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To the “mythbusters” whoever you may be

James F. Osterbur Vs. State of IL & IRS OF IL

In Champaign Country Court, 101 E. MAIN Urbana IL 61801

Trial 06 MR 726

Dated 4/18/07

Re: the assumption that avoidance is an answer/ cannot stand. Therefore this document is sent to appeals court/ state supreme court/ state legislature/ to US district court, Urbana IL; and as such is a preliminary document to those who will soon be participating/ along with the media. Thereby again notice is given/ and a time allotted of two weeks (5/01/07), to produce that answer to a trial filed on 11/17/ 06: which has not presented a single word in response to date. The law states an answer will be given/ you know this is true; therefore quoting “legal crap” is irrelevant. Answer, or present a time when the answer will be given. As is the law/ or be confronted with the word liar

THE REALITY OF THREATS TO OUR LIVES, as is the foundation of this case: in its most simplistic terms, are more than any citizen of any state in this nation should be required to face. We face a monetary crisis/ is no secret. That failure exists at every level of state government/ is no secret. The critical relationship these share with our lives/ is no secret. The number of people in financial troubles is no secret. The extreme greed found in so many/ and their intent to “play vulture” against their fellow citizens/ is no secret. And the extreme depression and consequent hatred, that will be born in those who “are consumed/ by the debt robbers”/ will bring guns, death, cannibalism, and horrendous troubles: is no secret. Neither should be, the consequences of all the other threats we face in this life “because smart people”; chose for us weapons of mass destruction to be your saviors/ genetic crucifixion/ resource rape and devastation/ & a war against all life and environments on earth. ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW/ they are about to face hell/ and nature in chaos. We can investigate, examine, and decide in a legal environment what is good or bad/ for our future. Or pride and want can kill you/ that is not really a secret either/ pride is the basis of all violence.

The list of our basic troubles as a state, nation, and world, has been documented; but I will list them again, because I accept NO EXCUSES. Therefore reminded until, you admit the hell you are defining/ is your own. “Consequently then, you must be satan”; according to biblical lore.

1. the long credit history of the baby boom generation is absolutely certain: it is no secret, “I will pay later/ the bill is due, is no secret either”. The tragedy and lies of trillions of numbers means it cannot be paid; therefore when the majority say “I won’t pay anymore, because hope is dead/ as it should be, in numbers without value”. Therein; I refuse to continue being a slave”/ shall be the end of the american dollar. Then the reality of, money is worthless, because across the nation we owe as 50 million workers, an average divided up from the total (not just parts and pieces of debt/ but all of it) national debt of 100 trillion dollars, 2 million dollars each! The reality: I refuse to be enslaved for 2 million dollars, I did not accept for myself/ there are not even resources for this etc. Becomes the reality: that change has come. Every citizen worker in this state owes 2 million dollars each/ divided up, that is what the national debt comes to. NOT the federal debt/ but all the debt combined. There is a difference. If we don’t face this fact with a legal courtroom reality/ we will face it with a gun, as people turn to violence, and destroy everything they can find: “you stole everything/ I am angry”. But they were not alone/ nearly everyone helped. Do you really think you can avoid the consequences of this? Do you really think “your gun” will keep you alive/ where multi-millions of guns exist. Either you make this right, as best you can for the vast majority/ and accept the compromise of fair and legitimate, or the mythical rivers of blood will come; and no one will stop them.

2. Pride and want will convince you “I don’t want to pay/ they owe me”; after all, these two, in the selfishness and pride of all “the smart people” have brought you to the lies of today; along with the laziness, greed, and disease of “playing god” you treasure so much. But even in this state, the reality is too many resources plundered and raped, means that the resources all end. The state has been pumping toxic waste into the ground for years beyond the declared state mandate “its full now”/ what happens to your water? Then all that is left is war, with the world/ and cannibalism as you struggle to remain as animals. NO ONE can discount the significance of 7 billion people, each with their hand out/ each taking as much as they can get “to prove they are a success”/ and a population growing at 2 million more births than deaths, each week. Think about it, and look around/ try being honest for once in your life, and understand either we fix these problems as best we can/ or we die, because we cannot live without resources/ don’t care how many numbers of worthless money you have. You will simply die in your cesspool of imaginary wealth.

3. even the people of this state are threatened by weapons of mass destruction/ and we all live in a world, quickly dying; because the resources that allow us to survive are under such deliberate attack. What beside war will come/ when the fight for resources, the reality of lies, cheating, and stealing all work together: and demand “its me or you”? What do you think will happen/ clearly cannibalism is close by/ particularly after you war, and destroy the last little bits of everything that is valuable. Be real for once in your life/ NOT, DAMNED PROUD.

