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The interview:

I am not against the courtroom/ I am for justice, equality, and fair play. I am not establishing parameters of behavior or mental description beyond your ability to understand them/ I am getting past the guard dogs, that form a battleground of intent; hired to protect the status quo. And that takes cunning, and deliberate actions. The game is over/ therefore what is personal to me, simply remains personal to me; and you are not invited.

More important than these things are the realities that must now be defended against in YOUR ATTEMPTS to establish what is true and real as a democracy called WE THE PEOPLE. YOU are in the door, with me/ but we are not free yet, because the money controls the employees of our government! The constitution and its related papers; the law that is just and fair according to the constitution and its related papers", cannot be defeated! BUT are you going to surrender without a fight/ the money will not, they will fight: therefore prepare for a battle. Understand this, we are the people who make this nation work! The money is simply "what is left over, beyond what we need to survive: even in "master and slave/ the owner feeds the slave to keep him working; that is not money". Money is what you didn't need to survive, and can make choices with. Therefore as they threaten you "without money" recognize realistically: all you truly need in this time is food, water, and minimal other needs. Make the decision to do what is needed to return the country to you. Make the decision to "do your own thinking" rather than always taking the easy way, and using the trash that you are given. There are NO experts/ there is freedom and truth/ or there is selfishness, power, pride, and greed: take you pick/ but understand there is no going back. Life is truly at the crossroads, and this is a decision you will make for life or death/ of this planet called earth. Treat it seriously.

Therefore understand this well, and prepare for yourselves as to what you are willing to do in peace/ and what you are willing to do in war, if that is necessary. Remember this, war is always about the rich people, never about the poor, until they are so many: "someone simply has to die"! Because the rich move behind the scenes and control the realities involved/ the smart people are hired by the rich to control the people themselves. Therefore war is the rich against the poor, remember that if the shooting begins: don't look at yourselves/ don't fight in your neighborhoods, go to the rich man's neighborhood, and fight there! All other war such as terrorists provide, is about poverty, and giving up on life/ america is a target, because of television: they now know how gluttonous and greedy you are.

My decision here, is simple: I AM TIRED OF BEING THREATENED/ TIRED OF LIVING IN A PLACE OF LIARS, THIEVES, & CHEATS. Therefore what is necessary to bring true change to this life, and this country, and this world is given to that change, and its hopeful outcome of peace on earth. The change to women leaders, is the most complete change that can occur. The reality of those who do not act/ but rather react instead, a more appropriate reality to the consequence of our existence as a world today. They are truly different inside/ which means, no matter what they do, it will not be the very same as men. And in every possible historical connotation, in a situation that we will clearly face due to the choices men have made: men will prove, "only WAR is left to us soon". Because history proves that is their answer, and as a man, I know, that is their answer! Because the threats to our lives, our world, and nature itself, are massive and real/ WE MUST HAVE TRUE CHANGE! Failure here is your death, the death of the world, and the end of life on earth; because we are running out of resources (war)/ we are crippling ourselves with a population crisis (war)/ you have allowed an economic crisis and theft of hundreds of millions of people, if not literally billions of people (war)/ you are choosing to crucify nature(DNA STRUCTURE) and that means mutilation and no possibility to survive even without war (we cannot fix this/ therefore we CANNOT GAMBLE WITH NATURE). AND MORE.

There are issues of behavior/ statements of "questionable manhood; in the eyes of some"/ and simple realities of a life in search of truth, that are now formed for your consumption. I regard them as a necessary price to achieve the objective of a trial to decide the fate of life on earth. You will kindly, find some respect, if you can/ IF NOT "I just don't care". The fundamental truth is real, the critical decision of how to get past the guard dogs "of the few, who control the rest"/ is applied by a biblical passage. Wherein david of the old testament is captured by his enemies, and literally goes insane. I doubt it was planned; but even so, surrounded by those who hated him/ those he was responsible for killing and warring against; they let him go. As a reality of today, "the introduction of a spiritual woman to my life" seems the perfect muse, to establish "the necessary insanity" to be ignored/ until it is too late.

