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Filed in US FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT, for the east central division of the state of IL, For the United States of America Urbana IL.


2191 County Road 2500 E.

ST. Joseph, IL 61873


The United states of America


The internal revenue service

TRIAL: 07-2040

DATED 5/3/07

RE: make the lower court obey the law/ as is your sworn duty to uphold/ make them produce the verdict or proceed with the case in this state courtroom. And In this federal courtroom: Produce the verdict or proceed with the case/ in this federal courtroom.

REMEDY: MAKE THE STATE COURT produce a judgment or proceed in the case listed as 06 MR 726 filed in November 2006. And with not one word from the court to date. And you OBEY THE LAW as well, in this case of federal trial 07-2040.

IN BRIEF: Combined with this notice to the champaign county court: as follows. This federal court, given the authority, THE JOB, and purpose to uphold all aspects of the constitution of the United States of America. This federal court has jurisdiction over this lower court of the state of IL: the demand in question as described below.

The court Is hereby notified, and demanded thereby: YOU SHALL uphold the law/ and demand of the court for Champaign County for the state of IL, that they shall indeed produce a decision in the matter listed below. I cannot appeal without a verdict. Time is up, 167 days have pasted, and not one word has been given/ and the rules of jurisprudence require an answer shall be given. I need not state them/ they are obvious and common, the court shall rule.

Therefore as the acting jurist, FUNDAMENTALLY PROTECTING each and every citizen in this section of the state of IL, for the United States of America: from the apparent tyranny and the disgrace of a failed legal system. Or this federal court fails as well/ and the matter will go directly before the United States Supreme court: no other appeal exists without a verdict, other than the rulers of the court itself. As a reality of critical judicial misconduct/ grievous governmental mal-administration/ you must accept it. And the usurpation of one of the functioning principles of democratic existence: best summed up in the words of the bill or rights, section 15. Quote; that no free government, or the blessings of liberty can be preserved to any people, but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue, and by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.

Where is my justice: You have until June 1st/ the ninetieth day since filing, this federal trial. Although the summons says 60 days from the date served that an answer will be given/ for some reason I remember 90 days/ until the court must answer and support their claim. Irregardless/ at 75 days since filing and not a word, it is absolutely clear, the federal district court of the USA has failed/ the attorney generals office has failed/ the IRS has continued to fail, seizing a bank account (even though I am protected against this, until the end of trial)/ and the US attorney in Urbana IL have all failed in exactly the same way: indicating quite clearly, collusion and rebellion against the law/ fundamental tyranny/ a disrespect for the law & the citizen, every citizen/ thereby graft, corruption, absolute disgrace in terms of justice/ the disease of arrogance/ defined then as the failure of the US court system and thereby all its officials. All with any connection to these things: INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. Have served notice upon the public (that means us), that being accountable for their actions/ being respectful to the law, or to the citizen/ accepting justice as the basis of their job/ have instead fundamentally described treason as their basis of operation/ bowing down to the organized crime that runs this country from the back rooms of washington and the others. The failure of law, convicts each and every one, Of being traitors to the nation/ to the world/ to the citizen/ and to life on earth! Their assumptions are, "just a little bastard/ let him talk, and then cover him up with lies". But lets review: I come and demand an accounting of government numbers and ways both state and federal/ that are clearly evidence of lies, fraud, corruption, stealing, and mal-administration by state and federal governments. Both of them are taken to their respective courts/ and both of them are asked for an accounting for their obvious and apparent lies. Both of them are absolutely silent/ making not one sound since filing. Both of them are beyond their required days for presenting and deciding the cases before them. Both of them are in strong evidence of collusion between them, and at the ninetieth day/ the conclusion of any and all possible excuses is: they become convicted of the very same treason; to hold themselves above the law/ to describe themselves as beyond the penalties of the law/ to usurp the rights and privileges of the people, and be as a disease and cancer to the land.

Where the dead bodies lay/ so then do the maggots come, that being the IRS; who fundamentally accept they are gods/ they can steal/ they can disgrace the country/ the people who died for the rights and privileges and protections of this country/ they truly believe and have acted above the law; fully justifying the claim: thieves and whore's and prostitutes. We are all subject to true laws/ that defined by the constitution as justice, the IRS, must abide. A class of maggots formed from the carcass of a political wasteland. Do we not have many great and deadly threats against us? The reality is, as stated on the web site www.justtalking.info