4. Humans are killing everything, because they just don’t care. That is how it is, take a look inside your mind right now: are you concerned for anything but yourself? Really/ because if you are, you will work for this trial, and the life it seeks to protect. But if not, then you will just continue to hide in whatever excuse you can find. And if we don’t stop, the food chains that keep us alive will break/ and then we die. It is not a hard concept. YOU DO desire to continue believing in all your lies/ but you cannot keep them/ because they are killing you. If you have read any of these things; you will remember them, and they will remind you/ YOUR DECISION IS DEATH/ unless you change. Repent, why die/ why be punished eternally in hades/ WHY go to hell and armageddon when so clearly you can turn to honor, life, love, respect, discipline, hope and more becoming eternal yourselves. WHY are you so DAMNED proud/ you wish to die? Answer the question/ because there are none to blame but you. Not one! You alone make this decision. You alone choose insanity, for yourself: SHAME ON YOU. THESE TWO TRIALS ARE ALL YOU GET/ fail and refuse to repent, and to hell you go. To chaos and mutilation and horrific things; but you don’t care/ do you. Because pride says “there’s a way out/ I will gamble”. Take a better look/ because you are being consumed, and nothing can alter that but true change.

5. You are crucifying nature, by mutilating genetic structure. Genetics are nature/ and your pride is throwing even the sewer into it/ because you want to live, in your selfishness and greed, and don’t care. Therefore here too, you sacrifice the children and the future/ in the blind hope of a few more days. It literally makes you, pathetic fools. Nature is everything. Your reality is you will die/ and then comes eternity; what is another day or even a few years/ next to eternity? It is nothing, but a cause to send you to hades, and eternal damnation.

6. You are crucifying everything, polluting/ trashing/ and destroying everything you can touch, because “the money” is more important than the life/ to you. And the money is worthless! How much more foolish can you be?

7. You are so proud/ so blatantly arrogant/ so selfish and disgraceful; that you all say of yourselves, “Its not my job/ I can do nothing/ I will get a gun/ and so on: playing god, but demanding change my diaper. In other words: you believe, no other life is NOT worth fighting for, but yours/ YOU would rather consume each other in a war without end: gambling “winner”. You do get to keep your pride that way/ you do get to wallow in your selfishness that way/ you do get to hide inside the hollow excuses of a dying heart & and a dead mind. But you will not live to flaunt and ridicule and derive any pleasures from it/ because truth will not allow it. Truth is coming, and it does not fight/ it simply does what reality demands it shall do. Your reality is death, and destruction, and because you are so DAMNED PROUD, the mutilation of life on earth. Just because you don’t care. With rare exception, ALL HIDE behind the pride that says: I don’t have to do nothing/ cause there are too many obstacles; and I ain’t smart enough (for some). Ten thousand excuses/ and not one exclamation of duty and responsibility to life: SHAME ON YOU! Like always, just another lie/ because the obstacle to your doing something, is only you! That is all. If you move your pride out of the way/ you would work. But if you move your pride out of the way/ you will be ashamed because you deserve to be. “Heaven or hell”/ the choice is yours, but remember this “pride cannot keep you alive”.


The court obviously wants to divert the case to “if we don’t answer/ then what can he do”. As of this day it has been 152 days without an answer from the court! In collusion with the federal court/ and a judge proven to be disgraceful, is certain and clear. “He will take care of it”/ after all what can he do.

How else can it be explained that breaking the law/ will be accepted; because the lower court knows it can be made to give judgment by the federal court. The lower court knows it has no choice/ but to do what the federal court says: IT IS THE LAW. And the federal court knows it must enforce the law/ that is an oath of office, a vow made to get the job. Surely only a fool/ would believe that vows have no purpose & no punishments? Therefore if the federal court fails: an agreement exists/ and it is in disrespect and disgrace and the disease of a working body of employees both state and federal, who believe the law, does not apply to them. That simply proves “ Another treasonous act”/ another group of traitors to remove. In the disgrace of a media too proud to defend their own lives, to selfish to defend their own children, or their own world/ “the disrespect of a thousand pens” all remaining silent, is clear! Because “you don’t want to pay/ you stole/ you lied/ you cheated”/ and we don’t want to pay. Not a surprise, what thief returns the money/ because in so doing he or she quits being a thief. And you don’t want to quit. Its not really your fault is it/ after all, the money has made nearly everyone a slave; its only fair to steal from those who steal from you; so says an entire nation. When a slave, you must do what the owner wants; or he throws a tantrum, and you get hurt. What good little slaves you are/ real soldiers are ashamed of you/ but, you don’t care, “you got the money/ don’t you”. Except of course, the money too is just another lie. How many among you, are not a pitiful disgrace? This case is about your lives/ it is about your future/ it is a reality based upon your lives, that you have hid from and feared for a long time. Why should you not continue hiding? Simply put “the house is smoldering/ and the closet of your failures, where you do hide, will burn”. This is not a game/ it is a suicide to abandon all hope, and choose to continue hiding. If you work/ you will succeed. All you really have to do is quit being so proud/ and wanting to destroy the earth, by sacrificing your own children and the world too. If you choose justice/ you will live. If you do not, then reality and the evidence of your truth as life; all convict you to hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ and you will not escape. Your answer hinges on your pride/ because the life in you knows the answer you need to make. It is only pride that stands in your way: “ I am superior to this/ I refuse to be equal/ I refuse to be punished in any way for all the damage I committed; I will play god instead.” Even so, the want will have to be fought as well, because it adds in; We will have much less/ and that is unhappy; therefore don’t go, GAMBLE and “you may win”.

