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What are the descriptions of heart and soul that matter?

The creation of intimacy, the hope of life or death, the discovery of an intensity of purpose called passion, and our relationship as it exists within the home called life itself; are all value and treasure. But these are the existence of a reality known as thought, and the foundations known as truth. It is thought that brings clarity to life/ it is truth that builds or destroys the realities that are, or are not life. The blind, never find clarity, because they reject both truth and thought to tragically enter into simplicity as is formed by behavior, expectations, and want.
Thought is a passage, that begins inside of you, searching and expanding beyond the scope of you; as the essence and element of realities teach the compound differences between action, reaction, and time. Thought is the decision, to let truth lead the way, reality be the teacher, life the student, and hope the translation of where destiny exists.

Thereby hope becomes the first door, into an expression that experiences life from the meanings of a moment, into the creation of an eternity. The distillation of process and function conceive of creation by the terms: what will life be, who can life be, when is life achieved, and how will life proceed? The essence of reality is then conformed, to the process of description and the foundations required for each function to produce the existence of these relationships as they question the basis of what is new and unique: a “flash of light”, never seen before. Here, an interesting conception exists in the form of a distinction that both exists, travels into the universe, and expresses a truth that encompasses reality, but consists of a base element that is formed by energy. It is not life/ but it is a translation of disciplines by the order of its relationship with energy. The foundation of a display known as destiny, is the creation of an arrangement in order, that begins within relationship expression; to experience discipline by the order of its energy. More simply, destiny means: within thought, you can only go, where the order that represents your truth, allows you to go. More simply, the essence of thought as conceivable by humanity, is the relationship you share with the direction of your heart and soul. More simply, if you cannot conceive of the journey with your life/ you cannot go. Therefore destiny consists of the descriptions that are your own/ the realities of a truth that forms and functions within the laws of this Universe/ and the spiritual existence of a value and treasure that you cannot see, but merely have faith does in fact exist. If you have faith, in a treasure and value that has become real for you/ then thought can achieve this dimension of heart and soul. If you have no faith, but merely believe “in things unseen, or unproven to you”/ then thought will dismiss these as nothing; and you will never find their existence, because your own direction cannot accept its existence or design. You will turn away, because spirit cannot go/ where it does not belong.

Direction and acceptance are then valued clues to the essence that is life beyond ourselves as body or mind. They are feelings, that generate the possibilities called happiness in life. But they are also feelings that demonstrate the possibilities left behind. Therefore feelings are the negotiator of what the future holds. Future being, the places we may travel within our soul. The expression of feelings, compliments the experience called order; wherein discipline learns about duty, honor, responsibility and life. Without these feelings, what is discipline is essentially barren and bleak/ but NOT without strength or courage. The essence of feelings, is the acceptance that life has a place for me; a reality destined to be my soul, because heart leads me to the places, the experience, and the expressions I will love. Therefore love comes to “bloom in the direction of the sun”/ because life is calling, and I have found in feelings a response that is both my own, and the part of me cherished, that is from GOD. Feelings distinguish in the distance, the happiness that knows being alive, is in its essence, being with GOD. Feelings, are the miracle that love begins in our hearts, to create everything we can be. Truth is the foundation, but feelings are the way, while discipline is the means of struggle and surprise, that lifts the soul to give life light.

We now begin, in the more complex relationships of eternity. What is color? A destiny of hue, and resonance, and display for the singular purpose of light, life, and delight. Therefrom the distillation of light and life is both assembled from the destiny we choose, but also from the dimensions that we inherit. Light is a “cavity in time”, that exists as it travels. Light is a translation of time, that craves from energy, its own place and time. Light is the dimension most in tune with the compositions of a resonating life force. Life by its elemental descriptions SHALL NEVER be given to you/ YOU are not worthy. But because tragedy and disgrace are so near/ extermination so much in evidence from the disease, called the reality of men (YOU have invaded creation/ built death and destruction/ played god/ and as a majority of men chosen death for this world: how is that not a disease); some distinctions must be made.

Life then demands this simple statement: “don’t just listen to the lies/ search for the truth, and understand its reality”. This is a statement of composition, a declaration of the beginnings without the understanding. Composition says, that creation means by its function and originality, that there will be influences beyond the description of an actual identity. Because as is energy and time combined, so is life; remnants of the reaction exist until they die/ are accepted/ or are disbursed. Therefrom life exists within this “fundamental soup”/ as it struggles to conceive of an identity that will let it escape. The surprise is, that discipline by itself cannot define a cause to exist or die. Therefore feelings must arise! Feelings are a pulse of existence, that expresses change in the creation of a new way of existence called freedom. Freedom means, that you have found or shared cause to both live and experience life itself. Freedom means, that expression itself, has come to be the elements of life most visited by hope. Therefrom we return to the door created by hope, to assert that life will go on, even if we “leave the fundamental soup of an existence without direction or purpose behind”. Hope leads us out into reality, truth designs the passage that lets us stay alive. The critical developments are; participation in freedom, has given our reality to the experiment called a decision. It is that decision, which forms the basis and creation of an expression called “I”. The discovery of expression, “the possibility called movement”/ the experience called “I have”; that disassembles chaos, and turns to “the light” of a possibility in time called environment. What is environment? And why do we enter therein? It seems a simple question/ but it is a complex relationship.
Environment is the honesty “of every piece in place”/ because without that foundation, to enter inside is to die. Therefore the hope for life, is now found to include the risk of death. The reality of freedom and decision, has been found to be the elemental development of a possibility that is not either freedom or decision, but a passage beyond existence that forms an alternate creation that shadows the existence of light. Every light has a boundary. Every boundary has a new and different reality beyond. The dimension called experience then understands a new thing called relationship, and its formation of function in the base elements of a destiny called hope, life, and light. We enter what is new, as the truth reality has convinced us to accept in definitions we understand as life; this is called knowledge. The first phase of a response to existence called thought. The developmental distance that extends from thought to the basis of understanding is, a relationship assigned from the decision to participate in truth as reality itself conceives of an opportunity to describe the translations of life itself, into the working existence of an environment binding life together. It is the bonds of life by environment that create understanding, it is the relationship of life to that environment that develops understanding into the wisdom that becomes thought itself. What is bound together as reality, assigns the descriptions of truth to those who inherently believe, “that life is more than this”. When combined with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, the search begins that is thought.

