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Although it is probable sending this information will cause a backlash of those whose pride refuses to bend/ even though the world itself is at stake; the gamblers always come. Therefore the excuses never end. After considering the reality, it does seem more prudent to allow those who would consider helping, to understand a little better, exactly who I am in more serious detail; it is your life as well as mine/ what you need to know is simply this: I do not believe in want, it is a failure to understand what is true must rule. Neither do I accept pride/ there are no winners, no losers in life; we are each one, ALIVE or living the lie of an assumption in death. I am alive!

Discipline understands the need for clarity in all things/ therefrom the explanation of certain behaviors or writings that seem out of place is necessary at this time. The first requirement is, that you understand simply a need and a purpose to spread these "seeds" as widely as possible/ because a need is present for a minimal acceptance in a few, so they can help the rest. You as humanity/ are the designer of these writings, as the last 30 plus years have clearly and without the slightest doubt proven/ YOU can only handle "bits and pieces" of anything serious at any one time. Therefore what is necessary to learn is sprinkled within a constant description of change, and or other types of relief/ to give you a chance to grasp something, before you turn away and hide/ or run away in fears. Just how it is. Therefrom the process of acceptance of base compositions, "that we MUST deal with", gets at least a little attention.

The second part of this process is simply THE PROUD cannot be taught anything, unless their ability to interpret for themselves is kept "so off-balance" that they must listen because even their own lies will not allow them to lead. This then, is the end of talking to the proud/ once they know they are not leading, the lies will take over/ and force them to "be king or queen". The fact they are without understanding or knowledge is irrelevant/ because the liar wins/ or must die, as then will pride. It is a defining moment/ most lose, because pride is a horrible thing, a true disgrace, that declares "I am winner/ irregardless of the damage done".

The third part of the process is"the beating down of the door called ARROGANCE or fears". This is a description of predator and prey, a game played by so VERY many people/ that it is necessary to play along for a time. Until the game can be called "over". { My participation in this game has been as the wolf describes in its hunting (I play as a man/ but since it is your game; I play by the rules most likely to succeed). The wolf is limited to teeth and stamina to subdue a prey/ these are effective, but they are not easy. Therefore upon focusing on a prey, that prey is removed from the herd and chased until tired/ the wolf understands the prey will always turn back to the herd, because left alone in the night, is a very dangerous place to be/ therefore runners are sent, while the warrior picks a spot to surprise the returning prey.} Therein it is held the process of ANY predator is to focus upon a defined prey/ and then establish control by the common means of plotting/ planning/ betrayal/ and outright attack. The consequence of demanding change, or even that you must listen: is simply "that I am focused upon as a prey, an enemy, or without substance (left alone)". Therefrom as each and every attack comes/ because I do know "the game"/ that attack is challenged by its own descriptions of plotting, planning, betrayal, or attack. Of basic "military tactics", the need for me to be left alone here, is the most useful to me at this time. Therefore in establishing short term minimal attacks of my own to demand attention; these are mediated by the function of "is he insane"? Therefrom I retain attention/ but the ability to focus upon me as a prey, is held "out of balance, and unpredictable". Thereby a poor target to attack.

The fourth process is the use of sex and basic interest in sexual counterparts, forms an advertizement on two distinct avenues of purpose: to learn more of sex, either as a predator, prey, or human; and to gossip regarding the composition of a man declaring "I don't care what you think of me". The critical combination aligns to suggest "be wary, of him"/ he is not like us.

The fifth process understood by the demand for literal and significant change in declaring WOMEN SHALL RULE, is a demand of this message itself (not me, the one who sends it)/ but functions as well "to divide the world" into those who will accept, and those who will not. These two then become as "the army of heaven, and the army of hell". Each searching: one for power and pride/ the other for faith, love, and duty.

The foundation of trial by LAW AND TRUTH now comes to convict & deny life, by death OR Assembles the new experience & expression of life on earth by truth, respect, hope, and love. This being started, the process then belongs to those whose lives will be won or lost, due to this battle, its consequences, and its enemies against life: your own pride, & want. This occurs whether you go to formal trial or not/ the date of judgment remains the same in February 2010.

