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201 S. VINE ST URBANA, IL 61801


case # 07- 2040


2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E. ST. JOSEPH, IL 61873







PO BOX 145566

CINCINNATI, OH 45250-5566

DATED: 2/ 16/ 07


1. IN BRIEF: as has been provided under the collection appeal rights : quote, yu may contest the CDP decision in the tax court or an US district court as appropriate. Page 1. As this is not a matter of collection per se/ I will fully pay the amount in question/ it is not an issue, and I have saved the money for the purpose, it is in waiting for the critical descriptions of an opportunity to understand the legitimate scope of arbitrary powers versus the rights of the people to information and protection under the powers of the constitution itself. That is the fundamental trial for the legal right to petition the government under the first amendment of the constitution: the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Because this is as indicated below, represented by various and absolutely critical consequences of life or death to the citizens of the nation/ or the nation itself: the court is bound by its duty to the nation under article 3 section 2. 1. The judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity arising under this constitution..... As a soldier is sworn to uphold his or her duty, whether the battle is desired or not/ so to is the court, and its employee who acts as judge, administering the purpose and intent of the constitution itself. For that is its purpose, and that is its power, "to DO as the people have instructed the court to do". To protect and defend the citizen, and the nation. This cannot be done in hiding. The bill of rights asserts and informs simply: quote "a declaration of rights made by the representatives.......assembled in full and free convention; which rights do pertain to them and their posterity, as the basis and foundation of government.
1. Section 1. That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.
2. Section 2. That all power is vested in and consequently derived from, the people; that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.
3. Section 3. That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and is most effectually secured against the danger of mal-administration; and that when any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and infeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.
4. Section 4. That no man, or set of men, are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community, but in consideration of public services; .......

5. Given the scope and substance of these declared ideals and representative conceptions of what and how the United States Of America government is suppose to work, and their assigned duties from which the nation itself was born; we find the truth of why people died to support, create, and defend this nation. AND we also find the descriptions of the work intended to be done/ the honor expected from our representatives, and the purpose of the nation itself.
6. Added to these descriptions are the summary expectations for the government of the United States of America; in the prelude and formal description of how the nation itself should be understood, and what our representatives are intended to do for us. You will note; nothing about these words are established as "a description of representatives"/ BUT rather exist as the words of the people themselves/ telling the representatives of that day and the present exactly what is expected from them. Those words are established in the constitution as:
8. WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


2. Fundamentally describing, by my words and expectations
1. That freedom shall be our truth, and life will be our way. Defined by the existence of our own voices, we are the reality of our purpose & the essence of life's desire. TO BE, a nation of equal's/ a nation designed by the hope of independence/ a nation where liberty believes in me, each one. From hope & life, and purpose; our intent is happiness for all. From discipline & life & duty, our demand is repeated in the very simple words: let justice be for me/ for us! From respect, the essence of responsibility and the destiny of fair play; WE THE PEOPLE, becomes a pledge to each other, that the value of our lives, & the treasure that is our future.


4. Clearly viewed by the relationship of evidence that exists.

1. TODAY, we are threatened from every side. Today, those who rule over us/ not govern us, HAVE set such things in motion, that not only our nation lives under the constant threat of true & real extinction/ but the world as well. This is the reality we must change/ or we die.



1. A DESTINY described by the consequence of our truth. Our truth says: IGNORANCE & FAILURE surround and attack us all.

2. 1. FUSION is an atomic fire, thereby all things based upon atomic structure are therein a FUEL. THE CONSEQUENCE being no possibility exists to control or extinguish the flame once it is started (earth on fire). Fusion experiments are therein merely a match intended to make the earth "just like the sun". YOU BURN.

3. 2. C.E.R.N. Is the particle accelerator built in France and Switzerland. Called the biggest machine on earth, it is a project with the declared goal of replicating the most vicious and extreme EXPLOSION, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE has ever known. The explosion that destroyed the original explanations of mass and space/ and is still seen in the planets continuing outward from the central explosion untold years ago. And humanity "wants to recreate, and HAS built a machine for this very purpose. Once they do their "big experiment"/ even if the earth survives which is not a guarantee/ the reality will be not one piece of this machine or all the resources and money it has consumed will be left. Not the mountains, NOT the people, NOT either nation, and maybe not the world itself. The purpose of the machine intended or not/ is to be the detonator for nuclear devastation of the surrounding area, and the consequent explosion and perhaps the entire destruction of earth itself. There are no words for either of these experiments/ they are such stupidity and arrogance, they cannot even be described.

4. 3. The genetic crucifixion of all life, by playing with the genetic code; "the builder of bodies, the creator of time, motion, food, life, thought, and everything we have as life on earth". And you play with it: the mind of a worm has more comprehension of reality than "your best university brains" HOW DARE YOU, gamble with all life on earth. How dare you disgrace every living thing with your stupidity and arrogance and failure. You disrespect cannot be described either; or perhaps, "ask a monkey/ he knows better than you".

5. 4. Weapons of mass destruction are a creation of men who want to threaten other men, by playing god. These men describe this filth and excrement "a far too liberal term, with too much respect" as their saviors/ their protectors. The truth instead states on ANY given day, at any given time, within fifteen minutes of "this moment"/ we can all be dead/ lost to a world in chaos & ruin, if it were unintentional. In 15 minutes enough missiles or biological contamination can be released to exterminate humanity from the earth. And you call them "saviors/ a good thing". Worms know better.

6. 5. Human male endeavor reaches for every resource & every relationship of life on this earth, WITHOUT the slightest description of concern for the consequences or the future. That reality has nearly destroyed every chain of life; in nearly every environment & eco-system on this earth. That truth faces a consumption that will critically fail in a very few years leaving men with their constant companion or excuse, called WAR. And with a population of billions to kill, just to make a slight and momentary difference in survival. Human society could not survive the 3 and a half billion peop0le on earth at the time of ww1 or ww2; and the loss of a single resource can easily create the same situation of war across the world. You now have 7 billion people/ and are increasing at 2 million more human mouths to feed each week. Go ahead stick your head in the sand so to speak/ and see what the result will be: take a guess, it ain't hard to see this future.