Here begins the spiritual extension of time, into the composites of space, existence, reality, truth, and the function of life by the rhythms of a distinction that can be nothing else. Rhythms are NOT pulses of energy! Rhythms are expressions joined by the creation of harmony and peace within the dimensions of a truth that all are free, even though life is not. Life then becomes the environment, by its relationship to the expressions of a freedom inside that conceives of reality by the movements of one experience to another. Developmentally, these are expressions of individuality, that form the composite background of a truth that lives to exist. Existence is then the measure of life that gives dimension its character and place/ while truth is the essence of a law that governs all that can be/ or cannot be. What is individual life, is the foundation for experimentations and journeys beyond the cavity that is hosted by the decision that this law is perfect, and can remain without change as long as it desires. Therefore to understand the bonds that create eternity, is to understand that law forms the environment of eternity/ but life gives it the freedom to express and believe in new and loving creativity. Peace and harmony exist in connection to that law, and no part of what is corrupt shall enter into law/ because if it did, all that is life within this concept of creation would die, or be corrupted to its death. Corruption is killing your world.

It is of some interest, to understand the relationship we share with this universe/ it is not as you expect. Our reality as a living existence grants, that we may choose what is to be the elemental existence of who we are as a truth. This is a foundation you are required to grow in the evidence of love or hate/ or whatever you are in-between these extremes. There is no balance point between love and hate/ there are only extremes that exist as the realities of these two truths; and the emptiness that lies between them. Being a participant in love, grants your love as a participant in life. Being a participant in hate, grants your hate as a participant in death. What lies in-between is the creation of heaven next to love, as its potential for love refuses to be abandoned; by love itself. Heaven is a second chance, “to try again”. Hell is the first step in a long process of diffusion and dispersal. Hades is the eternal demand, that you have entered within the powers of the universe, and shall never escape. You will have no power/ all power is against you.

What is life, becomes the purity of an expression in love itself. Love is the values and treasures of your soul. Soul is, the creation of a home within you, that welcomes your FATHER/ CREATOR and gives respect as the gift you have prepared for HIM. Love is then, the acceptance of your gift as a “creator within this universe”/ and soul is your acceptance that all life is up to GOD .


I am a student of reality, following truth wherever it will go. The lessons learned are a return on the investment of respect that I give OUR GOD .

A destiny in the distillation of mental apathy, and all the other mental developments of time in the life of humanity, reveals a surprising discovery. We are held within the time lapse constant of a mind that must organize the reality, before it can reveal a truth. Subsequent to this, the constant in energy and time is the understanding that for every action there will be a reaction/ fundamentally identifying, the need to understand the existence of a parallel universe "so to speak". That then functions as the reaction of life, to its failure to ascend in truth. Truth lives, that is clear and certain/ lies die, that too is clear and certain. Therefore in a contrary existence to the path of life, or truth as it extends toward the destiny called eternity, is the opposite existence of a path or road (so many use it), to the existence of death, by the function of its own lies. More simply; a life that honors itself, and chooses truth/ relinquishes all lies, so that truth can become its leader, and your friend. This occurs because as time proves the relationship, a simple trust develops to examine and investigate and determine the basis of life is the desire for friendship/ and the love that exists is the acceptance of that friendship as the honesty of your own decision that "this is the treasure of life, a friend that is worth having". This is a baseline path, or more simply, this honesty and honor forms a discipline that becomes a decision examined from the inside/ that the intensity of life, is a duty and a courage to live as truth would have you live. Truth is a destiny, it does not waiver/ it accepts its assigned duty, and it always completes the task assigned to it, because it can/ and because the meaning of truth is, "to be secure in the knowledge, that this will happen/ reality is obedient." The steps that complete each and every truth, are assembled in time, as the basis for a relationship in understanding as reality teaches us what to expect from any and every action or reaction/ or desire. This then forms the basis of an experience, and the expression of an identity is formed with the knowledge that I desire these foundations, and will choose this discipline, and these duties; because truth assigns them to me. Truth does not waiver from the path to life/ the greater your determination to understand and accept truth as the relationship most important to you/ the ability to accept and decide that love, the essence of truth, where life is the treasure you proclaim as yours. Is the builder of a path that/ the builder of an environment fundamentally dedicated to the essence of life, and the destiny of peace. These things are strengths, the formation of character, the existence of a desire that can be known and accepted as real. It is a straight line, that never surrenders to anything but love/ or truth.

In the opposite experience of human existence is the parallel but "roller coaster ride" expression of lies and liars. Although it too is constant in its direction and function. The parameter of lies is the basis of a decision to "remove the truth, and claim: I am god"/ I will do anything I want/ irregardless of the truth. There is nothing of love here, the life of a liar, is bound to the discipline of pride/ and pride always says: there is room only for one, at the front of this line". Therefrom the essence of a liar, is want and pride. The function of a liar, is selfishness and gluttony. The need of a liar, is a stimulation or excitement that can be bought, either for fear or violence or tragedy or sex: because in these things, the composition of a life, becomes their reality. Instead of truth, their decision to be motivated, used, or abused in the direction of another life. Loneliness is the base line reality of liar/ simply because "you cannot be trusted".

Both truth and lies are a part of human life/ both examine life as they walk in parallel experiences/ but both find different decisions, and completely different causes or purposes for their lives/ they walk in different directions. What is truth will always choose for life, and its love, honor, hope, and salvation/ all of it, future and all: respect, disciplines, duty, and courage. What is truth lives for life, therefore all life has a price/ and that price is "we must help each other"; as best we can. What is lie, lives only for self/ even though "the middle-ground" will be experienced time and again, because loneliness will drive them to it. The middle-ground is a desire to do better, to live better, and to become a part of truth/ but pride refuses, and their lives fail because of it. Want surfaces, and reality refuses to accept their selfishness; love cannot stand it.

