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To whom it may concern:

scanned copies are for the benefit of an interested public/ not for a "perfect record" of the process, as that is impossible with the equipment and software that I own. Therefore if you want the exact copy, you are instructed and demanded to GO TO THE COURT. Otherwise this represents the most adequate representation available to me, and is for common informational purposes only..

In this first memorandum Feb 20/ 2007 for simplicity I chose to hand write a note on the page, that did not translate well; it pointed to "office in Urbana" And said "given to them by my own hand to theirs (apparently rejected)".

Interpreted more correctly, the complaint was given to the office staff within the US attorney's office within the US district court, and taken directly from my hand. "Sounds like a summons to me"/ however it is true, I included a waiver of service for summons; and that was then used as an excuse for those in this office. The rules of the court say, summons must be delivered by someone disconnected with the case/ so it is apparently the correct method. However, like so many of the rules of the court, what is plain an simple is commonly discouraged and discounted. This in my view/ but for actual fact it is necessary for you to ask them directly, this is simply an attempt to be as fair as possible to all parties. My view of procedural decree asserts justice is not represented, by making the process difficult, lined with barricades or boundaries without sufficient cause, etc. However when you enter court and see these representatives of the people hiding behind "their own prison walls" ; the fear is obvious, and leads always to rules beyond measure. The critical failure here, is the assumptions and actions that make the individual a judge/ NO individual is a judge of any man or woman or child: RATHER, the law judges/ and the individual that sits in command of the court, is required by all to understand; mercy comes from here. The law, that is true and complete, has no mercy/ it is fair and just. The individual, represents the frailty of humanity, and the consequence of our own need to be heard, without the law/ as people of life. No one is perfect, no one lives a life without regrets, no one owns a right to describe the next: only law can do that. We CAN respect one another, and we can discipline where it is necessary; but in the end law establishes failure/ and people develop an understanding through evidence and truth, that begins the process of learning and discipline presents what hope will be.

Thereby the basic fundamentals of using this link should be recognized by the variation in critical thinking. And you should understand the difference before using this link: the court itself, is for their personal response, as employees of the USA "for the people/ this site is for mine "a citizen of these United States looking for justice and a fair and respectful court."

U.S. Department of Justice

United States Attorney

Central District of Illinois

Headquarters Office

Springfield, IL

Reply to:

Urbana Division Office

Urbana Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

201 South Vine Street, Suite 226

Urbana, Illinois 61802


FAX: (217) 373-5891


DATE: February 20, 2007

FROM: DAVID H. HOFF, Assistant United States Attorney

TO Mr. James Frank Osterbur

2191 County Road 2500 E

St Joseph, IL 61873

RE: Osterbur vs. United States, Case No. 07-2040

United States District Court/ Central District of Illinois

The United States cannot accept a waiver of service of summons. Consequently/ you will need to serve the United States of America with a summons and complaint by serving,it (1) on our office in Urbana/ (2) on the Attorney General of the United States by certified mail, at the following address:

The Honorable Alberto Gonzales

Attorney General of the United States

United States Department of Justice

10th and Constitution Avenues Northwest

Washington/ D.C. 20530

and by certified mail to (3)

The Office of Chief Counsel

Internal Revenue Service

200 West Adams Street

Suite 2300

Chicago/ II. 60606

You should file the return receipt cards with the clerk of the court after you receive the signed cards back from the Attorney General and IRS Counsel. Service must include a summons and copy of the complaint. We have 60 days after service to respond to your complaint.


David H. Hoff

Assistant United States Attorney, Tel. No. 217/373-5875

cc: Jim Lewis, Civil Chief, USAO Springfield;










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