Because of pride and want, a second trial begins as well in each and every single soul: WILL YOU surrender your pride/ WILL YOU accept sharing, caring, & responsibility/ or will you die instead? This is not a gamble/ as the liar inside of you will demand! THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR, your resources will soon end at your current pace/ your environment & the life it sustains will die, as you can plainly see/ WAR will come/ NATURE WILL DIE IN CHAOS/ and you will be reduced to cannibalism, while you wait for eternal damnation to begin. This is simple and sure/ without change.

Only you can choose for yourself/ there is no place to hide/ there is no fantasy to escape into/ EITHER there will be true change on earth FOREVER/ or you die, as the assassins of time, life, & creation. One way or the other

It is your choice/ and you will make it; for your own life.

As to the world itself, the future of life on earth; only the women have a say, if she has had her period/ she will vote. If they fail/ they fail. But if they choose life, and men refuse/ the men will die, or be "taken care of", as is sufficient to give life on earth its new chance and new beginning.

Of the many things of absolute disgrace/ is the constant decision to sell the misery of others, so that the scared, the fearful, the disrespectful, and the pitiful can feel threatened: therefore "a full-blown right" to plot and plan and believe there own weapons and intent to slaughter anyone who comes near " is justified"/ can't wait, must kill. Pathetic from every side.

In america, everything is for sale/ including those sacrificed by the disease of evil; a constant failure of media, whose thirst for a story of any kind leads them to be vultures. the dead do not raise a fuss/ cannot tell you no, therefore a perfect target. But a constant failure of society as well, whose thirst and demand for justification to demand their own righteousness/ THEREBY WE MUST MAKE THEM ALL do exactly as we say. A constant failure of literally the vast majority who simply hide and pretend "we are just a prey/ they are going to get us". WAKE UP, idiots. Get your head out of your ass here too. You gain nothing by describing slaughters/ each and every one of things tragedies, are nothing more than a human mind being diseased by its own disgrace; fundamentally descending into the pit of hell (I hate my life)/ and demanding attention, to prove "he or she hates your life too". The attention is unnecessary/ the evidence of hate is real. The primary reality is a life so abandoned by society and the people who surround it/ that it is allowed by those people to describe itself, by murder. There are 7 stages of mental disease/ 3 don't matter, but the last 4 do. The first three are behaviors that are misunderstood, or "just plain weird". The four that are not, simply: "I am alone/ I am abandoned/ I am worthless/ and they will not even be my enemy". Therefore I am accounted by humanity as invisible/ and useless/ and without substance. These are each one a reality primarily designed by society itself/ the result of which is a mind that sinks into hate. The reality is exactly as described/ the righteous, the selfish, the proud, and the want for superiority all work together to make slaves of the others/ work to accomplish a war in simple terms of "who can take the most/ leaving the others without anything", to hell with you/ those who ridicule and malign because it is easy conversation/ and those who are always judging others, because "well lets face it/ YOU just aren't smart enough, or pretty enough, etc". Change these things, and you get a better society, with a life worth living/ and yes it does take a little of your time, it does demand some of your acceptance, it critically commands your respect for all life/ and it does understand that where mental health is compromised to any degree of hatred, unfounded by the evidence of a truth that must be addressed, then "society itself must help"/ BUT do understand, "You cannot touch the inside/ until you are willing to share the blame; if its all their fault/ then you have condemned them, and hate will continue to consume". But if you are a friend, then the moments when "something important to me, has happened"/ will be held in respect, and the honor of listening to you, not judging or confining you to "worthless to me": is what friends do! Beware of the simple truth, that some will always be inclined to hate, selfishness, and pride/ because they want you to be slaves/ they want you to fear them/ and they want to play god. There will always be mistakes/ always someone who needs you to be a friend/ always a reality of sharing and caring; or just plain leave me alone, to be decided. And a life to help or hate because of it. Make your decision, people are waiting. Life is in the balance.

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