7. 6. The ocean is NOT a toy, the life of the ocean is not endless, the consequence of pollution by any means, the effects of global warming, the growing demand for food and a rampant disregard for all living things: "in favor of money/ & for such useless things as food to throw in the garbage" it is beyond stupidity/ it will be the creator of fears. Your behaviors total up to a dead ocean within 10 years. NOTHING left, buy your own tears. Plus in all things water, you are attacking your drinking water/ the water for irrigation, for your food supply, for your aquiculture, and livestock. You are determined to pollute all water resources, "by government actions, industry, and personal disgrace; for such frivolous things as ethanol/ for such horrendous things as toxins that continue to destroy long after they are used or discarded. You are destroying the aquifers, and when you are in trouble you will siphon off the rivers and streams/ killing the life that depends upon them, and destroying the aquifers besides. All for such DISRESPECTFUL things such as money/ weed control without work, even for such useless things as lawns/ or the potential to "drive to nowhere". It will leave you with water wars/ and cannibalism due to starvation; within 7 years, if you do not change. Is this worth your life?

8. 7. The wide variety of other failures at every level of human consequence, from the very simple mind of a terrorist/ to the very simple disrespect of media and advertizing and government/ to the children used for prey/ to the university mind so deluded with grandeur and arrogance, that their eyes are simply "a poor grade magnifying glass"/ through which the whole world disappears, because they cannot see beyond their own excuses for selfishness and power. It is pathetic/ YOU are pathetic. Human existence is attacking the oxygen content of air/ apparently with your big brains, "can't understand all the fire has consequences of its own". You attack the trees and all green earth/ you attack diversity natures defense in cases of catastrophe/ you attack antibiotics and all feed stocks, (and their lives) purposely & deliberately designing biological agents that will attack you/ and so much more.
1. And WHAT DO YOU DO, if confronted with truth and the consequences of this male reality? YOU HIDE and run away as fast as you can/ pretending not to hear. WHAT DO YOU DO, if forced to understand the gravity and intensity of failure? YOU complain: "money is all that matters to you"/ period, stop telling me this!
2. So today, truth has replaced all your expectations of money with your own LIES. All your own plans for personal gluttony and selfishness and power or pride with death & destruction. And has forced you to accept the decision of true change, or a final descent into ALL THAT MEN have chosen for life on earth. There is NO "middle ground/ NO going back"; your decision is either true and real and lasting change/ or real HELL AND ARMAGEDDON. This is your reality/ and it will become your truth, whether you lie/ whether you run away/ whether you cry or throw tantrums or whatever. You will choose life, or death in reality.

3. I DO NOT say to you "believe me"/ I DO SAY to you, investigate, examine the evidence, understand the consequences/ think for once in your life about something beyond your pride or want/ and accept what the truth will plainly tell you through respect: THEN DECIDE. But do place an immediate moratorium on all the things of fusion, or "big science" or genetics and more. Primary information at www.justtalking.info secondary information at www.soultalking.info and links indicated.

4. And this is just the beginning, there is much more threatening us/ all ending in the extermination of life, a civil war within the nation because we have been robbed/ and the tragedies of countless bankruptcies, the selling of the nation, the removal of our most precious industries and securities, and more threatening our financial stability and security. The children have been sold into slavery/ you have chosen to make them indebted beyond what can be paid in a thousand years. The "government" has disgraced us/ and the disrespect for all things of life is horrific as is seen in the above examples and reality.

5. Therein as directed by the implied powers doctrine case McCULLOCH V. MARYLAND (1819) It is not the taxing/ it is not the borrowing within legitimate means and purposes/ it is not the conveying of funds for the use of armies that brings this case to trial. Instead as directed by the court , when there exists a fundamental problem within the scope of the constitution: LET THE END BE LEGITIMATE, ....and using all means which are appropriate, which are plainly adapted to that end, which are not prohibited, and do consist within the letter and spirit of the constitution are constitutional.

6. Therefore as directed by the constitution, and within its fundamental means and guarantees: the disgrace/ the disrespect/ the fundamental failures/ and the critical threats to our lives as American Citizens are hereby brought to court: and the leadership is directed to peacefully assemble the people/ that they may join in the petitioning of this government for a redress of grievances: SPECIFICALLY INTENDED TO EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE/ ESTABLISH THE TRUTH/ AND FORCE THE FULFILLMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF: THAT THE NATION SHALL INDEED PROTECT US/ NOT THREATEN US, AND THOSE EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE DONE BADLY, SHALL BE REPLACED, as it is appropriate to do.
9. Amendment 4 demands the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects............by no means can this be interpreted in any other way: because it is the government that has entered every home and made insecure, and violated every american life by corrupting the money/ and making us bankrupt: so says the dept of the treasury balance sheet L.5 total liabilities and its relation to total financial assets.
1. Therefore the web site shall be opened/ the accounting shall appear and be presented to the people/ and the reality shall be assessed.

2. Amendment 14 Section 1....no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
3. Therefore in any and all states of this nation, the cause for protection (against thieves, and slavery; the money is gone) / the cause for protection (we shall not walk under the umbrella of fear from weapons of mass destruction: particularly when the USA is responsible for creating this initial fear/ and must assume responsibility for their spread world wide: These things shall be abandoned/ a world police created/ and a world of nation approached and informed we will discard and disown and destroy peacefully, if you shall also). The cause for protection ( against all the critical threats listed, and more) is our guarantee: And it is the actions of the representatives of the USA that have indeed threatened us all/ and brought us to certain civil war; unless dealt with appropriately, and legally. For all to see.


4. Amendment 14 section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion shall not be questioned [COURT COSTS BELONG TO THE USA, not me] But neither the United States nor any state shall assume to pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or ....... but all such debts, obligations, and claims shall be held illegal and void.
5. Therein we see the demand that those who do indeed bring trouble onto the United States Citizens shall NOT PROFIT from their endeavors. Meaning all those clearly responsible for defrauding the people of the United States of America shall be held to account. Meaning all those who clearly do not defend the constitution and the nation by respectful behaviors, and meaningful duty to the people of the USA shall be required to defend their behaviors to the nation.