The reality more simply is: there is no gamble/ the consequences of these truths that exist are not in doubt, the realities are all known and quite predictable by all of society; even you. That you will have less to throw away, is a decision for life; and life is literally what has the potential to make us happy/ while death as to time, gives nothing in return. If you choose death, by continuing to hide, go ahead, buy your machine guns/ buy a new grill to barbecue the humanity you shoot (nothing else left). And prepare for hell/ the mutilation/ the tears without end/ and all the prayers “please just let us have our terrors back; this is too much”.

Therefore before we begin the battle of your failures, in a courtroom and media of your disgrace/ consider these things well, before you convict all the people and all the life of earth; and every future thing/ to a tyranny of death and mutilation they cannot control. Upon your own head and understand, this conviction will fall, if you continue to stand in the way. YOU are choosing for them at this time, “leader”/ instead of letting them take the blame for their own decisions. It is extremely unwise! This is not a gamble, to say the time is now, its now or never. This is coming whether you like it or not, and completely obvious: the purpose of this trial, is to allow you to understand the truth of what is coming on earth/ and convince yourselves of what must be done. It is not to follow me. YOU WILL FIND YOUR ANSWERS FOR LIFE/ or you will die, in the sewage of your disgrace. Simple as that.

YOU CAN WIN YOUR DEATH, what can I do to stop it? I am not your savior, if you want to die, you will. The reality of this trial is an advertizement/ which means it will go on, until none want it to exist. The court has the possibility to rule to remove the web site/ BUT that is not my problem it is yours; this is your trial, it is not mine. Even so, it will be just another court battle. The court is not your savior either. Only women can save you/ its their turn, because men have tried and failed/ men have literally chosen to exterminate life on earth. But if you refuse even to listen to your own heartbeat, and accept that you do desire life, knowing all these things will happen / but choose to die instead, because you are so arrogant, lies are all you accept. Then the pride inside of you is so hardened to LIES AND DISGRACE/ That you have indeed sold your own soul/ and nothing is left to do for you; HELL and ARMAGEDDON will come. That is the choice you made/ or you will change, and come to court; so you can survive. If you fail, it is truly because you are insane.

I present you with a few questions as well, that submit to the myth: nothing we can do. Either you will find something to do/ or these will kill you, “all gone, but hades”. Do you care? The myths below have not yet been proven true or false/ but the reality asserts, that even the questions involved are insane. Perhaps you would like to assist in the answers that assert to the general public; that these questions and their acceptance for testing are in fact insanity; and thereby should end in all matters instantly. If not: either you prove they are not insane/ OR YOU ARE. Whereupon this trial need not be commenced to decide the fate of what can and cannot be done: WHERE THE REALITY IS, a few gamble with the life and death of everything we are/ can be/ or will ever be. Just because they don’t respect life/ they don’t understand, simply spewing excrement on the rest of us/ and they cannot be trusted with life or death. Not for me/ not for this state/ not for this nation/ & not for this world. The parameters of this state trial are thereby enlarged to include the basic framework of: WHO CAN GAMBLE WITH MY LIFE/ WHO CAN GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES? AND WHY OR WHY NOT/ when is the risk too high, and WHEN, WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT! When is the understanding of humanity too poor, to even be allowed to experiment or decide anything: because we simply cannot repair the damage done. Make a decision.

The first is; that fusion man’s attempt to recreate the energy found on the sun, here on this earth. The myth is that such an energy is not a fire/ the myth is that such an energy can be contained or extinguished here on earth/ the myth is that such an energy once created would not burn the entire earth.

The function of an experiment would then be to examine the sun, and understand the entire surface is on fire/ which then means literally the entire composite structure of the sun is fuel. Without going to the sun, we know it has mass/ therefore we know it is based upon atomic structure/ therefore we know from the intensity of the flames, with bursts of a 100 miles high or more can only be atomic energies being released. Because of the duration of the burn time associated with the sun/ we know only atomic fuels can create the energy release, and be believed to simply not have burned up from any type of chemical burn: it simply is not possible/ therefore it is an atomic fire. Therefrom the question that is a myth exists simply as: if the sun burns as an atomic fire/ with atomic matter as the primary fuel/ then on a planet entirely based in atomic matter, or fuel: HOW could this be possible to stop once the fire is lit? The answer is; once lit/ we are through, the earth will be on fire and everything will be consumed. The desire to experiment shows nothing more than a complete mental criminal insanity; and yet the whole world seems not to care/ just too much pride to admit they are insane. See what you can do.

