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The quest for eternity, is an opportunity to grow in trust, love, and truth; That you may earn the right to pass between time and the foundations of truth, that become your home. MERCY is an absolute must/ but your participation is your acceptance of this invitation that is life in time, and unless your desire is honest, true, and respectful of the miracles that are your life in time: you will be judged unworthy. Therefore learn truth, accept love as your purpose and desire in life, accomplish trust as hope and reality allow. And believe in the possibility, that is your relationship with GOD !

In the expressions of a life, there is a constant that says; no matter what we do, it will never be enough to inherit eternal life. Understanding that means, eternity is about mercy, and not the life you live in its reality/ but the truth that is your essence and identity, the result of your decisions. What qualifies as “worthy to be considered”/ is the envelope of love, from which you share and prove the ability and decision to care about life! Life is not about your religion, no matter which one it is. Life is about your ability to accept the truth, that life is a journey; to be shared with others in happiness. Without love there is no happiness/ without honor, there is no true community/ without honesty, every relationship falls apart/ without truth to lead us, we fail. Therefore in these simple things the expressions of an experience called eternity comes to reveal; “That we must live together, to be happy; and only peace, harmony, truth, and love create the environments that give us the freedoms necessary to believe life is truly the desire and purpose of life. Without these, life fails; because we would fail each other/ and eternity end. Eternity is not “without time or distance”/ rather eternity is, the blessing in your heart & soul, that accepts this expression inside of you, is worth the price that you must pay to experience it; and thereby we survive, and continue “one heartbeat at a time; so to speak”.
The foundations affecting our lives, are thought; which conceives, educates, builds, and defines the expressions of every experience we achieve within ourselves. Thought is the foundation of every life, because it perceives of freedom/ and it is that freedom that then becomes the presence of our existence, our testimony that we are here. Thought explains every discipline achieved in order, by the dimension it holds in its relationship to life itself. That which has become, beyond the essence and experience of time, holds its truth in the basis of life itself. Following the meaning of love, is finding the freedom to blossom in its expression beyond ourselves, beyond this time, and within creation as it believes in us; that we do belong here. The decision required of each one is simply this: is life, the blessing of its love, and the evidence of its truth in you? Or do you worship something else? We are not alone in life, we are the evidence of love, the happiness of a miracle that believes in us enough to provide life to us.

Throughout human history is the games men play, to offset the reality of time known as moments. In these games, men play to win/ creating pride, want, and power within their own experience with each other. That forms the basis of human male existence within the confines of a battleground, because someone is always close by, wanting you to lose. Women support this battle, by becoming “the cheerleaders, and the reward/ that make the game worthwhile”. Thereby it is a mixed reality, whether women participate honestly/ or are drawn into the game as are men, simply because people push them to do so. That brings the environment of needs, the possibilities of body among the others in society, and the foundation of two (male and female) who must join to protect themselves from those who do interfere. Therein emotion is born, as the foundation in women used to protect themselves from further attack/ and the expressions of woman used to counteract the strength of man. Emotions are then real, but the temptation is also real to use them against man/ and control or attempt to control his fate. These are the weapons of women, and they are necessary/ because the weapons of men are superior wherever there is no one who cares. It is this reason that men became rulers of life on earth; it is this cause of “no one cares”, that became the essence of war, the battleground of hate, the tragedy of violence, and all the sexual wars that have invaded and controlled humanity since almost the beginning of time. The evidence is; that men will not care, if they are pushed to find an answer; for which they have none. The reality is; that men will not care, if men threaten them with war, or hate, or violence: they choose themselves, more than anything else. The truth is; that many men will not care, if life does not choose themselves as first, giving to them almost everything they want, providing for them the pride and the power they cherish and worship; because to do less, is to accept the balance that is love and hope and life for all. Selfishness is then the description of the majority called men. Fear is the reality; declared in the simple existence of a Vietnam war, whose purpose was clearly to prepare for world war 3 with the USSR; (he who strikes first has the potential to do the most harm). The Iraq war, which exists only because of the twin towers of New York/ and the fear, of whose coming “we must make them fear us/ to keep the enemy away”. Both have more to do with weapons of mass destruction, than anything else. Both are the truth of a reality men will not surrender/ and a reality they cannot defeat. Women must do this, or it cannot be done. Women must do this with the help of men, or life on earth will die.

