker of both state and nation, my obligation to pay for what is clearly LIES, STEALING, CHEATING, SUBVERSION, TREASON, ORGANIZED CRIME, FAILURE, AND PLAIN BAD JUDGMENT by the employees of government who believe they either are the law, or are above the law: IS ON TRIAL. This trial, Assembles a duty to this state and nation IN THIS COURT: to demand truth that is fair play, justice that is served, law that is correct, due process as truth intended, and a government returned to the people it is required to serve. In brief, a tax serves to pay the employees of government/ and these employees have failed in every sense of the word, both state and nation. PROVE YOU THE EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT, have not bankrupted this state and nation beyond repair. Because if you have, then there is no substance to the claim, "that I owe any tax". You have made my state, and my nation "a game, a fantasy, and a fool". That does not serve the reality of our lives/ therefore, We must begin again/ stripping away, the liars and returning the money to us. Prove the money/ prove the debt can be paid back/ prove the statistics/ and open the vault at FORT KNOX and prove there is anything there but fraud. Prove you have a right to threaten me with costs, after thousands of dollars/ and years of my life have already paid: WHEN IT IS YOUR JOB, to establish justice for the people. Your job, not mine! As the court says, "a general contractor is responsible/ he's the boss" for what goes on and who gets hurt! In a courtroom of law, fair or not/ the US supreme court is responsible for the failure of its workers, therefore you are on trial too. YOU, asked for the job/ YOU swore "for the law, justice, and the constitution" and you will choose your reward or punishment. Because this is NOT a case you the court will decide, beyond opening the door for the sake of the nation and its law/ OR locking the door, and requiring the people to remove you. This is REDRESS, where the people will decide, based upon the evidence that YOU "guarantee as Clean and true". This is about life or death of a nation, about threats that will exterminate us as a world of life. NOBODY, in this nation particularly, gets out without a decision that will be LIFE FIRST/ or money and lies. And no, you are not gods/ strip the damn gown off you, and there is nothing but a plain human being. Either you will assist for life/ or turn against truth, respect, honesty, and honor: and choose to drown in the only other direction left: HATE. This is not a game, terrible tragedy stands at the door of life on earth.
The courtroom is corrupt, and must be corrected/ the law is seized by greed and power and failure, and must be changed/ the process and composition of government must be changed, because this one has failed. The punishment is determined by greed, and who buys the judge, SHALL END; As is clear and evident by the fact "bernie madoff" sits in his penthouse, ordering whatever he wishes: laughing at all the people he stole their life work from. No doubt; fully believing he can stall with appeals, buy a soft prison, or get out in 2 years/ when he should be in jail/ stripped of every possession/ and killed if he fails to return the money or held for life if he does. And without money he would be. Like so many more, throughout the financial centers/ turned gamblers, swindlers, failures, and just plain fools. It is one failure after another, shame on every aspect of government by the employees of apathy, disgrace, and disrespect... those who sold us, to this blatant greed, lies, and tragedy. They are deserters, traitors to the people.

The appellate & district court believes this is both incoherent and contains no discernable claims for justice. Yet these things have completely interrupted my life/ changed what I do/ altered my future/ placed my life in jeopardy, and threaten the life of this entire planet: and the court claims nothing substantial, but frivolous! They are LIARS! In a courtroom of law as appellee or appellant, this is perjury. They state, the ONLY coherent or definable cause to demand justice in the brief, or record, or district case: is "tax revolt". While I agree with them that a tax revolt is a necessary cause for justice in this matter/ that does nothing to defend this nation against its adversaries: those who seek to ruin us all, with their failure and criminal activities. These lies by the appellate judges, are from the courts position: not the litigants/ THEREFORE, a bad behavior exists, and extends from the bench of a judge, as a disease intended to infect and prevent the process of law from its duty to complete justice for this nation, this state, and for me. That is hypocrisy, that is prejudice, that is bias, that is civil disobedience & disorder, and that is plain and simple a defiance and contempt for the law. The elemental truth of a criminal action begins therefrom. The repeal of their decision of dismissal, IS OBVIOUS AND PLAIN. The establishment of sufficient advertizing and the understanding of "class action status, for an entire nation; to bring this corruption to trial before the nation: is clear". The foundation laid as WE THE PEOPLE, completely certain, that we have a right.
The district courts reasoning is " frivolous and insubstantial"/ therefore it deserves MORE than the assertion of error, that it got. They too, are merely liars, hiding behind doors, they believe will protect them from the law. They are wrong. This is our nation, & WE THE PEOPLE, are the law/ in conjunction with the constitution and intent of justice that is our right to deliver to all, who choose to be a traitor. This nation is defined by law/ but not the frivolity (do they not laugh at me, at every citizen like me who simply and honestly searches for justice, and their guaranteed rights under the law) or corruption, is this not a courtroom plastered with the " will and purpose of the rich/ or the powerful", a conspiracy rather than truth, life, or law? Rather the law is intended: our foundation established by your oath/ by your sworn statement to do the best you can in this matter of interpreting what the people need and demand for justice, fair play, and equality: by living up to what the law and constitutional intent demands. That we may be at peace, and in harmony with each other: THROUGH TRUTH, AND REALITY! Instead delusion, disgrace, disrespect, fantasy, sloth, and outright contempt for the law is demonstrated in these courts and other employees acting on our behalf. Shame on you.

Both federal courts, district and appellate with full knowledge of the law/ and premeditated determination, chose to act without justice, or due process as is required by law, and in complete denial of equal protection by the law, for me and this entire nation & the state of IL, whose courts also are found in complete contempt. By using contempt against me/ by throwing out the law, and flushing the constitution down with their shit. Each was warned in plain and simple language, "this is not a game"/ but they chose to ridicule me, and the people of this nation and this state. These established clear and certain lies in contempt of my right to be governed by the law/ NOT insolent and destructive members of the judiciary, but THE LAW. These trials, can be proven by the words the court calls frivolous and do deny/ the supreme court is required to obey the law as well as its lower subsidiaries. You, are not above the law either. You are not entitled to make or enforce any law or rule that is not in complete compliance with the constitution. To do so, removes your protection under the law/ when in plain and simple contempt. The law entitles me to redress of grievances/ the president Obama acknowledges and demands of the congress and tells the public: "We are headed to certain CRISIS, a catastrophe that we may not recover from" in his address to the nation". JUST ONE OF MANY WHO STATE THE VERY SAME/ but they are expecting to SPEND TRILLIONS, to give it away to the rich; LEAVING WORKERS TO PAY, with their life. Therefore even aside from all the other very distinct threats to our lives and our nation/ this court has no case, no cause, no purpose, and no alternative but to declare and serve the people with their right to be informed of all the truth, about their money/ about the threats that are poised to EXTERMINATE THEIR LIVES. And through the court, receive their right as owners, to make a decision regarding their own employees, and their own property. That is the law, or more clearly the intent of the constitutional redress of grievances; and it takes a criminal action to deny it. Feel free to prove otherwise with the law/ BUT REMEMBER THIS, the constitution is the foundation of every law in this land/ and you better be within its intent, or the people themselves may rise up against you. It's a fact of life, not a threat. MY TRUTH IS, that I am defending this nation, this state, and myself AS REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION AND DUTIES OF LIBERTY, JUSTICE, AND LIFE. Who then do you defend, tell me plainly and just what is the purpose of anything that does not honor the intent and words of this constitution of the USA or state of IL.

The employees of government who designed and created: fraud, within all sectors of the financial system/ adhering to greed, and admitting "debts don't matter, VP Chaney"/ and earlier when the worst started by VP BUSH "this is voodoo economics, trying to get help", but the media are controlled, and the nation is filled with propaganda: by choosing only money first/ to hell with life." This in response to Reagan theft, deceit, and lies. ARE THE BEGINNING of this critical economic collapse, along with various other insanities of leadership. The last bush administration removed the laws so there would be no prosecution/ they removed the lawyers for the people who actually worked for justice/ the prior administrations, with bush allowed the industry of this USA to be stalked, and killed by wall street/ they refused to investigate anything honestly/ they took away the evidence of their fraud; as established on the web site www.federalreserve.gov as soon as people began to look. Return it, flow of funds. And much, much more. The expropriation of all these things by government officials, IS INVALID AND WRONG. None of these things obeyed the law/ none of these things served a public purpose; every single one of them rose against this nation, and against the constitution: meaning these people acted in rebellion against this USA. The end of trust with the advent of greed ensued/ the pillaging, rape, disgrace, and dishonor of a nation submerged and drowning with greed, became our reality. And the evidence of a public that wanted it too.

The people who bought houses they could not afford, are innocent, they did not start this economic disaster/ they are merely the scape goats of the wealthy and powerful. Give them a little pride/ and then steal it all back, is the reality! The piss head excuses of current experts: "its all about confidence" is subterfuge/ intending to blame those who had no say in all the stealing, cheating, lying, and disgrace that is the american government today. The economic reality is: YOU ARE BANKRUPT/ YOU SPENT IT ALL, AND SAID "WE WILL PAY LATER". Today is that day! But with great help from the bank, the realtor, wall street, media, all sectors of government from one end to the other: who tempted, manipulated, and controlled this process of selling all our lives as a nation or state into the gutter. Stealing every asset/ destroying every claim. Lying about the money, the numbers, and the debts, and pretending no one ever has to pay: well except for the worker of course. Selling us as slaves/ because that is what we are when compared to Bill Gates for instance [he played your game, and won, its fair: But your gambling ruined this nation by selling it to greed. And only the removal of greed will return it to life! CHOOSE NO MORE GAMES, and return the money, because it is not fair to life in truth.] who has made over one billion dollars for every year of his working life. These numbers are not capitalism/ they are incarcerating the american public, to be his slave. 50 billion dollars means: every single worker, 50 million of us, owe that man one thousand dollars! HOW, IS THAT FAIR, to the people of this nation? It is disgrace, and a pandemic disease that is killing the USA. The degree of negligence/ the degree of crime against the nation in allowing these games to steal the lives of Americans and put them in chains: work or don't eat/ die! Is a more obnoxious deficiency than "bad judgment" in governing and law, it breaches and defiles EVERY ASPECT AND PURPOSE OF A TRUE DEMOCRACY. "THE VERY THING, you are employed to protect". Its your job, and you failed completely along with the others.
We have a social security system over 52 trillion dollars in debt/ and you lie continually about it. That amount equals over one million dollars debt per each of fifty million workers. The courts are: a whore nest (people who don't give a damn about anything but themselves) of "We cannot comprehend english/ we don't understand what was taught in grade school/ therefore we are nothing, and the law provided by these frauds are the same". Evidence of a criminal conspiracy. YOUR "experts" lie about nearly everything/ your media is owned by money and greed and power, and not free. Your university degree is the power that made all these things, all this destruction, all this tragedy, and now the potential of a dead world possible: and these are so proud, they secretly call themselves god. SHAME ON YOU.

BUT THE LAW, is not found in the court, the foundation of law is found in the constitution. THE OWNERS OF THE LAW, are not found in court/ they are found in WE THE PEOPLE: Can you understand that? Cause, it ain't contempt if the words necessary to get understood are used in direct connection to justice. And court after court, liar after lying judge; all use their special weapon: "We can just ignore justice, we can ALL pretend our education does not include preschool lessons, we can hide behind closed doors and expunge cases after they go away (cause we don't want NO evidence of fraud, and conspiracy, and failure to uphold justice, oaths, duty, honor, or nation: to be used against us). Hell, what can mere citizens do, against gods/ ain't that right.
Today, president Obama suggests: that the taxpayer doesn't have to pay, "its all free". IT MUST BE FREE, because we as an entire nation CANNOT pay these debts already created! Therefore we certainly cannot pay more. The children, the future are already dead, their money already spent/ unless you accept your own truth and reality: and literally work to save their lives.. But that is simply not reality as you want it to be is it, someone has to work, therefore you pretend "it ain't really stealing, if I got a degree". But someone has to be the slave, cause power, pride, and selfishness certainly aren't going to help are they. HELL NO/ let the children pay, let them slave who cares! But we, the workers get the debt, don't we. "The government employees believe: they can hold two elephants, fifty mules, and twenty two thousand lies: their good/ just flatter them, and throw out a penny when your tired of the begging." Our employees Suggest: borrowing money has no consequences for the nation, or any nation so gullible as to lend money to this nation; because they find no solution as to how or when or where these debts can be paid/ don't even try. Our employees Suggest: that taking one trillion dollars= $20,000.00 more debt, per each of 50 million workers Doesn't hurt anyone across this nation. (the real number of workers, is not held in part time workers, children, women who add on to their husbands irs form without a paycheck [even if they are working, it ain't the same] etc. The real number of unemployed includes those on welfare, those off the roll of unemployment statistics, in prison, sick, disabled, or others. So fifty million workers, may in fact be too low. The assumption of spending trillions for "stimulus [ we can do better, than you]" . Is NOT a method or manner of anything called democracy, wherein the people choose for themselves. YOU WANT "a stimulus" then GIVE US THE DAMN MONEY INSTEAD. A check for $20,000.00 per each and every worker, 50 million of us/ ITS OUR DEBT. THEREFORE ITS OUR MONEY!" But no, as this government and the other people throughout every administration do: they collude and conspire as "the color of government"/ to be our saviors, as they always do. They know better/ the people are stupid: come beg at our knees. Ain't that so?

The only change so far from the old administration is, these want to spend more. Line by line watching how the money is spent, has become "just add more, damn it". They will take these numbers, just like the trillions promised in debt already spent in the year 2008, and spread it out among the rich. The government spent about 12 trillion dollars last year: did you get yours? It ain't 3 million jobs created/ its twenty thousand dollars each, of new debt per every single worker in this USA: PER 1 TRILLION DOLLARS. And this is just more information that stands in support of this case and all its previous documentation. It is not new or different, but evidence in support of trial. That redress is necessary, because we are dying as a nation/ caught in a death spiral, and those employees hired to find a solution: plain and simple, haven't got a clue. Or don't want one.
JUST AS IS 9 billion dollars, divided up among the actual workers in the state of IL, among a handful of workers, who cannot pay. That amount doesn't even include municipalities, or school districts, or counties, or bonds, etc! USE MATH, and then recognize the claims of this federal government GDP far exceeds the actual truth, and other statistics provided by government are lies, as well! Manipulation and control doesn't work with truth. The truth is, By the numbers: WE THE PEOPLE: CANNOT PAY THESE DEBTS, not in a thousand years, not with every resource in this world/ not state or nation. How is that not bankrupt? Prove it, and begin again by taking away the lies, and defining reality, proving truth: to everyone. Did the media point any of this out to you/ did the government/ did the university? NO, go look it up/ but don't expect any respect, not even from the public who continue to fear truth, and blame the reality they created as a fantasy to hide in, while they wallowed in the filth of their own greed, want, pride, selfishness, & disgrace. Shame on you all.
BUT understand this: IF YOU DESIRE LIFE, and not hell or Armageddon: YOU WILL CHOOSE TRUTH TODAY. Time is running out, for life on earth. The game is over. Standing at the edge of the abyss, few comprehend the meaning of that, but once over the side/ NONE will be granted the luxury of not knowing exactly what that means. I AM NOT YOUR SAVIOR! But understand this, once the point of no return has pasted; no one can help you, or this world! Save yourselves, CHOOSE TRUTH, and let reality assigned by honor, honesty, and discipline decide. Choose women to lead, because we must have different/ and men cannot be truly different than they are. They brought us here.

The LIARS OF GOVERNMENT/ the collusion of media: never point out, that Federal debt is strictly what the USA employees have generated against the people. While state debt is strictly what the state of IL employees have generated against the people of IL. / NOT THE SAME. You must add them together. And then according to www.federalreserve.gov flow of funds, we have separate debts created as personal debt/ business debt/ financial debts, agricultural debt/ and many more: totaling today by extrapolation, in excess of 100 trillion dollars, by the end of 2007: 2 million dollars per each of 50 million workers/ before this last year . This site has been closed down as far as real information goes/ therefore a part of this case is REOPEN the information AND SWEAR WITH YOUR LIFE, IT IS TRUE! the table L.5 total liabilities and assets of the United States of America: in that site WILL be particularly noticed.

IT IS TREASON TO STEAL FROM THE PEOPLE/ IT IS TREASON TO STEAL THE VALUE OF LAW FROM THE PEOPLE/ IT IS TRAITOROUS, TO SWEAR AN OATH, AND THEN BLATANTLY BREAK THAT OATH WITH LIES/ IT IS DESERTION OF DUTY, TO LET THIS COUNTRY BECOME SO TRASHED, BY EMPLOYEE FAILURE. It is ORGANIZED CRIME, to use the power and privilege of an employee of this USA to steal from the people, and give their working lives to the wealthy. IT IS INJUSTICE AND CONSPIRACY, TO CLAIM: "Completely incoherent and contains no discernable claims"..... frivolous, and insubstantial therefore dismissed....so insubstantial as to be devoid of merit". The boundary of treason notices as well, that no intent to deliver justice was intended, suggesting an "assertion of error , with citations to supporting authority" is merely dressing the snake/ not, in any method or manner worthy of a nation called WE THE PEOPLE. This ain't law, it ain't you the damn judge as a supporting authority of the people: and you the judge ain't god, or even ruler. Instead, the judge is, a plain citizen without any superiority to any other citizen. It is the law, that is superior and the authority, and you have abandoned the law to serve tyranny and disrespect on this entire nation. AS WE THE PEOPLE, we hired you to serve justice, obey the law, and function in court for the purpose of fair play and equality for all. We the people, REQUIRED OF YOU THE JUDGE, an oath of office that gives us the right to penalize you for failure/ and this ain't no "good behavior": cause there ain't no good place to hide. Deserting your duty/ disgracing the law/ disrespecting the people/ and asserting you need not obey your oath is a traitorous act; with the evidence plainly participating in this trial, that can be proven. MORE will be found! Not only are we in bankruptcy both state and nation: a case far more serious " than error"/ We are a nation quickly approaching crisis in many ways: BECAUSE OF THE BEHAVIORS AND DECISIONS OF OUR EMPLOYEES, elected to do better/ elected to be honest/ elected to choose honor/ elected to be disciplined, and adhere to their duty. But frozen with greed and delusion instead of reality or truth. Both state and federal employees have so badly deteriorated the structure and foundations of this government, that we are standing at the door of one tragedy after another. Failing these very things called discipline, duty, and respect for life and nation. They changed what we were/ to what we are now. This is a violence to the nation, to this state/ this is a disgraceful desertion of duty/ this is apathy, just don't care, and absolute greed: and these behaviors by the employees of the USA, have nothing to do with constitutional intent or authority. Therefore, nothing less than a REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, ACCORDING TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION: MUST BE LEGALLY AUTHORIZED BY THIS COURT, or it meets and greets the words: TRAITOR, ONE AND ALL.

Since the lack of justice/ the apathy and disgrace that is no regard for fair play/ the selling of equality to greed/ and the pitiful FAILURE of a number of courtrooms visited in this search for justice in america. The destruction of equity and value in the money. The selling of america behind our backs. The stripping of resources, the polluting of everything, the mutilating of nature, the threat of complete extermination by weapons of mass destruction, the invasion of a country without honesty or truth, the willful and true gamble at the NIF which literally could kill this earth; and more. The demand of redress IS CHANGE : real, true, dramatic change for life first/ NOT money first as the direction and definition of this nation and state. life first means: REMOVE THESE THREATS FROM MY LIFE/ REMOVE THE THREATS FROM OUR LIVES, AND FROM OUR WORLD, FROM OUR FUTURE: as best we can!. NO MORE GAMES. NO MORE PLAYING THE FOOL. NO MORE DELUSION: TRUTH MUST RULE/ REALITY MUST DECIDE: GOVERNED BY LAWS THAT ARE TRUE AND ADEQUATE FOR LIFE. These are among the demands before this court, and they are well within the rights of WE THE PEOPLE. A LIVING DEMOCRACY.
Check www.justtalking.info for recent court cases/ www.trialforlife.info abstract of cases, for earlier cases of what justice in america actually is.

It is necessary to continue teaching the law; because there should be no doubts, and no excuses, and every life deserves a warning of death. To the court: if the people come to drag you away, it is because you deserted them in their need. This is not a threat/ it is a warning, that in America today:

WE THE WORKERS, AIN'T HAPPY! WE HAVE BEEN RAPED, RAVAGED, STRICKEN WITH THE REALITY THAT WILL BECOME SLAVERY: LIED TO, AND ROBBED. And if you choose to stand in the way of law and justice: the resurrection of America as WE THE PEOPLE through this first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES! They may not be friendly anymore.

WON'T be me. I offer you no threat of any kind, except as the law allows in court. But, either the people will join me in this lawsuit and demand truth, law, and justice for themselves/ or I abandon this purpose to help them, this state, and this nation; and live for myself. Because you choose then to die. Choose better/ choose correctly, OR, You and they are unworthy of my time or effort/ BUT because life and death of a nation and a world are at stake, regardless of the outcome here, I will continue at my discretion to do whatever I believe is necessary for me. I will not come to violence, for I despise hate/ but you are warned, this is not a game, and these people are less than content. Take a simple look around: "oh wait, behind closed doors, walled in with prison bars, locked behind barricades, and surrounded by armed guards: you really can't see the world, can you"! There are consequences for us all.

One warning I will add however: attempt revenge on me and I will curse you/ seek my death or torture and the punishments that you will endure will multiply, for the entire world. Fail, and the world will soon curse you as well! But not to worry, strictly a reality in eternity. You know, that place in eternity laughed about called hades: where those most responsible for the destruction of "GOD'S CREATION" , are given to horrifying terrors, to absolute destruction one "tiny electron exploding inside the curse onto yourself, that you have become. Just little atomic bombs, one at a time inside your relationship with evil, so you can grow in fear forever", and so on. But you are too smart to understand that, so its not even a threat to you/ it's a destination. Just like so many, many others. Today however, you still have a choice. Because this is a chance to keep us all alive/ a demand to fix this state, nation, and world: WITH HONESTY. It requires a decision to follow the truth, and let honesty, honor, discipline, and the law decide, what is best for life on earth. Fail, to respect the needs of life; and you drop over the edge into the abyss.
Here's a prophecy for you: the world is watching/ the world is calculating all that the children of the damned (because you adhere to pride, want, selfishness, and greed/ not wisdom, truth, life, or love) as your employees of government continue to be. They do now know, you have no possibility of paying the debts you owe/ no honor or intent to pay any part of, nor have any method of payment for the debts you intend to create: And they are going to abandon you, completely and without mercy. Do you honestly believe they can't count, or add, or recognize all your lies? Even you have always known/ but hid from it in fantasy. Fantasy is over.

Consider Then, just what is going to happen: instead of hiding the rate of "more than a thousand percent inflation", by giving these numbers only to the rich", such as is the true inflation for this last year. When the numbers ballooned completely by the sewer gas you inflated them with. You will live with your deceit/ you will live with your lies: you have no money/ no credit/ resources are insufficient to continue as you are/ you destroyed business and industry/ enslaved the people with debt/ no friends in this world/ and angry people. As was prophesied in Revelation 18 of the bible, so shall it be. The great millstone, will be the NIF experiment gone bad. You can read a beginning technical how and why this will go wrong in www.justtalking2.info / and a more general assertion in various parts of www.justtalking.info including the forum. [cern is little better, it can change the energy disciplines of an entire planet/ all because you wanted to play god, only fools can be this blind. And there are MANY MORE just like them, including those desperate to cause genetic disciplines to break down: therein destroying body form and function (your life)]. But, NO ONE lights this earth on fire, or destroys it: unless GOD allows it. However, Unless you change. Unless your brains "so swelled up with pride, not even an elephants size compares"/ yet with not even the comprehension of a grain of salt: will accept truth, love, and life. That pitiful arrogance/ the tiny bit you do know, becomes: "Salt is worthless", and it loses its value to man. Meaning every nation will shun you. IF YOU DON'T KNOW ENOUGH, TO CHOOSE SURVIVAL, AND NOT GAMBLE WITH LIFE/ THEN YOU DIE. The leaders gamble with my life/ my state/ my nation/ and my world to a level called extermination: how is that not pitiful and arrogant and worthless to man! And that begins the murderous intent of weapons of mass destruction, and the pride that will force them to be used. You spent the rest, to cover your fear!
CHOOSE BETTER/ CHOOSE TRUTH, AND ALLOW REALITY BY THE MEANS OF HONESTY AND HONOR, to fix this nation, and prepare to lead this world for life first, that all the world may survive. IS YOUR challenge. Your choice, is one or the other, life or death/ and so is your eternity; believe it or not. Choose NOT, To be abandoned by GOD. THIS, is a decision that humanity will make/ are making today. GOD DOES LOVE YOU! But not your disgrace or disrespect. Choose for life, and accept nothing less/ your children are also in absolute danger, choose for them too.

In the elemental understanding of life and nation, is this very simple true fact of life. That this and every Democracy is born of the words people choose to believe in, as their right to govern themselves within the terms they have selected as their own. Those terms are: the constitution of the USA/ the bill of rights, a constitutional predecessor/ and the declaration of independence: a statement of when it is necessary to fight. WE THE PEOPLE: CHOOSE, TO DIE FOR THESE WORDS, AND THEIR MEANING AND THAT INTENT, IS A PART OF OUR LIVES. BECAUSE FREEDOM DEMANDS IT! That means literally to you, the court: WE THE PEOPLE, Are the living example of what these words, particularly the constitution of America MEAN. We, are the interpretation of the constitution/ because we are the nation itself. That means, any judge who dares to interpret this constitution in any way, that is NOT FULLY, AND HONORABLY in line with what the people themselves believe this document describes them to be: Defiles the people/ and disrespects this nation wholly, and without defense. No judge, is interpreter of the intangible property that is, OUR NATION! These are OUR DECISIONS/ It is our nation, and if you separate yourself from that reality/ then you stand against us, and sell our honor, our world, as if you were a traitor. I am politely telling you: "IT AIN'T, A GOOD IDEA"! I am politely warning you, others are not simply bound by love.
That said, the reality of justice returns to truth, and identifies the absolute arrogance of three judges who say in regard to matters of constitution, nation, the working lives of people, the lives of millions with regard to scientific experimentation that gambles with our very existence, and more: quote "even litigants, proceeding without the benefit of counsel must articulate some reason for DISTURBING the district court's judgment ". I have news, the courtroom is about justice, fair play, and equality/ NOT whether bastard's (you, who don't belong here), or the fools who protect them, are "disturbed".
WITH CLARITY AND CERTAINTY AND ABSOLUTE DESERTION OF DUTY, these courtrooms hide from truth/ proclaiming lies instead. Organizing against justice for the singular purpose of protecting the status quo/ the tyranny of greed and power and selfishness. And the status quo, has made us all bankrupt/ is threatening to destroy our very lives/ and intends to make us slaves, thereby driving this population to civil war. The demand for first amendment redress of grievances stands/ and must be obeyed, BY YOU, THE SERVANTS OF THIS PEOPLE. You are not god's/ you are employees, hired, sworn, and defined by what the people need. NOT what you want/ what the people need, and the constitution demands. Prove you are not traitors. OBEY THE LAW!



THIS is the command given to every employee of government. This is the purpose of every court in this land. These are the fundamental guidelines of what can be done for the people, by the people, or as the people/ and what they expect from their employees. And this nation is in disgrace/ their employees failing every single expression of duty given to them to provide for life, to protect, to provide justice, or a future, or inherent rights, or prosperity, or defense from all that threatens our lives and our world: in this USA.
IT AIN'T ALL "Just bad judgment". CRIMINAL INTENT AND PURPOSE does exist in all this failure. But, for the sake of the nation, it will be avoided IF PROPER USE of redress of grievances occur, in a courtroom of law to remove ALL LIARS.

Instead of duty, these employees of ours, both past and present: are in fact simply designing, and extending a nation that cannot pay its debt. THIS, Fails the future at every possibility. THIS Sells this nation to further disgrace. Because our employees assigned by democracy to protect us, honor us, provide justice, fair play, and equality to us: SOLD OUR LIVES, FOR GREED. Pretending, no one ever has to pay, AND still pretending no one has to pay. These debts that now bury the people of this state and nation under complete bankruptcy and do represent the loss of their working lives. Failure means: You stole, or allowed our money to be stolen, as every government official/ who gave us nothing but numbers and debt: ONE AND ALL, you participated! You hid behind your experts, your propaganda through a strangled media owned by wealth and greed, and you lied with true contempt for the future. YOU SUBROGATED every aspect of decency and respect owed to America. You stole our good lives with your failure to adhere to truth, wisdom, reality, or any purpose that was not greed. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

For that cause, and for that reason I came to court; and am assaulted with liars and fools, hiding as a gang of traitors & thieves under their black robes. It is desertion of duty, to abandon the people in their true need/ it is selling the nation to the enemy when refusing to obey the law. This organized crime of killing "We the people/ our Democracy, our future". This destruction of our inherent and protected rights/ just as you destroy mine: so that this people may do nothing, to fight back. So that my day in court as is promised to me is subverted by the court system both state and nation, removing from the common citizen indispensable evidence about their future, their lives, their law, and their world. By keeping the public in ignorance about their nation or their rights, when so serious threats as this exist: you do commit treason. The public cannot defend themselves even in a courtroom of law, because the judge is a fraud, and the law is nothing more than a weapon in the hands of a fool.. The appellate courtroom says: "It is impossible to discern any argument at all." EVEN THOUGH, they have the brief, and the record, and my testimony is clear, whether given by standing in court and speaking/ or the assertion of this writing: I DO stand before the court as the same; and cannot legally be dismissed without true and accurate and legitimate reference to the law/ and the constitution upon which this case is built! The reality of a courtroom is: the corrupt judge, can ruin a practicing lawyer. Thereby making it unwise to ask any lawyer to join me to participate in justice. Where there are traitors hiding behind black gowns, in secret lairs, claiming immunity, but practicing treason. This nation is in trouble/ this nation is running out of time to repair all the damage our employees have done to us. These courtrooms of this USA, have failed this nation in their time of need, abandoning law, and proving tyranny. Prove it is not so. The traitor, liar, and fool agrees, to discard justice. The US SUPREME COURT now takes its turn. To choose for the people/ or against them.

As to the defendants not served in prior process, the court did not so order it to be done/ did not provide the documentation, nor the means, nor the method, nor did they request it should be so done, at any time throughout the weeks or months, they did hold this process in hand. In addition: Are these not the leaders of state and nation/ There is no excuse, they are neither mute, nor uninformed.. The US SUPREME COURT is challenged and demanded: provide the necessary lawyers/ establish the necessary documents and money and advertizing or information to the citizens (because it is a redress 1st amendment demand that joins us all together, as one nation.) Then perform the necessary duty to defend this nation and create this purpose provided for all citizens, by the first amendment to the constitution/ by the founders, and the soldiers, and every law abiding citizen: A LEGAL redress of grievances, For the defense and protection of a nation/ FOR THE INVESTIGATION TO EXAMINE WHAT IS TRUE OR FALSE, AND CHANGE WHAT MUST BE CHANGED. This is a demand of you/ and your oath says you must; Because it is constitutional law. Do it now, or prove this is not so.


You want a precedent, then here's one:
Grayned v. city of Rockford 408 US 104 (1972) "IF arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement is to be prevented, laws must provide explicit standards for those who apply them. A vague law impermissibly delegates basic policy matters to policemen, judges, and juries for the resolution of an ad hoc and subjective basis, with the attendent dangers of arbitrary and discriminatory application." ...... This is especially true where as here " a vague statute abuts upon sensitive areas of basic FIRST AMENDMENT freedoms" Id at 109. The statute must "provide [] notice to government officials of when their retaliatory actions violate a plaintiff's first amendment rights". Bennett v. Hendrix 423 F. 3d 1247, 1251 (11th cir. 2005) and if it does not provide sufficient guidance to be properly enforced, the statute is void for vagueness and overbreath. Nitzberg v. Parks, supra 525 F. 2d at 383.

And again:
Marbury v. Madison (1803) An act of the legislature that is repugnant to the constitution is null and void......
Argument: (And that includes an act of the judicial circuit)

Marbury v. Madison (1803) "it was the obligation of judges to protect the rights of individuals against infringement by the government. "The very essence of civil liberty," he said, "consists of the right of the individual to claim the protection of the laws, whenever he receives an injury".

Argument: there is no civil liberty wherein greed has consumed the numbers called money, that then exist only to enslave the people. A debt that clearly exceeds: 2 million dollars per worker! Has indeed made us slaves to the very few who hold these numbers against us. Original jurisdiction demands: YOU SHALL be party to the protection of the people by foreign invaders (such as is numbers without value, a clear treason against the people/ by those assigned to protect them. THESE did adhere to the rich/ and allow the waging of war, against the poor).
YOU SHALL PARTICIPATE: ".....In those cases in which the state shall be a party", the supreme court shall have original jurisdiction.... article 3. Section 2.2 Wherein the state is guilty of the same fraud, and criminal contempt against the people/ that they did indeed act to make these people of the state of IL completely bankrupt. Stealing their protections afforded by the 4 amendment. THE STATE, hired to protect the people: HAS LITERALLY BEEN confronting them within the reality of the 13th amendment instead; because the loss of an entire working career of savings/ is just that. There is a minimum standard, even for government officials.
The constitution is superior to any act of congress, state, or judge. You must obey.

Summation: quote "Marbury v. Madison is a basic source of the American doctrine of judicial review of both executive and legislative action, for in this case the judges Confirmed their authority to determine both the legality of executive conduct and the constitutionality of legislation"......"the courts themselves cannot be used as instruments for infringing the constitutional rights of the individual."

and again:

McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) "Let the end be legitimate, let it be within the scope of the constitution, and all means which are appropriate, which are plainly adapted to that end, which are not prohibited, but consist with the letter and the spirit of the constitution are constitutional"


A note to the news media: I am not interested in an interview. Neither is my picture, form, or any other means of identifying me allowed/ its my life. And there are far too many gluttons and whores, who believe they can lie and steal forever/ & will entertain thoughts, "not friendly" to me. Choose NOT to encourage them.



