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Beyond what is simple and plain, are the avenues of men, in their quest for the domination of life on earth. The foundations of war, and the excuses to maim, cripple, rape, and kill are all held as righteous; because it is conceived as doing something "of a greater grandeur, than simply yourself". It is the wealthy that choose war, they own the governments, they own the business, they supply the military, they reap the harvest of rebuilding after destruction/ and so on. It is their pride coupled to their want, that sends humanity to their grave/ but it is humanity that allows it, because unless population control, and respect for environment are real; war is all that is left. Therefore it is the wealthy that believe, if you are "greater that than the others/ surely you are a god over them, and can do as you please". The citizen accepts, because it is their fault too.

The domination of other lives are the simple plots & plans for the transformation of self, into those who then believe they are gods over the rest. The responses of men on the battlefield, as they do horrific acts; simply prove they are consumed by hate: it becomes a reality of descending disgrace. Many will then proceed to fear/ and its result of being damned, IF they refuse to repent of all these actions and reactions, that are failed society and a disgraceful life.

THE END OF WAR ON PLANET EARTH, the end of the horrors and hell/ the mutilation, and the end of the power of men to destroy & disease life on earth with their mind and body and will. Is the destruction of their pride, & its companion arrogance/ and the removal of their power to decide. The consequence of the battle, thereby war, is a military force governed by "the most effective weapons rule".

Therefrom the consequence of a human society without war/ is a military force controlled by law, WITH short term enlistments for soldiers and officers from every nation. These alone/ once the world is literally at peace, WILL hold the only rights, to humanities most efficient weapons. BUT these WILL be held in select places across the globe/ and passed out to this international force, only as necessary by the decree from the political or legal branch of what replaces the current united nations / call it United Nations 2 for the time being. This will then be an organization representing the world, governed by simple laws enacted for this distinct purpose of controlling the aggression of men. There will be a shared distribution of power within its structure. The law decides when & where the police shall go, and who will be brought to trial! There will be NO war/ rather this is about bringing a criminal to justice/ that happens to be a ruler in some form over a country. It is not more/ unless the military of that nation demands it: they will "get their man"/ one way or the other. The legal branch will make necessary decisions for the nation , & control the trial of suspects. The political branch will oversee "government building" as necessary/ but are restricted to as a national endeavor, they have no say, apart from the laws enacted for all nations. Every nation has a right to their own ways, apart from these laws. These police will sustain, train, and maintain themselves and their ranks and their equipment. All three branches will decide the level of these things. The legal department will control the fuel and supplies, "they control the money". The political department will control the ammunition's and replacement of weapons. An agreement by all three branches will open selected doors for more efficient armaments. Individual nations holding the armaments may refuse to surrender them/ however if any country refuses to do so/ you will proceed to the next supplier. The country supplying, will be paid at a predetermined price.

The consequences of every nation are: population control, if they fail at this, and there is war, because in reality they chose to fail/ THEN you will let them war, & die of starvation until they are done. Instead of helping/ you will stand at the borders, and make them face their own decision to war.

The control of government is a right of every nation/ but if the people clearly need help; you will aid them, & bring the leadership to trial, so that reality and truth may take over. Simply go get the leaders, and or the wealthy, and bring them to court before their own people. This nation votes/ no one else. The nation will however adhere to the basic laws of the world. It is the price of intervention. If they fail/ go get the leaders and begin again.

RESOURCE problems are going to be a fact of life/ therefore truth, reality, honesty, and honor as decided by a vote across the whole world, WILL determine how these resources are divided and used. Just because it is "on your property/ no longer matters, as to usage (you still get paid)/ every true natural resource belongs to the world"/ and will be decided by us all. It is LIFE FIRST/ pride or want, NEVER/ excuses destroyed, DO your duty.

Employment is the simple critical link in society, for peace and harmony or not: assuming food & water are sufficient. Employment must be shared/ learning how best to survive & thrive must be the essential goal of every education. Opportunities & possibilities to live, MUST be valued, therefrom sustainable methods for societies desires must be found to a responsible level.

