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In champaign county court, Urbana IL

James F. Osterbur


State of IL

& IRS of the state of IL

TRAIL 06 MR 726

DATED: 5/ 3/ 07

RE: failure and disgrace, and the disrespect of a government institution/ and the liars who work therein. One hundred and sixty seven days since filing/ and not one word from the court.

BRIEF: The function of this filing is then to demand the games be over/ there is no more room for animal behaviors: this is not predator and prey/ this is life or death for the world, by the conviction of evidence, as truth and life presents it, and reality examines it. Pride is an animal; nothing more/ nothing less, not human, just the disgrace of being less, than a human being was born to be. Pride is the "predator (winner)/ or the prey (loser)". Being human means to live as the consequence and reality of truth, and love/ the rest doesn't matter. Because truth and love lead to all good things. Lies and hate, predator and prey/ do lead to all that is bad. So many believe they can "do both"/ wanting love, even spending a little for love/ but when destiny decides your fate, it is only truth that matters, and the truth of lies and hate, will burn you because they cannot survive truth or reality in real terms of life or death. Time is a moderator/ giving us, the opportunity to learn in a controlled environment/ beyond time, that ends.

So here we are, faced with the inevitable pride of countless people everywhere who all say: If I have to choose/ I WILL GET A GUN! The vast majority demand, NO TRUTH FOR ME! And that is because the lies are so extensive and belligerent/ the price so high, that these have a ready made excuse. Can't do it, can't work for life or justice/ price is too high! PROVE ME WRONG! But in reality, the truth is: even if the price was low (history proves the price was lower) YOU still would not choose truth/ because the lies are what you worship. PROVE ME WRONG! The religious/ or righteous, are always examining others: but they are first in line, to proclaim "we cannot have the truth/ its too expensive/ we have needs". The next thing they do is simply: "Lets blame the others"/ and so they go with a long list of penalties and laws: what you can't subvert in your favor/ you just have to buy. This is the basis of your failures/ the simple truth, "you want to play god", and just don't care enough about the world, its life, or its future, or even your children! Not even the time you each would normally have left! How smart you are/ for animals anyway. Animals don't lie/ but you do.

The quest for truth, and the battle for survival of life on this earth/ has found the majority by far; completely unable to sustain enough respect even for a trial, an opportunity to learn and decide and investigate, to this date. How truly pathetic you are/ a fundamental disgrace, simply put, a deadly disease upon this earth. You DO still have the opportunities of women/ you DO still have the opportunities to repent: until February of 2010. {This date is not mine/ but comes from the prophecies of Revelation, as the bible predicts. Decide for yourselves. } But if you don't start soon/ even these will not save you, because the disrespect and curses of men are going to consume you; unless you care enough to fight for your life. You don't like me/ don't like how I write: so what? I ain't your savior/ I come as a messenger (WAKE UP/ BEFORE YOU DIE), not as friend or enemy. Just a messenger. All you have to do, is search for your own truth/ and make a decision to live: by removing the lies, letting truth itself decide as best you can understand it! And then by repenting of all the disgrace and disrespect that you have chosen. In other words, GROW UP, and get REAL! "Too hard for you"? It is not/ even for children. They can grow up/ WHY cannot you?

Today it is time to insist upon an answer from the court, by removing this to the district court, for the east central division of IL/ for the United States of America. It is clear to me, the matter is already decided, and more failure will ensue. I will then go to the legislature of the state of IL/ and they will no doubt fail as well: Can't let the people know they have been lying/ even though you will hide it no more. But the people themselves don't want to know/ do they? After all, will they not lose much too. Fantasy land is so much better/ don't you think? Don't have to pay in fantasy land, there in the illusions of insanity, "you get to play king or queen/ you get to be god and judge/ and never does anything have to be paid". What a wonderful illusion/ except it steals from your heart, honor, love, truth, happiness, hope, life, strength, courage, discipline, bravery, respect, mercy, forgiveness, honesty, duty, responsibility, the ability to think: and more. Of course you do prefer insanity/ how else can this be stated: instead of protecting the people, the future, the nation, and the life on earth in both state and federal courts: They would much rather "be frivolous"/ and "work as the monkeys do": for penalties and rewards. Wouldn't want to offend the rich or the powerful/ after all, they control the court/ and have bought the government of the United States. Who knows, maybe "they can buy you an ice cube in hell". It is true the court is a rubber stamp for organized crime/ and with control of the propaganda machinery of the news media; well "it's a done deal/ going to lose, no sense in us going down too". After all, its just the reality of WE THE PEOPLE that is being shit on/ its just the truth of life as American citizens that is being diseased and disgraced. Every traitor does it! The media is like the court, bought and paid for: "a mouse sitting under the table pleading for crumbs/ begging don't step on me". [and of you the public, are you not the little creatures, hiding in the mouse hole/ begging to the mouse, "bring us just a little crumb/ for we are afraid"]. Don't believe it is organized crime? The question is then for money: who is the thief/ the one who tempts and entraps, and steals with endless penalties "and fine print": or the one who fell into the trap, works hard for lies (the money is worthless)/ and still ends up as a slave for life. Who is the thief/ is controlled by, who does the court side with? "But hey, you know how it is: when the criminal controls the government/ then they get to buy the laws the court must use: "The rubber stamp exists". Does it not take tremendous money to get elected; it does. The people who make the laws, simply cut and dried, "can't do without their money". Or how about the resources? It is a crime to assassinate people is it not? Really is this not a crime/ to plan and incorporate and manipulate: the mass murder of hundred's of millions of people? Of course it is/ so let's review: the assault upon every resource/ every type of resource destruction by pollution/ and every alteration of environment HAS CONSEQUENCES. They are known/ the court knows, "the children, & future need resources too": are these not "the smart people". Apart from the mental insanity of these actions, is the court not intended to stop mass murder, creating or allowing the creation of a situation that will become war & cannibalism & death & mutilation/ is not good enough to be involved? Even if the employees of the courtroom must use their minds? Is the court not given the power to intervene in the obvious planned assassination of life on earth? Even if it is not immediate/ but fully and functionally understood to be real? Isn't that its first and most basic job? It is! And yet every understanding of death is coming for billions of people, and even all life on earth: Is met with the judicial branch "running out of the room screaming: NOT ME, I won't get involved". Can't be a snitch you know/ "its like, doing your duty/ or protecting your brother or sister from bastard's, murderers, & whore's. Got to listen to fools, don't you! After all what does society do for you? The court is like any other citizen: IF YOU DON'T STAND UP for what is right, peaceful, and supporting an honest society/ then what you get, is what you deserve. Violence/ rape/ battery/ and disrespect for all. Happy now?