What is a lie, surfaces only to claim its prize, as the goal to achieve winner, "and make the others pay, for your life"/ this must be claimed, or it is worthless "to be the winner". What is lie, hides or runs away, at all other times: because to be found out, to be recognized by your lies, is to be caught in the burdens of what you must pay For your lies. Death is the ultimate price, because death is the surrender to destruction/ as life has then become the reality of your lies, the choice of your life, and the failure of your existence; forming the crucible of the destiny you have chosen, and deserve. Even so, all humanity walks this earth together/ all humanity choose, and determine their own destiny, by their own decision for truth or lie. The tragedy of interfering in another's decision for life or death/ IS you become an assassin to them, or a savior in your own mind. The assassin kills them/ "the savior" kills you: both die a similar death.

What is beyond time, is an energy so extreme, that no reaction can exist to it/ therefore the constant that is time in action and reaction does not exist either; there is only one life in truth/ we live it together. There is only one destruction that truly matters, discovered in time/ but determined by the structure of your own truth: is the reality of how many did you cause to die. That structure is a "prison wall"/ and that prison has its own sentence, and will be carried through, because it is the only truth that exists in death.

Mental apathy is the decision not to be involved in life/ not to participate, because life is too hard/ or you are too selfish/ or "you have other plans". Mental apathy is the expression of personal disrespect, for life, for humanity, and for GOD Creator of all life in this Universe. Mental apathy is the experience of a path inside yourself, that becomes LIAR, "the decision to believe, in what you know is untrue/ instead of change or life: you choose to be a liar, to and about yourself". It is the path created with your own mind, that destroys the soul therein. It is the path you choose to accept as a focus to the things you want to believe/ instead of the things that exist as real. It is the timed difference, between what is truth or lie that comes into your mind and soul/ and the reality of what you choose to do with that truth or lie, before you let it become actualized as "your life". Therein we find "the ghost of human existence": the participate that forms a chain locking the door, to your soul. The quest for resolution as a human being, to the judgments "life is unfair to me"; therefrom become resolved, because "this ghost" lets nothing into soul, that you have not designed to be there; you have become your own god. You have designed your world, without a destiny and without a truth: thereby leaving depression as your only friend. The ghost is then "a decision that participates apart from you/ but as your judge, creating for you only the world you want to see". The absolute tyranny of depression (I cannot stand my life) therefrom creates the games of the human experience/ establishing goals/ winner & loser: and human expression, violence & hate, use and abuse, etc/ and the disrespect for all things life. This is the disgrace of a human being without soul. The question of soul, then becomes an enemy/ because you sold it, to become a god, to yourself.

The distance we walk as humanity, forms the basis of your examination into truth. The distance we are willing to walk into truth, forms the understanding that becomes our willingness to accept the wisdom required of us to be "servants of GOD". That wisdom is not "as humanity would explain"/ but rather exists as the simple truth, of a place "in the son", where love is the example, and life is the duty, and hope reigns eternal. Wisdom says: where love proves itself in trust, there the soul will live. Even if it has been sold/ if you are willing to clean out the garbage of your personal tragedy/ and return to love, & trust; even you can be accepted back into love. The critical reality of every life is its truth. The critical reality of your life, is the truth of your desire/ the reality of your purpose/ and the ultimate destiny of your path: honor and honesty determine all these things. But duty and discipline are the guides, courage is the companion, and love is the journey itself. Can you accept these things? If not, eternity is not "for you".

We now turn to the understanding of more simple things; the decisions of a mind, that establish a foundation to create or destroy the sanctity of life/ a blessing or a curse. The essence of both (the reality of mind) is a function of the mind to divide itself into the development of environments separated from specific reality; that become the relationships forming our experience strictly as a human expression of body or mind & may be translated by the study of "academics: the demand to understand and form, mental decision". It is hereby necessary to explain, this is not thought, by its fundamental existence/ but rather all mental apathy exists from the explanation: "I am the mind of my body/ I will judge, and decide the formation of facts: thereby assigning truth as I see fit". In the real world of life/ only truth is allowed to judge/ only reality is allowed to determine the facts. Therein where the mind forms its barriers to examine the study of basic human function and design, the reality becomes a study in human truth: NOT real truth. These barriers are the foundations laid, to keep people, including you, from seeing the truth, that is your own soul. This is the perception of humanity/ instead of the life of humanity. Although passive, rather than an active participation/ the study of such things, brings with it a blessing or a curse. The blessing is an understanding that illuminates the comprehension of human expressions in yourself and others, that you might better understand / the curse is, you are isolated and separated from the basis of real truth, and honest expression as is the essence and experience of that truth, the reality of life itself. What exists as "our humanity", is the decisions that form our reality "in slow motion"/ by time lapse integrations of "the ghost above"; reality becomes blurred as human existence. And that causes people to lose their grip on truth/ which then forces the participant in these things to look for games/ enter into depressions/ or seek the goals that allow them to focus on alternate realities instead of their own life. Selfishness is based upon the isolation of this existence. Therefore selfishness is the foundation of all depressions. A depression is the understanding inside, "where you cannot escape": of a truth, that you have lied to yourself/ you have sold your soul/ and you have found no real remorse: thereby refusing to repent and be healed. What is "a depression about this, to you" Is the price you have paid to win, has not been worth the value of your life/ therefore "you need another game to play: because you are lost and alone". Until you find one, you are a loser. It is the game that allows you to believe "can be a winner". It is the game that allows you to blame the others, their competition, their aggression, etc; for your own failures are then transposed on someone else: and the lie progresses, to judge them, and use them as your scapegoat. The cause and foundation of why, you cannot repent: the lies grow, and continue until you accept your own truth. Those who become extremely violent, are those who hide in their judgment, of you. They cannot face themselves/ so they turn to convict you, and thereby choose the disgrace of calling themselves god. Until you repent/ you cannot be reborn as a life worth living. Until you understand that you are not judge/ the decisions of your life, are your own. The reality of your existence is formed, inside your heart: thereby no matter what the experience that you must endure, life itself protects you: if you let life decide.

