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OF MOMENTS AND MESSAGES, and the things of life

The consequence of our living is the essence of our existence as a behavior and development of fundamental functions in the human experience of time. Time presents “its moments, as the body and mind we inhabit”, life adds “the message” of a meaning beyond the simple expression of our humanity; life is the presentations of variables called freedom, the sound of a rhythm explained but never measured, as the truth of disciplines and honor that exceeds ourselves.
The quest for value in life, begins as a body & mind searching the limits of time, as a creation in need of foundations to build upon/ and truth, as our introduction to the meaning, the journey, and the destiny of life itself. Value means, “my soul lives here”/ or more simply, the experience that becomes an identity called “me/ you” and translates the essence of thought into “a staricase” of function and formations that bring beauty into our lives/ not just mine, but OURS. Value is then an understanding of meaning, a blessing from the simple truth: we need not be alone.

Creation says; first they MUST grow, because “seeds” express their reality through the introduction of light, weather, & darkness; the stress and strains of “a wind blowing, the rain that falls or fails, and the time created by the wisdom and disciplined allowed. The essence of our creation is then an opportunity to bind & to borrow from moments, the reality of who we shall become. The question more simply; WHY must we endure? The answer simply; because we are the gift of life, to the universe itself/ a possibility beyond our comprehension. The question of time thereby ends, as the question of life finds “its freedoms, in the essence of love”. Love explains the joy of not being alone, is you! Love explains the happiness required to understand the meaning of life, is life (your life as well as mine); because the treasure of a friendship can never be measured. Love admits, that creation is a decision held back from the consequences of reality/ as an energy & expression in mass and space and cold/ so that “the seeds of our identity, & the expressions of our life, might grow, and bloom as the abundance of love granted in a passionate embrace of value, that is an independent life accepting of mine (ours).
Eternity is not the measure of our time, for we cannot overcome the power of the reality called time; “Action/ reaction/ & cold”. Instead eternity is an acceptance of the freedom and intensity called thought, as this becomes “the home” we must enter as energy itself. Our identity is held as the development, the passions, the intensity, and the definitions called thought, by our own lives. Our love is the discovery of value and treasures called another life, SHARED as the essence of us, rather than you or me. We find in soul, the decisions to care, to respect, and to cherish with honor another life or our own. Thought grants expression by the meaning it gives to life. Life grants experience through its expansion of truth. When truth dies, life ends: death begins. Death is the accompaniment of lies/ because they will end.

The hope for life eternal is then a gift of truth, love, and thought, as these proceed beyond energy or time/ into the dimension of truth as a creation by GOD ! Life is a hope, because we cannot “buy or attain it ourselves”. It is a gift because even the possibility of our time, is beyond ourselves. Our own gift or request for life to continue, is created by our own experience & expression of truth, love, and thought. These are our decision which justify or deny, “our claim to be children of GOD “.
The disciplines required of us, simply establish respect and define truth by our participation. The freedoms allowed to us, understand the needs and the reality of others (including all life), and do ask us to judge, “if love is not more important than this”? Love recognizes our contribution to be shared, our honesty in the consequence called caring, and our intent in the courage to make decisions where life does in fact need us. The failure of want or pride, NEED NOT apply. Strength is the decision to offer and share what is real, and what is your need as well. Even though this is a sacrifice, taking from the grace and beauty of your own life, the decision is: what is more important, the life that needs, or ease/ respect/ or simply the loneliness of another. LIFE is important/ but your life and mine are equally important, therefore no amount of need shall be allowed “more than half of what is real or true in me”. What is real exists in time/ but what is true exists alone, and has no conceivable limits. TRUTH therefrom rules the experience and expression of life/ but love determines the consequence of your own truth and mine. Choose from the heart, this is the place in your soul where life comes “to find a home”. The soul is your decision, “to believe” in the value of all that has been given to you, as life, as hope, as the expressions of a child of GOD.
PRAYER is the honesty, of a child in need.

The reality of hate is: it is every part, born in want/ but it survives only as a part and substance called pride; power and selfishness are formed as a result of your acceptance in hate, of whatever you choose to want. Therefore what is want and pride, deserve no considerations for life; these are destructive to every truth. The question of loneliness, derived from the reality of simple truth, “that which does stand alone”/ exists in the consequence, rather than the reality of any specific truth. More simply, truth as an experience of life/ is the moment wherein you create your own message beyond time. More simply, truth as the existence of a life, means: YOU have created your own experience, as an existence that cannot be denied. More simply, the message beyond time that matters, is the reality you bring into eternity. That means simply, what you and you alone declare to be real “as the truth in you”/ is the consequence of your life, and the reality of your eternity. It is your definition/ because it is your life. What is truth then comes to mean: the creation of an entity that can be defined. And, the creation of a moment or method that can be depended upon, in every sense and way. The consequence of standing alone is simply, we are the evidence of a truth that can be touched/ yet if we were to stand together: our reality becomes more complex than simply to understand a moment, a method, or a definition. Therefore reality asks us each one to stand alone, and be understood/ by the definitions that we alone can create; so that when we join, our complexity joins and celebrates as family (the opportunity of shared space, complex truths, and fundamental values).

In our experience here on earth as humanity, we add to complex dignity of a shared sexual experience between man and woman. In these formations of human consequence we find the value and reality of truth or lies/ the foundation of family as it discovers the opportunity to grow together as one/ the relationships of a hope so endearing, that children are blessed/ and the values of defining ourselves because we cannot hide: these know us whether you like it or not. The quest for life is a human variable, fraught with compositions that are not so simple as “I want/ or I will take”. Instead life teaches, “what you want is a lie/ because if it were true, you would simply inherit your desire”. Life teaches “what you take/ is a tragedy lying in wait, because without wisdom and consideration for what will come next; life will suffer or die.” Nature has kept humanity alive, because it was more than the humanity that constantly embattled it. Today, humanity is more than nature can provide for/ therefore unless humanity is willing to do more than take, want, and pretend: nature will soon die, and then humanity and all life on earth as well. That is the change, from historical perspectives/ that is the reality of your lives. Either you will quickly learn to accept the responsibility of your actions/ and choose wisdom instead of want and pride; or your world environment will continue to fail, and you will die; simply because you didn’t care enough. It is a judgment against you/ because you do know enough, and are wise enough, to choose properly and obey the rules of life. They are simply: LIFE WILL BE FIRST/ not last behind every want, greed, jealousy and failure you can think of. You are a pathetic disgrace of disrespect and outright lies today. If you do not accept change/ tomorrow, “you will go to hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos)”/ because it is the reward you chose, the values you sought.

There will always be those who deny everything/ doesn’t matter if the “gun is pointed right at them/ they will decide the bullet can’t do them any harm”. Such is the decisions of the american legislature with their constant denials of global warming and all the rest: nothing can dissuade them, simply because it isn’t what they want to hear. Pride then refuses/ and hate learns to threaten all who complain. Such is the reality of the stock market; a dead corpse, currently being fed on by the maggots and vultures and vermin of people who are going to strip the carcass clean while there is still time to take anything they can grab. You have taken the business and the finances and the economics of this nation, and fed them to the dogs/ nothing left but numbers you CANNOT support or defend; YOU are bankrupt as a nation/ your money is dead/ and your business fed to wolves. But it is only the numbers “or more correctly your promises to one another, that are lies”. That means in real terms, if you go to court, and participate honestly in creating an agreement that all can live with, the worst will never come, you can go on as a society, with only small problems. Only true intervention as a nation can protect you from what reality predicts you do deserve however: clear and horrendous depression/ and then civil war, beyond anything the world has ever seen, is waiting if you fail. Such is the state of your pride/ and the selfishness that will fuel your hate. You need not believe it/ but answer this question in time: as the lies become clear, the predators and vultures gather at the door to strip you clean, and the end of every expectation for a “gluttonous future” disappears: what will you do? I will tell you/ first you will cry/ then you will hate. Then your leaders, of every brand and kind will decry the reality of “too many guns among them/ GO and gather them up”. Then failing that, civil war begins! The critical question of guns is not what most believe/ instead the 2nd amendment is correct/ what grants peace and freedom is the reality of an equal standing: in other words, if only a few hold all the weapons/ the prey will be slaughtered. When all have an equal chance, the fight ends because the battleground is too bloody. The insane push the people on/ but the blood and mutilation pushes the people back. Guns are not an answer to society/ they only serve to keep the murderers from “a free lunch/ a party without concerns”. It is not a suitable answer to say “let the police only have guns”. They can be corrupted too/ they can be bought and sold, particularly when depressions occur, or times are simply hard. A gun solves nothing for long/ do you not have war after war after war? But the lack of a weapon, can do you terrible harm when violence comes. The use of a weapon in harsh times can do you an equal amount of harm; take your pick/ “THE LAW, or the gun”.

The consequence of human actions everywhere is such that life cannot be sustained by the things you do/ human decisions are rapidly destroying the framework of everything required to rebuild. The human male knows only one real answer; he chooses to kill/ BUT life multiplying at a rate of 2 million more mouths to feed each and every week, is literally beyond any male answer. Therefore every weapon of mass destruction will soon come, because man has no answer/ and his frustration will grow, until his thirst for power consumes life on earth. This is your future/ unless you remove these weapons, EVERY SINGLE ONE. And if you fail to understand reality and choose properly, if you remove these weapons/ then cannibalism and death will surround you, and the predators will consume you. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE CHOICE LEFT FOR SURVIVAL ON EARTH! YOU MUST FIND HONOR, RESPECT, DUTY, FAIR PLAY, HOPE, JUSTICE, LOVE, EQUALITY, AND A LIFE WORTH LIVING FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE . AND YOU must stop this population crisis, or nothing else will matter. Only then will sanity, the opportunity for sharing and caring, and the leadership of women matter, or survive.