It is realistic to believe a long list of critical and fundamental evidence would be useful in this work/ to convince people that they must investigate and protect life: that this is not a game. The evidence has already be given by the media: that occurred in the spring of 2006 with the leaking of an 8.2 trillion dollar new debt incurred for the year, in just 4 months. What more do you need! { For a media owned by organized crime/ "its your heart/ or your soul on trial". CHOOSE!}. That "news fact" occurred when the "government officials" declared, they would have to "borrow" from the government officials own pension plan: a clearer WE ARE BROKE/ statement cannot be given. More simply, you cannot, and will not escape the consequences of these lies. YOU SAID, "we will pay later/ today is the day; the bill is due." I further insisted at that time, upon action by a detailed explanation of this fact sent to a large number of people in all walks of life, particularly media. What happened? Everyone hid/ everyone ran away as fast as possible: all saying, "DON'T touch this, I am afraid". Leaving the only possible reality, "upon collapse of all things economic (a new debt of $164,000.00 per each and every worker in the USA in just four month is absolute: YOU have no place to go but bankruptcy), there will be anarchy and death, and civil war. Because no one will be listening to leaders, who have led you directly to death, dysentery, disease, and failed duty all around; government/ media/ police/ all of them! We are facing civil war/ because the liars, thieves, and cheaters, have played a pyramid scheme with the money: and they stole it all, BECAUSE GREED AND CONSUMPTION AND WANT, are judged more important than life and peace here in america. My job is to take you to trial, in a way you cannot refuse to understand reality is coming/ not prosecute, or "give you a spanking/ or change your diapers". GROW UP, and understand, no matter how much you hide/ trial has come, because truth declares: you know judgment exists/ YOU know the outcome of this judgment/ and you know without true change, it is truly what you deserve; a reward chosen, worked for, and reaped! Don't like it/ then repent, and change! YOU WILL return to gold as a standard for your money/ because the numbers must be tied to what is real. No more liars, reality and no more whining. The only ones who gain from theft and subversion, the treason of taking the nation, and selling it to graft and corruption/ are the rich. They gain, because with numbers "that are free"/ they can and do and have taken all the numbers they wanted (who cares/ GIVE ME MORE). While all the real people, who are the money, because they give their time and talent and effort to the work of life/ are given a little to keep them alive; and if they complain "the carrot on a stick/ work harder, for a little more"; is all they get. The banks and lending institutions will bitch and threaten, and take you to court for their numbers, and your possessions: but they have sold themselves to the lies, of numbers/ and reality states clearly "numbers are irrelevant: worthless is worthless". Money is the work of life, the resources to produce that work, and the time and talent it takes to get the job done. A number is nothing/ unless society declares it to be of value. Therefore when society declares it is nothing and has no value/ that too "becomes as law". And the banks, etc/ can kiss our ass! Their response will be: to control the court/ to control the food & water/ and their intent will be, to control your future. Your response will then be: to control their food & energy/ surround their houses, and control their access to anything they desire: and to prove WE THE PEOPLE, "Is a joke, no more". FAIR PLAY "or else"/ therefore every action or reaction you take: MUST BE, TRUE AND REAL, FAIR PLAY/ FOR JUSTICE, not revenge or power or control. But for equality and truth in all things. If you turn to violence/ if you prove hatred: then they will get guns, and all the rest! Do you not have guns and all the rest too! IS THAT NOT "a recipe for war"? War is for killing/ do better than that, or you lose everything, and so will they. "Are you smart enough" to understand/ OR too stupid to be alive! Get rid of the failures/ claim your time and your lives back/ remove the numbers and begin again: WHY let the thieves keep their stolen property? Why let the thieves and liars, continue to sell the nation to war. Get your lives back/ or face the reality of bloodshed beyond your wildest dreams! Make no mistake real money is important/ fair play, justice, hopes & lives, peace, and honesty are all dependent upon those who provide for life, and keep their promises. But america has become the land of thieves, liars, and cheats: and if you don't clean this up, it will destroy the nation itself. Can't believe it? Are you not fearful of everything? You are/ of every little shadow, every face, everything: KILL IT/ before it kills us; will become, the american way. Don't believe it? You will, because fear says: "We cannot take any chances here"/ kill them, and with a gun in every hand, and a fear in nearly every soul: the media WILL fan the flames, and the reality will become true. Not to worry though, the children have all been learning with their video games, a long list of anarchy and mayhem and mutilation and the disease of no respect at all: therefore "warriors aplenty". What could go wrong? Is this not who you are. Make no mistake civil war is coming/ unless you choose and create justice, honesty, and accept fair play is based upon equality for all. Make your decision.

