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TRIAL 07-2040

DATED 5/ 29/07





RE: to clarify the stupidity, rancor, and repulsive disgrace that is the demand of a few employees who believe "they are the government of the United States of America".

THE BASIS IN FACT: WE THE PEOPLE, did not make you the government of us/ elected or not, you chose to ask for a job. And with that job comes responsibilities, and a foundation of sovereign immunity to the people/ NOT to you.

Sovereign in fact means "unlimited in extent; absolute; enjoying autonomy (self-governing); independent of; or excellent and exalted"/ THIS AIN'T YOU. YOU are not unlimited, but directed to the immunities of the people, particularly the amendments to the constitution. Which clearly state, that as employees of the people/ YOU are not entitled to do any of these things. YOU are not absolute, which means clearly that you can be brought up on charges of fraud or treason, that you are subject to an inquisition or trial before the people on charges or corruption, collusion, graft, treason, theft, or other heinous crimes for which you have NO PROTECTION. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, under the constitutional guidelines that have been presented to the people and accepted on our behalf, many years ago: THIS UNION, OR CONTRACT OF THE PEOPLE, with themselves; is sovereign over the people, and their employees/ because it is these agreements that built and control this nation: when the LIARS are removed. These words, are again the preamble of the constitution/ the bill or rights adopted by the people/ and the declaration of Independence. Each of these forms the basis and foundation of what is sovereign, and what is intended to be, the stated life of an American citizen. Read them, ITS YOUR JOB.

IN BRIEF: I, James Frank Osterbur, a citizen of the state of IL, a natural born citizen of the United States of America DO DECLARE MY IMMUNITY from any and all employees who would disgrace these documents. And discard the 1st amendment of the constitution; disrespecting the rights of every citizen of this nation.

The 1st amendment says, quote: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

While I have not yet received a conclusion to this trial as of yet/ I have chosen to believe it is necessary to make it very clear; what is my immunity/ and our sovereignty over the employees of our government; because of the disgraceful precepts and suppositions of the court, in its past remarks. Preempting further disrespect/ it seems good to me, to isolate and identify the reality and truth of life, under the laws of the USA.

ARGUMENT: as is clear by the wording of the first amendment/ and the fact that it is indeed first and foremost on the mind of those who created it: are the four freedoms and immunities from the employees of government they most sought to protect: YOU CANNOT "tell me what to believe/ YOU CANNOT tell me what to say/ YOU CANNOT reduce my understanding of the world in which I live, by propaganda or editing or control in any form/ and YOU CANNOT take over control of this government of WE THE PEOPLE, we have the right to contest and we have the right to assemble in trial over you, and we have a duty and an obligation to listen carefully as in a courtroom before the people, to your defense of what is clearly a right to be angry with you. YOU are in charge of keeping the peace/ Iraq is a failure, the country is near civil war (due to the money), and you steal constantly from the young purposefully choosing to wreck their lives! YOU are in charge of keeping the nation secure in their persons, houses, lives, and futures/ the money is dead, nothing but lies, credit is a fraud; to cover up the inflation that has cheated so many lives: YOU FAIL. YOU are in charge of Retaining equality for all the people/ YOU HAVE FAILED, allowing a few to attain nearly everything, while the rest are reduced to slavery. YOU are in charge of JUSTICE, and you have failed; as is clear in this courtroom trial and nearly everyone that is personal to me: cannot be simply "its just him"/ its YOU. YOU are in charge of fair play, but toxic everything, pollution beyond measure, resource destruction just because you can/ and many more all convict you of discharging a sewer, into the honesty that should be "fair play". The employees of government, led by the university/ and controlled by the propaganda machine of the wealthy: HAVE taken over WE THE PEOPLE, By subversion and hate, they have rebelled against our lives/ and have torn apart the nation to suit their own gluttony, pride, and deceitful ways. And it is time to understand the gravity of our situation, and our right to be "the rulers" of our nation.