In the simple sense of looking at american life by its consumption: As is true of dieting, the fantasies of women and men all look for an EASY ANSWER. Let me have everything I WANT/ and if you lose the weight, then its “LOOK AT ME, I AM SO PROUD”. This is true for about 20% or so of the over-weight/ the next group is about 20% also, and these in women are about avoiding men at all cost “stay away from me”/ in men, it is the tears of “no woman wants me, what can I do”. The majority however simply live life, and like food/ they then eat to be happier, but end with too much weight to feel good about themselves and turn to excuses. Real dieting means simply to stop eating so much/ doesn’t matter what. Real dieting means, stop snacking in-between meals “candy matters”. Real dieting means finding something to do, that interests you/ so you don’t consume yourself with what can I eat. Stated because gluttony is a primary failure of the american society “ I want everything/ get out of my way”! And if you do not stop your gluttony and consumption and disrespect for everything “but the money you made worthless”/ you will fail, and war will come. As to simple life, all that you do is about “give me everything I can possibly get/ for I will never be satisfied for long”. The second part of american life is about “getting the men or women to accept you/ so you buy them”. The third part is realistically “why can I not have everything/ why should I respect anyone, or anything; “I am dying/ I will take what I can get”. Gluttony extends to the excuses, but the reality is more simple, for most “I love my life, give me more”. But as with overweight, the consequence of undisciplined behaviors, “is a body of work/ that has failed to respect life”. The consequence of ease, is as your genetic mutilations prove: not even the truth that genetic code is nature, and nature is then what puts legs and feet on your body, lungs in your chest, and a heartbeat to experience life with, “Just isn’t worth your time”/ you have things to consume! Resources are absolutely necessary to life/ and you are consuming the world, in your lifetime; causing the label to become true, you are assassins, of the future lives on earth! Because of your gluttony, sloth, demand for ease, and failures of every type. YOU should be ashamed! Said because the demand to stop destroying the world, includes the acceptance that your want and ease of consumption must end. Your respect for all life on earth must come. The world faces its most critical test since NOAH’S FLOOD/ because you don’t care enough. You love what you can take/ not what life gives you, and instructs you, and demands of you.

I use this “biblical account” because the fools will gather and proclaim “can’t prove it; we won’t believe/ and the rhetoric they use will focus on it as a proven fact by their science”. Yet take a look for real, and learn in a single heartbeat: that all the oil and coal reserves were buried at one single time. Because at the depths/ the stratus of ground layers/ the cleanliness of the coal or oil deposits/ and the amounts of the deposits: there is simply no other way, these could have been formed. They are the remnants of living plants and animals and people/ all dumped in a hole together, and covered up. Take a look at the grand canyon in USA, and understand this is simply a big wash/ and understand, the river that runs through it could never have been enough to do this much damage by itself. Liars are everywhere/ make them prove what they say. As is true of the size of oil an coal deposits; a mind can understand/ this is not simple “throw them in the hole, by your prehistoric man”! It is the fantasy, and the arrogance, and the stupidity born in pride that fails, every test of substance. It is the want that refuses reality, and forms failure from the simple truth “YOU don’t care enough; you worship lies instead”. No one is immune from our coming environment/ this is our reality, and if we don’t do what is necessary to survive, all that is hell on earth will come: today, it is your choice/ tomorrow it will be proven your reality. The courtroom battles will soon be over/ no doubt they will fail, as was my prediction from the beginning: “ are they not; Too smart, to be anything but stupid, and a disgrace: but we will see”. The critical battle is inside your own souls, each one/ inside your heart, as you determine for yourselves if this is a fight YOU will join/ or this is nothing you will care about, and surrender the earth itself to disaster. It is your choice/ not mine. You cannot hide/ but that won’t stop the insane from their fantasies. You cannot run away, because it is humanity (it is you), that causes this condition to exist; you have judged the earth as less than your companion to life/ you have called it “your toy”. Life will prove you wrong.

The most ignorant and foolish, view life as predator and prey; using words, gestures, actions, or intent with guile/ subterfuge/ or criminal design to attempt an alteration in human behaviors, by simply demanding “the others submit to their design/ or they will target them”. The bully, whether in the school yard pre-school class/ or a “ceo”; is a failure, because being a predator demands removing your humanity at least for a time. Those who accept being a prey, or who value hiding behind the others/ to avoid being a target, also remove their humanity because life requires honor, respect, and the honesty of a courage that is lacking or hidden away. The demand of life is simple; to live as you were born to live! That requires a path assigned by you, into the disciplines of a definition described by you/ and not placed there by any other person, place, or thing. There are of course “human snakes as well”/ hiding in “the tall grass” waiting for you to come close enough, to be used in their game of winner or loser. These pathetic realities are lost completely in their game/ they know not even, that they are not fundamentally alive; they just want to win, and that means a loser is necessary. You will find honor and respect, or you will die/ because without friendship, life will not go on. You are too many, for any other way. The door of love, is a place defined/ rather than sought after. Love is an understanding of value/ a treasure recognized by friendship/ and a respect that cannot be bought or sold, it is simply earned or given. Life says: happiness is an assignment created by your soul, when your own heart meets and greets its potential relationship in the discovery of another life. Love does not necessarily require a human being/ but it is the most fulfilling. Instead every living thing surrounding you is in partnership with your being; every single life, is a difference to your own world. Even the plants make “pleasant companions”/ even the rocks and colors and wind and rain provide the compositions that become your life, and your home inside, where understanding sustains us all. People commonly run away from understanding or wisdom/ they hide, simply because reality is simpler to deal with; when you can blame someone or something else: such is the case with “blaming GOD”/ this happens everyday, simply because “then its not your fault”; except for the fact that it actually is, and you just made it worse/ because you wanted someone to blame, instead of learning to avoid the problems in the first place. Want is a decision/ but it is never a good decision. “What is good”/ lets truth decide, not even love may enter this decision, because it participates with reality and reality is always correct. “What is life” participates with love/ and love understands the reality of human existence; understands the composition of love cannot always be disciplined or even completely respectful: but must entertain the consequence of needs, and the definitions of a life that must be touched in some way, because we are not simple truths, but complex realities defined by our expression and experience.

I have become a reaction to life/ rather than believing in actions as a necessity; life now teaches me to believe in the foundations that create happiness rather than the disciplines that express an understanding as fundamentally more important than the life they influence. Thereby the evidence of an education becomes a tool for that happiness, rather than simply a tool for me. The quest for thought, more simply an opportunity to reach inside rather than outside as previously life has taught me to do. This is important to you/ only if “there is a reason to be happy”. That means simply / that you are or will be, willing to change for the values and treasures that you recognize as true life, and not just gluttony or selfishness or pride or want. You will be helped/ if you choose life. You will be abandoned, if you don’t. The end result of this conversation is: you must make your own decision about life or death/ you must search inside yourself for your own humanity, and refuse predator or prey. You must look into your own heart, and find the opportunity to reach out for a reality that can only be perceived; because life can understand it will exist/ and therefrom, not be lost to your fears. Fear is a horrific thing, stealing reality/ blinding truth/ and functioning only to make you a slave. And most fear everything! You fear your bodies (taking pills to hide from your own soul), you fear happiness, because where there is a “ride up/ there is going to be a ride down”; simply because a balance must be achieved. Happiness is a growth by steps, formed in the firm foundations of an honesty built upon respect, where love creates, honor multiplies, and courage gives growth, so that no tears of failure will come. Only the tears of loss, when that time has come. The difference is a loss looks to memories as “our time together in happiness and love”. While the tears of failure say: “Why oh why did I have to meet this person/ these people, why did I give anything to another life/ I am so sad”. If you do not give/ you shall not receive. If you are not honest, and do require respect for yourself and from yourself, then what you give or receive is a lie, and it will take from you. Growing up requires you to reassess life, as your own/ not what others can, did, or would do to you. Waking up, requires an understanding that this is a new day, and you are entitled to a decision formed in your soul. Find your happiness, look to your heart and believe in your soul.
Many happy prayers to you.
In the foundations of human life, what is clear and certain is: the reality of competition consumes human existence.

In every aspect of life, from dating to marriage/ from work to money; it is the competition that makes the difference in human behaviors when starvation and simple experience are ruled out. The question of competition is simply; who gets the most? The question of why is this important, comes down to conversation/ as those who get the most “brag and carry on, as if they were rulers and kings/ and the actual control of resources, allows them to create conditions demanding the others shall beg “to get their share”/ since what are in essence thieves, have taken what belongs to life. This brings the constant situation of how to contend with those who now control the resources which we all need; and the whore, the murderer, the slothful, and the glutton are all born in the aftermath of a demand to be unfair.