MORE TERRORISTS FOUND. (www.justtalking.info)
[top portion, from popular mechanics , June 2008, page 13 tech watch: titled "brilliant beams"]

the NIF (national ignition facility) they study atomic explosions. Tiny targets are placed and blasted by 192 lasers . Quote: the blasted target generates 500 trillion watts- 1000 times the electrical generating capacity of the United States. Quote: "currently undergoing live-fire testing, and expected to be operational next year".
In other words they are testing their lasers/ developing software/ and preparing in all matters to create that amount of energy focused one a single hydrogen filled ball. They intend to produce 180 million degrees Fahrenheit / (more than the sun). One of their distinct purposes is to create fusion. Web Search [national ignition facility]

In other words: they are attempting to create an atomic bomb, far bigger than any detonated yet/ in full disgrace and rejection of all treaties NOT to detonate atomic explosives. It is the only way, they can get the power yield they, quote: "expect". They have fully committed to the destruction of site and machinery paid for and built: one time, site dead forever/ state blighted. But what they do not expect is the truth that instead of an ignition that becomes an explosion/ they are going to get: fusion, the ignition point of atomic matter, wherein it turns to atomic fire. Because an explosion is defined by the sudden escape from a confined mass or element/ to a released state of energy. This is a massive attack directed into the disciplined structure of atomic nuclei, essentially melting it, and instead of detonating/ the discipline will be destroyed, and the consequence of that energy will become fusion fire: "just like the sun". You can't put it out! Not a chance. AN ATOMIC FIRE burns everything that is atomic structure/ everything on earth is atomic structure! Fusion is the end of this earth. "The sun does it/ the earth structure is atomic/ same!

Taken from the official https://lasers.llnl.gov/programs/science_at_the_extremes/">NIF SITE Science at the extremes: they expect: "temperatures of more than 100 million kelvins (180 million degrees fahrenheit); densities of about 1,000 grams per cubic centimeter; pressures more than 100 billion times greater than the earth's atmosphere; neutron densities possibly as high as 100 septillion. (10 "with 26 zero's following it")per cubic centimeter. Only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the BIG BANG, when the universe was born in a primordial fireball; the interiors of stars and planets; and thermonuclear weapons. Nothing within orders of magnitude of these extraordinary conditions has been available for laboratory experiments until now. It is not a "laboratory experiment" at these levels, its real!
The temperature of burning hydrogen in the cores of stars for most of their lives: is 10 to 30 million Kelvins. Supernova explosion simulation or 18 to 54 million degrees fahrenheit- much lower than the temperature expected to be achieved in the NIF target chamber. Their stated purpose is to create higher temperatures than this: it's a goal!
This phase of stellar evolution occurs at a density of some 100 grams per cubic centimeter, also well below what NIF will achieve. NIF'S high pressures will permit planetary astrophysicists to study conditions at the cores of massive planets such as Jupiter and to understand why they are planets and not stars. The extreme neutron density at NIF is considerably larger than that in a core-collapse-type supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide."
A kiloton of nuclear explosives= 1 trillion calories or 1.2 million kilowatt hours. At 500 trillion watts / the intended yield output of the national ignition facility above. That equals 416,000 kilotons of nuclear explosives. Or 500,000,000,000,000 divided by 1,200,000,000= 416,666 kilotons if the energy release lasted an hour. 416,666 kilotons divided by 3600 to convert an hour to one second= 115.7 kilotons/ actual energy release. An atomic bomb of 115.7 kilotons going off in the San Francisco area: Or in 20 megaton nuclear warheads, its 5.78 of them !


DATED 2,12,09

RE: the threat received 2, 12, 09 dated from the irs 2, 10, 09
For the year ending 2005. An assessment of penalties in the amount 136.97/ with interest in the amount 145.07 "to this date. Account ID: P10332557

the action taken by the state "withholding of federal payment due to you". Plus fee.


MY REPLY: again the actions of the state constitute an illegal action, due to the simple truth this matter is still in its final development of a US SUPREME COURT case/ sent to the court, to be filed by mail: on Feb 10, 2009. You may view it at www.justtalking.info

As pointed out to you prior to this when you illegally put a lien against me/ when this matter was in federal appellate court: it is still not over. As you were instructed at the previous time of a lien: you want my money prior to being through with the legal process/ THEN YOU MUST take me to tax court! Apart from that reality, I do refuse to pay without a direct demand from the court, ANY penalties or interest as would be directed against me. The only doorway into court was the withholding of tax/ I HAD NO discretion as to when you would act so that I could then enter the courtroom of this state/ NOR HAVE I HAD ANY CONTROL over how long you would string the failures and corruption of the state and nation, with a refusal to defend the law, or any act in obedience to the law. It is your time table/ NOT mine. As a consequence, because these were your decisions/ and I ACTED IN EVERY LEGAL CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHT OF A CITIZEN IN THIS STATE OR NATION: I owe you no interest nor penalty at all. You chose, by blocking the door to any other action against the state/ you rebelled against the state and nation by not accepting the certainty and critical realities of a constitutional demand. You are the employees who have so damaged the financial structures of state and nation that we face a certain and real depression, in the very near future. You are the bastard's and fools that allow idiots and traitors of the state access to money they do not deserve: case in point the 121 million dollar addition to memorial stadium on the U OF I campus in Urbana IL. (Use it for 6 games a year/ 6 hours at a time: for a damn $121,000,000.00) And send me the debt. There is NO ALLOWANCE, for any "charitable gifts" being allotted to that project/ because it has NOTHING to do with schooling of the young! ANY GIFT or contribution shall be taxed/ because it is simple arrogance: that ain't charity. And thousands of projects just like it.

Today I am threatened with the possibilities of death for the planet/ death for me, due to utter and useless gambling with our lives in a million different ways: and for what, so the pitiful disasters of university and government can have ANY DAMN THING they want/ and give me, us the bills. I AM TIRED OF IT. And this is in some regards a tax revolt, established NOT as the refusal to pay legitimate debts/ BUT A DEMAND TO SEE WHAT IS A LEGITIMATE DEBT TO ME. The pitiful and blatantly arrogant purpose of a monument for one tiny group of people to mock and ridicule the others at the football stadium IS NOT MY DEBT/ and not a penny will I willingly give to it. As is fundamentally true for every person alive: you want this/ has nothing to do with me: THEN YOU PAY, DON'T SEND ME THE BILL. WE WILL OUR TAKE OUR STATE BACK. We will send the university their bill/ and not allow a single student to be required to pay.
I INTEND TO SEE THE TRUE ACCOUNTING OF THIS STATE. AND I WORK TO ESTABLISH A TRUE AND REAL DECISION BY THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE AND NATION to establish and identify what we owe/ AS OPPOSED to what the others owe, such as those professors and other leaders of government and university for their decision to erect an eyesore and a disgrace to this state; as well as countless other projects. NO MORE take any damn thing you please! ITS TIME TO ACCOUNT FOR TRUTH AND REALITY/ and then pay the bills according to who made the debt.

GO AHEAD AND TAKE ME TO COURT, set the date, and I will come. But be ready for a legal fight.
If you do not, when the supreme court is done, I will come to the tax court instead. And be demanding how it is some are advertized on tv "got my taxes free"/ and why should then I not.


James Frank Osterbur

Text form the state IRS.

In the widespread epidemics of arrogance, ignorance, apathy, failure, foolishness, complete selfishness, hatred, hopelessness, lust, absolute greed, stupidity, LIARS, murderers, and the insane/ The fight for truth within you carries on.
The horrific infections of pride and propaganda, inflicted upon humanity by "the expert/ the de-greed (in latin de= the/ greed, speaks for itself) fool". Are ending life on earth. America is led today by the people of the sixties and seventies culture, the university graduate who managed in infiltrate and subvert every aspect of this America with the values of those who decided to fight against the Vietnam war/ and then ran away in cowardice, when a single life was lost: DESERTERS! Those against the war completely disappeared after that, never to be found again. All or nearly all, went whining: until they discovered greed: traitors who sold us to apathy, hate, and the possibility they would control our lives. The end result: we don't care/ the earth is going to die, and we can't stop it: so nearly all fight to take everything they can get/ TO HELL with you. And so they did, for these decades since, playing with everything important as a front and a deception and a disguise to what was really happening: this earth sold, this life discarded, for greed.

As is constant today in every single thing: the advertizement's, or more correctly plain propaganda of "plenty of gas and oil/ its all free, just a damn shame we can't get it/ because of a few people who say no". These cheerleaders fail to mention the trillions of gallons of drinking water they intend to destroy to get this gas/ fail to mention the trillions of gallons of drinking water they destroy to get this oil/ fail to mention the trillions of gallons of water destroyed in the demand for weapons of mass destruction/ fail to mention the trillions of gallons of water they destroyed by pollution/ fail to mention it takes oxygen to burn a fire/ and we currently burn far more oxygen just for fire than this earth produces. {we are currently breathing, only because the ozone layer, natures storehouse of oxygen, is being sacrificed}/ fail to mention everyday the nature that we need to build oxygen is destroyed/ fail to mention the ocean that feeds a billion people is nearly destroyed because factory ships are not satisfied to take some fish, they sit on top of a colony and destroy the entire ecosystem: thousands on the sea, every single day of the year (within a year or two, there will be nothing left, but a dead ocean). Fail to accept your antibiotic nightmare is coming. Fail to accept or deal with, WE MUST have resources/ the future cannot survive without them. Fail to mention genetic engineering is going just like your economy ONLY WITH FAR WORSE CONSEQUENCES. Fail to mention that all the stealing/ the thirst/ the over-population (2 million more mouths to feed than deaths, each and every week) / the starving already 800 million people hungry/ the weapons of mass destruction will give you no choice, 20 minutes after they start, YOUR DEAD! How is that "your savior" DUMB ASS.

And many more threats exist, to EXTERMINATE YOU, and the future from this earth. And YOU, are so damn proud of yourselves for what you have done, the propaganda you ooze from the sewer that has become your heart: you don't care about anything, [science will come up with something/ "let our garbage be, the children's gold mine"]. And science did come up with something, not only are they threatening every living thing will complete mutilation. Not only are they not taking responsibility for anything/ but only searching for more greed somewhere damn it: I WON'T PAY. They have built machines to change the disciplines of energy, and destroy you in many other ways as well. Let the people bow down/ their false images, their failures accepted as gods; are ready to destroy all life on earth. You are pitiful failures, nothing if not in contempt for this whole world/ because that is what you do. A tiny trinket or two to pretend you are actually doing something for life/ "call the experts", so that all intent for reality and truth can be misdirected by propaganda and power. Gamble with everything, we are growing old, let the others die with us/ WHO CARES! LIARS, TRAITORS, FOOLS, AND WHORE'S.
Add to that, the endless tragedy of ignorance and more failure which is evolution/ a religion of utter failure "can't see the forest"/ blind fools "cut down the trees to see the forest"/ and stupidity "don't even know the forest is gone"; because you didn't care enough to think your way out of a drop of rain: not even a puddle/ just a drop, and dead. What exactly can you do without: a heart perhaps/ maybe you could wait for lungs/ how about bones without muscle, or blood without veins/ or a life without a mind. The big premise of evolution is "we built ourselves/ selecting what we wanted: and yet you say the mind was last"/ thereby built by what, NOTHING. PITIFUL DAMN DUMB ASS FOOLS.

And then the piss heads who cannot image a "Noah's flood"/ TAKE AWAY the religious context and we find evidence everywhere. Because WE KNOW, even you know, that the coal and oil and gas all come from decomposing living organisms that were buried all at one time, in large massive amounts, many thousands of feet deep in the ground and in a quantity that could only have been an entire world lost at one single time. That coal, oil, and gas DID COME FROM SOMEWHERE/ AND IT WAS BURIED at one time; and that is indisputable. The quantities found demand respect/ and you have none. And your religion, in Noah's story, believing only a few people on earth at the time: LOOK AT THE QUANTITIES OF LIFE BURIED, and know a lot of life existed, although we do not know "exactly what". None, with the sense of a nat; and now you face a thousand threats that can very easily turn this world into hell, (all humanity insane)/ and Armageddon (nature in chaos); even a lake of fire is possible with fusion, bringing the fire that consumes the sun, here to this earth: can't control it/ can't put it out/ can't send it away/ can't even get close to it. Yet all your "big brains" think this is going to be wonderful! Are you dead inside already/ what the hell is wrong with you? as insane as you are, even a worm would know better: WAKE UP BASTARD, or your going to die.

I AM NOT YOUR SAVIOR. Women will save you, or you die: because men are abandoned as leaders/ they brought you here, and they won't change any time soon. Either truth will lead you, and reality will instruct the women about what can be done, or you fail, and life on earth is lost. That is the decision you have built with your ways/ that is the truth that will besiege you ; until you have decided you don't care/ or have chosen to change in dramatic enough ways to survive the future that requires your work and your brain as something other than a toilet. Search for yourself/ prove to yourself, what this future will be & GROW UP, or you will be damned. Don't let the bastard's and whore's point to me: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE IF YOU CAN LIVE OR WILL DIE. Prove it by the evidence/ and demand NOBODY lies, or you die. This is a world at stake, ridicule us/ and you will be tortured to death instead.

The web site www.justtalking2.info is created for a simplified version of this site, for an education/ rather than a battlefield or trial. Do search it, and this one too, it is worth your effort. Both are about life.

These are the latest descriptions (from the court) and dialogue, or more correctly the reply involving the federal court of appeals, case 08-3954. To read the motion filed that was denied A simple case demanding of a nation called Democracy, a reality called WE THE PEOPLE: NO more lies/ NO more cheating/ NO more theft/ and NO more games; Reality and truth must lead, within the law that governs us for peace on earth. A truth, that we MUST choose life first/ NOT money! Read the transcript in pdf, if you wish, as originally filed/ later filings. And court documents.

Having told the court, if they cannot accomplish the law/ then send it on to the US supreme court: THIS is their reply. Mine will come quickly.


They say no inflation/ look at your numbers, look at your reality: AMERICA has over $400,000.00 dollars in asset claims/ PER EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN, baby, prisoner, every single citizen divided equally would have over $400,000.00 by the numbers and claims of government: YOU got yours? The rich took your money, claimed numbers that are not real/ and made you work for nothing, because compared to their numbers, you the american worker, have nothing but work. GO TO COURT, AND FIX THIS. NOW!!!!!!!... and when you do, give the small investors their money back first/ and anything left over, can be given to the people who made the decisions, and caused this train wreck of american greed. The small investor, HAS a greater investment made: its his or her life, their future, their children's future, their home, and more: the rich only gamble. These made the decision, they said we will, but were wrong/ THEY GET THE BILL! For a short financial summary/ a slightly more in-depth financial summary/ or part 2 of a useful dialogue.



THE FOUNDATION OF AN ENTIRE WORLD, rests upon the decisions of a human population that must recognize: TRUTH WILL NOT BE DENIED! This, in a world filled with liars and thieves. Did I say you/ or more clearly, do you refuse reality and truth?
"Running away already"? It won't help/ because truth will not be denied, and there is no place to run. You are not asked to believe this statement: you are told, GO TO COURT and prove what your future will be. You are told, time is running out/ and there will be no mercy, and no second chances if you simply don't care enough to find out for yourself; where even the propaganda machines are telling you this planet is in crisis. "Still good"/ refuse to listen? So says every single life/ just before an accident consumes them: if they had believed it was the end/ would these not have done something else. The evidence is absolute, and clear: this world is about to die/ go to court and prove it is not so, or that it is so, either way go to court and make your decision before you are simply dead. COWARD! You want polite, go dig a hole and stick your head in/ its all you get. A closed mind (don't care), and a hard heart (too damn proud to be wrong about anything): and you just chose HELL (the insanity of men playing god) and ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos, mutilated by men beyond repair).

Your right and access to court has already been won/ regardless what a few employees standing in the way may or may not say: the law has spoken, and the reality is yours. Take it/ you cannot be denied. A formal courtroom is best/ because that way everyone knows what the punishment for lies, or refusal to testify will be: harsh or severe. Do not play. This is not a game. Do not be distracted: LEARN what you need to know/ and DON'T gamble with life on earth. Simple as that. Then do what needs to be done!


219 south Dearborn street
Chicago IL. 60604
2191 County Road 2500 East
St. Joseph, IL 61873
Case 08-3954
DATED: January 5,09
RE: despite the fact that the "return of motion to create class action status; dated 12,22,08" DID INDEED contain the court heading, the case title and docket number and a title for this return visit/ not of a motion itself, which had already been filed.
As indicated in bold letters on the face of the document the
demand given to the court was: to adhere to rules of
procedure and maintain the courtroom within which I have sought justice. As the law requires.

This complaint allows that the motion sent to the court, was denied by a circuit court judge/ as indicated clearly on the statement of denial. That is NOT the courtroom within which I am seeking justice/ and is a violation of my right of due process and procedure under the law. "A criminal offense" some would say/ if I had tried anything similar; otherwise would it not be a matter of ridicule against me? State your case. This complaint further identifies, that the legal right of redress as provided by the first amendment of the constitution of this United States of America: gives me the right of access, the critical truth of a demand to inform the people by the court of a process under which they do represent the true government of this United States. Not simply the employees pretending/ but the people themselves. As there can be absolutely NO CONTEST, as to whether this redress of grievances is deserved by the people/ you need only look at the daily papers or listen to the news. There is no contest/ the employees have failed, both state and nation: and the people must access the damage and now take control over their government, and establish their rights/ their inheritance/ and their blood as spent, to prove WE THE PEOPLE EXIST. This is not a game.
Thereby it must be assumed, that the unsigned letter from the pro se clerks office, must have misinterpreted the intent established by "rules of procedure". So let me be clear: the foundation of law is NOT determined by whether you like the words I use/ the style within which I write or speak/ or a participation in rules that is literally worthless in terms of justice/ equity/ equality/ or fair play to all. These things are distinctly about the content and purpose of the words used, and their effect upon the understanding that needs to be generated and declared. My words are significantly clear/ stapled, for 7 pages is adequate/ and since not a motion; but a complaint and review of the law, 3 copies are not necessarily required. Therefore I add this letter, and return it to you, in slightly refined but unchanged form/ with proof of service on all parties.

7th circuit, Chicago IL

James Frank Osterbur VS United States of America et al.

Case 08-3954
DATED: 12/22/08

RE: As expected, the court of appeals: before circuit judge Diane S. Sykes denies the motion for class action status. 12/16/08 no cause or considerations or law given. Copy as received.

Elemental legal truth then asks: why is this decision discarded from its appellate jurisdiction/ to that of a lower court judge? The fundamental rules of procedure are: that if I am working within a specific court, it is that court which must do the work and be responsible for its decision. The court of appeals has 3 judges/ this is not one, or her title would be "appellate judge".

The question before you the people is then as follows: created by the simple truth, that a wide variety of cases before THIS or any court are given class action status. Are there ads not on television/ in magazines/ etc: come join these lawyers Which in effect translates to a predator pack of lawyers raping, ransacking, & devouring companies and money, while giving only a tiny amount of money to the plaintiffs who do join.
The reality of this lawsuit demanding absolute transparency/ the end of thievery in government and financial everything/ the opportunity to save this planet from endless threats; a clear and certain demand to defend this nation and uphold both duty and fundamental law, establishing fair play and equity where it does not exist. And a clear opportunity to obey the constitutional law called the first amendment of this constitution, and honor the people themselves/ by ending the lies, driving out the liars, and rebuilding what is so clearly destroyed. Plus the fact that science, military, business, & government are all threatening to kill us all/ with their games. Threatening to allow the death of millions by nothing more than a gamble. WE THE PEOPLE are entitled to speak and decide, if OUR VERY LIVES shall be gambled with in that way or any other/ BECAUSE IT IS OUR LIVES THAT YOU RISK! You are not gods, and that means you have no right.

And any court that supposes to speak for the people who can die: DOES TAKE THEIR LIVES, as a murderer/ when these gambles fail. The experiment defined here, will do just that if it works, ending the lives of millions/ or even this entire world. And these "scientists": must answer at a minimum: how can an atomic fire be controlled or contained here on earth/ WHERE EVERYTHING IS FUEL. They WILL be required to answer more, but this one question can be understood by all! This is a statement that can be understood, "even by a judge"/ therefore no excuse exists. It is pure gambling with life on earth, by all who join them.
And yet this trial is declared unworthy of being before the people of life, and nation. Even though the powers declared about to be unleashed into this world, by the national ignition facility are said to be " MORE POWERFUL/ or more correctly MORE INTENSE, than an exploding supernova star".

This court supposes it can make a decision based upon the religion called science, wherein everything they do is ok/ because after all "they are gods themselves". Isn't that what this type of experiment seeks to prove? It is for a fact! "Will these scientists protect this nation or its people"? Absolutely not, they are gambling with everything, and if wrong/ then we all die! Why should I be quiet/ WHY should this or any other people not say NO, YOU SHALL NOT! This court then seeks to Deny access to the foundations of a first amendment redress of grievances which demands the people SHALL: be served, honored, and obeyed by their own employees. THIS COURT has made its first decision on the path that ends with treason, where the people are denied the defenses of their first amendment right to redress. And these employees assume, that we the people: have no voice, no rights, and no recourse but to accept being assaulted by disrespect and the disease of pride and power and hate. For each of these insults, are in evidence here: disrespect of both WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTION/ which the court is sworn to uphold: pride because there is nothing here of justice, or fair play, or equity in life and the reality of our lives being in danger: thereby a traitor in our midst. The essence of hate is clearly being formed by a relationship with those who conspire to hold us as prisoners in bondage/ with fantasy money: and delusions of playing god. We are in bondage; we have numbers called money that are not/ and yet the rich and powerful live as if we actually owed them our lives and anything this world can provide. It is not so. Where there is equity in numbers, and work; then we owe. None of that here! Where there is equality in life and living, then we have freedom. None of that here, where billionaires own the lives of millions/ fully being able to control them without even listening to the tears. We are slaves/ and we are facing expulsion from the little that we do have. Where want has been an enemy/ greed a predator that has this nation by its throat: and pride the vulture that seeks to rip the masses apart and take every possession we have. We are facing vultures who will come to "eat all they can"/ and then force our very lives, into civil war. Because that is what hate does.

And the court responds without a single word, as to why/ all of society should not be aware of these realities, and their own future! The court surrenders its jurisdiction and authority to a lower court judge/ a court judge who has no jurisdiction to make a decision for the appellate court, and it must be asked: is this simply not baiting a trap, setting out poison to fool a prey and kill it? Is that justice!
Is this the work of the law and those who support it? Or something else? You tell me.

THE FUNDAMENTAL THAT IS LAW, AS APPLIED BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: states, that the mere motion to allow a class action suit is nothing more than a formality/ as redress of the people in demanding an accounting of their own government employees. FORMALLY DEMANDS that the transparency of this work/ this redress, the acceptance of THIS LAW, requires the people shall be informed. Thereby class action is NOT more than an insignificant assertion, that there may be more litigants than just me. The law allows me to be sufficient on my own/ because I am clearly a citizen here (without any possibility of stating, I am not "of the people"). I AM, both state and nation; and there is NO POSSIBILITY that any court in this land can be so delusional, so confined by fantasy or insanity as to suggest, this nation is not truly in trouble. The assumption of class action is: the rule of law allows that the people shall participate, in AN ORDERLY fashion, as they desire, within the demands of this lawsuit. But regardless of that fact: that remains so/ MY RIGHT to petition this government for accountability: BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME PAY FOR THEIR ACTIONS, AND THE DEBTS THEY CREATE ARE ON MY DOORSTEP/ AND MUST BE ASSUMED AND CONSUMED BY MY LIFE. I HAVE AN INDISPUTABLE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, ARE DOING, AND WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS! BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO BRING ENEMIES INTO MY TIME.
WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, you are the employee. THE LAW, that is a constitutional demand, REPRESENTS WHAT YOU MUST DO, for the people. THIS DUTY, is not representing what I must do strictly for me/ but demands all the people face the same. INSTEAD of a civic duty/ this then becomes constitutional law stating what I may do/ or must do & what I SHALL EXPECT from those employees hired by us to do this work. Constitutional law grants to me, a courtroom for its purposes; and gives us the courtroom as our means of defense from employees who do not defend our nation or world. Prove each of the legal petitions for justice, investigation, or duty; do not apply to this nation; or do your duty as well!
It is your job, to obey your sworn oath/ and OBEY THE LAW, to obey the Constitution and the people: OR face the people as a traitor, a criminal, and a fool [a judge, who believes he or she is above the law]. WE ARE EQUALS, before the law.
There are NO exits from this trial, but the law/ and the law walks with me. There is no rejection of this trial by the people, apart from apathy and fear: EITHER YOU WILL stand up for the law and accept your role as government by the people! Or reality will consume this nation.Because that is what you built with your greed. If you gamble, you will lose/ As a people and a world. GET YOUR ASS UP!

CRITICAL TRUTH, now applies the rule of confrontation and the need to save your world, TO YOU! My job, is merely to be a litigant. Your job, as people of this world is to demand the law shall rule. The application of society to itself is undertaken to be conceived as kindness to each other/ and the removal of "death science" as is necessary to survive. The measurement of time is also a question. New site Justtalking2.info. It's useful.

The disciplines of how, A MATTER OF JURISDICTION.

The interpretation of law, is a dependency upon truth. There is no function for a human being involved, apart from the understanding and interpretations necessary to help each other understand what the basis of these words are. Throughout constitutional law, that intent is to create the possibilities of a government ruled by law, for the purposes of its people. Therefore every human interpretation is built upon how that law affects all the people, a majority of the people, or the rights of every specific individual within which jurisdiction: the boundaries created by "this affects us too".

It is this simple truth that applies and is jurisdiction. The element that is attained by the courtroom, asks for jurisdiction to be determined, within which the judge who sits/ HAS BEEN allowed to here the case for these people, and the life its decision within the law, as best we can; Shall decide. There is no life without law. The essence of a body is the disciplines assigned to the various jurisdiction's that make up the elemental organism's upon which we depend. If peace and harmony within these fails, the body fails too. Therefore like elemental organisms of a single body/ the fundamental participants of every society create or destroy the peace and harmony that is the environment of us all. The foundation of a courtroom, is the very simple truth: that we CANNOT judge each other! None can, not one single one/ thereby it is clear and certain, the only judge found within any courtroom, anywhere in the world: IS THE LAW ITSELF. The law judges, and it is the people inside a courtroom that apply their decisions as to mercy, fair play, equity, and equality for us all, or not. Where the law allows, there can be room for interpretations that give us freedom, and the opportunity to do what is "not wise"/ so long as we do it to ourselves. There is a need for freedom, and a reality of freedom that is not subject to human interference: the simple truth, "my body and mind and soul/ belong only to me, or to GOD ". But certainly NOT to you. The discipline required of a courtroom is then established within two simple frameworks, separated by the elemental truth, that mercy is the foundation upon which we all survive. More simply put; NONE are perfect, and if the law was applied without mercy in it/ there are none who could survive. Thereby we know, that our job as a human being in society, is to apply and use mercy as best society can be served/ as best freedoms and the elemental ability to search inside yourself for life, truth, happiness, and love are honored by you. Regardless of how the others think.

One of the more simple elements in the living of human life, is the simple truth that envelopes sexual existence. It is your right to use your body as you wish. It is your right to be as sexy as you desire/ without being judged, or abused, or used. It is your right to live a sexual existence as you desire it to be. BUT it is also a demand within every freedom that you accept the consequences that will come with every decision in freedom for yourself. That means more simply, in real terms of life itself, you can live naked and choose however you wish/ without the burden of judgment; because it is your body and mind/ SO LONG AS NONE ARE INJURED BUT YOU. BUT the simple truth of body and mind are, that sexual intercourse in particular has consequences, these things are shared experiences and expressions which impart value, or seek destruction of another and the reality is then that you do damage another, when honesty or love or need is not the desire which you choose to seek. There is no such thing as temptation in truth, temptations are relationships with want or pride that do not belong to the honest mind or heart. Therefore no judgment can exist for body or clothes or nakedness/ because these do not cause temptations to exist in truth. In reality however, the human mind is particularly weak in some men/ they are too simple inside to understand life as a man, and find animal instead. The consequence of law, finds a need to educate and redefine these men/ so that they can join society as a contributing member in happiness, honesty, and honor. But some will contend, that these too have a right to be free, and if they want to be a animal or behave with and accept temptations; then they too have a right. To a limited degree, this is true/ but in the reality of life itself, we do not live with animals as people of society/ those animals that cannot be trusted, all animals that are allowed to be with us: are treated differently than human/ separated from humans, to live apart. So the reality is then, that if you cannot be at peace and choose harmony regardless of how another lives/ then you become subject to rules. The rules that matter, are simply don't hurt, threaten, use, or abuse me; don't hurt this world, or its future; don't gamble with my life, our lives, you have no right.

The question of life in society, is not how you live with yourself/ its how you live with others. The question of your life inside, is developed within the directional identities of want, as in "I won't care or share, I am a winner, or even loser/ these are the essence of selfishness"/ or desire, the honesty which creates, "let life become as truth designs my relationship with love to be". These are both decisions/ and it is yourself alone that will make them.
Apart from sexual reproduction, a decision that must be shared by both; for a happy union in grace and blessing for the benefit of a child. This is a decision to ask the body and life to produce the opportunities that I have known, for another human being. That they too, might know love and life and hope, and experience the essence that is "I AM ALIVE". IF this is not your choice/ then you should not be considering a child to share your life, and need your care.

As to all other all other aspects of sexual existence, the only elemental jurisdiction between a man and a woman: is whether you desire to love each other/ and are old enough to known what this responsibility actually means in time. Time is not a discovery of now/ time is the reality of 50 years or more, as we discover in time, that our lives and the people we choose to love have flaws, needs, and hopes that will require acceptance/ just because "that is what love does". A simple suggestion is: sexy defined is simply anything that makes you stand out just a little from the crowd, and says "girl/ can't mistake that". Do understand that true desire has little to do with sexy, rather desire comes from an elemental appreciation of the blessing that you are to my life, my hopes, and our relationship: these are the framework realities of love. I suspect it is the same for women, although I don't know. All religions seek to understand the relationship between man and woman/ but since all religions are elementary male; they don't accept the elements or disciplines that are female. The majority of religions are essentially disciplinary road maps for men, so that they can achieve some level of duty and responsibility in their lives/ anticipate some development of hope for their lives/ and learn that life in time, with human beings is not fair. But that does not give you or them the right to destroy each other. Because hate arises, religions have been idolized to create "the law"/ that allows religious followers to destroy, because this religion now says you can, by the interpretation of leaders of men. Again women are not allowed to participate in these decisions. And to appease the tragedy of what comes after the destruction, men have granted to themselves the right to rape and rule over women. It is a judgment, every single one will regret.
The element of law that is jurisdiction comes down to this affects me too! The understanding of truth in life is, THAT EVERY LIFE, is equally important, until they choose to make it less. The law decides who is less, humanity decides if they will be honorable, honest, or fair. The law of life says: every woman is equal to any man. Thereby the judgment of men, that refuses the LAW, and assigns to women that they must be less, than men or less than the LAW defines: thereby choose to contend with GOD . It is an extremely vile, and deadly thing to do, affecting you.
WE ARE EQUAL! WE HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS! THE LAW GRANTS TO BOTH WOMEN AND MEN, the opportunity to be both ALIVE, and ETERNAL. Don't make judgments you are not willing to pay for, in HADES! IT IS, beyond your imagination.

The disciplines required of your life, as woman or man extend to all categories of living. It is never good, "to gamble, with someone else's life"/ where harsh realities exist, and you must choose, to help: love needs you to remember the future too. There are consequences to every decision, and realities assigned by every need. Just do your best, and no matter what happens, "it was the best you could do, at that moment in time." Innocent, or at least not guilty.
The elemental jurisdictions of sexual behavior are simple ones: between a man and a woman, there is nothing kind or respectful that you can do; that is in error. The body is yours, the mind is a playground for you to use in sex as you wish. DON'T use human tools, accept kindness, and be polite. All the religious rules of men, are simply that/ and essentially worthless, is all they deserve. Understanding that however, in this reality of time, it is necessary to understand that men are involved in sex, and this is the way they believe their world must be for themselves to be happy. In religions, it is never a concern as to what make the woman happy. And a new, different establishment of disciplinary rules such as is religion must be established as a medium for both to understand and respect the basic needs of the other gender. What men want, is known by every religion/ want is an irrelevant reality/ it is a deceit. What women desire, is not fundamentally understood by men, and it is women alone that can identify these things. What men desire from life and love with a woman is also not fundamentally understood, either by men or women/ and they too must create an understanding so that society itself can benefit. Understanding does create a vulnerability, but there are freedoms to be discovered and truths to be learned and respect to be built. Where these things live, peace and harmony come with happiness and love. Make your decision.

The jurisdiction of society over their employees called government/ is a simple matter of : WE THE PEOPLE, ARE INFLUENCED by these things that you do. Thereby not only are we owners, responsible in the end result for what is done by you for us/ we are also directly involved in the reality of how these decisions will be paid for/ our lives are distinctly troubled or relieved by the things that will be done/ our world will be impacted, by the consequence/ our resources will be squandered or saved for the future of our children as a society/ even our nation as a whole will be defended or assassinated/ justice, fair play, equality, equity, education, healthcare, prisons, AND THREATS THAT CAN TAKE OUR LIVES: simply because those who make a decision for us all: literally then do affect us all. Thereby our jurisdiction over what our employees do for us is an absolute/ even more so, than the jurisdiction required of our employees to take charge and do something for our lives has over us. The courtroom of this nation, cannot be used to divide our lives into us and them/ BUT IT CAN BE USED, to create and define with all transparency the relationship we have with our employees and what these have done, that we will now pay for, because they failed to accept the guidelines and truth that is law. In Illinois, that fact of failure and corruption becomes more clear everyday; just as it does for the nation itself. Therefore commanding the door shall be opened, the lights turned on, and the people employed to do our work be held to adequate and real honesty in every truth that affects this nation/ this state/ and our lives or world is a fundamental redress of grievances that cannot be refused. Without the criminal assertion, of traitor, thief, and treason being applied. The law describes this petition and command to open the door and reveal our nation, state, and world under a redress of grievances called the first amendment. And it is criminal not to accept the jurisdiction of the law/ and particularly the constitution of this United States as is functionally the base and foundation of all law, all authority to make any decision for the people themselves/ AND IT CLEARLY STATES: THAT WE THE PEOPLE DO OWN THIS NATION, thereby as owners, you have no additional right to refuse. Because not only does the law command redress/ the constitution admits that we own this nation and you are our employees, and can be fired at any time we choose. We are the owners/ not you!