A MENTAL INSTABILITY is a human condition depicting a reality of "a living life", that cannot understand why the world does not "choose to be friends, with me". WHY? The answer is; "The rest, are liars; the rest are selfish and unkind". The disciplines of friendship are simple: be kind/ be fair/ be "clean of mind"/ be happy/ be trustworthy/ and be honorable. How many people do you know today, that you would describe in this way? Really, how many? If you say, everyone fails/ but you. Then your arrogance is extreme, and your life is unworthy to be called a friend. Instead of perfection, the honesty of our relationships with each other are formed by the simple truth of forgiveness: if you are unwilling to forgive, honestly/ then you will have no friends. If you will not bend, then you will break. If those you know are unwilling to forgive, then you cannot be friends with them/ they won't let you, instead they will use or abuse you. If the opposite sex is unwilling to be friends/ then reality says; all society will suffer. Because we need each other as opportunities in balance to discover life, and be educated by our expressions and experience with each other. These are important lessons, and it is blind, extremely unfair, and a complete failure in you to abandon other people in need, simply because "you have judged them". That is not to say, people who prove themselves untrustworthy or liar, or thief, or violent; shall not be kept at a distance (not abandoned, no chance) but not friend either until true repentance is achieved. Instead every person is "innocent until proven guilty"/ but every person is held by the simple truth, "I will not trust you/ until the day you have proven, it is honorable to do so". Friendship is a valued and true responsibility; you are not allowed to use or abuse it. If you do, either you were never a friend/ or simply too young to know better. That is why sexual contact is withheld from the young/ because anything less than honorable friendship is simply lust. And lust merely uses one person's body, as a tool for your own purposes; it is a theft. Sexuality is intended to be, only between those who are honest friends, only between people of the opposite sex (at least from the male position of life/ I cannot speak for female). Sexuality is then a "measure of friendship, used to create balance and hope, in those prepared to spend the time and energy and body necessary to make life whole." Sexuality beyond body or mind, is a purpose of the heart/ and it occurs only within those who share a love so intimate and pure, that life alters reality, and souls meet.

The dedicated reality of human sex today is: "I want a pretty one/ don't care about the rest, give me a trophy/ or just give me sex": men have taught women to be the same, do the same, expect the same. All suffer the distinction of judgment, all fail from the simple truth: want only knows, selfishness/ thereby selfishness is all you get or give. Selfishness destroys friendship/ thereby as both sexes become entangled in a web of discontent: about winning, or losing; life passes by, and loneliness takes over. Becoming instead of love for each other, a desperation not to be so lonely/ a demand from chemicals, to prove, not so isolated. When the opposite sex, has crossed the line from hope and love/ to a target, and a disaster to you. You have formed a barrier beyond which they cannot go/ only then do homosexual disasters begin. The critical venue is simply; "I will NOT trust them again".

Quality of life, is not "how many people can you make a slave to you". That is mere gluttony, and selfishness/ a judgment that you can be superior/ you can be god. Instead quality of life is the essence of a life itself, that allows you to live with truth, and reality as your friend: when joined by "human friends" quality is not an issue, it is your place in life. A life that allows friendship to form the essence of your love, the hallowed ground of your own existence: because love now rules your world/ not you. This is the environment of love/ no want or pride allowed. The question presented of "a pretty one, sexually"/ is not a simple minded presentation of facts. Instead if the life that presents itself for the possibility of a lifetime with you, is not "pretty to you"/ then this is the wrong person for you. You may not go through life with a person of the opposite sex/ who you do not feel equal to, or happy with, or honored to be with: because these things are important to your own truth, and theirs. For every experience of truth by marriage (license of not)/ it is necessary to "feel equal, and alive". To accomplish this, it is fundamentally necessary to "look at someone else, without any form of judgment in your heart". To experience true compatibility, it is necessary to desire a life of equal existence/ a participation joined not only because we care, but because we share a destiny and a hope in eternity. The difference in simple things is: if you judge, for looks alone/ then it is a trophy you seek, and not a friend. If you listen for friendship, and find in yourself a desire for much more than simple friendship, then a truth is beginning to form that can become the basis for a marriage. What is honored, is then the friendship, and trust created by each other, because you chose a relationship. This is not a little thing/ nor is the request "for a lifetime", or even more: do remember that, and understand the difference between someone who says "I do love you/ but my life must travel a different path": and those who say, "come on, lets be reckless and abandon all discipline." Relationship means: by our own purposes in truth, we have found each other/ and believe in the simple trust of an equal desire for love and life. "it means, more simply: I have faith in you". What is honest is then, that the barriers of human existence are opening, so that time can create "one life, together from these two." Soul mates, is a term that examples the existence of two lives that believe they can enter eternity together, and never need choose to part. It takes more than friendship to do this/ life demands from these: real love, beyond any measure or time. It is a reality beyond simple love, that becomes family. All friends, find a reason to accept each other. All friends find a purpose that allows freedom to be the passage between what I want, and what we want or need: is unnecessary. Because true friendship does not entertain want or pride, it asks instead for truth and life: let truth decide/ let forgiveness rule; where honesty proves the heart is real. In these things, needs will be dealt with honestly, and life will surrender the games, and find truth in each other. I do not know how to live without discipline, it is an integral part of my own life. Yet reality pushes me to understand a life separated from discipline, and held together only by the demand for love itself. This is the basic difference between love and faith, where love requires disciplines to express itself as the life dedicated to "understanding you, living with you, & being a part of your life"/ faith is a dimension beyond love, where life is the decision, "that together, we need nothing but ourselves". Faith is a dimension beyond truth/ because disciplines are a part of truth; but faith is strictly a part of love, a boundary removed, and a life joined without end. Faith is then also beyond trust, wherein a decision is discarded, and we enter within the life that will be. The question of faith, clearly becomes inseparable from the soul we seek. The destiny of souls, is then different from the destiny of life itself. Instead of life/ WE seek GOD . The difference is HIS LIFE In us.