The military is NOT A "national employment solution". Rather it is to be a foundation for growth/ becoming a one year enlistment for discipline and physical training, and then out. A minimum of officers/ a minimum of war training/ a maximum of NOW you are adults, learn and earn your place in society. By accomplishing the tasks you have selected / within the list provided to you. Be clear what that means. A very few WILL be selected for integrity & duty, and these will join the international police. These young people, as a group, shall choose among themselves who will be selected for this very important task of sustaining the dignity and value of this organization of international dispute resolution/ THEREFORE PICK THE HONORABLE ONES, those who will not be corrupted, and will work as needed.

Money is opportunity for nations to cheat their people, and the world/ therein the composition of a structure that does not allow tampering is required. That probability is gold/ simply because it is understood by the world to be money, and it is rare and not possible to manufacture/ therefore it either exists in reality, or must be stolen or earned. It is unfair to both people and nations/ to make agreements and do work without a fair settlement. Therefore the world should return to a gold based currency/ while it is true, you cannot eat gold, etc. That is irrelevant, because the important part is if the money is based in gold/ you cannot easily be cheated. Inflation must also be limited to a definition of population count/ that "fake numbers" may not appear. This is the end of the "money machines of wall street, etc"/ because they generate numbers, and gamble you won't understand they are simple stealing from all the people; by bribing the few who participate "don't look/ don't complain; we are going to make you rich/ why should you care where the money comes from". The fact that they stole it/ took your dignity/ and are traitors to the nation, therefore to you: Is only important to people who care. Do not listen to the whiners, the reality of money is, no matter where you begin, all that is excess will be divided up. Thereby leaving some without, and some with more than their share. This is not altogether wrong/ but it ends in a situation where the old in particular do not want to share their shavings/ NOR do they wish anything to change; they fought to get here/ and they want to die, without worry. To bad. As is true of everything natural, such things as medicare should be given only to the young, it is their world now/ those who are old, need not be pampered into death: GROW UP, and understand life is more important than your death/ PERIOD, no excuses. As to the money, the same is true/ as has already been stated; such things as farmers who quit farming (quit doing at least half the work) SHALL lose control of the ground they farmed: they will not lease or rent or continue to own/ they will sell/ in limited parcels as society decides an individual may own. This is about the food/ and the old have no say, this is about life on earth. The same shall be true of every business and everything. The reality then becoming an exchange as life requires truth to be. The money as collected by the elderly shall remain under their control until ANY social assistance is required for them/ at that point, they surrender everything and move into "suitable environments as society provides". ANY money or healthcare as is required/ then goes to the percentage of national income allotted to the elderly, and they decide by vote, who gets what among them. The elderly SHALL SCREAM/ but these have been playing Nazi/ or Japanese army of world war 2 with the children: NOW it is their turn to rule over you. Did you care, about the earth, the resources, their money, anything regarding the future: nope, not a thing, for the vast majority, ONLY you! Face your future, or reap your rewards in hell. As to borrowing, all excess money, that function as savings will be held in social banks/ not private banks. These social banks will function in the interest of their own neighborhoods/ and the people of that neighborhood shall decide ANY major investment by the bank/ beyond what they shall state and demand of the bank. Essentially rolling back time to the fifties in america/ NO more conglomerates, NO more monopolies, NO MORE GRAFT AND CORRUPTION AND DISGRACE OR DISRESPECT. Wall street is dead/ to be reformed as society decides.

Health is the final international structure, and shall be shared by "Ship or other means/ with the world". By fundamentals of need, and supported by the world itself. We are all people/ we all have needs for health care. It is fair/ but those lives "too badly damaged or simply too costly to repair, shall be abandoned"/ for the sake of the others. Things such as A.I.D.S. Shall receive full cooperation from the nation involved, SUCH AS vasectomies for all men infected/ prison or death for those who have continued to murder by infection. Only then are the drugs or ANY OTHER HEALTHCARE to be given to that nation.

Every nation will teach in school, fundamental and critical first aid.