The elemental discussion of functional rights, examines the first amendment to the US constitution and further states: that each of the commands, held within that first amendment has nothing to do with the base level introduction of HOW the disciplines of governing this people called the United States of America shall be done ARE DIRECTIONS AND RULES FOR THE EMPLOYEES. THESE DIRECTIONS AND RULES are then the elements of society that we the people are to expect from our employees, and according to the proclamation of inherent rights, these then are the basis of a command under the law, that YOU, the employee shall obey the law, or come under investigation and penalization due to your failure to obey the law. The LAW of any given constitution, IS THAT AGREEMENT BY THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES: that this is what our nation shall become/ this is how we shall discipline ourselves to be. That fundamental agreement is defined by the preamble to the constitution/ is further conceived of by the declaration of independence & defined by the bill of rights set apart as a distinct influence in preparing the original settlers to surrender their lives: to build this nation for ourselves. And is supported through the additional aids of the amendments given and used in this court case today: conceived of, by the list of duties called the first amendment. Your job, is to assist this nation in building peace and harmony through justice and fair play, presenting equity (the right) and equality (the way) to each one. Anything less is a criminal behavior. Anything less fails to abide in the oath of office taken by each judge and high official in this land. Those who so swear/ do fall within a higher punishment, and demand for observance of what they did swear too before this nation, than any simple citizen. Fail badly, and the punishment is then intended to be severe. For you.
So says the law, and truth of a nation.
The essence of every honorable soldier, the reality of every single true sacrifice: is the fundamental truth, "this is for us all". you cannot take that away. It is ours.


Given the elemental truth, that we must not fall to far beyond the reality of hanging on to sanity and structural peace for the sake of rebuilding. The elemental need for answers has grown. To that end the following essays are applied: Elemental hope & how and why. The essence of anchors in simple existence for this work is also here.

The foundation of need represented by all factors involved establishes this simple fact, IF WOMEN DO NOT come soon to me with an organization whose true and real purpose is LIFE FIRST! Then for the sake of children everywhere, and even a small amount of time created for their benefit, the inventions held in reserve for the purpose of money to women shall simply be given away. It is your choice/ but as is the reality of this world, a time frame has been given, and you must respond, or the money goes away. Not a guarantee of riches/ just a relationship developed between what is known to be true, and a design that incorporates innovation with reality. Choose.

No surprise to anyone, the US supreme court replies today, with a form letter depicting the conclusion that they cannot be made to defend themselves from a writ of first amendment redress of grievances: but these are returned by "the lower staff"/ and I will grant that leniency and no more. The simple truth of a first amendment redress of grievances according to the Constitution of the United States of America: is very simple.

The words argue: that the leaders of government, are responsible to the people/ and at the insistence, Of WE THE PEOPLE, they will be held up to review. BUT we do have to do this peacefully, and through the court. The court will argue, that according to article 3 of the constitution, that they are immune/ but in fact article 3 only guarantees they shall not be condemned or judged during good behavior {the intent to uphold the law, and serve the people with justice, truth, equality, and fair play}. The concept of immunity is barren and worthless, and even suggests that a judge who murders someone from the bench cannot be held responsible. Clearly not true. The court will then contend that article 3 gives all the jurisdictional power of the nation to its supreme court judges, therefore they can pick and choose whatever they want to do/ or not do. And they have always chosen NOT to accept a redress of grievances/ as the peoples' right, even though it is clearly and plainly written into law. So the question that exists is: does the law rule over the jurisdiction of individual people selected to be judges of the supreme court/ or do these people rule over the law itself, redefining it anyway they choose? I say to you plainly and without doubt: THAT IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, THAT HOLDS ALL THE POWER OF THE JUDICIARY, and there is no power that is greater in this United States of America. No judge/ no courtroom/ no president or cabinet member/ no citizen/ and no choice: it is the law that rules. Failure to obey the law, is a criminal offense. The outright denial of the law, a strategic intent to defeat the demands of the constitution and its owners, WE THE PEOPLE. An organized assault on the validity of authority called THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, is an act of treason. And a purposeful demand to remove the power of WE THE PEOPLE, and reduce us to slavery without a say in our own government/ the existence of a TRAITOR.

So, here we are, standing at the garbage pile of lies and delusion that has become government, both state & federal at a minimum/ and stating give, WE THE PEOPLE control. Examine every corner/ open every door/ turn on every light/ and cause every single person as is necessary to refine and create the truth that is our nation and our future: so that we may decide what we as a nation of people will do. No more lies/ no more fantasy/ no more hiding, give us the truth. That is the purpose and foundation of redress and the first amendment. And clearly there is no doubt as to the distress and catastrophe of failure coming. It is plain/ therefore no excuse exists for a courtroom or its judges, to refuse.
This is not rebellion/ this is democracy: and the clear assertion, "I AIN'T throwing no more money in the garbage pit of you can have anything you want/ and WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BLIGHT AND DISEASE YOU HAVE BECOME. Want justice/ demand fair play/ and assert the law IS ON MY SIDE. Simple as that.

A simple beginning discussion of basic reality, to suggest you look further here, and in other places. That you work, and not be lazy.

One last web site is now created www.justtalking2.info for the purposes of women/ the understanding of all/ the participation of many. You are in charge of it, but I provide a simple, concentrated level of education as a beginning. Its about life, more than it is about problems with governments. Your choice, use it or not. This is the site for battlegrounds/ that is a site for discussion and organizing thought and decisions, as YOU choose to do. My apologizes to all who tried to open this site and failed do to its size. As it turns out, we do NOT all get the same internet; every provider has to update their own internet cache/ or its an outdated version. And particularly with phone service, most will time out, before they can load a large site. Consequently you who can get the information/ are asked to assist as necessary. A useful bit of law would be: every internet provider must advertize correctly/ with full disclosure of what they do, or don't do.

Read and Save this file now: Save and protect this site as well. This is, your first test, as a class action suit, for WE THE PEOPLE, seeking justice and truth. Are you going to work? Start by communicating/ then organizing/ then creating petitions with sufficient signatures to join case # 08-3954 Understand this well, "life ain't all free"/ either you make the decisions needed for the future, or there is no future.
Click here, to view and print a petition to be distributed.

For simplicity this is a business card I currently use, if you can muster nothing else/ at least you can print & share these. Or one that you believe is more suitable/ in other words DO something.


This is now US APPELLATE, case #08-3954 , read it/ save it to your computer/ understand and decide! Then join. The court web address is www.ca7.uscourts.gov


CASE #08-3954

2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E
ST. JOSEPH, IL 61873
Dated: 12/1/08
A case defined by, created within the demand: that if I will be taxed/ then there will be clear, easy to understand, transparency in how that money is being spent. No more fantasy. No more delusion. No more making me debts that an entire state or nation cannot pay. A return to truth, regardless of the penalties/ a foundation for the future, regardless who pays. As constitutional law demands. The reality of failure in government, is absolutely clear/ and that means: the first amendment legal right of redress must be adhered to, by this court.
The elemental truth of a "peoples courtroom" applied: wherein the employees of government, shall be audited for fair play, justice, and truth. Answering the question: what have you done, to us. In a courtroom created by reality, no lies.



RM 2722- 219 S. DEARBORN ST

JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR Appellant- plaintiff
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, et al., appellees- defendant
CASE #08-3954

dated: 11/27/08

the above case is represented in full at www.justtalking.info And consists of a demand for honesty, clarity, duty, obedience to constitutional law, enforcement of ownership rights and the first amendment "legal redress of grievances clause" AS ESTABLISHED and directed by the constitution of this United States.

Among the basic trial constructions, demanding a resolution: wherein the people demand here: "the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you so swear: or face a maximum penalty of death.". There Is a fundamental right of knowledge, called complete transparency in all federal debts/ and the debts of the state of IL: every form of indenture that our employees have attached to us, the citizens who are expected to pay. These are, ownership rights of WE THE PEOPLE, to know, what you have done to us. AS A TRUE DEMOCRACY, we are the owners: those in public service are our employees; just as if it were any other business; only with more restrictions, oaths demanding duty, and with the responsibilities that affect us all. The realities of this day, in both state and federal governments are clearly: did not do their job/ the evidence is absolute, the facts are in the media, and that our nation is at risk: is undeniable. Therefore the first amendment redress of grievances is not only proper/ but intended and written for this very thing. At a level of absolute disgrace; only because the court, in its several levels have proven to disobey the law. And refused to honor any redress in support of WE THE PEOPLE: in all previous attempts when set before the court, no duty, no honor, no respect, no acceptance of law; failure at every level both state and nation. Now that the entire nation is at risk; the people must do for themselves. But the court shall be used to establish the truth, and keep the liars away. THAT NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, as best we can; shall be understood or accepted as useful and relevant to this day.

Due process is achieved in redress, as follows:
1. by discovering the lies that have plagued this nation, and stopping every one. Only the truth is allowed in government/ only reality as is consistent with "the facts of life": is allowed to be expressed as truth. Where government is concerned. Life must never be a game again.
2. the removal of threats that could end our lives, created by science, business, industry, gluttony, ignorance, greed, or stupidity. Whatever they may be. NO GAMBLING with our lives, is a rule applied to the purpose and foundation, of the constitution of this United States.
3. the removal of destruction: as in the material breach of contract by the elders & employees, who have chosen "to make the children pay, their own debts". Creating the conclusion of fact: that the young may indeed face a dead future"/ in poverty, without cause of their own.

4. These leaders in greed, power, and pride have long chosen fantasy and delusion. Truth, is a demand long ignored. The proof is FAILURE established by the expert who HAS INDEED decided for the people/ take a look, and be ashamed. Our reality threatens to become severe poverty, do to stupidity, disrespect, & ignorance of all things called value. The possibility of complete failure as a society and life on earth, IS OUR REALITY. Our "government employees" obviously having failed in all counts and purposes of life or peace/ honor or duty/ constitution or law.
5. the resolution of new and different ways to proceed as a nation that must choose for themselves. Is fundamental to our survival/ as none can testify to the assumption this is OK. Rather life in this UNITED STATES is going to change/ only the method and manner and choice of that change is in doubt. WE THE PEOPLE, shall now decide.
6. The end of all threats that could throw us into civil war, such as NO JUSTICE, for all the damage that has been done in the matter of money & the shredding of people's lives, by greed. Means there shall be an adjustment made in numbers, and the people who claim them as money for RESPECT, AND FAIR PLAY, as best we can.
7. The demand for discipline, respect, duty, honesty, courage, justice, fair play, equality, equity, and honor in every form of government regardless of its place in power. Is fundamental to truth, and it shall not be overlooked.

TO SEE OR SAVE, THE APPELLANT TRANSCRIPT ( all to 12/01/08 court filings in pdf): for a single page html file CLICK HERE

Transcript 2



RM 2722- 219 S. DEARBORN ST

JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR Appellant- plaintiff
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, et al., appellees- defendant
CASE #08-3954

dated: 11/27/08


This case, although established through the intent of one man that has declared a need and a demand for a clear and deliberate accounting of all debts, an accounting of all tragedies and lies, that have brought this United States of America; to a place in history that transcends all implications of duty/ that references an endless stream of lies/ that encompasses realities of gambling with our very lives and our world/ that understands or directs the evidence of an extinction for us and this world can occur/ the failure of money" that goes without further need for facts", and for a need to stop the madness, abandon the lies: AND DECLARE AND USE THE TRUTH AS A WEAPON TO KEEP US ALIVE/ and return this nation to prosperity. By letting the people decide for themselves.

All these things and more, reflect a true need and the honest reality that every person in this USA shall be involved in the potential life an death struggle that this case represents. That every adult holding either money or debt is distinctly involved in this trial, and will find or lose justice accordingly "for themselves, & their money" with its ending. That we face an immense struggle to regain our foundations of peace, truth, life, and duty as a society. This then, and more: clearly, fundamentally, and without doubt fulfill the demands that they, this society and its citizens are involved are involved in this trial/ whether they want to be or not.
Therefore no possibility exists, that a class action suit, involving all citizens of this UNITED STATES cannot be provided. We are all involved, there are no excuses.


To that end; as I have clearly already demonstrated: I cannot represent the people of America. I am not a lawyer/ and have absolutely NO REGARD for all your pomp and ceremony/ your rules of failure/ or the endless stupidity of laws, language, and assumptions that are neither constitutional or just. Therefore you will provide female attorneys (as this is my request. It is my trial as well; you want my money, in taxes, I too am a citizen) for the people of this USA. I will defend myself. I will choose the attorney(s) that will work with me, that will be allowed to participate in this trial for the appellant/ you will only provide those who can, and do accept the job. You will pay them/ because they do stand for the people of America, / and they will represent this people. But I will stand for myself, and as a citizen in this place and state. No one stands as a lawyer for me, I stand alone, and will be a full participant in this trial.


The creation of a new and better platform, to understand the basic dimensions of a happy and peaceful society, do come with a need to learn better. The educational intent of this site(s) stands on its own. The question of women is yet to be determined; its up to them. Any who would believe, change is easy/ does not live in the real world. Change is fundamental, to the creation of sustainable existence/ your world has changed, because 7 billion people CANNOT live here, unless there is true and real cooperation and peace. Balance and hope. Either you will choose life, by the truth of what is necessary and real/ OR you will fail into death, by war, disease, and horrors beyond your comprehension. One way or the other, because you cannot survive as you are/ the day for your judgment: the acts and purposes that sustain you, OR exterminate you has arrived.


Appealed from US District court case #08-CV-2262.

In the land of fantasy, where everybody wants a solution without cost "to me"/ the delusion persists that having stolen everything possible from the future; nothing has to be paid back. Just another lie, focused upon by the illusion that numbers actually matter, in the real world of life.

This site is determined to establish reality as the single engine that brings truth back to life, before you extinguish this earth with your deceit. Life is more than money/ life is the essence of our relationship with everything, combined in the single word called time. Life is the essence of our reality with nature, and as nature itself in bloom, it is disciplined by our genetic structure, hope, identity, and destiny as we so choose. Money, is simply the demand by people, to be my slave. It has nothing to do, with life itself/ it is only a definition of our relationships with other human beings; a definition of our desire to be fair, to be disciplined, or shall we share or care. But the catch is; people have a choice, & will kill you for numbers/ play games for pride/ change the rules, for power/ and live in hate, just to play god and demand revenge, jealousy, or violence. IF they so choose. Even though money is a useless distraction from life, measuring only want or pride, it does not conceive of experience or expression that can touch love. Therefore it is as nothing, unless you are in need. If not an end to the simple equation called eternity, for you/ money can end relationships, destroy love, and buy pride. Pride is the single most destructive thing, "you can bring to eternity". Not the destruction of evidence and fact, but the desire to control where only GOD Is GOD. Abandon it, for your life.
This life, seeks the elemental truth that understands life is a blessing/ but only love is hope. Without hope, there is no truth, simply because the heart cannot exist. Therefore love is an essence, while life is the rhythm of our own relationships beating in time, but cherished in the blossoms that live as "the moments of you". Such is love, where beauty is the foundation in freedom, to believe in happiness as our right, and to perceive in dignity as the place where man and woman meet. We cannot be, what we are not/ therefore I say to you simply, that life itself is under attack, and we must not fail to do what we can do. There is a cost to living, a reality in truth that we cannot avoid: that simple price, is the true desire and purpose of a heart. Where nothing is more important than the truth, "we must not let this creation die"; The places we go, and the things we need to do, then do create our world inside.
This writing is about peace, but it understands the war with pride must be fought. And it leaves no room for doubt, time is running out & life on earth must change.


SSN; 338-46-2535
TAXPAYER ID# 9751-1781


you have proceeded illegally in this matter/ as you were informed this is still an issue being regulated in federal court as of this time. Currently proceeding to appeals ( HAS been filed/ but there is a docketing issue today). Federal district court Urbana IL case #08-CV-2262. Not an extension of the IL tax itself/ but a remaining demand for ownership not only in this state, but in this nation. A CLEAR AND CERTAIN reality set within the democracy established as WE THE PEOPLE! Whereby having noticed, and proven that the employees who have swindled us/ shoved us into bankruptcy as both state and nation/ and believe that they are above the law: Which demands transparency and accountability: BECAUSE WE ARE OWNERS. Has been violated, abandoned, and destroyed. The courts of this state having failed in every conceivable manner TO OBEY THE LAW. The courts of the federal government having failed in every conceivable manner TO OBEY THE LAW. And the final round of determining whether the leaders who are literally in charge of making their employees obey the law/ those who must choose, if this is a nation of LAW AND ORDER, as is appropriate and due in the process of a courtroom/ OR NOT. THE FAILURE of employees, to acknowledge the foundation of respect associated with taxes, law, life, or any other form of governing in a nation of WE THE PEOPLE/ WE THE OWNERS OF THIS STATE AND NATION. Is not acceptable. You want tax, I do not argue that as a reality of government. However, I DO demand transparency and expect a full accounting of just how much damage you have done to my life, to our state, to our future, and to our nation. It is my right/ if it is my debt! It is my right/ if I am an owner, and indeed I am an owner by virtue of the fact I AM A CITIZEN HERE. And either this is a nation of WE THE PEOPLE/ OWNERS, EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN/ Or some small group of terrorists, have come to undermine and take what is rightfully ours. Is that you? I have not denied you the tax. YOU HAVE DENIED ME YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY/ OUR TRANSPARENCY AND RESPECT AS OWNERS OF THIS STATE. Do your part and present me a full and complete transparency of all debts, expenses, payments, accounts, pensions: EVERYTHING I am expected to be responsible for. Everything you have as employees of this state spent, and handed me the debt for. I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW/ OR YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO COLLECT.

You have the option to wait just a short time further, for the court of this USA to decide if they will obey the law/ or as leaders of filth, deceit, and rebellion choose to disobey the law that is written and established as the constitutional mandate of every employee of WE THE PEOPLE , in response to their work on our behalf. I warn you, just as they are warned: that the law is powerful, and it is unwise to stand on the wrong side of it. You may read the content at www.justtalking.info
If you decide that "yours is a separate issue" / from the current trial proceeding in the process of federal appeals: THEN YOU MAY TAKE ME, TO TAX COURT! Set me a date, prove to me your statement of law: let me hear the charge against me/ the law which supercedes my right to expect an accounting and transparency I seek. And I will reply, in court/ with as many people in tow as I can find. Don't neglect it/ give me a court date. And understand that penalties, fines, interest, and the expectation of " assigned by: Who IS IN CHARGE, of this state/ we the people, or our employees" IS COMING.

Returned to address : IL dept of revenue
Box 19035
Springfield IL 62794-9035
dated: November 19, 08

to view the letter received from IL tax
to view the current state of appellate court
to view: one of the many life ending threats, to this planet, and your life
to view: looking past stupidity


A foundation created for the simple desire of survival, without war. Through the creation of a world court, governed by these laws (voted upon and approved by the majority of people in every nation). Not leaders/ the people. Enforced by specialized forces, of ONLY THE HIGHEST HONOR and DUTY, men capable of understanding the limits of what law means in fairness, equity, and truth. But led, by the efforts of women; chosen for the deliberate design: of NEW AND DIFFERENT/ a changed world. As needed, from every nation on earth/ backed up with soldiers from nations as do volunteer, and are selected when needed. There will be a new language erected as "world language"/ so that communication is real; created by the deaf: because they know what is needed/ and will discard the rest. Let them teach you to communicate.

THESE LAWS ARE (since you refuse to do it)

1. NO weapons of mass destruction, at all. No exceptions/ no exclusions/ no denial or refusal to be certified "without", not by any nation. Failure means; The leaders of that nation will be disposed of, and replaced. NOT A WAR AGAINST PEOPLE; you will go in as necessary, and bring these leaders to court for trial. Or if that proves difficult/ you will simply kill them, as a world defending itself; by any appropriate means. Biological weapons are a pandemic waiting to happen that will kill, over 90% of earths population, and its other various life forms/ leaving death everywhere to consume the rest. Atomic bombs surrender life on earth with as little as 25 individual bombs/ killing life on earth. Chemical is an environment of death, and need not be tolerated. Let the women create a court for negotiation and intervention/ as it is clear, men cannot.

2. Should a nation or its military refuse to surrender their leadership. A public media and information champaign in that country, such as it is necessary to wage, establishing the seriousness of not obeying the nations of this world. And who have accepted world law as their means for peace on earth/ shall not be ignored. Detailing the death, mutilation, loss or resource, and trouble that will come; if these leaders are not surrendered; as war, will do. There will be rewards given to the military, for surrendering "a problem leader"/ there will be life for life, maim for maim, torture for torture; taken from leaders who suppose they are greater than world law, and attempt to control the others by means of fear or force.

3. Government in any country, is the means necessary for accomplishing JUSTICE among the people. That form of justice, is delivered by the laws of that land. Where a nation cannot and will not accept its duty to establish and create FAIR AND LEGITIMATE LAWS, PROVIDING FOR EVERY CITIZEN EQUITY, EQUALITY, AND FREEDOM: FOR BOTH SEXES! There will be an understanding given. There will be an education required. There will be examples of laws and social descriptions that work. There will be help in identifying resources and opportunities available. There will be realities of destruction identified that must stop, as well. So that every opportunity to inherit a healthy and wise nation shall exist for every citizen as the law allows. Failure to adhere to honest and real law, is a failure of leadership/ IS A FAILURE IN THE COURT and those who produce the law. Failure to establish a peaceful nation: will bring help. But if that help is refused/ then it will bring the replacement of this leadership and this court. Not foreigners/ but the removal of current leadership, and a void filled by those within that country that are then selected. "World police actions"/ WILL be careful to select from the population a list of people ready to take over/ that no vacuum shall exist. But require an election of whatever that nation selects at a relevant time in the future. This is not to select a new government/ this is SIMPLY AND ONLY to provide for needs that must not be surrendered, to nothing. Let the public speak up.

4. A true and real law establishes what is legitimate and understood as fair, by all. A true and real law, NEVER is allowed to choose "for the money"/ but always stands up for LIFE FIRST, a world that can and will survive, because we did do, what we ourselves needed to do for life and environment. That means; where it is identified true: that substantial and real harm to this world is being done by individuals or nations; that this world can no longer indulge. There will be a dedicated end to that reality/ none shall be allowed to resist. The nations of the world, shall support and provide as necessary; education first/ to allow the replacement and alterations necessary for this change/ where that is realistic. You are "your brothers' keeper"/ in the simple sense: if your neighbor is going to die, or suffer severe strife because you required them to quit something for the sake of this planet. Then you need to compensate them with reality, if this is something depended upon. Life is not free/ there are choices to be made. Any leader that does not comply with LIFE FIRST, in realistic terms for the entire planet/ will be removed.

5. The foundation of survival on this planet is: you SHALL NOT take more, than what can be replaced by nature/ so that nature and you can survive. The failure of men to lead in this matter produced most deserts and nearly all war. POPULATION CONTROL IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for any possibility of continued existence here on earth. But this is a matter strictly limited to what women decide for themselves as women of this world/ NO MAN is allowed to intervene or change their decisions. Women alone will make these decisions for life or death of this planet, it is their body, therefore it is their right to do so. Men failed, and will exterminate this world, if they continue to lead/ women cannot do worse, no matter what their decision is: you will accept it as their choice.
Men will work, for methods of birth control in their own bodies/ apart from a vasectomy, which literally ends the chemicals of sex; ending the physical act of sex, for both men and women. "No chemicals= no fun". Issues of sperm, and its ability to swim are most likely a suitable end to pregnancy.

6. There can be NO MORE GENETIC CRUCIFIXION OF LIFE, by science or any other form of human indignity/ an identification of nothing less than "satan; destroyer of a world". No more genetic mutilation/ no more genetic transformation of materials/ no more genetic patents (you will remove them all)/ no more making money in any form or manner with genetic alterations in genetic structure. What is not honestly breed, so that genetic structure chooses for itself: SHALL NOT be done. GENETIC STRUCTURE IS NATURE ITSELF. If you kill nature itself, WE ALL DIE A HORRENDOUS DEATH. Genetics are not a game/ they are life on earth in balance and hope and everything; Or they are dead, or absolved of their integrity to create life in happiness, respect, or anything described as good. Science knows only how to secrete shit into genetic structure, they are blind fools, desperate to play god. YOU ARE COMPLETELY INSANE/ DELIBERATELY SATAN, in taking all of life to the edge of extinction, gambling you can play where only GOD is allowed. You will stop this/ or you will die, as a world. Gamble and you lose. This is all of our lives, and WE THE WORLD, Have a right to say yes or no/ and anyone who refuses to obey, turn in their tools, all tools, or fails in any conceivable way; will be killed by torture. Because that is literally what you have chosen for us. Vote as a world; if you won't obey truth without a commitment from all/ as a world decide, and then enforce whatever you choose. Life or death to all.

7. There shall be no nation on earth that is allowed to GAMBLE WILL ALL LIFE ON EARTH! In any conceivable way; Period! No nation or group of nations will be allowed to conceive of, or build, or hold/ or not prove the dismantling and destruction of any scientific endeavor that gambles with life on earth. There will be no possibility allowed for: The people in america lighting an atomic fire to destroy this earth/ can't put it out, everything is fuel. Failure is death to all, an environment like the sun itself! No possibility of european countries destroying the entire planet or a large portion of the same; trying to recreate "the big bang"/ the most destructive event in the history of the known universe. No possibility of ANYTHING, that is not responsible to this world of life, for or by, sustaining and protecting the sanctity of life as we know it; NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GAMBLE WITH EVERYONE. No machines allowed that can endanger us all/ nor group or potential group of machines. Fail to remove these things, and prove it is so: OR there will be war. Fail to stop them by complete removal of this possibility; to keep this from ever happening again/ and the world shall isolate this nation and control it; removing its government, by assigning to its people "never again"/ FIND another way. No one gambles with everything/ not with thousands of lives/ not with an environment we all need. None of it/ LIFE FIRST, NO excuses.

8. Without resources we die/ simple as that, no humanity at all. War over the last little bits or pieces, then dead and gone. Therefore resources in every sense of the word are elemental to our lives. We cannot live without them. They are our work, and our opportunities to make choices for ourselves. They are the future of life on this planet/ and none have a right to discard or disgrace or simply abuse any resource "just because they can". Consumption is not a right. Fair and legitimate use of the worlds' resources for the betterment of life is a fair and equal use of reality as a world. There will be recycling, because it is necessary and required. There will be compensations granted to those who are not using resources, but are protecting them with their decisions (fighting for life and a future). There will be realistic enforcement by each respective government, creating an environment conducive to change that is for life first, and a future we can survive. There will be compensation to those who are in need, because change has affected them unfairly and substantially more than the rest. There will be no destruction of resources, only fair and legitimate usage of those resources deemed wise to use. These are world resources, not human resources; there is a right to be involved by a world. There will be restrictions placed upon any nation that does not comply with honesty in their work. Such as: There will be NO PAYMENT for any export, given to any nation that does not comply. There will be no imports to nations that refuse to comply. Fair and legitimate, as determined by a meeting of nations from around the world. One nation one vote. When through this arena of discussion, openly held and transmitted throughout the world/ then, the world of people shall vote as if one life. Majority rules. That discussion is: for the sake of equality & equity, across the world/ if you use more, then you will give to the world a share in accordance with their needs. Most necessary needs first/ and if necessary only.

9. There shall be NO CROSSING BORDERS/ not by any nation. BUT: There shall be containment of the people in any nation that does not comply with population controls as selected by women. That is because if you do not do your part to help this world survive the human crisis that is over-population/ then you should at least be required to endure its consequences. No one helps/ no one intervenes, NO aid will come. Unless it is to provide guns and weapons, to a section of the people under assault by genocide. Where this is occurring in excess: you will "even the score/ by bombing "the appropriate ethic, rich man's section of that country", in "a fair accounting, compared with those being killed. It is the wealthy, who control governments, make these decisions/ and stop the others. If one nation crosses borders, or one ethnic group descends to kill another/ the world armies: will bomb an equal number from the other side. If they continue anyway/ then so do you.

World police will remove these leaders for execution, if trial so decides/ world armies will comply and act as world law has decided, and the world police will direct your targets.

10. We cannot live without an ocean of creatures/ we are too many people to survive if the ocean dies, and that means WE MUST intervene as best we can; to keep the ocean alive. Repairing every problem. Controlling every ship. Limiting every means of catch. Demanding compliance with every necessary rule of procedure for creature protection/ chain preservation. And, WE MUST CLEAN UP THE GARBAGE. We must stop nations devoid of honor, honesty, or duty to the planet from harming creatures without a right (such as is the USA in their sound wave generation/ causing terrible and unnecessary harm), without cause to life in the sea. We must stop the pollution from coming. We must protect each creature and return their incubation sites around the world, that were destroyed. We must clean up what has been dumped and is a disaster waiting or in progress. And so on. Those found guilty of contributing to this failure, shall pay the brunt of this expense. Those in need of creatures just to survive/ shall receive alternate legitimate foods that "you would eat yourselves"; so they can survive. Those nations that do not survive simply because they can fish/ shall surrender their quota, to the others. Until such a day arrives that the ocean can again survive your impact. NEVER again shall the sea be treated so badly as is done today. NEVER again shall factory ships be allowed on the ocean to process and destroy entire colonies of living ecosystems on earth. You will stop and repair as necessary/ or there will be war/ because the sea feeds a great many people. And if you lose it, there will be war, and that ends life on earth. Because starvation is a true enemy, and you will starve, until cannibalism takes over. Then it is insanity that will rule your lives.
Demand compliance, and get results. Remove any leader who complains. There shall be NO leading away from the responsibility to do your part; for this earth or its life/ no excuses allowed. A tiny payment now, results in at least one thousand years of life on earth. The failure to pay today; is death for the entire earth tomorrow; far sooner than you believe. Only "the devil in you"/ would decide this is not sufficient cause to require obedience to this law. For life on earth, by world law.

11. The existence of peace on earth is dependent upon two simple things; the ability to survive, because nature CAN AND DOES take care of us all: the chains of life unbroken in nature as well. {DON'T KILL THE NATURE YOU NEED/ DON'T KILL THE CHAINS NATURE NEEDS stop this now}.

And social justice in terms of what is fair, equitable, and equal for the sake of society and individual lives in the freedoms that create happiness, and thereby produce peace.
The relationship of fair, to truth; is established by A VERY simple decision: to do unto others, as you would have done to you. Not hard to understand. Simple enough; even if it does have a biblical connection.
The relationship we share with equitable is very simple: My life is just as important to me/ as yours is to you: time, is the treasury of a life. Therefore do not cheat me out of my time/ that none shall have cause or reason to declare revenge, to cheat you out of yours.
The relationship we provide to each other as equals; is an assignment of why do we care about each other. That simple statement is given weight, and truth, by the encouragement of friendship and love. Both of these are more greatly enhanced in a man's life, by the presence of woman; than any other method; therefore it is women who make the difference, in a man's life. But only when men are taught and made to comply with: you shall never own/ nor control/ nor enslave for any cause. GIVE WOMEN THEIR DUE SUPPORT AND RIGHTS. When friendship rules, social justice and peace in society occur.

When hate is allowed/ revenge, jealousy, violence, and more sneak in and throughout society; intending to tear down every peaceful purpose. Therefore true peace is only known/ WHEN HATE is removed. Decide as a world, where you will place these; and give them their due; a place separate from you/ without means to return.
World law will support separation from hate/ as well as equality, equity, and fair play in life. Those leaders who do not, shall be replaced. Peace on earth demands it.

12. The establishment of a courtroom, and its judge; understands the nature and discretion of humanity in terms of making decisions that are not simply selfish/ or are merely misunderstood in its reality. These occur every day, in every nation/ and under every possible circumstance. Therefore, never will there be a day when a court provided by the people, for the purpose of law, will not be needed. To resolve what it is necessary to understand. With the removal of hate/ the court will become a place enthroned in honor and duty for the nation: Wheresoever, the law itself is served, and the purposes of the people, for their nation, have been deliberately obeyed. Reality decides the avenue best taken to resolve any matter, but truth and evidence dictate what the problem actually is. A judge exists for "fair play"/ for the purposes of mercy, when this can be allowed. The law exists to control the court, and the judge, and the people by their own agreement "this shall be so".

There can be no real accounting of a technical problem, unless all sides understand the basics of the matter to be resolved. In other words, in terms of a mechanical dispute as in a motor: those who would be involved NEED the expertise and understanding of someone who can in fact and in truth explain the various factors involved. Such discussions then become defined in reality, and the complaint will settle upon the various facts, in an understanding created by these discussions. Because nothing in human experience is "simply true or false"/ the reality of any judgment requires a need to establish the foundation of a decision. And the review of that foundation determines the possibility of a new trial. Simply true or false, accepts the premonition "that I know"/ when in fact, we do not know with absolute certainty: why, or why not did this happen. Therefore a courtroom is fundamentally flawed. Every case, is then about justice as best we can/ not perfection. Every courtroom is about law, as best we can/ not control. Every judge is granted the honesty of making mistakes, but held to the truth, that it is the law who decides, it is the judge who provides a platform to establish a cause for mercy. And it is fair play, for the purpose of justice as is defined by equal treatment for all/ that is "for society and nation".

For the sake of peace on earth: WORLD LAW, includes the functioning reality of courtrooms; WHEN the people of that nation cry out, "we are treated UNFAIRLY". It is the laws of each individual nation that decide for a nation itself. But every nation, is held fair and appropriate, that any judge/ or cause/ that disrupts or changes justice in a land: is reason to remove that judge; and isolate them within "the land of hate". Even if their leaders do not. Don't want justice/ then don't be a judge. Too proud to stop/ then get out, before we come to get you. The death of a world, starts with hate/ all hate begins with a lack of justice, fair play, or equality: therefore reality states, NOT extreme/ or we will come.

