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civil case no. 07-2040

motion and memorandum dated 5/ 04/ 07 and filed for the defendant by US attorney Christine S. Hooks/ US tax division DOJ: for definite statement, or in the alternative to dismiss : received by me 5/11/07 through the US mail service. Therefrom the us attorney & court systems claim the US mail service required 7 consecutive days to deliver this mail. The postage stamped on the envelope agrees, mailed on 5/4/07 from 20530. Nonetheless the US district court/ sent me the court’s edict, registered on 5/ 7/ 07 , received on 5/8/07 and response was registered on 5/ 9/ 07 : “the clock is ticking, 14 days and done. Thereby we look at the process of the court, and find the mail service lacking/ as the motion and memorandum should have appeared by the 3rd day/ but did not. I did not wait/ therefore I now respond to the documentation of the US attorney, in addition to the previous filing of 5/ 9/ 07.

If the court has already dismissed/ an appeal will be filed in conjunction with this reply, the filings not addressed, and the courts lack of “fair play” in connection with this case. If the court has not dismissed, it may choose to send directly to the US SUPREME COURT.

Dated: 5/ 14/ 07

Her words in Italic/ mine are not

She states “improperly named and sued as the internal revenue service, and hereinafter referred to as the United States, by its attorney Rodger A. Heaton.” Lawyer for the defense/ herein after referred to as US lawyer; assumes a number of things that are simply untrue. Beginning with “this court lacks subject matter jurisdiction over the plaintiff’s claims because the United States has not waived its sovereign immunity and “ The reality of this statement clearly suggests that these employees, or this attorney believes “she is the government of the USA”/ she is not! As an employee, the work assigned to her is to serve the government of the USA/ NOT assume she or the court or the legislature or the president, etc is the government of the USA, none of these are! If the president dies/ is the government of the USA dead? Of course it is not. Each of these are employees, and they have no immunity, from being accountable to the people, for their own actions, or the actions of other employees in the service of the people who do own, and are the government of the USA. “We the people”. Therefore this suggestion is mute, as the “government she suggests as the employees of the people in reality: HAVE NO sovereignty over the people”. They are employees, they are not kings/ queens/ gods/ or any other; instead if they organize to take away the sovereign rights of we the people/ then they are nothing more than organized crime at a minimum, or traitors committing a treasonable act, if acting “with immunity”. The government of the USA is the constitution itself, and the companion documents of the declaration of independence, & the bill or rights/ these are the things men and women and families sacrificed their lives for/ to build a nation for the rest. NO sacrifice was ever given for any employee to play god or king/ queen/ etc.
US lawyer complains “/ or the plaintiff does not have standing under Article 3 of the US constitution” . To the contrary, as is proven by the US lawyer’s own words: the judicial powers are held or vested in the court, “ONLY DURING GOOD BEHAVIOR” section 1. article 3. As provided by the US lawyer, these employees have asserted they are the government/ and thereby claim to be immune from any and all accountability “above the law”. These court documents state clearly, evidence exists to prove the employees of government have acted in corruption and graft and failure: allowing threats to exist, and realities to potentially attack us/ because of their actions. CLEARLY AGAINST THE LAW, AND INTENT OF THE CONSTITUTION. Clearly against the oath of office, “to protect and serve”. Clearly against the people of the United States. And the US lawyer states “we are immune, from accountability”. This trial is in fact: a foundation to prove, as employees of our own government, you are not immune/ but subject to law/ and to our own ownership of our government, the documents which govern the behaviors and rights of every employee/ and every citizen.

The subject matter lesson: for the court, since it is in ignorance is: each amendment to the constitution is a description of what the employees of government are not allowed to do. In the first amendment within which this trial relies/ as a matter of privilege, as a citizen of this USA: neither the court, nor any employee of our government is allowed to intervene in any religion/ you shall not. Neither the court, nor any employee of our government is allowed to intervene in the freedom of speech, or the press; “it means you have no say”. Neither the court, nor any employee of our government is immune from the people who peacefully request an accountability from the government: “you shall not refuse”. This assembly in court, for an appropriate and real opportunity in peace to decide if the threats that exist: will kill, cripple, or mutilate this nation beyond description or repair. Is a fair and reasonable action within the amendment of the constitution of the USA. As employees you may argue/ but you may not discount these threats, UNLESS you prove they are untrue. Specifically, that these weapons of mass destruction cannot make us and the world extinct? Prove it is not so/ or you threaten our lives beyond the allowances of the governing body of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That governing body is the words of the preamble of the constitution / the words of the bill of rights/ the words of the amendments of the constitution/ and the expressions of the declaration of independence. Each of these are the descriptions of why WE THE PEOPLE fight and die for this country. You may be quite sure, we do not as a nation fight and die, for employees to disgrace or disrespect us. With blood an guts/ the nation stands, for life: not with lies, deceit, or stealing/ cheating/ threats/ and the rest: as is consistent with the descriptions asking for accountability from our employees/ within a court of law. WE ARE THE OWNERS/ not you.