6. The constitution article one. Section 8 provides and defends the right of the congress to "lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts, and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
7. Therefrom we are to understand the internal revenue service, a branch of the federal treasury department/ is held accountable to the congress. They work together under the auspices of constitutional guidelines: for the singular purpose of "providing for the common defense and general welfare of the United States". Therefore when it is held that the financial records of the USA are held in disrepute, and contribute to the fundamental evidence of lies: these organizations and representatives of the nation, must give an account of their work. Such is the defense of the bill or rights above, section 4/ for the people: that our employees are simply that, and as the owners of the nation, we shall have an accounting/ with distinct and real penalties for any who would be found a traitor to the people in this action of establishing truth and the security of the nation. Such is the supposition of the bill of rights section 2. The consequence of a penalty inherent to section 3. And the overall duty of being free and independent such as is represented by section 1, understands duty has a price/ and freedom must be worked for, protected, and defined without corruption.
8. Section 2 "to borrow money on the credit of the United States; does not mean to ruin the credit of the United States/ nor does it mean to sell the property of the nation to such an extent that it does indeed represent a threat to the nation itself/ nor does it mean to use money as a weapon against the people of the United States, fundamentally forcing them into bankruptcy by allowing "traps and failures of men" to prey upon the people, especially the young.
9. Due to the existence of so many threats of distinct extermination to life and the future and the children/ none of the function and foundations of the constitution can be found supported by the current existence of government, and the employees who do work for us. Therefore we must as a people defend ourselves, by assembling and demanding this full and fair legal trial, for the sake of the nation itself, and those promises, and guarantees that we are given/ and expressing in the inherent rights of life and liberty; the basis and foundation of a new approach to governing/ or a revitalization of the current government: such as the people themselves desire.
10. The court has held a strangle hold upon the people by destroying the promise of democracy, preferring frivolous actions and fundamental usurpations to the promise of WE THE PEOPLE/ by "pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism." Or more simply, the court simply obeys the rich and flushes honor down the drain. Such is the experience of my own court cases. Therefore "the backdoor" has been required/ the reality simply, because the court has closed the door to honorable questions and simple methods of access to court: money, "the only thing, the government employee gives a damn about"/ must be withheld, until they take me to court; and grant access for what is an honorable examination of the evidence and truths which we require to sustain ourselves as a people, nation, or world. Article 3 section 1 "......the judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior ....... ". Having abolished that, the court contends instead, literally "They are invincible". And as a consequence, need not obey the constitution or the purposes of the people. It is a treason.
1. The federal IRS HAS invited me to court: a letter dated Feb 10, 2007/ and received Fed 15, 2007 with the identifying numbers 7183 6086 6450 3335 4664 a caller ID 460150 And the words "CALL IMMEDIATELY TO PREVENT PROPERTY LOSS, FINAL NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY AND NOTICE OF YOUR RIGHT TO A HEARING: and here I am.

11. The fourteenth amendment declares, I DO have a right to speak in defense of this nation, and its life, even as on individual. The preamble to the constitution DOES declare I have a duty to the nation, and to the soldier, and to the children/ that cannot be denied, without denying the nation itself. The consequence being "this AIN'T no flag-waving/ this AIN'T no game: the evidence declares this is a matter of life or death to the nation and its people, and even the world. The evidence declares, that the failures of representatives for the people are boughten by all manner of stupidity and greed/ for the intent and purposes of power.
1. THE REALITY IS, the words of this trial, are held to the consequence of taxation. Wherein the people DO support their employees, and nation by contributing their work and resources, and trust. BUT IN RETURN, an accounting of principled and fair operations of governing SHALL BE RECEIVED! OR where threats to the foundation of life, the nation, the world, the children, or even the money Of these people called the United States of America: ANSWERS ARE OWED. And the court is subjected to the cost and the price of Democracy: which is literally, WE THE PEOPLE!
1. THIS IS NOT "you the government, shall declare yourselves immune".
2. THIS GOVERNMENT is We The People, and as our employees, you shall give account, as to the reality of each and every threat, implied threat, or possibility of a threat to our lives/ or to our world/ or to our children/ or to our money.
3. The burden of proof, that these things are indeed not a threat, each and every creation that will come in the course of this trial, IS YOURS. You shall prove that we are in NO danger due to your oversight or ways. The court will pay/ the court will provide women attorneys for the purpose of trial to represent the others, I will stand alone. and will not be denied the right of cross-examination.
4. The burden of penalties and rights to be defended, belong to the people of America.

The subsequent definition or creation of words, for the display of the nation, is hereby confined to the words of its preamble "this is what we choose to be"!

The words are written for understanding, and they plainly describe these simple truths: let pride NOT enslave us, therefore let us be protected by justice. Let NOT selfishness endanger our lives, therefore we band together for peace, hope, & happiness for all. Let NOT power ruin or disgrace or disrespect our lives, therefore we shall honor this nation, and ourselves with liberty and blessings for all. Such are the ways of all people who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [ Happiness is NOT the pursuit of want, want is just selfishness dignified with consumption; and the pride to see who can consume the most.]

BUT even though these words are true/ it is necessary to remember HIDDEN FROM VIEW: these people were & would become quiet and afraid, in the presence of an Indian nation, upon which genocide, rape, & brutal depravation would and was pronounced/ perhaps even more so than upon any other nation in the history of man; for they were not even taken for slaves. They were just murdered.

Therefore in men, we see both sides of humanity; those who live for truth, value, and respect/ along side with those who choose & do destroy life, through their own greed, lust, fears, and failures to act when the time clearly has come. We understand by the consequence of democracy/ the MAJORITY DO rule/ for there are always those who seek to do better; but cannot move the masses, because of their gluttonous ways. Because they are more concerned with themselves, than with life! At least, until the evidence & the reality prove their own lives are threatened; only then can change occur. Such is the way of men.

In consideration of all things, a summary seems necessary at this time. Clarity is required for the above "common criminal", which understood comes to mean; those people who refuse any part of honor, & continue in the actions and reactions of an animal: simply put it is called "I WANT". An animal uses instinct to live, or more simply he or she has a list of wants, that form the basis & foundations of their behaviors. Simple as that/ want decides, while pride forces participation either as a scape goat, cheerleader, trophy, paid "friend"/ or on the other side, becomes intoxicated with control, power, manipulation, temptation, jealousy, revenge, or violence "they will prove, they are your god, by stealing or destroying your life or whatever hurts you most". Being human requires honor, the assertion of knowledge as your own existence begins to define your own life, it is character formed from personal desire, but held within the purpose of respect through discipline. Animal survives, and uses gluttony, laziness, & sex to present their own lives with pleasure or pride. Human requires an understanding of respect, and happiness : the feeling of hope fulfilled by the presence of love, even a little love. Only then do we experience & express love or family. Animal uses power, strength, force, & fear to display individuality. Human conceives of individuality in thought, and reflects in wisdom the foundations of a life by providing honest sharing and caring to the others, as life allows. Therefrom the human animal searches for control, by presenting behaviors assigning fear or surrender to the others, or to yourself. While in human life, reality conceives of eternity due to miracles, and listens to the soul, because heart understands the concept of home.