13. Life and death are no longer games, to be played by men. The establishment of sanity in this world demands that there shall be no "individuals, or small groups" in charge of all the rest. Rather the law decides for each nation/ and a leader chooses the path, for life first in that nation. The fundamental ability of one small set of people to control all the rest, is over. The law decides. The critical ability for one small set of people to control all the resources, is over. The law decides, and the law says: resources are life or death of this world/ therefore restrictions exist, because we are the world. The foundation of owner and worker is removed from control by one, to become: we are both participants in the same/ and as such we are "equal partners/ both have a say". Working for the same conditions of a life sustained and worth living, for us all/ an environment we can survive. There is no walking away from destruction. What must be done shall be done/ but only under conditions that are fair to this world, and the future of life on it. The law will provide the rule/ and reality will prove what you may or may not continue to do. Society itself, shall understand the truth of your decisions. World policing will tell the lies, and surround those who destroy, with rules and penalties that do protect life on earth. The consequence and reality of truth says: that some destruction is necessary/ BUT where a better way exists, it will be done. The issues of money, are then mute/ the reality of needs created and fulfilled for life on earth shall be served; and the price shall be fixed by world policing if necessary: to protect the environment, ecosystem, and life of this planet. No more cheap "just because you can hide". There will be compliance/ or there will be new leaders. There will be adjustments made to establish true compliance, or there shall be no shipments of any kind made to or from this country. There will be truth, and the protection of life and environment, because it is our survival as well as yours. Kill your world/ and you must come to ours: room has run out/ therefore none are allowed to destroy what cannot be in the best interest of life, environment, or a future for this planet.

14. Money is used to defy or defend a nation as well as an individual. It is our chosen identity as human beings to say: I deserve this consideration for myself/ I earned it. That is fair and legitimate, and a friend to life as human on earth. "My/our work" has value/ and that needs recognition and truth, it protects society, by producing dignity and honor and the acceptance of a purpose that is more than simply to survive.

But money is also blatantly disgraced and defied by men in their battlegrounds of greed, power, pride, selfishness, and hate. Money has become the elemental tool, of the diseased mind: used to manipulate, control, tempt, abuse, and create the games men play. Money is used as a tool against women. Money is abused as a deceit against society. Money is a warrior enslaving people, and even nations by greed. Money is a description of power in religions and universities that then morph themselves into "dragons and things of fantasy and delusion". Money is an enemy, when not cemented into the stability of numbers that grant equity/ and create an environment of equality or trust. Money is a friend, only when it is honest enough to participate in friendship for the world of humanity, as best we can. Money is a relationship between countries that can cheat, lie, steal, and consume resources without compensation. Therefore money is well within the control of a world court and a world law, through its policing. Money is a dedication of the people to create by themselves an opportunity for fair play; determining for themselves what is an honest exchange. That honest exchange is created by the simple truth: that the census of a population count dictates the number assigned by their money, so many numbers per person and no more. That is stability in the money supply; and there is no other. When that stability is realized/ when these numbers have some basis in reality such as backed by gold (something tangible, not easily counterfeited). Then every nation knows, what it has bargained for/ what it has gained or lost; because the money is transparent and real. World law is going to demand TRANSPARENT AND REAL. World policing will not permit debt creation beyond the limits allowed to any single nation/ as chosen by every nation. The world of nations, will decide HOW MUCH DEBT, any nation can accept or credit it can provide. If you fail; then you will pay/ no more credit allowed.

15. Immigration IS A MAJOR influence over this entire world of human life. The cause, is a failure to respect the requirements of population control, the limits of life in harmony with this world. Added to that, is the failure of men to respect or aid women in their lives/ the failure of religion to understand anything but their pride and purpose of more to control. The failure of societies to adjust to needs and a respect for their lives/ the failure of humanity to participate where needed for birth control. [abortion is not birth control/ but, abortion shall not be considered to exist; for the first forty days after conception. NOT because that is correct, but because life and women, need the opportunity to decide for themselves. It is a reality, not a desire]. And more failures of all kinds exist, in the simple truth that we cannot consume this entire earth and survive.
Therefore immigration exists as the invasion of other countries in an effort to find your place in this world. It is necessary, because we are all equal as life/ "deserve a place to rest and survive". And there simply is no room in places, people must leave behind.

BUT that does not mean, no price shall be paid; again, until your own nation has created its version of birth control/ population control; by the terms women set, and are provided access to these means. You shall not be allowed to immigrate to another land. There shall be, NO leaving your troubles behind: this has been your choice/ and you shall live it, until the day population control has been resolved by the standards women set. It is their body/ it is their right: NO man has a right to intervene: women will choose! But no relief to this nation, of any kind will be allowed (past an initial 2 year time period), until birth control is established or "irrevocably, on the way literally". If men intervene/ then it is up to world law to remove those leaders/ and establish refuge for these women. If men simply become warlords, discarding government/ then the world shall intervene, and remove these men, by armies that will control and remove those who choose hate. Life on earth cannot endure, unless population control is established. There is no more fundamental way of creating a need/ than demanding YOU shall deal with the trouble YOU created: NO transferring it to us. Apart from that, each nation has a right to decide for itself/ but reality states: we are equal/ life needs a place to live, and all must share this responsibility realistically. But no one has a right to invade, not as immigrants: or armies, of any other type. Only world law, for the distinct purpose of giving women their option to choose and create their own choice; with safety and honest protection as needed. This fact of human life today, IS A CRITICAL LINK in whether we shall survive/ therefore it is a world law reality. The foundation that women will decide, cannot be ignored or forgotten, it is their body/ it belongs not to any man, religion, or owner but themselves. It is however true, that women as a national majority, may enforce reality upon other women, as they declare by vote, education, and communication must be done. If this nation cannot provide protection for their women/ their law enforcement leaders shall be removed: replaced with others. There shall be payment from the men of that nation, because this is necessary, and the women are paying for what was the failure of men: were you not their leaders. Men failed everything, in every way, for everyone: YOU are through leading life on earth. You have a responsibility here; provide as needed.
As to immigrants, your responsibility is: You shall not change the country you travel too/ instead you will learn their ways, their language, and establish yourselves as citizens; even if they don't let you have legal citizenship. The price of acceptance is: DON'T change my world, invest in it, honor it, do what responsibility requires you to do. As best you can. And ask for what you honestly need/ how else would we know. Therefore some representation is required in each and every government.

16. Our elemental needs, INCLUDE: A WORLD not dissected into plagues, which we cannot control. That simple reality assigned by disease and the discretion of men to use, abuse, or consume what is necessary for the sanctity and disciplines and balance of nature is fundamental to our survival here on earth. Has been proven/ men will not control for themselves. Therefore world law will intervene. We cannot replace nature/ we cannot contain nature if it is thrown out of balance/ we cannot stop diseases/ we cannot control the mutilation of diseases into more deadly diseases, or other complications from human interference. It is human interference however that we can control, when the world itself has never before seen the possibility of terrible things, in thousands of years of history. From the indiscriminate use of antibiotics to attack biological problems on such a wide scale; don't give a damn/ is the only conclusion that can be reached. What happens on a biological scale, when every "germ, is breed to be its worst conceivable product": IS FUNDAMENTALLY preparing us for the worst plagues ever to hit human existence. This is a fact/ not a guess, all the parameters and participants exist; it is merely a matter of time and chance "when the biological bombs go off". That means in particular: no more antibiotic feeds/ which translates into, "no more confinement agriculture". No more antibiotic soaps for the public. No more indiscriminate use of chemicals that do the same/ back to life, before we could mutilate, and alter its existence or state of balance. It is a simple fact of life that we cannot battle a plague/ we have to survive it. It is a simple fact of life, that human decisions are creating new versions of plagues, that will be devastating/ and we must stop now, while we have a chance to survive. It is our reality, that this must be phased in, over 3 years/ to give us a chance for food, while other things are corrected as well.

The world court, world law, and world police have a right to intervene in plagues, or the fundamentals that clearly define a plague can occur: wherever they are found/ wherever they are created; and stop it while they can. It is not "the end of antibiotics"/ rather it is the end of unnecessary use. A careful return to reality as nature provides.

17. The right of a human being to be free, is fundamental to the existence of human society and its truth: that we are individuals, and not property that belongs to anyone. Every single one, including women, children, and men. All forms of slavery are formed against justice/ are established in direct contention with peace/ and are at literal war with the concept of harmony on earth. Slavery in any form/ ownership in any possible concept/ the possibility of a critical control over any other life, is not conducive to world peace/ or a stable government for its people. There are no religious rights or rules of ownership/ any refusal to accept this results in the removal of that religion from society/ and penalties assigned. There are no fundamental rules of any society, allowing the ownership of any woman, child, or man: all are abandoned. There is no allowance for ethnic consideration, or historical acts or purposes. There is no acceptance of male domination. There is no avenue to create slavery or ownership of another human being: PERIOD. There is RESPECT for life in this world/ which then participates in all aspects of society, in every degree of servitude that does establish honorable and real freedoms for all the people: not slaves by work/ not slaves by hours worked/ not critical control by food, water, or other needs. BUT FAIR, LEGITIMATE, AND REAL RESPECT, for one life, as equal to every other life on earth. RESPECT is not a negotiation/ it is a demand, for women, for children, for men, for workers, for life on earth. Respect each other/ because where there is not respect: there will be NO cooperation among humanity on earth. And if you don't cooperate and accept each other as valued human beings/ then you will not work successfully to save this planet. If you don't save this planet, then all die. This is required to survive.

There will be fundamental minimums AND maximums, of pay received/ hours required/ and people freed to choose for themselves. There will be unions made/ and life placed before money, as equals one and all. These are, Fundamentally placed at the feet of every nation/ and they will be applied or these leaders will be removed and imprisoned, through trial. Any man found selling women/ stealing women/ deceiving women/ murdering women/ raping women/ or failing to "give them all the money they earned, where money was earned as a sex slave or in any other capacity as a slave/ YOU will pay twice as much as they earned ". ANY suspicion, that this payment is not enough, and this person will surrender ALL his (or her, if you enslaved other women) own property, to these women you enslaved. And be placed in prison; for not less than 1 year, for the least of these offenses. Applications and concern shall be given to men who were slaves as well.
Any man found to hate, will be removed from society, or killed. There is no allowance for hate/ there is only justice and truth. Any woman found to be lying, cheating, stealing, etc; in this matter for the direct purpose of abuse or violence, will find the same reward as a man doing the same. WARN THEM ALL.

18. The foundation of fighting against: the violence that is terrorism shall not have any borders. Those who are world police shall have authority to enter, contain, control, demand help, and even kill those terrorists that can be honestly identified. Every nation shall endeavor to help. BUT NO NATION shall act on its own. No enforcement of this order to eradicate terrorism, shall be done without distinct involvement and directives from the world court/ by law, these officers of world police shall operate and define their actions. PRIOR TO entering into a nation/ unless in "hot pursuit"/ verified by actions that deserve the title hot pursuit; for purposes of protecting this world, and every or any society in it. Where combatants are collected and imprisoned: THEY SHALL BE TRIED. That trial shall consist of judges from at least 20 separate countries/ who shall then sit in judgment of these people; to hear the evidence against them. Anyone intentionally presenting even slight misleading or false evidence will incur the end of their career at a minimum. The judgment of these international judges shall be accepted/ the number of judges committing to guilty shall determine the penalty: 20 judges all declaring guilty out of twenty judges/ means death. Whereas one judge out of twenty who declares guilty; declares that this one will go to "a friendly area for at least 2 months for "rest and relaxation" to calm down and accept our apologies prior to a free ride home. And so on. These judges shall be delivered by name to the world court, from every nation that desires to participate/ and when all have been gathered, the names will then be drawn at random. These then judge for the world. Right or wrong, their ruling is final.

As to the reality of confrontation between different groups, the simple truth has become: that the americans through the failure of their leaders as well/ have done as much or more damage to Iraq as "arab individuals" did to the US. That being the reality; it is fair to offer this proposal: in exchange for collecting all weapons of mass destruction/ and the people who sold them/ stole them/ or produced them. We will, as a world call a truce with terrorists. No more intent to prosecute or kill/ it will be a different world, let that be enough. BUT THIS is strictly a one time offer, and demands every conceivable weapon of mass destruction that exists, from every nation as well. If you work for us in this matter of weapons of mass destruction/ then we will consider the matter closed between us: even if the others do not comply. But this is no game; information is valued just as much as weapons, if they lead to the end of these threats against an entire world.

19. The chemicals of pollution/ the toxic distribution of spills, direct dumping, injection, and a list of realities that do cause mutilation, birth defects, lost lives and bodies or minds. The fraud and failure of stupidity in relation to chemicals of all kinds; shall be dealt with as a function to what is necessary/ and what can be done without. The military of every nation is a big contributor to pollution of all kinds/ therein the conception of "NONE OF THESE" FOR ANY SIDE OR NATION; shall be granted and implemented. There shall be "rewards and prizes" of substantial value created for solutions to every chemical that is not earth friendly; so that these can then be done away with. And the end result is, an environment, nature, and life that will survive. Every chemical or other toxin that has an effect on life, nature, or environment shall be evaluated by its total effects: from its point of raw collection/ transportation/ manufacture/ by-products/ usage/ reality of influence on the rest of life/ and its eventual deterioration and influence over time: etc. Including biological effects on any organism that would or could be affected genetically.

The sanctity of life, nature, and environment for this world, IS AN ISSUE FOR WORLD LAW, and enforcement as needed, WILL BE ESTABLISHED.

20. The elemental reality of medicine is: that if it is needed/ then it shall not be abused or used for extortion or control of another life. That said, every drug has a cost/ and every cost is subject to approval by those who actually do pay: society itself desires these things to be available, therefore they pay as well as the individual. The drug companies of today, have already collected their due, and beyond; they deserve nothing more. That means from here on in, the cost of a drug is the actual cost of manufacture and transportation etc. Unlike other business: that does NOT participate simply as life or death or harsh reality for humanity; medicine has a legitimate need to be owned by society. We will own every patent as of today for drugs or medicine or its equipment. As a nation/ and as a world: we will support and buy these products from any manufacturer that will supply them at respectful specifications, by bid. We will provide incentives to any business that seeks to build or provide them, and as society; we will control the "health needs" of our people and this world. All invention or research will be provided for by government funding, as needed/ every patent able product will be established by those responsible for the work, in a patent. Their names shall be on the product, their government shall pay a fair amount/ and the governments which use that product will pay according to its use, to the nation from which it originates. A product gaining worldwide usage, (creates real business, and saves lives); therefore it will gain its creators an income at not more than, the maximum allowed within the limits of that country; for not less than 12 years. If they continue to work, they will earn more; respecting the reality of justice, equity, and fair play; this will be added to their respective years of guaranteed income. Let the people decide by their use of the product and its effectiveness/ who deserves what. No more advertizing drugs, it deludes, tempts, manipulates, and deceives the people. The pharmacist (those intimately schooled in drugs) decide the proper medicine for an illness. The doctor decides the illness (may recommend)/ but, the pharmacist decides the drug: every drug and its price is listed for all to see and compare. Opportunity to participate for the people will be provided/ that they may state "good or bad". both regarding doctor and drug/ pharmacist if so desired.

This is not business, this is the health of people the world over/ and the reality of people helping people as a fact of life. That is Something a world court can choose to be responsible for. Not the actual delivery of/ but the control of patents and other medical devices that decide for life or death or health. Simple truth says for the lack of a hat, or coat, people die. For the lack of minimal realities people die/ because the world does not care. Consequent to that, there will be a tax allowed to the world court/ payable by every government based upon population; for these operations/ and for the distinct purpose of providing to a people truly in need; the minimal possessions they require. One penny per person, times 7 billion people is $70 million dollars. BE FAIR. The price goes up or down as necessary.



THIS LIST of simple laws, used to identify the needs of people around the world, can be expanded to explain the needs and desires of a nation, IN LAW/ simply add 5-10 specific items to each category, and you are done.
THIS foundation for exploration into the categories of shared needs/ balanced care/ purposeful & disciplined respect for life and earth. Is intended to become a world chat. Therefore this same information is applied to the forum on the left of this home page; and you are given the job/ to see, that it does become a world chat. That allows for a live conversation on the topic of the forum, as chosen by people / and provides a system, for a reply from you, in responses to this work. Keep it short and simple. For the purpose of deciding: IF THIS WORLD WILL SURVIVE, NOT a game/ not a place for pride.

We cannot have weapons of mass destruction. We cannot allow this world to be killed. We cannot allow anyone to gamble with everything. We cannot survive unless we repair and demand from every nation: over population must stop. We cannot survive if this earth does not/ therefore we must stop the insanity. We cannot survive if nature is mutilated by man/ because we cannot fix it. We cannot survive intentional pandemic's, created because "some want cheap and easy". We cannot survive the hate that is building over money. We cannot survive a global financial meltdown. We cannot survive an ocean whose life is extinct for all intents and purposes. We cannot survive insane science. We cannot survive; IF WE DON'T CHANGE, as a whole humanity.
I looked diligently for years, and there is NOT ONE single solution in men/ at every turn, they would simply go back at the first possible chance, recreating the same trouble only worse. The only real change, is then to allow women to lead. They are different/ and they will lead differently because of that simple fact; may not be better/ BUT it cannot be worse. Standing at death's door/ is no time to be stupid; just do it. They cannot do worse, it literally does not matter what they choose: than the leaders called men, or the majority called; those who followed them/ it is impossible. Because we stand at the door to hell and Armageddon: terrible chaos, and a horrific reality.

I have added a layer of personal discussion to your world, in these matters/ because it would be absolutely unfair, not to have done so. I gave up on this world, having found no possibility of a solution in men/ it never even occurred to me, to consider women a solution unto themselves; "just didn't, don't know why; apparently blind and stupid". Regardless it is the introduction of "spiritual female inside"/ that changed everything, and defined the creation of a solution that men are not able to find on their own. It is the woman inside of me, that brings the work before you; because she returned to me the reality of hope. Many have laughed, ridiculed, and discarded as a fool, the words that are simple and true. But they are the reality creating my work for you/ and it is this work that gives YOU an opportunity to survive. Not because of me, not even because of her; but because the words give you an education/ the opportunity to communicate between yourselves for life, instead of death/ and the decision to go to trial, create a world law, stop the destruction; or not. As YOU decide to do. It is your choice/ but it is the marriage (acceptance, that we are better off as two together/ than as each separate) between what is male in me, and what has become female in me: that presents this work. It is still true, what is female has taken control. Not an end to male, rather a life where my choices are secondary to female ones, that are not mine. The spiritual woman seems still determined that I understand, exactly what it means to be female, for real. As a man caught, in a woman's world, where she has all the power, most of the rights, and is in control. I am guessing, "to teach men, what they do wrong/ or to teach women how better to live with men"; but its just a guess. Fair is fair however, as she helped me with my desire, it is now her desire to be fulfilled. "Marriage" is a two way street. How that ends is unknown to me; but, It is a really strange, and different world, I never would have guessed a woman's breasts had so much effect. Never had a reason to consider it a question. New perspectives about lots of things, especially defense; recognizing the need again for simple things that would help, women to survive . I don't know why, or why me, but it is clear "the woman inside", has made the difference in this work. My desire is complete now, YOU have your chance for change, educated and understood by all who care. Prepared and ready for your work, not mine. And I am happy for that: 20-30 years of preparations finished. Even if I would have preferred other ways, the fact is, my ways would have failed. If people had just listened: instead of rampaging over each other in greed, none of this would be real. Your way, not mine. A life will just have to be lived, to see what comes next. Not a concern really, or expectation; just a fact. I have been changed, am being changed; simply not the same. But even so, I will remind you plainly and clearly: this work proves stability and purpose, clarity and desire that is anything but stupid. Life is life, we do have to live in the reality of our individual time, whether you understand it or like it or not. Fair or not, is irrelevant. I had thought, there might be time for "a little bit of romance": some of the things left behind; when done with this work. But everything has changed so much, that too just can't be the same/ I don't know what this is exactly, but it ain't what life was. Not really fair either, but it is life, for me. I do have a new job, just not sure what it is: Don't look to what is lost/ gain what can be different and happy. Whatever that is. I do the best I can, simple as that. Not perfect, just plain and simple. I am learning new things, its not so bad; but really different. Its somewhere in the middle of male or female; and no it has nothing to do with "sexual deviation, as in homosexual." It is a pitiful sickness. This is something else entirely, an education; a consequence begun while reading Revelation 12, looking for any answer that could be used for survival of this world; defined in www.complexdestiny.info If you look. And yes I do know people can read this, men ridicule, laugh, jeer, hate, etc/ fools fail. And women make judgments that are unkind, unfriendly, and unfair. Even so, its not a game; life or death of a world, is no time to be cautious. Good Prayers to you, if you choose them.

YOU have been given everything you need to redefine your lives and change. YOU have been told, established by the evidence and significant fact, that YOU MUST go to court and stop the lies, stealing, destruction, and all the rest. YOU are able to understand.
The critical concept of "so much pride, want, greed, and selfishness, in america especially": PROVES without doubt or excuse. That YOU have chosen what is unsustainable, with your world/ with your food/ with your money/ with your governments/ with everything you touch. YOU have proven yourselves to be "LIARS, don't want the damn truth; give us greed, fantasy, and delusion." YOU have proven yourselves to be thieves: you stole your own future/ you sold your own country for greed/ you removed the possibilities of a future for life on earth, by your choices/ you sacrificed your children. You even cheated yourselves out of the future you claimed for yourselves. YOU are whore's/ you took the treasures of life, and sold them for want and pride/ selling tomorrow to disgrace; its children to death. As is plain and true of today your reward for "winner", was selling tomorrow for next to nothing but selfishness, without the slightest concern for those you trampled on. It is the leaders of society who Created an economic desert/ just prior, & as an example of the global desert that follows close behind. Shame on you.

As with global warming and every other "not dead yet/ so these just don't care disgrace, LIARS everywhere in everything": you MUST USE your mind by discarding "your experts, and their propaganda"/ and choosing for yourself to understand 7 billion people standing here on earth with you/ HAS CHANGED life on earth. Just their need for food each day at one pound per each, is over 7 billion pounds/ times 365= 2.55 quadrillion pounds a year/ every year. 2,555,000,000,000lbs per year needed just to survive; and growing by 2 million more mouths over deaths to feed each and every week. this doesn't even include the needs of other life on earth. You are not alone in this world, plants, animals, insects, "lots of things" need their resources to survive/ air to breathe/ a chance to be repaired from the destruction that is "the big brain of men". The basic plan of men as a majority, is to confront when things go wrong/ if it's a loss, their second plan is to take someone else's away. There third plan is a plot in deception, temptation, manipulation, or control. None of these things will keep you alive; only truth, peace, thought, honor, and duty in the environments of hope, happiness, love, and a balanced need fulfilled between men and women. If you are lazy, then you will fail. If you gamble/ you will lose it all. Simple as that.

If you can't understand any of this. If you are just so blatantly proud, you don't give a damn. If you choose to let the earth die/ cause you figure to get out, before the bad stuff comes: you will be condemned. If you hate, eternity will remember you. If you just don't care: then you deserve the death men have led you too/ and all life on earth, will be exterminated within 25 years; every single one. Probably much sooner, but definitely no longer/ clearly, the vast majority will be long dead, by 25 years later. Because you chose to condemn life on earth/ by your choice. The assigned title is then "devil"/ your reality to come hades, the eternal destruction one atom at a time.
I am not your savior/ not your judge/ not your enemy; just "a messenger" sent to explain, without real and significant change; your life here as humanity will soon be over. Anything the court has to say, will either be simply a nuisance, or a help; YOU do understand your reality/ your options/ and your decision. You are educated and ready, the rest is up to you. Pray, it will help you. Today, I am done, with all that is necessary or needed for your opportunity to survive. Today, the rest is up to you.

DO you Refuse to believe, anything could be wrong? One in every eight is already hungry, the ocean nearly empty: you tell me what happens when the food for so many people ends? Is it not, "a fight for cannibalism", and will that not become, an absolute insanity takes over/ there will be no going back. A dead earth, completely out of balance, chains broken forever for life: becomes a living dead, until your gone. This reality, gives no one a second chance/ not the religious, not the proud, not the university, NO ONE gets a second chance, this world is all we get. And the destruction of men today, is severe; a war against life and living on earth.
One in eight today is hungry or starving/ THINK ABOUT what happens TOMORROW, with a dead ocean/ an angry and insane male population confronting and blaming each other, with little opportunity for life. And that is only the beginning. A deserted and dying female population, because somebody is going to lose. Guns and death everywhere/ nature mutilated beyond recognition/ and an earth that is so out of balance: YOU can't even breathe. Stop this now/ or gain your reward. This ain't "God killing you"/ this is the decisions and ways of men: COMING TO GET YOU. Either change for real, or die. This ain't no game!
Choose women, because we MUST HAVE CHANGE.

There is some value to other forum topics; elemental happiness is more gentle/ economic stimulus is useful/ a short summary is helpful but not a forum item for direct chat/ and so on. Do what you can do/ NO EXCUSES.

The elemental decision is a simple one, either you choose for beauty, for love, for the blessing that is man, woman, and child, for the happiness that exists in family/ the treasury that is your home inside. The purpose of your heart, the desire of your soul, and the honesty inside that only you are privileged to know; or you do not.
In the simple expression, do you remember the passion of a romantic kiss/ do you understand the grace and dignity of a human body built for the opposite sex/ the happiness and intensity of what is real, in the experience that is love? Do you accept the truth, that life is more important than pride or want? Do you know, that everything is threatened, forever. Life or death for this world is not a game/ it is a choice each one is making, it is a reality that we cannot avoid. Either we choose for life/ or death will take it all away. Look into a child's eyes, and tell me why it is not your job to save their future, and yours! Life hangs in the balance, there is no one else coming: this trial, this law, this purpose created for you is your chance to survive, and change.
Not because I say so/ because the evidence of truth demands, time is literally running out.

I will give you some advice: as is consistent with fair play/ let the money go where the money is earned. Give your big bailouts to the poor and lower middle class: the people you shoved into unemployment and food needs, and other supplies/ the people you didn't allow to play your game. Let the rich lose theirs. Because it is the rich and upper middle classes that played the game of greed/ a lower income could not play/ unless confined to the lottery, a pitiful disease set among the people by predators: they were excluded from your disgrace, branded loser, and we don't care. Therefore ANY PERSON who presents for unemployment or help, shall prove and be protected only to the extent received by "the lower middle class". There shall be no payments, & no help beyond what these people receive. Need money, go sell your big house, etc. Don't care, "its your winnings", be happy/ its what you traded "the american way of life for". The current method is "save the rich, save the degree/ protect them from capitalism". Supporting it, is to maintain the liars/ protecting them, is to steal for the thief. Let the greedy be "taxed" to support the poor/ take from them: instead of the poor. Go get the money back. Go create the means to get more/ and don't take no for an answer. The auto industry is bankrupt, because all participants took more than what could be sustained/ you chose to kill "the machine", that supported your lives. As did teachers. As did medicine. As did governments. As did universities; every damn degree out there. That means, today; they will take far less. They must learn the price of their greed, and accept that it shall be no more. And that means there will be hardships; you earned it/ the only real problem is, you cost those who did not earn it the same. Shame on you. Even so, life is life/ reality is reality; and truth says, either you will find honesty, search for honor, duty, and life itself: or you will die, the death chosen for you by men. Its one, OR the other/ there is no middle ground. Continue to lie, cheat, steal, pretend, etc and you die/ because the world isn't a game, and the loss of oceans, environments, oxygen, and everything else you need to survive: IS LITERALLY LIFE OR DEATH, not a game. Don't want to hear it? COWARD. To proud to live it? DESERTER & FOOL, because its your life too. Don't believe its true? FAILURE, because any living creation with a mind, can understand the need to search through this kind of evidence for solutions BEFORE they become disasters; therefore the truth is necessary, and the way is through the penalties and realities of law. Want hate, revenge, & violence instead? YOU WILL buy a world on fire, as people kill, maim, and destroy everything they can touch: Are YOU going to be happy then? Going to be satisfied, with your revenge when cannibalism and death is all around you, with only death for yourself as an escape? GROW UP, BE ALIVE, AND SEARCH FOR THE SAKE OF LIFE, better ways.

As to economic realities, there is no end to the work for years. As to economic truth, YOU promised lies for money; go collect your tears. As to honest reconstruction: it will be necessary to return to truth/ it will be required of you, to start completely over, and begin again. Don't like it/ then die, we don't need you.
If you will live, then you will cooperate with each other, and stop trying to control. Instead of that, identify the work, select as a group what can be done/ and what then should be done first: for a better world, NOT the same disease you chose for this reality. A BETTER WORLD. Let women as a group be, fundamentally in charge/ because they are different: AND WE MUST have different, than today. When you restart from reality and truth/ you will know how to recreate jobs for yourself. There will be plenty, capable and able to establish business, thereby employing other people. Get rid of your experts/ and find your mind back. Stop listening to propaganda on tv and the rest; and learn to think. Return news to the individual reporter, and give them a platform to inform you/ DEVOID of censors capable of controlling you with money, or a failure to educate in truth. Don't need it? Take a look at this work, and learn "a fight for constitutional law, was not enough/ a truth declared where millions endangered with death, was not enough/ fundamental reality describing an entire planet in jeopardy of dying, was not enough/ not even simple truths to help you in any or every conceivable way, was not enough to inform the public of a need to think for themselves! Because the rich, powerful, and proud were not flattered. Shame on you.

Learn what is sustainable, and do it. Repair this environment and choose better, or you die. It is that simple. Prove me wrong/ go to court, coward.
Going to go "worship your religious leaders"? Are they not cowering in absolute disgrace. All GOD'S CREATION At risk of dying! And where are any of them, if not hiding in delusion, fantasy, and disgrace. Where are your "big brains"/ if not directly behind all these threats? Not just a failure, a disease of stupidity turning life into want, pride, and power/ discarding happiness, honor, truth, and duty. Shame on you.
I do not condemn you/ you are whoever you are; it is your choice. I do not find any happiness at all in your situation, you are GOD'S CREATION , and it was never meant to be so. But reality is reality, and truth does not accept liars, or their lies. YOU can begin again. YOU CAN recreate this world to life, hope, happiness, and truth. You can be alive inside, instead of dying in greed, or the rest. It is YOUR choice. But there is no room for lazy, no excuse for hiding; life OR death is real/ and I tell you true, eternity, as well as this planet; will remember your personal choice.

My work is over. Regardless if I choose to continue on, or not. It seems to me, that more words are just a distraction to you/ allowing the delusion, that you can wait. Your work begins, or you fail life on earth. Time is running out. BEGIN, or you fail all the children/ this earth/ the future/ and even yourselves; because YOU, the reader/ or you, the one who hides: didn't care enough! CHOOSE.

The court may or may not try again to defeat constitutional law, and the intent of constitutional mandates of the people, their oath and their duty. As already proven, they cannot/ and now the price of denial, has "gone up". Regardless when trapped by reality and truth, into situations that cannot be defeated; people plot and plan, and want, pride, power, and hate searches for control in another way, to take over; "and kill the problem, before it gets out of hand". Therefore realty says of so many, in the court and in society: those who are confronted with the truth of their own failure, don't like to lose/ don't want to pay/ and refuse to be less: therefore time may be short for me. However: None can take me, unless GOD or the spiritual woman inside allows it/ but that too, is up to you. IF YOU are going to survive, it is likely I will remain alive/ if not, it is likely I will die. That is determined by what GOD TRULY sees in your heart and soul.

The alternate reality of that simple truth, hate is a purpose to destroy happiness or hope or life, with regard to me: is simply the prophecy of Revelation 17 may come true, instead of a simple life or death consequence. Still up to GOD , or the woman inside/ but life has changed me inside to more female than male {an extremely strange experience}. The reality of this prophecy is then: if men get me, there will be extreme ridicule, torture that includes eating me alive, and a deliberate sign by men: to women, that says "see, forget all about leading men/ we will eat you first". The seal, that life on earth is soon over. If women get control of my life instead, the prophecy is; there will be extreme sex, that ends in a complete abandonment of what is male, so that life with female in charge can be bearable, as female "can't attack me anymore". A sign to men, that "your rule, is over"/ women will rule your lives completely. This too, is not survivable, unless there is thought working for harmony and trust between men and women to go with it. I really don't know, not "privileged to know what a woman's world really is". But if we don't live in peace, there will be no happiness for either.
I do not know, if the prophecy is correct/ BUT I do know that every prophecy is an expectation developed from the past, expanded into the future. NOT an outline that must be obeyed, rather a direction, that allows decisions and a purpose. It is desire, if thought is alive; that establishes what about a prophecy will come true. If only "animal" survives/ then prophecy comes true as written, because a mind is not enough.

Even so, should I die for any reason (I am not GOD, how would I know), the trial created for you belongs to an organization of women, who will work for life first, on this earth. Because there is no future without true and significant change. If you do not reclaim it, you have no platform for real or significant change. Too late, is worthless! Its up to you. Restate it as a federal case if you must/ buy publicity if you can.
There are enough today who view this site, to say: it is up to you to demand it remains/ this is your job. If the sites go down, I will do what I can do. Anyway if necessary: write to box 91 Royal IL 61871 and I will send you a disk to replace the site on your server (it is written in psp for the internet site), or files in html or other versions particularly wordperfect 9, will come for your own purposes as you design and deliver to the world, whatever you believe is important. Do send a tiny payment for postage, and someone to do the work of preparing and sending a disk. Try considering inventions; an ember screen, for instance, would save you many homes, and trouble.
For today, SAVE THIS HOMEPAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW. So it cannot be lost to you/ or taken away. It is your duty.
Save this world/ it is now, your job.

This discussion is long, intended only to educate/ but serving the need to understand: there are consequences to the things that have been done. This includes a legal trial declared and filed: a right examined as the essence of WE THE PEOPLE to determine what our future shall be/ instead of taking what has been done by leaders for us. This is our choice, to decide for a nation, to decide for ourselves/ how and what is necessary to defend our world. Consider it carefully, this is important for your own world, for yourself/ even life on earth. Be honest.
This site is thereby dedicated, to the search for survival in a world under massive and real threat of extinction. This trial is dedicated to the demand: that we need to go to court, and define for ourselves what is true or false about our money, our future, our environment, our food, water, and more: and our world. It is not free, this is democracy in action.