Again specific to this complaint is the media released numbers of last spring: “quote; 8.2 trillion dollars in new debt, assigned to the american people in just over 4 months”. That equals $164,000.00 in new debts, assigned to each of the 50 million workers of america to pay for: on top of the rest. This allowed by the employees of our government: because it is your job, to protect the money, assets, and securities of the nation/ THEREFORE asserted by me: a tragedy and disgrace exists here. An evidence of utter failure attacking the amendment 4: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.......”. A clear usurpation of article 6 section 1. As it is given effect in life, beyond the simplest language possible, and is renewed as “all debts contracted and engagements entered into, .....shall be valid against the United States under this constitution....” Do you suggest that the debts contracted by the USA currently are not valid/ shall not be paid; for in fact we cannot pay/ and they are failed, according to treasury documents now hidden away from the sight of citizens; previously located at flow of funds/ table L. 5 total liabilities and assets of the USA . The employees of our government have made us bankrupt. And there must be an accounting before the nation itself dies from this shame.
The subject matter of this trial is then WHY does the evidence suggest, the employees of our government have acted like traitors? The subject matter of this trial is then, WHAT shall we do about this, if not taken to court/ reviewed in a peaceful and deliberate manner/ and decisions made accordingly? It is anarchy, the refusal to allow order to commence the understanding, and deliberation of a peaceful solution: that alone stand in the way of trial.
Your rules of civil procedure are broken/ and invalid in this trial: because you broke them, when you failed to respond appropriately within the time limits you prescribed. They are now useless, and will be simply ignored. You have no right, even to suggest they have influence in any of these matters. Simple as that.

As to the assumptions of the US lawyer, in renaming the United States as a defendant only called the internal revenue service/ and thereby avoiding and summarizing that it is not held to accountability, IS A LIE. It is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that does come to court, as WE THE PEOPLE/ I am merely the filer of this petition for trial. It is the employees of our government, that are assigned the need to account for what they have been doing. It is the internal revenue service, that works in connection with the treasury department: and because of the tyranny of these employees, and their traitorous ways of declaring an immunity that does not exist/ rather only during good behavior, shall any employee of government hold his or her job/ and receive his or her pay. In NO CONSTITUTIONAL DOCUMENT ANYWHERE, is there an assertion of immunity for the employee, not clearly acting under the intent & confines of “good behavior”/ rather they are subject to the law, just as is every other citizen. You have no immunity/ YOU are an employee. As to the internal revenue service as a defendant in this matter/ they exist here only as a means to get past the “guard dogs”/ sitting at the gate: to steal the soul of this nation. They want the money, they must take me to court/ therefore in reality they have become the plaintiff asking for money: wherein I am the defendant stating clearly, “I WILL PAY, but I want an accounting/ I demand my rights, protections, and promises within the constitution.” And am demanding of these employees, that they must obey the law/ and respect the courtroom of this UNITED STATES; as every other citizen must. I am correct in the summary statement; the money in question is protected by its presence in a courtroom of law/ and the IRS cannot touch it, until a verdict is passed. I am correct in the summary statement, when that verdict is passed/ I am only responsible for the amount in question as a tax/ the rest as penalties, interest, fines, etc is NOT my bill, as you are responsible for this action; by your actions in corruption, graft, and disgrace. I am forced to go to trial/ and this is the only avenue left to me/ therefore free of the encumbrance of penalties, etc. You caused the delay/ not me.


IT IS THE EMPLOYEES of the United States of America that are brought to trial, as the defendants hereby. The IRS is merely the gateway to trial, the opportunity to enter within a courtroom, as the traitors have illegally blocked all other access. But they are employees too/ so they are included. The assertion of “improperly named” is correct/ BUT in reality, the mere mention of employees of government being sued for an accountability of their actions: would be discarded in an instant/ as such the United States of America as WE THE PEOPLE, are in fact defamed slightly/ because it was necessary, to get to trial. Trial is here/ and from this point, the defendant will be called properly as “The employees of the United States of America”. They are on trial, not the words of our government/ but those acting on its behalf; those who have discarded their responsibilities for protecting the people.

I. background

An averment means to “make a positive statement or allegation of facts, in a pleading as opposed to an argumentative one or one based on inference.” Or more simply, “just the facts”/ So let us look at the facts. She makes no note of the fact, that this filing was in fact presented only after the IRS moved beyond the boundary of courtroom law/ and issued a levy against my account. It is not the levy complained about/ but the fact that until the courtroom trial is over, and a verdict given over the money presented as my right and argument; to an accountability for the money you charge to me. Therefore the US lawyer lies, refusing argument “the IRS acts with contempt for this process and this courtroom” and complains instead “that I have no right to trial; by inference to the text I have provided”. The relief sought, is remove the contempt from this courtroom, and it is not unrealistic/ the judge or the US lawyer should be able to understand this. They choose not to.

The US lawyer complains that the national debt is not a threat to me/ complains the environmental issues and reality of resources etc, are not a threat to me. Complains, the existence of weapons of mass destruction are not a threat to me. And complains that the United States Constitution is not a means of any specific relief to these threats. She infers, that I a citizen of the USA CANNOT ask my government for a redress of grievances according to the 1st amendment; and that the government of the USA “The words which men and women and families have sacrificed for, are insufficient to demand an accountability from our employees.” The US lawyer is wrong/ arrogant/ and without standing. The law decides/ and is made clear in the by-laws: the rules governing our employees articles one through 7: specifically article 6 section 2. Quote: this constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof;.........shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges of every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary not-withstanding. As such the primary words of union, that do exist as the fundamental foundation of this nation are repeated
The preamble of the USA
WE the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Nothing herein says, that we surrender everything to those we hire to do the work, of protecting these words. Instead it is a clear directive for the actions of those we hire/ just as the amendments are a clear directive to those we hire, of what they shall NOT do.

