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The gifts of time and life are separate, but equally precious things. Time is the creation of a physical body and mind, that interferes with the decisions that are not based in reality, such as assumptions in fantasy, pride, and delusion. Life is the creation of an opportunity beyond this experience, by participating in the growth of life as a dimension in truth, and the essence and elements of a loving existence that exists in respect, and translates destiny by the desire of a heart and soul given to GOD.

Time and life combine, to issue and explain the realities of love or hate. Our relationship to the living examples of life that form the creation called our world, is one of physical existence modified by the intention of humanity in its quest to be “what it wants life to be”. To have whatever the world can provide. And to extend the consequence of their games, to the expansion of their own claims “to be god”. These are male attitudes, as what is female has always been regulated to “follow along/ and shut up”. Therefore the foundations and realities of life in this physical world, are in fact the result of men/ and it is their determination to cause extinction on this earth. Look beyond the moment within the reality of what has been done/ is being done/ and will be done; without change, the outcome is certain and sure/ extermination will be soon.
Go to court, and prove it is not so!

Within this environment of “the leadership of men, to the battlegrounds of hell and Armageddon”, the reality of our existence is dependent upon a relationship with life so different, that NO possibility exists that men can be any part of its leadership. They have proven their values, and their ways, and have stated their intended goal for life: which is weapons of mass destruction, once life becomes “too much of a problem”/ if not sooner, by the fraud and lies called “surely they won’t”. It is an extreme disgrace, when liars and lies lead a nation! It is an extreme disgrace, when the nation accepts these lies, and demands of their leaders LIE TO ME, as a choice called their own: to avoid paying the price for what they themselves have done. Such is the influence, the way, the means, and the method of male domination around the world/ but particularly in america. The sacrifice of all things life/ of every resource and reality for life around this world/ the consequence of every decision against environment/ and even the crucifixion of nature by the bastard’s of hell. All sit upon the doorstep of men, and cry out: sell your soul.

Time and life are both waiting, to see if you will live or die by the choices you are making; in your trial for life or death. The consequence of men is death, by their own judgment, work, and decision. The reality of women must now either take over leadership of life on earth, or surrender to hell, Armageddon, and the cannibalism that will engulf their lives. Just how it is/ take your pick.

As a reality, the opportunity of women to lead has never been more clear and certain; men have failed/ to live requires a different way, method, decision, and purpose. These are available in NO man. That leaves only women, to save this earth! If they choose no, then women too judge the earth as not worth saving; the fight not worth having; and the consequences of death for every living thing unnecessary to avoid. It is your choice, not mine. Your lives, not mine. Your families, future, love, LITERALLY EVERYTHING. If you are young, whether male or female, are you willing to surrender? To hell and Armageddon? Where is the proof?

The answer is clearly found in the simple truth, that food and water are needs; not to be mistaken with wants. A need is sustained adequately, or you die/ a day late, is a day late; dead even if just one day earlier you would have survived. Think about that as you wallow in self-pity and doubt. Irregardless of this simple truth, the consequence of human male behaviors has always been to consume whatever can be found, until it is gone/ “We’ll just go get more somewhere else”. Time to wake up and understand, there is nowhere else to go and get anything else: the earth is full/ the resources are known/ and the reality is, once the last little bit is gone; life on earth is over. That is the truth! So the foundation question to every young person is, whether you let the older generation who has been in charge of consuming everything they could touch/ complete the job of destroying your future on earth. The foundation reality is, if men have led us here; and history predicts the truth/ then war is all that is left: because that’s what men do! Therefore our reality is dependent upon which resource fails first, and how badly that will affect the leadership of men/ and the majority of men who will enter the streets for violence and mayhem to prove “they aren’t happy”. Which one is first? Lots to choose from. But the critical realities are these: ANYONE can look at the charts and realities of the fishing world, or more correctly the ocean world and understand the ocean and its life are dying. With good reason/ the ocean is attacked at every level, and every single possibility of men; and men don’t care! Just how it is/ why should we care about what we cannot see, touch, or get wealthy from? The answer is, because seafood of all kinds feeds, or has been feeding about half the world/ lose this source of food forever, and what do you have but starvation! The answer is an excuse for war. Clearly a reality that is coming/ and a solution that cannot wait. The next primary critical truth is you are running out of water across the world, TO DRINK, and use for life. The spread of ethanol is a prime example of foolish behavior; taking water well beyond its replenishment from the earth just to drive to nowhere! Once the water is gone, it will never be replenished, because the crush of people in need for what is left will be too great/ that will cause even the aquifers to collapse ending these possibilities for life. So you love your car, “is it worth your life”? The tragedy of water is also extended to the pollution that is pumped into the ground; “under the ground, we DON’T care”. Everywhere I look, the tragedy is that water will be “wormwood”/ as predicted in biblical prophecy, because you don’t care enough. Because you refuse to participate in anything but selfishness, want, and pride. The reality of irrigation for crops, is soon it will end/ and then you loose these foods too. The reality of fertilizers is they are not “an unlimited supply”. With the end of water in your area, the reality is you will go to the next/ when it is obvious, there is not enough for everyone, war will come. You only have 3 days without fluids till you die, or are incapacitated, do you really think negotiations will occur? In america particularly, the insanity is beyond absurd/ because the arrogance is so extreme. Not a second of the day is spent on reality, instead the whining, the crying, the patronizing, the tempting, the manipulations, the use, abuse, greed, consumption, and just plain temper tantrums of a spoiled little child are continuous. All because your pride has blinded you so badly, you think of your numbers (money) as your life! How pathetic you truly are. And not only are you pathetic for numbers/ you have lied your way into making them completely worthless. So one of the major events coming to your world soon is: america will fold under bankruptcy, and will collapse into tremendous civil war, if you do not stop this disaster by going to court/ and being honest and fair with each other. DO NOT look to your elders to lead you/ they have worshiped their money or claims to numbers; and they will not be surrendering them without a fight. Instead they DO fully intend to take every last penny away/ and when the day comes for a fight; they do indeed intend to get out their guns, and consume each other in bloodshed. “It is their plan”. If it is not yours, then you must take them to court: too late/ and your dead, mutilated, or consumed by their hate and cannot conceive of justice. Are the elderly bad? NO, not really; they just don’t want to pay the debts they created/ they have to surrender everything, and keep working till the day they die. They have to surrender healthcare to the children, and accept the reality of death by whatever means: AND WHO wants to do that? So, they buy a day on earth/ to spend an eternity in hades: a more foolish people the world has never seen. The reality of money is plain and simple: either everyone is treated fairly/ or there are “masters & slaves”. In this america none are treated fairly, because greed consumes justice as if it were nothing at all. How is it fair that one person holds a claimed wealth of 50 billion dollars? In a land of 50 million workers, that means each worker in the land owes that single individual $1000.00 each. 50 million people owe one man, one thousand dollars each. 50,000,000 people, is that fair/ or just/ or anything conceivable in democracy called We the people? That is just one debt, there are many more/ and they cannot be paid, so your elder men do not try; instead, so long as you don’t understand the numbers, they keep their numbers and feed you so you keep working as their slaves. With a little more so you don’t get too depressed. While they take these numbers and laugh at you/ ridiculing the day you were born. It is truly pitiful beyond compare; at least in the days of kings, the people were educated enough to know they were slaves. You think of yourselves as independent; yet the numbers can and do buy you any day and any time they choose. Do you have a choice/ wait and see in the days ahead, where food goes to the highest bidder; when you will trade sex or lives or whatever, for a gun. Do not think of yourselves as “the young will rule”/ you cannot, time teaches what the young can never learn; a reality of truth and consequence that cannot be a child. It is women as in all the women of this earth, that will save life on earth, as a group of young and old; or it will not be saved. No more “fight or change”/ because every resource consumed is another death in your future, and it will be soon, if you do not truly change. Another critical tragedy is global warming; take a look at the leadership of men: can’t do it/ won’t do it; costs money, and greed rules the world as a majority of men; or the worship of greed, as is the common thread among all terrorists. If you do not move beyond money as a cause and reason for you to live/ you die, simple as that! As to global warming, take a look; if the temperature of the earth is raised by one single degree: that means the entire volume of air in this world has increased by that single degree according to its net effect. The volume or mass of air is such a huge number, it is almost inconceivable how many fires men create to do this very thing; do the math. But even more important is; every fire consumes oxygen/ and nothing is more important that breathing; is that not true/ 5 minutes and your dead, as far as simple natural resources go. But not to worry, in america in particular, the many graveyards constructed called your suburbs, with their big trophy houses and all the consumption of vehicles and more: are surely worth the lives of your young! So what if they die/ “you got a trophy, fuck em”! Life is short/ got to steal what you can. Am I too hard on the people who designed tragedy; because greed blinded them, and they simply surrendered the world to pride and want? “The others do it too/ the young are anxious to do even more/ why should any group be blamed for what all are doing”? It ain’t fair! But reality states; those who lead ARE responsible for where they take life, and what they do! WHO THEN HAS BEEN THE LEADERS, WHO BROUGHT LIFE TO THIS DESPERATE HOUR? Answer the question. How can this be called “a desperate hour”/ look around, everything is fine/ or at least good enough today; leave us alone! But the reality is everything is not fine/ not good enough/ and when the tragedy of pride has finally been depressed enough to let truth show you: that you are now dead/ nothing left that you can do! Is that fair? Is that what you truly want? Are you satisfied with that result; in a very few years/ HELL AND ARMAGEDDON is all that is left for you! Nothing is more unfair than that, unless you have your option and choice; and make a decision that this is indeed what you choose! If that is your wish/ then it will be your reality, within the next 20 years or a little more life on earth will be extinct.
People will say: CAN’T happen! But lets look at reality; just a little bit of trouble and men turn to war. Just a little bit of chaos with water or food or even such a pitiful excuse as the money of men; and men turn to war. Don’t have a job, want something more/ men turn to war. Not happy, men turn to violence in the street, to destroy and pantomime “you can’t treat me this way”/ but it doesn’t help, so they turn to war or terrorism. And so on. Lets’ see, “with a world stocked FULL of weapons of mass destruction/ every single kind men can devise” what happens in a situation, where men aren’t happy with how this is going? What could it be! Fools!!!!!!!

The day of women HAS arrived; no more fight or change/ today it is learn AND change, or you will die. Because there is no more room for the reality of men and the ways they have historically led this earth. Men are men, and they are not going to change sufficiently, to create any other outcome but war. They don’t and cannot trust each other/ proven time and again. They won’t accept the reality that their pride is not going to save them/ and that means, they will turn to violence and war. The day of women, is the only chance you get/ BECAUSE THEY LITERALLY ARE DIFFERENT, and because they are different, they will choose differently. No one really knows what the outcome will be with women/ BUT IT IS WITHOUT DOUBT, if men remain in charge of life on earth: the extermination prepared, worked for, chosen, and in debt because of; WILL OCCUR. So like it or not/ it is women who must lead life on earth/ in every corner, and every way. Men will accept this, or be punished with whatever GOD Decides / because this is HIS CREATION Men have chosen to exterminate! And The spirit inside says: if women choose life honestly and honorably and lead for the sake of peace and harmony on earth, NO man will take it from them. Do not doubt it. But if women abandon life on earth, then life on earth is abandoned, and to hell and Armageddon and complete destruction it will go. So says the spirit inside. So says many religious prophecy. So says the evidence and testimony of your own reality and truth.
Make your decision.


Assembling reality requires the disciplines necessary to get the job done. For a few weeks, I have endured the use of a internet provider that I do not like (sometimes you need a disk)/ and as strange as it sounds, the spirit inside has required me to keep it. I have finally inquired why; and learn of myself that whether the news media, and others are to my liking or not: the truth of establishing this web site and this education is somewhat dependent upon a relationship with the various entities of business that are less than acceptable to me. It is a simple reality of business/ a consequence like so many others; just because you do not like a vendor, does not mean you can avoid buying from them completely. So today, I am analyzing the options, and developing the business plan that is most suitable for the purpose of this venture; simply put, to change the world. Hoping for the day, when you will be able to survive yourselves.
Today, I am searching for a compromise that will allow you to use the words, and the reality of this work; without fear of entering inside an arena that will cause you concern. In other words, although what is written will remain/ the reality of what comes next, must be limited to what does not threaten or identify those who may choose to be involved as a part of the problem. A shared response of : I am not your leader/ you are not “the decision of the majority”: we are both simply working here, for life. If you choose not to work for life/ the compromise ends. Either way, I am literally removing your excuses.

Some will argue, this is a temptation/ or a “rolling over, like a dog” wanting some attention. It is not/ instead, this is a truth of life, that I will not give you the option of saying “if only he had done this/ or that, etc”. There are no excuses, life or death for this world is not a mistake/ not an exaggeration; and I will not give you an excuse. This is your chance to participate in safety for all life, as best I can; kindly don’t tempt me.

So, what is safe enough for you, but yet effective in realizing that we, as the humanity of this world; must come to grips with ourselves, with the descriptions of men that threaten our lives, and with our reality as life on this world; and our responsibility to all life and its future and to this decision to work for that future/ or surrender it to hell and Armageddon. How do we kindly and with purpose say to ourselves; that we must investigate here/ we cannot be wrong/ we must be, what we must be, to survive. Where does courage and duty come from/ where is responsibility hiding, that all may find it, and all may enter into the decision that will be their own death/ or life? Their own responsibility and duty to this world.

The answers begin with my own life, as it has been put on display. Like it or not, the question: why should we listen to you/ cannot be avoided entirely. The reality, “you are a freak, who listens to a spirit world we do not know” is without doubt, a fundamental attack that will have to be addressed in minimal terms. Therefore understand this simply: the message speaks for itself, it is your life/ your death/ or your future, and the composition of that future is yours to decide that exists in this decision, it is not me. I do not decide for you/ therefore my own life is irrelevant to you. Whether I live or die, your decisions remain. As to “different or freak”, and the inevitable ridicule that will come; the only question that matters is whether you will continue to be led by your own fears/ your desire for superiority/ your hate: or will you choose knowledge, passing by what is unimportant for you. And asking the question: will you accept understanding, surrendering that which does not make a difference in your lives, and working with the realities given that are important to your own truth. Will you enter inside wisdom, and find the heart and soul that is searching for you? Only you can answer that.
My memory is a mess/ some lost entirely , some mixed up with different memories combined; it is a mess; don’t ask/ it is completely unimportant unless there is a lesson allowed. I have not yet found “my new identity”; the evidence compiled does not allow for any decision about my own future, it is simply unfinished/ and I don’t know what comes next. No further discussion of this, past or future is necessary. You may use what you find that is true of my past/ just don’t ask me. It is an irrelevant waste of time.