That simple fact, precludes the opportunity for other decisions that might be "happier, friendlier, more at peace with our time; and so on". Instead of these simple rights, that exist as our time here, to be a human being; freed to explain and understand ourselves as best we can. The need to intervene, and stop this extermination as men have chosen for this entire world, cannot be avoided; because there are moments when the point of no return can pass. The need for true change cannot be underestimated. The list of reasons and realities is long/ the consequence of inaction, or actions without thought/ decisions made too late to establish a difference in our demise as a world; IS NOT A GAME. This opportunity represents a need to share an understanding, in simple words and realities that are true. A need to examine each and every threat that exists; before we need not care anymore/ time is over. If you run away or hide/ you surrender life on earth, a coward and a disgrace.

THIS IS an opportunity to seek an understanding that lets you decide if these statements of a crisis coming here on earth exists. Then you will make your own decision, and determine your own fate: because you must. You will help heal, or destroy an entire world, because that our time: that is what is at risk. Like it or not is irrelevant/ no one escapes life or death for a world, either we will live or die/ one world, no exceptions. Fail to work, & you get what men prepared; weapons of mass destruction, hate, hell, Armageddon, and all the rest. You are not asked to believe. Rather you are asked to consider the possibilities and help in arranging a trial, demanding this trial, as is displayed below/ and throughout: that you, and all this world, might understand and declare what is true/ or what is not true. Thereby making a decision/ instead of falling into the trap that is set before your feet, by the leaders of men, and those who follow them. It is not "too much to ask/ for trial & truth". It is too much to ask, to fail and surrender everything, as life on earth: "without even a whimper, from the crowd". I say to you, abandon your fears, and face reality: so that you may survive. Come to court, without pomp and ceremony/ without pride or lies/ without want or selfishness: and learn life needs your help. Don't look around you: LIFE NEEDS YOUR HELP! You can do something/ therefore do it; as a world we choose this, every single one. RESPECT YOUR EXISTENCE, AND ACCEPT YOUR DUTY. LIFE, NATURE, THIS ENTIRE WORLD is literally about to die/ because that is what the evidence says: initiating references are listed herein. Prove me wrong, in a world of 7 billion people/ growing at 2 million more mouths to feed each week: IT AIN'T THE SAME WORLD/ earth is changed, nature is attacked, and humans are playing god. You cannot assume, life is too important/ FIND OUT THE TRUTH: but no gambling is allowed/ these threats are life or death for this world. There are no "percentages": life or death for a world, requires you to do your best/ or fail. This is not a game, everything depends upon nature; humanity merely reaps the benefits of nature, and nature is about to die; you are destroying too much/ you are multiplying too fast/ you are changing this world, too much. That means, either we will change as a world of humanity, led by men/ or the world, as we know it will cease. Mutilated, cursed by science, destroyed by a lack of caring, and released to insanity and war because of all the hate that has been cultivated in financial lies. A dying ocean that fed a billion people: disappearing forever. Thousands of severe and life ending consequences are all at your own feet: asking you to do something. Asking you to participate in truth, and define a new and different way of living life on earth; so that nature survives. This is a different world/ it is not the same world time began: even the oxygen used for your breathe is sucked into a billion fires across this world; taking what you need to survive, and even your breathe away. 7 billion people, change everything. Think before you turn away. Understand there is NO PLACE TO HIDE, before you run away. Like hiding in a burning building, the end result is known; you cannot escape the consequences of men. Either we change our future to LIFE FIRST/ NOT "money first"; Or the end of life on earth is very near, believe it or not. Go to court, and learn the truth. Stop being a coward, and a deserter/ life needs you. Others too, but this time, it is your decision! CHOOSE.

READ THIS TRIAL(pdf) BELOW, and understand if it is taken away from you/ then you must get it back. I will not take this site away, it is yours: it is paid, in advance until September 2010/ to assist you. If the "government closes it/ get it back. If costs exist due to excess use, these you are required to cover. I know you can find the necessary information, it is not necessary to provide anything else/ but this link will open, if money must be collected for the site. There are no restrictions on this site, you may take it and do with it as you believe necessary. But if you corrupt it, or its intent, eternity will remember you; don't. Work for life, do what you can do.


Round 3
US Federal Appeals
For the 7th district
THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS, for the seventh circuit, Chicago IL, 60604 219 south Dearborn st.

2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E. ST. JOSEPH IL 61873


representing the liars, fools, failures, and thieves who have stolen the value of money: their statements of the past "the numbers don't matter in (government money)/ (unless of course its their money/ or our taxes)". The vice/ president; the president of the United States (current or former as necessary): the men in charge, with the job "to stop this from happening": will be required to state, why the numbers are not important.

representing the traitors and disease of power and pride having corrupted justice, and traded the sanctity and sanctuary of the US constitution: for bigotry, prejudice, and pride> the United States Supreme Court: the people whose oath and office it is to assure and control every other court in the land: will be required to declare, why this court case is not adequate or true. FOR JUSTICE/ FOR EQUALITY/ FOR GUARANTEED RIGHTS/ AND FOR TRUTH. Throwing it away for greed, gluttony, disrespect of the people, and disgrace.
Representing the future of life in this United States: is the attorney general, whose job it is to keep the law safe/ to protect the people with sufficient understanding and prosecution as to insure the next generation is not lost/ nor the cause of justice and fair play in this day corrupted. Whose job it is to insure and control the reality of oaths made, and BRING legal action actions & punishment to those who fail to keep them. Regardless of who they may be. There is no office or position above the law, or the foundation of law, which is the constitution. Prove this is not so/ prove your work has not failed.
Representing the state of IL, and its failure to find honor, honesty, or truth: its governor is assigned the demand: identify and declare/ reveal the truth, and let the people decide.


appealed from the central district federal court, Urbana IL
case # 08-CV-2262 Quote: dismissed and Terminated for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

More simply: The judge says "can't bring that here/ got no authority" to hear this case. As explained , it is true: that a trial demanding a tax revolt be declared for the people, through their own courtroom/ BECAUSE WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED WHAT WE PAID FOR AS CITIZENS! And now demands an accounting of this government, from their entire employee structure throughout this USA. Declaring truth, and revealing lies.

But it is equally true, the supreme court of America requires every lawsuit, to be filed in "due process" and appealed before it takes standing before the American people: in the only court that can in fact hear this demand for trial. The US Supreme court/ a poor title all things considered, but lacking though it is true: this is where peace and truth begin for the people themselves. Because law needs a courtroom. Even so, a federal court is expected to be about the law, and there is none of that here in this order from this court/ only hiding and cowering from the law, trying desperately to avoid truth, rights among the people, and fair play. Nothing is expected from appeals either/ because that is the court system the US supreme court built, under the guidance of other federal employees.

The law when expressed as DUE PROCESS: can be heard as statement based upon law/ not attempts to discredit and disrupt the law itself. This is expected in any court, that the law shall be heard, not a judge or a rule, but the law itself. Only the decisions that exceed their own authority cannot be made: are a distinct part of due process. Wherein the people are made aware of the law, and acquainted with respect for fundamental disciplines as is required for symmetry and justice instead of disrespect for the people with simple lies as does this judge. It is the job of this court, as it is every court: to establish truth, and define law, thereby creating due process as the law itself intends. That requires the law to be given in defense of any order of the court/ not excuses and innuendo of trivial frivolous attempts to block access to the court. The judge plays with a complete disregard for life and law and due process: he is not allowed to ridicule, as has been done. A judge is required to participate with laws that are relevant and true/ these "are just shit in the sewer/ that is the courtroom of America". Respect, is not done in this courtroom/ therefore respect is not given. Therefore contempt is noticed, and proven by this chief judge in his own words: "federal courts are without power to entertain claims otherwise within their jurisdiction if they are so attenuated and unsubstantial as to be absolutely devoid of merit" and again this judge states: "the claim is wholly insubstantial and frivolous" and again this judge claims "this court finds that the documents filed are rambling and generally incomprehensible and, as noted previously, contain no discernable claim." 10/29/08 Michael P. McCuskey. Chief US district judge

IN CONTRAST TO THAT STATEMENT, is the summary below of the court case filed. Proving a decision is required by appellate judges to agree or disagree, with McCuskey , and penalize the liar. My penalty is no court case, and again an appeal to the US supreme court. Let the court decide what McCuskey deserves, if found lacking.

RE: Having found nothing but failure, lies, thieves, and traitors using america and its people for their own purposes of greed, insanity, and treason. Noting the disparity and disrespect of countless inequalities. Having listened to reports, within the media and without (leaving no room for error by the judge, as these are common knowledge)/ employees establishing failure, on a pandemic scale from economic meltdowns/ to massive financial corruption and theft/ to educational instability and chaos/ to healthcare extortion and intentional monopoly, used for price fixing; in all areas/ to a literal threat to the planet itself, and the terrorist action of actually proclaiming the intentional slaughter of millions of people (THEY KNOW, what an energy burst this size is), and the consequent intentional destruction of a major city in this USA/ to the examination of people who are crucifying life on earth by mutilating nature itself: OUR VERY LIVES, THROUGH AS BODY AND MIND are genetic structure: genetic structure is nature; the life of everything on the planet: there is no doubt! / to a war that has become, nothing more than an occupation of another country; costing lives, building enemies, and destroying happiness by tears, in both nations. To the coming food, water, and oxygen crisis for an entire planet/ to the discovery of people who have sold justice, through disgrace, dishonor, and disrespect for the constitution, taking flattery and bribes, power and pride; and choosing to act in the ways & methods & arrogance of organized crime. A science so blatantly arrogant and ignorant, that it refuses to accept starting an atomic fire, means we cannot put it out. And even true and real threats to make us all extinct in a thousand plus more tragedies going on today; behind hidden doors, & more.
TO THIS: The central district FEDERAL court replies: "Nothing substantial here/ can't understand a word": frivolous. Terminated.
WHAT COULD BE MORE CONTEMPT? For law, life, planet, or nation: or me. Tell me, I am listening/ if this is not criminal; identify what is justice/ DUE PROCESS/ fair play/ equity/ or equality of life? Is that not your job? Because you work for the people/ not for the university; we pay you, not the lawyers: we demand an answer in life terms/ NOT SHIT.

So lets' review: I do not ask for people to believe a single statement above: I represent the reality of what media, military, financial news, and science have already declared. That we as a people/ as life on earth are threatened and facing extinction or horrific consequences, as described. THEREFORE I AS IS MY DUTY to this nation, REQUIRE AND DEMAND a courtroom to clarify and establish what is true about all these things "as best we can/ as a nation & world". That we as a people & as life on earth shall NOT be found dead, without a single chance to make changes when it is too late to survive. As is true of all time: there comes a day when it is too late/ life is over. AND WITHOUT DOUBT, significant and real threats have already been identified: and do threaten us with extermination. "Nothing frivolous here"! I CHOOSE, to participate in understanding/ before our lives are lost. "Nothing unsubstantial here"! Distinguished by the realities of life and death and loss on massive scales, the least of which is money: the judge decides "doesn't belong in his courtroom". A true contempt for, and against the American people. Proven and real.

So here we are in appeals, waiting for the degenerate elements of society to finish their fraud and deceit. The conspiracy of organized crime, using a courtroom to control the constitution and its law, rather than obey it. But life in peace, with respect requires: That the evidence may be used for better purposes "than playing with spoiled children at best/ organized crime without a doubt/ and plain traitors at worst". We must let them have their say/ because that is order, and there must be balance to the decisions of WE THE PEOPLE, CREATED WITH ORDER. Unless of course the government employees choose murder, evil and the intent to control by threat: instead of playing games . [at that moment/ things will change, NOT in a good way: so says "the GOD , of my life". Believe or not, your choice is irrelevant to me/ your life not mine]. When people steal the constitution, they do become Traitors, because what the constitution provides, is OUR DEFENSE against all who would trespass and war against us as a nation of people, as a citizen: from the inside. Our constitution is the barrier between law (as we the people have designed, pledged, and died for) and no law (where weapons are used for control, regardless if that is words, threats, or murder). Our ability to intercede for ourselves, is based upon law, for it is not given to the people to be manipulated by men or women: but the nation to be one within the law. The constitution stands as the barrier between employees and this nation of people/ between their own rights as a citizen, and no rights at all/ between thieves who call themselves "the government", and our distinction as a nation of OWNERS: WE THE PEOPLE.
WE, are NOT YOUR SLAVES/ you are our employees, NOT our slaves, but hired, paid, and intended to do the job for which you were hired with justice and fair play. Truth says: you are failures, there are lies, threats, and theft/ therefore an accounting must come, for the sake of this nation, and even this world. Because bad things form, when people surrender their peace. Peace REQUIRES law/ and law requires a courtroom to be heard: WHERE LIES, are penalized, and truth is held above want or need.

1. There is no purpose in a lengthy drawn out discovery of laws/ the constitution is enough. Written and accepted "in the words of the people": it needs no interpretation. And with regard to the court: I have used the law in the past, and it makes no difference to those who conspire to control/ and thereby defeat the constitution with their "play maze, and frivolous, or destructive rules". They don't care about the law/ nor do they accept it. And this is not a game/ it is for life or death of this nation, even this world. The players will be removed. Life or death confronts us all, and we accept only truth, and those who give it.
2. There is no purpose in establishing the court lies: when it says there is no substance to this complaint: it is plain and evident, that a thief resides on that bench/ stealing my guaranteed rights as a citizen of this USA. Refusing to obey the law/ or as it is my right of due process: to be informed of my error, with distinction and truth. None of that here. They hide in "kindergarten"/ refusing to use the potty; Causing the statement: alas "have to clean them up constantly"/ because there is no honor.
3. There is no purpose in claiming or proving the evidence required for understanding: these are not elements of "fantasy or delusion"/ they are real life words that exist as clear and certain threats to our very existence/ to our nation and world. The media is full of much of it, the court is informed. The conclusions of fact, are as simple as the mind which refuses to relinquish its arrogance & greed. The treason, which Refuses to allow the law to rule. When you take control over the law, and declare yourself to be greater than the law/ the effect is an assault upon the nation itself. It is a treason, prepared to do harm to the nation itself.

4. The elements of collusion, the reality of an organization fully committed to keeping my constitutional rights from me, and from the people who are my duty to inform. Is clear and certain a gang/ whereby the word conspiracy issues easily from the truth of past trials and the consistency of one courtroom after another. It is as simple as: we are invaded, by organized crime/ these mobsters have stolen the court. Not an isolated case; as Is clear/ simply look in the abstract of cases, www.trialforlife.info & the trials listed here on this www.justtalking.info web site. [evidence, and thereby protected]. From one court to the next, the constitution is merely trashed, the evidence thrown away: an inconvenient nuisance to their deceit and fraud. A cumbersome annoyance, to the stealing of America/ and the disgrace of gang members in charge of the law. Fail, and as America fails, they will look directly at you.
5. The reality of our lives as a nation, clearly and without doubt, in constitutional terms is: what can these employees do to me/ us. WE ARE THE POWER/ WE ARE THE AUTHORITY: and they are OUR employees. The answer is not by the law, can a single hair be lifted against you or me: Only by criminal actions does this change/ only by hate for the law, and this people are decisions made that are intended to destroy. Only by conspiracies that are treason, because they seek to sell the nation, to profit, or protect, in some way only themselves. Only for power and pride: for purposes, of lies, to retain control to prove they need not be "the same"/ to play god, and create war.

6. Yet as owners called WE THE PEOPLE: we are over 300 million strong/ and every employee is as nothing, without the sons and daughters of America, fighting for life and justice and truth. The foundation of America is: that we have rights/ that we are more than slaves or servants: WE ARE OWNERS OF THIS NATION. I tell you clearly and without pause, if you don't believe we have more power as an owner, than an employee. You can be shown. If you are a citizen and do not believe: Then you are a coward, and a failure too/ as owners, we will prove democracy to you, and as a nation. It ain't free/ it needs courage: FIND IT.
The elemental truth of this "surprise to most" economic crisis: is no less than the surprise attack on pearl harbor, HI December 7, 1941. As it was in that day, a few representing an invading people who came for power and pride: destroyed thousands of lives, causing monumental damage at a time when that became a crisis/ just because they could. Saying to themselves "we got away with murder/ we took everything". Today is little different, Because lives and dreams and futures are lost, & this is a nation that must rebuild.
The reality states: this trial to determine WHO OWNS THIS NATION: (the employees or us) shall be a "legal war/ a war to determine IF WE DO NOT DESERVE, WHAT IS OWED TO US AS OWNERS; as the payers of taxes/ versus, the people who took our money." To reassert our power and rights as owners within this nation, and this world: its either accountability, transparency, and truth: or die as a nation in cowardice and disgrace. Even a world lost : because our extermination is "already planned, and the primary tools and methods, stem directly from America". Make your decision: OUR WORLD/ or theirs? There is no room to pretend/ no fantasy or delusion to hide behind: either we are owners, and deserve respect and change/ or you surrender to the fate chosen for you, which is death. Either you accept the price of life in truth, or you die from your own version of lies, liar, and fool.

7. Because I grow weary of "being polite"/ let me introduce you to my friend: the Constitution of the United States, THE LAW of this NATION: the place where every law must come to be verified as true. Few understand, so let me be clear: the law is like a wolf pack, because although it has limited weapons/ the law can be as determined and as steadfast in its purpose as any predator on this planet. Even more so. The constitution is the law, because it represents what the people have judged for themselves to be: AS THEIR DECISION for life in this nation. Consequently it becomes the foundation that describes the boundaries and purposes for which we have become a nation "its law". The judges of the court, pretend they are above the law/ even believing that they are the law, by creating rules & forming mazes/ using language that is not our own, and simply discarding due process, unless an audience is near, that they cannot control: but, they do not own the law: it is not true, WE THE PEOPLE, own our laws: BUT ONLY as can be defined by, the nation speaks for itself. The law is OUR predator, it works for us/ the judge is OUR employee, taking care to respect the law BY OATH, or facing the penalties declared. Those who fail to respect the law, become as sheep, and the law establishes itself as a pack of predators surrounding these sheep, wherever failure and the intent to destroy us, one or all appears. No matter who it is.

So, "let us see, what the young wolves (their purpose is to create fear) can do"? Instead of establishing the truth, only to have liars submit that the words have no substance/ suggesting these are not a complaint upon which the court or the law of this land can act. I choose to assist the court and its jesters and fools in their descent, and quest, for the title of traitors/ by suggesting that fear shall be their companion. The law is not a fool/ nor are this people when faced with reality. The constitution is the law of this land/ any that assume it is not/ or that they are the power that controls this nation rather than the constitution, are criminally trespassing on the property and value/ the rights and claim and title of ownership that belongs only to the American people. This is then evidence, of a traitor to the people. Those who say they are above the law, as do the judges who pursue a level of ignorance, "a child cannot support"; is evidence too. Thereby, the judge suggests they may interpret anything they like, in direct disobedience to the law: do in fact enter within the very penalties for prison as do those who believe they are above the law: in any other form of criminal personal behavior. The law rules this nation/ or the criminal does: it is ONE OR THE OTHER/ because both do not/ can not belong to the same truth. What then is a criminal, if not one who chooses to disobey the law/ and carries that decision through, until it actually hurts the rights, values, or purposes of another entitled his freedom, my guaranteed rights, my duty, and endangers the nation itself. The judge who says: MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, can be dismissed by frivolous and fraudulent means/ my citizenship can be dismissed with mere lies, & words used to swindle from me: the guaranteed rights owed to us all/ those who choose to abuse my citizenship by sustaining a conspiracy to deny due process. IS A LIAR. The constitution rules the law/ the law rules the nation/ the judge is a servant of the law, UNLESS he or she uses the position as power: and thereby destroys the law, by entertaining graft (the intent to control & manipulate: rather than support, protect, and defend the people), deceit (the demand to take, steal, lie, or abuse and use instead of honor and obey through respect for this nation and every citizen), and the destruction of primary rights, laws, and the truth of ownership (as is evident in all treason, and traitorous acts).
The constitution cannot be defeated, because it is the law of this land. All who stand opposed to that law, and those words that protect this agreement of the people, to themselves, thereby requiring each one to protect and defend and own this nation: from those who would be traitors. Are required to participate when the enemy crosses the line. While the propaganda machines of media seek manipulation, temptation, and the power to deceive: thereby making themselves "the ruler of life/ follow us": the reality of a judge, who destroys the law is far more blatant and disruptive. Where there is no honor/ no duty/ no respect for the law or the citizen: There is no judge/ there is no court/ there is no title, or position, or ownership of a job: that seeks justice, equality or fair play for the people. None are greater or equal to the constitution itself, this IS THE LAW OF THIS LAND. And those judges who desire to stand in contempt of the court and this law/ deserve what they get, as their oath of office allows. Those judges who go beyond contempt and stand in defiance of the American people, in need: are traitors. And deserve what the nation will provide: but do not forget, how very many have fell into these traps/ and understand it is far more necessary to repair the entire system than penalize anyone.

The elemental disgrace and pitiful failures of leadership that have been a tragedy for the world and ourselves, comes down to this simple truth: THEY SOLD US, ALL LIFE, AND THIS WORLD/ for nothing more than: FOR MONEY FIRST.
By their actions: the words are, To hell with the reality of life, to hell with all life: these did choose, money first/ caring for little or nothing else. And when that was over, leaders and fools who followed, having spent it all/ for pride and want: These leaders then went after and sold the children to failure, destroying their resources and their world, assassinating their future. By creating every possible ingredient for war, strife, and desperation/ building what can only be described as hell, and Armageddon (nature in chaos) for the future.. The evidence is clear, that this is so/ even though the constitution says: you shall not do this.
But the leaders, those entitled to a voice/ and ESTABLISHED BY AN OATH: those intended to prove the constitution does not allow such things as this: not only failed, but colluded and despised and disrespected the people so much/ that most people have become as slaves. "You make a little barely surviving/ & others make billions: how is this not slavery"? How is this fair or equal? Americans: Having found themselves surrounded with numbers that simply cannot be paid/ a world threatened in a thousand ways with extinction/ and a very long list of government employees that believe they are above the law. I now tell, this new reality is no game/ there are consequences to come, and unless you make changes and prepare wisely: you will not survive. Because that is what the evidence says. Therefore GO TO COURT, and choose your future/ do not simply fall into your deaths. WHY, should you fail as traitors to life itself/ deserters, cowards, and fools. Stand up, and work for life/ for your life and family.

So the court, who has consistently stood in defiance of the law, is asked to proclaim: what exactly should be done, according to your rules of procedure: to those who steal the precious truth of a nation? To those who not only break their contractual obligations/ but in fact produce the evidence that supports the statement: "with intent, and the desire to destroy what has value". To those who literally took what the others depended upon and traded it for power, pride, and control of lives: reducing freedom, to slavery for millions of citizens. For stealing the future, and demanding a life, that will be a war only to die for/ life will not survive. Tell me, what do you deserve? Explain it, or perhaps the nation will explain it to you. 300 million teeth to bite you with (we can hurt you too), all looking at you. What do you say?

My passage through the courtrooms of this USA, particularly in terms of federal courts: are littered with Disgrace/ disrespect/ disease. Is this not evidence these things have then infiltrated the other courts, states, and the nation with your fraud? It is true, that unlike money: JUSTICE OR INJUSTICE, DOES "trickle down". Just what is that worth, in terms of prison? To corrupt a nation, and displace its law with your want/ arrogance/ and a deceit, disguised as "rules, or laws, or innuendo, without value"/ a maze to be run, while you ridicule and laugh? And what of the people who not only are assigned to control the government employees and the future by their actions or lack of response: but have turned to LIES, instead of accepting truth and dealing with reality as a duty to this nation? THEY SOLD THE FUTURE, and our lives/ even our nature and our world to extermination. Because it was the EASY ROAD. Because greed, power, and pride were more important than life and truth and respect.

If there is not clear and quick change for real life/ no more fantasy or delusion/ no more pretending, hiding, or running away/ and very soon. The disasters already bought and paid for, will come true. Exactly what should be done, to those who would and did sell a nation and a world, for such tragic disgrace? Trading even the end of this world for greed, power, and pride? Explain it: we are listening. What should be done to the university/ military disease that threatens not only millions of lives/ but billions: and even the entire earth? Can't return life to life, after its too late: you ain't god. The science that exists in the hidden realm of: worshipers of death and destruction, even ridiculing humanity with words that all should understand, as predicting death, even to a planet: you are not brain dead/ you can understand. But instead of prison: these, are not displaced, punished, or contained: they are saluted/ paid well/ and given rewards; because the employees want to make you fear/ their greed, and thirst for power blinding them completely. This can be turned into control of your lives and a living existence by fear, it does establish slavery; a true threat, in every sense. What should be done to a media that is absolutely pitiful and fraught with the disease called money/ greed and power? THEY WANT/ give us the money, let us be power & pride to you. Is this not their cry? What should be done for life: to surrender/ or fight to survive, by removing organized crime; by removing employees who cheat, steal, and discard our lives/ by controlling those who destroy whether a little or a lot? It is one or the other, because if none stand up to be recognized FOR LIFE FIRST/ then all will die. I GUARANTEE IT, because the evidence of this leadership and this world says, extermination comes soon! You will know, this comes true soon/ if you do not change the tyranny and deceit/ choosing for life and honor instead: but if you do not choose it with understanding and knowledge/ you will be too late to survive. The leaders of men/ their followers, are your own worst enemy, a plague upon this world: they have already built their "death machines". Men have already designed and implemented and built your extinction. What should be done to them? Be honest, take a look: from weapons of mass destruction/ that are literally twenty minutes from the end of life for billions. A single missile that can destroy all of New York City. Propagandized as "your saviors"! Do I call you fools, without cause? Do you believe them/ then you are a fool. To thousands more threats in every country on earth.
Playtime is over. The only difference between today, and the days of Hitler in Germany prior to world war 2; is the people have not yet given up on peace and law. If they do surrender their future, then they WILL follow any damn leader that claims: we can fix this for free/ "just blame the jews, or the arabs, or the chinese: OR WHOEVER YOU LIKE", don't matter a bit. We will take what we want. Just need an enemy to declare a cause for military buildup: who can stop us? When people believe their lives are worthless, they forget to care. When a nation this proud, loses its way and its possessions; there will be hate. When people are dissatisfied with their lives, they choose to believe: WHY should we not, take theirs/ let us murder and become great. ITS THEM OR US! Because it is easier in their minds to accept disgrace, than to choose law. Time is running out, the law MUST BE CHOSEN, or life disappears.

The elemental truth of this appeal, is as constructed: a message to the people of this land, that the law is more powerful, than any person who stands before it. The law rules over life/ life does not rule over law.

The foundations corrupted by the court, are not changed by liars. The reality is more simply: what existed as the law before this day in constitutional terms, still exists as the law, when it was enacted as the proof "we are a nation". It is clarity of purpose & the understanding of law, that is its power to humanity. That is why, the establishment of laws voted upon, in short, clear, and useful terms to be easily understood by all, memorized and enforced as true: become the basis of peace and harmony in society. When the people know the law/ they can enforce the law themselves, and will. The elemental needs of this day are for an education that discovers this truth; the law will set you free. It is, the law that delivers freedom, truth, and the blessings of life, because these words are more than power, they assign to each and every single one: THEIR RIGHTS as life, within these borders. You cannot tell me no/ the law gives me this right: is our guarantee. The law establishes control over a leader, THE SAME, as it establishes control over a citizen; there is no difference/ apart from those who take an oath "to do better, than the common citizen, by accepting the duty to protect and defend the law for us: or face the penalties of desertion of duty". This is the courts job/ but they decline the honor, duty, and respect. JUSTICE, respects the citizen with due process, a fair and honest hearing where the law is presented, an d a decision that is equal "life to life"/ and equitable, "established for proof, that the law survives as intended for all." Our law is however: stolen, corrupted, diseased, disrespected, and devoid of justice. It is ONLY when liars conceive of making words a pit, and purposes of law a maze; descending from the grace and honor of rights/ to a place, that only lawyers may go: that the tragedy of disrespect takes over. The majority end swallowed whole, sucked in, whether lawyer or citizen, with the desire for power and greed, a want to control the others. This can become, a pride so severe they believe they too can be above the law, by manipulating it for money, using it for trophies, for control and fears, describing the law as "mine/ not yours".

Those who bury the law, in graves dug with pitiful rules of procedure/ or a maze to be run/ or a demand for lawyers, if not thieves: portraying the intent to "create a fool": are not defending the law or the nation. They are establishing anarchy, and the intent to prove more powerful than the law/ to take the law away from this people. This is the road of liars, traitors, and thieves. As every citizen comes to understand that the law is either friend, or enemy: as the law becomes recognized as based upon justice, and that justice is as written by the constitution of this United States: then they learn as well, who is on their side/ and who is an enemy to their search for justice in this world. Their own peace on earth. As people learn and create a new nation, established with law according to the constitution: THAT CANNOT be maligned or abused. They will have learned, that no law shall be written, that every single citizen cannot learn. They will learn, that a law simple in terms, pure in heart, and dedicated in its purpose: will be their weapon against all who try to manipulate, steal, or control them. A barrier, Against all who try to enslave, or steal their future. Thereby only the people themselves can establish a law, with their own vote. Only the people themselves can change a law, or call for its vote: because this is the nation called WE THE PEOPLE, and it is our duty, and our right as owners.
That said, because the court continues to believe "I am a game, to be played"/ I will say to you, that delusion and fantasy have overruled the court causing them to be stupid. Just as the rest have been stupid, casting aside life, love, and truth for your greed/ power/ and pride: and the lies necessary to hide in. Playing games, to prove "winner/ by making enemies (you): loser". Because this is more game, than true threat, mercy can be granted: HOWEVER if liars and thieves persist, in any possible form; mercy ends forever.
I have no interest in the court/ no interest in your leaders/ no interest in penalizing the people for your utter lack of respect or honor or duty; etc. It is useless, on a day when life or death for this entire world is close by. But that does not mean, I won't push, as I see fit/ nor does it mean when true crisis hits, that the people will not crush the souls of their leaders: if you don't help them survive today, when it can mean the difference between life and death.

It will not be me that attacks anyone, soon I will be done with you forever. Unless you attack me. The question is not life or death to me, rather soon, it will be too late, for life, or earth, or you. As a means of insisting that I am not a threat, establishing that the court cannot come to me with dishonor and the disease of power. I do say to you, there will be "no biting: to proving I can harm you". Instead life teaches me, reality proves to me: that the tools or weapons for such a thing are nearly all gone. Teeth lost/ life changed, are realities that leave no illusion to try. Instead I say to all, should I be imprisoned; there shall be, only lies to convict me, as there is no other cause or means to interfere with this march defined by the Constitution of this United States.
To the court and the nation; I OWE YOU NOTHING. I am doing your job, therefore the tax in question: is owed to me/ not you.


For simple purposes in reality: understand this.

Going to follow Obama "with a massive social program like hitler"/ think that will fix it? It won't. Or McCain, and give industry anything they want, for the sake of a job/ think that will fix it? It won't! Roosevelt's new deal, created more debt than the nation could pay; failed to recognize one simple trait: someone has to pay, and although many paid, until the numbers make sense for life an society: there is no justice or jobs, except for slaves. Fixing the money requires trust in the numbers/ REQUIRES EQUITY IN TRADE OF MONEY "my time, effort, and life; access to resources/ for yours"! That means: the numbers shall be reestablished for equality and fair play/ OR you will fail. Every single economic depression, in every single nation across the world is built upon one single truth, "the rich have accumulated so much, the poor have become the same as slaves"/ therefore the people divide and refuse to work, the employer not faced with unions "thinks, I can pay less"/ those who are faced with unions usually go broke: and consequent anger or hate builds; and all refuse to work together. There from a depression. The arrogance of the "rich"/ becomes so extreme, they believe they have a right. The anger of the poor becomes so exaggerated war seems like an answer, and they listen to hate.
GO TO COURT, and demand a fair and legitimate judge. Demand your life back from the "rich", and your future back from slavery/ but understand clearly: if you do not repair this world, nothing else will matter. Life on earth is dying, and that means money (more than I needed), is irrelevant. Like every other kind of theft, "when the wealthy" have simply taken too much: they must be controlled, the money returned, and lives rebuilt. Before the wars start. Equal means FAIR/ not a game. Justice means life first/ NOT a game. FAIR PLAY means: we all have an opportunity to achieve happiness through peace and harmony in society/ this cannot be done, "with a game". When predators lurk behind every single blade of grass/ it is fantasy to believe you can avoid starting over/you cannot. DUMB ASS, "means pitiful, putrid, disease on this earth". GROW UP/ CHOOSE LIFE FIRST. No more games. Stop killing everything, but your greed! Start being alive. It means live for life, not possessions.

The politicians, the leaders, the wealthy, and the stock market all believe: they can continue their lies, if they just hide the truth under a sea of new numbers. "A trillion here, a trillion there" will buy the weak, the lair, the fool, the stupid, and the insane". Tax breaks for everyone, will pay for anything you like/ all free, no one has to pay: UNLESS you want the numbers you call money to actually have value. DO YOU REALLY THINK, no one has to pay for this? These believe they "have solved the problem"/ they have promised "YOU WILL PAY". What a surprise, they prefer to lie, steal, cheat, and spend; and hand us the bills. But guess what, you can't fix bad credit with more credit. There is nothing you can do about the numbers of americans who believe they are going to retire soon and spend their numbers: trillions of dollars, and they need slaves. Except to import more slaves/ consume more resources/ will end this world in greed and hate. They want equity for their numbers/ but in a nation where every single citizen, baby, prisoner, whatever divided equally should have over four hundred thousand dollars in assets: What then is real equity for your numbers? What then is fair? The numbers given to the poorest for their working lives, is not more than throwing food at them and saying survive so you can work for nothing tomorrow. Your numbers are completely unfair/ and you will change them, or disintegrate as a nation, until civil war comes. Greed brought you to this precipice of tragedy, because greed is a truth that power and pride and the desire to make yourself a winner/ by making the others pay "as a loser": breeds hate. As the winner attempts to enter their soul trying to make the loser conceive "that you are their god"/ the loser searches for revenge, trying to make you conceive of fear and foreboding "a satan" in your midst. But the machine called greed builds a wall in society; to keep you ahead of the others/ which then comes from behind, to shove you off your cliff; (I am so far above you/ you can never catch me). Alas for all, as a nation; into the very tragedies you fear most.