The question of mental division; the separation of the mind by distinct partitioning for the purpose of investigating foundations assigned within the human mind, is akin to closing your eyes, and dreaming. When you dream, you have separated yourself from your experiences/ and chosen to define an experience simply from the mental abilities of your mind. If you expand this/ you get a world that can be separated out from reality, by transferring mental space from distinct reality to its destination/ as described by a mental inquisition of potential, and/ or real tragedy. You can also divide into less intense subject matter, with less intense results; it is a choice. If you return to the understanding of how dreams are created: Simply by, allowing your mind follow the paths you have been introduced to. Then you can also learn the traits of/ and mental capacities formed by their subsequent reality of doors inside the mind itself. Every mind is organized/ therefore every mind is separated by these organizations, into different compartments, behind different doors: that are then accessed in different ways/ by different commands. If you learn to be uncontrolled by the rules of behavior, assigned by humanity to you/ then you can also learn to understand the basis of these rules, form the acceptance of a choice. A choice is, the opportunity to enter within separated experiences. By making a decision you enter an experience as assigned by that choice. By choosing acceptance of the freedoms of organized experience: it is possible to allow for more than one decision to compete with each other. You do not get "two for one"/ you get a competition between the two, and a reality that one or the other will be compromised. Such is the basis, for the much more simple version of "selected hearing loss; tuned out"/ or here, but in a different world, kind of thing, the reality of examination and investigation applied to the decisions of men and women"; as is common in many relationships/ but discovered only by removing the "hiding places". A focus too intense, removes detail and experience from the distinct realities of living life, by replacing the mental occupancy of time, with the random reality of mind. Random means here: formed by a decision that ignores reality as an experience/ and intensifies focus instead, to a reality of the mind itself. It is a pathway/ but it is also an obstacle because truth does not live as the mind, it lives only as life itself. The difference is: life does not need time/ but love is essential, otherwise life lacks meaning. The question of love then becomes: why is this essential? The answer is, loneliness cannot come, where true love exists/ it is our answer, to life.

Here then the question becomes: if life does not need time/ what is death? If life does not need time/ then what is life? The answer to each is simply: death is a reaction to time/ required from action and reaction/ because time consumes all things, eventually. Life however is the understanding of a basis in truth that cannot be changed/ this is eternal, because nothing can be done to it. In the constant that is eternity, a state of energy, so extreme exists, that nothing can resist it, not even time. The question of life is three fold then: how can we possibly enter into such a thing? How or what is life, as the existence of energy? And what is life, when it becomes energy, instead of time? The answers to these questions are: Creation allows, that life is not as "we see it"/ but as reality allows it to exist. Therefrom truth explains, that what we see, or feel, or experience, or express, or do: all stem from the single truth, that we have found a freedom in the existence of ourselves. The word ourselves, establishes a communication has formed. The consequence of a communication formed is a relationship that exists. The consequence of a relationship that defines the possibility of life, is a struggle to comprehend "what is me/ and what is you". The most simple of these answers is: you are "what you want/ because what you want, determines everything you do, apart from need." In more complex reality, where want and pride are removed: the constant is truth, what then is true, in you! Here, the question of energy as life, is more properly termed: how did this energy become "MY life"? Is there life apart from energy? Here, the question of freedom that is life as energy/ asserts that the relationship we share with our beginning; is formed, from our acceptance of truth, as a consequence of our freedoms/ and therein our belief in the understanding of what we do not see/ but recognize as our reality. This is the basis for a search for " GOD "in our lives. The disciplines required of us, as energy (there is no freedom without energy)/ are the fundamental realities of a difference between time and energy. Time allows the opportunity to repent, and try again. Energy forms a freedom, that can achieve horrendous things, by simple mistakes: therefore before you can begin as energy/ YOU must learn how not to fail. If you will not/ then only a very limited freedom can be yours: or you are destroyed.

There are of course, the people of time/ who will swear: no possibility of life without time can ever exist/ because they won't believe in possibilities they cannot see. "The smart people"/ the righteous/ the liar/ the proud/ and the selfish are always certain: they know! Doesn't matter what, they know, IF they have any comprehension at all/ they have judged. It is like those who insist: they will be in charge of a work/ even though, reality proves they have no comprehension of the truth that is fundamental to the work; they just want to play god, they just want to be proud, and always these are always wrong. Wherever truth does not lead/ reality will fail, to the degree lies have led. The question of why, does truth not lead always [this is not as a human identity]? Is as simple as pride! The question of pride is as simple as: "I don't like you anymore, because I am the winner here/ and you don't let me be god".

The reality they miss is clearly: the life you live, is a reality that you cannot see. Even though the evidence of a body and mind is real, the truth of what gives "this mud and clay and water, sustenance or substance" is simply believed to be "whatever you like". Here again belief becomes what a liar would use, to compliment him or her self; and form the basis of winner/ or loser: a judge by all means, and for every purpose. Even so, to the simple minded, your life and your body and mind, are all gifts to you/ that you are entitled to use! Simple as that. They are not accidents/ they are not evolved from anything/ they are real and function as designed. Evolution says: "I built myself, from the things I liked, that just happened to me"/ yet evolution says, "the brain came last"/ but without the brain, how could you pick anything? Without everything the body, mind, heart, blood, stomach, bones and muscles need; how could they survive? They cannot. Including the need for water, food, air, immunity, etc? How could a body or mind be built without everything it needs? How can you be so blind? How could it be known what is needed, without the ability to comprehend anything (no brain)? Etc/ etc/ etc. The people of time, fail their own test: "they see nothing, not even of themselves"!

We then return to the reality of dividing the mental capacities of the human brain: and what we choose to do with our lives, as a relationship to each other within the essence of our bodies and mind. The reality is: Failing to understand life, people choose games/ bodies as sex/ and escape: living to hide, choosing to fear, because it completes their lives by an enemy, and under attack: therefore an importance is added to their time/ a reality is generated, to allow the need to judge. The commonality of sexual difference is refined to state: as a mental experience male defines an action/ and female defines a reaction. Thereby both sides of an equation involving energy and mass may be deciphered, and both sides of an experience or expression become known to the other: these then build as balance/ when life rules. In the understanding of human expression, it is clear, the base elements of strength and cunning; form a conclusion among the weaker, that it is better to negotiate, mediate, or educate/ than it is to fight. This has led men to believe they are superior, only because of strength/ it has given them the opportunity to rule. This has led women to believe they are superior, if only they had a chance to rule. Women WILL get their chance to rule, do pray "they are correct". This time, these days: are for life or death of this world. Because men have cursed it, with their own decisions/ they have chosen to exterminate life from this earth. And if allowed to continue as leaders/ THEY WILL. Therefore the possibilities of a trial to determine truth and reality has been formed for you/ that you may decide to survive through peace & understanding, rather than the physical strength of male.

