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One of the more informative sets of numbers is One trillion dollars is equal to one million x one million. Or a trillion dollar debt is equal to one million millionaires owing one million dollars each. A national debt of [a number derived & extrapolated from the now closed (for the last 2 years) site www.federalreserve.gov Flow of funds table L.5 total liabilities and its relation to total financial assets] 100 trillion dollars is then one million people owing one hundred million dollars each/ or one hundred million people owing one million dollars each. {got a million dollars of your own/ who cares}. One in 3 of faces in america a land of 300 million people then owe one million dollars each. Divided by proportions and scale. What that really means is a tremendous amount of expectations to enslave and control, and literally buy people who have less. Without doubt they are claiming at least 120 trillion dollars in assets at this moment/ but really divided by 300 million people that would mean each of us hold assets claimed to be $400,000 dollars each/ every face. Even so it is the debt that can be taken to court, and claimed "by a rubber stamp". Therefore it is the debt that matters, a reality that cannot be overestimated: All these numbers mean, we have completely lost control of this nation; because unless we stop the insanity, the numbers can literally buy us all. They CAN control the food/ they CAN control all the resources/ they DO control the government officials and court and police and military; because after all, who wants to be left completely out when it comes to food, water, and the rest.

Plain and simple, we must quit playing with dollars/ a complete "can't use them anymore". If you do not/ then those with all these numbers will move to take everything "faster than you can believe, with titles and possession and the rip off of other nations: which then makes them EXTREMELY MAD at us. The dollar is dead: the american federal reserve is free to contest this statement at any time it wishes to reopen its books, for examination and comparison with the past. But they will leave the site open, so that anyone can review the numbers; specifically table L.5 , but not limited to it/ as the use of other tables and charts will confirm or deny the numbers to all who know how.

Some will argue, "the world owes us this much"/ but the reality is; these are american dollars; which literally means "the american people are responsible for them" the dollar is a demand for payment, in work and resources. Are you ready to pay? Simply put, you cannot/ no matter how much you think it should be done.

It will be argued; "This is working, fair or not/ leave it alone". And so it is, so long as reality lets you continue. You take the dollars/ spend them fast/ get what you want; all good. But let's review: the baby boom generation is starting to retire; and you may be certain they intend to spend "their numbers/ and their inheritance" as fast as they can. They will soon hold over 90% of these numbers, and since they are dying; why shouldn't they spend them. No work/ just boss over you, master and slave. Not only that, they have set it up, so that their medical expenses and base living expense is to be paid by the young; leaving the young with a billing of 5 to 7 trillion dollars a year, in the near future. Of course there will not be enough labor to do this/ so they will immigrate many more. Of course we will soon run out of many resources/ the earth and its ecosystems will soon collapse, but because of hatred no one will notice much over all the dead bodies of master and slave alike. That's what you get/ make your decision. Don't think they can take your possessions; bankruptcy CAN do many things/ feel safe in the "law"/ they will change it. Don't think you can go bankrupt? Well if someone buys an indebted company, and throws you out of work: how long before you sell/ or are forced into selling. Those with so many numbers (so long as they are accepted) can simply buy a company, close it/ wait for the community to collapse, buy it/ and then reopen the plant to workers and families that will accept one half or less, than the pay they were getting. Not to worry though, you can buy your house back at twice the price you sold at, or a little more; just depends on how bad you need "for family or pride". The lies have worked/ because a large percentage of people worshiped the numbers instead of trading them for resource and labor. THAT is about to change. It is a reality of: you can have as many numbers in the bank, so to speak as you like/ they only matter when they come out to be spent. And the baby boom generation will spend.

If you had the resources/ or if you were not destroying the earth environment and chains of life/ polluting and raping everything in sight; you could continue to lie for awhile. But you are, and that means to continue simply brings hell and armageddon. Like it or not. It is your decision/ but only to the extent that you may elect to intervene and change. Because if you do not change/ then you have no choice, it will be hell and armageddon. You will run out of food and water/ as time goes by, you will turn to cannibalism because you ruined the rest. Don't think so? Then investigate reality and assess how it is you will survive when the ocean is dead/ ethanol production collapses "the american bread basket"/ and so on. I know, "you can eat the pretty little coffins you call a house".