Reality knows, where the animals rule/ truth doesn't count, it takes a mind that can interpret "one plus one equals two". So then life asks of the court: predator/ or prey, who are you? Can't add/ can't stand up/ can't do your job/ can't understand reality/ & don't like truth: who then are you? Because a predator will come after me, choosing to kill if it can: after all, can't be the winner, if you allow me to challenge, and then you just slink away. That is "losing". If a prey on the other hand (losing); pushing your way into the middle of the herd, "hide me": reality expects that excuses without a backbone will come/ enlisting the aid of "servants and slaves/ called police", to do what you cannot: find a way to shut him up, legally or not. Fair and justice is for humans/ animals simply don't care, why then would you? The idiot pines/ whines for "make reality stop"! The fool solicits disgrace and disrespect and ridicule, to disavow truth; "And make it go away". The criminal says: kill all who describe justice, or demand fair play: WE want to rule! And the absolute failure says: let us,find the things or people, that will make him cry. I tell you the truth, simple and plain; reality is not going to stop/ your vomiting upon the truth will not matter/ your demands to lie, steal, and cheat; will only buy the violence, mutilation, and rape you deserve/ and I will not cry, because everything important will remain for me, in eternity. No question at all/ GOD WILL "be true" to the words and life of JESUS. That is my belief. You have no say in my life/ and if it is nothing but pain that you offer or inflict; then it is time to leave you to your terrors, and the absolute tragedy of your ways. You will be cursed, which means simply: beyond time, a greater punishment than you can imagine awaits YOU.

YOU want to continue to play, simple as that. Its not a hard decision "get to make life a game/ get to pretend fantasy and failure are not your fault/ get to use and abuse, because the walls are thick; and the prison bars can be useful, for hate. Society too, desperately desires "not in my lifetime/ I would kill first". Too bad for you/ the lies are so many and so perverse, that you don't stand a chance of not being cursed by them. All your excuses, all your claims "not my fault/ I DON'T have to participate or pay: I GET to be free, cause I DON'T want to pay anything!" But YOU have prepared immediate bankruptcy for a large portion of the adult population. Not to worry though, "its electronic money, a game controlled by the wealthy; we will make more numbers"/ but guess what; it's the greedy who must relinquish their claim for slaves now: to many are broken, and will not work again for nothing. And the greedy, NEVER give up any money "not one thin dime"/ unless they get something in return: or are forced, and then seek revenge by other means. Pushed for many years now/ the people do get tired of being slaves. And that is what the lies and numbers are for, to keep them slaves! So the game is primarily WHO can you get to be a slave/ who can you keep from understanding they are slaves? The game of lies, for money/ the propaganda and advertizing is about slaves, or you would accept the truth, and fix all these problems: because even as mentally insane as you are/ you do still understand 120 trillion dollars of claimed assets= $400,000.00 per face in america. Means: not one dime is real. Instead of life and honor, people "want to be rich"/ meaning simply, "I am going to make me some slaves". And so you have built liabilities or debts as a nation of 100 trillion dollars/ the equivalent of $333,333.00 dollars per each face in America: babies included, everybody. Debts can be taken to court, can they not? And to every soul in america: you may be certain the rubber stamp exists/ after all, "who pays the court their salary/ who gives them a job/ who fires the judge, the attorney, the police, etc at a whim" (cannot every single one be threatened), if not "the money men "! So the lie says: you be indebted to me/ and I will use you as I like. Tempting as I wish/ "with just a little more, if you work real hard", and do exactly as I say. Give over your wife/ your daughter/ even your son; give over everything, and then get your gun: because war makes me money too. Unless you go to war with the rich themselves.

An odd event has occurred to me, I looked in a security box at the bank, and did not see what I expected to see. Therefore I closed it back up, considered if I made an error in judgment or memory for a time/ and then chose to ask the police if fingerprinting was viable/ or what should I do? The next step simply to determine a list from memory of what I do honestly expect to have been there, and how to verify the accuracy in me, by any means possible prepared. I then went back to the bank box, and looked very carefully at the evidence. My mind did not see "coins in a box" that were there today, but still different than expected/ my mind did not see a sleeve of coins, in the box at all/ and they were there today, but silver instead of gold. The issue then: why or what had happened to this memory? NO evidence exists to prove tampering/ therefore why? Three things come forth, my mind is entirely on these cases, and I do not allow any alteration of that. I don't pay much attention to money/ therefore without attention to detail, no memory is accurate. And, an illegal action by the IRS, contributes to the idea, of more illegal actions. Questions erupt, if they can get into a bank box, and they can/ what is to keep them from taking everything, and then simply stealing it, and asking for more? The bank insists they will protect against that, therefore solved. What this did do for me, is prove the reality that the consequences of this case are harsh to those who have worked hard, and sacrificed to save. If it could be changed, I would/ but it cannot, truth is simply truth. From my experience here with "money lost, who stole it": I initially wrote these things. Perhaps it will help. We cannot continue to steal!