THE FAILURE IS: millions of people anxious to protect their own positions and property, DID elect to steal from the young. DID elect to steal from the future. DID elect to steal from the world. DID elect to cast adrift everything called honor/ and chose GREED instead. That means literally, these DO HOLD STOLEN PROPERTY/ and the rightful owners of that property have returned, and do demand it back. The question of a rightful possession/ IS ESTABLISHED by the numbers. Who owes the debt, IS ESTABLISHED by who benefitted by the theft. But the consequence of these things is: we all face economic depression, and realities we cannot survive, as they are today. That means simply: EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN OF THIS UNITED STATES, NOW HAS A DUTY AND A RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION, AND HELP SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE NATION ITSELF. Because we can die, as a nation/ from all the heartache and severe disgrace heaped upon our lives by those who did not, "care enough"/ about anything but themselves! The consequence is, "these elder or rich people" DID set up barricades to protect themselves from the constitution & the people. These REBELS did subvert the constitution, and trade our safety and our lives, for their personal gluttony and greed and selfishness. These LIARS did resort to propaganda and false data, and control of the media to promote and achieve the theft of a nation. And it is apparent, that they did place into judicial positions, those who would discard the words DUE PROCESS/ CONSTITUTIONAL SOVEREIGNTY/ AND IMMUNITIES OF THE PEOPLE, all to protect those who have been traitors to our lives.

Does the fourteenth amendment not say, "immune"/ from such things as the IRS attacking me; while I am in court, and protected from all predation until a verdict is reached.

Does the thirteenth amendment not say, YOU SHALL NOT ALLOW any form of slavery or involuntary servitude except for crime? Are there not many, many slaves; formed from the simple truth that money is what we trade between ourselves as one human life to another human life. Where if one person then makes twice what the other makes: IT IS THE VERY SAME THING AS, the one person who makes double/ does make a slave of the second person who only makes half; because he or she gains twice as much time, as they put in. And this life is about time, and the freedom to enjoy its liberties. There is NO such thing, as an education in school that allows you "greater earnings from the rest"/ instead if this type of education is necessary, it is the public that pays: but the recipient that owes. A life is a life/ it is not a possession, as your money constantly tries to embrace. There are people who do much more work/ than another, and they deserve a reward. But nothing approaching more than 3 times the value of another. Nothing that limits the opportunities of another for an "equal share". And nothing, that law does not understand as a need to protect our lives or our future.

The stated values we share as a nation are these:


WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


That freedom shall be our truth, and life will be our way. Defined by the existence of our own voices, we are the reality of our purpose & the essence of life's desire. TO BE, a nation of equal's/ a nation designed by the hope of independence/ a nation where liberty believes in me, each one. From hope & life, and purpose; our intent is happiness for all. From discipline & life & duty, our demand is repeated in the very simple words: let justice be for me/ for us! From respect, the essence of responsibility and the destiny of fair play; WE THE PEOPLE, becomes a pledge to each other, the value of our lives, & the treasure that is our future.


TODAY, we are threatened from every side. Today, those who rule over us/ not govern us, HAVE set such things in motion, that not only our nation lives under the constant threat of true & real chaos or extinction/ but the world as well. This is the reality we must change/ or we die.


Let the court prove me wrong.

Let the court and the nation understand clearly, this is not a game/ and we shall not escape our reality with lies, hiding, threats, fears, or failures. STAND UP and face your truth, or you will die/ because you chose that to happen, by your actions/ and reactions to reality. YOU LIED/ now accept the truth and change as best you can , or accept the consequences!

The purpose of "a thousand words is a single picture of humanity in trouble" used simply to demonstrate a world surrounded by the essence of our human existence: we are everywhere/ the earth is full. The reality we have brought to "human as a truth on earth"; are the foundations of religion/ the decisions of rich or poor/ the consequence of master and slave/ & the hope for better. ALL, as it has been continuing, from the beginning of time/ until today. But today, we have added countless disasters, waiting from every description of human failure, like a trap prepared to kill. Some of these traps, as in missiles, are only 15 minutes away, from causing our extinction on earth. Some like genetic catastrophe, through mutilation and poisoning: are, "any second now, or any day" NATURE could die and never recover, entering into chaos and the destruction of everything beautiful, balanced, or happy. And there are many, many more. All of them exterminating events for life on earth. The propaganda of today has been so successful, that people (especially men) call "this evidence of satan on earth"/ their savior: THEY ARE going to be god/ they are going to live forever, "and be young". How pitiful you are! Satan is a synonym for what destroys perfectly, either very slowly or very fast; depending. To compensate for this propaganda, words are used to denounce your pride, to demand the destruction of your arrogance, and to calm the terrific consumption of your want. AND TO QUESTION YOU: do you desire life/ or will you die. To compensate for this leadership of men: WOMEN are aligned with nature, "and the pictures of a beautiful world called life. All to ask the very simple question: will you change, Or die? The leadership of men is clear, and in evidence, and fundamentally flawed, as history plainly proves. You must now choose, to live/ because death is at the door; and it will accept only truth, love, respect, and the honesty of honor. Fail and you die. And this reality means CHANGE demands women shall rule as well/ because men have brought us to the edge of our extermination as all life on earth. They have failed entirely. And if women will not accept their right, and the need for their work on this earth; then all will die, because you shall not survive this population crisis (never before has there been so many). You shall not survive the wars that are coming over resources of every kind/ over a population that cannot be survived. (Never before has there been so much taken from the earth/ nor weapons without an ending or a mercy). Once released, life is over. And there are many, many more; from the hidden things the employees do to water and resources, to just the money, and stealing from a generation (because you were too afraid to trust the truth) or resolve your problems with honor.