YOUR NEED today, is to reestablish this nation in peace, freedom, equality, and rights for all. To do that you must redefine your money with truth and not the insanity of lies. Like it or not, it is required. The liars who continually work to hide the truth from you: REMOVED. You are bankrupt as a nation/ but not yet broken. The politicians all say "we will fix this problem/ we will change this government/ we will get an accounting and make it all better". But politicians are known to lie/ required to compromise/ and rarely do what duty demands; people want EASY AND FREE. And if you fail to give that to them, they hate you as a politician; take a look at president Carter/ he tried to pay the bills. Take a look at Reagan, he robbed you blind, "and the nation wanted him to lead, SOME even worshiped him". Such is your failures; it takes the law to make things right/ because people will all say Stop, too much. Whereas the law will say, THIS IS HOW LIFE WILL BE! that is the difference between a politician and the law/ people like the politician, but if the law doesn't control, you will fail. Life isn't free/ there are responsibilities/ there is reality and truth and the consequences that come, from the decisions you have made. As we all know, one man isn't enough/ it takes the law to find truth. It takes punishments, to keep the liars and fools away: both need the courtroom. To survive from this day forward, requires courage/ if you continue as cowards and deserters, as you have been: you will soon fail. Hate will spill over/ insanity will rage in a battleground that conceives of the apocalypse/ women will be run over as if they were nothing/ and children will be cannibalized, because in the malaise of a nation that crashes into itself, nothing is sacred. If you won't stop lying, if you don't stop refusing to hear & to accept the truth and rebuild a nation/ then your reality will deteriorate into death. None will work to bring you food. None will work to provide anything: because lies and liars have invaded their world. Quickly, it will become "too late now"; leaving war, death, insanity, and more hatred than you can imagine, in a nation filled with guns and bombs. This can easily Spill into the rest of the world like cancer/ filling the earth with blood. Not a game.
Let there be no delusion/ to continue in lies, is to set the stage for hell. To continue in arrogance and pride/ choosing power over life, and mutilating it "as if a toy to play with": means YOU WILL BE CRUCIFIED by your own decisions and mind. Because of what you chose to do to life as genetic structure. Shame on you, that this question even exists.
You will stop playing/ stop lying/ stop the stealing/ stop the disease of greed: and choose to accept the limits of your reality, because that is what you chose, and only truth can keep you alive. You will be disciplined enough to rebuild your lives, and this earth: rather than WHINE like little babies who didn't get what they wanted/ and who currently pretend that you are not already planning what you will steal, and for many, who you will kill.
You chose/ you followed/ you lied to yourselves and against your nation: as nearly one voice/ and almost a complete people shouting with joy: "Lets all be rich/ lets CHOOSE GREED!"
ENJOY your reward, parties over/ you earned extinction! BUT if you desire life: Now, YOU WILL either work for LIFE FIRST & CHANGE , or inherit your death. Your fate is sealed, the decisions of men, and all who followed them, LEAD ONLY to chaos and disgrace. Your choice is life FIRST, but only if truth lets you survive.

CHOOSE FOR LIFE FIRST, there is no middle ground/ one way, or the other will be your fate: there are literally NO second chances. HOW will you repair a dead earth, or mutilating nature? Don't believe me? Not to worry, according to your own media, starvation "death at the door", is already affecting 1 in every 8 humans across this world. The fishing fleets will have made the ocean life extinct, so far as humanity and food is concerned within 2 years. The human race is currently expanding at 2 million more people to feed, each and every week. The world economic reality is estimated at 750 trillion dollars of debt, worldwide: divide that by 6 billion people, and then explain to me how it is the LIARS have not stolen your nation, your world, and your future. Explain to me and yourselves: how will you defeat this impending hate/ this growing fire called revenge. Think not: lets say "they stole your money/ your future/ even your body to cancer and horrific consequences": going to be happy? This ain't no game, the world is about to be set on fire literally by science and by hate: without the opportunity to survive. Your science is filled with, fools and idiots. And you choose to be "quiet, and not to care about anything". You choose to want "a bigger house/ more money/ don't care: and let the rest die": so you could hide from life and all the people destroying it. You will soon reap your reward! DO BETTER/ or you die. This requires a fight for law, with the law, and with a courtroom/ because you cannot make anyone care: you can only educate and teach them what will be lost, if they don't change. You can only stop a few: which means this is a world decision.
GET YOUR ASS UP, AND FIGHT FOR THIS WORLD. TODAY! Or be damned to own what your leaders sold life on earth for: HELL ( terrors without end) & ARMAGEDDON (a nature horrified with life).

MAKE YOUR DECISION, time is running out, for a human decision to change anything: and when time does run out, there is no further decision for you to make! Time ends, and life on earth with it. Remember that, it is true.
The difference between an old man, and a young one is the young will always believe "this will heal/ all things will return to me, and I will be happy again". The old man however has learned, NOT everything can heal/ NOT everything will return to be as it was/ NOT everyone will regain happiness or hope or life: because life is not about being fair/ it is about surviving in time, and learning choices, consequences, and lives do matter.
I am not here to lead you, not here to save you, not here to make you cry. You are responsible for yourselves, you will reap the decisions that you make. I am here to ensure that every single person has the opportunity to decide: LIFE FIRST, Or not. Because it is unfair to do less. The message is change, or you will die. The reality of threats and crisis is quickly proven, if you do not run away or hide. Therefore stay and learn what, The truth is: Choose, help the others understand; or inherit their failure simply multiplying with your own. Establish life first on earth/ or inherit your own reward: The extermination men have planned, built, and are implementing for hell and Armageddon in you.
To clarify and demand understanding, the following is added to prove "I am not your leader/ nor will I be".

My own life has been changed dramatically now. At times it is clear to me "I have become more girl than boy/ more woman than man (whatever that means, cause I don't yet know)". Still the same inside mostly {different, hard to describe}, but the mind has changed and seems to operate from the front of the brain now instead of the back, or something like that. The spiritual woman inside has control over some things, and it has suddenly become clear to me; although she loves me hone stly, "I can feel it", her decision and her ways are to make me "her wife": Literally. not as I would have conceived of a relationship with any woman, but the opposite. Not as I would be married, by choice/ but as I have heard of women complain; that their lives are suddenly over in a sense (individual choices gone), "I have lost control over sex, over choices that I would have made, controlled/ but am not really, used/ not abused but anything sexual is not my choice. Happy and at peace/ but not happy and at peace. Able to choose for myself in some ways, but not every way, a freedom lost. She is stronger than me, and never gives anything back; everything lost that is male is just gone forever: & she lives only for the purposes of women. BUT IN BALANCE, my true desire here in this life has become: that life on earth be granted one true and legitimate opportunity to make a change and survive/ rather than simply enter into hell and Armageddon "most without a clue". The woman inside did that for me, as I had lost my way and was focused on demanding of men that they should admit "going to kill us all/ blind, stupid, ignorant & arrogant, and without enough care to count". This was stupid of me; because that kind of trash doesn't count either. It was useless, there was no answer found in men. But the spiritual woman inside rescued me from being stupid too, made me understand that women are different, and different has a chance to choose better. And it is her desire that women be elevated to leadership and greater authority than now exists for them in me. You have your chance to understand, life on earth is going to end soon; unless you change. It is now her opportunity to do for women whatever it is she can do through me. As for me, "I feel a bit like being stranded in the middle of the ocean, on a sinking life raft/ with an extremely large ship to save me: but the entire ship is filled with naked women/ there are no men." Women are starting to "seem like men, to me/ someone who can use or abuse me." Doesn't mean they will, but I feel so vulnerable its hard to describe. Men are irrelevant, to this experience of life/ but I do warn them: the spiritual woman inside says stay away, don't bring evil here: you will be sorry. Everything for me is changing, and I have no say; little by little by little my whole life is changing. Like it or not/ I am required to comply: she is spiritual (on the inside) and more powerful than me. It is so strange, so different, and I am so surprised it really is beyond description; nothing I can do. I don't know why, or why me. She has taken complete control over my sexual existence, my body/ and proven I have no say. She has taken away "my tools, & weapons; my choice"/ leaving me with nothing but the need to endure. You can't imagine, how surprised I am; just one small mistake, followed by another, and another; and suddenly I am here. Just how it is/ and yes I do know that time continues until I die; and I have to live with these words. All the ridicule, even hate as men find this "undesirable, after the ridicule". I would not write this/ but the woman inside insists. I am trapped, in the simple truth: this is about life or death for this world. A reality I cannot avoid; and I have my desire, it is time to pay for hers. The end of this world, is a truth I am committed to stop with education and learning if possible. And this spiritual woman inside represents the key that opened that door in me/ the door or lock to be opened inside of women, for their own purposes of authority in life. I will not close it, even if I could. Your lives, GOD'S CREATION Everything is at stake. Not because of me/ but because knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are the only things that can rescue you from the damage to life on earth, that men have honestly caused, because they chose money first. Chose "look at me"/ instead of let us understand and choose well for life. This world is at risk of dying/ if there are no better, no truly different choices made; there will be no life on earth. Within a very short time. Men are men, and history proves what their choices are; it is clear and certain, and they will return to their old ways, in an instant/ they cannot lead anymore. Women are unproven, but different, and WILL choose a different way for life on earth/ be it good or bad, it cannot be worse than delivering us to the door of HELL AND ARMAGEDDON, establishing the reality of apocalyptic hate/ building the machines to reduce this earth "to a lake of fire/ as would be fusion"/ or recreating "the big bang", in an effort to change this entire earth to dust. How could women be less, be worse than that! IT IS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE, and they must lead; men can only exterminate us all; it is what they chose. Regardless of any other complaint, I would (not exactly happily) "open the spiritual door of women" again, even knowing the outcome; because my own initial decisions in this matter were "male; confront and demand"/ and it would only have accelerated life on earth into war. Education and communication is an answer for life. I will admit the price is much higher than expected/ it is better not to have known the price in advance; but still worth the cost, I will pay what I can. Therefore regardless of the cost: I am grateful to the spiritual woman inside, even though the outcome is literally the opposite of everything I expected of my life and even eternity to be. Life on earth, everything alive here on earth, is worth its price. But you have to: Choose life first too! And WORK to survive.
This is not a game! Aside from the obvious ridicule, the above statement does one specific thing: it removes all possible suppositions or accusations, that I am trying to lead a rebellion, warring against the "government", or any other form or type of assumption that would lead to imprisonment or any other legal claim that I am against this people, or leading people astray with talk of tax evasion or whatever lies they can concoct. I am not/ I am insisting on accountability, transparency, and truth in all matters: you the employee expect me to pay taxes/ pay you for the job you do for us. If I owe any tax, if you are employed by me/ then, I demand information, accurate and true: that details all this failure in simple terms everyone can understand/ and do command, that you reveal all these terrible threats, and explain how this nation or this world can survive: the future as well. YOU OWE ME as an employee hired for a job to do, that information in truth. YOU OWE US, AS OWNERS OF THIS NATION, what we need to know about, life in trouble. You owe me a court date, for this specific trial: its called DUE PROCESS. Thereby and therein discovering and defining the threats and costs to us all. You owe, my guaranteed rights.

As is plain in the above paragraph: I am not a leader of men, who would follow/ nor am I a leader of women. If not a leader/ then I cannot be assaulted with lies of leading anyone. This is you're a decision, a choice, not mine/ yours as a nation of people. Therefore to leaders: Plain and simple, "keep the gestapo at home"/ leave me alone, you have no case, no grounds, and every lie will be found out.

The human decision to live in wisdom or die in ignorance, is your own, I cannot stop you, its your decision. Your refusal to inform the others, regardless of the consequences we all face: is your own/ your reward for that, need not be further expressed. The human decision to live for truth, honor, respect, and happiness by the laws that give you peace and harmony. Is up to you, you cannot go back/ this is your future. OR YOUR FAILURE, to surrender the lies, remove the liars, and begin again with real change, by rebuilding as LIFE FIRST: Is strictly your own decision/ your own fate. If you fail, the price will be BEYOND anything you can imaging/ but there is no going back. Too late, is to late.
Having done all that I can do, I do surrender you to your fate. Because you give me no other choice, you are free; and freedom has its price. Its called your decision, and the consequences that decision will bring. The reality of work, or not. The honesty of life, heart, & soul, or not: is up to you.

PRAY, REPENT, FIND YOUR HEART AND SOUL BACK! Exist for love and truth/ respect and honor. Why should you not? That you may survive/ or you will fail, the earth disappear, and man and woman and child shall be forgotten. This is not a game. This is forever. Your decision decides/ but only women will lead this future of life on earth/ men through it all away on greed, power, and pride. Even the future of sexual relationships here on earth, now belong to women. Accept it/ you have no choice: but HELL AND ARMAGEDDON and more. Why enter terrors and horrors beyond imagination? Not even a fool does that/ why would you.
GO TO COURT, and find your truth.
Women will lead, because men have delivered you to hell's door/ and Armageddon's kitchen "where horrors begin".

Change! Why, should you die?

There are moments in every life, when the things you do/ or do not do, change the reality of who you are. This is one of those moments, and your own decision makes all the difference/ your work establishes life or death! Search carefully herein and see, that this is so.
WE ARE, as humanity: "moments, completed within the decisions that we choose to make/ are forced to make/ or are a description of how we were changed by the decisions of others". Life is not a passive event/ life is a demand to participate, because without your own desire to survive, purpose dies/ and so then do you. The essence of discipline, as is needed today; exists as the determination to decide for yourself, what will be the description of you, and your life. NOT what the others can do or did do to you or for you/ but what you chose for yourself, literally and without temptation, manipulation, want, selfishness, or pride. Your choice.
Discipline is the difference between being anchored to the law, that conceives of your own truth; or not. Law is a dimension, that creates time through the existence of a direction that cannot be confused with a lie/ desire then aids reality by conceiving of a destiny. Law is the elemental decree, that this shall happen; not a choice anymore, because the foundations, actions, & reactions of past moments, have declared it will be so. Because the evidence demands it. Law is a foundation of stability in this universe, because it achieves the necessary reality "of truth will decide". The fundamental reality of: the decision has been made.

Human existence has stepped into a new dimension/ we are now capable of defeating nature by the decisions of people. Never before has nature itself been vulnerable to humanity/ instead throughout our history as this world in time, humanity has only been vulnerable to nature: and nature has literally kept us, and itself alive. Not anymore, because our relationship has changed. Today people mutilate nature, destroying at a whim, attacking without the slightest degree of balance or honor or respect for the things they do. Instead of life, your leaders of men, conceive of such things as bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ a fire that cannot be controlled, therefore a ticket "to the biblical lake of fire". 7 BILLION PEOPLE are reaching for resources, every day/ of every year, and the numbers are growing. Continue to play games, continue to pretend you are free to do anything you can without penalties, continue to destroy without respect for life, nature, the earth, or anything else "science or men declare we will do"; and the whole planet dies. Not a game: Because we have overtaken nature as a humanity, and we not only can kill this world, men are killing it. We cannot survive unless nature and all life, the chains of living creation they represent, and the need to respect each other as a humanity worth sharing with, and worth caring about. The essential ingredient to our continued survival here on earth is: life first / instead of money; This is an absolute need/ an assignment in clarity and truth about the future.

To that end, for the preservation of sanity and life and nation; this lawsuit is presented to you. REQUIRES YOUR DECISION AND WORK: And is the difference between your survival or failure for this world. Not because I say so/ because time is running out for change: whether you know it or not. 1 in every 8 people already starving or underfed. An ocean at the brink of complete failure, no food there (feeds 1 billion people today)/ "only a few more, and there will be massive war". Science experiments that can literally destroy this entire planet are here, or coming fast. And more threats exist, than you would care to count, each of which can bring extermination to us, and to all life on earth. Time is up/ now or never, is the demand for change/ before it is literally too late. This is not a game/ it is your life. Read this federal lawsuit, (pdf version): filed 10/28/08 and decide if you care! They are words powerful enough to change a nation, and even a world. They are words clear enough to convict you of failure, should you not succeed. It is your life; that hangs in the balance. This very day.

SHARE THE INFORMATION, and make your decision: IF YOU will work, or not. If YOU care enough, to do your best for change on this earth/ or not. If you are ready to die/ because of choices men have made?

ROUND 2 www.ilcd.uscourts.gov
www.justtalking.info IN THE US DISTRICT COURT
Central district for the state of IL
201 S Vine st. Urbana IL 61801

2191 County Road 2500 E St. Joseph IL 61873

STATE OF ILLINOIS the current governor: 207 state house, Springfield IL 62706
USA as represented by: the president of the USA, current or past as necessary. 1600 Pennsylvania av Washington DC 20500
The supreme court of the USA 1 first st NE Washington DC 20543-0001
the attorney general of the USA US dept of Justice 10th and Constitution avenues NW Washington DC 20530

DATED October 28, 2008

RE: (1) In the light of a refusal by the court system of this United States, and this state of IL; to honor their jobs, and accept the duties and call of law to protect the people, and do the work necessary to honor our nation and state. The demand HAS BECOME, "There must be a tax revolt": held up to a test within this court. That test is: As with every other job in this nation, state, or world/ IF YOU REFUSE to do your work, in this case accept the authority of constitutional law, the job you were hired to do: or do it so badly as to be criminal by the outcome of your actions: then you shall NOT be paid. That test is: DOES CONSTITUTIONAL LAW DECIDE, or some pitiful excuse of an employee get to steal. A decision applied to all employees, by the government of WE THE PEOPLE. Whether an employee of state of federal government: industry, medicine, or just plain person to person: the demand is FAIR PLAY, EQUITY, CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES, AND JUSTICE. Or no pay/ a criminal matter of fraud instead, a consequence of "liar/ cheater/ thief"; and potentially traitor.
Instead of honor and duty/ responsibility accepted and respect for this people, or this world, or even life: are these failures not; contempt, or even treason/ traitors/ and employees who believe they can play king or queen/ master and puppeteer, over and with our lives.
A) Therefore a legal battle to decide WHO IS OWNER of this USA: WE THE PEOPLE/ or failed employees exists. The demand is that constitutional law shall decide/ it is the authority of the people over their employees.
B) A legal battle to decide: what the court owes the people through constitutional law and the preamble that forms the intent of where life and nation should be taking us. Whereas the proof of leadership and oversight of the courtroom of the United States of America/ and its state of IL: is declared in violation of these precepts, laws, and justice, for the people.
C) A legal battle to establish the future, to stop the death march that will destroy these children (look around you), and to refuse slavery as has been established through deceit/ disrespect/ and the lies hidden away from view. MORE SIMPLY, you WILL provide an absolute transparency and view of what the employees who rule OUR NATION, on our behalf/ have done. WE ARE GIVEN THE DEBTS/ THEREFORE WE WILL EXERCISE OUR RIGHT TO PROOF, EVIDENCE, AND A FULL ACCOUNTING from those who work for us.

The elemental proof of treason occurs within the environment of failure, and repeated failure by the court system of this United States/ repeated failure by the court system of this state of IL. Whereby the evidence of corruption, deceit, lies, and fundamental proof of a desire to support only the "status quo/ the powerful"/ instead of the Constitution and the law is clearly evident in the trials of James F. Osterbur over the years. Each one containing elements and designs that contribute to the protection of the people: the essence of our preamble to the constitution: the evidence of our voice as a nation in governing ourselves. A voice is not a vote for someone to vote for me/ a voice is the fundamental demand to follow the law/ and obey the precepts of the people, as are set out in constitutional documents. The reality of government, by the principles of what we: desire our employees to be, and to do for us; through the preamble of the US constitution and its amendments/ founding documents and words. Are clear/ they need NO interpretation, we the people do understand them as written.
The court is instructed: to open itself for clear and accurate review of these cases/ NOT for the relative interest of one person: BUT THE TRUTH THAT EXISTS, in terms of each and every common citizen of these United States. And what justice & equity is denied to them: you are not "gods"/ we rule by the law, and your adherence to it. You will then rebuild the court system of the USA/ for JUSTICE AND THE LAW. The court is told, as an owner/ that I deserve an accounting: that WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW, what you have done/ are doing/ and the price we will be required to pay: IN LEGITIMATE, REAL TERMS OF LIFE. The court is reminded: YOU ARE A CITIZEN, with no greater position or title than, our employee. The people are reminded, that an oath of office carries with it, the implied and true reality: penalties do apply. An oath IS A CONTRACT, with the people you serve/ a legal, binding reminder do what you are told: or face the consequences.

The reality is, that remarkably few employees within any courtroom of this state or this nation, as entered into for justice, hope, or the sanctity of life: by me; have accepted "nothing to do with law or constitution"/ THEY THINK they are judge, instead of the law. That failure is nearly unanimous, and not by any means or method of right or wrong/ not any comprehension of justice or law/ an abandonment of fair play and truth exists instead. Set apart as "the whim of a judge". Lies, cheating, and stealing are all present in the court, the amendments, constitutional laws, oaths of office, nor the protection of the people, much less justice are not found. I THEREFORE ACCUSE THE COURT OF TREASON: aiding and abetting "The enemy of every society, which is greed, the elemental thievery of stealing our economy, securities, and future/ Choosing power, to discard and destroy rights/ and a pride that says we need not respect you instead." Prove me wrong.
A tragedy of treason: "these people intending to steal our government from us"/ because the constitution is our only guarantee of ownership; and I/ we are denied. Through denial of an opportunity to be heard, is fundamentally here/ because without respect or truth involved in a courtroom; life becomes a game, and government becomes the instrument of abuse. The constitution demands I do my duty for the nation, as I have done; simple as that/ and the trials presented and retained on the web site www.trialforlife.info /abstracts. Are the evidence of that reality. The courts of this state and this nation are found to betray that action, those duties & that honor, for the purposes of law, and they produce ridicule & contempt instead.

These trials are a clear and comprehensive evaluation of what is NOT equality or equity in terms of "I paid for this/ I plead for the law, to change this and protect our nation." Here in this United States of America: Instead the court reeks of judges sitting behind closed doors, and pretending to be the law themselves: "i am judge/ rather than the law, I will decide, let the law be damned: & the constitution is nothing". The acceptance of DUE PROCESS required in law, by the court, was abandoned by the judge. There is no due process, where there is no respect or truth in the conduct of a judge: what a child can understand/ what society knows is a distinction in law and justice and rights; the judge DOES understand as well. No pitiful damnation of rules need apply. Any intent or decision to say this is not so, is a LIE. There is no fourteenth amendment in court as a reality, because any case not immediately within the public view can be discarded without the slightest hint of law, with justice thrown in the latrine, and fair play flushed with the decision: "he/ she is nothing; let us say frivolous/ or make up lies". There is no first amendment in truth, because the reality and words of the first amendment are not accepted: redress of grievances, is a legal right in a courtroom of law. There is no protection as guaranteed by the fourth amendment "to be secure in our homes, money, etc". Take a look, the primary job of protecting us from thieves by our employees; has found liars/ cheaters/ and thieves in charge of the accounting; a deceit behind every door. Employees of government involved, in charge of discarding the nation, because information was given, and they knew these problems existed, and chose to do nothing but continue the lies. The "patriot act" consuming rights, pretending to be in defense of the nation/ but is not, because there is no oversight, and where no oversight exists there will be criminal actions. As is plainly clear in the stock market of today. And in so many places where dishonor and disgrace lurk instead of truth.

There is no honor in the court, no honor in this government of employees [they attacked Iraq, through lies, because they feared for themselves/ spending lives as if they had no meaning, both there and here on both sides. Nothing has changed for that people, except who to be angry at. The primary general of death, HAS BEEN returned to the forefront instead of a court-marshal. To a disgrace of leadership]. Bigotry and prejudice have become, the inherent hallmarks of the court/ whereby their actions dictate the truth, and the truth is, a citizen has no rights, no access to court, no legitimate actions in a courtroom, in this nation: unless in full view of the nation. Because there is NO RESPECT for the law that is the government of this United States of America. Literally NONE of the guarantees of the constitution are kept/ unless the media and people are watching. And the major mass media is sold to a very few, by the court to be the propaganda machines of greed, power, & pride.
There lurks A threat at every conceivable possibility, because like the stock market and every other aspect of governing: no one is being honest or honorable with our lives: we are fodder/ for the fools who use & abuse us. Yet even after the opportunity has been given in federal appeals court, to "walk away from this battle: simply remove the tax from me for the year 2005/ because you did not earn it". The court backs out of its promise: because that was the terms, and there were no others. The IRS is back. So then, am I.
Failure in every avenue and every trial or test of reality, in nearly every courtroom entered in America. Explain to me: how that is justice? Review these cases and prove the LAW, was not on my side; your authorities could not do it/ and neither will you.

Therefore, because the courts have fundamentally erased most of these trials in one form or another: the foundation materials kept in trust as a medium of proof: as best I realistically could: are the evidence of trials as presented in a courtroom and are contained in "reasonable order" on the web sites www.justtalking.info and earlier trials at www.trialforlife.info Thereby as is the right of all evidence to be used in a trial, these web sites (more correctly the information of past trials, as placed on these web sites) are protected from tampering by law; don't touch them. Where the court retains its own copy/ that copy will be used. The court is instructed to "get its own copy from the site/ establishing the date; and thereby containing the evidence as it is presented so that no illusion or collusion can be conceived. The court is obligated to accept: BECAUSE IT CHOSE to remove its own copies/ and hide the facts of its apathy, disgrace, disrespect, and determination to withhold the law, and choose contempt, from a citizen of this USA. Stealing my rights as a citizen. THEREFORE, what remains in my possession as evidence, must be considered proof; these must be accepted as legitimate and true/ because the court sought to hide from its own truth. To bury its own disgrace, in the trash.

2. The elemental actions of a courtroom established as prejudiced against this citizen is not more critical than a government filled with LIARS against this people. Punishment for a few/ not worthy, when the nation itself is in jeopardy. But we begin with WHY DO YOU DESERVE TO BE PAID: starting with me, because you did not honor your duty or decision, as a court of law. For your PROVEN absolute failure and disrespect for this nation/ this state/ and the government called WE THE PEOPLE/ by disrespecting me. I demand to know why I should pay for failure and disrespect: Explain it with the law, to us all. The constitution states these government employees may indeed tax as they wish/ BUT THE CONSTITUTION DEMANDS, THIS IS IN EXCHANGE FOR HONORING THE CONSTITUTION, THIS NATION, PROTECTING THE PEOPLE, AND ADHERING TO JUSTICE AND PEACE ON EARTH; you did not inherit the country with a job, you chose to agree to do what we required you to do. You are proven by the existence of sufficient threats that can exterminate us as a world/ by pending complete economic chaos as is clearly the result of LIES, STEALING, AND CHEATING: creating numbers without meaning in truth/ credit without restraint/ and debts that only the poor man and woman are required to pay. 700 billion to the wealthy/ nothing but a debt expected to be paid: guess who?

The court will decide if this is not the truth, and not the intent of constitutional doctrine and thereby law. That you will be held accountable for your actions/ your decisions, if you have proven a complete disrespect for the citizen or the law endangering their lives and this nation. You are employees, as are each one called a government servant/ you are not gods, NOR are you exempt from law or the reality of your work. So many have failed as government employees/ the charge of collusion and apathy, arrogance beyond sanity, and the demand for power to rule us as slaves are clear. As this cannot be confined to one simple person, the demand for class action status in concert with all things guaranteed by the constitution; to each citizen is clear and certain and undeniable by law. The excuse that you are owed taxes for your work, is reduced to PROVE IT, open every accounting book/ and penalize severely any who fail to cooperate, or who lie: that we, the owners, may know how much damage you did. To our lives, and our nation.

The foundation of money IS as a god here, replacing all other aspects of life as important in this nation. The initial demand for transparency and accountability in government; in the previous trials that have existed. Are PROVEN VALID and without the slightest test or cause to be considered corrupt in themselves: WE THE OWNERS, have a right to know/ a right to law/ and a demand for accountability in our nation. The law states FRAUD shall be penalized, criminalized, and retribution shall occur. The government employees in charge of protecting the people, of this nation are found guilty, of doing nothing but adhering to, and supporting or protecting, the lies that now find us in or near absolute poverty as a nation. You hold worthless numbers, not money. Greed has replaced duty, honor, & truth! No money left/ just demands with numbers that cannot be met: and lost resources, honor, and justice that we do need. The court is again fundamentally required to cause: www.federalreserve.gov to reopen the flow of funds section/ and portray the truth of what is the claim called debt and assets of this United States/ IN DETAIL, with further specific disclosures about exactly what has transpired over these last few years and decades. The court is also required to open the vault at Fort Knox and prove "anything left/ or all gone". [where do you think Reagan got money; why do you suppose gold was suddenly for sale]. Perjury/ lies/ concealment of the truth: are all fully and completely within the potential of penalties in this WE THE PEOPLE government. Should the court be found in collusion with those judged guilty/ the courtroom officials shall join those penalties, and be replaced as a judge because they failed to produce justice. These numbers of accountability, shall then be shown: NOT to be lies, by those instructed within the court to prove truth/ and those judges within the court who are instructed "TO GET THE TRUTH". Or there WILL be penalties. The court: shall further demand and get: ALL TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTING in terms of the stock market/ mutual funds, social security, AND any other hidden aspect that has led this nation into poverty, & have chosen to steal from, OR deceive this public. How is that fundamentally "our debt to be paid, with taxes for you: then GO GET THE MONEY BACK". Reality WILL decide/ the people be resolved TO ACCEPT the truth/ as it is, NO fantasy or delusion allowed. Instead of the possible diversion that someone or something else is more important: the nation comes first/ NOT revenge. WHAT IS FAIR FOR WE THE PEOPLE shall be proven/ and corrected, and attained. OR, that collusion and the intent to deceive the american public as has occurred, will be penalized/ and at its minimum, those government employees who have been paid, but did not do their job, will be held accountable. Therefore we the people WILL INDEED raid their own government pension/ securities/ and healthcare plans: AND TAKE THEM, for ourselves.
The constant excuse: "Its worse if we don't give the rich everything they want"/ is abandoned. The reality of WE THE PEOPLE Through a courtroom of constitutional law WILL NOW TEST THE TRUTH:
Or not?

3. This test of governance, is a legal trial, with legal implications for every member of society. Thereby the court shall decide: if the owners of this nation/ WE THE PEOPLE deserve an accounting of the facts, and all truth concerning those we have employed to protect our nation/ our laws/ and our lives. "Or not". The foundation event of the American way of life, its beginning: was a war to prove "you cannot tax me unjustly"! This return foundation event, DECIDES who is indeed in charge of this nation: either the employees OR, WE THE PEOPLE? The court will choose for or against our employees, and the people will choose for or against those judges: reality will judge what is true, & that may include the judges who fail to recognize our ownership.
Or IF as a majority, this people says "we are too scared, to be responsible for our own lives/ come save me": to those who have sacrificed nearly everything of yours/ for their power, pride, selfishness, and greed. AND LED YOU TO THE EDGE OF ENORMOUS DISASTER/ Then so be it. You want it/ its yours.

4. Round one for this nation; was lost to weapons of mass destruction; whereby this people chose to let simple evil threaten the entire world. It is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that produced the first of these weapons/ and then used them to threaten the whole world. NOTHING OF THAT BEHAVIOR IS HELD CONSTITUTIONAL! The constitution demands PEACE. Therefore, the court is instructed to bring any such survivor who chose to threaten this world with nuclear weapons decades ago: to justice/ and have them killed. Those who chose to call these weapons of mass destruction as "their saviors"/ whereby nothing could be less true, are instructed to come forward and defend their words. LIARS one and nearly all; because you must prove any use of such a weapon will not destroy this world from your arrogance and failure to accept world law instead. You the USA, are a leader of death/ you brought it/ you chose to allow this military to confront and threaten this world/ creating the cold war: AND YOU, SHALL BE FIRST IN LINE, TO DESTROY THOSE WEAPONS in a peaceful way/ so that the world can survive. ITS YOUR DUTY/ and the constitution demands you shall not exterminate us! Just a few of these devices, kills the entire world of life/ and there are thousands. You went to Iraq for war/ you suggest to others: nuclear weapons are too dangerous for you BUT NOTHING makes the USA better. The court will decide, and prove this military or its leaders can threaten our own EXISTENCE, with extermination by LAW/ or even the end of this world. If it ain't in the constitution/ the law says NO, you shall not. Therefore this trial, this test of the American people comes before the world today, and says: LET WORLD LAW, AND A WORLD POLICE MADE UP OF EVERY NATION DECIDE THE FUTURE BATTLES OF HUMANITY. Prove you the United States of America will choose peace, by leading the way in every sense. Let the other nations, PROVE the world will accept peace as well. Fail, and you will die from them/ because one crisis after another is coming.
LET WHAT IS TRUE FOR LIFE, BE YOUR FUTURE. Whether that is "heaven or hell"/ FOR LIFE, IS the result of all humanity working as one within the law; LET THIS BE A DECISION BEGUN, by the USA. Let none be given charge of a single weapon of mass destruction: take away the possibility : some bastard of the insane; or "satan (I HATE them all)" hidden away in his hole/ have no key.

5. The elemental reference to life or death, represented in previous trials: is returned, to be given its right to be heard. The search for justice SHALL INCLUDE, the foundations that attack and threaten our lives in every sense of the word. "Your SCIENCE", IS PROVEN "for every tiny improvement to life/ GRAVE DISASTERS EXIST." More than a destroyer of worlds: Your actions in support of this science, are a description of arrogance and pride beyond insane. In the case of the national ignition facility; An absolute failure of fools, with less sense than a worm: describe their experiment to come as : Quote; this will produce a [BURST OF ENERGY], equivalent to a thousand times more than all the electrical energy used in this United States. A burst of energy is a bomb! And they are located in a suburb of San Francisco. That amount of energy is conceived of: IF they are right/ is the equivalent of several megatons of nuclear explosive. AND THEY KNOW IT. The court will prove it has no jurisdiction here/ the judges will show cowardice or cause: for letting these people be killed, by throwing away the lawsuits that demand an accounting of life or death for the people.
These pitiful people intend to create the same fire that is on the sun, here on earth with their bomb. Yet we know that the fire on the sun is a nuclear or atomic fire: and we know everything on earth is based on atomic materials/ therefore everything here is, FUEL TO BURN. Can't control it/ can't put it out; the DEATH OF THIS WORLD. Creating a "biblical lake of fire/ being the embodiment of Satan himself: destroyer of worlds". Prove beyond any doubt this fire can be controlled/ can be put out/ can be dealt with by men: or you create HADES for yourself! The court will prove they have no jurisdiction here: WHERE LIFE FOR THE PLANET HANGS IN THE BALANCE, and fools, the dead, and the diseased hold the key. Stop them now/ YOU have no choice, LIFE NEEDS THIS TO STOP, or prove beyond the slightest doubt nothing can go wrong: which is impossible. NO MORE GAMBLING, NOT WITH OUR LIVES, NOT WITH OUR PLANET, NOT WITH OUR NATION, NOT WITH OUR GENETICS; NONE OF IT. LIFE FIRST, and forever is this demand. OR, Prove BY LAW, that neither you or they, must obey! This cannot be done.