Today, the reality is: YOU HAVE become the inheritors of these cases, although I am still useful, "but not required", for a few fundamentals. The reality is live or die, because these threats are able to kill us all, therefore: YOU SHALL PROCEED, as this case before the USSC, with or without me. It is about the nation, the future, and life on earth/ and you are in the door, and cannot be thrown out, unless you are willing to whimper and die like a dog being beaten, because of the true insanity of man. Threats aside/ this is about WE THE PEOPLE, and to that end you will now prove YOU, ARE THE OWNERS OF THIS NATION/ or the "rich and powerful" will prove they are. It will be one way or the other/ there is no in-between. DO BE AWARE: the powerful are that, because they have obtained methods and manners, to control you: even if you say no, "billions of dollars in advertizing proves you CAN be made to do as they say". They have paid "the smart people to study you"/ so they can create propaganda that directs you anywhere they want you to go; and it works far too well. Don't think so, when was the last time you questioned the news? When was the last time the news actually provided real information to you, that was useful as a decision for you to make? Are you not fed only a diet of tears, fears, or useless information? Take a real look at ethanol production: we DO NOT have the water resources available/ SIMPLE AS THAT. Therefore every penny you put into ethanol production will be lost! Therefrom the entire "breadbasket of the nation" will be turned into a desert, simply because as you lower the water table (that which keeps the plants alive/ the rain only makes it grow) a desert will occur; and there is no possibility of recovery. Even financially, water is a far more important resource, than "fuel, to drive to nowhere". The media KNOWS the problems with water/ but nothing said: because the money doesn't like it/ insanity rules, reality does not: a simply matter of want absolutely controlled by the money/ who gives a damn about the future, "its less than 7 years away"! And the money says: WE DON'T WANT the people anywhere near a real decision/ WE WILL DECIDE/ let them slave.

Today, you will fix that/ today you will support the reporters that give you honest news instead of propaganda. Today you will seek in court the removal of all corporate interests in the news, by proving the news shall be free: no editors, but the people. Because without mass media to inform, you cannot reach a consensus about anything. But if the mass media simply tempts and controls as is true of today; providing nothing but trash before the people, as they are NOT allowed anything more "the money does the talking". Change this, or you die/ because the simple truth is: If you don't follow the truth, you will die. Free the news/ take away the money that controls the news/ provide all access including presidential conference and chambers/ cabinet meetings and the rest; and find your answers.

As to the spiritual woman inside of me, as stated/ she exists, and I guarantee it was this influence that changed the reality of how I intended to fight for life on earth from "an action"/ to the consequences of this as a reaction, that then presents a decision for you to make; and thereby a simple court case to discuss the matter; rather than the male expression of a demand to listen. Your understanding is extremely limited of me and spirituality, therefore don't judge, what you don't understand.

My advise to you is simple: the court will proclaim "didn't follow procedure, ETC"! Tell them you are the owner/ and we are telling you what to do. WE ARE THE OWNERS, now act like it, and do your duty/ be a true patriot to your nation: NOT just a flag waver, and fix this damned mess, before it consumes you and the world.

The ending IS more important, than how you get there/ the reality of why, more important than what you do to attain your goals of life : unless you are using violence/ then it is based upon reality, and the truth that exists in this situation. We are reduced to a "goal" because the rich and powerful, have reduced the nation and our lives to games! It has been necessary to play the game/ IT IS NOW NECESSARY, to stop every game: and deal only with reality and truth! "That is your mission in life/ for this time on earth". I have no interest in leading you/ choose women, because in the world that is coming; if you don't negotiate and mediate and react instead of acting as men do/ you will not survive. Reality says, the population crisis, will only increase every problem and every nation will be threatened. Men do not negotiate, or mediate/ history proves, they will war. The truth is not "fair or balanced"/ the truth is an action dictated by the realities of what has occurred, and what shall now happen because these things have occurred. The consequence of truth, is then not a supposition "of the press/ the religious/ or want, pride, or power". Rather truth is a validation of energy and its impact upon mass/ and how that forms the environment within which we live. More simply: truth is formed in the disciplines of a behavior that neither wants, suggests, prides itself, is selfish, or whatever/ instead truth asserts, what will be/ is established by what exists, why this exists, and what is now influencing the environment to change its behavior. These are reportable realities, and fundamental descriptions that can be deduced, studied, educated within society/ and changed, because it is the reality that produces the truth. Change the reality/ and the consequence changes as well.

To that end, I will help women to lead you/ I will help women understand the realities that face them as best I can, " because it is literally a man's world today"/ and to defeat them, you must know them. If they do choose to lead life on earth, and they work honestly and honorably/ they will win. That is my only promise to you, for the future. The question of women us not so simple as those who have learned cunning to change some of the behaviors of men. The question of women is simply, do they choose to "save life on earth"? If so, the next 3 years will tell you, the truth. The evidence, will prove who should lead us into life/ or these 3 years will indeed, if you fail to do the work: prove that men have killed us all. It is just a matter of time, and it will not be long. This is not a game, and the evidence itself will convince the people of earth, that real change is not only necessary: it is the only possibility of life. If you fail to even go to trial/ then time will be much shorter, world war 3 will be the end of life on earth. Like it or not, it is the decision you will make. The proof, "your dead".

