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To: the US appellate court, 7th district, Chicago

DATED    6/ 23 / 07
appeal 07-2299

James F. Osterbur v.  The united states of america/ the IRS/ and the state of IL

RE:   the returned filing/ dated 6/ 15/ 07 on paper/ received by you and stamped  6/ 19/07    Gino J. Agnello clerk

quote “I am returning to you unfiled this untitled document”.

Pro se clerk

Apparently you have no clue as to the requirements of justice.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHANGE THE LIST OF LITIGANTS!    You will cease and desist OR I will have you charged with fraud and obstruction of justice.         NEITHER are you allowed to block access to the courtroom by a list of irrelevant excuses and frivolous complaints.  I DO HAVE A GUARANTEED RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS, by the 14th amendment; and ANY attempt to suggest “the trash and irresponsible stupidity of your correspondence to date “ is a reason to discard that right of due process:     WILL BE MET WITH RESISTENCE AND THE FORCE OF LAW AS BEST        WE THE PEOPLE          Becomes valid and true, through the exercise of this  democracy..

As to your insistence that it is untitled :   in bold letters on the front of the proof of service which is the first thing you see, behind the clear cover “can’t miss it” :    This isn’t a game/ and no opportunity to be dismissed legally arises from not playing your games.  YOUR JOB,   is to assist in the pursuit of justice by the people:    IT IS NOT   “To swaddle and change the diapers”.  Your job,   is to establish a foundation upon which reality is served, and truth is accessed for the purposes of        WE THE PEOPLE,    Not “me the judge”.  The question posed as to standards used to circumvent the law and the 14th amendment are subjected to the reality:    Which is more important/ WHAT DOES THE LAW SAY,   your failures and the frivolous attempts to use criteria which has LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH LAW OR JUSTICE to evict those with a perfect right to trial and the compensation of the law itself:   OR IS THE CITIZEN GIVEN AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO TRIAL, IRREGARDLESS of any other situation or exercise in authority.   Does a man have a right to trial, irregardless of whether he is literate or not?  Does a woman have a right to trial, irregardless of whether she might be a prostitute or not?  The answer is both have a right to the protections and the immunities and the decisions of law/ and no one can hold them out for what they are not.  THEY ARE CITIZENS, and under the protection of the 14th amendment, and more.   Do your job/ “your mafia days are over”.  Quit hiding under disgrace and disrespect:   the foundation of this nation is, “that I am more important as a citizen/ and the law is more important than you; or your rules.”  Do your job.

  The words [ appeal no. 07-2299   re: the federal trial 07-2040 as has been filed and terminated (the judgment of the court) in the federal district court, east central division in the city of Urbana IL.  And trial 06 MR 726 as filed in Champaign county court, Main st. Urbana IL  61801 James F. Osterbur   v. state of IL & IL IRS ]
And then the other litigants involved.           This is the title of this document and needs no other.   Turn the page; and you find the brief.

AS TO THE BRIEF REQUIRED,    It is fundamentally and functionally true, the entire document is that brief, and needs no other introduction to the realities being appealed, or cited for rehearing.  They are clear.   As to the assumption of “blue covered briefs”: THE REALITY HERE IS:     I am asking for a petition for rehearing by this court, as to the validity of law that allows the chief justice of the district court :
   {“To terminate for lack of a definite statement”}.

 And have produced appropriate argument in brief and fundamental law to procure the reality that there is no substance/ no intent for justice/ no honorable acceptance of the law by the district court/ and NO PLAUSIBLE EXCUSE for his criminal behavior in taking away my right to trial.    IT IS thereby appropriate that this matter be returned to him/ and HE SUPPORT HIS CONCLUSIONS IN LAW, AND IN REALITY. Therefore white is correct.

In the alternative, that this appellate court should intervene, and review the reality of justice/ the need for intervention/ the support of critically known (don’t need to argue it) evidence that the nation and the environment and this society and this world are in trouble, and the need for an investigation into the truth and our reality exists/ of all that is held as a 1st amendment legal right to petition the government for a redress of grievances:   then you may/ but answers are expected.  Not more defecating on the consequence of   WE THE PEOPLE, as nothing is more disgraceful or disrespectful/ than a judge who rules without the support of law.     Without,   The foundation of every law, which  IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL DOCUMENTS/ the immunities provided to the people, by the amendments/ and the functional elements of what those constitutional documents spell out in terms of how the employees of our government shall do their jobs.  And no law, no judge, no expectation supercedes them/ they are sovereign to the nation, to the judge, to the courtroom (all of them) and do function as the declarations of all the people, and their demands and duties applied to those who are our employees.  No excuses exist as to “we are the government/ or we are sovereign to the nation:   that is a treason by those who suggest they have rebelled and taken over this government from WE THE PEOPLE.
The question presented in law, for them and for you:   when corruption and failure exist with clear and certain evidence of lies and theft and collusion among those in powerful positions:   the people have a distinct and absolute right to investigate and bring the criminal element/ or failed servants (our employees) to justice.  They have a right to security.  They have a right to understanding their situation.  They have a right and a duty and an obligation to secure the nation for themselves and their posterity: and in no sense does that exist today.  We are bankrupt/ we are threatened with world environmental collapse/ we are threatened with extinction/ we are threatened with resource war, from inappropriate consumption/ we are threatened with mutilation because genetics are nature, and humanity cannot control it/ we are threatened by “big science” and more.   WE HAVE AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO TRIAL, TO INVESTIGATE AND DETERMINE OUR REALITY/ AND OUR NEED: AND THAT IS WHAT IS ASKED IN THIS TRIAL:    WE GO TO COURT, AND LEARN THE TRUTH THAT IS OUR NATION IN TROUBLE.  AND WE DECIDE AS A PEOPLE, BEFORE THERE IS ONLY WAR AND COMPLETE FAILURE LEFT..    It is your job, to accept this duty/ and make it happen: anything less is desertion/ treason/ or simply “the desire to destroy the nation, the world, and life itself”; because that is what is at stake.   No excuses make your decision; this is not a game/ and JUSTICE “needs not a blue folder to understand”.  Nor does it need the “proper type, the proper etiquette, or a thousand other attempts to control the law, by removing the rights of the people.  It ain’t your court/   ITS OURS:    DO YOUR JOB!

Therefore, I am returning the filing as sent to you/ with the addition of your second address, and a copy of the judges decision included:   apparently you cannot access the court case, that is being reviewed: perhaps if you asked the district court “pretty please” they might send you one.  OR is it not your job, TO control your own courtroom information.   The ultimate reality here is not “your convenience” but my right to trial:   what is a clerks job/ if not to provide this information.
What is a judges job, if not to understand the reality/ and pursue justice irregardless of who wins or loses.  Make your decision/ and be prepared to stand by it.


I no longer own a pdf formating language, it disappeared with the addition of a new program/ and I am not inclined to purchase another.  Use or convert the three languages sent to you/ you have the words in print before you; thereby you have no further need.

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