The US lawyer then avers: “The plaintiff filed a second pleading arguing the IRS does not have the right to seize his property by levy and apparently asking this court to intervene” As stated; it is not the tax/ it is not the levy that is complained to! IT IS THE OBVIOUS CONTEMPT, for a courtroom proceeding in a federal courtroom/ wherein I do claim a right to protection from the court in this matter, NOT from taxes or collection/ but for the right of DUE PROCESS ACCORDING TO THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. I have a right to be heard/ I PAID FOR A VERDICT/ and you owe me the protection of the courtroom and its rules of conduct and procedure. IRS or not/ they are not above the law. And the law says protected, until a verdict is reached. A call has come 5/10/07 from the bank, stating the IRS has taken $422.00 and released the account; I have not been informed of any action or any release by the IRS/ it would seem an apparent trap, to entice more money into the account. Clearly NOT due process/ clearly not an acceptable reality, because this case has not been given a verdict at this time/ clearly an arrogant contempt for the law, by the employees of government working in the branch called the IRS. The US lawyer lies/ or is obligated to show me the law/ wherein the IRS is exempt from courtroom procedure; am I a lawyer/ no, therefore if it is true the IRS can do anything it wants irregardless of the courtroom: then show me the law! This is arrogance/ and a disrespect for the citizen, the law, the court, and the DUE process called justice. The lawyer statements are not aver of the reality at all/ but a supposition translated from fantasy or lies, to achieve the lawyers desired end of transmuting the facts, into their own theories, or worse. For the purpose of the US lawyers own intent, to remove this case from its rightful place in court.


II discussion

The US lawyer claims “cannot reasonably be required to frame a responsive pleading”to the plaintiff’s complaint because it is “vague and ambiguous”. In response I will let the filings as a whole stand as my witness none of this is true, when understood within the meaning of my protections, duties, rights, and responsibilities as assigned by the Constitution of the USA.

Instead of protecting this nation, the employees of our government have been threatening us; “with bad behaviors” [take a look, a thousand things wrong/ starting with the genetic mutilation of nature: nature is DNA structure, the foundation of life, and there is no human right to “play with it/ etc”]. They have been acting in ways that in fact seek to destroy the nation, and put it at civil war within itself [you stole the money/ and made the nation bankrupt]. They have been acting and doing things that make our extinction inevitable [weapons of mass destruction prove it is so]. The relief sought is plain and clear: we must go to trial as a nation, to examine and understand and decide what is true/ what is real/ what is threat/ and what should be done with these employees who have damaged our nation so extensively: should that be proven. Trial is the relief sought/ the purpose being a public trial to prove or disprove all the realities that have asserted: the nation is in trouble. This is not ambiguous or vague/ this is a reality of the court, a fundamental of peace/ and a display of democracy called WE THE PEOPLE. Yet the court says, it does not understand the concept of “We the people”/ it only understands the rules of civil procedure/ which it broke, when failing to render judgment according to its own rules. The US lawyer failed same/ therefore the rules have not been honored by the court or its associates, and will not be honored by me; just more horseshit.

B. Subject matter jurisdiction


A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as “I am being robbed/ please help me; these people are secretly stealing my money, my security, and my future.” In this case that is applied to mean: the state and federal governing bodies of the USA have been robbing us all, behind our backs/ by creating enormous debts that we cannot pay/ our children cannot pay/ nor I can pay. Thereby making the money worthless. The consequence and relief sought, is a court trial to determine the truth and the reality of what this means. The evidence is held within the accounts of the state and federal government, that are now hidden, and as such requires a court action to reveal them. Therefore in addition to insuring honesty in government practice, the demand is to retain the full disclosure of all funds/ all debts/ and all promises made in the name of the american or IL citizen.
A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as the existence of weapons of mass destruction are such that my life, and every other life in this world, can end “for all intents and purposes: within no more than 3 hours”; when not if, someone insane enough, loses or gains control. This is a simple threat of murder to me, and all that I know/ therefore the relief desired is to remove the weapons; or more correctly work hard and diligently, to remove all these weapons from across the world. The USA does none of this, but in fact is currently involved in escalating their threat by infiltrating the borders closer to Russia, and causing them concern. The relief sought is a public trial capable of enlightening the people of america, about the reality of death; that these things hold over all our lives.

A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as; nature is the building of life, meaning to build: there must be instructions/ there must be resources/ there are chemical factories of life involved/ there are boundaries which keep life from mutating/ there are realities that keep our arms attached to our bodies etc; and none of these things can be gambled with: or life as we know it can and will mutate and die a horrendous death. This is not a game, mutilation is not a reality of building/ it is a reality of death. The relief sought is do not allow people to kill, maim, or destroy my world/ create a public understanding of what is at stake, why this is important/ and what will go wrong, soon.
A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as the reality of no food, meaning no resources from which we can draw upon to aid in our lives; is a deadly thing. Thereby the loss of resources “like no food in the house/ and no money/ and no possibility of money” is a tremendous problem that will not die, just because you don’t like this consequence. That means people will turn to cannibalism, anarchy and war. Can’t be that bad, “we have plenty”/ For how long, do you believe that will be true? Are you not condemning everyone who meets this fate of no resources to death, and hell? Do you not have a duty and an obligation to protect the future as best you can? The constitution says not only you do/ but you must: it is the right of those in the future to have something too. The relief sought is trial, to understand and determine: what must be done.
A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as the intent of this trial is to stop the insanity of ethanol, and its consequence to drain all the water reservoirs across the country. That will end quickly, in 5-10 years, “all gone”/ thirst or die or war: because no one is going to share. We must have water/ we need not “drive to nowhere/ to accomplish nothing”. The relief sought is an education and fundamental understanding that these things sought as relief from oil prices/ DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES, from which we cannot recover. Among them the turning to desert, of the entire mid-west of the country/ and maybe more. We cannot wait for the aquifers to recover / we are too many. Therefore an injunction is sought to stop further expansion, and establish guidelines that insist the aquifer, IS THE MOST important resource/ and shall be protected.