Simple as that, and the court does nothing but hide in its greed and thirst for power, the pride of never saying "I was wrong". Or the court standing with fools, lets the insane decide for life on earth : truth, examines the evidence as it exists; and then lets the people decide by educated vote; if the court cannot. The arrogance of "a believer in science, a bastard religion": says, "don't have to know/ don't have to listen/ don't care about proof: Cause I am a believer, are these not gods"! IS DISCARDED: What greater FOOLS could there be? The damnation of this "religion of men/ rather than a religion beyond men:" called science, is reduced to our demand for proof first/ life first/ no more threats. Religion is banned from participating in government, all religion and this is one like the others that says "believe in me/ without proof; have faith in me/ gambling with all life on earth". They are unworthy to be called anything but a religion of the damned. The people include those crucifying genetic structure to create ARMAGEDDON. Or the people at CERN, who deliberately intend to RE-create the MOST DESTRUCTIVE EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. The consequence of that reality: was all known material being reduced to dust and blown away. This is, a planet in peril: And you call this science. IT IS less than vomit/ less than the intellect of a worm/ less than life, the advent of satan himself; for lack of a better word. Three separate science endeavors: EACH CAPABLE OF REDUCING THIS PLANET OR LIFE ON THIS PLANET TO EXTINCTION! And you run away, PITIFUL DAMN COWARDS! SHAME ON YOU. Prove these are not "SATAN (destroyers of life and creation)"/ or remove them from our lives. It is the courts' job, to protect life on earth and in this nation. Prove you are not cowards/ deserters/ and traitors to all life on earth. The court is demanded STAND UP, and protect LIFE FIRST/ nation second. No exceptions.

6. The elemental evidence of human damage to this world, is clear and certain and a testimony to life threatened, on this planet. If humanity will not change, if YOU do not change/ ALL life on earth will die/ because we do not live without all of nature, cannot survive without the chains of living creation that give us life and environment. These are all under attack/ there is no doubt; LIFE FIRST means: NO "playing games". The consumption of resources from this planet, are an absolute indictment of the truth: that to consume more than is required: IS TO deliberately choose to ASSASSINATE those who must or expect to live in the future. You have NO RIGHT, to be their executioner/ NO RIGHT to threaten all life in this world. And there will be change establishing RESPECT FOR this planet and the future of humanity, and all life; or you will die/ this can be proven. This is OUR HOME/ ALL OF US, and we have no other! WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL ACCEPT NO FOOLS TO LEAD US ANYMORE. Life must be first/ not money.
THE COURT WILL SHOW, why the future has no guaranteed rights/ are they not citizens by default. Are not the children of today at RISK OF DEATH, because of current greed, want, pride, and absolute apathy on their behalf. Are they NOT bankrupted, by those who stole their future, their money, their world! Prove there is no responsibility in a courtroom for that. No duty, respect, or honor as a nation: to provide them a home and a possibility for life: as best we can/ NOT how much can you take! PROVE JUSTICE.


7. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, by LAW, under the first amendment, THEN BEGINS WITH:

The elemental need and right to change this government as is required for the protection of the people: THIS IS THEIR/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL, GUARANTEED, INHERENT, AND PROVEN TRUTH. AS OWNERS a right that cannot be denied! As Inheritors of this right, by the blood that made it come true: this is OUR NATION, So says the constitution. Our nation means: we are the owners/ you are the employees of government working for us, declaring by oath where it is important: that you will not deceive us, or work against us, but support our decisions for life. Thereby the need for change: as is shown to be necessary, & absolutely apparent and fundamental for the preservation of life on earth: shall begin in a courtroom of law. YOU, the court: SHALL PROVE TO THE PEOPLE; THEY DO HAVE A LEGITIMATE RIGHT, TO CHANGE THEIR GOVERNMENT AS NEEDED! YOU WILL PROVE, THE COURT IS THEIR APPROPRIATE VENUE WHEN DISCUSSING TRUE CHANGE TO LAWS or TO VOTES, or AS NECESSARY: THE TRUTHS THAT GOVERN US ALL. You will prove to the people, they can take control of their government/ when it is clear government has failed them miserably. And CAN make changes by themselves, through the understanding of rights: BECAUSE WE ARE THE OWNERS, OF THIS NATION. THESE ARE LEGAL ISSUES OF CONTROL, AND THE FORMATION OF AN EDUCATED RIGHT BY THE PEOPLE. THEREFORE CRITICAL TRUTHS MUST BE IDENTIFIED AND UNDERSTOOD BY THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES. WHO BETTER THAN THIS COURT, TO DECLARE AND PROVE SUCH THINGS? Who better than the people themselves, to decide what the future shall be..0
Whereby the people shall dedicate the possibilities that stand before them, as their will and purpose to decide. The court shall instruct in every aspect that is NOT justice or fair or equal to all the people. THE COURT shall be responsible for this vote.
a) we WILL vote on the most important issues of life ourselves as WE THE PEOPLE/ we will vote, for someone to vote for me; no more. Not in any matter that is fundamental to law, critical to life, or a possibility of war. As a society of owners, we will choose our ways and methods and lives in peace, harmony, happiness: and how to protect ourselves from those who endanger us.

b) We WILL create NEW LAWS as the evidence of our nation, UNDER THE OWNERSHIP OF WE THE PEOPLE: within the guidelines set by the constitution. Abolishing all old legislation, in its time/ and teaching these new laws to every citizen that they may EACH share in the duties and obligations of society. We will vote ourselves on the law itself, and declare it accepted or not.

c) We WILL establish limits as are needed/ on income/ on the realities of ownership in property or resources; so that equality may be true, as it is possible to be/ AND PROMISED by the constitution to each one. And more.

d) We WILL CONTROL the science that threatens this world/ and we will establish LIFE FIRST will be our decision/ NO MORE GAMBLING WITH LIFE ON EARTH/ NO MORE MUTILATING, NO MORE PRETENDING, NO MORE WEAPONS THAT THREATEN: WHAT CAN NEVER BE UNDONE. Not money first/ LIFE FIRST, shall rule.

e) there will be no more electoral college (you shall not take away our vote, it is ours). There will be room for the people to add as they wish: if not now, at a dedicated moment in the future.

8. EVERY nation, everyone, and me personally are now faced with the inevitable reality "of children we did not conceive". Orphans (NEED help to survive) of all kinds; created by greed, power, pride, and selfishness. People who do not deserve what they are about to receive/ people who were trained to be proud: to believe in the insanity "greed can be trusted/ you can be rich". People who have refused to prepare, or simply cannot: "its too late now". A lesson that should stick in your mind/ because soon, it will be too late to save this world as well: from all the destruction being done. I am forced to surrender my time here on earth for a thousand different problems that the leadership of this america/ this world surrendered to the potential of hell (an INSANE WORLD, of MEN GONE MAD making greed and money their god). Very soon life will say: can't find work/ can't find food/ can't find medicine or water or respect or anything they need. This WILL soon be a cry heard around the world, because you sold securities and life, "to be rich"/ happy now? Armageddon is coming (THE REALITY, of men choosing to mutilate life on earth into chaos, and horrific deaths; because they want to play god. How pathetic you are). I am forced to concede; the potential for a civil war beginning in America, can in fact overtake this entire world, creating an apocalyptic event of bloodshed that none can even imagine. Forced, to accept that simple threats against single-minded people; may be necessary when insanity rules life on earth. I am threatened, with every life reduced to tragedy because men, leaders of men: have been fools, failures, and chose the disease of stupidity and arrogance and money/ instead of life. I am living 2 years if not just months, away from the moment when the oceans of this world are going to be dead: for no better reason, than from the destruction caused by men. The decisions they intentionally made. Tragedy and death are coming (already 850 million people starving); because you the leaders of life in this world: plain didn't care enough about anything/ But money! And the court sells itself, to play the games of men; reducing life to coming tragedy: FOR WHAT? And you AS MEN; took your greed, and consumed peace on earth/ granting nothing in return: but very little time, to turn this around. LAW is necessary for peace/ THAT MEANS a courtroom is required. And you sold it to greed, power, and pride. SHAME ON YOU. The court shall explain its ignorance/ its apathy/ its cowardice/ and its stupidity and lack of duty: that law did not intervene in any of these threats. WE ARE ABANDONED, and sold as slaves/ conceived as prostitutes by these bastard's called leaders/ and run over with excuses and experts without a brain.
SHOULD I PAY TAXES FOR THAT! Explain why the common government employee took our/ my taxes; and used it to destroy the peace, security, and sanctity of my/ our world & nation. Do you need more proof of economic disaster/ IT IS COMING! Prove you are not traitors/ ABANDONING LIFE, for power, pride, and greed. CHOOSE FOR LIFE/ before insanity overruns you. Choosing for justice, instead of the insane, and those enslaving the people with numbers that are completely UNFAIR. Prove I do not have a duty to defend this nation against the apathy, disgrace, and disease of your petty and insignificant "big brains"/ or fix these troubles as best they can be rebuilt into something that can in fact, survive. Do it now/ or resign & step out of the way. Stop the stupidity: "giving money to greedy men, expecting them to share with the rest"; is like sticking your hand down a rattlesnake throat/ just what the hell do you expect to happen: they ain't going to share. And if you know, and do it anyway, then you commit treason: selling the nation to its enemies, for nothing but what you want for yourself: a traitor.
There is no solution in a higher credit limit. DUMB ASS! The employees of government, are just stealing more from the people, trying desperately to keep the lies from being stopped: by courting thieves. Its your job as a court to stop theft. Do your job.
Support reality, let the big banks be sold into individual community units/ NO more monopoly, a return to community where actually helping the people is "good business". BEGIN with immediacy the need to create and prepare for a people unemployed and without options: food, shelter, water, etc. IT IS THE COURTS JOB to intervene/ because if you don't, violence and hate will rise quickly and be hard to extinguish; risking the entire nation.

Because the evidence and truth say: WITHOUT REAL CHANGE, life on earth is already dead. I tell you this NOT to scarce you. Rather I tell you, so that the decision you Shall make, is your own. You shall not blame me/ you will accept your judgment of yourselves: the reward for what you do/ or do not do. You will receive, as you so choose. Want to be god/ so be it in hell and Armageddon. You have your opportunity for change/ you can investigate your truth/ you can choose change today. But if tomorrow comes without change in you/ then I say to you, leave me alone when it is too late; there is nothing more I can do. Too little too late is death/ what is more worthless than that?
The signs are clear/ the evidence is insurmountable that life on earth is dying: because the assets that keep us alive, are being destroyed. The insanity of men is growing/ and that means WAR. GROW UP, and smell the shit.
Then do whatever YOU can do/ every single person on earth. You can do something/ DO IT, in peace. NOT war/ peaceful means; or nothing.

As has been true of global warming/ozone/ over-fishing, and every other form of advance warning: THE LIARS, will use their propaganda machines (mass media) until the day they die. Fools listen/ failures get in line, and end at the slaughterers door.

This is not just one "monster hurricane about to come on shore"/ these THREATS TO LIFE ON EARTH are many monsters, and one will follow another: until there is no more life on earth. Even though each of these terrible storms are entirely man-made/ there effects upon life for this planet will be devastating. Either prepare now or know: its too late when the wind blows hard, and the sea is rising. Stop what can be stopped, because sanity and peace require it/ rebuild what can be rebuilt, because you owe it to the future, and to all life; or prepare to surrender your soul, because its too late men have exterminated life on earth, and they killed you. There ain't no place to hide, and you CANNOT run away/ either you face your truth, or the men who led us here, will simply take your life, your children, and your world away. Because they chose money! SHAME ON THEM, and all who followed.


9. The court is not an arbitrator of justice in the practice of peace on earth/which is: the sanctity of life first. Rather the court is our instrument as a nation of we the people, to determine as both a first & a last resort: WHAT IS IN FACT JUSTICE, WHAT IS IN TRUTH FAIR, & WHAT IS IN REALITY A POSITION OF EQUAL RESPECT FOR ALL LIFE. No arbitration is required in these things/ they are a matter of law, and the court is instructed to obey & enforce the law; as best they can. NOT the pisshead fucking bastard law that seeks to steal life and everything away from the people: bought with bribes, and earned with treason. But, THE LAW that makes for peace, justice, happiness, and honor in living. There is no honor, until life is first.

10. The people are instructed to FIND MERCY in themselves/ or face no mercy for themselves either. Therefore the court is instructed: to keep them informed with the truth, and abide in the reality that media will be "all access, to the rigors and realities of proof and evidence and hearings". Without interference. Our life/ our right. The court is required to assign women lawyers to this case in defense of the public and their needs for life. Should I die, this case is to be transferred to women; organized and worthy of the fight for "LIFE FIRST". NOT because they are women/ rather because they are not men; the people who led us to this threshold of tragedies, the result of which is hell and Armageddon. UNLESS YOU CHANGE.

11. The thirteenth amendment states: NO MORE SLAVERY/ yet in every state and every part of this nation slavery exists by the disparity of numbers among these citizens. One man takes a salary of MORE than 60 million dollars/ and yet is a long way from the salary of Bill Gates per year: who is said to be worth over 50 billion dollars. Divided by a working career of not more than 30 years= Gates, took MORE than one billion per year. While multi-millions live below the poverty line/ and do work very hard. The idiots and fools of life declare "this is what we all want, he is the greatest capitalist to have ever lived". But reality and truth states: this one individual by the numbers is owed the working lives of one million people, earning $50,000.00 per year/ for an entire year. What the hell is fair about that? DUMB ASS.

The medical industry in all its forms, extorts whatever the public will bear, whatever can be forced from the hands of government officials: because where life or death/ mutilation or disease are found, there is no "free" choice. Having controlled their own competition for decades: TAKE A LOOK. Even though the population has multiplied more than 3 times, the medical establishment leaders: allow few if any, more new students to enter class to be doctors; than since 1960. This PROVES they have illegally created and controlled a monopoly against the american people/ and against the law! And it asks the question: SINCE THESE LEADERS OF THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY HAVE CHOSEN to do irreparable harm to the American people. Chosen as well; to do whatever was possible to make "new doctors, controlled by their slavery, creating in debts and time": no choice for me. For the sake of money. Then the question asks: IF WE TOOK, every possession, every building of those responsible for this: and threw them out of the country stripping their citizenship: would it be enough? The medical profession then opened the door to foreign doctors. Foreigners in their efforts to collect money/ as a consequence this became: STEALING from foreign countries their own doctors/ and damaging the health of these nations as well, ( just to find riches here). SHAME ON YOU. The medical industry shall be constrained and changed to adhere to justice, fair play, and not simply for your greed. NO MORE "free enterprise"/ like the stock market, and all the rest: there will be controls over what you consume from us. Slavery exists, a product of unfair medicine: and the court is required to remove it from this nation/ because JUSTICE and FAIR PLAY, AND EQUALITY MUST BE ENFORCED for all. That means in simplicity: a percentage of income/ adjusted to wealth: in return for your healthcare.
Because numbers called money represent life, the time and effort and work of an individual/ and the resource required to do that work. That means to be equal in this nation: as is the constitutional, legal demand placed upon this court, and our government employees. The numbers called money, must reflect the truth, that you are no different than I. Your job is, far less important than our lives. No more slavery, is a legal right/ governed by who controls the money. Simply saying: get a different job/ has nothing to do with people who criminally extort others by manipulating their possibilities in life/ or control the resources that allow equality to exist. Thereby we do see, the intent of this constitution of this United States is inherently required to control and create limits; granting access to others; and establishing the opportunity of fair play to all.

12. THERE ARE NO entitlements in democracy/ only guaranteed rights, and the intent for equality, justice, truth, law, and fair play. There is no entitlement to the concept of "capitalism" in the constitution/ only the demand for a more perfect union, established in peace, created for the purposes of harmony, and secured for the blessings of the children as a future worth growing into. The leaders of this nation and its current ways: SOLD ALL THAT/ for failure through greed. Read the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. BUT UNDERSTAND: There is in fact no capitalism at work in america today; merely the swindling/ lying/ cheating/ and stealing against the young, the poor, and the gullible. Because the numbers are so many, they have no reality: thereby worthless. Capitalism requires justice/ you have nothing but debts. All the stimulus money spent/ all the money used to pretend the rich didn't bankrupt the nation: are just fantasy money, unless someone pays with work, time, and their lives. That means taxes, unless it is all a delusion set forth to pretend reality doesn't matter: truth demands IT DOES. But make no mistake, can't afford anything to eat? Is there a rich man alive who would give you a penny, who would share/ or would they let you starve? Answer the question. A debt is what someone owes in time, effort, life, and resources to someone else: because of what they did for them. The swindle of today is: the rich man says "he worked/ he earned/ he deserves"/ while reality sees the debts in truth, and knows this can never be repaid: thereby slaves for life, to all who must work to survive. Either we get off this damn roller coaster of greed, selfishness, and apathy: by going to court and demanding justice/ Or the lies are going to consume you, & then the nation; because that is the truth. Fantasy money gives those holding many numbers power to continue stealing your lives. The rich "we are free/ the poor, work harder; abandon life, for us". Real money says: if I work/ then you will work for me too: FAIR, LEGITIMATE, AND REAL. The need to return to "gold backed currency" is certain/ because this contains the delusion, and controls the fantasy of creating numbers, to be called money; at a whim. Without something of substance to guarantee what the numbers actually mean: there is nothing to stop them from stealing, pretending, and drowning you in greed.

THERE ARE NO entitlements to the elderly, they took all they could/ they watched over nothing but greed, and did their very best to take everything they could get. Without the slightest concern for the young. They took the taxes of the poor, and gave them to rich men and women (social security): EXPLAIN how that is fair, I demand it. Explain how under your watch, for life on earth; within 2 years we will pass the point of no return/ can't fix so many things, it is useless to try. You sold us to death: explain why your money and pride and consumption are worth this price. Bastard, ignorant ass! This is not a war against the elderly/ it is reality talking to you.
THERE IS NO BENEFIT/ there is no law, that allows you to sacrifice the young, so the old can have a better life. DISGRACING THIS NATION, by ROBBING the lives of the young,/ transferring all your debts and disrespect for this world to the children: to keep the old alive/ "because they want luxuries". Your numbers called money is nothing but a pitiful lie. Your assumptions "to hell with them/ we are taking this, and cannot be stopped", is the ticket to hell on earth. Your arrogance, to mutilate life/ destroy environments/ throw every resource in the garbage, and claim it is the "gold mine", for your own children's future; is insane. There will be honesty/ there will be "a duty to die, when it is your time"/ there will be blessings of useful medicine and help for the young, not necessarily the old. The old will share only a percentage of the GNP, the old will vote on how to spend this money among themselves, the old will stop destroying this nation and accept life and death as real. These too, have made the rest slaves. Without the slightest intent for mercy upon the young, they have literally stripped and ravaged and raped them: with a long line waiting, who intend to do worse. The blessings of liberty do not extend to selfishness for you/ abandonment for me. The court is instructed to remove this yoke of slavery from the lives of those who did not earn it/ did not deserve it/ did not choose it/ and did not get born, just to be your slaves. Establish truth and mercy upon the children. Establish: Take care of yourself, or die/ the world is full, and the old are not needed: the children are. The children are not your slaves. This is a decision of equity, a contractual demand from one generation to another stating: you had your life/ GIVE US OURS.

JUSTICE is a constitutional demand/ given to the court system of America to enforce. FAIR PLAY is a social and community demand/ given to the court to enforce and identify. EQUALITY is a life demand/ searched for and identified and enforced upon the individual. By the mutual respect for each individual life and community/ nation: defined by the court, protected by the law, and established by government. You cannot steal from me (the young, or any other), and keep the stolen goods: it is a criminal act/ punishable by law. The court is demanded stop this crime. In all its forms, and create justice.


13. We will begin with only one previous trial; the last response to the addendum to trial filed September 5, 2008 in the state of IL supreme court. Returned September 24, 2008.

Quote: "the additional materials have not changed the assessment made and relayed to you in our letter of August 21, 2008. Therefore, we are again returning to you with this letter your documents along with your CD dated August 15, 2008, and your check number 1047 in the amount of $25.00 payable to the IL state supreme court". Also enclosed are your documents and CD dated September 4, 2008.
If you resubmit this material to this office, it will not be returned to you."

As we see from this contempt, not one word is written in law/ not one word is identified with justice/ not one word is fundamental to fair play or the essence of government: which is to aid and support the people. The previous statement from the court, no better. The clear intent when combined with other judicial judgments: is the desire to control and destroy my right to DUE PROCESS within a courtroom of law/ my demand to hear the law and let it decide: in a direct application of adhering too, and preforming the duties required by: MY GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS/ my citizenship. Instead of accepting an equal footing under the law, and within the constitutional guidelines of "we the people"; these representatives of the court seek to contain me by refusing to present the law/ refusing to obey the law, by disallowing any possibility that the law actually controls the courtroom/ or that the law created by constitutional decree: is owed to me as a citizen of this state and nation. Thereby not only deserting their duty, abandoning their job, and colluding or conspiring to keep me out of OUR COURTROOM as a nation called WE THE PEOPLE. This is a traitorous act: because the trial filed, represents a need/ identifies a threat/ confronts an enemy fully dedicated and attempting to kill millions (literally ridiculing life on earth, by declaring "a energy burst"/ meaning a bomb equal to megatons of force released in an instant. IF it does not kill all of us. Believing "the religious (got my book, its perfect)"/ even after they tell you "going to sacrifice these lives/ your life"; just so they can play god. Is this no cause for legal action? The governmental employees, both state and federal: set debts upon my life, changing my society (we are forced to pay/ but cannot): I demand transparency and truth! They throw me out. What is not treason about that? What is not aiding and abetting the enemy about that? What is not desertion of duty, disrespect for the people, a disgrace and a contempt about that? And why, are these not traitors, particularly when combined with the rest? Is it not power, pride, and arrogance that says: "We are kings/ we own this nation/ you are nothing, the law is us". Do they not say: we will decide, to hell with the law/ fuck society/ destroy the future; and more". Is this not a distinct insult/ a direct threat/ a design to infiltrate and subdue every objection: and a demand to let this nation be destroyed? Because if the law does not rule, if the constitution does not decide: then the people are betrayed. Prove this is not fact.

You want paid for this? You demand to tax without the representation of law in these matters: how dare you, strip this nation of its truth. That law is intended to rule here. You want me to aid and abet the enemy; as the disease of disrespect and denial of law and life invades this land, because of the court, and its legislatures of failure. You WANT TAX? THEN PROVE THE LAW RULES FOR JUSTICE. PROVE THAT PEACE AND HAPPINESS IS THE INTENT OF THIS LAND, and its courts/ FOR ALL, not for a few. PROVE YOU ARE LESS THAN A TRAITOR, by choosing for life and happiness, and peace in this world. Those who would come to take taxes for this are nothing more than thugs. Those who would choose to charge me interest and penalties for this are nothing more than organized crime, extorting money/ swindling with deceit. Supporting only LIARS/ THIEVES/ TRAITORS/ AND WHORE'S: where is the honor, where is the respect, where is the truth that law provides! Those who would accept this disgrace/ these pitiful disrespectful employees as their rulers: rather than their own employees to be dealt with: ARE COWARDS. Get your head up, stop being blind, and work for life! Or face your failure and then die; because time is running out.


1. There is no going back, from a world on fire; the same fire as is on the sun/ here on earth, an atomic fire in a world filled with nothing but fuel. "Its called fusion". And the living dead, want to kill you with it. What a surprise, they are liars, tempters, and manipulators/ who could have guessed?.

2. There is no going back, from a world cursed by genetic mutilation/ take a damn look, CAN'T EVEN HANDLE MONEY, nothing but a promise to be fair: and "the special people, can't keep from being GREEDY". THERE IS NO, going back and repairing what went wrong: have you mastered ANY disease such as AIDS. NO, you have not/ therefore are you not seconds' away from creating A "MONSTER DISASTER" that will in fact consume all balance and grace from this world/ TAKE YOUR BODY, every life and ruin it! You want to play god/ then fail to stop genetic mutilation by the decision of men and women; and you will get your wish; an entire nature in chaos. With not one chance to stop it. Dead by horrors you cannot even imagine.
3. There is no going back, from an ocean over-fished to the extent that nothing can be done; there are so few left, even these cannot survive. And the seas feed a billion people. There is no going back, from consuming so much oxygen by fires alone/ that we are actually beginning to die, yet don't know it: consuming more each day than the plants can produce. Cutting down forest (primary builders of oxygen) and destroying more each second of the possibilities to rebuild: because you are "too smart" to care. What are you going to do without oxygen to breathe? DUMB ASS.
4. Every single decision the vast majority makes is selfish/ every single decision of leadership comes from the demand "ME FIRST". Trashing everything as fast as you can, to build nothing, but your own coffins; because of all you have consumed. Tragically impacting any and every environment just because you can. The sonar tests with extremely high energy sound, are torture to the ocean environment life. Do you remember all the beached whales (crocodile hunter)/ almost certainly a result of sonar testing put in place for experiments by the USA. This in a world without submarines, except for firing platforms for nuclear missiles. They don't hunt anymore/ they kill nations and the world.
5. There is no going back, from starvation; take a look and understand 850 million people at the brink of starvation TODAY, is only the beginning. Do you think, apparently not? Do you not understand that war is coming? You ain't immune. Unless you work diligently and with determination today. Praying for help, because this is serious.

6. There is no going back from war with weapons of mass destruction; the damage, the death, the disease, rotting carcases everywhere: the tragedy to every kind and every possibility of life will be extermination/ AND THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE! THERE IS NO PLACE TO RUN AWAY OR SURVIVE. a gun won't help/ no water/ no food/ no life Not a single one of these threats listed, is less than the distinct choice of men who lead us. Certainly not this one either. Work now/ make law your answer for this world. Remove every single weapon of mass destruction, and we have a chance.
7. There is no going back from CERN; The intent and the machine, to re-create the single most destructive event in the history of this universe. What possible level of FOOL do you have to be/ NOT to recognize this as an absolute level of "satan" attacking you on this earth. How stupid can you be! Explain it/ how can this be less than potentially world ending. That is the reality, if they get their intended wish. They told you it was: "going to make a big bang".
8. There is no going back, from an over-population humanity is consuming, this entire earth. What are you going to eat: if not yourselves? How are you going to survive, if not by consuming every tree, every seed, this entire environment: take a look/ the evidence is real, and surrounding you throughout this world. Its what people do!
9. There is no going back, from a thousand more threats, each of which will be dealt with and solved for LIFE FIRST; before time runs out/ or you die.
but understand this: if you stand in the way of others making their own decision. HADES (an eternity CURSED BY GOD) WILL REMEMBER YOU WELL. Yours is a special invitation.

The opportunities of life, to survive still exist. YOU CAN establish work and decisions that will allow life to continue if you begin and accept the price: truth must lead/ reality must decide: and women will be, the new rulers of life on earth. Men brought life to this threshold of extinction, and horrors/ and for that cause, they are removed. You are done.
The opportunities of real science: things of knowledge that DO NOT THREATEN this world/ are plain and useful. If you treat them with honor and honesty/ not letting fools have their way; then science will help you survive and do well. If not, then terrible & horrific things will come.
The elements of disease and the destruction of body parts and happiness; Are not for men to decide. NO MORE GENETIC MUTILATION! You are not god/ and you will never be god. The path you chose, is to Armageddon. Instead of attempting to be god: LEARN WHAT YOU DID AS HUMANITY to cause these terrible things to happen/ and stop doing them TO yourselves. What is hard about that? The human excuse is "WE DON'T want to change". Either change, or accept your reward/ you earned it, you keep it.

The elemental truth is: that I have done, ALL that I can do to insure no one but me is targeted for this work. It is absolutely true, NONE but me worked or accomplished the words of these web sites, or this trial before you. Which means ANY attempt to blame or harm any other person, because of my actions: WILL BECOME AN ETERNAL CURSE UPON YOU. Don't believe it? You will. The reality now suggests, as a trial begins to form (with, or without the court)/ the question, as to whether I will survive to help you, is now as real as the level of attention the words receive. One in one million people, is still over 300 people who hate me: just in the USA. There will be more. I AM NOT your leader/ NOT your savior/ NOT a "rabble rouser"/ NOT your enemy or friend in these things: I am "a messenger"/ telling you to change all these things, before you die. I am an owner/ citizen just like you in this nation, and I am telling this court to establish that fact. I am telling this court to prove with transparency and reality exactly what has been done to this nation by the decisions of its employees (if for good/ then congratulations, and thank you: But if for bad/ then penalties, blame, lost your job, etc). I am telling you, as the American people: that apathy is NOT an option/ to worry about what you cannot change is worthless. Therefore change what can be changed, do what you can do, and prepare to accept the reality of what cannot be undone. Or you will die. Simple as that.

Reality is relentless/ truth does not care/ the law decides, but an education in reality and truth declares that changes can be made BEFORE an event occurs; thereby changing and redirecting truth to assemble a different reality/ and people to make a different choice. You cannot change, without change! You cannot continue with the same leaders and expect a different result. You cannot evade the elemental laws that govern this world. You cannot hide or run away and expect change/ or life to survive. Life demands: EITHER PROTECT IT, or you die.

This is NOT A GAME. The leaders of men have built a death trap for nature, for life, and for the future. Either you will REBUILD: AS LIFE FIRST, every decision based upon its impact on life: or you will die. This is a fact, that will be proven true. Either you will stop lying and avoiding the truth, or you will fail and enter HELL and ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos), as the reality of men playing gods, choosing "toys"/ but finding death instead. Because that, is what the evidence says. MAKE YOUR DECISION/ because there is no going back, to a dead world, a dead nature, a mutilated genetic structure that can't be fixed, a war using weapons of mass destruction, a dead sea, destroyed water supplies, no oxygen in the air & no plants to repair the damage you did: and so very much more. Do you really believe these are not the essence of WAR? Do you Really believe , the rest of this world will let you continue to eat while they starve? Shame on you.

NO OTHER OPPORTUNITIES TO CHANGE YOUR FUTURE WILL COME: time is running out./ either work for life first/ or die.
Not a threat, not a demand, not a "religious description of, gods' going to get you"/ rather a simple truth developed and assembled from the reality of this day. The consequences of men. The reality of liars and the things they did. The tragedies built upon arrogance, pride, want, and greed; because selfishness desired it more than life. Choose better, or face the choice you made.

Some say: "god's will be done/ others, won't happen unless its suppose to/ still others, I won't believe unless there is prophecy; there is: spread throughout the interpretations of this work, but much is assigned to www.soultalking.info IF you wish to read it. These prophecies are from the Christian bible/ but there are others: just not worth working with, to me." One religion is enough. The question put to all "God's children/ or more correctly the religious/ whatever religion you like"; is simply: DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE, That GOD, our Creator Wants us to let HIS CREATION DIE? Really? Why? Would it not be more honest to believe, GOD desires us to work hard to SAVE NOT ONLY OURSELVES/ BUT HIS CREATION AS WELL! Think about it. If you have no "free will"/ then everything is "According to GOD'S will, if you like, " BUT you do have free will; And that means you are literally responsible for the decisions that you do make. Is that not so? Answer the question. Our choice, is to do what we can do, for the sake of this earth, our lives, the future, and because respect for GOD'S WORK HERE, simply demands it must be so. If you run away or hide, who then are you?

For the un-religious, etc: the simple facts are, that extermination from this earth is a valid and true example of assembling thought and perceiving reality. The examination of the evidence is not a hard concept: we take the best knowledge that we can find/ understand it with the assembly of as adequate a representation of truth that we can express: allowing all to have their say "so nothing is missed". And then accept the decision these truths will create; For or against the survival of our lives, because of what has been done/ or is being done. Why do you resist "science with meaning to life/ rather than dead science; you accept that." Fail with dead science and fusion, and the earth is on fire and it cannot be put out. Fail with dead science and CERN, and in an instant the earth is dust, and you are gone; "its what they want, going to create the big bang". Fail with genetic mutilations, and all of nature can be destroyed, in horrific, beyond description terrible tragic ways; only a damn fool can't see it! Fail to stop the ocean from dying, and there will be war: examine the fish sales/ understand the big trawlers take entire colonies at a single time; ending "that little nation/ bringing all that survives because of it to extinction as well." fail to respect this earth, and your needs; and you die. Simple as that/ the list is long, of threats to your continued existence. The time is short, because there will be starvation and a point of no return on much. Either you accept truth, and apply real change, or your time as earth and its life in this place, will be destroyed: because that is what men have chosen to do. No respect for anything, just want, pride, power, and selfishness. Let women rule/ they cannot do worse. It is a necessity/ men brought us to this door preceding hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos); the punishment is, NO more leading from men. Don't believe in hell or Armageddon? You as a world, are literally about to run out of food, water will be fought for, resources are ending, you built an angry world with economic lies, destroying nature, mutilating life, and much more. Why? Because money first, is the end result of every organized male dominated activity. Still don't believe? I guarantee, you will.