The consequence of peace, is the acceptance of truth. The consequence of truth is, THIS IS OUR LEADER/ not any human being, but the truth itself decides. But reality must be accepted, as the consequence of what has been done before, cannot simply be "wished away". The honesty and honor of freedom, does create our happiness. The reality and truth of love and trust, does establish our environment: with justice, fair play, equality, honor, honesty, courage, discipline, respect, and hope among the other essences of life: ARE A DECISION. The disciplines of sexual experience, create in us a measure of acceptance, an honesty of real expression as life, and a truth of being alive that cannot be found elsewhere: when love and truth are the foundations upon which you build these things. And life has built the necessary balances to keep you alive. My reality has changed, memory is largely abandoned and the past seems more distant every day/ similar memories have compiled and become indistinct and unreliable. But memory and understanding agree: sexual passions in man and woman are united, when both find in themselves "the rhythms of each other, and the desire to match it perfectly: thereby surrendering their "right to rule the experience"/ and simply, but clearly choose love for the other." There is NO right to rule a sexual experience, it is shared openly and honestly/ or it is just a dimension of hate [a demand of lust]. Or when life is honestly in need, it can also be used, simply to say "be at peace, you are not alone". From here we see, that life is not so simple as time. Life is the essence of bringing with the discovery of ourselves, the opportunity for another, and more. It is not your face that gives you life, it is not your body descriptions that make you a treasure to behold. It is not the essence of your mind that makes you beautiful. Life is the understanding of a discovery beyond yourself. Life is the meaning you assign to the blessing of love. Everything else, is just time.

In the distillation of this purpose before you, as a trial, honesty reveals: you cannot survive a population increase of 2 million more mouths to feed each week. You will die/ or correct this as women: men are not allowed/ but you will not castrate them, or demand vasectomies/ this is the end of sex for women too.

You cannot survive your weapons of mass destruction/ and you cannot play with them anymore. They will destroy you and the earth/ YOU WILL REMOVE THEM ALL.

You cannot survive without resources. You cannot survive without the chains of life that do exist/ and you are critically destroying as we speak.

You cannot survive without the ocean/ even though you cannot see it: you are killing it, and human life will go to war. Not to mention you have NO RIGHT to do this.

You are liars/ instead of making decisions that have value and can survive the test of time; you hide in your lies/ to prove you are gods, and don't have to obey the truth. Monkeys know better; even they understand what goes in their mouths comes out as their shit. But such a large percentage of you "are still evolving"/ that you clearly haven't yet ascended to the level of a monkey's ass yet: no brain, is a difficulty. "Too much"/ maybe, but if you had a brain, you would know not to crucify the genetic structure that is so clearly and definitively nature itself: yet together YOU go marching into chaos, mutilating as fast as you can: no brain/ is the only possible explanation. You lost it somewhere beyond your pride, where only arrogance is allowed. Perhaps you need a different explanation/ therefore consider this instead; the traitors defiling genetic structure today, are a lot like someone who is vandalizing your car/ it's the only one you will ever get/ but bastard's and whore's are ramming it with battering rams/ peeing down the gas tank/ using a pick axe in an attempt to shit down the carburetor (air intake)/ have already busted, but not broken all the windows/ slashed and lit all the tires on fire, and done every bit of damage they could do: without entering the vehicle that takes you everywhere you want to go. I am holding up pictures of this in your face/ and all you can say is "what can I do"/ the answer is stop them, by making this illegal, and an offense punishable by death or torture. What is more is: the "extra special smart people", who are lying about fusion trying to recreate the fire that burns the sun here; are essentially painting your house with napalm/ but don't worry its free, "the government is paying"; who cares if napalm will incinerate you? Do you? Or how about the others, such as C.E.R.N. Who want to recreate the BIG BANG, here on earth/ the most destructive explosion the UNIVERSE has ever known/ its like they are building your furniture out of dynamite, and changing the water in your plumbing to nitro-glycerin. Do you care/ what can you do: stop them, or die/ USE THE LAW, and a real and valid threat if necessary. Reality says, it doesn't end there by any means: You simply trample each other in a vain attempt to rule each other, grabbing every resource you can/ and destroying others, so they cannot compete: thereby proclaiming "king of the hill". Truth says: Life today mimics the story in Genesis of the Bible; wherein the humans were told not to eat from one single tree. They did not listen, but instead ate every single one/ killing the tree and destroying it forever, a very important resource lost to greed and denial, and stupidity from the disgrace and disrespect of a humanity that simply didn't care enough. You are the very same, rushing after what is clearly a treasure to all/ destroying that resource forever/ and constantly rushing to the next, in an ever growing disgrace of what can you do worse. The world is running out of "treasures/ resources"/ and as 7 billion people all trying to outdo the next, you are an increasing tragedy to this earth, every single day. Either you will grow up, and accept your responsibilities to the world, to each other, and to life: or you will die, from all the curses of men. Are you men NOT, "the leaders" of this world/ clearly your pride demands you are/ your arrogance proves it. Consequently, the blame and the reality are yours as well: These tragedies are more than enough to destroy you, and the list above is only a tiny portion. Are you men NOT a portion and a part of those who are so destructive, and so pathetic, and so filthy with lies: that the women who surround you, must hide themselves, just to keep YOU from raping them. What a blind, diseased, pitiful and pathetic bunch of losers you are. A deceitful vomit, to your own religions. A pure disgrace, and an absolute disrespect to every life on earth. CHANGE or GOD will prove you are unworthy of your lives.

You will give the leadership of humanity on this earth to women/ because men have been judged: UNWORTHY/ look at what you have done! As men, You cannot demand to exterminate life on earth, and claim anything called honor, or even courage/ as these come from your fears. As men you have brought the world to the edge of extinction, and you have not turned away/ sacrificing anything of value, for your arrogance and pride: "not a care in the world/ except let me be the winner". Men have failed in the extreme disgrace of playing god, among themselves and to women/ and women are now, your only hope. Because men will war soon, it is their answer to everything; involving people who can be identified as an enemy/ that is the only reality that matters. The leadership of men, the apathy of men, and the failures of men: remove them from power. Choose women, and "Treat them well, or you die". They in turn will choose life first, honor and honesty/ allowing truth to determine the decision, and reality to decide the way; or they fail too.