These are terrible things, I do fully understand/ people have stolen from me, in many ways; always there is another. A hope for enough to make a difference in the coming depression/ has been stolen. Money that has required thirty years, and a lot of sacrifice to retain: just like most people, only more so means it does matter. Because tragedy is coming/ unless we are very careful. And as always it is not simply stolen from me/ but those who would have benefitted as well. They will now do without, they will now face much harder times: and then revenge, jealousy, violence, theft, and all the rest become bigger temptation. People steal, people lie, people cheat: and I am more than a little acquainted. The reality is: we choose the world we live in/ by the honor, honesty, hope, truth, and forgiveness of each member of society. Thieves are a product, of themselves and society/ just as are liars. Forgiving the people is necessary/ doing what you can to protect the others in society is necessary, therefore police are necessary (we all must participate in justice)/ moving on is required for life. The only protection you get, is not to own or have anything someone else wants/ and even then, someone will then think to call you worthless, and produce pain so "they can be the winner". You pride yourselves on everything here in america, "how smart you are"/ but thieves are everywhere, lives are discarded, and you have no honor. The heart of a thief says: "I don't care about him or her". The heart of a liar says: "I don't want to be friends/ therefore I can use or abuse him or her". The heart of a cheater says: "in the darkness, who can tell". But revenge, violence, hatred, and every vile and dishonorable thing, comes from the hands of those who "just don't care"/ these plant the seeds, and acceptance comes if you will not forgive. Therefore forgive, why should you die/ seek justice, why should you not be helping your society, or theirs/ and honor your life, so that eternity may not reject you. Work for justice in the courtroom as well/ they are only men or women who sit as judge or police, not gods, not "extra special" anything, just people who have good days and bad days: and if you don't remind them of life and justice/ many forget, and turn lazy. This is my view, theft is not fair/ but america is a reality chosen in small bits and pieces of "pay later". The truth is: we are all going to be upset/ but, where lies exist: there is no alternative but simply to accept the price required for life, truth, & peace. Just how it is/ I do wish it were different. But looking the other way, was a really bad plan. Believing money comes from nothing, simply "a child at play" or more correctly want and pride overruling your soul

The court of course, doesn't care/ do they help? Pride cannot care, only honor can! Why should they care/ what have you done for them? Really what have you done for them/ except give them a job, pension, a big salary (compared to most) and the rest. Greed is a terrible thing, sneaking in anyplace the opportunity presents: DO YOU NOT HAVE WANTS/ is your life, not going to die! These are powerful realities, and it takes love to defeat them. Protection of the people, is a right provided by the constitution, an oath required by the employees of the people. As is clearly shown in just these 2 trials to date: reality says, what a farce/ because there are wants that intervene. An oath to protect the nation, and uphold justice, "kind of like lip gloss"/ just for pretty? Or is it not more simple, courage is not given/ it must be earned. Bravery is not "an american trait, today, among the majority; there are punishments, and all hide or run away"/ because life will not tolerate the lies; and fear grinds into their souls "going to die/ no time". PROVE ME WRONG! Don't like it; Tell it to the next generation, as you eat them: nothing else left, because you destroyed the foundations and environments and nature. Are you not then a court and nation consumed by greed, insanity, death, and the terrors of proving they are your gods. This is not a game, your greed is insatiable: most of the fish species are thinned to unsustainable levels ( the ocean near death, and yet you continue to throw food away)/ there is a fight to protect the last species of any abundance; and you will lose. Because the influx of 2 million more mouths to feed each and every week, cannot be denied or if you like "play with one million more mouths to feed, per week"/ why not: across the world. You cannot sustain this much either Humanity is mentally insane, for not dealing with this. So you will face cannibalism/ you will face war, without end, or a war of weapons of mass destruction, that will exterminate you. But you don't care/ after all what is to fear about destroying the world: you have machine guns don't you/ so long as you live, so what. Death on all sides. But that's ok/ cause "you have your pride"/ don't need friends or other life. You are gods aren't you "cause after all, you have weapons so horrendous and horrific/ the rest simply have to call you god"/ or you will destroy them. And well, since your own fears, just can't stand the thought of bloodshed or pain or anything else that you deserve: The decisions are made: just have to kill em all/ who the fuck cares. The resources are already mostly gone/ a few more years, and no more fertilizer, etc: a very long list. But who cares: plenty of people to eat. "The new livestock/ humanity", are really not any more dangerous than the other animals: are they/ just a different pen. It will look a little different in the slaughter houses though; with human carcasses. Slaves will have to be punished everyday/ and even then the mentally insane are the only ones who can survive it. But, Not to worry/ we have plenty of guns, soon no food, no hope, and no life worth worrying about but: you have your pride, what else is important; to you? Obviously not life/ well maybe, Your life? BUT, as long as you never sleep/ never run out of ammo/ never let anyone be important to you, and so on: you can survive/ can't you? That's all that is important, isn't it: them other animals called human; are worthless aren't they? Really? Aren't they worthless/ you don't need them, so what if you are the last person alive, so what if all the earth is barren: if you are last: WINNER! What could be more important than that? Too bad you have to have water though/ cause in america as soon as your ethanol production comes to full capacity, your water tables will collapse, and that will push you out into the world. And the world is dry, and getting dryer: WAR will fix it/ but now, YOU have to organize/ cause no matter how much you hate them; it is true even in the insane, that understanding demands you, even you cannot defeat an army, that comes to take yours. Might as well try, though/ because when the water tables lower sufficiently, america the beautiful, will simply become america the desert; never to be reclaimed. Lost forever/ so you could drive to nowhere, and proclaim to the world: "Look at me/ ain't I proud: its what cars and trucks are for". Isn't it. Not to worry, "the world will welcome you in your disgrace and poverty: with open arms/ won't they"! Well, with weapons of mass destruction, who needs a welcome?

