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In case the employees of government act illegally and shut down this site www.justtalking.info / there will be alternate information provided to “new discussion sites”/ within each of these alternate sites. Www.complexdestiny.info www.criticaleconomics.info www.trialforlife.info www.trialoflife.info & www.soultalking.info Sites held outside the nation called USA/ will be added to contain the information. The new court filings I present will contain the new site.

To those who believe all is well, why should we be concerned with accountability in government/ why should we care about the numbers so long as “we/ I” have money? The answer is very simple in reality. Type in a search for american billionaires and add up just how many billion dollars they have/ then divide this by the number of people on that list. Then remember : IF YOU have $1000.00 in assets, and many have less/ EACH BILLION DOLLARS, represents a person that has one million times more than you. Or in essence that billion dollars represents the fact “by the numbers”/ that as citizens who have been promised to pay for these numbers (they are american dollars) / we are said to owe this single person with one billion dollars: If you make $10.00 per hour, one million people owe 100 hours of their lives each to this person. Which brings the question WHAT AND WHY, do one million people owe this one individual one hundred hours of work each? To answer that question, let us look at the most visible person/ one that you know what she does/ because she is visible each and every day for an hour/ and works physically for perhaps 3 or 4 hours per day. “Opray Winfrey”. She interviews people! That is her job, and people do like to listen to the way she talks, or the money would not be there. Like all the rest however/ does this work represent one hundred hours of the lives of one million people/ per billion dollars? Obviously not. Add up what you owe. Are you laughing at the people who make $10 dollars an hour? Really, if you make $1000.00 dollars an hour then you owe a billionaire 1 million hours of your own to equal what they have: 40 hour week x 500 years and your equal/ taxes, expenses, etc not included. One billion dollars divided by 40 years @ 40 hours a week= $12,500.00 per hour! Understand 120 trillion dollars the “low estimate” of what the treasury would predict today as american assets: represents 120 million people each with one million dollars/ and KNOW we have been made slaves by these numbers. If you work for an honest living, save hard to scrape together something for the future/ then look at your competition, and know even with one million dollars/ you have virtually nothing. Why settle for this? Make truth our reality/ and take away the ignorance of a nation that accepts so much arrogance. Are you not better than this. Is one person worth one million of you? No they are not! These numbers called money, do represent your work, think about it . MONEY TALKS/ ARE YOU LISTENING.?

AND WHAT did these people do to earn a billion dollars? Some talk/ in the case of walmart, they simply took your jobs to China; and you thanked them/ after all “its nice to have slaves isn’t it. Problem is, no work/ no job/ no money to buy even from the chinese; who do have the same problems as you. Or from microsoft, these two found a simple way to turn the blank screen of a dos machine into “flashing lights”/ for the novice; instead of learning a few dos prompts (a simple thing), even the unlearned could now do something. An idea no doubt gained from mackintosh apple computer. But back then microsoft used so much memory and time it was poor/ but it wasn’t a blank screen with a dos prompt. They bought the work of people who did solve the real problems, and they fought for every penny that didn’t bring them advertizing. Not exactly worth 100 billion dollars, “to see flashing lights”/ but, as a business: if you own or can easily buy the competition “ a monopoly is a good way to steal”. There are rules against monopolies/ but as we see with all aspects of the employees of this government, it is the money that talks; not “we the people”. It is time for a change.



the foundations society require an exchange among its people, and its neighbors/ that means money, or its similar compositions of barter and trade. The question that presents when the “money is bad/ you owe me the resources/ or it all just fell apart entirely; and we must stop”. Is simply; how to we repair the damages created by all the lies?