The concept of truth leads, is not unlike the concepts that control the building of architecture, or machines: what you want is controlled by what reality will allow/ not what you simply want controls the reality that you will build: these fail. Truth decides, what possibilities exist/ reality decides what humanity can do. NOT like your politics of today, where want controls the lies, and failure demands acceptance of even the most crude and relentless disgraces or disrespect that you can think of. Or your religions, where a few decide "they know best/ let me decide how to spend your money: we are much smarter than you". Follow us/ we are like gods, to you. The list of failures is endless. Men have proven to be primary failures, causing the rest to fail with them/ change this or die! But remember this, "it ain't just men/ because we all do make decisions". Rather the leadership of men, is the reality discussed/ and the consequence of men, is based upon their own desires to attain: women or sex/ power or pride/ selfishness & greed/ and a life surrendered to stupidity. Stupid because war is not an answer/ it is a surrender; a design by the rich, to redirect the masses and transform justifiable anger, into a fight for your own lives. Thereby letting them go free/ to hide behind your blood/ bones/ and dead bodies. To go as scavengers, among your women and children and simply take what they want; "for free". Wake up.

Make your decision.

Go to trial: prove your reality/ and decide your truth. Or go to hell, and witness the horrific truth of Armageddon: the nature you didn't care enough about, mutilating into garbage and disease. It ain't a hard choice.

A WORLD BEYOND, the leadership of men/ includes the reality and truth: there are no longer, any easy answers! Instead of the world, that nature provided/ we now live in the world that men have changed into their descriptions of a life without honor, substance, or soul. And as women, you will have to fix these things/ or you will fail as well. There are NO insurmountable questions/ but there are NO "free rides". It is useless to complain; either all will do the work, or all will die together. Take your pick.

Of the many, many realities that must be faced in America; is the primary task of reducing gluttony and disgrace and disrespect, to at least a survivable level/ for the next 1000 years. That means literally: you do not need more oil production/ you do not need more refineries/ you do not need more gas, etc. YOU WILL REDUCE CONSUMPTION, until the known resources for the world, can survive humanity for the next 1000 years. Only when you have created a replacement source/ can you separate consumption "as more for this/ and less for that". "Don't like it"? Then go ahead and die/ but remember this: YOU WILL NOT be allowed to assassinate the future! IF YOU WON'T BEHAVE, like grown up human beings capable of responsible actions and reactions: then you will die. It is that simple. You will not murder your children/ for the sake of your gluttony: YOU will die instead, taking their lives with you, because YOU CONDEMNED THEM, to death.

Of the thousands of things you will change, one of the most important is: no more heinous actions, such as men do to say "fear me/ see what I can do to you". When the day comes, if it should be necessary; YOU will work "like a disease"/ infiltrating from "no one knows where", and you will work within their souls to make them fear themselves. This is a discussion "for women only". And is reduced to the simple truth; only as a last resort.

One of the things you must learn early is; "like many things"/ the weeds in a farmers field, were his blessing. Because it has been only the weeds, that kept the "rich and powerful" from taking everything. That barrier has been breached with the herbicides and pesticides of today/ and as anyone can plainly see: the slow death of rural america has been the result/ because the "rich and powerful" see a gap in the wall, and do fully intend to destroy and consume everything they can. UN-Like any other army across the generations "the rich and powerful", are always at war, fundamentally demanding "be my slave"/ critically taking everything they can, by any means possible. YOU WILL control with limits, the rights and realities of every single human being to control the others. YOU WILL change business, "to we are in this together/ it is our work, not just yours". The question of expert, enters here; becoming the decision who to trust with "the truth". The answer is: want & pride are irrelevant/ what matters most BY FAR, is the reality of each and every relationship. Therein the ability to understand what comes next/ is equally or more important than what is believed to be an answer for today. The question of "prophecy", is not a question of spiritual dimensions for this purpose/ but more simply the understanding of critical composition, and fundamental beliefs "that life must come first/ not anything else". And in that belief, it is understood, ALL LIFE is first/ THEN and only then, is personal life a justifiable consideration. As is the case of ethanol; "Society, and in particular its leaders, WANTS ethanol to be their answer: it solves the problems "how to spend the money, thereby keeping people happy, by being employed/ how to keep driving, irregardless of the harm, thereby keeping people happy, because they can continue lying/ and it makes money for some, thereby granting even more greed and lust." BUT apart from everything else, there is not enough water for these purposes, thereby when the water fails: wars begin, first small/ but growing everyday. Then the lack of water, has an effect on environment, its plants its animals and its future. Add it up, and you could not be more foolish than to give away your water, for nothing more than your pride/ and continued lies. There is no such thing as an expert, because prophecy is limited in human beings. That means that even though the reality can be assumed/ it cannot be absolute, thereby what can come will either be better, OR worse than is expected; because the mind only measures, and like money "the numbers can be made to lie."

One of the consequences of a new order to life, is women MUST define a new and different means of dealing with men. Instead of fears, fortunes, or purposes without love/ the reality of a relationship with men requires some courage, and honesty, and honor. Therefore before you truly begin, these are the things you must learn "a little better". Courage is not " a belligerent disregard" for reality. It takes more than merely walking into danger, to prove you are courageous. Courage demands forethought, which means simply: YOU must understand the direction a relationship may go, "predicting its future/ rather than fearing it". That means, you must understand men, and their ways. That means, you must not use sex to get what you want/ because in a physical battle, most women will lose. Therefore the honestly required of you, is to listen to the man/ understand, rather than want to believe what is being said to you: and be ready to use the protections that are available to you. Protection means simply: what can you do, if a situation is trying to control you, instead of friendship/ an enemy has arrived. This is an extensive topic of interest/ but relies primarily on retaining control of the basic premise "we go, where the woman chooses to go". That gives you the opportunity to plan, and pursue the result you have chosen/ instead of waiting to see what will come/ YOU choose. This is an opportunity with costs, in other words, for the first few dates; you meet, but go separately/ you drive, but remember; you are still vulnerable, only less so. The fundamental purpose of a man paying is very simple; he is buying time with you. Most understand this is only time, and will appreciate the opportunity/ because you are worth the effort. However some will expect "gratuities"/ expecting a product has been purchased, for the money. Therefore allow only those who do have honor, to be blessed with your time. The question for sexual activity in "the old enough crowd", is a relationship based upon needs. It is not sexual unless it is love/ it is not need, unless it is honest and real: therefore the lust that establishes sex, is something between you and the one you intend to use. It is not "entirely wrong/ chemicals can be strong, and this is a need: IF its honest and fair"; rather sex is simply a door that opens/ but can be very hard to close. There are people, who fail every test of friendship; and they then become enemies, that will learn to hate you. Doesn't matter if they have NO right/ what does matter is they WANT control of your life. Its true of males and females/ so don't open that door, unless friendship is real. It takes time to become friends/ remember that. Honor is a decision based upon the sole purpose of helping someone else/ or society/ or life, as a whole. Honor is nothing more than that/ therefore if you have honor, it is life itself that determines where your heart will be. The heart is a place of life/ where love grows, because you believe the opportunity is real. Therefore understand, it is belief that creates the environment of the heart, and as a consequence of both belief and heart, love will grow. Love is the beauty of a world without judgment, a place inside where we are free to experience and express ourselves without fears. Therefore love is the essence of an environment called trust, a treasury of soul; the place where eternity meets reality, and we choose its truth for ourselves. Truth then becomes separated from time, and time becomes separated from our lives: simply because the intensity of thought forms a display of what love, truth, and family shall become. These things establish life, by the belief called faith, and faith becomes a destiny, established by the desire and purpose that is nothing but love, trust, and truth.