You are a failure, and you know it! You are a disgrace, and you can feel it in your bones. YOU are making decisions for the rest, to keep them from deciding life or death for the planet; so then if you continue, you will take on their deaths/ and take on some of their penalties, in eternity: cause "you are one of the smart people, aren't you". Going to stand in the gap just to keep the status quo, "keep the boss happy", cause its just one messenger, what can he do: and protect the lies. But alas, Eternity will judge you, "a terrorist". And your fate then, will be the fate of a terrorist: "you will become, the latrine for the damned"/ eternally. That is the price of terrorism/ wrecking peace on earth, and choosing hell for life on earth. But don't worry, you will not be alone: but I got to tell you/ at this moment in time: HADES is going to be very crowded. Populated With, Every single person, who chooses a gun in their heart: instead of cherishing life enough, to help us all survive. They, WILL all, be joining you. "A party, for sure/ don't you think; even if you are personally trapped in the sewer; still a party right. Be proud, why not, "you are one of the smart people": don't believe in NO damn penalty/ NO damn eternity/ NO damn anything: just dirt"! Isn't that right, consequently, pride is right, isn't it: cause this life is all we get! And as for that other life on the planet; who gives a fuck/ if they ain't helping me, get what I want now: then they ain't nothing, but worthless. And that is how pride proves life should be damned. Too wise, to learn/ to wise to investigate/ to wise to be anything but proud. Winner or loser/ STILL WANT, "Every damn thing, I can get". Is this not you/ is this not the world that surrounds us as humanity? It is indeed.

YOU call yourselves wise/ but really how wise can you be? YOU call yourselves brave/ but really, where is your courage? Where, do not cowards: stand in the way of examining reality for truth, so that life can survive: is that courage? NO its just disgrace/ the sign of a coward, the reality of a boughten man or woman: can't do what the boss won't like/ can't take a chance on truth, it will take stuff. Are you, Just a slave? No, just a coward. Who is the boss? Follow the money/ find the want, and presto "the boss appears". It is greed, selfishness, and hate. And as for eternity, and all that goes with it, including respect for every life/ including equality and justice for every life/ including a life that is treasured, because it has value: these are things called human. Animals cannot understand it/ so it is useless to talk to them. The human animal, is a very simple thing; given to pride, they are exactly like any other animal; the only real difference is "humans get to pick, predator or prey"/ the other animals do not. What does it take to be human, for real? Get rid of the pride/ and find out: love, respect, truth, and reality will teach you. Price too high? Why should you be punished, just for taking the easy way out/ just for being proud/ just for being a coward? Because the reality and truth of damage that you do; to the people who would be human/ COSTS THEM THEIR LIVES too. Even if you are too poor in mind an spirit to live as human, the reality of turning or tempting, "Those who would be GOD'S CHILDREN" Into being your followers, whether by guile, or revenge, or violence, or hate, or whatever. WILL bring punishment on you. Playing god, will bring you to hades: the place of, "Make your own universe/ because you cannot stay here. The demand of: you ridiculed and maligned this life: prove you are god/ prove you are anything: but to be reviled and mutilated."

I am telling you plain, and simple!!!!!! This is not a game/ this is a need to discuss the realities we face, the future that is clear and true and a danger to us all: and you need to support this as honest officials, as real people throughout society: who do care enough to protect the nation and the world, and the children, as well as all life on earth. PROVE ME WRONG! Again, NO ONE is suggesting, you must simply believe me/ rather, this is simply proof, enough evidence exists: that we MUST investigate, examine, and decide for yourselves/ what is true or false. And fix all these problems before they kill life on earth. Too late, is simply too late: you will die. PROVE ME WRONG! A half-hearted effort of little more than stupidity, and maybe you can avoid world war 3, with all its weapons of mass destruction. But if you do, hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos), WILL chase you in true torment and terror, until GOD lets you die/ and enter your punishment in hades, for an eternity. Not to worry though: you have your pride to protect you/ and even if you lose, there is always revenge and violence isn't there. Don't need no damn peace; got war.

The real question, is of course: when any man or woman, knows in their heart, the honesty of life as a reality of even the tiniest thought/ that heaven or hell is real, on earth or beyond time? Why then do they choose hell? Heaven is the place here on earth where life is happy, peaceful, and loving/ where freedom and hope and thought all participate for the value and truth of living creation; an appreciation and respect, called your own identity, "a child of creation"/ our own identity, all every life, every place, CREATED BY GOD.