We both know, that you are content with taking whatever I offer of value, and using it for free! “Let the sucker/ the fool, say whatever he wants/ provide whatever he will; we will sell it as we like, and give nothing”. When he dies, there will be no complaint. So says business, university, and government; and religion as well. So it is my life that stands in the way of your money/ your authority to generate money/ and your desire for power, as can be applied by knowledge/ education/ and the assembly of understanding; or just plain business and greed. We both know, the critical reality of when I die, is important to you. Too soon and you lose something/ too late, and who knows, people may actually begin to listen and work. Prediction is then, that the need for engines to do the work for your expected future; will decide the day. But you are wrong/ the future you plan is Gone! The reality of tomorrow, as simple to understand, as an empty wallet, an empty store, a loaded gun, and no one who cares if you live or die. A world gone criminally insane. But you are too smart for me, aren’t you! You can find a way to profit from death and destruction/ mayhem and disgrace; can you not. History will prove, that you will try. The answer is, that like driving 100 mph or 1 mph toward a cliff in your car; if you do not stop, you will go over the edge, die, and never be alive again! But a fool listens to nothing, but the selfishness inside. Even so, you as a humanity, as the people of this earth, are “figuratively in that car/ the cliff is up ahead, and whether you believe you are going slowly or fast/ the end result will be the same: if not for you, YOU DO KNOW and believe it is the future! Thereby you are assassins, because all you intend to do; is take everything you can/ and leave the others to die. The reality is not what you believe however/ instead of slow or fast; the consequence of human activities and decisions are nearly past the point of no return today, how much more so tomorrow! Either you learn and choose before nature forces you to die; or you have no choice left at all. Use your mind, accept the purpose and desire of your own heart, to keep life alive: and DO the work/ make the DECISIONS/ and enforce the reality that we need to survive as life on this earth. Choose women to lead, because men have brought us to extermination/ and if they are allowed to continue; you will Be DEAD.

That said, I am again confronted with the reality that it is going to be very hard to have a communication with you, that is safe enough for you, to believe you need not react with fear. Because everything here does impact some aspect of the personal or business world you represent. You are choosing for the children, for every life on earth, be it fish, animal, plant, insect, reptile, or whatever. You are the judge, as women of life or death on earth/ YOU are the men, who will support or reject life or death on earth by supporting women in this decision; that they may in fact feel safe enough, to accept the reality, and NOT fear you. You have become as a humanity, what has been desired from the beginning; “You are god today, over this world”/ because you are deciding if it lives or dies! But, be fully aware, YOU will never keep it alive, without GOD and truth, and discipline.

The only answer to a quiet and peaceful discussion is, to remove all that is personal/ and work only with the possibilities that are about us all. The only answer is, to leave all consideration of potential and probable threats to a courtroom environment, that the lies may be dealt with harshly; and discuss only the aspects of what is the benefit of law and a courtroom of respect, in an environment of we the people. That means no talking of specifics as to critical truths that must be found/ this is for the courtroom only, a place where the lies and innuendo that causes or leads life to its death; is expected to be held punishable by death. This of course leads to issues of power, the removal of selfishness, and an attack on pride; but it is still the most non-confrontational realities that exist. The issues for discussion are then society based expressions/ and need not be personal to any degree. But these are the basis of what is political in human society/ and I am not political; therefore it is largely going to be the intent to assemble a need to converse among your political contestants, what is fair, reasonable to life, a gamble we cannot afford to lose, and a reality we cannot hide from or behind. This type of conversation is then directed to: the knowledge and understanding, that you, as humanity, must come out or your hole, {it is safe enough for you to stand}; in defense of this world. The reality of this day is not so grievous and distressed at this moment; that no opportunity exists to participate. YOU HAVE EVERY OPTION AND RIGHT, to participate as citizens of the world. No gun, no weapon, no revolution; only the rights of constitutional law/ and the reality of we the people in true democracy. DO NOT “go after people, not the president, not the politician, none of them”: fight for the recognition of truth, and accept the help of all who honorably choose to do their duty today. Do not spend your life or time with what is personal; defend and describe, what is necessary for us all.

These are realities that affect our entire planet/ and that means from every country, every nation, representing every life on this planet: YOU have a right to participate in the American experience of duty, responsibility, and decision as well as do they. In truth, you will accept this right, because as women of the world in particular; YOU WILL be making the decision for life or death of the planet, in just two-to-three years: believe it or not. The only say men have, is in how they treat, protect, or enable you. The foundation argument for this is held in the understanding that we are threatened in every reality, and every kind of threat/ because of the leadership of men; that means different, does not include men, as they are responsible for decisions that will exterminate life from this earth. The time limit comes from the biblical text of Revelations/ and no matter whether you believe in this religion or not, the reality of the book of revelations interpreted here, and the consequence of accuracy seen in that reality on display here, says it shall be so. Different means different/ and there is NO allowance for men to participate, they have made their choice as the majority; as the evidence and truth of all these threats. Stop surrendering the planet/ and GO WORK FOR LIFE! IF NOT YOU/ then accept your deaths, and your responsibility. If not women/ then you are completely lost, and will fail.

There are issues of the elderly, and the consequence of their past actions, and how they affect the future of life on earth/ that said, it is they who brought us this far. Now, we need to keep them from killing us all, because they figure their lives are not going to suffer ANY consequences, and their expectations are fully in defiance of accepting any reality that does not make them happy. Hades waits; I strongly suggest you do what you can for life. The reality of this statement is clear; either help for the sake of life/ or just don’t ask the questions that have answers you don’t want to hear. The issues that are real, are not about “the people who are elderly”/ rather the realities that must be dealt with: are want, insanity, failure, pride, hate, & selfishness in that order. The list of wants are unending, just like the young; either everyone learns what can and cannot be maintained for life, or everyone dies, it is not a hard concept. The list of insanity belong to the elderly/ because the young have little power or control they have not been given; that list includes such simple things as a passion to “have everything just right; such as picking up leaves so that not an animal anywhere can survive; is there nothing in this world but you.” Such as depending on weapons of mass destruction; because you don’t want to deal with your fears, share with the others, recognize or respect other needs and so on; this is criminally insane/ or simply evil; take your pick. The list of failures, is intended for the court, and must be dealt with or there are no solutions without facing the decisions that brought these failures from the past. The list of pride is beyond belief, really it is beyond belief. The price of your hate, has been a world that cannot share, and does not care; because they fear the consequences of trusting you, and you them. It is pathetic/ trust the law, and enforce it among nations without preference/ or any fears. The cause of your selfishness is in full display as you have condemned the children, ransacked the world, and raped the environment for such little things as so you could throw it all away/ just to prove you could do it, and no one would stop you. Playing god, to ease your fears for what you have done. You will stop/ or hades: the punishment of eternity in terror, will eat you beyond every description you can imagine/ and just keep doing it over and over and over.

Courage is the essence of an understanding inside your own heart, that the price is not considered here/ the reality is so important, the price simply must be paid. The question of duty recognizes this, because it has assembled in life the reality and truth about living or dying that is simply: we need certain things to survive/ and without them we die. Therefore, for the sake of love, and the honor of being who I am; irregardless of what the others do or say/ I will choose to protect the lives I love. I will protect the responsibilities and decisions of a time that needs my participation to survive. I will do what must be done/ because there is no one else to do it; or it would be unfair to ask another to do what I would not do for myself. I choose to understand, that death is inevitable, therefore it is only for time that I decide/ not for eternity or against it, but for time, even if not my own. The right to decide for life or death, is very personal, consequently the honesty of courage, the disciplines of hope, the honor of order and truth are not found by everyone. Although all are invited. Instead of honor, the best some will be capable of is respect. Respect demands: “that you will at least, tell the police/ the public” when someone is being attacked in your presence. It is the least you can do/ to notify those who can and will help. Nothing less will do. Nothing less gives you the right to decide anything, because it is not your life then; it is your failure.

There will be a continual challenge, demanding: why, should we listen to you/ why should we believe this is true, just because you say so; “Who made you a spokesman for GOD”/ show us your right! Are you not different/ are you not insane/ are you not tempting women with sex? How dare you speak to us in these ways/ how dare you assert we will die, even giving a date for women to decide the fate of earth/ how dare you complain, when it is we the living, breathing examples of humanity that have fought the battles and made our lives tolerable and happy by our choices?

These are of course a personal challenge intended to redirect attention away from the threats that do exist, to exterminate life; from this earth. Therefore they will not be addressed fully, or frequently/ if at all. Even so, it is the evidence that talks to you/ you do not listen to me; if you listen at all to this message brought to you: it is because of the evidence that exists/ and the reality that you now see is true. You will never believe in me/ what am I to you; it is merely an excuse not to address the evidence and hide inside your complaints of me. It is pathetic and vain. As to “who made me a spokesman for GOD “/ only HE can do that; certainly not me; and if the evidence supports that conclusion, then you must accept what is true. If you do not/ then you choose to believe in LIES, and those lies will convict you to hell; is that not what your religions teach, even every single one. To this, the religious will charge, “he knows the bible, other religious things/ HE MUST be the devil”! Because that is who the religious look for/ NOT GOD Through HIS messengers or HIS work/ but the devil, or satan if you prefer, because he is your god; because you fear him and not the real GOD that gives you life. Shame on you! I have brought you a calm and peaceful message through the consequence that Revelation 12 began in me. It is not what I had prepared on my own/ the spiritual woman of Revelation 12 in the bible changed that, and changed me in the process, so that education and words and peace through the introduction of women could confront the realities of this day, and find different solutions. As a man in a world of men, I could find NO solution of any kind in men; I tell you true after careful examination and thorough study; there is NO solution in men; and as such, until the introduction of women as a true possibility of change, a reality that exists and completes the possibilities of survival; there was no chance to survive. But women are real, they are truly different/ and that has been taught to me, irregardless of my consent: but I am grateful now/ because life has an opportunity to survive; where in the world of men I inhabited first/ we did not. The lessons have made me different/ the concepts of insanity that the university gives to you are wrong, as are so many things they do, but it is up to you to decide if my actions are for peace, life, and love/ or they are not. For what is truly insane is not for peace, life, or love; and that is the difference. What is personal to me/ or to you, that does not destroy at least beyond oneself; is none of your business. You are not my judge.

The issues of sexual knowledge/ the consequence of women in control of men by sexual means/ the reality of a true and real change in gender roles, and the consequences of a world in turmoil: because men are not prepared to be “controlled by women/ they expect and intend to control women: and this is serious change”. These are then the primary realities that stand between women and control of this world/ it is not leadership of governments, because most men simply want to be left alone; don’t bother me! But the reality of sexual control, IS SOMETHING THEY EXPECT. And with that simple control, they do lead this world. To change that: the reality of how to control men sexually, MUST be visited; irregardless of the cost to me. Do you want to volunteer instead? Without control sexually, men will come back to “take over leadership” once things look like the hard times are over. Expect it, they will come. But it will not be true/ men are surrendered as leaders; they can only surrender life to satan if they take back control: hell and Armageddon WILL come then with a vengeance the world has never seen. So either stay at home and wait for death/ or make up your mind, to do what is required for life. One way or the other/ there is NO middle ground.
I bring you a message, that is all! It is now up to you to take that message and go to court, investigating the evidence, and learning the truth about how close you are to death and destruction, and terrible horrors. If you find them true/ then you must accept what is true. If you find them true/ then you must accept that the world is on trial by GOD ; and the outcome of that trial is a judgment for life or for death of this world. To the religious, is that NOT what your own prophecies say: answer the question. While no religion or people expect that women would be those who could or will save this world/ no religion or people expect that women would have the responsibility to decide life or death for this world: GOD does what HE CHOOSES TO DO/ and your acceptance is NOT required; unless you desire life.
The reality called time is very simply, the truth of what life on earth has been doing; time is itself irrelevant/ only the life matters. And the life on this planet, has prepared extermination/ has prepared to assassinate the children/ has prepared to surrender everything to destruction; fainting with fear, you have plunged yourselves into the disgrace of want, hate, pride, greed, selfishness, power, and what is evil in GOD’S EYES.

Therefore you are given this opportunity to repent. To ACCEPT and live, REAL AND TRUE CHANGE. Or you are given the choice to die, by your own choices, your own preparations, and your own demand to play god. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND/ either you do this HIS WAY or you die; so says the spirit inside of me.

Feel free to gamble, “what have you got to lose, except your soul/ your life/ this planet/ and terror beyond comprehension”. The religious will now attack/ certain they have identified “The anti-christ”: BUT I TELL YOU CLEARLY, JESUS IS MY SAVIOR/ MY TEACHER/ & MY LIFE! I am not your priest, your preacher, your savior, or even do this as your friend or enemy: this is my job! Beware what LIES will buy you: to take with you into eternity! Pray instead, DO NOT follow me, follow only truth! Letting women decide what is true, and real, and must be done. Letting women be in control of men sexually, is necessary. This is their day, this is their time on planet earth. It is their right to decide/ for men have failed life on earth, and it is time women chose; it is only fair, for their lives too.



the beginning of a new understanding in life.

LOVE gives a heart its soul.

LOVE is a breathe shared, by the essence of who we are.

LOVE is an expression of who WE are, not simply I.

LOVE is an experience of elements, the building and foundation of a life.

LOVE is a message born of spirit, changing life.

LOVE is a happiness born of mind and body, that cares about you/ us.

LOVE is a discipline called respect, conceived by an action and reaction called sex, as this alters the dimensions of man and woman, by completing the expression of sharing/ rather than simply taking from life.

LOVE is an acceptance of life, that calls us equal/ and means it honestly.

LOVE is a value, hoped for & held in courage, by the grace of life itself.

LOVE, is a meaning to life, found.

LOVE is a desire conceived by a relationship that cannot be coverup up, it simply exists, and cannot be denied.

LOVE is a purpose held in the sanctuary of your own soul, a place where only truth can live.

LOVE is a truth that confronts your own heart, and demands your answer.

LOVE is the creation of heart, "it is as a thirst, for the water of life".

LOVE is a light, describing the presence of life beyond ourselves; this is, a turning from night into day.



In us.


