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The basis of business is what men believe/ what women want, that men can provide/ what is necessary for life/ and what is fundamentally; simply the production of pride, by the interference of power into someone else’s life. The foundation that is work, here in humanity is primarily then; NOT about living, but about WANT, SELFISHNESS, and HOW TO MANIPULATE OR TEMPT the others, or yourself. The foundation that is human society comes from the organization of enough people, to take power from the rest. The dominant organization then becomes the ruler, up to what the law allows/ constitutions are created to define what the majority cannot have; thereby constitutions are built to defend the minority, including the individual/ therefore very important laws. The organization of a political power is built upon the simple framework: of either power over the people/ OR power to the people; there is really no in-between. Like love or hate, the purpose of a position, any position that is political is for: power over the others for the purpose of control/ or control over power, for the purposes of the people. People are swayed into letting themselves be controlled, because threats include: YOU will not have a job/ if you don’t let them have their way. The BEST THING about today is: the money is all gone, the nation is bankrupt/ and the reality is, either we take their power away for the purposes of the people; or they consume the people by their greed and selfishness, “one by one”, until slavery is the norm, and the rest can fear for their lives. Civil war comes quickly after that. The “best part of that is” you don’t have to fear your job loss or their power; today with everything gone, in the sense of political power, we really are in the same boat together. What we decide as a people together, becomes the future.
Into this reality comes life, the recognition: that if you take everything/ then there is nothing left for tomorrow. As a lesson in men; the reality is largely simply lost on the deaf/ the dumb/ the idiot/ and the blind. Take a look around the world, especially today; and the competition to take everything, leave nothing; is beyond compare. Everything of nature is under assault! Not just a little/ but EVERYTHING OF NATURE, IS BEING WARRED AGAINST, by men. EVERYTHING! That reality has been seen again and again throughout history, but never against the whole world at once. The population of men, the demands of women, and the truth of life are at war with survival/ and the men are winning. In other words: deserts and death are imminent and without the possibility of return. Desertification, is the sole domain of men, it is their evidence of playing god/ their triumphant expression of power! Unfortunately for them, their desire to play god, and learn nothing, simply banishes them from a life in this particular place. Welcome to your future.
As there is NO possibility, that men will change sufficiently to provide the leadership necessary to stop this process; there is none: it is up to women to intervene and save this world. The men won’t like it/ but your reality is very simple: take a good look at the assault of men, currently underway/ three to four more years, and the death of this entire world, will be assured. Trial over/ you will die.

Therefore the world of business by men, for men, because of men, and as described by the purpose and desire of men is abandoned/ and the reality of women is questioned, for the complexity necessary to survive; as life on this earth. We will never leave to Escape to a different planet/ there is NO going to get stuff from other planets to bring it here: either we protect this planet/ these resources from men, or we die! YOU DO, UNDERSTAND THIS! Even if you are male. It is not an option/ it is our reality, it is our truth, and there is no other possibility. THEREFORE IT IS A DECISION, THAT WILL BE MADE.
The question of women, the reality of woman, is very new to me; I do need help to understand it. But since that is not apparent and real/ I will proceed anyway.
The intensity of life, is a very simple cry: “to hear my life, and let me breathe”. The freedom that comes in that breathe of life, is both the honor and the responsibility to recognize the gift given to you/ and to understand that others live as well, and are your responsibility, just as you are theirs.
Religions of men allow, “don’t care, its all right/ they don’t deserve much anyway” and other such excuses. These are intended to separate human existence into little sects of power or slavery/ and are thereby used for pride/ for want, we have them begging/ for selfishness, “don’t give them anything/ or they won’t be our slaves”/ and for playing god (they are worthless to me/ I will use or abuse or even kill them as I desire; I am their god). Do you not see the failure?

So if we are to survive/ then we must be responsible for each other. If we are responsible for each other/ then we must understand the need to trust each other as much as possible; learning what can be tolerated, and what must be quashed as quickly as possible. The foundation of all treason in men is their desire for control. Therefore the primary reality to be avoided as much as possible; is the assertion that control is helpful to life/ it is a death wish instead. Our critical response to living, must be instead; an understanding that truth controls, and it is our function as leadership and as life, to define, and establish an opportunity to live according to what truth decides. This means an acceptance of reality, instead of want. This means, that respect must replace pride as the primary design and desire of leadership; not “worship me”/ but the honor that is recognized as “our helper/ our friend”. The purpose of power is as simple as the demand to play god/ OR the need to intervene where others are attempting to play god, or causing others to fail. Separation is a bad thing; assembling the assumptions that one life is not equal to another/ suggesting, that my needs or wants, are more important than yours. It is not true. The foundation of temptation and manipulation and treason are all the same: it is to occupy your participation in life, with my purpose and desire for life/ thereby controlling selfishness for me; by using or abusing or measuring you. The measurement of life in every situation, is a function of the mind. The mind has brought us here inside the abyss of power, greed, pride, and selfishness; laden heavily with want, and gambling with all of life itself/ by believing you can be god. Surrender it/ or die, it is your choice.