Jealousy is added to life, when the opportunity to compete successfully disappears/ and these believe from their beginning “I cannot compete”. Hatred forms in the simple wants of why me/ what did I do to deserve this/ why can they not accept me, or respect me, or desire me as I am. What follows is the game of interdiction: if you will disgrace me/ I will do worse to you. And the world falters, as the descent into all types of perversion and ridicule/ violence and the mutilation of happiness form a foundation for failures. Add to that the incessant demand “this is my world __________, as you curse yourselves to hell”. It is a fundamental reaction to the discharge of prejudice and bigotry/ wherein those who have selected to pursue “anyone identifiable as different”, undercuts, slanders, and demeans these people to establish a line beyond which you cannot go. A simple limit the competition anyway you can. Social programs seek to do this same thing in a different way/ instead of “making room”/ by limiting their own gluttony and disease for money, the intent is “pay them not to compete” / its cheaper. The collapse of anything beyond minimal value coming from an education in schools/ is simply the reality “WE DON’T want them educated to take our jobs, and ruin our lives; the competition is bad enough!” Therefore each student simply puts in their time/ or learns to be a slave: tempted by the claims of “do this as we say/ and there will be a reward for you; to hell with the rest, reward yourself”. You are failure after failure after failure/ because you fear yourselves. Stop it.

Competition forms in the simple associations of reality; as history proves, “starvation can come/ water can run out/ the opportunity to make a difference in your life or another can end: all because the resources, whether natural, or otherwise have run out. In isolated cases, as history proves; “people move to other locations/ leaving a few behind that may then survive on what is left”. That is over/ the world is full. We now face our reality as human life on earth by the simple truth: if we kill it/ it kills us. If we refuse to respect reality or truth/ it kills us. If we won’t change our behaviors, as life and living require us to do to achieve a honest level of harmony with life/ then your behaviors will kill you. That means the demands of competition shall end/ because there is no place for the predator or prey in human life anymore. You will share/ and you will care/ or you will die. Even you can understand the reality of 7 billion people and growing rapidly/ even you can understand the addition of millions more mouths to feed each week, and what that means to life on earth. If you don’t curb the intensity of your desires to prove “no one can control me”/ then you won’t have a world left to live in. The bastard’s will all say, “grumble, grumble/ NOT in my lifetime; I won’t behave”! It is a long list of billions of people. But they are wrong, this will all begin in a very few short years, as EVERYTHING begins to crumble/ and life falls off the edge of the cliff; and there is nothing you can do to save yourselves. The politicians will all say; “ONLY A LITTLE, will we do/ let us EASE INTO this, let us not be afraid; and they will enlist the frauds of science/ to help them in their propaganda.” They too are wrong, as life is not a game/ and this is not a question: reality proves hell and Armageddon are coming/ that means only truth and the acceptance of reality as wisdom will provide can turn it away. It is not a game/ and if you insist upon continuing to play for the sake of gluttony, greed, and lust YOU will lose.
The question of competition is then simply: what can we do, to FAIRLY attempt to intervene in the battleground called survival as life? The first answer is to remove the battleground/ and live as life first! In other words, it is necessary to protect the environment, the chains of life, the resources, and the function of natural processes as best we can. It is nature that gave us life/ it is nature that sustains us [the liars and maggots, can go to hell] / it is the sanctity of nature that gives us balance, minds, happiness, possibilities, and everything else of value as life on earth. The genetic code is a critical reality of this process and life; protect it, OR DIE. What is human further invades natural processes because humanity likes “all the same”/ which in effect promotes the constant description WE CAN DIE HERE/ as biological definitions, weather, or other can simply “wipe away; all the same”/ in one single expression of disease or other. It is a bad plan! If you do your best, nature will let you survive/ if you do not, nature will die, and you too. Simple as that.

The next reality is the consequence of men; as they are constantly battling among themselves for everything “it is the game they play, and the reality is: far too many like it”. Money is used as a primary trophy/ women are used as the proof of victory. There are many more trophies to prove the game is played, but these are the biggest. Prejudice is a fight, wherein the biggest get to bully the smaller population/ or the weapon gets to threaten the others into submission. The removal of prejudice is simply: we won’t allow it anymore! It is not more complicated than that. But the bully or terrorist, isn’t inclined to listen to words much/ therefore the question that erupts is simply: HOW do we remove this game? The answer is: you remove the trophy, and destroy the pride involved by making the players a lesson in stupidity and grief. The trophy is again “the unlimited influences of money: wherein the predator takes whatever he wants, and you cannot stop him/ and the honor of being with women: wherein the predator proves he will take whatever he wants, and you cannot stop him/ nor can they.” Because the money can be necessary. The reality of limits in money especially, is then a fundamental for a peaceful and honorable society. The reality of life in the desirable circumstances of a man and a woman found in each other/ a critical truth that cannot be ignored. The criminal will always be found in society/ but that does not mean he cannot be controlled: what is spent, is a clear indication of what is real. Thereby limits do identify criminal activity, and form a fundamental right to investigate and examine and decide. What is male and female in their relationships with each other, is critical to their own reality, and what is seen in their truth as a couple defines their relationship as a goal (a game played in want and pride)/ or as a life, an association grown in respect. The critical reality of humanity is a passionate embrace of the happiness of man and woman together. To encourage that, the reality of change must include new behaviors that put the relationship above “the ownership of marriage”. It is not marriage [societies right to intervene] that matters/ it is your own personal values and disciplines that make a relationship work, and thereby the understanding of a union, is based upon the single word called respect. If you have not respect for each other/ then you do not belong together, and must move away from each other. The fundamental aspects of money or property, NEED to be divided from the very beginning/ a social security fund created by society, and mandatory payments made so that delusion of the relationship is not dependent upon money, but upon the desire for a life called my own. There are many lessons to be learned, before relationships will be valid and real among the majority: look at your divorce rate/ and prove it is not so.
The fundamental reason of women, is lost on me/ I still do not understand the basis and reality of life as a woman. Therefore I cannot say “this is or this is not”. But it is clear and real, that there is no more room: for babies without limits/ like it or not, the earth is full. Like it or not, the relationship we share with old age, with major disease or disability is a choice shall be made; YOU will prove what you are willing to pay for the other, or yourself if these things happen to you: and you will abide by your choices. Today you live in a world of LIES/ tomorrow, you will learn to accept the truth, and abide by reality; or life will end for you too.

The critical question of what is life to be if not a matter of competition, or the games they create? The answer is decided by whether YOU can graduate from predator and prey to real live people. The difference is, you need not prove you are superior/ you need not prove “pay attention to me”/ you need not fight, for we have resolved by wisdom the reality of our need and our ways. Can you grow up? The answer is up to you.
The foundation of critical social harmony is as simple as: we respect each other! That begins at 2 years old, and remains your job/ and our lives throughout the time called human. There is no room for failure/ you will teach each other respect, by living that respect, and teaching as is necessary. The foundation of violence is, an assertion by hatred: that you are worthless to me! The foundation of hatred is, an assertion by want: that I deserve more/ because you have taken something from me! The foundation of pride is: I played the game/ and I WIN; or if the game is lost, the demand becomes “I WILL MAKE YOU LOSE”. If not violence/ then a life committed to the insolvency of demanding “pay attention to me, I am more important than you accept: PAY ATTENTION TO ME”. It is a life lost, because you sold it to their attention/ and not your own. It is a life refused, because you don’t own your reality/ truth states; you merely want, and live as pride allows. All these games are worthless, but they are played because you don’t know what to do with your lives/ therefore you cheat the others out of their own.

The question being then: what is worth your life? The answer must come from inside yourself. The question to you then is: what is worth your time, your energy, and your soul? What has fundamental value to you? Why are you alive, and what will you do with that gift. The common answers to these things are: I am, I will, I get, I give, I hate, I demand, I am jealous, I need, I WANT, and I lust. The common denominator in all these things is “I”.

Therefore the initial question is simply what is I/ and why did this come here? The answer envelops the creation of goals, as a right of life; therein I assumes a level of ownership assembles the consequences of a personal description that is beyond the others. Simply put, “I”, is first. The examination of “I”/ then commands; something must be done to use this expression and experience. And the answer is “what do I want/ exists as the fundamental application of what it means to be in a world isolated from all other life.” This is the mind, playing its first game, you are alone/ because the environment of body requires its survival on a personal scale of “good or bad”. This functions as the measuring of life/ and the constant indicator of “good or bad/ by those measurements”. The foundation of time, as human begins. The question reassigned: what is life, that it becomes my existence here on earth? The answer is simply; the perforation of time, by the existence of a composite called body and mind; wherefore the essence of a decision is played out, as the comprehension of variances in the relationship achieved between what exists as energy/ and what exists as matter and time. The question of “I”/ or more correctly the question of destiny, reserves the initiation of “I” as the formation in truth of what is constant and real between the barriers of life and death. The formations of truth, establish the possibilities of “I”, as this “I” determines the foundations and functions of its purpose and desire. Therefore I asserts, a level of freedom and sanctuary, between what is real, and what is true. The question that confronts each one is the desire and purpose of a life in time. The right or reality of life or death as time, is not ours to decide/ unless its suicide: suicide is the decision to play god over yourself/ rather than seek GOD and ask for help.