The value of a life, cannot be measured/ can you truly understand the difference between a rock and you? If you can understand anything, then you are not a rock. The question of CREATION is the assembly of love providing a platform to construct the essence and elements of life, is not a game either. The question of discipline paramount to the understanding of respect. The foundation called love, is a discussion of possibilities that conceive of an existence based in the essence & elements of life, rather than time. Just as a rock represents the physical evidence of time, and understanding the basis of a life beyond the first indications of time/ the relationships we assemble in love are the value and dignity of our transformation beyond elements and into the essence of a truth that cannot be measured; it exists, therefore life survives. Creation, the elements of a participation conceived by love, built by time, but forged by discipline and respect; represents "a distillation" of the various aspects born from time, as can be achieved by thought in & through the presence of purity. The greater the purity of ANY thought, the more fundamental the force it shall control.

The question is thought, the relationship is purity, and the purpose is then force, through the desire completed as destiny. The assembly of these 7 things form a respect called life, as the intensity (passion) of an existence completed by the understanding of love. Love is a density formed within "the translation of an experience, thereby expression called US". Therefrom love transforms existence into a participation through the opportunities called US. Love is SHARED/ because our reality is a force that cares at its most fundamental level for life itself. Joy is born, as the desire, for you in me & I in you!

A discussion of "particulars" as to the construction of physical body and mind is not only useless for you/ but extremely dangerous to you: it will NEVER happen. It would be your death/ take a good look at yourselves and know it is true.

In contrast the relationship called sexuality between man & woman with honor, is helpful to you, & supports the foundation called love by reminding you: not to be so slow or useless/ but help each other, and respect each other as a treasure beyond measure.

The translation of joy at a human level is happiness. The transformation of self, into the possibility of US is conceived by the understanding of a sexual union cherished by human love between man & woman, at a level beyond simple physical existence or touch. That means: you must meet each other as soul, in conjunction with an expression and experience that honorably shares each other, in reality. You CANNOT do this with simple sex! Only love can create the stability required by respect, "to look beyond the moment, as see creation as a light formed from eternity." This is a tiny look, at destinies beyond ourselves. If this is shared in purity, happiness will form inside. The level of purity defines the honesty called happiness when born within.

Those who disgrace, disrespect, defile, destroy, or force sex upon another, DO enter judgment. This is a criminal and WILL be prosecuted in eternity, and found guilty of degrading another life/ OR if they destroy that life, to HADES they will go. REPENT, REPAIR, & REPAY "that woman if you can". If you do not, or if you cannot/ then her curse upon you, shall be heard; and your trial in eternity remember what you have done. The foundation of eternal warfare, is the "purity" of the judgment against you. Their critical relationship with GOD , that you have disgraced, or disrespected with your life, a sin against GOD. The level of terror you now face, is one that shall chase you from one level of death to the next/ ending only when your punishment has been earned; and your failure is complete, and disintegrated by hades.

LOVE provides a foundation for true happiness, it does come complete in each & every one, with the density and desire of a life to be shared. As age increases loneliness, reality in both man and woman shift from expressions and experience in life/ to those of life. When this happens, sexuality becomes transparent as the means through which we share our souls. Sexuality is NOT "pushing a penis in and out of a vagina"/ that is for idiots and fools. Sexuality is the decision to feel the expression of life inside the other, and share in the definitions that do bind you together/ it is not you or I, sexuality is WE. Those who disrespect or disgrace these foundations, lose their ability to consider the questions of life, & therefrom destroy or sell their possibilities in soul. Consequently one of the MOST GRIEVOUS SINS (against the relationship belonging to a child of GOD, With GOD) That you can do, is to corrupt or in any way steal or kill or destroy even a little, the honor or love that child feels for GOD. This alters their soul, and if they die to GOD from the damage you have done/ then you are an "assassin in GOD'S OWN TEMPLE": DAMNED & CURSED for an eternity, are NOT "big enough words". Forget the rest/ what matters to GOD IS HIS CHILDREN ! Those who curse or do anything else are much like a grain of sand cursing the wind or ocean/ it lacks even a glance. Not so, With GODS' OWN CHILDREN! Take heed.

Passing beyond judgment, are the questions that establish an inner passage to life, has indeed formed. Just as a rock can understand nothing/ until this passage into the sanctuary of life called soul, HAS been built, you can achieve nothing/ and will consequently dissipate into nothing at the end of your time. Because you are nothing/ life will neither punish or reward you.

Therefore the journey into soul as your participation within the freedom & disciplines of thought, is fundamental to the experience and expression of eternity, as life in you. Thought is a critical relationship within truth. To accept this journey, ALL pride, want, & "self", MUST be discarded, for the simple joy of truth itself. I have learned, therefrom becomes: I am ALIVE. Truth is an absolute, and as you proceed within its destiny called purity, the consequence of a relationship with thought is formed. Creation says; life is not enough to survive, YOU MUST HAVE TRUTH. There is no purity in you for this journey unless pride, want, and self are discarded. Only when this influence and disease has been removed, shall you begin. Life is a relationship with truth & energy. Energy provides existence, truth proves the existence of truth is a freedom & friendship with energy. Freedom must have a purpose or it faces the inevitable development of boredom. Boredom is looking back into the past, and "dissecting life, by measuring its existence" as the formation of an image, that you choose to create. Life itself moves only forward/ death looks at the past, and assumes more could have been done; if only_____: therefore is it not their fault. Therein hate begins to circle, as a focus bound to descriptions in judgment descend from your measurements, and form into your own design "to be god".

A suitable purpose for freedom is your relationships that do exist from the formations of respect. Those who are alive in soul, compliment their existence by including the environments of HONOR, HOPE, COURAGE, DUTY, STRENGTH, HAPPINESS (praise GOD), and understanding; to the level you are able. These are formed through the structure of discipline/ the acceptance of a value so great, that giving your life to participate therein ADDS, "a desire called LOVE (I have found my Savior)". The destiny of all that life can be, is then identified at its source { JESUS gave to me the blessing of this journey, therefore JESUS IS its source in me.}

LOVE then intensifies everything of the boundaries called life, and finds in thought, truth, respect, & honor the understanding of a hope, faith, & trust beyond the existence of simple things. Creating instead; FAMILY, HOME, AND ETERNITY. These are not assumptions/ rather they exist as separated from time, through the expansion of honor and trust.

These are "the simple steps" ascending past the boundaries of time, and into the presence of GOD . MERCY is greater than anything we can do for ourselves/ BUT do not be deceived, it is your own desire for life, love, truth, and how you live as respect, that WILL determine your fate.

These are then the descriptions of the prophecy Ezekiel 40: 1-5, as written in the bible/ and do form the "final pieces, of the mountain of knowledge, verse 2; that were promised". Because man has led humanity on earth and "picked north" as his direction/ that which is opposite of men; are south: therefore women, are the city. The land of Israel, simply those who choose GOD . This definition is upheld in John 8:39/ Abraham was a man willing to sacrifice (BUT DID NOT) what he considered to be his most prized possession to GOD. Even though he sinned in this, because a son is not a possession, he was accepted for his decision: that GOD was indeed the very most important thing in his own life.. I cannot measure. The one in bronze, "I do not know/ he measures". The understanding of this temple, is left to women, I cannot say whether it is physical or spiritual/I have no authority/ I am only the writer. The religious man is reminded of Psalm 118, from the bible; wherein in JESUS day "the stone the builders rejected has become the capstone"; came true by the changes brought to men. To the degree they did accept HIS message of love and respect and duty. Today "that stone (the message for women) is for women, and to the degree they accept its message, the future will change". It is not different than the words of JESUS called the Christ. But instead of men and their ways/ the right to decide for humanity and life on earth is presented to women, and today, this decision will be made by women/ and not men. The truth proclaimed in this Psalm 118 is now for them/ and they will become their own truth, according to their acceptance . Have you not read in Proverbs, where "wisdom is a she"? The difference in change today is, if they are no better than were men/ the earth and its life will die. Men have chosen extermination of life on earth! WOMEN must choose LIFE FIRST, AND RESPECT OUR CREATOR


Is this really too much to ask? Answer the question.

While it is true, there are religious verses herein, from the bible of the jews, it is also true I have not read the bible for over thirty years, and these verses come as I am called to the bible itself, and have simply opened to these verses/ and therefore wrote them down for you. I have come to believe that most every religion of men, does have something useful to say about life. From the Christian religion however, the words of JESUS are sacred to me/ even though I have not read them in over thirty years either. Prayer is what you do with your life every day, as you confront the reality of what is honest, fair, honorable, and true. Or if what is necessary is love, that too must be prayed about; in the disciplines of a life dedicated to the miracles of GOD , and a honest & true respect for the miracles with which we participate. The rules of man are largely irrelevant/ he does not own the world anymore. Therefore we will wait for women, it is their turn/ man has decided to die. What is true law, WILL BE RESPECTED.