The heart and soul define life, the mind has no place in this. It is merely a tool of human existence, strictly for the purposes of time/ it is not of life, the mind belongs only to life. Some will argue, time is life/ therefore they are the same! But that is not true, as all life is held by the miracles of an existence that cannot be explained; yet time is merely the measurement of an expression in distance, and the action or reaction of mass and energy. They are NOT “the same”. Heart exists because the intensity of soul, needs a communicator with time. Heart defines the creation of hope, love, friendship, dignity, passion, identity, and courage in you. Soul alone is the destiny of a journey into life itself, a participant in the greatest thoughts that a universe can bring. Soul belongs to the day, that we surrender our time here on earth, and enter inside the transformation of experience, to become the expression of our truth. Soul is the heartbeat of eternity, the place where we provide our own environment to survive. GOD GIVES US LIFE, But freedom is your right to decide how you will use that life/ and soul is the evidence of what you have done, to respect the intensity and purposes of that gift. If not for life and love/ then “you will play god elsewhere”: to your defeat. If you have chosen hate/ then you will enter the hate you have created, until it is allowed to consume you forever.

THIS IS, the day & the time of women; Or it is the end of life on earth. Men have chosen to surrender the earth, and exterminate life from its existence for the whole earth/ they have chosen to mutilate and sacrifice nature, and GOD’S WHOLE CREATION, by playing god themselves: and they are banded from leadership because of this very thing. Not every man/ but the majority of men has done this, and as such women are now to be, in control. To solidify this reality, and produce this result: women shall now control sexuality as well. The thing men fear most about sexual relations, is the loss of control/ the truth you will teach them is: they have lost control forever. And they will accept it, as their fate/ because if women choose to live and accept their duty to life; those men who will not/ will be moved to hades. The freedom to choose otherwise is removed/ you will accept this new order of life, or be punished as the spirit decides. So says the spirit inside.

The question of business is the essence of society, by its need to provide for the lives of its people. Every society is different to a degree/ thereby every society is free to distinguish what is suitable to their purposes, so long as women lead/ women decide what is suitable/ and women are in control of these decisions that define truth. The reality of need, and the birthplace of equality is found in the same place: if there is appropriate access to food, water, and a minimum place to survive, we as humanity can survive and choose our own destiny by the things we do. The truth of this statement as a fundamental reality of life is quite simply: with honest and honorable access to an education of value (not for your benefit/ for mine) & then the functional and real opportunity to use tools, resources, and labor for the benefit of society: does become the foundation for success in the respect of a society that needs your work. The treason, or reality of competition always intervenes in success (the accomplishments of men). Therefore what is new, is now the investment of that talent in teaching the others how to achieve success as well. That is done by establishing firm limits; and rearranging the reward of, additional earnings, IF the people you teach prove they have accomplished the ability to compete with you. The teacher gets a portion of the students income; from the completed job. As a teacher; you are paid, when it is clear the student has learned something useful from you, for life and to society. let the university professor and its hierarchy earn the money they stole from the others, before they get any more. Pigs at the trough, gorging themselves while humanity pays the bill need not be given rewards for their behavior: they owe us/ we do not owe them! This is a reality that applies to excess and the disgrace of luxuries without any compensation for the public; not all/ but many. The people who have already taken tremendous amounts from the public are the same. “Trade them for other international teachers; if you like”. Greed we need no more.
Business and competition does not need a teacher for most things; rather discipline, order, and reality teach common sense to all/ and it is by far, the best teacher of life that is available to the common human being. Therefore the primary consideration of human society in dealing with competition honestly, IS TO ENCOURAGE everyone who is producing a true value for society; such as the environment is pleased/ life is happy/ people are being honestly friendly/ hope is growing for peace/ food is now sustainable and plentiful, even for the creatures and plants that are being sacrificed for human life; and so on. IS TO LIMIT those people whose actions at best do not harm or help life to succeed in this world. And IS TO control, those people who work against life, by being destructive to all things, or to any thing but themselves. This is not so different than today/ except for the reality that it is not money or fame or pride that you will worship. It is reality that you will surrender to, and it is truth that supports your actions as friendly to us all/ or not. There is room beyond measure, for those who will help us survive, in a sustainable and happy society of peace. No competition here; to your shame.