Life and love, are personal journeys! None can do this for you/ YOU must accept the price, and provide the foundation for your work. It is work, because it is not for free, to love; love requires your commitment in truth for life beyond yourself. That is the opposite, of what the foundations in male behavior teach/ not because it is “inborn”. But because, the tragedy of persecution and violence is: we must defend/ we must do what we must do; and many errors are made because of this. Unintended realities, from which men refuse to retreat are because there is persecution and violence behind those doors too. Such are weapons of mass destruction/ chosen to hide behind the fears they represent to others called enemies, are a means of retreating from the violence men fear. But fear breeds only fear; and life descends into hell when fears rule the world. The only reality that can remove these fears and these weapons are the law, that must be created to rule over nations. NOT the laws, allowed by governing bodies to rule and choose over/ BUT LAWS chosen by every people of this world; and enforced upon their own governments as a reality “of we the people”. Even so, the consequence of male leadership is such, that we all know: men, especially leaders of men; cannot be trusted with anything important about violence, persecution, or war. Does not history prove it is so/ does not the weapons of mass destruction demand the reality of what you as men could not do/ would not do/ did not care enough, to protect anyone from; not even yourselves. Men have failed the earth, and every life on it. That is their gift to life; extinction for all. There is no purpose is listening to the whining or tears/ no truth in the emotion they will use: only women can redefine this world into something else/ something we as life on earth, can survive. But time is running out/ and if you do not begin very soon, nothing will save this earth from its end.

Emotion says, in the foundation of women, there is a need to understand the basic cradle of man/ and his sexual existence as well. That part of his experience that belongs to violence, persecution, and fear, is his own creation. These are definitions created by time and history/ because they do not come with being male, they are his decisions. Thereby the essence of life in this future called humanity, begins in part with the participation in law, that removes every aspect of being attacked, or about to be attacked, or in need of protecting from attack; by removing men from the leadership of these decisions. Each of fears are powerful tools, that reconstruct men into “something they are not, from birth”. It is the participation in pain, that blends into life as an experience, to produce bravery: “I will endure the pain, that I must endure for this purpose, for this duty to protect my world”. Bravery is an essential part of the male experience, and a fundamental part of why women do not do well when raising boys to be men; they want them to act and be like women, (or toys). Just a consequence of “same”. Therefore discovery says, “that being the same, is a very important part of human life/ with benefits, as well as adversity, and penalties”. “The emblem or flag we bear”, as belonging to this particular group, suggests that we do understand what is expected from us/ what is taught to us/ and what is allowed to us; same, is the hierarchy of levels and the expectation of “I know, what you think, before you think it”. Arrogance is a stupidity revealed in the proud, it buys nothing but pain and delusion/ pride an assumption without merit or worth. It is marriage between man and woman, or living together as one life committed to each other, that assaults “same”/ with its most confident freedoms: I am/ we are, alive! Therefore not the same, but different within ourselves. As innocense dies, reality immerses humanity into the delusion of participation’s that are not fair: everyone is against me/ how few, there truly are that give me peace inside. How few are willing even to consider establishing harmony with my life. Therefore loneliness erupts as the battleground experience of a dimension that lives outside “same”/ and learns the lesson, not only is our own decision important to us; but also, the others must participate in love, caring, and sharing: or life cannot be the blessing it promises to be. Here, the possibilities of joy/ are conflicted by the evidence of hate, people are measured, and the decision to live inside a focus so small, that no one can enter inside of you; “the door is closed”. Or the reality of love is expressed as your own decision to bind inside yourself, with the love that has existed within from the day and moments you knew, “you are alive”. Love and life, give us a reality beyond ourselves. Hate and violence demand a reality inside where no one else is allowed, except for abuse.

The honesty of being bound to love, is the evidence of giving yourself to the needs of love in life. Life has needs, and people express themselves in want; which then leads to endless trials and tribulation: because the essence of want is a lie. Truth is the discovery of a time and place and purpose, according to the order and discipline of a moment in life. But love is the feelings, that give life hope, establish balance in the pursuit of life and living things, and understands that we are equal in the essence of a life that needs each other for happiness to be cherished, to be honored as our place in this world “the family of life, and love, and home.” The blessing that is our home here on this earth, is a mixture of life so tightly woven together, that without one, another dies/ without many, thousands die; without honor everything dies; and in this world as men have made it, very, very, little honor has not died. Instead it is for sale, to anyone who throws away numbers as if they had value/ for sex, without a value, it is just lust/ and for religious beliefs, that are merely the window dressing for a life of hate, or apathy, or violence. The religious are no better, no worse, no anything than anyone else; instead, with open arms they cherish this world, and ask for nothing more than to share in its gluttony, selfishness, and corruption. Think not/ then go look harder at the things you do, the things you want, the reality of your “religious payment, to get into whatever it is you desire”; and understand the reality of your life, the truth of your honor, the foundation of your own desire in love, and the purpose of your thoughts in existence are the things that GOD Has asked of you! Have you not refused, paying tokens/ lying even to yourself/ and worshiping everything you can get.