Hell on the other hand is strictly a place of pride/ wherein every action or reaction, is simply a war; to prove "You can be god/ or if you must, to prove you can be devil, violently judging all creation to death". The failure of pride is cowardice, in every single proud individual/ because pride needs the fantasy of "winner, or loser" just to survive. Otherwise, life chooses reality, and truth. But for those who find, Life is too frightening, being human literally too much: pride comes, to hide them in predator and prey. It is Cowardice, because pride is much more simple than life itself, thereby hiding in the fantasies of games and childhood, playing; instead of working with duty, honor, discipline, and life. Hiding instead of living, because it is thought to be safer/ ALAS, lies require stealing/ stealing requires silence so you cannot be punished/ silence requires violence or power to control/ and in each of these demands hatred shall occur: thereby "your safety", has literally led you into "Devil worship". How smart you are. The cowardly man looks for any excuse to pretend, "I don't have to deal with this reality/ I won't accept this truth: give me anything to hide behind!" Those who fight for life, accepting truth: require the bravery, to be wrong or right, the honesty to let truth decide, and the foundation of a love that will trust and care and share with life itself. Cowardice is pandemic, because truth is a battleground that demands acceptance on its terms, or you die/ and trust is the essence of time; granted so that you may learn and accept these things and not die, but prepare for eternity: And yet so many choose lies instead! You are cowards/ fully prepared and ready to take up guns and kill: just so you don't have to admit what failures you actually are. Hiding in the lie, "they are attacking me/ when reality clearly states: this army of hell, that is bringing economic disaster/ resource depletion and war/ toxic everything: is you". Therefore to survive/ it is you, that must defeat yourself! Or more clearly, it is your pride/ your lies/ and your want without respect; without caring; and without sharing that must die. I have talked to many people throughout the years, and so many lack the qualities of life, an acceptance of truth must lead, and that reality will and must decide; that the only description that applies generally is, fools are abundant: purposely choosing revenge/ demanding to judge/ condemning life to a gun: just so they didn't have to admit they lied/ just so they could pretend they weren't a coward, and pretend the gun (whatever version they carried: whether the law, a real gun, sex, or whatever) that in hiding behind these things, they have worshiped as their savior: Instead of revealing the truth; as their fear. And then, in honesty choosing the bravery, strength, and courage of a life that understands rather than fears. Only the coward hides in a gun/ only the absolute fool, chooses hell, when heaven is offered instead. The lies are "awesome, in the words of a little child; how, and WHY did they do it"? The reality is quite simple: let's all fear together/ let all be proven cowards/ let all be simple and afraid; that way, "tightly bound as a herd", the predators of truth and life, will stay away. The prey believe in their numbers/ but being human demands understanding and that truth shall decide: no numbers allowed/ LIFE FIRST. Predators are coming though, and a herd cannot save you now/ because like any other herd on earth, you have grown so large by your numbers that you consume everything, and are killing yourselves. Human Animals use numbers (money) to decide "Safe" . Human predators use numbers to decide "the food bin is full/ I will enjoy these next few years". BUT LIFE or death IS DECIDED in creation, only because trust demands truth/ and truth is all that can keep life, alive. Life first means: not want/ not pride/ not anything but truth and reality will determine the direction we shall go/ choosing what is peaceful, kind, and a building of environment and freedoms, to bring us happiness and joy! It is not a hard concept, a first grader can understand it. The problem is, most have not accepted the discipline or respect of a first grader/ you prefer, violence, lies, and revenge/ working for lust, greed, and failure. Think not: look at your media/ they bring to you, what you want Or what you are willing to buy. But silly me "you are too smart to be influenced by thousands of hours of television in a year/ or all the other media"/ after all "you live in the world of the insane, a fantasy land of your own making, where nothing can harm you, but the loss of your numbers". How do they harm? Well obviously, no numbers means "its back to reality". Most "worship their lies/ because without them, only fears are left". A life of truth, that convicts you with certainty, that you must change. Not a judgment, but a reality that until you "get it right", peace is not the essential reality of your life; education is. The lazy do not like it. The coward hates his or her fear/ because it reveals the truth: nothing here, but lies you tell yourself/ or the lies others tempt and manipulate you with. BUT, Every single life on this planet, has a responsibility to life! YOU INCLUDED, whoever you are. YOUR FAILURES, are the proof of your cowardice. YOUR LIES, simply the proof; you do deserve to die, you bought the reward/ you proved, you are not worthy of life/ you demanded life be cursed, and you have accomplished all the preparations to complete your task: why, should you even be given a second chance? PROVE ME WRONG! The answer is: the children are worth the effort/ the women, have not yet had their own clear say; yes or no, we will accept or deny the curse of men/ and the life of a planet, a Creation in this universe/ is simply worth one last chance, to ask you to back away, from the violence and terror you have chosen through the acts of men. PROVE ME WRONG!

You are true believers: you believe in your lies/ you believe you can continue to steal (no problem)/ you believe you can continue to enslave, even though now, the promises are broken and the reality is known (there will soon be a problem)/ you believe money can buy anything, but life, and YOU are willing to sacrifice nature to chaos/ your children, and the future of all life on earth, just to buy a day or two, for you. Never in the history of the world, did a more selfish and egotistical failure exist. You are beyond pathetic. You believe in weapons to make "big fear"/ and you are a fool, fully knowing the insanity of men, the failure of all governments means: you have decided to exterminate life on earth/ rather than face true and real negotiations. Rather than face your own reality inside yourself. You are a coward/ choosing extermination for all life, because you cannot face war; and you will not or have not chosen peace. Never in the history of men, have so many/ been so poor/ so filled with disease. You are true believers, worshipers of every thoughtless disgrace you can find. I am ashamed of you. While this is commonly directed at the leadership of men/ and the reality of men, who do not care enough to find duty, honor, or enough strength to protect even the little things, such as nation. It is true for all who hide in the excuses "I don't have to do anything/ but be happy, in my ignorance: DON'T TELL ME NOTHING".

There are countless pieces of mail, web sites: www.justtalking.info The main one for this work. In a search beyond the limits of a courtroom/ beyond the propaganda of a news room. There are as many social interactions with the general public as is possible. There are international interests contacted, and so on: proving without a doubt that you have had your chance/ you are on trial in this very day: whether you agree or not. And you as a nation/ and with limited intent, a description of the world: are simply failing. Hiding in the ridicule and excuse: "I am not what you expected"! Truth is, I am as surprised to find this my job, as you. BOTH are irrelevant, it is our turn "at the front of the line". But that does not mean, you deserve better treatment than you give/ or better treatment than you have earned. PROVE ME WRONG! You are liars/ thieves/ whore's/ and failures; Because that is your choice. CHOOSE BETTER, and you will receive much better. Choose life, and you will find peace and happiness, and truth will soothe your soul. Choose less, and hell will chew on your soul, to terrorize you/ and Armageddon will consume your body and mind "one worm at a time". This is not a game, this is the life or death of a planet/ an entire creation: because the leadership of men, has proven to be a true curse/ a disaster coming/ and a disgrace to even the universe itself. DO BETTER, or reap your reward.