The final area of concern is as the games now being played by Iran/ with the capture of British soldiers. Iran is expecting "much like taking the american embassy hostage, years ago". The FOOL says in his mind "what can they do". As was necessary back with the Americans/ but did not happen. That answer is: For the death of any soldier captured, there will be the loss of a ship or other valued military target. If this UNFAIR capture exceeds 4 weeks, then the seizure of oil tankers shall begin, the oil taken, sold, and the money kept. One per week, or more as time goes on. Should this become unacceptable, Iran is reminded the oil fields are "quite vulnerable". No true need exists to remind Iran, "the American's WILL side and support the British/ AND no country in this world should doubt their combined military destructive power, against standing targets, cities, or citizens in an all out war. FIX THIS, and stop playing IDIOT. SIMPLY return the soldiers, and if there is a real complaint turn to politics and justice and law. These are not punitive measures, they are not acts of war, they are not acts of revenge, or a failure to communicate. Rather an action has been taken that must be dealt with/ according to international standards. And it is fair and appropriate to insist that the citizens of one nation shall not be captured or violated by the citizens of another nation. The actions of the British are within international standards/ therefore the perpetrator is the Iranians. The cost of such actions are within the standards of conduct declared. Every nation that agrees should also stand up and be counted. Should Iran choose war/ the result will be: their government shall be disbanded/ their officials put to death (for deliberately causing death)/ or imprisoned. The world then gets to decide for Iran/ what government they shall rebuild with. If the people refuse/ then all access to help/ all access to sales/ all access is cut off, and they are separated from the world until such time as those who preach failure, are removed from influence. Society is not a game either.

It is clear and obvious, that warnings must be given before a costs are imposed/ including a strike if necessary to an "irrelevant target/ such as a hill or mountain " prior to taking a military target, or an economic one/ or a civilian one. This is to enforce and demand the reality: you MUST wake up! If they do not, then from the time that warnings are proclaimed and actions described/ the time line begins here.


Within the reality of this day, the foundations for healing do still exist. Life need not be worried or afraid/ life can go on, if true change comes quickly. Everything is still alive that is required to be alive/ reality and resource are still sufficient to achieve happiness and hope, and a relationship with the future that is fair to all. This is reality not optimism. This is honesty, not a demand to listen to me/ or follow me/ or any such thing. Instead women will rule for life to go on, because there are many consequences to what has already been done. But with common sense, honest evidence, critical truth and testimony, and a fair and just work ethic; our reality can be changed.

The “fluid and flow” of critical human decisions are dependent upon the knowledge base that exists/ but more important than knowledge to humanity, is the constant din of greed, want, selfishness, and pride. Always at the trough with a blatant disregard for life, hope, love, or anything of true value. What is human, is separate from the {pigs}. What is life, is separate from the struggle to war and gouge and mutilate and rape those around you. Therefore the struggle to be free of the judgment called extermination from men/ requires the flow of information that is both honest and true, and the people who will choose to learn how, and then support truth and reality against all those who lie, cheat, steal, rape, and violently attack all life on earth by their gluttony and greed/ thirst for evil. The question of thirst, leads us to “fluids”/ and the understanding, that without these fluids from the sewer of evil, the evil dies! What is it that evil requires to mold and mildew into maggots of deceit and disgrace? The answer is; they need to be hidden from view, because the truth can and will defeat them. They need to be liars, filled with deceit in every aspect of material presented; by compounding lies with innuendo and stupidity, that confronts simple understanding with the foolishness of liars. Such as has constantly been seen with global warming. An endless parade of the blind and worthless, demanding “show me the proof/ when the only proof that they accept is the end of life on earth”: is this fair? Do you want to wait until your dead, to have someone else admit to your face, “you are dead, get over it and die”? That what you want? Answer the question/ because if it is not, then you must interpret the evidence for what the future will be/ and understand where there is a possibility that life will not survive, or be severely damaged: YOU SHALL NOT DO SO/ YOU SHALL NOT GAMBLE/ YOU SHALL STOP THE DISGRACE, DISEASE, AND DISRESPECT; so you don’t have to be told you are dead now; breathing or not/ still dead soon. Therefore we see the underlying currents of liars and fools; as they proclaim “lets gamble/ look at all we can do, let the children die/ how long do you think you will live, do you want to be poor; or do you want to be rich/ don’t you think the children want to live rich, “after all it’s a fool, who thinks the weapons of mass destruction can be removed; it’s a fool who even tries”. And more.

