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HOW shall we remove them: nuclear, biological, chemical

HOW shall we remove the terrorists from among us

WHEN shall we demand force, if you refuse to comply

WHY shall we allow, the risk to exist: both to leave them in place/ and to remove them by any force necessary; [ONLY the weapons of mass destruction] nothing else.


HOW do we stop the coming depression/ WHY is this real

HOW do we stop the liars/ traitors from attacking our lives because of money

HOW do we stop rampant failure/ because liars rule the government and business, because those who are lazy and proud accept bribes

WHY do we need order and discipline in money/ what are the true lessons of numbers without value or substance

WHEN liars come, what will be their penalty/ when thieves exist, what shall be done to them, and why

THE INSANITY of today, exists only because of greed: you shall then decide/ WHAT shall be done to the greedy

THE FAILURE that exists today/ to destroy tomorrow if left alone; exists only because of want and selfishness/ WHAT then shall be done to the selfish, and how shall want be destroyed

THE DESTRUCTION OF LIFE, by all potential threats, exists today: only because of pride/ WHAT THEN shall be done about the proud, and when, and why

THE REALITY OF DIVIDING what is left/ understands the need to be fair to those who have worked hard all their lives. The question of fair is not based in "desire"/ the reality of fair is understood by discipline. Therefore discipline says: the poor first/ shall get their share, according to the percentage of saving THEY DID with the assets available to them. In other words, if you earned a hundred dollars in your lifetime/ and hold assets of one dollar/ then your percentage of savings is one percent. It is unrealistic to believe anyone has saved a bigger percentage of earnings than me/ therefore whatever that is will become a base line for maximum considerations. The "rich" get what is left/ after the workers get their share. They are after all the people who say: "even if the money were divided equally/ THEY would get all the money back in just 5 to 7 years". Let them prove it. After all, are they not the ones who say: "I never buy unless someone really, really wants to sell/ & I never sell unless someone really, really wants to buy". This is not about buying or selling/ therefore want is last.


WHAT is the path of honor, and WHY

HOW do we change want, into discipline

WHEN does order overrule freedoms

WHEN does freedom overrule rules or laws/ the failures of those who want to control

WHY does happiness need freedom

WHO is a leader: WHO will follow truth & let reality decide

WAR is OUR CHOICE/ it is not for an employee

REALITY demands: the consequence shall choose the work, life shall be protected first. ALL life.


HOW do we guarantee accuracy from those who try to lead us/ what is the penalty for lying, and threatening all life on earth: from this moment on

HOW do we change behaviors that clearly destroy/ how shall people accept truth

WHY are the children important/ just how important are they, and what will you surrender, because they need it tomorrow?

WHEN are limits too extreme/ our lives need too

WHAT is the foundation of every eco-system, and HOW do we protect it for life/ how do we demand only what has respect for the living/ NOT for money, but for life

WHO will decide the major issues: by government (public vote), or by law

WHAT are the rights of animals & all life including plants; or will you surrender all your medicines to greed: without antibiotics, you will have no surgery, and little health/ because you chose to develop "super diseases", out of unfriendly ones

WHAT are the rights of farmers, and their needs: what are the rights of humanity and society, and their needs

WHO must be allowed to die/ because the living need their deaths to be complete/ when is a life too great a burden for society to allow: nature determines it, by predators/ GOD chose to keep populations down by disease (a random event)/ men choose to eliminate population by war: What then shall women do


HOW shall we change the patent & copyright laws/ and remove the stupidity

HOW SHALL WE regulate discipline, and demand compliance: with honest and honorable decisions for all

WHO will go to jail, for toxic destruction of society or ecosystems/ who is at fault/ & what penalty shall they pay

WHEN is there NO right to do "this"/ and why

HOW shall we enforce, NO MORE using resources for worthless pursuits/ what is a worthless pursuit in business and why

WHY shall we regulate business instead of absolute competition, what will bring more respect to society, and the earth, & WHO shall employ the unemployed

WHAT is money for, if not for selfishness? What is caring about, if not for us all?


it shall be understood, the primary purpose is: for a healthy & happy society

WE WILL teach male to female relationships

WE WILL teach male to female RESPECT

WE WILL teach reality & truth in life and work

WE WILL prepare every child for life, in every grade: no one will make them a prey anymore

WE WILL teach "build your body NOW, and use it for the rest of your life".

WE WILL teach respect for society/ through understanding

and you may provide a few graduate courses for those who are sincere in their education and investigation of critical understanding: they will prove their need to know/ or not apply.


WHAT is socially responsible & do these need our tax relief: is not the support of individuals that do the actual work, not more productive?

WHAT does religion mean, & who shall benefit; is not order the same for all/ just a different "body"

WHAT are the critical truths that every major religion can accept; is not society worth teaching

WHAT is the right of every religion: show us the value of your ways

WHEN may society DEMAND THIS is wrong

WHY does insanity follow religion; the need for "validation"/ when you know you are wrong?

WHY does reality prove, there is a place for religions: history proves religion has been necessary/ the question is why?

WHO decides what a religion can be: WHAT THEN IS RELIGION, what is not

WHAT, are the disciplines required by society, to prove any organization is worthy of its place in this nation: WHAT DO YOU BENEFIT, AND HOW AND WHY? What does society gain/ & what is a personal freedom none shall interfere with


HOW shall you rule, life or death and everything in-between is now up to you

WHAT is most important to you, what is the decision that shall rule all others

WHY are you given this opportunity, what will defeat you and the world

WHEN IS SEX ALLOWED, and WHAT ARE YOUR RULES: all sexual activity is now under your control, YOU shall decide "right or wrong".