The reality is; that to keep the lies of bankruptcy hidden, Like a gambler who hides his losses, by using every credit card/ every resources of others, and every mortgaging tool available, it does work for a while, if no one else is aware. But in the end, every gambler must resort to selling off any asset/ consuming every measure of trust available and then pleading “why me”. America is at the stage of selling assets (soon all the machines, the resources used to create jobs, and the nation itself will be sold: you have no other choice but to admit the lies). If you continue with your lies, not a railroad engine/ not a resource/ not access even to ports or whatever else is of economic interest will all be lost. They stole your social security, and pretend not. They raised your social security rate of tax, and pretended it was not a tax increase, because it was “your money, that you needed to save”/ but not one penny went into social security as a savings; every extra dime was spent for “interest expenses, or just plain trash”. Your jobs are leaving, your opportunities for employment are leaving, your credit is pathetic; and your leaders are selling you out. Which will then become “why me”/ the answer is: because you lied, you stole, and you cheated even yourselves out of a nation . Get your head out of your ass/ or YOU will lose everything. You as a nation are 100 trillion dollars in debt, or more, “not a thief and liar and cheat, is not real”/ www.federalreserve.gov flow of funds table L5 total liabilities and assets of the USA. 100 trillion divided by 100 million for simple math (one in every three faces, babies, prisoners, etc) = 1 million dollars per each of 100 million people! There is no escaping this debt, to continue is to become slaves instead. Can’t believe it, make them reopen this site, and compare with the documents given. Make them open the vault at Fort Knox and show you the gold. You have become liars/ cheats/ and thieves; because you fear your reality of weapons, and the rest. Change your reality, and be brave instead. Life is not over/ WE THE PEOPLE is a reality of life! Because you would not accept this truth, or its responsibilities/ but chose lies instead, hiding in the fears “what can we do/ they will kill us”; you are now at the edge of complete tragedy. It is a pitiful ending, to an otherwise basic blessing, to the world. You are afraid of everything/ but that will not save you. You are losing everything, but your weapons of mass destruction, and your guns; will they not kill you? You are so proud, you cannot admit to any truth/ but that will not save you. You are so arrogant and selfish, you do expect to murder or die before you surrender one little thing/ and you will, unless you change. This trial asks you to investigate your reality, and accept your truth, so that you can change the consequences chosen by your decisions: that will soon become hell and Armageddon for you. The reality is simply to remove all these empty promises, and begin again; as equals under law/ instead of murder and revenge, which will come next; if you will not go to court and fix your failures. Just how it is/ either accept your duty to life; or the lies will consume you: it is not a hard understanding to comprehend. Either take control of your nation as WE THE PEOPLE, removing all your fears; or die. Thieves everywhere/ stealing: or they will be made to stop, in a court of law, simple as that. Truth defends whoever respects it/ lies kill them all who depend upon them, either in this life, or the next. Remember that; it will save your life/ or convict your heart, as insanity and hell consume your world. The decision is yours, and so is the reality you have created for yourselves. Choose.
Of some interest, are the tools used to bankrupt the USA. They are the nuclear bomb; without it, the cold war would not have existed/ the Vietnam war, without it the debt could not have been so extreme, and the american citizen not so determined not to pay/ and “the reagan years”; without them, the gold would not have disappeared allowing numbers to inflate beyond recognition of reality, the nation would not have been “given away”, because it is then that numbers became “completely unimportant: let them have as many as they want, who cares/ so long as they will not spend them, it don’t matter.

Contrary to government employee claims; inflation has run away for years; how else do you explain 100 + trillion dollars in debts for the nation/ it is simply run away inflation. But they have learned to play the game of numbers in government; pretending they don’t matter/ and applying all new numbers to the citizens themselves has worked very well, in defrauding the public citizen: who complains, “with more numbers”/ its not money until its spent! But now with not enough money to pay the interest on the interest, reality approaches “like a dinosaur coming to eat; don’t care who is stepped on/ don’t care what is taken/ just don’t care, a very big appetite to fill”. To continue, reality demands more money will be collected; thereby government numbers declare “the price of a house has risen”/ and taxes go up; people have to work harder, or collect more money somehow to survive/ and not be foreclosed and everything lost. Its called hidden inflation/ and it works, because the government leaders have collected enough information on agriculture to control the price of food/ have brought in many foreign nations “free trade” to collect resources without direct payments/ and especially the Chinese through Walmart in particular, are provided to do the work at wages we simply cannot compete with. That way, we have all we want/ and don’t pay, ” send the children the bills”. End of story, except for the “free credit/ and extra-ordinary assessments of property value”. All lied, to hold the lies together/ all fail, because the numbers are liars, and a worthless dollar, is a worthless dollar, even if you have a billion of them: worthless is worthless! America is now at the last stages of denial, before reality strips you clean/ and revenge takes over! Believe it or not, it is true. Therefore you have this one, last chance to accept your truth, and decide in favor of duty and responsibility/ learning respect, and choosing the law to intervene on your behalf; or you lose, and go directly to civil war, and tremendous bloodshed. Do you really think the people who believe they have billions will not take revenge when they suddenly have nothing? How about you/ when someone steals $20 dollars from you/ do you not want revenge? You do! Go to court/ before reality takes it all away. Be honest with yourselves, and change your fears, to the work of peace, security, and life.