A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as The population explosion is real, and across the world, is critically assumed to be at about 2 million additional new mouths/ than deaths/ to feed each and every week. That means every resource/ and every nation is about to undergo, tremendous population pressures; as more and more realities of life are assaulted/ resources are lost/ the ocean is emptied/ and war will soon begin. The relief sought is an education and a opportunity to involve the world in the creation of simple knowledge/ so that we may choose differently as a world. Because if we do not, nothing else will matter.
A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as fusion and other “Big science” threats to our lives/ CANNOT be left to the people without sense or reality. Fusion is an atomic fire (like the power of the sun)/ thereby understanding agrees, everything atomic based, (everything on this planet) IS FUEL: we cannot put this fire out, if it is started. Therefrom the relief sought is DO NOT LET THESE EXPERIMENTS “THIS FIRE” get started! Stop these “the insane”. Is this not enough for trial/ should I wait until the earth is on fire? What then cry? Prove this is not going to happen, beyond a shadow of a doubt/ or stop this insanity now. And work for a moratorium across the world. It is your life too! IS THAT NOT SUBJECT MATTER ENOUGH FOR YOUR JURISDICTION? Your own lives at stake? Begin trial now, and quit whining. Believe what you want/ but truth will decide in the end: therefore if you are wrong, you will burn.
A simple term meaning: the principles of a court trial must be something upon which the court can act. Such as all the rest that is wrong! In other words, the relief sought is “Help me find the truth, and nothing but the truth” so that we as a nation and a world shall survive. Because if you don’t, every real threat is going to drive us to extinction. No more games/ no more avoiding reality/ no more whining or crying “but I don’t want to”. This is do your duty/ and protect us, from those who are trying to destroy us all. It is not a game/ this is our truth, and our reality; and if you hide or run away. All you/ we are going to get is similar to a child hiding from the house on fire/ by going inside the closet. I need not tell you how this ends. GROW UP, and be a responsible adult: is my message to the nation itself/ or you will die, from the decisions that exist, and the reality you cannot escape. Where will you go, “to another planet”? Only in your dreams. Either we protect this world/ or we die, and the future with us. That is just how it is. You don’t have to like it/ but you do have to live it; either as life, or as hell and armageddon (nature in chaos). Make your decision/ and prepare to live the reality.

As to the assumptions of the US lawyer, “.....the allegations of the complaint should be construed favorably to the pleader.... The issue is whether the claimant is entitled to offer evidence to support its claims.......A motion to dismiss.....should not be allowed “ unless it appears beyond doubt that the plaintiff can prove no set of facts in support of his claims which would entitle him to relief”. The US lawyer thereby asserts, that weapons of mass destruction cannot be proven a threat to my life. The US lawyer asserts that the debt beyond all hope of payment as is current and asserted by the accounting of government papers is not a threat to my security or future. The US lawyer asserts, the loss of resources etc, cannot be proven to cause damage to my life/ to the environment which wholly supports our lives/ etc. The US lawyer is lying, or will offer proof.
The United States has not waived its sovereign immunity for the types of relief the plaintiff seems to be seeking. It has long been established, of course, that the United States , as sovereign, “is immune from suit save as it consents to be sued... and the terms of its consent to be sued in any court define that court’s jurisdiction to entertain the suit”. The reality then stated by the US lawyer is the first amendment redress of grievances is simply wrong/ and the court will not abide by this part of this amendment! It is not the United States government that stands in the way of this trial; it is only a few employees of the people. WE THE PEOPLE, has a meaning: simply, WE are in charge/ not the people who work for us, and the first amendment clearly states an opportunity in court when necessary; to be heard in the demand for an accountability. Without documentation, no possibility exists to simply use politics/ the treasury department has failed and hidden the documentation. Among others. No where in any document of an portion or part of government, is there an immunity from the 1st amendment/ from the lack of good behaviors/ from stealing/ from lying/ from cheating, even the right to court; nor all the rest. We are a nation in need of redress/ so that we the people can understand our reality/ our truth as owners/ and our needs to make a decision in our best interest. To do that peacefully, requires a courtroom, and a trial. Therefore the relief of a trial before the people, to determine truth, and reality has been sought.