WHO follows truth among you & lets reality decide/ that they may lead as best they can, and not cause harm

WHAT does love mean to you/ and what are your rules for behavior in the expression of life, as a society/ as a world/ or as your lover

WHEN shall there be WAR, and over what

THE FUTURE, needs discipline/ because resources will diminish

HOW DO we share everything/ and why: what shall we build or remove

HOW do we explain: "sorry, we used it"/ and when is this enough

HOW SHALL WE LIVE TODAY/ To give the children life tomorrow


WHAT is critical, & how do we fix these problems, particularly weapons of mass destruction: including such things as genetic mutilations (the intentional crucifixion of nature itself)/ and all the rest

WHAT is a true threat to life, in the near future or beyond/ and how do we change this: who will define it/ and what constitutes a threat for life

WHO shall pay, and with what/ the people who do your work for life? Rather than for money, these work for honor and for life/ what then SHALL you pay to them/ what shall you RECEIVE and why

WHAT IS LIFE, that we shall indeed fight for it; for if you don't fight/ you will die

WHEN shall we begin, and how and why



WHAT shall be done to & for the court/ and the law

WHEN shall government be controlled by all the people/ the employees removed and the reality become as WE THE PEOPLE: WHAT are the terms

WHAT is an educated vote/ & HOW do we control & punish those who are to be despised; as a disease and cancer to society: BECAUSE THEY LIE

WHEN is work enough; YOU ARE entitled/ to what

WHEN is laziness, too much; YOU will not eat/ you will not

HOW shall we educate those who will displace "our predators/ the jackals & disease of selfishness and pride/ who use money as bait to extort, entrap, horde, and strangle the lives of others

This work starts with the cases filed by James F. Osterbur within the courtrooms of america/ over these last few years. They will serve as a template for what is lacking in the courtroom/ what must be done for the people/ and why. You will start on the “selimi case” and work from there.


To do this, it is necessary to "save the children & young women" up to the age of 35 years old (these are the future, and must know they are protected). It is necessary to help the middle aged, 36 to 60, because they are the foundations upon which the young depend. It is advisable to not abandon the elderly, but insist upon a fair understanding of the realities of life

The consequence of life is, needs must be met/ disciplines must be learned/ and the reality must be safe enough, to establish courage, honor, and respect without fears. Therefore what you must build is essentially a school in life, that options and opportunities may exist. There have always been young girls and women found in places where they are literally a prey. It is thereby necessary that all women and the men who support them create an organization which literally is a safe place for all who truly need protection from the predators of life. This would be primarily a "community of women, located in a distinctly rural area, and using agriculture as a direction in life to understand the reality of water, food, shelter, and peace: no more games." Rural so that the distractions of the city, and its threats are removed: applying discipline and understanding to the honesty of being a woman. Rural because if the numbers are sufficient, then woman controls, all the men, as she will be able to do; and she will seek political, policing, and other opportunities to establish firm control over the area chosen. Rural because the men and boys shall be controlled/ for the sake of women, not for power over them, but for peace beside them. Do create your own parameters/ and choose your reality, do not depend upon men; choose to be equal, for the sake of all women and make it happen. The realities of work must be chosen/ be about supporting life/ be about changing the world.

Bring whatever you need, to prove your position, on any or all of these decisions: it is your job to prove, and establish facts or point the way.

I am not here to convince you/ therefore if you believe a web link to a chat room or other links are important to you: then you provide them! I will link one work site per language to each of these workroom items: I choose which one.

provide all information to: my personal address, if you wish a link!

IF you are you are a woman, then you may join by sending a personal postcard only to:

Join Box 91 Royal, IL 61871

indicating you personally expect to attend: each post card will be considered one person only. They will be weighed, to determine the amount of people, "not opened". Send NO money.

You, are now required to participate/ YOU MUST convince, the people of this area, and me: that we must make room for you at the appointed time on September 12, 2007. {details are in "seeds"/ but understanding requires you to read everything} . YOU SHALL DO THIS, by writing to the post office box above, a postcard indicating sufficient reality exists to warrant the changes necessary in both work and life. If you do not/ then this shall not exist for you. If you do produce sufficient evidence of interest and purpose/ THEN your news media will provide some assurance that it shall indeed exist: there will also be evidence on this site: just below these words, about the middle of August, so that none may be truly disappointed. This is not a game; your bankruptcy is certain/ all the problems detailed for you, are clear and ready to attack: the choice for preparations and change is up to you. I am not your leader/ this is about YOU, AND YOUR DECISIONS FOR LIFE, OR FOR DEATH. BE HONEST! Nor can I be your leader even if I were willing/ and I am not: because then your lives would depend upon mine and it shall not: WOMEN must lead, DO IT NOW/ or be destroyed.

If you are wrong, you will enter Armageddon.