The first and most important reality, which will determine exactly how the future will turn out is: NO MORE LYING! IF you succeed in this/ then the future will be ok, because reality and time both prove they are not going away; consequently we must adjust, to their requirements of us. What then is truth? It is the reality of life, that dictates the reality of money! There can be no more numbers than honorably exists, for the people who are making the promises. That is an end result, for those who treat and intend to treat each other fairly, and with respect. Failure to contain the numbers proves without any doubt/ that respect will die/ and greed consume society, and take all that is a blessing with it as time goes by. As is america today; the reality of greed, produces lust/ hate/ violence/ and the desire to consume each other, in terms of the games you play. Greed is a contemptuous snake, that funnels through the sewer system of human society/ and attacks those who “sit in the wrong place/ at the wrong time”. Greed is the essence of hate/ hidden in the plain sight of “I don’t care”. Greed is the destruction of every miracle, because it is the search for disciplines to crush/ and lives to ruin: “its just business/ therefore I accept NO responsibility”/ unless of course its me, and then revenge and violence is my right against you: isn’t that so? Ridicule is the fuel of greed/ fundamentally practicing the art of war/ by testing the boundaries of any person who comes within sight of an attack. The purpose of course is to take anything, that they will surrender/ and then accuse them of failure, when of course “we both know: until you/ greed came, everything was alright for them”. The creation of bankruptcy is primarily the response and critical reality of greed in society. Greed forces the people to punish themselves by trying to survive and compete; fundamentally ending in the gambles of failure/ or just outright giving up. Because the greedy, love the game/ and the game is: to take everything you can get/ REMOVE the life as if it wasn’t even there/ and consume the product of your effort: “Their flesh and bones, of work and life”. The greedy are their own god/ for they do believe they control life, and deserve everything that life produces/ didn’t they manage to make you their slave! It is true, the greedy do make slaves/ the greedy do consume lives by taking rather than sharing life. It is fundamental to society, that the greedy are responsible for war/ no other benefits, only the greedy. It is the powerful/ that become so because of their greed; it is the greed, that rules every society/ because reality allows the function of an economy is to employ the people. But it is the greed, that leaves the others out, making it necessary for employment to come from the greedy; a violent circle of depression and surrender, in a war on life, that always ends in economic tragedy for every society. Because greed is hate/ and hate destroys and consumes so that the others may not contend. Thereby all that is old, even a little bit is destroyed/ therefore all that is plentiful is corrupted and consumed, so that the greedy may then control and consume you. The essence of greed in humanity is want/ the essence of hate in humanity is pride/ the reality of selfishness in humanity is the desire to “play god, and the price to others simply does not matter, to you”. Therein society is delivered from peace/ and thrust into the dregs of a life entrapped by the quicksand of an insanity they cannot escape, because the greedy, are always at the head of the line to control anything that represents power. Everything that represents power is a resource/ and every resource is being destroyed by the greedy, for their own purposes; while the peaceful of society, sit idly by and just say “leave me alone/ I am not involved, LEAVE ME ALONE”. The end result of course is always; the peaceful are consumed by the war they are required to sustain, because they didn’t understand the foundation of peace in every society is working for peace! It is a never-ending job! Justice will never be free/ and those who abandon its claims to the greedy and selfish/ simply lose justice in their society; and find themselves in a failed society, from which it takes massive efforts to correct. When these days come, those who complain are forced to retract and restate greed is good/ greed is my god too/ aren’t the greedy wonderful; and other lies as may suit the hateful, and prepare you for consumption in their midst. “Its either that, or they take away your securities and threaten your life.” Such is the reality of greed. After a short time/ it is no longer money that is worshiped: but the rules that allow them to contain you in the misery of their controls. As such the greedy are always front and center of politics/ even if they are hidden in the shadows. For such reasons, the greedy are always trying to control the press and other media influences, to use the propaganda and other means of preparation/ to take and consume life in america and other places. Are you “not consumed”? Really, what is left of america, that has not been conceived by greed? Really? In reality, greed controls america today, transforming it from friendly and fair as societies go/ to frightened and afraid of everything, because everything is about to end in turmoil. Greed is responsible/ greed is the war lord, that has crept into your lives, to contribute want, and destroy you with pride. Greed is a failure beyond comprehension/ because it now rules your lives. The reason your legislatures cannot rule/ cannot conceive of justice; is simply the greed controls them, and the price is REMOVE the justice, and give us everything we want, or you will be erased from public life, and your pride. If you struggle against us; we will make you sorry! Such is life in america/ the only difference between america and Iraq today is; they have given up/ because the powerful have taken over. Tomorrow, without distinct and serious change, “it is you”. Corruption is clearly seen as government failure in the simple truths of president bush; Cannot admit to being wrong/ cannot admit to being sacred “shitless”, therefore starting the war/ cannot admit, that he has a direct responsibility: To the lives and families lost; because that would be “bad, on a very personal level, a reality of being sorry: I was wrong”. But the consequence of leadership, IS, those who lead will be wrong, at times all are wrong! The difference between a true leader, and a selfish and irresponsible man or woman is accepting the truth when you are proven wrong/ and making amends as best you can. In the reality of war/ that would be: to pull the troops back/ establish a perimeter of defense, and let them come to you, protecting all who choose to be protected by you. Protecting the nation from any other country during this time. And within 7 months calling for an election from the people of America and Iraq simultaneously to search for what is next. The vote decides/ not the president, or any other. Thereby one man, becomes one nation; and the reality of interfering with a country called america/ by establishing war, and bloodshed in another called Iraq: is decided by the people therein. Such as the truth of democracy is intended to be. The rules of governing must be changed! As to bush/ it is a violation of human rights, to be forced into situations of terror and distress, such is the reality of a war without a right/ a death or dismemberment, without an end. It is arbitrary and violent, to push people to kill, without a true cause that is definable by value and equity and hope. People are people/ people make mistakes/ people require a government: but then it is the people who must accept and determine the reality of any war. “It is our, bodies/ minds/ families/ and hopes: not simply yours”! Selfishness is blatantly showing! Power is fundamentally being abused.