The essence of life is not a body or mind that you inhabit! The essence of your life, is the decisions you make! The purpose of that decision/ the true desire of that decision/ and the foundation of life upon which you have chosen “to make your bed”, become your existence. The life you touch, is the testimony of who you are. Quit lying to yourself, and be truth.
There are many in this world who come to grips with life by judging it. Instead of disciplines or order, or even religions to pursue these things/ judgment allows the individual to play god, and assume he or she knows a better way. It is a lie, it is a foundation in deceit that reveals catastrophe is waiting. Genetics are not toys; the human population count is not a game; meat is not murder, unless it is human: but torture is still torture if it is life! To believe you can do anything as well as your Creator is an outright lie; the extreme arrogance is beyond description. It may be, that you can attempt to fix what the tragedies of men have done; if you are very careful not to interfere with genetics and life: otherwise this entire message is mute/ you cannot survive, genetics are nature and nothing less; that means they are everything to life in this world, and millions mutate and destroy every single day/ across the world. Because you are violent and need to be destroyed for your failure to respect GOD . That is not a statement of judgment/ it is a fact of failure. You are not judged by GOD / you are judged by your arrogance, deceit, lies, and violence to everything holy and sacred called a miracle; you have no respect. Thereby you are near the edge called “abandoned”/ and that means extinct quickly. But GOD IS MERCIFUL And you are given this one last chance to change/ to repent/ and to live a happy and blessed life in the near future. If you refuse, you will receive as you have decided to do to yourselves; a full course, nothing left out.

As to population counts, did you not know better than GOD ! Of course you did, but the reality is today, that we are so many, there is not room for us all, unless true change occurs. You know this is true. You know, the only answer is less births, not because each child is not important/ but because each child is important, and there will be no earth left for any, if you do not accept the discipline and order that is required of all. It is a decision for women to make/ it is their bodies; their reward is absolute control over sexuality; a role reversed, a man will change places; women will control. It is their due/ for we are at crisis levels of life or death everywhere. It is time, for women to make their decision/ because men have given up; and this failure, is life or death for women too.

The issues brought about by vegetarians is a judgment against the order and disciplines of nature too. All say in their heart, “I could have done better/ I could and should be god instead”. But reality is clear, without the predator, there is no balance in the prey. Without the prey, there is no balance or life for the predator. Therefore they are both friend and enemy of each other, removing those who take more than they can give. Because in the end someone does have to die, or someone else must not be born, to balance the natural environment when crowding takes over; with the truth of needs and life. Either, there shall be population control/ or there shall be war and blood; because nature and survival of life on earth is more important than the individual. The reality to date is; the majority choose war even though they fear it, because selfishness and hate rule humanity. You believe in “neutralizing pets”/ because there is no room for more; humanity is no different, we have run out of room, and will make decisions that respect our position from this moment forward. Because without respect, nothing lives. As is true of the violence of predator and prey: anyone who believes this will be an easy choice is not accepting reality. The battleground that is predator and prey, forms the basis and reality of courage, fear, bravery, hope, friendship or enemy, and more; it is not so simple as live or die. YOU will make these decisions as well/ and YOU will endure their consequences; it will not be me. Human existence stands at the threshold of life, by a completely different set of rules, to be offered by women/ or death, at the hands of men; who in their foolishness, arrogance, and blind hate for each other have set the dominos’ of one tragedy after another, to chase you with terrors beyond imagination into an existence beyond insanity or evil; you will enter, man is your god. And everything he touches will go to immediate ruin. Horrid, horrendous, terrifying, beyond fear or failure, the only word that comes close is HELL. The only pacifier to be given is the mutinous mutilated bodies, that will be too horrendous for him to touch. Called Armageddon/ nature in crisis, on its way to absolute chaos, where even death will not release you. Repent of all this; turn to life! Of course their will be the multitudes who declare “cannot happen to us/ we are great/ he is trying to scare us all”. But what have I to gain? You can see, if you take the blinders of your lying heart off; that you are in trouble, with population counts (growing at 2 million more mouths to feed than deaths each and every week; check it out, stop being a coward). You can see the trouble headed for you without water/ without food/ without resources; and everyday a new media event “end of the world, I guess we will just die”.

STOP being such bastards! Get off your ass, and work for your future. Or you surely shall die soon. Done all you can do; BY GIVING UP? Stop lying, and start living with a purpose for life. Stop being horrendously stupid, and start believing in GOD , YOU are a miracle/ the earth is a miracle/ and life is not a toy. STOP PLAYING, and start working. Talk and keep talking until we get to court/ have a trial in reality discovering truth as it exists, NOT as any would suggest: find out, by investigating the evidence of truth, and punish severely all who intentionally lie. Then make your decision for life on earth.