So the critical question here becomes, as the evil in men searches for ways to make you believe life is over/ surrender to the greed, arrogance, and want: GET ALL YOU CAN GET! As has the current crop of men in america/ the reality is: do you accept your life is over, without even a fight? What is your answer? Is life not worth a fight to you, or will you lay down and just die: “woe is me/ lets go rape something”. As is clearly the constant in this male dominated world. The men have given up the fight, they have prepared for one last act of revenge against whoever starts the fight; and they intend to exterminate life from this earth, because they don’t like being threatened, and cannot stop themselves from either threatening men, or being threatened by men. “Just too much pride/ just too much arrogance and greed; the power they thirst for, is in the subjection of others, therefore they rule for a single purpose: to demand “listen to me/ pay attention to me/ bow down, obey, and worship me”. And when they get it, they call themselves “winners”/ and when they see an opportunity to kill these others, they remove the title “loser”/ and go to war. Thousands of years are not wrong; this is the reality of men, as a majority across the world. But the thing most striking about all of it is: they don’t want to die, or be threatened! IT IS FEAR, that drives their reality; BECAUSE men have constantly been attacked by other men. Therefore it is the removal of fear, that fundamentally decides whether life can return to life/ or if catastrophe will feed catastrophe until nothing is left. Insanity will rule that day, and nothing will stop it.

So the relationship that must be shared by life on earth is one of NO FEARS! No men can be involved in this concept, because men don’t trust other men/ unless they are forced. Like a soldier on the battlefield of war/ either you accept the order; or someone shoots you/ the battle will be lost because the soldiers failed to accept their responsibility/ etc. Men trust only the men that have earned their trust by the truth of their actions/ and those are few. So the development of women in command of life on earth is dependent upon whether an organization of women across the world can be created quickly; that will trust each other enough, to get the work done of salvaging life back from the judgment of men; which is to give up! The question from men to women: is simply CAN YOU DO THIS? The relationship required from women to men is: can we trust you enough to help us/ that we need not fear those who cannot be trusted, of men? There is no middle ground; you must choose this foundation event. The critical truth arises in the control women are given/ and there is no more critical proof, that men are willing to help you; than that they give women control over sexuality and all its associated decisions! Not as slaves/ but basically a “trading places, with the women of today”. Women will commonly say NO, to the aspects of “you make the decisions/ you pay the price of a date/ you accept the cost of pregnancy”, and more! BUT REALITY SAYS, like men have done, so must you do; control and leadership is control and leadership, and that does include the reality: if men want to surrender this much/ then they will surrender the major control of money as well. FIND a compromise! But remember, if women fail/ ALL DIE. That end result demands and accepts only surrender; that the women will have the last say.

Take a look into honesty and see: “This literally is, the best men can do/ right now, today; this IS the best men can do”! And the result is extermination of life on earth, by HELL AND ARMAGEDDON!

So I say to you clearly, it is women who will save life on earth/ or it cannot be saved! Make your decision; to give them your full support and cooperation (it is not the death of men)/ and choose for life, by choosing women to lead. Get out of their way, and give them control. Or you die, and all life with you/ because men have failed, and judged us all; better dead than pay this price. Pride is why; and pride is a LIAR!