The quick and efficient answer to bankruptcy is: STOP LYING, and work it out! The fundamental answer to those who you owe outside of borders is: YOU will wait/ we will trade only until this is settled; no money or debt will be exchanged or accepted. The functional answer to those who are owed inside the boundaries of the USA is: you took/ thereby you owe, but the numbers and the reality will be changed. Some will pay by auction/ some will pay by time and effort/ some will escape payment; but all will face change and the education of no more credit until you have proven a right, and a responsibility. The critical answer to all those who are owed is: YOU are responsible; do you not control society? Of course you do/ isn’t that why you have the money? Thereby what has been done/ has been orchestrated by you. The numbers that exist are a function of your decisions/ and it is you Who will lose the majority of your claims and the promises to be your slaves, from the others. YOU are the greedy/ and YOU have brought america to its knees: because there is only one other choice than this/ and it is civil war! Let that war be waged in the “rich mans neighborhood”; if they will not surrender to their responsibility; the cost of “doing their business”/ then it is they who fire the first shot, and engage the battle: they who have chosen to sacrifice you. Thereby the wounds, and fears, and blood of war/ are theirs to experience first and foremost and worst! If they create an army/ learn, infiltrate, and defeat them; they have chosen the end of life on earth; they need no mercy. BUT if they do their part to correct the tragedy that is coming/ then participate well with them, and treat them with respect. Be honest, and understand some will have more/ they earn it! All greed, is a failure of society! Every single participant or particle of it is failure/ because it shuts down friendship, and ruins family! The purpose of greed is to use your hate against the others/ without taking responsibility for it. It is the hidden response to violence/ the murder who carries a concealed weapon. The reality of a blight and a curse to all that is life: and if you are greedy, the words do describe you! Do you want to be greedy? Is your absolute goal to be “filthy rich”/ then reality has found you failing; and selfishness lurks just beyond the door that divides you from the friends you do intend to kill. “Not my friends”/ are you sure, because greed is essentially a disease in humanity; and it spreads from those who pass it along. Thereby your greed multiplies/ and becomes the greed of another/ until all are affected by your insanity or theirs. There are only two methods of society: peace of hate. The difference is, do you want friends/ or do you want money? Everyone says, “obviously I WANT both”. But reality insists: If you are greedy, you must sacrifice someone; because wealth is the control of other lives. And to control lives, is to play god over them. If you desire honest friendship; then it is your honor to help each other, not give to each other/ but help each other to attain their own opportunities in life, their own sense of worth within the practice of their own work and responsibilities of life. Those who attain life in happiness, are those who understand the reality of: We must each take responsibility for ourselves/ and participate with respect, honesty, honor, love, and hope. It is the value of a life/ the treasure of a participation that grows from discipline, to an expectation that includes eternity for you, and for me. Stop lying, stop cheating, stop stealing, stop assassinating the future and your children/ and life can be turned around! Fail to do this/ and I guarantee a civil war beyond anything you can imagine/ beyond any horror and terror story ever told. Doesn’t seem like a hard choice to me!