My job here is simply done. I have otherwise, hereby accomplished the purpose for which I began. The lawsuit is yours to prosecute/ yours to decide, although I will do my part; it is your decision, as the people of the United States.

A reality of life, leads to this statement: being too focused on "the machinery" of this moment in time/ I failed to see "the humanity facing me, until it was almost too late. Accidents happen, but sorry, etc does not help: prayer and thanks for an avoidance to GOD , is my only answer. But in that moment, things changed/ and instead of an attack against the supreme court to any degree: too focused on the failure of men! I returned to the honesty that every life involved, was far more important than focusing on the fight (a male response). Therefore the preliminary version of the supreme court trial is reduced in its focus, and enlarged in its purpose for life on earth. Leaving far less room for fighting/ and far more discipline for life, and every purpose of hope in human existence.

IT IS now your turn to fight for more than want or jealousy or pride/ it is your turn to fight for life, and democracy. This is not a "rebellion of any kind"/ this is democracy in action: the purpose of which is to establish an opportunity for all the people to be educated in the decisions that will be affecting their lives. The reality of a world in trouble, and what will you pay, to survive. AND this trial is witness to you/ that whatever comes, even if you never go to trial, it is still the decision you have made: BECAUSE more than enough information has been provided, in every way to all walks of life, on a continuing basis for many years now. I DO NOT tell you anything, except truth knows reality will soon change/ and beyond a specific moment in time, your opportunity to survive will fail. Therefore you must understand what your truth is/ YOU MUST CHANGE, or you die, because "to date" that is what you have chosen for yourselves, by letting men and money lead you. Instead of truth and life, and women. Like it or not, "judgment day has arrived"/ because unlike those who "preach in the streets"/ that is the message from reality; that is the truth of what you have chosen. As has been required of me, you too must look at the evidence itself/ irregardless of what you wish to believe, or want for or from your life, and decide what is true. If you fail to accept the evidence/ then reality will prove "just how wrong you were". This is not a game, critical thresholds will soon be surrendered, and there will be no mercy to turn back. Make your decision, as if your life in truth depended upon this answer/ because it does.

You WILL remember as well, that I do nothing to you/ but give you this opportunity to change, and thereby to live. If you prefer to die/ you may. I am not responsible for your debts/ not your lying, cheating, or stealing/ not responsible for your gluttony or consumption/ not responsible for your failure to understand the truth, that it takes water to make the ethanol you plan, and it is not my fault, if you choose to make a desert out of your farms, and starve as you thirst and war over water. Not my fault when mutilation and curses beyond number suddenly overtake nature, and everything ordered, becomes in chaos. Not my fault when reality shoves you into war, and all your weapons of mass destruction fall upon your heads. Not my fault for all that has been done/ I am simply here to tell you without true and real and lasting change: YOU are going to die! Not a judgment of GOD / a decision that you have made, and if you do not change: then a decision for all life on earth to enter into hell. Because you just didn't care enough to listen, to think, to understand: not even for the sake of your own life. How pathetic, that I must even tell you this. Choose: your pride, your want, and your power/ Or your life. Time is running out.

NO other interview will be given/ NO PICTURES, NO IMAGES/ NO DESCRIPTIONS, including vehicles, etc will be allowed: YOU can be sued, for taking what is my personal possession, by body/ myself, and selling it for your gain. This is a theft. Do I look afraid of court? The purpose here is simply: it is unnecessary, and only serves to make me a bigger target. Thank you for your cooperation. They ARE going to ridicule me/ they are going to laugh at my life/ they are going to stoop to disgrace and complete disrespect/ etc. Prepare yourselves; but always remember this clearly: I AM NOT a decision you will make/ all these things are about the leadership of men, and where that leadership has taken you/ and where you go next/ without change. I am not your savior, not your enemy, or your friend in simple terms: I bring you this message to change, or die. That is my job/ and that is what has been done. If you don't believe the evidence/ it is your choice: simply don't believe. But if you believe the evidence and recognize the truth therein, and still turn away from reality: YOU WILL be convicted of sending the rest of life to hell, of terrorizing nature, because you knew better and turned away/ and of choosing to assassinate every future life that would have come! I will suggest to you, that hades/ eternities punishment, will NOT forget YOU. This is not a game/ life or death for a world, is coming very soon.

James F. Osterbur