because the federal and state courts have proven completely hostile and belligerent to ANY composition or claim of justice, or fair play in the past/ and equality evades them completely: as is critically true of these two cases as well/ it has then been necessary to play their game, and treat them as I have been treated. It has been necessary, to "be ridiculed". Because it buys time, asserts he is no threat to me, and allows the case to be developed and advertized: because it is assumed "who will listen". In the game of the wolf, "I have then bit, snarled at, and used the necessary measures" to demand these official employees of our government step outside their comfort zones/ and make a decision of their own proving the reality and the truth of each and every courtroom I have been in: they are naked and exposed/ and it is time to neuter them, and make them better (THE LAW DECIDES, not the judge/ not some damn pitiful rule/ not some piss ass excuse: the intent and reality of justice, fair play, and equality). The legalities and punishments of making an illegal decision here, abandoning respect for every precept of justice/ because they don't want the law to win, and to answer illegally means, a consequence they know is coming: makes them silent. But their silence is an answer, and an explanation from the court of their own brand of justice and law: and now they must sneak back into the herd, so they can get lost; and not declare themselves traitors. THEREFORE: It is now the turn of those who call themselves "warriors"/ the legal profession, who constantly declare "they are at war in court, time to PROVE, YOU are not just sitting in baby pants & diapers/ sucking on selfishness/ and spitting out arrogance". But none the less, the courtroom can be a place for a fight, and those who fight for honor, justice, and fair play need to be applauded and helped: they are few, and far between. I have driven them to shut up/ it is now your turn to make them talk, because the law requires it. The constitution demands it. The people need it, and the military throughout the ages have died because of it. Find your courage, and earn your respect. STAND UP, for your nation/ your world/ and life. The game is over/ and the reality is, tremendous consequences are coming, either for life, or for death. I remind you this last time: there are none, "called government"/ every last one is an employee of the people, every last one must obey the law. They are not god/ they are not king/ they are not anything more than organized crime without the law, only then that which is real and true and justice for all exists. Therefore fight for your government/ THE LAWS AND TRUTHS OF A CONSTITUTION, AND ITS BILL OR RIGHTS. Do it now, or fail and the nation with you. Still can't believe its serious, who stole your mind? This is nothing more than a determined demand to investigate, examine, and determine what is true, about the threats that surround us/ and then decide as a nation, just how serious is this! What can we do? Why are you afraid? The answer, because you have been lying, stealing, cheating; and in reality you have been sodomizing your own children/ shoving every damn thing up their ass, that you couldn't bear to pay for yourselves. SHAME ON YOU. "Too much"/ you are 100 trillion dollars in debt/ 2 million dollars per worker: make them prove you are not! You cannot escape these numbers/ you can only get rid of the numbers and start again: or these snakes of organized crime, are going to come down every hole/ and do what snakes do: to you! Today is the day; make your decision! "I know, you think everybody is going to pitch in, and work 5 seconds more every day, and the bill will just disappear: isn't that right"! It ain't going away! Not to mention all the other and what they do; "satan's little helpers": those who destroy because they want to are at every corner.

That being said, it is clear and obvious and certain these are the very same cases: filed for the very same reason. Held in each courtroom under the direct jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT: the trail of dysentery and disease leads then directly to your door. And as such NOW MOVES to the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT/ because irregardless of how the district court rules, they have already broken their own code of conduct/ their own rules of judicial procedure/ and their sworn oaths. Even the president of the United States & the legislature, is not immune. Because we the people are the government/ they are not. They are only our employees. The state court is also fundamentally governed by the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT/ and because there is clear and certain collusion (how can they both fail together): there is proof and evidence of absolute failure in each system. The IRS also moves beyond its limits. Thereby the foundation is laid/ the proof of corruption and graft is evident/ and the leaders who stand for these things are on trial. As of early June, trial moves to the USSC, and a verdict is expected/ before your piers {the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA} as to what you will do, with shit on your hands/ "clean them, or stick them back in", to the unbroken chain of evil, treason, and traitors. Remember this, is true of chains/ it takes only one weak link to break the whole chain, and everything tied becomes freed. [do you remember the tobacco CEO's before congress: all lied. But no one was fooled; take heed/ because WE THE PEOPLE are not happy. I DON'T mean the fools and cowards/ I DO mean the patriots, and disciples of freedom]. Therefore we will wait to see if evil (the men who curse life on earth, with their arrogance & pride) can be broken. We will wait to see, if the media, who fundamentally have failed to protect anything at all/ the weak little varmints, who love the debris of prize and power, will work. We will wait to see, if the public or the politician can respond to survival of a nation and a world. And we will wait to see, if the IL state supreme court, can find its respect for WE THE PEOPLE, as well/ as they are certainly not given an excuse to fail; but must stand for law, or be branded traitor as well. YOU WILL answer for your courtroom/ or you will prove by the evidence, who you are. There is no excuse/ I am promised equal protection under the law/ promised a verdict or a trial, and the access to appeals. And we will see, if women have enough fight in them, to protect their children, their world, and their own futures: Or will they simply choose to die/ too afraid, even though GOD IS on their side. Don't care enough for any of this/ then to hell and Armageddon you will go; judgment came and you said "no thanks"/ therefore the curse of men begins

That leaves us all, "with me"/ and the reality of those who will now want me dead! Not insane enough, anymore. To each one I say to you clearly: this is a fight/ not a war, meaning there are opportunities to stop the insanity, and choose life, honor, honesty, and truth. It is a war, only when one person dies, ME! If that should happen/ then to all the world, I tell you it is a war, and "you will have to fight it your way"/ cause reality proves the criminals have taken control: removing them requires "surgery". BE VERY CLEAR, this legal fight means NO violence shall occur/ because it is my fight for you/ and you will disgrace me/ and disrespect me, if you choose violence. But if that is all there is for you/ then know for sure, the vultures are here economically, as well as the other realities about to collapse, and the failure and intent to eat you alive is certain: they will reduce you to slaves/ they will take everything, and rape and kill. They will use you for dirt/ and if you don't stand up then: what then are you living for? Take back your world/ while you still have a chance to get to 2010 alive

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