Can’t be so/ not in america; after all, “we are great/ we are a superpower/ we are nice”! Instead look again, and see your greed. Someone steal a penny from you; and you want revenge for life. Someone take away your pride, and you want murder, violence, or poverty for them forever. Someone forget to pay attention to you/ and you are willing to declare war. Not everyone? No, but more than enough to get guns and start shooting without an end. When they start, who will stop them? With more shooting? Take a look in Iraq, and see how well that works/ it adds guns, and hatred, and tragedy expands. You are sitting on the edge of simple minded catastrophe/ because your leaders, the greediest people (NOT simply the politician/ but the businessman/ the media/ the university/ the medicine/ and more) who have ever lived on earth; have set you up to be consumed by them. But their plan is: “You will surrender and be their slaves forever/ they will be your gods, and do anything they wish to your lives”. That is your reality/ that is literally their plan, and it always ends with violence in every conceivable way. The guns will say REBELLION/ AND NO MERCY. The reality will demand: NO ONE, is going to listen to anything; until the murder is done! But instead of ending in america/ it will spread as an infection to the world, because they all set much like america itself. And if they don’t holding large quantities of money/ resources instead, the ONLY conceivable method of turning civil war into anything else is: TO LOOK AT THE OTHERS, and say, lets fight them instead, and take theirs. Such is the choice of your lives today. Find truth/ or die in hell. The passage from one grade of hell to the next will be quick. The foundation of blood, which will be your lives/ WILL drive all insane. FIND YOUR SOUL, and fix these problems/ or be consumed.

You are free to believe as “macho, or liar”/ free to disbelieve none of this can happen: but you are not free of the consequences that are the decisions you have made as a society of men, leading us all into tragedy and death. What is real, and not a fantasy will take over life, in this world/ and you will endure the truth of your decisions/ as fear itself consumes you before you enter hades and the living hell of Armageddon: where you will learn, life on earth is dead. And there is no surrender! You are simply the living dead; you are simply a reality of your own attempts to be god. You can believe anything you like/ BUT PAIN and INSANITY will rule your lives! The pain will enter in, as pain does; and remove every barrier; leaving your life open to its truths. And you will enter spirit if allowed/ OR you will enter fear, because pain will not let you go, until you do. Few, even very few, will not enter pain and the insanity of fear. The men who lead have chosen starvation for the planet. The men in charge have chosen to end the “feed stocks of the ocean”/ causing it to die: personally saying “its me or these fish/ and I am going to be rich; I don’t care”. Just as the farmers say, “its me or these chemicals and fertilizers that kill the ocean and the water and the life/ and I am going to be rich; I don’t care”. You are headed to the point of no return/ at which time every human life will know, when you cross it, you have suddenly become the living dead, and there will be no relief/ only cannibalism. And the sacrifice of every child/ then every woman/ and then every man.

The foundation of all these things is fear/ you are afraid to die because of weapons of mass destruction/ and now because of those fears, you have added a multitude of more threats to your very lives, and this entire earth. The true threat of a population explosion has threatened your existence/ and if you cannot see it yet/ I GUARANTEE, you will recognize it, when nothing is left that can be done; perhaps 7 years or so. No food/ too many people; what is left but war? The reality of population determines the level of freedom/ the level of money or promises that can be used by any single individual: WHY should I die/ because YOU took more than your share? Answer the question/ and face the reality! If you are honest and look, YOU WILL “see the reality of these hurricanes forming, off shore and beyond the current horizon”/ and know clearly, they are headed directly for america! As with “any other hurricane”, wishing it away, will not help; just because today is “bright and sunny”/ does not mean tomorrow the storm will not come. You are threatened/ because of your LIES! STOP RUNNING AWAY/ face your fears, and find answers/ they do exist, and women will help you. If they do not stand up, make them. Its either that or the door opens and your fears come in for real/ to take life itself away from planet earth; because you didn’t even care enough to try. SHAME ON YOU!
FIND YOUR SOUL, before you die!