The right of legislatures to demand tax is not in question/ that is granted by reality and constitutional needs/ and by article 1 section 8 which gives this right to congress. The right of legislatures to create a debt that cannot possibly be paid, and force the people into bankruptcy is in question/ and relief is sought, in the terms of “they spent our social security/ now we will take theirs”. There is no immunity from bad behaviors/ and it is a lie to assume the government, “is a collection of people employed in our service”. It is not/ the government is the agreed upon text that forms the union from which we fight, die, live in peace, or work for life. The basis of federal jurisdiction is then the 1st amendment and “...the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. This is not a political statement, as is true of the rest of the first amendment/ IT IS ALSO, A GUARANTEED RIGHT, as is free speech, press, and religion; you cannot touch or change them. That means the law, and privilege of each citizen : must be upheld in a courtroom of law. And the cause and complaint by employees of government for immunity, shall henceforth be declared null and void.
The US lawyer states “...has not waived its sovereign immunity for these types of relief when the action involves internal revenue taxes. Instead, congress and the IRS have provided administrative remedies and appeals through which a taxpayer may challenge determinations of liability and methods of collection..” Again the simple reality is, no complaint is made as to the collection of taxes, or its liability; I owe the money/ just as the court owes me a proper and true verdict thereby protecting the people, the nation, and me. Complaint is made about the corruption and contempt of an IRS that does not obey courtroom procedure. Instead using the remedies congress and the IRS have provided, I have demanded an accounting of what have you done with my money/ and how dare you disgrace me with this debt, that you have made; and attached my name to; as a citizen either of the state of IL or the USA. As this is not a tax question/ but an accountability demand, dependent upon the evidence widely available in media and elsewhere/ the proper place for discussion is the court. No injunction is sought to escape taxes/ not state or federal/ and I HAVE made that clear from the beginning. Instead, IT IS MY RIGHT TO KNOW, who steals from me/ who threatens my life with realities I cannot control except with a lawsuit before the nation/ and who kills the future, “because they didn’t care”. These are not little, nor are they unproven. Reality exists/ and it is the truth that is sought as relief, from the court. Prove the money is real/ prove the weapons of mass destruction “are my saviors”/ prove your gamble with nature will not destroy everything/ and more.
The US lawyer alters the filings and makes false claims that this case is about the tax/ when from the beginning it is about accountability and our need for truth, from those who we employ in the service of government work. Because the employees of government cheat, and claim an immunity that does not exist; is the only reason that taxes were used as a back door to trial. No other reason exists.

To the extent the plaintiff asserts a non-tax related claim for a declaratory judgment with respect to his other claims about the national debt, the environment, and weapons of mass destruction, the plaintiff does not have standing under article III of the US constitution to assert such a claim in federal court” the US lawyer steals from the constitution is first amendment right to a redress of grievances. The US lawyer asserts that article III section 1. ....shall hold their offices during good behavior.... The protection of the people is not a little thing, it is a stalwart of the constitution and a voice inside the oath of every official that says “Protect us”. Wherein we clearly find in the evidence of reality: these employees have not protected us from anything. The US lawyer asserts that section 2.1. “The judicial power shall extend to ALL CASES, in law and equity, arising under this constitution.... “ Does not extend to this case. Wherein the reality of this case is all about the money that has been robbed from the people/ and the threat of death not only to us, but to the world itself, Because of the bad behaviors of those people who are our employees. The US lawyer is wrong/ the constitution “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” Is all about the people having the last say/ the people owing the government, and thereby having an absolute right to accountability, and the people, even me; using the first amendment to qualify and quantify the reality and truth of what those employees have done.
The US lawyer says “we have consistently held...” When it is true, not a single word has come from the court to me, until this motion. “....claiming only harm to his and every citizens interest in proper application of the constitution and laws, and seeking relief that no more directly and tangibly benefits him that it does the public at large-.....” Therein the US lawyer asserts, that the bankruptcy of a nation does not concern me, or any other citizen of this nation. The US lawyer asserts, that the fundamental threat of realities that can literally destroy us all, are not “directly or tangibly benefits him”... The US lawyer lies/ as clearly the money upon which we all depend/ the environment, the resources, the realities of life, including weapons that can take it away in minutes should not be considered as “ my concern”. The US lawyer suggests
“ let us make these decisions”/ is the assumption; and having seen the reality, and finding the stupidity & the evidence to suggest all these things: I SAY, NO MORE. We will do this as a nation. We will find this truth, and solve this trouble as WE THE PEOPLE!

The US lawyer states “the plaintiff has not articulated any particularized injury-in-fact. and therefore cannot establish standing under Article III”. When in fact the very reality that I am in court is an injury: I am forced to spend my life, and my resources, and my securities in a job/ that exists only because the employees hired to protect my life, my money, and my future, have not kept their oath of office. They have assaulted me, and changed my life, because this must be dealt with before it gets worse. Take a look, what is clearly a demand for “truth and nothing but the truth”/ the US lawyer reduces this demand to a tax question that does not even exist. Prove these threats do not exist, and I will grant you relief. The failure to prove they do not exist, is a travesty of justice/ a failure of the employees assigned. And a message to every citizen, that treason “Adhering to the enemy, and rendering him aid and comfort” exists. For clearly the US lawyer sides with those who are lying, stealing, and cheating. The status quo is not “good enough”/ reality proves change is necessary, by accomplishing the one thing that cannot change: truth will be truth, no matter how much you lie. It is necessary, that we not only search for truth/ but let it lead us, as best we can. The US lawyer simply hides in statements without concern for the consequence to the people of this nation or the world. That is not duty.
Whether you like it or not, the lies are failing! It is useless to fight a reality such as the last media release of 2006 whereupon 8.2 trillion dollars in new debt was added to the american worker: that equals $164,000.00 per worker/ just for that 4 months. Are you not emptying the government worker “social security” right now/ just to keep the lies contained? Are you not selling off the nation itself? Prove it is not so. The relief sought is PROVE IT IN COURT! Before the nation and the world.