In the experience that becomes a prisoner, the functional reality is most often; NO ONE cared about me. This is found in those who were not accepted, & those whose lives were as “good as it gets, in very many ways”. Pride confronts them both, and the loser is always the victim of pride. Therein pride is the enemy, and to confront criminal behavior at its early disease means you will confront the cause of that pride; and seek to erase it, without damaging the heart. The mind controls all pride/ therefore when the measurements begin, pride has discovered control. Pride is the foundation upon which slavery is built/ both sides;;; I am proud/ I will play god. Or, I am contorted and damaged by these people who play with me as if I were a toy, as if I were worthless: I will get revenge/ I will make them fear me! The removal of pride, is the removal of these influences on society. The removal of pride is as simple as: men shall not be in control/ nor shall they have opportunities to regain control. Women shall rule! When they have accepted this as their duty to life, pride shall be removed from them, and peace will come to life on earth. The question of women, and the dimensions of pride they will attempt to create inside themselves then turns to: HOW can they be stopped from cursing themselves, as men have done? The answer returns to truth! Only truth can lead, only reality can decide/ by the laws that are created for the true and honorable purposes of every society. It is the law that has power, it is the law that decides the verdict: it is the mercy of the people themselves, who decide if they will allow forgiveness in this particular situation. Pride is then removed/ respect for the women who provide these opportunities to life in society, as the basis of peace and happiness then grants: they are for us, and we will protect and honor them as our friends, in truth. Never believe the law does not contain all the power of society/ believe in the law, and protect the court from shame, because of the employees who are corrupted. Remove them immediately, and find another.
Secondary to pride in the world of men, is the loud and continual shouting of “MINE”. From everything to women and children, to property and power and selfishness: their constant excuse is mine/ their constant need for attention is generated from “mine”/ and their descent into curses upon themselves into the abyss of greed, lust, failure, and hopelessness: are all based upon “the demand called, mine”. The claim of ownership, is a foundation of failure! The reality of ownership is: IF I do not own this/ THEN someone else can just take it away, even though I did the work; it is not fair, I MUST own/ men are not fair. Therefore the truth of a new society is held somewhere between ownership, and free to all. This begins clearly and without doubt: NO ONE CAN OWN another human being! That specifically understands, not in marriage/ not in children/ not in life, or business, or society, or religion or in any other way: YOU own only yourself, and no one can own you but yourself! NO exceptions.
The question of free to all, is a fundamental example of how can we best live as a society, without causing undue harm to the lives we impact? The answer is, we must care about each other/ and share our lives, in that concern. I will remind you: that we are a world of 7 billion people, all reaching today; for everything they can grab! If you do not stop, a desert is all that will be left, and you will WAR over that; cannibalizing each other, and consuming yourselves in hell and Armageddon! SO LISTEN CAREFULLY!

The composition of caring is this: that you choose beyond the simple expression of yourself/ and find for life, an opportunity to express compassion, concern, hope, and disciplines in your behavior and your decisions that work for the good of society, the health of the planet, and the purposes of peace and love. It is not “a hard thing to understand/ it is not a hard thing to do/ this is simply, respecting the gift of life you experience everyday, by completing your duty to peace, as your benefit to others and to yourself.” Selfishness is an assumption, that your life will be better, by making someone else pay for what you want; therefrom taking away, their rights, their freedoms, even the control of their very lives. Nothing could be less true; happiness and love, hope and truth and courage all come from the expressions we share as one life completed by another life. Loneliness, is the end result of selfishness/ failure is the foundation built by lies. Take a good look at today, lies are everywhere/ selfishness searches like a predator on every doorstep it can find/ pride is ready to consume you/ and want destroys the entire earth: YOU ARE FAILURES/ YOU have been led into a pit of liars, conceived by the disease of power and pride and selfishness. YOU, are destined to hell and Armageddon/ UNLESS YOU CHANGE! And you CAN understand this is true!