In the question of predator response, 3 primary values control the consequence: whether the predator sees you as “easy, can take you anytime therefore come back when hungry/ victim, separated and unaware of the possibilities the predator represents/ or wounded, too strong for a fair fight, but today, it won’t be fair; today I can take you.” The other fundamental factor involved, is hunger; a desperate predator will do what it believes it must/ thereby attacking, when under other circumstances it would not. In the example of a coyote or wolf pack described earlier; the reality of crashing the motorcycle, and laying on the ground because of that crash “is wounded”/ the reality of stopping and standing on a motorcycle “is victim”/ and the reality of a panicked or otherwise understood intent to flee “makes an easy target” if any thing goes wrong. The point of the story is; what you do actually do, at a surprise moment requiring you to face a predator; does matter. BUT the reality of that decision itself is made long before you encounter the danger. Anyone who panics at any time that reality demands a clear and certain answer; such as fire/ get out; or predator, defend yourself: must answer the question with a clear mind; being aware of the variables involved. So you can make an honest decision that works for you. Every situation has consequences/ and no answer for any situation is right for everyone. So you have to be prepared with the basic reality of whether you are going to fight or run/ prepared to understand and recognize your options/ and prepared to take what you DO have, and use it as effectively as possible. For instance; did you know that a common restaurant condiment pack like ketchup or mustard is a weapon/ even salt and pepper? The answer is; opened with ketchup on your fingers, it is as effective as dust in the opponents eyes. Use your fingers, and place it there. If you have nothing else, “shit works too/ stick your finger up your ass, and get a little”. What is important in every situation is your preparations, and your determination! Let me be quite clear; I never expected to run into a pack of predators blocking the road, with a motorcycle; that was a surprise: but life has a few surprises, and the preparation was a decision/ and then an accounting of what is available to me/ or you. Within that kind of reality, you are advised to understand; if kidnapped in a car/ and out in an area that is desolate; you may need the car. That means either you disable the kidnapper by crashing the car, hoping he is wounded; or you wait until your opportunity may be better. The failure to recognize you have no where to run/ or its bitter cold, and will cause you to die anyway, etc; is something that must be recognized. Be aware of your surroundings; that you may work as effectively as possible. There are other situations; such as, living on a farm with a dog and cats; you learn their behaviors, it is simple and plain. One morning their behavior changed and every one sat outside the door waiting for me to arrive/ they then all huddled around me, glancing at the barn and me: a very clear indicator that a predator was in the barn. (there are indicators of trouble in cities too; pay attention) I don’t live in an area likely to have a large predator out in the light; so I didn’t get a gun. Entering the barn, I found a rattlesnake (nearly extinct in this area, commonly called a cottonmouth). He was up high running along the top of a pegboard that held tools/ I never would have known he was there, without the pets. But he moved along the top very easily, and started to enter a hole; so I grabbed his tail and pulled him out. UNLIKE the entertainment TV shows of people who play with reptiles; it is always a very dangerous thing to pick on a snake by pulling his tail and his body out of a hole. The reality is, it is fairly safe IF you understand the situation. He cannot turn in his hole/ so he cannot bite you until he is out (had I let him continue in the hole, I would have had to wait for him to get out, and face his head instead). You have the handle, and it is necessary to use centrifugal force to keep him away from your body. To kill, you just swing him hard into any hard object such as the ground/ and then immediately swing him again, until dead: DO IT HARD. I did not want to kill him/ just wanted him out, so I slowed him down enough to not do him any real harm. In response his head turned, mouth opened and was waiting for the centrifugal force to weaken enough to strike. You MUST be prepared to turn his body away, so that he cannot aim; he will follow his own body and turned away he will miss; if you have miscalculated, you can die. So I put him in a bucket and dumped him back into the ditch. The moral of the story is; PAY ATTENTION to what your surroundings are telling you. PAY ATTENTION, to the reality that predators are hardly ever where you expect them to be; are you expecting to be attacked? Not usually, therefore it is critically important to understand the area, and its ways. It is not pleasant or kind to constantly be aware/ but it is necessary to understand the basics of survival even where you feel commonly safe. The idea of leaving the snake out of sight/ DID not appeal to me, as then I could be the one surprised. In this case he was surprised. BUT understand the limits of your own attack/ and where the battle will go from here, if you lose control. In the matter of poisonous snakes they do commonly coil up to increase their range of attack/ and can wait for hours! If you must, very little tiny side steps can be taken by moving only your toes, and lifting your heels “10 minutes to go one foot in distance”. But far enough away, is far enough away; if you don’t fall over! A snake coils to the right/ therefore he tightens himself up to the right as well, it is then possible “to your right as you face him” will give you a little more space/ but it depends on how the snake positions his head, and whether there is a little extra curl to give himself more ability to strike. Surprise is as effective an enemy as any other weapon, it is a snakes primary weapon: therefore be aware of any possibility, and plan ahead. JUST BE SURE TO UNDERSTAND: anyone who does not respect the reality of a weapon such as poison, and its possible effects on your life, is a blind and stupid fool. There is no such thing, as “spiritual connection, or other religious nonsense with a snake”; it is a creature that can kill you, RESPECT THAT, and do not tempt your GOD. Worship a snake, go to hell.
Other situations occur, that are essentially a predator surprise; Such is the case of a car that starts over the median and heads toward you; a few, are committing suicide/ most are just distracted, because they do not understand a vehicle is a dangerous weapon too. But they can kill you too! Be aware of the options/ don’t hit a culvert; know the possibilities and make your plans as you drive; so that if reality demands a decision, you will have made the best one you can. If you end in the water or on fire; the reality is you will probably have to break the side window “electric locks and windows can be bad, as well as child lock doors”/ not the front window its tougher. To break the side window, requires a pointed object, or one very hard hit. Got a rock/ got a belt buckle, maybe a diamond ring to scratch it with, anything in the car; put up both feet, brace yourself, and hit a window as hard and as long as you can. Otherwise keep a tool in the car. No plan or awareness means panic/ and if you panic, you are much more likely to be injured or die. Plan ahead, such as in case of fire in a building: ALWAYS look for the second exit or third! If you live or work in a building or situation that can always be hazardous to your life/ you MUST investigate the exits and you must know where they go, and how you will get out/ before you need them. One such decision in case you work or live in a high building, is the addition of a rope long enough to reach the ground, with an anchor point strong enough to support too much weight (other people are coming down too, invited or not); learn to repel. Demand the maintenance staff insert an eyehook into the structure of the building at the window most likely to be used/ get a parachute if necessary. Do not depend upon dogs for protection, particularly if you are a woman. They are not an “automatic weapon/ not a gun, and won’t die for you: even if highly trained”. The consequence of a man prepared to deal with a dog is, “the dog will most likely lose quickly/ or run away; he don’t want to die either”. Some men are sacred of dogs, but they aren’t likely to kill you/ many men are not sacred of dogs; bear it in mind; particularly if there are two men. The questions of life or death by predator, are then dependent upon how you present yourself to the situation/ whether you have made the necessary decisions in advance, and chosen properly for yourself/ how well prepared and aware you are of your surroundings and options/ and whether you are willing to die for the fight. Answer these questions for yourself/ or you panic, and become worthless to yourself, a victim rather than a choice. We all die, its just a matter of time/ therefore what matters is how you live now/ and who you have chosen to become for yourself. Of other miscellaneous things, I nearly drowned once. The problem being, I am neutrally buoyant/ which means I can barely float so swimming is a constant struggle, no rest. Swimming with a friend, who was an excellent swimmer, I tried to compete by inhaling a great deal more air (oxygen) than normal, to try to go faster. A really bad plan/ because it did not make me go faster; this process over-oxygenated my body and it froze up, causing me to sink. Very difficult to continue moving arms. One of the interesting effects was I went down 10 feet or so, and eventually came back up; but as I approached the surface/ I prepared to breathe and swim as best I could. That apparently collapsed the body just a bit in volume from muscle movement, and I sank again. Can’t breathe water/ NO point in trying. My friend pushed me to shore in lunges “to protect himself”/ and as soon as I reached a foothold, I walked out. Not a pleasant experience; but the lesson is: DON’T try to compete; either you can compete in which case “you do”/ or you cannot compete, in which case you are going to injure yourself, or even get killed. I made a choice as my own body was starting to collapse because of too much air intake/ and headed to a rubber inner tube instead of the shoreline: as I touched it; it went farther away “leaving me stranded to sink”. CHOOSE life first, not gambling/ choose important over unimportant, and learn the difference.
There is perhaps a bit of value in knowing, that the first major toothache has come and gone, 3 day it lessened 4 day not too bad/ 7 day more or less the same as previously. Just a simple time schedule. Still no clue as to why the teeth are a question.
I am aware, these are largely personal stories; but without reference, an exhortation to listen to the warning is essentially useless. I am aware the purpose of the writing must be held to a minimum of words/ but the reality is, the basis of this work is so broad; and the intended audience so diverse; that there really is no possibility for a minimum of words. Kindly disregard the length and understand the concept is not for “a personal diary”/ but rather for understanding by clarification through examples. Do understand my memory is excellent for some things/ and just not there for other things; kind of like a library card “tells where a book is/ but the book is not there”.
As to critical compositions that protect women from predator males; the basic outline is, stick with the group, it helps/ beware of anyone who wants to get you alone, insists upon it, tempting, manipulating or otherwise; they have “plans for you/ if not violent, certainly lustful, if you consider this to be a difference..” Every male that desires your time and life, needs not to get you into a situation that makes you uncomfortable; instead all of these are very respectful, wait for you to lead (so that you are unafraid); and will listen to your needs in any situation. Peaceful and honest men want you to feel completely at ease, honorably. If you are not with “one of these” then it is not uncommon to find regret. Beware of a group of men who start competing over you/ they expect a reward, and will be angry not to receive it. Do not accept expensive gifts, be kind, considerate; but firm in telling him “I REFUSE to be indebted to you”/ thank you for thinking of me, but not today. It isn’t good to be crude or rude/ be polite, that you do not give cause to think of you as “ridiculing him”, in his mind. You call them worthless/ they call you worthless; and when something is worthless in your head, then you can “throw it in the trash/ or anything else you like”. Be kind, be polite, not “happy, or helpful” but do be firm; men understand that, and can accept it. If they continue without cause, get pictures, send them to someone with an itinerary and names etc. after you do, tell them about it if they refuse to stop/ and if necessary inform the police and ask them to intervene. Avoid activities that separate you from “the others”/ particularly ones that you do regularly, because every predator looks for a pattern of behavior, which he can use against you. Some activities are necessary, so in keeping with be aware; stop, at every place along the way that it would be possible to attack you, and learn, identify, and isolate where an attacker might be hiding and avoid that position. One of the things that most people don’t understand is referenced to a guy that I suggested to; your front door is not strong enough a thief will walk in/ he replied “there’s no way, unless you break the door/ and who would do that, its an expensive door; that’s nuts”. What he didn’t understand was “thieves commonly carry wrecking bars”/ It isn’t their door. The same is true when you consider how or where you might be attacked; just because you would never consider doing that, doesn’t mean another wouldn’t. In simple terms, it is hard to be aware at all times/ doesn’t help society either. The better solution is found in nature. Like it or not, “the skunk” has the most workable solution in nature for being defenseless essentially, but still able to deter a violent predator intent upon eating them with just a little odder! Think about it, I know it is unpleasant if it goes off without a need. But if you are the girl attacked and alone/ the opportunity to make your predator go away, even if it is unpleasant IS WELL WORTH THE PRICE. The chemicals mark him and you together for court/ and tell everyone he meets that he needs to be stopped by the police. It is the only system in nature, that effectively turns away all but the most determined of predators, without critical weaponry or fight.
A question exists in me; as too whether it is suitable to finish the story of “the little dip in the pool, called fear”. Women are likely not to hear it correctly, but its hard to say. As this has become more teaching site than anything else today/ the lesson continues; regardless of how women perceive. The predecessor of questioning fear arises about a year earlier when in a Kings Canyon forest preserve in California, the campground was mostly empty. I was on a motorcycle an obvious clue. A young woman with a dog on leash decided to camp next to me (3 or 4 sites over) she pulled in after dark, and was looking around her area for firewood with the dog and a flashlight. After 10 minutes or so, knowing no firewood was there, I went over to see if she wanted some that I had. “I took a flashlight/ gave her plenty of warning/ walked slowly with no intent to scare her; told her why I was coming over”. She did not respond [HAD she said anything to tell me “go away”, I would have done so; not offended, I did not care] but politely explaining I saw her looking, & since I had the firewood she wanted; I came within 10 feet, and she released her dog, a very highly trained expensive Doberman. I continued on to about 5 feet simply trying to tell the woman I am here as a friend not an enemy; with her dog snapping, jumping up an down, etc. on bite and the war was on, the dog knew it, and “did his job/ but no more”. Regardless of that, the reality encountered was her fears; couldn’t talk to her/ she was frozen in fear (the dog didn’t scare me away, even though it did everything it was trained to do). I gave up, trying to be nice after a minute and returned to my campsite. It is that fear, that assigns the question why. As to “the rest of the story”; the consequence of what is called the spirit world is: you can enter in, but it is far more dangerous to try to escape than to finish the experience you start (most go insane, who try to escape). So hear this clearly and do not enter where you do not belong. I prepared for a year/ the spirit world assigned the date, time, place, and reality. Spirit is essentially the essence of thought that lives within your mind. To enter within and survive requires that you enter “clean” of the things that do not belong or they attack you hard. These being judgment, disorder, or a lack of love or life first, and more. If clean, you can go/ but its not your decision, its your life assigned to the path that thought will send you on. In the coyote/ wolf story the spirit world presents a short expression of imagery and voices, followed by a big surprise. In the spirit world this is “your itinerary” of how entering this vein of thought will proceed. Adding the definitions of the 23rd psalm from the bible simply enlarged the scope of the trial. And yes every introduction of the spirit world to your life is a trial; because it carries significant consequences, and because the reality is based upon your own truth. For the sake of clarity, I will add the questions the 23rd psalm presents to me. Verse 2 “he makes me lie down” (not a freedom/ but people regard this as death; I do not, death is not a “green pasture”). He leads me beside quiet/ still waters; but if you look in nature at ponds that are still waters: they are stagnant and ruined by algae and moss; can’t be drank (not a sign of life for man/ a sign of death). Verse 3 he restores my soul (it is the soul that never dies/ therefore it need not be restored) what then is this, if not a sign of tampering and temptations? He guides me in the path of righteousness (but the reality is righteousness, is to blame for many evils in this world; a primary cause of judgment, and pride). In his names sake; while respect is an absolute need, the issue of a name is not so clear. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (most consider this the grave; I look at the descent into a valley in the presence of the “shadow of death”/ GOD IS LIFE, and the ascent beyond time and within HIS LOVE is not a “shadow of death”). I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me: THIS is a clear declaration of punishment and torture, for a rod and staff are signs of a weapon that is used against life/ for these to be of comfort, you must be wanting punishment to atone for sins, you must be begging and pleading and expecting judgment and the punishment that goes with it! (this is NO sign of mercy)! You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies (if this is then truly about death; WHERE are you if surrounded by enemies?) you anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the lord forever. (these last words, are a common closure, a wrapping up of the psalmist, and not a part of the spiritual content of his message; consequently I do not find them in concert with the rest of the psalm or its descriptions. {BELIEVE IN MERCY/ NOT RELIGION, or the words of men: the existence of what resides beyond the words as their true meaning; is that which is called spiritual understanding.} The question presented to me, the reality designed by the experience required that became the descriptions of a path to take; created while returning the motorcycle to operation the next day after leaving the headlight on all night. The spiritual part begins after dark, the second night in this scenario: and offers the first question “the expressway, or a fight through the night”? I chose the expressway. As did the first experience offer, I spent hours on the road, followed by a peaceful nights sleep, and continued the next day; the specifics are completely unimportant apart from their intent was to confuse. It did not work, but as declared by the spiritual existence inside “everything was prepared for me” and I simply entered in/ everything was. the final result was simply: that I found a little pride left inside/ and the “big surprise”. on the final night was an approaching wall of absolute darkness that was clearly going to be a very bad thing. The price of avoidance/ was the disposal of that last bit of pride. One or the other, either no more pride/ or a very bad experience instead. I chose the end of pride: anything less can not even be calculated, it would have been so far beyond stupid. The fundamentals of this story are then simply: NEVER enter a spiritual consequence unless you are clean of judgment and such things that indicate you have been playing god in your life. Never enter lightly for any cause. Never choose to extend the experience, it is unnecessary and presents more time for failure. Never underestimate the consequent of thought inside your own life. Do not fear, the spiritual world is “like a predator or a friend/ when you are on trial”: but my faith in JESUS as is the descriptions of HIS LIFE, DO indicate a path that is safe. These descriptions, have always carried me through to life and hope and happiness. So long as there is no pride in the way. The disciplines of a spiritual world that is defined as male/ are very different than the descriptions of a spiritual world defined by female. I am still not acquainted by any means; but it is truly a different experience, and so far never threatening. It is strange and odd to me/ but I have very limited experience. For simple reference, so there is no confusion in you; this was from 20 years or so ago/ and it w needed to be answered. Until a couple of years ago, when this entire matter of Revelation 12 and its descriptions of a spiritual woman, and my possible involvement was my last entry into the spirit world. Because no more questions until this prophecy seemed, to need investigation (I like to be prepared); the story in www.complexdestiny.info . For clarity of purpose it is correct to understand; the realities of human failure, and where these things that threaten us today were headed, has taken all my time since, up to the creation of Revelation 12. It is useful to understand “I had no idea, what opening the door to female spiritual existence would mean; and it proved to be both “good and bad”. Good because it removed a very bad decision to demand “fight or change”/ good because it replaced that reality with “learn and change”. Not so good, because the truth of the experience is beyond my understanding as a man/ and that means in a spiritual world the experience continues, I cannot get out, until I learn what it means to understand female, in this particular situation. Therefore trapped, until what is female truly becomes known. {I was not thinking, the whole idea of being a part of Revelation 12 was concerning, and I let it rule the decision}. Certainly a surprise, but not a real threat; life is life, female or male makes no real difference to me. But this is the wrong body; etc/ etc. The entire experience is so very different; a really big change. I am coping as best I can. The “moral of the story” is then behaviors that seem slightly amiss; are far more complex than they appear. Very few people do not demonstrate some level of “spiritual beginnings”; commonly views of ignorance, but still a question presented.
The primary questions of what is fear, that people and religions use it for themselves avoiding truth & reality and entering fear instead; are discussed more simply as an assumption that life or death is in your own hands. The consequence of tragedies are examined more simply as the possibilities that you are allowed to take in defense of your own life/ but the reality is: life OR death, will be decided by the spiritual world instead of you! You are in charge of how you deal with the tragedy of violence, and its costs; but actual life or death is determined by the spiritual world itself, not you. So apart from pain, loss of limb, etc; the end result of this is you will not die, unless the spirit world says now. Make NO mistake pain, mutilation, etc is no small matter/ but the price of fear is high too, and should not be done. Some will assume, I will do neither/ I will run away; but the simple truth is, spiritual existence is the end result of death. That simple truth means it is better to understand today what is needed in this world; than to wait till tomorrow and be “surprised”. THIS IS NOT A STATEMENT for you to enter into spiritual existence! If you don’t prepare properly you will die; don’t do it. Either prepare for real, in prayer and understanding; OR just believe in mercy! I believe in MERCY, without doubt or fail. But personally, I also believe in preparations and understanding, so that I am not so vulnerable to the possibilities that exist. Make no mistake, “if you enter the spiritual world “uninvited, or unprepared”; it is an extreme mistake. Believe in MERCY, I do, and depend not at all on preparations in fact/ but rather seek instead to do my part, whatever that is, in this quest for life, happiness, love, and eternity. It is my way, it need not be yours. This is then simply the expressions that allow some aspects of the possibilities ahead, to be considered by you. Call it what you like/ I don’t defend it; tongues are not worth fighting; they are irrelevant.
The reality is “my little reprieve from female chemicals invading me, now appears to be over”. Back to the consequences of things which I have no control over at all. What I particularly dislike about the experience of learning what it means to be female is the fact: that I am far too vulnerable to women especially, the part about sex: I don’t have any say/ don’t have any control or rights/ not mine, even though it is my body! I am aware; a lot of women are in the very same position across the world/ I have grown to understand the consequence isn’t even about sex from the woman’s standpoint; its control, respect, rights, happiness, my choice not yours, etc. and I am doing the best I can to help you rectify that situation. I don’t like being vulnerable, it means I am unprepared/ and I have spent a lifetime being prepared ! But that fact has led to the need to explain and identify the means and methods that will help women defend themselves, if you learn simple methods/ or complex beginnings. Just as I have had to adjust everything really, women need to adjust their decisions to the consequence of a fight if necessary. Every fight is bad, because anyone can lose/ or be permanently damaged; but that does not mean you get to leave it behind for free. I am not complaining as to the demand to understand what it means to be female, at least somewhat/ there is kindness, gentleness, things not considered as a man. But I would really like “my own property back” : trying to adjust, it is NOT fun. I do not know the ending/ nor do I have “an itinerary” or map or path or anything: NOT a woman, so if these exist; I simply don’t understand what it is. Plain lost {not confused/ simply no clue} in the fact I am not female; but introduced to issues and realities of life that are. It is really, such a change/ life use to be simple, plain; not unfriendly, but not my choice anymore. Too many breast chemicals, can’t escape them; they’re doing something again. Just how it is. Sound funny, or insane? It is neither, just a reality defined by a body that somehow has been changed to a new truth. My rights, reality, truths, and identity are being changed too. Not as life issues, wherein heart and soul are touched, they are not, completely at peace/ but gender issues to the degree of a mental experience, expression (without deviant considerations) or understanding are under attack. Only time will tell what comes of it. What has come, is a new attitude about women; not just different sexually, but really a whole different life in many ways. I would not have guessed.
Consider the victim defense jewelry, it can be improved/ and it is your best option for protection. A gun can be taken away/ a gun must be “gotten out and pointed”, and predators make their living by surprise; so it isn’t likely for you. If you have a gun and someone else is being attacked, then you can help; but it isn’t likely to help you/ and you may even blow your foot off. Get over the idea of revenge by violence/ get used to the idea of getting even in court, because the evidence of chemicals can identify and promote that happening.
The question of nations and their survival, is a very limited discussion on what happens when there are no resources left to plunder? What happens when there is no water to speak of; can these things not happen? What happens when unemployment is massive? What happens when food is insufficient? What happens when the money turns out to be a lie? What happens, when public unrest turns violent/ as it always does, because those who can take everything DO/ and leave the rest with nothing? And more? The answer is: either everybody cares and shares/ or goes to war. The answers here are limited to a discussion in public truth, our reality: to maintain truth and honesty for all/ or the people will come with guns, and desperation in civil war. Look anywhere in the world of nations, and understand genocide is merely the result of these things; as applied to over-crowding. The day of push these out of here, “let them live somewhere else/ or die”; has become and will greatly intensify into: “there simply is no where left to go, where life can support itself”. Therefore in the intensity of nations who cannot deal with their own population densities/ in a world growing by 2 million people each week, over deaths! The question of what happens next, is war/ or LAW and the courtroom. NOT hard to understand. But the reality is, men do not trust each other; and that means, peace is left for women to create through leadership over men. Just how it is/ survival is often NEVER a description of “what do you want”: instead survival is most often, “this is what you can do, to survive”. Take your pick/ but when the weapons of mass destruction are released or any of a wide number of other realities come to bear; LIFE IS OVER! THESE WILL COME! Or the women will remove them.