If you like another, the people in Switzerland and France at C.E.R.N. Clearly state they want to recreate “the big bang” that started the universe as it is today. The single most destructive moments of an entire universe and all its various star systems. To do this they have built a machine capable in their words of vaporizing a ton of gold, in a second or so (I forget the details). Even so, to dramatically increase the effects, they have built a particle accelerator capable of storing enough energy from 2 or3 atomic power plants to invade this vaporized atomic chaos “with a train wreck” of tremendous consequences, functioning to multiply the atomic destruction just as a atomic bomb multiplies the first collapse/ with every collapse of atomic energy that follows. In other words they have built a detonator for the atomic structures that hold the earth together/ and wish to see if they can destroy the earth itself. Think not? Is it not completely insane to try? Not to mention the complete destruction in one event of the entire machine, all the effort/ the nations involved/ and all the rest. Still, no one wants to listen, after all its not fun, to admit you are playing “satan”/ not fun to admit, millions lost for nothing but death and complete destruction of a society. If the world survives/ the nations will not, because the effects will spread and what the bomb does not destroy the people will. Perhaps you can define an experiment that says: Even after you have spent all the money to build a big bomb/ when you find yourself sitting on the bomb, ignitor in hand: it is still better to defuse the bomb/ admit you made a bad mistake, and continue living; as opposed to being a terrorist of nations and life on earth.

The third myth is; that genetics are an opportunity for men to control the earth and all its life. Reduced from an intricacy of quadrillions of combinations all functioning at various levels of intensity and purpose; to a single key and lock/ that does not affect the whole, but merely serves a single description. Is like saying a military is really just a president/ he is the key, and the lock simply does exactly one thing [it turns the military on or off]. In america, like in genetics the key the president has, does affect the military/ but to assume and believe as an idiot: that the key is the military, and the outcome is then completely predictable. Is exactly like saying, the war in Iraq is won/ because that is what the president ordered/ in fact it was over 5 years ago. Sound true? The same is true of genetics/ the same level of chaos will erupt in genetics/ the same lack of intelligence in anything will rule over the chaos/ the same failure and tragedy and mutilation will face all who must endure the environment: all living things. The ignorance of assuming such spectacular arrogance/ the awesome disgrace and disrespect of a humanity so proud: it thinks life “is a few bits and pieces” to be pushed around/ “then we will be gods”. What a horrific disgrace you are. Instead of a lock and key, controlling one single thing/ as is the basis and failure of all big science; reality and truth combine into combinations of relationships that then create entirely new compositions. Most of these end in chaos/ only the most dedicated to discipline and respect, form peace by the decision to cooperate. And YOU do not know this very simple thing/ cannot comprehend the possibilities and chaos of a critical failure in discipline: the association of reality, that produces a truth conceived as a body in harmony. YOU do not know what harmony is/ YOU LIKE chaos; because then you feel like gods/ “we are the great ones here”. But after the murder and mayhem of human ways/ the assassination of every good thing, and the resolve to kill every potential problem so that those who are left can whine and weep and blame GOD For how he did not stop you/ from being terrible children: nature has always brought humanity back to life. BUT YOU, now claim to be superior to nature: “YOU can and will make better decisions/ than nature can”. How PROUD you are; it is really completely unbelievable to me/ a reality I know not, because it is a destruction of everything valued and loving. A reality and truth called Satan/ simply for lack of a better name. Where are the religious, “those protectors of life on earth”? Why, they are where they always are: GIVE ME the power/ give me the money/ and I will use your life, my way; and make everything better. Why, should we surrender/ who are you, that you claim to be better than me; superior to me? The religious answer is: “We are gods people/ his priest”. The question of course is then: WHAT EXACTLY does that mean? Really, what does that mean. The answer refines the environment of each group into the basis of what they want: because except for need/ want drives everything “an animal chooses to be”. We are not animals? Says who/ do you not attack each other as predator and prey; fighting for superiority/ so you can take whatever sex, greed, power, or hate provides? What do you believe pride is for/ if not simply to say, “I am to be feared by you/ I can take your world from you”. The only escape from animal/ is as human. The only invitation to be human exists within soul, our relationship to CREATION from which we learn to belong to the distance of a destiny developed from truth, by a reality shared with GOD. The failure to enter here/ leaves you as an animal.

So the animals are suddenly in charge of nature/ like a monkey picking its ass, “to eat its findings”; the human animal searches “in the same places” to begin its journey into hell. WHY do they want to go so badly? Simply put/ the arrogance of “ ten thousand lies”, that were not allowed to completely destroy you/ has made you believe truth will not come. It is a fools’ way of declaring war with GOD . Why do people do this? Because fear provides evil/ and evil looks for a way to believe it will win. The fear of humanity is; “We are GOING TO DIE”. Therefore the impact of fear in humanity is the evil that says; “We must be gods’ too”/ then we will not die; we can win against GOD. Such a pitiful deceit, I truly cannot comprehend/ I simply “see it in many of you”/ because pride allows you to live the lies you choose. Until of course, the day when truth intervenes; and your failures, your death, or your fears overcome everything you are.

We are allowed to be what we choose to be, within the limits of truth/ because eternity is about freedom. But if you do not choose harmony and peace in freedom/ THEN you can never belong/ because eternity is about love. Freedom is personal, and absolute; you may not simply follow/ you must be “the life” you choose to be. Consequently, to live among the eternal/ you must belong to the truth, that is real/ the essence of love, as it exists to become harmony/ and the reality of honor and respect, so that life itself finds you acceptable and family.