As is true of the failures of pomp and ceremony, wherein everything is important but reality, and the truth of who pays the bills for this deceit and ridicule of the others “I am better than you/ LOOK AT ME”. The consequence of all these words is simply: the fact is, “you can’t handle the truth”/ you hide and run away. You can’t accept discipline, because want is eating you alive. you turn away from honesty, because pride is the playground of your heart. It may be true, that I should have gone ahead and led you by mass hypnosis/ in that way, you could have at least seen the potential of a new and different life. But it would only have given cause to allow the pride you failed to abandon/ the opportunity to plot and plan again; simply prolonging “the bed-sores” of your failure to be alive. The simple truth is: life as humanity has always known it is all but over! You have exceeded nature’s ability to sustain you/ and now you must work and cooperate and make choices based upon what is good and right for nature; or you die. IT IS NOT, a hard concept/ you do understand it; but just like the court and its judges in disgrace/ you choose your pride instead; because want is more important to you, than truth. The law, simply a tool to get or sustain what you want/ instead of justice for us all. The reality of a focused attack on the basic human patterns of decision, is a mob! A mob is literally, the sewer opening up, and life going down: I choose never to participate. YOU must learn better, or to hell you will go. You must choose better, or to Armageddon you will go. You and all the others WILL BITCH AND MOAN, as if life is coming to an end: just because you don’t like the price of life! But if you don’t pay the price of honor, respect, love, justice, and honesty, the surprise for you is: life will truly come to an end. Do you think your LIES, constant and continual, will stop it? Do you really! What lie do you trust? What “government program” did not fail in absolute disgrace? It ain’t social security/ broken and failed long ago; today is it simply a game the old play, using the children as their toys: “They can’t stop us/ WE GOT THE DEED”. But you get the deed alright/ you are buying HELL and extinction on earth: as the owners of that decision, I would not be you, for everything in this universe. Back away from what you have earned and repent/ while some mercy remains; or truly you will reap your reward.

TO EACH AND EVERY TERRORIST, the time has arrived: that your judgment, WILL be used against you/ if these arrive at the decision for life, and choose honor! IF they do not choose life/ only then will they be given into your hand. Leave them alone/ and let them decide, or be punished: even more.
So says the spirit inside.


It does seem necessary, not owed/ but important to identify the propaganda and decisive actions being taken to curb reality and discard truth. Therefore a little is added, for those who are watching honestly and honorably, that you may not be confused or maligned for choosing justice and life.

The most important part of the money in america today, as far as its ability to confer stupidity and disgrace is the numbers involved. In a nation claiming to hold 120 + trillion dollars in assets= $400,000.00 four hundred thousand dollars per face in america/ all 300 million of us. There is NO end to the numbers! No matter how many numbers is lost by someone/ there are more numbers to replace them; just how it is. Think of it this way/ even though every single worker now owes about 2 million dollars apiece (demand www.federalreserve.gov Flow of funds/ total liabilities and assets of the USA, reopen) and check it across the board with the table provided in this trial; they will be cheating. THE REALITY of these numbers is that someone holds them as assets in the bank so to speak/ and expects a loan value created by “these assets” of about 10 times their supposed value. Therefore without going into details, the 20 trillion claimed to be “free of debt”/ can be easily turned into 200 trillion more numbers/ to be used to keep you or turn you into a slave. Can they not buy your world? You are then a renter/ until you are forced to do whatever you have to do to survive. You are then owned/ because what you have to do to survive, is dependent upon those who control the resources, and the access to those resources, so that work and food can be obtained. “You are safe”/ got money? Not true, because as is common to all pyramid games/ only the very top tiers get away with the money; the rest are all losers, including those who did all the work. Because the numbers are so large, it is necessary to understand a few people, or a few people together, can alter the direction of the stock market at any time they choose. They can target you, by influencing the numbers among many investors that then must liquidate stock to cover their margin calls; fundamentally influencing the stocks that will then be coming for sale. Those who believe it is “a fair game/ don’t understand men, or money”. The rules of every gambling casino, is the same: WE win/ YOU lose, period no exceptions; apart from the advertizing (a few braggarts and fools, to bring in the rest, or “free women” or free booze or trophies, pennies in the wishing well for the poor to chase)/ and so long as they continue to play, WE WILL win. Every gambling game is fixed; “the house odds” are better than yours, by a tremendous amount/ and they can change the rules, if they wish: what are you going to do, “ complain”. The enticement is always the same: come in “to where the wealthy play and live/ bask in our glory, UNTIL your money is gone; then its thrown out, corrupted, used, abused, or just plain discarded in the trash; for others to rescue, if you are not completely broken. The question these numbers of american “money” represents is not simple bankruptcy, the money (ability to pay the promises) is gone; not in a thousand years, with all the resources on earth/ woe is us! Instead, they have infiltrated all of american life, and have become like sand beneath your feet. In other words, essentially worthless as an individual expression/ the numbers are merely the expectations of a people who cannot afford themselves. But the good news is: these are your expectations/ therefore you can surrender them without war; use simple justice instead, and the court; defining law, and declaring true equality and honest fair play to all. No numbers, called dollars/ are worth anything/ abandon them; are you going to pay the 2 million dollars you are in debt as an individual worker in the USA? Government accounting suggests this is your debt load; and as long as you accept it as money, the court can force you to be a slave, or take away anything the powerful demand. As shown/ they own the court; therefore do not expect anything of your nation, unless you as a people demand the return of power to the people. Your neighbor is not your enemy/ greed is your enemy. Greed is not good, as the powerful and their propaganda demand! Greed is the tools of the insane, as they march through society/ taking all they can get. These are the pillagers/ the rapists, the murderers, and the failures of every society; they want to control, because they are the enemy of life on earth. That is because life is what matters, and the expectations of those who refuse “Life first”/ are simply to be abandoned! Take away their money/ worthless numbers are worthless numbers. There are NO billionaires/ there will be no, or extremely few and thereby limited potential millionaires; and you will control aspects of these riches/ and you will demand a full accounting for these riches, for the public good. If they are true/ then access to the wealth, depends upon the talent of the teacher for society. The majority will choose what the majority expects: in honesty, and honor, through trial. What is a indebted, will go to resale/ and what is credit will be reassigned, according to the limits and rules of what all the people expect and choose. Therefrom, according to a NEW constitutional amendment, that absolutely forbids tampering with the money supply by any employee of government: YOU SHALL NOT! That money supply will be attached to gold, or some other restricted in quantity device; so that this never happens again.