In the reality of economic survival; the fact is, in america things are going to change. Instead of easy out, who cares about the money, shit on them: the bill WILL come due/ and already is. A variety of statements have been presented in these works as to the accounting available or that has been closed to the public; defending the statement that we are bankrupt as a nation. Use the report on the home page here/ and demand the federal reserve answer your questions. The latest report is: an expenditure of over $7,000.00 per individual in healthcare last year PER 300 MILLION PEOPLE each! Every face, every baby, every old person, every face in the nation; over 7 thousand dollars each consumed by healthcare. Times 50 million workers equals a gross cost per each worker in America, MUST generate $42,000.00 each one/ just to pay for this healthcare. How about you/ did you pay your 42 thousand dollars/ over taxes, expenses, everything else? Or is “the healthcare industry” just taking everything they want, pretending the numbers actually mean something. Which of course they do not, because the numbers are lies. Numbers don’t lie? There ain’t no possible way every single worker can generate this money, plus everything else/ NO we do not sell that much to the world/ yes, resources are under attack to the point of extinction/ and yes the government employee is LYING/ CHEATING/ AND STEALING, to make the wealthy happy; keep the poor from revolting. Power to the rich/ because lies do buy things until the dupe, and the idiot finally wise up. Either the numbers are a lie, and the nation didn’t pay this amount of money for health care/ or the money is a lie, and a scam against the people. Because money is a labor or work, and a resource. It is nothing else/ and there isn’t anything saved up/ because you owe everything. What have you as a nation not bought in the last 30 years or more without the words “we will pay later/ credit (average debt about $10,000.00), and never did pay for most”. DON’T pay the highest interest cards/ pay the low interest cards, these people are trying to work with you, and you are punishing them for helping you/ and rewarding the bastard thieves. That is a failure on your part. Leave the high interest rate alone, let them come for the money, and in court you can fight their inflated prices and attempts to steal; competing with the court, to be criminal and against society. If you pay them and let the low interest loans go to default/ then it is clear in these cases, because they are trying to be fair to you: that you do owe the money, and you have no “wiggle room” in arguing unfair. Pay the people who treat you fair/ abandon the people who do not: let them fight. The only people who actually pay for anything are the poor, and middle class; its their labor/ and it’s the resources that keep the masses alive that are the money; therefore the wealthy simply steal your lives; and give you lies instead. Got money in the bank? Just remember with the numbers so large, that they have no meaning/ and contrary to popular opinion, the bank doesn’t have any money to speak of: “THEY multiply your numbers by 10, & LOAN IT OUT”/ which means only a little is in the bank at any given time. Think FDIC has money, it is an insurance corporation/ not the government: YOU are the government; “the government” has virtually no money either. FDIC is an insurance policy issued by what is realistically a business: “the C”, stands for corporation! The housing bubble burst and will continue to burst/ government figures on public debt, primarily for houses a few years ago was 40 trillion dollars! Every single trillion dollars divided by 50 million workers equals $20,000.00 each/ 40 trillion dollars for personal debts is $800,000.00 eight hundred thousand dollars per worker. And that doesn’t include the 10 trillion dollars just the federal government owes. That doesn’t include state or municipal debts. That doesn’t include agricultural, or business debt, or a few others. Bonds are government debts/ and trillions are unreported and not included in national figures; which means the bonds are worthless/ because the money is worthless numbers; that simply cannot be paid. Go to court, and make them prove their numbers for real/ question them, and penalize ANYONE, WHO PARTICIPATES IN A LIE!
AS TO YOUR OWN economic survival in this reality, gold, silver, copper, iron, basic commodities are all things that people will continue to use, so they will retain and increase in value as time goes on. Gold is expected to return as the standard of money/ historically it is what brought stability; therefore as before gold especially will be confiscated to regain stability, and perhaps silver too. But they do have to give you something for it! “but there is only peace and harmony in stability for society/ so it will always be attacked, when things calm down; got to be exciting. Can’t be rich with stability, courage, or respect! So the endless line of disgrace that is greed in humanity attacks stability, they promote fears and seek to inflict them, and they ridicule, just so you will fight, and lose! Irregardless {irregardless; is an associate derivative of regardless meaning even looked at from both directions, no solution can be found} of the mess, that humanity has breed into itself; for today, of these corporations and businesses that are critical to society some will survive/ but because they are heavily indebted to investors, it will not be without major loss; oversold is oversold. Look for what is necessary, and to the future as well. The simple reality is; that the ocean is running out of fish/ and will soon die, in every sense of the word, without direct intervention from the world. That’s how it is / that’s what the leadership of men has done; no excuses, take it all/ put nothing back, go to war when its over, and its over; so the question is: ARE YOU GOING TO PUT SOMETHING BACK, or go to war? While humanity decides; starvation will come, as a result of this tragedy; to the grain markets, basically the price of anything food is going to rise. Don’t invest in property anymore, as it will get more volatile/ and taxes are going to rise dramatically; they need money, and “its you or me”. The future is dependent upon whether you go to court or to civil war. The more you lean to civil war, the more demand will be for guns/ the more you lean to court, the possibilities for the future include those companies that produce insulation, and other energy solutions for a green earth. Because if you do not do the work to keep the earth alive, you die. There really is no choice; you are down to live, or die/ by the choices you will make in these days. So the truth is I am not much interested in the future of business or money. But in simple terms, I have some gold and silver coins in a safe deposit box; for a start, in case you choose to live. Food will become precious, so will water, if you don’t stop consuming more than the earth can provide for you. Its your choice, whether you hide, run, or scream; its still a choice/ and you are going to make your own choices. No one to blame but you. YOU can do something/ YOU can organize at a minimum by supporting this site by telling others to come and look here; help each other GO TO COURT and find the truth, for real/ no more gambling or guessing; as best you can! ANYONE can promote this site for that purpose; do that much; and if the world is not worth that tiny bit, to you/ going to court, so there is no guessing; find the proof, before you die! Then, surely; you simply deserve to die.
So economic survival comes down to who controls the labor/ and the resources/ BECAUSE all the numbers are bad! There is no money without labor and resources: what do you think, the tree says you can’t cut me down until I see the dollars? No, it is not so/ the man who cuts the tree down says, I must be paid. Therefore understand simply; nothing gets done, unless labor does it. Nothing gets done, unless resources allow it! On the other side, what do you think, if you have one single source of water to keep you alive/ and someone offers you 10 million dollars for it; but you will die, if you sell/ are you going to take the money? Really, is money better than life/ how you going to spend it? Numbers nor money matter, when life is the choice.
therefore in reality every economy is governed by the people who do the work/ slave labor is a result of weapons, or it is a community decision “we are better off/ or hope to be”. Or it’s a result of lies, as is common worldwide/ from the dawn of history scams that enlist the masses “believe in me, and I will make you wealthy, or give you eternity have existed.” Every pyramid scheme ends in failure; with most then turning to civil war/ or mass exodus. The numbers game in America is that same kind of pyramid game; so long as the masses at the bottom don’t complain/ the people at the top can take as much as they want. The idiot looks up and says “that will be me”/ while reality looks down, and understands money is labor and resources; and the numbers then represent a slavery to all the nation/ because promises exist, that then go to court, and steal the heart and soul of a nation so deceived. Back away from the abyss of economic disaster, and go to court, before you go to civil war. Just do it/ or it will be horrific.
Survival as a economic nation is then about facing the truth, and understanding no matter how much you hate the bills you created; YOU are going to pay some of it/ there is no escaping all the lies! But a lot can be done to minimize the tragedy and equalize the reality. Going to have to do the work you don’t want to do. Make decisions you don’t want to make. In other words “act like grown ups”! Such as taking away the healthcare dollars from doctors/ ending health insurance (the vehicle that ended even an attempt at appropriate billing in healthcare). Stop the anarchy of advertizing products etc/ that do nothing but steal money and throw away resources; it destroys confidence in government. Stop identity theft, NOT my problem, YOU gave them the loan: not me (YOU are the co-signer, NOT me)! Take away the billionaire, and the multimillionaire money, NONE deserve it / and so much more. We are equal/ not slaves to you. Economic Survival is never a “top down economy”, whereby the rich get all the money, and the poor get whatever trickles down: that is propaganda, disease, and disgrace promoted by the very greedy, or the fool. The reality of a democracy is WE THE PEOPLE, the intent of a democracy is equality and truth for all, the purpose of a democracy is the introduction and support of fair play through justice and the law. NONE of these things are supported by “trickle down economies”/ these are just liars stealing as fast as they can. Therefore “bottom up economies” are the only measure of success in any society! That is the only reality in society and the function of government for justice, that exists; and there is no other option to peace or harmony, “than everybody gets a piece of the pie”.
The propaganda machines will declare “we the rich provide the jobs/ you can’t live without us”! and of course, “give us the money/ be our slave” will be constant. But the fact is, people create the jobs/ because people have needs, and they have wants, and they do what people do! The fact of an organization created to satisfy the needs, wants, or realities of a society; has very little to do with money as a number or government born paper. The people create the job, and the people fill the job/ the rich or people in control of the organization are required: BECAUSE the average citizen doesn’t get along, with their responsibilities in life. So the rich man/ owner comes to beat those who must be beaten with his stick: won’t work, won’t control spending, won’t accept duty, won’t be a friend, won’t do what you have promised to do; and so forth. Beaten then means; to remove from the majority their anger over what those among them won’t do/ and direct that anger at just one person instead. So the rich owner man or woman gets to be the “fall guy”/ the complaint department! And the majority get to do the complaining so they don’t war among themselves; and ruin society because of it. Anarchy is a real thing/ the refusal to follow any law, or duty, or right; and take whatever you want. Anarchy is the reality of everybody complaining, and nobody working or at peace with each other. So the rich man was invented to stop the anarchy. And human reality became “master and slave”. So the question, of whether you can survive as a nation in equality and justice, is dependent upon whether you can and will take responsibility for yourselves. In real time, and in real ways, respecting each other/ and doing your duty for life, each one. Its your decision. But your nation as a true democracy: is not governed by the rich, or the jobs they provide. Money is labor and resources; and you do that, nature provides that and it is owned by all, as a measure of reality and truth; including the future generations! So you are in fact “the rich/ because you are the money”! The existence of human needs, wants, and reality IS THE JOB! That means, in society, whether you can respect each other and work with each other honestly, determines if you can be “the master of your own fate”. The rich man provides no job, human reality and truth is the job. And the organizations that deal with these problems are the places that determine how life in society is going to be. Governments are the big start to life in society/ because their job is to establish the law, and keep justice, peace, and harmony through truth, and the consequence called reality. Their job is to protect the resources, and give people access to equal protection, and fair play in their lives with society. Those called business, fight for the right to be rich today/ leaving all other considerations primarily in the garbage. Each one saying we must, it’s the competition! And that is not entirely wrong, it is the competition; and a wide variety of tragedies occur because of this competition and the association now presenting itself with machines that take jobs instead of provide jobs. In other words, everything business will have to be changed; because the resources can no longer be wasted/ and machines have invaded the job force and enabled a 50% reduction in the work force that will not come back; unless it is forced. So again it is up to you, to decide if you will share the work, share life and hope and happiness. Or war against each other, and destroy everything. It will be one way or the other/ the middle-ground is over. We know what the leadership of men will do, “they will endure as long as they can stand it, and then war, or steal.” What women will do, is not known. But the question of life in this our future, and the needs of children and their future is not going to be determined by how much stuff you can throw in the trash. As has been the past, with men in charge; “winner, got the biggest pile of garbage”. Today our reality is very simple, either we find ways to live a sustainable lifestyle, or the future dies! Assassinated by you! That doesn’t mean nothing/ but it does mean, that life will focus on what benefits us all, upon things that do last, and don’t end in the garbage, upon honesty about what we need to be happy and hopeful and at peace with life itself. These are very different decisions, that the constant avalanche of people warring for money, and trampling each other, murdering each other; just to be proud. It is a choice, and you will make it. The world of harmony, grants many opportunities to children, and a world where women and men and life find time for each other and the blessings that no other generation has had. A life in true democracy/ a happiness generated by work that does not need to control their lives/ and an environment that will be a place for life and living a life in peace. Anything less, will simply descend into hell, and Armageddon. The future is a choice, and you will decide life or death for this planet. YOU choose life, or YOU WILL curse everything, and kill everyone forever.
What is business leadership, is simply those who are the most determined, and find a way to do something for someone/ then fills a need or a want& becomes a leader. That is what business does, simple as that/ except for the competition. Competition means: “there are too many of us now/ someone has to quit”. Up until that point, it is just a game of numbers/ beyond that point, it becomes a game of winners and losers. The only means of controlling the competition, is either to allow “mean streets”/ or decide as a nation that we will share this work and this community in ways that benefit us all: SUCH AS reducing hours, so that everyone can work/ controlling maximum income, so that when “you have your share/ you no longer have a right to compete here anymore”; and such things that identify we the people, is a way of life, rather than just words.
Issue is taken with the recession in Michigan as is currently being described. The reality is, that union and the race for the money that did not include anyone not union/ not “upper management”; has been against everyone else in society. YOU took everything you could/ and ridiculed the rest, because you got away with it: the bill simply has come due. The composition of vehicles that came out of Detroit, have been entirely geared to the wealthy/ literally abandoning the poor, as meaningless and annoying to you: cause you want the money! The quality of vehicles that poorer people could buy from Detroit was poor/ and always reeked of the attitude “you are worthless, buy something better; why put up with this”. So arrogance and pride and selfishness brought you to where you are today/ why should we care? It is the same in very many businesses around this nation/ don’t care about us: why then should we care about you? But tragedy isn’t picky about whose lives it invades, and the reality is your blatant selfishness is about to damage us all. So if you get your head out of your ass, and take a breath or two of clean air for a change in reality; not your arrogance/ perhaps things can be better. One of the things essentially wrong is summed up by this: I once selected a roll of electrical tape just because it said union made in USA/ only to open the package and find made in China on the actual tape. [unions are not bad/ SELFISHNESS AND ARROGANCE are BAD]! It was the label that was made in america; and this represents the foundation reality of life in america today: how can we tempt and deceive them! Everything is corrupted, with endless psychological disease, from the tampering of university driven manipulations, and the demand of competition to find a way to sell it, even if you have to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, OR RAPE; who gives a damn! Welcome to business in America; you have become a disgrace. I AM TIRED OF THE LIES, STEALING, AND MANIPULATION; anyone who is alive inside is! That said, the primary problem with “buying American” is it ain’t American anymore! HOW MANY parts on an American car or truck are NOT American ? who knows, but it is fact; American isn’t American! The same is true of Japanese and the rest, with some assembly in America; the claim of it ain’t American no longer exists either [even though a majority of the money does not stay in America/ but neither does “the American plants/ are you not going outside the USA”. BUYING from YOU, no longer matters, because corruption rules.] if you want to come back; build a vehicle that is American/ honorably advertize it as all American/ build it so the vast majority of people can afford it honestly, and be happy with the quality; NOT insulted with the functional reality “you ain’t good enough for quality”. And don’t steal more money from us, we don’t give a damn for your union: because you have used it for robbery, to fight against us/ and take everything for yourselves. You want back; earn it! JUST LIKE US, one day at a time, for life and community. You make room for me and my life/ I make room for you and your life; its called community; this provides peace and harmony! Your way of selfishness, greed, lust, disrespect, and whoring leads only to war, depression, and “damn you”. Take your pick.