Most of the people in prison are NOT failures/ some are even innocent. Most of the people are in prison because of "majority mis-treatment" rather than conscious degradation of the soul. Most of the people who belong in prison, are there simply because want & pride: some for fears, put them in there. Most return to prison because life has become too hard, to survive in other ways; society requires it. Therefore duty accepts the responsibility to understand, but honesty reveals the knowledge "honor first, then a full return to society". HONOR establishes the heart as a fountain that brings forth respect, and cannot stop. Because honor perceives & wonders at the miracles of all life, and describes only those decisions which support and defend these miracles/ these lives. Do think about it.

Here, the lesson of today is: in America, the reality of propaganda is so severe/ it is unlikely a more gullible nation has ever existed. YOU believe everything you are told/ pointing to USELESS information, and saying "we know"/ while the reality of lies, theft, failure, & destruction HAVE literally surrounded YOU. Consequently truth calls you "blind fools/ deaf and dumb". Unlike propaganda, whose subtlety and guile has led you with blinders on/ THIS is about knocking those blinders off, and demanding you shall wake up; before you die. Your pride will then confront you/ and your anger will grow. But the question presented is not about me/ not at this moment, even about messages/ BUT STRICTLY asks you: Are you animal, or are you human? Answer the question/ but understand being human carries with it the responsibility, duty, & honor of respect.

Here, a battleground will form: "He does not respect us; therefore let us ridicule, malign, or destroy him/ let us pay this back with revenge"; and prove we will not be treated in this way. Thereby ASKING YOU , the single question of discipline that every human being understands: DO YOU JUDGE/ OR do you let the laws of life decide? Because if you judge, then surely you are god. But if you understand the consequence of life as a society is law/ then YOU must examine the evidence, investigate the reality, and be honest with the truth you do find. Otherwise, you are nothing more than animals. It is true, respect for you is lacking, because of your choices. It is not true respect is lacking for your lives as true miracles of life. Take your pick: Only in a competent and informed decision, may you claim "human being"; for there is honor in that, and without honor, it does not belong to you/ but if you prefer, animal bites simply because you are too close, and they have become vulnerable; no trust.

I have my own truths to deal with, I DO NOT want or need yours: go to women, and let them lead you. If they don't save you/ you die, I cannot help anyone but women/ I do not lead, you decide for yourselves.

In the further realities of my own life, discipline begins to understand "I cannot think like a woman": read www.complexdestiny.info to understand the question. Because women do not think like a man/ therefore it is understood only change can accomplish this. Truth defines: that reality requires every existence that is female "to feel female" or more simply the only possibility to think like a woman is to feel like a woman. The only way I can help you to understand yourselves, is then to stop "being a man"/ a reality extremely hard to accept; I am doing the best I can. Particularly since this is "mostly" the wrong body. But the decision has been made/ the consequences of such a change; the degree of separation from what I have always been, into a reality simply beyond my comprehension, is required of me. As was true as male, life required a male spirit inside, or you cannot go beyond the boundaries of time, and remain untouched: "because the spiritual dimensions are different as well, & those who become lost, are found by the spirit of their soul, and revived, healed, and returned: or they become insane, to some degree of reality. Today, a female spirit resides in me, and my reality is "woman has become a part of me, to some degree"/ the consequence is beyond me, I cannot understand female spirituality, and if pushed beyond the boundaries of time; WILL be completely dependent upon her to reestablish life in me: the refusal to accept, will bring insanity. She has demanded, no more male/ therefore a new life will begin/ it is not a choice: it is a decision based upon the evidence that exists. A choice has no extreme consequences. Even so, the body is wrong to be woman; it is a question for which I have no answer except GOD will choose.

Irregardless of my own realities, the possibilities which confront us all, CLEARLY state: life on earth, has NEVER been more threatened, since the time of "Noah's flood". The evidence of that flood is absolute & clear; it is in the fuel in your gas tank, the heat in your home, the coal in your power plants, and more. THOSE "life forms" HAD to be buried all at once/ & from the depths at which they are found, those bodies of plants and living animals etc, could have been buried in NO other way. And from the evidence, the earth was full of life.

To survive this assault of men, WE MUST love and respect each other. To survive this assault of men, WE MUST understand the damage, disgrace, disrespect, and suicides man & woman have caused in each other. Men first, as life is by their previous decisions/ sexuality by their choice/ and threats an accumulation of their fears. To understand sex & sexuality, YOU MUST understand what you are doing to each other/ WHY you are doing it/ how to fix this/ WHO will "be in charge"/ and HOW happiness is formed. Man has had his say/ the results are clear throughout history; and his say, as a majority of men, now threaten us all with extermination of all life on earth: MAN IS DONE! PRAY FOR WOMEN.

Women are going to be in charge from the moment they enforce it/ until "forever is gone". However women have much to learn, about the consequence and truth of choosing for life. The reality of a world defined by the essence of predator and prey; does not simply surrender. A lesson therein is, if the creature follows you, it is hunting you. If the flock abandons you, they have chosen to let you die. If you are separated from the rest "like you"/ then you are an easy prey, or must be an exceptional hunter to survive. The spiritual woman inside "dictates to me": I AM their tool, their wife, & their lesson for the men of the world. I have been required to remove the ability to defend myself among women/ I have been conquered, with regard to sexuality; "I have no say". And the reality of this is simply: I have been separated from the rest, I have been subjected to the reality of what a woman must feel like in a large group of men: no power, no say, the potential for being used, abused, raped, or whatever something I have no control over at all. I don't like it, but I cannot change it. Clearly issues in me have arisen about trusting females; clearly realities of concern about the possibilities of being so vulnerable "it is just not fair". Have come about. I am not a hunter here/ nor am I willing to sacrifice anything just to stay alive; therefore I am an easy prey. My job apparently is to display what women hate because of men and why/ what they must stop doing to women/ what women do desire from men, and what men shall do for women/ and WHY the relationship that honors both, when love forms a respect that each will cherish, is the only answer for us all. This forms the "backbone of harmony in human life"/ and you must accept the price and duties as women will design; right or wrong, it is their turn to decide. Just do it/ because life will live or die accordingly. The only answer of men is war/ it is a guarantee. We must thereby LIVE DIFFERENTLY, AND with different rules; man is man "the old saying can a leopard change his spots" does apply. Therefore our reality is in the hands of women, because they are different. Whether they can honestly and honorably lead humanity is something only time can prove. This is my "second job"/ to help women "with men", by being something useful to them.