So we come to the reality of sex; and the understanding that male sexuality is about control. That desire for control, by far too many men, has enslaved women/ made them nothing more than trophies/ made them to object of abuse, use, and the tragedies of violence; all because men as a percentage of the population, do not accept women as equal to them. {NOT all men, but many}! Men have made religions to give them bigger control over women, to give them rights they do not deserve, it is a lie. The consequence being the making rules and instructing other men, that in these rules you may be violent, degrading, disrespectful, and demeaning and even murderers of women; all for the purpose of control over women by fear. There is NOTHING SPIRITUAL about the religions of men/ they are a disgrace to GOD AND TO LIFE! Because they assume and aspire to play god, and do mutilate our relationship with GOD By establishing lies. The failure of religion is simple; men want control over something! To lead, “like hitler”/ it is necessary to produce a focus upon which mass hypnosis will work. Mass hypnosis is simply: do not think/ let me do the thinking, you obey. In mass hypnosis, the people get swept along by a need for guidance: “I don’t know what to do”. Therefore an enemy is foremost, because this is simple and plain (if you accept)/ but a fight for possession of something is clearly necessary, because without a reward, there is no trophy; no cry for violence as a group/ because there is nothing to steal. People only go to war as a group, to relieve themselves of their troubles, by stealing from the others. If they do not get control over government/ they revolt. If they do not get control over business/ they steal. If they do not get control over life/ they become violent. If men do not get control over women/ they turn to hate, judging them, belittling them; so they can use them or abuse them or kill them. What is the purpose of control by men, is the passion to be the authority; to say “listen to me/ and demand obedience”. Those who follow, are those like the nazi secret service that believed they were gods, because they belong. Therefore the new passion of women must be: WE ARE IN CHARGE/ AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO US! The new reality, women who believe in themselves as saviors of this world. The charge will come/ that JESUS alone is savior of this world, by Christianity; BUT that was and is, a spiritual understanding of life beyond this world. Our reality today is: the men & the elderly have chosen death/ and we must stop them before it is too late. Simple as that/ Because if humanity continues down the road to hell/ it is the women who will pay the most, in this life. The men more in hades; but then it is too late. The issue of sexuality arises, as the means most probable to intervene in the actions of men; it is THE ONLY female participation in society, that men require you for/ the only one they are willing to pay for/ the only one, that makes them vulnerable to women. But it is sufficient/ and you are able. The demand for understanding is clear/ it is not “leading women anywhere”; it is inviting your consideration, and describing your decision. YOU will make that decision, and YOU will suffer the consequences of it, either way. Pray it will not be necessary; work for different alternatives; but understand we have only this one last chance to save life on earth. DO NOT believe this is true/ GO TO COURT AND PROVE THIS IS, OR IS NOT TRUE! But remember, we are literally running out of time. The religious will declare this to be in violation of their decrees; their book of men, their divine instruction manual that cannot be wrong: because if it were wrong/ then they lose all their power and pride. And men don’t surrender power or pride easily; their purpose as leaders of men and women who allow it, is control. When was the last time “GOD made a new notation in their religious books”? Is that not a clear and certain statement: of men who will not listen? How then can you believe in men! Make no mistake, I do believe in numerous religious dialogue/ have settled primarily on Christian theology as our reference to love, life and eternity. BUT it is not so simple as an instruction manual, that gives some rights and others Nothing. The primary reality created is WORSHIP GOD FIRST/ Then treat your neighbor as yourself; it doesn’t say choose one nation over another/ it doesn’t say except for this color, or this gender/ it doesn’t say one side gets all the land, and the others will go homeless! It says DO NOT JUDGE! IT SAYS DO NOT KILL! IT SAYS BE KIND, LOVING, AND HONORABLE CHOOSING TRUTH. It does not say, sex is bad/ it says sex is made for humanity by GOD ! For our delight, and in respect for each other as man and woman. It does not say in marriage to any degree. While it gives one life to another in marriage of that day; GOD is talking about true love, and real honor and respect; rarely is this found in humanity. You fail badly. Men choose war/ the only thing, that can deter them is women. And the only tool of women that men cannot functionally control is the ability of women to outlast them. While television and media, etc like to tout about how men can go on forever, everyday with many women: it just ain’t so/ they are lying, and all men know it. But driven past their ability to resist, women can keep them from regaining their strength, IF they can control the penis and keep it up/ or take every sperm before they let go. The reality is not sex/ the reality is war: and the foundations laid by men to end this earth. They are free to “surrender extermination by choosing honestly and honorably” BUT if they do not accept life must change/ then all that is left is too intervene with sex and take control of life on earth by whatever tool is available: would you prefer a gun too? This isn’t a game; men have built a world for war/ they have created, bought, and paid for the tools to exterminate life from this earth/ mutilate it beyond recognition/ and curse themselves to hell and Armageddon. That is the gift of men, to our time on earth! And if these things are not dealt with effectively by whatever means is available, then to extinction we will go. These are decisions/ and they are facts. As to every religion on earth: if you believe, that women leading, are inferior to your male decisions for the extermination of life on earth: then to hades you will go. If you believe sexual intervention as a force of war against men, to stop them from destroying all life on earth: rather than guns, and the men choosing destruction of everything, and mutilation of nature, and of body. Then let me remind you, that the destruction of GOD’S CREATION is against “GODS’ WILL” ; and everything men have prepared is for the single purpose of destroying GOD’S CREATION ! And if you support these men of earth in their will to exterminate life from this earth; then so have you prepared to destroy, the very same as them. In your heart, and as a disgrace to your soul/ and with hades as your reward. Religious text from any religion IS NOT “your little handbook of power”/ every truth that is from GOD , is literally for your own personal learning; and none of it, is for your power over another life. The pride therein that is religion, is strictly from men, for the purposes of men, and without “Spiritual understanding or acceptance”. What is religion has honor, honesty, discipline for life/ not against it, order, truth, love, and works for the blessings of life and the RESPECT OF GOD ! That is all, these are lessons for people/ not rules, but lessons apart from behaviors that are destructive. Break the law, and you pay with, or in your eternity. Fail to uphold the law here on earth, and you get a taste of what the future holds for you! What is here on earth human, is up to you to choose as a testimony to what you have learned, and what you have chosen to believe. In no sense/ and in no reality of life, is there room for any person who wants to play god. Everything evil, is in one sense or another playing god. Those who believe they can discard one set of people for another/ those who believe “they know everything they need to know/ and judge others because of their faith in themselves, or in rules, or in religious text: are fools! The lesson of miracles is: “We know so little, we know nothing at all”. The lesson of judgment against the others for the sake of themselves, is given in world war 1 & 2: did the Japanese terrorists, the Nazi terrorists, and the rest NOT believe in themselves? You may be certain the RIGHTEOUS always believe in themselves, and the next step is in their righteousness, they are then free to murder and maim and disgrace and disrespect: because “they have rules”. Religious text is full of history/ it is the history of war, and strife, and hatred, and failure, and contempt for life, and rape, and the continual demand for “worship me, bow down to us”. SHAME ON YOU! You are less than snakes.

THE GOD OF LIFE, Does not hand you, the right to judge for HIM ! Prove me wrong. THE GOD OF LIFE, Does not need you to fight for HIM, HE can destroy us all in an instant. WHAT WE are asked to do, by every religious standard and text that can be described as RESPECT FOR HIS CREATION Is to witness to the miracles of HIS work and world/ to honor HIS PRESENCE in our lives with the honor we present to you, the honesty of our choices, the respect we give to those who do not even deserve it, the reality of lessons in faith and life and love, that do make a difference in peace and love and homes and eternity. That is your work, and you do it miserably, if at all. SHAME ON YOU. Go ahead make your little weekly investment or payment to heaven; But explain to me, “exactly what do you really think you are doing; does GOD need your money, or anything else?” REALLY, what does HE need from you? The answer is nothing! But we are offered the chance in time to become friends, family, even “the children of GOD” , the honesty of a relationship that is eternal, the hope and love and essence of thought, life, and expressions that never die. And these you have discarded like the trash: SHAME ON YOU!