The world has now changed/ you cannot go back to nature will fix this: men have made the decisions, “and you are now in charge” of keeping yourselves alive. Continue in lies, and you die; it is not a hard concept/ try thinking for a second or two; you might even find it useful. The tragedy of course is, you are still evil; surrounded by your fears of death/ searching even harder than any other generation of humanity, “for a way out/ GOT TO BE god”. YOU ARE suffocating in your own vomit. A terrible thing to watch/ yet you desire it; because the lies have let you believe you can be the satan : your expectation of a warrior who can defeat GOD And thereby let you live/ IF YOU SACRIFICE everything to him. Stupid fools’ Is such an inadequate saying/ but since the lying has you suffocating in your own vomit; Clearly intent upon dying in your own disgrace. Words have become useless. YOU CAN CHANGE! IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! But if you do not/ there is literally nothing I can do for you; hell and your rewards for failure, all the lies you have inherited, will come.

The question of life or death is not limited to a court case, or two. The question of life or death is chosen by the consequence of a reality defined by those who hide in failures/ or those who take “this last chance” to surrender to truth, and let truth decide for life on earth, what shall be done/ or not.

The question of leadership is not one of power/ because power cannot keep you alive; nature did that, and humanity has overcome nature, leaving humanity in charge of keeping itself and the environments of earth alive. You have got your wish/ you are now gods, over your life; fail to take the responsibility/ fail to accept the truths required of you/ fail to respect reality and understand the disciplines necessary to survive: and you die. Many have wanted to be warriors, challenging GOD As unfair/ “YOU didn’t get what you wanted” ; so you are mad. You live in a world that can be very unkind & cruel; “because you are free”. You want a world where everything is free/ but there are NO consequences to anything you do; “Except of course, but what you want those consequences to be”. But that is not truth/ and only truth can survive. Therefore you die, to enter within your lies/ and be consumed by the hatred that fuels the war against your soul (that which GOD gave to you/ in friendship and love). You are pathetic.

CHANGE before you die! This is not a game/ this is not an attempt to control you. This is not a means of saving you/ not a means of leading you/ not a means of confusing you: this is a reality of your choices, and the consequence that GOD does send this last message to you: THAT YOU MUST CHANGE/ OR YOU WILL DIE. You can continue to lie about that, but you cannot change the consequences of what you have done to the earth, to your population count, to your rape of resources/ and to all the rest that is coming to change your lives. Either you will face this with honesty and courage/ fully accepting the responsibilities of change, or you will get what you deserve. All your lies will come true/ not as you want them to be: but as they are defined by truth and then reality and then judgment. Truth is a decision/ reality a consequence of that decision/ and judgment then “the foundation for what happens next”. CHANGE, why make me cry/ why make yourselves go to hell (is your pride really so wonderful, that you sell your soul to hell and horror). HOW can you be so extremely blind, deaf, and dumb. That too is completely beyond me/ it is not a part of my world.

I will grant to you one suggestion to the understanding of genetic supervision: wherein the switches you know as “the functioning president”/ pushes “the military” into reacting or acting as a consequence to this switch. The critical question is then; if a switch is thrown, what are the parameters that control the outcome of this decision. As is clear in the military engagement of Iraq today/ being forced into a decision because the president threw a switch and forced them there. The intent of the switch thrown/ was not the reality that exists/ because a wide variety of environmental and various other switches all participate in a relationship that becomes the harmony or chaos of any decision in truth. There are primary directives given by a dedicated host of fundamental ingredients “such as generals/ soldiers/ and labor” that all enter into the consequence of what will become the reality of a decision. There are primary ingredients in the basic reference that forms the composition of catalysts and mass that will operate peacefully with the energy released by this decision/ or not. There is NO such thing, as a simple switch in genetic structure/ because every aspect of genetic composition participates in the outcome of a decision, or there is no harmony, therefrom no peace or balance or life. There is no such thing, as a human being that can make decisions regarding genetic structure; without destroying the whole, and thereby crucifying nature, and YOU. The simple mind seeks a simple solution/ therein assuming “one switch did only this”. The absolute fool, asserts in a genetic pool of every species of living things on earth, that a change in any genetic structure shall not have an influence upon any other in the living world here on earth: OF COURSE IT DOES. These are powerful chemicals/ and extreme realities that shall never be understood. Therefore once the fall of discipline in nature is completed, nothing will remain but the horrors of Armageddon ; which simply means nature in chaos. And you don’t even understand that/ your eyes exist because genetics form them/ your body is whole, your skin is completed, your mind is connected, and all the rest, are the result of these “instructions”/ you call accidental. Is a car accidental/ or a computer? You would demand: NO we worked very hard on these, to figure them out. You are unbelievably stupid, and so arrogant it is beyond comprehension: until pride is understood, as the basis of all your lies. Pride simply wants to win/ and a winner is then god to all the rest/ worms of course, have more sense.