WE BOTH know, I cannot make you answer/ can't make you do your duty/ can't make you adhere to your oath of service and justice or equality to all, for the sake of the nation; not in state court, or federal court. We both know to do less is treason/ but a coward and a traitor, is simply that; and where no honor exists, no strength will be found. Today, you have the power to be PROUD/ today you have the power to be a coward. Today, you can still hide: but tomorrow, will find you in hell and Armageddon : UNLESS YOU TRULY DO CHANGE. A true and real part of that change is WOMEN WILL RULE/ thereby the pride of all men is rejected, and you will learn better, or die. We both know, what you have gleaned "that isn't too expensive/ or consumes too much power, or too much pride, or too much selfishness" will be considered, as necessary: "with moderation, we can adjust". So you will bet the lives of all the earth, "that as the smart people" YOU WILL GAMBLE with life to prove how proud you are! The mark of a fool & a failure, IS what he or she is willing to gamble away. YOU bet all life on earth, that lies, theft, cheating, pride, power, revenge, violence, rape, temptations, arrogance, manipulation, fears and hate; and all the rest will keep you alive/ in a coming crisis demanding everything from everyone! FOOL, IT IS ABSOLUTE, AND CLEAR, YOU WILL FAIL! Because only truth, trust, love, and respect can keep you alive/ and none of these things are in your vocabulary as leaders of men: IS that where we are? No. You have abandoned them all/ for lies, and the rest said "do it". YOU are a tragedy coming upon this earth, to kill it/ YOU are the problems that exist/ YOU are the reason and the reality: Therefore you have nothing, but the demand to change or die. You have no option/ women will rule, or the world will fail. Men have made their decisions/ they chose to exterminate life! Therefrom life turns now to women, and asks them distinctly: Will you not stand up for life either? Will you not save your children, or your world/ even men are under your control: will you not even save yourself ? You can hide/ you can run: but there is no place to go, life is going to condemn you too, unless real and honest and honorable change comes to this earth, and very soon. To hide, to run, to turn away: is your answer/ and it says, "let us die". CHANGE YOURSELVES, and find your soul. So you can live instead.

The reality of this day is: either help or be condemned, because in eternity truth says to you: either stand aside, and let the people have their trial, work for this trial, that life on earth shall survive/ OR your own punishments will be great, no matter who you are: judge/ citizen/ coward/ it doesn't matter, either work for life/ or bear the punishment of your failures. Just how it is; you wanted the job/ you worked for the job/ and more. You accepted the lies/ you worked within the theft, making you a thief: and for what, "to be rich". Therefore the day has come when what you wanted, proves who you are. He or she who shares in this decision of good or bad for the world/ shares the very same fate as you/ for eternity. To the vast majority who will claim "I just wanted,,,,,,,,/ its not my fault". The reality is: if you give your government to liars, thieves, cheaters, and the violence of all that is greed, want, and selfishness/ THEN IT IS YOUR FAULT. Unless you have actively worked for better/ actively tried to inform and make people listen. We both know, only a handful of people, were concerned about anything but "Make me rich". So the truth is: The vast majority is just as at fault as the others/ THEY TOO, "Just wanted to be rich". They too, just chose their pride, and pointed to the door saying: We have NO use for honor, life, or love. The question then is simply: are you not "the dreaded anti-Christ"? Are you not the ones, who have chosen to play with the lives of others, branding them with your own disrespect/ your own disgrace/ and your own diseases (of lies/ greed/ lust/ hate/ and more)! Answer the question. When confronted with reality, out of hundreds asked/ I really don't remember one single person, who stood out from the crowd, and said: for the sake of life, we need to stop this/ we need to work hard to correct this/ we need to respect life enough, that our own wants cannot win: life comes first. BUT it does take time to understand, accept, and change. All said initially, "Me first/ get out of my way, I have to hurry before the door closes and someone else gets my prize"> A pitiful disgrace/ a disrespectful disease/ and a reality, "That nearly all are guilty, of the same, as those who brought you here". {Some changed.} Grow up or die/ can't see the problems out your window? I guarantee, you will. And as for your further disgrace, condemning "the mentally unstable [NOT the criminally insane/ they are not the same]" for your own bloodthirsty ways/ you are to be ashamed. Take a look at your own figures, it is not the mentally unstable that kill you! {the mentally unstable, are that because they live in a world where nobody cares or shares enough; and because of that they don't know how to act, or what to do. In other words, they are better than you, in terms of peace.} These are just your latest excuse, for its "somebody else's fault". Every killer has the same recipe for destruction: it is "I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT". And when he or she doesn't get it, the most aggressive among you, find hatred/ and in that hatred, they choose to discard life as worthless to me: therefore, to kill is to make them deserve the judgment you have given. All murderers come directly from I WANT/ therefore all murderers, come from the disgrace of "Majority rules, because of want". Want is a selfish tyrant, a disease of aggression, that allows pride to wash its feet in the blood of everything you trample, to get your prize: and proclaim "winner". The desire for power/ the desire to make other lives fear you: IS HATE, tempered with the knowledge and designs of a snake. To sneak up, and attack without warning, to kill just because you came to close. YOU are going to find MANY MURDERERS AMONG YOU/ unless you change, because your ability to get what you want is dying quickly; and all you offer each other, is ridicule. CHANGE, NOW!

PRAY FOR YOUR LIVES. This ain't no game.

But do understand this simple fact: GOD loves you! JESUS loves you! And it is only YOU, that can refuse this love; and literally choose to die in hell and Armageddon: that is the choice you will make / that is the reality and truth you are choosing in this very day. You are free to hate me. But what good will it do you/ it would bring nothing more than "coals on your head". You are free to be alive, or choose death: it is your choice/ but only women can save you.