I am not a woman/ therefore I do not know what they will do/ or when or where or why! All that is absolutely clear is they are different/ and we MUST HAVE DIFFERENT! That is the end of this story, we must have different; but women are different, and even aside from that, since men have completely failed; it is only fair and right that women should have the last say, “Life or death” it is up to you! I have complete faith, THAT WOMEN CAN IN FACT lead this world to life and safety, peace and harmony and hope, through happiness. There is not one single doubt in my mind; but it is a choice! And it does require knowledge, commitment, responsibility, understanding, and the ability to accept that truth will rule & reality will decide the methods, means, and time table that must rule this earth instead of “simply women want”. The composition of all life is dependent upon truth/ the reality of all environments are dependent upon truth/ the existence of human life on earth is dependent upon reality/ and no where in the above is the assumption that want, pride, hate, or selfishness is allowed to play a single role. Truth will lead women to life, or they will fail! This is the second foundation truth, that although women can save this earth from destruction/ it is the truth itself that shows the way, or you fail; because as men have proven time and again; want, pride, hate, selfishness, power, greed, lust, temptation, manipulation, and all the rest cannot lead anyone to anything but death. You must choose truth, and in that truth reality will show you what can come next.
Therefore the question is; will women submit to truth as their leader? Will they let reality decide, instead of “climbing on stumps and yelling, listen to me/ do what I say/ etc”? Only time knows for certain/ it is their choice not mine, for this world. Here, the constant disgrace of LIAR always comes to participate where any single one can be moved to tears or death or fears. Get rid of the clear voice for life/ and all that may be left is confusion! In that confusion there is fundamental prey to eat, and to diffuse into “the quiet corners of, DON’T EAT ME”. So every liar plots and plans and works, to confuse/ and when that does not work, every liar plots and plans and works to kill, that the prey may return; and the humanity be dissolved by its fears. This is, “the world men have made”! Because want let them be confused, and fear held them against the wall, to be murdered one at a time. The liar in control says: DO what I say, or die, be tortured, watch your body, your family pay for your insanity; NOT “to call me your god”. The liar NEEDS the dead to assist/ or the reality of life will control a single LIAR! But with weapons and assault and torture and greed/ want/ & pride; there has always been plenty of help. Promise them anything, let them rape and steal; “an army follows”.

So the reality of life with women in control is defined by the fears that liars, fools, failures, and the living dead; can inflict. HOW THEN can these possibilities be kept out of life, leadership, and hope; so that peace and harmony shall in fact reign over life on earth? The answer is, to take away their army: every lie is immediately punished/ every hate is sought out and imprisoned/ every fool (those who conceive of gambling with life (money is irrelevant), who continue to pollute, or fail to work for life) be removed of their money and position in society; let them be treated to the reality they choose to create in ways that are clear. One such way is thrown out into the desert, with just enough water to survive, IF they win the toss of the coin. If they do not/ it is unlikely they will survive! This is not a game/ the world will live or die! Make up your mind/ but be fair!
The answer is: be fair & just & honest and true to life itself, so that the men will understand honorably, “That women are in fact, the leaders of this world/ because they deserve to be”. We benefit too! They will then help protect you, and respect you for your work, and the removal of their fears. Men will not admit to fears/ but every army is built on the reality of fear. Every courtroom or police a product of fears, because of the reality of men. That does NOT mean courage and duty and discipline are not mixed in; it just means, “that men cannot be trusted”/ history is not wrong. That fundamental reality: does create the single demand, “that men SHALL NOT be a part of leadership; so that NO ONE may say ever again, these cannot be trusted”. Let the women rule alone/ because where there is men, there is the chance of an organization behind those men that will seek to disease and despise and destroy women. Men have had their day/ and proven their response to life; by choosing death! THEIR DAY TO RULE IS OVER, either women rule, or life dies. So says the spirit inside. So says your reality and your truth, and your history of men.

In the composition of society, there is work to be done! Simple as that, if you don’t do the work to sustain life/ life dies. The reality of machines is, that they have indeed replaced a large amount of workers/ and the need to want, replaced the reality of life; because a job was required for the people. No job/ very unhappy, and ready to revolt; because life has needs, and freedom is not only time, but opportunity. A new society that MUST PROTECT its resources, does not have the opportunity to allow simple want to rule whether someone has a job, or life for the future will be destroyed! YOU MUST do better than this; and the reality that comes forward is very simply; it is necessary to share! Because it is necessary to care! Because if you do not do both/ you WILL war instead.
Our relationship to work and to life, is a bit like “a healthy woman’s breasts, most love them well; the child is nourished, the man is happy, the woman sees life is good a pleasant reality and a happy tool, a sign of love not control/ but cause for respect.” The critical reality of work in society is then functionally; the desire to participate because it is a lovely and hopeful opportunity to invest in relationships that give us hope, remove loneliness, support life, and make us happy. Not so much to ask/ if you share and care! The relationship of women to men/ society to life, in an ethical translation of possibilities that bring happiness, to the order of what is important to each life. These are decisions that women will make; but a fundamental relationship is the one where women and men have an honest healthy open sexual relationship with each other as respect and duty will allow. The most fundamental relationship of society to life is: someone must do the work/ therefore that foundation requires a separation of responsibilities into a fabric that leaves no one out, but encourages everyone to care.