It is clear and certain, these things are not what you desire to hear; they are a change, whether you like it or not/ because men have decided to attack our very existence with lying, stealing, cheating, extortion, rape, weapons of mass destruction, and many, many other expressions of "I DON'T CARE/ let someone else". Of the many possibilities, the extremes for good equal and exceed those that can be bad. It is not a question of "pushed into the corner/ trapped/ with no way out": RATHER, this is the honesty of love coming to save you because GOD cares about you enough to send this message to you, of great things, if only you will accept honor, discipline, respect, and love. It is your choice; "all bad/ or all good: after you accomplish the work, to repair all the damage men have done". Neither is this a question of "men are all bad"/ they are not! Instead, by choosing "the easy way, to pride, greed, and failure; etc" they are removed from ruling the earth: man cannot save you/ he is rejected as ruler. Women must. Like it or not! It is also without doubt, that humanity will look at my life and proclaim "insufficient for this work, as a messenger for OUR FATHER" . I agree/ but I am the interpreter of Revelations, and that means I am the messenger; it is my job. Do not lose your life and eternity, just because I am less than you expect me to be; is that not extremely foolish? I once thought, "in the matter of a van, extremely undervalued: I want it free, because the government which owned it was doing so poorly "tainted". Consequently it was sold to another/ and I reviewed the idiocy of being tied to the actions of someone else: it was stupid. And I never did it again/ everything stands on its own merit, every person by the decisions they make. This is similar, do not judge me/ decide if the reality is true or false, and make an honest decision based upon your own truths and needs. Do you not need the earth/ do you not need the weapons of mass destruction removed. Do you not desire the sanctity and sacredness of nature as your friend/ not your true enemy? Then decide for you life! To the men: DO REMEMBER THIS, life is not about being a ruler/ life is about the honor and honesty of being alive: your new position is not less than what women have endured at your own hands: this is more than fair/ YOU defined and created, and sustained it, and they are now given the rights you assumed belonged to you. If you don't help them, all die [LITERALLY YOU TOO, by entering hell: the interpretation, "man's decisions without GOD'S help". YOU will be surprised beyond anything your mind expects: if you don't change. ACCEPT WOMEN, or die. If you believe this is unnecessary, or not fair/ then look very closely at what you have done: be honest for a change, and you WILL see the future you chose. Can't happen, "remember your own murphy's law"/ all the terrible tragedies portrayed, not only will happen: then will be 100 times worse than your most feared nightmares. Understand this, it is the decision of men: if we cannot agree/ then we will fight about it, and winner decides all. In a world of 7 billion people, any real war will bring the end of life on earth/ not only from weapons of mass destruction, but resource destruction, and revenge will never end: because even one in a million people is still 7,000 people who then want revenge, because war is never fair. Take a look at the middle east today; Israel claims it is "trying to get its soldier back"/ IT IS NOT, do you kill hundreds and demand revenge from the rest because a couple of terrorists make you mad? The murdering terrorists used a small assault to wound the Israeli pride/ Israeli pride used the murderers to commit terrorism, because they wanted to: NOT because they had to. The summary explanation of both sides: they use each other, plotting and planning their hatred, as if they stood in each others camp and made agreements: "ok, we can murder yours/ if you will just murder ours/ agreed"! Critical examination of the facts of murder, indicate the probable cause is MONEY/ because when either side is in trouble and bringing conflict to an increased scale of murder, the people in other lands who support either side/ SENDS THEM THEIR MONEY, because they want you to succeed, to win, or at least to survive! Therein, whenever one side or the other needs money, or wants it: "the smallest action becomes enough to declare war": it is mercenaries in action/ or just plain assassins and serial killers destroying lives/ and no more! Look at what you support, are you not ashamed? IF NOT, then you share their fate in hades. Because a police action is just not enough for hate and revenge/ hate demands murder, and revenge demands war: we want their things, and their property and their women, "So that we can yell in their faces, I am god to you". Either a society has policing actions with appropriate justice/ OR they have vigilante's such as clearly in Israel and its surrounding areas' today. Take a look, which is better: at the whim of murderers OR you do have to do the work, to make justice support you fairly/ you do have to challenge the court from time to time, or they grow lazy and useless. Some Men do like revenge, but more importantly there is a small faction of hatred in leadership, in Israel, in Palestine, in Lebanon, and their neighbors, that wants any excuse to "kill them all: just tired of this/ we don't like them". . Does this not make them free to do anything they want: after all if they will "die for you"/ shouldn't they be allowed to rape you, take all they want from you or your lover or children, demand submission even at the point of a gun, and most importantly prove "they are god, to you/ and them". This is the purpose of all this conflict/ to prove "I don't have to live and work like the rest/ I will kill instead". The new threat to the entire region , is just more of the same as well: these believe "divide and conquer Israel"/ Israel believes with our weapons, we can kill them all: "this is man, kill them, and be done with it forever". The thoughts of a blind and ignorant fool: LOOK AT YOUR REALITY, 2 MILLION MORE MOUTHS TO FEED, EACH WEEK. Are you prepared to kill and be used for cannibalism? If not, THEN YOU BETTER find some solutions to all these problems that are coming today! It is the leaders that plot and plan, it is the weapons behind you threatening your life, if you don't go to war, that makes this happen. The only problem is, the earth is full and that forces everyone to stay and fight to someone's death; because no more places exist to run & hide, or escape. Simply one heinous act, followed by the male version of "lets do worse". These are BAD children at play, and there will never be a day when a very small handful of people can't do something heinous to the rest: this is your freedom at work, a man's way in full view simply (I am angry, pay attention to me). Either you accept policing and the need for justice/ or you die, even as a world. What is woman, is yet to be known; as she has never had a true opportunity to declare exactly what she would do in situations that are unpleasant and unkind. Therefore it is her turn to lead the earth, clearly hoping that honor will lead her/ not stupidity and hatred as does so many men. Time will tell. But what is not already corrupted by the influence of men, is in women simply diplomacy at its primary center/ and the understanding "this is life or death for our sons, and daughters, and rape to us; stealing everything, murdering because of arrogance, and utter failure because of pride": THEREFORE DON'T DO IT! Make no mistake, there is plenty of corruption in women/ but our reality simply cannot support men in charge anymore: pray that there is enough honor in women, to keep her pride under control. Therefore I say to women in the afflicted countries GET OFF YOUR ASS, and go stand in front of these few men BEFORE INSANITY RULES YOUR WORLD, and all the tragedies and failure and rape that goes with it, comes to terrorize your existence too. There are NO solutions in a gun or war/ unless everything else is tried, and failed. Stand before them all naked if necessary (but do take guns, clubs, and people to defend you/ DO be a big enough group to control the men: or stay dressed); BUT MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD/ AND DEMAND ATTENTION ONE WAY OR THE OTHER! When you stand among the dead and dismembered and dying, what then: would you say to yourselves "it's a good thing we didn't get naked/ I'm glad we didn't demand attention/ or will you say, as you look at the tragedy and absolute failure of humanity: if only we had done our best"! WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER? Don't come complaining, USE WHATEVER YOU HAVE: the question is life or death or disaster? What is your answer.