We return to “same” as the understanding of a connection that makes me “a member of the pack/ or a member of this flock”. It is animal instincts that assume it is necessary to be a member/ or you will be separated, and required to defend yourself against all comers, at night, and at feeding, everywhere. Therefore to be alone, or abandoned by the flock or the pack which haunts them, is to be vulnerable to death. Consequently those who have not risen above the level of an animal, believe they must belong, or they will die. The critical expressions of human life are these; are you alive/ are you true to the heart and soul within you/ Are you living within your reality as the decision you have made/ & are you traveling the journey you have chosen for yourself? If not all of these, then animal is stalking you. “The same”/ is an expectation of control by the leadership of the pack or flock; they decide/ or they judge you unfit, and you are abandoned. But that is also true of family as well; because if you do not join, and work for the whole group, attaining some level of value at least for yourself/ then you are not worthy to be here. It is your duty, to participate within family, as a contributing member; or you take from the others their freedoms, and their lives, and use them in selfishness. Every contribution is not so simple as “going to work”.

Therefrom our relationships within this world, are going to be defined by the family we form, as a world of humanity/ not a separated flock or pack of predators. We are a world; because we are the difference between whether this world lives or dies/ that makes us the same, one family on earth; or dead. The single largest group on this earth is woman. The single largest group of predators on this earth is men. The reality of the predator is, they do not hunt in especially large groups; because they cannot control themselves/ they will fight each other, for control. The reality of men is, they will congregate into armies and wars for various reasons, but it is not as a predator/ men create wars, to diffuse anger and control hate by killing each other. The predator only wants control, through power and the demand to be “god to you”. So we see clearly, that in the human animal that has separated itself from life, by being less than the reality of a human being of worth; the reality is these predators hunt/ but they hunt in only small groups or alone. The predator simply becomes arrogant and even more selfish if hunted and allowed to escape. Therefore looking into the predators life, we see the opportunity to make enemies among them by creating competition in them. But it is necessary to recognize, this competition must not be a game/ because if it is, it is their prey who suffers the consequences. What then builds a war between competitors? What then changes the hunt, between members of a pack/ to war? In nature it is clear, the lack of food for the prey/ or a failure in the numbers of prey cause war between the members of the pack: “its you or me”. In humanity, such as is the predator “al-queada; the piss of a thousand worms” / the relationship to be attacked in Afghanistan is: who will do your work/ who will be your slave/ who will be your homosexual, because the women are removed from your touch. To do this, what is necessary is to pick a section of the nation, and let life move there; where it can be sustained and cherished. Protect this/ and abandon the rest to the predators. BECAUSE without stealing/ killing/ or violence to others; they will turn on themselves and the nations that surround them. When you leave them “nothing to steal/ what good is a weapon, except to kill the others who would kill you”? When you protect those who matter; IN A CHOSEN PLACE where you can indeed survive; they will benefit and do well. Let the predators organize/ it makes them an easy target. Let the predators work for themselves, they will tire of it quickly; and search for a victim. If you are guarded well/ in a place that is easily defendable; they will have to turn on themselves.

What is women, is easily the largest organization of people who have the same purpose and desire for life among them; without doubt, they are not men. As is true of every organization for life, IT IS THE LAW THAT GIVES THEM POWER TO RULE. It is the enforcement of that law, that gives society its justice. It is the honesty and honor of peace, hope, life, and truth that makes all people happy. And therein the organization that proves it will provide the basis in law, and the truth of peace hope, life, and honor through respect for life; becomes leader of this world. Only those who can be trusted, can remove the weapons of mass destruction/ and present law in its place. What has been, as seen in the leadership of men is simply: we are defeated by whatever challenges their greed or lust, from environment to weapons to selfishness or hate; it does not matter/ the answer of men is war, or move away. There is no place on earth left to move away too: that is your truth. There is no place to escape the reality of men. There is no answer in war, because every war simply moves humanity closer to extinction, by the destruction of environments and resources and more/ clearly no solution exists in war as men have always done; proven throughout history. That means either peace, hope, life, and truth will rule/ OR the world ends, and life will be exterminated here. This is a decision! And the only organization that understands the answer for living is peace, is women. Because they are schooled in peace, and the essence of their lives is intended to be harmony. Like it or not/ they are your future for life! Refuse, and you die. If they refuse, all die/ therefore assist them in their decisions or surrender life on earth. The composition of all human endeavor, is either for life/ or it is for death: what is for life, organizes into law as its shield against all attackers. What is for death, attacks the law; and becomes defiled by hate. Therefore work for the law, across this earth. Demand equality, justice, hope, and peace for each one; and the world will walk with you: WHEN they believe you are true. Therefore fight for truth/ live for law/ search and protect justice/ and make your decision for life, not simply “animal want”. Do so, and the world will not only survive, but “heaven on earth will come”. You have no option, either women will lead life and sexual reality, or you will die. CHOOSE!