People have been happy with the stock market pyramid schemes though; haven’t they! Its free money/ who gives a damn what comes next; this is free money TO ME/ get out of my way! And so the stock market kept you happy; didn’t they? More than happy to oblige/ but of course their were costs: they took over your best companies and sold them out for numbers. They took over your finances, and made them worthless/ selling them for numbers. They took over your government, to do whatever they wanted to do/ buying them for numbers; who cares: well, now you stand at the door of civil war/ because of the stealing, lying, and cheating of the stock market, and those who supported it; and absolutely didn’t care where the numbers came from; JUST GIVE ME MORE/ who gives a DAMN, about anyone else. As is true of every pyramid game/ when the actual value of a nation or community or bank, or people is completely sucked away; the game stops/ the thieves try to escape/ and the people Try to find a way to survive, their anger and hate, and needs! Some nations survive/ some don’t. If you don’t stop the stock market and their worthless numbers/ they will continue picking you apart, until you do. After consuming your assets/ your resources/ your environment/ your businesses/ your government / and your options; IT WILL BE WITH GUNS, that the people say no more. By then, you will be armed camps/ by then “the most numbers” will have boughten armies. By then the bloodshed that will fall/ will come in rivers. But that’s ok/ cause after all, you got maybe 30 years of “picking your nose/ and sucking your thumb” before the rest of the world; Its all good. Except now you are set up to die/ and could take the rest of the world with you. Pitiful isn’t it! Surrendering your soul/ to play the game.
The question presents; is the stock market all bad/ it has helped business grow. That was true coming out of the depression, where very careful investments multiplied for the people and the investors. Not true today/ wherein only the numbers count; and business, the workers, the community, and the nation are all “merely the trash to be thrown out; who gives a fuck/ GIVE ME THE NUMBERS”. BLIND, DISEASED, AND A PANDEMIC of absolute greed, the stock market of today is the essence of a sewer. The place that breeds death, because only the critically consumed are allowed to remain/ and these are fundamentally taken apart to be no more. Pride is the building blocks of hate/ selfishness the binder, that holds the wall together, that forces the rest. “Government” the entity that gives force, to embattle life/ and make slaves, and even consume women; making them nothing but a trophy or an animal for sex; a way for men to make other men war.