People withhold information, so they can control you/ ridicule you/ and make examples of you, to crush the competition for as long as possible; its what they do! I will admit to withholding some information in the past, do to the consequence of expectation that people then apply. Information today is held within the decision of the spirit inside. We, as a humanity, are given very limited information, so it seems from GOD because in this world of human life; we get into a lot of trouble without intending that it should be so. We fall in, and must be helped back out, to a more disciplined life. Therefore religions try to appease this as a reality by making rules. But in reality, the lessons we learn about life itself; are more than lessons, they teach everything we need to know, about why this decision we have made/ or someone else has made that influenced our lives; was wrong. Thereby the information we lack, is the very information that leads us to discipline, to order, and to life itself. The choices are bad for so many/ because your desire and purpose is bad: but being free means, you are allowed/ until the day comes, that surrenders time; and turns to truth to decide your fate. You must be truth to survive in eternity/ there is no other way, apart from what is called heaven; “an opportunity to try again”. To be truth, you must experience what is necessary in education, discipline, and order, to accept the reality of truth itself, as the leader of your life. Only then can you survive/ and time, your presence here, and GOD’S DESIRE for you, Is that you will survive into eternity, and join HIM As family.

Even so; To establish the needed change in this life on earth, that surrenders the extinction, of male leadership as fact: requires control of sexuality by women is first; if the male loses control of his penis/ by not being able to decide when he will stop; the reality will be, women are in charge. If he does not get to decide when or if he will have sex, the environment of his life will change. If the man loses control of his sperm, not being able to decide how much sperm he will lose, then sex will form a different meaning in his mind: the reality of sperm makes him weaker or stronger, and sperm loss will multiply the effect, and make him struggle with sex, because no man likes to be weaker; then he will learn patience and a different behavior. This is not a theory, it worked on me! But spiritual woman is inside me, added breasts, and more. This is her decision, not mine; and it is suspected that she understands better than me; what women can or can not do.

LEARN FIRST, before you invade any man’s life! Lest you do more harm than good, even to yourself. Men are proud, and convinced they cannot be controlled; they will not object to sex/ therefore, it is up to you to prove them wrong. I tell you true, there is or was no male on earth, more disciplined or determined than me/ and I have changed. The reality of a spiritual woman inside is different than the physical reality that you now face/ but the spirit of woman who has come to live inside of me; knows what she is doing, and does it, and as such I believe in the reality of her choice. I have become “her helper”/ and she is in control of my body called male; it is the price. I know it is strange, for me too/ but the evidence proves love, and love brings peace, happiness, and hope to this world, is her purpose and desire. She has become a blessing, because what I had determined to do as male; could only have brought war. No solution could be found, until this spiritual woman arrived. Therefore she is in control, and I am not: its called respect for the one who has a better plan. Its called wisdom, to let the evidence of truth for life: or the essence of good/ rather than bad, lead you to what is better for life. Wisdom is so clearly in evidence, that this spiritual woman knows better than me; & withholding the information, that she has released from me was so stupid, that I am ashamed of that. It clearly was the surrender of life on earth, and myself being reduced to condemning men because there was no solution in them/ never once did I consider the possibility of women, until the moment this spiritual woman arrived; another failure. No matter what changed, the same people in charge (men) means a return to the very same behaviors soon; they cannot remain in charge of life on earth, we will die. Therefore, I do surrender the opportunity to decide for my life, to the spirit of women, who provided a possibility for life, that I did not recognize until that moment; so long as love is alive in this relationship we share. The need for wisdom in us all, is great; stupidity must be removed. These are not questions of simple values/ not assertions of simple religious rules/ they are complex understandings, in a world that is in trouble, and soon will die, or CHANGE. It is your decision as women to decide the fate of life on earth: DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR DUTY! Choose what you will do, prove what is necessary for you to do, in court/ and do it. Find another way, or prepare the one that is provided: BUT DO SOMETHING NOW. Or to hell and Armageddon (nature in crisis) you will go. As women, when you do get control, it is up to you to maintain the lesson, until the day comes when men know, having sex means; they will indeed lose control. That reality will change life on earth/ that reality will cause the men to see love, life, peace, and happiness through your intervention in their lives; or you have failed, and the earth with you. Even so, simply for doing the best you can; the scrounge and horrors coming will be significantly lessened/ because women tried to intervene for the sake of life on earth; and your lives will be rewarded. If you do nothing, you die quickly. If you pretend, or let men have control later, your terrors will multiply.