Some men will organize against women. It is the majority that count. The expression of men, is then limited to do you help save the earth and its life/ OR are you its enemy? If you represent and support law, then you defend life/ there is no aspect of leadership that is greater than the laws which defend life and society through justice! Therefore even though it will be women who choose the direction of society and sex, it will be the law and those who support law that determines what is justice in this world. The law rules, the women lead, the men follow, and reality through truth fundamentally decides what can or cannot or should not be done.

The relationship we share as society is one of peace, and friendship, and hope, and the freedoms of life. We need not anyone to tell the majority what is peace, we know it is a choice, the failure to respect that choice and make it your own; is the only cause for intervention. We need not anyone to tell the majority what is friendship, and what is not; you know what being a friend means to you/ therefore you know what not being a friend also means in you; it is a choice, the failure to respect each other is the only cause for intervention. We need not demand from anyone that they must hope; instead, we will show the rest what hope means to us, and let them decide for themselves; this is true of religion as well, whether you are for or against it; it is their own decision: so long as there is justice and equality for all in religions too. That means equal men and women, in everything and every way; this is not a choice/ it is a demand of the law that will come. We need not intervene in any freedom that conceives of a personal decision that DOES NOT harm another life, or the environment; what you do to yourself, is literally your business/ ONLY what you do to the others, is our decision to intervene, IF it is substantially violating our lives. Even drug usage is fundamentally your decision/ but the reality of the life you choose to destroy that is your own; MEANS we will not be liable for you. The opportunity to rejoin society should never disappear/ but the reality of cost to society is their decision: and they will exchange this cost for video and other methods of education to warn the children and others. If they choose it to be so, then society can abandon your need for healthcare and sustenance. Because it is your choice/ it is your freedom to abandon them, therefore it is a right that they need not sustain you.

Our acceptance of the needs for life, are held within the male identity and supported by men. Our acceptance of the love that gives society life and supports everything living, is held within the female identity, and is supported by women. Therefore as you begin this new journey in time, to the distance of a life held in hope for love, truth, respect, and family; the question of men is simply, do you desire this life, and these purposes. If you do not/ you shall not belong. If you make war against life on earth/ it is you who will die. Therefore the optimism of these words that form a message of life or death to you, could not be more clear: I as does this message in its every sense, do believe that change can and will come as life travels into its destiny of love, friendship, respect, and truth/ a wonderful expression of life through our relationship with thought. Because thought is needed to sustain reality, and reveal truth. But it is also very pessimistic about the survival of life on earth, if you will not truly change and accept the price of your new opportunity as life on earth/ there is no room for doubt, the failures of men will exterminate life on earth. Consequently fully being aware of the decisions required of you/ is also being prepared in the reality of truth, to accept the consequences of the decisions you WILL make! If you hide or run away, it is still a decision. You have become: the judge and jury of life on earth, as women this has become your right/ because men have condemned the earth and its life; therefore it is your turn to decide. If you will not save it/ it will die.
GO TO COURT, and prove your reality/ prove your future/ prove we CANNOT gamble anymore! And then create your law for the purpose and desire of life, as women in charge. This is not a game. Go to court and prove any other choice exists! COWARD, is just another word for HELL.

The question of economic happiness, is one specifically defended by the disciplines of a heart that understands life is the important part of existence. Instantly, the reality of "unfair"; surfaces, as the consequences of body, health, mind, and even money or other basic differences says: IF life is all that matters/ WHY must my life be so different than theirs?

The reality then of harmony/ is an understanding NOT of differences, but an understanding of why/ and a destiny defended by what is most important, called life. Therein we begin within the simplicity of life/ that it is an experience of freedom and existence and opportunities. And from these things, we inherit the possibilities of thought, love, honor, and hope through respect. The question most important to life is then simply respect, as it is a staircase to all that is worth having as life itself. Respect is the formation, of a gradual experience in the blessings of reality and truth. From these three: reality, the knowledge of basic compositions that form life/ truth, the basic understanding of bonds and the structures they create/ and respect, the wisdom to achieve thought through the existence of ourselves, within the purity of a purpose and desire that is alive. Alive then means: I have experienced the relationship of my identity with my truth/ and found GOD.

Here begins the journey, that lives in the heart as love/ the acceptance and treasury of possibilities and family beyond anything that I could even consider or comprehend "moments before". Here begins the discipline of a search beyond the parameters of a simple life, or body, mind, or environment/ it is the quest for eternity. Time, as the physical consequences of existence ends/ simply because it lacks importance. Compared to eternity/ time doesn't matter. Therefore the why, is my life different/ ceases to conceive of a life without, and forms the battleground of an opportunity to cast away, what is simple life and choose the comprehension of much more.

Here thought enters in, as the basis and relationship that must exist in order to achieve a passage between time and life, called spirit. Spirit allows those who enter, the opportunity to learn about all that life does conceive of without time/ spirit allows the understanding of all that is time. But it is a narrow door, meaning simply: you must enter within alone. There shall not be two/ only one, in the spiritual dimension that separates us from eternity, when we exist in the form of time. There is only one/ because these are lessons in preparation for your journey beyond time. There is only one at a time/ because the intensity is not shared, it is yours alone. Therefore whatever you learn is yours to give, to share, or to refuse.