In its most simple setting, those who do well sharing life and caring for all life, are a part of freedom; they have rights beyond the others, a happiness that fulfills and strengthens women with sexual relationships that bring respect to life inside. The women will know, and decide. Those who do not accept life is for sharing/ and will not care; are the selfish and the sexual predator who create fears in society/ which cannot be allowed. There is NO freedom to create fear. The women will tell/ because every sex act “tells something about the man; if your listening it is direct, correct, and true”. Don’t need an interview/ don’t need a trial, IF the sex is bad, there are problems inside that must be addressed. It is the organization of women, who will decide what is to be done for each. If the sex is good, “tell your friends”. There is NO allowance, to take freedom away/ not even nakedness, it is harmless unless evil: in which case the court of women will decide “how evil, and respond”. It is the reality of life that all children shall be supported by their respective communities/ NOT the men, so that no mother shall ever again feel the need to stay with a man that does not love them honestly and with life. You will teach the children as soon as possible, their responsibilities for the money and the support, and to respect everyone/ because everyone does contribute to their own life. Show respect, or learn a lesson that will be fair.

In human life, there is a need for experience and expression that allows freedom to submit ideas and hopes, the reality of who can take the resources for personal use, and who cannot. It is fair to say, some ideas are not worth the resources/ while other ideas are easily overlooked, that would have been valued. Therefore “something like” a stock market, would be appropriate and useful for the mining of ideas, and the hopes of a new and better way of life for all. The question of patent or copyright, dedicated to “the honorable support” of all who try to achieve a happier society by all means possible.
We are going to “have scarce food supplies soon”! It is a fact that will not be denied. If you don’t leave the sea to recover collecting only what you “farm from it”/ there will be no life left to collect! So you must leave the sea completely alone, to recover for at least a year/ while you do all you can to help the ocean for at least the next 7 years, so that life can recover. Using care NOT to be so violent and disgraceful ever again! You must stop the foolish and arrogant usage of water, or you will war. You must stop crucifying nature/ or it will crucify you! You must share, and make nations stay put within their borders, UNLESS they literally produce the evidence of true population control. If they do not, you shall not help them/ nor shall you allow any resource from any nation enter therein. It is a fact of life today, that the earth is full. You will endure/ you will share honestly; not with gluttons and fools/ but with all who support life, and live with respect.

The issues of life and law, are for all of society to decide by educated vote/ with fair and deliberate discussions that extend only to truth. Listen before you decide/ are you not worth listening too: then listen to the others as well! Break every vote down to its essential elements, and let understanding decide the rest. Punish those who let this understanding dissolve into futile and useless and damaging words quickly! The law of the courtroom judge is: IF YOU DON’T uphold the truth, as best you see it and present yourself for the bench; then we will punish you severely, if you are found a LIAR, and a thief of our rights, freedoms, laws, and pursuit of happiness by peace and harmony in society. If you are true/ society must reward you with honor and respect as you deserve. Protect your laws, and your people. Protect your constitution, which is entirely the product of “protect the individual” within we the people. The laws protect the society/ the constitution protects the individual; and any “legal official or employee, will abide by these protections, or be punished severely enough to never consider doing this against the people, again.” Not an example/ a reality defined by the personal decision involved.
This is enough to begin/ enough to succeed; as you work through the various complaints of who did or did not do enough work/ who did or did not get “enough this or that”. Share the hours and the work/ be friendly and be fair. NEVER “PICK FAVORITES”! Let all be equal/ always. And when it comes to the freedom and hopes for society, work with things that benefit everyone/ such as public transportation; that works correctly for the situation. You are ready! BEGIN.