The issues of sexual “parts and pieces” called female, shall not be degraded to pornography status; they are beautifully designed for a very specific purpose: they enable life to continue on this earth. It is a liar, that assumes to say these are not worthy of a look, or a picture, or a desire. It is the men who contribute little to nothing towards the actual birth of a child/ unless they honorably care for the woman. Consequently it is their “parts and pieces”, that waver on the edge of pornography; because these have been used for harm; from too many men. Pornography is the failure to respect, the honesty of what is personal to life: if you respect the woman and her life, and she respects herself, then nothing about woman can be considered pornographic. Pornography is the disrespect of women by men, which causes them to believe: their desire, is then cause enough to attack a woman just because they can. That makes men and their weapon a disrespect of life. Those who are honest with life, honorable with women, and fair about their own penis have no cause to be considered pornographic. Naked is how we come/ it is how we live under the clothes/ it is how we die, dressed or not. Those who choose to be photographed are not worse, than those who sell themselves for movies and other media; it is the same/ and you the public DO choose to watch. Pornographic is not a relationship to your own failures as a man! Temptation is not, a reality of body: instead it is a decision of the mind to accept that want to use (lust), is an acceptable excuse for violence. Instead, it is your ticket to the door called hades; if you cause any child of GOD to be lost. The body does not tempt any man/ instead it is the mind of man that turns a body into a prize; and it is that prize that tempts man. You have no excuse, the body is not yours; and you have no rights of ownership/ no cause to judge/ and no option to do what you “want to do”. Instead, as is true of discipline, the order required of you is defined by the woman you seek. Do that, and perhaps she will help you be the man you desire to be. ALL deviant sexual behaviors, including suspect dress; are pornography.

The reality of sexual disease by the transmission of sperm from male to female/ or even male to male: such as is AIDS/ HIV will be addressed by vasectomy. You may begin by removing any and all drugs in exchange for a vasectomy; but you will end with the evidence and conviction of murder, if a vasectomy does not occur. NO ONE has the right to spread disease! NO ONE, not women either/ it is your decision what to do about women and their bodies. Other diseases that are spread with a penis that have no cure, and are bad; Need a similar solution/ until better is found. This is not an option for men; they will surrender their weapon for spreading fatal disease: the issues of self-control, have been resolved, and they are unworthy. IF THIS had been done in the beginning, millions would be unharmed. There are, No excuses.

The unfortunate but true reality of a vasectomy is: women will suffer too/ as this ruins the sexual experience for men. Sex, as a physical reality; IS about the chemicals/ a vasectomy removes the primary chemicals involved. Therefore men fail not in desire, but in the opportunity “to be useful sexually to themselves or to women/ so far as the penis is concerned”. Those males who use sex irregardless of a vasectomy, do so only to prove conquest, and “claim the trophy”/ the fact that it is lust for pride; does not remove the fact, you are using the body of woman/ with no purpose of love inside. It is a form of hate. Irregardless of the men involved, the constant reality of life in terms of woman is “no man around to help her sexually”. There is a need to share. The other women who are satisfied with their sexual relations WILL SCREAM: “I ain’t sharing NOTHING” / its your problem, not mine! And so, “the stealing goes on”; lives and hearts are broken; children become the product of broken homes and broken lives/ and so on: because you won’t care! How proud you are. The question of course is not so simple as sex/ the reality is more directly; this could be bad for me/ what if she takes my man away; who will care about me. Who will be a part of my life? What if she takes everything, and I get nothing? I DON’T want to compete anymore: LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE MY HUSBAND, OR LOVER ALONE TOO! But that is not how life on earth is; competition has needs, and the more needs they have, the more desperate they become. To reduce competition/ thereby reducing needs, is to use knowledge for the benefit of all. To erase much of the unhappiness/ is to create the possibility that is true happiness and hope for life; honor follows, if honesty controls. The answer of men to this problem has been: lots of male religion is used to control women, by threatening them with horrible things; even killing them is they accept another man/ even if they are raped by another man. AIN’T RELIGION GRAND, filled with atrocity toward women; disguised as life affirming, but diseased with hate and violence. Is this better? Find a way to share life, and to care for each other by understanding your needs. It is a choice women will make.

The fundamental reality is; men and women were born with the purpose of sex, to be a part of their lives. There is no such thing as abstinence, in the function and fundamentals of a balanced life; we are built for sex, and we live with sex as a focal point of our lives forever. Get over the ideas, that are too stupid to describe/ and begin to understand the choices that are real. It is real to say, more heartache and heartbreak and fundamental change in a life is brought about by sex, that anything less than violence/ across the world. That is a consequence of youth, or a reality of lust, greed, and power. It has nothing to do with sexual existence. Youth do not understand the level of intensity that will soon come their way, when sex is added to their lives. So it is always better, to wait until someone you truly love, who loves you honestly comes into your life; that you may not hurt each other. That said; the reality of love is, when someone loves you, it is trust and truth that comes into your lives/ and if they leave it is loneliness that you will feel. Sexual expressions only intensify this result; and that is heartbreaking for both. So “the safe way” is to live, until life gives you the honor of someone who is destined to stay in your life forever; and then learn the blessings of sex in each others arms. Sex is meant, and in truth exists as the means to compromise and negotiate between new lovers, a life they will both enjoy; because the chemicals will draw each back, so that forgiveness and a new try will occur. It is a wonderful aid, for lovers in the reality of a life forever. Unfortunately that is not for the majority, in this day; battered and bruised/ beat up and contorted by social influences, humanity in this day does not even understand the simplest things about sexual honest relationships. You must learn to accept each other as friends in truth, first. You must learn to understand yourself, before you can commit to someone else; or be so young and “in love” that you work on finding each other together: one to one. You must learn, that sexual relations without love has no meaning, presents no opportunity for friendship, discusses no happiness or details for how to get along and be true for each other. Sex leads to “bedroom walls”/ and romance is basically over. Do you want romance? Then stop with sex, and accept the responsibility of friendship, the learning of love. And behave with honor! These are very basic realities of life.