Discipline is a decision based upon the foundation of reality called truth and consequences. Discipline is then an assumption of wisdom, created from the actions that have brought pain and suffering/ or happiness and joy to each, or everyone. Discipline is then a reaction, to the feelings, of an opportunity that is more than simple experience/ it is the demand and desire for an input into the creation that is our personal environment/ and our lives with one another. Wisdom says; it is with a purpose of honor, that life recognizes truth. It is with a desire for personal honesty and independent recognition "of my choice": that this is my identity, forms the expressions of our lives. Character forms within the essence of a personal foundation in freedom or slavery, thereby it is the display of a liberty "to be me". Where freedom exists, happiness can form. Where slavery controls, hatred spreads/ and plotting and planning become society. Thereby functioning to change life in society/ by the demand to "pay attention to me"/ even if it means violence will then come. The question of a terrorist, is NOT a matter of discipline; as it deals only in truth and reality. The reality of a terrorist, is one who has chosen to believe LIFE cannot accept "you people, and your ways". Therefore a narrowing focus upon violence as contributed by you/ forces them to consider "violence by them/ in a showdown of hatred". The question of a patriot, is then examined by the reality of discipline, as he or she defends their nation/ by working within the purposes and desires of the nation within which they live. As a truth, every patriot, CHOOSES LAW FIRST! Only when the last opportunity of peace has been quashed/ does reality force a different way. The reality of a patriot, is one who chooses to believe LIFE can accept "our people, & our ways"/ if only we are given a proper chance/ and a fair beginning for life. Within these boundaries, the opportunity for discussion, investigation, examination, and life will form the decisions that are peaceful, and respectful to the cause requiring attention. Peace is not a game/ it is the essence of your life; or the lie, you hide within/ while plotting and planning your games of violence and hatred for society itself.

The question of a court is: What do you do for society/ your nation/ and each citizen? If that answer is not honestly "the best we can for honor"/ then you are a failure, perhaps a traitor/ and certainly too selfish and proud to remain an employee of life in society.

This trial is a battleground, because of the lies/ the failure/ and the deceit of those in positions of power: including those who vote only for their own personal gain. Including those who sacrifice the future, so they can choose gluttony and sloth. GROW UP, or you will die. This is not a game/ your reality and your truth are quite clear: YOU WILL NOT survive the near future, without change. That is just "how it is". GO TO COURT, irregardless of any judge/ it is our right as a nation: and we are immune from any interference within this process. So says the first amendment, and it shall not be defeated. It can only be DESERTED by you/ only then can it fail.

In response to the supreme court letter/ two things should be pointed out as important or real. The document sent is not "out of the ordinary/ or unexpected, it is merely the process they use for order in the court, a legal determination to control access and decision within their definitions and their purposes. The question presented by these rules is then by definition: a definition of sovereignty over the court system/ by these judges, as does the constitution itself prescribe and allow. BUT it is also a question of immunity for the people, as to the interference of any employee of WE THE PEOPLE, in a demand for first amendment rights, and the obligation of the court, in its every form to adhere to the demands that are the first amendment. The first amendment DEMANDS of the court, that they shall hear and obey the people; the first amendment does not make demands of me as a representative of WE THE PEOPLE, except in terms of peace for the purpose of assembly and being heard by presenting an adequate petition to the court; it does not accept rules shall govern/ the first amendment clearly states the people shall govern these proceedings by employing those hired, to do their job and function as the power of the people over our employees. The process of original jurisdiction: that right to intervene in any matter by definition: to which the state shall be a party" US Constitution art III sec 2. cl 2.

That right to be held above the lower courts, and subject only to a jurisdiction of power over all the people of a state/ over all the people of a country, the nation of the USA. Cannot be properly heard, without a fair notice to the people: and it is only the supreme court of the USA that holds such authority/ that each and every person in the state of IL and the nation called THE USA shall take notice, and hear the verdict upon their lives, of this court and these judges. There is no greater case to be heard/ there is no greater matter now, in the past, or in the future for the people, or this nation to be decided. Therefore no possibility of denial exists. The immunity is mine, not yours.

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