The consequence that is desire, speaks from the disciplines of a heart that is confronted by love. It is love that builds desire/ therefore it is love that is the essence of desire. But it is desire itself that forms the essence of life, as the freedom of a truth completed by the wisdom of a hope that forms the basis and reality of a life. The question that is purpose assembles the essence of that life, within its understanding of a life worth living; if you have not found a value and a treasure to life/ then you have no purpose. If you have found love as your value and treasure is the life that defines that love/ then you have found the essence or beginning of eternity; as nothing else can survive the consequence of its demands. The confrontation of I with the relationship formed by the existence of an opportunity beyond this life of time/ forms the boundaries assigned by life or death, as time describes. We will all die as a body and mind/ period, no exceptions. There is no purpose for “muscle and meat, or mind” beyond time/ therefore the body and mind as you know it will not survive; you need it not. What is the relationship called energy with life, becomes the body you inherit/ what is thought, establishes the level of introduction to realities beyond the mind. The question here is not an ascension beyond body or mind/ they are irrelevant, because they will end. The question here is more distinctly reality, as the meanings and methods associated with transferring disciplines and feelings, to the expressions of a purity we cannot as yet understand. The foundation of life as energy is quite simple: but it cannot be revealed. The foundation of your life as energy, is understood as the journey beyond the mind/ and into the spiritual world. What is spirt is the conversation you accept between GOD and you! What is spiritual is, the relationship you create yourself, within your desires and purposes as life, when confronted with your time and reality. If you choose GOD first, As your GOD, literally/ then spirituality will follow. It is that simple. This is not a matter of intellect, or “IQ”/ they are irrelevant. This is a relationship created in desire, by your truth, as you propose the purposes of your life should be; and ask that they might be so. Mine are to “Honor GOD AND JESUS”. Simple as that.

The questions of a more simple experience in the manner and ways of men, asks what is to be done with life in time, as a participation of men (women are faced with the same, it is my guess/ but I don’t know). Of the available answers, the simple solutions are “to be a man, as best I can/ that is more than simply believing what others tell you to be; YOU are required to understand and choose yourself. To be a man, examines life as a meaning of hope to others, a foundation of responsibility for some, and a truth that can be depended upon for all who enter close enough to care. The question of a life as male understands the basis of our relationship with reality, is as a need to protect and defend life, or more correctly the lives that need our personal protection as best we can. This brings the relationships forward of how best to interact and intercede/ how best to resolve the understanding of life or death/ and the fundamentals of creating a society in harmony and balance/ and what must I do. These are foundation questions, largely ignored by the common man/ do to the introduction of ridicule, the demand of follow or lead, the opportunity to fight instead of resolve, the relationship of lust instead of honor, and lie upon lie upon lie as they disrupt reality, and bend the truth to want and pride. Men have failed. Because they did not care enough/ and have built the “end of life on earth, as their choice and their purpose: because they will not trust each other / or cannot trust each other.” They are condemned for this decision, as a group, because as a group they have deceived themselves, and chosen not to care, but build more. Unless women resolve to save men from themselves/ they will pay heavily for their contribution to these things “called devil worship”. The crowning achievement of common men is: We don’t care enough to save you or ourselves/ therefore we have chosen to be dependent upon “luck”. Luck is the main component in gambling/ and as gamblers “men have given up on life/ and hope to receive the big reward: instead of the reality they know they deserve.” It is histories most foolish game! It is a tragedy, that they cannot solve, or this would not exist.

Therefore change means women will lead”! But, if they are no better, they too will fail, and lead life into the bits an pieces of hell and Armageddon as they do. Women will choose to end the weapons of mass destruction. But if they do not complete the truth, and remove the realities that brought them here in the first place, then the consequence will be, “life cannot survive human existence”/ there may be a small component left; or there may not. The question of women is severe: they are needed/ but they are NOT prepared. The answer of women is: they must find their own way, and not believe in the lessons of men; they must let their own differences decide. There are many sexual issues to be resolved. There are many issues of every kind to be dealt with. The reality of being able to understand the necessity first/ to investigate the reality of a situation as it exists in time next/ the examination of simple and real opportunities or trials in time as the future unfolds, exists as your true test of hope and life/ and the decision to be fair, just, and equal, is simply the quest for a reality of harmony and life/ or failure and disease.
JESUS brought us all, the gift of thinking differently about life and eternity/ HE brought us the concepts and possibilities of a love beyond anything humanity had envisioned or known. The question to women is: what will you do with this love? It is not “a religious question”/ it is a question of truth in the life you live. It is a question of what does leadership truly mean, when harmony and life are the intended outcome of your decisions.

Freedoms are absolutely necessary. The foundations of freedom allow “nakedness to exist in the mind, as a body, or whatever is personal and not a foundation to alter or change someone else’s life”. The nakedness of the mind is a right to challenge and complete the journeys you elect to take/ most of these are abandoned quickly, but it is the right to decide, that makes them free. Most of the others are delusional in some sense, and require an understanding heart to rescue a life in need. Some will be simply lies, intended to be a plot or plan to invade and intentionally hurt someone else: give them what they deserve. And some will be opportunities beyond this life as time, into worlds and endeavors that we cannot share, simply. What is nakedness of the body is similar, some will just choose to be “free”/ others will choose to be “showing off”/ others will be ashamed, but in need of the challenge to be free/ others will be plotting an planning, and hoping for an opportunity to attack: give them what they deserve. And so on, the purpose in fundamental nakedness is the right to perceive yourself by whatever you choose/ rather than by what society commands you to be. There are many issues in freedoms/ there are many realities that will be “somewhat unpleasant” in the functions and reality of freedom, but are necessary; because to be alive, is a right of expression/ and a foundation called freedom, and it is not a boundary recognized that humanity should decide for you. I know there will be problems/ but life is more important than its failures; learn from them. Use each reference of freedom, where reality is clearly confronted by what will soon be a tragedy, such as is drugs: to teach the others NOT to go here. Let them learn, why. Simple privacy is then lost, to the boundaries of freedom/ as life turns to the question of who do you desire to be: really?

The fundamental question of society as a working model, is then simply: where we have enough food and water, one and all/ we can search and sustain justice and hope. Where we all have a right to work, at a “fair wage”/ there will be equality, unless the organization of people who demand control is allowed. There will always be those who attempt to rule, by organizing into groups intent upon “getting more for me”/ BUT you will overrule them by establishing what is GOOD FOR US! Where there are limits to power and influence, there will be friendship, because it no longer produces any treasure, to use or abuse the other; you shall not get more. Where there is opportunity allowed to be creative on your own, there will be a functioning society, and you can do well. Where there is an association of towns or communities, they will grant to their own entrepreneurs the opportunities of business. Where there are resources treated with respect and consideration for all and the future, there will be harmony; because that is the reward for honor. Where there is true friendship between the sexes, there will also be love and hope and respect. What is sex, is not an ownership issue/ and you may not buy, sell, or contract it with marriage anymore. Each one is responsible, and each one will decide/ but you will teach the young, the reality of being sexual, and the consequence of being intimate too soon means, “they have entered into a world, beyond their means to control”. It takes time to understand life, as a person beyond sex. It takes love to design a relationship between man and woman that is real and true. These are not issues for children: that means you. You are a child no more, when life means: a gift of my soul/ lives in the essence of my love. If you enter within sexual actions and love results in you, but not the other, then you will lose a “little part of you/ unless you have honorably and truly given your soul to GOD first”. Love is not a game/ it alters lives, and changes people; and when stolen, confronts you with the honesty you are in poverty. Chose life first, accept honesty and honor as your way and the demand for someone else who can enter as part of your life, choose love as respect grows and reality proves “this is to be, a true and real part of my life/ our lives” and decide if you will pay the price of it/ and will they.

The foundation of freedom is not “nakedness or sex or want/ etc”. The foundation of freedom is the blessing of an opportunity to express and experience yourself as alive. That means literally, that your decisions are your life. The question of a decision therein forms the basis and reality of life. The question of a greater expression than decisions require, form the basis and foundation of spirituality. The opportunities of being free are not found in society, because society as a human being competes for the creation of that society by demanding their decisions are the important ones. From this fact, laws and reality create the impacts required to limit the rule of one person over another person. To combat these laws and realities, gossip, ridicule, disrespect, and violence are all foundations of the simple truth: these want to play god, over you. To combat these disgraceful expressions of “creature power”/ the world of humanity created its religions as the proper escape from power: by establishing “certain forms of freedom and personal expression as religious; can’t stop me, I do this for god”. That has become, “the foundation for most social freedoms/ and most personal expression, throughout the world”. The question of freedom is then expanded to confront the basis of religion as a “secret society”, for the relationships we all cherish as freedom/ and asks directly: if you do truly desire freedom/ then why do you not accept its price and proceed accordingly. The question or reality of human interference is then put to the test: is it worth stopping the influence of man and woman, to be free? What is honorable in life is not “fighting or war”. Instead what is honorable about life is visiting the soul, and recognizing the definition of being human is learned by the compensation of being wise. The ability to be wise, is not found in intellect, or books, or following anyone/ rather wisdom is an essence of your soul, that gives to you an opportunity to expand from simple foundations into the complex reality of being a child of GOD. There is no wisdom without this/ only the practices of good or bad, that humanity uses to survive, and control each other. Wisdom is not control, it is a freedom to express the happiness inside your soul. The question of soul then comes to view, as your own opportunity to inherit an expression beyond yourself, that is both wise, and you. It is a freedom completed by the relationship of thought, as it becomes the life you live, inside the critical environment of an appreciation and respect for the gifts you have received. If you find yourself without gifts, it is because you choose want/ and are jealous in pride to the point of violence. If you find yourself “above and beyond the rest/ it is because pride and power and selfishness have corrupted your soul.” The reality of life is: we are not, “a freedom of our own”/ instead we are a freedom given to us, an opportunity beyond us, and a purpose that can be us. That purpose is a respect for life that consumes time/ and makes us the reality of who we are, by the addition of soul instead. Soul is then the reality beyond body and mind, wherein we are free to be invited into eternity. Soul is then the relationship we achieve with the creation that we are. When looking for creation, simply look no farther than reality; what is real that you could honestly do of life and energy and mass on this earth? The answer is nothing, we are a relationship created for the purpose of being life on earth. We are not life on earth, for the purpose of controlling or being power, or alone, or without grace. Grace is your acceptance of, the honor inside where respect is mutual, and happiness is true.