III conclusion

All the assumptions of “keep the lies covered/ keep the theft from being revealed/ etc” are not going to work, much longer. You are at the edge of massive foreclosures/ because many people were set up to fail. You “the liars, and thieves” preyed upon them with advertizing, and free credit, “be a winner”/ take what you worked hard for, and spend it today. You “the liars and thieves” hid every penalty, every fine, every trap, and said “Just make the minimum payment, its ok/ what could go wrong/ just do it”: and taught the children to be slaves. It worked, who can say it did not work/ look at your debts. But today, with so many people about to lose everything they every worked for: simply no money and no credit for anything as simple as gas to go up in price/ one trip to the doctor, one trip to the mechanic, it doesn’t matter; nothing left. When all these people start crying together/ they will find a solution in violence; and when they do, bloodshed will be horrific, because pride refuses mercy. It is not that this has to be/ it is pride that forces it to be. We all face the reality of numbers instead of money: the theft of people who used diplomas to cheat the others out of their own lives/ making them slaves. You cannot have “what is clearly unfair”/ because work is about the time and energy of people, and the resources necessary to do the work. And the numbers prove equality is not what governs america/ it is GREED and sloth. Added to the large numbers of people who are soon to be removed from their hopes and dreams in housing/ are the large numbers of people who believe they will retire and “spend like the wind”; demanding healthcare, and benefits of kings, by pushing their own children into the sewer. These are going to be VERY disappointed, because a number is meaningless/ just another lie, just another theft. You will demand the lies are working/ leave it alone! But the reality is, as with all lies: the truth comes, and the disgrace and desperation you have built with lies/ is going to tear down everything you thought you built. Because you have built nothing of value, only disgrace and disrespect. Only fear, and greed, and the templates for violence.
If you shut off and attack my free speech, and the web sites I use. Then I will take you to court, and use every influence available to find help. And you will have reduced this case to “free speech”/ and I will find help, even though resistence will exist. The demand for free speech will rule/ thereby you will expand my audience.
If you refuse to accept your responsibilities to the people/ they will now know, because the documentation exists to prove the court does not act within the law/ does not respect the people/ and acts outside the first amendment, acts outside the dignity and respect for the people, who do own the government, and DO HAVE a right to accountability. You cannot win/ because you are fighting against the very law that gives you the power to decide. If you then fail to accept its power over you; you become a criminal, and a ridicule to the people; who will then judge you. The trial is then sealed and must come, unless felons, with their guns, “are at the door”.

If you apply a simple verdict and attempt to close the door/ will you not be seen as traitors? Do you honestly think 300 million people cannot open your door/ if they so choose? And do you not think, as reality shifts and truth comes close; when people become desperate: THEY WILL either look to the court/ or they WILL look “to the gun”. And if you have proven the court is useless, when so blatantly disrespectful as has been proven so far; it should be easy for you to guess which one is coming. Can you stop Iraq? It will be far worse here. The liars and thieves and cheaters, have stolen lives/ and there are consequences. Threats exist from every side, and instead of dealing with duty and responsibility, clearly “the court is hiding”. Explain that to the people; go ahead.
This is a direct attempt to educate the people themselves as to the reality of truth, law, this government, and their responsibilities to themselves and each other, and life on earth. And you stand in the way/ proud, aren’t you? The education continues in the simple words: it is the LAW, and the LAW ALONE that has “sovereign immunity”/ nothing else! No judge is immune from the law/ NO judge sits above the law/ NO judge is outside the law, or may change the law; the law is immune from the actions of a judge. The law decides, not the judge. Mercy is an act of justice, fair play is an act of honor, equality is a reality of peace; these things a judge may interpret/ as society provides his or her opportunity to be kind. Interpretation is not a right, it is a need, when nothing else will do. But it is very rare, and a failure of the law, if an interpretation is needed. As is the amendments, preamble, bill of rights, and declaration of independence: the reality and truth are seen, and need no interpretation. Therefore they are an example for all law to come: PLAIN AND SIMPLE/ nothing hidden. There are NO employees/ not that sit on the supreme court bench/ not that sit in the presidents chair/ THERE ARE NO EMPLOYEES, OR CITIZENS that are immune from the law. The constitutional law is the law of this land/ it is the supreme law, and nothing stands against it, where justice rules. Therefore the employees of the nation are obligated and sworn under oath, that they will abide by these laws! Consequently, either make your argument that you do not have to obey the 1st amendment (one of these laws, immune from tampering)/ or surrender the reality, and go to trial. Consequently, either make your legal argument that the preamble of the constitution of the United States of America is worthless, and discarded: OR OBEY ITS DEMANDS.
Now, in simple terms: as is consistent with my biggest personal threat to date/ I again say to you: either grow up and work for life/ OR I will abandon you, and leave you to the curses of men. Are you not prepared to exterminate life from this earth? YES YOU ARE! Are you not mutilating, and in fact crucifying nature by genetic tragedy? YES YOU ARE! Are you not taking everything you can find, and abusing or using it with reckless abandon? YES YOU ARE! Are there not a “thousand more tragedies” just like these? YES THERE ARE. You will change/ or more than you can possibly imagine is going to shake your world, surrendered to you: because you did not care enough. Hell is coming/ Armageddon (nature in chaos) is coming: OR CHANGE IS COMING NOW.

As is fundamental to the reality of change, I again say to you/ NO true change can exist with men, they will change/ but then fall right back into the old ways, as history proves/ they will return to the trough that feeds them. They will return to the ways of predator and prey, because pride and want, is easier than peace and dignity, and life. Therefore only women can rule. Not because they are better, etc/ but because they are different. Different does not guarantee better/ it only guarantees “different”. Therefore understanding says: It is the law, that defends society/ it is the truth that accomplishes the law: not a ruler, but truth and law together with justice, fair play, and equality. Women can accomplish these/ and if they do, they have earned the respect called “ruler”. Life will become: how do we share and care with respect/ or you will die. You are too many, for any other way. “Like it or not”. If you think to kill some/ then simply remember at a population increase of 2 million per week/ to just stay even, 2 million people each and every week must die! Do you really think world war will not come? Do you really think food and water, and resources will not end? Where is your mind.