For my own part, my own life the essential ingredients of existence are quite simple: life comes first, that includes my needs, the needs of those who are friends (this includes life forms of every kind/ because they all participate in our existence), an environment that is healthy enough to survive; a conscious agreement within me to find balance/ but search the extremes for life itself. The one area of imbalance in my own life is "teeth gone bad"/ it is a long explanation called why. But simply put, spiritually I consider this the right thing for me to do: "no reason why, not wisdom or strength or even purpose"/ I simply believe, spiritually this is the right thing for me to do. NOT for you. Rather it is, A reality complex enough to ascribe to faith in me: but understood as a long-term consequence that is simple and plainly not a decision I take lightly. But, even so the body is less, than my desire to understand what spiritual existence means; so I go where I am asked: regardless of the price. Its my way, but it is not simple or plain. This is one extreme applied to a spiritual existence: Don't believe its, something for you to do/ this is a complex, critically strange, and strictly very personal request to me. Certainly not for you: because it does border on sacrifice/ and I never sacrifice, nor should you/ only the essence of my education in spirituality over the past 50+ years allows this decision to be made. That is not you/ its me, and I choose to make mistakes as is necessary with this body, to learn as needed for eternity: where any mistake is costly. This "let teeth go" is however: such a strange request/ reality, that it must be lived to find out why. A life without teeth, is not pleasant, or fun, it even includes more dangerous eating, as pieces are bigger, and the ability to control what you swallow is diminished / {BE GRATEFUL for how well you are designed and built, it is an amazing body and mind}. There are many other consequences, for tooth loss; including instant judgments against you/ little chance for dating/ fewer jobs, and other social consequences as well as pain; don't be naive. The other extreme of spiritual consequence in time (not in spirituality itself)/ has been the need for a solution to your survival sent me searching through Revelations from the bible, [you can read about these interpretations if you wish, most are in www.soultalking.info ] chapter 12 has become "a very strange surprise in me". This has led to a life that has changed so dramatically, and steadily, since that moment/ that I do find it changing me "in dynamic ways beyond my control". Not as a threat to you, not as a leader or anything else involving or suggesting an attack on you: but as vulnerability and defenselessness in me. In other words, Life feels like: "the opposite of what it was in time, as regards a body (mind has started to change too), a very strange experience." BUT, by the blessing of spirituality that accomplishes this fact/ I have found a better way to help you survive, by educating/ communicating: rather than simply confronting men. I have learned that women are different, far more than ever I believed before; and they will rule differently, if left alone: creating a new world for life. What is man however, is historically defined: on the day he can no longer "take someone else's business, property, or possessions: war is his answer. It is a proven fact, in "groups of men": That is an ending/ not survival, but extermination in this time and day. TODAY, without sharing, caring, and choices distinctly to protect and value life itself, in all its forms; the world ends! And that means men are no longer, fit to lead.

[You can read about "changes in time", if you are willing to search in www.complexdestiny.info .] the end result of my own distinct efforts to find a solution that allows life on earth to survive, is an "uninvited spiritual woman inside". The price for her help, which has become educating/ and communicating with you, is that women shall be elevated to the position of leadership. What is different in me, is then found to be a blessing/ regardless of the cost to me as a man. GOD'S CREATION here on earth is well worth this price/ even though I do recognize that price could go up dramatically in many ways, and already has. My own experience as life, has literally become "like a passenger, trapped in my own body; she has complete control, I do not". I am however "let out, for any fighting/ at least so far, but that too, is just fading away". I am thankful regardless of that, for an answer for life, I could not find on my own/ but nonetheless extremely surprised. I know not, "how I/ or you ends". Must live it to find out. Don't be stupid, or religious; I am not here to hurt you/ every word herein is designed to help you in one form or another, and that will not be changed. As to the spiritual woman inside, the clearest assertion I can make is: I did not find her when searching inside of me, because she hid (I have asked), where only love is allowed to go. Just didn't occur to me, that an experience taking so much control away from my own life, changing me regardless of my own decisions, could be love: Just didn't look there. The controls taken however are not threatening, the changes in me are not life threatening, and did keep me from grievous error (the acceleration of your demise as a world). The reality of new possibilities assigned to me are simply not mine to choose anymore, "I seem to be owned". Women complain "men control their lives, and sex"/ it seems clear, the intent here is: "I get to experience what that is like, from a woman's view". Not kidding, there is a very serious intent without the slightest deviation to educate me about what it means to be a woman/ what it feels like, to be controlled: no excuses allowed/ no getting out/ deal with it! Not a good thing: don't do it to women, love deserves more respect/ love lifts and elevates through honesty, honor, happiness, and hope; these are about courage, not control. Be kind to each other, fair and generous with your life: and if valued properly, with your body as well. I literally have no idea why me/ never controlled any woman or girl in any conceivable way. The only possible conclusion is "at least he listens"/ but am undoubtedly wrong. Guess I was "just there, at the right moment"/ really not a clue. Why do you need to know? Not really sure, apart from the fact it seems necessary to me to explain: no more hiding what is real/ no more lying or running away from what is true/ face your life as it is, and build accordingly or die. We are the essence of our decisions in desire, the reality of our own truth by the purpose we conceive. There has never been a desire to be "female/ not a single second"; never been an intent to be less than free in me; prepared for anything/ but this. Where there is love, life goes on. Where there is truth, life builds a bridge between what was then and now. Where there is honor, what is spiritually female in me is remembered in the honesty of a life that transformed confrontation and the intent of force/ into education and the need for communication in respect. Therefore a blessing to you and to me, no matter how or what time will bring.

In a different vein, regarding common human experiences: It is easy to be caught in the whirlpool of human want or pride/ both can be combined into a search for power, and as you are sucked into it, the desire for hate will arise; can't treat me this way/ revenge, jealousy, abuse, lust, etc. These things circle the central focus of your life/ because people get lost in the simple selfishness of "this is going to be done, MY way: or I hate you for that: or the insanity of, this is all your fault", and as a result all efforts are used to aid and abet a focus (NOT going to let you, get away). That literally excludes life, by confining it within the meaning of "hunting your prey"/ devaluing life, by calling it less than me. People do become predators, when want (I will get: regardless of the facts or life lived) or pride (I will win, regardless of how many must be made losers): when this rules their lives. When a focus removes the world and its needs, rights, and balance, thereby the evidence of your love/ or condemns you to hate, finding fault regardless of reality. YOU have entered within the whirlpool/ or circle of death. So called, because like a predator, your actual intent is to subdue, control, and then claim your prize "to do with as you please". As you get closer to attaining this prize: either in your mind or reality, the intensity increases; "the suction" gets worse: terrorists are born/ where people lose their grip on reality. Or more correctly for most, the door of lies and the essence of liar presents itself: as a more easy way to achieve your want, or evade being preyed upon yourself. Pride is a deliberate decision to judge someone else as less; prove you can be more in some irrelevant way, and demand to be "better". Greed is a focus, that redefines life, by the claims you present as your prize: it is a desire to be rich (to have slaves). No prize or trophy lasts long, " the moment is gone forever, practically before it begins" / therefore another game, another trophy MUST be found. And when you can no longer win, these most often begin to abuse or use those around them, to prove superior to someone. The elemental reality of "voices inside your mind", is the temptation to prove superior/ to prove less than me. The acceptance, or failure to drive these things out; is an understanding that not all hate has ended in you.

Life is about "The struggle to understand the elements and blessings of a moment that leads, to the foundation of you." Here in the disciplines of a journey that expands the truth of your own identity, life and destiny join in a decision to build an eternity. It is not free, life and eternity requires respect/ life and eternity requires truth/ life requires thought: but eternity demands LOVE, as no other reality lifts and controls the desire for life to continue within ourselves, to continue in the joy and beauty that is life in truth. There is no sharing of lies, it ends in hate/ and hate ends in violence. Only truth survives and creates the framework that is for friendship. Only love invites a relationship that forms on the inside, as a search beyond what can be known as loneliness enters or leaves our existence. Sexual identities declare an expression in differences, that makes the essence of life an expansion into thoughts that are distinctly beyond ourselves. It is a joy, to understand what is different; and yet almost the same, adds meaning to the experience of both lives. Truth searches for destiny, but love binds us to life. Eternity shares this elemental invitation to the existence of thought: as our place in a kaleidoscope of opportunities that literally are "beyond ourselves". Pray well.

Those who are alive, search BEYOND THEMSELVES, for a destiny that matches their desires and purpose for life. Where there is love inside, this journey is for life itself: not a reward or a trophy, these are meaningless. But to understand and respect the existence of every opportunity and possibility that life itself is. To be alive is to know, that love is a blessing only to those who participate within it. To be alive is to know, that selfishness searches only within the boundary of you/ fears common to the selfish, are the evidence of a boundary so small, nothing else can fit: lonely and afraid is your reward. To be alive inside, is to understand that life itself is separate from you as an identity in time: if it were not so, you would not die, because you would be life, rather than time. The quest for wisdom then enters into thought as the boundary between what is life and time, and asks the very simple question: who am I? That answer begins with miracles of body and mind, miracles without end, in a world that is beyond anything I could imagine building or even understanding; be honest, and know this is true. That means "there is a GOD" / that means to be alive is a reality defined by GOD / and that means only one of two choices exists beyond this decision. Either GOD is here in the evidence of life inside this body/ all creation, and still influencing time. Or we are abandoned, by whatever form you choose to believe. JESUS is a testimony to the concept that we are NOT abandoned/ and I am a believer in that testimony, simply because the words and the work "ring true in me", as an evidence or proof of the possibilities that do exist. I am a believer in JESUS / not a follower of men or rules; but an active participant in what these descriptions do express in love.

You, as the world of humanity present an active and real need in me to educate you sufficiently to survive. These sites/ this site is deliberately and with purpose, my intent to do that simple thing. More simply is the need to describe why failures exist/ and what tragedies are coming: that you may correct them, and do better. Pride will condemn me for these few words "how dare he suggest/ he is better, or not equal, or whatever it is". We don't need nobody/ we are not failures: we are gods, doing what no generation before us has been able to do. That is true, you are doing what no generation before you has done. But it is not true, that the consequences slightly hidden from view to the majority; are safe to you. Instead, the reality of what is being done, describes a foundation for what is coming in the very near future: the reality of all that, will be The Extermination of you. I do not tell you "I am correct"/ it is not worthy of you or me. RATHER I DO TELL YOU, this evidence of coming catastrophe is extensive and severe: THEREFORE BELIEVE THE EVIDENCE, and go searching for the truth, before there is no other choice, but to die. "Too late now"! Go to court/ go to the trial above and demand to see the evidence that humanity already holds. Displace want, and accept truth: regardless of want, pride, power, or selfishness: AND THEN MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION, as is necessary for you to do. Life or death for an entire planet, is no small decision. Hiding, or running away as is a coward or fool, will kill you. Find the truth, and use it to survive. That is my work for you, find the truth, and use it to survive. I can't make you/ YOU MUST CHOOSE TO DO IT FOR YOURSELF, AND YOUR WORLD, AND YOUR CHILDREN. It is your duty.
LISTEN to your heart beat, and know this world of life needs YOU. Your eyes are a gift, your ears a blessing, your touch the essence in knowledge of not being alone, your taste an element of discovery, your smell equals the distance of a definition that you can experience, your speech the delivery of an expression, & your movement equals the essence of your being alive. WHY, let greedy fools & ignorance take it all away? Explain it, I cannot understand.

DO WHAT YOU CAN DO/ do not worry about what you cannot do, you cannot do that! Simply do what you can do, as do I. Eternity is watching, life or death for this planet is at stake. Everyone lives/ or everyone dies. Think about that! Think about what happens, when your "scientists" are proven wrong/ and they did intentionally commit to destroying life on earth, and have done so: too late now. Think about what happens, with a world on fire, that cannot be put out/ or an explosion so massive, that the world literally ends. Think about how beautiful is the human body, both female and male; and so precious to each other, each in their own way. Think about our future as life on a dying planet, because it is dying, from the things men have done; we cannot live without it/ can't live without the chains of living creation that keeps the others alive/ can't breathe without oxygen provided by forests gone, or disappearing; every fire consumes oxygen, every engine, every life called beyond a plant. I have said to you everything that it is realistic for me to say. To assume that I can present evidence, is errant/ because without "a degree" I would just be ridiculed, who would believe. Like going to court, the jesters are waiting. Yet I can present the critical relationships that are threatening this world/ and establish the simple truth of where these things will go, what they will do: common sense is enough to understand that, and you do. There is a short summary available, just to get you started.

The end result of this work, these web sites and lawsuits is now in view: I have sought to unravel the maze that keeps humanity trapped within failure, and the circles of death. To give you a choice/ that you may not be trapped, or without an option to survive. By educating and communicating the relationships of life, and the participation's called living: I do consider that job done. Your turn now, to do what you can do, for life. I have abandoned your ways, they are dying. Instead of worrying about what society can do to you, I suggest you learn what reality will do to you/ and then function accordingly. Without understanding, wisdom, truth, and courage, I tell you true, that you will not survive this reality chosen by the leadership of men. This is personally "living in a glass house, naked". Because you can see the elements and the reality of what is inside: A conversation provided/ no need for an interview. This is understanding, if you do not turn on "the lights, and open the door for truth" as a world: you fail, and die. The forum located at the side of this homepage, is further evidence of a conversation with you. An opportunity for you to reply; is your choice. "It can be, a world chat" if you so choose. Don't follow: make your own decision, and then live it for life. Living is not free, respect FOR LIFE is not an option/ ITS REQUIRED. Time is running out, your opportunities to make a difference in the death of this world are ending. While it is somewhat true, this prediction of an ending is slightly in advance of absolute chaos and the end of an opportunity for decisions to be made. The reality is plainly and simply; on the very last day, that reality has become so small, your odds of making any decision that matters for life, are very small too. Don't believe everything will be well. Men have made decisions that prove what the future will be/ don't need to be smart to see it: just honest. If you stand in the way of others, and their decision/ you will be condemned, with no mercy. If you cannot find a single thing that you can do, to make a difference in life or death for this world, then you too will be condemned as unworthy. Nothing is small or unnecessary about understanding our future as it exists/ nothing is more useless than hiding or running away, from the facts of life. Even the possibility of not working for our beautiful planet, the sanctity and grace and blessing of lovely, balanced bodies & a nature that gives us life: is simply beyond by ability to understand. How can you fail to do your best? It is truly insane. Life or death for this planet is a little bit like your economic concerns: after the run on the bank starts/ its over. After the mutual fund drops significantly, you get nothing back. After world failure and economic crisis for real: there is no room for change. You DO have to begin, before the storm actually hits/ or there is little you can do. Pretend this doesn't exist, is for fools. Believe in the liars who say "the government (we the people) will provide insurance to each other"/ is stupid: no insurance works, when everything is broken. Its just a game. The failure to understand games are for idiots/ when real life is demanding your attention: buys a place in the cold, a life struggling to survive/ and many who will die. Face your truth/ accept your reality, and learn what must be changed. Then do the work!
May you find heart and soul back/ trading all that is bringing you disaster; for life in peace, harmony, happiness, and love. BECAUSE YOU CHOSE RESPECT & TRUTH. GOD BLESS all who do so choose.

In the simple truth of needs

the reality of what is being done requires a more significant understanding. A bail out (correctly worded) of the american or world financial districts, cannot work, because 4 things stand against it. (1) the numbers are bad, you have played in fantasy land too long/ and deluded yourselves in every conceivable way; 100 trillion plus, in debt divided by "50 million workers owing 2 million each; per worker" (all area's of debt: personal/ state/ business/ etc). You cannot stop the expectations of these numbers, therefore all that can remove the lie is simple bankruptcy. (2) the greedy are waiting to pounce, and as greedy always do; they will simply steal the money: whenever they believe the maximum is now in their hands. They care nothing, about nothing, but money. Giving them more will just inflame their greed. (3) the primary trouble is consolidation of all area's of money into gigantic sewer holes/ thereby surrendering the nation to their whim; a fools' game, without comprehension of honor, honesty, duty, or respect. Sell every single individual bank/ to individual bankers, and let them reopen as neighborhood banks, and fund them by buying the defaulted mortgages, as the big banks fail. Let them fail/ and give the money to individual banks, where these are responsible to the people, and the people responsible for them. (4) nothing has been said about the actual cost; can't just claim 700 billion dollars spent/ without actually surrendering something more. You are bankrupt now/ which means in reality that programs will be sacrificed, and people thrown away. The rich and powerful being in charge means; as always, they will attack the poor, and take away medical/ take away roads/ take away school lunches/ sell more of the USA/ and so on. Make them declare the price/ because you will pay.
The presidential candidates refuse to take a stand/ merely make promises that they cannot keep. Let them be specific/ let them be presenting figures and realities exactly as if they were president today; both sides, at exactly the same time (for fairness) to the public on every issue that exists. If not, it is you the american public, that is the fool.
To help you gain perspective click here

The IL supreme court replies: click here to see it. Fundamentally, it reads: having no law to refuse the filing with/ having no honor or honesty thereby refusing the laws and intent of constitutional obligations required of the court/ accepting no duty to defend this state or nation/ declaring the deaths of millions merely to be an act to insignificant for them to deal with/ and more. Establishing failure as the foundation of government, and insanity through pride as the outcry of their world, clearly seen as hidden away from reality and the people. Those with power in their hands, believe themselves to be gods. And as usual, throw the evidence away. I came for transparency in all matters of money in both state and nation. That need now verified by the economic crisis invading this world. And as usual the court threw the evidence away. I came back for honor, and the court must adhere to its previous agreement/ but failed, because the pride is too severe. IL Supreme court as filed , addendum that followed.

This court presents: A carefully worded statement from (any court), that contains not even a hint of law/ not a ruling/ not a suggestion of right or wrong. Therefore it IS NOT a legal statement from a court, as required by justice/ but a mockery of justice, and the illegal use of a courtroom to contain and control the people. Thereby this paper from the court, represents an illegal declaration of intent by the court to overrule the law/ and commit treason against the people of this state of IL, and this nation USA. If they had declared anything of the law, that statement above might be construed as excessive/ but I come to court expecting and demanding the law, and instead, because they cannot defeat any legal arguments that have been made. Their Organized crime declares, instead of a legal argument upon which a case can be determined, a demand identified as just and fair within the law. They simply steal my rights to a courtroom, and declare "what can he do/ we won't let him in the door". It is NOT the law, that stands against me/ but corrupt employees, in the courtroom of this state and nation who declare themselves above the law. I bring the law to court, asking the courts to "defend the people"/ where in the consistency of time and time again, the courts of this american nation simply refuse the Constitution/ and the laws of this nation that defend the people. Trading justice for power and the delusions of another branch of government lost in disgrace! Those judges who take the law, our demand as a people of this state upon its employees and the people alike; are expected to obey what is true, just, fair, and equal; as a protection and a security for our lives; do commit treason, when deliberately using deceit and lies to commit perjury (standing in a courtroom of this state and declaring what they know to be UNTRUE). Treason means: adhering to the enemy and giving him aid or comfort. The enemy of the People, is the theft of their government; WE THE PEOPLE, is not we the judges will decide regardless of the law. Rather the law will decide, and the employee will adhere to the people, and give them aid and comfort as is applied in justice, through fair play, and with an equal sense of right or wrong. As a description of their own intent: these judges literally LIE, CHEAT, & STEAL as any other organized criminal organization does. Those who break the law, are criminals: is that not so.

Pride is the first sign of insanity. The second is an absolute refusal to admit you are wrong. Instead of adhering to the truth/ THEY CHOOSE to follow the lies, declaring "we are a god/ compared to you, simply a citizen searching for justice and truth." Or more simple, declaring "you are nothing here/ no rights/ no law/ no citizenship, simply nothing; because we control the law". However, Is the constitution of state or nation NOT considered the truth of its people? Indeed it is. Thereby what is constitutional in its intent, and by its means, methods, and ways; is fundamentally the voice of this nation itself. Those who do stand against that voice of WE THE PEOPLE/ therefrom do commit treason, and are in every sense are the example of a traitor. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The pretense of : "can't understand simple english, simple justice, simple fair play, or the search and demand for equality: in the language of this nation; the words of its people"; is nothing more than a pre-school attempt to say in effect "the dog ate my homework". There is no ignorance of the law in this court; and that means there is a true and real defiance of the law, an abandonment of the rules, an attack upon the people. And a subversive attempt to confiscate the law, by-laws, and methods by which a court conducts itself for JUSTICE and before THE PEOPLE. There is no justice here/ therefore the law has been seized and held for ransom. If a ransom, then there is a "highest bidder". If there were an audience watching, these things would not exist. Therefore a legal noise, is necessary. And will appear in the next few weeks.
The plotting and planning no doubt begins. The question is "just how corrupt is this branch of government"? To what extent of violence, will they sink? If you think the proud and powerful "like to be shown their error"/ you could not be more wrong.

This web site is dedicated, to the desire that life should continue to live, here on earth. The fact that we must discuss even the possibility of extinction; means things on earth by the decisions of men are not going well. Consequences exist, or more correctly are coming that will be hard or impossible to survive. Therefore the purpose here is to confront all the pride and want that refuses to believe: life is not so simple/ reality is not so blind/ truth is not a toy for you to play with/ and time is not forever, unless you respect the opportunity it provides.
Every opportunity to see what is going wrong/ is then sought to bring comprehension, from every possible angle and way that gives you insight. Every education is blunted, with the reality of human existence, because there are limits created where truth does not lead. This is not an endless direction to statistics or facts. This is an intent to define the major participants, and present an opportunity for trial: whereby all examine, investigate, and determine the possibilities of what our future is allowed to be by the decisions we will now make. Where pride must be confronted, it is. Where reality must be dealt with as truth, it is. That leaves the possibilities of a choice dependent upon you. An opportunity, and a work required of you; for life in time to survive. Everything is up to you, because we are 7 billion people; and if we do not change; the consequences of what is being done, will exterminate us from this earth. For BALANCE, an offering is made: to look first at peace and life "just a little bit"/ to give rest to heart and soul "just a touch". If you read this first, it will help you be at peace with the rest.

But do not be blind; we must make different choices to survive. Life is not a game/ there are consequences to every human decision. Time has changed our relationship with nature; because today we decide if nature survives/ instead of nature simply providing us all, a life to survive. Humanity has become "like a god of destruction" over all nature/ today you decide if nature lives or dies; and you are killing all life on earth. Leading us all, to the truth, human existence will change or die. Learning the truth, "just because you can/ does not mean you will survive the decision". Failing to understand, those who gamble long enough will always lose. You cannot wait until none can say "it ain't so"/ past the point of no return; there is no going back, all life will die: we MUST change now. Leadership MUST be different now. Therefore use your mind, search for your heart, and repent so "the soul inside" can find you alive.

Time is not a bottle/ wherein you are contained and controlled without escape. Time is an element, that lets you experience yourself, by the freedoms you achieve; without fear. Fear is the thief, that ties you in prison, and takes away your time. This introduction then conceives of balance, in an unbalanced world. The participation of all matters on this web site is, a relationship distinguished for the simple purpose of "facing our reality/ and understanding our truth, and nothing but the truth". These sites push, pull, expand, and explain what it means to be human in society today. What humanity, and the extremes of science is doing to us all. They do use every aspect and tool available to accomplish an education for you, as best I can. That includes forcing you to confront your want and pride, selfishness and much more. Unfortunately, the majority of work reflects the tragedy of your decisions, by leaders of men/ the failure of science by the potential consequences of your new realities. But it is not all bad news, some is enlightening, some expands the dimensions of your soul, and some leads to life itself. May you find the heart needed, to complete this work, and know the search inside of you begins. GOD LOVES YOU/ but life, in time; needs you today. That reality conceives this work, and it fundamentally needs as large and diverse an audience as is possible, to create your chance to survive! As history proves: humanity is always given the opportunity to examine, investigate, and decide for itself; if it will change: BEFORE tragedy. But when that has past, the consequences of the decisions you have made will occur; freedom demands it, and all humanity demands to be free. While understanding says to you plainly, that time on earth is in truth "running out/ consequences are coming". We must stop the destruction/ we must find and share the possibilities of truth, peace, and life. OR, The future is death, unless we change society itself. The evidence that states life first, is found within. This message has been presented in countless ways and means/ this message has been presented to leaders, media, government, religions, military, courts, individuals and more; here and internationally. I never asked you to believe me/ I ask you to investigate for the sake of your own lives, and find truth. This work, passes now to you; each one a participant in whether this world survives/ not just me. What you do, or do not do matters for life. Make your decision.
In the matter of CERN, let us review

Supplemented by the simple truths that are a summary of base line evidence; added to by the addendum established for your discussion/ or the pdf file: addendum. This is a foundation work, of the "most powerful words ever written (NOT the most important)": because they allow you to decide your fate, as a humanity. They create the format for you to be WE THE PEOPLE, in truth/ and a necessity to do so as well! Because life on earth is under attack. From the addendum above: a few excerpts, dated 9/4/08

Quote: "...... the law, OUR LAW AS A PEOPLE; rules this entire nation. That is the purpose of the law/ TO REMOVE the decisions of justice from men and women, and give them to the words upon which we have agreed. To conspire against the law, to collude and oppress with frivolous demands and fundamental anarchy in an attempt to tear down this law; that is an action of criminals. I bring the law to court/ I demand my constitutional rights in court; or force you to show me my error, as is DUE PROCESS.....".. "Constitutional law, cannot be defeated/ IT IS THE LAW. All who oppose it, and cast our future to Hell and Armageddon (a description/ not a religious statement) are a traitor. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW DEFENDS THE PEOPLE, NOT THE COURT/ because constitutional law binds this nation and state together, all the people as one. AGREED AND ACCEPTED; within these terms. Constitutional law, is the command of the people to do as we say/ not as you want; this is the law of the owners: WE THE PEOPLE......"... " Failure is treason, an act in complete defiance against this state or nation. WE HAVE A NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH, AND OUR REALITY, as best we can/ as a people, that may then unite; and decide for life or death. The playground is closed/ reality comes!......"

The reality is: some will hate this work, with a passion/ some will accept this work as valid and true/ and the rest will simply worry, and be afraid of it. But as is the decision of law, in this USA: declared and certain from the consequence of the Oklahoma bombing. If I don't tell you about the disasters coming/ then I am responsible to you; just like the man put away for life, simply because he didn't inform. ISN'T THAT SO, JUDGE!

The discussion forum can be read without registering/ it is only necessary to register, if you wish to post a comment on site.

The function of this web site is specifically: to educate you, in foundations and principles of society and life; so that YOU may use these understandings to create a better world for yourself. This state trial of particular importance to you demanding accountability and truth: viewed in discussion format as filed/ and its alternate, translated in pdf format . The federal trial below, is functionally included within the disciplines of constitutional intent, and by the terms of duty applied to the employees, within this state. The foundations, and fundamentals of court response, and your representatives is then used to establish what is real and defined by the court system, in this america, and in this state of IL. For your review.
THE BATTLEFIELD, is now set: TODAY, is the day I need you; the army and weaponry that is law, the intent of constitutional agreements, and the foundation called WE THE PEOPLE, are in view. Therefore, IF YOU are democracy [we the people]/ then get off your lazy ass, and bring me the referees (bring an audience) "so that your employees must fight fair". If you are lawyer or legal aid, then pay attention to this link (click here)/ and provide aid: "should the employees start to squirm, with endless rules and procedure".

Round 2 will be completed and filed, by placing in US mail within the first week of September
THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE, it is not mine. No other will come/ either you embrace your truth, and redefine your world/ deciding for yourselves the future: "or it will go to hell, and Armageddon (nature in chaos)". Because the reality of decisions made by men, have condemned you to extermination. MAKE YOUR DECISION. Change, or die. This is not a game, there are no second chances! The world itself is at stake.

ROUND 2 of this federal trial, will not be issued until the state court has made its fundamental decision.


Our critical reality is described, by the lawsuit presented before the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, mailed August 5, 2008. This is a document of the 1st amendment stating in brief: ".......Or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances". Thereby it is a legal right to petition for redress, not a political one. This case is held for the clear and distinct purpose of establishing truth, through information that only a court can provide/ due to its ability to punish the liars, and demand the employees of government do their job and present us with the information we need as owners. Read is you so choose (click here for discussion format). Join if you understand this is your opportunity to demand truth in government, and the right to determine our future as owners of this nation/ not pawns. The case is more than it sounds. Main Trial As filed in PDF format
Reply of the court Added to this trial: James F. Osterbur Versus United States of America, as represented by those employees with the most influence in assuring the people that all governmental actions are true, correct "as best we can"/ and legally attuned to the constitution itself.

Is the appellate trial 07-2299 by its consequence of being evidentiary proof of a failure, within the judicial system of the United States. This trial, is not a repeat of 07-2299/ but it does seek truth, and information and judgement on the additional issues of corruption. These represent extenuating circumstances that provide additional foundation for a redress of grievances. A good faith establishment that what is justice, fair play, and equality as a citizen protected under his rights of DUE PROCESS: again pressed against the court to find its duty.
The appellate trial returns due to a breech of contract/ "I provided the court terms for abandonment in this 07-2299/ I provided the opportunity to make good on their covenant with me: there can be no doubt about what that covenant was: to remove the tax burden from the year 2005/ because the court refused to do its job in return for letting trial be abandoned. They failed, and as a consequence/ the right of trial returns. But not separated into appellate and supreme trials, rather evidence to this one; of a need to address and change the court itself.
The constitution is in charge/ and WE THE PEOPLE , are owners of this nation. Corruption ends.
Copies are at www.justtalking.info Link is federal trial, on the left of this home page.

As we approach the end of life on earth, it is unfathomable how arrogant and foolish people have chosen to be. Today I am reading about CERN;
Their words "The most powerful physics experiment ever built, the LHC will re‑create the conditions just after the Big Bang." And just what are the conditions after an explosion; take a look at mt st. helens; and immense blast of energy invading the area. Or a thermonuclear explosion, first the explosion then the effects of intense energy spreading everywhere.

For the few who still don't know what a big bang is: it's the explosion of all matter within the known universe a few billion years ago/ nothing more devastating/ nothing more destructive has ever been known in this entire universe. And these people want to "re-create it"! Gee, what could go wrong? After all, an explosion capable of creating the known universe sending mass trillions of light years away from the center/ because it was such a horrific event; Who could possibly expect that wouldn't be a good thing for this earth? Goodbye then, if you don't care/ what good is it to talk? The scientists will continue to argue "not quite the big bang"/ but lets be real, "they are speeding protons up to the speed of light/ and then smashing them together in a head-on collision": TWICE the speed of light at impact or "E=MC SQUARED." Its their dream, "pure energy". The web site listed below informs you that they are indeed very near ready. The purpose of extreme cold is to increase the velocity of the proton/ the 5 trillion electron volts/ or if not enough the later 7 trillion electron volts are to sufficiently isolate these protons from their respective electrons that they are completely vulnerable to impacts. They have already succeeded in creating head-on collisions with billions of volts/ what they want to do with trillions of volts is see "vaporization" of the protons/ thereby releasing all the energy that binds a proton, and controls the electron environment explode at once. The nuclear progression that follows is well "under control, isn't it"? Can't go wrong? Scientists well, they are just too smart to endanger all the earth? Isn't that right? Returning to mt st. helens, remember the volcanologist that knew exactly what was coming, but stood on the mountain when it was clearly about to blow up. He wanted to be god, so he stood in the energy, and believed "the spirit, would survive and make him god". He was wrong. The question; Are they more insane/ or you, for letting them do this? Hard to say. Well lets review anyway in case you still have a mind hiding somewhere: they have separated out the single most energy intense mass in this universe called a proton/ lined up a few trillion per second, of these little components that make a nuclear bomb "nuclear"/ and are going to explode them. "But under controlled conditions"/ accelerating them with computers, magnets, cold, and nuclear power plants to a maximum " speed of light"/ but crashed from opposite directions its speed of light x speed of light= squared, energy. Not to worry though "just a few at a time/ its not like nuclear explosions propagate"/ its not like the big bang wherein the explosion was so powerful that the entire earth would have been treated "like a pea, so to speak" ; hell, humans are god right? And for good measure, if they don't kill the earth the first time/ NOT TO WORRY, they have bigger experiments in mind!

Time is up/ either find your voice amid all this horrific pride; and stop them; or be dead. Want to be wrong? But wait, "your so smart, you know better; thumping together two sticks of dynamite" with potentially trillions more power than these (its what they hope for/ its what "big bang means"); such as is the environment created by men: going to prove they can be god; well that's just smart, isn't it. I truly don't know how you can stand "the brain power"/ must be the size of a tyrannosaurus rex, at least. What do you get for the gamble? Nothing but arrogance and pride/ death/ the end of this world potentially/ at least europe devastated and seeking new places to live. Or, if like the big bang, the energy intensity is so great it propagates throughout the mountain and more, well then the earth blows up! But who knows, maybe? Well worth the risk for devils (kill em all). GOD might intervene for now/ but why? Are you worth the trouble, or just going to do this again/ how about genetic mutilation/ or the endless threats created by man: they are every where; and that means your leaders are fools. There is some love in humanity, but without respect. Does that not make you a fool as well. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7512586.stm

As for me, "I have never felt more like a girl"/ forced to the background, while men prepare to kill/ mutilate/ and destroy each other. Just waiting, hoping the worst of them will be killed, and something left of a life worth living. I am reduced to talking/ have become dependent upon law/ not allowed to do more. But "Who cares, but me; are you working"/ after all, if not this, then fusion will burn the earth to nothing/ and if not that genetic mutilation will destroy nature entirely/ and if not that, the oxygen consumption well beyond replacement will make you lay down to die/ and if not that starvation and thirst will bring weapons of mass destruction/ etc, etc, etc. "Your so smart"/ now isn't that so much better than more appropriate name-calling? Can't stop any of it alone; and your too proud/ want, regardless of the cost/ and so selfish, if change means a penny lost, you believe "your personal world, is coming to an end". This world will die, just once/ nature will be lost, just once/ the earth can be lit on fire, just once/ humanity can kill itself, just once. There is no going back, work for life first/ or face your own worst enemy; "yourself".

The return to trial, accountability in government, and the demand you shall NOT gamble with my life/ NOT with this nation/ & NOT with this world. My demand Prove these threats/ lies/ thefts/ and cheating do not exist. THE LAW STATES, not with innuendo, not with excuses, not with assumption: but the foundation of evidence, the purpose of clear and dedicated investigation, and the desire for truth. YOU OWE ME, this law, so says the Constitution of this United States of America. OR the words treason and traitor will come to play in your lives. Too late is not an excuse/ too little, not an acceptable means of leadership; it is a cause people use for force to change government and apply RESPECT. Force means with the most powerful weapon available to change life in america: the foundation of truth, law, respect, and life. Any bastard can destroy, given the opportunity/ this is about building, surviving, and doing better: as life, a nation, and a world.

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