The foundation of jealousy is want and pride. Want is the removal of life/ to become the distance we exist from what pride would let us have. Pride then assembles the temptations and illusions of power; "the right", because you control the reason, and therefrom the fundamentals to take what you choose to take. This right is the basis of all violence/ all jealousy/ all theft/ all rape/ and all cruelty. It exists because pride assumes "since I didn't get my fair share/ or wasn't treated as I desired"; it is someone else's fault. Therefore I too may take something from them. "Fair"/ because I was cheated first. Violence says; you made me do it/ and now I like it, because I am god to you. Jealousy says; you are mine/ because I OWN YOU, I may do whatever I please. Theft says simply: you owe me/ therefore you deserve to lose this. Rape says; I have been abused long enough/ its your turn; anything less is just "a child, lost in failure". Cruelty says: I want to see you cry, because you are happy/ and I am hate. Hate then appears as the fundamental foundation in each of these, that bonds the structures of evil into the assembly of fears. Evil says: if I have hate/ then I can and will be god, if only through destruction. What then I need or want, is the essence of what will destroy, strip, and control. Destroy means to take away hope/ honor/ respect/ and what truth does hold together as the essence of life. Strip means; to be god/ something must be left to be god over/ therefore fear is what I want. Control then comes to mean: whatever can be led to fear/ becomes mine.

Reality has now produced; the two separate definitions of truth: that which lives and creates in love/ and that which dies through the experience of hate, and destroys because it needs fear to survive. Eternity modifies this definition to add: NOT HERE/ only in time, can truth be divided. Only in penalties can evil be made to survive. The consequence being, the existence of fear/ is the foundation and formation of evil. The existence of trust, truth, acceptance, and life is the hope and deliverance of eternity.

The question of humanity; if then, "this is us"/ rather than a creation "from heaven". What are we to do, to defeat this mess? How can we not be afraid, of those who attack us/ and destroy body/ mind/ or livelihoods; those who live, to make us fear.

The reality of our humanity says: if we choose to make the decisions that produce these consequences as a humanity/ then as a humanity we must endure the penalties of our decisions. That is how truth rules the world/ if you cause it, then you must endure it. The question then becomes: WHY do we the people who do not cause these problems endure the reality caused by those who do make these decisions? The first answer is: do not be so sure, you did not cause the problems first/ by attacking your neighbor with selfishness, greed, lust, power, pride, hatred, and the rest. Or attacking someone else/ who did attack them. Or by not getting involved when there was a situation, worth providing support to. Contribute to your society/ and support those who do.

The second answer is: by recreating society, from children on up with an accountability for respect/ and a disciplined response to every need for the freedoms required for happiness. By establishing honesty, honor, hope, equality, justice, and fair play/ the majority become satisfied. BUT the minority wants more/ therefore freedom is allowed to be "more than what is honestly good for society"; that these too, may eventually learn the differences between love and honor/ and hate and disgrace.

The third answer is; by establishing social structures and community as a peaceful existence in harmony/ wherein all people are treated fairly, and with respect. Thereby tools and opportunities and resources are available, even the minority can be happy. If they choose to be! It is the "rich" who are never satisfied/ because to be wealthy, requires slaves. To want to be wealthy, means you want slaves. To establish slavery, even with credit as is done today/ means there will be unhappy people. And unhappy people learn to hate/ those who hate learn to become evil/ and then those who are at peace learn to fear, thereby the primary avenue to a peaceful society is to limit hate/ therein establishing peace.

The fourth answer is: there shall always be a few, that turn to hate/ and believe they will be gods, "if only, they can control this or that". Therein the reality of power that is government or business or military, must be spread as thinly as possible to keep control within the grasp of all people/ and not just a few, who can then be manipulated, controlled, or tempted; to play god. All real Power MUST BE As WE THE PEOPLE.

The fifth answer is: reality will prove that some just want to be mean/ rather than being pushed into situations beyond their control and recognizing that hate will push back. The truth insists, that intervention shall occur before reality consumes them or someone else. In other words, those who cannot control themselves for peace must be recognized/ changed/ or separated from society. This is done by the recognition of hate/ and the fundamentals of lust, greed, and pride. Where these exist to any degree above the acceptable norm, there MUST BE an effort to intervene/ and specifically teach a reality that does not include hate, or its various forms of disease. This is done by discussion and evidence/ it is a new form of trial in which the reality to be discussed is not jail/ but an intervention in the form of people helping each other. The use of every means to identify a sexual predator is allowed/ the requirement, simply that you shall not convict, you shall identify a risk, and work to relieve the reality by whatever means is appropriate and honest to the need and the opportunity to harm. In other words, a lot of the work for your future is based upon helping each other "learn how to deal with themselves", by honorable means and methods.