The second set of basic realities of life are these; sometimes people die/ sometimes people leave without honesty or honor, and the pain transforms the life of another, and they never recover; cannot trust anymore. Sometimes people are overlooked, and left behind; even beautiful women, who do not know how to deal with a man/ who hide from men. Sometimes sickness occurs, or vasectomies happen without knowledge; and the reality transforms their lives in ways unimaginable, because sex is lost. Sex is not a small thing/ people kill because society refuses to deal with this honestly. And on and on! The question is: how do we help each other, without causing pain to anyone? How do we provide a need simply, just because it is a need; and life is important: sexual needs between people of the opposite sex, are important to a balanced life?
There are no easy answers! None, not one. Therefore it is a compromise that women alone must answer. Not because I refuse/ but because men have ruled too long, and it is woman’s turn to decide. And where there are no clear answers, there are no opportunities to simply follow the truth. That truth of what is to be done, is a truth called women; and men cannot know it/ YOU must provide it. This is your day, and this will be your answer. If you refuse/ you lose the balance of your bond as women to each other. Because the need is greater than you think/ that is why, SO MANY relationship problems exist today, why the competition is fierce; and willing to surrender their honor, for a reward that will not bring happiness. Address this problem, and tell men what to do. We the majority of men are not the enemy of women, your tears prove that; for we do not desire your heartbreak/ we desire your love, your body, and your lives in love with us. It is true, for very many men. Refuse the old ways, and be plain; so we can understand.

I say this with hope, because I know that revealing a reality of life that allowed access inside, when I was young/ proved to be a bad idea, because it was quickly used against me; for the purpose of control. That ended poorly, and with costs to both. So I tell you again to be plain/ but understand, that trust is built for a reason: that you may not be vulnerable beyond what is fair to both. Therefore start simply with sex, but do not reveal the reasons why. It is the desires and purposes of the heart, that give information away, about how to open doors inside. A physical need, is a physical need; if that is enough, then anything else must be earned. Choose carefully, and do well/ NO money allowed. This is not a trade, not a possession, not a business: This is the allowance for friendship, and the honesty of a heart that will help. If the man will not choose for helping a need honestly and honorably and with compassion; then he is not for you. I am a “man”/ strange or not, that has little left of teeth, lives essentially with my parents , not rich, have spent the last few years working on this reality as is presented to you instead of possessions or money or family, semi-retired long ago (meaning, no longer in competition for the money, pride, possession, or even women; etc), and more. But I am not without value/ even though these are all things that women would and do discard men without a second thought, or even a first glance. Consider it, before you make decisions based on your eyes alone. Give your heart a chance to help you decide.

The critical relationship of woman to man is this: that one does not live without the other. We are built for each other, and it is only pride, power, and selfishness that get in the way of love and life. Want is an enemy inside each, and must be dealt with separately. The question of HOW shall women become leaders of life, centers squarely on the truth, that men have a great deal to be ashamed of: their kind, HAS set into motion, and built the machinery to exterminate life from this earth! And if they are not ashamed, their very lives will be cursed. This is the end of their pride/ or the beginning of their hell. The question of power is this: that for lies, and stealing, and failure; the reality of consuming the economics of a nation, down to its last penny; for stealing the resources of the future, just to throw it down in disgrace and the disease of consumption and endless want; and for racing to end the environments of life on this earth/ they deserve nothing but shame. The leadership of men, the majority of men, the foundations of men, & the history of men all prove by the evidence; that they have paid for hell, and Armageddon, and deserve every bit. What is selfish, disrespectful, and the tragedy called men: is the reality that they play god, with the lives of women. They have called themselves their judge/ they have called themselves their masters/ they have ruled over them with their religions/ and they have sacrificed their lives, to prove how selfish they could be. The destiny of Satan, is HADES, where the reality of his work comes to judge him every single second that is eternity! Those who destroy a child of GOD Are Satan/ by the definition of destruction used to judge you by the law of this Universe. And there is plenty of room, in the terror of being GOD’S enemy!

Be woman, and be BRAVE! Choose for yourselves, with or without me; you are not tied to me. But do understand, that although life has changed in me; my reality of life has not. I choose life for you, and this earth. I am simply doing the best I can/ the lesson to you, is do not judge. Because even though I am a description in many ways of a man that women would “not give the time of day”/ suited only to scorn and disapproval. I have proven, this judgment is inaccurate; that I do have value, even if you do not respect it/ the value is real, fundamentally proven by the evidence, and without doubt. How many others like me are there? Give them a chance/ and they you. What is outside, does not describe what is inside.