I am tired of putting up with your supreme ignorance and absolute disgrace of your pride. I will continue the battle as is necessary; I will not surrender hope for you/ until the last moment of the last day. But I will not continue to push you forever, YOU CAN BE as blatantly arrogant and stupid as you wish/ your freedoms allow it. BUT if you are standing in the way of the survival of life on earth, in your arrogance/ disgrace/ disrespect/ and pride: YOU are condemning all life on earth to hell/ that makes you the judge/ and there are penalties for that. IF YOU will choose to abandon life on earth, for your apathy and the fear you will have to pay what you don’t want to surrender for life. If all you are is the knowledge you cannot prove me wrong/ therefore you will die instead; then life itself will curse you, I need not. It is your eternity, not mine. But when you participate in killing the whole earth/ by not accepting your responsibility, there are punishments for that, in eternity, simply beyond description.

I am pushing the court, for a trial; in defense of state, life, nation, and nature, and everything else of value on this earth. I am pushing you to understand the differences between the lies, theft, and cheating that you are all so fond of/ and the consequence of truth, as it cleans reality by removing the corruption of relationships that cannot be sustained: that is you. I am granting you the opportunity to say you are sorry, to GOD and to life, and to the nation and world/ and admit to criminal activities so they can be fixed, and life be changed in ways that will survive: so that you do not die.

You can continue to lie/ BUT YOU CANNOT continue to survive in your lies; without truth, you are dead, you just don’t know it yet. If you want to die/ then just keep hiding/ just keep running away; but do understand “like hiding in a house on fire”, your fate is sealed, without true change.

There will be the influence of lies/ the tragedies of pride/ the failure of you just don’t care enough, etc. But if you don’t dig your head out of your ass/ reality will put it there for you. Genetics are the instructions that give us eyeballs, hearts, lungs, nerves, movements through intelligence and so on. Genetics are the order of building/ and the instructions of chemicals in minute detail, so much so, and with such dedication to perfection that nearly all “have ten fingers and toes”/ a balance of limbs, and face, and everything. Those who do not believe this is worth fighting for/ are simply the damned/ the cursed/ and the horrors of time ending on earth, as it is certain to come. Find something of your soul back/ and FIGHT FOR LIFE TODAY/ or it will soon end, leaving you with nothing but tears, and a body without beauty, or balance, or possibilities: because YOU threw them away, for arrogance and pride. Mercy will end/ GOD Will leave you to your fate/ and the satan you have worshiped as your leader, will be allowed to incinerate you; but not until your allotted punishments are through.

REPENT OF YOUR IGNORANCE, and find life back. Misc companion arguments are at www.justtalking.info and its links. This is not believe in me/ not follow me/ not anything me: this is investigate, examine the reality and truth of your own decisions for yourself, and then decide what the consequences shall be to the future both near and far. And make a choice that does not gamble with life/ the nation/ the state/ or the world. That is the purpose of this trial, and you have no right to refuse/ as clear and certain evidence is provided: THAT WE AS A STATE, NATION, WORLD, AND LIFE ON EARTH ARE IN REAL AND SERIOUS DANGER.

Are you a traitor/ or a soldier, who will do his or her duty? This is the question you are asked in this day. Your answer/ will affect life, including yours.

There are the fundamentals of human life, critically known by their disgrace and disrespect of hatred, violence, revenge, cruelty, jealousy, and the mind of a snake. If you continue to fear them/ if you continue to be controlled by all that can go wrong: how can you possibly survive? Only truth presents freedom and life/ hiding further within the lies of failure, rutting through the disgrace of your thievery and cheating: disrespecting every life on earth, because you are afraid/ and don’t want the law involved, is what criminals do! Is that you?

Come out of your holes, and face the truth/ or be damned because you did not surrender your pride; but chose cowardice instead.

There is always the simple: “But I don’t want to face my poverty/ or my lies/ or their consequences”. The fundamental truth of your situation is then: you refuse to live and survive and be happy/ and will sacrifice and assassinate the future: because your want and selfishness and pride, even power is more important than life itself TO YOU.

Death will quickly prove you wrong/ “But you are too smart/ just a dirt snack”. Life is over when you die/ isn’t it, just look at the body and mind in time, it dissolves/ it is nothing but corruption and filth.

To these then one last time; if your body comes and goes as it pleases: did you have anything to do with your birth/ or make a choice to die? No it had nothing to do with you. Rather it is life that gives us an awareness of freedom/ thought that makes us understand time has a distance, a journey, and a destination. It is truth, that brings us to alive! It ain’t body or mind. Therefore be afraid “of the darkness”/ for it can be enemy. Be afraid of what you do not know, because life is hidden within it. Neither key, nor lock, nor reality are yours, to decide/ and if not yours/ then neither is your death so simple as what you will decide.

There are the consequences of social unrest/ wherein the public participants demand and the public leaders must defend/ with weapons and wars. But these are mitigated in a public courtroom/ with full media access; and the described and dedicated intent to find the answers, and establish what is right and valued by the vast majority of society. Therefore to go to court now, “Mutes all sides/ and takes away their right to violence, by giving them access, and a say in their own reality”. The primary losers are of course the wealthy/ as they are the primary failures of little things; while the big things are a reality of the whole society hiding behind the lies, and calling it their own truth.