The sixth answer is: truth requires the honesty of a court system that works for society, and not against it. The use of "tools" that incorporate the necessary "shifting of variables"/ to help in the isolation of who to watch, who to warn, and who to teach is warranted. But there influence shall be limited/ by the consequence proven as their ability to "tell the truth". This is not to be a judge and jury/ but a helper pursing trouble before it becomes a violence or hate to society.

The seventh answer is: Every person needs as much personal freedom as it is possible for society to allow. I don't care if they are naked/ or whatever, so long as they are not harming or threatening anyone else physically. Or attempting to control someone else's life. Or just being stupid, with their own life or money; leave them alone. Try to educate them/ but let them decide, because it is freedom that forms a basis of acceptance by the individual for society, and it is respect simply because you are human that keeps people at peace inside. YOUR "Morality" is irrelevant/ what is important is whether hatred exists; and if that is in you/ then it is you, that needs to be warned, taught, and shown a new reality.

The eighth answer is; every male and female comes with an inner need for sexual conduct/ therefore it is a repression of nature to believe that sex is not a necessary and real opportunity to control peace and harmony for society. Sex is a mediator to every version of hate/ until it becomes insanity and simply evil. Therefore a primary mission to every institute of education/ is preparing the children from 3 and beyond in how to treat each other male to female. You will teach them how to get along/ how to approach each other. You will "tie them together in some form, changing partners often"/ so they will go two by two, to learn. And you will insist upon "gentlemanly & ladylike behaviors at all times". So that each one, grows up with an inner confidence and acceptance that they are indeed able to find a match to themselves/ and will not need to "go alone". You will pay particular attention to this problem, as it is critical to many realities in society itself. Failed marriage/ is harsh to children and those who fail: TEACH REALITY, and prove love is an answer/ not a pacifier, and no one is going to change your diaper. Truth is an action/ feelings are a reaction; together they form a possibility that becomes a true environment for life.

The ninth answer is: the validity of an economic system that treats everyone with reasonable fairness/ is everyone has "mostly the same stuff/ unless they can build for themselves". Therefore the opportunities to build for yourself, and achieve various goals of trial and error are important to the long term reality of people with time on their hands, and a need for something to do. The possibilities for an education, establishing real, and not imaginary knowledge (I got what I needed/ goodbye). Is essential. The tools that are expensive and specialized need to be accessible/ at a cost that society may need to help with. And so on. Thereby resource recycling becomes a key to the influence of who gets to use or do what/ as this is an incentive to take care of the environment/ and you will get a reward; to do what you want to do. You help us/ we help you.

The tenth answer is: the desire to "see the world before I die" is strong/ therefore it does need to be accommodated in realistic possibilities. Of the various rights and realities available without destroying significant resources is: NO MORE "Quicky trips"/ if you do desire to travel, you will take a month or more, and expand your knowledge, rather than simply feeding your eyes. If it is nothing more than vision/ then the Imax theaters, theaters in the round, etc will do more than enough; other resources are not necessary. There are lots of interactive realities that let us play, if we care.

The eleventh answer is simply put, the removal of "little powers"/ that only serve pride and the disfigurement of society itself. Such as the current proud decision of the US mail service in demanding a return address on the envelope/ and threatening without it, any letter can be simply thrown away. The consequence is, a return address can be anything/ it helps no one to search for terrorists; do you really think a bomber is going to put his return address on (the right address)? How stupid can you be. But the second act is where pride flourishes, the opportunity to shit on someone else/ just because you want to. Thereby declaring power over you, "winner". In every sense of every responsibility or duty: life is better, than a pitiful snake. Stop being stupid/ stop being proud/ stop providing power to anyone, and start being fair. Thousands of these little incidents in every form of business or friendship, etc occur every single day, in every little part of society. All to your disgrace/ because these are disrespectful decisions of failure and mental disease.

The most important act of society is law/ because in that law, are the foundations that make up peace, equality, justice, fair play, and freedom. The example of value, is the ten commandments; HAVE THEY NOT stood the test of time? These few words exist, because they do have value/ they are understood, and the brevity allows for very little of "lies to enter in". The foundation of we the people, is our vote. The foundation of every vote is that it is important to us/ to me. To make that vote important/ we MUST vote on the important issues of the day: THE LAW. And make these our own. Only then do we hire the employees to watch over these laws, and insist they shall be kept. The law gives us control over our lives/ but the court, the police, and even the military provide the basis of that control/ and therefrom can never be "simply left alone"/ they must be watched. And that means, there will be suitable means to "take them to court"/ by applying rules of behavior that must not be broken, or they lose their job, etc.