But understand this, the days or time of fantasy are over; the reality of consequence to the decisions and leadership of men today, is simply: they have disavowed the foundations of life, hope, love, and truth; and lived as if they were going to die/ and had no hope. They have surrendered the world, because there is no hope in men; this is, the best they can do/ and it is not enough to survive as life on earth/ it is only enough to surrender life on earth. So say the lies, the excuses, the fears, and the failures.
Your return to life for this world, by the leadership of women, means your return and leadership to the foundations that give life the option to survive, the foundations that keep us alive/ NOT the frivolous excuses for fantasy and excess, luxury and lust. You may not “lead to disgrace”/ you must lead to LIFE FIRST! Returning this nation and this world to truth: means you will learn and choose, and continue to choose for life, a path that completes and cherishes the foundations which support our lives, life, environment, resource, and peace! If you do not/ you too, will fail; and the earth with you. CHOOSE TO LIVE! And do the work, that is for life. No excuses will be allowed; life or death, is your reality too. My choice, is to make a decision as needed/ or as reality allows;
What is your decision?

The question of life/ the question of this day/ the question of woman: is very simply, Can women find the stamina and foundations necessary to compete for, and win this life on earth? This is not a hard question/ everything is prepared for their usage, including a world soon to be in complete disarray/ a financial situation, in absolute chaos/ political systems without hope or sense or a clue/ social order is already descending into stupidity and utter disgrace: in other words, humanity will soon be looking for NEW leadership! It is NOT me/ it is women WILL lead, or it is hell & Armageddon: take your pick.

Clearly the disgrace and disrespect of men, the compositions they have created to threaten and destroy the earth and keep the others as slaves/ fundamentally alter the actions and reactions of women: BUT LIFE OR DEATH IS REAL, and without real change/ only death can win this game of men, and their threats to every life on earth. That means quite simply, women will have to find their courage/ their strengths/ combat against their own fears; and find the guts to keep this world alive, or we die. Real life is not a game/ and I do proclaim all games are over/ only the riffraff continue to play. There are MANY who deny real life must come/ they truly believe the lies can be sustained until they die; it which case I say to them: die, go ahead/ do it now! To the rest, the state and federal trials herein are fully intended to hear the debate from your own voices and your own words; and the answer provided by your own hearts: so that all this type of discussion will end. Even you, fully understand the reality of resources lost/ population crisis/ nature mutilated beyond recognition/ weapons used, and so on! No trial need be given/ it is merely a formality to remove the excuses, and demand your answers be given: so that all know, whose fault the death of this world is. Failure is death/ and hell and Armageddon is the penalty for a world of humanity that just don't care enough to live. Therefore the question of why/ is just a matter of convenience, the question of court, simply a wisdom that can be avoided by those who will be called therefrom: "The people who chose to be monkeys/ as they have desired, so shall it be done." Your ability to remain as human, will end. These matters end/ it is your choice, not mine. It is your life or death, it is not mine.

In all other aspects of a life that can survive, the resultant choices of women must be dealt with in real terms/ and as none have stepped forward, in any sense of the word. Not even in the smallest sense, of men: who believe "if they can use sex, they can be brave enough to try". YOU are failing badly/ YOUR lives are dying, and YOU don't care. YOUR fears are surmounting YOU, and they rape you/ so that you believe you "just don't care/ can't believe it will happen/ or are willing to fail, because you can ridicule me instead". Make no mistake, women are not "free of the guilt, that is life today". But to make changes that are real/ MEN MUST be removed, and that leaves only women to rule. If women refuse/ then you go directly to war, because that is the answer of men; just as soon, as it becomes real, life is a choice: between me OR you/ one of us has to die. And for many, it is just an excuse to rape/ pillage/ and plunder: that is your true choice as women. Either you will lead/ or you will be raped, ravaged, ruined, and enslaved. Take your pick. Don't believe it/ look at history! Don't believe it/ you got a man to protect you? Look at weapons/ and understand the lethality and destruction. Don't believe life will come to an end "what man or government is insane enough to use a weapon of mass destruction"? Take a look around/ and understand, just one bomb going off of any kind, and the whole world could easily be engulfed in weapons of mass destruction in Fifteen minutes: that is how men, have built the system. There games all indicate, this type of battle is won or lost in the first 30 minutes; Therefore they WILL throw everything they have at each other, and there will be NO going back! Can't believe hell is coming/ whereby these weapons are largely not used; but instead 7 billion people are without work/ NO resources left. 7 billion people are without water/ NO resources left. 7 billion people are starving, killed the ocean/ because "I ain't starving today; so they took everything tomorrow needs". 7 billion people fighting for everything/ 7 billion people growing at rates beyond 2 million each week: WHICH MEANS QUITE SIMPLY, to sustain the mouths to feed today at 2 million more births than deaths each week/ YOU WILL physically have to kill 2 million people each and every week forever/ or you will have to change. And you cannot support those who are here, without extreme and careful planning and understanding, led by wisdom, and not want. Led by truth, and not gluttony, cheating, or theft. This is an end of the world speech, because the evidence says it is an end of the world day for discussion and change/ or you die. Therefore again I say to each of you, stop hiding/ stop running away/ stop being afraid; and start understanding the truth, and making choices that will keep you alive. Don't want to/ well want is a selfishness, and pride is a winner. You want to be a winner don't you? Don't you? Then go ahead and win this argument/ go ahead and fight for everything you can get today/ go ahead and pretend nothing will go wrong, "cause you will die before the bill comes due". Go ahead: I declare you the winner already/ see, all done, YOU get to die, by hell or mutilation or war or are simply thrown into hades for an eternity ! Go ahead and celebrate!

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