Do you believe the middle east is "a separate issue/ not representative of men"? Then look at Iraq did america not do the very same? Look anywhere you like, the reality is little different throughout history; men find themselves affronted by the reality of "sharing and caring about each other/ or going to war and killing to solve the problem" . History reveals the answer, without hesitation, question, or any cause to believe otherwise: / MAN ANSWERS WITH WAR/ AND THESE ARE HIS ANSWERS. It is now time for women to give theirs! Today in a world full of people, where the population increases by 2 million more mouths to feed every week [which means 2 million people have to die each week, every week "forever" just to sustain the population at today's level] or the children cannot be born: because there is no room. You will not play anymore/ reality has come, and if you do not find a way to "share and care about each other and this world/ WAR beyond anything you can imagine is coming very quickly". Take a look, 2 soldiers murdered/ one called kidnaped and Israel is at war. Take a look, the action in Afghanistan was necessary/ but Iraq is just about the fears of the president of the USA and his cabinet: they lied, not because of a desire for power to attack/ they lied because of a fear weapons of mass destruction would target them personally: causing thousands dead on both sides, and it's a very little war. Take a look at the american economy, liars and traitors "took the easy way out, stealing from the children/ pretending numbers are anything more than numbers, while making slaves of the majority, because "the whole nation" fears depression. Well as all lies do/ the reality was just made more harsh because you would not face the truth, could not turn the country from the Vietnam war with your ways/ and all refused to pay for a war no one wanted, but a handful of leaders. If tragedy were a name, it would be called man ! Get over your arrogance/ and help women protect your lives, or lose them all. To the women of the world, and in particular those who are confronted with war today: AMERICA IS BANKRUPT, and all the support, the leadership, the everything you have come to depend upon even from your own people in america/ ALL OF IT, is going to end very soon (just weeks away) . WHAT THEN will happen to you, when there is nothing but war/ OR peace. Demand reality be in charge and use all these resources to establish food and shelter and honor and justice and respect/ or face starvation and abandonment by the world. Choose. Because the games are all but over/ and either man controls by war and tragedy/ or women will demand to be heard, and resolve reality with truth: or you have entered hell.

The understanding of behaviors is insignificant to the reality of values that instill the behaviors and corrupt the discipline, to achieve purposes without honor or respect for life. These are the basis and fundamental qualities of human development, as created by the transgression against genetically controlled "natural environments of respect and honor, as is fulfilled by love/ that we are born with: like a heartbeat", we inherit specific desires, and must seek to disturb or discard or disgrace them or they shall rule our lives. Not by demands but by truth, and the existence of hope, the honesty of life, and the purposes of friendship. The question of relationships established by nature that form the initial realities of our lives, rather than our decisions; is a complex understanding of base developments assigned by things we do not decide for ourselves. The reality of these, because they are mixed within all the debris of human influences are hard to separate, requiring life to simply "let the matter extend, to see what will come: THAT IS NOT HARMFUL TO ANY LIFE", is a form of expression with only scattered wisdom available/ more useful are the forms of following honor, worshiping respect {being in awe, and grateful, for the miracles we are}, and experimenting with truth to understand the boundaries of what we can or cannot assign by decision, can or cannot assign by trust, & can or cannot expect from reality; held together with values created not by humanity, but by the decision to be "educated, rather than sheep". Many people simply want nothing more or less, than to be "one of the crowd/ include me too". Many people want to be assembled by pride, failing by all means available as pride becomes their god. Many people hide in themselves, believing if they are serious enough about their distress; then people will have to coddle and support them/ even to the point of giving themselves mental diseases: a simple I don't want to die, make the fears go away. The primary understanding of men is based upon pride, they learn by killing/ they then can claim "their prize". The question inherent in that discussion is WHY is this important? The answer is pride wants everything, and is happy with nothing for long. The second part is, pride wants woman irregardless if it is only lust: the desire to be "winner"/ is quite strong in many men/ and woman is another man's prize, so to take them away is to enforce you are my slave, I will measure you. The third part is laziness, with power and greed someone else has to serve you: take a look at america today, "the fool's gold" of numbers for money/ is just another method of making slaves out of everybody that assumes it is real. Take a look, one man makes billions/ another has debt for the next fifty years, and man's reality says: YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE. Is it not being a slave when you take a little bit of money, while the others take many times more: what is the real difference/ as simple as you work, and they don't. Is this not master and slave/ it is indeed, diploma be damned: a thief and a liar you are. The lesson for women is: you must understand the nature of men, to control their failures. Therein you must understand pride is the foundation of all social evils, if you do not dismember and discard their pride/ they will kill you. The second is a genetic desire for women, and it is up to you to give them all honor, and respect, and honesty that they may live up to their own sacred possibilities of "children of GOD" . The third is simple excuses that grow into fundamental escapes due to escalating distress as it regards human behaviors to individuals: we must be treated equal in society, and life/ no more letting the children or any one else simply "pick on someone/ make them stop" just do it. This is the third part of your work, and you must do it to survive/ and then extend it to the world. The world is ready, are you?