I do honestly have some hope for "not so bad, for me/ some hope" this will end quickly/ BUT it will not, as every nation of women DOES HAVE many complaints about their men. And I have no control/ no rights/ & no options at all/ but there is hope, trust will prove happiness even for me: "am I only a tool/ no, I am human too". Truth however understands the numbers are so large, my reality is entirely dependent upon those who are trustworthy controlling those who are not, like it or not, that is my reality. But mostly reality has proven to me, what is coming if you fail to find peace and harmony in each other, is beyond anything you can grasp. I on the other hand know, it is hell and Armageddon for the world: and I simply cannot do less than whatever is necessary, useful, or hopeful for you. I cannot bear the burden of not doing my best; and you will too, if your heart and soul will lead you to truth. Therefore as the man inside becomes displaced, KINDLY HONOR the woman that will replace him. The price to help you, is the complete loss of identity, the death of male, and a new purpose called female. I have no idea exactly how this relates to men/ time will tell; but do not fear it, YOU must remain men/ only then can you truly help women. I on the other hand have no idea how this will turn out/ not sexually, not physically, not mentally; women will decide, a large portion "of me": I cannot do less. The religious are certain to "cry wolf"/ but you are told in advance/ you are given all the information you require/ and you are easily more powerful than I in any matter that would allow you to be lead, women are in control. This is not "about me/ nor is it the woman who will replace me; in all probability". I am not GOD, cannot save you/ will not lead you, I have absolutely no desire for it: but you do "drive me a little crazy with your stupidity". I cannot predict anything beyond what is male; I don't understand it, it is female. I don't know how to interpret female. But you need not fear, love establishes us both/ do not trust if you wish, simply let love decide. I have not the slightest idea what being woman "heart, mind, soul/ or even perhaps body" would mean; no clue. Nor will "I", ever know, I am a man/ and what is male will die; if what is female is to come. That is because true intensity of life, forces discipline to push life itself into a spiritual dimension/ and the spirit of woman now rules inside of me. Therefore she will do as she desires, and that I am clearly told, is to create woman in me, I have no say. No say sexually, no say if or if not I will help, no say; just the knowledge of what will come if you fail. The non-religious will "cry foul"/ because they "don't want to be forced into anything": much less believe their world is ending, because of their own ways. That implies they have and had a choice, and they ruined life, and did damage to their own soul/ they ALL hate that, as primarily this group "figures to sneak in/ didn't JESUS die for all": or which ever group they wish to attach to. But the reality is, we as humanity have achieved the reality of over-powering nature/ and that puts us in charge; as now nature itself cannot survive without our considerations and work and the acceptance of limits across the world. That simple, either humanity accepts reality and truth explains what can and cannot be done/ either we share and care, in the hope and expectation of friendship guiding our ways; or you simply go to war, find your hell, because everything will die, and sink directly into Armageddon because you choose to disrespect GOD and nature, and play games with life; gambling everything, for nothing. I don't ask you to believe anything/ I AM telling you to examine the evidence, investigate the facts, define your answers, and pay the price of life. Really, is that too much to ask? Really, then work to save your life and all the rest.

The mind has begun to understand that consequences change relationships, that truth as an experience, rather than an expression becomes the essence of a feeling. And that happiness is born in a purpose distinctly chosen by participation as equals; rather than expressed by either male or female. In my life today, "the woman inside decides"/ if equal then, it is because I choose to participate in her ways. Life on earth is far too important to argue over little things.


Life is "in the balance"/ I CHOOSE LIFE!

What do you choose? If it is life, there is a price that you will pay as well/ NOT the same, but something will be required of you; is not your life and the lives of all the earth worth something of you/ to you? Heaven or hell, resides in your answer/ choose carefully, and do your best.

Do remember, as women if it is your choice to "walk alone, from me"/ then you may do so, please do your best, it is very important. I am not an issue/ sex is not an issue either, your way, not mine/ I am a possibility presented to you, for your first decision as a team for life. You must come up with your own answer/ you must decide what is in your best interest, and the best interest of the world/ but you must also pay the price of your decision; whether that be good, or bad either way. It is your choice. I honestly have no say/ the reality and truth I see in your future is far too severe; I simply cannot refuse. UNLESS, I see in you nothing more than selfishness and pride; I will NOT work for these/ but will ask GOD to leave. But even so, I can simply not help/ if that is your choice. The days will end when there is a choice; time is critical and extremely important; don't wait. Find a group/ make a group/ join some groups/ simply do whatever you can do. There is a short reprieve from critical work, that you may join in trial and support every claim, and every concern/ but do not get comfortable, every day counts.

The consequence of truth is a hope that becomes a foundation capable of life. The distance expressed in LIES, THEFT, & FAILURE as has become the American reality; defines a situation that cannot survive, without change.

America resides in financial lies; A destruction of values created by the single excuse "we DON'T WANT to pay". America constructs "a guillotine" purposely described to define theft, as the decision to sacrifice the young, by taking, polluting, or destroying everything they need. America destroys the future, by every fear of death their own leaders have pronounced upon them. The truth convicts this leadership; and the majority of men (as men do control this society & the world), and the university as these have each worked, participated in, and chosen the various tragedies that we DO now face.

Truth allows however, that it is still true we can change the outcome of these decisions, by recreating life, instead of tragedy.

LIFE means a truth has been conceived, a reality given the freedom of thought: within the boundaries of its existence. And the potential in humanity, from these moments; to become more than existence: simply, a foundation dedicated to eternity. Hope is the essence of creation, the bounty of a seed placed within consequences, as truth designs, controls, and conceives of a relationship that becomes spiritual by every expanse of destiny. Destiny is expressed & experienced by the movement of freedom as it displaces time within your soul. Therefrom soul, describes your identity without time, and becomes the intensity of your work as a life born to creation itself. From here discipline distinguishes an opportunity in freedom, that BELONGS to honor. It is from honor that hope arises to become RE-BORN as the blessing of a faith, beyond borders or obstructions; a place beyond time where honesty reveals essence and structure as the elements of wisdom. It is faith that asserts an identity capable of such respect, "that YOU will become "a daughter or son of GOD "! LIFE is the relationship we share with GOD. It is a bond created beyond movement, freedom, or thought to become the description of family/ the acceptance within of a true respect, for a reality beyond our comprehension. From here, eternity begins.