As to the change in my life, from a peaceful contemplation and education as I see fit/ to a soldier “if you will”, required by duty to help this society survive. It HAS become an “extended tour of duty”/ which means I am paying beyond duty, I am paying because YOU want something beyond what truth will give to you/ I am required to sacrifice my time, and possibly my life, because you won’t accept reality: and that is distinctly unfair to me, but necessary/ because life on earth is on trial. I have suffered distinct alterations to my life; because of the actions of those employees of government who failed to respect life, and reality. Choosing only want and pride and selfishness. You have changed my world/ YOU are threatening to destroy our world, and I must act to legally end that threat; it is not a choice. Because of your decisions, my life has changed! To that end, I will never take up arms in this demand for humanity, and in particular this nation, “ to grow up because you will die, if you do not change/ and take the world with you”? What possible good would any violence do/ only you can cause yourself to grow up, I cannot make you accept your responsibilities. And of the many people I have literally talked to; all wanted this tragedy/ because all wanted the selfishness for themselves. By refusing to accept an education and its responsibilities for life; all have said, “let me be selfish”, just as much as the leaders, “let us play king of the hill”. If pushed to understand, the reality of today is, many who have been pushed, to the edge of their own sanity, and they say: they will get a gun; because they don’t believe in the court/ and they insist I can do nothing with justice. Therefore you do deserve what you will get, if I fail/ because justice and the court are literally the only way to survival: and YOU would not help. Therefore I say to each one: before you “get your gun/ or bigger gun/ or build your fort” understand this: in a world of 7 billion people, either we work together for life/ or rivers of blood will flow! And you will never be able to stop this tragedy, you will lose all workers/ and you will eat each other: until disease removes you from this earth. Or you will end in a war of mass destruction/ and what is left will fight for air with radiation poisoning. That is what your gun will bring! Help me for peace, and for women to lead; or dig your grave/ cause no one will bury you. Can’t be? Take a better look/ what happens when you run out of water? Do you all really think Canada can find a place for you? 300 million of you? Do you really think the rest of the world will invite you in? GROW UP.
I am simply here to tell you before hand/ that your decisions are going to bring you hell and armageddon: that is what you have chosen/ THEREFORE TURN AWAY, AND LIVE. DO IT NOW! These are consequences from the existence of a failure to understand the truth/ or your failure to decide to live for more than simple wants, more than your own pride. Everything has a cost, the cost of lies, the cost of theft, the cost of cheating, the extreme costs of “you don’t care” are all coming. Because you just didn’t care enough, to accept reality, and let truth decide what can or cannot be done and how. Unlike lies, truth will accomplish what it starts. Therefore beware, you have many lies. And do know: you will soon be instructed in the realities of life, simply “what you want is irrelevant/ truth and reality decide”. It is only humanity that believes in want, and that exists because nature has taken care of you/ but you are crucifying nature. And you are lying about everything you need, or are. The world WILL change, your decision is as simple as: do you desire life/ and will you pay the price? There is no pride in life, it is freedom or it is death.

IT IS clear and certain before demanding court, as the past proves without doubt: the court will most likely fail. The law, justice, fair play, equality, life or death issues, we the people, etc/ DOES NOT MATTER to the court system in america. At least where the status quo, could be shaken a bit/ and this case shakes everything. Therefore it does become a matter of citizen and media decision: to enforce WE THE PEOPLE, or not. It is up to you/ I cannot make them, they refuse the law, and justice; or they will prove differently. It is up to you the citizen and the media, YOU are now “the soldier (a soldier defends)” charged with the duty to protect and defend your nation, your children, your future, and this world, if you fail/ then you fail, and reality says, “Next up is hell, & armageddon”. Make your decision/ this is your last, and only chance to change the future; it is your decision, not mine. It is your case from here on, I am merely the plaintiff/ but it is your world, and your nation. Will you defend, or will you hide or run away “cowards (more correctly, THE SELFISH and PROUD), to the end”. The clock is ticking/ and time is running out. This is your last warning, there are millions of people who have been set up to fail. They have spent everything “to feel and look like a winner”/ buying what they could not afford. And all these will soon go to foreclosure, losing everything. Being forced by society to accept “loser”, instead. As more and more cry together, they will learn to hate. As more and more pride forms anger into rage “why did they hate me/ why did they do this”? These will turn to violence/ the police and others will turn to revenge/ every courtroom will be an injustice, and hell begins. That is the price of your lies, stealing, and cheating; because those in charge did set them up to fail, with penalties and interest and fines and more. Every lie bears a cost/ and every life reduced to tears, lacks justice. Help me fix these problems as best we can/ before your own pride sets the world ablaze. Because when america fails, the world is not far behind. It is necessary for the police to be involved in this/ it is necessary for the politician to recognize the reality and avoid the tragedy/ it is necessary for every citizen to choose for life. But if you will not, then you will get what you do deserve; what you have willingly paid for, planned for, and conceived with your own minds.

The meaning of safe is, as a friend we have walked together/ choose then to be friends. The meaning of abandoned is; you have chosen to ridicule the only thing that bonds us together, the reality of life that exists in each of us: therefore a creation of GOD “Just like me”. To each the opportunity is granted to find what you desire most, and hold it within your heart. If that desire is ridicule/ then that is what you found. If your desire is hatred/ then that is what you found. But if your desire was and is the honor and honesty of life, and the reality of duty and responsibility as is my life/ then you have found a fight worth the cost. A reality that cannot simply be abandoned without a true and real attempt to help and strengthen GOD’S CREATION So that it may survive. PRAY, this is not a game, it is life or death/ because the evidence says you will soon be in grievous trouble, not only from your lies of economics/ but from multiplying threats of starvation, from water loss to ethanol, and many, many, more. Not from me, from your own decisions, your own apathy, and your own selfishness and pride. I have done my job. Now it is your turn to do yours. Educate, investigate, demand truth, participate in extending this knowledge, and work for trial so that truth may lead us all in peace. That is your minimum job/ and if you don’t do it; it is because you simply don’t care enough.