Survival as a political nation, is dependent upon law described for the existence of fair play. If you steal their money, HOW do you expect the public to be confident “the employees of government, are on my side: will you not be considered enemies instead?” Numbers without meaning; just common lies for cheating the people out of their own nation; nothing fair about it. Selfishness keeps the money coming, pride keeps the lies building; because bribes do work on most. And clearly none of the people who have been elected, can or will support the removal of money that they worship for the purposes of pride in themselves. Its not going to happen/ and if it did, it would quickly be repealed in any number of sequences to distort and disable any such laws. The reality is then very simply; that the public shall indeed own a media station or two or three. BUT EVERY OTHER FORM OF MEDIA will be independent of the others/ THERE SHALL BE NO JOINT OWNERSHIP of any media opportunity. There shall be no business ownership of any media platform outside the people who do the reporting. There shall be NO editorial anything, across the board/ from one aspect of media to another; in other words, you shall NOT own a radio station or a television station together; you shall NOT OWN two radio stations, or newspapers; etc. all media influences that can be considered as potentially changing public views shall be privately owned and without connection to any other influence than the people who do the work therein. NO WEALTHY OWNER, ONLY the people who literally do the work, and that’s all! Because the nation depends upon literal truth and reality/ NOT propaganda and manipulations. Every single candidate for office will use these platforms presented for the use of running for any office: all such platforms presented is free to use, by private media or public presentations in any form; but you will give the originator her/ his due. And there shall be NO OUTSIDE venues for political campaigning! NOT ONE SINGLE AD BOUGHT! All political Champaign’s will be run on these publicly provided sites at no cost to the politician. Anyone or organization who wishes to use these political opportunities for themselves, shall do so under their own supervision, with direct and clear statements incorporated into their ads; that it is their decision, and not the politicians. YOU will not use any reference to any candidate/ you will only be allowed to represent comment of the decision or discussions that are being presented: that is your opportunity in the political process, and it does not extend beyond this barrier to you. These public organizations which present a political format, will list the candidates and any ideas they present on the various formats used; giving credit to all who come up with the ideas/ giving opportunity for a voice to those who believe they can do better. The candidates will go where the public invites them/ and that public will pay for the ride and the “boarding responsibilities”. The purpose is to establish exactly how decisions are made, and what are the boundaries that express when truth no longer matters to this one? No longer a rich man’s game/ but one of ideas and battlegrounds in functional politics. Politics are a foundation of new and existing ideas, whereby the public is offered and asked if you want the same, or do you want change. Today the reality is: at least as many want “the same”/ as do want change. But the reality is truth will not let you continue in the same for long; america is bankrupt. Either you will change, or everything falls apart, and takes you with it. When money takes over in politics, it’s a game of expectations made to the public, that cannot be kept; because the money later on says no. it’s a common game, for fools and idiots. I have listened a tiny bit to political rhetoric lately, to find the only candidate for any significant change to be John Edwards; not that he is particularly suited to the work, but the reality is; he has taken his position for change, and he will not easily be able to back away even when threatened. That means he must try, even though the money, and a host of coming problems for the nation will be threatening him. The others will back peddle as soon as there is a problem, and the wealthy WILL remind them who does own this country; AND what they can do to make their lives miserable “sooner, or later”. This is an observation, not an endorsement. But more simply; as economic and other realities begin to bear down hard on life in America; people are going to look for change in leadership/ going to need change. As economic times in particular threaten “the millionaires”/ these are going to look for stability, who will defend them: TO HELL WITH YOU/ DEFEND ME! And that means if the masses of poor currently being forced into poverty will either organize very much; to actually vote for change, demand change: or you will be discarded. And society collapse under the weight of so many in trouble. You have to organize and work; do it on your own/ the wealthy or those who expect to retain any wealth, or those who intend to be wealthy; WILL fight against you: “its you or me/ and I don’t want to be poor”. So its you/ the end result being a civil war; because the masses will revolt! They may not have words, but they do have guns and the ability to use them. The wealthy trust the “status quo” got them there, by doing what they are doing now! And they do want more of the same, DON’T CARE about the consequences to anyone but me. Going to hire armies, if necessary. DO BE AWARE of this simple reality: the electoral college can take away any vote of the people [IF you let them]. Because it was set up to protect the nation from the uninformed: but is now controlled by the money. Who but those with money really get to talk? The answer is, everyone can talk a little; thereby giving ammunition to the powerful in their attempts to control the thoughts of the public; can’t control you unless they know what you want to hear. But when reality and purpose comes, money picks the ones for majority propaganda; who vote with them; to keep the wealthy, wealthy! And they own the media and the venues, that allow which people will be heard. Why not, 120 trillion dollars in assets and bribes; divided by a few people “makes kings and queens out of all who get to stay/ and be your master”. 120 trillion dollars roughly the federal reserve claim for this day; make them prove it isn’t so: divided by 300 million faces (babies and all) is equal to $400,000.00 four hundred thousand dollars per face, each one! You got yours/ your baby got theirs? Someone has claim to this amount of numbers/ and you can bet they intend to collect: you going to pay? Not to worry, they will take you to court/ they will evict you, and if you complain, “to jail you shall go”. The game has been “bribe them with numbers/ promise them anything; so long as no one spends the numbers : we can have all the numbers we want”. Let the poor do the work/ they will beg for it! Until they can stand it no more, and pick up their guns. The numbers are a lie, but it works until too many are spending, and not enough are working. That then requires immigrants/ so they are imported; with the additional benefit of new faces to give credit too; even more numbers! But remember this a tremendous wave of “baby boomers” are coming to retire and fully intend to spend “like there is no tomorrow”/ because in their version of the world; (they drove/ led us here), for the last 30 years: there is no tomorrow; all dead! Take your pick/ fix the problems or die, its your call. Just don’t expect a reprieve because hell and Armageddon will arrive! Like it, believe it, or not! Kill the chains of life that hold the world together for life, and the whole system breaks down, and you die. No mercy is a promise/ and you will not survive, is the reality; it will be the end of life on earth. Because the important decisions of the last century and especially the last 50 years have all been bad.
Do understand the reality of mass hypnosis is as simple as want/ if you want something badly enough, and are out of ideas of your own; people commonly will believe I can have it just by obeying someone else (this one will give me what I want); when the politician promises to give it to you! But that is not reality, few campaign promises are kept/ few can be kept, because no one wants to pay the price, so all pretend. The best orators know how to find out what you want to hear/ and they then tell you what you want to hear; enough buy it, they are elected. But that does not mean they have knowledge, honor, or respect/ it doesn’t mean they search for truth, or obey reality when it comes to the need for an honest decision. Doesn’t mean their “bad”/ just means they can talk, and you want badly enough to listen without understanding the consequences of people who make decisions without knowledge/ or more correctly with too little knowledge, and rarely any understanding at all. Its not a game/ and that means its not a speech that matters: but what is true that counts: NOT what you want/ but what your reality does in fact demand or allow.

In the survival of law, the primary considerations are economic opportunities, fair play, and the sexual balance between men and women. These three produce the greatest threat or balance to life in society/ thereby they are the respective ingredients in social law. Economic opportunities are about reality, and education; and the resources available for use by the public. No resources, no jobs/ no peace; simply because selfishness and want will rule/ creating pride, arrogance, and a host of other consequences that drive social unrest: “ they took more than their share”. If there are no resources, there is no method for employing the people. If the resources are too few, or too “expensive”/ there will be a fight for control, armies erupt. Few people will not work, if offered a “decent wage & living in exchange for their work”/ those who still don’t, walk away primarily because they don’t know how to compete, and lose their way in depressions. What is a decent living, is decided by what the others have that you do not. Therefore fair play, the reality of I worked as hard as the others, and I deserve the same thing as the others; fundamentally creates a fair society. Fairness to the vast majority is harmony to all/ because a happy society presents peace to its members. If there is enough; for real needs, to be satisfied. If there is more than needs available to the vast majority, even if it is only a little more, happiness in freedom will result. Of the various things that support happiness is a system of transportation for the masses that gives them the freedoms they desire at a price they can afford; it is not the car. For a hundred reasons; the various options available must be studied, and every city decides for itself. Survival in the city requires housing/ and the single ingredient that keeps the peace more than the rest is a “quiet building”/ so each occupant can escape from the pressures of being surrounded by people, and live free for a little while in their own space. The realities of cold and heat are equal needs; but they deal with the environment/ while noise is directly defined by people! Therefore “it is those damn people, that are the problem”/ instead of the common complaint; I hate the cold or heat, etc. Fair play is everyone gets to have equal opportunities/ thieves have no place in business or anywhere else. I am as free and responsible and respected as everyone else. Thank you very much. Not a hard concept.
Sexual balance and respect between men and women
Are highly significant achievements for any society/ because if men and women are not happy with each other, your world is not happy. Men have led this reality for countless thousands of years (too many). This is the best they can do/ this is our reality today. And it is deteriorating at an ever increasing pace, do to lies, threats, cheating, and fundamental apathy for the others. Let the women decide/ it is past “their turn”. It is fundamentally impossible, that they would do worse. Even if you don’t see it, the evil that is coming is a direct descendent of the decisions that men have made. Women might not do any better, but they cannot do worse. Let them lead. Survival begins and ends with happiness. Only the happy desire life/ only the sad, and truly depressed because of a lack of happiness take their own lives! Be happy, its important.
Of foundations that are critical in social happiness, one of the most simple is “we desire to live among those who are like us”. It is a foundation in nature, every species flocks together/ it is a reality of human life as well: but not as you suspect. The critical factor of same in human society is not color or heritage/ but the decisions that determine how you desire to live. One of the easiest descriptions of “not same” is the homosexual. That simple reality attests to the statement; since you are not like us/ it is important that you live in a city for yourselves. Taking care of yourselves, and so on. Not a judgment, but more simply a reality of life. You want recognition/ you are recognized. You want marriage of whatever, its your city/ by your rules: BUT OUR CITY by our rules as well. Fundamental freedoms, do not include “whatever you want to do”/ but more simply, if your basic behavior is different than all the rest; your expression of freedoms will be different than all the rest. And same means same/ while freedom among all who are the same is a recognizable freedom that could exist for me as well. More simply, although we are all naked/ the fact that homosexuality will never be chosen by the majority is cause enough “not same”/ different. Same, within the confines of a maximum freedom for the same, is a path to harmony. True Differences separated into their own environments, are a means to peace: your space/ my space; stay over there. “the bi-sexual” is a homosexual with enough lust left over to demand chemicals from women too. They do NOT belong! As to women, as is plainly true, I am not a woman/ cannot judge for women; they must decide for their own.