The assertion these things have nothing to do with eternity, is simply wrong. The reality is; eternity begins in the fundamentals of each and every discipline represented. The creation of respect follows/ and the truth of a destiny created by your own desires and decisions, establishes the purpose of life, that becomes your own soul; rather than a shared soul. Thereby you do inherit, the life you have inside.

What is pride, begins a short discussion. In elemental terms, “pride is the LIAR inside”. What then is a liar? In the essence of life, a liar is that part of development , “that says; I DID THIS myself”. The reality of life by disciplined examination is simply: we create nothing by ourselves/ but the essence of our own truths. Everything we use, are, or do/ is a creation given to us By GOD ! We build nothing buy our own truth. Therefrom every lie/ the disgrace of disrespect, etc: IS A SIN called “not only unthankful/ but simply an arrogant display of contempt for GOD YOUR CREATOR”.

WHY? It is a desire not only to play god/ but to be god, & therefrom “all the plots & plans of humanity” against GOD find in these things called evil, the violence, hate, and terrible consequences known by humanity as themselves/ [you just call it satan or devil or whatever, to excuse yourselves.

Those who honestly choose respect, discipline, truth, and trust DO find love, hope, & heart/ the building blocks of a journey conceived in the essence of family. They all say: “I THANK YOU FATHER, GOD OF ALL CREATION, for my/ our lives and opportunities. As these are the words of a soul inside. Understanding then recognizes soul as the truth of a desire to seek & appreciate GOD/ While wisdom declares “I feel” the destiny inside, as a relationship that will exist without end. The foundation is then set for LOVE, “to grow & blossom” into eternal life.

Of the many words written, WHERE does eternity survive, is perhaps the only real question unanswered. That critical relationship we share with energy, in a universe of “cold or mass”; CLEARLY understands and states with energy we shall survive/ because without it we die. Therefore energy itself is our home/ BUT NOT as fire. Instead as the existence of a participation that lives between “an action and a reaction”/ therefrom balanced against the extremes, and without aggression; simply as peace. As life chooses to extend in one direction or the other/ a new & different experience emerges. It is then our own freedoms and desires that establish the possibilities of life from here. LIFE IS, a decision THAT LEADS YOU, to experience/ expression/ existence/ & eternity through thought. But it is you that MUST ACCEPT truth, trust, & respect: or quite simply you will die.

What then is death? The answer simply: YOU did not believe in the value of life enough/ therefore the journey ends in you/ and you disappear forever.

These are all questions/ the answers await you own decision to participate. It is your turn to search/ your turn to decide if you can “mimic eternity”/ by living in the values of a life, respecting each other/ loving each other/ letting truth decide, & seeking balance for each other. It is your turn to function in the blessing of soul, and choose a life that you & the future can survive/ if not, then you simply “did NOT value your lives as a majority, enough”.

YOU ARE ABLE TO SURVIVE, Only pride (the liar in you) & your want, (the refusal to share or care enough: because you choose selfishness) Stand in your way of life! Either you WILL defeat these/ either men WILL surrender leadership and rule to women/ OR YOU will die. Inheriting the curse of men.

LOVE IS the single expression and experience of true value, acceptance, & trust. LOVE IS a relationship set apart from the consequences of life, to become an environment all its own. The journey of life, is to attain the blessing & reality & truth of this love, as your own destiny. Therein we who have accepted the price of life, is a decision to live without fear/ in search of a relationship that is more than time: DO begin as the disciplines of a life called thought.

This HAS NOTHING to do with intellect or "smarts"/ they are irrelevant.

Instead thought exists in the spiritual path that does lead to GOD ! Thought conceives of "the signposts" that give direction and value to this journey/ and these then BEGIN the reality of preparing YOU in RESPECT, To meet GOD OUR TRUE FATHER.

Thought by its simple function and terms is the path of investigation, examination, & decision that leads us each on individually, beyond the foundations of time. Thought by its commitment to an identity formed within truth/ thereby leads us each one, to truth, as it exists on the inside and outside of our own heart {the place where we do make our decisions for life}. Revealing to you as you travel, "the critical reality of I MUST clean and remove this trash". GOD will help you/ if you are true. JESUS IS GUIDE/ TEACHER/ & SAVIOR, throughout this entire journey.

Here in each of these understandings, the relationship we share through the existence of GOD In our journey/ literally becomes the environment we seek as love itself. Love then is "our acceptance, of an inheritance of value, in us/ as our lives begin to reveal to us, in honor & honesty, that WE are indeed, "to live as The children of GOD" !!!!!!!!!!!!!


And JESUS Too !!!!!!!!!!!!



The whole world is in the hands of women/ and if they do not find a majority, who accept the grace and beauty of life as the true treasures of living. Then time will soon be over.

There will be no lying/ GOD KNOWS.