All you will get for contempt of the others is more contempt/ is that what you want? Who wins this game/ only idiots, and lust. One of the less complex descriptions of man is "I can do it"/ unfortunately this statement is rarely followed or lead with truth, therein problems are inevitable. If you do lead, then your job is to have answers, find answers, or get answers/ and let the others do their job, with as little interference as possible. If you are family, your job is to present as much patience as is possible, and be fair to all: irregardless if you are young or old. It is the idiots/ fools/ and idol worshipers that consider themselves to be able to tell if someone is lying "just by looking at a face, or attitude or other things"/ you cannot unless it is very blatant, and even then you can be mislead. This is idol worship, because like an idol, people apply distinct characteristics to specific powers or failures/ and always they are wrong. If you need to know if someone is lying, let the evidence decide: listen with your ears, and your heart, and DO NOT make preconceived judgments [such as, "a frown means this, etc"; this is for fools]/ and then believe in the evidence if it is worthy; and if it makes a difference to anyone: if not, then discard it or them, as unworthy of your time/ in this day. Do not actors make their living by "playing the part, and lying to you/ letting you believe what you wish"? Indeed they do, and are very successful. Want to learn how to lie/ watch your commercials. Want to learn how to disrespect people/ watch your commercials. Want to learn how to solve a problem/ watch your action heros, and movie stars, bring out their guns. Want to learn how to strip the children of their futures/ just watch america; they do so everyday. And so on. This is not contempt for you, I am well aware many of the things america does "is pleasant and fun"/ as to all the stealing, "who doesn't like everything to be free/ let the children pay/ they cannot fight yet". Instead of contempt, this is reality talking to you/ and life says: like it or not, the majority will rule. This is about telling the nation america in particular: Your ways are evil/ because life is being destroyed, even though you cannot yet understand it, your children/ the world's children are being literally destroyed with your decisions. Either change this, or judgment says: it is you that deserves to suffer and die/ not them, but you. Just so you know, "what is currently pleasant and fun"/ is leading you into war: what is stealing, is leading you into Armageddon. It ain't fun, if 5 minutes later: "your dead".

The only solution for revenge and hatred, is to quit playing the game. Therein the only solution for societies such as Israel and Palestine, is to take a popular vote among the people of both groups asking simply: do you want to have a war? Let those who say yes then prepare for war/ if the majority says yes we will gamble, a set amount of our territory against a set amount of your territory. Let all who say they want war, say 30% declare: if we lose thirty percent of what we now hold will be surrendered, if we lose/ and so on, NOT the whole nation unless the whole nation wants war. A suitable battleground should be picked/ all the participants for both sides lined up naked to insure no illegal weapons: and let them be provided with single shot guns and 20 rounds of ammunition/ from there its knives and swords and fists and rocks and clubs. Are you not angry, do you not hate them, then surely you want them to smell you/ you want them to feel your anger/ you want to feel power over them do you not: then guns are not for you. "The world" will, Dig a trench 5 foot deep and ten foot wide between the groups to fight over/ enough food for 10 days and no more. Whenever on side surrenders/ "the winners" collect their property for the nation, the trench is filled in with bodies and buried: DONE, no one is removed from the battlefield. Let the international communities control the outside/ and contain the combatants: NO reinforcements/ NO medical assistance/ NO provisions beyond what you start with, just like 500 years ago. BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT WAR, then you agree to surrender all those who do. Make up your mind/ no more games, war or peace; NO exceptions/ law rules from here.

Do you want justice instead? Then look to those in Israel, and Palestine, and Lebanon, and elsewhere who are creating this trouble FOR EVERYONE ELSE: and bring them all to court! THE LEADERSHIP, IN PARTICULAR (those SPECIFICALLY RESPONSIBLE) for the scourge of pride and power that dictate the others must die: for their own brand of hate. Take them to trial for MURDER, and DISMEMBERMENT, AND the TRAGEDY that they are. TAKE THEM ALL. Granting immunity to no one/ but allowing mercy to those who help you "round up the rest, of the murderers and terrorists". Because that is exactly what they are. THIS is not said of the soldiers in the battlefield/ as they are commanded to do what they do: failure to follow the orders, results in many consequences; they are not readily at fault, unless true participants in the purpose of hate.

Iraq is not so clear, it began because of weapons of mass destruction and the generated fears of american leaders. But it erupted into insanity, because of stupidity and "the vomited scum, off a crocodile belly" that is those who then came in to steal, control, and remove the Iraq people from their own rights and work: stealing the money from Americans, and badgering the honor of the Iraq nation. Pitiful excretions of GREED! CORRUPT and blind excuses for the tragedy of war. Find and punish these. THEREIN, as there is no true justice, once insanity begins: dissection and disease must start.

Dissection is the decision: to understand the enemy in terms which he creates under his own powers. More simply: why? Identify every excuse, and every reason, and every ideology: and take these to public view, where you will continue talking all day, every day in full view of the people. That every reason, and every excuse is debated in full/ and every option opened to review by every person [there will be talking]. It is not news (little bits and pieces, dialogued together for effect and edited for the purpose of the people in the news, or their current supporters who pay their salaries and control their words. This is about reality, and the real and true choices for peace that exist in reality/ and the people who make these choices. That which is ideology, exists in another realm and requires those "who believe" to participate in defining the consequences of being wrong: IN GOD'S EYES / NOT in man's heart or mind. BUT THE REALITY, of what it means to destroy GOD'S CREATION just because you are too blind or stupid or arrogant to want peace.