Do not fear, judge, or measure/ simply PRAY, REPENT, LOVE and enter within truth as the foundation of all hope, the purpose of your honor, and the destiny of your own desire. As a foundation for this world, we must seek honor/ the evidence of that honor is in how nobility is revealed in you. Nobility means, the essence of a friendship given, that need not be feared; you will never be sold, never ridiculed, never mis-trusted, you have proven that life is more important, and love more valued, and truth more precious, to you; than anything humanity wants. You have become more than pride or power or selfishness; you are alive.

These are now the 4 basic facets of conversation: the consequence of society/ the ability to understand the difference between surrender and the honesty of a better way/ the reality of a freedom to be individual, rather than confronted by "mass media indoctrination" (you don't have to be ruled)/ and the conception of realities that are more than simple things, more than a life that can be defined by another human being. You are then given the opportunity to choose your tools, and begin in the search for an audience to understand the fate of this world, is literally in your hands. In the same way that I have had to look for an audience, to protect the world from its own insanity/ YOU must now work for the same. Do not throw the world away, for selfishness or worse. Do not throw away your own life.

The race has begun, to see if insanity will achieve its goals, of continuing the lies, the cheating, the stealing, and the violence to all the earth and everything you require for survival, OR if what is left of sanity will work for life, and cherish the opportunity to survive, and build a better world. YOU WANT, but that is ended/ because you have made nature succumb to your will: you now control your fate/ because nature can no longer sustain you by repairing all the damage you do. Therefore it is up to humanity to choose life, rather than simply want more: more does not exist here, anymore. You are very many people, with very many wants/ and if you won't share or care or understand that limits are the only thing that will keep you alive/ and sustain peace; then you will die. It is not a hard concept: "you live in a small room now with too many people/ there is no exit/ and if you try to kill some, it will be horrendous, and none will survive." You must limit population growth. You must understand reality and accept truth as it is, not as you wish or fantasize it to be. What we do have, is what we can use for our benefit/ what we do not have in this moment, is irrelevant until it can be used: therefore stop whining, and start doing what you can do today, tomorrow will not come, if you fail. The insane are already angry/ their numbers are multiplying every day; because they have wants, and pride, and plans: and these things "ruin everything in their little minds". The insane cannot comprehend, or more clearly and correctly refuse to understand that the world is now full, and all the damage humanity has done threatens every life on earth, and all the weapons and the ways of men have become a true threat of extermination to all the earth. The insane refuse to accept they cannot be gods/ and their intent for "big science" is to prove they can destroy/ if not allowed to play god anymore. You WILL contend with them/ and you WILL take away their tools and their opportunity, or they will kill you and the entire earth; you need not believe/ it will be proven to you, if you fail to do this, and very soon. The insane are certain, "if they don't see it/ if they don't hear it/ if they keep people from saying it; then they win". Consequently people will be assaulted or killed; and I AM "the number one target". The insane hide in their fears, and look to murder, believing they can control the terrors inside. Even though for a little while, it will be true/ very quickly if this occurs to any degree, TERROR and HORRIFIC REALITIES will seek to consume them in every way, both very slow, and very fast. You cannot run away from the death of the earth/ I cannot run away from the tragedy that faces you, and life on earth; although I can quit, if there is no purpose in you/ no passion in you/ no love or respect in you to prove you are worth the price. The religious are useless for the most part, commonly using excuses for anything but life. Let them prove otherwise. The evidence proves, the law of reality and true decides, the consequence is determined by a human commitment to honor: and YOU become the jury, by the admission of your heart/ and the ways of your life on this earth. You are being judged today, and until judgment is pasted. It is insane to run and hide/ it is insane to want to remain as you are, because you will die in hell and Armageddon/ it is insane to remain under the leadership of men/ it is insane to believe in fantasies/ it is insane, not to confront your reality and your truth, and fix them as best you can. To do this, you must face the problems of humanity without compromise; to do this you must accept the price of survival is learning about each other/ being true friends with each other/ honoring life/ accepting sexual behavior must change/ and in simple words just respecting life, all life, all the time, forever. As do I, there is no wishing here/ you must you what you do have/ you must simply do the best you can.

The world of humanity itself, will despise this message of life or death/ after all, it reveals their lack of respect, their failures, and their future without true change. When was the last time you found someone to listen to you? Honestly? Therefore understand, if you cannot listen/ they truly will not listen: but recognize as well, it is not your job to save anyone, all are already saved; they just have to accept. Saved means. I have heard the reality with my heart/ I have found in the love envisioned a home in eternity/ I have surrendered my fate, to my CREATOR. If this is not true in you, then you are not " saved." This is a choice, only you can make for yourself/ but if you do make it, then you will live the reality, or it is a lie. Do not give up, do not surrender, do not say "this is too hard"; GOD Is on your side. But do remember this is not about what HE can do/ rather this is about what humanity will do, and human behavior demands to die, from their lack of respect, caring, or sharing even in this day today. Therefore if humanity does not change, it will get its true desire, and be allowed to consume itself. That is the price of your consumption; it is clear and obvious that you are consuming the world and all of its life/ and without an acceptance in truth of your new realities; YOU WILL CONSUME YOURSELVES. In every sense of the word. The choice belongs to women/ as men have already made their decision, to destroy life on earth: think not, look again at your weapons of mass destruction, and everything else. Therefore if the majority of women can lead you back to sanity/ can save you and the children from yourselves, then you will live, according to the work you will do. If they cannot choose to lead you, to honor and honesty and discipline; then to hell and Armageddon you will go. HELP THEM, or die. Give them control, even if they don't want it/ they have no choice but to condemn the world to death. "Like it or not, does not matter."

I do wish you well, I am not here to hurt you/ I cannot pronounce judgment on you (although I can curse men, for specific things). I am not a religious anything/ I am a believer in GOD AND JESUS. I have not come subtly, apart from "the care necessary to insure trial"/ and even their it is only me that can suffer from the ridicule, etc. This is about you/ this has always been about you/ this is my job to tell you of a future you cannot endure, that you cannot survive. It is your job, to survive by changing your ways, and becoming honorable, disciplined, honest, respectful, and with enough courage & prayer to survive and do much better.

The world must change, but that only means new and different things. It will change, but it is your decision and especially the decision of women who will decide what happens in the future. It is true, that every woman who has "had their period" will vote/ it is true the majority of these must choose life with honor, sharing, caring, love, hope, and respect FOR GOD TOO, or you die. It is not a hard decision/ but the battleground with want and pride/ selfishness and power/ hatred and violence should not be considered easy or free. I have told you what you do need to know/ I have advertized as much as is appropriate or necessary/ I have delivered the time table to you/ and have prepared you as much as possible for the work you must do. It is your turn!