Irregardless of all that/ the consequence and extreme disgrace of lies, theft, and cheating as has been going on in the state & USA will not go away: unless you appease it with this courtroom action. The current governor has presented his opposition to change/ by creating a tax package, and selling it as a “won’t affect you/ to the public”. Just another lie/ although it can function at a better level by instructing the reality to be: whatever is collected/ SHALL be reduced from the private taxation of citizens; although still not a good solution. This governor wants to spend/ cannot pay/ and is then hiding in the lies that any tax to business is not an expense that will simply be passed on. Any tax to business, is not a tool that will simply drive business away. This case is a beginning to bigger cases, as have been described. This case is a beginning and a means to remove the threat of extermination from our lives, and return the earth to life.

You need not fear political unrest from the people/ this is your opportunity to ease the tragedies that are coming to their lives. You will however be attacked by the “political realities” of the wealthy/ who do believe they can buy your soul, and eat it for lunch: who are you/ compared to them/ they have more numbers than you can count. Compared to them, who is not worthless/ compared to them, the prey shall not get away.


We cannot change the fact that resources are “our lives/ or our deaths”. We cannot change the fact that when faced with life or death/ men war; or the fact that when many men do not have all they want, they simply murder and steal. What we can do, is share the work/ share the reality/ prepare for life, not death/ understand we can properly make decisions that will honor and help our lives, giving all an equal opportunity at a happy life/ even though it will never be “the same life, for everyone”. In america, things have been good over all for 60 years; basically everyone has been happy, because resources were free and plentiful. But just like every human reality that has ever lived/ the american’s simply kept taking “out of the pot, so to speak/ never returning anything” and now as is true of all human history: they do face the truth, YOU were extremely foolish, and a disaster to the young. YOU chose this/ it did not happen accidentally. YOU can continue to pretend no one is going to use weapons of mass destruction; after all america has been living “in fantasy land” for the last 30 years or so. But you will not survive, nor the world. We do have BIG PROBLEMS/ and we do need real answers. But if we cannot solve them together, where honor, responsibility, respect, and truth must gather to ensure reality shall not be discarded: then you have already lost. Might just as well, dig your own grave/ because the world will soon be dead.

STOP PLAYING/ STOP HIDING/ STOP PRETENDING/ STOP STEALING, LYING, & CHEATING/ STOP BEING A TRAITOR/ STOP BEING SO DAMNED PROUD OF YOUR INSANITY. Stop trying to live forever/ and understand eternity is for real. And if this generation believes it can escape hades and eternal damnation; the reality is, you have sacrificed many millions or billions of lives with your callous want/ and absolute neglect of anything called respect. Either you repent of it/ and do better, or your greatest terrors today, will become your dreams “of how good life use to be”. This is not an idle threat, you have built biological weapons for horrendous disease. You have built tremendously destructive nuclear weapons, without the tiniest bit of mercy. You are crucifying genetic structure/ nature itself, just because you are selfish, arrogant, and to proud not to sacrifice your children/ and their future. You have prepared for TRUE WAR, and you will not be disappointed. You have prepared for “worms” to be your companions in death/ and you will not be disappointed. You have disgraced all life on earth, by choosing to exterminate it: and you will not be free of the penalties, for your arrogant and extreme failures.

And come to court and begin “the surgical operations to save life on earth”. It is not a hard to comprehend statement: YOU DO understand it perfectly. Abandon your criminal and mental insanities, and find your life back/ that you may not receive your reward. The ones you deserve/ but instead may find mercy. Find your respect/ or enter hell, and Armageddon. CHANGE, OR BE DAMNED.

You are the generation that claims “great economic advantages”/ because you made credit easy. YOU are the generation saying for the past 30 years “we will pay you later”. The debt is due.

You are the generation that claimed “superiority, to every man or woman who went to Vietnam”/ because you weren’t going to die, for a lost cause. You were the generation that was going to change everything/ BUT with one death, at one protest at Kent state college: YOU were through. The evidence says, coward. YOU are the generation, required to use your minds to understand and accept the facts/ the investigation of facts/ and the outcome of reality and truth: to make changes so that all may live. YOU are the generation that says “how smart we are”/ but it is more clearly, “how selfish you are”. The Vietnam war memorial stands for the simple purpose of remembering the people, it is for those who cry/ a testament to the lost, “that I remember you”. Therefore understand this well; this war to crush pride & remove want, so that life on earth shall survive, is against you. If you fight for your pride and want/ you choose to kill the earth and all its life; YOU become “the cause of tears/ the murderers of life”. But if you surrender pride and want and all the trouble they bring/ then you can redeem yourselves, and finally find enough courage and discipline to be called “soldier”. Those who fight for me/ those who remember life has a price/ those who do not run away, and hide. If its worth a fight/ then it is worth the price. Because honor demands it/ respect explains, duty is what we owe life, and each other. Vietnam was a worthless fight, (but the lives lost were honorable)/ but you ran away and hid in colleges; from the real fight, “to remove the liars”/ and demand peace. The consequence being today, we are threatened from every side with weapons of mass destruction/ and you are still hiding/ still running away in fear. What greater fight is there, than life on earth? If you say it is not worth the price/ you lie/ and are a liar, even to yourself. Liar means “tragic failure/ terrible enemy” because the purpose of a lie, is to steal, corrupt, and destroy all that is truth. This is not a game/ all your failure comes to destroy everything; even you can see it, if you look at the facts. Today, you will overcome your cowardice, and do the work; Or your own hell, will come.