Disease is, the decision to understand the enemy in terms of what he needs to create his powers, and complete insanity in others. This means the concentration of provisions allotted to the enemy shall be scrutinized for "value". It is irrelevant to fight with the enemy, if you can more easily starve him out. The removal of his "right to fight" [ assemble opportunities, if you do this/ then we will do that]. The removal of his funding sources [ define the 7 primary support mechanisms he needs/ and attack each one individually]. Generally these are communication (shut down the entire nation if necessary), money (issue new money, and make it a crime to own any of the old/ make it a felony to trade any type of currency in the nation except what is distributed as new/ instruct all other nations: the old currency is dead "you get nothing/ we will pay later, when the struggle is done"/ and follow all new credit with investigation and review, insuring it is used as indicated). Contributions (primarily from organizations & particularly from religions: these are tracked and specifically told "IF ANY, of your contributions end up in these hands" THEN your churches involved WILL be confiscated/ closed down in entirety/ and sold to reimburse the casualties YOU caused. If dramatic corruption in contributions are found in 10% of the churches of a particular sect, then the entire church will be outlawed in this nation; any further problems will cause the parishioners to be exported to the warring nation: YOU WANT to be involved, then be involved/ don't make trouble.) Weaponry (these are solicited from all over the world, stolen, and stockpiled. Therefore the key to weaponry is: to declare war/ not terrorism, but plain war. As is described above in a battlefield situation/ the reality in Iraq is different: the nation internally is in conflict, rather than outside forces. The cause, "I WANT MORE". THE SOLUTION, then each side must describe what it wants: when you have declared the battle lines/ then you may ask the nation itself: who will fight, and what will these fight for? After that the situation is the same. The reality itself is the same: let the murderers kill themselves/ let the blatantly greedy get what they deserve. BUT let all those who want peace deliberately choose to help attain that peace by becoming a participant in that peace. NOTHING LESS). Leadership (the foundation of every war that is not threatened by starvation or similar/ IS "a rich man, is hiding in the bushes somewhere". Controlling the situation by injecting money and pride and lust or whatever is being consumed by the failures of society; so that they will listen to him. Leadership is found by the trail of provisions, which leads back to him: follow the food, the fuel, the water, and the bullets.) Social failures (the consequence and reality of disappointment so extreme in men, women, and children that they trade lives for their anger! The question of what can be done to improve these conditions MUST be dealt with! The reality of what must be done, is "the wealthy SHALL share a great deal more".) Political consequences ( it is without doubt, that society runs on justice; little justice, brings little peace/ tyrants in charge, brings more violence and war! Political means: with answers for my people, I will work for peace! Therefore political is, the examination, introduction, and investigation of what becomes a suitable living experience for these people. IT IS NOT SIMPLE democracy, a vote for someone to vote for me! That is little more than inviting thieves to steal from you a little at a time. True democracy involves dedicated rights and fundamental values that will be held to/ no matter what! To attain "the living consequences of peace", it is absolutely necessary that the people work for their government, by doing what is necessary for themselves. MORE simply; instead of letting someone decide for you/ you must hire people to investigate, inform, educate, and create the opportunity for a vote within the rights and values held fast by a constitution. ANY MAN OR WOMAN, it does not matter who (mercy is held by vote of the people) who INTENTIONALLY AND WITH MALICE FOR ALL, becomes a traitor to his or her people, selling them for greed, selfishness, or the rest; shall be imprisoned, or put to death/ dependent upon the level of the crime, and damage done. There is NO EXCUSE, for selling your own people for personal gain. That is terrorism, a failure beyond yourself causing great harm.

There are no questions of payment/ no purpose beyond what is clear and evident/ NO intent of threat, simply the reality that you must: investigate, examine, define, and decide if any single threat man has devised and set upon the world: will kill you/ can kill you, therefore you must do something and stop this/ or will kill the future of life on earth: therefore if you don't stop, you are the assassin of your own children. If you don't stop this, then you shall inherit the fortunes of your god "SATAN". Do not hide/ you must find your courage, your honor, your truth, and your respect; or what is coming is beyond tragic/ even beyond horrific. "that's just how it is". My work is done. But what can be done for women, will be done. Whatever they choose to do for humanity is their own decision, not mine. The question of sexuality, is not so simple as "yes or no"/ the demand of this message, is that woman choose for herself, what she desires. Therefore an education means: WHY, and why not. An education means the keys to a decision are known/ a body simply a tool, a mind simply defined by disciplines required of it/ but a soul free and forever loving. My own reality beyond this time; is my own, and it need not concern you: what is that to you, unless it is clear, life on earth is about to change for good. Even then if you are too late, you are dead, and need me no more. If you are able to choose for the sake of life on earth/ then "this body, will belong to women" until I die, so long as they desire it to be so. This is a decision to help/ not something else. It is your turn to respect your life, your intelligence, and your honor: make your decision. Whether I live or die, is no excuse/ you shall do your best! Just as I have done my best, to present you with options for your world/ the message given to me. You are worth my efforts, GOD LOVES YOU/ the work done is for you, and I am happy you have this opportunity, it is my gift as well (a little bit). I am now excused, from your decisions and this work, "the message has been delivered"/ but I will help women if they desire it honestly and honorably, because life is worth my time.

THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE, whether you like it or not/ primarily because of population expansion (a woman's thing); promoted by increases in human choices & control (primarily a university thing), destined to war and catastrophe (primarily a leadership and political thing) and determined to achieve hell on earth: a DIRECT RESULT of man's desire to "be god".

The alternative is dramatic and real change, affecting nearly every aspect of your so-called modern life. You will go back to "everything local" because it is the most efficient in terms of resource loss/ and it is the most sustainable in terms of every problem that will arise. If you do not change, SIMPLY you go to hell: it is a man's creation! If you do change/ then completely NEW leadership IS REQUIRED: NO excuses, women WILL rule. IF you fail in respect, honor, or honesty: then Armageddon begins {GOD WILL abandon you to mans own ways/ and intervene to keep you alive no more} A guaranteed HORRIFIC REALITY, FILLED WITH AN AWESOME FEAR AND TERROR IN YOU!

TRUE change begins at every level of human life, from confiscating man's powers/ to interfering in the choice of woman to have more than 2 children, etc/ to describing a new behavior for all, from the beginning at under 2 years old (the first decisions) and throughout life. You may "pick on, use, or abuse people NO MORE!!!"

TO ACHIEVE these behavioral ends, the reality of stubbornness & pride MUST be destroyed. The consequence called stubbornness is a defense mechanism that buries your soul, your personality, your happiness, & all your true desires UNDER the control and disguise called stubbornness. Stubbornness is a refusal to listen, a refusal to act: EVEN if you desperately desire to participate and be friends. The degree of stubbornness is regulated by: the failure in others to respect your life, & honor the miracle of living that WE ALL ARE! It is plagued by the refusal in others "to be equal & friendly with you"/ and it is confronted daily with thoughts inside of: they WILL hurt me/ use me/ abuse me/ and hate me without cause/ & disrespect my life: DON'T do it! All because of pride/ IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK, to be equal? IT IS NOT! Behavioral differences, physical descriptions, or mental challenges are NOT sufficient to refuse friendship, respect as a life, equality as a person of value, or the dignity of at least an "acceptance" as one of us! THIS IS THE PRICE YOU WILL PAY, to survive/ NO EXCUSES FROM ANYONE, demand change.

PRIDE is the discovery of power, the understanding & choice: that YOU can make someone else hide from their own life, from the possibilities of friendship, and their relationship with the world/ surrendering their freedom, happiness, & hope: BY CONTORTING, CONFRONTING, AND RIDICULING OR HUMILIATING their honor, honesty, discipline, or respect. JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TOO. Aren't you grand, "Practically god like, wouldn't you say".

PRIDE is the destroyer of all good things! Not only does it control, manipulate, & tempt according to the desires of jealousy and hate/ its also causes WAR, VIOLENCE, DISRESPECT, AND DISGRACE. Pride is the violence that causes stubbornness. Pride is the war, that causes people to be devalued as life & discarded as trash. Pride is the foundation of arrogance & jealousy that turns miracles into "your own version of a battleground for supremacy"/ which then becomes THE LIAR IN YOU, because you cannot win; and MUST resort to games to keep the lie inside. PRIDE is the army of terrorists & spies, dedicated to the excretions of "Their decisions and rules which, SHALL govern your life/ YOU are to be a slave to the purposes of their will: in their minds"; because you are less than equal. ALL THESE THINGS WILL CHANGE, or you die.

Beginning here, you shall begin your school, with a new understanding that says: ALL sexual parts and pieces, for both sexes" ARE SIMPLY, another part or piece of your body/ as nature supplied. These are not sinful, not bad or good or indifferent/ NOT humiliating, NOT ANYTHING; except what they are, a part of your body that you must respect and use honorably. Thereby you shall approach freedom again, and learn RESPECT for your own body first/ then respect for every other body as well. You will understand it is the pride inside that asks for sex, or demands lust: PRIDE AND ITS RESULTS, are then an enemy you must defeat inside yourself. YOU WILL "work on this/ by any means possible". Those who fail to defeat pride, lust, and disrespect WILL be given to women, who shall then determine your punishment, and men shall make their decisions law. You WILL do this, to reestablish honor, instead of the lust, you have chosen to play with.

Sex is NOT a game/ NOT a prize/ Not an asset or debt to be owed: no one owns your own body, it is not given away, nor is it won or sold. YOUR BODY, belongs only to you! LOVE requires honesty, honor, respect, discipline, truth, hope, & freedom: IF you do not experience all of these in yourself & your lover / then you do not love each other enough! Everything else is either need or lust. Humanity has failed so badly in this, because of its fears. These fears, generated by pride & want consume your soul, your happiness, your life, & your hopes/ turning reality into games, and life into stubbornness: BECAUSE you do not trust anyone, anymore.

TRUST is the foundation of your new world! Therefore whatever assembles trust is an ally, and works for life/ & consequently, whatever assigns distrust or disrespect attacks your reality and causes you to die. Trust is understood as: our honor, is bound together as the opportunity respect carries for us to the door of "our hearts, in peace". The heart may then respond as love. Trust is an individual decision, heart an individual experience, love an individual expression, and honor a purpose found only inside of you: but it is respect that becomes the door to each of these/ self-respect, that proves the reality & truth in you! The multitudes LIE to themselves, and abandon their own self-respect/ turning reality into PRIDE, so that pride can war against your own truth inside, and declare your pride "winner". When in fact, you sold your own soul "to be this winner"/ STUPID FOOL, stop it/ REPENT, and return to truth, finding self respect and the honesty necessary to be ALIVE.

