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Life says; an understanding of truth is all that stands between us and tragedy. If we know the future by the evidence and reality of truth. Then we can choose wisdom, and change the world www.justtalking.info

The consequence of wisdom is then an opportunity to make the world into a better place/ and choose peace, harmony, happiness, and respect as our contribution to the future of life on earth. The essence of power is the understanding that a direction is being chosen for people or life/ that can alter their lives and their choices in the future. The consequence of that power herein is: "The people, must choose to accept the work required for this power and this direction to achieve its goal, of peace, life, harmony, and happiness on earth. As have I chosen to provide a direction and a purpose, built upon truth/ it is now your turn to provide for your own futures, the work, the desire for life, the opportunity for children and you, and the reality built in truth that will sustain you in freedom and love. NOT the direction of this day: war & hell/ simply to be crucified and exterminated from the earth by the curses of men. Nature in chaos, from the absolute arrogance of men; will be defeated/ OR you will. Make your decision.

This basic introduction represents the end of "just talking"/ and composes the battleground of a legal war to remove the powerful and proud from their authority over our lives: to replace the tragedy of their ways: with WE THE PEOPLE.

The information herein sent to 442 separate daily newspapers across the nation/ then deliberately sets the conflict and resolution of various FOR THE COURTROOM battles; as a battle plan for the control of the world itself. AS WE THE PEOPLE. Of every nation

Therein to the rich and powerful: I alone, no one helps me "write, work, or pay"/ have become dangerous to you/ and your ways, a target and a challenge/ because these words do prove you can be defeated. The purposes then, very simply to erase the disease of arrogance and selfishness/ so that we the people may indeed be free, AND RESPONSIBLE for the lives we must protect. Whether you believe it or not/ the list of evidence in support "terrible tragedies are coming", cannot be denied. It is clear and certain, the majority of you will demand "NO THIS CANNOT HAPPEN/ I have plans"/ but like a hurricane, your plans are worthless. Because the consequence of actions and reactions that are set into place, and defined by reality; DO state clearly and with truth, humanity under the leadership of men have determined to exterminate life on earth; because they just don't care enough! Find your voice/ do your part, whatever that is/ and work for life, or die.

This is a war of democracy/ fully defined by constitutional intent and its descriptions of power to the people. It is not illegal/ it is not unwarranted. It is not governed by me/ or lead by me: instead it is a series of truths that allow you to be in charge of yourselves. It is the fundamental right of the people to establish for themselves what the founders of America promised to the people. What the warriors who did go to battle, died for/ and intended to give to the people. These are the words, that take us to true democracy/ and the foundations of justice/ law/ &limits on individual control: thereby making us all equal and free. Do you really think you are free? The rich and powerful have made you bankrupt/ but they also made their own numbers worthless as well: therefore bankrupt too. A dollar that is worthless/ is worthless no matter how many you have. Do you really think you have been equal/ "with billionaires"? The reality of slavery is no different with money, than a whip; if a few control all the resources/ thereby the work and options for the rest: then what choice do you have except war or submit to their demands. Why do you think there is war? Not only is it population control/ it is the rich demanding the people be "redirected to more pressing problems than they have caused/ thereby keeping them away from us". Therefore do not be fooled: ANY attempt to make a physical war of any kind out of these words or actions IS A DIRECT ATTEMPT to keep you from attaining WE THE PEOPLE


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