We are at a crossroads for life on earth/ all life, not just human. Your freedoms, excused for so long/ have literally come to defeat you. Your lies, ignored for so long/ are going to consume you: because the end reality is as a group called humanity, you just don’t care enough about life to respect it honestly. The good news is “YOU are in charge of this”! The bad news is, “if YOU don’t change this, you will die”. But nothing can keep humanity from change, except the constant lies/ the constant demands of want/ the constant outcries for pride/ and the incessant desire for power over each other; even when they make no happiness at all. These simply crush you, and the consequence is, you have learned to disrespect life because of the damages you do to yourselves. The question is then how do we, as the people of this world; replace this leadership, and become active in the creation of a respectful and happy experience as life on earth? The answer is: you will disengage from the disgusting definitions of “blaming the other guy or girl”/ and learn to be responsible for yourselves. That means literally, no more blaming the politician: choose the laws that you will live under/ that will control society; for yourselves. And protect them, yourselves. That means literally, what is sex and sexual has been male dominated throughout history/ and man has failed throughout history: THEREFORE IT IS WOMAN’S TURN/ because men have failed, and now seek to destroy everything! And you will do as they say; they will lead you as truth allows, or all fail. That means the fight for survival shall not be “who can control the most”/ but shall turn from predator and prey into the reality of LIFE FIRST! Because if you do not, do what is necessary for life itself/ you will die. Your want is ended/ truth decides. Your pride is given to the punishments of a crime/ because it is the variation of displays that causes a majority of your true crimes.

What is happiness? Establishes the foundations of respect and truth, because in these life becomes stable, and the options for creating our own version of expression and love and experience become real. Therefore respect comes first/ truth comes with it to begin the journey beyond ourselves, and enter into life itself. Life is not “simply you”/ LIFE IS the opportunity to blend into existence as a true and successful experience in expressions beyond our simple selves. More simply; life is found, not simply in existence/ but in the opportunities created by joining with other lives, and creating the expression of ourselves as we experience each other in new and different ways where thought enters inside, and leads us all. We cannot exist without thought, it is the basis of a relationship with energy and mass that expands that reality to form the environment “of our hearts”. Heart then comes to mean: without the impact of energy or mass/ life is, the creation of who we might be, if destiny allowed us the existence of an experience beyond survival. Heart then comes to mean: a display of love, the existence of a home that is more than “bits an pieces”/ it is the honor explained by happiness: “I have been, inside the essence of you and me”. Home then means, what we share is the evidence of our existence/ the expression of our experience/ and the purpose of our expansion beyond time.

What is selfish, cannot understand these things. What is power seeks to undermine and control these opportunities, and take them away. What is pride cannot be a part of these things, because “there is no winner/ no loser to control or malign”. What is a lie/ cannot find anything, because all lies seek to destroy the truth. What is failure, simply ends before it accomplishes the task set before it. What is “evil”/ has no respect for the values of a relationship/ it wants, it does not live. What is want, expresses disgust for a reality that Is not selfish, proud, powerful, or under control by you. Therefore it is fundamentally destroyed, and cannot enter the treasury called life. What is evil, contributes failure by deciding it need not participate in anything that resolves to help, sustain, or make happy a life on earth.

The foundation for building a new society/ a new relationship among humanity on earth is then simply: change from the pride of “expecting war”/ to the reality of working and helping create peace. Change from the pride of demanding ownership and control over each other, to the freedom and respect of a life that must be honored and a love that must be appreciated. Change from want that consumes and degrades everything, to a life understood by respect/ and appreciated by the honesty of a life held by honor and discipline. Change from selfishness and power/ to the wisdom of letting truth decide, and reality show you the way. Change from a male dominated society and world, to a place of equality/ where female shall take her turn; because men have literally prepared to throw it all away. You as men/ CANNOT declare “didn’t do it”/ the evidence is clear, and the reality is certain: by continued following of men, by allowing men to lead, there is no future. That is the reality of what and how you have built. It is a time for women to try, and do better. Irregardless of whether they succeed, they are different/ and as a consequence will choose differently; that is absolutely necessary, in a world that must now share and care about everything/ instead of compete and destroy anything it finds. There is NO “MOVING ON”/ the world is full, and every decision that is not “for nature”/ and limits the impact of men and women, will only succeed in destroying both. Population growth must stop/ THIS IS A WOMAN’S DECISION; men have no say. Consumption must stop, and especially in america “that means YOU are going on a diet”. Lies must end, or they will end you. These are all blessings to life, as a far better experience for life will come forth. Therefore you should rejoice in them, and be happy working for better/ and demanding truth. The possibilities of women, are up to them; honor proves life first, and life responds with happiness. If not honor then, why not? As to the work, and the lives supported by economic realities: if you share, and if you care/ you will be happy enough, until the day you can do better for everyone. Today you must repair the damages of your failures. Tomorrow, you can decide how best to complete your lives in happiness and respect for each other and this world.


Of the various compositions in human life, one of the most tragic is the assumption of a spiritual intervention in your life that does not exist. Instead, it is an aberration in the worst case; the fuel of the violent, that seizes their soul and makes them a slave to it. There are 3 different aspects to “the voice inside, that is not spiritual”/ it is instead simply evil. These are, the influences of morality and teachings from the past by humanity intending you should obey. The influences of religion, and teachings from the past by humanity intending you should obey and sacrifice your life to whatever fantasy is provided. & The influence of violence, the hate that causes it, or the fear that provides the dimension of people who hide from that violence by creating more violence in an effort to assert “stay away from me”. Each of these presents a measured response by the brain/ thereby each conceives of a judgment that is appropriate (in your mind) to the cost of being measured. The first one is judged by sanity and our relationship with loss and loneliness. Thereby the mind becomes a voice establishing your own dimension of what you believe is fair/ or not fair, and should be punished (if that is your choice). The second is one of relationships formed by what we believe, or do not believe, or choose to love or hate. This one carries with it a foundation for good or evil/ being that it is a choice to “walk in the direction of love/ or fail in the direction of hate”. Those who live for love, understand the blessing of not judging what you do not know, but accepting what is the evidence that can be seen and understood within the miracles of life. They live in peace! Those who choose to fail in the direction of hate, assume judgment is their right/ after all, if they are not god; then who is! This becomes the insanity that leads to violence, as each “subject” is measured and accounted by their worth to you. Those who are then worthless by your estimate, fall into the garbage of who can be discarded, disgraced, or destroyed. What is violence, is a voice inside that transforms the peace of life, into the destruction of all who are not helping or are perceived as against, your life. Therefrom justified, because you are god. You have a right, do you not. The foundation of insanity is this: “That I have measured/ therefore I have learned a better way, justified because the punishment metered out to me, or to the others; will make them a better person too. Even if I have to kill them or me.” This is not a dimension of time, it is the creation of violence, by assuming the need to interfere and control someone else’s life; and become god over them to prove it is so. This moves on, as hate; which then assumes to be god is a right given to those who accomplish some form of power. That power, become judgment/ because without judgment, how can you prove you are god? Power is then the insane description, “god today, in this moment and this time; destroyed because hate demands it.”

To these things is added: the rules for listening to voices. For the sane who are fighting with the rules and moralities of previous generations, every voice is a demand for attention from someone in your past that did influence you. They occur at moments of indecision, as the mind tries to deal with realities it does not desire. For the “relationships of religion” that compete for the ground believed to be of value, these voices are the essence of a question that neither believes or disbelieves, but is stranded in the space of time that belongs to neither. Thereby the participation in “visions or questions without answers”/ describes a way out of this mire, and will form into a new direction and a new decision for life. OR it will create the basis of a relationship with your fantasy, that then becomes a voice that is leading you into hell. The last vestige of humanity, where insanity rules/ but the possibility of life in you, may still exist is violence; before hate is the answer, violence is the way inside the destruction of you/ the signs, the door to life, is about to close forever. The voice you hear, is the ending cries of a life being consumed by the choices you have made.

Of things truly spiritual, there is NO measurement, NO violence, and NO opportunity to play god! What is spiritual is a relationship with GOD ;That is formed by the respect of a life dedicated to love and truth and life. There are few voices (exceptionally rare)/ never orders, never sacrifices (although the request to abandon teeth in me is something of a sacrifice: I do accept the reality as my choice, because I believe something more than teeth is involved. So, I simply do the best I can; simple as that. The reality as truth defined, is more simply; How should I know what GOD Is doing? Again, I simply do the best I can. I do not discount the possibility of help in some form, as the pain of teeth in decay multiplies; time will tell. This is not a sacrifice/ therefore if I should decide at any time, it is not the “right thing for me” to do; I will stop). This is the only thing, of a spiritual world, that stands separated from truth that I do understand, or love that I do respect. It is true, in the various lessons of my life; understanding comes only after failure at times, but that exists outside spirituality; and comes from the existence of the variation above in learning; what has been asked of me to learn. The question “BUT WHY”/ has been asked abundantly, but the answer has always been; “it is the only way, I could have learned”. Doesn’t mean you/ it is the way I learn. ONLY AFTER, “you have been cleaned successfully of what is not true in you”/ is it possible to have a relationship with GOD. This does not imply perfection, that is not here, nor has it ever “been requested”/ the difference is, that today I am less likely to be offensive, and more likely to be receptive to all that is life, love, and truth; because I have abandoned what is not. GOD LOVES YOU , and every soul is open to the invitation to share in this experience. It is not words, but a truth inside the soul reveals, and delivers to you. Different from anything else in human life.
The treasury of love, believes/ why should more be necessary?
In a world of the insolent and blind, arrogance has an answer for every fantasy, and every miracle by assuming the mind can measure it/ and if it doesn’t agree with their assumptions; they just change the facts. Evolution is one such religion of disgrace, relying on nothing more than idiocy and disrespect, the lead a world of the undisciplined; so you “don’t have to repent/ you can do anything you want”. Does GOD not let you do anything you want? After all you disgrace yourselves all the time.