As to women and me; or woman in me; I honestly have no idea what is coming or not/ only time will tell, as I am completely without a clue. I just live, and work within my own reality each day. You will choose, my ability to choose between women and me is gone. The consequence of even a little failure is too harsh, you have to choose/ AND you have to accept the consequences of your choice for my life, even if you don't want to. I have been given to you.

The reality is, whether you believe in the choice presented to you or not/ the lies of men HAVE already begun the "domino effect", and truth says, unless you intervene: all die. Truth doesn't care/ time is relentless/ this is not a game/ and reality will come, just like a fire; hiding in your closet will not save you. Choose.



DATED 4/10/07






THE REFUSAL TO OBEY THE LAW, contradicts the most basic realm of our reality as a nation of law.


TRIAL 07-2040


THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A REFUSAL TO PAY/ ONLY THE DEMAND TO ATTAIN A COURT HEARING IN THE MATTERS DECLARED. WHEN THE COURT DOES THIS/ THE MONEY WILL BE PAID. THERE IS NO QUESTIONS/ AND THERE IS NO REFUSAL. Strictly a right to question my government and be heard/ as the law/ and the invitation to go to court by the IRS in this matter has been accepted by me.

THE IRS HAS MOVED TO LEVY ACCOUNTS AND ASSETS ! And BREAKS THE LAW, CREATING IN EFFECT A CRIMINAL TRESPASS. Because they have no right to seize or control or in any other form create a system or a reality that would jeopardize my freedom to pursue my right to a legal action within the courtrooms of the USA.

it is demanded of this courtroom of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA That the law, and the right of trial be granted to me. It is demanded this courtroom of the USA shall indeed step in and render the IRS mute and refuse them all access to any possession of mine/ OR any other action that might be open to them where a court trial is not "in session". I do hereby and herewith DEMAND the protection of the court/ in the validity of an action within the court. There is no refusal to pay/ BUT THAT ALSO MEANS: THE COURT OF AMERICA, MUST DO YOU JOB/ AND UPHOLD THE LAW


image of federal filing






DATED: 4/ 16/ 07

TRIAL 07-2040

RE: the collusion and disgrace of the IRS and court system in its conclusion to break the law and serve a levy upon my account. IS A VIOLATION of my right to due process in a court of law. Thereby a criminal act, without justification/ as both entities understand and need no notification from me, that while in court, I am immune from these punitive attempt to dissuade, control, and prejudice my right to trial.

WITHOUT CAUSE; the court being fully informed, in every manner sufficient to meet the need to intervene, in a clearly punitive and disgraceful act of breaking the law/ with the apparent full approval of the court/ and the legal office of the IRS in Chicago IL.

WITHOUT A RIGHT: the court and the IRS fight to disrespect and trespass against a citizen of the United States. Discarding the fair and legal intent of judicial process/ and playing mafia: “I can hurt you; I can take your right to courtroom process away/ and no one will even hear you cry”. I have presented/ paid for/ and pursued a courtroom case to demand an accounting from the government. They demand an accounting of me/ I demand an accounting from them; it is fair. I am in fact invited into district court by the IRS , and having taken up their invitation to trial; they now break the law, as I have a legal right to immunity until that trial is over. There are no issues over money/ only the demand for an accounting.

TODAY, I DEMAND THE PROTECTION OF THE WHISTLE-BLOWER ACT as provided by congress/ AND the necessary addition of lawyers for the nation itself, as what affects me/ what is an accounting to prove LIES/ STEALING/ CHEATING/ AND TREASON are not going on IS a matter of national interest and national citizen guarantees to us all. This case MUST now be extended in every sense to the battleground of a fair and disciplined courtroom/ fully functioning in the pursuit of truth, FOR THE PURPOSE OF WE THE PEOPLE, and within the protections of the law. NOT a disgraceful and disgusting array of fools.

TODAY, I DEMAND A NEW JUDGE IN THIS CASE, as there is clear and certain prejudice and contempt within the court and the IRS. These employees are thereby and therein accused of corruption and should be dismissed. If there is no protection in the law/ if there is no respect for courtroom procedure, irregardless of who brings the lawsuit: then there is no justice, because there is clearly no respect.

THE CONSTITUTION DOES give me the right to contest with the employees of my government/ wherein clear evidence exists as to fraud/ criminal conspiracy/ and intentional treason; having removed the stability of this nation by trading its wealth/ for worthless numbers. Having lied about inflation, and extending the debt to numbers beyond all ability to pay. Having instituted with reckless abandon, all intent to respect the people, and sustain a credit and monetary system that could be valued as real. These employees are demanded to show the records/ and these employees are reminded, there will be penalties for any coverup. There is NO ALLOWANCE in the constitution for making the country bankrupt. There is NO ALLOWANCE for selling the resources and property of the USA to foreigners, simply to cover up the fraud of employees who have trespassed against us. THERE IS NO ALLOWANCE FOR LYING TO THE PUBLIC. And there is NO allowance for acting as a criminal organization in any form/ and discarding my legal rights, to force a payment/ and then declare “he has no rights/ he paid”. This is subterfuge/ the dishonor of a disease among those who believe neither law or the people have a right to know what they have done. There IS NO presidential privilege/ NO judicial immunity/ NO IRS power or privilege that allows the constitution and the people to be disgraced/ disrespected/ or diseased. THE LAW RULES/ not the pathetic employee, that does not deserve his or her job. The employees of government shall not establish a domestic violence against us, “the people of the United States”/ as is the act of violating the sanctity of a courtroom , and pursuing with intent: the removal of its guarantees to the people. And the clear and certain FRAUD as does exist, and is the purpose of this case to uncover/ and resolve as fairly as possible for the people. And for me.

THE LAW amendment 4 of the constitution states clearly: that I do have a right to be secure in “my person, house, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures; and these shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons to be seized. THE RIGHT: within the courtroom of the USA, I as a plaintiff do have the right of immunity until such time as I have been proven guilty of a failure to pay taxes. No such thing exists, as I have made it clear in all documents, my purpose and only purpose here, is to attain an accounting based upon the facts: that the numbers presented by “the government” are liars, and must be proven: that the people in charge have not stolen our money. Simple as that. All taxes paid upon the end of trial or at the time the judge, in connection with this trial says pay up. BUT NOT until that trial begins/ and is subject to public participation.