It is want, that makes the world insane/ it is pride, and its constant companion arrogance, that turns the world to violence. Hate is the destiny of anyone, that becomes so selfish, that their only focus is on "I, I, I, I, ETC"/ or anyone that will not allow the reality of pain or injury to be freed from you. It is necessary to forgive/ because you cannot survive hate, or extreme sadness: continue on, your life is not over/ even if their's is. Therefore understand this clearly: want, must die/ so that you can live. Reality must rule, because it is a truth, and you cannot change a truth once it has been established as fact. Pride and arrogance must end, so you can proceed in peace and survive. And hate MUST be reduced, to what we need to establish respect/ by understanding the reality of what we or they have done. Truth begins here, as the blessing of a search beyond ourselves, for the meanings of a life worth living. If all you are is want/ then all you do, is take from the world and the people who surround you: even when you are "friendly", the purpose is selfish. If you need pride to feel alive, need the excitement of being superior, or the center of attention for the group, instead of for love/ then all you do is use and abuse people, even if you like them, because it is merely your attempt, to gain an edge, in the games you play, "a cheerleader", or a player to help make you win. Everyone who chooses hate, is a product of their own judgments of the others. If you did not judge them first/ you would not hate them. That doesn't mean some must be held up to trial, instead it does mean: YOU are pretending to be the expert/ and YOU are playing god, so that you can feel superior, and justify your judgment. Only the law may judge, only the evidence can subpoena for trial, only the truth may investigate and decide the reality that most defines the question. Because in that way, the law, and not you accepts the blame and the demand, to make this one change.

Of the many, many tragedies of humanity, is the simple truth: when people accept "they understand" a particular situation, and it is within their control to do something (whether it is ridicule/ rape/ revenge/ revolt/ or whatever; they do become a mob. It is the expectation for control, the demand of pride to assert, "I have a right"/ with the constant reinforcement of others in agreement inside themselves, that is mass hypnosis. More simply, it is the essence of a herd, reacting to the assumption that they must act because they believe they are a prey. As is a stampede, so is mass hypnosis. Only after the deed is done, does common sense return/ and reality by the evidence prove: "you are nothing like god". The critical questions displaced by mass hypnosis is then: why, do you want to be "to believe you are less than human, and only a prey/ why do you accept a leader, instead of your own ability to respond to the situation"? The answer is: you believe it is free/ that it is powerful/ and that you get to be the one held in high esteem, if you can play god. You believe in the safety of "the herd". Take a look at reality instead! Being GOD Is clearly not free; the most simple explanation of that is JESUS , the clear and certain love, honor, & hope of HIS life/ the sacrifice; all because humanity is so completely blind: that is what it takes, to get your attention. Anything less, was tried; and people failed/ it is not free, "to be GOD " . While power beyond belief exists for GOD ALONE! It is not power that makes anyone happy, for any length of time. Happiness is a gracious response created, because honesty lives in honor/ and life gives happiness in return for this respect. Power is merely a means to an end. As to "high esteem"/ take another look, at yourselves: fools, and failures abound, cursing/ swearing/ taking GOD'S NAME in vain/ disrespect is taught everywhere, for everything, people tempt, people lust, people hate: etc, etc, etc. And even the sanctity of a mind built by GOD, has been given over to the sewer of evolution; when even a monkey should know better. All because YOU don't want and don't care about, anything but selfishness, pride, and power. Aren't you smart/ take another look at where "the university" has taken you. Do not be "smart, for once in your life"! Instead be honorable, and learn the disciplines of life, be honest with yourself first/ that your respect for life itself, will become a reality to others. Be truthful, be happy, be hopeful, and be loving as best the situation allows. Want is a failure/ irregardless of the trophies called pride. Because want removes all that is love, truth, and hope; leaving instead an empty life.

Apart from that, the response of the herd is quite simple, "take pride in yourself/ and show the predators, there is an easier prey". The safety of the herd is then, "anyone but me". The reality of pushing some away, "from the condensed herd, is simply: eat them". The question of predation is simply, humanity does it to itself. Because: Want, selfishness, power, & pride are so prevalent/ that so many become abused, used, and tempted; that the response or consequence becomes "we don't care". Desire better/ then change, and choose honesty, honor, love, and respect, that you may also reap these rewards of friendship. Choose justice, fair play, & equality, so that the law may defend you as human beings/ rather than simply choose between you as predator or " prey, and the chatter of a herd". The concept of human being is: I am a child of GOD / even the world, and potentially the universe is before me, that I may choose my life, as I desire it to be. There are no herds, in the concept of child/ that is a dimension of time. You must rise above the influence of time, to be a true "child of GOD". That means VERY simply: "to choose according to truth, love, honor, and life/ and be as justice, fair play, and equality will allow life to be." The quest for eternity is not a game/ it is not a question for you: it is a question GOD asks of you, and in that answer you will give, only then is eternity decided for you. Therefore cultivate the truth that you will give your heart too/ understand the love that lives as spirit and soul, and accept your place in this universe is NOT "As a god"/ but as yourself.