Believe it or not, your lies are coming to hurt you. Your failures are coming to destroy the world. And your cowardice is coming to disgrace you, as you have disgraced life itself. Do change, do repent, do find your life back, why should you die? The insanity of it: One of the more informative sets of numbers is One trillion dollars is equal to one million x one million. Or a trillion dollar debt is equal to one million millionaires owing one million dollars each. A national debt of [a number derived & extrapolated from the now closed (for the last 2 years) site www.federalreserve.gov Flow of funds table L.5 total liabilities and its relation to total financial assets] 100 trillion dollars is then one million people owing one hundred million dollars each/ or one hundred million people owing one million dollars each. {got a million dollars of your own/ who cares}. One in 3 of faces in america a land of 300 million people then owe one million dollars each. Divided by proportions and scale. What that really means is a tremendous amount of expectations to enslave and control, and literally buy people who have less. Without doubt they are claiming at least 120 trillion dollars in assets at this moment/ but really divided by 300 million people that would mean each of us hold assets claimed to be $400,000 dollars each/ every face. Even so it is the debt that can be taken to court, and claimed “by a rubber stamp”. Therefore it is the debt that matters, a reality that cannot be overestimated: All these numbers mean, we have completely lost control of this nation; because unless we stop the insanity, the numbers can literally buy us all. They CAN control the food/ they CAN control all the resources/ they DO control the government officials and court and police and military; because after all, who wants to be left completely out when it comes to food, water, and the rest.

Plain and simple, we must quit playing with dollars/ a complete “can’t use them anymore”. If you do not/ then those with all these numbers will move to take everything “faster than you can believe, with titles and possession and the rip off of other nations: which then makes them EXTREMELY MAD at us. The dollar is dead: the american federal reserve is free to contest this statement at any time it wishes to reopen its books, for examination and comparison with the past. But they will leave the site open, so that anyone can review the numbers; specifically table L.5 , but not limited to it/ as the use of other tables and charts will confirm or deny the numbers to all who know how.

Some will argue, “the world owes us this much”/ but the reality is; these are american dollars; which literally means “the american people are responsible for them” the dollar is a demand for payment, in work and resources. Are you ready to pay? Simply put, you cannot/ no matter how much you think it should be done.

It will be argued; “This is working, fair or not/ leave it alone”. And so it is, so long as reality lets you continue. You take the dollars/ spend them fast/ get what you want; all good. But let’s review: the baby boom generation is starting to retire; and you may be certain they intend to spend “their numbers/ and their inheritance” as fast as they can. They will soon hold over 90% of these numbers, and since they are dying; why shouldn’t they spend them. No work/ just boss over you, master and slave. Not only that, they have set it up, so that their medical expenses and base living expense is to be paid by the young; leaving the young with a billing of 5 to 7 trillion dollars a year, in the near future. Of course there will not be enough labor to do this/ so they will immigrate many more. Of course we will soon run out of many resources/ the earth and its ecosystems will soon collapse, but because of hatred no one will notice much over all the dead bodies of master and slave alike. That’s what you get/ make your decision. Don’t think they can take your possessions; bankruptcy CAN do many things/ feel safe in the “law”/ they will change it. Don’t think you can go bankrupt? Well if someone buys an indebted company, and throws you out of work: how long before you sell/ or are forced into selling. Those with so many numbers (so long as they are accepted) can simply buy a company, close it/ wait for the community to collapse, buy it/ and then reopen the plant to workers and families that will accept one half or less, than the pay they were getting. Not to worry though, you can buy your house back at twice the price you sold at, or a little more; just depends on how bad you need “for family or pride”. The lies have worked/ because a large percentage of people worshiped the numbers instead of trading them for resource and labor. THAT is about to change. It is a reality of: you can have as many numbers in the bank, so to speak as you like/ they only matter when they come out to be spent. And the baby boom generation will spend.

If you had the resources/ or if you were not destroying the earth environment and chains of life/ polluting and raping everything in sight; you could continue to lie for awhile. But you are, and that means to continue simply brings hell and armageddon. Like it or not. It is your decision/ but only to the extent that you may elect to intervene and change. Because if you do not change/ then you have no choice, it will be hell and armageddon. You will run out of food and water/ as time goes by, you will turn to cannibalism because you ruined the rest. Don’t think so? Then investigate reality and assess how it is you will survive when the ocean is dead/ ethanol production collapses “the american bread basket”/ and so on. I know, “you can eat the pretty little coffins you call a house”.

And this is only one of the destructive forces that are coming.

The reality of someone who collects one million numbers in a year as income/ is the expectation that 50 people who make $20,000.00 a year in income owe a year of their time to this one person. One person/ demanding 50 people are required to do an equal value of work, TO BE FAIR. ONLY A COMPLETE ASS, does not know this is not fair. Doesn’t matter what you do. YOU are not worth the lives of 50 people hour for hour/ year for year. It is NOT fair.

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