Noah’s flood is a common excuse for countless heretics, atheists, and professors; it is a point of ridicule among many/ therefore it is revealed to you in these simple words, again: because you are so fruitless in your search/ so arrogant in your stupidity. It is said, and it is true that a world flood would leave a true imprint on the earth by physical evidence. It clearly did, by the coal reserves/ the oil reserves/ the grand canyon especially among gigantic gorges around the world from water runoff, and other geographical evidence long since scoffed at; but nothing else could have done these things. The question of water arises, and what could have triggered such an event is asked? The answer achieves recognition only by a gravitational pull so intense that nothing else stop it from happening. Or more clearly a large planetary mass that came so close to hitting the earth, we are very fortunate to be here. Such an event would have wildly accentuated the moon’s orbit, and the water would have risen and fell in time with this event, creating a tidal wave of tremendous proportions, which then could have topped many if not all mountains on earth. The effects of a moon swung out of its distinguished orbit, would have lasted many months if not years. The question of creatures, is left to GOD , the reality of young creatures/ thereby small and manageable, collected over years (their parents left behind) is without doubt. This is without doubt the first zoo/ and admission would have been collected. There is no purpose in believing in anything but a barge design, it is a floating shelter, not a ship for journeys of men. The question of size, is a question of design/ and a reality of exactly what is “gopher wood”? No one knows. But a barge built of very many stalls, and massive timber extending throughout 3 floors or more/ as there is no description of how the bottom was constructed, lashed, or any other specifics/ including whether there was iron or not, a massive amount of lumber being 30 feet tall, before the “living levels” were constructed or whatever; in depth, argument will occur, “how could they build it so”/ but that argument is mute, as you don’t truly know how the pyramids were built either, and this is your time/ not the time before judgment came upon this earth. Designed well from the beginning and built with the expectations of life or death by this work, there could easily have been enough framing to survive the test. It is a survival barge/ not a passenger liner with open ceilings and other luxuries. The issues of leakage, are more a question of movement. The massive size of the vessel guarantees swelling in the wood. The reality of its size guarantees the vessel would have been grounded until this swelling and any sign of a leak would have been “fixed”/ before “lift off”. If I were to build the same today, it would start as a structure built upon stilts {this is the base, and if you start in a forest of large trees closely spaced, MUCH of the work is already done for you: simply cut them off when ready, after you have engineered them together. Or, it is possible if the grove of trees were in a gully, the rains came and washed the dirt from the roots, simply setting the entire structure free/ therein gopher wood comes to mean the roots and all; particularly if such a creature had colonized under the trees creating passages through which the water was able to uproot them easily (in which case the trees were alive for some time, after the catastrophe began to settle down). A zoo has a need for large scale water supplies/ and a means to get rid of waste: in the middle of a river/ one side for fresh water, one side for waste; holding pens downstream end. Therefrom we see, that to seal him, and his family in, the waters came so fast and furious, none could leave. [To which the university will proclaim “we didn’t graduate him/ Noah knew nothing”; how proud they are/ claiming everything, stealing whatever they like/ and ridiculing anyone they choose because the media wants the money & power too. Are you not stealing today/ making plans to claim what you have found here! Without doubt or exception, you surely are!] Even the debris, or branches would be placed beneath the floor (a suitable storage area for any food that could float, such as branches with leaves/ or be trapped, a place for insects & reptiles, and such) as additional floatation devices, and stability control/ as size would not allow for significant or immediate movement throughout the vessel because of the mass.}, tied together in such a way as to endure ripple waves throughout the mass; with the living space above the expected water level. Sides were not needed/ only a roof to keep the creatures from getting sick/ floors were not needed as you expect; merely nooks and crannies were enough. A massive tidal wave is not “choppy by its nature, but relatively smooth before and aft of its loft/ followed by a secondary much smaller wave. The question that is more complex than the boat itself, is how were the people stranded without a boat: able to be kept out of the ark? The answer is above: The reality likely, the ark itself was the containment vessel for the zoo/ no one expected it to float/ no one could approach it. The reality of an island; WOULD protect the animals from those who wanted to eat them, remove or protect the bridge. One hundred years of building a zoo, and protecting it from the river, would be plenty of time to construct substantial structure, out of the wood, that came floating down the river. The probability is also, “no one considered, it would work/ no one thought water rising would last/ no one expected Noah and his family to survive”. Just another day in the gambling of men, betting on life or death. There is more, go searching/ but not for a several thousand year old ship: It is extremely unlikely.

As is elemental chemistry, so is the past: how you put the pieces together, gives you a different physical reality with each change. But in the end, done correctly the evidence points to the method/ and the reality points to the truth. It is up to you, to let thought inside! It is up to you, to expand your acceptance of knowledge enough, to question the understanding of your mind, and grasp the meaning of wisdom. Which is, to encounter truth, and live within its grasp. Wisdom allows no one “to be in charge of the evidence or truth”/ wisdom seeks knowledge, and learns understanding, by the reality of “listening for the lesson, and accepting that signs point to truth.” Wisdom “never knows”/ it learns, and responds to the purpose of a lesson, with the honesty of a desire that gives life to your heart. Wisdom is seeing in life, the glory of another day in happiness.

The absolute stupidity and arrogance of the leadership of men is beyond the existence of ignorance and hate. With the heartbeat of a crocodile, lying in wait to consume its prey; the genetic mutilation of life on earth proceeds in its human quest to create ARMAGEDDON. With satan (the desire to destroy) in charge, the devil (a pride so extreme, nothing matters “but me”), and a curse upon everything that lives, which is you: life is being crucified. The evidence of Armageddon begins; as you discover autism is linked to a slight brain increase in size (but its only a tiny bit)/ but its caused by just a slight chemical change inside the body that has miscounted the years that have gone by. Genetics are NOT a simple tool, they are everything our lives require. Every small change in chemical distribution and creation and introduction into the body has an effect/ whether you notice it or not! Every genetic alteration in everything, has an effect on the life that consumes it, or must tolerate it, or must die because of it: EVERY SINGLE THING! Adaption is the evidence of how small environmental factors change genetic structure or expression/ it has nothing to do with evolution/ man’s excuse to play god, and ridicule our CREATOR. How little you know, believing genetics are nothing more than a game of numbers, a patchwork of random events without meaning/ except to say: “this one does something”. Instead of wisdom or honesty, you look for toys and money and pride. Instead of life, you look for want, and power, and trophies. It is clear and sure and certain, the ingrained understanding of how to survive as a baby and more are given in genetic structure/ but you don’t care unless you can sell it. It is clear and sure and certain, the abilities of the body, the sanctity of life, and opportunities of survival are all dependent upon the genetic realities of life/ yet you play, not even like fools; instead you work like satan, demanding that it shall indeed be destroyed for your entertainment. How pitiful you are/ a diseased expression of filth and mayhem and vile corruption.....and for what/ to play god. The days are coming soon, when you will be required to be god/ when you will be forced to kill, in an effort to survive the tragedies you have caused; but to no avail. You WILL surrender genetic mutilation quickly, or nothing in fantasy or hate will prepare you for what is coming. There are no exceptions to nature, either life lives as GOD intended it to be/ or you die, because playing god destroyed you too.

All these things and more, stand in trial against you/ convicting you of death, by playing god; and demanding to be devil. Either you WILL CHANGE, or you will enter your death/ by the hell and Armageddon you have created for yourselves. As it was in NOAH’S day, so will it be in yours; “the rain began to fall/ the waters began to rise” and there was no escape. Only today, there is no lifeboat/ ONLY death or life for all the earth.
These things are not simple/ they are not a game/ they are not to be decided by a few [WHICH MEANS: if you stand in the way of other people and their decision for life or death of this world, YOU WILL be punished severely. That does mean, if you stand in media, religion, the court, the government, the university, or ANY other means of informing and influencing the people; and choose to let them die instead of letting them decide for themselves: your penalty will be: HADES WILL HATE YOU! Even more than the mass murderers of the past. This is not a personal attack/ this is the recognition, that since you have desired power, and choose to answer for all the people you manipulate; then you shall have their verdict multiplied upon you. If you don’t let the others choose for themselves/ you gain their punishment for yourself. If you give them opportunity, you save your life from hades. GO TO COURT, AND PROVE YOUR FUTURE! FIND THE TRUTH, AND DECIDE IF YOU WILL LIVE OR DIE!


