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TRIAL 06 MR 726

DATED; 04/10/07


RE: sufficient time has now pasted for the expectation of a judgment with regard to the trial listed above. The reality of potential consequences has had sufficient opportunity to be calculated in both directions/ either from discarding truth and gambling "nothing bad will happen/ LIES are working fine". Or from accepting the truth, that all these realities must be investigated, examined, and determined for the potential consequences/ and the fact that we do owe this much to the future of life on earth.

Which ever direction the decision is to be/ the reality will become: either we then go to the processes of intertwining life and court and the need of the people of IL to discuss and discover the truth regarding their state and nation. Or we go directly to appeals (within 30 days/ unless otherwise notified). And I will require and defend against all cause & suppositions as to why this case should not go directly to court. With expectations for an actual trial starting no later than 7/ 4/07. Or as soon therefrom as is possible.

If no answer is received by me within one week of this letter (by the 18th of April) regarding this trial/ meaning to me essentially: "all doors shut/ and no one responding", I will be going to federal court within 30 days of the 18th of April ; and demanding they do their job/ and make you decide the fate of this trial. As is the law. It is up to you/ but I do suggest you respond appropriately as that is in all our interests. As to the potential consequences of trial; in real terms, these are controlled, by the reality of truth that is found in court. As any court knows: TRUTH should never be feared/ it is the backbone and substance of life/ therefore nothing bad for society can happen, where truth controls the outcome. LIES only damage/ and endanger us all. Truth sets us free/ even if that means we must begin again.

As to the consequence of media influences, and all the rest: they are simply something to be endured. The site www.justtalking.info has been upgraded recently or soon will be. The job of the court here, is simply to mediate and control the participants for the purposes of truth/ and punish the liar. Liar is a name given to anyone, who is attempting to control society or people by mis-information/ causing decisions to be made that are not in the interest of life and hope and society. The constitution of the USA/ and the constitution of the STATE OF IL are both clear; you have a DUTY to protect the citizens of the nation and state/ but more importantly YOU have an obligation to demand justice, equality, and fair play exist for all of society/ and it is these basic fundamentals that are in dispute. I HAVE a right to protect the citizens of this state and nation even though they consistently hide under rocks/ and complain "please wait until I die/ let the others pay". We the people, is not a game / I, James Frank Osterbur desire to find the truth/ the whole truth/ and nothing but the truth. Therefore your job in the court, is sealed by the path of truth, and the purpose of protecting the people against all that threatens them. Even if it is their own employees of government/ the military/ the science/ or whatever. We must not kill the future/ we must not kill the children or cause them harm/ we must not be defeated, by laziness, selfishness, pride, power, or violence: therefore to court we MUST go.

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