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To: The Mythbusters

From: James Osterbur

I am not a fan/ but you do have some interesting compositions and realistic attitudes in your show.

I present you with a few questions that submit a myth that has not yet been proven true or false/ but assumes the questions involved are not insane. Perhaps you would like to assist in the answers that assert to the general public; that these questions and there acceptance for testing are in fact insane; and thereby should end in all matters instantly.

The first is; that fusion man's attempt to recreate the energy found on the sun, here on this earth. The myth is that such an energy is not a fire/ the myth is that such an energy can be contained or extinguished here on earth/ the myth is that such an energy once created would not burn the entire earth.

The function of an experiment would then be to examine the sun, and understand the entire surface is on fire/ which then means literally the entire composite structure of the sun is fuel. Without going to the sun, we know it has mass/ therefore we know it is based upon atomic structure/ therefore we know from the intensity of the flames, with bursts of a 100 miles high or more can only be atomic energies being released. Because of the duration of the burn time associated with the sun/ we know only atomic fuels can create the energy release, and be believed to simply not have burned up from any type of chemical burn: it simply is not possible/ therefore it is an atomic fire. Therefrom the question that is a myth exists simply as: if the sun burns as an atomic fire/ with atomic matter as the primary fuel/ then on a planet entirely based in atomic matter, or fuel: HOW could this be possible to stop once the fire is lit? The answer is; once lit/ we are through, the earth will be on fire and everything will be consumed. The desire to experiment shows nothing more than a complete mental criminal insanity; and yet the whole world seems not to care/ just too much pride to admit they are insane. See what you can do.

If you like another, the people in Switzerland and France at C.E.R.N. Clearly state they want to recreate "the big bang" that started the universe as it is today. The single most destructive moments of an entire universe and all its various star systems. To do this they have built a machine capable in their words of vaporizing a ton of gold, in a second or so (I forget the details). Even so, to dramatically increase the effects, they have built a particle accelerator capable of storing enough energy from 2 or3 atomic power plants to invade this vaporized atomic chaos "with a train wreck" of tremendous consequences, functioning to multiply the atomic destruction just as a atomic bomb multiplies the first collapse/ with every collapse of atomic energy that follows. In other words they have built a detonator for the atomic structures that hold the earth together/ and wish to see if they can destroy the earth itself. Think not? Is it not completely insane to try? Not to mention the complete destruction in one event of the entire machine, all the effort/ the nations involved/ and all the rest. Still, no one wants to listen, after all its not fun, to admit you are playing "satan"/ not fun to admit, millions lost for nothing but death and complete destruction of a society. If the world survives/ the nations will not, because the effects will spread and what the bomb does not destroy the people will. Perhaps you can define an experiment that says: Even after you have spent all the money to build a big bomb/ when you find yourself sitting on the bomb, ignitor in hand: it is still better to defuse the bomb/ admit you made a bad mistake, and continue living; as opposed to being a terrorist of nations and life on earth.

If you find these of interest, perhaps you will look into all the various myths being exposed in Such as we cannot be defeated by a population explosion of 2 million more mouths to feed each week/ over deaths. And all the rest.

There are a couple of interesting inventions a car that protects passengers. A machine that contains kinetic energy, for controlled release, and a few notes on others

Something more simple for your show would be the myth, that it would not be useful or acceptable to use the following descriptions for protecting the weak from the strong

the most interesting defense mechanism in nature is the skunk; they clearly are avoided by all/ they clearly protect themselves from much larger and stronger animals with weapons/ and nobody want to test them because although not injurious, the effects are unpleasant.

Consequently where rings or bracelets etc, would be used to dispense an identifiable chemical. Like cinnamon rolls baking "an identifiable scent" / that does not necessarily have to be bad. People in trouble can send a signal beyond closed doors/ even from moving vehicles, etc that plainly say: woman in trouble/ or child. Chemicals that are significantly defined for court purposes and registered, would be evidence. And they can include chemicals for vomiting or not. Bringing the question/ if attacked and alone; would you want to summon help by pulling apart a bracelet for example. Would you not want evidence? Would you not want anyone in the area would could at least call for help, to be aware they need to. It is a free invention, in various types of arrangements, a gift that everyone laughs at. Perhaps you can bust the myth, that this is a game. It is not.