THE LAW amendment 7 states: in suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars the right to trial by jury shall be preserved........ THE RIGHT; Having clearly and without doubt heard on nationally broadcast media: that the new debt for 2005-2006 had exceeded 8.2 trillion dollars in just 4 months or so/ the reality is in a land of 50 million workers that equals $164,000.00 one hundred and sixty four thousand dollars per worker in new debt/ just for the first 4 months of the year 2006. Prove this is NOT bankruptcy/ prove there is NO FRAUD in these numbers. THE LAW amendment 13 neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted shall exist in the USA THE RIGHT: We are enslaved by numbers without meaning/ we are forced into servitude, because our leaders allowed “the money” to become worthless. We are forced in a land of 87 trillion dollars worth of debt in June of 2005/ extrapolated to a minimum of about 100 trillion dollars debt today. And in a land claiming to have 109 trillion dollars in assets in July of 2005 (after moving 3 trillion dollars from the debt column to the asset column)/ extrapolated to a minimum claim today of at least 120 trillion dollars, equals this reality> 100 trillion divided by 50 million workers/ who are required to pay the debt, or it will not be paid= a nation of workers, who each owe 2 million dollars. The claim of 120 trillion in assets, divided equally among 300 million people (every face you see/ babies and all)= a per person claim of $400,000.00 four hundred thousand dollars each. To work for numbers without any buying power (those without billions or even millions)/ when compared with all those who hold numbers in the billions/ or at least multimillions is simple slavery, as at any moment of any day; with their numbers “they can act as masters/ over us as slaves/ because this relationship is literally THAT UNFAIR. Money is work, time, and resource: and our numbers as the general public, in relation to the numbers that exist for billionaires PROVE we are simply slaves to them. By inflating REAL MONEY to these numbers and lying about it/ covering it up/ and even selling the nation to foreigners to hide all these things: treason exists. And this courtroom is attempting to cover it up.

THE LAW amendment 14 section 1 all persons born....... NO state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. THE RIGHT: where is my due process/ where is my equal protection/ where is my immunity as a litigant in the process of trial. I demand an answer. The IRS is not above the law/ the courtroom employee, is not a god, and makes no law; HE OR SHE IS PAID TO ENFORCE THE LAW. Not be a bastard, consuming the law, for the purpose of ridicule and disrespect. Where is my army of WE THE PEOPLE/ because this reality of disgrace and disrespect threatens us all.

THE DEMAND: BRING ME TO TRIAL/ and provide the lawyers of my choosing, to represent the interests of the people of this UNITED STATES. The lawyers who WILL protect the constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ and its citizens. Bring to me, the attorney generals of every state in the nation, as we are all under attack, by those who have terrorized the money/ and made us all bankrupt.

CASE STUDIES Munn v. IL 1877 “ public has a direct and positive interest” .... Because it is “clothed with a public interest” Noble state bank v. Haskell 1911 upheld a state plan for the compulsory insurance of bank deposits as consistent with the due-process clause of the fourteenth amendment. The court reasoned that the police power extends to all great public needs; that such needs embrace the enforcement of the primary conditions of successful commerce; and that the guarantee of bank deposits, upon which the security of check currency depends, may properly be regarded by a state legislature as a condition of successful commerce.

THE FOUNDATION LAID, according to amendment 10 of the constitution of the USA. Quote: those powers not delegated to the USA by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

THEREIN the question of FRAUD AND THEFT AND THE SUBSEQUENT MATTER OF TREASON exists against those officials of government of the USA, in the matter of the people and their money/ their pensions/ their wealth/ and even their nation! That fact fundamentally challenges every state/ and every government of every state to join in this trial in protection of the people within that state, to confirm or deny: that we are indeed bankrupt/ and must begin again. In court/ for fairness to all/ and equality for life.

THEREIN, the question of protection/ the stated purpose of the constitution to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.

BECOMES THE REALITY, every single precept of this constitution is under fire/ and a civil war exists from within. Those employees intended to lead us to the realities of these statements/ have made war against us. BECOMES THE TRUTH, every threat that has arisen to kill/ maim/ hurt/ or destroy us “even as money can destroy/ or the lack of it”. MUST NOW BE TAKEN TO COURT BY WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. AND IN SO DOING/ THESE THREATS SHALL BE ELIMINATED IN THEIR ENTIRETY.

The three biggest threats we face are at a simple level of understanding, the removal of all value from the american dollar. The weapons of mass destruction, that can end life on earth at any insane moment of men or women/ CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN. Therefore all military and government efforts shall turn to negotiations with every nation/ AND THE REMOVAL OF THESE FROM THE WORLD, by every means possible. The destruction of resources at every level of elemental or environmental concern.

Therein the people are forced, because their world has changed/ and must join lest the nation be lost. Because it is lies that brought us here/ and only truth will save us as a nation, or a world. YOU MUST WORK FOR JUSTICE/ or you will get the rewards you deserve, for abandoning your government/ “to suck the tit of evil, by stroking your fears with insanity”. WAKE UP, or you will die.


THIS DEMAND FOR TRIAL/ AND FOR HELP FROM THE STATES THEMSELVES, AND THE PEOPLE PERSONALLY TO DEFEND AND PROTECT THE NATION are no game. Either you get off your ass, and do your job: or you fail, And enter violent civil war/ Because there is plenty of hate among the people, for making them slaves, and stealing their future: if you destroy their hope and faith in government as well / then their revolt is near. Just how life is. This is a demand to the state leaders/ that it is not the federal employees that constitute a power to regulate federal governments> rather that is held by the constitution, and its instructions. Therein as was intended, and is real: the constitution controls the power of government/ and the rule of government is by and for the protection of the people: NOT the protection of employees accused of criminal actions and deceit. On our behalf, the Declaration of Independence says it simply: .... for the support of this declaration (the liberty and freedom of the people) , with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. WHAT THEN SAY YOU. I AM NOT YOUR LEADER! You will choose/ you will work/ you will seek justice and opportunity for all: or you will get what you deserve/ because the lies are dying. And truth doesn’t care. ONLY LOVE CARES.

EVIDENCE BEGINS with the copy included from the federal reserve. gov site controlled by the treasury of the USA L.5 Total Liabilities and its relation to Total Financial Assets. Copied on the date January 15, 2004 And assumes the site has been shut down “for cooking the books” thereby we begin farther back in history, and seek what has been changed.

Balance Sheet 2004 as of January 15 and includes 3rd quarter 2003 from www.federalreserve.gov

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