The disappearance of trust, is a fundamental reality not only of american government, but society and business as well. The foundation of lies and liars, critically wounding the ability of life to survive, and that means a new way of thinking must arise to counter the expectation that things will go wrong. That as a complex reality, formed from simple exchange; is the difference between an actor and a friend. Actor is the name given to those who enter within the experience of another, and pretend it is literally their own experience. This then becomes, if the actor is good at his or her job; an illusion based upon the practice of using props and background to deceive the viewer into thinking something exists that in fact does not. Such is the truth of a college education/ wherein the foundation is predicated on the assumption that a professor of some sort understands what it is they are teaching. If they teach at all/ some just “play god, and tease their students”/ stealing the money. Some are valued and real/ some are worthless and trash. But each student is charged the same. Irregardless of that, the students come forth with terrible debts for most; and not even a good promise that a job exists that will in fact pay well. Irregardless of that, the jobs that society needs are real jobs, with real work/ and it is very rare the college graduate is prepared, ready, or even understands what the job is; so the worker actually trains the college student to take their job. So much for “college”/ and the whim of a professor. The point of that presentation of what’s wrong with society; is the fact that as we have proceeded through time as a nation/ truth has become lost, life has been sold to the highest bidder, and honor is rarely found. A large percentage of people still believe they are happy/ but that is because 8.9 million people believe they are millionaires; yet that represents one in five workers is a millionaire what do you think shall we all quit work/ why continue? Or is the money just a number, and the reality simply another lie, supported by liars, and sold to the public as a package deal: either accept the lies, or go to depression. Alas, it is a package deal/ the pyramid game is folding like a house of cards, and our reality will be a desperate game of civil war or court, one or the other. If not, the few hundred people who hold all the numbers, will literally make slaves of the others/ and you will lick their ass, until the guns are drawn and everyone that breathes is a target, and a prey to be eaten. Because once civil war fully begins, there will be no food, or water to speak of. Why? Because the hearts of 300 million people, are about to be tested on whether they are willing to forgive the others and themselves/ whether they are willing to forget about all their plans and purposes, which did not include bankruptcy and depression/ and whether they are willing to be a nation anymore, or will just surrender to guns and death as a way of ending their own trouble and heartbreak over money that does not exist. Do you not care if someone stole from you/ this nation is the biggest thief, history has ever known. NOT because it was intended to be/ BUT because the masses joined in agreement: WE WILL NOT PAY! And they took, but did not pay. So the question is; if the last 30 years or so have been, essentially completely ruled by the college graduate: then what has the college graduate done for us lately? And who is more prepared than they? The answer is; the end of the expert is absolutely necessary/ the rebuilding of WE THE PEOPLE, absolutely essential! So the question is how do we the people become the “engineers, architects, and lawyers: etc” for our own future as life on earth? The experts, and men contrived and built our extermination together; conning life and the nation into surrendering control to them: and we stand at the door of hell and Armageddon as a result. It is that simple.

Even though much is starting to collapse around them, a nation of “millionaires” still believes they cannot be touched; after all, they have millions/ they deserve to be happy, they sacrificed or whatever; AND NO DAMN NOBODY, is going to take that away. They are correct, ain’t nobody going to take it away: they lied, cheated, stole, conned, and trapped everything they are about to get; it is their reward/ for their decisions/ and their disgrace. Unfortunately the reality will also hit and damage the rest of us as well/ but that is the price of survival; because if we were to continue any amount more, the reality would be NO resources, NO environment, NO nature without mutilation, NO ocean, NO justice, NO nation, and NO options to find a solution for ourselves that we can live with. So be happy/ let them drown in their failures; but as for the working poor, stick tightly together and help each other, demanding a courtroom for justice/ NOT a gun for blood! Because if you do not enter the courtroom, you will enter consequences that are horrific and terrifying: take a look, “guns, poisons, terrorists, everywhere”. And stores of food, etc for living empty within a week. Go to court, stop working when it is time; and demand a courtroom of truth before the nation and the world/ BUT DO NOT simply go after the money; because you cannot survive the things you do. Fix it all/ or surrender your lives. Take your pick. But DO understand, the “leaders” will talk forever and do nothing but talk UNLESS you demand to see the action/ and demand to see the money immediately in action, once you have decided what to do in court. Don’t let them hire anyone to take the blame. Simply remove your leaders from the process, and take your own money (which is in fact your work, and the resources required for that work) and prove the work required for life WILL be done, by you; so it is you who will be paid. As a nation of we the people, we are the law literally! But that does not allow for anarchy/ instead it understands that every law that is just must be obeyed; and every law that is unjust or unfair or against life on earth WILL be dismissed and abandoned. JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, THROUGH EQUALITY are the key words that must describe your actions. OR they will use your own military against you; because that is exactly what they WILL be searching for an excuse to do. Your military is unlikely to obey/ but that does not mean you should make trouble for them or the police. BE FAIR/ BE FOR JUSTICE AND EQUALITY, and prove WE THE PEOPLE is more than just words! It is THE LIFE of this nation, and nothing represents the nation more, than its own people. There is no claim of constitution, no claim of any court, no claim of any employee of government (their power is entirely based upon you letting them be an employee for you: that makes us the boss, NOT them). There is NO law against we the people. And there is NO legal action that can be taken against we the people; so long as YOU are searching for justice, peace, fair play, honesty, truth, harmony, and life for America. It is your right to do so/ it is their job to assist you in this effort; or they shall be removed for obstruction of justice, from whatever position they hold. NEVER forget, that every position holds only a man or woman in its employ. There are no kings or queens, no legal rights to consume you with. There are only weapons, to disprove america is in fact a nation of WE THE PEOPLE/ and if they are used against you: be certain to give the people who followed that order, and the people who gave that order, and the people who did not do whatever they could to stop that order: THEIR JUST REWARD. Its your nation/ you decide.

A new and strange experience has arisen in me, I am not sure what it means. “The moderator/ negotiator” of my life seems to have disappeared. Instead reality suggests that every influence is either male in essence or female by its elements/ and these are both governed by the presence of female chemicals generated by breasts/ or the lack of female chemicals to interfere: these have been quiet for a while. What is a male expression, is not the same as originally defined, still no ownership (not mine, I don’t know why) or control of male parts and pieces, and not the same development of intensity, but still distinctly male. What is discovered as female instead, is still misunderstood with only little discovery of actual consequence as to what it means to be female/ I simply don’t know. What is however clear is a part or distinction of identity or individuality is missing. Instead I am somehow changed into male characteristics or female characteristics and there seems to be no bond between them anymore. It’s a bit like standing at the fulcrum of a teeter toter, with a slight nudge from either direction causing a change in perspective. I do not like it/ but I cannot change it, as I have no idea how this occurred. It is really a very different, even difficult experience. I feel different, even disconnected from what is male parts and pieces, even more than these are just not mine anymore/ I don’t know why. It is a really strange experience. Something has happened inside, NOT different so much as this is so strange, female maybe. I don’t know what it is/ but I do know it is not a threat to me or you; just different, I cannot understand it beyond not a threat to life. I have started to live “one side or the other”/ instead of both sides bound together. Still the same purpose for life in each, but not held by a mutual bond. Something is different.

Irregardless of that, the battle for life on earth, the future of these children that surround us/ and even ourselves is not held to the simple consequences of gender; as much as it is honestly determined by ourselves. No matter who leads as a person (IT MUST BE WOMEN), the consequence of leadership is determined by the truth they can recognize and uphold with honor and respect. But even so, the reality of the people themselves determines whether the truth itself is honored, or allowed to be destroyed by lies. Truth is the foundation of leadership/ truth is the foundation of society/ and truth determines whether life on earth survives. If you fail to accept the truth no matter how much the lies and liars tempt you/ you will die. So the question of leadership, society, and your future is dependent upon your ability to understand, accept, discover, examine, investigate, work for, and choose what is true. As is true of me; just because it is NOT what you have expected for your whole life/ does not mean this is not true. Just because a truth makes you more vulnerable that you would choose to be, does not mean it can be avoided. What is true, is always more important than what is not important. Every truth has a purpose, even if cannot be recognized until much later; a truth changes things, therefore it should always be told. Even if you don’t desire change/ every truth predicts a change that is completely necessary, even if you don’t like it. The question of life or death for this world, means NO truth can be avoided/ every single one needs to be treated as valuable. What that means to my own reality, or regarding me, or you; only time knows for sure.

What truth clearly means to you is this: that there are many threats ready to destroy life on earth! This is real, it is not a lie/ and you can see it is true for yourselves, VERY easily. Therefore every truth begins in you, every truth is deliberately about you, every fact of life that lives or dies does so, because of the decisions each individual has made. That is the truth. Therefore the first examination and investigation of your lives; is about you! Who are you really? The evidence declares the truth, what you do, where you do live, what you desire honestly, what is your purpose in life, what do you believe about the miracles of the body you are, how do you live with respect or not? And more. These are the relationships that we shall share/ or that we shall fight against, dependent upon which side you are on. There is no middle ground in life or death/ except disease or trauma. If you insist upon remaining “in the middle, afraid or wanting too much to choose a side”/ then it is disease and trauma that will begin to rule your lives; it will end in extinction for the world itself. Only those who choose life, matter to life. Only those who choose death, by absorbing the lies, and living the lies; purposely confusing and destroying all they can, are an enemy. Those in the middle; pick a fight, to dissuade and lead you away from what is important/ to what is frivolous, useless, or unimportant. Unless they don’t think they can win, or support their position/ then they just walk away, or become more aggressive. The reality of the middle is, these people have made up their minds, it is contrary to your own decisions, in nearly every case; and they don’t want to change. Change means a life change, and very few will accept the price of changing their lives for any truth or lie: “I like it fine the way it is, don’t change nothing / LEAVE ME ALONE”. So the reality of whether “middle people” help or hinder you in your own quest to help life survive here on earth; resides upon two distinct realities of truth, and whether you can shake their world enough, to make them listen to truth itself: NOT you, they must hear what is true, or they will fall right back into their holes. Those two things are: these must be able to recognize that the possibilities ahead DO hold values that they would accept and appreciate for their lives/ and the current situation cannot be sustained, no matter how much they want it not to change; it cannot remain the same.