There are liars everywhere/ if you cannot see with your own eyes global warming at this stage of environmental collapse; then your just in denial of reality and truth. Trusting YOU won’t get caught/ let me, live my life first; who gives a damn after that. The reality is, either you fix all the damage and all the curses brought on this earth; especially by the American white male or the earth dies and you with it. American, because these have led the way in all manner of tragic realities we face today. White male, because although these have produced a society that survives today; they did so at the cost of tomorrow; and the consequence is without change we die. The question of life or death, is not color born! Instead the question of life is, pride or reality is going to die; and no one has more inherent pride. If you look to reality, what you find is those who escaped from violence or lost and were pushed out, went to colder climates. The cold pushed, and fires were created/ buildings were built and work proceeded inside buildings because “its cold outside”; and realities were changed by the introduction of new ways and methods. Every color of men have left their mark on society, every background, every religion; etc. But in america, the white European came killing, lying, cheating, and stealing; because they wanted a whole lot more than they had from where they came. And they had the weapons to take it/ so they did! That same question exists today across the world, among men and women who WANT much more than they have had/ DON’T WANT TO LOSE ONE DAMN THING! But truth will not let the assassination of the world, gain you anything. Today life is about sharing, caring, responsibilities for all, and the simple truth of a life that can be good; but only if we live together in peace and harmony with each other across the world. America was built extensively and literally, because of the natural resources here; and now believes they have a right to “riches beyond imagination”. Today all believe in the arrogance of the last years when nothing had honor, and respect was a doorstop for your deceit. Either you will change, or you will die. Either you will surrender pride, want, and selfishness or the world is already dead! WHY “pick on america” others do it too! BUT, If you cannot defeat all this pride/ you will not survive: and none have more pride than america. The answer is then, to america: “you are the worst/ but you are also the best possibility for change”: everything still remains in place, for life & for change across the world/ it depends upon you. So the question of life or death for this world begins with you. Life is not a game, pride says “me first”/ where truth demands simply: “life must be first”! because anything less ends in death; anything less, is a lie! you must now choose! That is the world men have made/ no matter who they blame it on: “the buck stops here”. CHOOSE.
The relationship we share as life in this world, can recognize the reality and truth of our situation, our decisions that must be made. Do you hear the battleground in the distance, do you hear your heart say to you; life itself is at stake/ because it is. Does your soul promise you, that the court will prove one way or the other what must be done. Or does your mind sink into the quicksand, and your honor sink like an anchor into hell. The world is watching/ the world is in need or your participation: and you WILL give them your answer. One way or the other. There is no middle ground! For life/ or for death, is the only choice there is.
On other issues of the day, some advise is necessary. As occurred to me, when developing animal and insect traps that are found in the invention link here; the reality of suddenly realizing that not only was I working for less pollution, less problems for life; by the removal of chemicals/ the chemicals dumped in the process of making chemicals/ and the pollution of various things. I was also making things that if truly successful would enable humanity to alter life populations. A secondary reality that simply didn’t occur to me until enlarging the trap line designs for patent protections suddenly illustrated a changed world, with little life, because humanity rarely does anything right: one small irritation, and its kill them all. Stupidity rules. It was a shock, to understand what seemed to be a clear “can’t be wrong idea”/ suddenly become a potential tragic ending affecting the whole earth. Most probable cause to the “heart-attack (or something distinctly like it)” I experienced a week later. That then became another lesson in think beyond the moment/ and learn the potential impact, even if it seems completely benign; if it changes something, it is not benign. The same thing has happened to the people who study fish and other life “told for protecting them”/ the reality is just more ammunition for attacking them, as soon as a tiny bit of hunger comes along: common predator actions, leave what is easy alone, until hungry. Tell them anything, give them what they want; LIE ALL DAY LONG: just get the information, so death can come later.
The world is full of liars, each one determined that if someone has to lose, “IT AIN’T going to be me”. So anything and everything becomes a target as life pushes, and economics collapse. Everything will be in danger of complete collapse as is the sea today. One of the most critical dangers being established is the collection by man of primary food sources such as creel, and other small creatures that make up the bottom shelf of the ocean supermarket. Being sold of pet & animal food, and more: the reality is this practice kills off the base food, which then kills the slightly higher up creatures/ which then kills off the slightly higher predators/ which then completely empties the ocean: because without food, there is no life! Just buying pet food/ “how can that be wrong”! the list is long. Stealing the base food of the ocean, is rather like killing off all the plant life on earth; do you not understand, the other creatures that depend upon plants then die/ without these or the plants, YOU DIE. WAKE UP!
The Japanese are trying to expand their own search for food, with whales; their fishing fleet harvests have dropped over 50% on some creatures of the sea; do to overfishing! But they got to eat right? You would think so if it was you! No doubt about it! So the reality is: either very significant changes are going to occur world wide/ or in a very short time the ocean will be empty: WHAT THEN, if not war? It will be war, and soon weapons of mass destruction, as the battle “over mine”, becomes I HATE you. Everything is ready to collapse, not a game/ a reality of male decisions, that never paid back anything. A lot of work must be done to repair the oceans/ or you lose them permanently. Don’t believe the evidence; go ahead and gamble: going to eat your toes/ or your children? I bet on the children, and then the women, and then insanity will have you eating your own arms and legs. Can’t be true; in a dead world, that’s all that is left, except for eternal punishments for choosing to kill this world. Its still a choice/ but not for much longer. But not to worry, you can eat your pride and live on your arrogance, and sell your selfishness for lots of numbers; until the day you die/ you can have as many numbers as you like; go ahead trade your own life for trillions/ why stop at millions. Carry it in a dump truck if you like/ but alas there will be machine guns hunting you.
There is enough work to keep everyone working for years, just trying to stay alive and repair all the damage that men have done. Want your money instead/ to proud to work for life; damn them all/ WANT MONEY! Its your choice, but fall off the edge of life or death/ and death is all you get. No mercy/ YOU CHOSE. Its wake up or die time/ take your pick; just remember like hiding in the closet of a house on fire/ or running away to a desert island without a single resource to keep you alive: YOU WILL FACE THESE REALITIES one way or the other. GO TO COURT/ AND DEFINE, DECLARE, IDENTIFY, AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH. Then decide, but don’t wait too long!
From thousands of little things, such as placing plastic bags in a container to crush them down with a weight, or a light bulb to heat them into a single piece of plastic; no bag where not needed/ deposit or paid for recycling YOU have a long way to go, to recreate a society that can survive. Too much trouble for you; hell and Armageddon are coming/ do you really want them instead? Think about it. To the hundreds of big things such as the people who want to play god; are making experiments to create fusion/ an atomic fire, that once started CANNOT be put out: “everything atomic is fuel”/ everything will burn including you. To the complete insanity of genetic crucifixion of life itself, will millions of devils trying their best to mutilate life into extinction: WHAT did any other human being ever create for you that was better than nature? Do you think governments should be in charge of nature; cause they do such a good job/ cause they LIE TO YOU/ exactly what? Stop them or everything is lost, because nature is life/ and the genetic code is nature itself. It designs, builds, creates, and controls: and YOU HAVE MEN AND WOMEN tampering with this as if it were a toy/ SHAME ON YOU. HOW BLIND CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE; I doubt a worm could have missed this! Where is your excuse! So you want a tidy little world where nothing goes wrong/ well welcome to the reality of everything going wrong instead. CHANGE OR DIE. From the universities that steal (take a look at all they build/ not paying a dime from their own pockets) and kill all the day long (genetics, weapons, resource attack; just everything they can think of, lie about, and use you to justify stupidity because you don’t ask questions; or penalize the little satan’s of this world: NOT ALL, just a few)/ to the failure of lies from government that are going to turn into civil war, beyond the scope of anything you expect/ to a military in control of weapons of mass destruction, that if used means the end of life on earth in less than 30 minutes: can’t get them back/ it takes less than 25 to end life on earth; and you have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. Even an ass knows when it shits/ WHY NOT YOU! Not even the tragedies and uselessness of ethanol, stealing your water, and producing next to nothing as an asset. How little do you do for life; absolutely blind and arrogant beyond belief. Even the smaller battles, you let the fools win (their university you know; talk better/ government and legal cronies to back them; come stealing and “butchering in the court”: taking everything with a few words/ cause the court belongs to the money.). Current in the paper is the ongoing battle over water in the west Montana recently. Filled with arrogance the battleground is over whether oil and gas can be sucked out of the ground! The law says yes, the law wins. BUT WATER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE GROUND, to the animals that depend upon it for their LIVES; and every bit and every portion of law IS HELD TO DEFEND LIFE ON EARTH; DEMANDED TO DEFEND THE NEEDS OF LIFE ON EARTH, and in no way can be surrendered to the demand of anything less than life on earth! Therefore in that tiny battle for oil, the laws are allowed to win. BUT THERE IS NO ALLOWANCE, for the fact , demand, or desire for those companies or persons attempting to gain wealth through resources they don’t own! And the people and life of the ground above OWN THE WATER! Therefore if they can get the oil as the law allows without damaging the environment/ they may take it, in this situation today. But they may not have, contaminate, or disturb the water/ and every single penny will be confiscated that they have should the water be destroyed. That is one of the biological laws of life! And no man or woman or assumption of organization can disallow this law for their personal benefit. LIFE FIRST!
An education is not memorizing what someone else says/ not giving your life to debts, just because someone tempts and manipulates you into believing their “sucker trash”. An education identifies life, work, money, needs and values, the world, the truth, and the rights that bring justice and peace through harmony into society. The pitiful disgrace that is an education throughout America: IS NONE OF THAT. SHAME ON YOU. Take a look, do you not all pile into the tragedy of lies that is falling on your heads; where is your “big brains”/ did you lose them; or were you just so blatantly proud, you sold them to the promise of lies, just so you could blame the liars for your own disgrace: to consume everything you could. ASSHOLE.
GOING TO HIDE IN YOUR RELIGION? In what world! Going to kill off GOD’S CREATION , proving your own disgrace/ because you refuse to do anything to stop it? Well “don’t you deserve “mercy”! going to kill a few babies along the way, just to prove your god too: WAKE UP! Going to condemn me and this message, just because you could lose some power or pride or whatever you are worshiping “besides GOD “ today? Go ahead/ but just remember this: HELL AND ARMAGEDDON don’t care what religion you claim! The reality is going to be your truth, unless human life on earth changes quickly! That is what the evidence that surrounds you says/ and that is what will happen, if you don’t change. Worship your lies and liars all you want/ but in the end: NO LIFE on earth includes you too. GO TO COURT, and prove the evidence does not convict you of hell and Armageddon! Everything points to there / show me the detour where you get off the road! Cause “your so special”.
Life is not a game, and if you believe you get out “free”/ then explain to me why it is you are even here? To play, and pretend; or is there something else GOD’S PEOPLE WOULD BE DOING, in a time and place that defines and determines the future of all life one earth. Oh I know, “you can lick your ass” particularly after the mutilations of Armageddon steal your heart. Don’t like it, then get up and do something about it. Don’t believe, I “a person, not so wonderful as you expected” can’t be used by GOD ? Take it up with HIM! Apparently “all the good people” were too busy! Just how many billions “have the good people judged: too bad for them, laughing they are condemned”? not you, really. That other religion “ can’t go to heaven too; condemned cause their well, just stupid”/ that other sect in your own religion/ that other church, your neighbor? Or did you leave a few “in your little world of playing god, to keep you company, or be your slaves, sex objects in heaven”. After all “that supermarket of greed, luxury, lust, and virgins you expect in heaven; has to be populated with someone doesn’t it”; or are you going to fantasize it for yourself/ “god aren’t you”; don’t need no damn mercy “you got it dicked”. Heaven is apparently a brothel, is that it? ASSHOLE.

NO, I ain’t perfect either/ but life is a choice, to do the best you can, OR not! So what do you choose for your future? Today is the first day, of the rest of your life: what is your life going to be? Answer the question. My own reality is being changed too/ my own existence in this world is being constantly challenged too. Don’t bother to tell me, “its too hard for you to be fair, to be honest or honorable, or respectful”/ I ain’t buying; and it don’t matter what I think anyway GOD is watching you ! Because you are on trial, for life or death of this world. YOU are deciding the future of life on earth, YOU wanted to be important didn’t you. So now you are! As to sex itself, and the question of “right or wrong”/ if you are animal, then sex is always a matter of timing. If you are human, and alive; then sexual existence is a freedom to express yourself with a person of the opposite sex, IF they are equal and willing to you. Anything less than truly being equal in a sexual relationship is lust, and lust is nothing more than stealing, using, abusing, and disrespecting their life; a sin (a disgrace before GOD by HIS CREATION). Life is more than sex or sexuality, life is about your decision to participate honorably in GOD’S WORLD ! sexuality as a gift of love between man and woman is a blessing that honors creation/ but if you abuse sex, it will turn to lust/ and lust turns to violence and greed. So be fair with your body/ be fair with life itself. And understand, people are NOT TO BE ABUSED; respect them, don’t judge them, and let sexuality be a gift of happiness between you, and a person of the opposite sex that finds life & truth, in the blessing of your love. I am not a woman, consequently this is a man’s view; women must add their own words. For the sake of men, don’t try to control women/ don’t try to guess what they want/ don’t disrespect or disgrace women; just be yourself, be kind and be responsive to their needs and their lives, and most will like you. Never ignore them either, “they hate that”.
As to me, my life is different than yours; just how it is. Change is demanded of me too/ decisions are demanded of me too; it seems clear my life will never be the same again, the price of my own reality. I have spent my life being a man / and now at times I feel like a girl, because I have no choices, rights, or options with regard to gender issues. I have become, or am on my way to being, more clearly “a woman to women”. More vulnerable than I could have imagined to women; it is so strange. Why I don’t know, apart from the simple truth that women are in need of assistance, because the world is changing; and I have been given to their purposes, if they choose to fight for life on earth. Can’t even complain, because life is on trial/ the children are completely dependent upon change; and there is no one else that can do the work or bring true change for life on earth apart from women. That is my reality, and I am truly surprised. I DO belong to GOD , and whether you consider me worthy or not/ is your question, it is not mine. This earth is HIS CREATION , and I will not surrender it to hell and damnation without a fight. This is a woman’s version of that fight. And it is correct that it should be so/ simply because “the male version I had intended,” examined in reality would NOT have ended in anything but war! Absolutely not what I desire; “another failure of not looking beyond the moment”. That means literally, my every attempt to fight for life on this earth WILL be a “woman’s way”/ as best I can. Because there is no other way, for life to survive. I looked everywhere! Either women will lead us back to life, love, respect, happiness, hope, peace, truth, and harmony: or the earth will be dead and gone.
Everything spiritual inside of me, declares this to be true! There is not the slightest doubt, in heart, soul, mind or spirit! So I change too. Whatever will be, will be, because it is my gift to GOD and it is my need to do the best I can for life, while life is still possible. I don’t care what you believe/ I care about life on earth: in PEACE, HARMONY, TRUTH, AND HAPPINESS. These require love, hope, courage, and respect! I don’t care about personal consequences/ I care the reality of life on earth. Don’t believe the earth can die? DON’T believe in a hell created by men/ a nature that cannot be mutilated beyond recognition or repair? GO TO COURT AND PROVE IT! Demand TRUTH.
The addition of further inventions will wait until the spirit of woman inside declares, it is time. It is not my choice. She will decide what my future holds, when, where, how, and why. SHE will decide what will be, in this life, or for this body. It is a choice I have made/ it is a reality I am enduring. And it is a fact, that she has control over much; whether I like it or not, she has laid claim and taken possession over my sexuality; and decides everything . I don’t know why! From Revelation 12, she has entered my world; as a result of realities discussed in www.complexdestiny.info . you decide for yourself.
that simple truth of anything to do with sexuality, to a religious zealot, is all they need to condemn me. Aren’t you proud! Out of the sewer, and into hell; lusting all the way, is the essence of the religious, righteous man. He is a god you know/ and some obscure and useless text is his answer to how and why he can judge. What is men on earth, are neither bad or good; rather instead of looking beyond the moment, they fight for control of the moment; and use religion as their tool or weapon/ money or women as their trophy/ and the earth itself is nothing but “a toilet” they leave behind. That ends in these very days. The earth has been violated enough, and now leans to death. Change what you do; before it is too late. This is no game, either you live or you die.