For simple truth
The reality of life is quite simple, truth decides. All the fighting, all the wanting, lying, & the rest does buy a little time/ but reality will always return to balance/ and balance is decided by truth. Peace lives where balance breathes, life survives where truth conceives of a heartbeat, and then supports that hope as the essence of a discipline respecting the freedom that has been achieved.

The human decision of want, challenges truth at every level of life. The essence of want is “I don’t have to listen to the truth”. While the essence of truth is, “without me, you are nothing”! Therefore the entire human experience of want is simply a war with truth, that time & nature moderate to allow the formation of lies. Lies are then the assumption “I can play god here”/ I can make a decision in violation of truth. Time and nature do allow it for awhile/ because reality teaches, and some will learn truth shall lead, or chaos will reign. Today, you have many goats, guiding the sheep into the lair of wolves; and the wolves have grown many in number. Consequently do not listen to the media anymore, make up your own mind/ do your own discussions and research; do not abandon the media, simply do not let them lead you anymore. They will say “not us, we are perfect”/ but are they not experts, and every expert says: “I know”/ when clearly reality proves ignorance and stupidity was all that you have learned. Don’t believe in the “man on the street scenario” are these not staged, bought, or edited for the content desired? Of course they are/ if it ain’t entertaining who will watch. Do not believe in the “street mob”/ for in watching the news, clearly sometimes there are a few grouped close together to make it look like many; and sometimes there are many, but we know not what they are actually doing, apart from the bias nature of we want to sell this show. “The money”, wants you controlled; that’s why they buy the news/ that’s why they buy you the advertizing/ that’s why they buy “the government employees” so they can own the rights to your mind. And if all you allow, is what you hear from them: then what you hear, is what they think for you. The common description of want is simply “I don’t want to miss out/ on anything I can get”. Therefrom people plunder each other, to get more than their share. Not really a decision to discard you/ as much as it is a decision “I want everything for me”. Money, and the desire for money is literally, the excuse: “I don’t have to put up with these people anymore”. That is what you are working for/ because that is the main purpose of money. But then you are alone/ and because you have trashed every relationship in-between you and your money or your pride/ you have no friends/ only money. Therefrom the plan is hatched, “I will buy my friends, or I will employee those whom I expect to love me”. But that requires more money, and the purpose you wanted the money for, is now confused. Reality states, you cannot buy love, you cannot buy a true friend, you cannot “make a family to love you”. All you truly can do is be loving, and be true. If that is not enough, time no longer has meaning.
Today, women are disrespected/ lied to and cheated out of sex: and they believe “this is it”/ might as well accept it. The purpose of men here is simple: “If its easy, its good”. But the truth is, if its easy; then like a varmint in the night, this is stealing. Sex is NOT a sin, not a failure, etc. BUT lust is, “using someone else’s body as your toy”. BUT lying, stealing, tempting, or buying is. If you do not wish to help them with their lives/ then you are taking something precious from them, and leaving disgrace in its place. We are each a precious reality of life, and we each deserve respect, the honor of honesty, and a life that is not cheated with lies. Do not accept disrespect! Do not accept the idea that money brings happiness/ it does not. Do not accept your want, is your happiness/ it is not. Instead understand that truth is the essence of an environment that grows wonderful things, a purpose inside that becomes a love that will not die. This is then the beginning “of better days”, if you desire them honestly. Life is not free, instead honor says: “Is it not better to depend on truth, and resolve and remove the threats of disaster from your lives”? Honesty says; the price is necessary!
YOU have played your games. You have let want, pride, selfishness, lies, and more “run free”. Thereby damaging or destroying the lives of those who you have forced to be your slaves, or “by your description a loser”, or an enemy, or a prey. Truth now comes to show you THE DESTRUCTION, you have caused; BECAUSE “You simply don’t care enough, to choose friendship”. Therefore the leadership of women is about friendship, if you are wise enough to begin.
The reality of today is, instead of life you chose self. Instead of self as the essence of truth, you chose want, pride, & failure, because these exist ONLY where respect does not. The question of this day is then: being fully educated about the tragedy of all that you have done “it comes soon”. Will you then choose respect, honor, love, life, and friendship? Or will you continue to plunder, and fail, and die.

Time says: either you will turn honestly to truth, and accept its price/ OR you will enter the last days of life on earth, and dig deeper into every single lie. Until life, earth, & time all collapse on your head, and extinction has come. Life is not a game; but LOVE SAYS to you, “Either you will grow up / or you will die, and be exterminated from the earth.” It will be, one or the other. The middle ground is being removed.
Life does NOT condemn you for having fun/ truth does NOT condemn you for desiring to build your “own little world”. But LOVE DOES CONDEMN YOU, because of all the hearts & lives you chose to simply “NOT care anything about”. If you do not change this, you will die. It is pride that will kill you! It is the removal of pride, want, & selfishness that grants you the opportunity to survive.

YOU ARE “TRULY LOVED”, for you are life/ the most precious of all things in this universe. But there is no room for the endless tragedy & heartache for which you are responsible: trial has come. The time to choose either honor & life/ or lies and death, has come. Truth and reality will prove your heart. But to do more than survive, you must love and respect each other! This is your message, this is your life to choose. Make your decision/

DO PRAY, this is forever.

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