A very SIMPLE test has been prepared for you, to begin the instruction in the necessity: "of staying alive". A plane has arrived as expected (is not the site of such a meeting as this "interesting") it circled overhead, and pictures were surely taken: to assign & present you with these discussions: discipline then assembles a demand to discuss the reality in honesty, and PROVE YOUR POSITION on these 7 topics. ESTABLISH, "What is personal freedom/ what is personal property/ what is a public right/ why do rules exist/ when does LAW confiscate freedom, and WHY does law discipline humanity/ WHAT IS BALANCE/ and what is nudity in any form, and why is it good or bad?

You will discuss these your answers, within your organizations and choose those who shall be called your leaders "for this meeting". These are then "the referees" that shall control the conflict and decide the punishments of those who do attend this platform for women in power and rule. One thousand similar tests are prepared for these whom you have chosen to represent you "on international and religious matters": from those who area allowed to take this test, I will choose/ "the leaders who will command the referees based upon your answers: it is a simple and short test."

The content of the picture which you may publish however you wish says to you: THE RULES are broken/ begin now, and assign your fate to the demands of your wisdom or your stupidity. BEGIN NOW. Understand me very simply: I DON'T care if you have respect for me/ I don't care what you say about me/ I don't care what you think about me/ or any thing else that is common to humanity: your pride is irrelevant to my life/ but it is absolutely a tragedy to yours. I DO strongly suggest you rebuke your pride/ and find your heart and soul.

Life is not a game! Your decision in all these matters will determine the difference between your going to heaven or hell (and then hades). DO NOT PLAY, Choose!

Being alive is not a game either/ alive means, confronted with creation "I HAVE CHOSEN" to participate as friend, child of GOD, and within the salvation called MERCY. This is my choice!

The question of life or death for humanity is: as simple as courage, work, honor & respect. If you gather enough of these, you live/ if you do not, you die.

The secondary reality is: how do we live within the boundaries this PLANET REQUIRES/ as the humanity we declare ourselves to be? The answers require an initial understanding of the world/ once defined as accurately as possible/ THEN we ALL have to accept our new reality and our actual truths. Within these limits, and within our rights to distinct resources that do not belong to the future. The consequence and reality of male behavior and female want WILL adjust, or humanity will fail: "This is the price of being "god" as you have chosen to be over this planet.

The question of living HAS changed from historical past: we now do have machines and limits, communications and power over the planet/ and decisions that were not available to anyone in the past. These have offered both tragedy and success with dealing with the demands of survival. The constant and common declaration of male is "I WANT MORE"/ THE REALITY of female is "a more determined: bring me more, to man".

The requirement of a life within LIMITS, that will never go away/ but in fact WILL only become more restrictive: IS, YOU GET LESS! This is not a question of needs/ but the behaviors called greed, gluttony, consumption, and want. Reality and truth state, respect for all things, and a dedicated learning process as to the methods and purposes of harmony with nature and with life: WILL allow freedom, happiness, hope, & life. IS then freedom enough for you/ or instead of happiness, will you be consumed by aggression (the desire for more, to fulfill pride, and use life for lust & greed & power)? IS happiness enough for you, or will you insist upon gluttony to prove, the extent of your pride MUST be satisfied, even at the cost of your own happiness? HOPE is the opportunity to participate beyond yourself at the level you describe/ true hope explains: I am the creator of my own desires/ thereby the creator of my own identity! The question is, are you enough inside to be who you are/ OR has pride corrupted you beyond the reality of truth; and lies are all that is left in you. Do repent.

Life, is a decision controlled by the boundaries which contain the energy you then control as your ability to participate in existence. The reality of a complex destiny expressed in the fundamental layers of truth as they build the stairs necessary for you to "see eternity". Beyond the selfishness of who you are as human: truths are then exchanged & declared for the life you now believe you shall become. As inheritors of a destiny and a reality beyond humanity, an experience defined rather than earned: the question becomes

WHO IS GOD To you?

That answer is revealed in the truth of you/ and if truth declares yourself to be god, or any other than what is true GOD / then into the energies of chaos you shall go. That you may indeed by god, by creating your own world, or that which you do worship as god: or more clearly into HADES you shall go.

Talking of simple humanity is a tiny bit like comparing "being tied to a pogo stick" is the same as a free ride in any jet airplane you desire"; it does not make sense, at all. Therefore it is useless.

Ridicule will arise as to references of nudity, but reality says: all males have the very same equipment, with very little difference/ as do females. Therefore NO surprise can exist, period. The only thing you protect is "they haven't seen mine!" But in reality its like saying you are different: "Do you really want to declare yourself as "different or a freak of nature"? The body is a tool, and they are all very similar, with minimal differences. The demand for conversation today, and respect as to the use of body parts to get noticed: SIMPLY says, "how pitiful you are, that conversation & truth are insufficient to attract your attention". YOU have to be bought/ which means, if you cannot then find the necessary discipline/ YOU can be sold to the highest bidder. LIARS are always the highest bidder/ but you will never collect the promise from them/ ONLY the bait, and the tragedy of being crucified on the inside for your mistake, by the reality of selling your soul. DO REPENT, and survive. What is simple & sure, understands human existence has become intertwined with human activities. What is PLAIN & TRUE demands the gambling shall end entirely/ and life protect all the assets of the planet required for life/ all that is alive: NO MORE GAMES. The demand is clearly STOP THE DESTRUCTION OR DIE. Make your decision/ but do understand, You cannot change your mind; life or death will be the outcome, and true change is the only thing that will survive as life.



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