There is room for a limited community based “stock market”/ open only to those who live in the community (you choose, but not beyond one million people). These then can invest ONLY in the business that exists within their specific human boundaries of the people they can affect/ the business that they can influence. But a law shall be passed/ if they are very effective; it is because nature has given them opportunities not created for the rest: THAT MEANS, they shall now share honestly with the rest. Choose the guidelines now/ the penalties and the rewards.
Do not condemn those in the stock markets, etc today; as they are merely functioning because of majority greed and disrespect. If you want a world of sanity and life back/ there is ONLY ONE WAY: You must remove the weapons of mass destruction/ you must stop assassinating the future/ you must protect the resources and the environment/ you must control “science and the military for honorable purposes only / and you must stop crucifying nature : finding respect for each other/ and for GOD . You are nothing without GOD ! Therefore submit to the reality that YOU DO Owe HIM Your respect. If this is too much/ then go ahead and die.
Today, there is a very big and bad hurricane beginning to form close to the gulf of mexico; so says the news! If that continues to gain strength/ it could do as much damage as hurricane Katrina or more; no one knows. However what is clear/ is if it comes ashore in the USA; there is no money for the cleanup/ no money for the repairs/ no employees of government who can assist in the reality of the day/ and no other locations that will be interested in assisting “we have our own troubles”/ and no access to resources; because it will be a credit meltdown across the nation: if it is anything like Katrina. If it takes out the fuel supplies, that too will ripple even through the food supply network, and trouble will begin. Make your decision now.

Again, the reality of this day is simply; how do we recapture America, the land of WE THE PEOPLE? And take it away from those who have already proven to be traitors. Traitor is fitting/ because if you only think of yourself, you are no friend to the nation/ or the world. The answer is: THE LAW RULES THE NATION/ Or there is anarchy and civil war! It is not a hard choice/ war is nothing more than an excuse for rape, mutilation, hate, and pillaging; Its only real contribution to the earth is a few less people competing; but if that happens to be you or yours/ you will not be grateful. Therefore the law says: WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION! That is the law/ the foundation of this ownership is the constitution and bill of rights and declaration of independence. The reality of ownership does grant rights: they are that people shall be more important than money! That the nation shall pay its debts. Those debts are: that the children shall not be sold into slavery/ the nation shall not be ransacked and pillaged for the sake of a few/ we shall all work together against a common enemy/ and we shall incorporate justice, fair play, and equality in what we do, as a nation together. The current employees are useless, and without honor. But the use of numbers to buy government, brought them to you/ and it is necessary that those numbers be removed from all influence over government. Thereby again/ the people themselves shall vote on the laws that influence their lives; no money shall be allowed to influence the vote. You will vote for yourselves/ not for someone to vote for you; YOU will accept the burden of doing what is right/ and you will accept the penalties for doing what was wrong. Apart from that you will vote on how the money is divided; you will set up specific taxes, to pay for specific works; such as tax on gas, to pay for roads, and nothing else. Etc/ in other words, you will remove the power of your employees of government, from affecting your lives. You will hire them instead, to investigate, examine, and report to you on whether the people hired/ the companies trusted, and communities are being honest and successful, or need help or punishments. These are simple things/ and you can do them easily. By controlling the court/ and the legislature, (as have the powerful and proud before you) you will control the banks and the people who will try to force you. Simply tell them, NO MORE LIES/ NO MORE STEALING/ NO MORE CHEATING; LIFE FIRST! And enforce this by your presence in their lives/ they are a few/ you are 300 million people: they will capitulate. As you are forced to be patient with the process of rehabilitation/ where necessary, the people will be fed, water will be supplied, and necessary works shall be done. When rehabilitation has been accomplished, then it is back to normal. Be patient/ but be wise first.

As to the potential hurricane dean coming; I suggest you pray. Otherwise, without intervention; this hurricane can change america forever. You can survive it/ but much could be lost, making life harder; do what you can do. Never be concerned with what you cannot do/ simply do what YOU can do; and quit making excuses. Life is a choice/ make your decisions; don’t fall into them. A big hurricane can instantaneously “kill this stock market”/ CAUSE THERE SIMPLY IS NO MORE CREDIT TO BE FOUND. That means the lack of credit for everything, will run through this society like a pandemic. That means no mortgage payment will be made/ no credit card will be honored/ no foods or supplies will be delivered. Etc. The reality is: RUN to the court/ NOT to your guns. Or you will be very sorry, and tens of millions dead. Don’t do it, go to court, and fight honestly there.
There are things to fear/ it ain’t nice to depend upon something and find it is worthless/ it will be a harsh reality for the vast majority; But your choice to truth and life/ is death and war: Make a respectful decision for life, and abandon your greed, lies, and thieving ways. Make this nation WE THE PEOPLE : NOT, “Greed rules here”.