The text of this message has been for the purpose of defining what is fundamentally true about life or death for this world, and this nation/ and demanding “don’t listen to me/ GO TO COURT, and prove what is critical to life/ or fundamentally a decision for death”. Because you cannot wait, you cannot hide, you cannot gamble, or the evidence states clearly you will die. That is the fundamental pretext and foundation of this work, to let this truth be heard. It is up to you, a citizen of this world/ whether the message, the courtroom, and the reality of life or death as truth declares will be heard. It is not up to me/ I am not allowed to advertize; because it is up to you. Can’t do it/ is an excuse that buys you hell and Armageddon; either you win this battle for truth/ or the lies consume you. Prove it isn’t so! More than enough information has been generated to prove LIFE IS ON TRIAL! Because the end result of what you are doing, by the leadership of men; can be seen, as to what the future holds. And the future is bleak/ unless there is massive change. That change is functionally: the people clean up the tragedies they have created and choose for life first, NO more money first/ to hell with life! The people go to court and prove what is critically killing their future; prove the earth can be cleaned of weapons of mass destruction by world law, and women in charge. The people prove what is fair and just in this “Their society, and nation”/ and create new laws for themselves by populous vote; no more voting for someone to vote for me, on any major issue of life or death for the world/ no more gambling with life. The people accept truth must lead, and all must follow the reality of that truth with their actions, no excuses; truth leads/ but it is the women who will choose the reality of how that truth will be followed among all life in society. The men will accept women in charge, of sexuality as well as leadership for life; no excuses/ men have failed, the earth dies; or women will lead in sex as well as society. There will be freedom, as best we can for us all/ even if you don’t like it, freedom is more important than your rules; it is the beginning and the reality of happiness for all/ BUT THAT DOES NOT extend in any form to harming someone else, torturing or abusing other living things; RESPECT is mandatory, and that means some legitimate requests will be obeyed; such as clothes in crowded situations/ stay away from the children/ and be responsible for your own actions (take drugs, don’t expect healthcare). It is women of this world who will decide, where, when, why, how, who, what; for society. It is women of the world who will control the courtroom and make the decisions in any trial that constitutes a sexual act against women has occurred. And so on. As you study the reality of where we are as life on earth/ you will begin to understand how extremely close we are to extermination; and how we have all been led here by the decisions of men, and the majority of men who accept these decisions, and have made them their own. The reality of men, the truth of men IS SIMPLY; they have assigned us to hell and Armageddon! And for that, they are removed from power over life on earth forever. It is their own decisions that have caused this/ they chose to pollute/ they chose not to care about environment/ they chose to lie about economies, responsibilities, everything to avoid paying the bills they chose/ they chose to create and sustain weapons of mass destruction/ they chose to empty the sea/ they choose to be terrorists, because they do not share, will not trust, and just don’t care. They have attacked nature, crucifying genetics/ mutilating the food we depend upon/ destroying the antibiotics we all need, “for another penny in their pockets”. And a thousand more pitiful decisions and lies, that are literally a disease and are becoming, a pandemic to life on earth. That is the contribution of “male leadership on earth”! This today IS “THE BEST THEY CAN DO”! Is it not? Is there something hiding that cannot be seen? NO, as a majority of men who do control life on this planet today: THIS IS THE BEST THEY CAN DO! Even if there are many men who could and would do better/ the reality of men as a force of nature is: this is the best as a force of nature, that they can do as a group in control. It is the majority of men, that do not accept responsibility for life, but choose selfishness and pride instead. It is the majority of men, that make it impossible for men to remain in control of leadership or sex. Therefore they must all be replaced/ so that the group known as female/ women can have their opportunity to do better! They literally cannot do worse than bringing us all to the door of hell and Armageddon! CAN THEY! It is an impossible supposition/ they literally cannot do worse. Women, MUST TRY! Or we die. To be truly in charge, they must also control sex/ because sex itself IS, and has been a weapon used against women; and that will change. You have no option/ women will lead, and they will choose what is sexually acceptable for women, AND men will comply. It is the price of your life. Gamble and you die. Simple as that/ women must be in charge; and they cannot be in charge or feel secure enough to make important decisions UNLESS they control sex too! Take your pick, life or death. For your children, your life, and every life in this world. Do you really think “you can eat your pride/ drink your pride, spend your pride, or even survive your pride”; I tell you true, pride is your enemy, not women. Women will lead this world, or you will die. Life has become that simple.

The drug addict is addicted, because they want control over their world/ and they cannot attain it, so they excuse themselves “its not my fault, it’s the drugs or it’s the disease or whatever; just so long as its, not my fault”. But want will not be buried forever, and that is why many drug addicts fail; when the want returns “with fervor”, and instead of surrendering the want, they return to it. The critical relationship of men to their own pride and want, extends to the power to control. They the majority want it, and even though it can be buried for a time/ most will return to that want. Only if you surrender the want, can you be rid of it. Only if you accept the price, can you surrender the want. Only if you refuse the temptations that will come, can you truly be free of your want. Therefore the future holds many a battle between men and women over control/ but the reality of life or death is not a battle, it is a truth that lives or dies because of the decisions that women will make for men. The lives of men who rise up against women, WILL be determined by GOD Because this is HIS WORLD, that men have chosen to exterminate; and the spirit says, “so long as women are honorable, respectful of life and GOD , and do the work required for life itself”. No man shall interfere and cause life to die/ nor any group of men.
The truth of miracles, the reality of nature and life itself, all testify to the GLORY AND POWER OF GOD ! It is a fool who believes even an army of every man would not be defeated. NO power on earth is left for men; therefore surrender your want/ and help women bring peace, harmony, life, love, happiness, hope, respect, and eternity to our existence, to our experience as family here on earth. That is what you are surrendering for/ that is the promise women need to carry with them always as they inherit leadership of life on earth. But even if they fail in the majority, with their leadership the opportunity to survive will remain. If men return to leadership, because women let them/ TO HELL AND ARMAGEDDON, all will go.

Change means different/ not just new, but permanent. Not just the parts and pieces of life, sex, or society that you like/ but everything. It is not easy to lead, because the lazy, the liar, and the fool prefer you fail/ that they may say “I could do better”. It is common and disgraceful among men/ that so very many would rather see failure in their leaders, than peace and happiness; because pride demands “me first”/ and want demands, “nothing is more important than me, not even all life on earth”. Making a large percentage of men the embodiment of selfishness and disrespect. Men shall not lead anymore. Either the world ascends to life, love, hope, and happiness through peace, harmony, and respect! OR it descends into the abyss never to be seen again. Make your decision.

We do have to depend upon the women. The men as a majority have clearly and deliberately failed; for nothing more than pride, want, and selfishness! They are foolish; trading life, for death, and a few moments they threw into the trash. What could be more blind. Those who are like me, have had no better luck than I at swaying men from tragedy; because the men who have made these decisions (a majority of men), have all chosen NOT to be responsible, NOT to accept duty or reality, NOT to accept or listen to truth, NOT to understand discipline or order, NOT to choose their own children, NOT to protect the nation or its laws or its future, NOT to do anything worthwhile. As was said to me, during one desperate hunt for Anyone who would help, from the “least to the best among them”; they all said in essence what one summed up the words as: “For the first time in my life, I am making good money/ and don’t you do nothing to mess it up” pushed against the wall so to speak; we are going to die/ it will be a tragedy in just a few years and he answered: I DON’T GIVE A DAMN/ DON’T do nothing, I WANT the money! For many people he spoke what was clear they all thought. This is man, from thirty years ago; and if anything, it is worse today! But truth pushes men against the wall today, and soon it will push society against the wall, and reality will come to test you if you are really so completely dense and stupid; that you will in fact throw your lives and the future of life away, into the abyss men have dug so deeply with their greed and failure. The answer is no longer up to men/ the question itself now belongs to women; it is their turn to accept responsibility and duty and work for life, or just let it die. I tell you true, there are less than 30 years to extinction/ and probably less than 7 for the majority to be dead/ less than 12 for all but a remnant that will fight for every breath; but still fail. Are you ready for hell? Are you ready for mutilations beyond comprehension? For food you cannot eat/ water you cannot drink; but must anyway, or you too go to hades; just a few moments earlier. As terrors increase, and insanity goes beyond descriptions of life; you will do whatever it takes for even one second more, out of the eternity you do face. Don’t believe it? Time will teach you what truth already knows! CHANGE WHILE YOU CAN/ WHY SHOULD YOU DIE? EXPLAIN IT, to yourselves. Because it is only pride, want, hate, and selfishness! Why is that hard to surrender? Explain it!

Truth doesn’t care, about lies! Unless you change your reality/ you will face your truth of the decision from men that life shall be exterminated; your weapons of mass destruction prove that, as does the rest. Unless you do face your lies and liars and strip them of their power to influence your lives/ they will kill you. Because truth doesn’t respect a single lie, not even one; it is a warrior without mercy. Therefore if the battle against truth does come/ there will be no second chances for change. Either you wake up, grow up, respect life, and life with responsibility for life first; not your greed, etc: OR time will be short for you.

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