One of the most fundamental processes of human life is: what do we get, if we do the work/ who do we become, if we decide for honor and for life? The clear answer to that is simply, WHAT WILL YOU BUILD? Because the reality of every life, is dependent upon what you personally do choose. Therefore understanding accepts, that women are the architect/ but within the current reality of men, I am the builder of their potential world. When they achieve honor, because they have fought for life/ they will rule under their own terms. But for today, the understanding of men is required. To that end, it is necessary to accept the limitations of our own realities/ and use what we do have together, rather than whine and complain it is not enough. The question of building is not based upon the idea "I must have this"/ rather the reality of life searches, and finds "we do have this", and we can create accordingly. The time has come to build, opportunity searches only "so long/ and then ends". Make up your mind/ the question is not sex/ the question is not power/ the reality is not control/ no hate is involved: this is simply a decision to save life on earth/ or let it pass away in death. You cannot avoid the question/ you can only refuse the work, and make death your answer. PRAY INSTEAD. FIND YOUR SOUL. AND BEGIN YOUR WORK. It ain't me that is important/ it is all women everywhere. I am simply provided as a beginning/ a starting decision/ and a simple understanding that men are not to be feared. The organizing of women, into a true and real force of nature is your job. Mine is simply to get you to start, and prepare you to confront the men who will stand in your way. Believe in yourselves, and find a way. This is to be "the beginning of the days of women"/ but I cannot force you to accept them. Women must choose, to take them/ and be what GOD Has provided for you to be. If you do not, your decision has been cast. Be careful how you choose/ this is not "a small matter", it is life or death for the world; simply put, because the world needs you all. Men are through, ruling this earth. If then you will not/ life on earth is over. Just how it is/ the decision is yours. I am not "a toy"/ kindly remember that. I am provided as a tool, "that can be killed"/ remember that as well. This is not a game either/ my desire, is that life remain alive on this earth: it is that simple. To do that means, true, real, and lasting change/ and nothing less. Just so you know, "the organization of the opposition, is a true and real military or union tactic". I am not playing general/ I will not lead, its just a reality that exists, and must exist: and I am telling you/ so that you will not be confronted with the idea "he is leading you subtly/ I AM NOT." Therefore I tell you in advance. And I am telling you plainly, it is time to talk/ and to listen. You can laugh/ you can ridicule/ you can assume "it can't happen" and all the rest. But truth states simply: just like the twin towers in New York, there are moments and realities in life that require wisdom, and the acceptance of a possibility that must not be allowed to happen, "is not a game". I can prove the threats described are real/ just as soon as "the rubble and bloodshed" are on the ground/ but you will be dead. If you want to survive this/ you must use common sense, reality, truth, and honesty to judge very simply for yourself: Are these threats to all life on earth, NOT WORTH A TRIAL, to insure we must avoid all the chaos and loss of life that will result? Really, are you so scared/ so petrified of your own lies, so willing to surrender life, family, future, children, and the world itself: That you cannot find the courage for a simple trial? How pitiful and pathetic can you be! Prove the threats listed throughout the documents provided are not real/ prove me wrong. Or dig your own grave/ cause I will not bury you. But before you do: look in the eyes of those you love, look inside the soul of the ones you need, the nature that gives you life/ and tell them why you don't care enough. When you are proven wrong, they will die.

Humanity is not yet lost/ time still allows for the work and the changes necessary to survive. Again, the demand for life is literally: CHOOSE RESPECT, LOVE, CARING, SHARING, TRUTH, HONOR, DISCIPLINE, KINDNESS, HONESTY, A LIFE WORTH LIVING, AND THE HAPPINESS AND PEACE OF LIVES VALUED AS PRECIOUS. Is that really too much to ask of you? Really? If so, it is and will be critically true, YOU can go ahead and die. GOODBYE.

If you choose to live, life will become "a bit like the summer of love" except for the delusion/ the insanity/ the disgrace/ the tragedy/ and all the lies. True freedom can be real/ but not without work, honor, truth, and love.

MAKE YOUR DECISION. There is no going back! To kill the earth is to kill yourselves. No mercy will be given for this decision of yours. Back away/ change and survive!

The basis of thought is a defined direction, the foundation of a direction is the honesty with which you search to achieve a decision. The fundamental reality of the journey, is the moment within which you have shared this search within yourself, and discovered the essence of your life is held by the understanding of a decision that then becomes a direction. The process of decision, is then a destiny assigned by the truth of your acceptance through trust, in the path of least resistence. The path of hardest resistence, finds and forms wisdom/ because value must be found, or you will fail. Choose not the essence of a bribe, "easy"/ rather accept creation is the formation of love, because we find inside ourselves "the life of another". Think in terms of soul.

I , James F. Osterbur, do hereby declare a true and correct copy of the document submitted to the champaign county court/ located in Urbana, IL in this trial 06 MR 726 has been placed into the US mail with the proper postage attached. And thereby delivered to the three declared participants in this trial

Dated 5/3 / 07

Those addresses are The governor (because no excuses are allowed)

` 207 state house

Springfield IL 62706

The attorney generals office

1776 E. Washington st.

Urbana IL 61802

Illinois revenue dept

James R. Thompson center concourse level

100 w. Randolph st.

Chicago IL 60601-3274

I am the litigant


and this document is further sent to Judicial inquiry board

the STATE SUPREME COURT 100 w. randolph st

200 E. CAPITOL Suite 14-500

SPRINGFIELD IL 62701 Chicago, IL 60601


201 W. MONROE BOX 19206

SPRINGFIELD IL, 62794-9206



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