This is January 14, 2008 and life has been changing for me suddenly. Today, the introduction of being required to investigate “female experience” has found my life without fight. Don’t know where it went, am shocked to find that I am so vulnerable. The compositions that become afraid are identified: those being “no weapons, a body that cannot fight at least with women, a reality that cannot run or hide, and a mind that doesn’t understand how to fight”. I am forced to realize, I have become something akin to prey. What is male in me has been lost/ although I do think “the woman inside” would return it, if necessary because of men; don’t know. What are female associations, have looked at the world of being female in a whole new light. In the past, my expectation was, “present ways to create a diversion, or win the fight” are misunderstood expectations that their would be a fight if opportunity presents. Apparently that is not so simple as believed. Still not use to the idea, that women are basically equal, just different: is wrong! Women are different, and equal/ but live a very different experience is more correct. Today I have taken an accounting of what is available to women as a means of defense in desperate situations/ and find only sex, and the realities of male sexuality as a means of changing any such situation. The keys to this MUST be learned. There are no other real weapons.
I really can’t describe this whole new experience beyond the word tragic, at this moment in time. I can recognize, it is a part of the reality of women; fundamentally establishing gentleness, kindness, hope, and a wide range of love and life/ but still NOT fair, at some level of life. Don’t desire to be preyed upon, need to be respected and treated fairly. But it’s a too large percentage; world of men, who worship power, pride, selfishness, lust, greed, violence, and hatred. Plainly ladies, we need to find a way to defend ourselves effectively. With or without men. I am not being glib; my life has changed dramatically with the sudden realization; everything I have depended upon for protection is missing. There has to be a better way/ than potentially, being preyed upon. There has to be a better way, than sacrificing what is gentle, kind, and loving for the sake of safety.
I find my life an easy target now, the sign says victim, and this body is still changing, getting smaller (my ass is constantly doing something, don’t know what it is). And the only weapon available for women, that is not even a weapon, is sex: and even that is not a weapon for me. THIS CAN’T BE GOOD. As a man, I just never considered what this situation could feel like. Literally, I did not understand. This is fundamentally, a whole new experience in life; and I do not know what to do next. It is such a surprise, instead of live or die, and nothing in between/ its “I can be controlled, I don’t have a choice, except suicide; and that is not a choice that is surrender.” Its awful, I am defenseless, and had no idea how bad that feels/ at least against women. There has to be better ways. One of them is “the whole skunk Oder thing” its works for them. Another is endure what must be endured, and get them weak enough / so you are stronger than them. Another is as a group, but that is determined by the weapons available. Methods and tactics are the cause and consequence of armies, and they do determine the outcome. There has to be a better way, than being preyed upon. This is really NOT fun.
A report out of Africa, congo I think; states women getting raped constantly, with no end in sight; “hell has begun for them” HELP THEM. [and it is coming to a world near you, SOON. WE NEED TO FIX LIFE TODAY, OR HELL EVERYWHERE COMES TOMORROW!]. Surely it would be better if they had guns (and knew how to use them), than to be helpless. {teach them only with squirt guns/ pellet guns, or something that does not inform their predators of coming trouble; teach them to shoot all at once, together they must work if possible. And to shoot to kill every single one/ as soon as they are distracted enough to have the opportunity. NO MERCY! Then bury the predators quickly, and say no more; or you will attract more}. BE CERTAIN to include they must be on guard after that as fact, in case other men come for revenge. One report states being forced to have sex with a mother or sister, the young man refused (as is the honorable thing to do in that situation)/ BUT IT AIN’T an honorable situation, so TELL THEM both to go ahead, to protect the woman from a worse situation. Love is not an enemy, even if it is not “the appropriate thing to do”. True love says, “I will help you, no matter what/ I will accept you, irregardless of what life or humanity does”. Life’s choices are not always as simple as right or wrong. Refusal just says to the woman, I am rejected/ and thrown away to the wolves. DON’T do that. If death is to win, and time to end/ then how could it be wrong to spend the last moments in the truth and reality, of an honest love for your life. If, there is nothing else you can do; The constant reality, is then what is more important the life of the woman and her understanding of being loved; offering the tiniest bit of help you can for her existence as loved; or some damned rule? IS this one less, than any other woman/ how can you be so blind? You want to be righteous; THEN GO HELP THEM TO FIND JUSTICE! Or get your ass out of the way.
As time progresses in me, the truth that our reality as a world WILL soon be tested to the limits of what honor can be. Reality says, starvation is coming/ unemployment is coming/ poverty beyond comprehension is coming; hate will be horrific, and we have little time to prepare. BECAUSE lies have ruled this male civilization of life on earth/ and the lies are ending, because the earth can no longer be raped; it is going to die instead. Simple as that.
Therefore the issues of being identified as an easy target, or a victim must be addressed as if the entire world was at stake, instead of just you or me. The relationship of male to female, life to death, is an absolutely critical reality. There is no real happiness in male without female/ there is no hope either. Consequently the “living dead/ or garbage heap of death that is predator male” becomes so, when he has surrendered to his fears, and literally chosen to punish GOD . for his own failures, by destroying HIS CREATIONS. This is: To believe in power, as the only solution to his hate/ and violence the only means to establish pride. Both of these are essentially wants, that percolate from the dysentery of selfishness. Couldn’t get what he wanted, so he took whatever he could get; is the primary excuse of the damned. Excuses are not accepted; either you kill the men you are with for being rapists, because they are a tragedy of existence filled with hate; to dissolve yourselves of the increasing tragedy that has become your life/ or you too, go to HADES for an eternity. There are no penalties for killing the damned/ it is their just reward. The damned are those who rape, mutilate, kill, and destroy just to prove they can. Those saved from this sewage destined to Hades, are those who destroy the shit that causes it. Don’t look beyond the person next to you; they are your enemy, because they drag you to eternal damnation. They anchor you to HELL AND DAMNATION! Young or old, it does not matter. Remove that anchor or be damned with them, for an ETERNITY.
The reality and relationship of life to this earth, IS LITERALLY BUILT, upon the body called woman. What is female built life, and builds sanity, because she is the foundation nature designed to create, and bring life to earth. Of that there is no doubt, and no excuse or argument. It is women, or more correctly female, that builds life and keeps life alive, on this earth. What is men/ simply contributes, or takes life away. To destroy the basis of human creation, either as female, or as genetics: IS FUNDAMENTALLY A SIN AGAINST GOD AND HIS WORLD! Do you not believe there is?
The world of men, as they have created it, is ending! With rape of all kinds, tragedy beyond disgrace, lies without end, and theft from an endless line of selfishness and pride. What is men, did build for themselves the abyss of a destruction that knows no end. You can see the beginnings anywhere you look/ from an ocean that no longer produces enough; to an environment everywhere facing collapse; to economies around the world, that are in imminent decline and facing destruction; to resources everywhere, that cannot be sustained. Either you will go to court and prove these truths quickly; or you will fail/ and descend into extermination by the hands of men everywhere. As one fights with the other, over food, water, everything. As one nation fights with the other, over needs and people in revolt. As life itself revolts, and mutilates beyond comprehension or even the most horrific imagination; all because pride and power and selfishness are the backbone of too many men. You can see within yourselves, the tragedies coming/ the reality of choices that will be produced by men are without doubt, history proves what will be. You DO HAVE every opportunity to change this world for life, IF you surrender that power, pride, and selfishness; OR YOU CAN DIE, IN HELL AND ARMAGEDDON, as has been described! Its your choice.
Women are GOD’S CHOICE to allow life to continue, but only if they are truly in charge. Women are different, and that means, they will choose for life differently; and without real and meaningful change, there will be no life on earth soon. Women are the essence of creation on earth/ because they are “the creators” of life on earth, and to abandon, destroy, rape, or harm them is a direct confrontation with GOD ! you just don’t know it yet/ but you will!
To continue with men leading, is very simply the end of life on earth; because terrorists are coming from every country, and every walk of life. “GOING to BLAME SOMEONE” for this! When men get unhappy, they go to destruction; on their way to war, rape, and extermination of everything they hate. Hate is a word distinguishing the imaginary illusion, “I would be god/ if only not for this”. Hate is the essence of a judgment, that sees revenge as the crucible for your decision to play god. Hate Is the element of human man, that becomes the destiny inside for the living dead; those divided from life, for the purpose called HADES. Hate is the decision to blame GOD’S CREATION, for what you lack; for the reality of what you cannot be: in other words, hate is your acceptance of a decision to war with GOD. WHAT A PITIFUL FOOL, YOU TRULY ARE!
As to women and their place in leadership, it is clear and certain and will be proven in court: THAT THE MAJORITY OF MEN, HAVE built a world destined to die. Prove it is not so! That leaves only women to be YOUR SAVIORS! A fool and a disease are the only descriptions of a life that chooses to kill, use, abuse, or fail to respect the one who is saving your own life. How stupid can you be? The answer is, we will soon find out. Therefore as a consequence to the demands of life or death, that literally now exist in this very world; all women must and will be considered saviors/ rather than victims or targets. Or life, is over for all.
This is a fact of your lives. This is without question or complication or excuse, the reality that you will accept as both men and women; for life on earth/ or death of this earth, by HELL, ARMAGEDDON, AND THEN HADES FOR ALL; not taken in the beginning. Plan to “be ruptured” as the Christians call it? Don’t be so sure; where is your heart & soul today! Given to GOD, or not? The salvation promised by JESUS is not free/ never was free/ and not given to the disrespectful. Instead JESUS HIMSELF paid a big price/ and HE WILL decide if you “are worth the cost to HIS LIFE”! IS THAT, not the reading of your own bible? Go find out better. Go support women in their hours of need, as they prove to be leaders of this world.

I will add the simple words, that are not “helpless”/ the fact that I personally feel so vulnerable is defined by the fact; this is very new to me, and I must become more acquainted with the reality, before I find a better understanding of what is, or is not the reality called female. That said, it is also plain and simple, that the average man can physically defeat the average woman in combat; it is a simple fact. So even though I am completely new at this experience, it doesn’t mean that I am totally wrong. Just how it is.
In other things, the argument of so much trouble ahead, will be disavowed constantly by the vast majority of society/ the fear the possibilities (therefore won’t discuss it, hiding). They hate the idea of not getting anything they want, or being responsible for what they actually did and do/ as if it were the plague (so they run away). And the simple truth is, the world is full of liars, or more correctly the people who have fell into lies; because the media and government have worshiped the “fancy talker/ the expert (university)” who has the last say on everything in the propaganda of our times. BUT, THE FUNDAMENTAL FACT IS: once you know beyond any doubt the last days of earth have come/ the evidence proves it, and the people panic and go insane; there simply isn’t anything left to do, but die. Therefore like so many things in life, the continued existence of life on earth depends upon the wisdom and truth in your own heart; to decide to investigate and determine the evidence in truth. That new changes and new decisions and new leaders can be conceived and the work carried out/ before we have no choice but extinction. I do not ask for much; SIMPLY GO TO COURT/ DEMAND THE TRUTH IN ABSOLUTE OPEN COURT, BEFORE THE WORLD, and let us all learn exactly what the future holds. The liars will be damned/ but why do you let them kill you too? This is not a game. The evidence is insurmountable, that interest must be shown, and reality must be known as best we can. AND THE CONSEQUENCE THAT IS THE CHILDREN ON THIS EARTH TODAY, CANNOT BE MURDERED, BY THE PITIFUL APATHY, DISEASE, AND LIARS OF THIS DAY! Not without your held, assistance, and denial. As life on earth, TOGETHER we hold the keys of life or death; but NOT, “by hiding your heads in the sand, or running away”. Can’t save life on earth, “its too late/lets party till we fall”! ONLY THE MOST SEVERE BASTARD OR BITCH WOULD CONCEIVE OF SUCH AN IDEA! To hades, you will go. LIFE ON EARTH, IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN YOU.
I know the content of this site is long, somewhat arduous and complicated at times; but the decision to expand it so, was not made lightly. So many people see and hear things in very many different ways, that every attempt is made to be clear and concise as purpose allows. I hope you find something of use to you/ pray that you find something useful in defending this “the only world we get”. Life or death is up to you/ literally up to women, but men are by no means without a cause or a reality of need.
Good prayers to you.
James F. Osterbur